Sunday, December 26, 2010

TLC Edits Kids To Look Sad Camping, INF Tries To Keep The Lies Straight

Wow Holy Blizzard everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their day home before the nightmare that will be work tomorrow. I finally got the baby to take a nap after the kids drove me crazy today. Are they done playing with their brand new gifts already? Sigh. There was a few things that I wanted to cover last week before the chaos that was Christmas. Did everyone get what the wanted? See my wish for snarky vile hate sites to be wiped from the Internet sadly did not come true. I was deeply concerned that poor Wormy Gal will become frostbit from setting up camp along Gosselin's shrubbery. So lets get back to all this craziness that is all things Kate Plus 8, minus Jon, plus fans minus non-fans...

TLC in need of sad, upset-looking kids, uses the same shot multpile times!!

Photos courtesy of ZiggyFlo:  Obsessed haters excited to exclaim!: "More proof of TLC's manipulation and how "reality TV" is anything but real... Sarah Palin/Gosselin Camping episode on MY PREVIOUS POST  take notice of Part 4 at the 3:42 minute mark and Part 5 at the 4:23 minute mark.   TLC uses the exact same clip of a tup looking very forlorn. In Part 4 the clip is used while Chuck is instructing the kids about bear safety at the campsite.  In Part 5 the same clip is used again when Kate asks the kids if they are Palins or Gosselins as she wants to leave the campsite.  This is a good illustration of how clips can be manipulated to fit different scenes. Sure, the event actually happened, but TLC uses it twice, in completely different scenes, to enhance different storylines they want to portray at different times." Ok so basically TLC is trying to make the kids look sadder than they actually WERE? Go figure? You mean, someone was INTENTIONALLY making Kate Gosselin appear to be a bad mother? "TLC sees something that's great for ratings, something that appeals to people. Kate had this appeal to people with a moral center, back when things started going. She was very pro-life, and that was attractive to the religious community. You supported her, you wanted to be there for her, because now she had this incredible plight on her hands. And what is she going to do? So the show was more, in the beginning, about looking at cute kids and watching home movies, because everybody likes home movies. Now, they're getting older and it's not the same type of thing, so you have to amp up the drama. You have to put something else in there that will attract the viewers, and if it's not the show-and-tell of cuteness, there's got to be something else out there."

INF Gets Caught Red Handed Changing Their Posts To Make Kate Look Bad

OK so if anyone was the nasty, lying ,money grubbers out there in 2010, the award hands down goes to INF. Poor Chris Watts probably has not bathed in days. Forcing him to live a life of despair in his beat up car living at the Gosselin Gates this year just to get a glimpse of anyone to get a photo of from the Gosselin family. Wormy Gal bonded with him and the slug that is Al Walentis, while they got their "child exploitation signs" all muddy waiting there for so long. They wanted their exclusive photos to have a voice, so they picked up the steam with their site by allowing the trash commenter's basically say whatever they wanted, AND deleting fan posts. (Since we all know that INF pulled a Nina Frye because haters make up more readership and vile hate is more vocal than the fans who are too scared to post. .) What people started noticing recently was INF getting caught in a few of their lies and changing their posts after fans caught wind that their sources may not be legit.

When many of the posts were having WAY to much of a "Jon Gosselin REALLY loves his girlfriend" slant, many were accusing Ellen Ross of planting stories to make her only 8 month boyfriend Jon Gosselin look like father of the year.

So while I don't blame her for running away from the Internet after blabbing to blogs too many times, this behind the scenes "source" needs to stop trying to became the Gosselin Stepmother she ain't.. Not a good thing. And I'm all for Jon to announce to every blog on the planet that he FINALLY got a job, but leaking stories that are WAY too obvious who the leak is also, not a good thing. Get away from INF in 2011 and legitimately try to just work on being a good father and a civil ex-husband. xoxoxo BM


  1. My wish for 2011 would be for folks to just stop saying nasty things and let go of the hate. As in, if you can't say something nice, don't say it! Oh wait... I tried that while Baby Mama was on vacation and it didn't work. Hmmm... Well maybe they just needed to practice it to get the hang of it. (I can hope!!!!)

    For 2011, I'm hoping that Jon keeps his job and gives up cigarettes. I'm sure he'll feel better! (I can hope.) Jon's got the Government Worker to love him - somebody he picked out for her attributes. He's got a job. He's living in close proximity to his kids. Three positive things. :)

    As for Christmas, our kids as usual said, "Best Chrismas Ever!" which they say every year. For me, it was wonderful. My favorite season of the year! (But yes, I know, I also like spring, summer and fall, lol.)

    I'm thankful for my family, friends, and cyberfriends. Lov ya all!

  2. My heart is hoping and praying for a blessed new year for Kate and the kids. I hope she meets prince charming this year, and that he'll be crazy about the kids!

    I'm so thankful for Ziggy and BM, who have full support blogs for Kate and the kids!

  3. Welcome Sheryl! I always apprecaite those that know Ziggy to come and support the site. We can only hope that 2011 brings blessings not only for the Gosselin family but for ourselves!

    Linda~ I saved the other recipe. When I'm able to get to the store I def. want to try it. Hooty got slightly toasty on the bottom, but all in all tasted great! I plan on having another sabatical and KNOW that you will do such a great job with em trollies! hehehe

  4. Sarah Palin's Alaska with Gosselins is airing again tonight. Expressing my feelings toward this program in a positive manner is hard... Okay... here goes ... This episode has made me realize that I should never spend the money to go to Alaska in any way, at any time because I am a total outdoor wimp beyond staying in cabins that have four solid walls in organized campground areas. Thus, should I feel the need to camp, I'll be staying at Disney's "Wilderness" Campground. That's as primitive as my comfort zone will carry me. While the rest of you brave hearty souls are doing your thing (hats off to you!) my friend Mickey and I'll have a nice chat. :)

  5. Heck no, Miss Baby Mama. A sabbatical? Great balls of fire! Please no! Wait!? Whatever date you were thinking of, I'm fairly sure we already have something scheduled, lol. Heck-a-mighty, don't you remember? Lol. Even your regular commenters hated my posts (even though you'd read all of them ahead of time.) Trust me, they only want you! That was the longest year, I mean 10 days, of my life.

