Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kate On The Today Show & In People, Jon Gosselin Gets A Job, Kate Plus 8 On Sarah Palin's Alaska 12/12

Kate Gosselin Shares More Of How Her Kids Are Dealing With Divorce:

Kate Gosselin has already cleared up that her kids, Collin and Alexis, were not expelled from school, but the reality mom opened up a bit more to People about their struggle to cope with their feelings.

“[Collin and Alexis] were not expelled. [The school] did not feel like they could meet their needs anymore, so it was decided they should leave, for now.”“They’ve been the ones to verbalize the most that they miss Daddy,” she says. “I could see that they’re the ones struggling the most.”Collin was upset and saying things out of frustration – he’d crumple his papers and throw them on the floor.  Alexis was angry in a different way. She didn’t want to sit still. She’d get up and want to run around.”
Kate shared that the kids are in therapy and doing really well.  The reality mom also shared that she and the rest of the kids are just doing the best they can to deal with the situation. Kate explains how hard she’s working to keep things consistent for them: “I’ve kept the stability, the income – everything that they know and love – “I’ve come through on that.  I am doing what my kids need me to do. That’s really all that matters.” I do find it sad that Jon doesn’t seem to be working to help support the kids (MORE BELOW), as far as we know anyway.  It shouldn’t all fall on Kate’s shoulders, because then when she IS away working to support the kids, everyone bashes her for not being at home with them.  It’s a difficult position to be in – she can’t seem to win in the public’s opinion of her.  Kate recently landed a new gig as Entertainment Tonight’s  correspondent for the new Skating with the Stars show, doing interviews with the contestants.

Surprise! Jon Gosselin Gets a Real Job:

It may only be the first of December, but we're gonna go ahead and call this a Christmas miracle anyway: Jon Gosselin has a job. Like, a real one. That has nothing to do with reality TV.Everyone still standing? OK, then…a source tells E! News that the original octodad has found work in the technology field—you know, his profession before he became a reality-starring, Ed Hardy-wearing womanizer. "Jon is back at work at a normal job not in media or entertainment," the source says. "He's working in technology, which he did before the show."And he apparently isn't paying too much mind to his ex-wife Kate Gosselin's ongoing TV shenanigans, including her appearance on the Today show this morning in which she said she was still awaiting an apology. "He is happy as can be," the source said. And, incidentally, still happily dating girlfriend Ellen Ross. Sorry, ladies.


  1. "Sorry Ladies."

    Oh shucks. hahahaha

  2. I would like to apologize for this recent fresh paper. In the last post I said the scent was chicken nuggets from Wendy's because that's what we are eating tonight. However in honor of Hanukkah and one of my best friends, tonight's fresh paper is the even yummier scent of Potato Latkes. Enjoy :)

  3. I hate to be negative on this, but if you read the reeks of the same odor as the ROL story that continues to praise the "pretty government worker" Ellen Ross and proclaims how happy Jon is with her.

    The so-called job is in IT...doing's all very, very vague!
    IT jobs change every 6 months...I haven't seen any indication of Jon upgrading his skills since the last job he had in IT over 3 years ago.

    So this looks like further damage control on Jon's part through his ever present spokes person...the gal pal dog lover, Hollywood wannabe, live in girlfriend.

  4. I can't find my own article. Remember when I was saying how crazy it was that Jon was interviewing as a Tech guy from the same site that attacked him and his family daily? I think this is the job he got. I would sawear that they are getting him there to write more crap about Kate and hopefully get it from a REAL inside source! Remind me where that was...

  5. Lori Anne...I just read your "what does Jon have to apologize for" remark from last post.

    I'm sorta numb as to how you could ask that. Apparently you have no problem with a man sleeping around with 4 different women while still married.

    And I guess it didn't bother you when Jon went on national TV and said he "despised" the mother of his children.

    And apparently you thought nothing of him stealing money from the family account that went to paying bills for his family and then lying about that as well on national TV.

    I could go on...but suffice to say...Jon has alot to personally apologize to Kate for.

    He is the one that has made such a big production of announcing to the world on his Twitter account and in tabloid reports that he has apolgized to Kate.

    Sort of cheap to say that and not have truly personally faced Kate and earnestly said "I'm sorry for all the hurt and pain I caused you."

    Jon is all about wanting to look good in the public eye...and now he has his own red head side kick to flood the media with the inside source stories to shine up his image.

  6. Babymama...Wasn't it some local newspaper job? I can't remember the name of it...but I think it was there near Reading, PA.

  7. Ahh yes! Firedup4Kate it was The Reading Eagle. The one that allowed Dana Hoffman, jealousy personified, to attack the Gosselins for years. Yes, no wonder how he was able to get the job so quickly ;)

  8. So is this really a job...or a spoof again? If this paper is so anti-Kate, can you not imagine what lengths they would go through to fuel this rumor?

  9. BM - How do you know Jon got the job with the Reading Eagle?

  10. Thanks for posting the interview, my DVR didn't record it. I'll watch it when the kids go to bed. They're all still sick and a little clingy.

  11. Lori Anne--to address your question on the previous thread, Kate was asked during the interview whether she had accepted Jon's apology, since Jon had publicly stated that he had apologized to Kate, his family, etc. All Kate was doing was responding to this, and saying that she had not yet received an apology. And if Jon had nothing to apologize for, then why did he say that he had apologized? As far as Kate being the one who wanted to end the marriage, how do you know this? Because Jon said so? When the marriage was breaking down, Kate repeatedly expressed regret and said this was not what she wanted. Jon on the other hand seemed eager to be single again. I'm not saying Kate was blameless, and of course none of us will ever know everything that went on in private. But I see no basis to say that it was only Kate that wanted to end the marriage.

