Sunday, September 6, 2009

Is Jon Almost Broke? Kathy Griffin Channels Kate? Grandma Takes A Spill, Kate Won't Respond To Jon

Hello Gosselin fans! As you can see, it's been a slow Gosselin news week. Good thing, as this has been the longest I have gone without a new post and I'm sorry! Between fairs, parties, beaches and the Holiday I have been too tired to even look at my computer. It's crazy to come back and see e-mails! It drives me nuts but when my husband is home he doesn't like to stay in! Hope you all are having a great Labor Day Weekend! There is n new episdoe this week, but Jon will be on GMA I beleive Tuesday and Kathy Griffin on Jimmy Kimmel. Hey if they are spoofing you, you are THAT famous!

She's Fallen & She Can't Get Up! Is Jon's new Mercedes To Blame? (lol)

You know the news week is slow when the rumor of the day is Jon's grandma falling after she saw the money he wasted on a new Mercedes!

"Jon Gosselin
has officially joined the ranks of the rich - he already had the famous part down. The Jon & Kate star bought himself a Mercedes Benz which was delivered to his home Saturday. Jon chose the Mercedes ML350 SUV. At a base MSRP of $45,700, it comes with 24 valves and 268 HP. It seats five so we're guessing he'll have to leave a few kids behind when he gets behind the wheel. It was shortly after the car was brought to Jon's Wernersville, PA home by a saleswoman that Gosselin's grandmother fell and had to be taken by ambulance to a local hospital."

Is Jon Gosselin Going Broke?

Oh, no! Jon Gosselin is on the verge of going broke, Fox 411 reports. Apparently the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad has been blowing through cash like a drunken sailor on shore leave since splitting with wife Kate Gosselin. "Kate was the accountant in their family. She was in charge of the bank accounts and kept Jon on a tight leash and budget," an insider squeals. "He got a certain amount of money per week and that was it. Now that he's free of all that control, he's like a kid with play money."

And - surprise! - he's not spending most the cash on his eight kids. "He uses his Jon & Kate Plus 8 connections to get free stuff for the children, and then he pays for big ticket items for [girlfriend] Hailey [Glassman]," the source continues. "While he was in Vegas this weekend flirting with many other women, he bought Hailey expensive jewelry. Then he got tons of free candy for the kids."

Better make room on your shelf for that Father of the Year award, Jon!

Compounding Big Papa Gos' financial woes is the fact that he moved to pricey New York City after splitting with wife Kate, and his desire to keep 22-year-old girlfriend Hailey in a lush lifestyle. "Jon is spending a lot of money to live in New York City and be close to Hailey," the source adds. "She spends most nights with him and they usually order food or go out to nice restaurants on the Upper West Side. They take cabs everywhere and he takes her shopping and to visit her family. Jon houses his car in a garage in the city as well for easy access for the shopping trips and drives home to Pennsylvania. The money is going fast!"

About the only source of extra revenue for Jon these days is making personal appearances, but with Jon & Kate network TLC putting the brakes on that, he could experience real money woes in the very near future.

Kate Gosselin Will Not Respond To Jon's "Claims"

It looked like war when Jon Gosselin appeared on Good Morning America Wednesday and fired some pretty hard shots at wife Kate, saying he had taken a lot of abuse from her.

And the reason Jon got tough, learned exclusively, is because he wants to rehabilitate his image with the public. “Jon thinks he’s being portrayed as the bad guy and wants to put his side of the story out there,” a source close to the situation told

Well, attacking Kate may not have been the way to do it. Don’t expect Kate to respond immediately. She’s aware of Jon’s comments and won’t answer his charges, the source told

Kate has done several national interviews about the breakup of the marriage and as Jon has stepped out with a series of young girlfriends, public sympathy has shifted toward Kate. When Jon tried to do an interview with a cable network, TLC jumped into action and squashed it, citing contractual violations. Now Jon hopes to get his side of the story out and the GMA interview is his first attempt. But people close to the couple don’t think it worked. “He looked whiney,” said one source.

Kathy Griffin Channels Kate Gosselin for a Jimmy Kimmel Skit:

With a borrowed hairstyle and bikini-ready body, comedienne Kathy Griffin was a dead ringer for the famous mom of multiples at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood while taping an upcoming skit for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

"She was walking around the hotel and people actually thought she was Kate," says an observer.
Who played Jon in the skit (set to air next week)? Original Star Trek fleet member George Takei. "Kate who? Just call me Kathy Gosselin," Griffin tells PEOPLE. "All I need now is a sexy bodyguard."

Griffin's skit – a spoof trailer for a fake biopic film called Kate is Enough: The K ate Gosselin Story – will air on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Sept. 9 ABC.


  1. I thought the photo was hysterical. But once again Kathy pushes the envelope too far and has to piss people off. Did she really need to do the c-section scars? I don't need to be reminded since mine finally healed thank you...

  2. Couldn't you try taking Jon's name off the picture up top, there on your blog? It seems to be a Kate fan only site, isn't it?
    There is more trash talking here of Jon than anywhere I visit! He isn't popular now.

    Sure he is the kid's dad, but that doesn't stop me from wondering what is he thinking!

    And why a vehicle he can't fit the kids in? Same as Kate. Her new car, same story. Too small.

  3. Really, going on air to get back at your soon to be X all in the name of money does not earn you sympathy in my book. I don't trust Jon and from his actions i don't think that i can trust what he says so when he goes on T.V. and whines I turn the other cheek.

    So many stars go bankrupt. I would have kept him on a tight leash with money also. I know a couple of couples that work closely with each other and the budget. All because one of them can't stay out of the shops. What makes me sick is that he buys hailey glassman expensive jewelry and finds people/businesses to give him free candy for his children. That skull ring he bought hailey in france cost him $80,000 how much more money has he spent on her? He should be buying his children some toys that will stimulate their minds not giving them candy. He should also be saving his money. I hope that a judge looks at jon and kates expenses and has some insight to what he should do in terms of the children.

    Kathy Griffin probably went a little far.

    As for Kate not asnwering Jons accusations, that is probably for the best. also she does not need to go to news sources to speak to her husband. Jon just does not know where to stop. He is hurting his children with all of this drama. Like i said earlier I don't believe him. I can't, he lies cheats and does who knows what else.

  4. ABC has a new story up about Jon's interview

    Marriage to Kate "Will never be fixed"

  5. She is tons thinner than Kate, isn't she??? I think she looks cheap and cheesy. Yeah, the c-scars are over the top. Kate's tummy is awesome after the surgery.

  6. Baby Mama, my computer froze just as I hit the send button so if this is a duplicate...just delete this, thanks.

    I think that the marks on the tummy are supposed to be the "jowls of the dog" marks.

    Some people are trying to be advocates for the children. I feel that if you truly want to advocate for them you could write to TLC (ms. oneill?), or the sponsors of the show and tell them how you feel. Get them in their pocketbook. But to nit-pick in a public forum over every edited gesture and edited things that are said on the show, suggest that the kids should be tested for this or that (notice I'm not being specific) and then hide behind child advocacy isn't getting the job done. I still feel that we should only see the family once a year for updates and leave them alone.

