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Jon "Strikes Back" on Good Morning America, Recap of Dude Ranch & Dress Up & Watch Video Here!

Jon Gosselin Speaks Out: The Father of Eight Says He ‘Took a Lot of Abuse’ From Wife: Good Morning America To be aired September 8th..

After 10 years of marriage, Jon Gosselin says he is done with taking “a lot of abuse” from his soon-to-be ex-wife Kate Gosselin. The father of eight kids breaks his silence about what went wrong.”She’ll call me like, almost like a lame fish. Like I wasn’t going anywhere,” Gosselin told “Good Morning America’s” Chris Cuomo in his first television interview since the divorce papers were filed.

Gosselin, 32, said he was at home with the eight children — one set of twins and one of sextuplets — while his wife was traveling. “Well, excuse me, I’m taking care of the kids. She’s on book tours, she’s doing all these things. You know, she’s gone a week. You know, comes back. Packs up and leaves again,” Gosselin said. “I’m standing there like, ‘Oh, OK. Your mom’s gone again.’”

Jon Gosselin Ready for New Life, New GirlfriendRecipe: Kate Gosselin’s Hearty Meatloaf 5 All-Too-Familiar Families — Thanks to TVThe couple, stars of the show “Jon & Kate Plus Eight,” has had a public and sometimes nasty breakup. Tune in to “GMA” Tuesday, Sept. 8, for more of the Jon Gosselin interview. There were allegations of cheating and an ongoing custody battle that resulted in the police being called to the couple’s Pennsylvania home.

“I wouldn’t let her in the gate,” Gosselin said. “I said I’m spending time with my kids … and she’s going to have to leave and she tried to cry it up with the cops and it didn’t work and they told her she had to leave.” Now the former stay-at-home dad is acting more like a playboy. He hosted a recent party in Las Vegas and went sailing this summer on a yacht in Saint Tropez with his girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, 22, who is the daughter of a plastic surgeon who performed Kate’s tummy tuck in 2006. Gosselin spoke to People magazine in July about his relationship with Glassman.

“What began as friendship has grown into something more. I know that my decision to appear publicly with Hailey this weekend will be scrutinized, but I hope that people can see I’m a regular guy who is going through a very difficult time in life and wants to move forward,” he told the magazine. Kate Gosselin has publicly expressed concern about Jon’s dating and how it could affect their children. “Suppose he brought a date over to the house when he has the children?” she said on “Larry King Live.” “These are all things that everybody who has been or will be or is in the middle of a divorce … thinks about.”

Dude Ranch & Dress Up: Review By Entertainment Weekly & Video

Welcome back, Jon and Kate watchers! While we had a week off from the show (though we were inundated with Larry King interviewsand Las Vegas spectacles, because do we ever really have a break from Jon and Kate?) it was time to jump back into the swing of things with last night's ''Dude Ranch and Dress Up.''

Things stayed par for the course with the kids splitting up time and activities between parents. The boys, like in the last episode, were with Kate, while the girls stayed home with Jon. Ma Gosselin took Collin, Aaden, and Joel to a dude ranch in Wyoming where they rode horses, chased goats, and made some really questionable fashion choices (well, Kate did, anyway.)

From the very beginning, the boys were utterly fascinated by the ranch, musing that the horses looked like cows, which Collin quickly affirmed that it was because they were, in fact, ''horse-cows.'' The mysterious and majestic horse-cows held the lads' attention until grasshoppers stole the spotlight. The boys' playful nature and funny running commentary salvaged what could have just been an interchangeable themed episode. Kate showed up to the ranch in yet another inappropriate outfit (as rancher Bob so delicately put it, she was ''not in high heel country.'') In addition to Kate's daring new wardrobe is her ''need for speed'' attitude as she rode, rather speedily indeed, on an ATV.

Admittedly, the boys looked painfully cute in their cowboy outfits and hats that were much too large for their little heads. Wish we could say the same for Kate's pink cowgirl hat (c'mon Kate, just about everyone is on your side now, please stop making it so hard for us!) She and the boys rode horses, much to their delight, although Collin was concerned that ''the horse is going to eat me!''

Back in Pennsylvania, Jon tended to the girls (including Leah, Alexis, and Hannah, who, sadly, were all but missing from the last episode). It's hard to tell how much of this was actually done while Kate and the boys were in Wyoming (TLC has become masters at editing over the past few months) as we're occasionally transported back to PA to check in on the rest of the Gosselin kids having a scavenger hunt in the backyard, going to the dentist, making tin-can telephones and playing dress-up with their very unenthusiastic dad.

There was almost too much irony about the fact that Jon, who never really wore the pants in his family, volunteered to wear a dress for his girls' dress-up party, particularly in an episode where he gets about 20% of the screen time. It was almost enjoyable to watch Jon play with his kids again, going so far to be a good sport and actually don a dress, purse, and hat. That was until Jon reminded us that now he's living in New York City, and while he misses his kids, he really, really likes being on his own there. Kate? Consider the pink hat, the heels, and the shoddy Southern accent forgotten!

The little girls, who were particularly funny during their couch interviews, saved the day with their dress-up commentary. A not-so-modest Leah boasted, ''I looked like a rock star!'' But, in her defense, she really sort of did. The girls' brothers, back on the ranch, were wowed by a cowboy named Clay, fascinated by horse poo (but, what five-year-old boy wouldn't be?), and enamored with escaped goats and kittens. Kate disappeared (as Aaden cried, ''We can do whatever we want, 'cause Mom's gone!) to try her hand at the shooting range where she not so slyly said she was picturing someone while doing it. It's a long shot, but my money's on her imaginary target wearing an Ed Hardy shirt.

Kate also mentioned that it was the first time in five months that she (though she doesn't mention the kids here, oddly enough) had been free of the paparazzi. While it was certainly nice to see Kate let go of a lot of her former idiosyncrasies, when she talks about the paparazzi hounding her, you can't help but think to yourself, ''But, you've still got a camera in your face right at this very moment!''

When she reunited with her boys, they took part in a mountain lion trail (no lions, just a lot of their former prey), rode horses again (this time ending in an egg fight) and attended a rodeo/cookout. While I realize it's petty to pick sides (and many of you have told me how you feel about doing that in these recaps), it was hard not to wave your Team Kate flag when she said, in a most heartfelt manner to her boys, she's ''so honored to be their mother.'' While the episode was one of the more tolerable, light-hearted ones of this season (thanks mostly to those wee Gosselins) it all still feels like its losing steam. It's not as depressing or tense as the season's rocky beginning, but there's still something looming over this show that no amount of rodeos and cute outfits can salvage. Do you feel the same way, TV Watchers? Do you also feel torn? Or do you think Jon and Kate have made a show worthy of your time again?


  1. The word "abuse" is a very strong & powerful word. For Jon to use it so lightly made me disgusted and sick. He is allowed to come out and say whatever he wants. But if he things this is going to clean up his image and win any points he's sadly mistaken.

  2. .”She’ll call me like, almost like a lame fish. Like I wasn’t going anywhere,”
    I dont understand what he means by "I wasnt going anywhere"?

    And I agree, if he thinks this is going to make him look better, pfft hes dead wrong.

  3. "She’s on book tours, she’s doing all these things. You know, she’s gone a week. You know, comes back. Packs up and leaves again,” Gosselin said. “I’m standing there like, ‘Oh, OK. Your mom’s gone again.’”

    I really hope he didn't convey to the children that he was unhappy that his wife had to be away to fulfill a contract to promote her book. That would be putting the children in a position to take sides and that shouldn't happen.

