Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jon Gosselin Interview "It's Not Fair on ABC News

Hello Gosselin fans! Today as soon as they release the video I will add it here. Today is the first day of school, so please be patient if it takes a while for your post to go up..

Jon Gosselin in prime-time: anger, alcohol, Dr. Phil, and love: 'I love Hailey more than Kate'

Jon Gosselin dug himself into a deep hole this morning on Good Morning America with a clip of him saying of his wife Kate, “I despise her.” But during tonight’s full-length version of that interview, shown as part of ABC’s Primetime: Family Secrets, Gosselin probably only made things worse for himself. Talking about his girlfriend Hailey Glassman, he said, “I love her more than I did Kate.”

Jon told interviewer Chris Cuomo, “I was abused. I went through therapy.” His message to Kate via the cameras? “Help me out. Go to therapy. Give me closure.”“We were a better team before [Jon & Kate Plus Eight],” he told Cuomo on Tuesday night:

And indeed, it did sound pretty crass that the only therapy Kate would agree to was the celebrity kind: with Dr. Phil, said Jon. “I said, ‘Huh?’… It was all about protecting the brand [of Jon & Kate Plus Eight].” Jon declined to meet with Dr. Phil, who gave ABC a terse, “No comment.”
Jon’s comments today allowed Kate the opportunity to issue a classy-sounding response, saying, “For the sake of my children I maintain that I’m not going to go into details of aspects I believe should remain private.”
Here’s the thing: as those of us who used to watch Jon & Kate Plus Eight with pleasure during their rosy days know, Jon was always uncomfortable and less articulate in front of the cameras. That’s why Kate’s the one pursuing a TV career, such as her upcoming guest-host stint on The View.
To his credit, Cuomo quietly but persistently tried to point out to Jon, again and again, where he may be going off the rails. But what can you do with a guy who tells you one moment he’s been drinking a lot, and in the next breath says, “My father was an alcoholic,” that his grandfather was an alcoholic, and he knows he doesn’t want to inherit the disease?
Jon seems to tend toward making bad decisions, such as seriously considering a Divorced Dads Club show with Michael Lohan and Kevin Federline. “I don’t know,” he said when Cuomo asked if he was going to do that project. “That’s why I have a legal team. I might not be able to do it.” For his own sake and his kids, let’s hope someone prevents that.
And indeed, it did sound pretty crass that the only therapy Kate would agree to was the celebrity kind: with Dr. Phil, said Jon. “I said, ‘Huh?’… It was all about protecting the brand [of Jon & Kate Plus Eight].” Jon declined to meet with Dr. Phil, who gave ABC a terse, “No comment.”

Jon’s comments today allowed Kate the opportunity to issue a classy-sounding response, saying, “For the sake of my children I maintain that I’m not going to go into details of aspects I believe should remain private.”

Here’s the thing: as those of us who used to watch Jon & Kate Plus Eight with pleasure during their rosy days know, Jon was always uncomfortable and less articulate in front of the cameras. That’s why Kate’s the one pursuing a TV career, such as her upcoming guest-host stint on The View.


  1. Honestly, they BOTH need to shut up, stay out of magazines, tabloids, interviews and appearances until this is over.

    Put those precious children first Gosselins.

  2. I was watching the Today Show this morning and supposedly people is reporting that Hailey is breaking up with Jon. If true who will Jon be "in love" with next week?

  3. Yep, there's a winner. Definately better off without him, Kate. It will be one less to have to babysit...

  4. Kate may well be getting or have gotten therapy. Just as with the children when she told the interviewer, that she felt the issue of therapy should be a private matter.

    Since Jon didn't talk to Dr. Phil, then how the heck would he know what Dr. Phil wanted to discuss??? (sounds like more contradictions out of Jons mouth.) And, we don't know whether or not Kate did meet with him and or other counselors such as her minister.

    Poor Jon. He's told so many lies that he now is believing them. Kate was joking when she said he'd been abducted by aliens. You know what? Either his hormones are so out of control that his mind is toast, or he's doing drugs and his mind is toast, he's had a breakdown with reality, or maybe little green men did abduct him.

    He wasted his 20s huh? Well let hin go off with Lohan and regain them. Let him and the now "just stay at home Hailey" live together in their fantasies, either drunk, drugging, or pretending their own realities. The two of them need to get a job, volunteer, or do something productive! He's too anger filled to be a productive parent, much less a real one. Rememer he said going to PA was just work now and NY was his real life? Enjoy it now, big boy, cause I think you are going to find out in the near future that the real world isn't anything like your pretend real world.

    And Kate, keep those body guards close at hand. This venom-filled, vendictive, out of control Jon may well be a physical danger. Thank goodness she's the calm one now.

  5. ...oh dear. Does anybody else think Jon should have just smiled and kept his mouth shut and himself hidden these past few months? Why is it he remained mute for ten full years and is now letting loose with the most inappropriate of words? And to use a cliche, nobody can "abuse" you unless you allow it to happen. He is not passive, he is passive-agressive.

    Nonetheless, I am sure that there are some truths to what both Jon and Kate have to say and their perceptions of reality. But Jon really seems to be of low intelligence. How can he believe that this will not severely impact the kids? He despises Kate? He loves Hailey more than he ever loved Kate? And again, the contradictions and changed stories make it very difficult to believe him at all.

    I must admit that it was also very frustrating to have a 3 hr interview condensed into 30 mins, of which we already saw various clips throughout the days preceding the interview. I thought it would be a full 60 minute interview.

    I hope Kate remains strong for the children!!~

  6. FYI: Kate was reportedly offered $400K to pose nude for Playboy, and that she was "shocked" at the offer. (this reported by Yahoo News) If Kate were to do this, would this be an OK thing to do? Personally, if she does it, then I feel that in 10+ years, it'll be hard not to stop the twins from potentially doing something similar, if they were ever offered. I oppose Playboy-it objectifies women wayyy too much, IMO...

  7. I'm beyond disgusted with Jon!! Does he even realize that their are people in this world who have lost their children and who would LOVE to "give up" there 20s just to have their children!! I should have two babies right now and how freaking dare him say that ooh I wasted my twenties away! I'm not even the mother of his children and that hurts me so bad! I can just imagine how Kate and the children feel! Who the hell says that? I guess my parents gave up their twenties and thirties and forties for my brothers and I! Since my mom had her their first baby at 23 and me and thirty!! God he makes me sick! Kate has done a lot of things I'm sure that may not be great but come one she has NEVER once said her children were a mistake! Which is exactly what he is doing!! I just can't believe it!! Everything else he said just makes him look like a loser even more! And the fact that he admitted that he may lose his children shows a lot!! Stuff is going on that not everyone knows about I believe he has a lot more to worry about then what he thinks! I hope he loves Hailey as much as he says he does b/c he just lost 9 people who truly did love him and he is making it to where he is going to lose EVERYTHING! I hope Hailey is worth it and his boozing is worth it! If he really didn't want to be an alcoholic he would NOT be out going to clubs and drinking away...shows what he truly cares about no one not even himself! Sorry I got all long winded but I am so mad right now!! And I hate the fact on all these sites they are saying Oooh its all Kate's fault.. yea she made him go and drink and be an asshole..she may have not treated him the greatest but she is not making him do all of what he has been doing!! He is a man and he needs to live up to what he has done and continues to do!

  8. Okay, so we are discussing it here now... lol.

    I'm reposting my comments here.

    Okay so I watched the entire interview. Or at least the 20 minutes they showed out of 3 hours. I wonder what the rest was...

    I think Jon made a mistake doing this interview. I don't think he was well prepared, especially emotionally.

    Jon is not a good speaker. He is not eloquent and does not express himself well. You could see how much he had pent up all this time and he was just bursting. He could barely stay in his chair. What were his publicists thinking? Did anyone even coach him?

    As I said before, saying that he despises Kate was a bad move on his part, publicity wise, but especially for the sake of his children. Of course the older kids probably already know how he and Kate feel about each other though. They see it in their interaction so I'm sure it's no surprise to them. But to say it. And so strongly. Not a good move. And they should speak nicely to each other in person and not ignore each other in front of their children. That's just so selfish.

    Personally, the fact that he used such a strong word as despise tells me that she disgusts him and that he feels she has everyone fooled. He doesn't express himself well, but I think he meant to say that the Kate he knows in person is not the same Kate he sees in interviews or on the show. She says one thing to him in private and says something else in public. If that's true I can see his frustration.

    All that aside I think I believe him. I think as bad as he came across in the interview he could be telling the truth about the timeline of their marriage breakup. I believe him. As for his being suspicious of Kate and Steve I believe that too. I'm not saying it's true but I do believe he thought it at the time. And he never publicly accused her of it. He told a close family member of his suspicions in confidence and they announced it. Big difference in my eyes.

    I think Jon needs to stop doing interviews and solely make statements through his publicist. It's not working for him.

  9. There are a few of Jon's comments that people are discussing here.

    One. When Jon said he hasn't cried, etc. I don't think it was a contradiction after hearing the full interview. I don't remember how it was edited before when he made that statement. Here it wasn't edited.

