Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jon Relieved of Paying Child Support Months Ago, Kate Answers Fan Questions!

Kate Gosselin Says Jon Is So Full Of Doo-Doo It's Leaking Out His Nose!

But… he looks so trustworthy! Remember when Jon Gosselin recently turned out his pockets to tell us he was penniless and facing either eviction or jail? He wove a tale of woe and self-pity centering around the recession and the courts forcing him to pay eight kids worth of child support to Kate instead of making rent, LOLz!!We guess he was so broke he couldn't even afford to pay attention to the terms of his child support! It turns out Jon doesn't owe ANY child support money at all! According to Kate's lawyer, Cheryl Young, the dad isn't a deadbeat — just a dummy. She said:
"He claims to be struggling to keep his child support payments current. As of April 27, 2012, Kate voluntarily relieved Jon of all current and future child support obligations for their eight children… The last thing Kate ever wanted was for the children to see their father in dire financial straits.”
Wow! So let us get this straight, Jon. And feel free to correct us if any part of this is wrong…
Your ex-wife popped out eight kids, is pretty much raising them all on her own, found the time to make a great run on DWtS, and she still was benevolent enough to relieve you of your child support obligations? Yet you fabricate tales being a great father who pays child support over rent in an effort to garner public sympathy?Yeah, you stay classy, Jon!

Kate Loves To Answer Fan Questions! via Famecrawler
Her popular reality shows may be over, but Kate Gosselin still has a huge following among viewers who loved watching her eight children grow up on TV. She has more than 104,000 followers on Twitter, and she enjoys keeping them up to date on the family activities via her tweets. In fact, Kate gets so many questions from her fans that she decided to answer a number of them on her website today. Here are some of them!

What is Kate doing now that the kids just went back to school?

It’s only been a couple of days, so the mom of eight is busy playing catch-up – “you know, working on projects I’ve fallen behind on (answering your questions, paperwork and errands!)”

What’s the most important lesson Kate has learned about life so far?

It’s hard for her to pick one, but “my main lesson that I’ve learned has to be ‘keep on keeping on.’ ” She explains that it can be tempting just to admit defeat when life deals bitter blows – such as her much-publicized divorce from ex Jon. “But every one of us has the ability to dig really deep and find that determination and resilience within us to keep on getting back up, each and every time….That alone keeps me going…and almost makes me say, ‘bring it on!’ “

Whatever happened to the Twist of Kate spinoff show that was in the works?

Kate’s contract with TLC expired before the network could decide on a concept for the show. She drops an intriguing hint: “No worries, more to come in the future.”

Which of her twin girls was born first?

Cara is older by six minutes and she won’t let you forget it!”

How do the children handle the paparazzi?

Fortunately, photographers don’t follow the Gosselins around as much as they did when the family was a TV sensation. But they do have to watch for passersby who try to sneak a photo with their cell phones. “Secretly snapping pictures makes us feel as if paparazzi [are] present and invading our privacy too, believe it or not!” Kate says. So if you happen to catch a glimpse of Kate, Cara, Mady, Joel, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Leah and Collin and want to capture the moment for posterity, “ALWAYS ASK FOR A PICTURE! I’LL NEVER SAY NO!” Is there anything you’ve been dying to ask Kate? She’s just a tweet away!


  1. what a wonderful outlook Kate shows!! She takes what she has and makes the very best she can from it. I can think of a lot of people who could learn from her.

    As for that hint of something in the future, I've always had the feeling there are things going on and formulating that can't be talked about before they are fully ready to be launched. I can hardly wait to see what's in the future for them!!

    It sure would be nice if TLC would get their head out of the sand and bring us a special on the Kate and the 8!! They're doing it for Little People Big World.....I personally think it's time for an update show on K+8, don't you?

