Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TLC Says Goodbye To Jon, Jon Gosselin Halts Divorce, Watch "Tea Party" Here!

So long, Jon Gosselin! TLC announces 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' will be relaunched as 'Kate Plus 8' : Daily News.com

Starting in November, the show will be relaunched as "Kate Plus Eight," TLC revealed Tuesday."Given the recent changes in the family dynamics, it only makes sense for us to refresh and recalibrate the program to keep pace with the family," TLC president Eileen O'Neill said in a statement. "The family has evolved and we are attempting to evolve with it; we feel that Kate's journey really resonates with our viewers."

The network is also in development on a project with Kate for 2010.

"Kate Plus Eight" will continue to focus on the eight Gosselin children — 5 year-old sextuplets and 8 year-old twins — but now "include a deeper focus on Kate's role...and her journey as a single mother."Last week, only 1.7 million viewers tuned in to "Jon & Kate," nearly 80 percent down from the season premiere.

The statement also said that TLC would continue its "exclusive" relationship with Jon Gosselin and that he would continue to appear on the series but on a less regular basis. In June, after months of speculation, the Gosselin's confirmed on the show that they were divorcing. In response, TLC pulled new episodes of the series and waited until August to resume airing them.

During the hiatus, Jon was photographed squiring several different women and rumors began swirling that he was auditioning for other reality shows. "Kate Plus Eight" will premiere Nov. 2.

Jon Gosselin Slams the Brakes on His Divorce!?!: E! Online.com

It's not what you think. On second thought, it's exactly what you think: The Gosselin who found himself on the losing side of the public sympathy battle is taking a stab at some crafty legal (not to mention PR) maneuvering in a bid to save a little face and not get completely short-shrifted in his divorce.

Which, with Kate as our witness, will go through as planned.

While Jon Gosselin's rep confirmed to E! News that the octodad did in fact cop to In Touch Weekly that he "used poor judgment in publicly socializing with other women so soon" after his divorce—sorry, Hailey, that was his plural, not ours—and that he would "like to get back with Kate as a partner in parenting," that's about as far as his plans for reconciliation span.

And that's despite his submission to a court-approved Pennsylvania arbitrator this morning seeking to suspend his divorce proceedings for 90 days.

A source close to the situation told E! News the legal move, which—coupled with his oh-so-sincere tabloid quotes—may give the outward impression of a desire to reconcile, was "not an emotional or romantic decision."

Yeah, no kidding.

Watch Tea Party Here!


  1. Hmmm. So do you think he's shifting his legal moves to delay the divorce for 90 days is a bid to get more of the $$ in the divorce settlement or to have to pay less.

    Fox News (if you can believe them and I have reservations any more about their checking sources or being ethical) also reports him hanging out at the HIll bar in NYC which, according to Fox, is a college oriented sports bar. Oh Jon, you are not still college age, guy. http://entertainment.blogs.foxnews.com/2009/09/28/jon-gosselins-favored-pick-up-line-revealed/?loomia_ow=t0:s0:a16:g2:r1:c0.149459:b28012006:z0
    Did he really think his antics would make TLC happy? I keep hoping Jon will see the "light" but until he starts hanging out with more mature people, I doubt it's going to happen.
    I'm betting that TLC is keeping their "exclusive relationship" with Jon to try and keep him for doing sleezoid projects with other production companies or networks.

    I'm happy for Kate if this reduces stress and provides more income. Hope the divorce settlement is very specific about visitation. And, I hope they can come up with some plan so if one parent is supposed to be there, but has a change in plans, the other parent can step in instead of using babysitters and forcing the other parent to remain apart.

    Go Kate! Hope any new project with TLC is phenomenal. You deserve it lady!

  2. Do you think InTouchWeekly is accurately reporting? Every time I start to half way read it again, they go with their Brad and Angelina breaking up again cover, and I decide they are wacky again. What do you think?

  3. By Celebuzz on Sep. 29, 2009 11:45 AM
    Jon Gosselin Says He's Sorry, Tries to Stop Divorce

    "Funny how getting 86ed from a moneymaking TV series can change a guy's attitude.

    PopEater reports that Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin—who was downgraded to supporting player status on the show earlier today—is attempting to make amends for his playboy lifestyle, and is even working to postpone his divorce from wifey Kate Gosselin—if not halt it altogether.

    Gosselin spills to In Touch Weekly,

    "I regret my conduct since Kate and I separated...I used poor judgment in publicly socializing with other women so soon."

    Moreover, the Ed Hardy aficionado has filed paperwork in an attempt to stall the dissolution of his marriage for 90 days, in order "to regain control over the future of our family."

    Or at least regain your position on the show, eh, Jon?

    Is Jon Gosselin being sincere with his apology, and do you think that he can patch things up with Kate?

  4. No, Jon doesn't want to patch things up with Kate; he just wants to slow the divorce down to make sure of the $$ with the divorce.

    E! is also reporting at the end of their article on this that Jon will appear on Larry King live tomorrow night to tell his side of the story. If true, that should be interesting.

  5. Here's the link to Larry King Live and Jon is listed for Thursday night.
    You can go on and pose a question you'd like for the guest to be asked.

    Sorry I've blogged so much. I'll shut up now (unless something else crazy happens, lol)

  6. No Linda~! I need you! People seem to think I don't have a life and I live and breathe Kate Gosselin all day. I rely on you to get me my info! (lol) I was too busy hiding in their bushes and shopping at Ann Taylor asking for everything Kate has purchased! ;) I mean, Fall is coming and I can't wear Cole Haan wedges & baby doll dresses every day you know...