    He said he doesn't cry. He only cried at his father's funeral. But he's been crying for the past few months. Why is that contradictory? Before all this happened he only cried at his father's funeral, but lately he's been crying. Makes sense to me.

  10. Two. About Jon saying he missed out on his twenties and that he wasted his twenties having kids. I don't remember him using the word "wasted".

    Jon said, "And then raising all those kids until you're 30 and, you know, you don't even think about what's going on around you. You just do what you got to do to survive."

    Most men find themselves and realize who they really are and what they want to do with their lives in their twenties. He said he was busy being a father to so many babies that that's all he could concentrate on at the time. What's wrong with that? That's what he was supposed to do and he did a good job of it.

    Now his kids aren't babies anymore and don't need constant 24-hour attention. Now he's in his thirties and now he has to figure out what he wants to do with his life.

    He's still a father. It's not like he wants to move on from being a father to being something else. Same with Kate. Kate realized she doesn't want to be a nurse (unless she has to) and she wants to do media work like talk shows and speaking engagements, etc but she's still their mother.

    I think Jon just has a really hard time expressing himself and what he really means and it just comes off badly.

  11. Three. Why does any of this mean that Kate should get full custody of the children? Because he doesn't love their mother? Most divorced people don't love their spouse, thus the divorce.

    Jon is not a danger to his children. He's not an absent father. He is with them every week when it's his turn just like Kate is with them every week when it is her turn. Seems to me that Jon is just as good a father when he is with his children as Kate is a mother when she is with them.

    Someone mentioned Kate went out with Steve and his wife when she was home with the kids, no? Who stayed home with the kids? A babysitter. What's the difference if she does it or Jon does it. Personally I think when it's their turn with the kids they should stay with them and do errands and "business" and have a social life when they don't have the kids. Why see them any less than you already do?

    Oh and the whole Dr. Phil thing was interesting. I wish they expanded on that whole story.

  12. PLEASE Jon and Kate STOP! Jon can not speak without making himself look even more ridiculous than he did ten seconds earlier and doesn't seem to have the ability to realize just how much mental and emotional damage his hurtful comments will do to his children. Kate, although speaking very carefully and eloquently, still only helps fuel the fire because as soon as she says something, here comes Jon again! I know there are those who feel if Kate has something to say and she does so with dignity then she should do as she pleases. I can't even imagine how difficult it must be to hear someone you once loved talk about you and then not respond to it. I know I would want to, so believe me I get it! But this madness surrounding the children has no chance of stopping or at least slowing down until these two parents stop talking to the media! There is so much that they can not control in this media frenzy but that is one thing they definitely have control over. So please Jon and Kate do it for the kids! TEAM 8!

  13. SchmeckyGirl~ lol. Sorry I am all over the place, but I wanted to put up a new post. Once this blog gets to a certain amount of comments, people compalined they had problems posting. So far keeping the posts under 80 per page has helped.

    As for changing the name of the blog. Both sides of the fence have asked me why wasn't the title of my blogged changed because I am so pro-Kate. Well for the simple reason that just like Kate, I feel Jon was abducted by aliens. I pray that one day, he will come back free from his illness called "mid-life crisis" and realize how lucky he was. How lucky he was to make a ton of money doing a show with his family about his everyday life. That he realized how important it was to make his marriage work for the sake of his children and the wife he once loved...(But apparently not more than Hailey. We all can dream can't we?)

    And for the record, Jon KILLED it for me and ED Hardy. I won't even let me kids wear it. However I am NOT giving up my sunglasses because they are still cool and don't resemble "tool wear".

  14. I found the whole interview incredibly confusing and he came off like an idiot. Honestly if Kate gave and interview like that I would feel the same. I watch Good Morning America this morning and Chris Cuomo said something to the affect of "Jon wanted this to happen" in regards to people twittering about him? That he knows the media is strong.. What do you think that means?

  15. Linda said:

    He wasted his 20's huh?

    I just think we should clarify that Jon never said he "wasted" his twenties. More than one person has quoted him saying that and he didn't. I just think it's unfair to keep quoting a false quote.

  16. One more notice that when they play the Toys R Us video when he tells her that he's angry that she was yelling at him like a dog that they immediately cut the video off right before she says she's sorry?

  17. Well Schmecky girl, once again we disagee, but that's fine.

    Jon has told so many contradictory lies, that he can't keep his stories straight. He believes what he's saying and that's even sadder.

    Kate and the Nields were at a charity event. You can't ask an event to change their date. Yes, she could have said No. But, in MHO, attending an event is different from hanging out at bars and the clubbing scene at 2 am chasing women when you are a married man.

    I think he should bank money but it is his to spend. But be honest about it. Don't say "Im banking it" unless it is the bank of Jon when you've bought 2 expensive cars and looked for a Porsche for hot buns stay at home Hailey, spent $80,000 on the infamous skull ring, spent $2,500 a Night on the French hotel rooms where Hailey was your "stylest", and bought her jewelry in Vegas while you asked for free candy for your kids, and the $5k a month apartment not even in the same state as your kids. Yep, that's banking it all right. And it's so sad that he's told so many lies that he believes them.

    Who is out at the fence seeking paparazzi attention every day - and even taking the kids! - isn't showing good judgement in the children's care. I don't think the second hand smoke is too good for them either. Not to mention the boozing and clubbing, yep that's a great example! His anger problems and vindictiveness are a threat.

    Despite the paparazzi's best efforts, they've been unable to shoot a single photo of Kate doing inappropriate things with men. Has she said unpleasant things that were less than kind? You betcha, and she acknowledged her mistakes, unlike Jon.

    And worse, he can't own up to his own actions. It's always somebody else's fault. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, also of Pennsylvania, "He who always makes excuses for his actions and never accepting responsibility, is seldom good for anything."

    Until he gets help with his anger management

  18. How is Jon a danger to his children? Well lets see he still goes out drinking when he has the kids..and if you don't know this then read closely when you go out drinking and get drunk the next morning alcohol is still in your system! He is drinking while having the kids driving them to school..wherever they may go!! If you do not think that is a danger well that is just stupid! People can make all the excuses they want for him but its pretty obvious what he is doing and who it hurts his..CHILDREN!! OMG Kate went out to dinner..but my goodness lets kiss Jon's ass and make it out like he has nothing to answer for! Please! That is just lame! I think everyone agrees that Kate has issues and that she has made mistakes she never denied that she didn't! She also didn't go and throw Jon under the bus unlike him! And he just makes ASSumputions about her! Kate won't even comment about his "love" life! I'm really most worried about the kids but I'm so freakin tired of hearing Oh Kate did this she did that blah blah blah

  19. Oh my... I don't think Jon did himself any favors at all with that Primetime interview. I thought Chris C. did a great job with the questions, but even though Jon said he wanted a voice in the media, he seemed ill-prepared to answer them. When he talked about that specific night last October when Kate supposedly said she didn't know why she ever married him, he gave it no context whatsoever. While it may have been true, what he said just didn't make sense. All in all, NONE of this makes any sense at all when they were renewing their vows just last August. Something must have happened between August and October. When they renewed their vows I thought it was a great thing. I thought they were finally making their marriage a focus instead of just the kids -- I'm still sad that it didn't work out that way.

  20. Baby Mama said:

    And for the record, Jon KILLED it for me and ED Hardy. I won't even let me kids wear it.
    I didn't know you were Irish. lol. I know what you mean. I saw a really doofy father wearing an Ed Hardy shirt in Dutch Wonderland and I was thinking Jon Gosselin killed Ed Hardy for all the real cool people. Maybe Affliction is the way to go now. lol.

  21. I watched the whole interview & I think Jon only made matters worse for himself. I think that not every marriage lasts & theres did not. But I think saying things like he despises Kate & that he loves Hailey more than he did Kate- those are cruel / but I mean mostly to the kids. Thats their mother. You dont see Kate slamming him like that. I think him saying that he feels like she may have had an affair is only to make himself not look so bad.
    He feels she told him what to do & kept him from his family..
    Grow the **** up ! He's a grown man acting like a baby.
    I just wish for the kids sake , that he'd just shut up.

  22. Okay, I think that I will re-post my other comment too!

    If that was the whole interview, I can't believe it. I just can't imagine that the Jon that we all know could be so hateful towards the woman who is his children's mother, and the woman who used to be his wife. To say that he despises her, is very hurtful to not only Kate but their kids also. When he talks about Kate not letting him see his family... I don't think that I actually believe that! Both Kate and Jon have said on previous episodes that their parents aren't a part of their everyday life. But we all know that Kate and Jon had a very close relationship with Jon's father, so I doubt that Kate wasn't allowing Jon to spend time with his dad! And I thought that majority of Jon's family lived in Hawaii, so who else does that leave besides Jon's brothers?! Jon said that he always gave in when Kate asked him to spend time with his kids. It just surprises me that Jon NEVER stood up to Kate all of those years. It's not like Kate's going to start spitting nails at him if he disagrees, I mean, she was his wife! If Jon had a problem with Kate not allowing him to see his family or friends (although I doubt that's the truth) then by all means he could have done something about it!! The truth is, he can only blame himself for that one, but he continues to twist everything and make Kate look horrible. It's really just too bad to watch the Jon that I "know" turn into someone so full of hate.

