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The Art Of Viewership, New Episode Mean No Jon? Kate Minus Skates, Discuss Tea Party Here!

UPDATE: Since it has been relatively quiet in Gosselinland I decided just to update this post. My new entry will be for when I have the video of the show for you to watch. Jon had a less eventful day at Pier 1 (See photo), while Kate greeted skaters. I put up a poll to discuss the viewership of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Blog land is on fire because the trolls a doing the dance of joy over lower ratings. May I just add one more time, that I love the show, and will continue to be the #1 Gosselin Fan Site on the Web (Per me!) while the show is on the air..yeah deal with that! ;)

Kate Gosselin: "I'm doing great": Us

Kate Gosselin hit the ice over the weekend, attending the 8th annual "Stars, Stripes and Skates ICEtravaganza" in Danbury, Conn., Sunday. The reality mother of eight, 34, was on hand to show kids the importance of volunteering. Asked how she is doing these days, she told, "Great, thanks".Wearing a tight purple dress with big rhinestone jewelry and heels, Kate — who was with bodyguard Steve Neild — spent most of her time chatting with kids. At one point during the event, she turned to a little girl who was in a wheelchair and told the girl that she "did a great job" and complimented the child on her "hair."

Kate asked her if she "liked ice skating." When the girl shook her head yes, Kate said, "Me too," and smiled. She then posed for some more pictures before heading backstage for the show. Steve was right beside her as they walked down the stairs. When she stepped onto the ice, she said hi. Everyone in the ice rink went crazy, cheering for her. She announced one of the ice skaters and then walked off the ice and went straight to the production office with Steve.

When Kate got outside one fan said to her, "You're leaving already? But the show just started!" Kate nodded her head and gave a little shrug. "Yes we are," she said, as Steve opened the passenger side door for her. The two sped off. Kate's estranged husband Jon also was a do-gooder this weekend. On Saturday, he participated in the "Walk Now for Autism Speaks" event in Philadelphia.

Jon & Kate Ratings Drop

Here’s another reason to support family values: Happy marriage = high ratings. "Jon and Kate Gosselin, once the reality show poster couple for the all-American family, are in danger of succumbing to — gasp! — low ratings. Since announcing their plans to divorce, the pair’s reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, has consistently dropped in viewers. And on Monday, the show hit its all-time low, attracting just 1.714 million viewers.

To put it in perspective, when the reality show returned for a one-hour special on June 22 following the Gosselins announcement that they were separating, 10.6 million people tuned in to watch. That’s an 84 percent plunge in viewership. And the drop has been consistent. Since August 3, the show has lost 62 percent of viewers. According to, 4.2 million people watched Jon & Kate Pus 8 on August 3. On Aug. 10, 3.4 million tuned in. 3 million watched on Aug. 17, and this last Monday, the show got just 1.714 million viewers."

So I ask the fans here, why do you feel the ratings go down? Do you feel its because the media destroyed this show by attacking the family during this divorce? Because after the separation announcement did we need sensationalism to keep viewers? People used to always complain that they wanted to see this family do everyday things and not all the big trips. But now here they are, still doing everyday things with the kids, and it's no longer able to sustain viewership.

'Jon and Kate Plus 8:' Monday's new episode may again mean no Jon:

"Jon and Kate Plus 8" will return on Monday night with a brand-new episode, and the subject of it should seem a little bit familiar for fans of the show: snakes. According to TV Guide, the episode is geared around Kate making a visit to the serpentarium with the kids...but wait, haven't we already seen that? It's possible that "Jon and Kate Plus 8" producers liked the idea the first time around and wanted to expand upon it; or, in another likely scenario, we could be seeing different footage from the same event made into a separate episode. TLC has ordered an enormous amount of episodes for the show, and it may be difficult to come up with new ideas.
Granted, there's not a great deal of information about this episode available just yet (in fact, much of TV Guide's description could be subject to change), but it seems like now Jon and Kate Gosselin are merely being told to rehash old events. While it may be safe and family-friendly, it doesn't always make for great TV. The other half of this episode, meanwhile, does at least sound new: the Gosselin girls throw a tea party. Considering that just about everything on "Jon and Kate Plus 8" is over-the-top in some way or another, I wouldn't be surprised if this event followed suit. The real question for this episode, though, is if Jon will ever even make an appearance. He was not present at all during "Farm to Table," the episode that aired last Monday. Regardless of what some fans may think of the guy, Jon is still an integral part of the show's success. He's a valuable foil to Kate, and without him the show doesn't seem to have any sort of tension.
Do you think that "Jon and Kate Plus 8" is merely rehashing old themes for their episodes now, or are you still as excited to see the show as ever?
Discuss Tea Party HERE!

In this episode: After spending lots of quality time with her boys recently, Kate is now giving her three youngest girls a special day with Mommy. She takes them on a carriage ride through a small town before stopping in a traditional tea room for tea and biscuits.


  1. I have drifted away from the show because the whole tone has changed. We didn't watch to see "can do Kate", we watched for the interaction between a controlling mom and a relaxed dad. We watched to see kids who were happy to be doing things with their parents, not fighting and needing attention.
    It is time for them to stop - divorce is hard and I can't imagine going through it with the whole world watching. They have made a lot of money, downsize the house and vehicles and try the quiet life for a while. I think those precious children need it.

  2. I agree. It's time to give these people some privacy and let them adjust to this life changing situation alone. They don't need the intrusion of cameras and the world. I think this is why many people have stopped watching. The kids are hurting and seem so sad. It's time to get real and pull the plug. Maybe they will if Kate gets her talk show gig. Then she can be doing what she obviously wants to do and the kids will have some peace

  3. Well, it's all very interesting. I personally like the show as much as I ever did. The banter between Jon and Kate was always a bonus which I loved, but the true reason I've always enjoyed the show is watching the kids. So seeing them grow and do new stuff is still as great as ever. But obviously alot of people feel differently, given the ratings slump.

  4. Disagree with you Denise. They have the house and have to pay for it. In this market it would be tough to sell and then what would they do? They've already dropped the price of the old house twice and have no takers.

    I still love the show. It is great to watch the children grow. I think it is a lot more interesting now they are doing the everyday things rather than the trips. I enjoyed it last week without Jon. Until he can get his life more level, I'd just as soon that his exposure on the show be minimal.

    Is there still interest in J&K? You betcha! Look at the comments on Radar. That's why their every move gets photographed. Comments on most ROL "news" have zero or few comments. Even a Starbucks trip with Jon or Kate will have from 300 to over 900 comments. Granted, most of them are the same trolls commenting over and over, but comments none the less. Same thing with comments on the View. The trolls are to stupid to realize that if they stopped commenting, there would be fewer and fewer comments.

