Friday, September 11, 2009

Jon Photographed Kissing Hailey, Kate Speaks At The Cleveland Southern Women's Show

UPDATE: Hello Gosselin fans...Since I updated this post with another video below I wanted to change my post a little, and try not to focus on the very sad and painful day we had yesterday on September 11th. In the new interview video below a friend of Jon and Kate's was at the speaking engagement yesterday. If you hear it at the 2:00 mark she mentions the following: "When Jon was at a speaking engagement in Toledo, he defended her behavior and said that if he didn't like the way he is spoken to, he says something about it. We just don't see that part. It's so funny now seeing how he's reacting to the situation". I just found that really interesting...Enjoy the clips!

Kate's A Hit At The Cleveland Women's Show

Kate Gosselin was the star attraction Friday at The Second Annual Cleveland Women's Show.

The mom of 8 held nothing back as she fielded questions in an hour long candid Q & A townhall discussion held at the Cleveland XI center in Cleveland, Ohio. No stone was left unturned as Kate discussed topics ranging from her friendship with bodyguard Steve Neild, her messy divorce from husband Jon and remembering 9-11.

Kate told the crowd she would answer anything, and an onlooker says she did just that. Kate also took time out to thank her fans saying, "At the beginning of all of this, you've heard me say before, I didn't want fans gawking, I didn't want people gawking, I just wanted to be myself, my family. I have learned, I appreciate your support, I need you, I love you, thank you."

She also shared exercise and cooking tips with moms but pointed out, "Moms don't just sit there cooking everyday and aren't always there to greet their kids at the school bus. Moms are as versatile as dads. If you're working you're also providing for your kids in a different way." When through with the grilling Kate signed autographs for her legions of fans and was told many times by the women in the crowd that they were praying for her. Seems like Kate might need those prayers with Jon's recent behavior.

Jon Calls Radar To Let Them Know He's Still With Hailey
Jon Gosselin shows Hailey Glassman his hometown. Anyone else nauseated?

Jon Gosselin gave his 22-year-old girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, the grand tour of his hometown — Wernersville, Pa. — this week, proving that he is desperately trying to recapture his faded youth. According to Us, the two had breakfast at a diner and used a friend's '68 Chevelle to drive around. Jon probably showed her all the places he lived, went to school, hung out, played sports and where he lost his virginity.

Just kidding about that last one. We think. Wanna bet Hailey had a smile frozen on her face the entire day?

Hey, it ain't a Vegas pool party or a fashion designer's fancy yacht in the South of France. But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do if she's trying to keep a famous TV personality boyfriend, right? "They definitely looked like two people in love," a source tells Us. "They kissed and held hands a lot." Ugh. Pass the Maalox.

Jon Gosselin has taken his galpal Hailey Glassman to see his hometown.

No shocker, that apparently didn't sit well with his soon-to-be-ex Kate, who is reportedly devastated he would be so bold. Jon recently squired the 22-year-old Glassman around Wernersville, PA, according to Us Magazine. "They definitely looked like two people in love," a source told the magazine.Their whirlwind tour included breakfast at a local diner, and a cruise around town in a '68 Chevelle Gosselin borrowed from a friend. Later they headed to Blue Marsh Lake in the neighboring town of Leesport, Us reports.

"They were both laughing and smiling and just enjoying being together finally without worrying about being seen. They kissed and held hands a lot," the source said. Kate, meanwhile, cried hysterically when Jon told her it was time Glassman meet their eight kids, according to The couple's divorce will be finalized next month, and Kate feels it's too soon for the kids to meet Dad's girlfriend. She argued with Jon that bringing his new love into the mix will be too much, too soon after the divorce.

The latest twist in the ugly tale comes just days after Jon told ABC's "Good Morning America" he despised Kate and said she wasn't being honest on television. He also fueled speculation that she was having an affair with her bodyguard.

Following that appearance, there was a report Glassman had dumped Jon over his wild ways — namely cavorting with bikini-clad babes in Las Vegas. But soon after Jon was on the horn to E! News, letting the world know that the daughter of the plastic surgeon who gave Kate her tummy-tuck still thought he was dreamy.


  1. Wow, they look about as genuine as Heidi and Spencer from The Hills. Half as annoying but twice more delusional.

  2. Kate ,if you read this blog ,I just want to say that you will and have grown from all of this tragedy. You are a beautiful women inside and out and it is showing.God Bless You I am praying for all ten of you.