  23. I'm really confused! The clip of the interview at the top of this page isn't the whole thing, right? Does anyone know when they will replay the entire interview (or at least the one that was on last night) or have a link to the whole thing? I feel like I'm missing a lot of good opportunities to post on this one!

  24. Schmecky Girl, I do believe Kate should get full custody of the kids and Jon visitation. And it's definitely not because he doesn't love Kate anymore. That is irrelevant to how he takes care of his kids. I also don't think he is a physical danger to the kids (although I have recently seen pap photos of him hanging out at the gates of his estate talking to strangers with the kids right there and I think that is not the smartest thing to do). However, I think that he has made many irresponsible and impulsive decisions lately. He has shown very poor judgment in statements he has made and actions he has taken, that the kids are privy to. This kind of stuff indicates to me that he has his priorities screwed up, and that he is more interested in a.) himself, b.) getting back at Kate, rather than what is in the best interests of the children. Following that, he is a poor role model of a mature father(I think, nobody else may agree).

    The ongoing responsibility of 8 young kids requires alot of maturity, proper judgement and a clear state of mind. I'm just not convinced his mind is in a trustworthy place right now.

    Just my two cents!!!!~

  25. Wait if he wants to cancel Jon and Kate plus 8 then why does he want another reality show Divorced Dads Club?!? And seriously it's back and forth with Jon and Kate, i'm so confused on who wanted the divorce who wanted canceling ugh, can't somebody just sit them down together in an interview instead of back and forth!

  26. Baby Mama
    I would like to correct the misinformation SchmeckyGirl has given you regarding internet search engines.

    Your registered name is allready gosselin family fansite and it all ready comes up when anyone searches by the show name....

    And the banner appearance has absolutely nothing to do with what comes up in a search engine. If you change your banner it will in no way affect the number of hits to your blog.

    My point in removing the J word is to simply giving him less promotion. It is clear that the majority of your regular readers and yourself are supporting Kate and the Children. Their last name happens to be Gosselin. Therefor, Gosselin Family Fansite is more appropriate to the current theme of this site.

  27. Re SchmeckyGirl’s post:

    First point: He says he’s been crying the past few months. Ha! The whole world can tell he’s been having loads of fun with female 20-somethings instead of “crying” since the beginning of the year, especially in the past few months.

    Second point: He doesn’t have to actually use the word, “wasted” when it’s pretty darn obvious by his implications and activities that he used them up while being a dad of toddlers and now he’s making it up with all his now publicly revealed activities since earlier in the year. It sure doesn’t seem as if he’s been trying to figure out what he wants to do in life. I’d say partying, drinking or bar-hopping and being with multiple 20-something women doesn’t seem like a very reflective, thoughtful or mature way to do it, not like Kate who is laying low, strategizing and saving money for her and the children’s future.

    Thirdly, just because Jon isn’t a danger to his children or is good to them when he’s with them are just superficialities. What makes a good father is being a good role model for them, making wise decisions for himself and for them, including not boozing it up so much or so often that it impairs his judgment or even risk becoming a danger to himself or others, nor blowing money that should help support the kids. Surrounding yourself with or choosing anyone who is going to spend a significant amount of time with the kids who are above reproach as well is extremely important as well. The list goes on.

    And lastly, going out with another couple and leaving the kids at home when you’re already home with them most of the time is a far cry from going out to bars all night and leaving the kids home when you don’t have much time with them already as the other parent.

  28. Ashley: I am sorry for your loss. I agree with you about Jon's comments. Too bad for him. He made the conscious choice to have those children and they should be first in his life, not worrying about his girlfriend(s) I don't understand his referral to the kids being "raised" 5 and 8 does not constitute almost raised. I think they did go see Dr. Phil, that would be around the time they were seen at that restaurant in LA. Dr. Phil is another whole story. I would not want marriage counseling from him. I believe he said Dr. Phil was talking about salvaging their image as opposed ot the marriage.

  29. I agree that Jon is not a fine orator, however, that fact does not account for the many, many different versions of his tales of woe. It's hard to keep track of your stories when you are trying to cover your butt.

    And his anger is more likely because he got caught and is angry that he assumed the world would take his side and most are not. You know them by their fruits.

  30. Who ever said this comment, And to use a cliche, nobody can "abuse" you unless you allow it to happen. What a horrible thing to say. Does anyone want to be abused? If there sane, no. There are so many types of abuse, it's not just physical thing. Shame on you!

    I really hope TLC cancels this show, it's beyond ridiculous. Jon has so much anger, he needs help. I'm starting to think that this show and the spotlight helped there marriage crumble. After this season I don't think I'll watch anymore, as much as it hurts me, because I really love this show. But Jon & Kate need to co-exist some how. God help them.

  31. I agree Jon told the truth as he sees - but it is a partial truth. What he left out and didn't say would give a fuller picture of the truth.

    Jon said Kate said in October- "I don't know why I married you." I believe that. I also believe what Kate said in June in People - Jon was unhappy staying home with the kids while she traveled (his unhappiness was evident on the show). She suggested he go to school, volunteer, or get a part time job. He was unhappy; she was suggesting solutions. Clearly they weren't solutions he was interested in.

    So basically, what doesn't ring true in Jon's interview is that he has no idea why Kate would say that. I would respect Jon alot more if he acknowledged that there were issues with both of then. And this is what I think Kate means when she talks about different goals.

    Jon said he wanted to go out with friends in January and says he stood up to Kate. But he doesn't tell us what friends and going where. I don't know many women who would want their husbands going out to a bar with female friends. We do know he talked about going to Utah with friends at Kate's birthday and one was Deanna so friends in his mind does include women.

    So we got a truth but a part truth. Was this Jon wanting to go to a ball game with the guys or Jon wanting to go to a club with female friends?
    Was this a planned outing or sprung on Kate at the last minute?

    What doesn't ring true are his denials about Deanna and Kate2. The brother may have gotten paid to say something but Jon was photographed sneaking out of her house. And Kate2 may be lying but she quit her job for the guy. Jon's versions of those relationships doesn't make sense.

  32. Jon is an ass, he gave a terrible interview and didn't take in mind his children when he trashed Kate. He wants his public sympathy back, it's very obvious. I have no respect for that man, he should have been more adult instead of saying he despises Kate because it was only a short time ago that he said he loves her but that he's IN love with Hailey(when Kate's last People issue came out he said that)now he did a 180 from when he said that.

    You can't love someone and despise them at the same time:

    Love-1.a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

    2.a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.

    Despise-to regard with contempt, distaste, disgust, or disdain; scorn; loathe.

  33. I hope that jon snaps out of it and comes to his senses. I know that he didn't come out and say that he wasted his twenties but when you say my twenties were all the sudden gone and then lean forward with bulgings eyes and say MY TWENTIES to emphasize that you lost something speaks pretty loud and clear and the kids will see that and feel horrible because he lost that because of them. (even though they should not feel that way and jon is selfish.) I am extreemly proud of kate. she is so strong. I hope that she keeps it up. And yes i think that she should get full custody. If you can't stay with your kids in the night then they should not be with you at night. When they wake up from a nightmare they don't want to go running to someone that they don't know because their dad is out getting drunk and trying to hit up women. Grow up Jon and stop whining. You are 32 and are a father of 8 ACT LIKE IT!!!

  34. It's time for him to be quiet now. Even at our worst I would never talk about my husband like he is Kate. It's lower than low.

    It shows his character in my opinion. I would never trash the father of my children. I know without a doubt my husband wouldn't either....he and I have a pact. We never talk bad about each other to anybody. It's too low class....too white trash.........

    I can't believe Jon went there. But not surprised at all. I also am not liking his drinking. It's telling that he was sitting in his car drinking from a bottle. Is that an excuse for his behavior? If so, I'm grabbing a bottle of booze and going for it, I too come from a long list of alcoholics. I should be able to whatever I want and hide behind my family history.'s a thought. Maybe I'll rise above it and be a stronger person and fight that evil gene, not allowing myself the chance to fall prey to that temptation, knowing it would/could get me........

    I think he has an idiot group giving him advice on his public image. Here's a thought, Jon. Fire them and go get a job. You're gonna need it. WHINER

  35. OH, and 3 hours of interview was cut down to this? they edited what they did to make Kate to look like the bad one. It's all orchestrated for ratings. Sickening. I don't watch any of it.....I can't stomach Jon. He is a sleeze in my opinion. This is selling magazines and getting ratings for shows. I only see what is here on this blog. Otherwise I am melting glass in my studio and making beaded jewelry.