    Of course, poor Jon! The papa follow him to see what foot in mouth event of the day he's going to do. I wish him well and hope his new attorney handler can muzzle his comments or help him think before he acts.

    I'd like to be a loyal Jon supporter again. I just can't though when IMO he keeps doing childish dumb stuff.

  5. I still enjoy the show (esp. when Jon is not in the episodes) for Kate and the kids. How she's handling life and the 8 since their breakup is by far more inspiring and fun than when Jon is around.

  6. Btw: What do cable viewership ratings have to be in order to be considered "successful"? Also.. What were the ratings last season prior to their breakup?

  7. I had a long thoughtful post but I forgot I was using Firefox which meant I couldn't copy and paste it and of course it would not post either. I do not have this problem on blogs that have a separate posting page. It takes about 5 minutes for the page to load using IE8. So I will try again!

    I enjoyed last week's episode very much, honestly simply because Jon was not in it. I feel nothing but disgust when I see his face now and it is all because of HIS actions. HIS actions have sabatoged his family and may very well be sabatoging the show. And I just hate that because that means all those people who are so jealous of Kate will have won, all the while proclaiming that they opposed the show for the childrens' sakes. The only exploitation of the children I ever saw was when Jon invited that tabloid to film the dogs being taken away in the presence of the children. Was he paid for that? And he had the very poor judgement to blame it on Kate when it was he who didn't consider the dogs when he opted to live in NY. He could have hired someone to take care of the dogs but his priority was buying tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry for Hailey while he is still legally married to someone else. Hailey is a fool for believing he has been faithful, or perhaps she is just riding the gravy train as long as she can? Regardless, it is sick because it has resulted in so much destruction for the family!

    I think he has bought into and played right along with the haters' agenda. He thinks it all is about love for him and the children? No, it's about people being jealous of Kate. It is sad how often hate wins. All that should have mattered was if Kate and the children wanted to continue the show. He left her, the children, and the dogs. The show should not have been compromised in the process. But that was the haters' goal all along. What a stupid little man Jon is.

    I blame it all on Jon, his cringe-worthy midlife crisis and everything that has entailed, and Hailey. They have changed the course of those precious childrens' lives. For the worse. Just wait until they do what he said they will do - Google.

    Kate should not have to endure more loss - especially when she is the ONLY PERSON desperately trying to hold those childrens' lives together.

    Jon should get down on his hands and knees and crawl over broken glass and beg for forgiveness and check himself into a mental facility. What he has done will cause serious damage to those children. That's a fact. He needs to start aggressively trying to address that. Sadly, with all the Kate haters (Hailey included) pandering to his every whim, that will probably never happen.

    Those poor children.

    Jon is one of those people who are the worst kind of parents. So destructive. Putting their wants above their childrens' needs over and over and over again. Those children will be adults one day very soon and this will have definitely shaped and colored every thing in their lives.

  8. I love the last episode as it showed the old family routine with Kate making food for the kids and playing games, it does feel like something is missing without Jon there, but I missed the old Jon, not this new Jon with the creepy facial hair and diamond earrings.

    Kate has said she would never give up the house as it is the kids' house, and I completely understand. With two mortages plus the way Jon's been spending, there's no way they could keep the house if they stop doing the show now. Unless tabloids started paying celebrities royalties for paparazzi pictures and made-up articles, that is. I hope that Kate's plan does work and she lands another book deal or a talk show job. Yes, it'll keep her (and the family) on the public eye, but what else is she going to do, go back to her nursing job?

  9. All I know is; one more trip to a doctor or dentist and I'm DONE.

  10. I too, have begun to drift away from this show, and I have lots of friends who say they just can't watch it anymore. It's too heartbreaking to see the way the media has latched onto them in this hard time and is continuing to pick at their lives. The kids are adorable and I love to come back to see their antics from time to time, but I'm also reminded that they don't need all this attention. I'm sure that they would adjust better over the course of their lives without this media attention, and Kate just frustrates me now. She says time after time that she has to keep doing this for their kids, but I think that she's a smart cookie and if she wants to continue to capitalize on her "celeb" status to support her family, then do it without the kids! Do more guest appearances like the view, go on extreme home makeover, the supernanny, or write another book, just leave the kids out of it!

  11. I have been a faithful viewer and supporter of this family from the very start. I have looked up to Kate for many reasons, my husband and I admired their sense of faith and how they made it throw difficult circumstances relying on each other and on God, we even drove 3 hours one way to see them talk.

    However, since they announced their separation and with Jon's poor behaviour, I have not felt the same way that I once did about this couple on a whole.

    I still admire Kate and feel that she is really taking the high road in this divorce and putting her children first and of course I think the children are as adorable as ever. However, I do not have the same happy feeling when I watch the show. I know firsthand the effect that a divorce can have on small children and watching these sweet babies go through it is just heartbreaking. And Jon's behaviour just exasperates the situation.

    To be honest, when the show flips to Jon's time with the kids I usually tune out and do something around the house etc. I have no interest in watching him "play Daddy". And play is exactly what he is doing. Take Jon off the show and I bet that ratings would go up.

    I also think that if they can get back to more of the day to day things, like shopping for a large family, meal preparation, scheduling then they might be able to recapture some viewers. I am excited to see the show that is coming up about organization.

    I for one love the "can do Kate" and do not get tired watching her at all!

  12. I don't think it's fair to compare all the subsequent ratings to the separation episode. It was a spike, brought on by sensationalism and them being reported on by Access Hollywood and all the others every day. I mean, David Letterman and the late night guys were making jokes about it daily! All that's not really happening anymore.

    In order to judge, I would like to know what their ratings were last September for new episodes. Now that would be a fair comparison. But even then, I don't feel like I'm seeing anywhere near the same number of Jon and Kate ads on TLC anymore, so it's hard to gauge.

  13. I think to a point people are seeing a disconnect between what is on the show and what is shoved in their faces from the tabloids. The show is not really their life anymore. They are seeing it as artificial contrived episodes. The last episode did a better job of having that real flavor to it, but it would have been better if even if Jon wasn't in the episode, she could have said, "I am calling(emailing,texting, ect) Jon to let him know about Cara's doctor visit. In protecting the kids, which needs to be done, the show has moved to a whole level of editedness that wasn't there before. They can't show the sitter and they can't show so much of what and who is in their lives. I also think Jon and Kate Plus 8 is just not politically correct right now, (all the spat about child labor issues, and the idea that Jon and Kat are milking TLC) but that people will come back as soon as the fury dies down. I love this show and will always watch any episode that shows. A neat idea might be for them to interview the kids in a child friendly way about how the filming has affected their lives, they seem to enjoy it most of the time, even though when somebody is having a bad day, the trolls pounce apon it and say "no more filming, the kids are irreparably harmed" or if the Gosselins could go to Roloff farms or meet the Hayes sextuplets. I think its all going to work out, it just takes time.