    "I hope that people can see I’m a regular guy who is going through a very difficult time in life and wants to move forward,” This was in relation to Hailey.

    Let's see...trips, cars, bars, cheating on his wife (hello...still married).....yep...difficult time.

    I could go on and on but am too disgusted to put it into words.

  4. I SO agree!!!! I read these statements this morning and was really angry because Kate has been very tight lipped about Jon and all of his misgivings (of which there are many) for the sake of the children. But here comes Jon.......his first real interview with credible media, and he slams Kate. This really angers me!!!

    All I can say is that Kate is a classy woman. I really feel for her, she HAS been dealing with a ninth child in Jon. During all these years that he claims Kate has been abusive towards him, he has never stood up as a man in that family and Kate had no choice but to "direct" him to keep the famly running. In fact, I have heard him joke on the show that he will just sit back and wait for his wife to tell him what to do. So he has chosen to be passive for ten years and now it is like a volcano has erupted with pent up emotions, mainly anger. This is just not fair on many levels.

    I partially feel very guilty always writing negative stuff on our fan site, but Jon still seems to be giving us ammunition, on a daily basis.

    Go Kate!!!!!!

  5. Jon, oh Jon, oh Jon! Being a man and asserting yourself is totally different from just walking away from 10 years of marriage and 8 children. Being a man is about being responsible with money and resources not having 3+ relationships in a couple of months. Being responsible financially excludes being repeatedly drunk and excludes $650 bottles of Dom (and you can get it at Costco for$125!) being mature means saying "don't speak to me in that tone of voice, please" and not just refusing to talk. Being responsible is recognizing when things need to be done and not having to be asked over and over. Oh Jon, oh Jon, oh Jon! We are so sad for you.

    And when Kate was taking aim with the gun, it sure seemed to me she was referring to the paps. And I think having a familiar camera person who's been around for 5 years is totally different from paparazzi that jump out and are in your face. But that's just my opinion.

  6. wow, I totally missed this! thanks for the update! I think he'll come across as more of a whiner!

  7. ....another mom.....I also live in Canada (just outside of Toronto) and I get the People magazines in our Chapters stores on the Friday of the same week they seem to be distributed in the US. But I do notice grocery stores, etc., seem to be quite behind. So if you live in a bigger city with Chapters or Indigo, go straight there on a Friday for the most up-to-date copies. (I hope that helps)...

  8. I was sick at my stomach also! What a jerk. By the way, I got the People Mag. and it was great. GO KATE!!

  9. Jon is looking for sympathy. I would be a lot more inclined to give it if he was doing anything that suggested he was attempting to support his family. Kate wasn't leaving home for fun .. it was to provide for the children.

  10. Verbal and emotional abuse can hurt just as much as physical abuse.
    If Jon used the word abuse maybe he didn't use it lightly. Maybe it's exactly what he meant.
    Whether any of us see it that way or not is a different story.

  11. Your right Baby Mama he is VERY sadly mistaken. I feel outraged! I wonder how kate is taking this... What a father! The poor kids! Jon knows better than to say anything. If he would have left everything alone, then things would die down. but noooo he is money hungry and wanted someone to pay him top dollar to trash the mother of his children. He makes me sick! The kids will know about this later on. It will be on TV for years to come. I can see it know. E! hollywoods worst celebrity break ups.

    ABUSED..... Hardly. He was hard on kate many times also. Yes Kate was harder on him but she had 8 kids that were all pretty much the same age climbing on her. It is hard enough with just one toddler... add five to that and my husband and I would be yelling at each other for help and telling each other to do things ALL DAY LONG. I do remember jon telling kate to pull the stick out... but i don't remember her saying anything like that to him. I know that kate is not an angel but she is not what he is portreying her to be.

    What a sleeze bag. I hope that kate continues to take the high road. but if she said something I don't know if I could blame her now.

    Oh Yeah blame kate for being the bread winner and actually keeping a job. He left out the part were he was the one who did not want to go out and speak anymore and she told him he could get a job but he did not want one and she suggested college but he did not want that either. I don't see how this is kates fault. If jon did not like how she handled things then he should have let her know that he was not going to be talked to like that or take that anymore. but he didn't....

    sorry everyone its long and angry, its just my initial reaction to the post. soon I will be talking clearly again

  12. I absolutly agree Baby mama. Abuse is a VERY STRONG word. I am eager to hear the whole interview. I was a little upset with Andrea Canning on Good Morning America this morning and her comments regarding what Jon had said in the interview. She seem to imply he was totally in the right with his decisions and actions.

  13. I really think it's way too late to recapture any lost respect or sympathy. He just sealed his fate by trashing Kate.

  14. Every time I think he couldn't sink lower, he proves me wrong. I'm so happy for Kate that she has finally broken free of this loser, though I regret for the children that this is what's become of their parents.

  15. a lame what the hell... sounds 2 me he didnt like that it was kate out at work and providing and not him and not givin him attention 24/ he has hailey givin him all the attention he needs and he seems a happy chappy...... grr makes me so mad, im hoping someday he gonna wake up from his midlife crisis and relise all that he's lost, like him saying he liked living in newyork bcoz at home he hada look after evry1...em thats called being a father...ya cant just duck out when u need a break, ridiculous!!

    ah....sorry about the rant, he just makes me so mad sometimes!!

    Leah was sooooooo cute saying she looked like a rockstar, she speaks so clear for a five year old.....the boys seemed to have so much fun at the dude ranch, their allll so can jon ever want 2 be apart from his children

  16. oooommg i just seen the pics of kate in people magazine, she looks amazingggg, like unbelivable, i hardly new it was her

    you go girl!!

  17. if anyone has scans or a link 2 her interview it would be greatly appreciate because i cant get the mag over here and a reallyyy wanna read it

    sorry for postin 3 posts in a row lol

  18. SchmeckyGirl~ I do not feel in any way that Jon was mentally abused. The thought is ridiculous. While it is true that we will never know the real story, Jon never as we have all seen made an attempt to speak up for himself in the early years. He could have, at any time said something or had a discussion with his wife. Its almost laughable that we could put Jon's "mental anguish" over a woman who could be actually abused. Men and Women ARE different in this instance IMO. This is not that kind of relationship. Grow some balls, tell your wife you want a voice, or move on. Don't stay in the relationship until your rich and find a 22 year old partying girlfriend to speak up and say how you feel.

  19. Grainne~ I posted this on the previous thread. If you ever need anything please e-mail me privately, as many things (including scans) I cannot post on this

  20. I agree with baby mama on what she said to smeckygirl. It is very telling that he waited until he was rich to run off. He wanted to party and his excuse is that kate was abusive. Maybe tlc will show the kids (when they are much older) the unedited tapes and how their parents really were towards one another

  21. The more he opens his mouth the more I want to just smack him....God forgive me

  22. Kate was out there earning money for the family. And excuse me...there are tons of women who deal with this same sort of behavior with their career driven husbands. Does anything sympathize with them?