  36. Jon did not specifically use the word "wasted" when talking about his 20s but did say (in a very irritated/angry tone), "I got married at...had twins at and sextuplets at...bye-bye twenties!" Whatever he meant by that, it was careless on his part to say something like that because it is now recorded for posterity and his children to see someday.

    Jon was agitated, defiant, and extremely inarticulate during the interview. There were many moments when I cringed in disbelief, but one that I really couldn't believe how he was rationalizing away the effects of Divorced Dads Club on his kids by saying that they'll be okay so long as he's "speaking from the heart."

    I feel like his desire to "set the record straight" is a very selfish one.

  37. Baby Mama, I understand you have a career, a husband and children and home to care for, but you have a blog too. What are your priorities?!?!?! lol.

  38. Schmeckygirl~ You could tell I was tired when I literally didn't get the IRISH comment. ohh no, I hear blogs everywhere typing about my misspellings again! For some reason, when I am on my laptop I do not have the spellcheck in the comment posting box, but I DO have it on my main home computer. And if I'm rushing to quickly print, chances are that well, it's just a hot mess.

    I know everyone gets fustrated when it takes a while for a comment to post and I'm sorry about that. Again, it's back to school time and it's just chaos here. I hope for it to get better. It takes a lot to do this blog contrary to what the trolls are implying. I appreciate the patience and support though.

  39. Ashely said...
    How is Jon a danger to his children? Well lets see he still goes out drinking when he has the kids..and if you don't know this then read closely when you go out drinking and get drunk the next morning alcohol is still in your system! He is drinking while having the kids driving them to school..wherever they may go!! If you do not think that is a danger well that is just stupid!

    I know how long it takes for alcohol to leave your system. Depending on your body size the average is an hour per drink. So if Jon goes out until 2 am and has 6 drinks the alcohol will be out of his system by 8am. Is Jon having 6 drinks? We don't know. He said he had a couple.

    To say Jon is "drinking while having the kids driving them to school" is a bit much. How many times has Jon actually went out drinking when the kids were home? Do we know? I know of one time myself just off the top of my head. It was in the summer and the kids were not in school.

    Personally I do not think Jon should be out at bars at night if it is his turn with the children, but to say that he should lose custody because he went out once or twice and had a couple of drinks is just wrong.

    Who hasn't been to a wedding or out to dinner and had a few drinks and then went home and taken care of their children? There's a difference between getting hammered and being irresponsible or being an alcoholic and having custody of children.

    Take his children away from him because he went to a bar at night? Or if he is by the fence talking to the paparazzi? How is that endangering his children? Maybe not a smart thing considering the paps are reporting his every move, but it's not dangerous to his children.

    I am not defending all of Jon's actions. I'm just not out to take the children's father away from them because he made a few bad personal choices after he and their mother were separated.

    As for your comment "If you do not think that is a danger well that is just stupid!" I don't appreciate being told my thinking is stupid. You don't have to agree with my posts, but I don't think we should start insulting other posters on here for their opposing views.


    There's a part II to the GMA interview. Some was shown, some was added... I think it's worth viewing.

  41. I just can't bring myself to watch Jon's interview...watching this family implode has gotten to be just too sad to watch. I still read this site, it's the only place I am getting my Gosselin news because I don't read gossip mags or sites. But just from what I gather here, Jon is just...well...what in the HECK is he doing? I mean, I know Kate can be SO controlling, based on what I saw on their show. But the theory that now we know WHY she was so controlling is making more sense by the day! In my own marriage, I am "the decision maker" and both my hubby and I are well aware of that dynamic in our relationship. We work constantly at having a more shared responsibility, but it is just our NATURALness for my husband to be laid back and not very assertive, and I - who was definitely not always this asserive - ended up this way because one of us HAD to. Watching Jon and Kate go through this publicly is so sad and scary. I sometimes get angry with my own husband for not being more assertive and motivated, like I have to drag him along on the road of our life. Any time I feel like I'm being judged by family or friends, for -like Kate -being "over bearing" it just makes me feel so mad because OF COURSE I want a partnership with my spouse. OF COURSE I want to let my husband lead our family, I admit to being a tad sexist in my views of male and female traditional roles. But, unlike Jon and Kate, my husband and I have accepted this is how it is, we work at making it better where we can, and we've been together for 17 years. I pray my husband is never abducted by aliens though...

    I hope Hailey is breaking up with Jon. I hope the judge in their divorce orders them to therapy, and sorry Kate - as curious as we all are - private therapy, no Dr. Phil. I hope whatever needs to happen to the show for the family's highest good is what unfolds. I hope they all come to their senses and realize the blessings right in front of their noses. I love the show, but I love this family more and I pray for their well being daily.

    Oh - and I wish TLC/J&K would have placed more emphasis on Jon and Kate maintaining their marriage, as in frequent date nights, than they did. It's such a pity that the sextuplets are now old enough to be left with other caregivers more. They are at a good age for Jon and Kate to have rekindled the flame...feels like they quit the marathon with the tape in sight :|

  42. Ashley.....ASSumptions!.....too hilarious!!!

    And I agree with what Helen said above that Jon didn't say he wasted his 20's but said (AGAIN)....married at....twins at....sextuplets at..... How many times has he repeated that same comment? Woe is Jon. Does he want us to feel sorry for him for decisions he made? He decided to father those children IN HIS 20's, so he needs to own up to his responsibilities.

    I am very much looking forward to watching the View on Sept. 14, 15 to see Kate co-host. What an honor for her!!! I have no doubt she will be a funny and articulate co-host. I am glad the kids have a mature and reliable mom. I for one am really ready to have all of this media frenzy die down. I hope it comes to an end when the divorce is finalized so we can just get back to enjoying watching the kids and the show.

  43. He needs his own translator.

    Anyone knows if he was asked about his spending and the expensive New York apartment? I don't get why, if Kate was such an abusive and neglectful wife and mother, his solution was to leave them and live three hours away with his new girlfriend. Is it his selfless sacrifice so Kate would have to spend time with their kids?

  44. Kristina, to clarify my statement that you commented about as being offensive, I used the word "abuse" in quotations because I was specifically trying to quote Jon's use of the word. Because in fact my feelings are that he is the one throwing the term around lightly. Whereas there are women and men out there who are TRULY being abused both verbally and physically and I don't believe Jon is one of them. And I was only saying that in reference to the fact that Jon is being passive-agressive by even using the word to describe his situation. I personally believe he chose to be passive and is now choosing to be agressive. I'm sorry if it came off as offensive and in fact I would never, not in a million years say that cliche myself in regards to anybody who is truly in an abusive relationship.

    Sometimes when in writing, the true intent of what we mean to say is taken out of context. Sorry about that.

  45. I recall, and maybe someone here does as well, an episode of the show (in their old house), when Kate said somethink like "I wish I didn't have to be the one to be in control, but someone has too". If anyone remembers it please post, or if we can find a clip, better. That statement speaks volumes, just as April said in her post below
    " I sometimes get angry with my own husband for not being more assertive and motivated, like I have to drag him along on the road of our life. Any time I feel like I'm being judged by family or friends, for -like Kate -being "over bearing" it just makes me feel so mad because OF COURSE I want a partnership with my spouse. OF COURSE I want to let my husband lead our family, I admit to being a tad sexist in my views of male and female traditional roles. But, unlike Jon and Kate, my husband and I have accepted this is how it is, we work at making it better where we can, and we've been together for 17 years. I pray my husband is never abducted by aliens though..."
    AMEN !!!

  46. To clarify... I misworded this.

    Who hasn't been to a wedding or out to dinner and had a few drinks and then went home and taken care of their children? There's a difference between getting hammered and being irresponsible or being an alcoholic and having custody of children.

    I meant there is a difference IF he was getting hammered and being irresponsible or being an alcoholic and having custody of children. I didn't mean one of the two was better than the other.

  47. April my relationship with my husband is very similar to yours. My husband is a great man and a great provider, but he is very one dimensional. And I really believe that we create our own monsters sometimes, because the more that we do, the more that is expected, and the less they do. So after 25 years I do take responsibility for creating my own monster. My family prays that I am not the one to ever be abducted by aliens, because my family would fall apart. I do not agree with everything Kate has done. She should have edited herself at times, but I do relate to her as I am a strong woman.

    I think that not only is Jon passive-aggressive, but I think that he is a pathological liar. He has contradicted himself so many times that I do not think that he even knows the truth.

    And I believe it has been reported that Jon, over the summer, as school has just started, spent many of his nights in PA, and they were not many, out with his friends at various PA bars and nightclubs. I do not think based on what we have read, that he spends many of his evenings, after the kids are asleep, at home.

    IMO he should get himself another therapist and he should consider continuing therapy because he really needs help to distinguish fantasy from reality.

  48. I was just sent a link in where Perez Hilton was calling Jon a loser...need I say more?

    And April the same goes in our home. My husband's family feels the same way about me. I have been told that I "break" my kids spirit only to be told by the same people that my children are so well behaved and then they ask me for parenting advice...

