Monday, September 14, 2009

Kate Gosselin is Fantastic & Winning Raves on The View, New Episode "Movie & A Catch"

Hello Gosselin fans! Kate was so poised, articulate, professional and overall fantastic on The View, people are already saying she should be a replacement! As soon as I am able to get video I will. And of course this will be updated during the night....

Hot topic: Kate Gosselin on The View

On Monday, she began her first of two guest hosting gigs on the ABC show - and she didn't hold back. Sherri Shepherd asked Gosselin what it was like to see her estranged husband Jon bringing his new girlfriend, 22-year-old Hailey Glassman, around their eight kids.
"This is all difficult - I'm not going to lie," she replied. But she wouldn't answer the question. "For the sake of my children," she told the ladies, she is going to "take the high road."She defended Serena Williams, who was fined $10,000 for her profane outburst at a line judge at the US Open on Saturday. "I think the important thing here is that she's in the public eye," Gosselin, 34, said. "We're all human." Gosselin even admitted, "In the privacy of my own home, this weekend, I melted down."

So why does she keep on filming her TLC show? "So many people say, 'Stop ... just pull out,'" Gosselin said. "I can stop, but I'd still have all the flack..." "I’m a single mom, and now more than ever I need to be out there working hard to support my children," she added. "It comes with a price; every job that people do comes with a price." She later said, "My focus is supporting my family and children and whatever way that comes, in a healthy way, I’m gonna do it. "I'm essentially doing it by myself, and I’m going be responsible," she said. When Whoopi Goldberg asked if she's paid enough, Kate replied, "Um... is anybody paid enough?"

Kate Gosselin's First Day On The View: "I will continue to take the high road".

The stress of a crumbling marriage and the fact that her estranged husband Jon has a new love appears to be finally getting to Kate Gosselin. Kate – guest hosting on The View Monday - said she had a meltdown this weekend in the privacy of her own home. Her revelation came as the ladies of The View were discussing Serena William’s on-court meltdown at the US Open on Saturday.

“She's in the public eye and she melted down," Gosselin finally chirped, fighting to get a word in edgewise. "She's in the public eye and melted down. don't we all? People in the public eye are held to a higher standard. and meltdowns happen.""We're all human," she said, interrupted three times. Joy Behar asked: How do you handle him bringing Hailey Glassman to the house?

"It's hard. This is definitely different. But I react to it the only way I can, and I will continue to react that way. For the sake of my children I will continue to take the high road, because it is the only road for me. But to be honest, I had a meltdown over the weekend in the privacy of my own home." On quitting the show, Kate said: "The show has really changed. People say just stop and pull out. But I can't. This is a job. I'm a single mom and I need to be out there working on my job. We didn't go into this wanting to be huge celebrities. But it happened. But essentially I'm doing this by myself. I'm responsible now."

New Episode: "Movie & A Catch" By Jackie McClellan:

As Jon and Kate continue to spend time separately with their kids, they both take time to reflect on their current family situation. On this week’s episode of “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” both Jon and Kate reflected on the upcoming divorce, while each spending time with their kids. The episode began with Kate and the kids preparing for an evening of fun at home. As Kate prepared dinner, Ashley (the nanny) watched the kids swim in the pool. While preparing dinner, Kate had some time to reflect on the upcoming divorce. She said she feels very overwhelmed, and she hopes that this feeling slows down. She also admitted to feeling lonely after the kids went to bed. After Kate and the kids finished dinner, they watched a movie outside on the lawn. As Kate said, “the kids were so excited about it.”

And even though the boys fell asleep, they all seemed to have a fun time. Kate’s part of the episode ended with her packing up to leave, and reflec
ting on having to leave her kids. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to the fact of packing up…I don’t like leaving…I don’t like having to wonder what they’re doing. I don’t like wondering if they’re having fun…You doubt yourself every day,” she concluded with tears in her eyes. The episode continues with Jon spending time with his kids. This time Jon takes the little kids and Mady fishing in the creek in their neighbor’s backyard. However, the event didn’t turn out as Jon had hoped. None of the kids had fun because it was too hot outside, and no one except Jon, caught any fish.

All the meanwhile, Kara opted to go over to Jon’s mom’s house instead. They spent quality time together, and also went
shopping. After fishing, they all made homemade pizzas on the grill back at home. Everyone enjoyed this activity much better. Even though the first day of fishing was unsuccessful, Jon didn’t give up. He said he “wanted them to enjoy the benefits of fishing.” Because of this, he brought the kids to a nearby pond the next day, for what hopefully would be, a more successful trip. And that is exactly what happened. As soon as they began fishing, they had a much better time. All the kids were having a lot more fun because they were all catching multiple fish. Jon concluded the episode by saying, “I’m trying to spend as much time with my kids as possible because my time is limited…. [this] time is stressful…no one said this was going be easy—it’s hard.”

As both Jon and Kate reflect on the current situation, they seem to have more in common than they may have thought.


  1. Technically she is not a single mom. We will see what the custody arrangements are in the divorce.

  2. Gosh I thought Kate did an awesome job. I would have been shaking, lol, knowing that it was "live" tv.

    Babymama, hope your daughter continues to improve.
    Hugs from us to you and your family.

  3. I thought that too about her "single mom" comment. I'm thinking that while she was on the view, Jon was probably with the kids right? I thought she did well on The View. I did think she seemed nervous, but, heck, who wouldn't be? I'd be shaking in my boots!

  4. Babymama -- I love your site and look forward to reading about the Gosselins here :) Thanks for all your hard work!

    I unfortunately couldn't watch The View today (darn work!) but I just saw you can watch clips on their website on the main page... also, they post full episodes about 3-5 days after they originally air on their site too.. hope that helps with the video!

  5. Denise said, "Technically she is not a single mom." Well, technically, Jon isn't single either but some people see nothing wrong with him dating other women since they've been separated.

  6. Denise, I noticed that too. I do have to agree with you. She is not a single mom. A single mother cares for and supports her children all by herself. She has shared custody of the kids... for now. She and Jon are both doing J&K+8... for now. She also has a slew of helpers and nannies, even PAs that help her. I don't think there is a mother on the planet that has more help than she. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, I just think it's misleading for her to refer to herself as a single mom.

    And after all the talk of Jon "technically" still being married, so is Kate. She is not single... yet.

  7. She was positively magnificent! I love Kate and to hear her gossip with the view co-hosts was the icing on the cake. I'm so excited to see her in Charlotte,NC on this coming Thursday.

  8. I watched only the first 45 minutes of The View so I can't comment on the entire show.

    First, I thought Kate looked great. I loved her outfit. I just wasn't sure about the shoes. Her dress looked grey and she was wearing brown shoes. Or am I wrong? I wish she had worn a shoe like Victoria did. Anyway, she still looked good.

    I thought she did an okay job. She didn't get to speak much. I was kind of surprised that the others didn't announce her or even speak to her for the first few minutes. I thought it was awkward.

    Sherri seemed to show the most hospitality to her. I got the impression that Whoopi and Joy didn't like her.

    Kate answered their questions okay. About how I expected her to.

    So did Whoopi correct Kate's grammar??? I heard her say something to the effect that it's not okay to make up words. My younger daughter was with me so I didn't hear it very well.

    I think Kate had a tough time getting a word in a few times but she seemed to hold her ground and repeated herself until she was heard. A few times they seemed to ignore her. I guess that's what happens when a bunch of women are all trying to talk at once.