  14. I think people like the aruging and drama between Jon and Kate and now that's gone and some viewers have left. I think the media should be comparing the numbers to last season. The numbers this season were just because of the hype in the media. I don't think 1.7 million sounds that bad, but maybe it is low. However, low for this season is not all time low because this season has been usual.

  15. I still watch the show. I keep hoping for it to improve somehow. Regardless of my feelings about Kate and Jon I am still a fan of the show itself. However, I do think it should stop. I would like for them to do annual updates.

    I think the show isn't doing as well because it just doesn't seem "real". I think a lot of people feel they were duped for the past few seasons. There's too much product placement. Too much interaction with the cameras and crew. Too much of an "illusion".

    If they are going to continue the show, then why not show the reality? Show the nanny helping getting the kids ready for school. We all know she's there. Stop trying to make it look like Kate is doing it all alone. Show Kate taking the kids to the bus and then going to "work" or errands. Show them dealing with the paparazzi. Show Jon doing whatever it is Jon does, with or without the kids. Show them talking to their children and having natural interaction with them, not "family game time" because Mattel is doing a family game time promotion. Stop setting up "tea parties" and "rocket launches", etc. Show every day life.

  16. Are they sure the snake episode is a new one? Maybe it's a repeat and the tea party is the only new one. Not sure why they would do the whole serpentarium thing again.

  17. I have to agree with Denise on this one. The whole charm of the show was due to the interaction between ALL the members of the family and now with that gone, there isn't much to keep the show lively and entertaining anymore.

    I know a lot of people have been commenting lately that they like things better without Jon in the episodes and that the show is about the kids anyway. I have to disagree a bit there. The show was meant to be about how a family deals with and goes through life each day with twins and sextuplets. I don't think it was meant to just show what the kids do all day long. Seriously, how interesting would it be to watch kids play and go places week after week? I think what kept viewers interested was the WAY the family did all those things together. I think if Jon and Kate had been this sweet, "yes dear" sort of couple, the show would have been over a long time ago. People like drama and there was lots of it on J&K+8 with the way they bickered and bantered with each other while doing stuff with the kids.

    I hate to say it but I have found the last few episodes a bit boring myself. At first it was interesting to see how they did things on their own that they previously did as a couple but now that is wearing thin especially with the kids getting older and becoming more self sufficient. It really takes away from the entertainment value not having that conversation between two people. Instead all we see are either Jon or Kate talking to the camera. I guess the show has run its course and it would have eventually done so with Jon and Kate together too, maybe just a bit later. I think it would be interesting to do the show again once the kids are teenagers. Then it would really be about them and their lives so who knows, maybe they can revisit them again at that time.

    In the meantime, Kate is smart in looking at other options. I am sure she knows better than us that she might be needing another job soon!

  18. I don't have a problem with not having Jon in every episode. I like the episodes either way going on a big trip or just everyday things. The kids certain interests have held up over the years, so going back to the same place does not seem like a re-hash but to see if the kids interests are still there. The media attacking this family has definitely is a factor. People are commenting that have never seen the show.

  19. I disagree that the show should stop. I don't like that Kate has to tell us on each episode that she 'has to do it even if she doesn't know now'. Many American women do it alone everyday. The don't ANNOUNCE to the world they have to do it because they are now divorced, they suck it up and do it. Can she just get on with her life, live it and be normal? OK, we get it you chose a louse, lazy idgit for a husband. He's a full on loser. It's done, he is a joke for a man, now let's see your life. No need to constantly explain. Just get on with it.

    I stopped watching because I can't stand to even see Jon. I also stopped watching because it is a show about Jon AND Kate plus 8. It is no longer that show.

    I don't want the show to end, rename it and move on...........

    People get divorced everyday in this country. Granted most are not on national TV, but it does happen.

    Move on, get over it.............let's see the kids be the focus of the show.........I don't like that Jon is out spending money like water. He's a fool.........write his rear end out of the contract, revamp the show, it will be better without his need to Kate bash, whine and blame anyway.

  20. Denise I completely agree with you. I think regardless of what they film, viewers are not going to be as excited to see the show. It has radically changed from what it once was, not just interaction (or lack thereof) between Jon and Kate, but also what the crew is filming. My favorite episodes were when you got to see interaction between the family and the love that they had for one another. The so called "boring" episodes where they would play games, or make cookies. I don't care to see the new episodes because it seems they are gearing the show on what they can go out and do (ie. free trips, free things).

    It's a double edged sword though. The sort of episodes that I used to love, the "boring" ones, won't be the same because the family is no longer the same.

    I miss the struggling family of 10 that would play and fight and just be together. I DO think that fame and freebies changed all of them, not necessarily for the better. And I think that no matter what they film, ratings will continue to drop, because the family dynamic has changed. And that dynamic is what people tuned in to watch in the first place.

    It's time to stop the show, and let everyone concentrate on healing. With the way ratings have been lately, i can only hope that it will happen soon.

  21. Baby Mama,
    Just wondering if I should revise my last comments to be more positive so they get posted??? But maybe your have been out for the day, because i have been busy too. Let me know if you want to e-mail me.

  22. I haven't been watching the show as much because the whole situation seems a little depressing. Even if a certain episode doesn't directly talk about what is all going on, it is still in the back of everyone's minds. And plus, Monday Night Football is back on. :)

  23. I agree with Denise. The show is boring now. It is always an outing here or there and it just isn't as fun to watch as when they were all just home being kids and mom and dad. I think it's time has to pull the plug.

  24. Let me first start off by saying I did this post, strictly because I have been accused of not letting other sides have their say. I would also like to add that this doesn't mean I'm going to allow the haters to jump all over this site. Its an opportunity to let those that might have a view in the middle to feel like they can have a say. But sorry, if your here to bash Kate, you will not get posted.

    Linda~ Love ya girl.. I was waiting for the fans to get out there and defend the the show and the family. Still have the hope that Jon can be a better person again, I already addressed that he is good father.

    Bee~ I have missed you! Where have you been? It's so great to see you again.. Keep in touch ;)

  25. I will watch the show no matter what they do or who they have on it. However I really liked it more when it was about "how a family with 8 kids survives day to day". I am a mom of 6 and have found my self numerous times saying 'wow we are just like them...". I love to watch them doing outings, but now its to the point that all they show is them out, and in this economy it just isn't realistic for my family to be doing things like that. I wish that we would be able to see more of their normal life and back to the basics of how they do it day to day. IMO.

