Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How Legit Are Sources of Celebrity Sightings? My TOP 5 BS Kate Gosselin Stories

Hello Gosselin fans! Recently several sites have been putting out crazy outlandish story after story about Kate Gosselin. Some are just so crazy and bizarre that you know in no way it could ever be true. But when it's re-posted on more blogs, people feel that since it's everywhere it's got to be true. Well if they say it comes from a source, what does that mean? and several others have links on the their pages, asking if you know any "scoop". So how easy could it be for anyone to make up a story, and for it to be printed when it was just to hurt Kate Gosselin? Or for that matter, how factual is a story when it's just being repeated from places like US Weekly?

The more people hop on blogs to create the "lynch mom" mentality (written correctly) against Kate, the more these stories will come up. Lets recap the recent Top 5 of complete BS that I find crazy people will believe. 10 will represent the highest level of BS or total lie while 1 will represent IMO what I feel is a real legit story...

1.Source: Kate Gosselin Has Blown Through Millions: has well known "gossip" Rob Shuter, who obviously dislikes Kate. His recent article says "a friend" told him Kate has gone through millions.. Are you for real? What friend of Kate's would ever tell you that info? Or Kate telling anyone for that matter? BS LEVEL: 4

2.Source: Kate Gosselin Makes Kids Eat Week-Old Sandwiches: US Weekly is KNOWN for celebrity haters as their sources again, this sounds like a jealous mom at school. No one at a private school like that would ever give out information like that. And there is no way a woman like Kate would ever allow her kids to bring back old half eaten for the next day for their lunch! She's way too anal.

3. Kate Gosselin Slept While Kids Went Trick-or-Treating : US Weekly didn't even give this an actual article. They blabbed about this supposed story in between yapping with Smokey Robinson on a video and didn't even say it was from an actual "source".  And FYI, any REAL mom will tell you that it is IMPOSSIBLE to sleep in a car that is slamming the doors and 8 kids getting out of the car every 5 minutes. Trust me I tried...BS LEVEL: 8

4. Kate Gosselin & Steve Neild Have Sleepovers In Her Basement! mostly re-posts US Weekly articles with a nasty snarky anti-Kate edge, but this story they claimed to have as an exclusive. No friend of Kate is going to tell anyone anything so ridiculous. How could ANYONE know where this man sleeps if they do not see it? So this story is either complete BS or handed to them by someone like Chris Watts from INF who seems to really be working hard for that paycheck. And the only one besides Werny Gal still stalking Kate Gosselin... BS LEVEL: 6

5. Kate Gosselin Tells Her Kids They’re Going To Be Sent Away Like Their Dogs!  See HollyBaby claimed again that this was an US Weekly exclusive, but at UW I can't find where they made this comment about the dogs! Either way, INF has of all things today, photos of the kids playing with SHOOKA! That's right, one or possibly 2 of the dogs are back for the kids. How awesome is that? Hollybaby doesn't even say where this info was originally from. Seriously who makes up this crap?  BS LEVEL: 9


  1. Do you think that stupid sandwich rumor could be a ridiculous twisting of a statement Kate made on the show? Before school started when the kids were sitting at the table, and Kate was packing lunches, she reviewed with them again the order they should eat what was in their lunch boxes. She reminded them that they don't eat dessert until after sandwich and fruit. She jokingly said, and even the kids laughed so they knew it was a joke, if you start with dessert instead of sandwich, you might just get sandwich the next day and no dessert. She never said she was sending week-old sandwiches for heavens sake!

    Mercy, haven't you told kids the order to eat food! I've certainly reminded mine that if they don't eat veggies, fruit and sandwich before dessert, that you'd leave off dessert in the future?

    Are the people who come up with this poop just complete idiots?

  2. I'm putting up a photo of a sandwich shaped as a sheep. On purpose! Because even those that aren't Kate fans, believe that that story is as rediculous as the sites that believe it.

  3. I love Kate. Everything was going good for Kate, what happened. I so hate Sarah Palin, i can't beleive people watched her show. Please Kate fans, Kate needs us. Lets keep her going and ignore all bad rumors.
    Go Kate.

  4. Congratulations for your new post baby mama .. you could even make a top 20, why are so many news stories (untrue of course) as that ancient history of hitting on Kate Leah ... grrr
    I've got nothing against Sarah Pallin (and I even knew who she was lol), most also think that Kate needs more and more of us, so that it stands for a simple fall or a stumble ... and again rotten sandwiches? sad!

  5. I entered the site and saw Inf Daily Lexi and Colly just pushing a car, shook the cade?
    (Sorry for my last comment, the translation was horrible #)

  6. I love the BS meter.

    Many people only read the headline and do not bother to do any fact finding to see if the story is true or even plausable. They then believe what is said and pass judgment. Some probe what is written in order to find faults and pass judgment.

  7. The other reaso that I think the sandwhich rumors are untrue is that Kate has always said and we have always seen the kids as good eaters. She even had to pack them a snack for the bus so they didn't eat the lunch in the morning. I think it is soemthing that Jon got twisted up. She did say that the next day they wouldn't get a a desert if they ate it before the sandwhich, not that they would get the same sandwhich.
    I'd like to hope that a dog or two was able to come home, but I think something fishy could be up with that. I really hate the comments on the page with the dog pictures.

  8. I wish we could start some rumors of our own about Kate and have them printed all over timbuktu, rumors like. Kate is a great Mom, whe does what's best for her kids no matter what others think, or Kate and her kids love their new show about Alaska, or Kate is an inspiration to other moms as she juggles career and family.

  9. Tashapork - I'm with you! I mentioned several posts back that I think it's time we get started on the positive. You can be a source, I can be a source, each of us can be a source. Pick any one of the zillion positive things from the show. Send it to ROL, etc. Your documentation will be the show itself. We could start with the Alaska show. Aaden who was afraid of dogs when the two dogs came to their house has conquered his fear (actually just grown up a bit as kids do!) and now loves playing with them thanks to Kate who gave him the opportunity to play with them on a recent trip. They could use a photo from the show where Aaden is playing with the husky.

