Monday, August 31, 2009

Jon In Vegas, Kate, The Bodyguard & His Wife! Discuss Dude Ranch & Dress Up Here!

Hello Gosselin fans! It's Monday, the week before my kids go back to school. So we are at a fever pitch trying to get ready for next week. I am sitting here laughing as I look at the photos of Jon's mom in Vegas. For a quiet woman that didn't like to be shown on TV she sure looked like quite the spectacle out there in Sin City!

Jon Gosselin Heckled At Bikini Pool Party:

Jon Gosselin hosted a party at the MGM Grand Hotel's Wet Republic pool Saturday. Most of the 2000 party-goers were girls in barely-there bikinis but the few guys who braved the crowd had themselves a field day at Jon's expense. They heckled the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star about his bald spot, asking him about the cost of hair plugs; his weight; his pecs, or lack of; even his clothes -- and he wasn't even wearing Ed Hardy!

Jon had four friends with him but that didn't stop him from mixing and mingling with as many women as possible. He had the welcome mat out at his cabana in the club's VIP section and even took phone numbers from several girls as he downed a glass of Veuve Cliquot Champagne. Not all the women there were Jon fans however. Some came just to get out of the 115 degree Vegas heat. One woman even held up a Team Kate sign.

Does Anyone Want To Hire Jon Gosselin?

Actually, Gosselin and his kids were selling lemonade for charity, at a local Pennsylvania fire department. Photogs and reporters caught him out there a few days ago while he was filming a new episode of his reality show. The firefighters might be the only fans Gosselin has left, though, if what everybody is telling me is any indication...

During the lemonade extravaganza, Gosselin complained to reporters that he wished he could quit Jon & Kate, but that he can't because he has bills and, in case you haven't heard, eight kids. If that sounds desperate, that's because it genuinely is.

Gosselin had a paid appearance lined up this week at the Shrine club at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods—on which he bailed—and he has one other in the offing, at a club called Wet Republic in Vegas, for which sources tell me he will be paid $15,000. But beyond that, I could not find a single booker willing to deal with him. Including the very people who were seeking him out just days ago.

"We offered $5,000 for an unadvertised appearance," Randy Greenstein, partner at Shrine, tells me. "Jon is not really in demand because of his negative image. Who would want to advertise 'come hang with the world's biggest scumbag'? "No, we would never book him again." Other talent bookers tell me there's plenty of demand for soon-to-be-ex Kate Gosselin, but none for Jon.

"Kate is doing three upcoming events for me," talent wrangler Glenn Rosenblum of Celebrity Access tells me. "She is lovely and a hard worker." As for Jon, he could garner an estimated $10,000 per appearance if anyone wanted him, but "especially with the economy, it would be hard to find a group that would want him right now." Other talent bookers, including Huff Events in New York, Queenie Donaldson in Los Angeles, and Leverage 8 in Chicago, all tell me they see no current demand for Jon, only Kate.

And oh, just in case you're wondering whether clubs outside of Los Angeles, New York and Vegas would like to hire Gosselin, the answer is, not likely. At least not for money. Shane Brennan of the San Diego nightclub Stingaree tells me, "Even with the big hype surrounding Jon Gosselin's pending divorce and personal drama, he's still not the caliber of celebrity we'd pay big bucks for. He doesn't appeal to our demo of young and hip partygoers. Although Stingaree would not pay an appearance fee, we would likely offer complementary bottle service to his party."

Kate Spends Weekend With Steve Neild & His Wife:

Want to know the quickest way to put those bodyguard affair rumors to bed? Just ask Kate Gosselin. While her soon-to-be ex-hubby, Jon Gosselin, was off having a pool party in Vegas, the mom of eight hosted her own get-together with loyal protector (and rumored beau) Steve Neild and his family. Kate's security detail arrived at her Pennsylvania home with his wife, two teenage sons and a cooler full of goodies in tow.

