Monday, March 21, 2011

KATES BACK! Kate Gosselin's Fun Birthday Weekend in New York City

Kate Gosselin  looks sensational in a LBD as she celebrates her birthday in New York: UK

FRIDAY: Reality TV star, Kate Gosselin, flashed some flesh last night when she stepped out for a posh birthday dinner in New York. Kate treated herself to a night away from her eight children to celebrate her 36th birthday with a sophisticated meal at STK in Manhattan’s trendy Meatpacking District. She was all-smiles as she celebrated her special day nearly two weeks early at the popular celeb haunt where a steak can set you back as much as $79 - a far cry from her old life as a delivery nurse in Pennsylvania. The star of Kate Plus 8 looked sensational in a tiny black mini dress and peep-toe stilettos. Her striking appearance took New York onlookers by surprise as her LBD perfectly showcased a pair of impeccably toned, tanned legs. The mother of sextuplets and twins looked more like a fitness instructor than somebody who has given birth to eight children. Tanned and toned: Kate looks in great shape as she makes her way to dinner. With her blonde hair in stylish waves and clutching a silver snake print purse, the birthday girl looked every-inch the TV star she has so quickly become.

In the past, Kate has been criticised for exploiting her family’s unusual situation, but by leaving the kids safely at home and taking time out for herself, Kate looked the picture of birthday girl happiness.The new season of Kate Plus 8 is set to return to our TV screens next month. Kate became accustomed to regular fitness regime when she starred on the last season of Dancing With The Stars. She is not afraid of flaunting her figure and is regular seen out in shorts and showed off her bikini body when taking a vacation in Australia earlier this year.

Kate Gosselin FAO Schwarz Stop:

SATURDAY: Kate Gosselin leaves FAO Schwarz with a large bag on Saturday (March 19) in New York City. The 35-year-old reality star shopped at the famous toy story with a gal pal and her bodyguard Steve Neild.The night before, Kate celebrated her birthday early with dinner at STK. Kate’s actual b-day is March 28! Late last month, sources dispelled rumors that Kate and her ex, Jon Gosselin, might be getting back together.“There is absolutely no chance of a reconciliation. They remain civil for the sake of the kids, but that’s it. It’s frustrating for Kate that people keep making up stories. They have both moved on,” a source told People.

SUNDAY: Kate leaves her hotel, after having what seemed to be an amazing and fun 36th birthday weekend. And I am truly happy for her. After what I'm sure has been a very trying and stressful year, I truly hope that she has amazing year with her family. I'm so excited about the new season of Kate Plus 8, and hope that we see more of Kate happy in the spotlight. RadarOnline is reporting that Kate was in town for promotional appearances for the show.

In the end, Kate seems to be doing fine. Entertainment and media appearances are her way to make a living. Thousands of Americans do it and it pays very well for a limited amount of time! She’s taking care of business and taking care of her family..I think she is choosing selectively as to what she does now. And she is spending an enormous amount of time right at home being a mom to those beautiful kids! And I for one think it's great. The Khaters just aren't gonna get her or her show down no matter how much they blog about it! Here's to the new season of Kate Plus 8! xoxox BM


  1. She looks AMAZING! Good for her!

  2. My2girls! Where have you been? How are things? I miss seeing you. Please don't be a stranger.. xoxox

  3. First Spring days and it's SNOWING right now! I can't beleive it, no wonder why I'm sick. Kate must be so blad to be back home, my husband keeps telling me uptown is an insane mess. What a great man to go work late to bring the kids to school today in this mess for me so I can rest...good morning and good night for me ladies! xoxox

  4. Thanks for the new thread, Baby Mama. Kate certainly looks fab!

    Reports are that Kate had some TLC events in NYC, so great she could combine those with a little birthday celebrating in style while the kids were with Jon.

    Sorry you are sick, Baby Mama. Hope you feel better soon. Sending you some warm breezes from here. Hugs!

  5. I moved from Iowa to Virginia and I have been super busy...moving sucks~

    I have missed this site and glad to be back! Cannot wait for new episodes!

  6. You know there isn't much that I've ever seen Kate wear that doesn't look good on her!

    She seems to be getting more stylish and making better choices as she gains her confidence in the spotlight.

    I agree that what Kate is doing now...selectively making a few appearances here and there...filming the few specials with the great for her family and good for her pocketbook!

    Maybe we will see a couple more interviews before the show airs? Hope so!

    We are having great weather here! Sorry about your snow BabyMama!

    Soccer practice going on after school now...and also baseball getting cranked up as well.

    This is when I truly feel like a escort service for these two of mine. Cannot imagine how Kate will handle all the extra curricular stuff her kids will want to do as they get older!

    Sure hope by then she has a good man walking by her side and helping her raise her family!

  7. On the last thread, it was mentioned about Kate being attacked for taking care of herself. An AntiKateObsessive can take any possible action done by Kate and turn it into something negative and even unrelated to the action at hand. For instance, Kate bent down and picked up a peice of garbage could turn into, Kate is such a diva about cleanliness that she ignored her kids to worry about the peice of trash on the ground, she is incapapble of just having a good time with them. It is really sad that no matter what Kate does, an AKO can tear it down. I for one think Kate should get to do something cool, every time Jon has a week end with the kids, it recharges a Mom's batteries.

  8. tashapork - ITA. It doesn't matter what she does, the AKOs will twist it into something negative. 

  9. Ya know what popped into my head today? Back in the Colosseum days of Rome, when they came to watch people fight and be killed. This was fun for them. It still exists today, people have fun "killing" people with their words for their looks, what they do, who they like, don't like, how they wear their hair, how they raise their kids, and so on and so on.