  7. wow, interesting news! I also saw this on People.com, a pretty trustworthy source as far as I can tell. I think Jon's run through all his money and is trying to make nice with Kate and with the public so his settlement is better. I wonder how long the "exclusive" deal with TLC lasts, and exactly what that means. Any ideas?

  8. Hmmmm........ this is some surprising news!
    I can't say that I didn't see Kate Plus 8 coming! I'm mostly happy, but there's also a tiny pang a sadness. (I guess it bittersweet for me!)

    As for Jon putting the divorce on hold, I think that we all know that his lawyer put him up to it, and he's just in it for the money. But part of me would like to think that Jon's actually sorry, Kate will take him back, he will return to his sweet-husband self, Kate and Jon will renew their vows for real this time, and then Gosselins will live happily ever after! (I know.... I'm fantasizing, but wouldn't it be nice if that actually happened?!)
    I'm just curious: Babymama, what do you think of all of this news?

    BTW, I loved last nights show! I wish that they were in the proper sequence though....

  9. All I can say is that "what goes around comes around.".......

    Kate looks so much happier in the show now. Did anyone watch the Harlem Globetrotter episode that followed the Tea Party? She looked so unhappy. Surely the disintegration of the marriage was in full swing by that point. I'm positive that without that 9th child hanging around, her life is feeling much more on track these days.

    I wonder if Jon is just going to shoot himself in the foot (again) with his LKL interview tomorrow night, I'm almost too afraid to watch.

  10. Sadly, though I wish he had pure motives, I don't think Jon is doing this for the good of his marriage.

    I feel like so many others, that Jon is halting divorce proceedings because hes loosing so much money if he doesn't. Hes already kicked off the show. If he divorces now, he no longer get a cut of the big paycheck. He's being called a TOOL in every article, and his reputation is in shambles. The only thing he did right was to get a new divorce lawyer..

    We all wish it was because he had a change of heart, and wanted to focus on repairing his marriage. But we all know deep down that's not the case. All these women are coming forward selling him out for cash. How many times did he need to get burned before he burned his ED Hardy garb and outwardly looked like a reformed person?

    Funny how he halts the divorce the DAY TLC makes the announcement. And now he's going to be on Larry King Live.. Too little, too late..Kate is moving full steam ahead without him.

  11. Does this mean him and Haley are kaput? If not putting a halt on his divorce must not make her feel like the love of his life. LOL

    I'm sorry but who didn't see this happening... I knew he'd regret his decisions. Even if he didn't want to be married to Kate anymore, that wans't the issue. The issue was his behavior during and afterwards.

    I knew this was going to blow up in his face. And even as angry as I find myself at the guy, I can't help still piting him, because I think it's finally starting to dawn on him.

    That thing we've all been saying "Wake up Jon!!!" I think he might have woken up out of his second childhood, took a look at his life.. realized he lost a lot .. and now regrets it.
    Everything he's done is going to come back and haunt him.

    I don't think he has any real genuine feelings to reconsile with Kate, either. But I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to make another go of it to repair his image.

    Also, way to go TLC on the Kate plus 8 show. I have to say that watching the last few episodes, where Kate is focused on more as an independent single mother finding her way, is more interesting to watch.

  12. Why would anyone want Kate to take that cheater back??!! She's a million times better off and so much more relaxed. Jon was just making everything impossible. No wonder she was always yelling at him.

    Larry King Live should be interesting. I wonder how the story will change now. Oh wait, we didn't separate last fall. I believe we can make it better for the children if we just talk more. Hailey was a fling. Yada, yada, yada! I mean, how do you take back, "I love Hailey more than I ever loved Kate" "I despise Kate"! How do you ever take any of that back? Jon is a loser who's trying to get more cash and sympathy. Too little, too late!!

  13. Wow that is crazy! I did not see that coming! It's a little sad because I've been a fan for awhile and seeing it change is depressing but I'm glad will still see Jon. But I'm not a big fan of him but it's just sad!

  14. I'm sorry but I can't stop smiling!

    So much to say...

  15. My only teeny, tiny concern about the name change is when they have the kids say, "On this episode of on Jon and Kate plus 8!" I would hope they do away with that phrase, since it might hurt/confuse them to just be saying, "On Kate plus 8."

    I also don't mean to be cynical, but frankly, I think he's only changing his ways because every company he's tried to pitch himself too in the last little while has likely told him he's PR poison. Which is also why I think he's slowing the divorce down- to get more money since he is unemployable.

  16. No, I don't think Jon is sincere. Yes, I think it's hilarious his use of the plural "WOMEN", not "Hailey, the love of my life".

    Last nights show was cute, made me hope for my own little girl! :) And yes, I agree, I wish they were in sequence better as well.

    I think TLC made a good decision with the title change, and I'm looking forward to seeing where the show will go now.

  17. Jon has a good lawyer now. Not only is he losing big time money I think his half of custody must be in question also. What judge would split custody with him . If I was a Judge I would demand chaperoned visitation.
    Having said that I want to say now is the time for gosselin fans to stay true to Kate. I will continue to watch the show and I would hope all the rest of you do too. Kate needs all the support she can get.