    What do you say ladies? Shall we start turning the tables?

  10. Baby Mama - I really like this post! It's vintage style from the early days of this blog where you share your perspective! Good job!

  11. That's a lovely idea Tashapork & Linda. But you know the good stuff never makes the news. What if InTouch had reported Kate Gosselin makes her kids fresh sandwiches every day. We'd be saying WTF? So do I, so does every mother I know. So you see it's only the unusual or bad stuff that draws interest.

  12. Love the new post Baby Mama! Like everyone else, I think the sandwich thing is the most idiotic thing ever. Like what else are they going to find to say about her? It's really grasping at straws and I wonder if some of these haters actually HEAR the way their own words sound!

    I think the sandwich thing could have been twisted on so many levels. I could never imagine Kate feeding her kids old sandwiches. She really is too anal about cleanliness and health to be giving them something that could be tainted!

    The only way I could see something like this being said by her is if she said it as a threat, like many moms do, when their kids are being wasteful with food. Something like "if you don't eat your sandwiches I'm going to send them again tomorrow." Something of course she would never do but would say just to get the desired reaction out of them. My younger daughter will take an hour to eat something that isn't her favourite thing and it drives us up the wall. She will just dilly dally until it's stone cold and gross and then she'll complain that it's cold and she can't eat it. Nice try! Yes, I too said things to her that I wouldn't do but want to "scare" her into thinking I would so she stops playing with her food and wasting it. I have told her that I am going to send her to bed hungry, and when it comes to opening her lunch box after school to find everything still there and having to be thrown away, I tell her I am going to send her to school with no lunch the next day since she doesn't like eating her lunches. She always freaks out and begs me not to and then I will make some kind of deal with her having gotten the reaction I wanted. I am sure we are all guilty of stuff like this as moms and it never crosses anyone's mind that we are mean or terrible mothers but God forbid Kate tries to say something flip like that, it's plastered all over every magazine that she feeds her kids rotten food. Please. How little news do they have on her that they need to print laughable stuff like that and call it "gossip"?

    Ok, getting off my soapbox now!

  13. i think the Sandwich story has to be the most ridiculous one I have heard in a while. Also, in the last post I mentioned the photos on INF of just Lex and Collin do look old as someone else said. We haven't seen pics of the kids in the yard since the landscaping. I think we would have seen more pics if the paps could see the yard. I think they are doing anything they can to make this story credible. It's a little sick.

  14. I agree Kayla was like I said before, the Daily Inf posted photos of two pushing a car, and just so we do not know if the photo is current or not.
    What makes me most nervous is the fact that people actually believe in the history of the sandwich, in the opinion of all the lies that was what impressed me most. Why does the media do not know (or not wanted) to interpret correctly what Kate said, and to fill the pockets, is with that! ...
    Baby Mama Again this is a great post:)

  15. Good morning everyone! When I was looking for funny sandwich photos, I came across some really cool ones. Check out the link and tell me how I can make that cool Hello Kitty! I wish I had time to make sandwiches for my kids like that! A woman had on that looked like a piano! Also they would probably pick the stuff off the top anyway. But again, I am in no way a sheeple, but I do love a well executed sheep. Bravo sheep maker! ;)

  16. Ugh, now ever since the whole sandwich post came up, the hate sites are going on and on about the cupcake episode. Which is proving my point AGAIN that these people do not have young children of their own. I am very strict with my kids, if they don't eat, or attempt to, they don't get dessert. Kate is their MOM, and regardless if it was their birthday SHE made the decision not to allow the boys to eat their cupcakes. I applauded her for this as I have had years of problems with my kids eating. IMO she made the right decision, please get over it and move on. Thank you. lol

  17. I do recall her saying the boys didn't even remember to eat them next day. So they didn't even miss them. The girls only ate a few bites anyway. I wouldn't have game them dessert either.

  18. From TLC site:
    Kate Plus 8 (Season 2)
    Gosselins, Goblins & Ghouls

    It's Halloween at the Gosselin household and the kids are more excited than ever! See Kate and the kids pick out costumes, go to the pumpkin patch, and explore their spooked out basement. But Kate has one more surprise in store sure to be a scream!

  19. And this message is from Linda. She has been doing an amazing job trying ot help people who have had problems posting. If you have tired to post but have had a problem, please contact me. This is what she said...

    "Would everyone please clear their cache and try again. We want to be sure problem is fixed."

  20. There's another reason I get bothered by the child exploitation angle being shoved exclusively at Kate. I am really bothered by what is going on with Amber Portwood and Mtv. Mtv took a high risk group of young girls and made a reality show out of their struggles with teenage pregnancy and young motherhood. There is video evidence of Amber dealing with this stress by engaging in domestic violence with her boyfriend and she is being charged with a felony. I really think and maybe they will be that Mtv should face some liability too. The camera crew could have put a stop to things before they got too far, but they kept on filming to get the ratings. They did not intervene to remove the child. I really think a far more appropriate thing to do would have been to show the things that led up to the fight, stop filming when things got out of hand with a blank screne saying that crew needed to stop filming and intervene and then lead into a scene where she is getting help. That would have issued a powerful statement. The purpose at this point of police involvement is to get her to face this and do something, not lock her away for several years. I really think Amber, Gary, and baby Leah were exploited far more than Kate's kids ever will be.