  6. Linda, you did just fine under some really rough circumstances. After a pretty dry summer, that week just happened to be packed with Gosselin news, its kind of like having a substitute teacher during the big science experiment, it's bound to be rocky, that's why so many teachers plan videos for sub day. The sad thing is that Babymama can't read Gosselin minds and plan her vacation around their dry times. LOL, you did great and as time goes on it will get easier. I know I couldn't do it, I would love to have a blog for the Duggars, but my computer skills aren't at that level.
    Somebody the other day appreciated Kate and the Gosselins because without them, we all never would have met each other online, I never thought about it that way and I agree big time, I would go even further in my case and say I could thank a common hater site, for making me soo badly want to find something better thats when I found this site.

  7. Bravo BabyMama! This post was nicely done and I agree completely!

    I must say that I think TLC has erred in creating this negative drama...Kate has enough negativity to deal with as it is from these awful hate blogs and evil tabloid tales!

    Her blog has become overrun with ugly comments and now the comment section is disabled. I would like to see Kate begin blogging again and have a strict moderation to keep out the unnecessary stupid comments.

    TLC really needs to step up and help repair the mean betrayal of Kate and give her some support for a change!

    INF is a tabloid joke! There is NO CREDIBILITY there with the posts. It's always super negative and cruel towards Kate. And they allow the most vile, vulgar comments...even attacking the kids! And the good comments do not show up!

    I do believe the "government worker" lurks there. Several times a "commenter" made remarks that were extremely suspicious of being her and revealed info that only someone present with Jon would know about!

    It's been suspiciously quiet...I'm waiting for the "next shoe to drop"! Hope all is well with Kate and the little ones!

  8. LindaO...I agree held your ground superbly! The "haters" came attacking thinking you were a newbie and that you would be stunned into submission.

    Aw, did they ever get a surprise! LindaO held down the fort and fought the fight as bravely as BabyMama ever would!

  9. Lol, I think that next time Baby Mama should just sneak out of town without giving the trolls advance notice. There she is in Florida texting to find out if all is okay. I'm gently texting to ask questions. So, lol, what was I supposed to say? Uh, no, it's falling apart, Gosselin world gone crazy. I figured it would be such a boring period with my posts that it would be very quiet. I was trying so hard not to delete any posts and kept trying to give warnings and they kept coming back saying the same things in same words with new screen names.

    So next time, if there ever is another next time, I should just delete at first yuck post and invite them to return when the head honcho returns.

  10. Wishing all my blogging friends at GFFS a very happy holiday!

  11. **waves at momsby** missed you!

    Hope y'all had a good holiday weekend. Mine was fun and draining. good thing I have one more week to get back my strength before going back to work!

    I vote for not letting the haters know when you are leaving next time. And Linda you know I will always help! We got your back!

    My wish for 2011? A decent house in my price range for my family. healthy kids (hopefully their mom too) and to go with the theme of this site....people to learn that TV is TV. Don't like it? Change the channel. Also that people learn that everything you read is not always true and to remember that celebrities and blog people behind those screen names are people to with feelings, hopes and dreams of their own. AND one last thing...don't put it out there unless you got your big girl pants on. Not every one will like your opinion, but all is well if you stick to what you say and own it.

    here's to a happy new year.

    (if I babbled, apologies in advance. Sugars whacked again...but hopefully you at least get my drift)

  12. Linda--Yes you did a fine job!! That was such a very busy time for news. We loved your posts! And, I think you have hit on a good idea--if BabyMama just sneaks out without forewarning trollville. LOL

    This was my first Christmas with this awesome site and I am thankful too, that I got to meet new online friends thanks to the Gosselins.

    I can't imagine what TLC was thinking--to show Kate in such a negative light. Clearly she was uncomfortable, to say the least, and I just don't believe her whole time there was as bad as all that. It's really good to hear they are still filming and I can hardly wait to see the new shows.

  13. BM - a bit of clarifying - I am not the one who spotted the repeat of the clips of the kids looking sad, I forget right now who did, I'd have to go back and check, so credit goes there where due. I only captured the clips with the episode # shown and time shown and put them together to show the facts. TLC did it pretty fast on the repeat of the clip. I guess thinking no one would catch it.

  14. Ziggyflo~ thanks for clarifying. I will update later when I get a chance!

    Linda~ Hubby gave me the IPad for Christmas! The guilt! We need to re-do the kitchen! We have bills! lol The kids are fighting over it now. But we chatted so much about how much you love it. Sad thing is, I cant update anything for the site on it. So I'm back to using my old faithful since it has my life on it. I may just get a new monitor for it!

    Momsby~ Missed you. Whats been going on? Hope you had a great Holiday!

  15. BM - Hope you're enjoying the snow. We received hardly any! Yay! Oops, not yay that you got so much, but yay we didn't.

    Linda, I'm assuming you got a ton of snow as well.

  16. Christmas is so good! same as my parents and my sister have gone traveling, a lot of people came to stay here in the cramped lol, first I was having dinner with all the room the door suddenly enter a Santa Claus with a gift bag in hand (my cousin was 38 lol ), I won a stuffed bear that I named GOSSELIN lol ... more of the best was seeing my cousin Alicia, 7 years with his eyes sparkling with winning a game of Hannah Montana ... generally everyone took a picture with him And my aunt was so funny super sentimental even cried lol.
    The more the better it was midnight toast and wish Merry Christmas to all my family (and eat the meal of course.)
    The other day we had a super high fat menu which is to say:''Tender''etc. ...
    2011 please, get over 2010!

    * Have a great week cyberfriends!

  17. TLC is lousy, they do not need to edit so, just to make Kate look like a celebrity who does not live without luxury.
    And she does not pretend to be happy to please the Palin, Kate is what it is. That was a cheap trick edition.
    Kate's blog making me nervous !!!!!

  18. Waves to Momsby, and Ziggy!~ ~ ~ ~ Hope you both had very wonderful holidays and wishing you a fabulous New Year!

    Jacque - Sounds like your holiday was great!

    Baby Mama - Google blogger really doesn't like Safari, the iPad browser. One work around is to lay it out in Word with photos and then import it. A handy tip to save battery life in iPods, iPhones, and iPads is to turn off apps you aren't using. (Clicking with finger on any app restates it.) To turn off apps, double click on the home button at bottom of screen. A small section at bottom of screen appears showing all open apps. Choose any of them and hold finger on it until small icon appears on upper left corner of app. One by one click on icons and turn off. Reclick on home button to make small screen disappear. It will make battery last much longer.

