Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jon Says "Im Sorry" To Kate Via People, To Little To Late? G8Kate: 1 Woman's Perspective

Jon Gosselin to Kate: I'm Sorry..

Jon Gosselin to Kate: I'm Sorry | Jon Gosselin
Jon Gosselin
Bobby Bank/WireImage Three years after his headline making,acrominious divorce, Jon Gosselin says he and Kate are getting along now – and he's sorry for the way he behaved post-split, he tells PEOPLE in a new interview. 

"I am sorry, because I did stuff I wouldn't want done to me," he says, referring to the steady stream of women he dated after their split. 

He also accepts his share of responsibility for the divorce. "I was passive-aggressive," he says. "Then I'd get mad, but I was the one who wasn't communicating." Now, he says, times have changed. 

"I'll call [Kate] up and say, 'Mady's sick. What do I do?' And she'll tell me," he says. "She's a great Mom. We just have different parenting styles." 

Gosselin, 35, moved back to Berks County, Pa., in 2011 after two years of bouncing around the country. He recently took a new job as director of sales and promotions for Gameface Int. and started dating single mom Liz Jannetta, 27. Time – and therapy – has given him a different perspective on things, he says. 

"I used to talk Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (Michael Jackson's rabbi) a lot when I lived in New York," he says. "He said, 'There are two things you can do with your fame – sell out or take it and use it for good.' I didn't grasp that at the time." 

Now he does. Which is why he says he'd consider a return to the entertainment world, but only for the right gig. 

"I've been offered a lot of stuff," he says. "Crazy stuff. It wasn't the right fit, then or now. I don't want [my kids] thinking I take every show just to make a buck." 

For more on Jon's new life, and his new girlfriend, pick up this week's issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

The "G8Kate" By Kellie at

The crowd of runners in this race is huge (1,700!), and they all kind of blend together at certain points, but I was able to pick out Kate. God bless that woman for the sheer fact she has the stamina to do this race. It's on the top 10 list of hardest small town races in the country, with a killer hill at the end. She was holding her own in that race -- not just using her celebrity, she was using her muscles and sweat.
Kate waves to me & my twins-plus-one!
On her left is NYC marathon champ Rod Dixon, who invited her to the race.
Kate appeared at Dixon's KidsMarathon children's race event 
on the previous day with her brood.
We cheered her on twice, on her way by and then later on her way back as she headed toward that final evil point called Gallows Hill. She didn't just blindly wave, but totally made a point to seek out our faces when she heard our cheering, and smiled and waved both times. And here in small town Connecticut where celebrities are commonplace and this race is really about running -- not reality TV -- those sitting nearby didn't even give her a second glance. 

Big Girl was thrilled to see someone who she has watched on TV for a while, which made the adventure worth it. And I was inspired to see her run, believe it or not -- as someone who would like to get in shape, it's always good to find a little inspiration somewhere, especially from Kate, who once said that moms "get a pass" on their appearances until all their young children are in school. That one statement took a lot of my "the twins are 2 and I still have baby weight and feel unfashionable" guilt away when I read it last year. Thank you, Kate!


  1. Great post Baby Mama.

    I am very proud of Jon. In the past Jon would say he was sorry or he was regretful but never identified what he was sorry for. I always thought he was paying lip service. After reading this interview, I think Jon now understands his role in what happened and is showing a level of maturity that was missing before.

    The haters will still hate Kate; however, Kate was always honest in her role and worked hard to become a better person. I appreciated her honesty and saw her as a role model for many. I am very happy to see Jon moving in this direction and hope all the best for him.

  2. I am glad that Jon seems to be communicating better with Kate. One of the best things a kid can have is two active involved parents. They don't have to live together, but they do need to be a united front to support them. I really think something is up behind the scenes or there wouldn't be the press coverage. Its just a feeling I have. I for one wouldn't mind seeing a reality show about a blended family. Breaching one's contract, however may come back to bite a certain someone in the butt.
    I do agree that the haters will still hate. They will find some way to twist a positive into a negative, maybe even going back to hating Jon. I wouldn't doubt it for a minute, they even hate me for pointing out facts and saying something positive about her and her family and they don't even know me. It just makes for a negative life for them, not for me.