    1. I would love to see the kids now. TLC put so much trash on after taking Kate +8 off, I stopped watching it completly. Tbe 19kid thi.g fell sorry for the kids, it was all about money for the parents. Having 20 kids intentially is obsurd. Then the one about man with a bunch of wives, I emailed about the junk they were putting on Nd I would no longer be a part of their audience. If they brought the Goslins back and little people I would have to watch those.

    2. I would love to see the kids now. TLC put so much trash on after taking Kate +8 off, I stopped watching it completly. Tbe 19kid thi.g fell sorry for the kids, it was all about money for the parents. Having 20 kids intentially is obsurd. Then the one about man with a bunch of wives, I emailed about the junk they were putting on Nd I would no longer be a part of their audience. If they brought the Goslins back and little people I would have to watch those.

  2. I love that 'just keep on keeping on' .....actually I have tweeted those words to her a couple of times....apparently she liked them........{:>}

  3. Thanks for the great new post Baby Mama!

    Jon Jon JON! When will he learn? He sure needs to take a lesson or two from Kate. What a fine example she sets/lives.

    I really do believe she has a new show in the works. Good for her and us!!

    Happy Labor Day tomorrow!! I'm looking forward to fall after a hot/dry summer. Also praying for the precious people who have been affected by Isaac.

  4. Yes, Baby Mama.....forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed the post. Arent' we all hoping we've heard the last of Jon's boo hoo-ing? (lol-like that's going to happen)

    I agree, Corrina....I can hardly wait to see what's ahead for Kate. I truly hope we get to see at least a bit of the children....I sooo miss seeing them!!

    Hope everyone has a nice Labor Day weekend!! Quiet one for us, thank Goodness. It may sound odd, but I'm hoping we get a little more rain.....we got some overnight but could use a lot more.

    Prayers go out to the victims of Isaac and all those in need.

  5. I think Kate just got tired of the whole support struggle. While there are some parents who intentionally impoverish themselves to evade support obligations, John's ALWAYS had problems keeping a job and money runs through his fingers like water. Pursuing the support issue involves time, attorneys fees, and stress which all impact the kids and, in John's case, actually brings little or no money in. I think she's decided that peace and keeping John physically in the kids' lives is more important.

    1. I think that's it in a nutshell, Peggy. He would never make an honest effort to provide the support the children deserve anyway, so I'm sure she figured it was best to just cut her losses and let it go. She would have to spend more on attorney fees than she'd ever get out of him for the kids. It sure would be nice to think that this is the last of the 'oh poor me' out of Jon, but I think we all know better than that. He's the saddest excuse for a man and for a father I've seen in a long time.

      Hmm....haven't heard anything about the new woman lately......has anyone else heard?? Wonder if they're still an item??

  6. Hey Baby Mama, Thanks for the new post!

    Many of us fall in love for dumb reasons and live to look at things in retrospect and ask "So what was I thinking???" Kate is gracious enough to want Jon, as the father of her children, to continue a relationship with the children and not to have child support as an issue or impediment to Jon's visitation. He's lucky. I do know in some states, a spouse cannot relinquish child support payment needs and parents either pay or go to jail. Being foolish enough to race through money you had is not considered an excuse.

    I naively hoped, and hoped, and hoped that one day Jon would see the light and straighten out his life. Unfortunately, I think he has too much Peter Pan in him to grow up... wait... Peter Pan didn't want to grow up but WAS responsible enough to take care of the Lost Boys. Perhaps Jon's father just rescued him too often and never taught him to stand on his own.

    That's tough as a parent. We love our children but not allowing them to see and experience the consequences of their actions enables them to continue immature and childish ways.

    In Jon's case, he seems to always be looking for somebody to rescue him, be it parents, or friends, or wife, or girl friends. And it would appear that as far as work is concerned, it's too hot, too cold, too wintry, too summery, too hard, he's too famous ... what??? He thinks he's too famous to hold a regular job? Sorry, no free pass on that. You may have been given a "bye" toward financially supporting your children, but Jon does need to man-up and support himself.