"The kids all went swimming," an eyewitness tells E! News. "They were splashing around in the pool and having a really good time." The gang spent the rest of the day picking apples on Gosselin's property. But Neild, the consummate bodyguard, kept one eye on Kate plus the eight's safety the entire time, patrolling the perimeter on Jon's ATV. Wonder how the patriarch will feel about that?

After over five hours of fun, the Neild family departed, and Kate and Steve's wife even hugged good-bye. So, like we said, affair? What affair?

Discuss Dude Ranch & Dress Up Here!


  1. Baby Mama I know how you're feeling about school starting. I love my kids but I have soooooo much more mommy time since school started. You do an amazing job so please don't feel the need to apologize.

    Do you have a link for Kate's People intervew? My subscription copy never arrived and the three drugstores I went to over the weekend were sold out! I've only gotten the snippets that were posted.

  2. In the previous string, someone posted that they felt kind of sorry for Jon at his Vegas pool party because he was heckled by some people. Well, I wouldn't feel sorry for him too much. What you sow....

  3. I was surprised to see Jons mom at that event. Apparently she supports his new lifestyle.
    Glad to see Kate w/ her bodyguard & his family. I am glad she has people she can trust around her.
    I loved her people article. She really summed it up that it'd be nice in the future to meet someone who could be a postitive male role model for her sons. Love it ! How true.
    I admire her for being graceful through this. In the article she said she is horrified for the kids though. I agree , I would be too.

  4. I too felt a little sorry Jon at the Vegas pool party. Those hecklers were just so obnoxious! I felt embarrassed for him just watching it. People can just be so blood thirsty mean. I think we all feel so mad at Jon, but remember, we all once really really liked him (for many years!). I hate how he's acting, but somewhere deep deep down, I would relish a reconcilitation between him and Kate. Kate is a mature enough person to take him back under the right circumstances. I know - I'm living in fantasy land....

  5. There is something messed up with Jon for bringing his mother to the party, and thats just funny how the kids made fun of Jon about his weight, hairplugs, and clothes lol! And then poor Kate's at home with the kids swimming and picking apples.

  6. I wonder about Jon and the new season of J&K8 also. Three questions:

    If TLC does NOT renew Jon's contract would he then be able to do a tell-all interview or book because he is no longer under contract? I wonder if he signed a confidentially agreement. I can't imagine him or Kate themselves having to sign something like that in the past... probably just others who appear or work on the show, but I bet they'd want him to sign one in the future.

    Would TLC renew Jon's contract and just not show him as much on the show (unless he has to get a specific amount of air time) just so that they can keep him under contract and control what he can say or do?

    Kate said if Jon does not continue the show that she and the kids will. Does Jon have any say in the matter?

    And by the way, I really can't see Jon giving out any dirt on Kate or TLC or the show in his Good Morning America interview. I'd be shocked if he did.

  7. I couldn't watch the entire Jon in Vegas clip. It is so unpleasant to see him in that atmosphere. If it's hard for me to watch, I can't imagine what Kate must think. He is unraveling publically.

    Not everyone is cut out to be the star of the show. It takes a lot of supporting cast to get it together. Jon can't carry the load. Nothing wrong with that, just accept it and be happy.

    This public display of an attempt at being a playboy is too sad. I don't feel sorry for him. It's just hard to watch a person lose everything...including his family.


    I was nice, though, to see the Neild's with Kate. I hope they can withstand the media onslaught and hold their family together while they support Kate + 8. Maybe there are good people out there still...

  8. Regardless of what Jon has done, I don't think making fun of a person's weight or bald head is funny, especially when they can hear you. I don't think it's funny the guy was taunting him either. I think Jon should have had security kick him out. Jon was hosting the party and he was a guest.

  9. It is great to read that Kate is still in demand for appearances and to do such high calibre shows such as the View. I was afraid that the divorce would ruin both of their reputations. Jon's behavior is causing Kate's popularity to rise and there maybe more of a market for raising 8 kids alone than there was for a couple raising 8 kids.

