Monday, October 1, 2012

Hate Book About Kate Removed From Shelves Was Written By Jon's Friend

Vitriolic Book About Kate Gosselin Written By Jons Pal Removed From Sale After Legal Threats Amazon has removed from sale a shockingly vitriolic book about Kate Gosselin after legal intervention by two top law firms. Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, an e-book written by Jon Gosselin’s pal Robert Hoffman called Kate “sick” and in desperate need of mental help. The book featured allegations so potentially libelous that they cannot be repeated here as they lack adequate substantiation. Now after only approximately two days on sale, Hoffman’s book is gone, removed by Amazon after the intervention of lawyers from Los Angeles powerhouse firm Lavely & Singer and Washington, D.C.’s respected Williams & Connolly.

Much of Hoffman’s information came from computer hard drives that he claimed he found (STOLE!) in Kate’s trash. The book was filled with what appeared to be emails from Kate, the Discovery network, contracts and personal documents, many of which he reproduced in their entirety. Hoffman described his ongoing friendship with Kate’s ex husband Jon early in the book and bragged he was in possession of 5,000 family photos, personal documents, tax and business records plus contracts from his trash-diving computer find. "I’ll be sued by one or more parties before this is over,” he wrote in a prediction that hardly elevated him into the class of clairvoyant because of his charges against Kate, some of which appeared to have little or no substantiation. Hoffman’s tome is filled with personal attacks that even the anti-Kate audience may find excessive.

We're told Amazon notified Hoffman that it removed the book – pending further investigation -- after receiving notice that it “may not be properly authorized by the appropriate rights holder.” That notice of infringement came from Lavely & Singer. Williams & Connolly, representing Discovery Communications, Inc. also apparently sent Hoffman a legal letter informing him that his book contained confidential information protected by law and demanding he “cease and desist from dissemination” of that information.

Hoffman followed Kate daily as a freelance reporter for Us Weekly during the height of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 popularity. In the endless Jon vs. Kate debate he has found some supporters for his book and is now asking online for donations, thanking people who have allegedly offered to help him financially and writing: “I’m overwhelmed and at a loss for words.” Hoffman posted the notice from Amazon and also the legal letter from Williams & Connolly. It is not yet clear if Kate or her former network will sue Hoffman. And while he describes himself as Jon’s friend, he gives no indication what Jon thinks of the “book” and why Jon stood by while Kate allegedly committed acts that cannot be republished here. Jon has not responded to Radar’s requests for comment.


  1. Sounds a lot like a whole lot of trash. First, I find it difficult to believe that Kate would throw out legal contracts. Sounds most like Hoffman thought he could make money before the lawsuits were filed. Can only hope that in addition to Hoffman the blogs that post the garbage can be sued also. Hopefully TLC and others will sue all of them. That would make my day!

    1. I agree, LindaOriginal. It would be great if whose who feel it's ok to try to destroy another human being just because they don't like them, were held accountable and were made to pay for their destructive, bully tactics!

  2. I agree with you both!

    The ones who are in desperate need of mental help are Hoffman and his accomplice/s! I don't even understand how Amazon would sell the book if they actually considered the content--personal documents and contracts in addition to all the fabrications! Are you kidding me? What's the point in writing a book that you know will hurt someone? Plus he "knew" he'd be sued. I think his nightmare is just beginning now that he's "Overwhelmed and at a loss for words." It's hard not to question his sanity and I think Karma is really on his heels now!

  3. Yay for the lawyers. What I thought was pathetic was all of the unfounded abuse allegations. I for one support a parent's right to choose spanking as a discipline technique and used to use the wooden spoon threat myself. I don't see spanking as abuse if it is carried out appropriately any more than having a beer with dinner makes a person an alcoholic and feel if it was done, it was taken way out of context. For one thing, I really think if it was there, TLC would have aired it especially in the end, they loved airing Kate at her worst, they loved the train wreck effect and ratings it garnered. MTV airs domestic violence. Also there were far too many people in and out of that house that would have done something if real abuse was happening. Its like come on people. when kids are being abused do you A)go to the authorities or B)make money on a tell all book. Also abused kids while they may not talk about the abuse, their behavior shows signs and Kate's kids show the opposite so its like okay now, move on to the truely abused kids and get THEM some help, quit trying to make money off of Kate. This is about the money they can maake off of gossip, nothing more. Sadly the only ones benefitting will be lawyers. If John in his cockamany mind is involved, doesn't he realize this is bad for his kids. I admire Kate for standing strong despite the adversity, not for being perfect, but being human and making the best of what she has.

  4. Jon had access to Kate's computers, for the period in question, and didn't let locked doors stand in his way, according to the combined recollections of Stephanie Santoro and Hailey Glassman.

  5. It's sick to think that people looking to hurt you simply because they will be making money off you would violate you in that way by stealing things through your trash. Who knows Jon could have wanted to Hirt Kate and gave him the info. Bottom line that sicko attacked Kate on Twittwr and created that creepy website. Kudos to Amazon for pulling the book after 2 days. Shame on that sicko hate site RealityTVKids for getting the book and printing pages of it the first day of its release.

  6. From what I've seen, the book has the wrong name. He should have named it Same Ole Trash, Ossed in the Recycle bin.. Most of itis just variations of already published c--p from gossip mags and hate blogs. I hope Kate comes up with some nasty concoction to mix in her garbage. I strongly doubt that she threw away legal docs without shredding. They were STOLEN.

  7. Well, what more can be said! Glad you inserted the "stole" word in your description! Jon violated Kate's privacy during her stint on DWTS, he was stayin at the house. Girlfriends leaked info that he went into Kate's bedroom, accessed her computer, personal passwords, etc. to bank accounts!!

    Now we really begin to understand why Kate got legal order to prevent him from ever coming on the property again! The reason WHY he has to pick kids up OUTSIDE the gate!

    I believe words from Kate's private diary were taken out of context...possibly even altered and totally misconstrued to hurt Kate where she is most vulnerable...her love for her kids!!

    A mother's self scrutiny..."beat myself up" kind of confessions about how a tough day went with 8 lil toddlers at her feet is more than understandable. Heck, I've had days dealin with just ONE when I wanted to pull my hair out! I've said things "figuratively"...that were meant not to be taken literally, but if printed and read out of context would make me look like a witch! LOL

    Jon had better keep his mouth shut...if TLC lawyers fully investigate this and Hoffman gets too much heat, he may just spill the beans & turn on his buddy and fully implicate him in all this mess!

    It's more than shameful, despicable & embarrassing that two grown men with so many kids to set an example for...have wasted their energies and time on such a hateful vendetta against Kate!

    I'll continue to support Kate and her eight thru this difficult time.

  8. Thank you, fired Up, I've been trying to find words for what you said so nicely.
    Tomorrow will be a special day in Gosselinland Happy B day, Mady and Cara. Poor Kate, the teenage years are on their way.

  9. Hello everyone! Wow I see I had to clean up here again. The cows really should not leave their pastures! I hope you enjoy some fresh paper and some great new Kate Gosselin interviews down the pike. Please come over and comment on my new thread! xo