  23. By the looks of it, this interview of Jon's is going to be quite revealing. I am sure Kate is livid! She has worked so hard to keep things respectable for the kids and the fact that Jon doesn't care enough to do the same must be excruciating to her! I think he is so angry that Kate is getting all the sympathy these days that he is going to just let loose consequences be damned. Once again, the children lose - nice! :(

  24. allibrootob - Thanks for the reply! I live in the GTA so I definitely have easy access to People but since I don't usually buy it, I am not aware of the specific dates they get new issues. Anyway, my mom went into Shoppers Drug Mart today and they had brought it in (yay!)so I guess a little patience was in order for me. I can't wait to read it. Thanks again :)

  25. Just read the people mag. Kate was AMAZING!!! She is soooo strong. She looked AMAZING in the mag. She looks so young. She definately has a level head. unlike some bar hoping somebody

  26. Baby Mama said...
    SchmeckyGirl~ I do not feel in any way that Jon was mentally abused.
    I absolutly agree with Baby Mama here. Having your spouse back you in a corner and cuss and yell at you in your face, thats mental abuse. Having agruments is normal for any married couple and for him to say "abuse" , he has no idea what abuse is. ugh

    another mom I agree with you. Kate has been respectful for the kids and he once again doesnt give 2 hoots about them as long as he thinks he can hurt Kate in any way because hes jealous of her and what she has become. She had to be gone all the time to provide for her kids cause he is too lame to. She probably told him during that time to please go get a job or go back to school so she wouldnt have to do this. He knew why she was doing it, he knew she had a contract with book signings, hes not stupid. Its one thing to do an interview, but whats hes saying, unforgivable.

  27. I am in no way defending Jon's behavior lately or defending him doing an interview about Kate and their marriage. I don't think he should have. Not at this time. And the fact that he's not very eloquent or well-spoken doesn't help any. He does come across as whiney.

    However, I have three issues with this whole discussion.

    One: I'm not saying Jon is blameless. I really don't know if he is. I don't think any of us can know. I'm sure they are both to blame. However, people seem to think that one person's passive actions justify being treated badly. It doesn't.

    Two: People keep insisting that Jon should have stood up to Kate or walked away years ago if he was unhappy or thought she was that horrible. I totally understand that thinking. That is totally my view on the matter.

    However, that's the view of people who have never been in that situation themselves. I've personally witnessed that situation for the last 30 years or so.

    A passive man and a strong-willed woman are a horrible mix. Once the man realizes just how overbearing the wife can be it can sometimes be too late. And remember he's passive. A passive man is going to continue being passive. Just like the agressive one won't change, it goes both ways.

    The first few years of marriage could have been pretty good. However, if a couple have children early in their marriage is the husband/father supposed to leave his children and break up a family once he realizes he doesn't like how his wife is treating him? He may decide to put up with the relationship for the sake of his children. Or maybe he was raised that you don't get divorced so he tried to continue living that way for as long as he could until he couldn't take it anymore.

    And yes, maybe Jon did leave once he was "rich" but maybe that's because he knew Kate and the children would be taken care of financially. If he left them all when they were poor it would have been worse. Maybe that's the reason why he waited so long.

    And let's not forget that Jon insists that he didn't just leave... that Kate told him it was over and told him to leave (regardless of the reason). Maybe he really wanted to stay for the sake of his children. We don't know.

    Three: What if the roles were reversed? Would everyone feel the same way? If the husband called his wife a "lame fish" or a loser or something to that effect, even if it seemed deserved, would it be okay?

  28. I think I called my husband something worse than a lame fish when he left his smelly socks on the floor the other day to stink up the room.

    We will never know. Bottom line is, if the roles were reversed, it WOULD be different. Maybe it's an East Coast thing, because we tend to say a lot worse and not mean it. You have to know what is considered "running your mouth" and something that needs to be addressed as more hurtful. And while I appreciate those who give reasons for why Jon says what he does, I truly feel all this BS is just meant to improve his messed-up image.

  29. Does anyone else think Kate looked so different in the interview with the pink cowboy hat?

  30. Remember the first People Magazine that Kate did an interview? the one where the cover reads something like "We May Split"? Kate describes her frustration and what she thought of Jon's issues, she suggested to go back to school, ete, etc. She said that Jon didn't want to go out on speaking engagements anymore, though I read somewhere that Jon admitted he was "jealous" when Kate was away, going to fancy? dinners? Kate stayed home for a number of years and Jon couldn't hack it for a month or two? He claims he wants a 9-5 job, then he should go ahead and try it again. Believe me, alot of people would like to be home with there kids and make a living, not stuck in a low paying 9-5 prison.

  31. Baby Mama said...
    I think I called my husband something worse than a lame fish when he left his smelly socks on the floor the other day to stink up the room.


    LOL!!! But seriously... it's how you mean it. Did you verbally berate your husband? I'm sure you didn't.

    Is it okay for a man to call his wife a lame fish because there are dishes in the sink when he comes home from work? Or didn't remove a stain from his shirt in the wash?

    I think you or me calling our husband a lame fish or a loser may not be the same as when other women do it (and I'm not necessarily referring to Kate here). Some comments can still be made with love. If you feel loved you know how your husband or wife really means what they say.

    Oh, and I was born and raised in NYC and lived there for 30 years. I'm definitely more "hard" compared to my friends here in NJ so I know what you mean. But I'm not sure suburban PA counts as East Coast. lol.

    I also agree that Jon is just trying to improve his image and gain sympathy. But then again I think they both are. I think they both needed to.

  32. Again, I think maybe I can't help being more partial to Jon and less forgiving of Kate because he seems like the underdog in the marriage since day one. I admit that. I'm all too familiar with the scenario and I can understand the frustration of having a passive husband (I’m not speaking of my husband) but I just can't excuse the behavior of an aggressive or controlling wife (as opposed to a strong-willed and successful woman).

    Aw, I'm watching Hannah ride a horse on her special day. She was adorable.

  33. Does Kate really wear that In The Pink necklace shown on the sidebar? How does it fit all 8 kids on it? I remember seeing the necklace somewhere but don't recall ever seeing it on Kate.

  34. There is no such thing as a husband ever being an "underdog". If he is, it is by choice. Although it takes two to make a marriage work, I still believe that it is the husband's God-given role that he is ultimately responsible for the family unity. Ready or not, the moment he says "I do" he takes on the mantle of that responsibility. If and when he fails, he brings Judgment on himself. He can not use a nagging or belittling wife as an excuse.

    Although I wouldn't excuse everything Kate did or say to Jon, neither, I believe Kate was so frustrated by his dullness and resented having to take on all the leadership and stay on top of all the detailed responsibilities.

    I for one can understand the behavior of an "aggressive or controlling wife" when she's frustrated because she's the one who has take on the leadership role of a family (esp one with 8 very young children) because the husband refuses to or doesn't know how. With 8 very young kids it is crucial that that kind of family have at least one strong, capable and organized leader.
    He also made the choice to stay home instead of finding another job or even be self-employed so they could hire full time help.

    Regardless if he felt he didn't get enough love and attention because the needs of the 8 overshadowed him, there's simply no excuse to bail from the family (even emotionaly) and then act or be trashy and then disrespect the mother of his children. Kate has held her head high, stayed above the fray and avoided doing so to him for the sake of the children which is a lot more than I can say for him.

  35. I don’t think Jon is a bad person, but I do think he is a selfish, self-centered, emotionally immature, and foolish person. I do not think Kate was perfect, but to be honest, I did not see her as the beast Jon is portraying. I also don’t think, but could be wrong on this, that Jon said she called him a loser. "She called me, almost like, a lame fish ... like, I wasn't going anywhere.” And the truth be told, it doesn’t seem like he was going anywhere but down. And from her point of view, she said those things for his benefit and to strengthen their family. I’m sure she realized that if he felt lost and useless that his well being and that of their family as a whole, was in danger.
    From what we have seen, or from what has been unearthed about his past, he isn’t the most ambitious. And although Kate has a strong personality that does come across as quite harsh and controlling at times, the circumstances of their finances alone could very well have been a major factor in the intensification of her personality traits until they became negative. She was pulling the wagon alone!
    In regards to a pairing of a passive man and a strong woman being negative, I would have to disagree completely. Those are two differences where with the right give and take, (which they obviously had for several years), they can be extremely complementary, even adding superlative opportunities for both individual and marital growth. I truly believe that a little inconsideration, frustration, poor communication, and selfishness is what got in the way of the success of this marriage. Furthermore, Jon is full of excuses. Kate will be the first to admit her part. Those facts alone should speak loudly.