  18. At last...my prayers have been answered...Kate Plus 8 minus one jerk!

  19. Well, there ya go! I knew it was going to end, but wasn't quite sure that TLC would be able to do it so soon. So far, we don't know if Jon is going to protest the taping of his kids. He doesn't have very many paychecks left. Maybe Kate will just offer him a cut!!!! lol.
    The way I read the statement about the arbitrator is that Jon submitted to the request for 90 day postponment of the divorce. The req. is coming from the arbitrator.??? Not Jon.
    Oh well, when 2 people can't agree on a settlement then it has to be mediated by the system. They both worked this show and signed the contract, its a no-fault divorce. Man, I wonder who gets what.
    Did anyone ever think that that house has to be put in an adults name, and that means a custodial parent has to be chosen. The kids are minors and someone has to have control. Guess who??
    Jon on LKL, hasn't he learned to keep his trap shut yet?? omg

  20. I agree with you, BabyMama. If I were Kate I wouldn't trust Jon at all. He is not being sincere especially since he his sudden repentance is hoping to "inspire" Kate to reform from her "rigid, inflexible and controlling behavior" as if to blame her all over again. Not once is there any statement or implication that he's holding up the divorce because of any affection for her.

    WooHoo for TLC for listening to us loyal viewers who truly care for her and the kids. I love it when they get to be in the "chair". They're so adorable at it and it's pretty obvious they love doing it, too.

    I am really excited for Kate in all her new ventures. Run, Kate, run! Don't look back.

  21. No surprise about the change in the show. Honestly, I think it is better this way for now.

    I know that we all have our own assumptions and speculations about why Jon halted the divorce. However, I pray that somewhere, somehow this couple can mend itself!

    Also, did anyone else notice how in last nights episode when Jon was doing the bonfire with the twins he joked about burning tabloids? I was really surprised that he would talk so openly in front of the girls. Clearly they know what is going on, so sad!

  22. I agree with most of the posters above - sadly, I think this is more for the $$ than anything else.

    Of course, I think anyone who has followed this show would like to think that he's had a "come to Jesus" moment...and it would wonderful if the marriage could be saved.

    Strange as it may sound though, I hope they don't reconcile right away, mainly because I don't think the show is healthy for the children anymore, and if J&K were to get back together now, the show would probably continue.

    I'm glad that this show has opened doors for Kate and the kids and I'm hopeful that she'll be able to pursue her career in television without her children. Sounds like TLC may be thinking the same...

  23. I did think it was sad on last night's episode when Cara and Mady had planted the seeds, and watered them, watched them germinate and grow, and then the dogs ate them. That's disappointing when something like that happens.

  24. Wow, I was expecting something like this but not so soon. I thought that if there were to be a 6th season, then Jon would be out. While it was practically Kate Plus 8 already, I will miss the good old days of Jon and Kate Plus 8 but then I think we all will. However in this era of the family's life, it will be a breath of fresh air to get away from the tension and drama that still hung over the show after the split announcement. Hopefully the show will be revamped in ways more than just the name change. I think they need to get away from all the planned trips and go back to everyday life and how Kate does it all- in other words, back to the original premise of the show. It will be interesting to see how Kate juggles work, kids and house by herself. I wonder just how little Jon's role will be. After all, does he not have custody half the time? Will they just not be showing his time with the kids? I guess we'll find out Nov.2!

    In regards to the question Maria asked about Jon and his status with TLC, I suppose the "exclusivity" TLC is retaining with Jon is for the remainder of the 40+ episodes they had already ordered for this season. Technically, if they completely got rid of him, he could sue for breach of contract even though he has been whining forever about wanting to be leave the show so I think they were being smart in the way they handled him. This way they cover their butts and have him around a lot less which is the goal. Having said that, I agree with the person who suggested that they are keeping him around in order to prevent him from doing any other sleazy projects.

    I will be interested in seeing what he has to say for himself on LKL regarding the show and this latest crap about him trying to stop the divorce. I can't imagine that is coming from a desire to reconcile and put his family back together, not after he said he despised Kate just a few weeks ago.

    To end on a positive note, I am pretty excited to hear more about this new project planned for Kate in 2010!! Hope things keep looking up for her.

  25. Radar says Kate had heard about Jon's change of heart the same place we did, in the news. I want so badly for him to do good, but he just doesn't get it, you make amends to your family, not to a magazine or to Larry King. You show it through your actions, it is about those eight sweethearts period. Jon, spend your life trying to be the dad that Cara was making that card for . I was saddened by the Kate plus 8 news even though I can see that it needed to be done and I am glad for the family that they are continuing on with the show because it seems to be a positive for them at this time. I hope they can frame it to the kids in a way that doesn't upset them especially the older two. I know Kate will do her best for the kids as she always does.

  26. I think at the end of the day, they will get back together.

  27. Nice Tea Party for the little girls. Now I think all the girls should get to go to the Dude Ranch.
    Look on e On Line to see why Kate was only there for 2 min. and Neild had to hustle her out of there. After watching the video days ago, I was wondering why she left in a hurry.
    Baby Mama are you really one of the NY Housewives?
    Did she realyy have to demand a Limo. when its for charity.

  28. If it wasnt for everything that Jon has done to hurt Kate (and the kids) I would say its great the devorse is haulting. I would much rather see a family work it out than get a devorse... BUT with all the incredibly wrong things Jon has said about Kate I dont like the idea of the hault on the devorse. I dont know much about devorse and all the things that go thru with it but if there was any way Kate could say no way I hope she does and goes thru with the devorse. Its Jon's fault he has blown all his money, its his fault he is off the show... He even said he didnt want to be on the show anymore. I do believe in forgivness and I think Kate should forgive Jon but its just so soon to think about haulting a devorse and forgiving Jon... Sad to think all this is about money and not about the family.