  26. If they are going to continue the show, then why not show the reality? Show the nanny helping getting the kids ready for school. We all know she's there. Stop trying to make it look like Kate is doing it all alone. Show Kate taking the kids to the bus and then going to "work" or errands. Show them dealing with the paparazzi.
    Show Jon doing whatever it is Jon does, with or without the kids. Show them talking to their children and having natural interaction with them, not "family game time" because Mattel is doing a family game time promotion. Stop setting up "tea parties" and "rocket launches", etc. Show every day life.

    Let me first say I will watch the show no matter what. Those kids are just too darn cute and Kate's strength inspires me. But I do agree with Schmeckygirl here though. I think we are kinda confused as to what TLC is trying to show us cause we know what they do from day to day from the media and we dont quite see that when we watch an episode. I like Schmeckygirls idea. I wanted to see the kids in school, or going to there first day of school. They didnt film that and I was really disappointed. I blame that on TLC not on Kate. I think they themselves are kinda confused on where to take the show now. I dont feel duped at all from the last season cause I am sure they thought they would work it out or that some things should remain private and I respect that. But I think they are trying to get a feel as to where they should go with it from here on out from what has happened. I am sure its difficult with Jon and Kate not communicating well. But whatever direction it goes I love Kate and I love watching the kids.

  27. I agree w/ the other posters who feel the show was more interesting when it was about as Melissa put it "how a family with 8 kids survives day to day". It's sad to see the kids fight. I to BabyMama hold onto hope that Jon wakes up one morning w/ his blinders off and sees the reality of what he has let his life become. I just feel sad about the show now. I hope Kate is able to work out a good schedule w/ her new show and that the kids will be able to overcome what has unraveled in their lives. I wish I could be more postive I really do but there is no denying it for me, it's just not the same.

  28. Georgia Peach 311-
    I was having the same problem and discovered this little trick: Place your cursor on the white box and right click > This Frame > Open Frame In New Tab > voila! It still takes me ages to post a comment because I have to confirm my ID but the comment does get posted :D

  29. While at some point, Kate might decide that stopping the show is best for her family or TLC might not renew the contract, from the children's perspective, this might be felt and grieved as a loss. They have never known anything different than cameras in their lives, the film crew is part of their extended families. They've known them and this lifestyle longer than the dogs or their sitters. They have had many opportunities through the show and I am not just talking about monetary ones. Our value system may tell us that our privacy is more important than anything that TLC gives us, but we don't know about theirs. We don't even know if anyone has ever even gotten their unique perspective on this. I don't know of any other family who has lived a reality show life from such an early age so there really isn't any experience or guidance to fall back on. I really don't see Kate or Jon as someone who would force their kids into a situation that harms them and while finances play a role, I don't think they are the only factor. People may point to isolated instances to say that the kids hate filming, such as a sign saying no cameras without being invited to mean that the kids are damaged, but you never hear anyone say that having a sibling is damaging if a child has a sign saying Taylor, stay out of my room or else. I also think if the kids were really showing problems with the filming, Aunt Jodie and Uncle Kevin would have done something about it long before all of the gossip from the marriage broke out and they could get paid big bucks for doing so.
    I agree with Babymama that Jon will someday wake up and go back to being much closer to the guy he used to be. People tend to be the angriest with those that we care about, I think Jon is so angry with Kate because of his love for her and we are so angry with Jon because we care. If we didn't care, it would be like oh well, what else is new.

  30. Remove J from the show - maybe an occasional visit after the dust dies way down.

    Maybe call it The Gosselin 8 and focus on the kids. They do great interviews and seem to really enjoy doing the show. Kate can handle the show on her own. There can be references to the divorce and how things were or changes, et al becuase it's not a fantasy show. But J brings everything down.

    I think Kate is making plans to move on and she should. As much as I'd like to see the show continue in a new format, I suspect it may not be possible. (Thanks JON). If TLC can't make it work, I would hope they will visit the kids at least once a year and let us see how they are doing. (Warts and all). We love them and Kate.

    There is no option on the poll to vote to continue the show without J. That's my choice.

  31. I agree with Denise, Katherine, and Schmecky Girl. Their first paragraphs are exactly how I feel. My curosity is killing me about this show, so I tune in and hope things are better. Am disappointed when what I see is not real. Jon or no Jon!.
    I just read yesterday that the fee is $75,000.0 per epsisode. EACH!!! BOTH J&K get 75K. If the show ends, that's going to be hard to replace.

  32. I see that a number of posters are reserving making any judgments on what the ratings are at now, the 1.7 million reported figure, the fact that it has been declining each week, because they are unsure of how that number compares to "normal." By normal, I mean BEFORE the whole separation-divorce fiasco lured the paps into the family in droves.


    From the web site "reality TV" - the ratings for Jon & Kate prior to any of the paparazzi crazed attention, averaged 2.9 million viewers.


    I was a consistent viewer back in the beginning, when the tups were babies and Mady & Cara were toddlers. I was amazed and intrigued to see how they coped with normal day to day activities. My two boys were eleven months apart, and I was losing my mind with TWO in diapers, bottles, crawling, etc. I could never imagine surviving 6, let alone factoring in two toddlers.

    I actually lost interest by season 3, when, in MY opinion, the episodes began to seem more staged. I understand the need for all the planning that was apparent in each show, they did, that they had to come up with new ideas and different activities. But regardless, that was the point at which I stopped watching.

    I have sporadically watched here and there during season 4 & now in season 5, I watched the birthday party show and that was it. I am not an avid lover or hater of any part of this family. But I do think the show has run its course. Kate very obviously enjoys her public persona (that is NOT a criticism!) - and if she wants to continue with her speaking engagements, books, talk show stuff etc., then that is what she should pursue. I'm sure she has always realized that this wasn't going to last forever, and if she wants to remain in the spotlight, then she should definitely work to capitalize on the interest she generates currently.

    I don't think Jon has any idea what it is that he wants.

    And on the topic of either Jon or Kate pursuing a career in "show business" (so to speak), then I am wholeheartedly of the mindset that they should do so on their down time without custody of the kids. Those beautiful little girls and boys NEED a stable factor in their lives, and it should be a PARENT, not a nanny.

  33. This is a tough one to comment on...

    Like many others, I agree that the show is coming to an end. I will be sad when that day comes because I love those kids as well as Kate, but it will be nice knowing that they can live like normal people without all the cameras. (Hopefully the paparazzi will eventually die down as well.) I also agree that an annual update would be nice!