  36. Mental abuse itsn't always screaming in your face. Little things like dropping little hints about what it worng with them constantly adds up. I have experienced this from my father. Kate traveled a ver thin line in this situation. She mostly was yelling trying to get him to help to ge tthings done. I think Jon felt neglected and unapapriciated. However, he chose to leave instead of work on these issues. I DO NOT think what Kate did was actual mental abuse because a lot how she comes off is part of her Type A personality. They truly loved each other I think. An abuser doesn't love his/her spouse. They just want to control them. This was NOT the case with Jon and Kate.

  37. The portion of his interview just doesn't make sense. He says, ”She’ll call me like, almost like a lame fish." What does that supposed to mean? Did she call him that or not? "like, almost..."

    Then he goes on to talk about the gate incident. “I wouldn’t let her in the gate,” Gosselin said. “I said I’m spending time with my kids … and she’s going to have to leave and she tried to cry it up with the cops and it didn’t work and they told her she had to leave.” But, before, he said he was going out and leaving the kids with a babysitter. That's why Kate was there. The kids shouldn't have to be left with a babysitter when the mom can be there. Jon was going out...NOT "spending time with the kids".

    I see Kate trying to be respectful of the family during her interviews. She seems to be trying hard to carefully choose her words. Jon says things about name-calling and crying-it-up (more than once).

    A wise person once told me, "It's not what happened, but what your character is from now on."

  38. I just saw the video clip of some of Jon's interview. I think it came across more clearly when he said it than when I read it online.

    When he said it all together I understood it better. Basically he said that she called him a lame fish because he wasn't doing anything while she was out doing her speaking engagements, but he was home taking care of the kids at the time so how could he do anything else? It's not like she came home and took care of the kids and then he could go do something productive too. She'd come home and repack and go right back out.

    Yes, maybe he could have done his own thing while she was doing hers but it seems that he felt one of them should be home raising the kids.

    Supposedly he is going to address Kate's relationship with the bodyguard too, from what I read online.

  39. "she'll call me like, almost like a lame fish"
    To me that is how a liar sounds, when they are trying to make things up. I bet if they had someone professional disect his words and how he acts when he says them, they would say that is how a liar acts. Honestly if you call abuse in a situation you should be able to say one thing that she called you. and not have been all. "like, well, almost like a lame fish" come on.

    I don't believe him about that. they showed kate yelling at him about stuff he needs to get done, or to take the kids out of the kitchen or other things to do does not count as verbal or mental ABUSE. What a liar! my husband and I have called each other worse than a lame fish.

  40. And also, thanks for posting the episode. I really enjoyed it!

  41. The thing about Jon's interview is, I don't believe him. I think he is reinterpreting events in his own mind to make him feel like he is in the right. It's entirely possible Kate might have called him a "lame fish" whatever that is, but I suspect it wasn't in regards to the fact that he was the caregiver for the children -- I think she likely insulted him (if she did) because HE was whining about being a Mr. Mom. Kate herself has said that Jon didn't like how things were, and so she made suggestions on how to make his life better (volunteering, take a class, get a job, etc) but he did none of it. I can understand how she would become frustrated that he was complaining about his current circumstances without doing anything to change them. Then instead he went and had an affair to make himself feel big.

    I also disagree with the idea that Jon is passive- I think he has an unrealistic sense about how the world works. He seems to think that if he's unhappy, everything around him should change, while he stays stationary. It's a very juvenile way to go about life. The fact is, everything in life is compromise and requires action- two things which clearly, Jon didn't want to do.

  42. I agree with you SchmeckyGirl. Well put. I feel the same way. There is a difference between being strong willed and aggressive.

  43. Jon interview is not looking so hot right now! If he's trying to improve his image (which just might be at an all time low) he is definitely taking the wrong route. This guy deserves no sympathy! There are times when I just wish I could smack him and say, "What are you doing?!?!"
    First off, when he's says that Kate left him with the kids: Hello?!! Kate stayed at home with the kids EVERY DAY for years! You don't see her complaining. I know on a previous episode Jon said that there was no way he could ever do that. So if he's saying that Kate put him in that position without his agreement, then I can see why he'd be agitated. BUT, Kate was on a book tour, bringing in the $$$. Jon knew this, and obviously that doesn't mean it's going to be like that forever, so in my mind, he's guilty. Also, he could afford help! Kate had to do it all on her own. I know that he did do that later, but I still don't think he should be complaining. He was at home with his kids, for a few months... big whoop Jon!
    Second, Jon says that he was "abused" by Kate. I highly doubt that. We all know that Kate is no saint by any means, she was usually stressed, and didn't have any patience for Jon falling behind. But I mean he really expects people to believe that she ABUSED him?!?! Like others said, that's a strong word to use against her. Maybe sometimes she WAS obnoxious, or rude to him, but I would NEVER say abusive.
    The person in by far the worst situation here is Kate. She was trying to keep her mouth shut, and attempted to control the media lies; but here comes Jon... who just HAS to throw Kate under the bus. Completely unaware of how much every bad thing that he says about Kate, or their marriage, will affect his kids. It's really just sad.
    Thanks for all the updates Baby Mama! And BTW, I'm sure that we all will have A LOT more to say, once the full interview is out!

  44. SchmeckyGirl, I'm with you. If Jon was a woman & Kate was a man, most if not all on this board would be outraged at the way Kate treated Jon. But since it's the way it is, everybody tells Jon to grow a pair. It is not ok for one spouse to berate & belittle the other (man or woman). Verbal abuse can occur in various ways. The victim doesn't have to be backed up into a wall for us to know that it's wrong. Words can hurt whether screamed in your face or not. Marriage is about love and respect. They both knew the kind of people they were & still got married. Whatever problems they have now is both their faults. They could have worked on resolving their issues but chose not put in the effort.
    Until one of them actually says so, we don't know if Jon had a discussion with Kate about the way she spoke to him. Maybe he chose not to talk back to her on camera. And remember that some of the things she said were done in front of their kids. Maybe he didn't want things to escalate & frighten their kids. Bottomline, we do not know.

  45. There's nothing Jon can say to win any sympathy from me, especially by bad-mouthing Kate. And he is kind of a lame fish...

  46. Every time Jon opens his mouth the story changes. Does he seriously expect us to feel sorry for him for being a stay at home parent for 3-4 months while Kate earned an income? Kate did this for years with no help and we've never heard her proclaim this as a burden. And are we expected to believe that during this timeframe Kate didn't communicate what her travel schedule was? He didn't know when she was coming or going? Seriously?? He just didn't like being left behind and now he turns that against her.

    And by the way, Jon's PR people should make it mandatory that Jon attend Toastmasters if he is going to continue to speak in public!