    I thought she did an odd job during the Victoria interview. She commented about her own marriage not lasting more than ten years, which was sort of odd. I would even say in poor taste, but I think maybe she was trying to be personable or funny? Then she asked her if she still felt sexy. ???? I think someone told her to ask that. It just struck me as weird. Didn't sound like something Kate would ask.

    As for the whole Madonna topic. I knew what they were all trying to say about Madonna referring to herself during the speech but I think they missed her point. And I have to admit I cringed when Kate made the "Michael is dead but I'm alive" comment. I mean, in all honesty that's probably something I would have said, but to my friends, not on national television! Good thing he was a suspected child molester. Maybe no one cares she said it.

    All-in-all I think she did okay. She didn't dazzle or anything. But I really think it's tough to pull off that show because it's hard to get a word in and be heard.

    I think she may do better tomorrow since she will be more comfortable.

  9. What happened to the Tea Party episode? Are they still going to show it? Sometimes I wonder if they decide not to show something because it didn't coincide with the reality we all saw in the media.

  10. I just want to add that I think Kate did a good job of trying to hold her own as a co-host. The others just weren't very accomodating. Not that I expected them to bend over backwards and just let her speak, but at least let her get a word in without a fight.

    Also, to her credit, she seemed relaxed and didn't seem intimidated. I don't know if my comment came across as totally negative. It wasn't meant to be. lol.

  11. Im not sure how she is not a single mom...she is single and a mom...much like Jon is a single dad. They are still raising their kids by themselves when they are with them...

  12. Baby Mama I hope your daughter is feeling better. I was all set to watch the view today, but my middle child, 4 year old daughter, was up all night having asthma issues. So the first appointment the DR had today was at 11:45. Once again we are on the nebulizer plus an oral steroid.

    Anyways I just finished watching the veiw on their website. I think Kate did a good job, considering everyone always talks over each other. I can't wait to see how she does tomorrow.

  13. I am not Kate's fan or hater, but i think she made a very good job on The View. I don't agree with all her choices, and decisions and I think she got blindsided by fame and fortune, but I also think that we don't know how we would have reacted being on the same situation, 8 kids, tv show and sudden fame and fortune... I also think that she knows that she made a lot of mistakes and it is trying to mend them, so please all haters, if you care so much about the kids like you say, stop talking bad about their parents ( I think Jon its so lost, and not by being with Hayley , but being with anybody right now) , and respect the kids privacy , like you say their parents should.

  14. I wanted Kate to do a great job but I don't think she did. She was poised and did her best to dig into the conversations but I found she was really lacking in opinions: when they gave her some talking space she just didn't have much of a point to make. I hope she does better on Tuesday. I want to her her views: and not about Jon, about everything else going on in this old world. I think she'd be great on the show (or on her own show, as she has said she wants that) but only if she really puts herself out there.

  15. I saw the View & I kind of thought they should have involved Kate more in the beginning of the discussion. But she held her own. I have to hand it to her to continue to keep it together & say that she wont discuss details for the kids sakes. Man , that must be hard ! I would want to say my peace , but she is taking the high road, which is good.
    I watched tonight & it was sad when Kate talked about having to leave & how it has been :(

  16. Baby Mama, I hope your little one is feeling better soon. There's nothing more miserable than knowing your baby's not feeling good.

    Can you watch this episode of The View anywhere? I searched on youtube but didn't see it.

  17. I'm a little behind - did I miss the episode of the tea party?

  18. awww, my heart goes out to Kate, her emotions are still close to the surface and very raw. As a viewer I appreciate hearing her tell it like it really is.

    The View was great. The "haters" make me crazy, if they hate her so much why do they feel the need to follow her every move? Why watch? Envy is a dreadfully destructive emotion. Kate was great and needs to feel very proud of her accomplishments. She's a great mom!!!!!!!!!

    Jon introduced his kids to Hailey, according to Radar. Sickening and wrong, oh sooo wrong!!!!

  19. I work during the day, don't tivo, etc, but Kate looks great.

  20. Okay, I missed the very beginning I guess. They did introduce Kate but then they went right into Kanye. And I guess her dress was browner and not as grey as I thought. It looks like a taupe. Either way I think she should have worn a sexier shoe. I still love her outfit though.

  21. I'm not sure why she can't refer to herself as a single mom?
    Thats not a financial term. She has Carlas daughter & her sitter. Big Woop, she has 8 kids !! Thats not an earth shattering amount of help for a mom of 8. And lets face it, they are not together in the house raising the kids.
    I see no problem to her referring to herself as a single Mom.
    If my husband was off with a girlfriend & living in NY, I most certainly would call myself a single mom!

  22. I think Kate calls herself a single mom since there really isn't a term to describe what she is. A co-parent, maybe? It's the language that is lacking, not what Kate is trying to say.

    However, after having seen the show tonight, it seems she may be closer to being a single mother in the traditional sense than we think. Her comment about having to put the house back in order and get food etc when she coms back from her time away leads me to believe that Jon doesn't do much for the house when it's his turn to be there.

    As for the View, I hate that show and I don't watch it. They all talk over one another and it just hurts my ears to listen to it. Plus, none of them are experts about anything and they blather about as if they are. That's why I had to roll my eyes when my sister told me how much they talked over Kate- a registered nurse- when they talked about medical things like Mrs. Duggar's new pregnancy. I have no doubt that Kate did the best she could- she was brave to go there. I think tomorrow's show with Dr. Phil could be interesting since Kate has met him before and he might be more generous with her than the View women were.

  23. Sorry to post about The View again but I just finished watching what I missed.

    First off, Whoopi was wrong. It annoys me to when Kate makes up words that don't exist, especially since she was always correcting Jon's grammar. However, positivity is a word. It's the opposite of negativity.

    Secondly, they introduced the show saying Kate was going to tell what really happened behind the scenes of their marriage breaking up. I don't think she did, did she?

  24. Baby Mama glad to hear that your daughter is feeling better. I have to tell you, I give you a lot of credit for continuing with this blog given the flack that you take from the "haters". It seems as though Fiona has her "big old bloomers" in a bunch over the fact that strong woman can relate to each other and of course she reverts to her usual typical immature name calling. One of her two followers says that you can be "strong and opinionated" as long as your "nice", so I guess Fiona falls in the other "not-nice" category. Oh well...she needs to go take another "happy pill". Kudos to you for fighting the good fight.

    Anyway I watched Kate on the View, she looked great, a little out of place, but that is to be expected I guess. We will see what tomorrow brings.

    And I wanted to say that I so agree with Elizabeth's post. Rosie said it best, when she said that fame can be like a "tidal wave" or like a "drug." I think that Kate got hit with the "tidal wave", first the notoriety over having the tups, then the specials, then the show. Trying to be yourself, having your good days and bad days, out there for the world to see and being judged and criticized for it. The push and pull of trying to provide and doing the best thing for your family and being criticized if you do anything for yourself. On the other hand I think that Jon got hit with the "drug" enough said....

  25. Okay after reading the other comments here I guess I can see why people would say Kate is a single mom.

    I just take issue with it because technically a single mom is someone raising their children without the help of the father.

    I still can't help but feel it's misleading for her to refer to herself as a "single mom" because she makes it seem like she is doing it all on her own. Jon is still raising the children with her and she has nannies helping her too.

    So I guess I see both sides of this argument.

