Friday, June 8, 2012

Gosselin Fan Site Still loyal Than Ever! Kate's San Diego Marathon, Can Kate Get A New Reality Show? Jon's Inside Edition Interview

Hello Gosselin fans! Yes Baby Mama is back on the eve of her 21st birthday. ;) I have been MIA for a bit as I enjoyed an amazing well-needed vacation. This is on the heels of a very busy 2 weeks of graduations, dance recitals, and of course work. The latter has been giving me some great opportunities but has also completely wiped me of any energy by the end of the day. But I am nothing if not loyal and dedicated, and I missed you all. I continue to love all things Kate, still support strong women, and still detest jealous haters. I'm thrilled to see as of late most of the vicious ones have faded into obscurity, and the those last few sites basically babbling about the same garbage with the same 10 people for years now. I want you know I will keep my promise to continue to be here, so come back and say hi will ya? xo BM

CELEBRITY-GOSSIP.NET: Testing her endurance all for a good cause, Kate Gosselin strapped on her running shoes in San Diego, CA on Sunday morning (June 3). The former TLC reality star was accompanied by her bodyguard Steve Neild as she embarked on the 13.1 mile the San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher and Dr. Andy Baldwin among the 30,000 participants, Miss Gosselin ended up completing the arduous trek with a personal best time of 1:56:40.
Tweeting her excitement over the improved mark, he mother of eight wrote, "I did it!!My official finish X was 1:56:40...A PR for me for sure!I wanted to finish the 1/2 marathon in under 2 hrs...&I blew it away! YAY!"

USMAGAZINE.COM:  Kate Gosselin: My Kids Want Another Reality Show
Kate Gosselin says her eight kids--11 year old twins Cara and Mady, and sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel, now 8--aren't shy when it comes to sharing how much they miss the limelight. In a Today show appearance Monday morning, Gosselin, 37, opened up about what her family's been up to since TLC's Kate Plus 8 went off the air last September.
The former reality star says she's been keeping busy compiling recipes ("I have eight testers at home!" she boasted), running (she ran her first marathon in December), and blogging for money-saving site Coupon Cabin. As for the kids. "Everyone is excelling school across the board," the proud mom told anchor Ann Curry. "We've had a great school year." Still, "They really honestly miss filming," Gosselin shared. "They've been saying, 'When are we going to go here or there? We miss the crew.'" Though their TLC contract is over, "We're hoping to move forward and do more projects," Gosselin explained. "Fans are begging [to see more]. 'They've grown up, they turned eight. What are you doing [now]?'"
The family wouldn't mind more time in the spotlight, but for now, Gosselin says, they're all pretty content with life at home. Even things with her ex-husband Jon Gosselin are on the upswing, she revealed. "He's really been positive and more available," Gosselin said of her former spouse, from whom she filed for divorce in 2009. "[Jon] is working with me and the kids notice it. I've always wanted that peace for them . . .and we're finally to a point where it's happening."
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  1. LOL! Jon's in love again.......*yawn*.....big surprise. The only person Jon is consistantly in love with is himself, unfortunately. I got a charge out of her look at him when they asked about the possibility of a reality show....I'd call that a warning, wouldn't you?, 'don't even think of it!'.....which you know he has.
    I do think the kissy kissy was a bit over the top, but then........

  2. its pretty sad when a parent is trashed and criticized for doing something healthy and fun with her kids. In my wildest dreams I never would have thought there would be so much hate about doing a kids mararthon with one's family. Rather than applaud it as an example to others, its pulled apart and criticized. I applaud Kate for keeping in touch with her fans via twitter when her conversations and replies are picked apart and end up being the topics of gossip columns. I was recently asked what I think is so positive about Kate so I will answer here.
    1. She has a great attitude a lot of (not all I repeat, yes she's human) the time, choosing to see the positive and make lemons out of lemonade
    2. She's strong and holds her head up high even when the going gets rough
    3. She understands that as a parent its not just what you tell your kids, its your example
    4. She's honest and doesn't try to be someone she's not
    5. She tries new things out of her comfort zone
    6. She's entertaining (at least to me)
    7. She helps others
    8. She's teaching her kids good eating and exercizing habis
    9. She takes advantage of the opportunities in front of her
    10. She's human, makes mistakes, sometimes makes a fool out of herself, then gets up and tries again the next day,
    11. She's organized
    12. She does the best for her kids for what she has at the time

    I am forgetting some, I know.