    I feel like the reason why the ratings have gone down because the dynamics have totally changed. (I'm not comparing to the divorce ratings, and those type of epsiodes, just the ones from a few seasons ago.) I think that we all enjoyed watching the interaction between Jon and Kate, the parents and the children, and all the kids with one another. Also, I think it was much more relatable to the viewers. They lived in a modest house, did normal family things, Jon worked, and Kate was the stay at home mom. Kate talked about laundry, cooking, cleaning, and chores. These are things that moms and dads all over the country do every day. We watched them go to the zoo, sing Christmas carols, and have backyard camp-outs. Any family could do the same activities that the Gosselins did; it was fun to watch, and it was so very relatable. Now the show is extremely different. First off Kate and Jon are getting divorced. They live in a house that most people could never afford. They have nannies, a brand new kitchen, the paparazzi trails behind them everywhere, there are bodyguards, and lots of fun but expensive trips. Let's face it ladies, this is not the family we once knew. Most people don't have the same lifestyle as the Gosselins currently do. It may be less enjoyable for some people because it isn't about the Gosselin's struggles and everyday experiences anymore, it's about their success and "new" life. I for one, still enjoy the show, but for different reasons than I did in the beginning. The kids are so much older, and have much more to say, and Kate is becoming a power woman, and I'm so proud of her for taking the high road. The show has grown and changed with the family, but lots of viewers are still clinging on to the "good old days" with the Jon and Kate Plus 8 we used to know. (I'm guilty of it too!)

  34. I agree with Holliday. I think a lot of viewers were turned off with Jon still appearing in many of the episodes (like me) You may not get ratings higher than pre-breakup episodes, but once viewers realize Jon will no longer appear, ratings may increase somewhat back to "normal" previous seasons.

    Besides, TLC certainly isn't crying. They gained a lot of viewership with other shows that gained momentum during the "spiked" episodes.

  35. BTW, is my puppy cute or what?! HA!

  36. I don't think that the kids will be harmed with spending some time with their babysitter when both parents are working,running errands, or taking an occaisonal break, however I think it is wrong for any paper or agreement to superceed a parent's being with the children. If it is Jon's day, and he has an engagement, he should be able to text or call Kate and say I will be gone tomorrow from 10 to 5 can you take the kids. If that works for her, she can leave at 5 when Jon comes home and it shouldn't be seen as intruding on his custody or Kate's in a reverse situation.
    One advantage to filming when Jon is there, is that there is more structure to his day with the kids, more people keeping tabs on them and Kate can watch the footage to know some of what is going on. Maybe they can put the supernanny with him for an episode and help him see his errors in judgement. His imcome should also be supporting his kids proportionately with Kates'.

  37. now mentions Hailey Glassman. She is NOT worthy of appearing on that page! Ugh. I'm seriously disturbed that she made her way onto their web page!

  38. I wonder if Jon put that about Hailey on the site to goad a reaction out of Kate or the people who interact with Kate. If Jon was being tasteful, he would update the website into something fitting of the current family and older kids and have separate links for his and Kate's personal issues and business matters.

  39. Who owns the rights to If I were Kate I'd have her lawyers put a knosh on that domain esp. since the name implies that it has anything to do with the kids.

  40. I love the show even more now Jon isn't on as much. Personally, I never cared for Jon and don't miss him a bit. I think Kate and even the kids are better off without him and the confusion and embarrassment he brings to the family. I think the only reason the ratings went down is because the show was so overly hyped to begin with. Viewers that were ever interested in J&K were lured into watching to see what all the hub bub was about and now that they know, they are back to watching whatever it was they used to watch. And as for privacy and the show ending, I think that would be a huge mistake. Sure, kicks Jons butt to the curb, no problem. But the show is a great source of income and someone has to support the children.

  41. I know this has turned more into a Kate site than a gosselin family site and that is ok. I love Kate and think she is handling the divorce in a great way.

    What I am having a hard time with is why people are saying the kids should be taken away from Jon and why Jon should not be on the show anymore? I know he's been acting like an ass outside of the show but when he is with the kids you can tell he truly loves them and they love him and enjoy spending with him. I dont see why anyone would have a problem with a father spending time with his kids.

    I dont think the show is relatable at all anymore and that is why I dont watch so much. I follow the news and blogs because I like to know what is going on with Kate and the kids.

  42. I liken the drop in ratings to a car crash. You get plenty of rubber-neckers when the crash first happens, but once the debris is swept away, everyone goes back to their lives. I feel some viewers were lost because the divorce broke their hearts. This was inevitable. Those who truly loved the characters remain. I am not a Jon fan and agree with others that the show is better off without him. TLC should cut him loose.

    As for the comments on the show's content, I find the trips as interesting as the every day stuff. This is their life now. TLC needs to re-tool their approach to the show. Rename it and move on -- I have a feeling viewers will return when they are not anticipating more wreckage with every episode. I too miss the old Jon and Kate, but they are gone. It's time for us to move on too.

  43. On the subject of whether the viewership of the show decreased compared to the pre-paparazzi days, I would say yes. However, I feel that the whole change in the family and tabloid hulabaloo in the last year is attributable to that decrease too.

    The show started out with about 2-3 million viewers which was great for a show on TLC to begin with. These were the original fans who were interested in the show for what it was; a show about an average family struggling to raise 8 kids and the day to day stuff involved with that.

    Add to that the increasing drama over the last two seasons and you saw a jump in viewership of about 8 million at it's highest. These new viewers are people mostly interested in the drama and would not watch the show otherwise.

    Once the big annoucement was over and everyone knew what they were desperate to find out, viewership started steadily decreasing until it fell even lower than the first 3 seasons steady numbers.

    This is where I think the sensationalism did play a part. You would think that once the drama was over the original fans would remain and things would go back to normal but it is not so. Jon and Kate went from being an average couple with a lifestyle relatable to 90% of the people to two people who are now relatable to only about 5-10% of the population because of their newfound wealth and mingling with celebrities and being followed by paparazzi.

    I think a lot of the original viewers became disenchanted with the new Jon and Kate (especially Jon) and longed for when things were simpler; thus the drop even further in ratings lately. Most people do like the good old days better and could do without the different dynamic of the family today. Why watch something that doesn't represent you and your place in life when there are lots of scripted shows for that?

    It would have been interesting to see what would have happened had none of this taken place and Jon and Kate were still together and happy. Would people have stopped watching anyway just because things would have gotten boring over the years or would the show still have had its original following today? I guess we will never know now but my guess is that all good things come to an end at some point and there would have come a point where people were tired of seeing the kids do the same stuff week after week. Case in point. The last few shows are all pretty much drama free in content and no one wants to watch anymore. Who knows, maybe the show lasted longer because of all the drama and is now just getting to a point where it would have naturally been was it not for the divorce drama. Another idea is that maybe people got so used to seeing the drama that getting back to just the kids and their activities are too mundane now. JMHO!!