  26. I have been enjoying this site since I accidentally surfed into it a few months ago. I love the Gosselins and have cried for them in their times of stress, including tonight when I saw how upset Kate was about leaving her kids and how totally lost Jon seems to be in caring for his kids and running his life. They are a family struggling with the complexities of modern life, fertility treatments, working parenthood, the media, reality television, divorce and shared parenthood. I really believe that the biggest reason that they are judged so harshly is that they are human beings who have been put up on such high pedestals (Kate the super mom who perfectly organizes her home and cooks perfectly organic meals), and Jon (America's best dad who patienty puts up with all of Kate's moods) that anything contrary to that is a big shock and spectacle. Babymama, thank you for all of the time that you spend putting this together, I get so tired of seeing all of the negative in the world without the positive that there is. I also think Kate sees herself as a single mother because even though Jon helps with the kids, she feels alone, she feels that she has to carry it all, she doesn't have him to lean on (or much of any family support for that matter. )

  27. AHHH I just got home tonight. Did anyone watch the show? I don't see any comments about it (lol)

    NJMOM~ I love haters. I really do! Trolls and haters give this site better advertising than I could ever get on my own. I love when people spend days discussing me and this site. I'm famous I tell ya! I love a good fight and I love it even more when so many get their "unawears" in a bunch over me!

    So please tell the haters they need to come back more often, and bring more friends! I can't get over how many love to talk about my wonderful site! And while they are here, please click on the Google ads on the right to help me out. It would be greatly appreciated as usual!

  28. Aw! The kids were so cute fishing! That was my favorite part. I love how they hated the first fishing trip but then loved the second one. Aaden was so cute when he said I think I caught a shark! Cara was so cute with her fun meter.

    The girls are beautiful.

    Poor Alex the sound guy, trying to set the equipment up with children pulling on his hair and climbing on his back. lol. I think he wanted to yell out Can you control your children, please?!?! He seemed to take it well but he seemed annoyed at the same time. I thought they were adorable, but that could be because they weren't clambering all over me while I was trying to work. The mother in me kept thinking Okay kids, let Alex do his work. Don't crawl all over him and stop touching his hair.

  29. I think Kate did great on the View considering the circumstances and who she was hosting with! She was with some VERY strong personalities that would make me nervous to b/c they could have tore her up into tiny shreds if they wanted to. I think it shows that Kate is a mom she isn't an actress she does not have the same life experiences and views as some of them do like Whoopi..I mean I believe Whoopi is an abortionist activist and I think Kate hit a nerve with her when she said well if you weren't acting then you'd have 8 kids right..b/c Whoopi was going on about how families use to be so big back in the day. Maybe I'm wrong and read into it oddly but I don't think Whoopi would ever ever consider having 8 kids at least she did admit though that she couldn't be who she wanted if she did. Kate seemed so nervous wanted to give her hugs and tell her just to breath I can't imagine how it would feel to be around people so Famous like Whoopi and the woman sitting next to her! And about Kate's shoes I thought they were cute not really fancy but cute way cuter then what Whoopi was wearing :P Oh and the woman (sorry I don't know names I never watch the View) sitting next to Whoopi her bra was showing the whole time it drove me bananas lol I did agree with Kate on the subject of the Duggards and how women really shouldn't be having lots of babies one after another due to health problems! My great aunt had 13 kids and they told her that if she did not stop having kids she would die!! And she has A LOT of health problems now due to having to many kids!! The thinning of the uterus is a very real thing and I have no idea why some doctors would make it out like its not..So glad Kate showed her intelligence on that!! I also thought it was great that she did admit to melting down over Jon bringing Hailey to meet the kids (he's such a douche) and that is really all she would say about that other then she is taking the high road for her kids which I do not blame her at all!! And I think the reason they did not discuss more of the show is b/c this wasn't about her and the kids she was a co-host and they wanted her to talk about other things which I thought was great too! I mean they didn't avoid the elephant in the room and not ask her anything! I can't wait to watch today and see what else happens!

    Oh and on the show I only got to watch a few mins b/c I went to bed I'm sick with the flu =( But I did hear one of the little boys say "Mommy we only do fun stuff with you"..I thought it was cute and funny (hope it wasn't requested he say that not from Kate but you know how producers are sometimes) I thought it was cute Kate grilling I know how hard that must be! My husband always does the grilling! I would be a total mess at the grill lol! It was sad to hear her say that she is lonely at night..I think that is the difference between her and Jon she is not seeking companionship and he already has I think its b/c he doesn't want to be alone and is really thinking more of himself than his kids and getting back and hurting Kate but..I know haters are going to be like Oh that's how Kate is she always pushes everyone away..sheesh I mean Kate has friends but at the end of the day you have the love of your life your partner who you trust with everything..and that's gone for her now and I have this underlying feeling that she really loves Jon deep down and doesn't want to let him go..Anyways sorry I rambled on!

    BabyMama I really hope your baby feels better!! I know that is so difficult and scary!! And to everyone elses kids who are sick hope they get better ASAP! Talk to you all soon!!

  30. It is splitting hairs, I guess, on my part, but the semantics of some of these words do not mean the same. To say “I am single, “ as Jon as done, means that you have been granted a divorce, not that you are just separated. In some states, it’s still legally on the books that if you date before this is granted, you can be considered an adulterer.

    But, to say, “I am a single Dad,” or “I am a single Mom,” that status is granted when you are separated. It doesn’t require divorce being finalized. (No wonder the laws are so complicated!) According to New Websters, the term, for example, “single mom,” means that you are the primary adult caregiver in the home and that the other parent is absent from the home. So technically, during Jon’s time he is a single dad and during Kate’s time, she is a single mom. It doesn’t reference how many “helpers” you have, it means that you are the primary decision maker. It doesn’t mean there is not shared custody, but that you are the “primary” one making the decisions.

    So technically the word “single” means different things in different situations.

    I enjoyed The View yesterday and thought that Kate held her own as a “newbie” to that type of environment.

    I thought it was interesting during last night’s episode when some of the children were crying/whining that they didn’t want to fish and Jon just ignored the comments. (As they enjoyed the fishing at the pond which means finding the right environment.) If it had been Kate, the tabloids would have made a big deal out of it for years. I can hear them now: “Kate Gosselin forces her children to be in the hot sun fishing when they say ‘No!’” What a difference the context of the situation makes.

  31. I have to say, Kate seems more relaxed and at ease each time I see her. On The View, her professionalism was fantastic! An asset to the Show? ABSOLUTELY! Of course, that is a long commute to NYC from Berks County...and if she moved, she would be in the same city as Jon...ugh.

    The word around our town is that Jon and Hailey tooled around in a classic car IN READING this weekend. Why? Why would he want to bring his chaos and dysfunction THAT close to their children?

    I am excited to see Kate today (Tuesday) and thrilled she has been given the opportunity to be herself...without Jon. Standing on her own two feet and taking the high road.

    Let's see, if anyone is keeping score...
    Jon - Joining the likes of K-Fed and Michael Lohan with a possible Divorced Dads contract!

    Kate - Joining 3 of the most respected women on televsion!

    Who is more fit to be the parent?
    Um. Duh.

    Yay Kate!
    We love you!

  32. I watched the show,The kids do get cuter everyday.I still hurt for Kate and the kids.It is very hard to watch the Jon portion of the show ,I just cant stand to watch him.

    The following episode was when they went to get the puppies which was in Dec. Jon and Kate seemed fine,if they broke up in Oct it sure didnt look that way. I dont beleive Jon about that.