    Here's hoping that some day the "killing" of today goes the way of the Colosseum.


  10. Kate is so well...; new season of Kate plus 8 on the way; fun weekend to celebrate his birthday; beautiful children... simply amazing, she has gone through so many difficult things in your life (like divorce) and now seems so fulfilled and happy. I always wish only the best for her and i am happy for your happiness :)

    Have a good week Gosselin fans!.

  11. Tashapork, your comments are always spot on.

    Every mom NEEDS to take time out for herself to recharge her batteries. We cannot effectively help others or parent if we are depleted.

    If we hate someone, no matter what they do, we will see the negative. Haters need to reflect on what they are saying and realize Kate has moved on; therefore, they need to as well.

  12. She looks so good. I'm happy she is still around and doing the best she can to support her kids. The haters are little people with insignificant lives.

  13. Hi and welcome back this week to Holli Day, my2girls, and welcome Cindy and others.
    I never knew until this week that Taylor Swift is also from Wyomissing. Did the whole world know that but me? Duh!
    Also got an email about rumors that there is another tell all book in the works, but this time it's about Jon. I sincerely hope not for the whole Gosselin family. If Kate didn't feel called to reveal nastiness during the divorce, then I don't think others need to bring it out.

    They are divorced, moving on with their lives and other people need to move on also. Just MO, but hoping it isn't true and the nastiness alluded to is just more junky journalism. Even if true, some things are just none of our business.

  14. The new pics of Kate are just great. She looks so young and happy. Yes, Mothers need a time out once in awhile. I hope Kate has some new things lined up for the future and TLC is just keeping it under wraps. Looking forward to seeing all the new shows.

    Spring weather here, but rain moving in. Cool temps just seen to hang on.

    Feel better BM, and rest. :)

  15. Hello everyone! The kids passed on quite a bit to me. I've been run down for a while. It's been so great seeing names I haven't seen in a while. I missed you all so much and hope you stick around!

    I'm taking off tomorrow, I'm running a low-grade fever. Hope that while the kids are in School for the morning I can get some rest. I always love seeing how daddy dresses the baby, so I'm all about setting up tomorrows outfit, and checking to see how my ladies are doing!

    Hope the weather is better tomorrow, and that we have a wonderful Spring day. Wash you hands and all stay well.. Xoxo

  16. Bonnie Fuller shooting hate out of the sides of her mouth to get more readers. Why does she hate Kate so much that she gets away with writing this trash?

    "Kate, you celebrated turning 36 in a micro mini (jealous much? BM) at hotspot restaurant STK on Friday, March 18, and then were photographed shopping at FAO Schwartz and an Aldo’s Shoe Store the next day. You were filmed by a camera crew at STK for Kate Plus 8, TLC confirms.

    That’s fine. You need to work and working moms sometimes have to work weekends. But what I don’t get is why you would chose to leave your eight children with a babysitter, when they have a father nearby. Jon Gosselin I hear through a source would be ready, willing and able to step in on parenting duty. He’s said that he wants to spend more time with his kids. But we hear from a source that you “prefer to leave your children with a babysitter, rather than their dad.”

    Now, why would you do that? Do you think Jon is that bad of a dad, that a babysitter is a better caretaker? Why wouldn’t you want your kids to spend more time with their father — especially when you aren’t at home? We hear that Jon didn’t even know you were away this past weekend, until he saw the photos of you headed to your birthday party in NYC.

    Kate, why wouldn’t you tell Jon you are away — even for emergency reasons? What if something happened to the kids? Wouldn’t you at least want him to be aware that you’re a couple of hundred miles away so he could be on the ready should anything happen to one of the eight Gosselletes? There are eight little children we’re talking about. Their needs, not anger about past issues between you and Jon, should be your biggest priority.

    As a mom of four myself, I can’t understand why you wouldn’t want your children to have as close a relationship as possible with their father. Leaving them with a babysitter instead of a willing dad is mystery to me. Kate — are you sure you’re not putting your own desire to punish Jon ahead of what’s best for your kids?"

  17. There was a day and age that it might have been appropriate for Kate to let Jon know she was leaving town in case of emergency, it was in the pre cell phone days. Now, Jon can get in touch with Kate anyplace, so he doesn't need to be told. Alsos, if she isn't leaving them with Jon I am sure she has a good reason or the court would have ordered a right of first refusal in the custody, that is where if one parent is unavailable to care for children during custody time, they need to give the other parent first chance to be with the kids during their absence,then if that parent is unable then the parent gets a sitter or makes other arrangements, it is also ordered if one parent is constantly inconveincing the other by not taking their custody time, if they can't watch the kids and the second parent is busy or so forth, the one that was assigned custody is responsible for making arrangements.

  18. Good morning everyone! Tashapork, normally I don't read the comments section there because it's such garbage, but this was a great commit that I saw I just had to share:

    CocoaNutsPosted at 1:20 AM on March 22, 2011  
    Bonnie you dont know the real facts behind this story. You take the word of a source instead of doing some “investigative reporting”. How do you know she didnt ask her kids “do you want to go to dads, or stay home?” Maybe they really like the babysitter, plus they get to sleep in beds and have tons of areas to play in. Your hatred towards Kate Gosselin shows in all of your article. I think maybe we should start a Holly hate blog and diss on you. I am very SURE we could come up with some sources.

    Haha if this is that Sue Bonnet person I keep seeing I need to get her on this site. Lol

  19. Well said CocoaNuts.

    I agree Baby Mama, you have some recruiting to do. LOL

    Good morning everyone. Well, BF's intentions are clear - hate Kate.

