Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kate Gosselin Finishes Chicago Marathon In Less Than 30 minutes! Gosselin Summer Plans

Kate Gosselin Runs Chicago MinMarathon, Finishes 184th

Kate Gosselin ran the Rock 'n' Roll Mini Marathon in Chicago on Sunday with her Coupon Cabin co-workers. The mother of eight finished the three-mile race in 29 minutes, 54 seconds.

An avid runner, Gosselin referred to the event as a “fun run” and a good way for her to spend some time with her co-workers. Kate, 37, finished 184th out of 1,126 total runners and 94th out of the 763 women running. Oddly, Kate's hometown on the marathon's official website is listed as Beverly Hills, California. Is there something you're not telling us, Kate???

EXAMINER.COM: Former reality TV star Kate Gosselin, who recently completed her first full marathon, will run a 5K race in Wyomissing, Pa., this fall to benefit the Special Olympics.

In a radio interview with Y102 (Reading, Pa.) hosts Scott St. John and Jackie Hoffman, Gosselin revealed she has a stacked schedule in the coming months. "I do a lot of different runs, and what better run to do than a local one that benefits a great cause?" Kate said of the Y102 'Yes I Can' 5K, which takes place in Grings Mill park in Wyomissing, Pa., on Sept. 8.
Gosselin, who set a personal best time at the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll half-marathon last month, says anyone can become a runner if they try.The mom of eight, who had never worked out regularly until 2006, is in the best shape of her life now, thanks to daily runs and strength-training. When she started, Kate, 37, couldn't run for more than five minutes at a time. She slowly built up her stamina and speed, working up to an hour daily on the treadmill, and then began running outdoors in June 2010.
"I believe in pushing yourself, pushing your goals, pushing what you think is possible," says Gosselin. "People need to give themselves a chance and really put forth the effort. "Honestly, I never set out to encourage people directly (to run), but I just started tweeting and blogging about my experiences, and I think it's given people--especially moms and women--the encouragement they needed."Kate never imagined she'd be able to cover the distances she now does, and underscored that anyone can become fit if they're committed. "Nobody's born a runner," she says. "You walk, you run for two minutes...you build up slowly and then you realize, 'Oh my gosh, I did it!' "
These days, Gosselin sometimes runs with her kids, some of whom have become running enthusiasts because of her daily regimen. "Any parent that's a runner, you wind up with a few [kids] that are interested in it," says Kate. "I'm very into nutrition and fitness, so the kids and I started running together. They are very encouraging to me. They used to ask me when they got off the school bus, 'How many miles did you run?' It really helps to have a group of people encouraging you."
While Gosselin wouldn't reveal exactly which races she'll participate in (could the NYC Marathon be in the cards?), she has a full schedule this fall, including a full marathon, a 1/2 marathon and a 10k race, all within a four-week period. "If you make the time to exercise or run, it is possible (to get in shape)," she says. "People shouldn't give up on themselves." Check out more information on the Y102 'Yes I Can' 5k here or listen to the entire radio interview here.

Kate Gosselin's Kids Keeping Busy This Summer: Gather.com

Kate Gosselin's eight children are keeping busy this summer. Maddy, Cara, Alexis, Hannah, Colin, Joel, Leah, and Aaden haven't been lounging around the house, according to their mom's Twitter account.
Kate says her children have had a busy, yet fun summer so far, and it's been full of activity. This week, the Gosselin eight were occupied with going to the orthodontist, as Kate revealed one of her kids has gotten braces, and vacation Bible school.
Gosselin has always been a very hands on mother, and making sure her children have plenty of interesting, and fun, activities to do is just one of her goals.
Meanwhile, Kate has been busy herself. The former reality TV mom has been working for coupon cabin, and continues to focus on her health. Gosselin is an avid runner, and runs nearly every day, in addition to eating healthy.
It looks like Kate Gosselin's kids are having a fun and happy summer. Hopefully, they continue to enjoy their break from school when they're in the custody of their father, Jon Gosselin, as well.