  33. Last night's show was cute, as always. Up above I referred to Kate's emotions being raw and real. The fact that she has to leave the children is clearly very emotional for her. I really and truly feel for her, this cannot be easy, she has 8 kids, her own career and on top of dealing with all of Jon's crap (for lack of a better word). Jon just seems to be floundering, as always. He speaks like a teenager and I don't feel emotion when he talks. I also think his "activities" with the kids are totally set up and arranged by TLC.

    I always think that any woman who is not in a relationship is a single mom. I didn't even think twice when she said it.

    Cannot wait to see the 2nd day of the View.

  34. Watching J/K+8 about breaks my heart anymore. My heart goes out to Kate when she was talking about leaving the kids, I got fired up. I used to be team Jon and I couldn't be farther from that now.Here is Kate guest hosting on the view, so it must be jon's turn to be with the kids. BUT WHERE IS HE? NYC at IN TOUCH WEEKLY vma after party???? Sounds like his priorities are in check. He makes me sick...

  35. OK, I'm watching again! I don't think Kate was amasingly fantastic on The View, but she did a nice job for her first time out. The girls didn't give her much of a chance to speak until they wanted to hear about her situation, par for the coutse, that's probaly why she got the job.
    I watch the show also, and still am disappointed because of the reruns. 9-9:30 was the only new stuff. What's up with that???
    Somebody said there are 20 episodes left in this season. That takes us to around Christmas. I wonder if it's the end.

    Kate stated that she is a single parent, yes she is handling them on her own, but with alot of helpers. When you can afford it, why not. Let us not forget that Jon does have a job. It's the show. A paying contract that is J&K income, so i get tired of your posters saying he should get a job. He and Kate signed that contract together and it is supporting both of them whether he wants to be on tv or not. Doesn't matter, he will always get his share of the profits and the children are being taken care of. Not just by Kate.
    Also, who cares about the shoes Kate wore on the View??? She looked nice!

    Concerning Hailey, I think Jon is going to marry her, to make himself look better and accepted by the family, and also family court. I bet bunches that he will!

  36. I really enjoyed the first half of last nights episode. It brought tears to me eyes to see how hard it was for Kate to leave the kids. I have also noticed that she seems to really be enjoying playing and interacting with the kids. It makes me wonder if TLC edited the old shows to make her seem more harsh?
    I have a hard time watching Jon with the kids...and who was the female with the kids at the pond????
    I love seeing Ashley there with the kids I wonder who will be there when she goes back to school?

  37. I had to work very late yesterday, so I haven't gotten to watch the episode from last night yet. Going to the doctor again I forgot to DVR today's View. Perhaps I'm to sad that I don't smell like Victoria Beckham today! (lol)

    But I just got home now and got to see Taylor Swift talking to Kate. First let me say that she looks much more relaxed today and her hair and outfit is great. The only place she caught flack was from the stupid hate blogs. Everyone that was talking aboutit in NYC thought that she did fantastic and people are just out to hate because of jealousy. I hope that this shows that she can sit there with Barbara Walters and hold her own. Loved Taylor by the way..RIP Partick Swayze...

  38. Kate needs to drop the "single mom" bit - she is/soon to be was married to Jon - she is a divorced mom - not a single mom.

  39. I think that Kate did a good job on the View. Its hard to host or co-host any show and its hard to prepare for such shows. I think she should branch out more and the format for J&K plus 8 should be changed. The show will be cancelled as low as the ratings continue to dwindle.

    Babymama I like your blog and it has inspired me to start my own. Though I don't know what I'm going to blog about.

  40. She is absolutly a single parent and it is HARD I know I was one

  41. Seriously everyone, shut the heck up about her calling herself "single" mom, really, get over it! man its amazing that people can see all the positive, yet somehow pick it apart until they can squeeze out a tiny thing such as that. who gives a sh*% was she calls herself, bottom line is she is doing it alone, let her be already. I think she is doing great, period. Thanks again for the updates and videos Babymama.. ps. I thought it was cute last night when one of the boys snuck in that they only do fun things when she (kate) is there lol. so sorry about ya jon lol

  42. Watched most of The View today (my daughter's bus comes at 11:45 so I missed the last 15 minutes again).

    Kate did much better. Her hair looked awesome. I hope she keeps it like that although I'm sure it's more time consuming.

    I liked her shoes. (I can't help it I'm a shoe diva.) And everyone discussed Victoria's shoes yesterday so I wasn't that off topic. lol.

    I thought Kate did a nice job today from what I saw. She seemed more comfortable. I also noticed they gave her the center seat today.

    Dr. Phil annoys me. He had a chance to put that whole counseling thing to rest but he chose to not comment. That was ridiculous. If it wasn't true, why not say so? I personally think it was true because he didn't deny it. Why not defend your reputation?

    Again, Kate just said Jon came away with something other than what she came away with. Smart because you can't argue that. She said she respected Dr. Phil and his wisdom, but then when he said the show had a negative impact on her marriage she disagreed with him. It's pretty much what I expected. I don't think Kate can own up to the show being the ruination of her marriage and family because that's a hard thing to face. I'm not sure if she is lying to herself and everyone else, or if she is just in denial.

    I thought her question to Taylor Swift was a good one. I don't remember what she asked Dr. Phil.

    All-in-all I thought she did a really good job today. Of course I didn't see the whole show yet.

  43. I know a lot of people believe Kate should bar Jon from being with the kids because of his erratic behavior, but I really admire Kate for understanding that the kids need their father. I think she knows the Jon that Jon is inside and she also understands that it is very damaging for kids to be kept away from a parent unless the parent is abusive. For a person like Kate(and myself for that matter) who relies on order and control in her life, this must be terrifying. I admire her for doing all that she can to preserve the kids' relationship with their father during this difficult time.

    I just got finished with the View and noticed Kate is coming back on Friday. I love how she wore her hair. I was expecting them to put Kate on the spot with Dr Phil and they did. Kate did a great job of diffusing the situation. You can tell she has a lot of practice. Whoopie can be especially overbearing, even trying to cut off Barbara Walters, but I can sure feel her pain over Patrick Swayze's passing

  44. All these comments about the single mom issue are REALLY starting to irritate me! Of course Kate is a single mom, no technically her divorce is not final, but she is currently living the life as a single parent. Her days are spent with her children SOLO! Jon is not present; she is making decisions on her own and most likely only speaking to Jon about major decisions regarding the children. (In this same way Jon is a single dad) Let’s stop splitting hairs people!

    And Kelly_luvs_it, am I to assume you believe only women who get knocked up out of wedlock and have no communication with the father can refer to themselves as single mothers. RIDICULOUS!!

  45. I'll never understand why these show reviewers can't tell the difference between Cara and Mady. It's not like they're identical! Or even have similar personalities!

    I actually watched The View today. I expected it to be toned down since Whoopi and Barbara knew Patrick Swayze, which it was. I think the less frantic nature made Kate more comfortable. I continue to be impressed with how high the road is that Kate is taking. I hope that if, god forbid I ever get divorced I can be as gracious as she is. I'm not sure I'd be able to hold my temper in if my ex was saying such horrible things to people.

    As for Dr. Phil, I believe he was right to hold his tongue about what Jon said. Jon and Kate sought out his help in private- they weren't on his show, therefore as a professional, he MUST hold his tongue. What Jon and Kate choose to say about it is their choice, but Dr. Phil is bound by ethics to be quiet.

