Friday, August 10, 2012

E! Online Discusses Possible Kate Gosselin Dating Show. Kate Looks Amazing At Bloggers Conference

E! Kate Gosselin is putting herself out there again—and how! The divorced mother of eight has signed up to do a dating show and is in the process of looking for a network to televise her quest for love, E! News has exclusively learned. "She is ready to get back into the dating game," a source tells us. "She is ready to find love again and to move on from her past. She's excited, this is a chance to start something new."
"She finds it hard to meet men in her day to day life," the source continued, "and so a dating show will give her exactly the help she needs. She is willing to travel around the country in order to meet Mr. Right." They could call it The Amazing Kate!
Gosselin, hubby Jon and their eight kids spent five seasons on cable together, then Kate went it alone (not counting the children, of course) on Kate Plus 8 for another two seasons and appeared on Dancing With the Stars in 2010. She remains a household name, but the 37-year-old celeb has been out of the limelight for about a year. Now might be just the right time for a comeback, though.
"She looks fantastic," our source adds, "and she's in a really great space. She's in fantastic shape because of all her marathon training, this feels like the right time for her." Sure enough, you eligible bachelors out there, you better be fit if you plan to keep up with Kate—she ran a half-marathon in San Diego, Calif., last month and a 3-mile "mini marathon" in Chicago.

Kate Gosselin flaunts sleek runner's physique at blogger conference Reality TV star Kate Gosselin showed off her toned runner's legs while making an appearance at the BlogHer 2012 conference in New York City on Aug. 3. Gosselin, 37, was at the event to promote the website CouponCabin, for which she blogs and races. Kate, who completed a three-mile run in Chicago last month on behalf of CouponCabin, will participate in a 5K race in September to benefit the Special Olympics and has hinted she may run the New York City Marathon this fall.
The previously sedentary Kate, who never worked out regularly until 2006, has dramatically reshaped her body since she began running in 2008. Just two years later, the blonde mom of eight, who once couldn't run for more than five minutes without stopping, soon began logging 5-10 miles a day.
She has since completed her first full marathon in under five hours and set a personal best time in the half-marathon. As her running and physique dramatically improved, Gosselin has emerged as a fitness role model for women and moms across the country. "I never set out to encourage people directly (to run), but I just started tweeting and blogging about my experiences, and I think it's given people--especially moms and women--the encouragement they needed," she has said.
Kate never imagined she'd be able to cover the distances she now does, and says she teaches lessons in perseverance to her kids with her running. "I want them to remember this moment, when their mom completed a marathon, knowing that nothing in life should stop them from attaining their goals," she said..


  1. Good idea not topmost about crybaby and stay positive. I am so happy Kate and kids got to go on a beach vacation. They love the beach. I so miss their show. I can't even bring myself to turn on The Ludicrous Channel any more. hony Boo Boo just gives me such a bad feeling. I respect her parents right to make that decision but feel so bad for the kid and for a society that condones it

  2. Tasha-I agree with you. Maybe the family thinks they're in on the joke, but TLC is clearly mocking them.

    I am not comfortable with the dating show idea. Maybe it can be done as part of divorced mom building a new life but not a Bachelorette type of cattle call. Problem is that TV wants drama.

  3. Good Morning!
    Kate's looking great. I hope they're having a fun vacation--I'm so happy for them.

    I would have loved to see Twist of Kate work out
    and if the dating show can be done tastefully, according to Kate's standards, it might work.

    The new show you're talking about, Tashapork,
    is sad. Even the kids shook their heads and I especially don't like the previews where she's talking about a dollar--why on earth is a child saying that?

    I miss Kate+8 too. Have been watching reruns though. It would have been great to have a special at least once a year.

    Thanks for the great new post,BabyMama--Hope you're doing well.

    Also wishing everyone well. xoxo

  4. Has anyone seen the ad for the latest TLC show, the conjoined twins who share only one body with two heads? They seem nice and amazingly normal, but it does seem to indicate that TLC is going down the carnival sideshow mentality of exploiting people again.