    It is clear the Khaters want to keep Jon a victim and Kate the villian.

    My goodness, she needs to move on. I suspect if Jon cared that Kate got a babysitter (assuming this is true) then he would go back to the courts and change the custody agreement.

    He is a full-grown adult now.

  20. Perhaps Bonnie Fuller is such a staunch Jon G supporter because they share a similar allergy...both are allergic to work. 

    Jon, however, has made strides to overcome his, with current gainful employment.

    BF, on the other hand, continues to suffer from hers and has other ailments besides:
    Shirkus workus: looking for quick easy solution.
    Dirtus favoritis: if it's nasty, use it.
    Journalsiti uneducatium: never educated to learn that a second source is required to be legit.
    Gossipus preferendus: also know years ago as Hedda Hopper Syndrome from the ancient gossip columnist. More info if you Google Hedda Hopper.
    Bullshitus Hopelessi: wallowing in filth for long periods of time until by osmosis the germs are absorbed into the brain. (a terminal condition)

    Some sources cite Jon spending weekend days with the kids and returning them home at night.

    Some sources cite that Jon was working over the weekend and if he'd had the kids would have had to leave them with a sitter

  21. Don't get me started on that Bonnie Fuller chick...she and Meana Nina could be best buds for sure!

    She's Bonnie "full of it" trash...she never gets a story straight. It's embellish, sensationalize and out right lie with her when it comes to commenting on Kate!

    LindaO..loves your description of it!

    NY Post article this morning is saying that Kate was chatting it up with a bunch of guys at the birthday party...they titled the article "Looking for Love"!

    Well, seeing as how "hot" she looked I am sure they were all eyes and ears with her!

  22. It's nobody's business who Kate left the kids with!

    Bonnie Fuller keep your big fat nose out of Kate's family affairs!

    Probably wasn't Jon's weekend!

    Maybe he was working!

    Maybe he and "government worker" had plans!

    Maybe the kids had plans!

    Maybe he was sick!

    Get the piture Bonnie? You don't know a darn thing so keep your lying yap shut and quit making your greedy income off of Kate's back!

    Someone that uses twitter, please tweet this to looney tune Bonnie!!!

  23. Firedup4Kate~ Twitter only lets youj use a certain amount of wordsper Tweet. We need to figure out how to condense it! lol

    My2Girls~ I know the craziness of moving. My 2 best friends within the same recent span of time moved away from me (VA & NC). I was devastated. Probably the reason why I was so down lately. One was my roomate on 27th Street while we went to college together. In the end, it's so expensive to live in the city now everyone is moving. But not staying here which is sad. I hope you had an easy move, and love your new place!

    I heard that NY & CA are the two most expensive states to live in. I just cant bear to lose another friend though. Half of NC (and most of Sneads Ferry) apparently are NY & NJ transplants! VA as well esp. Alexandria...Glad to see you back on the site! xoxox

  24. It won't do any good to try to tell BF anything, she's got her mind set and nothing we say will change it. My only concern is that others who really don't know any better read it and take it as fact without any critical thinking. Truthfully its none of anyone's business what Kate does with her kids except maybe Jon to a point and the same vice versa. Besides the BFs of the world probably spend more time over here than some of us do, so they know how we feel.

  25. I think it's Bonnie's intentions to stir the haters up so that they'll post their hate for Kate on her site. I think it would occur to anyone with half a brain that if Kate didn't leave the kids with Jon while she was away, and instead to chose leave them with nannies,it might be because Kate doesn't think their father is a better option, a better caregiver, the best person to take care of the kids, if she was making the choice. Instead, Bonnie goes right for the "spite" possibility, and dares to ask Kate:
    Kate — are you sure you’re not putting your own desire to punish Jon ahead of what’s best for your kids?" Someone should really ask Bonnie how she can be so "sure" that spending time with their father is in fact "what's best for" Kate's kids? She sounds sure to me, but Kate's the one who's known Jon for 10 + years, Kate's the one who has dealt with Jon for that amount of time, so it's clear that Kate's one who really knows what's best, while Bonnie is an expert of talking out of her...bum.

  26. HB~ Sorry I had to clip your post! E-mail me so we can chat...

    Firedup4Kate~ Your so right! Every post is obviously done to draw in some more readership. A Khater is still a reader, and it helpes with the advertisers. But it's very obvious she's showing the love for some people and being down right nasty to other celebrities.

    Micha~ So true, I was thinking it was because she wanted people to re-tweet her articles but thats probably the tip of the iceberg. I talk alot about the "high" these people get by coming to a site and spitting out anger in order to make themselves feel better about their own sad lives. But if we can learn anything from the sinking of the Titanic otherwise know as GWOP is that eventually you can only snark on her ankles for so long. If every "first hand" accound you read is just some crap someone is making up, how long are you gonna be the sucker that falls for it?

    Even PennMommy has given up.. lol

  27. Well it looks like I won't be able to start biking to work just yet. Although the weather is hovering around -6, the wind is so bad that the wind chill is sitting at -18 and going back down to -17 and -25 with the wind-chill. I thought this was supposed to be spring.

    Seeing Kate in the black dress with no jacket makes my bones chatter. LOL

  28. Why it is always automatically assumed that Kate didn't let Jon have the kids and not a thought that maybe she offered and he refused?

    If he's still working, who knows what the schedule is he's working. I seriously doubt they work from 8 to 5 every day. They've got to get the work done when the weather is good.

    They haven't a clue one way or the other, but yet again they post their fantasies and assumptions as facts.