  1. Nice post, Baby Mama!

    I think it is fantastic that Kate is supporting so many charities by participating in their runs. She's looking fantastic!

    I couldn't get over the "dark ones" going on about how she's forcing the kids to watch old shows and not letting them rest. Hello??? Anybody who is a parent knows that you've got to keep them busy and active. I'm sure they also have times that are quiet but one of the best things about summer is the outdoor activities.

    Great going Kate! Keep up the good work!

    Happy summer to all of you. XOXO

  2. Great post BabyMama. Thank you.
    It was nice to hear Kate's radio interview. The hosts were great too. I look forward to getting Kate's next book and her cookbook. She's one busy woman!!

    I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

  3. Hello Everyone! I love it when Kate does radio spots! I told her though that she's gettin to be a true northerner...You all talk so fast! LOL

    She's got that 5k comin up tomorrow in Chicago! Oh how I would have loved to be there and attempt to walk that with Kate and other supporters! Didn't happen...previous commitments and busy summer schedule already made far in advance prevented me from makin that happen.

    One day, I'm gonna meet this great gal though! So I continue to wish and hope for the best for Kate! I know she sure wants to get more work. School coming up....big expenses there sending 8 kids to private school and all the clothes, school supplies etc. times 8! Whew...hate to see her monthly expenses! Alot of responsibility on Kate for sure!

  4. To my fellow commenter, thanks for the heads up about the troll post. While there may not be zillions of comments at present, this is not the place for nasty comments about Kate, and it never will be. Your comment has been removed to spam. Have a nice day.

  5. Hey lovies! What did I miss? Aww see I miss stupid trolls coming to visit. It's been too long and I was ready to get the fangs out. US Weekly has a funny new article about Kate. But I don't believe it to be true so I didnt post it. But here:


    Kate Gosselin is putting herself out there again—and how!
    The divorced mother of eight has signed up to do a dating show and is in the process of looking for a network to televise her quest for love, E! News has exclusively learned.

    "She is ready to get back into the dating game," a source tells us. "She is ready to find love again and to move on from her past. She's excited, this is a chance to start something new."

    "She finds it hard to meet men in her day to day life," the source continued, "and so a dating show will give her exactly the help she needs. She is willing to travel around the country in order to meet Mr. Right." They could call it The Amazing Kate! Gosselin, hubby Jon and their eight kids spent five seasons on cable together, then Kate went it alone (not counting the children, of course) on Kate Plus 8 for another two seasons and appeared on Dancing With the Stars in 2010.

    She remains a household name, but the 37-year-old celeb has been out of the limelight for about a year. Now might be just the right time for a comeback, though. "She looks fantastic," our source adds, "and she's in a really great space. She's in fantastic shape because of all her marathon training, this feels like the right time for her." Sure enough, you eligible bachelors out there, you better be fit if you plan to keep up with Kate—she ran a half-marathon in San Diego, Calif., last month and a 3-mile "mini marathon" in Chicago yesterday.

  6. Tasha...I so agree with you!! How I would love to see Kate and the kids again! They were a part of our weekly TV watching for years. It's like they were growin up with us.

    So wish something would come Kate's way so she can get back to workin in the media again and long term we would see some family updates at least!!

    The critics always said they would support any endeavor Kate did without the kids...well, obviously they lied about that! The relentless harsh, unfair nasty comments continue. I continue to marvel at her ability to see whatever life throws at her...the galss is "half full"!!

    Sayin hello to all of ya! Wow, we're almost up on August...where did the summer go!!

  7. Just cruising the blogs ladies. I haven't been here in a while but I promise to stop by more frequently.

  8. Good to see you ladies!! Sure have missed everyone.

    Kate +8 is scheduled tone on ar 8am CDT tomorrow on Discovery fit & health. It's a rerun but that's okay with me.