  12. Shirley: B/C it has been reported that Kate said the marriage was over (Oct/08 IIRC) and Jon was told to report for filming as if nothing had changed (for the audience). He had been living above the garage for weeks. Kate told him to do what he wanted just don't get caught. Lo and behold some pap showed up at a nowhere bar where he had a date with some woman. It's debatable how he got "caught" at this obscure night club in the middle of nowhere. You might say this is all hearsay but by the same token you could say Kate's side is all hearsay. This is why I'm asking why Jon in particular should apologize and not Kate. I have a family member who has gone thru a painful divorce but both are now in a position to say "sorry for the pain I put you through," not only one of them, both of them.

  13. LoriAnne...I'm surprised at you honey! If you believe that baloney you are one gullible little lady!

    Ain't no way in this world that Kate told him to do what he wanted ....just don't get caught! No woman in her right mind would say that....much less a woman with 8 kids on a public TV show!!!!

    This is pure "puppy doo" and if Jon is the source on that...well, how many times do we know that Jon lied during all that period?

    Kate has not been sleeping around with men. She has never spoken of Jon as a "despised" person and she is the only one who has acted fiscally responsible in money matters to care for her children's well being.

    Jon should thank God every day that the mother of his children is the decent, moral, hardworking person that she is! And yes...he does owe her a huge personal apology!

  14. Lori Anne - Kate never said a date when the marirage was over, she said she was on a plane when she realized they would not recover. Where did you read that Jon was told to report for filming as if nothing had changed? I have never read or heard that. Also, it was Jodi and Kevin that said there was a contract that Jon could do whatever he wanted. Since the contract was never produced it is obvious that was a lie. When the contract was modified in 2008 TLC added a morals clause for Jon only. That seems to indicate he was messing around before the break-up. The only reason the Jon apology was brought up is because Jon tweeted he had apologized to Kate. Meredith Vieira read the tweet and Kate said he had not apologized to her personally. IMO, it does not matter how he got caught, it matters that he was out with another woman at a bar when he was still married and was suppose to be home taking care of his children. To tell you the truth, I do not understand how any woman would defend his actions.

  15. This is the story JoKe put out which was given to them by Jon.

    Jon told Kate he was going to get a lawyer and she'd better, too. Jon decided to let Kate be the one to do the actual filing. I now believe that's so he could claim Kate divorced him, not that he divorced Kate.

    Personally, I think Jon was trying to manipulate Kate and TLC at that time and when they didn't cave to whatever it was he wanted he set it up himself to have the pap out his cheating & hanging out at bars. Kevin also went with Jon to the bars.

  16. Oh I am up out of bed again, lol. Lori Anne, your time line isn't quite right. Jon didn't move up into the garage apartment until January. This is after the second ski trip, when Jon took Deanna and others to Utah. Jon said when he returned from Utah it was so "frosty" that he moved to the garage.

    Well duh. Let me say that if my spouse had gone skiing in Utah with a single woman, it would have been downright arctic, wayyyy beyond frosty!!!

    Uh, never mind. Isn't any point in revisiting this garbage again. JMO, but marriages end. If you don't want to continue the commitment to somebody, then you end it. You do that before you galavant off with single people. Because you are unhappy, it doesn't give you license to co-habitate with other people. End the marriage before you pick up and join into other relationships.

    However, their marriage is over. Fini. Kaput. Jon is "happy" with his "beautiful government worker" and he's stayed with this one for a whole 6 months! So good for him!

    Kate will one day find somebody. That might not happen for a year or 6 years but it will happen eventually. I don't think she's desperate, in any hurry, and I hope to heck she's a mega lot more choosy this time; somebody who can be decisive and has a strong work ethic.

    Yes, being without adult relationship companionship is lonely. But far better to be a "single" than to be stuck with the wrong person. (I knew I shouldn't have taken a peek at what was happening.)

  17. Linda, well said. Regardless of when the marriage ended emotionally, they were not offically divorced until Dec. '10. Until that time Jon was still legally married and had had multiple affairs.

  18. GeeWhiz: Recover from what? Kate never disclosed that. We'll all have to agree to disagree. This is what happens when the truth is not publicised; one camp goes against another. People tend to side with the camp they identify the most with I guess. I can't site anything as it's been so long since I'd heard that stuff. Firedup: It does sound silly doesn't it? But if millions of dollars were on the line why wouldn't you tell your estranged husband to show up for filming on schedule? Not so far fetched to me :)

  19. Ziggy holy smoke!! Ths article literally took me an hour to find while I was watching This aritcle was from our buddy Al Walentis:

    "Jon Gosselin may take charge at reeling Reading Eagle Internet Services"

    Cash-strapped reality-show outcast Jon Gosselin is in furious negotiations to assume the reins as IT chief at trouble-plagued Reading Eagle Internet Services, Greater Reading Online has learned EXCLUSIVELY!

    The top-level talks come on the heels of last week's calamitous web outage, when and its client sites went dark from Thursday afternoon until Friday evening. E-mails and potentially other essential communications -- including e-commerce orders -- vanished into the ether. Analysts estimate the losses by clients could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  20. Opps and I just want to clarify from my earlier post that this was the job I was THINKING he got. Just because this caused such a bg stir back in October. I in no way know if this is the actual job he got.

    But at the same time, boy Ellen made sure this story spread like fire.. ;)

  21. Ok I just watched the interview....she was fine. I agree that an interview on tv or a tabloid is not an apology....neither would an email or a text be one either. And you know what? An apology sometimes isn't enough either. Saying sorry is easy...actions are hard. Tweeting and playing it up to his "fans" is not showing that he is sorry. It was very vintage Kate which I was happy to see. A very "why dwell when I can move on" attitude. Good for her.