  29. Ugh.. I hate to say it but I really think that the show is going to fizzle out and die. People will watch for awhile to see how Kate is doing (as they watched when the marital problems began), but will lose interest quickly without the family dynamic. It has mostly been just Kate in the last few episodes... and look at how the ratings have been.

    Sadly, I give it a few more months before the show is cancelled. I don't really enjoy watching anymore, and I think it would be better for the kids to be able to live without cameras.

    As for Jon halting the divorce... I suppose he is FINALLY listening to the advice of his lawyers. I hope he really isn't doing it because he ran out of money. If he DID, it is absolutely disgusting that he went through so much money so quickly. I also laugh that he said "socializing with other women"... whoops.

  30. I checked out sixgosslins.com to look at Jons twitter page Ive been surprised about the devorse being haulted. The page no longer has Hailey meantioned on there, it doesnt have Jon's twitter page. Does anyone have his twitter page or at least keep up-to-date info on Jon's twitter? Im to curious to wait until Thursday night.

  31. I think these children need privacy and a normal life. "Kate plus eight" means the kids will be filming whenever their mom has custody of them. Not their dad.
    Perhaps Kate is pushing for more custody than Jon is comfortable with, and he'd like to have more control over his children's lives being televised.
    We all know he wanted to leave the show after last season, which went against Kate's ideas.
    Maybe he'd like the kids off the air too.

    Or maybe he just wants to ride the kids coattails all the way to the bank, just like Kate does, and he is worried he won't get enough money.
    Who knows?

  32. Boy, I think i got mixed up looking at this post, only 11 and I was wondering where is everybody? Then I saw 80 down below. geez! I just read Jons statement so my last post was wrong i guess.
    Did he make that statement public?

  33. He is just such a low IQ'd Schmuck!!!!!

    He actually thinks people believe anything that comes out of his mouth? This latest ploy is just a $$$ issue inspired by his new high powered fellow schmuck lawyers! I am so happy to not have to watch him on TLC anymore. The show last night was awesome and by recent appearances Kate really appears to be at peace going it alone now.

    Hang in there Kate! Keep on Keeping on! - we all are getting closer to our dream of watching you and the kids move toward and happy and serene life together. Our prayers are certainly with you.

  34. I am happy that TLC made this move, They can no longer portray him as a doting dad, when he is out & about with women, on covers of magazines.
    I'm sure the slowing of the divorce on his part is all about money.
    I will watch Kate plus 8. But in my heart I feel its time to end the show, I do feel Kate should go forward with projects, as she has a big following now. I like her because she is what she is & makes no apologys for it.
    I feel Jons actions have shown his morals. And I dont enjoy watching the show with him in it.
    I would love to just see yearly updates w/ the kids & Kate go on to a project that she could support the kids with , But that gave the family more privacy.

  35. I don't think the house is in either Jon or Kate's name, I think it is in a trust that an attorney oversees for the children. When they were buying it, there was talk of some sort of paperwork filed in Berks county to that effect and I think that is why they always talk of it as the kids' house.

  36. I truly believe that TLC has had this family for so long that they must feel some compassion or obligation to the children & Kate. So they want to give her enough time to start her new career. Sure they're making money yet and might for see the end, but i don't think they would just cut Kate loose without a big notice. This gives her more of a chance to succeed and also adjust to all the scrap.

    A lot of us feel that the kids need a normal life me too. But whats normal for one is not for another. Now that Jon is sober and had a real taste of reality he is seeing the light. Let him watch the kids and Kate can go to work.
    Then she won't have to pay alimony, if he applies for it.

  37. I use to wish for a reconsiliation. For Jon and Kate's sake. Especially for the kid's sake. And heck, even for us viewers who loved the dynamic.

    But I think they passed that point. I'm not saying Kate is perfect, but she handled this thing so much better. Jon however just made a mockery of them, and I think it really impacted their entire lives.

    The first big scandal thing I remember seeing of them saw was of Jon and those co eds at a bar or something, and ever since then , Kate, Jon and the kids have been tabloid fodder.. and it's shameful. One girl after another. Cops called. "I feel I love Hailey more than I ever loved Kate"

    Even if he felt that way, how can he go on TV and say that about the mother of his 8 kids, before their divorce is even final? The man just made things so much worse.

    I wish things hadn't reached this point, because I would love to believe that they could reconsile and go back to the way they were. But I think Kate has found a new strength, and her being a single parent, a working mom.. I support the entire thing.

    I think the only show Jon really needs is "Jon plus therapy" Because I really miss the Jon that didn't wear skulls on his shirt and earings, and didn't squire blondes around. The guy who was all about his kids, no matter if he got along with Kate or not.

  38. I can just see him asking for Alimony. And living off of that.
    I am SO glad that the Hailey twitter info was taken off the Gosselins family website, that was BEYOND inappropriate that any mention of her was on there.
    I hope Kate has tight clauses in her divorce papers that oversee who can watch the children when the other parent is not there.
    I would NOT trust his judgement on that.

  39. #1caregiver said...
    I truly believe that TLC has had this family for so long that they must feel some compassion or obligation to the children & Kate. So they want to give her enough time to start her new career. Sure they're making money yet and might for see the end, but i don't think they would just cut Kate loose without a big notice. This gives her more of a chance to succeed and also adjust to all the scrap.
    I don't believe that for a second. When it comes down to money TLC is going to do whatever makes them the most. They may give it more time in order to salvage the show because it was a big money maker for them, but once it's no longer profitable they will stop filming without any regard for Kate or her children.