  21. I believe the sandwich story is bogus, as is the one who cites "a friend"...certainly that is no "friend". My husband grew up poor - I do mean poor, and he to this day, after 35 years, would never EVER throw away food - he even transfers the rest of the pot of coffee to a pitcher, puts in the fridge and that is his coffee for the next few days...the stuff in our freezer that is so old I would not touch it, he eats - yuck. As such we still didn't force our kids to clean their really is not a good idea and *may* contribute to food issues and eating disorders. Both turned out to have a palate for a wide variety of foods in all food groups. As for what was left on their plates? Hubby ate it. He insisted that if they were gonna use steak sauce it be on the side, because he doesn't like it - that way their leftovers would be untarnished. Once, in a restaurant, we insisted our son, age 5 at the time, at least take a bite of the broccoli - which he did, and promptly threw up - ewwww, but then he threw up when putting his hands in molding clay. Sensitive child. LOL. Today, however, he loves broccoli. He came to it in his own good time. I will say we also had the rule of no dessert if a reasonable dinner wasn't consumed - but that could mean one bite. HOWEVER, that rule was lifted on their birthdays. I have to admit THAT was what bothered me in the particular J&K+8 episode referenced. Oh, and just you guys know, hubby eats all that food, isn't a particular dessert lover and is 5'8 and weighs 135 lbs - I hate him! LOL. I eat small portions, LOVE dessert/sweets and have to watch every morsel to maintain MY weight. It's a bit easier now - following our 31 year old daughter's lead, we recently became vegans - which suprisingly was not that hard for this meat and potatoes gal!

  22. Hi Sophia and welcome as a new poster!

    My preference is that we let the Mom decide. The video crew isn't there 24/7 and we have no idea what else had already been consumed that day (with the cupcakes thing.)

    I remember well, saying once that my kids could not have cake until they ate something of substance first, as in at least a bite or two of protein. Grandparents at the table (not knowing what had happened in the day) immediately jumped in and said, "That's harsh. It's their birthday. Lighten up!" I did just that against my better judgment. They ate the cake and promptly threw up.

    The grandparents were jumping up and down, upset. When they found out the kids had already celebrated at school with their classmates (cake), at afternoon dance class (cupcakes) with friends, then went to dinner with family (grandparents) they were "No wonder they got sick!" The kids needed protein first before more sweets! Birthday or no birthday, they needed protein. If initially they had trusted my judgment it perhaps wouldn't have happened.

    With the G kids, we do not know what had already been eaten or not eaten that day! Let's give the mom credit for making a judgement call!!!

  23. 1.The dogs are back.They were brought back as a Halloween surprise for the kids...
    2.Steve sleepover-does soound like BS

  24. Hi Alex. Welcome.

    I haven't seen direct confirmation of whether the dogs are back for sure or not, other than the rag mags which have been all over the place in what they've said. Do you have a source? If not, time will tell us for sure, right? I'm willing to wait to know, lol.

  25. 2nd try... Oh, the TLC site. Duh on me. I should have checked there first! My duh moment, lol.

  26. Oh - certainly it is the Mom (and Dad's)call - it just bothered *me* that's all, but I also know it's, what, 22 minutes of edited film? Hey, what can I say, b-day treats hold a special place in heart (mouth/stomach) LOL

    My mom would have been the grandparent to be the insistant one on a clean plate - OR forcing the broccoli. Because of my dad's job we would always eat dinner very late, and almost never had dessert. Unfortunately, my mom was NOT a good cook, and I, like others here, spent many an hour at the table because I wouldn't eat. That's had a strong influence on my attitude toward food - and how I ultimately parented mealtime, which was the opposite of my mom. I learned that some of what I didn't like I to eat I actually was allergic - lactose intolerance for instance can cause stomach upset and/or vomiting. So many "methods" - most likely the "correct" one varies by child. I'm not sure anyone really knows for sure.

    I was a working mom so I absolutely understand the pressures of a career and child-raising. I confess, I enjoyed working and am sad I can no longer. I am blessed with a hubby is a wondeful man/father/grandfather with a successful architecture practice. But, I remember guilt pangs from time to time. My children thrived and now have happy marriages and children of their own. And even tho I let them have a pudding cup after school they didn't end up in Attica (a long, humorous (at the kids and I think so, dad, not so much) tale that involved pudding cups being for lunchboxes only and somehow not following that "rule" results in serious prison time down the road). But then their dad got to share one 16 oz bottle of coke a week with his 5

    But now, as my daughter resumes her career along with parenting her 2 year old, she and I have meaningful dialogues about the pros and cons not only of working moms, but all the many decisons we have parents have to make for our children.

    Thanks for the welcome!

  27. I'm also waiting to see if and shook nala is really back .. like Inf Daily talks about the dogs, even if they are on the photo?

    Welcome Alex.

  28. Sophia - Hey, I hear you. I insist on several bites of protein. We're meat eaters, but if kids don't care for meal choice, they can opt for alternate such as peanut butter, lentils, etc. Mine are old enough that they make the optional sandwich, since I don't run a short order kitchen, if they opt out of the prepated meal.

    We push for what we call the "polite bite" meaning try one bite of broccoli, for example since taste preferences change. I'd never want them to go to a friend's house and say,"I don't like anything you're serving."

    I have one who'd eat his weight in donuts or chocolate but never have room for "healthy" if given a choice. That's even if he ate the chocolate until he threw up!

    Additionally, they rotate through being the food prep helper on the chores list. I've found if they help prepare they are more likely to eat it. Sometimes I laugh when they say,"Hey! Mom and I worked hard on this and you should at least have a bite of it!" Or, "Please sit right there until you try this! I made it and it's delicious!" when they've helped, they are great advocates for everybody eating it!

  29. Baby Mama, I like those sandwiches! I like to make pancakes in shapes also.

  30. My family must be just different--we almost never had room for dessert after a meal--except Dad usually had dessert, and we would have dessert/ice cream later in the evening after homework was done. Saturday night was popcorn night. We usually only had pie when there was company and for holidays. While my parents both worked, we would make our own cookies, brownies, doughnuts and cake and eat them whenever we felt like it. On birthdays, we got to eat whatever we wanted.

  31. I thought I was the only one who couldn't handle sweets without protein. I remember being sick to my stomach as a kid when we had doughnuts for breakfast without food with it.
    I wonder if Kate gets the opportunity to connect with other mothers of higher order multiples. They could share a lot.

  32. tashapork - Good point. Seems like I remember her talking about emailing other moms in one of the early specials.