    Jon & Kate Ratings Hit Rock Bottom

    I really miss the old show, with the bantering between Jon and Kate. Now that is gone, I have lost interest in the show. The kids are still great, I just miss the family bonding. There was only so far they could take the show, and I think they have reached that. Seeing a family repeatedly going on trips, can get tedious to watch after a while.

    Kate Gosselin: Show May Be Over

  46. It's Jon's cocky attitude or something that's a turn off to me. I can't exactly put my finger on it but he has an "air" about him that is a little annoying. Kinda like there is no emotion in anything he says or does (on the show). Like, here I am, this is what we did....blah blah blah, all for my kids, blah blah blah.

  47. Nick Name~ There have been rumors flying around that this is not her Facebook page. I know a few articles are talking about this, saying it's coming from Kate's own mouth. But I honestly don't believe this is her.

    Also the comments about Hailey were taken off their official website page. Guess Kate had a say in what Jon was posting??

  48. In the past, Jon took credit for doing the Six Gosselins web site. I think we can assume that Jon made the changes (adding Hailey's info.) I really don't think Kate would add info on Hailey except under extreme duress.

    Kate stated at two of the Southern Women's shows that she does not have a Facebook page. I think these sound like fake sites (both the Kate Gosselin and the Kate Kreider-Gosselin pages.)

    I used to think that Fox News followed the standard "real" media guidelines that you have to confirm from two sources before you can run with a story. However, I think Fox is becoming more and more like the rags. Hopefully they'll never sink as low as Star (with its totally out there garbage) but one never knows. I've seen Fox with so many listings of "retractions" or "clarifications" lately that I think their ethics have really dropped.

  49. Do you think US Magazine actually looks at the photographs they use before they type up their copy? They state: "Wearing a tight purple dress with big rhinestone jewelry and heels..." I pulled the photo off their website and enlarged it in Photoshop. It sure looks to me like the dress is dark blue, she has on gold hoop earrings, and pearls. She does have on heels, lol. Wonder where the rhinestones were? I sure can't see any.

  50. I think the ratings are plummeting are due to two things. One....the sensationalism of their divorce from the rag magazines. The actions of Jon have just been so distasteful, with a hint of Hollywood drama.

    Secondly, most people loved watching the everyday family dealing with everyday issues that most of America (and Canada) could easily relate to. Last week's episode when Kate was cooking dinner and doing regular stuff at home, I found myself again saying " does she do it with 8 kids?" I think the scheduled trips have turned people off.

    But for me it always goes back to the kids and I just adore watching them, so the changes won't deter me.

  51. Hurrah the Hailey info is gone from the sixgosselins family website!

    Even Radar is now saying that Kate doesn't have a Facebook page and that it's a fake.

    Can't wait for tonight's Tea Party episode. I'll close my eyes to the sepentarium part, lol. Don't like snakes!

  52. Baby Mama, I tend to agree with you that that is probably not Kate's real site.

    First, I doubt she would start using her maiden name before the divorce was final since she is still legally Gosselin although you never know, she might be trying to phase Gosselin out slowly. I also figure she would stick with Gosselin for professional recognizability too.

    Seconly, she is not a person to give information out easily. Getting a complete answer out of her is like pulling teeth so I can't imagine her divulging that kind of information unless it is a done deal with TLC and they are about to announce that the show will not be renewed which I highly doubt. Besides, there must be some kind of contractual thing forbidding them to talk about things like that.

    On a completely random note, did anyone notice Jon's Gucci shoes in that split screen picture with him and Kate where he has a cigarette? It's posted in this thread. Talk about conspicous consumption. Yes, Jon we all know you have money now. Sorry to be mean but he never was into stuff like that before and all of a sudden he wears all this designer stuff. It doesn't really suit him somehow.

    Oh and one more really random comment, I read that Heidi (of speidi fame) is going to co-host the view October 1st! I really want to see whether the regulars swallow her whole. If they treated Kate so terribly I can only imagine the outright disdain they will show Heidi. They were very bluntly laughing at her in front of her face when she was on with Spencer as a guest before. I can just see Whoopi sitting back with a look of sheer confusion as to why this person is even on tv while the others make snide comments. lol

  53. Thas was a cute show. It would have been better if they had shown it with the other North Carolina episodes. I love how Kate really gets into the art projects. You can really see that she feels that she missed out on those kinds of things as a child. I really believe that that is behind a lot of what drives her to give her kids a better childhood. I really liked Kate's comments about the world bracelets.
    I don't think Jon should be kicked off the show because like it or not he is the kids' father and important in their lives, but he seems to lack much sense of emotion or engagement in whatever he is doing. Its not just in front of TLC cameras but any time. Even though some viewers may be tuning out, new ones are tuning in. For instance, my Mom who has never cared for the show because she "doesn't like watching crying kids and changing diapars" was actually watching and when I went to turn off the TV, she wanted to watch the next episode with the Harlem globetrotters because they get to do really neat stuff and they are growing into really neat people.

  54. FROM RADAR: Kate Gosselin Fake Facebook Page

    Apparently, Hailey Glassman isn’t the only one with a fake Facebook page (should we just call it “Fakebook”?)

    Now, fans of Kate Gosselin’s have been fooled by a Facebook account supposedly belonging to “Kate Kreider-Gosselin.”

    On the page, the bogus Kate proclaims, “With ratings falling, this might be the last season of Jon and Kate Plus 8. I'm not sure yet.”

    With over 900 comments since the fake Kate allegedly put that comment up -- do they verify Facebook pages like Twitter accounts? -- the news of the possible last season of Jon & Kate Plus 8 has brought varying reaction from fans:

    "That makes me sad," writes Cindy in response to Kate's update. "I will miss the little ones. I hope once in a while we will get an update on how everyone is doing as they grow up."

    Many posters offer the advice of changing the show to Kate Plus 8, while others advise Kate to stay home and be with the kids and stop traveling.

    A friend of Kate’s tells, “Its fake. She doesn't have [a Facebook page]. She has nothing like that.”

  55. I really doubt that Kate would change her last name for the kids' sake. She would feel that that would upset them. I also don't think that she has any interest in being known as a Kreider. Also if TLC was really planning to cancel, Jon would be crying abut it and blaming Kate. I also really don't think Kate has time for facebook. I am happy though that the family website had Hailey removed from it.