    I don't think Kate denied that the show had a negative impact on her marriage as much as she wanted it to be known that the show wasn't the CAUSE of the divorce. I felt the women were implying that the divorce was all the show's fault, which it is not. I agree with Kate that it was inevitable. I also think there is a big difference between the kind of taping the Osbournes did for MTV and what the Gosselins do for TLC. Therefore, the stress that the Osbournes felt with their show doesn't necessarily translate 100% to the kinds of stress Jon and Kate would have felt.

  46. I saw todays View, kate seemed MUCH better , much more comfortable ! They gave her the center seat, worked much better. I would love to see her replace Elizabeth (sorry , not an Elizabeth fan). That way she could stop the Jon & Kate show / and still provide the income for the family. And the press could lay off her kids. And Jon no longer would be supported by the show !

  47. Tashapork,

    The primary issue of full custody of the kids doesn't mean Jon would be barred from seeing or being with them, it simply means that Kate would have primary control of who and how much anyone would have access to the kids, not to mention the kids' babysitters/nannies, environment, activies, etc.

  48. Just read that Kate & Paula Deen have a TV Talk show in the works?
    Here's the link:

  49. Nanny Mom Confirms Jon Sleeping w/Stephanie? How low will he stoop?

    In a shocking exclusive interview with, Marci Santoro confirmed her daughter’s sexual relationship with Jon and said Gosselin threatened to kill himself in a conversation with Stephanie.

    Despite Jon’s public loyalty to current girlfriend Hailey Glassman, 22, other women (remember Kate Major?) have stepped out claiming they too dated Jon during his separation from his wife. And now Santoro confirms to that Stephanie also had a sexual relationship with Jon, which began right after he returned from France with Hailey.

    “She told me that besides watching the children, they also started a relationship, and of course being a mother my first question was, ‘are you sleeping with him, did you have sex?’ and she said, ‘yeah.’”

    According to Santoro, Stephanie quit her jobs to babysit the Gosselin children in July.

  50. I haven't watched the View at all so I can't really comment on that but, since the topic of the day seems to be if Kate is a "single mom".....
    I would say no she is not a single mom. Her children's father is active in their lives, and they currently have joint custody, so there ya go! If she was to get full custody, THEN I would say single mom, but not under these circumstances.

    I really liked last night's show! I say this every time, but the kids are so cute and I love them all to pieces! Kate is such a great mother, and you can tell that her kids love spending time with her. (When Collin said, "Mommy, we only do fun things with you" I had to laugh. I wonder if Jon will ever see that. LOL!) And Kate is so cute with her squeaky little voice calling the kids to get their popcorn! When she was talking about leaving the kids I was tearing up. I can't even imagine leaving your kids and not knowing what they're up to, what they're eating for dinner, and all of those other everyday things. Especially becaus things like that are so important to Kate, so I'm sure she was sincere when she said it.

    When it was Jon's turn with the kids, I thought it was a great idea to go fishing! I know that I am looking way too far in to this, but I have to say it did cross my mind when they were having grilled pizza that they had no vegetables! I know that Kate wouldn't have liked that- and she has said in the past that he feeds them take out or drive through when she's not there. (Forgive me, but I'm forever the nutritionist!) Anyway, it seemed like the kids had a great time fishing the second time around! I think that Jon is a good father. I'm so mad at him at this moment because he's throwing away everything that he had. He hasn't been making the best decisions, and I think his priorities are a little blurred but of course I think that he does love his kids very much. (Or else he would have been gone a LONG time ago!) And you can see that the kids love him back!

    Overall, a great show! I'm still all for Kate and 8!!! :o)

  51. I heard at the end of the show that Kate will be back on the View on Friday. I think they're benefitting, ratings-wise, from her controversial presence. But Kate was fantastic and she looked amazing, loved the new hairstyle!! She has a lovely smile and good sense of humor....and did a great job today.

    I found Dr. Phil to be very oddly "curt" with her. She sounded very respectful towards him but he didn't reply the favor and seemed to be very miserable in general during that interview. Weird. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

  52. SchmeckyGirl and others are right, technically Kate is not a single mom:

    A single parent (also lone parent and sole parent) is a parent who cares for one or more children without the assistance of another parent in the home. "Single parenthood" may vary according to the local laws of different nations or regions.

    She is better referred to (when it is official) as a divorced mother of 8!

  53. Hmm, I just watched the radaronline video???
    All I can say is there is photos of her coming out of his apartment early in the am , and after all that has happened I will believe anything from him at this point.
    This just keeps getting weirder & weirder!!!!


  55. Well Kate has had an amazing week on The View, so good in fact she was invited back on Friday. How exciting!! And I am going through the roof with all these talks about her getting her own talk show with Paula Deen and other Moms. Great Idea!! We need something like that. I think throw in Brooke Burke and you have an amazing hit.

    And talk about Stephanies(the babysitter) Mom blowing the socks off of Jon and Stephanies fling.....ei ei ya is all I have to say about that. I would really like to hear people who support JOn defend that.

    The new episode was good last night, the kids were so funny tearing poor sound guy Eric apart, lol And talk about ripping a mothers heart out Kate talking about leaving and watching her leave, it must be really really hard. I am glad the kids got to actually catch fish, great memories.

  56. BabyMama you're under so much stress that I hesitate to say anything but I'm having a really hard time reading the big blue section on the purple brown background. May we please switch back. Thanks.

  57. from Radaronline...

    EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Kate Gosselin's new show PLUS The View asks her back

    Can't get enough Kate Gosselin? Well lucky for you the rumors are true -- she is getting her own show and has exclusive details.

    But first, has learned exclusively that Kate will be making an extra unscheduled guest hosting appearance on The View this week, taping another show to air Friday, with Kathy Griffin as a guest. And what makes this so special, Gosselin fans, is that Griffin opened the Creative Arts Emmys in Ed Hardy-wear saying, "I just banged Jon Gosselin."

    Meanwhile, Kate's guest stint on The View this week was just a warm up for a full-time gig. And while Jon & Kate Plus 8 is still going strong on TLC, Kate is trading in Jon for a much more genteel partner, Southern cooking belle Paula Deen.

    Industry insiders tell that their new show has a working title of Mom Logic and is based on the popular Web site of the same name. Telepictures is behind the site and the new show.

    E! Online's Mark Malkin broke the news of Kate's new show this week and now has learned that the proposed pilot will contain a mix of advice, health and beauty tips and celebrity gossip geared toward moms and
    moms-to-be. Expect multiple hosts to accompany Kate and Paula.

    And guest hosting on The View has been good practice for Kate because the new show will be View-like in its approach and sources tell that a pilot will begin shooting later this month.

    Deen has been shopping shows around for the past 5 years, "with no takers," says a source at a competing production company. Meanwhile, Gosselin has been busy taking meetings all over town (which town? c'mon people, LA, of course!) trying to pitch a talk show of her own. Industry sources say she’s cancelled upcoming meetings, another signal that the deal for her new show is in the final stages of completion.

  58. I watched The View yesterday and it was the first time I have watched it in over a year. LOVED it. I usually like Whoopi too but she was a little snotty. I haven't watched last night episode or the View today(I taped them) but will be back tomorrow after I do.