    When my husband passed away I vowed that my very young children would not lose me, too. I was always home for them...not leaving them with babysitters so I could run around with friends. I did that while they were in school. Now I have precious memories of their growing up years. I wish that these parents would be home for them...not just on filming days.

    Sorry if this seems kind of rambly...was up very late last night but wanted to get some things off my chest.

  7. Isn't it interesting that we are discovering that Kate's restrictions on Jon are completely founded?! He obviously can't handle money.........I'm surprised she stayed with him as long as she did. GO KATE!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I'm sorry but Kathy Griffin is funny. I don't think she goes too far. There are parts I'm sure I won't like, but I'll get over it. I don't think she does it to be mean, vindictive, or hurtful which is why I can handle it. Unlike the hater site.

    And it's not a c-section scar, it's stretch marks. BAAAAADDD stretch marks. ICK.

  9. k gotta question. In Jon's interview for GMA, he states that kate called him a lame fish that wasn't going anywhere, yet in his interview from January in Utah he says that she has told him that his roll as stay at home dad is just as if not more important as going out and working so he is just plain contradicting his own self, am i right here baby mama? Tell me if that makes sense???? Trying to give him the benefit, but can't seem to find it...

  10. You have got to be kidding me…… I know I have said I will try to remain positive (but I am not perfect)

    Just read Radars preview of the J interview on GMA. Here is a bit of it….

    Speaking of Kate in the ABC interview he says: "I don't trust her anymore. I was abused ... I was beaten down ... I'm not going back to that life style."

    And not surprisingly Jon and Kate disagree about who ended the marriage. Kate has said it was Jon but he now says: "She made the first move. She knows the truth. I wish to God, she would speak from emotions ... She's not speaking from the heart. Please -- the stuff you tell me in private should be the stuff you tell me on TV."
    Jon claims the marriage suffered a death blow when he finally stood up to Kate and told her he was going out with friends. In the past, Jon says he gave in when she told him not to. But when he refused to relent, things were never the same.

    "In 10 years, I've never gone out ... When she said, 'I don't want you going out,' I ... I used to say, 'OK, I'm not going to go out.' I was very passive. This is the first time I said, 'You know what? I want to see my friends. I'm going out,'" he says. "That was the first time in my life I ever stood up to Kate ... I just felt like I had to take back some time in my life, and I did it. And I felt really good. I made my own decision ... I was beaten down for so long, I couldn't even make my own decision. And when I did, I was like, holy cow! You know? Yeah, what's she gonna do? Divorce me?'"

    And he thinks this is going to fix his negative image? And this is his way of “moving forward?” Boy he is just so clueless and it is so incredibly sad HE insists on publicly exposing his own shortcomings. It is almost painful to watch someone shoot himself in the temple so often. I imagine Kate is equally sad since his words will live on forever and his kids will likely read it eventually.

    I suppose his next attempt at gaining sympathy will be to blame Kate for his negative public image…..

  11. on a lighter note I am enjoying fall weather (that means intermitant rain) in Seattle by making Kates Meatloaf recipe (found on GMA)

    Meatloaf, lettuce and tomato sandwiches tomorrow. Yummy!

    See? I knew if I worked hard enough I could spin the GMA website into something positive!!

    Happy Labor day everyone!

  12. Looks like the quiet time will end tomorrow when Jon's GMA interview airs.

    Hope all had a great weekend!

  13. Has anyone seen on Radar Online some of the transcript of Jon's GMA interview airing Tuesday? He says that Kate ended the marriage and that she wouldn't go to marriage counseling, and he has a $22,000 therapy bill because he went by himself. So I guess he has money to buy another new car, but not to pay his therapy bill. Kate usually doesn't say much, so I'm more inclined to believe her when she does give out a tidbit of information. Jon won't shut up and he's so busy trying to get people to believe that he's "right" that I can't believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

  14. kathy is kinda funny but it is a bit nasty like.....

    just wondering did the little girls tea party air last week 2 or just the dude ranch?

    btw thats so much babymama for emailin me the link, ur a doll.


  15. ....hey, not J & K on TLC tonight. Was it just me thinking tonight would be a new episode?

    I'm a bit frustrated by people saying that for a fansite, Jon is being trashed alot. I used to adore both Jon and Kate, the kids, everything, and therefore consider myself to be a huge fan. But.... being a fan cannot allow me to turn a blind eye to all of Jon's stupidity and immoral behavior.'s just not going to happen and I thank Baby Mama for making this a forum where we can both say what we are thinking and debate various issues.

  16. Cindy says: Isn't it interesting that we are discovering that Kate's restrictions on Jon are completely founded?! He obviously can't handle money.........I'm surprised she stayed with him as long as she did. GO KATE!!!!!!!!!!!

    I TOTALLY AGREE!! Go Kate!

  17. JL:

    Wow, good for you staying home to raise your children. I suppose that it never occured to you that not every woman in america can stay at home to raise their children. The ones that work live with guilt every day (at least I did) about working.....not because I wanted a new don't know how that pisses me off to hear people say "If you would learn how to sacrifice, you wouldn't have to work."

    Oh, yeah, because I worked to buy pedicures and manicures and facials and luxury vehicles. HA! I WISH.........I think Kate works because Jon didn't. I worked because we all had this daily habit.........we had to take care of it 3 times a day and then was called eating!!!

    So yay for you for getting to stay home with your kids. I think it's the greatest thing you can do, my daughter is doing it now..........but not all of us can and SHOULD NOT BE JUDGED BY THOSE OF YOU THAT DO!!!!

  18. Woah, Cindy. What I was saying was that I wasn't running around dating while my kids were little and leaving them with sitters. I did my errands and, if you must know, WORKED while my kids were busy in school. Please read what I wrote carefully...never said I was a stay-at-home mom...just said I didn't leave them with sitters so I could run around.

  19. CINDY~ There are several sensitive issues with me and many other women. Motherhood is obviously at the top. We do what we can for our families and sometimes he have to sacrifice A LOT. There is no better or worse, right or wrong when it comes to working or staying at home. Everyone does what is best for them. Many of us do live with tremendous guilt about being away, and I know those that run out the door..does that make them bad parents? Absolutely not.

    NO ONE SHOULD JUDGE ANYONE. That is the sole reason I started this blog. Because it pissed me off that people had the audacity to judge a family that went on TV to make money for their family. Those moms that work, not all do it because they have to, they do because they WANT TO. I go and make time for myself. I get mani's & pedi's, have girls nights and spend time away from my kids BECAUSE I WANT TO. I am selfish for myself, and you know what? It makes me an even BETTER parent. Go figure?

    Work is hard, and if we have to do it, we need try to make the best of it for our own sanity. So you do you. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others..Cause we are all great moms, love our kids, but most importantly love ourselves.

  20. I wonder if anyone stands and waits with Jon's "fans" at his fence, and then tells him off when he comes over to give autographs? Or just tries to knock some sense into his head with a few words? -- just checking radar and saw that he was yet again at his fence -- for someone that disliked the paparazzi/attention so much, he's certainly learned to embrace it.