  3. Time will tell, but I continue to hope for a growth in maturity on Jon's part. Sometimes it's like waiting for the other shoe to drop. Hopefully their communication will continue to grow which can only provide strength for the kids.

    Nice post Baby Mama. Miss you. Xoxoxoxo. (Guess where I am? Waiting for son to fly home.)

  4. This is the first time that Jon's said he's sorry that he shows any awareness of what exactly he was supposed to be sorry about. I'd love to see some acknowledgement of his role in making her life hell by giving aid and comfort to the haters. It will be interesting to see how the haters respond.

  5. Hi all. I had to chuckle today as people are forwarding to me copies of the ramped up protests of the haters.

    Many things change in life ... people grow up ... change their perspective ... get beyond a divorce ... and go on with life. One thing seems to remain constant. The hate of the Kate haters. They seem to be locked in the same stuck phase they were in 5 years ago ranting about things Kate said some 9 years ago. I'd say, "Get a life you haters" but obviously that will never happen. Really sad. It's like the only things they have in life are their hate feelings.

  6. Thanks for posting the link to my post on Kate and her CT race!

    And I'm glad to see the news about Jon. It's all good!

  7. You're so right about the haters--it's been going on for a ridiculously long time. Plus they bully Kate's fans. Their hate is all-consuming.

    I hope Jon is sincere and enjoys his job. It will be the best for the children.

    Kellie--It was fun to read your post about Kate.

  8. I hope the Gosselins have a happy 4th of July, Thats one of their favorites. They are at an age where they can understand its meaning more. Makes me want to see their reruns or even better, a new special. A gal can dream, right. We are having horrible fires. Not good for those with asthma or lung issues even here. I pray that no one else loses a home,

  9. Hi all -- MIA again here. Issues I wont go on about here.

    I wonder if the G's (K + kids) will celebrate with the flags again. The 4th is certainly a great day for making homemade ice cream and celebrating with family and friends. Our neighborhood is doing it's annual kids' parade and then potluck with families. All the kids decorate their tricycles, bicycles, scooters, or wagons. the street gets blocked to traffic. The kids have a big parade with all getting a big ribbon/trophy then we share a potluck and ice cream. Wish you could all come join us 'cause we have a whale of a good time. Our neighborhood association puts flags in yards of everybody (smaller ones similar to Kate's) as well as driveway entrances. What a way to celebrate the birth of our country (those who live in U.S.)

    Are there national summertime celebrations in CAN, South America, or Europe? I remember Bastille Day (mid July in France) but can't think of others. I guess London is ramping up for their Olympics opening at the end of July.

    Hope all are having a wonderful Summer!!

  10. Linda!! I'm so happy to see you! Ive missed you all so much! I'm so happy to see everyone still interested and still blogging. I'm trying to put up some new Kate events and I wanted to know if anyone has heard of anything coming down the pike. Maybe Ziggy knows. Always want to continue the love and support.

    Will try to get a new post up by the end of this weekend. Major busy today and tomorrow but I love you all and been thinking about you. Linda thanks for the nice note. I love hearing about the kids! xo

  11. Linda, I wish we were there too. Looks like the fireworks are being cancelled here and as dry as it is with all the fires, its how it needs to be. I am hoping as Jon and Kate are getting along better that maybe they can do some things together with the kids. Just a dream , I know.

  12. Tashapork - Sorry about missing fireworks - just hope the fires stay away from you. I feel such empathy for Colorado.

    Baby Mama - Missed you too!