  29. yes I think it is good for a mom to recharge her batteries when dad has the kids! Only Kate left her kids with a babysitter!!

  30. Kate left her kids with the babsitter, not their father.

  31. Pamela - Guess you don't care much for Kate.

    What exactly do you find objectionable to babysitters? I know some never use babysitters ever, and if that's their choice, then great! IMO, it is a parental decision. It isn't a bad thing.

    Do you know for sure, without a doubt, that the babysitters were there? Or, that Jon didn't have plans? Do you have kids?

    I've left mine with babysitters when I had to work. Left them with babysitters when both parents were out on "date" night. So just add me to the bad mother club. :)

  32. What's with these folks coming in crabbing about Kate leaving the kids with a nanny or sitter?

  33. #1...we don't know whether Jon had them or not.

    #2...Bonnie "full of it" is not the authority on what is going on in Kate's household!

    #3...what Kate did with her children is her business and not yours Pamela or anyone else's here!

    #4...Kate has been taking care of her kids from the moment they were conceived...she's shown herself responsible and wise in doing what's best for them!

    #5...Unlike Jon who smokes in their presence...has been known to engage in promiscuous behavior in their presence!

    #6...And if it was Kate's custody weekend, then she can do whatever she darn well pleases in making arrangements for her children!


  34. ever notice Kate is always smiling when she doesn't have the kids for photos - she always looks so miserable when shes with her family - so sad

  35. No Greg, I notice her smiling just as much with the kids.

    Only sad thing is khaters who live in hate and criticism.

  36. Never noticed Kate looking miserable when she's with her family. Frustrated at times...who wouldn't be with 8 kids, but miserable....ahhhh never.

  37. Greg: You might want to try scrolling down the sidebar of BabyMama's home page. Lots of pictures of her smiling -- with the kids.

  38. Okay. Some blog problems so in Baby Mama's absence tonight I have switched format back. Hope it doesn't drive you nuts. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  39. I'm going to try and post I go.

    Illinois is right up there as one of the most expensive. Don't know what hubby and I were thinking moving here to save money!! LOL

    Every one that comes here and disses Kate is very transparent. A person who was truly an advocate or whatever they are calling themselves now-a-days wouldn't need to go from site to site "expressing" their opinion. They would be confident in their opinion and would not need validation.

    I like Kate & the kids. Do you see me going to multiple sites specifically antiKate and "expressing" my opinion? Nope. I don't give a crap if I have a thousand people nodding behind me like a bobblehead.

    And btw on analogy of the current internet climate. It's very much reminiscent of the Colosseum days.

  40. I have to laugh at the mentality of some people. Yes, I am referring to Greg. I can just imagine that he or she is sitting in front of their computer laughing moronically to themselves, admiring how they made this profoundly accurate statement about how Kate hates her kids and the only time she is free to be happy is without them.

    I bet “Greg” is giggling away like a three year old that just farted in front of all the adults waiting for a response.

    You go Greg. Will chat later when you reach the mental age of adulthood.

  41. Great post.

    CraftyMom, even though you don't need "validation", I agree with you 100%. :-)

    Bonnie Fuller has a lot of nerve giving parenting advice to Kate. That is all I am going to say about that.

  42. Good evening everyone! Anya thank you for coming by and showing your support. It means the owrld to me and I miss you guys...

    CraftyMom~ Iv'e been so sick I couldn't function. We got it around the same time. The trolls came and sneezed here and got us sick. Are you feeling better? Hope so!

    Adele it's great to see you. I'm fustrated with my kids sometimes too. I love how people can see one photo that's like a spilt second of someones day. And if the kids aren't smiling in every stinkin photo on the web then they are just "miserable". Give me a break. What kids does anybody know where they smile all day??

    fascinated~ I agree too. You always get one sock from those 2 horrible sites that tries to come here and say some pointless grap. Difference was I had to deal with it for 2 years to the point where I had to moderate my blog which everyone hated. Now we block him and a new "Greg" will come from somewhere else...I think were used to it. lol

  43. I think Greg and Pam should get together and have a family. Then they wouldn't have time to talk about how Kate is raising her children. Sorry, Greg's so called post was so lame and Pam worries about babysitters in life. Their worlds are very small. :)

  44. Baby Mama, et al. You guys must be so exhausted with the constant obtuse postings froom trollers. How do you stay positive and keep going? They exhaust me and I see maybe 1/10 of them because you and Linda are so quick with the fly swatter.

  45. Bubbles said:

    I think Greg and Pam should get together and have a family...


    Hilarious! Nicely done.

  46. Wow! Kate looks amazing! Looking forward to the new episodes. Thanks for keeping us fans updated, Baby Mama. I haven't posted in FOREVER - but I still read your site whenever something new gets posted.

  47. Thanks April! It's making me so happy to see all these great names and faces I haven't seen in a while, hope that you come post again!

    Bubbles you are so right! You made me laugh. I kinda feel bad I talk about you ladies so much and forget men read here too. Seriously have you been on Facebook? What the heck is Phil and all these other guys flung day & night on a page dedicated to Kate Gosselin? Now THAT'S crazy!

    And to my regular commenters I love you all more than you know. Your the reason this blog is 3 years old this summer. Crazy to think huh?

  48. Good afternoon everyone! Could let all this great Kate news without Life and Style taking a page from Bonnie Fuller and licking this all up. Now they are saying Kate hired "actors" to come up to her at STK? Ohh and that she was there just to look for a man. Geeze, can't a woman have a birthday night without everyone including the trolls make up stuff about what she was doing?? Take a look UGH from the worst:

  49. Waves to all you ladies. Have not posted in a while but see the naysayers have not changed. They come a griping when Kate is out looking gorgeous and having fun.