    Jon really is a pathetic, lost soul. This may sound awful in writing, but he really is a very pathetic excuse for a man. He has never had a respectable job for any length of time....makes you wonder what Kate saw in him in the first place. Her kids most definitely could use a 'Man' as a role model.

  10. Like many others, I thought it was so great to see Kate and the kids having a "normal" end-of-summer cook out. (I wish that I could have been there!) I think Kate was probably glad to get kill two birds with one stone and put those rumors about her and Steve to rest! LOL!

    I was one of the people here who felt sorry for Jon in the Vegas video. I just wanted to explain myself a little: I think that this is probably what Jon deserves, he has been making a fool of himself for a while. But I felt sorry for the old Jon, and it's hard to see someone that who I used to think was so great embarrass himself and get made fun of in public. But like I said, I feel sorry for the OLD Jon, definitely NOT the new one.

    And please, please, please if anyone has a link for Kate in People magazine. (I know Linda mentioned it to you Baby Mama) I really want to read it, I don't have the subscription, and can't find it anywhere!!

  11. Once again, Radar has a clip/webisode up before it's even posted on TLC's website.

  12. Is Jon doing Good Morning America?

  13. Wow I just watch Jon in Vegas,He looked like a fish out of water.He looked uncomfortable. What he is trading , for what he thinks he missed.

  14. It is kinda weird Jon bringing his mother to an event like that where girls are half naked. But watching the videos I dont think he really wanted to be there, he was only there for the money. And as much as I dont agree with his decisions it is NOT funny to make fun of anyone, I think that is just sad and digusting that someone would stoop that low.

    SchmeckyGirl...I do believe that is the ONLY reason why TLC has kept him this long, they dont want him to write a tell all. For whatever reason I am sure they have things they dont want to be known or not be thrust into such a situation.

  15. tiredmama~ Did we forget that THIS SITE had a preview up before Radar? Granted, it was courtesy of CNN, but I just didn't want to be left out! (lol) ;) Looking forward to the show tonight!

    Rita & Linda~ Email me privately regarding the scans and I will see what I can do..

  16. Baby Mama, how does that happen though? I mean, who does Radar get the clip from? How do they get something from TLC that TLC hasn't even posted on their own website yet? (I may be searching for conspiracy theories here, I guess :))

    And LOL - forgive me for not ackowledging your posting of the preview from CNN BEFORE Radar!!! I don't want you to be left out either! :)

  17. Tiredmama~ There are a lot of conspiracy theories, but my guess is that they just haven't updated the site yet. And we all guess that news outlets get previews to hype up the show. If I get one more news outlet sending me stories I'm gonna scream. It really became just spam at my e-mail at this point. And as far as me, well, it's just nice to have the ego stroked every once in a while! (lol)

    I really like the new epi so far! Hope you are as well.

  18. Ok, gotcha on the previews.

    I'm watching right now - couldn't miss the cowboys! My boys are cowboys too, have to wear boots every. single. day. :)

  19. Ok, NOW I want to go to a ranch w/ my boys!! How awesome. I loved the cowboys, loved the dressed-up girls. I wish that we could have heard the "concert" - I would love to hear Mady sing.

    Favorite Kate moment: When she says the line, "Ok, it's a bone and I guess you just gnaw on it." HYSTERICAL - I would not have touched one of those whatever-they-were for a million bucks!

    Favorite Jon moment: Seeing him walk from behind all dressed up, with a purse - didn't he have a nice little sway in his step?? That is something my husband would do!

    I wish I had not heard Jon say how he likes to be in New York, getting things done or whatever...I can't imagine ever wanting to live apart from my kids EVER EVER EVER.

  20. The boys couldnt be any cuter, Oh my gosh they are sooo cute. And Kate all I can say is you go girl

  21. My husband and I hadn't been apart for a while, and he called 4 times a day like a scared baby. He also missed his kids. I could NEVER imagine a life like that. But boy did my hubby love seeing his kids when he came back! (me too ;) I wonder if it's the same with Jon. I hope so....