  9. Correction-- Kate +8 is scheduled to be on at 8am..... guess it's too late 4me2b typing. GM for now.

  10. Hello everyone! Missed you Corrina! How is everyone's Summer going? Can you believe it's already August? Thank you for letting me know about the show being on. I swear, if I hear one more hater cackling about Kate not being on Dancing With The Stars I'm gonna lose it. One more sad person hoping to see someone fail so they can make fun of her. I guess it's dammed if you do and damned if you don't.

    Promise to have a new post up soon. The pro blogs have been quiet, would live to get them going again. Please say hi I've missed you all! Xo

  11. I probably won't watch Dancing with the Stars, the people I wanted weren't picked and the Palin effect turns me off big time. I wonder if John Mccain realizes what he's unleashed on us. LOL
    Speaking of Jons, Jon Gosselin is at it again on the whine. He can't pay his support and is afraid he's jailbound. Rather than getting a second job, (or maybe a first if he lost his), cutting his expenses and trying to work with the courts about his expenses, his answer is to whine to the gossip papers and complain about Kate's considering dating shows. I translate that to mean he's jealous and wants a dating show of his own. He has no concept of the idea that his child support has nothing to do with how much Kate makes, only how much he makes and what HIS responsibility is to his kids. It makes me remember the Utah episode and someone asking him if he wanted to stay there and him laughing that he couldn't afford the child support. Well well here he goes.

  12. Tasha. I'm sorry Jon has no money and is in danger of losng his house. I couldn't figure out how he got a loan in the first place given his job history.

  13. Dont most people haveto have longterm gainful employment to get a loan???

    I'm obviously too grumpy to be here. Goodnight all. :)

  14. He's saying he can't pay rent, not a mortgage, so I am assuming he couldn't get a loan or chose not to. He probably has tons of debts from his high on the hog days though.

  15. I smell some fresh paper around the corner with the aroma of Hershey's chocolate kisses in honor of high class Kate. ROL says that Kate's divorce attorney made this comment.
    "I read Jon’s statement on RadarOnline.com and was quite surprised to read that he claims to be struggling to keep his child support payments current. As of April 27, 2012, Kate voluntarily relieved Jon of all current and future child support obligations for their eight children," she said.
    Later she added that he did have money still owed prior to that that he is making small payments on and that Kate does not harbor hard feelings for him or want his kids to see him in financial straights. What an awesome lady. All I can say is that Jon needs therapy, I hope he gets it, not from these fad money makers, but the "old fashioned way".

  16. I can see Jon celebrating his 50th birthday and whining about still needing to find & relive his 20s! How long does it take to relive one's 20s? I would have to say he appears to be stuck in his teens if one goes by his current behavior and shows no signs of ever growing up. It's really sad!

  17. Sadly, I fear Jon may spend his 50th birthday in regret that instead of enjoying what he had, he was chasing a fantasy that can never be real. His kids will be grown, the gal toys will see him as a has been and he'll be alone. He can get his life together now if he makes that choice, but I agree with you Freespirit, he shows no signs of growing up

  18. Good Morning!!
    I have to wonder why Jon is so fixated on losing his 20's anyway. If he had "lost" them, he wouldn't have made it to his "30's". Lol. I got married at 19 and it never crossed my mind that I lost my 20's.
    He's stuck in a mindset that will eventually have him saying he missed his "30's". Hope he gets a grip and starts being thankful for those precious kids and good health and even each new day.

  19. I thought Jon changed a little. Of course I was WRONG. Why would a grown man who was working at time complain about child support?

  20. MsGoody-Because nothing is ever Jon's fault, in his eyes. Everything bad that happens to him, he blames on Kate. All of the factors he listed as excuses for not paying support apply to Kate as well. She isn't making money at the rate that they did when the show was on so, if she is living better than Jon, even with her being the almost sole support of those kids, is because she's been prudent with the money they earned during their high earnings period in terms of investment and spending. Jon went through an immense amount of money during his search for his lost twenties. If he had rented or even bought a house near his children and go to NYC only if there was actual work there, he'd have had a lot more modest cost of living than he did in Manhattan.