  19. It's important to remember that TLC is a network. Just like other networks, there are different producers and camera crews for each series. Sarah Palin's crew is not Kate Gosselin's crew!

    Before they ever left Palin's house, Kate expressed directly to Sarah that she didn't get the concept of camping, as in Why do people do this once they have houses?

    Another topic. I'm thankful for my many cyber friends met here. Some of you I'd never have corresponded with if you hadn't had computer problems, lol. Others I met when you emailed encouraging words when the trolls attacked during Baby Mama's vacation; that helped a bunch.
    All wet clothes from yesterday's snow play now washed and dried. Kids have stopped throwing up from sneaking and eating platters of cookies last night. So, it must be time to re-bundle them to go out and get cold and wet again in the snow. Enjoy it now kids, weather forecast for our area for next weekend is a balmy 65. (Although it will stay in the 20s in mountains an hour and a half to our west.)

  20. linda~thanks for the IPad info. Haven't gotten a case yes, so I haven't really used it yet.

    Wanted ot give you all a fun update of what is going on in the Gosselin BLogging world. I love hearing about all spewing piles of hate are evolving everywhere. On the BL site, or whatever they call it (whoever knows who this person really is PLEASE e-mail me) apparently Ellen e-mailed them asking why they leaked that the Gosselin family was going to Australia? Anyone hear about this??

    Down Under said...sftk said...According to Carla's blog Ashley is gone for 20 days than back to college so I wonder if Kate & kids are filming. Any sightings of Kate or kids lately?
    An insider announced somewhere that they were going to Australia and New Zealand, but didn't specify the dates. Nothing further has been confirmed. (WHO THE HECK DOES THIS PERSON THINK THEY ARE???)

    December 26, 2010 4:50 PM Administrator said... Oddly Ellen emailed me yesterday asking who leaked the Australia info. I said I didn't know, I thought it was a mix-up with Austria, and left it at that. Just a wild thought, do you suppose Team Kate/TLC is ragging on Ellen for leaking it, she didn't do that, and she asked me if I knew who REALLY leaked it? If true, the kids get to spend their entire Christmas break working, how great for them."

    This was on Jon's Twitter so obviously the kids have been celebrating the Holiday's with their Dad....
    @jongosselin1 Had a great Christmas with my kids the past few days. Now settling in with @ellen_ross1 and getting ready to watch A Christmas Story! 8:42 PM Dec 24th via web

    From Carla's blog: Today I am getting all the Christmas deco put away. I will be gone a good part of the day tomorrow, then Tues. I’m back to the old grind. Sad that our time with Ashley is over. She just left for the next 20 days. When she gets back, she goes right back to school:(

  21. Baby Mama - Who knows with the rumor mills. Still blows my mind that the Government Worker emails and comments on one of the worst hate sites. Did nobody ever tell her how they used to rag on the kids? Hope she's doing it using home computer and not her computer at work.

    Since they were wrong in the past, (no trip to Canada and no trip to Texas), let's wait and see. Australians will let us know, lol. I was hoping, that since they didn't get to do the trip to Korea, that perhaps Kate and the 8 could go there. But, I guess that would bring out the envy too much.

    So strange that Australia was mentioned. I had Tweeted that I was looking to book a trip away next Christmas. We'd asked at home kids and grown kids to toss out ideas. Younger kids tossed in Australia right off the bat 'cause they love the accents (one said Tasmania?) Grown kids said Scotland, and Germany. I want someplace warm! Hubby says any where clients are far away, lol. But, we have to decide and book while everybody still wants to do it. Lol, maybe all of us here should all just trade homes.

    Our Brazilian exchange students arrive in three weeks. Should be interesting.

  22. Baby Mama - Get a case that can be wiped off and makes its own stand. The suede ones look yucky fingerprinted in a month. Many of iPhone apps also work on iPad. Tweeter and Facebook have separate apps for iPad. Kids love TextNow free app. Right now they're sending me a zillion texts a day so glad it's free even if you have to look at ads.we've found some incredible science apps. There are even step by step Cooking apps (hint hint.)

  23. BabyMama, thanks for the link, I have been wanting to see Carla's blog for quite awhile. I notice now that the part about Ashley being gone isn't there anymore. I wonder if Australia is being put out there purposely to detract from where they are really at like a decoy. I just hope it is somewhere with warm weather.
    Another cool thing with Ipad, I don't have one, is that you can use it like a kindle. I would have died and gone to heaven if they had something like that when I was in college with all my textbooks in it. My back would have been in heaven and it would have been soo easy to enlarge print.

  24. tashapork - Good points about destination perhaps being a decoy.
    If you have a Kindle (maybe without one, not sure) you can download the Kindle app for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and your computer. Our kids have it on iPods, and I buy all their Accelerated Reading books as ebooks. iPods, etc. Are backlit and I like that better than original Kindle. Neat thing is that I can open their books from archives and it will ask if I want to sync to their location. I can tell if they really are reading the assignments or snowing me. We are all on the same account so we can share the books to the different electronics which saves $$.
    I buy book from my account and then designate which electronic it is to download to, but it also goes to everybody's archive. It has built in dictionary so if they get a word they aren't sure of, they can touch the word and it pops up on dictionary! They can add notes and highlights and it creates a file of those for each book.

    Our school is issuing an iPad to each eighth grader when they return back to school in January as an experiment for the first class to go all electronic in the interest of being eco-friendlier. If it works, all students from 5th grade up will have iPads. Parents lobbied to wait until 5th grade so that they still learn to write in manuscript and cursive. They can wirelessly connect to the smart boards in classes so their work appears onscreen for whole class. Is that neat or what? Teachers can even connect to a student's iPad to offer encouragement or comments or monitor what they're doing. Technology is something!

    Okay, I'm rambling more than usual so sugar must be whacked. I apologize.

  25. Linda, many schools do that with just regular computer screens. My university does that. It's is really cool and technology gets kids interested in learning. In 3 semesters I myself will be teaching middle school, but in Louisiana there is not enough money for something like your school is doing. It is cool though.

    I too noticed that post from Carla's blog is gone. Very suspicious. Everyone stay warm. Glad the snow isn't here because I hate the snow. I got trapped in my dorm a couple of years ago with no power and no food. I since have not wished for snow.