  22. I loved seeing more of the show focused on the children. What an experience for those boys! Jon was a good sport but I didn't like what he said about New York. Just like tiredmama, I can't imagine even wanting to ever live apart from my children.

  23. I really enjoyed this episode -- I found myself smiling the whole time, and laughing also -- even during the "Jon" parts -- it was almost as though things were kind of normal -- and I actually was back to liking Jon, until the New York comments, which brought me back to reality :-/ .. I really hope one day that Jon does come "back from the aliens" (refer to the People article if this makes no sense, sorry lol) and tries to make amends with Kate and the kids.

  24. Hello and thank you for your blog what a great way to stay up to date without all the bias. I have been following your blog for months but only today have I joined as a 'follower'. It is nice to see a site that doesn't spout negative comments - and attacks all the time.

    I simply adore Kate. I have enjoyed her since the first special and have always been a fan. I have to say that since they have announced the divorce she is becoming a totally different woman before our eyes and I think it is BEAUTIFUL! She is a great mom and all the time she is spending with the boys is so awesome to watch and see her appreciation for them grow and their appreciation and protection for their mom stand out.

    I love tonights episode at the dude ranch and I truly feel the genuine emotion the four of them share over this trip. Kate's growth, the boys growth amazing.

    Could have done completely without Jon's part of this episode - i think he used to be a good dad and on some level he still is but when he took the little girls to the dentist and said Mady and Cara were with the babysitter all I could think was is this the babysitter that sleeps over? Really got in the way of the show. If he left it would not be that bad in fact I think it would be more popular as Kate comes into her own. She genuinely wants to be there and she genuinely appreciates her kids for the little persons that they are!


  25. I enjoyed this week's episode! It was funny and I love Kate! I am glad she has cracked her shell and is willing to try new things. Seriously she is doing things that are totally out of character for her, but I love that she is doing this especially for her kids. The kids are all adorable! I like how they put them in the interview chairs and interview them. It's too cute.

  26. I liked this episode! It felt a little more like old times in a sense. The kids were so cute! Kate is really getting out there. I like that she is trying new things. It looks like she is learning a lot about herself and also a lot more about her children. I am glad that the boys and her were able to get away from the paps. I feel bad that they get chased by the paps constantly. It was nice to see kate become one with her boys and also with nature. You could tell she really appreciated that time with them.

    Jon was ok.. He said something about his babysitter and that made me wonder who was baby sitting the twins, and if it was that woman. also he should have never said anything about new york and liking it there and being able to get things done. Kind of made me feel like he was saying something about the kids blocking his life or something.

  27. I'm so glad to see that I am not the only one that enjoyed the episode last night. I felt that Jon was more the "old" Jon than I have seen him in quite some time. Then he has to go and make the New York remark. The man has to learn to keep his mouth shut.

    I agree with everything Christine says. I could have written that comment. I too see Kate changing before our very eyes. And the kids are getting so big and independent. As the boys were eating the chicken feet I kept thinking, "I wonder if they are organic." Ha, ha.

    Yeah, a show with just Kate interacting with her kids would be just fine with me. So sad for the children who really deserve a stable home with two parents who love them.

  28. All I could think of when Jon said he can get stuff done in New York was "what stuff"? What does he possibly have to do when he's not working or caring for his family? Certainly not speaking engagements or PR. He needs to get a grip on reality.

    That aside, the show was really adorable. All of their children are sweet, beautiful, and seem to be very happy. Love to watch them on the couch/chair and Collin had me laughing when he said it was more fun because the girls weren't there...haha.

  29. I haven't seen the new episode yet. I taped it and then fell asleep before I could watch it. lol I started by watching the show on before it where they went to NC beach as a family a couple of years ago or was it in season 4? It was pretty recent I think judging by Kate's hair. Anyway, you could really cut the tension with a knife in that episode. They sat far apart on the interview chair and practically had no interaction with each other during the whole episdoe except to throw sarcastic comments and nag at each other. You could really see the strain on their faces. I don't know whether it is just because I know what happened in the end or what but I am pretty sure there is no love lost there.