  21. Behavior always reflects attitude. If Jon is going to change his life he has to change his attitudes. He has to see that he's responsible with his life and no one else. If that was his attitude he'd conduct himself differently as Peggy suggests. He would have used some of his money to perhaps start up a business or go to school. He'd be out there pounding the pavement for opportunities instead of selling sob stories. Kate on the other hand has had the attitude that she was going to have to pretty much singlehandedly support her family on her own, so she's made choices accordingly. They may be different choices than others would make, but nonetheless they are based on her attitudes. Unless Jon is angling for a spot on a show called the Deadbeat Dad's Club. LOL
    I have no hate for Jon and would feel pretty bad for him if he would learn when to zip it. His kids need him, but sadly his choices don't always seem in their best interests. Having said that, I am thankful that his kids have life a whole lot better than the ones who really need worrying over. The abused, neglected, foster kids, kids growing up in the chaos of alcohol and drug addiction in the home etc.

  22. tashapork - the thing is, I sadly fear Jon will never know/learn when to "zip it." He was a spendthrift when they were married (thus the allowance), and had the same problems when they separated. That was a potful of money he got then and it went through his fingers like water. I do not hate Jon and I naively keep hoping it will change for him, and each time he makes one of his apologies/"I have seen the light" statements, I believe it again. Each time, I get disappointed again. Thank God that Kate knew enough to bank and save to provide for later times.

    Amazing that Kate just keeps getting better looking! I look at Jon and want to cry ... he doesn't look well at all. And now he's saying he'd take a reality show again if it were the "right" one. Uh, I think he'd have an incredible time getting any tv offer with his work history. Given his work history in everything, I can understand why jobs aren't coming in. Look, when they separated and he was looking for a tv show, I though of several that might work for him and event sent them to casting/agents via Twitter so I'm not trying to keep him out of work ... perhaps WORK is the key word with which Jon has issues. If I had 8 kids to support, I'd be digging ditches, directing traffic, applying for IT jobs, anything that was legal to bring in an income.

  23. Agree completely LindaO. This has been a further major disappointment with Jon. You can never trust anything that comes out of his mouth.

    Kate is a saint...restrains herself much more than I could regardin all of this! I'm totally fed up w/men who forsake their financial obligations to their children! Forget his bein any kind of a role model or father figure...he can't even afford the lunch money he was providing!

    Kate amazes me how she continues on...continues to find ways to provide for her kids. She recently stated that her RNR Runs are sponsored...so apparently all expenses are paid and she gets a fee for being there, supportin the event and promoting the charity they represent. Apparently she is deliverin the goods as they continue to have her scheduled for 3 or 4 more runs this year!

    Even her CouponCabin blogger job required her appearance at herBlog12 to man a booth for them...it's not all fun and games...hard work...lots of greeting, meeting folks...promoting the site...on her feet all day long...havin to look her best as their rep! Kate shows she has what it takes...a good work ethic and willingness to do whatever to care for her family!

  24. My daddy use to say a man should be willing to shovel sh-t for $2 hour to feed his family. Jon won't do that. He'd rather whine about Kate having money and wanting him to go to jail for non payment of child support.

  25. Hey everyone! Kisses to you all. I had a few posts I was going to put with Jon on them, but I was tired about hearing how broke he is.. I thought the guy got a job? I decided to keep it positive and about Kate. I hope you come to the other post and comment there. You guys have continued to be supportive and I always appreciate that.

    I'm blessed for the past 4 years to have met you though Kate. I continue here to be supportive of all strong women. And to always know I have this blog to come home to.. I hope you feel the same. Suggestions for a better site are always appreciated! So on to some seriously needed FRESH PAPER. Scent of the day.. my freshly baked bread..my mom made.lol