  5. I am considering watching Abby and Britney's show because I saw their special a few years back when TLC was a real Learning Channel. They and their family seemed really well rounded and interesting like the kinds of families Ludicrous Channel seems to be phasing out. Having said that, who knows how they'll spin the show and that can be concerning. To me thats along the lines of showing LPBW it helps people see that they are just like you and I and be more comfortable with a difference or K+8 where you see people living a different life than yours. In theory, I am not opposed to a show about polygamy, except for the fact that since polygamy is illegal, I feel putting kids on that show to promote changing said laws which is the agenda is exploiting them. Its like having a show about smoking pot and the kids will always be known as kids of criminals since they are on with their parents smoking pot where its illegal. Also while the Browns seem like nice enough people, they always seem so unhappy, so it doesn't promote their lifestyle, to me it reccommends against it.
    I wish the cable and satellite companies would add a feature, I wish you could make a list of shows you can't stand, and if they happen to come on, the tv automatically changes the channel.

  6. Hi all. Thanks for the new post Baby Mama.

    Corrina, I miss K+8 also.

    I'm confused over the dating show thing with Kate. Part of the gossip says Kate will only be hosting and other gossip says it's about Kate herself dating. Who knows?

    For those of you who are emailing me, thanks for your support. I'm a strong woman and can weather most storms thanks to my faith and my friends.

    I'll be reading but mostly not commenting for at least a few more weeks. Heading to NY next week to watch my precious one's opening (no, not on Broadway but she's having a ball and super pleased with the part she got. ) I must admit, I'm ready to have her back at home 'cause it's just too quiet without my little noisemaker.

    Miss you Baby Mama ... one day we'll have a nice long chat.
    Hugs to all, xoxoxoxo!

  7. Hello everyone! Nothin like some fresh paper to get you excited about chatting again. I've been very disappointed in the shows TLC is having on. I'm sad to think anyone could comment about conjoined twins. It's sad and sometimes disturbing to see at first. While I applaud the channel for taking leaps with all situations, that is something I couldn't watch. Honey BooBoo and her crazy fame is another one. People spent years attacking Kate, and if you do the math that woman was 15 when she had her first kid. That to me is sick..

    Again with the shows I see down the pike, its making me miss shows like Kate Plus 8 even more. WHY exactly do we need to see yet ANOTHER different family with 19+ kids? So they could compete with the Duggars? I'm telling you, theres not a show on TLC now that I can stomach. And that's saying alot for shows like "I didn't know I was pregnant". They need to get some better shows on that site for the Fall or they won't have any viewers left! Lol

    Linda miss chatting with you. STAY STRONG and know we're all here sending you lots of strength and positivity & love! Xo and hi to all! Xo

  8. Linda, sending you huge hugs filled with lots and lots of positive energy!

    I haven't watched TLC in so long that I don't have a clue except what I read on this & Ziggy's blogs about what is on TLC! Once Kate +8 was off the air, I didn't go back. I don't have time for all the negative drama that they insist on showing.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! This morning before it got too hot, my son came over & helped me clear off my patio so the painters can paint the back of my condo. I don't envy the painters working in 100 + temperatures this week! I prefer to stay inside with my A/C working on my latest quilt project!

    Baby Mama, enjoying the fresh paper! Thanks!

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  10. One thing I am liking about modern technology is the ability to skip over, delete, blocke, etc. Makes my day to have the choice not to listen to it. Its why I try to avoid the political phone calls.
    Has anyone else noticed that this summer has flown by with lightning speed faster than usual? I am sure it has for Kate also, soon she'll be back to very early mornings

  11. TLC features lifestyles of different people and their families. I don't like how they're portraying Honey Boo Boo's family..

    I can't wait for Long Island Medium to come back.on TV.

    Linda, I hope everything works out for you.

    BTW, a dollah wont make me hollah, but $1,000 might. LOL

  12. Pretty pathetic when I have to block people for making hateful comments about the kids. Kate shared an adorable little quintrain poem that Mady wrote about the hair salon and it triggered hatefest. Sad.
    I hope everyone is enjoying what's left of summer and that the kids are having a smooth bts exmperience

  13. Hello everyone! I'm so happy that the Summer is coming to a close and Fall is coming. There was so much going on I really needed a little break! The blogging world has been so quiet I hope that picks up. Come back and that. I didnt even know Preesi got rid of her hate site! Another one bit the dust! yay!

    Ziggy I actually met The Long Island Medium recently at of all places the Pandora jewelry store She is super tiny & blond in person and very sweet!

    On to to some well deserved fresh paper. Prayers to those that have been going though alot this Summer, Im still as always just an e-mail away if you ever need to chat.