  26. A lot of typos so deleted post just made. Will retype later.

    Kayla, welcome back and big Congrats on almost finishing your degree. WTG!

  27. Kate was spotted by Chris again running errands so no truth to idea that she has gone somewhere!
    Cebrity-Gossip site has pics from today.

    Another story about Jon's employment...this seems to be version Popeater (you know that reliable gossip tabloid...NOT) says he has a job with a real estate developer. Really? From IT man to salesman and now a job in real estate? Hmmmmm...sounds like a bunch of puppy poo again!

    This seems to indicate that Jon probably doesn't really have any steady, income generating job and the "government worker" just keeps putting the stories out there.

    This story reeks of the same theme as to how settled down Jon is...that he no longer wants fame like his ex. Yeah right! He is dying to have what Kate has and that's why he keeps putting these little stories out there. He wants to remain relevant!

    Also "the government worker" was caught twittering with the administrator of the BL hate site! How creepy is that again! No way I would want my kids around that!

  28. Good evening everyone! I know I have been MIA today, but we are trying for the second time during the break to attempt potty training. Everything right now is about m&m's and going "to the potty" this includes books, videos and my mind which is now gone.

    So I just gotta laugh at our fame whore Zill Zarin of my favorite show (after Jon & Kate of course) The Real Housevives of NYC. As you may not know her backstory, she has been caught SEVERAL times (even on the show) being a "source" to several rag mags in order to make herself look good and appear in the press. After the whole Hamptons fiasco when Jon was dating Kate Major, Jill rambled on how she hadly knew him and only saw him for dinner and a photo op at an event. Well now her ass is riding the "Jon Gosselin redemtion" train. Nasty Rob (from Pop Eater)& Jill talk constantly and for him to bring her up is disgusting. Seriously this has her named stemped to this article. Too funny! I love when my reality shows collide!!!

    "Back home after a Philadelphia filming excursion, Kate Gosselin was spotted on a post-Christmas outing in Reading, PA on Monday (December 27). Bundled up for the wintry weather, the TLC reality star mom chatted on her cell phone before heading into a local tanning salon for a holiday fake bake session. And while Miss Gosselin is still earning a living with her "celebrity" status, her ex-husband Jon Gosselin recently is said to have landed a "real" job. Talking to PopEater, an insider tells, "Jon is very close with Jill Zarin from 'Real Housewives of New York'. It was Jill who told Jon to stay out of the spotlight and get himself a real job. Fame is fun but doesn't pay the bills."

    Having earned a job working for a real estate developer, the PopEater source adds, "Jon is in a great place. He is happy and knows what a fool he made of himself after his split from Kate. He has been getting a lot of TV offers, including interest from 'Dancing With the Stars,' and has turned them all down. If he never sees a TV camera again in his life it will be too soon." Hollywood Gossip Share 8Enjoy the pictures of Kate Gosselin getting her tan on in Reading (December 27).

  29. Linda~ I know this is slightly off topic but Twitter only allows for so many words. I'm spending a fortune in Texting and was wondering about this text free app. Do people send you texts from a new number? How does it work? Saw a few cases I really like, but the leather ones are expensive. Won't do suede, so thank you for that info. I was really interested in hearing about this text free thing!

  30. My son just set up a google voice account on his iPod. works really well and now he and I can text for free as well as his friends. Pretty cool.

  31. Babymama, is there a way for you to put a link on here to the article on twitter about Kate and Sarah Palin, I love it and while not everyone will agree politically, its a breath of fresh air.


    PART 1 OF 2: A Date with Kate Gosselin Exposes Sarah Palin As A Camping Fraud
    Posted on December 12, 2010 by Jason Easley

    Sarah Palin Protects Kate Gosselin by Making Faces Behind Her Back. Tonight’s “special episode” of Sarah Palin’s Alaska focused on showcasing Sarah Palin rugged “outdoors woman” as she took novice camper/ fellow reality show diva Kate Gosselin on a camping trip, but what resulted was more evidence that Palin is as clueless about the outdoors as she is about politics.

    This was set up as Kate and her kids just happened to be in Alaska, and they were going on Piper’s next camping trip as her friends. Kate’s role here was that of the city girl who doesn’t understand the outdoors and needed to take a bear safety class, but this class was just as much for the pretend Mrs. Grizzly Adams as it was for Kate. Gosslin being the experienced reality show hand knew how to play for drama. This is a quality that has eluded the terribly one dimensional and wooden Palin from episode one. Don’t worry the children were never placed in any danger as the Palin men tagged along to protect them from Sarah’s incompetence. Ms NRA didn’t know how to deal with the kickback of her weapon but much hoopla was made about her being a “good shot”. What this means is anyone’s guess, since the gun instructor told Willow that it didn’t matter if she aimed. Later in the episode, Palin sawed branches off of a tree limb with the machete coming at her body instead of away as she talked about how much she loved getting out into the wilderness for family time, which rang hollow as we all know that this trip was for show, being as they are accompanied by a reality TV crew.

    Poor Kate was set up to be Sarah’s foil. Palin exploited this opportunity to let her mean girl shine, from terrifying the kids to shocking Kate. Palin could barely contain her internal glee as the rush of power surged through her as Kate grew more and more upset. Sarah claimed she was going to take care of Kate, but instead she made the entire episode about showing off her faux-toughness at Kate’s expense. At one point Sarah rolled her eyes at Kate and then laughed at Kate with Todd, suggesting that Todd was the smart one for getting away from Kate’s complaining....

  33. PART 2 OF 2
    After Kate leaves the camping trip for dry, warm ground, Palin says, “I suppose if you took me to New York to a red carpet event, I’d be like naw get me out of here.” Really? Is this the same Palin who has begged to be written about eating at The Place to Be Seen in New York? Or the same Palin who took to swag tents like a desperate wannabe? The same Palin who keeps certain paparazzi on speed dial hoping to get noticed?

    This episode was supposed to set Sarah up as the rugged tough one, but the truth is that America already knows that Palin requires bendy straws when she speaks, a certain class of jet, has very expensive tastes in clothes when other people are paying, has a make up artist, hair dresser, stylist and personal assistant just steps off the set and never goes anywhere without a security entourage. Watching Palin play Rugged One trying to amp up the drama when in reality her security entourage is just off set and would shoot any bear with the bad sense to approach she who cares nothing for animal life would be like watching a train wreck if it weren’t so boring.