    Also, what a difference in Kate! She was totally flipping out at the children painting themselves with pudding even though it was her idea and she even said she was going to have a meltdown. Fast forward to this season when they were on the beach during the kitchen renos and she let the kids play with pudding again. She was so much more relaxed and laughing along with them and realising that it would all wash off and their fun was more important than being clean 100% of the time. It is a shame that things like this have to happen sometimes for people to start realising the important things in life.

    On the same note, I was watching a clip from CNN where two people were discussing her LKL interview and the one lady commentator said that Kate did a great job of the interview except for where she said she felt like Jon was taken by aliens and that she hoped one day things would go back to normal and old Jon would be back. She went on to say that Kate is not accepting her part in the dissolution of her marriage and that her treatment of Jon over the years was very bad, bordering on "emotionally abusive" and until she owned up to that fact, she wouldn't be able to really move on from this.

    Personally, I have heard Kate say several times that it takes two and that she had a part in things going bad so I don't think she is in denial about it but I do think she thinks it was mostly Jon who got weird because his goals became different from hers. Right now things look so bleak and based on the things Jon has been doing, I had come to a point where I wouldn't want them to reconcile becuase I believe Kate and the kids deserve better BUT, now that I saw that vulnerable side at the pool party when he was getting laughed at, it made me think that this guy is and probably has been lost for so long that this is possibly his way of grieving for the marriage and trying to put it behind him. In a way his behaviour reminds me of a teenage girl that is starved for attention at home and seeks that love elsewhere and ends up sleeping with any guy that tells her she's beautiful. Jon reminds me of this. He just needs love and attention anywhere he can find it and it is really sad. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying Kate didn't love him but I guess her way of showing love was not overt and ego stroking like maybe he needed. I would definitely prefer to think that Jon is acting out because he is hurt and wants to hurt Kate rather than him being so coldly thrilled to be free of his family. Am I stupid for thinking this? It would be an awesome miracle if through this split both parties come to realize their mistakes and become better people for it and find their way back to each other.

    I know I am living in la la land but still...

  30. About the Vegas appearance by Jon- who would expect anything but rude, drunken,nasty remarks. Jon's balding is beyond his control,it's his genes. People that attack him because of that are sophomoric and moronic! His behavior is another thing. On last night's show, he seemed more like the old Jon. None of his pouting and sullenness. Kate was great and so were the boys at the ranch. It was a totally enjoyable show.

  31. Kathryn:
    "We also use organic free-range chickens and eggs"

    I hated to see those eggs being thrown. What a waste and didn't teach the boys anything good.

    They were at Red Reflet Ranch, it's lovely.

  32. I really liked last night's episode! First off those boys are adorable, and all of the talk of horse poop cracked me up! I love to watch Kate out of her normal environment, she was so funny on that horse and shooting those guns! LOL! You can really tell how much she has changed. On some of the fist episodes she probably would have never done some of those things herself, let alone allow her boys to do it. And by the way, I almost wanted to puke when I saw those chicken legs! I still can't get over the fact that even the "new" Kate was okay with that!

    As for the Jon portion of the show, I thought that it was just okay. It seemed like the girls had a good time, which is great. But, I kept asking myself if Jon REALLY had the idea for the scavenger hunt, string telephones, or dress up. I mean, in the past Jon was not exactly the one who would be thinking up the great ideas, that was mostly Kate. I don't know, it just seemed kinda fake to me. When Jon mentioned that Mady and Cara where home with a babysitter: I honestly didn't even think about Stephanie, it was more of the fact that it seems like there is always a babysitter or nanny with the kids. And of course it's practically impossible for 1 parent to have 8 kids to watch by themselves, but I wonder if it's ever just Kate/Jon with the kids at home?

    Anyway... all together it was a good episode! The kids seem more and more grown-up every time! :o)

  33. What a great episode! Despite the heartache, Kate just looks so much happier.

    She's really coming into her own. She even learned not to scream when it was an activity that initially frightened her.