  56. I thought tonight was a cute episode. Could have done without seeing Jon and his blurred out shirts, but what can you do?

    The little girls and the tea party was to die for! I love how they thought sugar was ice. Kids have the greatest imaginations. Especially when they were recounting it after to the producers.

    I hope Cara knows about Venus and Serena Williams. They like to be all girly while being athletic too. Aside from Serena's outburst at the US Open, I think they'd be nice role models for her. Her Father's Day card to Jon just about broke my heart, though. She's going to be so crushed when she learns about what an idiot her father has been.

  57. Loved the pink tutti frutti tea. Where can I get some of that? lol That kind of stuff is right up my alley and you can tell it is Kate's thing too. She seems to love doing all the girly stuff with her daughters.

    It was a cute episode. Not so into the snakes though.

    Btw, I am very happy to see that the Haylie message was removed from the six gosselins site. How tacky to even use that site as a forum to clear Haylie's name. Ugh!

    Oh, and while the divorce was supposed to be final at the end of this month, now the reports are saying it will be done by October 30th. I sure hope they iron out everything by then especially anything having to do with the children's care and choice of baby sitters and nannies. I also hope they impose a ban on introducing new significant others to the kids for a specified period of time. I don't know if that is actually legal but I wish it could be done!

  58. Just wanted to let you all know some breaking news about the show. Via Radaronline and a Twitter post from Michael Ausiello who works for Entertainment Weekely:


    Jon & Kate Show Renamed; Jon On The Way Out Jon & Kate Show Renamed; Jon On The Way Out

    Jon Gosselin’s role on Jon & Kate Plus 8 is being dramatically scaled back and the show will be renamed Kate Plus 8.

    Jon’s relationship with TLC has been strained for months and the fallout of Jon’s often bizarre and inappropriate behavior seems to have resulted in the network changing direction.

    The show received huge ratings earlier this year when the couple announced their divorce. But ratings have continued to slide, and Jon has dated a series of younger women, leading to embarrassing publicity.

    “Kate Plus 8” will officially begin November 2nd and focus on the lives of the Gosselin children with a deeper focus on Kate’s role as a single mother, TLC announced.

    Jon will stay on the show – for now – but his role will be significantly reduced

    Via @EWAusielloFiles on Twitter

    This just in: TLOC dumps Jon, will launch "Kate Plus Eight" beginning Nov 2.

  59. Because I know Baby Mama will LOVE this:

    from TLC: Starting this November, "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" will become "Kate Plus Eight". They issued this statement:

    "The program will continue to capture the incredible lives of the eight Gosselin children and their family but will now include a deeper focus on Kate’s role in the family and her journey as a single mother building the next chapter in her life. TLC will continue its exclusive relationship with Jon Gosselin and he will continue to appear on the show, but on a less regular basis.

    Given the recent changes in the family dynamics, it only makes sense for us to refresh and recalibrate the program to keep pace with the family. The family has evolved and we are attempting to evolve with it; we feel that Kate’s journey really resonates with our viewers. Additionally the network is in development on a Kate project for 2010”

  60. I thought the tea party episode was cute. But did anyone see the one just after it, the Harlem Globetrotters episode filmed in either May or June. Kate and Jon are on the couch together. And while they don't look thrilled with each other they are certainly still together. At one point they even said our bedroom. Not the bedroom but our bedroom. I just don't buy any of Jon's "we broke up last fall". What a load of malarchy! I think he was still in the house this spring, just not happy in his marriage. Jon is not that good of an actor, I just don't buy any of his bull! Sorry to vent but it just angers me that he thinks viewers are so stupid to believe they've been separated almost a year and we were too naive to believe it. He's just trying to justify catting around on his wife!

  61. It looks like lots of people got there wish. TLC has dropped Jon and the show will be renamed to "Kate plus 8" I am excited cause I truely love watching these kids and I feel now they can focus on the kids lives more and less of the drama and tension, and I am sure Kate would say this is another chapter in her live that has to happen. I am sure its bittersweet for her. I think TLC has decided how they want to continue with the show and I for one an excited about it.,,20308909,00.html

  62. Its now going to be called "Kate Plus 8"
    I just read online.

  63. Just read that it was announced to day that as of Nov 1 the show will be called Kate plus Eight.

  64. Per RadarOnline:
    Jon Gosselin’s role on Jon & Kate Plus 8 is being dramatically scaled back and the show will be renamed Kate Plus 8.

  65. This is funny. From TMZ:
    It's like Abbott without Costello. It's like Laurel without Hardy. It's like Sonny without Cher. Jon Gosselin is being phased out of "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

    The new name of the show -- "Kate Plus Eight." TLC says Jon will be appearing less often -- translated in show biz ... see ya sucker.

    (Answers the question of why J has been so quiet lately).

  66. from Radaronline...

    Jon & Kate Show Renamed; Jon On The Way Out

    Jon Gosselin’s role on Jon & Kate Plus 8 is being dramatically scaled back and the show will be renamed Kate Plus 8.

    Jon’s relationship with TLC has been strained for months and the fallout of Jon’s often bizarre and inappropriate behavior seems to have resulted in the network changing direction.

    "Given the recent changes in the family dynamics, it only makes sense for us to refresh and recalibrate the program to keep pace with the family. The family has evolved and we are attempting to evolve with it; we feel that Kate’s journey really resonates with our viewers," reps for TLC said in a statement.

    They also indicated that another Kate Gosselin project is in development for their 2010 programming slate.

    Jon & Kate received huge ratings earlier this year when the couple announced their divorce. But ratings have continued to slide, and Jon has dated a series of younger women, leading to embarrassing publicity.

    "TLC will continue its exclusive relationship with Jon Gosselin and he will continue to appear on the show, but on a less regular basis," the network said.

    “Kate Plus 8” will officially begin November 2nd and focus on the lives of the Gosselin children with a deeper focus on Kate’s role as a single mother, TLC announced.

    Jon will stay on the show – for now – but his role will be significantly reduced.

  67. Did Kate really ask a girl in a wheelchair if she likes ice skating? I'm guessing she meant watching ice skating.

  68. I would like to say " I think Kate is a great mom and will continue supporting any show her and her children are on. I give her props for taking the high road. In my opinion she does everything with her kids best interest in mind. I know from my own personal struggles, it's not always easy and not everyone agrees with you but living your life to raise your kids to the best of your ability is very admirable."

  69. How cute were the 3 girls at the tea party!??!?! I love how they thought the sugar cubes would make the tea cold. Leah dropping the sugar cube over and over was so cute, and I love how Alexis said they were wearing hats and Hannah was like No we weren't!