    BabyMama at least the picture of Kate is good. Her legs look awesome!

  50. Gee Whiz where have you been and why haven't you posted? lol we miss you. The show is starting soon so the hype is going all over again. Things should be heating up here soon. lol

  51. fascinated - thank you. Some days are easier, some days are harder. :)

  52. BabyMama I’m always here reading. I guess I don’t post much as I usually agree with what you all have posted and feel it was said more eloquently than I could. To show you how much I appreciate your blog I will post more often.

    Spring has arrived in Texas. The grass is green, our knockout roses are blooming and the daylilies are full of buds. I love this time of year.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  53. Gee Whiz - I always enjoy your posts. I'm loving spring here, also, even though our little rescue Scottie has a lot of allergies so spring means lots of trips to the vet. By April he usually does fine, but March is hard with the rise in pollen.

    I'm in awe of those who live in the frozen tundras and glad I wasn't sent there to live. I'm too much of a wimp with cold. But hey, some of us have to live in hot steamy south and I'm lucky to be one. :)

    Have a great weekend.

  54. Baby Mama - Thought you might be up for a weekend chuckle. I was thinking back over how many "facts" the non fans have had completely 100% wrong... and there are so many!!!!

    Remember 14 months ago when they were all abuzz that you and I were the same person posting under different names? They said, they knew it for a fact because they'd checked. Even though we live 600 miles apart and writing styles are nothing alike. I still think that's hilarious!

    Wonder how they "checked?" ... Could be they used the ancient method of checking chicken entrails...perhaps it was revealed in cloud patterns...smoke patterns...Puxatawney Phil's shadow...???

    Then the haggling witches of non fandom raced around from blog to blog to post their comments as fact.

    Let's laugh remembering that while we race around as moms leading full lives and they dwell in the house of obsession forever! :)

    Yep, they were convinced...except that they were 100% wrong-o!

  55. LindaO - Love your phrase "the haggling witches of non fandom". Do they ever get the facts right?

  56. Linda~ yes, lets remember that we do all have lives on this site! I'm blessed that my friends come back and say hello and let me know they still enjoy reading here.

    There are a few trolls that must be home bound because they are literally on this site day and night. And I love it! The fact that this site is still so hot after almost 3 years makes me know I made the right decision to continue with this site.

    I want to see more of my previous commenters to come back and say hi now! I'm so happy to see all of you again. Now that the show is starting again I hope you will visit more! xoxox

  57. LindaO - I missed your post to me. Thanks.

    Sorry about your pup. I don't have animals but everyone here has been sneezing like crazy and the cars are covered with pollen. Luckily, my Claritin-D has been working so no sinus infections.

    I don't do well in cold weather either. But come summer when the temperature is over 100 degrees and 90 percent humidity, I might wish a little bit that I wasn't in the South!

  58. He's back! Ole Chris has some new pics of Kate and the kids going to the dentist at INF!

    So this is for our lovely poster GREG...who said that Kate is never smiling with the kids...GREG, dearest, go look at these recent photos...the kids and Kate are smiling and they are together!!!

    Guess Chris is back on "hounding Kate duty." But oddly Kate didn't seem too stressed to see him. She was indeed smiling.

    Oh, how many times do the haters play the "you are so and so game"! I have been accused of being this and that other person who comments on ROL or Sageway or even some of the hater sites!

    I once did post under my name at some hate sites and had to abandon that honesty as they came after me and my family. Some ugly vicious folks that get really over the top when you try to defend Kate!

  59. Did my comment go into cyberspace again?

  60. FiredUp - I have moderation on because non fans were posting in a shark frenzy early am.

    I am checking every 15 mins or so to keep delays appearing to a minimum. Sorry for any inconvenience. :)

  61. Linda, I love your post about the hagging witches of nonfandom. I needed a good laugh.
    I am assuming the dog allergies are skin allergies, if so, have you tried hydrocortisone shampoo. They have it on the Dr Fosters and Smith catalog and it's called Itch Stop, They also have sprays. One of the shihtzus we used to have (the Pork in tashapork for his nickname Porky since he got soo fat on the steriods that didn't help him. ) I found the shampoo on accident and it really gave him some relief.

  62. Hello everyone! Well Chris the pap's rent is due again! Time to stalk and harass Kate as she tries to take her kids to the dentist WITHOUT cameras in tow. Anyhooo since the shots are from INF that read here I wont post the photos..but can be seen here:

    "Taking care of her motherly duties, Kate Gosselin was spotted taking her big brood of children to the dentist in Reading, Pennsylvania yesterday (March 24). The “Kate Plus 8” mommy looked to be in good spirits as she ensured that her kids maintained their proper dental health."

  63. tashapork - So glad you got a laugh about my comment.

    Re my dog: He was 4 when we rescued him. His owner had to move to a nursing home and couldn't keep him. He has food allergies (beef, dairy, peanuts), contact allergies from pollen (sneezing and runny nose and nasal infections) and he's allergic to grass. We have to use a tar based shampoo so he stinks but we love him anyway. He's protective except during thunderstorms when he's terrified so we hold him then just as you would a scared child in the middle of the night. All God's creatures have strengths and weaknesses.

    Kate takes the kids to the dentist every six months so that becomes another predictable thing that good moms do. :)

  64. LOL Linda0...I look positively yellow! Pine pollen is covering everything! Kids snortin' yellow snot! Yuck...we need a good rain now to wash us clean.