    I wish that both Jon and Kate had tried to work on being more flexible earlier on in their marriage .. it's a shame because if they had, maybe things wouldn't have become this way, and these poor kids wouldn't have to go through this divorce. In that article that Terri posted, where, at the end, Jon says "What's she gonna do, divorce me?", it's so sad that he makes it seem as though he didn't think of how the CHILDREN would feel in his new found "I'm going out, and doing whatever--whether Kate likes it or not--the worst she can do is divorce me."

  21. Jon, just didn't understand, did he? There is a colossal difference between going out with friends and being in bars ar 2 am with an unmarried woman. His lack of self control is what has done him in. I just wish I could give him a zap and take off the blinders. He isn't 22, he's 32. He isn't single, he's married (at present.) And he has 8 adorable children. GROW up!

    If the smoking, hard drinking, party all night Jon is the "real" Jon, then let him hit the road. The family is better off without him. How sad to trash your life. How sad to think the partying life is real life. How sad to have this aberrational breakdown in front of the world.

  22. JL: I stand corrected.............I'm sorry, had a knee jerk reaction. I didn't read carefully. Sue me or forgive me, the choice is yours.

  23. I saw a clip of Jons GMA interview this morning & he said he "despises" Kate. And that he has his own film crew & she has hers ( w/ TLC), and that he refuses to sit on the interview couch with someone who he despises. He also said she kept him from his family, and that she constantly put him down.
    Yada Yada Yada.. I get all that, BUT still he is not taking responsibilty for being out with another women so publically when he has 8 young children at home who by doing this he is hurting??? I mean if you completely put his relationship w/ Kate , I have more of a concern with what he is doing to his kids!! I think Kate is strong, better off without him. But the kids, thats where the hurt is. Don't youthink?

  24. Jon on GMA this morning... "I despise her." Really, Jon?! Way to trash your kids' mother, I'm sure they'll thank you for it someday. He can feel what he wants, but he needs to keep it to himself, or at least off of national television. No matter what happened or who "abused" who or who ended the marriage... that comment was inexcusable! Part of being a good parent is NOT trashing the other parent, even if you think the kids won't hear it. They love their mother no matter what, and Jon is seriously disrespecting that with his interview.

  25. oh dear, I really have the utmost sympathy for the 8 kids. He can now never take back what he has said about their mother, and a woman he supposedly once loved. I just don't understand where he is coming from? He said one day his kids will Google him, and this is going to be so offensive and hurtful to them. Can he not keep his mouth shut?

  26. I did not even remember to tape or watch GMA this moring. I guess I know which side I am on right now (lol). Could someone tell me what time he is on tonight again? I am proud of Kate for keeping herself classing and not sinking to the new low that Jon has:

    “While I certainly have a very different perception on how our marriage dissolved; for the sake of our children I maintain that I’m not going to go into details of aspects I believe should remain private.”

    Kate has never slammed Jon like he has on this interview he was faoming at the mouth to do..Little did he know this interview would make him look worse than he ever did as an "apparent" cheating father of 8. Saying he dispised her is a new low even for him. I don't think I have ever seen Kate have an interview that she wouldnt be able to talk about with her kids if need-be. What Jon said this morning was below the belt, a ratings ploy, and just plain cruel.

    The haters are up in arms on other blogs that my site has been more slanted towards Kate and notg Jon.. Ya think? This is my site and my viewpoint. It was ok to bash Kate on numerous sites, but apparently it's NOT ok to have a place for "Team Kate" to go discuss views and be upset with Jon. I love the double standard. This is the shows biggest fansite. FOR THE SHOW. Your opinion is always welcomed here regardless if its for either party as longt as your not bashing Kate. And for the millionth time, if your not happy with thaqt, then go discuss my blog elsewhere.

    Don't mind me, but as usual, when big Jon & Kate news is out, others spend their time analyzing this site and the comments on it. We should all be honored (lol).

  27. Whoa! Dang it all Jon. Just when I think you can't say anything any stupider, you do!!! Get back in therapy, son. You didn't get your monies worth and you for sure aren't finished!!!

    So, Jon, you despise Kate? Everything that comes out of your mouth contracts something you say a week or two before. (Guess you forgot, big boy, that just two weeks ago you said, "Part of me will always love Kate, she's the mother of my children.")

    This is going to hurt those babies so much when they are able to see these infantile, venom-filled interviews.

    Interesting that he excuses his behavior as "Everybody makes mistakes but you learn from them." Guess what, Jon? You keep making the same stupid mistakes.

    I'm in awe of Kate right now for taking the high road. If I were she, I'd be so doggone angry that I'd nail his butt in court. I'm one of those idiots who defended Jon way back in his first published bar-hopping in January saying, "I really don't think he'd cheat on Kate. The guy just wanted a beer." You know what Jon? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I don't think we can believe anything that comes out of your lying, cheating mouth.

    Please, for heavens sake. You have a denial problem. You have an anger problem. You have a reality problem. Get back with your shrink. Adults don't blame others for their do that. Your behavior is beyond juvenile.

  28. Dispise. How dare he?

    The appeal of the show was always the children. They are still so sweet, innocent. It's a pleasure to see them smile and laugh even while their father makes a public spectacle of himself. Their innocent time is limited, largely thanks to him.

    We know he is angry. We get it. Now go home and make a responsible contribution and prove what you have to offer. Stop spewing sludge. Pull up your pants and get to work.

  29. Thanks, Cindy. It was hard to sit here and be attacked when I know my post hadn't been read carefully. Of course you are forgiven.

    I feel so sorry for those children whose father says he despises their public.

  30. The other news sites are starting to report on how Jon said he despises Kate. How can someone say that about the mother of their children? Even if he feels it, he should keep his mouth shut!

    As for the money thing, I remember on Oprah about this experiment that was done a few years ago. A film company gave a homeless guy a million dollars to see what would happen. The poor guy blew through it in weeks because no one ever gave him a money management education. And that was just an extreme example. How many people were living beyond their means and then got destroyed this financial crisis because they didn't know how to manage their money? Poor money management is an epidemic in this country. I am not surprised that Jon is among its millions of victims.

  31. Yikes! I can't believe Jon said he despises his wife on national television. What was he thinking? Not good.

    He seemed very worked up and emotional. I don't doubt he despises her right now but to say it on television? I do think she must have did a number on him to feel this way but he should have been a bit more calm and rational when speaking.

    I will hold off any further judgment until I see the interview in its entirety tonight.

  32. On the subject of parenting, I have to say Baby Mama, you hit the nail right on the head when you said that working or not, we are all good parents trying to do the best for our children no matter what that may be. I think it was a very important point to make that working to enable some treats for yourself or even working out of choice and not need is not a sin. Let's face it, while men have come a long way, most of the time it is still the mother that has to take care of the kids and the house even if she works all day too and there is no crime in benefitting from your paycheck to give yourself a little break and pamper yourself. Personally I am a stay at home mom and you know what, I NEED to get out of the house at times or I will go crazy. I am very blessed to have my mother living with us so whenever my husband and I want to go out there is someone there to watch the kids. Honestly, I love my kids more than anything in the world but being with them 24/7, I need my own time too to do things and unwind. Does it make me a bad mother to look for time away from my kids? Absolutely not and as Baby Mama said, a happier and not frazzled woman makes for a much happier and patient mom which only benefits the kids because I sure know from my own experience that when I am overly tired and worn down, I have 0 patience with the kids and freak out over every little thing.