    Kate seemed surprised that the tea party was "less of a lunch and more of a tea party". ???

    I feel bad for poor Cara. It's obvious that she and Jon are really close and a lot alike. She really went out of her way to make him a special card and she really has the same mannerisms as he does during the interviews. I thought it was nice how Jon described her. He seems very proud of her. It was also nice seeing him bring both girls presents. I feel bad the dogs ate their seedlings though.

    I thought it was a nice episode. Although going back in time is annoying. I think we need some up-to-date episodes.

  70. Baby Mama-

    Is this true or just another rumor? Do you know?

  71. Wow! That's amazing news from TLC about changing J&K+8 to just Kate+8 and limiting Jon's involvement.

  72. So now they are changing the name of the show to Kate Plus Eight, although Jon will be shown in future episodes.

    Also, Jon supposedly requested the divorce be delayed for 90 days so that he can get his act together and make his family work.

    Here is a portion of it:

    “Even though we were heading for a divorce, it appeared that Kate had been suffering from this divorce as much as I had. That’s why I asked my attorney to put the brakes on this divorce so I could try to regain control over the future of our family. So Kate and I could join on a cooperative course that would benefit our family — not destroy it.”

    Jon and Kate were due to be officially divorced by the end of November, but now he says, “I regret my conduct since Kate and I separated [on June 22]. I used poor judgment in publicly socializing with other women so soon.”

    Jon's attorney Mark Jay Heller insists that Jon wants the document to be a sort of peace treaty: “He is hoping to inspire his wife to become less rigid, inflexible and controlling and open up. We’re hoping Jon and Kate can sit down together and start exploring what to do about their situation. Once they do that, the rest will fall into place.”

  73. tashapork said...
    I really doubt that Kate would change her last name for the kids' sake. She would feel that that would upset them.
    I agree. I would never change my name if that means it will be different than my girls. Even if she got remarried one day I would hope she would keep the Gosselin hyphenated with the new name until the girls are older.

  74. So the Kate Gosselin Facebook page was fake, right? I clicked on it from that news article online. I reported the page asking them to verify the identity. It's still up though.

  75. Big news on the AOL website. Jon is sorry and has filed papers to slow down divorce. They also report that TLC has renamed the show to Kate plus 8. Not sure how true all this is but Kate would have to wonder what he is sorry about. Losing out on money or acting like such a jerk.

  76. From Radaronline…

    EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Girlfriend Removed From Official Gosselin Site

    It seems like only yesterday that Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend Hailey Glassman was included on the official Gosselin family website.

    In fact, it was just yesterday!

    But now, after broke the news of Hailey suddenly being part of the family website, she’s been erased!

    On Saturday, we reported that Hailey was now part of Underneath the section containing information about how to hire Jon and Kate (separately, of course) for public appearances, a new box of information was created that said:

    "Please Note: Hailey Glassman does not have a Facebook account at all.

    "Her official Twitter account is HaileyGlassman1 and Jon's is JonGosselin1."

    Yes, it seemed strangely out of place for the official family site, with a main headline of “Meet the Gosselin Family.” And apparently, we aren’t the only ones who thought it was odd, because two days after broke the story of Hailey’s inclusion on the site, she’s now been taken off the site!

    No explanation for Hailey’s erasure has been given. (Now she knows how Kate Major and Stephanie Santoro feel!)

  77. Jon Gosselin Puts His Divorce on Hold

    OK, what just happened here? Earlier today TLC said it was dumping Jon Gosselin from the series "Jon and Kate Plus Eight," changing the title to "Kate Plus Eight," and focusing on Kate as a single mom.

    Now, just hours after TLC made the announcement, comes the announcement that Jon Gosselin has filed paperwork to halt divorce proceedings. According to an exclusive In Touch Weekly story, "“I regret my conduct since Kate and I separated. I used poor judgment in publicly socializing with other women so soon.”

    The fact that In Touch Weekly has the story in its magazine this week means the news actually came before the TLC announcement. It's hard to believe it, if for no other reason than the fact that Jon Gosselin has been cavorting with women like Hailey Glassman (among others).

    While "Kate Plus Eight" is a snappy title, one has to wonder if Jon Gosselin knew anything about the TLC announcement. On the other hand, Jon added that the reason for halting his divorce for 90 days is "to regain control over the future of our family."

    Readers, what do you think? Do you think Jon is seriously rethinking things? Is "Kate Plus Eight" going to become "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" again? Or do you evefn care?

  78. According to AOL, many people on this site will have their wish. TLC has announced a Nov.2 renaming of the show to Kate plus 8. Jon will have a role at least for now but it will be smaller. The show will focus on Kate's life as a single mother as this is where the show has been heading anyway and the viewership seems to support it. O Neil also says the show isn't going anywhere and even removing the two event episodes The show averages 300,000 more viewers than last season. They are also considering another series for Kate in 2010.

    Also according to AOl, Jon is regretting his behavior since the separation and wants to delay the divorce for 90 days to work on repairing his relationship with Kate so that they can cooperatiovely parent. I pray that that is the case, but he's going to have to show it to his family through actions not words and that means many many actions including most likely getting mental help. He didn't make this mess overnight and it's going to take a looong time to make amends. You can tell the kids love their father, I hope he can be a better person and it's not just a story to make himself look good so he can get more money or a better divorce settlement.

  79. CNN has the story too:

  80. Jen Santos, I was also paying close attention to their relationship in the Harlem Globetrotters episode. It was filmed in February around the time that the first rumors of Jon at bars with the coeds, back when I didn't believe it was true. He even talks about helping his mom with her broken ankle. They appear to be much closer during the interview segments than they had been for awhile prior, such as in the puppy episode, moving, and during the coupon incident. I think at the time they were trying hard to salvage their marriage or at least the image of their marriage and quiet the rumors.
    I think Jon was trying to play a sympathy card saying that the marriage was over in October when that's when they started having marital issues. He has problems taking responsibility for anything and that will have to change if he wants to do what is right for his family.

  81. How weird that Jon wants to slow down the divorce and cooperate with Kate. Didn't he say he despised her just last week? He's finally realizing he's up a creek without a paddle. I will continue to watch the show. I love Kate and the kids and I would watch them no matter what they did. I like Jon, too, but I think he's finished on the show. Too bad he's coming to his senses too late.

  82. OK, now I just saw on the morning news show that Jon has a court order to keep any production people from entering his house. Isn't it odd that happened after his name was removed from the show? He says he's tried to do it for a long time. Right! Who would believe anything this guy says? I think his lawyers must be as misdirected as his shrink obviously was. Now I don't believe we will ever see him on "Kate Plus 8". I am sure TLC won't take this lyiing down.