  49. SchmeckyGirl says:

    As for your comment "If you do not think that is a danger well that is just stupid!" I don't appreciate being told my thinking is stupid. You don't have to agree with my posts, but I don't think we should start insulting other posters on here for their opposing views.

    I say: You don't have to cry foul when you are challenged. Come on! You are a big girl! If you would not be the constant instigator of contemptious conversation your thoughts would not be attacked as often. Frankly it appears that many find the need to counter your thoughts on a frequent basis these days. At first I believed your statements were made to stimulate debate; but now I really am beginning to question your motives. The shot at BabyMama last night for example; you were obviously the only one laughing at the snarky comment you made.

    Lastly, it is most interesting that you feel the need to repost your comments 2 days in a row just to insure recognition. For Gods sake, take a breath every once and a while.....

  50. April, thank you for sharing and being so honest.
    I believe Jon has many strengths as a person and father. Currently, I think, he's allowing his feelings and emotions to dictate his words and actions because of the anger, frustration, and lack of self-discipline to name a few.
    What would Jon's life show had he not been married during his twenties. Who knows? From the evidence (though extreme right now) we can only guess. Having eight children and being married might have consumed his time so that he didn't have many opportunities to drink excessively in that decade. Now, being older, he's more willing to recognize he has those inclinations and might be more capable of curbing them. (I'm only saying sometimes life can be tough, but benefits exist if one looks hard enough. I get the impression Kate is trying to gather all that is good in her life during this very traumatizing phase.)
    My thought is that Jon needs less of a voice in the media and more of a listening ear from a close honest friend or professional who will help him sort the truth (good and bad), work through the anger, and lead him to realize and be grateful for all life has given him. I suspect more experiences and time is needed before he returns from the abduction.
    April, I agree, I hope the judge orders therapy.
    This case is too extreme to go alone.

  51. Oh Schmecky I wasn't calling you stupid I meant I think its a stupid thought that he is not irresponsible and it is not dangerous for him to be driving right after drinking the next morning! I wish I could just talk with people b/c its so hard to get my words across as I mean them silly typing is hard to convey emotions and what I actually mean! It maybe a harsh judgment on him of me to say that drinking the night before and then driving his kids to wherever they maybe going but we also don't know that he is leaving at 2 in the morning and we don't know he has had "a couple of drinks" by the looks of his belly he is drinking more then two sorry I know that is mean but I've lived with alcoholics and people who drink a lot and that is what happens!! I just won't sit on here and make excuses for him and act like he is great and has no faults and there is a good reason he does everything..he is selfish and does not think of his kids!

  52. BabyMama I read this blog and I know my comment will not get posted but here goes: Why is it so wrong for Jon to look back on his twenties the way he does. If you look at the footage and Kate's own comments, it shows that Jon and Kate did not want any more children after the twins. Kate begged Jon and forced him to do something he did not want to do. As she forced him to do the show for another season, after he said he didn't want to do it. Why is it ok for hr to force him into committments? It is not ok. I am sure there are a lot of people who have been forced into things and regret it. I know a lot of women who had children when they were young and regret it. Its not saying that they dont love their children its just sayin that you would not make that decision again. A little empathy goes a long way. What qualifies any of us to judge Jon anyway. As SchmeckyGirl stated making bad decisions does not mean you are a bad father.

  53. For All Business Inquiries related to Kate Gosselin including Personal Appearances/Speaking Engagements, Endorsement Deals and Television/Film Opportunities please contact Julie May at Media Motion International at

    For All Business Inquiries related to Jon Gosselin: Personal Appearances/Speaking Engagements, Media Requests, Endorsement Deals, Television/Film Opportunities please contact Mike Heller at Talent Resources at 212-725-1005 or

    this is now on their sixgosselins site

  54. Now that I've finally watched the whole interview...... ;o)

    It really upsets me that Jon would say that he loves Hailey more than he ever did Kate. We all know that he ''loves" her, but that was something that he should have kept to himself. And how CRUEL to now expose that comment to all 8 of his children. They WILL see that interview one day, and I'm sure that they won't be thanking him for making that public.

    As for counseling, I don't think that Dr. Phil was the best choice. (Regardless of whether or not Kate wanted to do that) He is too hyped up in the media, that even I wouldn't trust him with my marriage. But that's just my opinion! Do I believe that Kate didn't want to go to whoever Jon was using? I don't think so! Either she's a really good actor, (lol) or she was really shaken and upset about the idea of getting divorced. Jon on the other hand, showed no emotions whatsoever. So of course I think that Jon is twisting it in some shape or form.

    This wasn't in the interview, but I have to say, that I feel that Jon ended the marriage. We will never no the whole truth, but all "evidence" points back to him. Any smart person can see that. It just bothers me that he has to keep trying to get back at Kate, and better his image! If he was the one who ended the marriage, or had an affair, or whatever (!) He doesn't have to say anything! In my mind, keeping his mouth shut would be better than lying at this point.

    Even though I love Kate and 8, (OMG I can't believe I'm saying this!!) I really think that the show has to come to an end. I'm sad to say it, but it all has just gone WAY too far. All of the media stories, pictures, videos, and interviews ARE effecting the kids, no matter what Jon and Kate say. To me, enough is enough. It was great while it lasted, but now it really hurts to watch one of my favorite families (besides my own!) crumble right in front of me.

    Sorry, that was so dramatic, but I feel like it really is true! :o( It is just so sad.

  55. "NJMOM said...
    April my relationship with my husband is very similar to yours. My husband is a great man and a great provider, but he is very one dimensional. And I really believe that we create our own monsters sometimes, because the more that we do, the more that is expected, and the less they do. So after 25 years I do take responsibility for creating my own monster. My family prays that I am not the one to ever be abducted by aliens, because my family would fall apart. I do not agree with everything Kate has done. She should have edited herself at times, but I do relate to her as I am a strong woman."

    NJMOM~ You and I have such similar families it's scary. My parents live in Priceton, are you near there? (lol). I loved your post, and it completely represented how I feel!

    Honeyluv~ So I posted your comment! How do you like that? (lol). This is a show fan site. Everyones opinion that is not of the attacking Kate nature is welcomed here. I feel that they are already other places to go to be nasty. But you DON'T have to love her or her actions, or even her as a person either. You just gotta know how to word how you feel without going overboard. Might I welcome you to read Schmeckygirl's posts...

  56. My god now he is bringing Hailey to the house to meet the kids!!!!!!!! How stupid is he?? Kate needs to get her lawyers to play hardball and fast!! Its one thing if his drunk loser ass is there but we all know Hailey's past!! I would NOT let anything like her near my kids!! Jon really is wanting to lose his kids I believe!

    Oh and Honeyluv NO ONE forced him to cum in a cup to make the kids he did that all on his own so go play that card somewhere else!

  57. holy moly i read that on radar oline too that jons bringin hailey home to meet the he mad!!! does he not relise how much this could damage them, their far too young to understand whats going on and about daddys new omg!!!!! and also im sure kates feelins havnt dissapeared for jon completely, like they were married for ten does he not care for anyones feelings but his own..he once loved her so much, its so sad

    also found this lovely artical

    it mightnt be true but if it is all i can say is haha!!! what comes around goes around

  58. i think him bringing hailey is awful, my friend just split up with her husband and their lawyers say that neither of them are allowed to introuduce their child to a new other half until a year into the new relationship. because this proves that the new relationship is stable....personally i think this is a good rule because it isnt going to mess they child about....

    Ashely said...
    Oh and Honeyluv NO ONE forced him to cum in a cup to make the kids he did that all on his own

    i could not stop laughing at that, its the funniest thing iv heard all day :L

  59. Ashely~ Umm lets just re-word that and say his friends went out for a walk in a cup...

    And in this weeks In-Touch Magazine, they are saying that Hailey found text messages on Jons phone and broke up with him..Where do they find out this information REALLY?? Apparently she saw messages from a Vegas showgirl, and after only 4 months has broken up with him. This at the same time Radar is saying Jon wants Hailey over for sleepovers..ohh and to meet the kids.

  60. like I said! even Perez Hilton thinks he's a loser! I just read the radaronline post and even people who don't like Kate are commenting that she's right it's to early!

  61. Baby Mama I live about an hour away from the Princeton area. Many of my friends have the same type of family dynamics. We have made our husband's lives easier by taking charge, but in turn have made our own lives more stressful.

  62. SchmeckyGirl,
    Jon just made just a "few" bad personal choices? Just a "few"... Really?? You gotta be kiddin' me.

    No one can ever possibly "force" anyone else to be or even become a parent. Even a responsible one. No such thing. Ever.

  63. Correction... Unless they are forcibly raped, no one can force anyone else to be or become a parent. In Jon's case, don't think so.