  33. I guess it all depends on the parent. But I feel that Kate should not be labled a bad mother because she didn't allow her kids cupcakes after they didn't eat their dinner. We all know it's just another thing to snark about.

    I think this new Kate Plus 8 will be another great episode. I really liked them in Alaska and this will be the first time we get to see what the kids do for Halloween. I hope this episode will debunk Kate "suppoedly" sleeping while the kids trick-ot-treat!

  34. I agree with your comment Tashapork about how MTV exploited Amber, Gary, and their daughter on the show Teen Mom. MTV should have contacted authorities as soon as it happened. Instead, they waited to air it and let others make the complete. There was no investigation (at least none was mentioned) until after the show aired.

    Unfortunately, many women and men do not want to press charges against their partner because the law does not support mediation, counselling, and change. It supports locking up the abuser. Often the abuser is also the provider. In the case of many women, they fear losing their shelter, food, and sometimes their children.

  35. I agree that it depends on the parent and rules are rules--Kate isn't a bad mother for doing things her way--and even Jon said when he was a kid, if you didn't eat your meal, you didn't get dessert. It's beyond crazy to criticize Kate over cupcakes.

  36. I agree Linda that parents should decide what is best; they should also be open to reflect on what is working and what isn’t.
    The haters seem to feel that they are the best parental authorities and can pass judgment under the guise of caring for the children. By their behaviour, I believe none of them has any understanding of the effects of emotional or mental abuse. I believe many of them have deep seeded resentment issue about their own self-image and upbringing. I also believe that they were bullied when they were younger and now feel vindicated in their passive aggressive behaviours of hiding behind anonymous avatars snarking out at someone who is brave enough to show us her vulnerable side.

    I think Kate appears as a threat to them and spirals them back to their younger years when they were victimized. I am not making light of bullying and victims. Bullying is a very serious issue; however, healthy adults work through issues of trauma in a healthy way. They don’t become bullies themselves. You go bully haters, you go.

  37. I'm truly firedup4Kate over all this! BabyMama...I rate all the BS at a 10!

    Suprised you gave the financial story just a 4!!!
    Everyone knows Kate can squeeze 101cents out of every dollar!

    Kate is very frugal...and responsible with her money. It was Kate that arranged for the financial planner to visit her and Jon to begin setting up accounts for ALL the children!

    This was way before the state ordered TLC to start putting money aside for the kids.

    Also, all the dumb examples they give of Kate spending money are bogus! Most of those items listed were paid for by TLC or DWTS and Emmy producers.

    Kate is being bullied by all this bad press and I'm sorry...but in my opinion it's rooted in Jon's anger over the last court issue that he clearly lost on all counts.

  38. Were the cupcakes just "dessert" that night or were they the birthday cakes? I didn't see that epi so I'm not sure. If the cupcakes they worked so hard to decorate were all they were offered in the way of a birthday cake then I disagree with what Corrinna and others are saying about dessert.

    Remember also they were 4 at the time. Not 6. Much harder to process the ramificatins of not cleaning your plate. It's once a year. Give them extra protein at breakfast the next morning to make up for it.

    If in fact they had an actual b-day cake with candles, apart from the cupcakes, then that's a different story.

  39. Just another note on the INF pictures of tups with one of the dogs....Jessica@INF has stated definitively that the picture is current and was in fact taken Tuesday afternoon.

    Some wondered about this because the tups do look little there.

    Also, I guess this shoots the stupid rumor that Kate said she would send the kids away like she did the dogs! Idiots!

    Kate is tied at the hip and with her heart to every one of those beautiful children of hers!

    Let's start that rumor, LindaO!!!

  40. Lori Anne - My copy of that DVD is downstairs and I'm not up to another round of the steps today. I can't "for sure" say until I watch it again. As I remember it, the bakery lady decorated the cupcakes one at a time. I remember Kaye saying, "don't touch" when the first couple were done... As in "wait until all are done." Then I thought she said they had to wait, as in all of them had to wait. The trip to the bakery was part of the activities. We know they had a separate party with friends and cake. I thought this was just one more activity. I remember in the second part of the clip that Kaye and the helper (blond but not Jamie...can't remember whom) were talking about some of them throwing up in the van. Although airing it was split into two episodes, they are all dressed in same clothes as the bakery shots, including Kate.

    Shoot.. Maybe somebody else has those two episodes handy and can review.

    Either way... We're just seeing a tiny porion of the day... Not the whole day, but it would appear the two episodes were part of the same day.

  41. I have to laugh... Just got an email to let me know that the latest hate gossip is that I have no children so I'm getting photos of twins and kids off the Internet to pretend they are my kids.

    Why you'd care is beyond me! I hate to burst your bubble of illusion, but, Duh! There are posters on this site with whom I'm friends and with whom I've shared photos and videos, and you can hear me interacting with the kids. Strange... In that before I took down my Facebook account a year ago, some of these same people were making fun of my kids and my interaction with their aunts and cousins, as well as photos of parties they attended with their friends. Get over it haters! I have a life, family, relatives, and friends that exist. Beyond that, I'm a nobody so why would you care? Get a life!!!

  42. Firedup4kate agree with everything with what you said, and Kate should send away these people crazy that no longer has to say ... Kate is tied at the hip?! lol loved the term.

    Baby mama, good for halloween this new episode is that we can compare with that of the first season ... they've grown so much: (
    Particularly the episode of Alaska has been good in my opinion but I still have as my favorite ''home roost''and''the big apple''...
    I'm hoping for a lot people look inside themselves and eventually realized that the wrong people doing so with Kate, and hopefully more kate plus 8 collects audience this time!

  43. Firedup4kate - ITA with your post. I hope that Kate's lawyer goes after these tabloid magazines. It is disgusting they are allowed to print these stories supplied by "sources/insiders".

    BabyMama - The sandwiches are so cute.

    LindaO - My word, the haters make up lies about you just because you support Kate. More proof they are not right.

    At least we heard some positive news about Kate. So glad TLC confirmed that Twist of Kate has not been canceled. Too bad haters, Kate is here to stay.