    Jon is doing himself in sadly.

    babymama ,You are not alone in how you feel about 911...Living in NJ it was very close to home .We have so many reasons why it is so important not to ever forget and to be thankful. I will never forget that morning as long as I live.

  3. The mom of 8 held nothing back as she fielded questions in an hour long candid Q & A townhall discussion held at the Cleveland XI center in Cleveland, Ohio. No stone was left unturned as Kate discussed topics ranging from her friendship with bodyguard Steve Neild, her messy divorce from husband Jon and remembering 9-11.

    Kate told the crowd she would answer anything, and an onlooker says she did just that.

    Another article stated:
    She thanked fans for their support, but told them she has decided not to talk about her husband for the sake of her children.

    I wasn't there for the discussion, but which one was it? Sounds contradictory to me. Of course she was right to keep silent about it, but then why say you will answer anything?

    Love the woman in the video clip with a different version of Kate's hair. lol.

    As for Jon and Hailey and their PDA, it looks staged and I find that odd. Unless they were taken with a zoom lense and they didn't even know they were taking pics. There was one pic of Hailey looking right at the camera so either she knew they were there or she just spotted them. I have to say that was a lot of pics of them kissing. I may print them each up and create a little flip book so I can actually see them make out. ;)

    Baby Mama, I know exactly how you feel about 9/11. I was in NYC the day it happened. That was the most surreal day of my life. My husband helped clear out the rubble. As a NYer it's an odd day for me because it's also my wedding anniversary.

    And thanks for being so nice and understanding yesterday about everything. Thanks everyone else too.

  4. saw her in Cleveland and found out that she is really a strong woman. I asked about the cookbook (as a woman who collects cookbooks/recipe books-I was curious to hear about hers) and she gave some UNOFFICIAL word that the book will be out next fall (she believes) and that she will be a writing a NEW book (UNOFFICIALLY) about what she and the kids went through with the divorce. She is a STRIKING beauty!

  5. Okay, so I just saw a clip of the interview and Kate said she will answer any questions that seem reasonable... and she determines what is reasonable. So that coincides better with how she answered the questions.

  6. Jon Gosselin might not move fast just with the ladies.

    The scandal-ridden ''Jon & Kate Plus 8'' star was charged with speeding on Interstate 78 around 10:40 a.m. Tuesday.

    Gosselin was cited by a state trooper for allegedly driving 78 mph while heading east about a mile west of the Trexlertown/Fogelsville exits in his Mercedes ML350 station wagon. The speed limit there is 55 mph.

    He was ordered to pay $165.50 to cover a fine and court costs.

    Here is my defense of Jon: It's obvious he mistook the I-78 sign for the speed limit sign. ;)

  7. I found two more small videos of Kate speaking at the womens show women's show.

  8. I loved seeing the videos! Kate is the real deal.

  9. ......I truly believe that one's true character becomes startlingly clear during times of stress and duress. Need I say more?

    Kate is digging deep and finding strength and abilities she probably didn't know she had.

    Jon....he's just digging himself into a deeper hole with each passing day (and yes, there was a day when I really and truly liked the guy!)

    GO KATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i am the mom who was interviewed (the first one) about Kate at the Cleveland IX Center. I posted my experience with meeting her on my site. Thanks for coming to visit me and please share me with your fans and follow me! I am following you now too!

  11. I missed a flight to NY late on the 10th. So I didn't make it to my meeting scheduled in Twin Towers on the morning of the 11th. So hard to understand why some of us lived and friends and colleagues did not.

    Schmeckygirl, we often disagree on our perspectives on Jon. But, differences in perspective are what often make this blog interesting.

    God bless all of you New Yorkers. It's a fun place to visit but I'm glad I don't live there any more. :)

  12. Those pics of John and Hailey definitely look staged. I bet he called the paparazzi himself. I wish he would remember that he has 8 children and behave accordingly.

  13. BabyMama, are you able to get Flash inserts to play on your iPhone? I just get a blue cube whenever you have one of those. Is there an app for it?

  14. I loved watching the videos. Wish I was there!

    Speaking from the crib- I love your site as well! Kate seemed so funny and "darn cute" (as she would say!) And the picture of your daughter is adorable!

    TEAM KATE all the way!!!