    Most of all, we need to realize that not everyone may agree with how any one of us chooses to live our lives but we all have to respect each other in that we are doing what we can and need to for our families.

  33. Wow! I think Kate needs to have a bodyguard whenever Jon is around.

    It sounds like someone is egging him on - someone who hates Kate and her children with Jon more than she loves Jon? No woman in her right mind would find him attractive now. It has to be about sticking it to Kate and the kids. Nothing else makes sense.

    This is proving Jon to be so unfit in every area. The damage that will be done to those children when they google... He said he knows they will, so what is his malfunction? It will change who they are and how they perceive HIM and how they perceive MEN and how they perceive women who are attracted to men like that.

    Shame on you Jon. And Hailey.

    I don't believe for one second that the Glassmans are supportive of this relationship. It is damaging to a dad and his children, and to a family. This will change who those precious children are. And that is SO unnecessarily CRUEL.

  34. I did not see GMA but i think that if i saw it I would be pissed. i read that he said he despises her. well jon good one, you say that now. but because you say that your children might start saying that.... about you! I hope that the judge gives full custody to kate. I don't think that jon is prepared to act like a father of 8 right now. He is prepared to do it every now and then but he still leaves them at night to go to the bar.

    I don't think that kate is the reason for the divorce. I always heard that the man should be out of the house working. I think in jons case that is true. Men think about sex every 3 seconds. (or so they say) Kate was gone. Jon probably had a wondering mind and figured he was famous and tried to take advatage of his fame. I think he is selfish and this whole thing is about him and being in the moment.

    With marriages the past should be the past. You don't bring up old things that have happened you forgive and forget. but i have always heard that you should think before you speak because you can apologize all you want but once you say something horrible it tends to never be forgotten. saying that, what jon said will always be with kate. When he calls to talk about when he gets the kids she will remember that. His children once they see it will forever remember that. and they will know that their father stepped out on their mom. That dad broke the marriage. he had an affair. And that will be the biggest thing.


    Ooooooh, I just remembered this interview!

  36. I guess let me have it, but some of what Jon says seems believeable to me. I do not at all think he should have said that he despises Kate, even if it's true, but I also don't think that Kate should have said many of the things that she has said to the media. No matter how much they try to get back at each other, the ones hurt the most will always be their children.

    Actually, I really question how much "fire" there is beind any of their comments about each other. I always think of the last part of the kids' 5th bday party episode and what they said:

    Jon: It's hard to picture things in the future 'cause we're going two differenct directions right now...if you can be friends and get along, whether you're married or you're not married...

    Kate: None of anything is their fault and they just deserve the best of us, you know, and it's important to do that...and neither one of us is perfect in this situation but I think the important thing is doing the best that you can for the kids.

    I think they had already made their decision about their marriage at that point.

    Other comments they made (although I don't remember which episodes, maybe that same one):

    Jon: If you can't be cordial in front of your kids...

    Kate: We have decided we will separate. Personally, I'm not very fond of the idea.

    Ok...if this were happening to me, "cordial" and "not fond of the idea" would not be NEARLY strong enough words to describe my pain, anger, and grief that my marriage was over.

    I don't mean to overanalyze, those were just comments that I thought were very odd when they aired on their show.

    I think the very best thing for their kids is no more comments to the media. None.

  37. I went on the GMA website and watched the interview that they had posted on there, but I'm confused.... was that the whole interview? For some reason I thought that it would be longer.

    If that was the whole interview, I can't believe it. I just can't imagine that the Jon that we all know could be so hateful towards the woman who is his children's mother, and the woman who used to be his wife. To say that he despises her, is very hurtful to not only Kate but their kids also. When he talks about Kate not letting him see his family... I don't think that I actually believe that! Both Kate and Jon have said on previous episodes that their parents aren't a part of their everyday life. But we all know that Kate and Jon had a very close relationship with Jon's father, so I doubt that Kate wasn't allowing Jon to spend time with his dad! And I thought that majority of Jon's family lived in Hawaii, so who else does that leave besides Jon's brothers?! Jon said that he always gave in when Kate asked him to spend time with his kids. It just surprises me that Jon NEVER stood up to Kate all of those years. It's not like Kate's going to start spitting nails at him if he disagrees, I mean, she was his wife! If Jon had a problem with Kate not allowing him to see his family or friends (although I doubt that's the truth) then by all means he could have done something about it!! The truth is, he can only blame himself for that one, but he continues to twist everything and make Kate look horrible. It's really just too bad to watch the Jon that I "know" turn into someone so full of hate.

    On a lighter note.... the whole car topic, actually makes sense to me! Kate most likely got her car to save gas and money. There's no point in driving the "big blue bus" everywhere if she only has a few kids in it, or is out running around by herself. Jon was probably thinking the same thing when he got his. (I hope!!) As for the sport cars, thats just completely unnecessary.

    Baby Mama- No worries about the posts! Everyone has been busy between back to school and the holiday. You do a great job! ;o)

  38. BabyMama.
    BTW, thanks for not taking off points for spelling and typo's...

  39. Another Mom~ Loved your comment!

    Funny, tonight he says that he's cried more in the last few months than in his whole life. But as I sit here looking at his In Touch interview, he says that he only cried when his father died (when he was asked if he cried when his marriage ended) So we can all see that this is just s ploy ot fix his image..Very sad..

  40. Jon is full of lies. Linda you are right! he just keeps going in circles with things he says. He says something then he says the opposite and LIES. maybe the shirt that he had on at the firehouse was about himself LIES LIES LIES.

    tiredmama: the quotes that you put up, when i read them my reaction was Kate is holding up to what she said. She is giving her children the best of her. Its not their fault and from what i have seen Kate has been better towards them now and more patient than she was before. And jon, jon has not followed what he said. He said that even if they are married or not if they can be friends. but he has been attacking kate in public and making her look like a fool. Kate has not done that to jon. Kate has been very very careful answering public questions and letting her fans know what is going on without too much information.

    Jon needs to keep his mouth shut. He is hurting his children, if not now then soon. Keep playing the victim jon, your not fooling me. ERRRR, makes me so mad.

  41. Kate took his wedding ring? I think that assumption is a big jump from "I put it down and it disappeared." I had a group of students once who, when they had nothing to write with, would say, "Somebody stole my pencil." I would ask, "Did you see them steal it?" "No" "Then you don't know that someone stole it; all you know is that you don't know where it is." With eight kids in the house, production crew, nannies, and whatever else, he assumes that Kate must have taken it. Maybe it got knocked onto the floor and rolled under furniture - we don't know and neither does he. And why would he take it off and just casually "put it down?" If he was permanently removing it, you would think he could find a safe place to store it! Maybe Kate did take it, but if what he says is true, there's not much evidence.