  64. Jon is in the "honeymoon" phase of his relationship with Hailey. His description of how he gets sweaty sounds like an 8th grade boy experiencing puberty. When and if they become man and wife and have to deal with the day to day issues of having 8 kids in their lives, mortages and the other mundane aspects of life, Hailey too will become a nag, will not want him to go out with other females, etc. I don't buy the whole bye bye 20's thing. I got married one week shy of the 19th birthday, had three kids by the time I was 25. Before that, I lived with a crazy mother who did not allow me to do normal teenage things. Suck it up Jon and deal with YOUR choices! LOL, his friends went for a walk in the cup!

  65. I hope Daddy Glassman is getting ready to financially support the young lovers. I doubt they were using any coupons at Whole Foods today. And did everyone see Hailey Glassmans Twitter page? She has it protected but you can still see her background. Tiled photo of her with a pack of cigs in one hand, a cocktail in the other and looking like she needs a shower and a long nap to sober up! I would cry too if I knew she was going to have access to my children, home and to my possessions.

    I can hardly wait to hear how the J fans here justify this one..... It's getting quite predictable who will say something to defend him. I will probably just start using my scroll to avoid any further frustration!

  66. accurate is the info. posted on RadarOnline? Yep, I agree....if he keeps up this almost daily dose of stupidity he will surely lose custody of the kids. It really does seem as though that is almost what he wants.

    Is anyone else looking forward to watching the View next week?

  67. Geez Terri who pee'd in your cheerios? LOL
    Calling Schmecky "the constant instigator of contemptious conversation" is quite the label.
    Why don't you just skip over her posts if they irritate you so much?
    I for one love to read Schmecky's posts. I think she is smart and logical. She doesn't use false logic. And she bases her opinions on facts and not emotions.
    Just wanted to say, Schmecky, that you aren't alone here.

  68. NJMOM~ Seriously, maybe strong females is a tri-state area thing (lol). I never understood the attacks against Kate until I saw the locations of where a lot of these women are from. And this is IMO. Depending where you live in the US, you see people feel very differently about strong opinionated women and more quiet, second-in-charge men.

    EVERYONE~ I'm sorry, but we just don't talk to or attack anyone on the site because they are voicing their own opinion. It's great to agree with a post, but lets stick to not attacking others. Or sadly you posts will be deleted. THANKS!

  69. If Jon really does bring her to meet the kids, he has reached an all time low, even though I didn't think he could get any scummier. Kate can try to protect them from hearing the horrible things he said in the interview, but how does she protect them from that (I can't even think of a word to describe her).
    Maybe she threatened to break up with Jon and he fed her some crap about why he posed with the girls, blah, blah, blah, and to prove that he loves her (GAG) he is going to bring her home to meet the kids.
    I really hope for the kids sake that this does not happen.

  70. When I was separated in 2005, my husband wanted to have his girlfriend spend nights with him while our seven year old son was also staying overnight. I successfully fought this in court, and he was ordered to have NO contact between his girlfriend and our child until the divorce was final.

    When the divorce was finalized, I went to court again, and my ex was barred from any overnight visitation with our child while his girlfriend was present, unless they were married.

    I can fully understand and empathize with Kate's reported frustration at Jon's intent to bring Hailey home to their children. THE COURTS IN PA NEED TO PROTECT THESE CHILDREN.

  71. Also, I want to note my sincere disappointment at Jon's disparaging comments about Kate. My ex called me names in front of our then seven year old son when we separated, just over a short period lasting a few weeks. Since then he has been very respectful toward me. But our child needed therapy after hearing this, and still does four years later!

  72. Thanks everyone that acknowledged my post...I think alot of times people make assumptions about wives that *seem* domineering. I've watched Jon and Kate since the very beginning and while I could tell Kate was far more assertive than Jon, his recent behavior makes me wonder about what we didn't see on the show. They obviously both played their part in allowing their marriage to become the way it was and now in it's dissolution. It's just very sad to me that they are divorcing without at least trying counseling, as I believe from my own experience that issues like this can be dealt with. The fact that Kate filed without giving therapy a try indicates to me that something other than Jon being a "lame fish" was going on - and really it's none of my business - but it just seems like there had to be something (like confirmed infidelity) that made her say "Oh hell no!" to even making an attempt. I hope it wasn't Jon demanding to end the show, which would mean Kate chose the show over her marriage. I also hope it wasn't Kate just being stubborn...and clearly Jon seems to be the stubborn one these days. I've heard alot of people say that Kate is so greedy she would put $ and fame above her family, but I just don't buy that. Kate may be alot of things, but I don't see her as being the selfish, greedy person that some want to say she is. Again, people make alot of assumptions about strong/assertive women. If Kate were a man, I believe her appearance of being greedy and selfish would be deemed as savvy, driven, assertive - all qualities that we admire in men and find suspect in females. Even if she did choose continuing the show over Jon's wishes, perhaps she knew their marriage was too shaky and decided it would make more sense to provide for her children than to fight to save a marriage that maybe Jon didn't seem interested in saving. When he started with the bars, perhaps his actions were speaking loud and clear to Kate. There's also definitely a difference between going out with friends, which Jon said he hadn't been allowed to do and then he stood up for himself and went out, and going out to bars til all hours of the wee morning and being spotted with young co-eds. It all could have been completely harmless, but it sure looked suspicious and the fact that he eventually - and certainly NOW - seemed to be flaunting it, really seems passive agressive like many have been saying.

    There's no way we will ever know the truth, because each party has their own perception of it - and it really is none of our business - I just keep praying for them and hate to see, what once seemed like a solid family, crumble.

  73. Sorry BabyMama I got all nasty but that man well boy really brings out the ugly words in me LOL I am looking forward to seeing Kate on the view I think it should be interesting!

  74. honeyluv...

    The "Jon was forced to have the tups even though he didn't want to" argument is one that lets Jon have no accountability for his own actions.

    Sometimes people say no to having more kids, but then after a rational discussion with their husband/wife decide they do want more. Does that mean they are "forced" into it by their partner? Or does it just mean that they changed their mind?

    You forget that Jon has always said they both wanted to try for one more. You cannot hold Kate solely responsible for that decision. Jon is a man, and he is responsible for his own actions.

    p.s. This argument that Kate forced Jon to try for more children is one that they use on GWOP... but you probably already know that. : )


    I misstyped when I said that Jon felt his whole twenties were wasted. I should have said that his entire actions on the interview made it seem like he felt that to be true.

  75. Terri said...
    I say: You don't have to cry foul when you are challenged. Come on! You are a big girl! If you would not be the constant instigator of contemptious conversation your thoughts would not be attacked as often. Frankly it appears that many find the need to counter your thoughts on a frequent basis these days. At first I believed your statements were made to stimulate debate; but now I really am beginning to question your motives. The shot at BabyMama last night for example; you were obviously the only one laughing at the snarky comment you made.

    Lastly, it is most interesting that you feel the need to repost your comments 2 days in a row just to insure recognition. For Gods sake, take a breath every once and a while.....

    Wow Terri. I’m at a loss for words. Okay, not really. I hope Baby Mama lets me respond to you. I think the comments on this blog should be about Jon and Kate and things that pertain to their situation, not us going back and forth at each other.

    I first would like to apologize to Baby Mama if she was offended by my priorities comment. I'M TRULY SORRY BABY MAMA. I was NOT being snarky. It wasn't meant to be snarky in the least bit. It was purely said in jest. I was being facetious, not snarky. I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful either. I’m sorry if that’s how it came across. Why would I expect anyone to put their blog before their family? I would hope they wouldn’t! I didn't think she was offended because she posted it. Now that I know humor is off limits here I won't joke around anymore. I also apologize that now I’m posting off-topic.

    Back to Terri... I can take being challenged about my opinions. In fact I enjoy it. I enjoy a good debate. When someone else makes a good point I enjoy reading it and seeing it through their eyes and maybe even see their view. I just didn’t appreciate my comments being called stupid. I would never say that to another person even if I felt that way. As frustrated as I feel reading some comments I always try to reply in a respectful manner. I think respect for each other on this site is important.

    I don't have any "motives". What motive could I possibly have? I'm not dating Jon. I don't get paid by him. What do I have to gain? What does anyone here have to gain by stating our opinions? I find such an accusation bizarre. I don't even defend Jon in everything he says or does. I don’t constantly bash Kate. I’ve defended both of them and I’ve said things against both of them. I come on this site because I like to discuss Jon and Kate Plus 8 and I enjoy the different viewpoints. No one I know watches the show so I only get to discuss it here. Baby Mama runs a class act blog, unlike some other places. I enjoy it here.

    You’re right. I am a big girl. That's why I addressed Ashely and let her know how I felt. I didn’t attack her.

    If you only look for the negative in my comments you will only see the negative. My comments aren’t to bring anyone down. If you don’t like my opinions then skip over them. I, for one, enjoy reading everyone’s comments whether or not I agree with them.

    If Baby Mama doesn’t like my posts she has the option to not publish them (hopefully that won’t be the case with this comment).

    And Ashely, thank you for your kind response. You seemed to take it like I meant it… Not how Terri took it.

  76. I totally agree that it's too early for Jon to introduce the children to Hailey. Especially as his girlfriend. Especially for Mady and Cara because they understand more. I'm not sure the little kids will even understand what is going on.