  15. OMG - i am getting some really seriously nasty comments now. this is getting out of control. who in the heck are these weirdos? they're saying i left my son by himself. okay. at a huge building with thousands of people i left my 7 yr old by himself. where do they get this information? it is ridiculous. they are ridiculous. if i could get my hands on them i would choke the ever loving crap out of them. how dare they even speak of my children.

  16. Those in the Tri-State Area will never forget 911, as we lost so much. My husband was in City that morning and I will never forget that beautiful sunny clear day, sitting at my Kitchen Table watching the whole thing unfold on TV, my kids in school, and not being able to get a hold of my husband because there was no cell service. It took him hours to get home because they shut down all bridges and tunnels. He spent many days at the WTC site on the bucket brigade. He says that he will never forget the sight, sound, and smell. Today I saw the greatest sight, A Michigan to NYC, Firefighters Memorial Motorcycle Run, that was on their last leg, going down Route 80, heading to the City. We will never forget.

  17. Kate will be traveling a lot this week. She was in Cleveland yesterday and on The View Monday and Tuesday (Is that California or New York). Then she has a woman's show in NC on Thursday.
    That means Jon has this week with the kids to get to school, etc. Hope he doesn't bring Hailey there.

  18. Speaking from the crib~I'm so sorry that you have had to deal with psychos and crazies coming onto your site. Let me start off by saying Loony and her pack of wolves continually berate on her sick and demented hate site. She lets others do her dirty work by allowing her readers to attack other peoples sites. For the record NO ONE on this site is even allowed to post about her BUT me. She continues to allow some of the most hurtful sick comments out there. She's a total whack job, and so are the people that post there. I don't know how but they hunt out wonderful mothers with funny blogs that even mention Kate Gosselin and go after them.

    They read my blog every day, and discuss everything written here. They are obsessed with this site. So look out for this post in 5,4,3...

    Actually Dumbass Kate fan with the baby wrote her own (vomit worthy) recap. Get your buckets ready:

    This apparently was the post. I will not post the e-mail with the rest of the garbage I got. She had NO right to attack your site. From the bottom of my heart I am sorry that you had to deal with that. You now know the level of intelligence and maturity you are dealing with from the people that post there. I was happy for you that you were interviews for the news, and I put the video up for everyone to see.

  19. Speakingfromthecrib~This was another post where someone was discussing our blogs...

    "I am all for SAHMoms. I think they do a very vital, impossible to replace job. But, the Mommy blogs irritate me. And a lot of the attitude that comes across from them irritates me. I just want to make sure *&@#% know that I don’t dislike SAHMs, or am slamming the ability to stay at home and raise children. Mommy bloggers and SAHMs are not one and the same, all across the board."

    This comment is so ridiculous. SAHM blogs & Mommy blogs are the EXACT same thing. That's just all sorts of stupid talking. Someone goes on a hate site that is written by a mother and says this crap? Attacking other moms who also have their own blogs that happen to MENTION Kate Gosselin? Seriously, what type of time must you have on your hands to seek out blogs that discuss this woman just to get excited about posting it on a hate site to attack her? What type of person could you possibly be to think that this is OK?

    I tolerate a lot when it comes to hurtful blogs. I am praised by so many people because I am one of a select few (and I mean few) that will come out with the knives when I have had enough. I guess that's why I am so cocky when I can tell them to step off. This past 24 hours made me realize that in no way is it OK to continually berate someone for more readers. I'm glad that you deleted the post, and moved on, now so will I (stepping off the soapbox).

    Linda~ I am looking to see if there is an app for that. If anyone knows about this, I am super new to this IPhone thing, and I'm waiting for my cousin to come tomorrow and show me how to use this thing!

  20. Denise~ I hope so too. One would wonder if Jon planted this so that no one would be surprised when the new Radar photos are of Hailey playing the part of the nanny. Because well, who knows more about planned Radar interviews and photo sessions by cars and in the driveway than Jon.

    And this is Kate's job. We don't want anyone to feel that there's something wrong with her going out and working and being away from her kids. She will be a single mom soon regardless and I'm sure it will be hard to be away from her kids.

  21. Baby Mama and Speaking From the Crib,
    I think you ladies get alot of heat from these people. I'm not a mum, but I love reading SAHM and Mummy blogs. And I think this is a great way to share your tips and experiences with people. Also, it's a great place for mums to talk about both grievances that they need to air out, to keep sane, as well as the adorable little events that makes all of us smile.