  42. It's sad that after his "I despise her" comment, even Chris Cuomo says "whoa, you need to think about it before you make comments like that." Does Jon stop? Nope he just ploughs angrily along.

    Let's see. Didn't he use his mother's foot injury as the excuse in January for why he was out at the bar? (He just wanted a beer.) The girls in the bar quoted him as saying "We might be getting a divorce." Then Jon said he never said that and said "I never cheated on Kate." I think he drinks so much now that he doesn't remember what he often says or does.

    My hubby often goes out with friends to the gym or to play golf. That's great. But, if he told me he needed to be out in bars at 2 am I'd be telling him to take a hike! You don't go out carousing as a married man unless you are looking for trouble. And trouble is just what he found!

    Poop! Can't the man even spend a weekend with his children without having to use a babysitter so he can go to a bar? Jon needs a bodyguard, read that "keeper" to keep him from shooting himself in the foot daily. He'd be a lot better off if his PR folks gave out prepared statements and never let him talk "live" to anybody. Shut the man up before he completely incinerates himself.

  43. Did anyone catch that he felt like his whole 20's were wasted? What a thing to say when you have (previously) said you don't want your kids to google you and see negative things.

    They will see that and think, well I guess Dad never wanted us after all if his 20's were wasted because he had to take care of us and couldn't go out partying.

    They are both slinging mud, but at least Kate has the foresight not to say anything too hurtful.

    p.s. When is the interview with Jon on tonight/What channel?

  44. ugh...his inconsistencies and contradictions are just piling up by the minute!!!!!

    I laughed when someone above mentioned that Jon's therapy didn't I think he needs an intensive course in Anger Management.

    I've also heard that he says in the interview that he loves Hailey more than he ever did Kate (I'm paraphrasing...and I guess when the entire interview is on tonight we will know)....I will be watching ABC at 10pm with much anticipation. If he truly does say that, I cannot ever imagine anything so reprehensible and cruel.

    But once again I say.......those poor helpless children!!!!!!!!!............give Kate full custody..........

  45. I don't know if this will work but here's the link:

    The interview is on 9/10 central. I am speechless over this whole thing..

  46. Currently watching Family secrets Special w/ Jon on ABC..............

    I think some of the things he said about Kate should have maybe been kept secret for the sake of the children. However, I don't think he is as much of a duche bag as we think. I think he feels regret for how this will affect his kids and for what they both have put them through. On the flipside of that his personal choices have caused some of the damage on the kids as well. I don't think Kate was as innocent as we think. He said she isolated him from his family, which I doubt she said don'e see your mom. She probably felt he was elaving her to watch all the kids or something, but I see his side too. He always was fun loving and goofy and laid back. I don't feel all of his actions are out of character. They were an extreme reaction tot he situation. It was a lashing out and a poor choice. He still is not a model citzen by any means, but the interview is very telling. More deatils/info (maybe wrong ones or lies we'll never know)than Kate gives.

    Overall, I'm still on team Kate, but I have a militer of understanding for the situation he found himself in. I don't support his actions however or his choice to give all this detail.

  47. I for one am beyond disgusted with Jon, saying he loves Hailey more thanhe ever loved Kate. The mother of his kids!! I am fuming...

    TODAYS Radar
    While her estranged husband Jon says he had moments of suspicion regarding her relationship with bodyguard Steve Neild, Kate Gosselin responded in her own way. The mother of eight stepped out for a fancy evening with Neild and his wife.

    The bodyguard and his wife arrived at the Gosselins’ Reading, Pennsylvania, home, with formal attire in hand.

    After a quick change (Steve apparently opened the door to Jon’s garage apartment asking if it was the office), all three emerged and entered a waiting stretch limo.

    Always a bodyguard, Neild put a finger to his mouth as he motioned to the driver to keep their movements a secret.

    Maybe they’re on their way for a special screening of Jon’s ABC interview? Doubtful

  48. Jon has no idea the damage hes doing not only to himself but to his children. Its like putting a blindfold on him and letting him walk blindly. Yes he has feelings and opinions but it just confirms to me how many bad decisions hes made for his children. very sad...

  49. First, Jon has lost so much credibility that he just sinks lower and lower. Anyone who believes his excuses have to be either suckers or be as low as him.

    Secondly.. He was kept from going out with friends? Aww.. too bad. Which so called "friends".. guys or gals? Since he's seen more with younger women friends and rarely or never with guys, probably of the female gender. So I don't pity him there at all. No devoted husband and father would even think of going out with female "friends" esp. if he's got 8 young children at home.

  50. This is just a thought: Remember the episode when Jon and Kate were showing the house to the kids? Remember when Kate made a huge deal about nobody being allowed to come into their bedroom? Could that have been because they were separated, and Jon was living in the garage apartment? Maybe Jon and Kate wanted to prevent kids coming into the bedroom during the middle of the night or whatever to avoid questions like Where's Daddy? Why isn't Daddy sleeping here?
    That is just a thought.
    I am still in shock from Jon's interview. I'm not sure what I believe anymore! There certainly are two sides to every story!

  51. I feel sorry for Jon. He has made SO many bad decisions and he is sinking in it. Maybe he is starting to realize the anguish his kids are feeling and will feel when they come across all the photos, and articles.

    him saying that he loves hailey more than he ever loved kate is HORRIBLE! and it makes me question, If he loves hailey more why is he sleeping around with other women still. Then how long was he sleeping around while married to kate?

    I don't believe everything he says about kate. because i think that he is trying to make himself look like he is the victim so that he can come out on top. He said that deanna hummels brother was lying about him sleeping around with deanna. he said well he got paid for the interviews. well jon is getting paid for this interview so who to believe.

    The thing about his twenties. PARTYING the whole time when you are twenty seems to be how hollywood is and what people want you to think life is. I was married at 19 and had my baby at 20 I will continue to have children. They are not a waste of time. and I am not wasting my life. Family is the most important thing in the world. drinking and not remembering my twenties is such a waste to me.

    He also said that she is not speaking from the heart and that she should be telling tv what she tells him in private. WRONG! She is doing the right thing by keeping details out of the media.

  52. Hi everyone! I've been following this blog for a few months,and having just watched Jon's interview tonight, I cannot hold back my comments any longer!

    First of all, as a product of divorce, the WORST thing a parent could do is put down the other parent. Part of loving your children is putting your personal feelings aside, and allowing them a real, true, honest relationship with the other parent, despite how you feel about them. My parents both are very guilty of this (and I was-lo and behold- 5 years old when they divorced, just like the 'tups) and I still remember the awful things they'd say and the mean "nicknames" they had for each other.

    That being said, I think Kate is careful to choose her words. She pauses before she speaks, and you can see her formulating her thoughts. Yes, she does give a little here and there, but it's never significant detail. Jon was practically out of his chair, his eyes huge, and just releasing so much pent-up frustration, it was ridiculous.