  13. Linda, fireworks are fun, but we are just thankful to not be missing our home. 345 families are and that's just from one of the fires. Pappy will be happy without them anyway. I'd like a nice long rain shower in their place, but it doesn't look like its happening. I just hope the less than smart people who think laws don't apply to them and that they have a god given right to light them don't cause any serious problems. One big fire we had a couple of years ago was caused by someone lighing a campfire where they shouldn't have and thinking it was out all the way when it wasn't.

  14. My daughter lives in Denver and I have many friends who live in Fort Collins all the way down the Front Range to Colorado Springs & they have been sending me pictures & updates. The pictures make me hard to see the damage done by the fires. I lived just north of Denver in the Boulder & Longmont area for 15 years (1995-2010) and I never saw such destruction by fire. My heart goes out to all those who have lost so much! They are all in my prayers!

  15. Freespirit, I agree, there's never been anything like this. The weather has changed in the last twenty years that I've lived here. Its much hotter and dryer, and we have mountains with trees, not deserts so the fires are horrible. Oh well, other places are dealing with hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes. All you can do is pray and be careful. I hope all of your friends are safe.

  16. So far my friends are safe even though the ones close to the Fort Collins fire were on alert and had time to pack several trailers in case they needed to leave. My Colorado Springs live on the east side of town and were ok. I used to hike up on Flagstaff Mountain all the time when I lived in Boulder & it makes me so sad to know the landscape is no longer the same. I know what you mean about the weather changes! I went to high school in Manitou Springs and remember what the weather was like in the late 1950's & early 60's and was so surprised to find it so much hotter & dryer than I had remembered when I moved back to Colorado in 1995. The US has suffered from some nasty weather over the past few years especially in the south & eastern part of the country...I guess it was Colorado's turn. Am praying this is the worse of it for this summer.

  17. It gets to be a small world. A zillion years ago I lived in Colorado Springs (2nd - 4th grades.) We still have family friends in the CO area and I worry about all of you. I'm very empathetic in that the area of FL where we lives we had both fires and hurricanes. Both are scary but I think fires are worse; you never know when it is going to shift. At least with a hurricane you have days of warning to get the heck out.

    I wish we could send you some of our afternoon rains from thunderstorms. In the last week we've had 103 and 104 degree days. Many would like to blame global warming in last few years except they forget we had weeks of 103-106 days back in the late 1960s. It just seems to run in cycles.

    Please stay safe. Listen to the safety officials who tell you to keep a suitcase packed as a "just in case." If you are asked to evacuate please do it. Things can eventually be replaced but not people. My heart goes out to all of you in that area. All the rest of us can do is say prayers for you. xoxox

  18. *** apparently I can't proofread. Sorry, I meant to say "where we lived" as in past tense, not "lives" as in present tense. I'm inputing via Dragon Speak and I don't always catch what it misses. Oh well, gives the haters something to talk about that is so trivial. Better to pick on my grammar error than the Gosselins.

  19. Hi Linda! I read your comment and didn't even notice a typo. I make a lot of those myself. :)

    I sure hope nobody shoots off fireworks where they're banned this year. And Tashapork, I'm praying for rain for you and all those suffering drought conditions. Also praying for those who may still not have power yet after recent storms. I watch the reports from Colorado and it's just heartbreaking to see so many homes wiped out--and all the trees! Then there are places that have flooding--
    what a crazy summer this is. I dream of Jon and Kate having a fun 4th with the kids too. Brings back memories of when they stayed at the beach house over the 4th. They had so much fun.

    Freespirit--I hope and pray that your daughter and friends are safe and not in the path of the fires.

  20. Thanks, Corrina. So far they are ok. I understand that the Flagstaff fire by Boulder is now 90 precent contained & that's the closest one to my daughter. My friends are no longer on alert so that's good.

    I agree, I hope people will use common sense where the fireworks have been banned. I have never bought any myself but loving watching the big displays put on by local organizations.