  40. So they did it! They removed Jon from the show's title. Wow.

    I think it is a last ditch effort to save the show. They realized they lost viewers for whatever reason. I think they are just hoping it was because viewers didn't want to see Jon. I think they are hoping the name change will draw back the old viewers. I'm sure it will some, but I also think it will lose more.

    I realize Jon ruined the show for some, but for me I feel it won't be the same without him. The original Jon and yes, even loser Jon. I think he made the show real. (As real as a staged reality show can be.)

    I think the ratings are going to continue to decline because they aren't showing a lot of what their lives are really like right now.

    I also think they are filming less of the children's private lives, aside from trips and special activities because of the public outrage over their privacy.

    If they film the children less and Kate more I don't think the show will do well. I watched the show for the family dynamic and for the children and the interaction between the children and both parents. I just hope the show doesn't start to just film Kate doing her "work" and not the children. I'm sorry but I have no desire to watch that.

  41. Do some people really think Jon wants to reconcile with Kate and get back together? I don't think that at all. I think it's definitely over between them.

    I think Jon just wants more time to get his act together before the court decides custody and assets. I don't blame him. I think his new lawyer really knows what he's doing.

    Who knows? Maybe Jon needs more time to "make a case" against Kate. He knows a lot about her and their relationship and the lawyers may want to gather all their info together to make their case.

    As for Jon going after money, etc. I think he's entitled to his share from the show and DVD sales and book sales, etc anyway. He may even be entitled to any money made from appearances related to Jon and Kate Plus 8.

    I just wonder if Jon is happy about the change in the show or is upset. Is it what he wanted? Or did he try to fight it? Maybe he will discuss it on LKL...

  42. Thank you once again Baby Mama for posting Monday's episodes. Between work and care-giving my sweet 88 year old mother, I missed Monday night programming.

    I do not for one second believe that Jon wants to mend his relationship with Kate for anything other than selfish purposes. TLC had no choice but to drop him from future episodes - when he kept throwing it in their faces that he no longer wanted to be part of the program. He can't blame the media for those comments - they came right from his own mouth. I can't WAIT to watch Larry King tonight to hear how he tries to wiggle out of this latest Jon-ism. Let's all count how long it takes for his "women" to drop him like a hot potato once he's off TV and relegated to a C-lister celebrity status.

  43. looks like TLC is listening. so glad he is not going to be on "as" much! :O)

  44. OPPS!!! Correction to my post on 9-29 at 8:45PM
    I was referring to the skating event. After a good nights sleep and reading it. Forgot to list the subject. Sorry if it confused anyone besides me. lol
    Lets see Hmmmm? One short thing pertaining to alimony. In my state, if the marriage has been 10 years or more, a person can go for it. Don't know what PA laws are, does anyone else know? J&K will have about 10-1/2 years in by the time the Big D is final.
    For all the fans out there that think he is trying to get back together with Kate. Forget it, that not what he said. He is asking her for more cooperation pertaining to his parenting time but she won't speak to him. DAAAAH, wonder why?
    I still think if he really loves Hailey that much he should marry her. It will look alot better to the court system, and they might not cut back on his parenting time. We will see down the road.
    Kate is smart for getting her revenge in court instead of in the tabloids.

  45. I can't believe people are still discussing reconciliation in this marriage. J's behavior is so damaging. My children (grown) say their parents are "happily divorced". Divorcing their father changed everything for the better for them - except financially.

    I am so pleased with TLC for making such a positive decision. It's not about saving a marriage at this point. It's about moving forward for the kid's sake and this change will do that for everyone.

    As to my favorite subject - jewelry, here's my latest idea. A jewelry line for Kate! Kate would design whatever she likes. She could do both higher end and a CZ (or Diamondique for QVC). Rings, earrings, bracelets. The number 8 could be used both horizontally and vertically, plain or with diamonds. My design would have diamonds (CZ's) in the curves of the 8, three and three and then two in the center. But I'm not Kate but I think it's a great idea to replace that wedding ring and also make a move into a new venture. She could even design some children's jewelry since Cara and Mady love their earrings and the girls made bracelets...(Just no diamond stud earrings for men!)

    GO KATE!

  46. Annette~ Thank you for letting me know you watch the episodes here! I used to do it all the time on my other site for those that didn't have Cable to watch. But with the invention of the DVR, most watch it when the can elsewhere. So as long as ONE Person is watching them, I will keep posting them!

    I feel that this is a step in the best possible direction. If Jon wasn't hardly on the show as it is, lets focus on Kates story. If it goes well, great. If it doesn't, next year they will go in a different arena with her. The way it was going obviously wasn't working. I am hopeful that this will help with ratings and add life to a show that has done well with all the seasons they have done thus far.

  47. Ok, I know I might be on the minority side here but I don't think we can say for sure Jon's reasons for wanting to halt his divorce. We can't read his thoughts and we aren't in his circle to know what he's saying to those closest to him. As far as him going on LKL, I personally think it's a good thing. He isn't doing anything different than Kate did when she came out to tell her side. I think TLC cutting Jon out is both good and bad. If he was being difficult to work with and not holding up his end of the bargain well then he deserves to be cut. If all this was about money than why wouldn't he have been more careful to fulfill his contract? So him doing this just for money somehow doesn't sit right. As far has him doing it to repair his image well that seems more believable to me. I along with BEE hope for the best and that he's starting to see a least a little bit that he needs to make a change. Babymama, to find humor in a sad situation I am all for and I do think that pic on this post is funny. :) I have always ridden the fence of not believing Kate is an angel in all of this and that at least some of Jon's story had some credibility. These kids need their father and I for one hope he starts to turn his life around so that he can be the role model for them that they need. If Kate wanted to divorce Jon in the first place then it wouldn't make sense that now she would change her mind and want to slow it down anyway. Because it's still a he said she said on who wanted the divorce first. Either way, I don't see Kate slowing down she seems ready to move on and if Jon's story was right she wanted this for a while. Once again a piece to the puzzle we will never know.