  47. KatherineDenise said: Having your spouse back you into a corner and cuss and yell at you in your face, that's mental abuse.
    We keep hearing about Kate's supposed abuse of Jon, but I am not at all sure that he did not abuse her verbally. Does anyone remember the "Games Gosselins Play" episode? While Cara and Mady were playing school with the little ones, Jon and Kate were "in the kitchen talking." (Jon's words) But then we saw a very brief shot of them "talking" and it certainly looked to me like Jon was screaming at Kate. We don't know if he was "cussing", but I'm willing to be that he was yelling at her. Could this have been an isolated incident? I doubt it. I suspect that TLC edited out a lot of Jon's "abuse" while keeping Kate's for us to see. After all, they were after ratings, right?

  48. I would actually tend to describe Jon's behavior lately as being "passive-agressive". He CHOSE to be passive all those years and now the pendulum has completely swung the other way. Neither his passive or agressive ways are a mature way of dealing with his feelings.

    I don't buy that people are the way they are and never change. And I personally believe Kate was making fun of Jon alot of the time and I still saw alot of love in her eyes. She truly loved Jon. In his eyes (after probably season one), I saw emptiness and contempt when he spoke or interacted with her. And please don't forget the "jowels of the dog" and the "I only like blonde women" comments that he made.

    That being said....a marriage never ends in divorce without some guilt on both sides. But we did hear Kate admit in the first episode this season that she knows she was hard on Jon. Jon does nothing but deflects all blame and responsibility onto Kate. How awful of her to be gone for weeks at a time SUPPORTING HER FAMILY. His "away" time now involves yachting vacations, Vegas trips with Dom Perignon and bikini clad women, ski holidays, a Manhattan apt. of is own so he can "get stuff done". I highly doubt when Kate was "away" that she was indulging in such stupidity. ugh. He really is a moron. I feel for her with this divorce pending. I'd love to see Kate get full custody and Jon visitation. He is clearly not trying to hide his immaturity to the world, how can someone like that possibly be responsible for 8 young children? If that were my husband I would be eaten up inside on the days I wasn't at home with the kids.

  49. I honestly think that the show would be better with him gone. He has used every chance he gets on the show to reference his "new" life. Ugh. Did you hear him talking about his life in New York? And then he has the nerve to say stuff about Kate traveling when he doesn't even live in the same state as his kids anymore! I'm over him and all this. I feel bad for Kate because he keeps making all these comments and it just seems like she keeps feeling the need to fight back. I just want my show back! I think half the reason I don't like him any more is because I feel like he's the one who ruined the show. Ugh.

  50. oooo thanks baby mama, musta missed it on the other blog....

    still cant get over how grown up they all are!! soo cute!!

  51. sciteacher said...
    KatherineDenise said: Having your spouse back you into a corner and cuss and yell at you in your face, that's mental abuse.
    We keep hearing about Kate's supposed abuse of Jon, but I am not at all sure that he did not abuse her verbally. Does anyone remember the "Games Gosselins Play" episode? While Cara and Mady were playing school with the little ones, Jon and Kate were "in the kitchen talking." (Jon's words) But then we saw a very brief shot of them "talking" and it certainly looked to me like Jon was screaming at Kate. We don't know if he was "cussing", but I'm willing to be that he was yelling at her. Could this have been an isolated incident? I doubt it. I suspect that TLC edited out a lot of Jon's "abuse" while keeping Kate's for us to see. After all, they were after ratings, right?
    I absolutly remember this episode. Where Kate wanted him to move a few things in the garage as the kids were playing outside and all he did was yell at her "Play with your kids Kate, Play with your kids" repeatly. She then trys to go in the house as he continues to yell. And he has the galls to go on TV and say these things about her when we all know he was no better. If you watch old episodes you can see the eye rolling that he did, no respect for her at all. I would have been frustratted too if my parnter didnt respect me.

  52. Schmeckygirl~ If you read the bottom of the link I posted one of the many places Kate wore the necklace (The episode was Kates Wardrobe Makeover, she also wore it at Ikea in The Winter Prep episode, both in season 3) Its the adorable photo of the twins. The bracelet she wore from the same designer had 6 photo charms of the twins.

    I know so many of you preferred when Kate was the dowdy dweatpants mom because she was more relatable. But the woman looks great and it really made many moms including myself step it up a notch and I'm happy ot say I love looking good when I go out now!

  53. I keep reading that kate was abusive to jon and yada yada yada. Well I don't think that Kates yelling at him was different than his yelling at her. well there was one difference. kate would yell at him about helping her out with everything and jon would yell at her and in my mind he would say more abusive things than kate did. So why don't we talk about the abuse that kate had to put up with? She dealt with a lot of crap from jon and he always said thing that were hurtful. About how she looked. How he wanted her hair long and blonde and how it is is I can't remember the word that he said but i think it was along the lines of yuck. He always said thing about how he did not like how she looked soon after she had the kids. The "jowels of a dog" (thanks for reminding me alibrootob!) I am sorry but how would that make you feel? He probably said something about her stomach everytime they had sex and whenever she was changing or went to shower. I have NOOOO doubt that jon was equally "abusive" (if we really wanted to use that word) to kate.

    Also people keep talking about if the roles were reversed and jon was yelling at kate for help all day and keeping her in line and organized. I would say that in that instance jon would not have been abusive. He would be asking for help. or yelling for help. He would get upset with her for sitting around when things had to be done and when they would have to get to appointments. I don't think that how kate acted is abuse. Like i said if the roles were reversed than i would say that jon was not being abusive, if he was kate and she was jon.

    also allibrootob reminded me of something. Jon said that he only likes blonde women. How long do you think jons eyes were wondering? Remember when he was working out, his traner was that blonde chick. I wonder if anything happened there. I say this because he gave that dumb woman a nickname. wasn't it "bunny" or something like that. The only nickname he gave kate was that jowels of a dog thing and he was refering to her stomach. He never called kate a nickname. yet he gave this other woman a nickname. THAT was the start of the RED FLAGS in my opinion.

    lame fish.... i have worse things i would like to call jon to his face. what a creep

  54. Doesn't she frequently wear a necklace that her sister (an accomplished silversmith) made for her?

  55. Denise~ Absolutely. We all know that the jewelry you wear and how frequently you wear it says a lot about you. She wore one of hers sisters necklace several times on air including the day she tried on her renewal wedding dress. So many people were asking about it. She loves her single diamond as well.

    If she loves a piece of jewelry shes very dedicated to it. It really says a lot about her personality. I'm the EXACT same way in this instance!

  56. in my earlier comment I said "I have NOOOO doubt that jon was equally abusive to kate" I accidently put that, I meant to say i have no doubt that jon was more abusive than kate ever was to him.

    Sorry i think my earlier comment might be a little confusing, sorry just got to vent sometimes

  57. Everyone has said what I want to say, so I just want to add; Jon really is living his "glory days", isn't he? Overusing the word "like" and inventing the term "lame fish". IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING. There's "lame duck" and the meaning doesn't even come close to what he's trying to say. I know he's never been the greatest speaker but lately he sounds more and more like a high school kid.

    It's minor compared to what he's saying (or trying to say), I know, but it bugs me :X

  58. I'm watching the Movie Night episode. Jon was a good husband and daddy in this episode. He didn't sit around and do nothing, like some claim.

    He runs out and does all the errands (taking a kid with him). He gets all the kids breakfast and got Mady and Cara ready for school and lets Kate sleep in every morning because she's not a morning person. He was doing everything in the morning (Kate got their lunch bags ready). Not too many husbands would do that so their wife can sleep in. Maybe once in a while, but not every day... and with 8 kids.

    Kate made another joke about Jon going out and not coming back. Yikes.