    It seems like we have had a number of bad years weather-wise for the past few years. I don't know about anyone else but I'm so ready to take a break from hearing about, seeing & living through bad weather & the damage/heartache it brings!

  21. Corrina - they just like to rag on anybody pro Kate or pro Jon either.

    Freespirit - Glad your daughter is safe! I sure agree with you about the weather.

  22. Wishing everyone a fun-filled safe 4th of July!

  23. Happy 4th of July!! God Bless our great Nation!

    freespirit--So thankful to hear your daughter and friends are safe!! Sure wish that area could get some rain.

    Linda--Heaven help those who have nothing better to do than to make an issue of a mere typo!

  24. My apologies all. I'm falling down on the job deleting those annoying advertising spam bots from Tech 101. At least today's are gone now.

    Thanks all and a very Happy 4th of July to all of you in the good ole US of A!

    I just love driving around and seeing all the patriotic flags in yards. Our kids are busy decorating bikes, trikes, and wagons for the parade this afternoon. Somewhere the DH found red, white, and blue tiaras for the girls to wear. I'm not sure whether they are being the Statue of Liberty like, or patriotic princesses but they're having a grand time. Cupcakes are almost out of the oven. Wish you were here to share one. Our job was to make cupcakes for the whole neighborhood so there are tons of them.

    Happy 4th!!!

  25. Linda--Sounds like you have a great day planned!
    Those tiaras sound so cute! I can almost smell those cupcakes! Wishing I were there too! Have fun!

  26. No need to be sendin any "southern sunshine" to anyone! Whew...summer has been in overdrive around most of the country! Been ridiculously hot...hubby fried an egg on his truck hood the other day! For real!

    Sorry I haven't been around as much...busy, busy with life. I'm having my own family to deal with...but now I'm primary go-to gal for my mom and my 92yr old aunt. We are also in the fostering "dogs on death row" 13yr old has suddenly emerged as a major animal advocate! She has dutifully saved 5 dogs that were about to be euthanized....3 have been placed in homes and we have two here now we are training/socializing and getting ready to adopt them out!

    As if I didn't have enough to do around here! Health stinks as usual...but we don't give that any attention...moving along now....

    Only thing I know that Kate has coming up is that gig in Chicago weekend of July 22nd I believe bein promoted by CouponCabin. She will do a 5k race and some other events for them I gather.

    I saw a disappointing recent pic of Jon with his new girlfriend out partying with friends...she had a drink and a cigarette in her hand and they all looked a bit "under".

    So keep us posted on your end BabyMama! You need to share a little...what on earth are you up to work wise lady??

  27. Ugh - Haven't been able to get the post to publish. I type, hit publish, and it gets lost in cyberspace. So, trying again today.

    Is anybody else frustrated by the nasty blogger on Gather? (Not Elle the nice one.) One of her lastest headlines and rants is about is Kate Gosselin now a total lush? all because Kate tweeted about trying all bars - referring clearly to breakfast bars and the healthy bars like people eat after running or in lieu of breakfast. Not until her last line does she say "or it was about bars you eat" or something to that effect.

    That is just pure slander. I really wish Kate would take their yokels down a peg or two. Carol Burnett got millions after suing the tabloids for saying she was drunk in a Washington DC restaurant and fell on Henry Kissenger when she'd never met him and had nothing to drink alcoholic in the restaurant. It took years of lawsuits but she kept right on pursuing it.

    It Kate's case it's just vile and mean.

    firedup - it surely is hot here also. I have no comment about Jon.

  28. WELL HEELLOOOO EVERYONE! I was kinda bummed when the fan blogs got quiet. I took a bit of a sabbatical, but that doesn't mean in any way than I'm not here still supporting Kate, or not the number one fan mama. Just that everyone needs to take the time they need to live their lives to the fullest in the best way possible. I hope that you will come say hi on the new page and continue to support strong women. Gone is the stale bread. The scent is yummy and waiting for you. ;)