  22. Well thank goodness! I was freaking out between this one and another one I read! lol

  23. BM - The job was evidently head of the IT dept. at the RE. I doubt Jon would qualify to be the head of an IT dept.

  24. LoriAnne - If you are married, would you have a problem with your husband going to bars and partying with another woman when you were out of town working to earn money to suppor the family? Do you think it was okay for Jon to have Deanna sun bathing at the family home when Kate was out of town? Do you think it was okay for Jon to be leaving Deanna's home at 7:30 in the morning when he was supposed to be home watching the kids? Do you think it was okay for Jon to take Deanna to Utah when he was still married to Kate? Do you think it was okay for Jon to take Stephanie to the house as a nanny and have sex with her when the children were there? Do you think it was okay for Jon to leave his childen for weeks at a time to be with girlfriends and relive his lost twenties? As a woman, how can you defend Jon Gosselin?

  25. Lmao "sorry ladies" , ya because Jon Gosselin is so attractive and has a great personality lmao ahhha yeaa .....

  26. I am a fan of Kate and the kids, however I don't understand why the whole Jon getting a job situation needs to be spoken about in such a negative manner. He has been looking for a job, and he found one so he can support his family like any parent would. I think he deserves some credit here, going out and getting a normal job that will improve his lifestyle and benefit the children.

    Again, I am indeed a Kate fan, but Jon should be cut some slack for starting to figure things out.

  27. Ohh forgot to mention again guys that Kate has a new post up. Click on Kate's take to read it!

    Has anyone heard about Kate being on Sarah Palin's Alaska yet?

  28. Christy Welcome! I for one am happy that Jon got a job. I was just laughing at the fact that the source of the ET story was very much Ellen helping out her man.

  29. I pray that Jon does in fact have a job, that he uses it to get a larger home for his kids visits, not a mansion, just maybe a three bedroom, and that the job fulfills him so he can be a great dad when he has the kids. I really believe Jon losing/quitting his IT job led to his breakdown, he and Kate got along better when it was nights/weekends, he had better self esteem, and his energy was directed more positively. When I rewatch episodes, I see things move downhill from there. Having said this, just as I don't buy what the tabloids say about Kate, I don't take them saying Jon has a job at face value either. I also think it may be best if it isn't advertised where he works, and he could work in peace.

  30. GeeWhiz, no I would not like that, but that's because I'm in a loving marriage. But if my husband and I had an understanding that we would present as a couple to the world for a TV show and that's it, then that would be different. Embarrassing if he got caught, yes, and then I'd have to find a way to come out looking innocent or risk losing my audience. Let's admit we will never know for sure b/c even when insiders speak out they're called liars by folks who choose to believe differently.

    Have a great day everyone!

  31. Oh true!! And thanks for the welcome :) I've been reading for a long time but never posted! Thought it was about time.

  32. WOW,I still can't believe you are re-hashing the past again. Please move on just like J&K are doing. Also, Ellen shouldn't be blamed for all the new news leaks. This is why I slowed downed in posting here and Christy, I wish you good luck here.

    I think its time to take Jons name off this site, so everyone can just talk about kate and maybe the kids.

    Happy Holidays to All!

  33. I, for one, will be delighted if the news is true that Jon does, indeed, have a job! I wish him health, happiness, productivity, and love! It should definitely help his self esteem and his current relationship with Ellen for him to be productively employed. I say the same thing I've said for over a year...get out and do something. If you get paid for it, great. If not, volunteer! Have a reason and purpose for getting up in the morning.

    The marriage ended. Life goes on. It's what people do! I feel both of the adult Gosselns should enjoy this: health, happiness, productivity and love.

  34. This blog is unapologetically supportive of Kate. If that's not your perspective, there are many blogs that take a different slant. Find one and be happy. For heavens sake don't come here to tell us we're wrong and you're right. Go where you fit. I'd never go "there" and tell you you're wrong and we expect the same in return.

    That said, I'd thoroughly enjoy being unapolgetically supportive of Jon again. I'd truly like to see the "peace" and happiness on his face again that I felt I once saw. I wish him no harm, and wish instead maturity, growth, and one day discovering what it takes to make him happy and then s t I c k I n g with it!!!! It may be naive, but I think he can do it. Whether it's a love interest, a job interest, a life path...choose and stick with the plan. Listen to your inner voice, Jon.

    As for Ellen... I do not know her except from the company she's chosen to keep in her public persona (the blogs she supports and the Tweets she makes.) That speaks volumes to me. Most I try to excuse from her lack of experience and her very young age. She has to live her life and she's chosen how she wishes to do it. I could wish that she chose a healthy smoke free lifestyle but, hey, that's her call... at least until she exposes minors to it.

  35. Well said LO. If his self-esteem needs it, more power to him. Now I am off to do my self-inflicted therapy. Walking for my health. I try to do 2 miles per day but sometimes can't, Oh Well! CU

    Baby Mama, I saw an announcement that Kate will be on Sarah Palins' Alaska show in 2 weeks. It did not mention the kids at all.

  36. Caregiver - Best wishes on your therapy! I identify big time there. It can be a long, hard road but we'll get there, one step at a time! You go girl!!

  37. Good afternoon everyone! See I read people talking smack about this site for the millionth time and it pisses me off royally. 3 of the nastiest blogs on the web are run by Kate haters. And I mean haters. They write some of the most vile things about this mom, yet people have the balls to come here and ask why I don't kiss Jon's behind. Really.