  44. I love the idea as well, let's so turn the table and bring Kate back.

    The sandwish rumors is ridicoulous and stupid. I so agree.

  45. Hello, Friday at last!
    I just saw pictures of Kate taking their children's school bus (only 6 of them, apparently Collin and Alexis were not together, unfortunately, finally had the confirmation).

  46. Good morning everyone! The poor trools must be none too happy that they have to travel to libraries to read this site. I think we blocked them all except one, Linda we gotta figure that one out. Cause this post is once again a topic of conversation in blog world. So I need to pat myself on the

    Also INF is saying over and over to the walls or whoever will listen that the shots of the kids with the dog are from Tuesday and that in fact the dogs are back. Wormy Gal (my name for her)is stamping her foot up and down (also to the walls aka her stalker site) that she already knew this info ages ago. But that no one listens to her because shes got the crazies.

    So lets recap, you want everyone to say you are not a stalker, yet you knew the dogs were back because you and Chris Watts play Starsky & Hutch on the Gosselins street???

    I give up. At least the heat is off me

  47. Ohh yes, and from that site I wanted to repost this info of how the kids will be spilitting up the kids over the Holidays:

    "Radar Online told that Kate has reached an amicable agreement with ex Jon Gosselin regarding the children's whereabouts over the Thanksgiving holiday. The former “Jon & Kate Plus 8” couple have decided that Kate will have the little ones on Thanksgiving while Jon and current girlfriend Ellen Ross will have them another day.

    Of the situation, a source told Radar Online, “They have not got to the stage where they could spend the actual day together yet but they are putting their kids first. Nothing has been settled for Christmas yet but it could be a similar arrangement."

  48. I just saw this news also Baby Mama, I think they try to reconcile otimo even for a day, even if only by children.
    After all, when is this day of thanksgiving?! lol

  49. jacque - Thanksgiving is a US holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November each year. So date changes from year to year. This year it is Thursday, November 25th.

  50. Baby Mama - How exactly is the Thanksgiving holiday and the J K & kids something that is "new" news? That is exactly what was reported after the divorce, as well as when they went back to Court three times. Heavens! They are really hard up for news if they are recycling that, lol.

    Guess we have to invent another term. "News" means something not heard before to report on. Perhaps they could call it "Recycled As New"...?? How about the initials there "Ran"? We could have a good laugh 'cause they "ran" it again (and again, and again, lol)

  51. Hmm .. thanks for the info Linda, blog fans also is culture lol

    In my opinion Ellen should not have any day to share with the children and Jon, she's not anything from them grrrr.

  52. It is getting so absurd. Several blogs are now reporting that "All 8 Gosselin kids are on Suspension or Expulsion." That's about as stupid as the one where "Kate is now broke so that's why she recycles sandwiches" or the inverse of that "Because Kate recycles sandwiches it means that she's broke."

    Where did these people learn logic? It goes back to basic "If...then" statements. Geez, I think I learned the fallacy of that in middle school! I know the fallacy of doing that was drummed into our brains well before High School, much less College.

    People... don't advertise your ignorance. You cannot conclude "If this happened, then that must be true." That only works if you have all the facts.

    I don't fault Jon for trying to "find" himself. I truly hope he will and one day be happy. If I applied the "If...then" faulty logic to poor Jon, I could say...
    "If Jon has had 5 relationships in last year...then he must be a polygamist." OR
    "If the moon changes in size that I can see at night...then I can conclude that it is shrinking." OR
    "If I'm standing on a beach and after a few hours the water level mark has gone down...then some gigantic seal animal must be sucking out the ocean water." OR
    "If I saw a squirrel yesterday when I drove down the street and today I saw a dead squirrel on the same street...Then the squirrel I saw yesterday must be dead."
    Get the idea??? It's called faulty, erroneous logic.

  53. I think the reason the thanksgivng custody arrangement it out there is so people can feel sorry for Jon because he doens't have them for Thanksgiving and praise him for being the good guy to let Kate have them.
    Also, I was reading the school handbook of the school that I think the kids go to. It clearly states that if they don't feel that their school is the right environment for a child at any time, that they will assist the parents in transitioning the child elsewhere.

  54. Linda I agree with your statement - People... don't advertise your ignorance. You cannot conclude "If this happened, then that must be true." That only works if you have all the facts.
    However, it isn’t even necessarily true, but supported.

    For example, a picture of only six kids does not prove that two have been expelled only that two are missing from the picture. The reasons they are missing might be that they were already on the bus. They were still in the van. Kate decided that the school was not a fit for them. Kate decided that the kids were too young for a full day of school. Coincidentally, both kids were sick. Both kids had other appointments. Jon decided that he wanted to keep those two out of school so they could go to the arcade.

    The two kids being out of the picture supports that they are not in school, but doesn’t prove it.

  55. Radar Online now has an article up confirming that one of the dogs has been brought back home.

    They interviewed the trainer who said he has been keeping the dogs and training them...he said Kate is a person who has set ways to doing things and the dogs needed further training to be around 8 kids.

    Article also notes that Kate has been paying for their boarding and training all this time!

    I gathered that the 2nd dog will come as well when he finished his training.

    So looks like Kate has been footing the bill and making sure these large dogs are trained properly for her kids.

    Sounds like a pretty responsible parent to me...and one who surely isn't short on cash!

  56. Jacque...I agree with you. I think Ellen needs to stay out of the picture for now. Would be nice for Jon to just spend some daddy time alone with the kids!

    The small bachelor pad is small enough without crowding another adult in there. Let Jon handle all 8 by himself for a change!

  57. FiredUp – I agree with your analysis of Kate paying for the kennelling and training makes me agree with Kate’s decision to not respond to the rumours. She and the kids know the truth, and they know what is going on. Kate has no need to respond to the negative rumours because to her they are probably so bizarre and ridiculous that she doesn’t feel the need to respond.

  58. Another piece of good news! ET has reported that Kate will be their Special Correspondent for the Skating With The Stars Show coming soon!