    These ignorant nasty people find cheap thrills in creating chaos and arguments wherever something good is happening. I think they fail to register the differences between constructive debates and differences vs the "holier-than-thou" attitude of forcing their ideas on other people and slamming those who don't agree with them.

    At the end of the day, I applaud Kate and all mums for your courage and tolerance. Only you guys have the patience of a saint to handle such fools. =)

  22. Will Friday I finally met Kate!I'm in the 7th grade so I hade to leave school at 12:30,my sister picked me up and we went to the I-X Center. When we got there Jonathon Kayne, a designer from Project Runway was there talking and showing some of his prom dresses.Thats when people started coming.We didn't get to sit but we were right behind where the chairs ended. After Jonathon Kayne, Miss Ohio came out and spoke and then they were saying Kate was going to come out so we waited like 20 minutes for Kate and thats when a lot of People were coming, kids,moms, grandmas, and even some guys were waiting. While we were waiting there were these really rude ladies behind us, they were talking about how Kate abused Jon and the only reason why they want to see Kate was because she was on Us Weekly,so one of the ladies bumped into someone else and she got all mad and started talking about how rude people were lately so the other women taped on my sister's and I shoulders and says"Girls don't ever be rude and especially don't be abusive to your husbands" I just looker at the lady in DISGUST!Did she not notice that I had on a "I'd rather be watching Jon and Kate plus 8" Shirt or I had a Jon and Kate plus 8 tote bag filled with Kate's books, that really ticked me off. Anyways there was this women in the front row who looked exactly like Kate, I even thought it was her for a second, she had the hair,clothes, and even the spray tan lol. After 20 agonating minutes Kate came out, everyone screamed (I lost my voice after that lol) people in chairs stood up it was amazing. So thats when women started asking questions, two women went around with microphones so they could answer questions, Kate said she would never, never talk badly about Jon, and she said that the Cookbook is coming out next fall pior to another book about her Journey through this tough time now,she said she's like addicted to excersize and that women in the Channel 19 news video was a person who asked Kate a question too,after about maybe 15 questions the ladies who with the microphones said that after two more questions Kate will be over at the Walgreens both signing autographs so every one then ran, we were lucky to get out and we got a pretty good spot in line! It was only about a 20 minute wait, which I think is incredible, and I saw the line behind and it was very long. My sister and I were planing on saying a lot of things to Kate but when we got up there we just went blank lol, it goes so fast but Kate did ask us if we get school (She always asks kids that, she get's mad in funny way) so I told her "Well she's in college (my sister) and I had a dentist appointment" Kate was like OOOOO very loudly and she said something else about lying and then she asked me "Did I make you said" and I said "No" lol, it was pretty awesome, and she really is prettier in person!Overall it was AWESOME!I can't wait to meet her again!

  23. no idea about the crazies out there. What kind of demented soul makes it their life work to crucify a famous mom? Simply sick. In the end, we will all be judged by our actions in life. Sad that in a free country our differences of opinion can't be intelligently appreciated.

    Baby Mama, with all you have on your plate, my appreciation goes out to you for all your hard work!!

  24. Lovely pictures of him kissing his girlfriend....... And he claims to have his kids best interest at heart. Maddy & Cara are old enough to be on the internet & for sure see these pics.
    I wonder if Jons mom is proud of his actions?????
    I realllllllllllly hope that if TLC continues the show they depart from the Jon scenes & only cover Kate & the kids.
    I would love to see Jon be without his paycheck from the show. You know I would believe anything now, Next thing you know he will be proposing to Hailey... Just watch.

  25. I am so proud of Kate for staying strong!! I truly think she is a beautiful person inside and out. I have been a fan since day 1, and I continue to be...of Kate and the 8 anyway. I am very similar to Kate in personality..a very determined woman who runs the husband knew that entering the marriage, just as I'm sure Jon knew kate was very strong! In fact the first time my husband watched the show with me, he gasped and said "oh my Gosh...theres two of you out there!!" So true! (although she is much more glamourous than I). I get very defensive when I hear people critisize her for her work. She is providing for her family, and she's GOOD at speaking, she's inspiring and real ...and why shouldn't she take on speaking engagements? I travel with my job...I even enjoy it! My children are well cared for by their father in my absence, eating healthy meals prepared for them by me. There is nothing wrong with being a motivated woman and mother. So I for one support what she does. I am so looking forward to seeing her on the view (I'm thinking she'll excell!) ....Way to go Kate, you are inspiring many!!