    Just saw where the BL site is listing all of Chris the paps personal info regarding some issues with the law and even his personal mortgage info!

    These folks are so mean-spirited and have no sense of proper boundaries. As much as I dislike Chris always getting in Kate's face...he doesn't deserve this.

    Of course, now they are saying Steve is not doing his job! Idiots...Steve does not live in Wernersville! He only goes with Kate and the kids when they are doing something under TLC contract. He's not a 24/7 bodyguard!

  65. tashapork -One of my kids donates birthday money to local shelter. We met the Scottie on a visit. At first we thought he was given up because of a lost job, so we were going to pay for food to reunite them. Then found out owner had gone to nursing home and couldn't have dog. We do take him for a visit with former owner once a month. Former owner doesn't know, though, what caused thunderstorm terror.

    Okay, non fans. If you are going to copy & paste, please at least have courtesy to get the whole story.

  66. FiredUp - I choose not to go to that site and a bunch of other ones. I get stuff emailed to me, some I read and some I just delete figuring I don't really want to know.

    Personally, I don't care for Chris the pap, nor the job he does. I remember that he was Jon's buddy for a while. That said, what the heck importance does displaying info such as mortgage info have to do with anything remotely important, other than establishing John Doe does own property in XYZ location and could be, therefore a resident?

    That whole gaggle of poopdom is just plain strange.

  67. no pollen's snowing again today. I have a few choice words to say about that but I'll refrain. This stupid weather is not helping with all my health problems!!!! Any one want to do a warm weather dance for me??

  68. no pollen's snowing again today. I have a few choice words to say about that but I'll refrain. This stupid weather is not helping with all my health problems!!!! Any one want to do a warm weather dance for me??

  69. CMo3 - oh gosh, Corinna said it snowed there but I'd hoped it missed you! Since the non fans think I'm full of hot air anyway, I've sure been trying to send some to you. I guess they think I could single handedly melt the whole frozen tundra. Even I couldn't do that, but I will try my best to concentrate it in your direction!

    Hang in there my friend, I'm in your court!

  70. Linda, that is soo sweet that you take the dog to visit it's previous owner. Your kids are learning a lot from that.
    I soo appreciate the neat people here on this blog, all of you brighten up my day.

  71. Linda that is the sweetest thing I've heard, you taking the dog to visit his former owner. What a kind heart you have. Thunderstorm terror can easily get started if you get one of those very loud storms where you hear a very loud crack and it seems to be very close in proximity. All it takes is for this to happen one time & they will be fearful the rest of their lives. When it's that close they say the air is charged with something called ions which is basically the air is charged with electricity. Our vet said that she has seen it more often than you can imagine where just one of those loud cracks of lightning combined with the electrically charged air will terrify pets from that day forward till they are so scared you would swear they will die of a heart attack. Our vet said that pets are so sensitive to sounds and the air being electrically charged. We have two that are so terrified if they even sense a storm is coming in & they know way before we even see the clouds. I have to give them each a tranquilizer before the storm hits or we will have two dogs hyperventillating and gasping for breath. I didn't even know dogs could hyperventillate until it happened the first time. Of course it scared the daylights out of me & I went running to the vet with her & that's when the vet recommended that we tranquilize them before a storm hits. She said they actually could die out of fear and the trouble breathing. There is a little humor though. After the tranquilizer takes effect it's just like we have two drunken sailors on our hands with them trying to walk & their legs falling out from under them. It's really hard not to laugh. One night the hubby was in a comical mood when the dogs were "goofy" and he started singing Popeye the Sailor song. I don't think I've ever laughed that hard in my life.

  72. TY both but I never thought of it as being kind, just paying forward what I'd hope somebody would do for me. I can't imagine having to leave your home, have no relatives nearby, and having to give up your doggy pal. That just sucks big time. We get far more return in our visits with this delightful person than we give.

  73. It really amazes me that these gossip sites will make a story out of the most simple things in life, like going grocery shopping, getting your hair done, gatting a mani/pedi and yes even taking the children to the dentist. I mean really, what is the big deal? I would imagine if Kate see's any of those ridiculous stories she must laugh and shake her head thinking what silly fools they are to write a story about something so minor.

    Hey Linda and BabyMama don't feel bad. Every single Kate supporter that has posted on ROL has been accused of being Lexxi. It is really comical that they thought I had all these names. Just like you said Linda and I hope you don't mind if I repeat it but again, "Yep, they were convinced...except that they were 100% wrong-o!" Quit posting there for good awhile back but they still accuse anyone new of being Lexxi. You just can't reason or make sense with el stupidos. LOL

    Have a safe and fun weekend everyone! Always smile and enjoy life.

  74. Linda of course it was being kind. I'm betting that poor lady's biggest loss was losing her precious pet. You know how we get so attached to our pets and they to us. Hopefully one day you will receive the same kindness because you truly do deserve it for letting that lady visit with her beloved pet again.

  75. Every time I venture out of IW & here and try to calmly tell people to knock it off and stop using my name etc etc... I get accused of being Ziggy. I love it though. Not a bad compliment!

  76. Hey Lexxi~ So true. You said it so sweetly I completely agree!

    At the end of the day, if they are attacking Kate for wearing the shoes that she loves, or has the audacity to rank on a wristlet they only WISH they had, how sad must their lives be?

    There are people like JW that literally live on this site. RWA doesn't have a site if they are not commenting on this one. At the end of the day I'm so secure and happy with who I am, I could care less. Cause I took Kate Gosselin's mentality. LET THEM TALK! How great are we that this is what gets people up in the morning.