    Jon's NY comment was so uncalled for.

    I thought the Vegas heckling was sad. Perhaps it will help him realize though that he ISN'T cut out to be a twenty-something playboy. It just hurts to watch him continue to self-destruct.

  34. I thought this last episode was so much fun, seeing the boys dressed up and playing cowboy, saying hi to the cow-horse and being preoccupied with the horse poop, playing with the animals and so on. Each scene was precious. I also loved Kate's digs at the paps and tabloids and her quest to try new things and overcome her fears. And again, I loved the kids being in the interview chair, just being kids; bragging, telling their side, bouncing and roaming around. Just makes you want to reach into the tv and give 'em all rounds of hugs.

    Caught Jon's NY comment,too, which again revealed how he enjoys his escape to NY. But I also couldn't figure out what stuff he has to get done. He's not the one living in and managing a large house and household, not to mention, certainly not the one with ever increasing demand for public appearances like Kate.

  35. Did I miss the Tea Party episode or was it even on? If so, hope to catch it somehow.

  36. Regarding the egg throwing at the Dude Ranch. I think throwing the eggs was fun for everyone. Who cares if a few eggs weren't used for "eating", they were used to be spontaneous and have fun. I'm sure there are plenty of eggs to go around. The boys learned (also not everything has to be a lesson)to have fun and be silly, like 5 year olds should be !

  37. Going back to Jon being heckled, it's true that no one should be made fun of the physical features that they can't control. However, when an infamous family man like Jon with his recent behavioral tendencies hosts a Vegas pool party, it's inevitable that a few drunken obnoxious fools are going to show up and be jerks, too -- Goes with the territory.

  38. I'm not sure if someone already asked this, but was there supposed to be another episode last night that had to do with a tea party? Did I miss this or did it just not air? Thanks.

  39. For those that made comments about still wishing Jon and Kate will reconcile - I think it's totally understandable that there are those of us that feel that way. I come from the belief that there is always hope. If "the new" Kate and "the old" Jon could only find a way to meet each other...

  40. A few people were wondering what the story was with the tea party episode. Apparently at the last minute producers saw that they had an hours worth of footage and decided just to make this show an hour.

    I hope that The Tea Part Episode will be shown next time (Sept. 14th) since they only have a half hour so far for that one. Look to the right as I have a new updated line-up for the next few weeks.

  41. Don't think TLC has ever commented on exactly how much J&K actually get paid although there's been a lot of speculation. On some shows the people get a flat rate. On others I think they get an initial payment and then additional money when shows re-air. If it is the later, then I doubt if Jon would do a "tell all" because he'd be killing the golden goose. No matter what, it would sound like sour grapes on his part.

    Jon looks like he's aged 10 years and Kate looks 10 years younger. Go Kate! And Jon we're all hoping you have a return to sanity and start acting 32 again and not 15. We'd like to be in your corner too, Jon, but you need to consider your children's needs first!

  42. OMG again, sorry but did you see this photo??

    It was on the other post, thank you to whoever sent it to me. But are you kidding? He walks now into clubs with confidentiality agreements! Do you think he asked her for one?? (lol)

    Jon Gosselin Goes Clubbing With His Bodyguard...and Confidentiality Agreements?!
    Today 11:19 AM PDT by Cristina Gibson

    While TLC viewers were watching Jon Gosselin dress in drag for his daughters Monday night on TV, he was busy living it up during his last night in Sin City. First, he had dinner with his mom at Stack Restaurant, where they ate lobster tacos and sashimi and washed it down with pomegranate martinis and vodka Red Bulls.

    After eating, Jon hit Jet Nightclub at The Mirage. He left Mom behind, but brought along his bodyguard, who was wielding confidentiality agreements for fellow clubgoers. Seriously. Did anyone actually agree to keep quiet about Jon's partying, like this elegant lady in the blue minidress?