    Obviously they have seen those sites or are at least aware of all of them if they have come here. This is a KATE GOSSELIN FAN SITE people. We all know this. If I'm not in the mood to support Jon for doing stupid things I wont. I change my mind on him freqently. But take your behinds over the fence and into the woods if you don't like what's said here. PLEASE

    Sorry, but every few months I have to reiterate myself and what this blog is about. And for somereason I think people just come here to start trouble and really know everything I'm saying anyway ;)

  38. Opps and Christy welcome! I get upset when I see dusty troll prints on my fresh paper. :)

  39. Ok So I'm hearing Kate will be on Sarah Palin's Alska in 2 weeks! Can't wait! I also really hope we get at least one more show before the New Year!

    Recently INF (which I don't promote, nor do I link here but you can find it) had photos of the kids dressed up in Thanksgiving costumes. The haters lapped this up calling it "offensive". I thought it was adorable, maybe for a new show? What do you think? How is dressing up as pilgims & indians any more wrong that any costume at Party City?

  40. It's funny, how I commented last week, (my opinion) that the Gosselin kids need prayer and therapy and my comment was deleted and deemed as hateful.

    I fully support Kate and her kids. I think it's remarkable that she is raising the kids alone and still making a living. However, BM did not fully read my comment and resorted to saying, Kate's kids do not need therapy and I was the one who needed it.

    Odd, how Kate confirms on the today show that her kids are in weekly therapy. I am a school psychiatrist and it's very common that kids lash out in anger due to unresolved issues at home. I think BM needs to consider all opinions on this blog. I am not a Kate hater and actually love the show and own all the Jon and Kate plus 8 dvds!

  41. Momofgungies~ On every site, it's all how you word it. I have always considered all opinions on this blog, and I guess you were not here when Schmecky actively posted here. She is always respectful of those that posts here and she was not a Kate fan.

    I don't post any comments that shed any negative light on these wonderful normal children. I have kids of my own this age and I am VERY aware of normal acting out issues and ones that are more serious. As I said on the radio when "JW" called in, I am from a family of teachers that spend every day with kids this age.

    To make a long story short, I apologize if I told you you needed therapy. Don't remember saying that. But for newbies I always suggest that to make friends here and have your thoughts posted, tread lightly. No negative comments about Kate or the kids until we know you well enough. Thanks

  42. I just wanted to pipe in here and say FiredUp4Kate was GREAT this morning on the Nina's radio show.
    Baby Mama you are lucky to have her as one of your posters.

    She was so well spoken and to the point!

  43. Momofgungies - Actually that is neither what you said, nor how you said it.

    "who cares if the kids got expelled or not. its all hearsay and the only one that knows anything about their situation is Kate. Instead of going on hearsay, BM about video conferences and etc, why not just leave poor Kate and her kids alone. Everyone can agree, that these kids need lots of prayer and therapy."

    I daresay 99% of the people who comment here pray daily for the kids. Additionally, we have repeatedly said that when and if the kids needed counseling, we felt sure that Kate would see they received it. She has!

    No, we do not need to necessarily consider "all" opinions on this blog. There is a person setting the tone and you do not get to say just whatever you feel like saying. That would not seem to match any philosophies of the American Psychological Assocation, or School Psycologists associations. Is that what you were taught?

    If you are unhappy with the tone or attitude, please find another place to comment, or start your own blog. Go for it!

  44. Psychologists* (I do know how to spell it!)

  45. BabyMama...You stand your ground so well....I like that! Linda O is another one who you can depend on not to be wishy-washy on matters depending how the wind of public opinion blows!

    I'll give Jon a pass and well wishes when I see something concrete...solid actions that he has indeed changed!

    From the twitters on his account it does appear he is doing some kind of computer adivce thing from his own couch. Doesn't really sound like a working job....just another...hope someone calls and is willing to pay me for my computer expertise.

    I called in on Nina's show again this morning...I'm sorry to hear her begging for the haters to call in. Not sure why she wants to court the negativity...isn't there enough of that on the internet and with the tabloids!

    Another way over the top stupid ROL story...about some supposed conflict about Kate's choice of nannies while she was away in Mexico for a few days for People Mag. shoot.

    He and the "source" bring this up now? Maybe he should have raised that concern with the custody judge back in October if there was any validity to his complaint!

    Or maybe he did and the judge found it didn't hold any weight and dismissed Jon's so-called concern.

    This coming from a man who was "doing it" in the hot tub with a bar maid (Stephanie S.) as a sitter for the kids! Who was taking care of the kids then while he was taking care of his needs?

  46. I just listened to Nina's podcast. Firedup, you are great as always. LOVE your soft southern accent.

    No, I don't care for Nina's new courting of the negative either. I hope she hasn't jumped on that bandwagon for the purpose of increasing traffic. It's an easy one to jump on for short term gain, but in the long run, it's the downfall of credibility as most of the haters base their hate on incredibility.

    As was said on the show over and over, A COURT OF LAW, AFTER HEARING FROM BOTH JON AND KATE, GAVE KATE SOLE CONTROL OVER WHETHER TO FILM OR NOT. A court of law heard much more evidence, hard evidence with proof on both sides, and much more than we'll ever know.

  47. And I'd like to add to that this:
    A court of law based their decision of the facts presented. The court did not base their facts on the opinions of supporters and naysayers of either Kate or Jon.

    The opinion of the pro's and the con's had no impact on the court in any manner, only the facts presented to the court.