  59. 1. Kate is a single mom. Any mom who is divorced (separated)is not a member of a couple and, therefore, a single mom. Many single mom's have help (their own mom, daycare, etc. It all counts). Not even sure how much J actually contributes off camera.
    2. Whoopie and Joy have repeatedly stated that they have no respect for the entire J&K+8 issue. They think there should never have been a TV show and that Kate should not be considered a "celebrity". That Kate stood up to Whoopie by asking about how many children Whoopie has, is in my singular opinion, extraordinary.
    3. Have you ever spoken "on camera"? It is so, so, so scary. As soon as the red light comes on, your heart pounds, your hair stands on end, mouth goes dry and, at least in my case, the brain goes to mush. Kate did not seem nervous to me. She held her own and grows more and more professional as the opportunity presents.

    When Sherry Shepherd started on The View she was not well read or well versed on current events, history, politics. She had never even voted! She has learned on the fly and she was a pro even before the regular spot on the show. She also has the benefit (as they all do) of having producers feeding info into their ears as they speak). Kate was a nurse, mom and randomly gave birth to six babies at one time (after having twins). Randomly, she was asked to do a documentary-type TV show. How she has grown and changed for all the world to see is remarkable.

    BTW, Dr. Phil is an ass who had his professional license taken away for sexual harassment of a patient. In the same stochasticity of life, he could have been living in a cardboard box - but he met Oprah. (I just heard that word on an NPR radio program! Wonder if Whoopie would correct me...)

    GO KATE!

  60. I've seen a couple of episodes of The View and I have to say, Kate got off lightly! Kate seemed a little nervous but she did a really good job considering it was her first time. I'm a huge fan of Victoria Beckham, it was so exciting to see them both together. Victoria has worked so hard to be where she is now, I don't know who I'm more proud of, her or Kate :D

    It's ironic that Jon was the one who wanted the big city life and fancy New York job and Kate's the one who got it instead.

  61. HOLLI DAY , Very well put ! :)
    I would LOVE Kate to do the talk show w/ Paula Deen.
    AND for her to stop the J&K plus 8 show. And maybe keep the kids involved by doing segments on the show, maybe cooking segments for kids w/ Paula ?? :-) That way people who have watched the family over the years could still see them grow, but not by having them involved all the time.
    What do you think?

  62. Linda~ Any time you have an issue, please let me know about it regardless. Hey, people want to read this blog right? (lol) And I always appreciate when someone tells me that something works or not. My favorite color is purple, so I did this blog that way. But its very hard to find colors that work with it.

    As far as Kate being a single mom or not, I guess we can all agree to disagree. Kate realizes the show will not last forever. But I'm sure she feels she wants it to end when she feels it's time and not based on the haters on blogs. This is a great start to whatever she hopes to do past this show.

  63. The cooking segments would be really interesting with Kate cooking organic nutritional, and Paula Deen cooking rich and fattening cup of butter cup of cream stuff.
    Just because she would do the talk show, doesn't mean she would stop Jon and Kate Plus 8. I am not saying she should or shouldn't, but I could see her doing both if she wanted to. The Roloffs film while they have a lot of other business opportunites and jobs going on.

  64. I have issues reading on the purple background, too. The colors strain my eyes. But it sure doesn't stop me!

    Kate is a single mom. I know plenty of single moms that are divorced, whose husbands still come over and take the kids, come early when 'mom' is called to the office, etc.

    HOWEVER, when there is a flu epidemic in the house it isn't Dad or the extra help that are up all night, it's the mom, she is the one that goes to work, goes to market, comes home exhausted, makes dinner, gets them into bed, etc.

    So, yeah, she has help, who amongst us would not have loved that while our kids were growing, but it doesn't mean she isn't single.

    Why is it that women have to dog other women instead of supporting them?????

    GO KATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. I am really proud of Kate! she did really good today. I did not see yesterdays shows. but I heard that whoopi was a pain in the butt. stuck up and all that crap. I hate when people look down their noses at others. Sounds like whoopi is just upset that kate has fame. who knows... Doctor phil did look uptight on the show, with kate. like i said who knows.

    I am excited!! I hope she does have a show with paula dean. Two kind ladies hosting a show sounds like fun to me. =)

  66. I've said it before and this morning I have to say it again...I'm very worried about Jon..this new news coming out with Stephanie's mom I feel is going to throw Jon over the edge =( I don't like him at all and I know he has done it to himself but its still hard to watch..when he was defending himself on Radar it almost seemed like he was about to cry...Maybe that is what he wants is sympathy but I'm just not sure anymore..if they bring those texts out and prove he wanted to kill himself or threatened it..he's going to lose everything..and the kids really do love him and he does love them, but his choices are going to haunt him and I couldn't blame the courts for being hard on him..Karma is about to bite him in the butt..unfortunately the kids are the ones who are going to have to pay. I'm still convinced he is on drugs..something is just not right..sigh I honestly do believe to that he still loves Kate won't admit but I think he wants his old life back but is to far gone now to ever look back or be taken back. I don't know what do you guys think?

  67.'s funny that Kate ended up getting what Jon wanted, I agree, and the reason for that is that Kate is willing to WORK, and work hard!!!!!! Jon, on the other hand, wants something for nothing. Once he has alienated himself from TLC and all the things that helped him along (Kate), he will find himself destitute and alone.

  68. Wow! There is a lot going on with this whole babysitter thing. Personally I think it's disgusting that a mother would go out and tell something like that about her daughter! Just horrible. Seems to me if the daughter isn't talking that she didn't want to go public. Unless she signed a confidentiality agreement and her mother is speaking on her behalf.

    Of course Jon is denying it. I wonder if she has the text messages to prove it.

    Jon REALLY needs to get counseling. He needs to get his act together. I really feel he loves his kids and he's a good father when he's with them, but he's just making some really, really bad choices in his life. He's looking really "trashy" these past few months and he really needs to lay low and get his act together.

    I'd like to add that when I refer to Jon being a good father, I mean aside from the fact that he is still allowing his children to be in a reality show. I think they are both lacking in good parenting because of that.

  69. After the latest news story about Stephanie S - I'm thinking that instead of a new show called the 'divorced dads club' - they should do a "Ditched Bimbos Club" show featuring the JonG Girls! Starring Kate Major, Stephanie S, Deanna Hummel and of COURSE, Hailey Glassman! The 'other women' (of which I'm sure there are more) could have 'guest appearances' on the show!!!!


  70. Oh! Nevermind, apparently the babysitter was holding out for her own tell-all interview with In Touch. Wow. I wonder if Jon is going to continue denying it.

    So was anyone in the house with the children while Jon was in the apt over the garage? If not, that is just wrong. Does anyone know?

  71. This is my first post. I do check your blog daily and love it! You do a FANTASTIC job finding time to balance it all. Keep up the great work. I have just read on your blog about the new show with Kate and Paula, and wanted to make the comment that I will be tuning in these are two of my most favorite ladies. I am very excited! Thanks for all you do! Everyone have a great day.

  72. Where would she live if the show was filmed elsewhere? Paula Deen moved her show from NYC to Savannah.

  73. Did you all see this?|main|dl2|link3|

    Jon Gosselin's love life is often the center of the rumor mill and tabloid fodder. He now admits having a relationship with Hailey Glassman, but in a new bombshell interview in In Touch magazine (on newsstands Wednesday 9/16) given exclusively to PopEater, Gosselin's nanny Stephanie Santoro is coming clean about their affair together. She says that despite Jon denying that they were romantically involved, they had a steamy sexual affair, going into seriously (and kinda disturbingly) intimate details.
    Santoro, 23, tells In Touch Weekly that their steamy fling began one night with an innocent phone call where Jon asked her to come over. Santoro says that Jon asked if she could give him a massage, and then he was like, 'my turn.' While we were sitting there, he said, 'Well, I guess we can kiss just once.'"