    Make that money Kate, keep em talking. I'm gonna do the same ;) xoxoxo

  77. Babymama said
    At the end of the day I'm so secure and happy with who I am, I could care less. Cause I took Kate Gosselin's mentality.
    Amen, this is what bothers me that people do not seem to comprehend.
    Kate is not about outfits, vacations, tummytucks, hair extensions, media attention, one upping Jon, having a bunch of money, going to the spa, and so on. Kate is about being comfortable with who you are, and not worrying about how others judge. She is about being the best mom she can in a given circumstance and making lemonaide out of lemons. She is about positive attitude and going after what you want instead of making excuses and being a victim. Kate is not ashamed to not be perfect. Those are the qualities I admire in Kate and in the people here.

  78. Hi Ladies and Greg to if he is reading here. LOL

    I don't post much, but read here and enjoy your site BM. Keep up the nice articles of Kate and her 8!!!!!! I love to read what your posters have to say also.

    I am asking to be put on the list from Linda to send some warm air my way also. We had snow today and more forecasted for the weekend. Where is spring???

  79. Hey Bubbles - While I don't have enough hot air to accommodate everybody, I'll add you to the "receive" list, lol. Done deal!

  80. Hey Bubbles! Please don't be a stranger. I'm getting such wonderful people back posting and I want you to be here. Loving everyone right now!

    Can you believe next Friday is April already? My toddler whom I still call my baby fell off her scooter today. After an hour I finally got her to sleep in my arms but I couldn't move. My legs were dead. Thats why I was so Twitter happy today. Thank you Linda for all that you do xoxox

  81. that means just ten more days till Kate Plus Eight Yay.

  82. Baby Mama - You are very welcome. Xoxo
    Here's hoping everybody enjoys the weekend. Whatever you are doing, hope it is fun!

  83. I started posting on the DWTS site before the AKO's invaded (my what an invasion that was, too, one of their finest - they really put exteme effort into it). When he hater invaded, there was more post that I could count calling me BM. I didn't even know who BM was at the time. Regardless of how many times I told them I wasn't BM and didn't know who she was, they still said I was BM and then go into these long drawn out explanation as to who BM was and how they could PROVE I was BM.

  84. Ziggy - It is beyond comprehension trying to understand the level of obsession of AKOs. We have, for the most part, families, children, work, and a lot of other interests. It is really sad, sad, sad that they've chosen to devote their lives to a fixation on hating not only an individual, but anyone else who even peripherally to that individual expresses anything other than hate. It's almost as if they have become jihadists against Kate, in their shark-frenzied attacks.

  85. Ah Ziggy, that is funny! I experienced the same thing on those DWTS boards! I was accused of being some other poster on another site.

    What little detective Cluseau's they are! (Linda0...forgive that spelling please!)

    One idiot threatened to take out an ad in my local newspaper calling me an unstable mother supporting a child abuser!

    Well, it's off to the ball fields this afternoon with the kiddos. Thankfully, we are seeing improvements between my son and his little husband and I have given that matter top priority and it is yielding some good results!

    Everyone enjoy your weekend!

  86. yes and you can tell the AKO's dont really read the posts before they start crying that a different person wrote them, if they did they would realize that Linda or Ziggy's writing style is totally different. I have gotten where because I start on the bottom to see what I missed from last time, I can often tell who wrote something before I even see the name if they are a regular here.

  87. Ziggy your so funny. I had to get into a whole bunch of explanations as to why I'm not about 10 different people. They can talk all they want. I hope Kate has a wonderful birthday weekend hopefully with the kids if Jon doesn't have them. Happy Birthday Kate! Xoxo.

  88. Happy Saturday everyone. Hope your all having a great day. I just love the dog story, thats so awesome that he gets to visit with his former owner.

  89. FiredUp - Glad to hear about your son. That's great! 

    Lol, unlike some of the nonfan sites, we aren't obsessed about either spelling, punctuation, or typos here! 

    Once, on here I typed "didn't have" and it came out "dick head." Not a big deal, but most of time that's not something I'd say. 

    We know our people here lead busy lives and post "on the fly!"

    This is in contrast to the "flies" who actually posted "most people write their comments in a Word document to correct errors, before posting them." 

    Is that obsessive or what? What person with spouse, kids, job, activities has time to do that for a blog?!!

    This isn't a job, posting here. Yes, I expect "perfection" in spelling, grammar, and punctuation in corporate situations. 

    But, good gosh, folks! People post here in between ferrying kids, parked in endless car lines, and a million other REAL LIFE issues.

    I'll worry again about perfection in blog posting when I'm 105, retire, slow down, and have nothing better to do. Have a great weekend! Post when you can. :)

  90. Good afternoon everyone! Well the chatter has been all about either me or Kate this week ;)

    I find it insane the amount of time people waste hating Kate. And she continues to flourish and live her life. All that wasted energy to no avail. Wasn't her 15 min. up about 3 years ago? Wasn't Kate Plus 8 canceled by TLC? Nope

    It angers them that Kate is photographed, yet the call her over when she's not. Shes happy, rich and living her life while taking care of her kids. They get more and more angry the wealthier she gets from all these hate sites talking about her. They have a mental addiction going ot those sites and trying to make their lives seem better than the existence they live in.

    They judge both myself and Kate while they hide behind screen names, bad acne, unflattering bodies and pathetic homelives. But lets attack Kate for weaing high heels or a blog owner that has the best family one could ask for.