  48. I dont believe for one minute Jon's motives are positive, these are moves by his new lawyer only to get his peices together. You dont act one way and then as soon as you get a new lawyer start acting another and expect people to believe you. pfft does he think we are stupid??

    And as for Kate taking him back...who in the world would take back someone who has destroyed your family and cheated on you with counting 4 women so far, I mean ewwwww Kate is much smarter then that and I would NEVER expect her to do something like that. Yes, we all want the OLD Jon back and we long for the way it was but Jon has shown his true colors and as poeple have said, to little to late. Hopefully the people who continue to support a father who continues to cheat and lie will fade away with him. We can only hope.

  49. I love reading all the posts on this blog. They are AWESOME! Even the people I don't agree with make me look at the topic of discussion and see it in a different way.

    Along with most of you, I was very happy to hear TLC is dropping Jon and going on with Kate Plus 8. I think the show will only get better as it evolves into various avenues of showing a single mother who can "bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan."

    It's hilarious Jon is trying to postpone the divorce! Maybe Jon thought TLC would cancel the show if he remained reluctant to participate and resistant to cooperate. He probably thought without the show, he and Kate would be more on equal ground financially. When TLC opted for Kate only, I think Jon DID have a mini wake-up call.
    But, please...let's not kid ourselves. The only only reason Jon is trying to delay the divorce is so they can negotiate the terms of the divorce and how much MONEY he will get. He doesn't want to reconcile! He is having too much fun hanging out, drinking, smoking and (apparently eating). Has anyone seen those pictures over at SoSugary.com of Jon on the 4 wheeler? Yikes - Man boobs!

    Anyway - all I gotta say is that old saying of "The best revenge is living well" is the epitome of how Kate Gosselin is handling this whole mess that has been thrown at her. Everytime I see her, she looks more put together and fantastic. She looks calmer, laughs more easily, and displays unmatched determination to do what needs to be done for herself and children.

    In contrast - Jon seems to be melting into a blob.

  50. Baby Mama,

    I watch the episodes here too! I work early in the morning and so staying up to watch them at night doesn't work for me. I was so happy to see that you post them here and I have shared this site with others in my same situation too. So thank you!

  51. Kate should have a home organization show on TLC! It really seems to be one of her passions! SHe could travel once a month and go visit bigger families and help them get organized with a "team" of experts. I'd watch it! When it comes to organization, she's my idol!

  52. A FYI. Jon's appearance on LKL according to the website is tomorrow (Thursday), not today (Wednesday.) Today on LKL is Mackenzie Phillips.

    For the person who asked for it, Jon's Twitter is JonGosselin1

    For some of you who keep saying you don't watch the show anymore, I have a question. If you don't watch it, why exactly are you on this blog? IMHO, if you don't like it, don't watch it. Sorry, some of the comments just got to me.

  53. Okay, I just want to clarify that I DO NOT think that Jon and Kate are getting back together. Kate would have to be crazy to do such a thing! On my last post, I wrote that I would like to think that Jon has the right motives, but we all know that this isn't the case. I was *fantasizing* that Jon turned back to his old self, Kate loved enough to take him back.... (You probably know how it would end!) As a loyal fan, of course I know that this wouldn't be a good choice for Kate seeing how much more calm and relaxed she is, as well as the fact the Jon made a lot of mistakes that he can't be forgiven for. I just wanted to clarify that I know it obviously isn't going happen, and even if it could, it wouldn't be for the better.

  54. Pbryson, not to make light of Jon's mental problems because while I don't feel sorry for him, I do think his situation is really sad, but I like your idea of Jon plus therapy. If the therapist was top notch and Jon took it seriously, it could be a very good thing. People know the kind of man Jon used to be he was human, not perfect, but he thought rationally, was responsible, and put his kids first. I was watching and old episode on Youtube last night with him watching the kids for three days when Kate was in New York, he had emotion, interest in what he was doing and a whole different attitude than I have seen in a long time, They have reality shows of weight loss and such, why not of him putting the peices of his life back together. He could make money and support his kids.

  55. If Jon was serious about wanting to make things work better for his family (he never said anything about getting back together), he would have told Kate directly. The fact she found out in the tabloids like we did shows Jon's insincerity.

  56. Regardless of what Jon wants, I cannot ever imagine Kate taking him back after all that he has done. Much of it would seem to me to be quite unforgiveable. She is above that. His new lawyer probably just needs time to acquaint himself with all the specifics of the case.

    I must admit I can't wait to see LKL tomorrow and what angle Jon will be trying to play now. What else can he say?

  57. I've been reading the posts and I know they will never get back together now, which would have been best for the kids at one time, but people should not be cheering that he is out of the show. This most likely means that he will be spending less time with the kids, which is never a good thing. Jon was great with the kids, and always had fun with them. Kate was the more take charge of things caring mother. They did not complement each other well, but they definitely did when it came to the kids. I just hope Jon is still in their life as much as he was before.