  48. Firedup4Kate you are always awesome! I would like to clear up why I did not promote Nina's show this month. I was very upset last month right after my show when she told me she would be changing the format going forward to boost up the ratings again. I was not approving of how she was changing what I thought was a support show for fans of Kate Gosselin.

    She wanted the haters to call in this time. She wanted both sides to get on, and not allow me or the co-host to talk to the callers. This time there was no interaction between the guest host and who phoned in, as well as having negative questions thrown into the mix. It was not what I signed up for.

    Along with other reasons, I questioned whether this format would be sucessful. Luckily those true negative trolls did not call in, sans one in the beginning.

    When she goes back to the original purpose of the show, is when I will again put my support behind it. The bottom line is, it was not because she truly wanted the thought process of the other side of fence, but rather to see if fireworks would start like the first time I told off "Just Wondering" who snuck a call in on my first show.

  49. I wanted to add, that the ratings were the highest her show has EVER had the first time I was on. Toginet called her right after I was on. So Nina was so excited I was immediately booked for the second month.

    The second time the novelty wore off. Which was, all the haters listened in the first time just to hear my voice. JW had promoted it on all the hate sites, blabbing she was going to call in to harass me, so everyone at GWOP and 15 Min knew about it. Haters were banned from calling the second time, so they didn't bother to listen in and the ratings declined. Not 5 minutes later after the seocnd show, Nina e-mailed me panicked saying she was changingthe format.

    So now, only one negative troll even bothered to call in, and the coward haters hung out in the chat room. Nina took those questions and gave them to the fans that called in. Which was rediculous, because poor people like FiredUp4Kate had to answer hater questions. I feel, that the whole purpose of something that was suppose to be great became nothing but a monthly free-for-all. I sincerely hope and pray that she sees that this was a mistake, and goes back to the reason it was started in the first place. The support of Kate Gosselin, Gosselin related news and why we as women are her supporters.

  50. BM - good for you for not taking part in such a fiasco. I understand ratings are necessary, but Nina has fallen prey to what others have and some feed upon - using hate to gain ratings.
    For me it is the question of quality over quantity. Quantity is cheap and far easier to come by, it also lowers credibility.

    The haters are only about spreading hate. Nothing more. They really don't care about the issues. They use everything, large and small to try to create and promote hate. Many of the haters also don't care about the issues but only in attacking those who support Kate.

    If Nina wants to feed into that, I feel sad for her & think it cheapens her show. Of course the first time you were on the ratings will be higher. That only stands to reason.

  51. I agree with you Ziggy. Don't get me wrong, I get where she's coming from by seeing something rise in popularity and wanting to run with it. And she did promise me that if I came on the second time she would make sure that someone like "Becky" aka JW would be hung up on immediately if she came on again.

    But then after that show she right away says she WANTS those kind of people to call in. So thats where the format really changed, which was not allowing me or whoever the co-host is to even talk to anyone that calls in. So how is that fun to listen to anymore? I don't know, maybe it's just me. Some may call it shady, some may call it smart for Nina to capitalize on the success of the show. But if she's not careful, nobody will want to be on it anymore if she keeps changing it's purpose or direction.

  52. FiredUp4kate, I agree with you 100% about Jon needing to take custody issues up with the judge and not the media and therefore there being little credence to his issues. I didn't listen to Nina's show because I don't want to waste my time with negativity and give ratings to it. If she was having to beg for haters, it is probably because they don't want to take responsibility for their opinions and actually voice them. Keyboards are much more anonymous. Now if someone wants to raise a debate about children's roles in reality television an whether it is beneficial or harmful and make it all encompassing beyond Gosselin and TLC, I have total respect for that.

  53. wow how many comments !!!!!! I will not even try to read LOL
    I do not know what you are talking about back then in dread of the post that is the employment of Jon ... I'm happy for him and I think even though he has done what he did I like this: KOREAN NO SHAME(coreano sem vergonha) says one fan here as the Brazil lol

  54. I don't think the change in format is going to serve her well. She will end up with nothing but haters, the haters will use her.

    My opinion is she made a big mistake. It isn't fair to let a hater call and not let the guest address their claims. That is grossly unfair and pandering to the haters.

  55. She's lowering herself and feeding off the haters.

  56. Well, I see now what happened. I was kind of afraid it would get ugly. When I called in, I did because I wanted to keep things positive.

    However, they did sort of blind side me when they wanted me to address someone's question they sent in.

    Glad it wasn't anything too negative to deal with...but of course, I realized right away that someone was pushing the "no filming" agenda.

    Don't remember much of what I said, but sure hope it made some sense.

    Also the comments about the show being "staged" and "scripted" got me pretty firedup! No way was I gonna let that idiotic thinking go by unchallenged!

    Nina, may want to rethink this. Let "dirty talk" negativity in and the reasonable, common sense folks will leave.

  57. I still believe the idea of a live venue where women can hear each others actual voices and talk about things they can all relate to is a great idea. I also love a place where people have a similar opinions and can agree on supporting strong women that take their circumstances and show how they rise above them.

    They will always be called haters to me. There is no better name. It still sounds better than stupid "sheeple". It's a word they say that makes their IQ drop.

  58. I also hate that Nina changed the format. I had respect for her on the two shows you were on Baby Mama. Now that she has proven she will go against what she believes in just for ratings I have changed my mind.

    I think it is funny that only one hater called in despite Nina not only welcoming them on her show but begging them to call in. I guess they are not so brave when they cannot hide behind a computer screen.

    There were only a few haters on the chat site today. When you were on Baby Mama is was overloaded and I left. I think JW was there and said when you were on that you would not let anyone talk if they had negative things to say about Kate. Several of us called her out on her lie.