    I guess ET doesn't pay no mind to all these stupid rumors. They know Kate...they have used her in the past and apparently like her work!

    So they ask her back for another special gig! Yeah Kate! Another means to support her kids!

  59. This is what I love about Kate! Just when you think the haters would have knocked her down with all these negative stories...she comes stormin' back!

    Deadbeat Jon still sits with no job....and Kate just keeps getting good media offers despite all the hateful rumors put out against her!

    Kate's a classy lady...she is not an embarrassment to these TV shows who keep asking her again and again to do these gigs for them!

  60. The first show of Skating With the Stars comes on Monday, Nov. 22, at 9pm EST I imagine Kate will be on ET Monday and possibly Tuesday as well. Probably two days work will make her thousands of dollars...and then she can be right back home for Thanksgiving with the kids!

    It's a win win for Kate. Big money made in just a small amount of time so she can be a stay at home mom most of the time!

  61. Geez, I'm all excited and no one else seems to be on tonight! My husband says..."ah, that's nice!" Not quite the excitement I was looking for.

    Am I the only southern gal home on a Friday nite!

    I'm on the computer and kids and husband fightin' over the remote! LOL!

  62. Hey fired up - Just got home. Parents here split to make sure we had everything covered, lol. Basketball games, cheerleading, and opening night of play, along with one sick child. Yes, I left my son with sore throat home with new nanny who's a jewel! He just wanted to sleep so got him fed with chicken noodle soup and to bed, and then we rushed to get everywhere else.

    Thank goodness for technology. Hubby and I were texting from each location taking pix and sending back and forth! Tomorrow is just about as hectic so we'll be in and out.

  63. I'm here FU4K - I am quite excited about that. So much, I might actually watch it. I am not that big into skating but it might be interesting. I again agree that TLC knows her and they are rising above the negative. Eventually the haters will move on and forgot who she is. They will find someone else to hate.

  64. We've been home for 10 mins and hubby's asleep on sofa with one child. Got others off to shower, dog is toasting by the fire... I think the whole family's exhausted.

    Do other people have trouble keeping sick and well kids apart? You can say "Dont share cups or glasses" until you're blue in the face but they still do it, lol.

    I'm sure over the next week that one by one the germs will get shared and spread around for all. My goal is to have, just once, a Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday where everybody is well. I'm not sure I'll live long enough to see that happen.

  65. Everytime my mother in law comes for Christmas or Thanksgiving she gets the flu. The kids and I don't have it and haven't had it for a while, but as soon as she gets here, she is sick. Then I get sick when she leaves because I had to wash her sheets and towels.

    I have to use hospital style precautions with her stuff so I don't get sick. Almost makes me want to ask her not to come. LOL.

  66. Gosh fascinated - I'm not sure I'd want her either, lol. We do flu shots so haven't had to deal with that but the sore throats seem to be a part of winter for us. Although I guess we're lucky that we've never had the ear infections that many have. Maybe I shouldn't test fate by saying that though.

    My son kept saying his sore throat is from yelling too much at a game earlier in the week but who knows? Everybody gets vit C, multivitamins, and now B12 lollipops (thanks for telling me about those, firedup) and I "push" healthy food but sharing those glasses I'm sure is spreading the germs. I'm chloroxing counters, and everything else as usual, but ... You just never know!?

  67. Fredup4kate without doubt, Ellen just muddle now, the children out of a need of time with Jon nosy''no''around.

    Here in Brazil also has one of the famous skating and I always watch then I believe there will be exciting too, and am receiving the news of Kate now and I'm excited for you too (we continue like this!) Lol want to see how many blog comments that you idiot will get very familiar with the new hit of Kate lol ... let the haters eat fray while Kate also invests only good with the media! to such suspension, the rotten sandwiches such idiots, and such reports of people without character shall go no Gosselin able to delete the brightness, and this is just the beginning! ...

  68. Kate is really responsible, and I am happy that now she can rub on the face of the enemy that the handler of the dogs is not any irresponsible that after Kate had''played out''have taken up the back, now they see that Kate just thought of security and coexistence of all the house today ... fortunately only good news! :)
    oh Firedup4kate you with this news made me happy and Kate also left me of course.
    Haha is that Kate will laugh last.

  69. FiredUp4Kate~ Thats such great news, thanks for letting all of us know. I went to yet another jewelry party and spent a fortune. Currently hiding in Kate's bushes, shoo-ing off Chris Watts who I found out camps out there. I told him this was a financial emmergency. I had to find a place to hide as I was told not to spend more money tonight...

    It's funny how we hear about Kate being a special correspondent again..when the haters went on and on just a few weeks ago that ET didn't want her anymore. What does she have to be on there all the damn time just so they see that she's wanted. Or that she only does it when she can?

    I love love Betheny Frankel from Real Housewives of NY, but skating is a big bore to me. Also there is no good celebrities. So I may watch Kate interview them & that's it!

  70. Seeing the kids with the dogs in Alaska made me a little sad about Shoka and Nala, so I am glad they were able to get the dogs back, they probably visited them at the kennel from time to time. I thought about what Linda said earlier about people drawing conclusions about one unrelated thing to another such as the squirrel on the street and wish the haters would too. I can unfortunately picture the idea coming out that the only reason Kate got the dogs back was for the show since they are airing it on the Halloween special. One thing has nothing to do wtih the other, but I predict the conclusion being made. I too pray that we can stay well during the holidays, it happens rarely, we have company that usually comes sick. I wish they would stay home if they were ill. It's also hard to try to get out of state medical care for them also.

  71. I'll be watching for Bethenny. I became a big fan over the summer watching her show. I am excited that Kate is reporting. After being on dancing,
    Melissa Rycroft does a lot of reporting for GMA and other shows so this could be a great thing for Kate. I am also really happy about the dogs. I thought it was so sad they were taken away but glad to confirm it was just for training. I understand that! Raising a puppy is like having another baby. Dogs are great for kids though so I am very happy for them! Plus they can guard the property!