  58. Tweeted from Al Walentis Greater Reading Online Blog:

    "We have heard from people in the know up here in Reading, PA that the so called “Kate project for 2010″ is already being filmed. It is an organic travel show, where Kate (without the kids) goes to different natural food markets and restaurants throughout the nation. Her show is supposedly a mirrored format of the Food Network show; Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives hosted by Guy Fieri albeit an organic and healthy version. So she will be the focus of two TLC shows and possibly part of the proposed talk show with Paula Deen."

    HOW COOL IS THIS?? I wonder if this is true...Would you watch it if it was??

  59. I will watch the Jon and Kate show and talk show but not the food show . I hate to say it but is sounds BORING!!!!!!!

  60. Did anyone else notice in the video of Jon arriving in LA for his media blitz (on RO) - that Hailey the Homewrecker is right by his side?

  61. I would be like all the other posters here. Out of curiosity I would tune in to see what its like for these shows: Kate in Nov. and new one, Paula Deans show even if Kates not on it. But..... I already thought there were toooo many food shows on the air and got sick of watching them. Especially since I have been dieting and they make me hungry. lol. So far I have lost 33 lbs. in the last year and am keeping it off. So for me personally I don't watch food shows very much. lol

  62. Nick Name said...
    I've been reading the posts and I know they will never get back together now, which would have been best for the kids at one time, but people should not be cheering that he is out of the show. This most likely means that he will be spending less time with the kids, which is never a good thing. Jon was great with the kids, and always had fun with them. Kate was the more take charge of things caring mother. They did not complement each other well, but they definitely did when it came to the kids. I just hope Jon is still in their life as much as he was before.
    I hope this doesnt effect Jons time with the kids. No matter how he acts when hes not with them, those babies NEED thier Daddy. That would not be fair to them, and I am a firm believer every other weekend in like most situations is NOT enough time. I dont see why Kate cant film the days shes there and then Jon can have his time, and Kate can film her other shows on Jons time with the kids.

    OMG Baby Mama...That I would watch, that is right up my alley, I watch those shows all the time. Oh my goodness I would so excited if that is true. Especially since we do go out of town alot and we do eat organic if we can. That would be awesome for her. I would so watch that, but then ofcourse I would watch anything Kate does, lol

  63. This I just read from Radar. He cant be serious.Does he ever put the kids first.

    Jon Gosselin has struck back: After TLC removed his name from the title of the reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Tuesday, the 32-year-old reality TV dad, via his attorney Mark J. Heller, sent the cable network a pair of letters stating all filming and production crews are heretofore banned from his family's Wernersville, Pennsylvania home.

    "Effective immediately, no production crews are to enter Jon's family home for any reason. In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authorities to effectuate police action against any trespassers," read the letters, according to CBS.

    Jon in the letter states that both him and Kate both own the property where the show is being shot, that he has joint custody of the kids and that he is able to make decisions about their welfare. Jon, the network reported, has decided it is not in the best interest of the children's welfare to continue with production of the show.

    The father-of-eight is currently in Los Angeles for a press tour which starts Thursday, when he will be a guest on Larry King Live.

    Kate Plus 8 airs Mondays at 9/8c on TLC.

  64. HOW EXCITING !!!! I'd definitely watch ! and for all of you who say this will just take her away from her children more often (and you KNOW the media will jump all over that !) I'm positive that Kate will only be filming whatever show she decides to do when it's not her time for custody. She's a wonderful mother and those children obviously adore her.

    On a totally different note, did anyone else besides me notice Mady's comment about not wanting to make a card or gift for Jon for father's day? (I'll just make him some eggs) Does anyone also notice that Jon constantly talks about Cara in the positive (she's so athletic - loves the outdoors - etc, etc.) while he keeps saying that Mady isn't interested in any of the things that he likes to do?? Just wondering if anyone else is noticing this trend.

  65. Baby Mama said...
    HOW COOL IS THIS?? I wonder if this is true...Would you watch it if it was??
    Personally, I wouldn't watch it because it's not my kind of show. Maybe if I was a Kate uber-fan I would just to see her in it, but since I'm not I can't see myself watching it.

    I think it's great though if she gets her own show without the children. However, that's only IF she isn't away from them a lot. It sounds like a lot of traveling (obviously) and I think Kate needs to be home with her children more, not less.

    If she can do the show only when Jon has custody then I say she should. Otherwise I say no. The kids only have her for half the time now as it is.

  66. It is cool, but that doesn't sound like she'll be with the kids that much:(
    I thought that was the focus all along?? Too not have to work as much? Now she'll have possibly 3 shows?

  67. So I read that Kate denied Jon the delay in the divorce. Supposedly she found out about it through the news, etc.

    First, yes, maybe that's true... but it also said she probably didn't get or read the notice. So maybe the lawyer told Jon not to contact her himself because he wanted her to be notified legally? Maybe her attorney's office didn't notify her before news got out? Or maybe she was notified and just didn't get it or read it? Or maybe she was just never notified at all, etc. I wonder.

    Also, I don't blame Kate for denying it if she doesn't think Jon is being honest but does Kate have any say in the matter? I know she can have her lawyer deny the motion but isn't it up to the court? I think if Jon has a new attorney the judge may grant the request based on the fact that he needs time to get to know the entire case.

    I also read a good article online (I'll see if I can find it) that read that Jon's statement was perfect for its purpose. A statement like that is really going to make a difference in the court proceedings, whether or not it is genuine. How would they know, right? I guess it's like a parole hearing. The parolee just has to say the right thing to get on parole, whether he genuinely means it or not.

    If it's about money I can see why Kate wouldn't want to delay the divorce, however, I think whatever is best for the children is what should be done. I understand money is a huge issue in a divorce but money seems to be the issue with everything they do anyway. They both need to put the needs of their children first, and not necessarily financially.