    Firedup4kate you were awesome like you always are!

  59. Great job today Fired up! Linda & Gee Wiz did a bang up job in the chat too! I preferred the old format also.

    Tashapork said...

    Keyboards are much more anonymous. Now if someone wants to raise a debate about children's roles in reality television an whether it is beneficial or harmful and make it all encompassing beyond Gosselin and TLC, I have total respect for that.

    I couldn't agree more!!!

    I wonder if Nina plans on having a non-fan site blog owner on as a guest? Although, something tells me it might be difficult to actually stand behind some of the nasty things they've said about the G-family.

  60. Wow, what a week. Jon got a job - well maybe not. Kate hired a teenaged babysitter for ALL babies - who then quit. Someone close to Jon and Kate is supposedly leaking info to ROL, INF, and People.

    Oh wait, this happens every week. LOL. How frustrating to be Kate.

    As for Nina. I am quite sad to hear that her bottom line is numbers of callers and that the avenue to get those numbers is to perpetuate hate and negativity. I would rather have 5 close friends than 100 that cut me down and try to break me. I feel sad for Nina, she could have created a strong program based on strong women. Instead she chooses to continue to oppress women.

  61. ROL must have had a huge falling out with Jon because now they are saying that his kids ruined Christmas.

    They must really want him to respond or they have an inside track to his happenings. what a hoot.

  62. Kate and Sara Comes on SUNDAY! Look at this clip! I don't think Kate enjoyed the camping much!

  63. OMG Kayla thank you so much! Good morning everyone! I was so excited about seeing that Kate will be on Sarah Palin's Alaska, I had to get the sneak peek on!

    The haters will have a field day with this clip. Funny thing is, they KNOW they would never fare any better! lol

  64. Yeah, it looks like she was having a rough time there...but I will reserve my final opinion until after I have actually watched the entire show.

  65. And yes I know, puts a million commericals in their videos, so you may have to shut it off because it keeps playing. I just wanted to have it on here for a bit so you can see the clip!

  66. Fun clip, can't wait to watch Sunday. Does anyone else think TLC set Kate up for this. I mean, come on, she has always said she does not do the outdoors and they throw her out in the wild. Neither DH & I are outdoor people, we tent camped a couple times when DS was in Cub Scouts but it is definately not our thing.

  67. News was just so funny ... missing ... a friend who said? what kind of friend is that?

    Small Gosselin are being accused of telling classmates that Santa Claus does not exist ... LOL Kate's babies are making a revolution! are so smart that see beyond the other, if true of course.

  68. I'll wait to actually see the "for real" program before I decide.

    I'm not sure I'd want to go in the wild there either. Kate camped in her backyard (at two different houses) because she wanted to do it for the kids. Willingly deciding to head out into the "wilds" might be a whole different story. We'll have to wait and see. So often those clips put a different "temporary spin" on things that what we actually see in a program. Waiting to see...

    I can certainly identify. At 19 I and my family tent camped. By 22, I wanted an air mattress and I got grumpy if it was really hot or really cold. By 25, I really didn't like sharing bathrooms at a campground (heaven forbid pit toilets) with people I didn't know. By 30, I wanted to stay in a hotel.

    We really enjoy the outdoors. A day trip works just fine with a drop off at the end of the day in a nice comfortable hotel room. Hot showers, clean rooms, hot food, etc etc.

    One sister loathes the outdoors. Period. A couple of hours at a park is her limit. Another sister enjoys several weeks at a time hiking, camping, etc. The rest of the family runs the gamut. Different interests and perspectives are what add variety to life. JMO.

  69. Wow is really happy holiday for me !!!!!! (And also to Debora).

  70. LindaO, My backyard is enough nature for me on a daily basis with occasional trips to the Blue Ridge Mtns & Shenendoah Valley. I said on IW and meant it sincerely that modern porcelain conveniences were invented for me. The old saying that opposites attract must be true because my Puffman is all about nature.

    FiredUp, I listened to you on LTDM and have to say that your southern accent was delicious! It sounded like syrup was dripping out of your mouth. Very delicious...oh, yeah, and I do mean this in the kindest way after all I am a true Southern Belle...really! Maybe not quite as smart as you though as your Kate support was awesome.

  71. Jon has made it clear before that the kids don't believe in Santa. Kids always argue about that stuff. I don't see the big deal.

  72. Oh my, poor Kate! I've been camping with my two and all natural man...and honey, when it comes to potty ain't fun!

    Specially if that certain times creeps up on you! And then when it's so darn cold, you are moaning in your sleeping bag...trying to convince you female kidneys that you aren't gettin' up in the dark, cold scary forest...exposing my behind to who knows what!

    Oh, I could tell some stories! But...the kids always loved it...we felt close to our Creator out there in the wild yonder, so we have some many fine family experiences.

    My hat is off to Kate for giving it a try with so many little ones to deal with as well! Certainly won't miss this show!

  73. On another note...what is wrong with this Bonnie Fuller woman? Is she a nut or what?

    Seems like she is dedicating her entire site to hatin' on Kate!

    I'd like to sit down with her and give her some good ole southern advice. Seems like she has one tool in her box...a hammer...and Kate and her kids are the nails in Bonnie's little mind!
    Whack...whack...whack! Have you beat the nails enough Bonnie? You are a true loon toon!