  7. ON another note, thanks to you folks who've emailed and called. Your kind words have been much appreciated.
    Prayers to those in need from Hurricane Isaac. Thanks to Red Cross, UMCOR, and others for being there and helping.
    Happy Labor Day to all!!! Missed you all!!! xoxoxo

  8. As far as I'm concerned Jon is a manipulator that recently had a huge backlash in his attempt to garner sympathy from.the public for his "inability" to pay child support.

  9. Hello - I have been remiss in not making it here.
    BM - So neat you go to meet Long Island Medium. Was she doing any readings on anyone? The new season of her show is starting soon. Whether one believes in that kind of stuff or not, gotta admits it makes one go 'humm'.

    Linda, passing along hugs to you.

    MsG - I totally agree with you. I believe in having faith in people and second chances, but I also believe in facing reality. Jon has had more chances than can be counted & that's only what is publicly known. He's probably had even more from Kate which isn't publicly known.

    Jon's a lost cause. He'll never change.

  10. Hey there everyone...nice to see a new post up! Jon is a major disappointment, and for the life of me...Its strictly Kate's always lookin at the positive that allows this man to even be in the kids lives!

    He's a sorry example for his children...especially his boys. I hope to God that Kate does have some other positive male role models involved in their lives.

    Kate has had her kids for 3 weekends in a row now...I'm beginning to wonder if he even sees them the 4 days a month anymore. Who knows if he is even in the area or working at all now?

    I agree with Peggy...I think Jon's sad shenanigans were draining her money-wise and she got little return from any legal action to make him pay or even work. He has no earning power. He can barely support himself. In fact, I suspect his latest girlfriend will be gone before too long as she sees the same pattern emerge.

    Whatever hopes he had of some media comeback are not likely to happen now...nothin worse than a man failing to support his kids! His image...what was left of it is shot.

    I am so hoping Kate has something lined up soon....she needs good steady income to support that household for many years to come!

  11. Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day! It's such a joy to see everyone still visits the site and sometimes posts. It means the world to me. What brings even more joy to me is seeing all those sites that dedicated so much hate to Kate all these years finally fading into obscurity. And while that blogging lawyer is STILL showing some sort of serious illness by not letting go, I'm happy to report that I'll be here till she fades off as well!

    And I had no idea that Gosselins Without Pity site was still even around! There's only a few list souls left on that thing. I'm surprised that sucker hasn't shut down yet!

  12. Labor Day has come and gone. Hope this will be a great fall. I can hardly wait for the leaves to start turning.

    Despite lots of daily vitamins and nutritious food, we have the first of the yearly strep throats at our house. Ugh. Trying to keep everything disinfected so it doesn't spread rampantly. When there's illness, it's a relief that I'm not battling it a la Kate, with eight.

  13. Not to worry, Baby Mama, there are enough of us who are loyal to Kate, loyal you and loyal to Ziggy that we'll keep you going for a lonnnnng time......'til the hater sites have faded to obscurity and beyond. I for one am so grateful for a safe place to speak my mind on the Gosselin saga and especially support a single mother of 8, who is not perfect, but gives it her all to do the best she can for the kids.

    Once again I'd like to thank you and Ziggy for all you do!!

    Labor Day was quiet around here, but enjoyable all the same. Hubby and I had a relaxing day and a nice grilled dinner with fresh sweet corn. (gotta enjoy that while we may) We've gotten a bit of rain over the weekend, which was VERY welcome. Not enough to fully make up for our droughtful summer, but we're still grateful for what we got....and it fell at fairly opportune times for us......more to be grateful for.

    Now on to Fall......who knows what's ahead?.....whatever it is, it will be a blessing to us all if we focus on the positive and turn away from the negative.