    For all of her rumored charm, Palin falls flat in this series. When she’s not delivering deadpan narration, Palin wastes no time getting in her petty digs at Joe McGinness (again….yes…again…) and then two “we can see Russia from here!” digs (again…as if seeing Russia gives you foreign policy credentials….). Palin is overly made up and quite simply lacks the authenticity necessary to endear her to American TV audiences. Kate may have been whining, but she was real. Kate wasn’t pretending to be something she wasn’t. And that’s Palin’s biggest problem. Palin is so busy selling America on the Palin myth that every second of Sarah Palin’s Alaska (the edit of which Palin has control over as a producer) is so heavily scripted and stage managed for maximum political impact that she never offers us a glimpse of the real Palin.

    Sarah Palin’s Alaska is not a documentary by any stretch of the imagination and it’s also not a reality TV show. In most reality TV shows, events are loosely scripted but the cameras are shooting all of the time and capturing real moments which are later crafted into the most dramatic narrative possible. Those raw moments are how the audience gets hooked on the show and the characters; they’re drawn in by the recognition of humanity being unveiled. The world was curious about Sarah Palin and she could have used this show to ingratiate herself to Americans, had she only trusted reality enough to let the cameras capture even a few moments of it. Instead, Palin let her paranoia and ultimate distrust of what she has to offer force her to hide beneath manufactured moments that never come alive. This is plastic Alaska, not rugged Alaska, and it’s beyond boring. The only people who looked remotely real and genuine on this episode were Kate Gosselin and her kids and that is a new low, even for Sarah Palin.

  34. Baby Mama - Go to the app store and look at TextNow. There are iPhone (iPod) and iPad versions of it so if you can put it on both. There is a free version as well as an upgrade that was $2.99 but currently also free. It doesn't require a phone number. You set up a screen name and you can free text. (There's no phone part for iPod and my kids use it all the time.) you can send text, photos, and if you are using it on a phone, there's a voice component. It's free because they put ads on it.

    The reason I don't use Google is because I don't like Google. They gather and link too much info for my likes and then link it together and sell it. They like to sync your Facebook, Twitter, Google info. I don't allow my contacts to be synced. I work to keep work contacts and emails separate from social/family ones. In the fine print of "agree" to syncing contacts between Facebook, Twitter, &Google you give them permission to solicit anybody in your contact list for a Facebook or Twitter account.

    Google never clears any of your searches. Stays on your record. I don't do porn or junk, but do a lot of research for biographies, historical research on towns, schools, businesses, etc. Then Google uses the info to sell to advertisers or as basis for Google advertisers to contact you. I have enough spam, so I opt-out of all of it.

    The leather InCase for iPad is $59.95. It can also make it's own stand. There are some similar that are cheaper but this has 3 yr warranty and I'm hard on cases so seemed best for me.

  35. Seems to me the only way Ellen could know what Kate is up to is if the kids told Jon or her. Kate's knows this, she made mention of it on the Discovery Cove episode.
    Kate wouldn't reveal to the kids what she doesn't want Jon or Ellen to know. Jon didn't even know they were at the hockey game. I wouldn't be surprised if Kate fed some dis-information to be passed on to those who are desperate to be in the know regarding Kate's potential plans.

    I think BKIA's post about Ellen asking if BKIA knew where the info had come from was an attempt to try to make Ellen look innocent of passing info along. It was for show only, IMHO.

  36. I'm in total agreement with Jason Easley's article. The Palins were too full of themselves to take any interest in their guests' needs. It was beyone rude. JMO

  37. Off topic - The link below (from pretty much sums up my opinion about anything from! They got started with alien invasion stories. Guess what! Coming full circle, they're back to it again!

  38. ZiggyFlo - I agree with your assessment of the girlfriend (we don't call her by name ...she is the "government worker" here) and the hate site exchange.

    Don't trust them as far as I could spit! They both have no good will toward Kate or the kids and I wish to darn that "the government worker" wasn't even allowed around the G's!

    The political commentary was pretty accurate I thought. I certainly agree that Kate was set up to look like a city fool out in the wild. And at least they were honest in saying that Kate played the drama for Sarah and Sarah took advantage of Kate's discomfort to try and portray herself as Ms. Woman-of the Wilderness!

    I liked the comment "that Kate was not pretending to be something that she wasn't"! Maybe more people are starting to see through that whole episode and now realize how Kate was set up for Sarah's benefit.

    They also strongly noted that Sarah had full editorial control. So what you saw of Kate was completely at Sarah's discretion!

    She didn't play very nice with Kate, did she!

  39. While I respect Sarah Palin as a mom and a strong woman, I got a bad taste for her during the politcal campaign. Knowing that others really like her, I wanted to watch her show with an open mind and I am interested in learning about places like Alaska anyway. Unfortunately, watching the show only confirmed even more than what I was feeling about her which is pretty much summed up in that article. I was hoping to see some of Sarah's realities, such as about Trigg's therapies and how she juggles helping him with work and raising other kids, instead I saw him always shipped off or I would like to see how they juggle family and a book tour, or shop in rural Alaska. Hunting and fishing enthusiasts might enjoy the killfests, me I don't and I really felt she was talking down to people and making a statement about fending for yourself instead of for example using foodstamps. Might work in Alaska, won't work here. There's a reason that they didn't take the Gosselins camping in that nice motorhome they have which is what they usually camp from. I had forgotten that the episode before when she needed her dad extensively to help her hunt and then all the sudden she was a bear expert. It makes me even more proud of Kate and the kids who do not try to be somebody they aren't.

  40. Good evening everyone! I want to quickly stop by and say hi to everyone! It was my first day out and a treat to have my husband home. We had such a nice lunch in the city. It's such a zoo today with the tourists! I did not want to be anywhere near that darn tree. But leave it up to my daughter to make the biggest stink about wanting to go to the Lego store in Rock Center..

    Now my mom is watching the kids while I got out and finish my shopping/returns. Hope everyone is finally able to breathe some fresh air today! xoxox

  41. I was looking back at Facebook posts and when there was a new post about the Kate's Take regarding the Sound of Music. I was very frustrated to read everyone bashing her.... I guess I just don't understand why you comment if you r going to be negative??? I like Kate plus 8 and enjoy watching Kate, however I do think that kids need an opportunity to be kids and with everything that is going on in their world that they would be given a chance to stop filming and just be "normal." That being said I also think that it is too late for that, as the paparazzi will have a field day with them regardless of them filming or stepping back. They won't back off even if the show is cancelled so the family may as well keep filming and making money. I know that people have a right to their opinion and I do my best to respect that, but I don't understand why people feel the need to bash others just because they don't agree with their line of work. If you don't like her/the show then don't watch and don't read about it, and don't comment about it!! Sorry for the rant, it just hit me the wrong way when I read it.