    Santoro says that night, Gosselin told her: "Whatever you do, don't fall in love with me, because it's going to be impossible for me not to fall in love with you." The two then made their way to Jon's hot tub, where Santoro says she "kept looking at the windows" because she was afraid "one of the kids was going to pop their heads out, but he told me to relax."

    She goes on to call Gosselin "very romantic," saying after they got out of the hot tub, Jon "ran in to make sure all of the kids were asleep, and we went back into the apartment that is over the garage. We continued what was going on in the hot tub, and then he fell asleep afterward."

    I just can't believe how horrible Jon is.

  74. allibrootob said...

    I found Dr. Phil to be very oddly "curt" with her. She sounded very respectful towards him but he didn't reply the favor and seemed to be very miserable in general during that interview. Weird. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

    (Also from an earlier post) He speaks like a teenager and I don't feel emotion when he talks. I also think his "activities" with the kids are totally set up and arranged by TLC.

    Personally, I think it's Dr. Phil knows the truth about Kate, about Jon, about their marriage, about their show... whatever it all is. He did meet with them. He does have some inside knowledge about their problems and how they wanted to resolve them.

    I agree with you on both counts regarding Jon being emotionless and the activities being set up. However, Jon was always pretty much emotionless when he spoke in interviews. He always seemed to mumble too. I think it's part of his passive personality. I find it annoying as well, but I think it's his personality.

    Also, as for the activities, I think both Jon and Kate's are set up and arranged by TLC. Maybe TLC asks them what they would like to do and they come up with ideas, but I think TLC may come up with a lot of the ideas and has a big part in the execution of them.

    It's another thing I'm torn about. I think it's great that they are doing these things with their children and trying to "create memories" but I think it should be done without the cameras. I think the kids may look back on their family activities and wonder if they were purely done for "episodes".

  75. I'm so mad right now they are getting rid of the dogs :[ Of course Jon blames it all on Kate but I think they are both responsible! They got the dogs for the kids for Christmas!! How freakin sad they can't live up to anything for tier kids! They could have easily bought a trainer to train the dogs learned how to crate them properly and had excellent family pets! Now the dogs are being sent back to the breeder thank goodness they got from someone who does that or if they would have went to a shelter they could have been pts! I'm so mad right now!

  76. Sadly, there is now video of the family saying goodbye to Shoka and Nala. They are going back to the breeder.

  77. Hi, first time poster here. I've been a fan of Kate's since I began watching the show, during it's second season, by my mom's suggestion -she loves those kids-. I wish I would've found this blog sooner, so there'd be a history of my support of Kate!
    I was excited about her appearances on The View this week, as I've been saying for several months now that when J&K+8 is no longer taping new episodes, Kate should have her own show.
    I always thought a 1/2 hour Rachel Ray/Tipical Mary Ellen style show would suit her well. The children could make appearances, solo or in pairs, for mommy & me segments, working on craft or cooking/baking projects together.

    Kate has charisma and is made for television, despite what the snobby Whoopie Goldberg and jealous Aunt Jodi may think.

    Those kids are going to be just fine. I believe Kate's making choices that are going to benefit their futures tremendously.

    I'm really excited about a Kate & Paula show!

  78. Cindy said...

    Kate is a single mom. I know plenty of single moms that are divorced, whose husbands still come over and take the kids, come early when 'mom' is called to the office, etc.

    HOWEVER, when there is a flu epidemic in the house it isn't Dad or the extra help that are up all night, it's the mom, she is the one that goes to work, goes to market, comes home exhausted, makes dinner, gets them into bed, etc.
    I have to disagree. If it is Jon's turn to be with the kids in the house for half the week or however long he is there, then he is responsible to care for the kids if they are sick or other issues arise. I don't think he will be calling Kate to come over and set up the laundry room floor for them.

  79. I’m not even sure what to say about all of the latest with Jon. I feel very sad for him and agree that he needs counseling. Don’t get me wrong, I think he is making poor decisions and there are consequences that will follow, but I still just can’t help but feel sad for him. I think it was Ashley who said she thought that maybe deep down he does still love Kate and I agree. I also think he probably feels bad about how his life is going and about what he has lost, but he just doesn’t seem too interested in making things right or taking responsibility-yet.

    And as always, I respect and admire Kate. I disagree with those who say she should make sure to openly negate or refute any and all venomous claims against her. I have always felt that those who can calmly remain quiet are those who have nothing to hide or to prove to anyone. It seems that when you have something to hide or something on your conscience that is when you tend to become defensive. I think it would serve Jon well to follow suit.

    SchmeckyGirl, lol. I agree, Dr Phil annoys me too! From the social sciences field, let’s just say he is not really all that respected. But I have to say that not directly saying anything about the Gosselins actually seemed like the more professional and respectable approach to me.

  80. OMG! They got rid of the dogs?!?!?! How horrible! Those poor kids. Those poor dogs. I don't care what the reason is, it was selfish. Everything these kids are going through and now they lose their pets?

    Why not pay someone to train them and care for them if they can't, or if Kate can't when Jon isn't there?

    "Supposedly" Jon is blaming Kate saying she won't care for them when she's home. That's not a shock. "Supposedly" Kate's blaming Jon saying he won't get a place where he can keep them. That's not a shock. He didn't stay in PA for his kids, I don't see him staying there for his dogs.

    I can't help but wonder if the breeder had to take them back because of the allegations and video footage of the dogs being hit when the kids were playing. I know you sign a contract with breeders to treat the animal a certain way. Maybe it was in breach of contract. I know someone that signed a contract that she wouldn't get her cat declawed or it would be taken back (she did though).

  81. Ashely said...
    I've said it before and this morning I have to say it again...I'm very worried about Jon..this new news coming out with Stephanie's mom I feel is going to throw Jon over the edge =( I don't like him at all and I know he has done it to himself but its still hard to watch..when he was defending himself on Radar it almost seemed like he was about to cry...Maybe that is what he wants is sympathy but I'm just not sure anymore..if they bring those texts out and prove he wanted to kill himself or threatened it..he's going to lose everything..and the kids really do love him and he does love them, but his choices are going to haunt him and I couldn't blame the courts for being hard on him..Karma is about to bite him in the butt..unfortunately the kids are the ones who are going to have to pay. I'm still convinced he is on drugs..something is just not right..sigh I honestly do believe to that he still loves Kate won't admit but I think he wants his old life back but is to far gone now to ever look back or be taken back. I don't know what do you guys think?
    Not for anything, supposedly the guy says he's suicidal and what does the mother do? She goes public with something like this. I guess she wanted to give him another reason to kill himself.

    I sooooo do not agree with the things Jon is doing with his life. But I have compassion for him because he seems so lost right now. He always seemed like a good guy. His life is falling apart. It's just sad.

    I really wonder what he was like behind the camera all these years.

    I hope he gets help. I hope he goes to a good therapist because those children would be devastated if they lost him.

  82. What I can not understand is why was the Insider was there filming the breeder taking the dogs away. Everything Jon does, he does to get attention. There is seriously something very, very wrong with him and maybe this is the reason why the marriage is over. Since the beginning of this year, we are seeing a very different Jon IMO. Does anyone else think that his behavior is off the wall and all over the place????