    It's so sad to see the old episodes of them together. Even to hear them say "We're a family and we're in this together" at the beginning is sad. What the heck happened???

  59. Leslie:
    So why don't we talk about the abuse that kate had to put up with? She dealt with a lot of crap from jon and he always said thing that were hurtful. About how she looked. How he wanted her hair long and blonde and how it is is I can't remember the word that he said but i think it was along the lines of yuck. He always said thing about how he did not like how she looked soon after she had the kids. The "jowels of a dog" (thanks for reminding me alibrootob!) I am sorry but how would that make you feel? He probably said something about her stomach everytime they had sex and whenever she was changing or went to shower.

    I think they both went back and forth with the physical comments. I just watched the episode where Kate touched Jon's double chin and said he needs to get rid of it. He got really annoyed when she touched it.

    She was really pushing him to lose weight and Jon said she told him she wants him to look like he did when they first met. When his trainer said "did you say the same to her?" he actually said Kate looked the same except her hair was shorter. He was nice about it.

    As for Jon saying he only likes blondes, I'm sure Kate knows that's his preference. She was blonde when she met him. That's probably one of the reasons he was attracted to her. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. My husband doesn't like women with short hair. He likes long hair. That's his preference. He will still love me if I cut my hair but would prefer it long.

    Kate commented about Jon losing all his hair and how she wants it back to how it was when she first met him. At least Kate can dye her hair blonde again. Jon can't reverse his male pattern baldness (and we know he tried). Personally I think there's a difference between saying you like her with blonde hair better than telling someone they are fat and need to lose weight.

    I think they are both guilty of commenting on the other's looks and what they would change. Maybe some not so nice comments on both their part, but I also think Jon was very complimentary to Kate about her looks a lot of the time. When he took her clothes shopping you could see he thought she looked great.

  60. Baby Mama, You do a great job with this site. I stumbled upon your site a few months ago, and really enjoy all of the info you are able to put out.

    I've never commented before, but just read something that totally infuriated me. I was looking a pix on radaronline of Kate and the kids at the farm and some person posted that "all the kids look like the VA Tech shooter". That is just totally offensive to me. If you don't like Kate or the show why waste your time reading stuff on it? Why in the world would you make a comment like that about children?

    Again, thanks Baby Mama for the awesome site.

  61. SchmeckyGirl - I agree it is sad to hear them say "We're a family and we're in this together". As for"What the heck happened?"

    I truly believe that what happened is that Jon, who couldn't keep or get a job, got bored staying at home. He wanted help, and he HAD full time help during the time he was complaining about Kate being gone. He had too much time on his hands and his wandering eye took over. The "need" to hang out in bars after 2 a.m. is a bizarre one for somebody who professes to be a father who puts his children's needs first. Let's see now...He said he likes being in New York so he can "get stuff done." Hmmm...he seems to have accomplished "stuff" like boozing in the Hamptons, hanging out at NY bars, having hotdogs in the park, making his plans for casinos and going to Vegas...Yep, yes indeed, that's really important stuff he needs to be doing in NY.
    Give me a break. I was a longtime Jon supporter (as well as a Kate supporter.) Now I just really wish he'd stay in NY and do his really important "stuff" and let the show be about the kids and Kate.

    I wish his important "stuff" could be about getting the counseling for life skills that he so desperately needs. Grow up Jon! Quit your whining and belly-aching! Volunteer, take action, do something with your life. Help others and maybe you'll quit feeling like you have to justify your inane actions.

    If you feel the need to try to pretend you are a 20-something bachelor who boozes and carouses, then do it. At least be honest and say "I didn't get to do this in my 20s so I really need to do it now. My needs come before those of the children I created and everybody else. Me. Me Me" YOU are responsible for your actions Jon. Not Kate, not your mother, not anybody else. You, Jon are responsible. But, remember you reap what you sow.

    Sorry to go on and on, but his actions just frustrate the heck out of me. I hope Kate gets full custody and Jon gets limited and supervised visitation!

  62. Leslie said...
    in my earlier comment I said "I have NOOOO doubt that jon was equally abusive to kate" I accidently put that, I meant to say i have no doubt that jon was more abusive than kate ever was to him.


    I respect your opinion but I really never saw that. I think sometimes he did get fed up with her and may have retaliated or yelled back but I don't recall Jon seeming abusive.

    I think that if Jon was abusive to Kate she wouldn't have said she misses the Jon she knew. Why would she miss an abusive husband?

  63. Considering that they were both “in it together”, the fact that Jon let Kate sleep in is no badge of honor. When you have eight children, especially six babies at the same time, you are both expected to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. He sometimes worked full-time. She was constantly working; laundry, most of the cooking, shopping, etc. So a getting up early to help and allowing Kate the few extra moments of sleep is the very least he could have done.

  64. BabyMama, you have GOT to post this pic in a post, it is to die for hilarious IMO anyway!!!,,20302535,00.html

  65. I do agree that Jon needs to get his act together. NOW!

    I don't see though why Kate needs to have full custody of the children. He's not a danger to the children and when he is with them he seems to be just as good a father as Kate is a mother. What he does when he's not with them is a different story.

    Besides, if Kate plans to continue traveling it would be better for them to be with their father during those times than all the nannies and babysitters they have. Those kids need their parents, especially during a divorce. They seem to have a different nanny or babysitter in every pic I see of them. They need a constant in their lives, and I don't mean the camera man.

  66. wildchild said...
    Considering that they were both “in it together”, the fact that Jon let Kate sleep in is no badge of honor. When you have eight children, especially six babies at the same time, you are both expected to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. He sometimes worked full-time. She was constantly working; laundry, most of the cooking, shopping, etc. So a getting up early to help and allowing Kate the few extra moments of sleep is the very least he could have done.

    Exactly. My point is he did it. Some men may not have. And at that point it didn't seem Jon was working. He was home raising the kids with her.

    As for "When you have eight children, especially six babies at the same time, you are both expected to make drastic changes to your lifestyle", one might argue that one of those changes would be to become a morning person.

    Again, I think if the roles were reversed and Jon slept in because he isn't a morning person people would be outraged.

    I wasn't picking on Kate for sleeping in, I was just pointing out that I thought it was nice of Jon to take up the extra slack in the morning so that she could.

  67. I get so sick of people excusing and explaining away Jon’s behavior both past and present. I was a long time supporter of both of them, but honestly now Jon is too ridiculous. Whether or not he lies, double talks, forgets, or just plain can’t keep up, he comes across shady and accusatory. Man up, take some responsibility.

    As for Kate, yes, she was too harsh. Not my style to ever treat my spouse that way. Sometimes she was persnickety and a big snob. She was terse. But I respect her. She admits her mistakes. She takes responsibility. She takes care not to slander Jon which would further wound her children.

  68. OMG! Did anyone see the pic of Kate making copies of her expenses? They enlarged it and printed out what was on her list! How horrible is that? Talk about an invasion of privacy.

  69. Ok I have to say this. I have PCOS like Kate does. I actually ovulate still so hers is actually worse than mine. It makes you tired, it causes insulin resistance which I have and it's not a picnic. It also raises the level of testosterone in your body....does any one have any idea how that affects a women's body?

    When I first started watching this show I felt a huge sense of kinship with Kate. I've watched since the first special ever aired. After I was diagnosed with PCOS I found out why. She has a lot of the personality markers of a woman with PCOS. My husband almost passed out the first time she said "HELLO" to Jon because it is the exact same tone I say it in.