    Which, Jon is entitled to feeling frustrated. he feels what he feels. I don't agree with a word that's left his mouth in about the past 8 months, nor do I believe any of it, but really? I'm pretty sure Kate feels equally as frustrated, but releases it elsewhere- i.e. not on abc's "Family Secrets".

    And Hailey is his soulmate? Puh-lease. The last time I found a "soul-mate" that quickly, I was 12. And I had a new soul-mate about 3 days later. lol

    And don't judge her for smoking marijuana, because "she's human"? Yes, but the rest of the country's teenage antics aren't splashed all over magazine covers for our kids to read about. our kids only know what we want them to know about our past! lol The twins are old enough to know that drugs, in general, are bad, and oh look, Dad's girlfriend was arrested for drugs because I saw it at the grocery store...hmmm

    And the alcoholic family members pasts? Hey, my family too. Which is why I quit drinking when I became a parent. My kids are more important than a night out with "friends". Be strong for your kids. Set an example. Kids-even at 5- are smart enough to figure out what you're doing. i know I figured it out with my parents at 5. All of this stress & drama, takes away from a child's innocence, and they grow up just a little quicker.

    Okay, that's my rant for now. I'm done. lol Just had to get that out. And this is the condensed version.

  53. omg and I compeletly forgot to even comment on him loving Hailey more than he ever did Kate. That may be the most horrendous, despicable thing yet. Awful. If I was his 9 year old daughter, I would hate him right now. I really really would. That single statement, could quite possibly ruin whatever last shred of dignity his kids saw in him.

  54. Here is a link to Entertainment Weekly, a non Jon and Kate site, and people seem to be for Jon in the posts after this interview.

  55. Chris Cuomo grilled him and it made him look like an even bigger liar. Him spitting and eye bulging isn't going to make up for the fact that I don't believe he did not sleep with at least one of those women. It doesnt make up for the horrific comments he made about his wife that even the interviewer berated him on.

    The interview was great in the fact that Chris did not make him at all feel like he was on his side. I found the interview, espeically about the bodyguard to be rediculous. Jon says he's "allowed to feel that way" even though there is absolutely no proof other than what being spread that Kate was having an affair. In fact it made him look like he was making all of it up in his mind.

  56. Sarah I liked hearing your insite. and it makes perfect sense. I definately agree with what you said.

  57. one more thing! I know what else can i say. I loved that Chris Cuomo stood up to jon and told him that he shouldn't say such things about the mother of his children. I think that Chris did an amazing job of interviewing jon. it seemed pretty fair and blanced.

  58. ok gloves are off tonight and I haven't even seen the show yet. I can't even read the rest of the comments by those who have watched (east coast)

    awesome comments by sciteacher!
    and used999etc I am so glad you made those comments too. I have been stewing a week about J expressing that he "lost his entire 20's" by having kids.... I've been livid over that ignorant and regretful remarks. It almost makes me wonder if he really is very intelligent at all. Is there absolutely no filter or self evaluation in this young man (I use that term by the grace of God; because my human side has kicked in and want to really dump on him)

    Oh yeah - one thing many are missing. Unless things have changed in the past few weeks, the judge won't get a say in the family plan. They have said that they are writing it themselves and agreeing on a family plan outside of the courts. If I were Kate, I would take J to the cleaners and take those kids away from him so he can't have as much damaging influence on them....

    I am sure to be back in approx. 1.5 hours from now.

    PS to BabyMama - I put in my two cents that you change your banner to read Gosselin family fan site. It is true to the real website name and it removes the unsightly J from getting any more notarity. Let his fans start their own site....

  59. Terri~ Thank you for reminding me, and yes I was thinking about changing it. I haven't made up my mind yet and will see how this next week goes and gauge what others think.

  60. OK I am going to say it....
    This Divorce is the best thing that ever happened for the children and for Kate.

    I am a believer in the sanctity of marriage but I also believe that when children come into the picture they become the most important factor in the equation; even more important than husband-wife relationship.

    Kate is doing the absolute correct thing in trying to get J out of the picture. Like I said before she is actually being much more generous than I would be if given the choice again today. I have been in this situation; gave my ex more contact than I should have (and more than family courts advised) and today my 2 adult kids have little/no contact and little/no respect for their father. It is sad to see them as adults and the baggage they carry from the experience.

    My heart breaks for both Kate and kids.

    Absolutely no heartbreak for J....

  61. Jon's interview is popping up all over the place now (CNN, Yahoo, Google, etc). It just breaks my heart because everyone can see it, even people who don't care! There is no way for the kids or anyone else connected with the family to avoid it. I shudder to think what the children will think when they learn that their father despises their mother and feels that he wasted his life with them. I hope Kate has put money away for very large therapy bills.

    He is just digging a hole for himself. Ok, there are rumours about him- let's say for argument's sake they're all false. What he said to ABC is truly him, and on video. There is no way for him to deny what he said and dismiss it as paparazzi lies when his children ask. It's just crushing and wretched.

    I can't imagine what Kate is thinking right now. I pray that she answers through her lawyer. I accept that she has been very giving when it comes to their divorce. She hasn't spoken against him (and she shouldn't) and has been egalitarian when it comes to splitting everything and time with the kids, but I think it's time for the gloves to come off! Kate should be dictating terms about everything- visiting, babysitters, everything! She needs to for the safety and emotional well being of her children!

  62. His disregard for the feelings of his children really bothers me. I don't think Kate should keep him away from them. From what I can tell, he is a good father when he's with them. It's mostly the away from home crap that seems hurtful.

    I wish I could send him this (below): Jada Pinkett Smith talks about dealing with being a stepmom and how important it is to embrace her stepson's mother. As a child of divorce, even being able to understand why my parents hate each other doesn't mean it hurts any less to hear the insults. The kids take it as an insult about them.

    “I refused to have Trey feel like a stepchild. He is not from my body, but he is a huge part of my spirit and soul. I wanted him to feel like he was a part of this circle. In order to do that, I had to make his mother a part of this circle, because your mother is your pulse to the world. Your mother is your everything. How can I truly appreciate and love Trey without embracing his mother?” Jada Pinkett-Smith

  63. Could Chris Cuomo be any more passive?
    A few, but not many retorts? He could asked more probing questions, not just let Jon have his soap box for whinning.

  64. Did anyone notice that when they were showing the magazine covers, they only showed Kate's positive ones and Jon's negative ones? Hello... Kate had her share of negative covers while Jon's were positive. Kate hasn't always been portrayed as the "victim." Jon was always portrayed as "the good guy," and now that his crazy decisions have come to light, he's getting the negative headlines. It's just the swing of negative public opinion... first it was Kate's turn, now it's Jon's. I didn't like that Jon was acting like he was ALWAYS seen as the bad guy.
    And what the heck does "speak from emotions" mean? He kept saying that! It didn't even make any sense! Did he mean "tell the truth?" No, it couldn't be that... he doesn't even know what the truth is anymore. The interview just made him look like someone who had to be "right," even if what he said hurts his kids.

  65. What is Jon going to do when his "soulmate" dumps his sorry ass? I give it under a year.

  66. Talk about spilling the beans, Jon told the viewers that his and Kate's Dad were/are Alcoholics ! First time I heard that, I'm sure Kate appreciated that tid bit exposed.