  3. Sharieff - I have removed your post until Baby Mama can decide whether or not it stands.

    Let me remind you, that if you feel the need to trash Kate, there are plenty of blogs that will let you do that and they'll even let you change your name and post it over and over as various sock puppets.

    Have a great day. Should BabyMama decide to let your comments return, she will remove it from the spam folder.

  4. Hi all!!
    Well, Jon's got a new love (good for him - this "may" be the right one but don't worry -- if it turns out she isn't, you can trust him to find another one with days.) Sorry to hear his money situation still isn't great but at least he got paid for the tv interview. Hopefully the new love can help him eat healthy; since his father had heart problems losing those extra pounds or at least some form of cardio exercise would be great.

    Fantastic that Kate's 8 want to follow her in her running efforts. It's a great way for cardio exercise and it sets a terrific example. It shouldn't be amazing that the Kate obsessives can find something wrong in that, but of course they did anyway. Kids in the US spend way too much time in front of the tv eating junk food and not nearly enough time outside exercising. Way to go Kate for feeding them healthy food, setting an example for healthy exercise, and encouraging a love of learning for healthy minds. As for the Kate obsessives ... go suck a lemon!

    Corrina - my email back to you bounced again. Not sure what's happening or why. XOXOXO

    Tashapork - loved your comments.

    BabyMama - so did you have a great birthday??


  5. Happy Birthday, Baby Mama! Hope your special day was awesome!

    It was great to hear & see Kate & her eight running together! Learning good eating & exercising habits early will pay off later big time! Way to go, Kate!

  6. I think that a 4 month relationship with a hook nosed version of Kate isnt worth broadcasting. I seriously thought that was Pandora Boxx from RuPauls drag race until she spoke.

  7. Oh happy day...ah evenin girls! Whew, life has been a bit stressful...but have to say, I'd never be a match for all that Kate does!

    I tell you...this running thing is really gettin to be a passion for her and she is puttin in some respectable times! Sure would like to see some sports company endorse her and sponsor her as a single mom supportin a large family...all the while having time to exercise, eat healthy and set the example for her kids!

    Logo on her shirt...."If Kate can do it...You can!"

    Can't believe Jon had to parade his new love in front of the public again on National TV...what's he gonna do with his last love Erin's...aka emboldened all over his back?

    I too thought the lovey-dovey coziness was a bit much. How many has he done that with now since Kate?

    Tashapork....excellent points! are missed! Your sharp wit and callin the shots on naysayers is always spot on!

    6b76etc......LOL on your comment!

    And finally sunshine to you LindaO...hope your health is holdin steady!

  8. Hello everyone! Don't worry I'm always here even if I'm not posting! Our lives do get crazy but I'm always blessed myself with a great site to come back to all friends that I love. The haters still can go scratch. Lasted new passion for running has gotten me serially motivated! Now I'm not gonna get ahead of myself. My girlfriend and I walk for a bit after the kids go to school in the morning and well, it's baby steps but I'm doing the speed walking to sometimes and it gives us some energy to last the day. You gotta start somewhere!

    Linda miss ya baby.. Xo

  9. Forgot to add the link to a really great post from a fellow blogger that Tweeted me her marathon time with Kate. Already that nasty haters started skanking up the comments section with their anonymous crap but we should show some love....

  10. Hello everyone! I'm wondering where everyone has been? I decided to get a new post up. Maybe that may help and revive this fan site a bit. Please help out by posting your thoughts on my new thread!