  72. hello good day ...
    I'm kinda late but that is really absurd
    clueless that they have nothing to do are inventing idiocies ...
    --- What kind of friend would say something consiencia sound of his friend, though she is kate
    would not be the first friend ... and a liar who defamed it can not even lie
    become more at peace, let it be ... jealousy and lack of creativity of these unemployed

    welcome alex

    good morning kisses smile

    ops horrible translation ... excuses

  73. Jacque and Debora, I hope this works well. I guessed at your first language and translated my post. I also provided my english comments in case you couldn't read the first ones or it translated wrong. LOL.

    Eu aprecio os seus comentários eo tempo que você levar em traduzir seus pensamentos para o Inglês. Concordo com seus comentários sobre a tenacidade Kate mostra em continuar a trazer uma renda. Ela nos deixa orgulhosos.

    I appreciate your comments and the time you take in translating your thoughts to English. I agree with your comments about the tenacity Kate shows in continuing to bring in an income. She makes us proud.

    Hahaha, hopefully, this worked.

  74. Ow envy is a thing so ugly ... ET are not idiots, and if Kate was horrible and untalented, do not you die for it is not? There a contradiction there ... not you think?
    My God look at fans, one of them sent an email to ET to say that refuses to see anything by Kate reconpensado

    lol ... "We all have more important things to do with our lives than watch the Gosselins, spoiled brats and their problems." / So why not let our spoiled brats in peace and start life care of you huh? grrr

    (...) At this point, the public is so fed up with Kate, they want nothing to do with the shrew. / Hey I want to see the bitch and I want to see the brats that too lol me and millions of people want, who said that some''new source''? lol

    Revenge is awful, most want to know who is perfect? haters will keep at it and see it is only the beginning! this is so good:)

  75. fascinated I laughed when I saw something written in Portuguese, and for a moment I had done to Debora some confusion ... and surely worked well, thank you for appreciating our efforts so I can post here, and soon I will dedicate myself seriously into English and will google translator retire at once ... lol
    Kate makes me proud no doubt;)

  76. fascinated - How kind of you to go the "extra mile" writing your response in Portuguese for our Brazilian friends! Nice touch!

  77. tashapork - Please send me an email so we can try to get the problem resolved. Thanks.

  78. To our wonderful posters.

    Okay, yes I know it was working and now there are 503 errors again! Trust me, I'm as sick of them as you are! Best I can tell you for now is to try the back arrow and forward arrow keys.

    I'm sorry. Frankly, I'm about ready to just give up but that wouldn't solve much either. I care about your problems so I'll keep trying to fix them. Send me an email and I'll try to tackle them one by one.

  79. I've been offline awhile, so please forgive this late make sure, BabyMama, I didn't say anywhere that Kate was a bad mother because she didn't give the boys their cupcakes. I only said it bothered *me* because I am a huge b-day fan, and like another poster said, b-days, for food, were rule free around here. I really am not one for snarky comments!

  80. Good afternoon everyone! I overslept since I was in horrible pain after sleeping in Kate's bushes. I broke into Chris Watts car last night to get out of the cold and lucky Shoka came to the door and woke me up! See now I know why Kate sent the dogs away to be properly trained ;)

    Sophia, the comment about the cupcakes was never aimed at you. It was in fustration to seeing that other hate site segway back to that episode after they believed that stupid story about Kate giving the kids old food. I truly feel its these same uneducated (and this is a blogging lawyer??) people that are feeding the rag mags this crap in the first place.

    THIS is the absolute trash that people write that gets my blood boiling..Now you KNOW I normally always try to stay positive, but when idiots post this crap I go nuts. What type of Admin allows this type of attack on children?? How do you let this type of garbage to even stay on a site? Do you even have children of your own that you allow such hurtful comments on the Gosselin children or any child for that matter? Sorry but every once in a while I will get so upset about getting e-mails with comments like these that Im going to put it here & go off....

    Kids' college said..."I don't mean to be nasty, but seriously, how many of those kids do we 'see' going on to college? I think maybe Mady and Cara and POSSIBLY one of the tups. They are getting NO direction at home, no encouragement to pursue higher education (that we can see), nothing about the value of education, etc. Instead they are learning how to 'expect' to be taken care of. Unless something drastically changes w/Kate and/or Jon, I don't see them getting the encouragement they'll need to pursue a college education. That doesn't mean they couldn't have the determination and drive to do it on their own, but again, I can't see that happening either."
    November 19, 2010 8:35 PM


  81. Linda, I sent you an email this morning to your address in the your blogger profile when I click on your name. My problem was just for about five hours yesterday, could have been my computer, hopefully friday will new computer day. I pray, I hate getting up at 4 am, but my old computer would really like to be relegated to backup use.
    I am excited to see the new show. I hope maybe they get to go on a trip over winter break so we can see another show.

  82. Interesting that the pictures of Jon from RO only show three of the kids. Why don’t they show all of the kids, then it could support that two are missing.

    Re: Kids' college’s comments, the fact that both parents completed some post-secondary education actually increases the chances that the children will also attend post-sec education. In addition, whenever Kate has activities for the kids, they are structured and educational; increasing their chances of continuing past high school.

    I swear it is like most of these people have no clue about reality and just spew the most absurd conclusions. A group of equally self-deluding drones then eats up these conclusions.

    Kids' comments were completely ridiculous and hurtful to those kids. OH WAIT, I forgot, this is how you protect children. You attack them. Silly me, I forgot that their insane rationale is backwards to reality.

  83. I love how can make a story out of absolutely nothing..Yes Jon picked up the kids from school. How is this news? And if those are the best shots, then the other ones must have been horrible. Yes you really only see Hannah, Lean & Aaden, but I think that's Ellen with Cara in the last photo. Also they always make a big deal out of Jon seeing his kids. So does this mean it's been weeks since he has seen them? I mean, when was the last time he was photographed with his kids? I better tell INF that Chris is not up on his game! lol

  84. Hi Sophia--I too get tired of "other" sites bringing up the cupcake thing again and when I say it's crazy to criticize Kate for that, it's not directed to anyone here. The ladies here are so thoughtful in how they view things and it's fun to hear how families have different traditions. It's funny how so much of the criticism was directed at Kate because Jon was in agreement with her--I just watched that episode again.