  14. I remember the first thing Kate said, when she was worried about them splitting, before Jon's shenannegans with TLC, was that she was going to have to be the sole financial support of her kids. Sure enough she is. I just hope he sticks a sock in it before he tries to sabatoge her financial situation again like he did with TLC and even DWTS. If he isn't going to foot the bill, at least let her do it in peace. Yes, Jon needs to grow up, but it could be worse, they could have Butch Baltierra from Teen Mom as a dad. Sadly, Butch's son is much more mature and sensible than he ever was despite the pain and hardship that his antics caused. I am sure the Gosselin boys will do the same.

  15. So, true tashapork. Just as Tyler has a strong Mom who taught her child well, so do the Gosselin kids. They see their Mom working hard and doing it as well as she possibly can and they are learning from that. And just as Tyler is working hard to better himself and go the right direction that's what Kate's kids will do. They're not dumb, they're not blind, they see how Jon's just not stepping up to the plate. Sadly, they're going to get around to resenting him in the end, I'm afraid. I'll admit I keep hoping Jon will get himself straightened out, but I'm certainly not holding my breath til he does. All his life he's been enabled by those around him and has never had to take responsibility for his actions. So sad on so many levels.

  16. Vicky, I so agree with this and wouldn't it be an awesome world if we all did?

    "Now on to Fall......who knows what's ahead?.....whatever it is, it will be a blessing to us all if we focus on the positive and turn away from the negative."

    I, too, appreciate the work that Baby Mama and Ziggy do to provide us a safe place to visit and share without worry of negative backlash from others! It's like a breath of fresh air! Thank you, Baby Mama and Ziggy!

  17. So happy to see you all, and I will be adding a new post. So excited that Kate is walking in a Fashion Show for charity. As soon as that happens I will be putting up a new post. How did everyone survive Labor Day? I miss you all give me a recap of what's been going on with the trolls I haven't heard about them in ages!

  18. Hey BabyMama!!
    So looking forward to hearing about the Fashion Show!! What a fun opportunity for Kate!
    I also want to thank you and Ziggy for the truly fine work you both do in keeping your sites safe for us to post and share our thoughts.
    I also appreciate Linda's diligence with her "magic fly swatter."

  19. Corrina, ITA. Love the swatter. I know a couple of times I felt so bad because I inadvertently said something that triggered the hate gun to full force mode, not because I have an issue with the hate directed toward me(I just block it since there isn't room for it in my life), but because other people already get so much of it and don't need more, but then I realized they have and use their fly swatters quite effectively.

  20. Hi all! Thanks for your kind comments Corrina & tashapork.

    Maybe I enjoy being the "swatter" lol. I'm reading and checking every day, just not posting as often.

    Let me say, I become a stronger fan of Kate's every day. She does what has to be done to support, provide, nurture, and care for her 8. If that's seen as being controlling, uh, so be it!!!

    She's always been the primary breadwinner and I think she realized she always would be.

    For those of us who "fall in love with the bad boys" eventually we come to see the light or the light brains us in the head.

    Everyday I realize that well or sick, up or down, good or bad, like it or not, I too will be the primary support, nurturer, caregiver, etc. for my own kids. Many, many Moms in this world who love their kids will do the exact same thing. Rain or shine or snow or whatever, we'll be making sure our kids are taken care of. We'll also be eternally thankful for our the Higher Power that we know is in our corner, along with friends who will watch our backs and offer hugs.

    Can't wait to see more info on the Fashion Show!!! Looking forward to that post, Baby Mama!!!!

  21. So what is the big bru-ha-ha over Kate tweeting photo of Maddie in heels. I know of very few kids anywhere who don't try on Mama's heels from time to time. It's like a rite of passage for girls. It's not a big deal. Can't figure out why anybody made it a big deal. Somebody explain it to me?

  22. Hello everyone! Missed you all, was out but now I'm back! Needing some fresh paper! I love the photos of Kate so much, Im posting them now. Please come over and comment on the new thread. xo And as always, I appreciate your love and support of this site!