Monday, September 17, 2012

Kate's Stunning Fashion Gig, Haters Try To Attack Heels Photo

Kate Gosselin Walks the Runway During New York Fashion Week!: US

Kate Gosselin sure loves the cameras! The former TLC reality star, 37, made her first-ever appearance at New York Fashion Week when she walked in the "Real Fashion, Real Women" runway show at the Empire Hotel September 12. The event was held on behalf of Bottomless Closet, an organization that helps disadvantaged women become more self-sufficient.

"I love supporting causes that make a huge difference in women's lives!" the single mother-of-eight tweeted prior to strutting her stuff on the catwalk. Looking tanned as ever, the one-time Dancing With the Stars competitor glided down the runway in a draped white dress with silver embellishments. Gosselin's blonde hair was curled and hung loose below her shoulders. Real Housewives of New York City star Aviva Drescher also participated in the fashion show. Despite Gosselin's sometimes polarizing persona, the show's host and organizer, Derek Warburton, told the Huffington Post she was "so nice, sweet and accommodating and cool" when they approached her to model.

Of course, once news of Gosselin's participation was leaked, the organization received strong criticism via Twitter.
"We have all been in Twitter wars about Kate," Warburton said. "They were attacking us for having her in the show. I responded saying, 'Listen, we are not paying her. She is doing this out of the goodness of her heart.' What's remarkable is every time we get a nasty tweet about Kate, she writes and apologizes. She doesn't care about the haters, but she cares about us, the charity. She must have apologized to me five times for what people say about her."

Kate Gosselin Hit (Unsuccessfully) By Twitter Haters Over Daughter In Heels Kate Gosselin must have caught the fashion bug last week while walking in a charity runway show. Just a few days later, she posted a picture on Twitter of her 11-year-old daughter Mady in a pair of mom's high heels, for which she's received some harsh criticism. "Kate had no idea the backlash she would get for posting an innocent picture," a friend of Kate's tells me. "Her show hasn't been on TV for a while, and it's amazing how much response she still gets."

That response was evident during New York Fashion Week, Sept. 6-13, when she participated in a show to benefit the charity Bottomless Closet. Shortly after it was announced Gosselin would appear, the hate tweets started. But the show's organizers chose to ignore them.
"I feel so blessed," organizer Derek Warburton told me after the show. "I am going to be able to take this and help so many people on a massive scale because of Kate's involvement. I must have cried 10 times over the last few days."
"I don't pay any attention to it [the haters]," Gosselin told me in New York. "I'm happy to be helping out and just hope I don't fall on my you-know-what."


  1. I think the issue stems from Mady being seen as mini Kate and since she likes things Kate likes, Kate is a bad influence on her. I saw it a couple of weeks ago with a cute little poem Mady wrote about the hair salon. The sad thing is that it seems as if they aren't looking at the actual picture. There is no face, the amount of skin shown is what is shown when wearing shorts, and the shoes clearly don't fit so it's not as if she,ll wear them out of the house much less anyplace inappropriate or long enough to hurt her feet. To me it contradicts the mom is mean and never spends time with the kids rumor. To me it's also just the game the haters play,taking any generic action done by KaTe and twisting it into a negative statement. She ought to turn it into a board game, patent it, and make money off of it

  2. Hello Tashapork! Missed you sweetie how are you? I swear every time I get on Twitter and talk about Kate the haters eat it up. I just laugh. They really try to make something out of nothing.

    Kate looked great and I hope she gets more opportunities like that. It's so funny that they are still talking after all these years!

  3. It's a sad state of someone's affairs when all they have to do is look for something to make a big stink out of, isn't it? Kate's got the right idea.......just ignore them!....or laugh like you do Baby Mama!

    Kate looked great, that's for sure......she not only likes the camera, the camera also likes her!! Kate's a big one for helping people, which says a lot for her and what a great lesson to teach her kids!!

  4. I think it's something how they get riled up by one of Kate's kids showing a little leg skin, whenMTV aired one of the teen mom children running around in the front yard peeing in the buff with no fade out or anything.

  5. Hello BM, Linda - sorry I have been remiss in stopping by.

    Tash - Well put @12:51.

  6. Well, what can we say...every household has to take the trash out every day. And Kate just has to do the same with these ugly vile naysayers! THEY are the ones that sexualized the pic....there was nothin amiss about it except in THEIR OWN MINDS!

    I so agree, that there is much more out there with other celebs and kid pics that makes this lil photo so innocent. It was a cute mom/daughter moment and Kate got a chuckle out of it...and wanted to share it w/her followers!

    It's always one thing or I said...just take out the trash Kate! All will be fine! Your support keeps growin and we are hopin to see something really special and new soon!

    Sorry I missed that tweet, BabyMama. Life is crazy...always so much to do and I don't have near the responsibilities Kate has. Hope everyone is well. Miss seein LindaO here! You take care of yourself girl!

  7. Thanks for the great post BabyMama!!
    Hello to everyone here!!

    Awesome to see Kate still so absolutely relevant!!
    I'm thrilled for her. Hoping also for new opportunities for her.

    As for the picture she shared -- only a hopelessly sick mind could conjure up all the negativity that innocent photo did. It's one thing to even think those thoughts but the absence of mind to rage on about it is crazy and only exposes the haters for the lackies they truly are.

  8. Can you imagine, the girls will be twelve in a few short weeks. I feel for Kate heading into the teens. Kate's going to have to run a full time taxi service. Seems like just yesterday they were starting first grade with notes in their lunches from mom.

  9. I've always been a fan of Kate's....even more so now that I'm a single mom:) She's an inspiration to me; there are honestly days where I feel like I just can't.... Seeing her work as hard as she does *every*day*without*fail* gives me this emotional boost that I know could only come from the undeniable, encouraging energies given off by the sisterhood of women who just *do*. We just wake up, and do, and keep on doing. And take the high road. The most important lesson I carry with me every day since my children's father and I split up, was to take the high road. No matter how nasty he gets, no matter how hard it is to struggle every day as a single mom; be the one who takes the high road. I wish I could thank Kate personally for the positive influence she has had in my life! <3

  10. Hello all. I know its been a while that many of posted on my site. But I have fresh paper and I hope you will share your thoughts and commet on it. It makes me sick that would publish pieces of this trash book, and that we find out its one of Jon's own friends. Please share your thoughts on my new post..xo