  67. "I can't sit on someone right now that I despise."
    "Please - the stuff you tell me in private should be the stuff you tell me on TV."
    "I could lose custody, I could lose my kids, I could lose - but I feel like with [Glassman] that I'm not going to lose them. It's just going to get better."

    Is he high? Is he sharing a brain with Hailey now? Does this mean that my teachers were right, drugs and alcohol do kill your brain cells? He rambles, invent words and phrases, and contradict himself so much. If his mother and brothers are glad that the real Jon is back, then real Jon is a twelve year old pothead.

    It says a lot that even the interviewer seemed horrified. I notice that he doesn't mention the children in all of this, he just whined about how he never gets to go out and okay, say for argument's sake that Kate really is a abusive wife and mother who cheats and neglects her family; his solution for this was to leave the children to live in a luxury apartment in New York with his new girlfriend? Seriously?

    Nick Name- I love EW's unbiased columns but sadly The GWOP had been trolling that site since before the whole thing exploded. Most of the comments I see in other blogs (especially ONTD: are that they have a hard time understanding what his logic.

    Jon Gosselin dug himself into a deep hole this morning on Good Morning America with a clip of him saying of his wife Kate, “I despise her.” But during tonight’s full-length version of that interview, shown as part of ABC’s Primetime: Family Secrets, Gosselin probably only made things worse for himself. Talking about his girlfriend Hailey Glassman, he said, “I love her more than I did Kate.”

    Jon told interviewer Chris Cuomo, “I was abused. I went through therapy.” His message to Kate via the cameras? “Help me out. Go to therapy. Give me closure.”

    “We were a better team before [Jon & Kate Plus Eight],” he told Cuomo on Tuesday night:

    And indeed, it did sound pretty crass that the only therapy Kate would agree to was the celebrity kind: with Dr. Phil, said Jon. “I said, ‘Huh?’… It was all about protecting the brand [of Jon & Kate Plus Eight].” Jon declined to meet with Dr. Phil, who gave ABC a terse, “No comment.”

    Jon’s comments today allowed Kate the opportunity to issue a classy-sounding response, saying, “For the sake of my children I maintain that I’m not going to go into details of aspects I believe should remain private.”

    Here’s the thing: as those of us who used to watch Jon & Kate Plus Eight with pleasure during their rosy days know, Jon was always uncomfortable and less articulate in front of the cameras. That’s why Kate’s the one pursuing a TV career, such as her upcoming guest-host stint on The View.

    To his credit, Cuomo quietly but persistently tried to point out to Jon, again and again, where he may be going off the rails. But what can you do with a guy who tells you one moment he’s been drinking a lot, and in the next breath says, “My father was an alcoholic,” that his grandfather was an alcoholic, and he knows he doesn’t want to inherit the disease?

    Jon seems to tend toward making bad decisions, such as seriously considering a Divorced Dads Club show with Michael Lohan and Kevin Federline. “I don’t know,” he said when Cuomo asked if he was going to do that project. “That’s why I have a legal team. I might not be able to do it.” For his own sake and his kids, let’s hope someone prevents that.

    Did you watch? What do you think of Jon Gosselin’s big media day?

  68. One example I thought Chris Cuomo could have jumped on is when Jon said "my ring disappeared", Chris may have asked, why does that matter, would you even wear it since you say your in love with someone else even more than Kate? Cuomo just let Jon go on and bash Kate by saying "she took it" wa wa. Also when he asked Jon why Kate wears her ring, Jon said "it's for looks", Cuomo could have responded by saying "Kate says its because she doesn't want the kids to be upset, and that she is trying to get them used to the divorce before she removes the ring"
    I just think he should have done his homework.

  69. I have been following your blog for awhile but never posted. I simply can't believe how stupid he is acting....sorry but he is a jerk. No respectable upstanding man would go on national television and say those things about the mother of his disgusts me. And to elude to the fact that she may have had an affair but he has no proof. Then keep your mouth shut! You may not be in love anymore and the marriage may have ended but have enough respect for the woman that carried and gave birth to your 8 children to not attack her. My heart does go out to Kate but also to the children. They deserve a father that puts them ahead of himself. He doesn't want them googling him someday and seeing nasty things the media makes up about him. Uh...kinda hard to get out of that one. The media doesn't need to make things up about him...he is acting like the jerk he is all on his own. How will he explain why he said these things about Kate to his children? TLC...please get rid of Jon! I have no desire to watch him on tv.
    And oh more point. Jon has said publicly the money is all for the kids...that's why we do the show...for the kids. Hmmmmm, which kid got the Mercedes and the little sports car, the jewelry for the skanky home wrecking girlfriend, the expensive apartment? And to hang out with Michael Lohan...enough nominee's for father of the year in that group!
    Sorry don't need the media to make things up to turn people against you and make you look like an're doing a fine job of it on your own.

  70. He is so contradictory. No one is responsible for his actions but Jon.

    He says that back in October Kate said, "sometimes I wonder why we got married." Geez. Maybe not the kindest thing to say but not horrible. I've said the same thing to my husband. Sometimes he comes up with off the wall ideas and I look at him and think "who are you?" October is when Jon was complaining about nothing to do, he wanted a different house, he wanted full time help, he wanted the dogs, etc. ALL of which Kate agreed to and did!!!

    In January when they went skiing, Jon stayed an extra week, remember? He said "there were some guys, it wasn't ALL girls. Then when I got home Kate was frosty so I moved to the garage apartment." Geez. Ya think? I would have been a lot more than frosty if my hubby had stayed an extra week somewhere to party. I think any normal woman would have been frosty over that.

    Then he gets home from Utah and goes to help his mom the next week. This is when the paparazzi pick up on him the first time with single women in a bar at 2am. He says it was a poor choice but does he learn from it? He moves on to his "friendship" with Deanna. And if something isn't going on, you don't spend the night in a single woman's bedroom and expect us to believe nothing happened. Duh!

    Then you have the "friendship" with Hailey but it was just that until Kate filed for divorce. But suddenly 2 weeks later you are intensively in love with her. Duh. Nothing was going on before? Yeah right. So you buy her the atrocious skull ring for $80,000 and booze it up. You are confusing lust with love.

    Oh yeah. You go to the Hamptons for a weekend with Kate2, sleep in the same bedroom, same bed (and even your new guy pal Lohman says you were very affectionate to her) and you expect us to be stupid enough to believe nothing happened? You now say there was no romance. So that means you were just using her for sex. I guess if you are just using her it isn't real, huh? The woman quit her job over you but after you got sex and met Lohman who might have a tv deal for you, it's back to hardy, party Hailey who is now just the "stay at home" girl. No, she's just naive enough to believe your lies.

    And, Kate stole your ring? Rightttttt. You weren't wearing it in the Utah photos, you were wearing it on the flight home, but you weren't wearing it in January at the bar near your mom's, but you were wearing it in photos the next week, but it was off again in the bar photos with Deanna??? Come on, you took it off in your catting around and you can't remember what you did with it so you maturely blame Kate.