  26. Maddy & Cara are old enough to be on the internet & for sure see these pics.

    Mady and Cara are not old enough to be on the internet. Not unsupervised anyway. They are only 8-years-old. They should not have any access to those websites and pictures, etc. I really don't think Kate would let them surf the net unsupervised. At least I would hope not.

  27. Not being able to go out with friends.
    There goes my 20s.

    Crouching in a desert, fighting for my country.
    There goes my 20s.

    Kneeling by the bedside of a parent with cancer.
    There goes my 20s.

    Sitting in a classroom, learning new techniques to save lives.
    There goes my 20s.

    Working three jobs to put food on the table.
    There goes my 20s.

    Watching my children grow up, playing with them, teaching them.
    There goes my 20s.

  28. Even supervised, logging on to a main portal such ad Yahoo, there us often stories about Jon and his actions and comments as well as about Hailey. We carefully supervise our youngest twins (age 10) but they've had homework assignments for 3 years now where they had to research things via the net.

    We used to watch J&K+8 as a family because we also have multiples. I tape it now because I just don't trust the things coming out of Jon's mouth.

    My youngest cried because it makes her sad to see Jon "with that girl." another of her comments was that that Hailey girl is was to young for Jon. I think that's a pretty mature comment.

    And occasionally they see the rags in the grocery store. My twins wish they could give the Gosselin twins hugs 'cause "that stuff's gotta hurt" in my kids words.

    Jon needs to keep his yap shut and keep shank Hailey away from his kids. Doggone it the man ISN 'T divorced yet! We all know he's in lust (not love) with Hailey. Fine for NY but NOT appropriate to bring her to the kids' home yet.

    Didn't Hailey just graduate in May? Am I wrong about that? You can't talk about her college years as if they were the distant past.

    Stay in NY Hailey!!!

  29. I would agree that Cara and Mady are not old enough to be on the internet unsupervised, but the problem is, it's on every news site! If they have to go on ANY news organization's website (for a school project perhaps), it's going to be there. It's easy enough to avoid the rag mag sites, but it is in a lot of legitimate places too.

  30. I just got back home from going to see Kate in Cleveland on Friday. I have to tell you she is the most realest nicest person I have ever met. It was so exciting to listen to her speak, and she answered every question without hesitating. She was funny and really connected with us fans. I got to be on the VIP list and be the first 10 people to meet her to sign books(as I see I am in all the pics on standing in line), since I have her exact hairstyle I told her I love her hair, she had me turn around to see mine and said shes never seen someone get it exactly like hers and that I did. I then asked her if it creeps her out that other people wear it and she said No that shes flattered. She then signed my books and said well it was nice to meet you. I wanted to stand there all day and talk but my turn was over darn it, lol We then watched her sign books for a few and it was fun watching her interact with people as they went through the line, shes so down to earth and funny. Over all it was an amazing experience and havent stopped talking about it all the way home.

  31. I'm so happy to see Kate pursuing her career. There is no reason why she can't be an amazing mother and work at the same time. If it's what she wants to do, then why not? Kate is so strong. It sounds stupid, but I am really proud of her for working through this tough time! Hopefully her strength rubs off on the kids... they're going to need it if it continues like it is now!

    I'm not sure if the pictures of Jon and Hailey were staged. Jon might have been selling them to the paparazzi again. (sigh) I just have to add that Hailey with no makeup= not so pretty sight! LOL. (Actually, I feel kinda bad about that, but I'm going to post it anyway!)

    Schmecky Girl- I think that Mady and Cara are definitely on the internet. I remember in the episode where they are skiing in Utah that Mady (or maybe it was Cara?!) was online playing on "Webkinz" or something similar to that. I'm sure that they are on the internet (hopefully with supervision!) But I don't think that they would be looking at pictures, videos, etc. anyway. (I hope that they aren't!) And I also agree that Kate probably watches them like a hawk if they are on.

  32. My daughter son is 10 & he is online, Supervised & he has seen pics on the yahoo home page & asked me . My son was w/ me in the supermarket & has seen magazine covers re: the gosselins & has asked me.
    I have seens shows where Maddie is on the computer & lets face facts, Jon is the one supervising them part time, With his actions the way they are you cant really think he is as vigilant as Kate keeping them from this.
    Also, they go to school, Ride the bus. I am sure they are very aware.