  83. So many things to address!

    First off, I don't really understand why all this commotion about Kate calling herself a single mom. So what if she has help, is not legally divorced or whatever else people are arguing about. I think Kate calling herself a single mom is coming from an EMOTIONAL level for her. For all intents and purposes, she is now raising the kids alone when it is her time to be with them. She no longer has Jon to share the duty with and since Jon and Kate are the parents of these kids, the fact that they no longer share a life together does leave each of them as being a single parent to their kids. Until they remarry and have another person in the house acting as a coparent that helps in making decisions regarding the childrens' upbringing, then they are single parents.

    The whole nanny/helper thing is irrelevant because those people are not parents and do not have sole discretion over any decision making regarding the children. They are only there to follow any orders Jon or Kate may give them and to lighten the load for the parents. I'm sorry but I just don't see why it is such a controversy that she calls herself a single mom.

    On to the view. I thought Kate was good but not fantastic. I have watched the View many times and seen when they had all the temporary hosts coming through when the were looking for a replacement for first Star and then Rosie. Some were great and seemed to just fit in and mesh well with everyone and some were lack lustre. I think Kate was good and professional and all but I don't think she was dynamic enough which surprised me because Kate never has had a problem being the one to dominate a conversation. lol I guess being in that group of ladies is pretty daunting but you have to just jump in there when you have anything to say and you have to be loud about it. I have no doubt that she would have fit right in given a week to get used to the environment though.

    Having said that, I didn't really like the way they treated her. You could tell that she wasn't very highly respected by the other women. They weren't making an effort to let her jump in and kept interrupting her a lot when she did try to talk. Considering how intimidating that must have been, she did well under the pressure. I almost wonder why they would ask her on if they didn't think she was a credible person or celebrity. Joy and Whoopi can really be mean when they don't like someone. They kind of acted like her being there was a joke. They didn't make a secret of the fact that she was a regular hot topic on the show and I think all they wanted out of her was any tittilating bit of info they could have gotten. When I saw today's view with Latoya Jackson, you could really tell the difference. They welcomed Latoya enthusiastically introducing her as the Fabulous Latoya Jackson or something like that and you could tell they let her talk and have some control over the conversation whereas Kate was always trying to get a word in here or there and they never really adressed her. I'm sorry but if you don't respect someone why have them on? Despite having talked about her on hot topics, if you are going to invite someone on the show with you, you should at least respect them while they are there. I just found their tone with Kate on the condescending side. Wonder why they asked her back for Friday? Probably the person that said it was for ratings since the media is so interested in the gosselings was right on the money! I hope she gets back in their faces on Friday!!

  84. I also wanted to say that I am INFURIATED that Jon has gone and let the kids meet Haylie despite Kate's probably begging him not to. I can understand how she would melt down over that. Those kids still don't fully get what it means for mommy and daddy to be getting divorced let alone meeting daddy's new gf. Kate just said on the view how they ask questions and she keeps having to explain to them how things work regarding them not being married anymore. She even said one of the kids asked if she would be marrying a new daddy. And here comes Jon bringing Haylie along. He is so tasteless. I think he is just a desperate man and doesn't even know what he is doing. Maybe he thinks by introducing Haylie to the kids, it will make her stick around. What happened to him saying he would wait until at least after the divorce was final. What, now he couldn't wait a few more weeks? Like I said, I think this is more about keeping Haylie around than how his kids feel.

    Also, what is up with this whole babysitter Stephanie's mom coming out with stuff like yes her daughter did have a relationship with Jon and that Jon is suicidal. You don't make stuff like that up. I hate to believe it is true but who knows, Jon has been so crazy lately and I am sure he knows how bad he has made things for himself. I just hope this latest thing is not true because no matter what a jerk he is, those kids love him and it would just devastate them if he did something like that. Imagine putting them through that. He does deny it in a very short video but as usual he claims that everyting people say about him is just to make money. I think that excuse has just about worn itself out. Why doesn't Kate have that problem? Becasue she is smart enough not to put herself in that position. He keeps seeking out all these women every single time even though it always ends up the same, with them throwing him under the bus. Doesn't he get it yet? Nobody gives a crap about you unless there is something in it for them.

    Anyway, I hope he gets the help he needs. It is just too sad and disturbing. :(

  85. IMO the VIEW with Rosie gone, is totally disjointed and there is no flow. It was awkward how many pauses there were during the hour when I watched both Monday and Tuesday. Also, there were alot of things going on for both Monday and Tuesday's shows, with the whole Serena and Kanye thing and then Patrick Swayze's passing. I do not think that they were very welcoming at all and for the most part I think that Whoopi and Joy are bored with the show and Sherri well she is just out there and Barbara well I think that it is time for her to retire.

  86. I forgot to mention the dogs! How sad that they got rid of them. I wonder why they decided that? Don't the kids love them? Aren't they attached to them? I thought Jon really loved them. I guess now that he's not around so much anymore there is no one to really look after them. Obviously the kids are too young to really take responsibility and I guess Kate was never a big fan. Still it's sad because the dogs are being ripped from their home and to see them just carted off in a cage like that is so sad.

    As for Jon and the suicide rumour, I hope I didn't come off as harsh before. I am very angry at the things he is doing but I do and always have felt sad for him. I know he is not the bad person he is acting like these days. It is just really hard to remember that sometimes when he does things so blatantly disrespectful of his kids and their mother.

    I agree with most who said that deep down, he is a lost, lost soul. I think he is looking for love in all the wrong places (not to sound cliche) and maybe in realizing that, we have to realize how loveless Jon and Kate's marriage had become. In a weird way, I think a lot of what he is doing is a desperate need to live a life as far from what he lived with Kate.

    When he gave his interview, some of the things he said, he said with an almost crazed look in his eyes. When he said he despised Kate and how people don't know how much she belittled him and all that, why would he do that if he really didn't feel that way? Msybe things were really bad at home before. I'm not saying he was blameless but maybe he allowed himself to be controlled and just grew so resentful as time wore on. I don't think he would have this much animosity toward Kate for no reason. When the interviewer asked him whether they could ever patch things up. He said again, with his eyes bugging out that their relationship could never be fixed and that he would not go back to that lifestyle. Wow, he just has so much anger and he did choke up when asked if he felt he failed his kids. Maybe deep down he just thinks he really screwed his kids up. I really pray he gets help. No matter what he has done he doesn't deserve that and nor do his kids!!

  87. Hey Baby Mama
    Love your blog! Follow it all the time. I am sure you have noticed this, but the article above, New Episode: "Movie & A Catch" By Jackie McClellan: had a couple of errors....Cara stayed with Jon and Mady went with Jon's mom. AND Cara's name in with a C not a K.... No biggie, just wanted to clarify. Have you heard anything about the tea party episode?
    I think Kate did great on the View...the fist day she seemed a little out of place, but still, did really good. On Friday, I felt Whoopie was a little hard on her about the police being called to their house. I have been in this situation. Being divorced with children and having to relinquish some control regarding your children is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my entire life. I know exactly how Kate feels. Until you have been in this situation...Whoopi....I dont think one should speak on the topic. And futhermore, Kate wouldnt have gone to Jail, it is a civil matter and would have been handled in court. It kinda made me mad to hear Whoopie come down on kate. To me it rattled Kate, but she recovered well.