    The joke is on them. That cesspool existence will never make them feel better no mater how long they have been blogging & sock puppeting. Time they will never get back, while Kate will forever have the last laugh. She never got to see the harsh words, and nor does she care. And that drives them crazy.. And now happily for me I now do the same.

  91. Opps forgot to mention that I loved the dog story too! Thank you Shortnsaszy for reminding me. Also for coming over and saying hi..Stick around, we miss you ;)

  92. Also forgot to mention you guys can post here till late tonight. I am thinking about a new post and would love suggestions.. anyone? lol

  93. I wished they had gone into their 'proof' that I was BM as I wanted to see what their 'proof' they came up with was. But they never did, the best that was given was that I was a zealot Kate fan.
    Lets see what makes a zeaot hate fan and a hater:

    Have you ever traveld hundres of miles because of Kate?

    Have you ever followed Kate and her 8 around, taking picutres of them, and followed them down the road?

    Have you ever arrived somewhere where Kate and her 8 were reported to going to be hours ahead of time to make sure you don't miss them?

    Do you create mash up video's Of Kate?

    Do you write you post in a word processing program before you post as it matters that much to you?

    Do you go to your local library and travel around posting from each one of their computers instead of posting from your own computer in the comfort of your home?

    Do you keep watch on the internet for any little tid bit said about Kate so you can post about it under different ID's?

    Do you research people who post on a blog which holds an opposing view?

    Do you threaten to take money out of your own pocket to post an ad in a local newspaper about someone who holds an opposing view?

    Feel free to add to my list!

  94. The funny thing is, for all of the AKO's efforts against Kate, for all of JoBAH's efforts against Kate, she just keeps right on rocking and increasing her bank account.

  95. Baby Mama - suggestions? Those who "know" me know what a college basketball nut I am, especially during NCAA playoffs. I tried my best to tie in the Gosselin trip to pro basketball and college playoffs, but...I couldn't think of a way, lol.

    A new thread that you write. That's my suggestion! Maybe how pro Gosselin blogs have different perspectives but at the same time support each other. That we celebrate successes, looking for positives in each other, and women in general rather than looking for negatives of living in poop. Perhaps because real women clean up so much poop (kid poop, dog poop, cat poop, etc.) that we don't have the time or desire to smear poop on others or in rag mags.

  96. Another idea would be to expand apon Kate's thriftiness. She has shown in shows and her books how she tries to save money while at the same time being sensible about it such as buying furntiure that lasts costs less in the long run than buying something cheap and replacing it over and over again. People could share their money saving ideas. Also expand apon Kates' organizational ideas or we can discuss our own unique "Kateisms"

  97. My dream - to have every single item in my home, and I mean every single one, be organized.
    Not one single thing out of place.
    Everything inside and out fixed, my flowers back, a lovely organized garden, .... oh hell, just a picture perfect place.

    Will never happen, that's not real life.
    But one can dream!!!

  98. Baby Momma,
    I haven't watched the Dr. Oz show yet but heard you did really great! Good for you !!!

  99. Ziggy I love stuff that's organized, I have found that having the put away place as close to where the item would naturally drop tends to help, for example a shoe basket by the couch and the bill basket and trashcan near the door helps me, however the one disaster area I have and cannot seem to remedy is my purse. I have bought many kinds of purses and organizing devices and my purse is always a mess.

  100. Ziggy, before I started commenting at Sages I was on ROL, my s/n was Debbie_, I don't know how many haterz called me BabyMomma, I didn't know what they were talking about. Its been along time since I was any babies momma.

  101. It's been a long day...but had to come on and congratulate you BabyMama! I just watched my recorded Dr. Oz episode and you were the star!

    Honey, you handled yourself like a pro! Have you been doing TV spots before?

    And you were short and cute...about as I imagined you...I'm on the short side too...but we both have plenty of fire in us!

    You go girl...the heck with the haters! Live your dreams and take your life where you want to go...just like Kate!

  102. Tash - my family room closet is a work to be proud of. Everything has a place. Labeled. My kitchen is about 98% satisfactoroaly (is that a word?) organized. My closet is about 95%. If I ever built aother house, I'd have a room that is climate controlled which had nothing but shelves. And I mean a room not a large closet.

  103. BM I watched the video. You are a very pretty lady. I would of been so nervous doing that. I am like you though. Love to sleep in. But I am no longer working so its so easy to get your sleeping habits mixed up.

  104. So much to comment on, but will try to be brief

    1.I always try to type my stuff out in a word doc first, but not because I want to save it so I can obscess over it later, but because my spelling is atroshus. I left my mistakes in as an example LOL. I have taken a lot of online courses and had to post my comments, so this is second nature to me.

    2.Baby Mama, I too taped you on Dr. Oz. I am sure the haterz will now think that I am some kind of stocker fan of yours, but I don’t care, you were great.

    3.I posted once somewhere and they made a comment about being Baby Mama’s minions or something like that. I had been following your blog for a little while so I thought it was funny.

    4.I love organization, but I also need to see everything. My closets are practically empty and the things I use most often are arranged/stacked around the room. Although, I am not a hoarder, I can understand their need to have everything within their site. LOL

  105. Baby Momma,
    Why oh why don't you do a story about your experience on Dr. Oz !
    I never heard how it even came about that you were chosen for the spot.
    Please make a post about it ;)

  106. Debora~ E-mail me at & I'll tell you everything. Ive been on TV a few times actually. I would never let the Khaters ruin my joy and all that I'm sharing PRIVATELY with my friends ;)

    FRESH PAPER! Scent of the day is the smell of my moms yummy meatloaf she left for the kids that they didn't eat tonight. I'm nibbling on it myself right now and it's delish! xoxox