    Baby Mama--How on earth does Kids' College have any idea what kind of encouragement the kids are getting at home? Kate has always talked about college for the kids. Another load of fodder. I agree with a previous comment that Kate is smart to not comment on these crazy stories people make up.

  85. I think it means that Jon needs a pat on the back for seeing his kids. It's good for his ego to see himself on ROL and probably good for his wallet too. Sometimes I think that Kate needs to pump out more shows or books or something because when actual news gets quiet, that's when the rumors and speculation get enough time to get really carried away like they have been. Imagine all of the people including myself that didn't even know what radar online was until Jon's bargate. They need to print soemthing Gosselin so people don't forget who they are. They should call it Gosselin Online with side stories and give a percentage of the proceeds divided by ten to each member of the Gosselin family. I do give them credit for holding back on some of the worst stories.

  86. I found an article saying that the school confirmed that the Lex and Collin were NOT expelled.

    Here's the link

    And the quote
    School employees have been warned not to talk about the case, according to one source inside the school. Faculty members were required to attend a meeting designed to inform them about the situation; officials with the Lower School (which includes preschool through fifth grade) asserted that the two Gosselin kids had not, in fact, been expelled, the source said. No further explanation was offered, said the source.

  87. Babymama or LindaO--For the past four days, I have not even been able to view this website. The website will pop up for a few seconds then disappear. I'm actually posting this from someone else's computer. Any ideas as to why this is happening, or how it can be fixed? Thanks for any help you can give.

  88. Shirley - it's frustrating I know. So sorry. Clear your cache, clear your browser's history, and that should help. Send me an email and I'll try to help more.

    I'm at intermission at a school play. I'll check email as soon as I get home tonight.

  89. Kayla...I just read that report too! Thanks for bringing it all over as I was going to do the same.

    So just shows that we all were on the right path of thinking...that it was ridiculous to believe that kindergartners would be expelled.

    Now it goes back to the question? Who knew the two little tups were not attending and embellished the story tremendously to make them and Kate look bad?

    Who would do that to two little kids?

    In other words...who outright lied about this?

    The article also goes on to comment how Mr. Nield was very involved in security for the kids at school...educators had to attend a class regarding Gosselin security. Just shows to what extent Kate has gone to see that her children are protected at all times!!!!

    How dare anyone accuse her of being a bad mother!!!

  90. I have a feeling SOMETHING happened, but it was not bad enough for them to be expelled nor was it as bad as media reports.

  91. I wish in addition to or instead of the school staff having to have meetings about the Gosselin kids, that the paparazzi and gossip magazine editors could be sent to meetings on how to respect the Gosselin children's privacy, they need a tour of where they should not go, lectures on printing embarrassing things especially without proper sources and parent approval, and consequences need to be set up for those who do not adhere to the boundaries.

  92. I did it; I read the comments at the bottom of the article. I don’t know why I went to that dark place. Something drew me there and I regret it terribly. The nasty comments that had assuming that the two kids were still expelled and that they were bullies. Nowhere in the report did it confirm the expulsion, nor did it say the kids acted out. Do people even read???

    The only negative comment from a named source was from Jon. If Jon feels that his kids are having troubles then why didn’t he also say what he was doing about it.

  93. This is what happens when certain people have an agenda. They want Kate off the air and turn anything into an argument for their case whether or not it's even true. Sadly, using the remote control that comes with their cable box or popping in a dvd or finding another activtity to do would serve the same purpose and make everyone's lives much better.

  94. fascinated and tashapork - I have a feeling that the hate comes from those who have disappointments in their own lives and that in a bizarre way, it gives them pleasure to direct their rage,/hate against others. While professing to "never watching anything to do with Kate" they spend many hours a day going from hate blog to hate blog, from one rag mag to the next, even to Kate's blog, to vent destructive comments,

    It is inconceivable to me that any one would spend that much of their lives in such negativity. How much more would they gain, from helping in their own communities with real children and families in real need? There are children without warm clothing or healthy meals. There are lonely or handicapped adults and seniors in need of basic needs. There are children in schools who need someone to read to them.

  95. Just as a I pray daily for my own family and friends, I pray for J K &the 8, along with prayers for the destructive ones that they may find an inner strength and a higher power to guide their lives.

    We call it "the dance of love!" That term was coined by one of my kids after we read a meditation from an unknown author on the word "guidance." G for God. U and I for "you and I" and the last part "dance." Taking it then to mean "God, You and I dance." When we dance, or walk in step with a higher power, we have a meaning and purpose other than just ourselves and love for others. Some time I'll post that whole meditation. We find it meaningful to our family.

    Have a great day all!

  96. Linda I agree with you, I also pray every day for Gosselin, that such person does not affect them and that they follow straight ahead ...
    I always ask myself what for? what Kate did to others who would not give love and respect? she does not deserve this and how well you told the people in need, eg people instead of creating blogs to exile and reach families, why not donate to create blogs and conscientization prcise the company?
    I did not resign with this more while we are here to support and love J & K and the eight these haters can continue there losing their lives and one day pay for what they do.

    Happy Birthday Mom! <3

    Good morning girls!

  97. Good afternoon! I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday, and getting ready for Thanksgiving! I am actually really excited for the new Kate Plus 8 next week. They will be talking about the whole dog situation which will be nice for them to clarify, and of course we can get a good laugh watching Werney Gal stalking behind the corn husks. I smell good ratings lol

  98. Hello everyone! Before I'm gone for the rest of the day, I wanted to get this great new post up. Let me know what you think! The fresh paper scent of the day is the sweet hot honey roasted nuts that I always buy for my kids on a cold day from the pretzel truck. Just to sit there freezing and sniffing makes me feel like I'm beginning the Holiday Season! xoxox