  42. BJ - It frustrates me too. But, there have always been haters in the world. Now that they can post without having to use their real name and stand behind their words, it's as if it sends people to a frenzy of expressing their venom.

    At the same time, what is normal for kids? I've spoken to it, Puff has, and others with multiple multiples who've just given up. When you have multiples it attracts attention, lots of attention if it's triplets or two sets of twins. So magnify that by 6 along with a set of twins. They would never be able to just go out casually without stares, attention, photographs or other people invadng their space. It just doesn't happen. Even if they are the well meaning people with their "oh how cute I wanna give them a hug!" filming stopped; paparazzi didn't.

    Honestly, I think the attention will never go away completely, no matter what.However, if haters would just stop; I think the need for paparazzi would greatly diminish. Having people jump out in your face is rotten. Supply and demand. No rags buyingphotos because no interest in their stories, then no reason to have a constant photographer.

  43. Hello,
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

  44. Dtkids2~ so happy to see you here.(She has read my site for a long time.) So happy to see you finally posting! Please do not be a stranger! Happy New Year to you as well!

    Good morning to the REAL Divas! Lol This the first time using my iPad to post and I love it. I had to rip it out of my kids hands because they are viciously fighting over it. It's so cool to see how this site looks on one. So freakin awesome if I do say so myself! It's also great to be able to quickly get to things. Now if I can figure out how to do new posts on it I'll be all set!

  45. I forgot to mention my all of my New Years Resolutions! Let's all add ours shall we?
    1. Try not to be mad as sh@t when I see on a hate site the words " yeah I just watched the Gosselin Christmas on that "other site"... When you know damn well you watch and read everything here then go on 15 min. And trash Kate there. Why not man up about it?
    2. Try not to be mad as sh@t when I see other certain sites totally rip off this one, then read the commenters when they say "this one is Better and that's why I post here". cause it's my site just in a different place with different people.
    3. Try not to be mad as sh@t when I read that trash sites like RWA are still around, with their 5 idiots, trying to say they are the real DIVAS. They are washed up snarkers that allow vile troll like Jw to make up complete lies, not realizing what truly mentally unstable people they are dealing with. Apparently per Jw Linda has no Twins, I live in some rented condo somewhere, and the police never told her to close her mouth or they were gonna arrest her ass.

    And finally 4. Will try to take a deep breath. Realize that every once in a while I need to vent. Hope that those that are close to me will understand. Know that I will make every conscious effort to appreciate all that I am truly blessed with, and the true friends I have made here and on other sites.

    To the ladies of IW & Ziggy Flo continue the good fight and many blessings for The New Year!

  46. Baby Mama – Although I do not post all the time, I always read your blog and enjoy your articles and viewing the videos. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into it. I hope you never let the negative naysayers get to you enough to make you close your blog!

    Hope you all have a Happy New Year.

  47. Baby Mama - Wow, you are Rolling on those resolutions!

    It's pathetic, but almost funny, how that one "creeple" has become obsessed not only with hating Kate, but trashing you, and trashing me. She's posted that I have no kids and use pictures from the Internet as pretend kids, but then tried to post a school that she thinks my kids attend (Get your facts straight, and for pretend kids you'd think I'd get pretend tuition!) 

    Further bursting her bubble of idiocy, some of the regular posters here have seen not only photos but video clips of some of my kids! I think she forgets what she posts from one session to another and is either permanently whacked all the time or strung out on pain meds.

    I guess I should feel flattered that she constantly uses my comments for her posts elsewhere. When you are incapable of an original thought, then just copy LindaOriginal's. :)
    The reason I don't like Google sync and Facebook sync, etc. is I don't want people in my address book solicited to join Twitter or Facebook; if I send them an invitation to join that is MY decision; I don't think it's Twitter or Facebook or Google's decision to issue an invitation with my name on it. I wonder if all her family, friends, neighbors, dog rescue organizations, and grandchild's friends know about her cyber bullying and harassment?
    My next resolution: Refer to them as creeple people since they are truly creeps!

  48. I can attest Linda has loads of kids, twins definitely!

  49. Kate and the kids are headed to Australia and New Zealand! How awesome!

    Very cool way to ring in the new year!!

  50. Hope! Holy smoke woman where have you been? How's work been going? Hope we will see you again, we missed you!

  51. I too know that Linda has kids!! :)

    Those who place any credibility on what that "creeple" says, really have some muddled thinking--to put it kindly.

  52. If Radar is right, they are going, yesterday they said Amber Portwood was barred from seeing her daughter indefinitely today they say the social worker is bringing her back to her. Radar needs to get its facts straight. Having said that Jon is probably the source so it's probably right. I think both parents have to give consent to take children out of the country and give good reasoning if they need to change custody schedule so she couldn't keep it from him. It's kind of sad that dad is a blabbermouth. Kate will enjoy the warm climate.
    The sad thing is for haters to even feel they need to care about how many kids Linda has. Linda's kids are extremely lucky to have her as a mom so the hater is probably jealous.

  53. Testing my ability to post a comment with my new Ipod touch. Thanks to Linda and others, I learned how to do this before I bought one. Lol

  54. Wow it totally worked! Now to figure out the spell checker app. It worked. So cool. But a million times slower than actually typing.

  55. Hello GFFS posters, just dropped in to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.

    I'm doing well just going into 31 wks and am on bedrest. Can't see my feet at all. Girls are singing & reading to the babies and Puffman continues to play the Mozart, Beethoven & DuBussy for them when he is home.

    God Bless!

    Jabba the Hut! lol.

  56. I have mixed feelings about the rumour that Kate and the kids are travelling abroad. I definitely do not want to believe that Jon is the unnamed source.

    A while ago when ROL first suggested that the source was Jon (regarding the kids being expelled) I think ROL was hoping that Jon would respond and give them more information. Jon did not respond. So, ROL used it to their advantage and just began alluding to Jon being the source for every story they had. Knowing that he won’t respond against the rumours, ROL, continues to imply he is leaking the information.