    We are very similar except I only have 3 children and my husband understands that some times things come out harsher than I intend and it's not personal. He deals with the same things from me. He lets me sleep in when he can because he understands how bad the fatigue can get. His response to what Jon has done" Grow some balls. If I had a wife who made enough money so I could stay home with the kids all day...I'd love it." So men also feel that way about him.

    My husband has stuck with me through all of the ups and downs. We have no money, no time to ourselves, no full time help. All we have are our kids and each other...that enough.

  70. schmeckygirl, I said in earlier comments that I don't think that the word abuse should be used. Because I don't think that they were abusive but people kept wanting to use that word so i was stating that i don't think that Jon was anybetter in any of the situations. What a said about him saying he likes blondes better, I was trying to refer it to his trainer. I said i wonder how long jon has had a wondering eye. because he nicknamed that blonde woman and he never gave kate a nickname. and he likes blondes alot so that was a red flag

    I think that things that jon said to kate were usually about her personality and her looks. also he always rolled his eyes and would make gestures that are just plane rude and disrespectful. Kate would say things about him getting to work or hurry and do that. My point is that jon is no better and people need to stop degrading kate. She always respected her husband, she just has a MAJOR type A personality.

    Him waking up early in the mornings to get the kids off to school earns no badge of honor in my eyes. She deserved to sleep in. she always slaved over the stove so that her family could have a hot meal she always washed the laundry and she washed the kitchen and the kitchen floor 3 times a day so that her kids would not get sick. Him getting up early was good and when he bathed the kids that was good. but kate has always worked harder and put her family first I wish i could say that about jon but that is just not the case now

  71. Loverly - you are right about "lame duck" being the expression Jon probably intended but the fish came out of his mouth before his brain got a grip. That happens with him a lot. And you are also right, that "lame duck" is not exactly what he was trying to say either.

    However, as to the whole "abuse" thing. I have one memory of the show that cut me when I saw it the first time and flashed back when he used the word.

    When Kate was lying in bed at their house after her tummy tuck and he wanted her to get up to do something. He was trying to pull her out of bed and she said, "Jon." "I'm not ready." But he dragged her up and out to accomplish something (I don't remember what). I just kept (and keep) thinking about how much pain she was probably experiencing. Tummy tucks require cutting muscle and nerve tissue. It hurts at lot. (Haven't had one but can imagine). He just didn't care about her physical pain at all.

    There is abuse and there is abuse. He read too much of the GWOP site and believed what they were saying. He is trying too hard to defend himself after showing the world the real Jon.

    I said it before. He will crash and burn big time. Sad for his children to witness...

  72. Neither Jon nor Kate were perfect in their marriage, as Kate has attested to on different occasions. Yes, both Jon and Kate made negative comments to one another about losing weight, losing hair, coloring hair, etc, etc, etc. As far as I'm concerned that can all be water under the bridge. Marriage is tough. Marriage with multiples is tougher (I can personally relate). But marriages with higher order multiples must be met with challenges most of us couldn't even imagine.

    HOWEVER............I really think Jon was being unfaithful and it all started to unravel when he finally got caught. And what has transpired since then has been indicative of who they both are and what their characters are truly like. Simply stated, Kate has maintained composure, grace under fire and constant reliability for her children.

    Jon has been immature, lazy, unreliable, inconsistent (with his stories) and various other less-than-virtuous qualities.

    Now who did what in the marriage will never be truly known to any of us, but based on what we've learned about them in times of stress,and if Kate was dealing with any of the characteristics Jon is now displaying, even in moderation, God help that marriage right from the start!!!!!!!

  73. TMZ just played a clip of Jon coming back from Las Vegas in which he said he won $2000. Then they played a clip when he got to Vegas in which he was asked if he was going to gamble and he said he didn't gamble.

  74. allibrootob as always I agree with you! very well put. couldn't have said it better myself.

    JL: Jon posted on his twitter page a picture of him in vegas drinking and playing, i think the slots.

    craftymomof3: I am sorry to hear that you have pcos, I can't imagine how that must be. I have had an ovarian cist before. I was in high school and I could barely take the pain. Your right about the fatigue, I missed so many classes. My mom literally could not wake me up. I remember her screaming in my face and shaking me one day, she said i scared her to death. I looked at her and rolled over and was out again.

    Holliday: I remember that, her face was cringing at the pain.

  75. Holliday, I found the clip you were referring to about Jon helping Kate get out of bed and I believe you misinterpreted it. It looked like she needed to get up (bathroom?) and he just rushed it a bit. I didn't see anything "abusive" in it. It's hard to help someone who's had tummy surgery. I've had 3 different ones. Watching that episode almost made me cry because I could see the love between them then. And it was only about, what, 4 years ago?

  76. Yeah, Leslie, my point was that when Jon got to Vegas he was asked if he was going to gamble and he said "no, I don't gamble" and then he did. Guess he changed his principles on that, too.

  77. Kate was far from perfect in the marriage; she admitted to being hard on Jon. She does have an organized and controlling personality and likes things done her way. Jon was far from perfect in the marriage either. He was very passive aggressive so that nasty comments were under his breath or subtle. And yet there were enough scenes of Jon yelling at Kate so it is clear it went both ways. I remember an espidode where Mady told the camera that Kate was "a queen bee who never got off the chair" and it was clear she was repeating what her Dad had said off camera.

    All of that is water under the bridge. I think focusing on their behavior since the marriage fell apart, Kate has acted far more responsibly.

    She was not the one that brought the tabloid attention on them - Jon did. She was not the one who went to family members to spread gossip only to see them sell it to the highest bidder. She is not the one publicly dating several people. She is not the one who prevented the other from seeing the kids on their "time." She is not the one buying expensive gifts for someone else. She is not the way making statements biting the hand that feeds them and trying to backtrack in the media.

    Kate is the one worrying about supporting the kids financially. She is the one who has established college funds for the kids. She is the one who comes across as far classier t

  78. Thanks Leslie! Sorry to hear about your cyst. That must have been hard to deal with in high school.:(

    That's why I guess I feel kinda of protective of Kate just in the fact that I understand how she feels. I am just thankful everyday that I didn't marry some one like Jon. My mother on the other hand thinks that Kate emasculated Jon. We have had quite a few arguments over that one! I act like a kid...get treated like one!

  79. wow catching up on some interesting observations this morning. It is sad to see J continue to flounder; even the tabloids are catching him in his struggles to find himself.

    all the talk about the Abuse is painful to watch. Unless you have personally (and I really mean personally ie. me, myself or I)been involved in an abusive relationship; such talk and bantor can be kind of painfully disrespectful to those who have survived it. It is kind of like telling someone who's husband just died that You Know how they feel..... So as far as that topic (and as both Kate and J would say) I hope we can move forward.

    One thing I am laughing about this week (never enough laughter)..... I was given an IPhone this week for my birthday. Guess what cover I bought for it? you got it - pink.....

    I am so laughingly pathetic!

  80. Terri~ That is so funny, I just switched from the Blackberry and HAD to get the IPhone... had to get the pink cover and all the apps that my friends have. They really do come in handy! I can't get enough of them and the touch screen. It's my new toy this week and I LOVE IT!

    I'm sorry to everyone that I haven't been posting. We are off to the beach today with my hubby's Jet Ski that hes been dying to use since it was Winterized last year. The kids are having a last but thank goodness my mom's here, b/c the baby is everywhere! We never get the time to do any of these things anymore. And even now I am at the beach with my laptop. Tonight I will have a new post in when I get the kids to bed, I promise. I need to get my topcs together.. Any ideas? (lol)

  81. Thanks Baby Mama for putting the shows on your blog! What a great episode as Kate continues to appear more relaxed and not demand perfection out of everyone. I think the "old" Kate would have never allowed her boys to try tasting those gross chicken feet.