    If he insists on doing it, he should not be affectionate to Hailey in front of his children. Or introduce her to them as anything but a friend. Not yet. And Hailey should respect that. Then again those poor children have so many different people coming and going in their lives right now that they probably wouldn't even notice her.

    I wish they were going to counseling. They really need it. Especially if they are going to see their father dating.

    As for Jon dating Hailey, I'm not going to judge her based on her college years. I hope she is a different person now. Most people are different than when they were in college. College today is not the same as when most of us were young. The partying is so different now. Much worse.

    I just really, really, really hope she is not still doing any of the things she did back then. If so, then no, the children should not be around her now or in the future. Actually neither should Jon.

  77. Schmeckygirl~ I loved your comment, and didn't take any offense to it at all! In fact I did laugh about it and my stupid typo. I always appreciate your posts. And though I do not always agree with them, I respect your feelings. I took no offense to anything you said and laughed about it.

    I was speaking to everyone on the blog just to agree to disagree. I love this site BECAUSE we all get along! So we may not agree with those that have comments here but whatever, it's OVER.

    Please let me say sorry for the lack of posts on this site. I will try to do another tonight. Today is 9/11, it's my one day I took off and the weather is cold, rainy and miserable. It's a day that I will spend with my family as we mourn the loss of friends and those we don't know.

  78. Jon's interview made perfect sense to me. Right now Jon's ship is going down. Jon won't admit he's at the helm though. Kate's career opportunities abound, while Jon's are drying up. He's mad about this. And like a petulant child, he's lashing out, grasping at sticks to throw. But at the end of the day, these sticks are hitting the kids. He's in his last 5 minutes of fame and trying to make the most of them. Stay strong, Kate. Fight for what's right for your kids. PA courts - do what's right for these kids! Jon, get lost!!

  79. Ohh and Jon had to announce to everyone on E! that he and Hailey are wonderful..this is something he had to make an announcement over.. made me sick..

    However, this is like the 4th story on Jon & Kate alone by In-Touch magazine that was totally bogus. Forget about Brad & Angelina..That is the same rag that interviewed Jon. Now I will never buy it again...

  80. a way I do judge Hailey on her actions in college, mainly because she's only 22, so college was quite literally just yesterday. Can people change that quickly? She looked as though her life was beyond wild, and it's now only a year or two later. She couldn't possibly have changed overnight.

    It was good to hear feedback from someone above who said that the courts blocked her ex from having girlfriends over too soon. If Jon can't control himself, I hope somebody (other than Kate) will impose control for him.

  81. Awesome picture in memory of 9/11. Thanks for the thoughtful and positive statement. I heart NY and the USA!

    PS - noone would dare urinate on this menopausal raging hormonal woman's cheerios.... but if they tried, I would most certainly call them out for it. Don't we live in a great country where we all can voice opinions? Even those with the passive agressive tactics. J should try a different approach as its just not working for him right now. Silence would be the best option IMO.

  82. Back to on topic:

    Regarding Hailey Glassman and whether she should be around the G8. I sure hope that the kids are not allowed to have computer time without supervision. If so they run the risk of seeing Haileys photos she currently has posted. She, J and their friends defend that everything is from college days and that she shouldn't be judged by those choices but that just doesn't seem to be true. Her Twitter account is current and it displays photos of her in party mode. When the photo was taken isn't relevant; Hailey herself posted them on her own website and therefor is promoting that lifestyle to others. Again not anyone I would accept as a responsible person to engage with my kids in any way.

    If J really had the kids interests in consideration, he would have the young lady clean up her current public and self-published image first. But no, he just blindly defends her. Whether the negative image is deserved or not also isn't relevant. What image will be seen by his children and what conclusions they might draw as a result is the most important factor here. I only wish J would defend and protect his children to the degree he tries to do for his Lover.

  83. If this is suppose to be the "children's house" then ONLY the children and their PARENTS should be at the home. If they're suppose to spend time with the kids on their weeks, then they should spend it with them and not their floosies (Jon). Is'nt that why you have an apartment in New York? The house should be OFF LIMITS!

    Also, both J&K should be deciding on a babysitter TOGETHER. Not he picks some bimbo he meets in a bar and she has her sitter. They should both be in agreement with who they should use (hopefully a nice matronly lady).

    I think Jon is the scum of the earth and to think I once liked this guy. I think he has been emotional absent from this family for some time. Why is he crying about what he's lost in his 20's? There are many families out there with more children then he has and they make it work! No one twisted his arm to get married or have children. If you didn't want that route, then you shouldn't have taken it!!! I think he blames a lot of his failures on Kate and the fact that she was the one who wanted more children after the twins. Does he ever mention that she quit her job to stay home full time with the kids when they were infants!! So what that she's off making appreances and book tours (he wasn't interested in doing that). That's her JOB to support YOUR FAMILY! It's not like they can't afford help and he couldn't find something to do with is time if he didn't want to be a stay at home dad - come off it, you screw up!!!!!!!!!!! Jon should have shut his mouth, milked the show for what it's worth and when the show ended, go on your merry way. Doesn't he realize that once this show if over with, so is the MONEY and then his moron will be hitting the streets once again looking for a JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. SchmeckyGirl I didn't feel like you were attacking me at all!

    Jon is just gross he makes me so mad I really don't know how Kate does it b/c I'm just not that big of a person I would have went off on him like bees on honey!! I know she is doing it for her kids but I really hope she protects them from him to! I'm afraid she won't b/c of how she may still feel about Jon and is afraid of making the wrong choice! Now I don't' feel that Jon should never ever see his kids or anything like that but I do feel a drug test should be in order and the Judge should look at his recent actions and make the best decision on what he/she feels is best for the children! I think Kate should fight to make it where Hailey can't be around the children! Sorry I know its harsh but Hailey has done zero to prove herself other then make out with Jon and show she drinks and smokes cigarettes..I really really hope Kate has good lawyers! I wish Jon would snap out of whatever it is he is in b/c his kids really do love him and I just feel how in the world do they understand any of this at all? So sad really.

  85. I agree with Gluten Free regarding getting the court involved to protect the children from any more irreparable harm to their already delicate psyche. Pleaaaase, Kate, file for full custody!

    Secondly, I wonder if the deed to the house will remain in both Jon & Kate's name. If I were Kate, I'd buy him out so I'd have full rights and protection to who has access onto the property (esp. his girlfriends).

  86. Well put, Marshall. Couldn't have said it any better. Love it. :-D

  87. New here - but having a hard time stomaching GWOP at the moment. It seems to have turned to a 'we hate Kate - Jon can do no wrong' site!....

    Anyway......this place will at least help keep balance for me! LOL

    Here's what I think:

    I think Jon is following 'Hailey's' advice. Why do I say this? Because I have a child the same age as Hailey. I see first hand how girls this age think (most of them anyway, so yes, I'm making a generalization). I can quite clearly see Hailey telling Jon "You need to go clear your name. You need to tell the world you love me...." I can see Hailey feeling the need for these 'redemptive' measures by Jon. It's an immature thought process. It's the "You need to show the world and all these other women that I am YOUR girl". I can see her telling him "You need to make sure to say that Kate abused you." I can see Hailey saying "If you love me you'll take me with you when you are with the kids". I can see Hailey COMPLETELY not understanding the impact that this would have on the kids (only seeing how it will 'affirm' that Jon really does love her in her mind). I can see Hailey sitting at home, on the internet, trying to keep Jon 'well informed' on how what reaction he's getting from people online. I can see Jon, who is clearly thinking with his wrong head, and who has shown time and time again that he can't do much of anything unless he has a woman figuring it out for him.....

    I see Jon listening more to Hailey than to any PR people he is paying. It at least appears that way! (For example - the photos of them going grocery shopping -- IMO to 'show the world' they are together and happy). Jon's every move seems very much at the mentality of a young 20-something (and not that of a 30-something father!)

    If Jon was kept from his family - then why aren't they speaking out to say all these things and back him up? Where and who were all these 'friends' he wanted to hang out with? Again, not ONE willing to stand up and back him up? What kind of friends are they? Seems to me that the only 'friends' he has HAVE spoken out - Kate2, Michael Lohan, Christian Audglier, etc. Problem is that NONE OF THEM tell the same story Jon is trying to tell! Maybe THAT is why the people Jon is 'reuniting' with are hush-hush -- because to tell the truth - they'd be exposing Jon and his 'stories'. Maybe, and hopefully, he IS reuniting with some friends/family who have MORALS.