  33. Here is a picture that I saw on is me meeting Kate on Friday in Cleveland. I was a nervous wreak but she was so nice as I stumbled over my words trying to talk as long as I could.

  34. Tonight has been a rough night for me. The baby is congested and has a low grade fever. She had RSV aT 9 months and was hospitalized so we have to be very careful.

    IF ANYONE IS IN NYC and wants to go to The View tomorrow morning I have 2 impossible to get tickets for her first day. I'm devastated I can't go. If ANYONE wants to see Kate Gosselin on THE VIEW (guest Victoria Beckham!) and can get to 320 West 66th Street by 9:30 a.m SHARP email me ASAP..I know this is last minute but if you can do it this is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to go. I will either leave the tickets at the door or arrange for someone to meet you to give them to you. E-mail me if you can go. Please keep in mind this is an EARLY MORNING.

    I will cry and watch you from my TV... :(

    KatherineDenise~ GREAT PHOTO! How cool that they actually shot that photo of you! Did you know?

  35. Baby Mama I had no idea, I didnt care what was going on around me, lol I got back home tonight and all the pics I look at online I am standing there, its crazy. lol But again, it was so worth it, meeting her was awesome, shes amazing. Makes me look at her on a whole new level, shes just a Mom providing for her children and in the mean time having a great time discovering she has so many people who love her and stand behind her and support her. Shes a real person who loves to laugh but her children are never far from her mind in the mean time.

    Sorry your babies sick :( Hope she feels better soon.

  36. baby mama: I hope that your little one gets feeling better!!!

  37. Kate is an amazing Mom who is always keeping it together. Jon is a sleeze bag who needs to be taught a hard lesson and grow up! I think everything Jon has been saying recently is a joke and hes saying everything for attention because he is going thru a nasty very public devorse and is loosing his money. I think everything Jon has said and done the past year has been a lie he needs to grow up and be a Dad full time for those kids. Thier kids are bright and will one day learn how dumb thier Dad has been and I have no doubt everything Jon has said and done will come back and kick him in the butt 10 times worse.

  38. BabyMama, so sorry your little one is sick. Hope she's better quickly!

  39. Baby Mama:
    I hope your daughter feels better. Sorry you won't make it to the show today. I know it meant a lot to you. At least this shows all your haters that you aren't so crazy about Kate that you would put seeing her over taking care of your sick child. It was nice of you to offer your tickets out. Did you have any takers?

    As for Mady and Cara being on the internet, I do know that it is a possibility. I didn't mean that I don't think they are old enough to go on. My daughter are 3 and 5 and they play the Nick Jr. games online. I just meant that children that age should not just be surfing the net for fun and should definitely be supervised at all times, especially those two, knowing there is so much about them and their family on there for them to see.

  40. SO sorry your baby is ill! Hope she improves rapidly.

  41. Good Morning Everyone!
    Thank you for the well wishes of the little one. I ran to the doctor first thing this morning. She is better but is back on the Nebulizer. We were up 4 times last night trying to get her to use it. "The Aldergator" was a struggle to figure out!

    And someone did contact me about the tickets to The View today. A friend of mine actually did me the favor this morning of picking them up and bringing them over. That place is all the way down by no where over there! The standby line and fans there were wound around the block! Everyone was excited and hopeful, but everyone pretty much came that had tickets. Sad but glad I was able to give someone that chance to go!

    Again, Kate's first day as co-host on The View is today at 11am Eastern Time. As soon as I can get it on my site I will. Also new Episode tonight! With no sleep I still have to go into work late today, so please be patient if posts take longer than normal to appear. THANKS!

  42. KatherineDenise, I am glad you had sucha good time and positive experience meeting Kate. I enjoyed seeing your picture.

    Wishing Kate the best on her appearance today on Thw View.

  43. BBBWWWAAAAAAAAHHHAAA! That's me crying on the screen now as I watch this most EXCELLENT episode of The View with Kate! She is AMAZING so far!Today later I will be adding a separate post for both The View today and the new epi tonight!

  44. I love the show and have watched since the's sad to see the big X over Jon's face! It should have an X over Kate's face. She verbally abused him, and broke him down to the point of no return!