    "They had confidentiality agreements with them but they never did hand them out," a source tells E! News, adding that eyewitnesses didn't see anyone actually sign them.

    The infamous father of eight kept it classy in the club, chain-smoking and ordering a bottle of Dom Pérignon for $650. He left a generous tip before heading over to XS at 1:30 a.m. for more partying.

    Luckily, his late-night clubbing didn't make him miss his flight home this morning. "On the plane, can't wait to see the kids!!!" he just posted on his new Twitter.

  43. They need to show the family at home, not on another trip. Everything feels like it's planned ahead, doesn't have the "reality" feel anymore.
    I wonder how Jon's mother feels about Kate? I wouldn't like a women talking to my son like an infant, like she used to treat Jon in earlier episodes.
    I really liked how Jon dressed up for the girls, the little girls seemed so happy with their daddy. I didn't like how Kate screamed when she got on the horse, right after the guy told her to watch it. He didn't look to happy.
    I'm glad that Kate is able to adapt with everything that is going on in her life, but to be honest, I've always preferred Jon over Kate since I starting watching the show. So that's why I always try to defend him.
    If Jon decides to not continue with the show next season, I hope he does get to speak his mind, isn't that what Kate has been doing, with her 3 interviews in People mag(not the greatest one either, the recent one). Plus she's been on 2 different morning shows, and Larry King. Come on something isn't fair about that.
    As to Jon bringing his mother to Vegas with him, isn't half of Vegas naked any way.

  44. wow thanks for the heads up baby mama. I went and checked out the site that you posted and I am shocked, but not.... Jon looks pretty drunk in that photo. He is not even looking at her face he is checking out her chest. I just wish he would stop this nonsense. I want him to be the old jon. Or a fun new jon, but fun in a way with kate and the kids. Not rediculous partying and drinking. Jon come back be your "real" self. I don't believe that how jon is acting now is who he really is. I just can't believe it all.

    I went to that site and it had his twitter page. he has almost 18,000 followers. His tweets seemed fun and nice. I almost wonder if it is a pr stunt

  45. And a confidentiality agreement would work how, exactly???? People in a public place wouldn't be under any obligation to sign that, would they? I hope that is just a ridiculous rumor, because what does it say about Jon if it's true? If your behavior is appropriate, you shouldn't have to worry what people see and hear.

  46. I was on Twitter today and noticed that Jon has a twitter now. Apparently the one that was supposed to be him was not him? Seemed pretty real to me as it was not posting stupid stuff. Oh well, the real one (verified by his rep to Perez Hilton) is jongosselin1 for anyone that

    Secondly, $650 for a bottle of DP? Give me a break! That's just irresponsible. I know he has money but come on. Have fun, party but don't try to act like you're an a-lister that makes 20 million a movie!

    Thirdly, he looked just plain sleezy in that pic staring down that girl's boobage! It made me mad at him all over again. I think he just loses his faculties every time a pretty girl pays attention to him. Sigh... I'm with April, I too wish old Jon would meet new Kate and live happily ever after with their kids the way it was meant to be. Still, as forgiving and happy as Kate might be to have old Jon back again, I'm afraid too much water has gone under the bridge for her to take him back. I can understand if he was with one person after their split but the way he is ogling everyone that crosses his path, if I were Kate, I would never be able to trust that he could stay faithful.

  47. Just one more question. I live in Canada and for some reason the issues of People never come out when all the sites advertise. Maybe it come here a week later or something?

    Can anyone tell me what date the "Kate Strikes Back" issue is? I checked my store today and the one dated Aug. 31st that is in stores now has something else on the cover. Was the Kate one before or after that? I never saw it in stores before either so I am confused. I will be really upset if I missed it somehow!

    Thanks :)

  48. OMG! If I were Kate I wouldn't even want to admit that pot bellied fool was my husband.He makes me crazy, trying to act cool. If I were him I would have wanted to curl up in the fetal position after that shoot at the pool. Those kids were making fun of him because they can't believe he really is trying to be a part of their SCENE!!!!! Seriously, he's an aging, overweight dude that's going through a rebellious period. It's like he's trying to show Kate. Hey, look, I can be an idiot and spend $650 on Dom Pérignon without a coupon and you can't stop me. It's beyond ridiculous. He makes me angry and I don't even care!!!!!!