  74. Natasha, I agree that TLC set Kate up {probably with her full permission though} Conflict and seeing Kate struggle is what gets ratings. There were people who watched soley to see the banter between Kate and Jon. Kate and Sarah Palin are both very strong women and they will clash and people will find it entertaining, as long as TLC safegards the kids it will be alright.
    I am soo glad to see that the Gosselin children are just normal kids with issues such as whether or not Santa is real. Radar Online acts like they only know this because the film crew spoiled it for them or something,

  75. Let me tell you the issues that I have with Bonnie Fuller. When she started she was a big Kate fan. But, just like Nina, she was looking for ways to make more money, get more readers to the site and expand. One of those ways was seeing how many times people posted on her Gosselin articles. Once She started and changed her tune, the readership exploded. Now she became a hater, and the trolls love her. was supposed to be a fun counterpart to her other site. But the articles, now about those missing 3 boys, are really dark. It's not like that has that light and fun baby style section. She's another one that fell into the dark side. Her articles are basically ripped from &, and she puts a nasty hateful snark to it.

  76. And yes, some of us are blessed with voices smooth as silk. Mine sounds like a nasal gawdy hot mess. I need voice lessons.

  77. Sad how the media is obsessed with money, I would never were them, I could live with the certainty that the money they have been won by the awful acts of wanting to end up with a beautiful family. and history of Santa Claus grrrr this is great since they have almost seven years and that while the magic of Christmas will not be the same, this (if true) just shows how smart they are and developed in the comparison classmates ... hey Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel, you guys have to show that reason LOL, or better let the others and are sure that you guys know what they say (if this is true of course!)
    * A good weekend girls! {Which will be the new crap sites tomorrow huh?}

  78. Oops sorry for the word''crap''I think it should not be a good word is not it? my google translator must be needing mouth wash lol

  79. jacque_rocha33~ your translator is too funny! Great new article I just had to re-post!

    'Kate Plus 8' Hate: The Ratings Say She Isn't Going Anywhere
    By Bill Gorman– December 2, 2010

    "I don’t think any show, broadcast or cable, currently seems to have more of a preponderance of “anti-fans” than TLC’s Kate Plus 8. Lots of folks seem to be looking for the show’s ratings just to see if it’s done badly. Bad news, I guess, for the anti-fans is that the show’s doing just fine for TLC and the ratings aren’t going to take Kate out of their line up anytime soon.
    Ratings are way down from the heady days of the marital meltdown, and Kate’s no ratings Sarah Palin, but with a show that’s in the top 10 for TLC most every week* I’d look for her to continue.

    Airdate Avg. Viewership (million) TLC weekly viewership rank
    28-Nov 1.302 7
    8-Nov (Mon) 0.704 47
    7-Nov 1.331 2
    20-Sep 1.605 3

    Like most cable shows, I don’t track Kate Plus 8 airings and ratings closely, it aired only sporadically since September [Update] but alert commenter RJ notes that 11/28 was the beginning of season 2. *I’m not sure if that 11/8 Monday airing was an original episode."

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. Michelle - I'm sorry you removed your post. I thought they were nice comments. And welcome!

  82. Bless those hearty Alaskan residents. I never make it on even the ski slopes except in short doses. While it might have been nice to have a short dose of cold to escape the hot summer of the south, I shiver to think of toboggans, hats, and gloves in July and am quite certain I wouldn't survive the winter. We have bears in NC but mostly they run from people except mommas with cubs. That's much heartier stock than I'll ever be. Good for them. It takes all kinds.

  83. I can see why kate wasnt having a good time after all she has only ever camped in her backyard, well she mentioned her grandparents took her camping when she was a kid in season 4 i think but im sure it wasnt as bad as camping in alaskan wilderness. I support kate 100% but i think she was a bit divaish in the clip but i havent seen the episode so who knows. Teamkate<3

  84. lol, katefan01 "divaish." I will reserve judgement till I see the episode. I suspect they badgered Kate into acting out b/c they know it draws viewers. Kate knows this is her paid job, and not just a camping trip and she is too professional to act this way without being set up.

  85. tashapork - I think Jon said that Mady and Cara actually ruined it for the little kids. I don't remember if he said why Mady and Cara don't believe. I agree with you the media is making a huge deal about something happens everyday. I remember kids telling me in elementary school there was no santa clause at one point or another.

    I think the Sara Pain episode is going to be a hoot. Kate in the woods will definitely be funny and get lots of ratings.

    Wonder why the clip say no longer available?

  86. Good afternoon everyone! Have a big hot date night tonight (ok just Hubby's office party) so I'm running around today. But I now updated the video. A few people Tweeted me that the show was changed to December 12th. Which is good for me because I have plans Sunday night and hate to DVR things. Will give us ample time to put up a better post to promote the special.

    Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! What's everyone doing? ;)

  87. Hi Baby Mama. Have a great time at your party! I'm having a cooking day; getting soups and sauces ready for next week. Will probably watch a movie tonight. Cheers, everyone!

  88. Kate has stated many times she doesnt do things for show its the realist reality show other than them seting her up for disaster by sending her camping in alaska that was real lol its kate shes always been like that but i love it i would do the same :p

  89. Hey Baby Mama - Have a great time at your party!

    I'm whipped after today and really glad I don't have a party to attend. I think I'd fall asleep if I slowed down now, lol

  90. Okay, I've lost three posts. Sorry if anybody else having trouble.

  91. Okay, there are a lot of you with problems. Sorry. I have no idea what got changed or added to "break" things and add a bug. There are 50+ pages of single spaced lines of code. It's going to take 8 hours at least to read and compare what's changed and not working.

    Sigh. Bummer. It may take me days to find it again. I promise I'm trying to find it. Ay-ay-ay-ay.

  92. LindaO...I so do admire your resolve and tenacity to figure out these computer issues. You have way more patience than I have...when my computer acts up, my husband knows to fix it quick or it goes out the window!