    They probably find something out, then contact him to see what his response is. He of course responds they add it to the original story, adding credibility to their rumour that Jon is the source and this is how Jon feels about it.
    It would be truly disheartening if Jon was the source, but I would need more evidence to completely believe it.

  57. Hey there Hope, Nick, Gee Whiz, & Puff! Waves ~ ~ ~
    Thanks Baby Mama, Corrina & CMo3 - for the support! You too Nick.
    Puff - Those last weeks go on forever! So glad you have Puffman and family close by! Hang in there! You are NOT Jabba the Hutt even if it feels that way!
    fascinated - it is slow, lol. Now you too can experience the fun of autospell! It will drive you nuts with its changes (forever became clever, Hutt became Huttson, Nick became Chick, etc. It has a sneaky way of changing words back multiple times also, and it frequently changes the space to either a c or a b between words but it sure is light and easy to carry around, lol.) tashapork turns off the auto spell but mine turns it back on every time I restart! Have fun!

  58. I knew there was a reason why I don't like it when my nieces and nephews come over and hop on my computer. The post earlier that says its by Nick is actually mine. I guess yesterday when my nephew Nick was here, he signed me out of google and signed himself in and I never noticed. I did notice that he changed my fonts and stuff and I am having a hard time getting it back how I had and liked it. It also erased what I typed a few minutes ago when I went to sign Nick out and myself in. I guess I am spoiled.
    My New years resolutions are
    1. Lose weight for health
    2. improve computer skills
    3 limit farmville time so I get more housework done
    I wish Kate all the luck in hers if that is actually what she wants, she deserves a fantastic partner

  59. Who's going to send me FV gifts then??? LOL

  60. Craftymom,I didn't say stop playing Farmville that just isn't realistic, just cut back like to maybe 45min twice a day or something, LOL, sometimes between facebook and farmville, I turn around and the whole afternoon is gone. You will always get your gifts. The cool thing about FV is all the neat neighbors on it.

  61. LOL I'm sending you gifts as we speak!

    I agree though, mine is to be off the computer by 10:30 everynight (except when I'm doing site design....not realistic LOL ).

  62. You are so funny about your Farmville things?

    I naively thought I could spend the evening on the computer. The boys went to a basketball game to see Duke play. They were texting me every minute and sending video clips. I spent the evening texting back, lol.

    The girls made more cookies, which I hope they will not try to sneak downstairs and eat again since the last time they were sick in the middle of the night.

    Kids, go figure.

  63. Oh I am a nut about Farmville, Cafe World etc...I'm a nerd and I love simulation games like Sims and stuff. I get addicted and I play after the kids go to bed. It's my thing. that and reading positive blogs(like this one and IW) about crafts, kids, cooking etc.

  64. Good evening everyone! Sorry I was MIA today. We had promised eldest during the winder break, that her room would be getting a tween "makeover" like her cousins. It's always hard to keep up with the Jonses so to speak, but my mom came out today and really helped us to get the room together.

    Linda FYI re: RWA. Every single hate site reads here daily. I RARELY give them what they want and talk about the vile garbage thew spew. But Kimmie literally copied & pasted my post about them exactly 11 minutes after it was posted! Kimmie found out that there is actually an entire facebook post about me, on the fan page! I can't get over how obsessed she is with me. Kimmie, can you get a life? Why are you on here nightr and day? Do we need to block you too?

  65. GREAT for Kate+8 to be able to travel outside of the US, what an amazing opportunity. It does lead me to question Jon some though. If he is truly as "anti" filming as he claims then why did he agree to let them leave the country. I understand that he as a parent has to agree to them leaving the country, but if he dislikes them filiming so badly why let them go? If I was put in that position, I would not agree to it, I would make it as difficult as I could. Although he has no say when she takes the kids around the US for filming out of the country would be 1 time he could take a stance and put his foot down. Wonder what his motives are for that?

  66. I watched the McCaughey special the other last night,(I think it aired tuesday) and couldn't help remembering one of the earlier criticizsms that I used to hear about Kate, that she kept the kids in bed too long to keep from taking care of them. There was even a youtube video mocking her for keeping the kids in bed until eight am and giving them a three hour nap. On the Mc Caughey special they said that as toddlers, the kids were in bed from 7pm to 8am plus a three to four hour nap so Kate wasn't alone with her sleep schedule and it sure doesn't look to have harmed any of the thirteen kids, rather it helped them

  67. Jon didn't agree for them to go. He went to court to stop the trip, but the judge allowed it since it was due to filming.

  68. That's a lot of school to miss if they are gone until mid January. My brother went to Australia with People to People in 5th grade and loved. If they really are going, then they should have lots of fun. It's a LONG flight though. Good luck to Kate.

  69. Hi Jamie. If that's the way he feels, he should have gone to court. But, I'm curious. How do you know this? Where did you see the info? Was it from Jon? From a "source" at a blog?

  70. Kayla - My son is going to Brazil with People to People next spring and will miss two weeks with school's blessing. Btw, ours don't go back until 2nd week in Jan so would only be missing 1 week if the Australia trip were here. We took all of ours to Europe two years ago, again with school's blessing in that they felt the trip was a great learning experience. Like my trip to FL last spring, kids missed 5 days but sent daily emails with summaries of places they'd visited of historical/geographical interest. Now, we'd just use "face time" on the iPhone and arrange a time to call where they could interact life.

    I think it's great, if they are going/have gone, that we've moved beyond learning only in classroom.

    Also, I'd bet that if they are filming, an approved tutor is traveling with them.

  71. Yeah, I read a "source" saying Jon had looked forward to New years with the kids. I'm glad he turned over a new leaf. Last New Year's he was busy skiing in Utah with his then Love Christy and I guess that was more important. Makes me wonder if he really is sad, or didn't want to miss out on more "poor Me" publicity. I'm hoping it's a new leaf but previous priorities make it hard to believe.

  72. Linda, I found the source for Jon going to court,its' ROL. I had the exact same question you did. They seem to be getting info straight from the mouth of Jon(or someone close to him) It seemed like Jon's biggest issue was that it messed up his new years plans, not was harmful to the kids. When he and Kate took the children for passports they did it with the intention of taking the kids out of the country for filming and I think Australia was mentioned at that time.
    I also think they are going to stagger the trip since the flight is sooo long.