    Knowing how much all the readers on this blog like and respect Kate, I'm hoping someone can give me an honest opinion on a debate I'm having with my husband. Here goes: I have a chance to see Kate at an upcoming event. She is going to answer questions and sign some autographs. I would LOVE to have a T-shirt with me that says "Team K8" and have her autograph it. However, I didn't know if this would appear
    disrespectful - or on the tabloid watcher bandwagon. My husband says "Don't do it." I just want her to know how much I support her. But I think there is a fine line between looking like a supporter and looking like a crazy stalker person.

    Thanks for any input.

  82. Terri~ Got your post, keeping it private between you and me ;)

    The one where you can figure out your tip at a restaurant for me has been the most helpful. I love having Facebook, and even saving my own site on it's own cute App! I also love using Fandango (for movies) and The Pandora Music store, I found accidentally thinking it was for buying my favorite Pandora charms!

    There was a time article recently that complained I Phone should do a better job organizing and explaining the hundreds of App they have so people can find them easier. The top 10 Best I Phone Apps are on this list (Including Pandora Music). See if any of these work for you!,30583,1855948_1863793,00.html

  83. To Scout's Mom;

    Having a shirt for her to sign would be cool, but I wouldn't spell it K8 as I think that is the way they spell it on GWOP. Don't want to really go check.

    So I would just spell it Team Kate.

  84. Scoutsmom: I think that would be awesome to have that shirt and get it signed. I don't think that it would seem stockerish. In fact I think that would be cooler than getting a photo of her signed. I also don't think that it would be disrespectful, I think that if anything it would show that you support her and are rooting for her to make it out of this mess unscathed

    PAR: those are some good points. That is why I respect kate sooooo much more now. She has been holding her head up hi. I just hope that she keeps her head up and keeps it respectful.

    Terri: I agree that it is painful to watch all the talk of abuse. I don't think that they were abusive, and i really don't think that kate was abusive at all. I do think that Jons comments were harsher and more cruel. But the word abuse is extreem for j & K's situation.

  85. I agree with Schmecky Girl. If this is indeed a Jon and Kate plus 8 fan site, then why is it so wrong to not think so harshly of Jon? I think he has made some mistakes, but for everyone who says that he should have confronted Kate while they were married, do you all remember when a conversation like that took place on one of the episodes and Kate admitted it wouldn't matter what he said or did, she would still want things done her way. I just really don't get why everything is his fault. Sincerely I don't.

  86. Promises Promises by Dionne Warwick
    now that ages me (I was but a wee child LOL)

    that song comes to mind when it comes to a new post. LOL.

    Alas I am left with my favorite football team UW playing LSU. which is doing a good enough job raising my blood pressure thank you!

  87. Barbara, SchmeckyGirl,

    This is a very strong point you've brought across. And you are very right. If you are a Jon and Kate plus 8 fan, it's a great thing that you aren't taking one particular side and wanting to be objective about things. And I can now see why it may appear that both your comments may seem like you're strongly defending Jon.

    Before this whole fiasco happened, us fans were never a "either Kate team or Jon team". We were team "Jon and Kate Plus 8". In almost every episode, we flaws we saw in both of them. Kate is bossy and is sometimes such a stickler for cleanliness and organisation, while Jon was so laid back and unorganised to the point of really frustrating us. And you also saw that nasty words were thrown back and forth by BOTH parties.

    Despite all of these things, we still loved the show. Why? Because this was a real couple and a real family. It wasn't only the happy, sweet things we saw. We saw a real family sometimes struggling, but mostly managing this great team to bring achieve so much in life. More importantly, we saw love. In spite of all the hardship, we saw true family love.

    Now that this has happened, many of us can't help but yearn to find out what really happened and how could this happen. We voice what we feel and we do it strongly because we feel so much for this family. Fans aren't bashing Jon because they hate his guts. In fact, I wouldn't even call it bashing at all! But what they are doing is just voicing out all the disappointment at his poor choices and how it is adversely affecting the family. And this is painful to watch.

    I can't help but be really really angry with Jon. Whatever happened is a two-way thing and Kate has caused this as much as Jon has. But at the end of the day, it's painful to see that Jon was the one who chose to walk away. It would have been a respectable decision if he did so with more dignity and showed that this decision will improve things for both Kate and himself, as well as for the kids.

    What I see instead is a man who has alot of resentment and is acting out. Underneath it all, I think he is a better person than that and he has more love for Kate and the kids than what he portrays. But Jon has to really get over this immature way of acting out and learn to be the man that he should be and he can be.

  88. Barbara, I have never believed everything is/was his fault. They both made mistakes in their marriage, as is quite typical of any marital breakdown.

    I can't speak for anyone else, but I think that we are now witnessing some pretty rotten actions and behaviors on his part and it speaks loudly about his character. Based on that, we tend to look back and realize perhaps he wasn't always the great guy we thought he was. And remember that Kate admitted in the first episode of this season that she knows she was too hard on Jon.

    I've always been a huge fan of Jon & Kate Plus 8., and enjoyed both Kate and Jon and their banter. But closing my eyes to cheating and lying just isn't possible.

  89. Barbara, I am disappointed in Jon because, in my opinion, he started all of the ppeople problem. They were basically left alone by the paps until Jon started dallying with his chippie(s). Then it was a race to see who could get the juiciest pictures. Now, the family has to stage some pictures to get the paps to leave them alone other times. Kate said when they were at the beach that she would give the paps a certain time to get pictures if they would leave the family alone at other times. I believe that they do that at the house, also.

  90. I just read on Radar that Jon got a new Mercedes Benz SUV. Can't say I'm suprised! LOL! :o)

  91. Barbara, I think it is refreshing to see women here supporting Kate, typically women are more inclined to eat their own.

    You'd be hard pressed to get a man to come right out and say some of the things you see people saying so freely here about another woman. I

    It's cool to see them supporting her. Jon is a douche, he is proving it more and more every day. How much did TLC cut that the viewers didn't see? People watched to see how 'bad' Kate treated Jon. It was all for ratings. How much did we not see that showed the Kate we see now?

    How much of the Jon we now see was always there but they cut it out to make him seem a victim of some overbearing wife?????? You will possibly never know.

  92. Cindy you make such an amazing point! Maybe this is pretty much the same kate from the start. Her kids are older so she is more relaxed now. But maybe she is not much different than the other seasons. like you said we will never know.

    I am not trying to bash jon. I used to really think highly of the guy. I am a huge kate supporter, more now than i was before. but some may be able to turn a blind eye to his actions but i can't. I just can't imagine how much pain it would be to lose your spouse that way. He is inflicting the pain on kate and the family. He has lost my respect. I do wish that he would stop acting dumb and apologize to his family and try to repair the damage. Maybe I am foolish in hoping such things but i can't help it. I want him to fix things.

  93. People honestly were writing me saying I wasn't showing both sides, but honestly, this is how people feel right now. There have been many blogs that have turned around completely and said "yeah, I know why she did what she did. Why SHE was the one that controlled the finances". Or "Yeah, I feel for her now and have changed my feelings regarding Kate". Jon and his need for freedom and turning back the clock did all that.

    So we need to thank Jon for showing this suppressed side, because it has many so many now sympathize with Kate.