    Despite intense paparazzi folllowing, we have NO photos of Kate doing anything inappropriate. Duh. What does that tell you? You feel guilty perhaps of your own actions, so you maturely blame Kate. YOU are the one who didn't want to go on speaking trips that you committed to do when the book deal was signed. Why? Cause now Kate is getting more attention and you are jealous. What does Kate do? She covers for you just like when you lost another of your jobs. Did she berate you for getting fired again? Nope she tells you that being at home is the most important thing you could do.

    How dumb do you think we are? You tell Chris Cuomo that you are banking you money. Yep. $2500 a night for the France trip (the one where you lied and said Hailey was your "stylist"), $80,000 for the tastless ring, two different sports cars, the Porsche that you shopped for the stay at home Hailey, the $5,000 a month apartment that is so you can be close to Hailey and FAR from your kids, and on and on. You are only banking it in the bank of SPEND, and it won't be paying you any dividends, buddy.

    You say that Kate refused counseling but then just before one of your vacations she insists the two if you meet with Dr. Phil but then try to put a different spin on it.

    The saddest thing is that like many juveniles, you have told so many lies that you believe them!!!

  71. Baby Mama:

    I'm not sure I understand the changing of the title of your blog. To Gosselin Family Fan Site? Jon is a Gosselin. What's the difference?

    Besides, I think it would be a bad move because you can lose new visitors to your site. People search Jon and Kate or Jon and Kate Plus 8 or Jon and Kate Gosselin and your blog won't come up if you don't have Jon included. I thought it was smart of you to include Jon and Kate Plus 8 AND Gosselin so that you show up in searches.

    Of course if you don't want anyone who feels partial to Jon finding your site then I guess it won't matter if you change it. However, I think you will lose a lot of traffic. I guess you have to decide what is more important to you and to the site. Just my opinion.

  72. Okay so I watched the entire interview. Or at least the 20 minutes they showed out of 3 hours. I wonder what the rest was...

    I think Jon made a mistake doing this interview. I don't think he was well prepared, especially emotionally.

    Jon is not a good speaker. He is not eloquent and does not express himself well. You could see how much he had pent up all this time and he was just bursting. He could barely stay in his chair. What were his publicists thinking? Did anyone even coach him?

    As I said before, saying that he despises Kate was a bad move on his part, publicity wise, but especially for the sake of his children. Of course the older kids probably already know how he and Kate feel about each other though. They see it in their interaction so I'm sure it's no surprise to them. But to say it. And so strongly. Not a good move. And they should speak nicely to each other in person and not ignore each other in front of their children. That's just so selfish.

    Personally, the fact that he used such a strong word as despise tells me that she disgusts him and that he feels she has everyone fooled. He doesn't express himself well, but I think he meant to say that the Kate he knows in person is not the same Kate he sees in interviews or on the show. She says one thing to him in private and says something else in public. If that's true I can see his frustration.

    All that aside I think I believe him. I think as bad as he came across in the interview he could be telling the truth about the timeline of their marriage breakup. I believe him. As for his being suspicious of Kate and Steve I believe that too. I'm not saying it's true but I do believe he thought it at the time. And he never publicly accused her of it. He told a close family member of his suspicions in confidence and they announced it. Big difference in my eyes.

    I think Jon needs to stop doing interviews and solely make statements through his publicist. It's not working for him.

  73. There are a few of Jon's comments that people are discussing here.

    One. When Jon said he hasn't cried, etc. I don't think it was a contradiction after hearing the full interview. I don't remember how it was edited before when he made that statement. Here it wasn't edited.

    He said he doesn't cry. He only cried at his father's funeral. But he's been crying for the past few months. Why is that contradictory? Before all this happened he only cried at his father's funeral, but lately he's been crying. Makes sense to me.

  74. I forgot to list my second thought. lol.

    Two. About Jon saying he missed out on his twenties and that he wasted his twenties having kids. I don't remember him using the word "wasted".

    Jon said, "And then raising all those kids until you're 30 and, you know, you don't even think about what's going on around you. You just do what you got to do to survive."

    Most men find themselves and realize who they really are and what they want to do with their lives in their twenties. He said he was busy being a father to so many babies that that's all he could concentrate on at the time. What's wrong with that? That's what he was supposed to do and he did a good job of it.

    Now his kids aren't babies anymore and don't need constant 24-hour attention. Now he's in his thirties and now he has to figure out what he wants to do with his life.

    He's still a father. It's not like he wants to move on from being a father to being something else. Same with Kate. Kate realized she doesn't want to be a nurse (unless she has to) and she wants to do media work like talk shows and speaking engagements, etc but she's still their mother.

    I think Jon just has a really hard time expressing himself and what he really means and it just comes off badly.

    Three. Why does any of this mean that Kate should get full custody of the children? Because he doesn't love their mother? Most divorced people don't love their spouse, thus the divorce.

    Jon is not a danger to his children. He's not an absent father. He is with them every week when it's his turn just like Kate is with them every week when it is her turn. Seems to me that Jon is just as good a father when he is with his children as Kate is a mother when she is with them.

    Someone mentioned Kate went out with Steve and his wife when she was home with the kids, no? Who stayed home with the kids? A babysitter. What's the difference if she does it or Jon does it. Personally I think when it's their turn with the kids they should stay with them and do errands and "business" and have a social life when they don't have the kids. Why see them any less than you already do?

    Oh and the whole Dr. Phil thing was interesting. I wish they expanded on that whole story.

  75. If he was my ex-husband I would've taken his ring too. Why is that a sticking point with him? He claims to despise her and then complains that she took his ring. I wouldn't want MY ring that I GAVE him on his finger while he's on a date with a girl that's only 13 years older than his daughters. I seriously wanted to go through the tv at him. UGH!!!!

  76. Thanks Leslie! I'm fairly opinionated (as is everyone else on here!) and it breaks my heart to see these poor kids go through what I went through for years after my parents divorce. My childhood sucked to be quite honest, but I LIVE to make sure my kids have it better than I ever did. Or my husband for that matter.

    And I totally agree with everyone that said it, the interviewer did awesome. Let's face it, Jon makes it REALLY hard to find the good in him at this point in his life, so I'm sure Chris was holding back. lol He did put him in his place a few times though! And for good reasons...

  77. PLEASE Jon and Kate STOP! Jon can not speak without making himself look even more ridiculous than he did ten seconds earlier and doesn't seem to have the ability to realize just how much mental and emotional damage his hurtful comments will do to his children. Kate, although speaking very carefully and eloquently, still only helps fuel the fire because as soon as she says something, here comes Jon again! I know there are those who feel if Kate has something to say and she does so with dignity then she should do as she pleases. I can't even imagine how difficult it must be to hear someone you once loved talk about you and then not respond to it. I know I would want to, so believe me I get it! But this madness surrounding the children has no chance of stopping or at least slowing down until these two parents stop talking to the media! There is so much that they can not control in this media frenzy but that is one thing they definitely have control over. So please Jon and Kate do it for the kids! TEAM 8!