  49. Just saw Jon's twitter. Maybe its for PR, but I hope that the tone of missing the kids and excited to see Mady and Cara's reactions to the candy he found is genuine. I don't like the stuff he seems to do in his free time, but I really hope and pray he still gives those kids the love and attention they deserve.

    If anyone is into podcasts, my friend and I have one where we discuss Jon and Kate Plus 8 episodes from a fan's perspective.

  50. I personally did not feel bad for Jon at the pool party.
    He is willingly booking these , and he is going to appear at a party at a pool where people will be drinking.
    He is a father of 8 & represents a family show. The two don't mix & I think he is trying to sell his image to a younger single crowd & maybe by this happening he will wake up.
    I agree with the above comment that Jon looks like he has aged 10 years & Kate looks 10 years younger.
    I dont enjoy the parts of the show w/ Jon. And his comment about NY & how he likes being there & getting stuff done?
    I cant imagine "liking" being away from my kids & actually saying it for everyone to hear.

  51. I just saw a snippet of Jon's interview with GMA and it will also be on primetime TV next week in the evening. I am really mad, based upon what I saw.

    Kate has spend months being very politically correct about what she says about Jon, for the sake of her kids. Now in Jon's first live interview he is slamming Kate with no holding back (by the sounds of it). This is just so unfair of him. He has given her a ton of ammunition which she has chosen to keep private but now here comes Jon................ugh...

  52. Jon is so totally out of control with his "new" lifestyle. Geez no wonder Kate kept such a close hand with the finances. Even if he made $15k for the Vegas appearance to then go to a club and blow 10% of it on a bottle of Dom is ludicrous! He needs to be saving 'cause I have a feeling that his gravy train is coming to an end. When he's blown everything, wonder if he'll ask to move back into the garage apartment?

    The Radar article on why Hailey didn't go to Vegas with him was a riot. She now wants us to believe that she's just a quiet, stay at home kind of girl. With Jon's trainwreck lifestyle she needs to be out there looking for a job so she can support Jonboy in the lifestyle he's becoming accustomed to.

    His divorce attorney must be sweating bullets. Jon just keeps giving Kate's attorney more and more ammunition. If he's like this before the divorce is final, wonder what it will be like later. If he can't even be at home with the kids for a few days without going out barhopping and leaving them with the slut Stephanie, the judge should make his visitations supervised! If this is the "real" Jon, heaven help those kids! Shame on you Jon!

  53. Oh my gosh! So according to the promos of Jon speaking out, he is doing at least a "mini" tell all. Wonder what TLC thinks of that? Wonder if Kate will come back with a rebuttal? Wonder if he can keep his dates and facts straight?

  54. I really liked this epidsode too! I was excited they were in Wyoming which is like my most favorite state to visit!!! I think Kate is making an effort to change some of her controling ways and let lose a little. From what we are seeing it looks like she is putting a lot of effort into new things. I feel excited for her on all that she will get to experience with this new attitude of hers. I hope its not just for the cameras but that she really has embrassed this (which I think she has). Jon although I don't like his life choices I think it was good for him to be silly with the girls. I'm sure they will have those memories of that day where daddy played dress up with them for a while.

  55. There's a new interview with Jon done by ABC... it's on the main yahoo pages to link up to it... anyway, I couldn't get through it. The first comments out of his mouth were that Kate was calling him a lame fish and not going anywhere for taking care of the kids. I turned it off right there. There is no way in 10 millions years Kate would belittle him for taking care of the kids. It just shows his head is just not screwed on straight anymore. If anyone can get through watching it, I tip my hat to you.

  56. Hey Baby Mama...just wondering about The tea party episode...When was it on, I didnt see it. Did i miss something?