  73. tashapork - I know they'd previously planned as J&K to go to Korea, forgot if Australia was mentioned. I remember that the sticky wicket then was TLC wouldn't pay for J's mother or other family to go. It got canned for whatever reason.

    My parents travelled so much with us as kids and I treasure those memories! When you study the state or country in class it means so much more. JMO. My son just reminded me he has a classmate missing a month of school because the father had to travel to India and took whole family. The school arranged "live" connect sessions with classmates so they could see some of the sights, and ask questions.

    I never give up hope for Jon. I'm hoping his motivations are due to a "new vision" and not motivated by friends of the moment whispering in his ear. I was so sad last year when he took off to Utah for five months and even planned to buy a home there and saw kids only once in that time. Last Jan he gave the E! (? Don't remember which but it was network) interview about moving in new directions and looking forward to home in Utah. I was so sad. He has often reinvented his direction in life. I'm hoping this time it is for real and permanent.

  74. Kayla, I agree with you. I wish they would have held off until summer break. Much more time to travel then and no missing school.

    Linda, ROL, which is the site that I read above telling us they are in Australia. Also said that Jon went to court to try and get them to not go.

    One would have expected him to do so, as we know he is against why wouldn't he be against them traveling to film during school time. Plus, it was his weekend to have the children, so technically he had every right. I am not supportive of children missing school unless crucial.....but everyone is different. I was fortunate to travel a lot as a child, but my parents always did so over breaks and summer, which is how I think it should be done.

    I was always taught to have proof for my accusations. If you look at any gossip that ROL provides...Charlie you think he is providing all of the information?

  75. Good evening ladies! So busy today trying to get everything ready for tomorrow! After partying way to hard and getting so sick being in the cold no where near Times Square trying to get my husband home in time. I'm hoping to have a stress free New Years Eve this year! Still hoping my parents will come and babysit so my husband and I can have a nice time out ;)

    I wasn't going to repeat this crap, but it pisses me off to no end when stpid hate sites claim victory that Jon is fighting some huge fight to get his kids off TV and that he's Twittering all about it. I read all of Jon's Tweets and only 2 people even commented to him about it. He was sure quick to jump on those Tweets though. Keeping everything nice and cryptic so that 1. He still looks like the doting dad 2. Keeps the haters happy cause they live and breathe looking into his Tweets and 3. He doesn't get in trouble legally.....

    @jongosselin1 You are kidding me and they still went. Sorry to snark but I get so frustrated for you and feel for the kids.
    @jongosselin1 that you would do something about keeping your kids off TV. Looks to me like they are off to Australia for more filming.

    @divadirector42 I did do something. But in the end, I did not have the final say.
    about 22 hours ago via web in reply to divadirector42

    @jongosselin1 oh for fug's sake! I just heard the news about down under. you must be livid. slow and steady wins the race, you CAN do this!

    @holly_mo Thank you! I know! ;)
    about 20 hours ago via web in reply to holly_mo

  76. Argh, those posts make me want to throw up. The hypocrisy is ridiculous. If circumstances were reversed, Jon would be filming those kids everywhere. He would also be complaining that Kate would be trying to stop the filming, making the kids miss out on wonderful trips and worldly events. Kate would be the monster regardless.

    If Jon had settled down quicker and had stopped using silly shenanigans to try to get attention, he probably would be filming now. He shot himself in the foot with his own behaviour. I think if Jon had adjusted quicker, TLC would have jumped on the chance to follow both Kate and Jon as they adjust to the divorce and raise multiples.

    I don’t believe for a second that he is trying at all to get the kids off of television (not that they are on it very much anymore) and I think he is totally riding the sympathy train and enjoying the feeling of support from the haters. I feel sad that he is unable to let go of his hate and anger for Kate and move on with his life. Instead, he feeds off the venom of others because he hasn’t healed from the discontinuation of the relationship.

    Or maybe he should get a better lawyer, because he has every right to decline the children travelling abroad and if he is unaware of that right and is adamant that they shouldn’t be filmed, he needs better legal counsel.

    Yes, I now feel better. LOL.

  77. Jamie~ I wonder if TLC is getting some type of deal taking the family now. Thats alot of seats between the kids and crew. I agree that a summer trip would have been perfect, but I'm assuming there is some reason why they went now.

    As far as Jon, I can't get why he would even be romotely upset. Yes he won't see his kids for New Years. But this is an amazing opportunity for this family. A trip of a lifetime. He should be thrilled his kids get to go to another country. He did not have any big plans with them, other than that being his scheduled weekend. Just my opinion, but I think Jon made a tiny stink to appease the haters that are asking why he would allow his kids to go. I don't get it.

    And Welcome, if I didn't say it already!

  78. Tie me Kangaroo down bloke! Jumpin' Jehoshaphat! What an amazing trip for this family!

    There will be memories, experiences and "awe" moments beyond belief for them!

    And sorry, but I don't believe this latest ROL crap that Jon went to court over this. This story only came out AFTER the hate sites were crawlin' all over Jon about letting the kids go.

    I think the "government worker" got real busy and fed this story to make Jon look like the valiant warrier fightin' the fight.

    The line in there about Jon and "government worker" not going along was hilarious! Oh, yes, of course, Kate wanted the difficult ex and the more difficult "government worker" to come along for the vacay! Geesh...think not!

    Instead, Jon should have issued a statement being thankful that his kids are getting such a wonderful trip and for once be happy for them.

    Now Jon can "party hard" on New Year's without any guilt. The liquor, smoke and friends of the "government worker" might have been a bit overwhelming for the kids to experience.

  79. Regarding time missed from school...I have no doubt whatsoever, that Kate planned for this ahead of with school officials and probably got work assignments for all of them.

    Notice that two nannies are accompanying Kate...wouldn't be surprised if one has the oversight of school work to be cared for.

    The trip itself will be a HUGE educational arena for them all. What those eyes will see and ears will hear will stay with them for a lifetime.

    Kate is all about education...she's not going to let them "get behind"!

  80. Hello Gosselin fans! I decided to close this post because I don't want ot be accused of being the last to post all the big Gosselin News. So please all my friends and new commenters come join us on the new post!

    The scent of the day is the incredbly yummy taste of Gingerbread cookies. This will be the scent for this month because my kids went to town today on our beautiful Gingerbread house! xoxox