    Glad to see that US mag fixed the date issue regarding when Kate and kids would be on...didn't want the wrong date to be circulated and then no Kate...folks would be reeling!

    I have a feeling TLC and Sarah put Kate in a situation that they knew would freak and stress her out! LOL Just have to tune in and see what in the world Kate gets herself into and how she handles this latest challenge!

  93. Thanks fired up. Glad you were able to get on!

    As for Kate, glad it wasn't me camping. We had one camping experience where they served us 'gator, grilled eel, and crawdads, and we had pit latrines. Yuck! The first two foods did not taste like chicken, and the third did not look like small shrimp.I never travel now without a food supply and my own transportation to get the heck out of Dodge should I be so inclined.

    I can't imagine how miserable she was! Fun for some but misery for many.There can come a limit where you've just had enough, lol.

  94. Kate in the camp reminds me of the episode''camping out''of the fifth season ... I love this episode!. I say once more episode of classification has nothing to do with being canceled or not and no matter how many people watch it is important to be here forever.

    ~ I hope that tomorrow you have a good Sunday, I know I'll have, after all the roguish student here on vacation! lol

  95. Good evening everyone! Yipes I came back to check on things and here we go again. So sorry, basically all I did today was remove the old Us Weekly sneak peak since it was changed. I just added the new one to the side bar.

    What's fustrating is that I don't know any other site that has problems this stupid. Why can't the nasty hate sites that makes up rumor upon rumor and then spreads it as fact get any of these bugs? Please do not spend hours on this.

    I had an amazing night. I used to be quite the party girl. When I had the baby I stopped going out as much. It was so nice to forget life for a while and party my freezing a@@ off. I also, and your gonna laugh, forgot how much my feet hurt after a night in heels. I used to be like Kate and wear heels for days ;)

  96. Baby Mama - Glad you had a great night!

    I think it may be fixed now. Not sure.Until we get more feedback, won't know.

    Other sites were also recently having some big connection and 503 problems. We know when there are problems here because they email! Mostly it's these newer templates of bloggers that can't really handle gadgets and moved items and require real coding to fix.

    Also, most other blogs don't have a tenth the archived posts or comments you have. :) It should get easier after the year archives also. At least I hope!

  97. Bab Mama - too funny! I used to wear heels even in bedroom shoes. Now I only wear them under major protest, lol.

    Gotta run. Cookies coming out of oven, then nap time. Busy, long morning!

  98. Well I finally got a chance to watch the episode. I had a very busy week. What a wonderful episode. I thought the clips where Kate was speaking to Collin were fantastic and gave other parents great suggestions on what to say to their kids too.

    Picking out the pumpkins made me cringe. They were encouraged to only pick the roundest and most perfect pumpkins. I always find this an issue in that when people shop organic, a lot of the fruit and vegetables are not perfect looking. Perfect looking food is often chemically enhanced. The kids should be picking pumpkins that mean something to them. Most of the kids did this, but some wanted only the perfect ones. LOL.

  99. ahh Baby Mama a date and heals that is sooo funny.

    I have high arches and my feet feel so much more comfortable in heals. The boots that are like slippers right now that everyone likes. Thugs, or Uggs, or something like that, I cannot wear at all.

    If the haters saw me, they would think I am crazy most of the time. I wear sandles with a chunky heal to golf in. Don't get me wrong, I own runners and flat shoes, but all my shoes have a bit of a lift to them and I buy expensive shoes so that they are good for my feet.

    You will never catch me in stilletoes, I need a heal big enough to support me.

  100. I just love looking at the kids, they're so cute and well behaved. (most of the time, lol)No children are perfect but these 8 are darling. She does such a nice job with them. I hope the show lasts for a long time.

  101. After watching Sarah Palin's Alaska tonight and her caribou hunting trip, goodness, if Kate had to also watch hunting, wow! A lot of folks can handle camping, but hunting is a different thing altogether. What a truly remote area. I'm so glad I didn't get dropped off there!

  102. Ugh...could not watch that. I am an animal lover...not into hunting at all. I realize that is her unbringing and she is fine with that lifestyle.

    I would freak out if I had to watch a real life kill and then the skinning, etc.

    I'm a vegetarian now...have been for the last couple of years. Although, I still prepare meat dishes for the family.

    All of Kate's kids seem to be animal crazy and I hope the little ones did not have to observe anything like that.

    On another note...I see crazy Boonie has another loon toon up dripping with sympathy for deadbeat dad not being up on his child support payments.

    I'm not buying it...Kate has already said she is the sole support for the kids now...I doubt that she is after Jon...I think he is looking for sympathy.

  103. Fired up - Me either, now. Funny, I grew up hunting with my dad. Once my kids came along somehow my feelings changed. I can't even watch the processing on the cousins' farm. Weird, I'm not vegetarian, except for a few weeks after watching the processing.

    They seem to be more pioneer spirited, although Sarah's daughter Piper didn't seem to be all that thrilled with watching the processing either. Seeing the clip where the Gosselins were told about the wild animals and told not to go near the river and seeing Kate's eyes in panic, I thought, woo hoo, not me either Sister! Then when the guide said, "This should have been a trip to Vegas!" I agreed with Kate when she was in agreement! Ug, take the Alaska cruise and forget that Alaska hunting and camping!

    No offense to our Alaskans, but I'd rather just be called a wimp!

  104. Good evening everyone! I'm once again wayyyy up past my bed time. But I wanted to get a new post up before the crazy week ahead of me. I'm interested in seeing what you think of my new post! Tonights fresh paper is the scent of yummy hot coccoa! It's a cold and windy night! ;)