    Ok - enough of that rant (and thank you for the opportunity to vent it!) but another question/problem I have with all of this - is the 'agreed upon' divorce stuff - supposedly just waiting for the Judge to sign off on it? Surely Kate will back track and realize that Jon is NOT acting in the best interest of the kids and that changes to this agreement need to be made?? Sorry - but I would not/could not have allowed myself to share a house with my ex for custody if it meant his new girlfriend/girlfriends saying there, too. In fact, I don't think it's a good idea to introduce kids to the 'new guy/gal' after parents are divorced until at least a year or more after the divorce! Not to say they couldn't have a relationship with someone - but just because the parent is ready to move on doesn't mean the KIDS are ready to move on - and the KIDS need to be the MAIN FOCUS of everything parents do during and after their divorce. I guess my question is WHY? What good is it going to do the kids for Hailey to start staying there NOW? I can see a whole lot of HARM it can do - but clearly can't see the good (and this would be my same feelings if it were Kate doing it or if Jon were dating Mother Teresa herself!)

    Ok - I don't want to wear out my welcome right off that bat - but, again, thanks for letting me rant!

  88. So Jon just HAS to kiss Hailey for the paparazzi in Pennsylvania. All he wants to do is hurt Kate, he's not thinking about how much it'll really hurt his CHILDREN and to introduce Hailey so soon is a really bad choice among the many bad choices he's already made.

    You'd think he would want to put his children first and not Hailey. I think that introducing her to them can WAIT, they're 5 and 8 (Mady and Cara are almost 9), the divorce is already tough for them to handle and get used to. Seeing Daddy with someone other than Mommy isn't going to just be easy for them to adjust to so quickly.

  89. Jon is completely blinded by "love" at the moment. What is he thinking?!? I doubt that Kate is trying to be dramatic to get what she wants. If I were Kate, I'd be bursting into to tears at just the thought of this nut-case (Hailey) walking on the floors of my home! I can't believe that Jon thinks that this is actually a good idea. Like others said, if he really puts his kids best interests first (which he claims to, but who knows?) then he wouldn't bring Hailey into the picture until he 100% sure that its for real.

    I'm sitting here laughing to myself right now thinking about Hailey with eight kids running around her, trying to "parent". Wow. I think that this image just made my day! lol. :o)

  90. oooh, MARSHALL, good post!!!! I have always believed they need one or two constant nannies at the house for both parents, you are so right. So at least when the parents switch off there are consistencies with nannies. Sometimes in parenting you need to know what the heck was going on the day before.

    Also, re: Jon and his 20's (again), he/they are SOOOOOO incredibly fortunate that these are the least of their problems. With sextuplets, I am assuming that when they do survive, there are often very serious, long-term health problems with such preemies. Jon should be thanking his lucky starts that his 8 kids are all totally healthy and not living with serious physical impairments. Shame on his petty whining and complaining.

    By the way, I am Canadian from Toronto and have posted a 9/11 memorial on my Facebook Page today. There were a small number of Canadians who persished that day as well and this tragedy drew us closer together. I think of each US citizen today and particularly those that lost loved ones and friends. May peace prevail everywhere in the world the way it does in the US and Canada!

  91. I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW!!! Just looking at these pictures makes my stomach knot. Jon is such a jerk. A complete scum bag. I wish I could give him a punch in the face right now.

    I'm not sure if you even want to look at these horrid things but if you do...

    Believe it or not, I let out a scream when I saw these. (No joke!)

    Hailey is disgusting and so is Jon. I hope he's happy ruining his kids lives.

  92. Marshall WOW that is the best comment, You had some really good points. That is the KIDS HOUSE and jon should not be allowed to bring any women since he sleeps with all of them. amen to your comment.

  93. I think it needs to be said that just because someone may see a valid point in defense of Jon once in a while, it doesn't mean that person is saying they think Jon is perfect or an angel or even that they are necessarily on his side. A truly objective person would be able give credit were credit was due just as easily as they were able to call a person out on their bad actions. It doesn't have to be an all or nothing situation where if you are a Kate fan, you automatically bash every word out of Jon's mouth or vice versa. In fact, I humbly believe that it is not possible that either party is 100% fault free and that both have made their share of mistakes and bad judgements whether it be now or in the past. Sometimes it bugs me that people have put Kate on such a pedestal lately just because she is keeping quiet about everything. Just because she doesn't talk about stuff doesn't mean she hasn't done anything to talk about. Also, please don't look at my last comment and assume I'm on Team Jon either because that would be unfair. All I am trying to say is that both parties have good points and bad and while many of you say how much you all loved Jon before, I have to wonder if that is true, then why is it so easy to turn on him so adamanatly? Don't get me wrong, I am the first to say (and have in fact said it many times before) how stupid he has been acting lately but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have feelings and isn't suffering too in his own way.

    With that said, I have to say; that tirade against Schmecky was totally uncalled for. I think she is allowed to have a positive opinion about Jon on a certain matter without being practically called a troll or a deliberate instigator of arguments on the board. I also don't think that makes her a Jon fan that needs to go seek out another board that supports Jon. Baby Mama herself said this was a show fansite and that any opinions discussed here are welcome so long as they are not bashing Kate. In light of that, we should not bash each other either or make rude references to people's sanity or call them suckers or any of the other things that has been said lately.

    I have to say that I for one always enjoy Schmecky's posts also because they are so balanced and fair. She does not pretend Kate has made no mistakes and done no wrong just as she doesn't act like Jon is always the devil either. Her responses are well thought out and enjoyable to read and Schmecky, I also knew you were just joking around after your comment to Baby Mama about her priorities to her blog. Usually when you see :) or ;) or lol, it's an indication that the person is trying to make a joke. At least I thought it was pretty clear.

    Sorry for going on but to be honest, at times I am afraid to voice certain opinions because I don't want to be attacked for having the nerve to say something that totally doesn't insult Jon or that I know won't agree with the majority.
    Many times I have written whole posts and then when I preview them, I figure they will just get flamed so I delete and don't bother. I (nor any of us)should have to apologize for or feel bad for any opinions we may have. That is why they are called opinions so on that note, I will share my opinions on a fresh page...

  94. I am confused and need somebody to clarify. I thought Hailey just graduated in May. Is that right? If so, her "college antics" are just a few months in her past, right? If so, then I think it is legitimate to reference them as being relevant. Am I wrong on this?

    I have not seen Hailey's Facebook page. Does she really have background photos of her partying (drinking and smoking)? If so, I'd say her behavior is really relevant.

    I was looking at the Gosselins old website. I literally cried ar Kate's comments about organization suggestions, etc. In the last one she is so complementary about Jon's strengths and help.

    One last thought for now. I remember I think when cleaning at the new house, Kate talking about not being much of a country girl but it was what Jon needed. Isn't that what she said? If so, the irony of the situation is tremendous. Jon's living in NYC so he can be able to be his "real" self, and Kate's spending her time in the country where she's away from the city. (Yes, I rememer her referring to the panarama outside the window as being "all theirs" in that people wouldn't be hounding them. Alas, only a few months later, Jon wasn't happy there. I think Kate had said many things she wishes she'd said differently. But I give her a huge pat on the back for trying to help him find what he needed.

    I cry for both of them, but most of all for those children. Kate also, despite the pain, looks facially at least, a lot more relaxed. It may hurt a lot, but it's gotta be easier than living daily with walking on pins and needles. I think regardless of what happened in the past, you have to give her kudos for trying to keep a "happy" front for her children and for not trashing Jon.

  95. I think Hope is onto something. In fact, I said something similar when the girl du jour was Deanna. He's sounding like someone who is listening to someone who is much less mature and who has few responsibilities in life. Now, that said, he makes his own choices, obviously.

    The choice to make out with Hailey like a teenager in front of the paparazzi is just so childish and vindictive! There is no reason to do that other than out of spite and to get attention.

    I can't help but wonder if, deep down, Jon liked the fact that there were people out there who criticized Kate all the time. Now that he is the one taking most of the heat, he doesn't know what to do.

  96. Hope: You have a point. Maybe hailey is Jon's brains right now. I am not excusing him by any means cause i know that he brought all this negative attention on himself. He also is the one going through with decision and being a jerk, but maybe hailey wants him to show her off to the kids. I bet she wants women to know that is her man.( even though she should know that women all over the place know that jon will have an affair with whoever.) good points hope and welcome! I like to hear other opinions.

    Allibrootob: Wow that was a very kind post! As an american that makes me feel really good that you support us. I am sorry for the canadians and americans that lost their life's. It was a tragic day and I hope that nothing like that happens ever again to anybody's country. What is your facebook page? is it under allibrootob? Thanks again!

    another mom: I really love to hear what everyone has to say. Even if you think jon is in the right in certain cases. like baby mama said we have to agree to disagree =)

  97. MARSHALL said...
    If this is suppose to be the "children's house" then ONLY the children and their PARENTS should be at the home. If they're suppose to spend time with the kids on their weeks, then they should spend it with them and not their floosies (Jon). Is'nt that why you have an apartment in New York? The house should be OFF LIMITS!
    VERY good point!

  98. Hey everyone! I wanted to put this question out there since my friend from Gosselin Garb had to take a break from her site for a while.. Maybe you can help this person find out about these pillows!

    "Hi,I am a fan of your blog!!! I was wondering if you had any idea where I could find the pillows that are on the interview chair. They have dots in orange, green, and red and I believe the pillows are brown. Thanks so much!"