    Whatever happens, it seems that Jon finally got a good lawyer who is doing right by his client. I just hope he is also doing right by his children.

    I really find the whole situation so intriguing. Even more so than the show. (I didn't say more enjoyable, just more intriguing.) All the legal proceedings regarding the divorce and the TLC contracts, etc. are very interesting. I wonder how much of it will be made public. Don't a lot of court records become public?

  68. Baby Mama, do you plan to change the banner name come November?

  69. "The Insider" has learned exclusively that Jon Gosselin has put TLC, the cable network behind "Jon & Kate Plus 8," on notice to "cease and desist" any television production of the show and leave his property.

    Gosselin's attorney Mark Jay Heller tells us: "Jon realized his family was like a trainwreck, so he decided to put the brakes on the divorce and on the show … because if he didn't the family would be in a mortal accident … the victims of a trainwreck."

    Heller tells "The Insider" the original agreement between TLC and the Gosselin family "may very well be 'null and void' and unenforceable." He claims that TLC never secured the special permits required by Pennsylvania Child Labor Law as a "prerequisite" for the Gosselin children's involvement in "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

    Heller also claims that TLC "failed to designate the appropriate compensation to be allocated to the children" and "it may ultimately be determined that TLC has not provided for compensation for the eight children over the past four years." Gosselin's lawyer further alleges that the network "never secured location permits" for the production company to film the show on the Gosselins' property.

    Heller and Gosselin tell "The Insider" they've been in discussions to pull the plug on the program and take the kids off the show for weeks prior to Tuesday's announcement that the name of the show would change from "Jon & Kate Plus 8" to "Kate Plus 8."

    Heller also maintains that the production deal for "Jon & Kate Plus 8" does not carry over into a new show titled "Kate Plus 8." He tells us that "a new program known as 'Kate Plus 8' would certainly require the acquiescence and consent not only of Kate Gosselin but Jon Gosselin, who is the father of the eight Gosselin children, which consent Jon has not given and if necessary, Jon is prepared to seek Court intervention to make sure his children's best interests are protected."

    In light of these claims, Gosselin's legal team tells TLC lawyers in a never-before-made-public letter obtained by "The Insider," "...you state that your client has '…stated many times in the past, the Company will not undertake any conduct that either Kate or Jon truly believes is detrimental or potentially detrimental to their children.'"

    "Jon Gosselin unequivocally believes that his children's continued participation in your client's television production is 'detrimental' to his children. Accordingly, Jon expects that your client will cease and desist from any and all further production which includes his eight children."

    Gosselin's attorney writes to TLC lawyers in a second letter: "Effective immediately no production crews are to enter Jon Gosselin's family home for any reason. In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authority to effectuate Police action against any trespassers."

    Keep checking back here for the latest on this developing story.

  70. This is my guess as to how Jon's interview on Larry King will go tonight:

    Jon will be all humble and regretful of the way he has acted these past few months but say that in his defense he was "abused" for so long that he just didn't know how to handle himself once he was finally free. He will back track and say that Kate is not a bad person and that she is a great mother and he just wants all this animosity to be over.

    To that Larry will throw at him the statement he made about despising his wife and how can he make such an about face in such a short time. Of course, Jon will say that at the time he said that he was angry and hurt by how he was being made to look like the bad guy in the media and that he was frustrated because Kate was not telling things the way they happened behind closed doors but that he did not mean it and that it was just said in anger. Once again, he will say that he wants things to be better between him and Kate and that the most important thing is the kids etc. etc.

    All this will boil down to one thing: Too Little Too Late!

    The media will still think he's a jerk, the judge overseeing the divorce will not buy for a minute that he is sincere just looking at the timing of his sudden desire to work things out amicably with Kate and he will still be out of the show, at least in name.

    Yep, in famous soap opera language I would say his contract has been reduced to recurring status!

    I really do wish he would go back to being old Jon and realize what a mistake he has made and beg for Kate to try and work things out but it's not going to happen. All this is just damage control as far as I can see. Sad but true. Btw, haven't heard much about Haylie these last few days. Could it be that she finally figured out that Jon has really been stepping out with "women" plural since splitting with Kate and she's taken a hike? Hmm, maybe another reason why Jon is suddenly so eager to work things out now. What a mess!

  71. OMG!!! Did anyone hear that Jon is legally putting a stop to filming his children and/or at his house?!?!?!

    I just read it on CBS news!


    (CBS) Is the reality show based on the Gosselin family about to go the way of their marriage?

    It appears the newly-renamed "Kate Plus 8," featuring Kate Gosselin and the eight Gosselin kids, with minimal participation from Jon Gosselin, may be separated from the airwaves.

    TLC announced the name change for "Jon & Kate Plus 8" early this week.

    On "The Early Show" Thursday, Lara Spencer, host of "The Insider," said Jon is apparently attempting to, in effect, shut-down production on the show by denying permission to videotape his children.

    "'The Insider' can exclusively reveal that Jon Gosselin, though his attorney, Mark J. Heller, is demanding production of the show be halted," Spencer says. "In two letters to TLC lawyers, dated September 29, 2009, Gosselin demands the network cease and desist production and leave his property. To quote one of the letters, Jon's attorney writes, "Effective immediately, no production crews are to enter Jon's family home for any reason. In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authorities to effectuate police action against any trespassers.' "

    Spencer adds that Gosselin and his lawyer tell "The Insider' exclusively that Jon and Kate both own the property where the show is being shot. Jon has joint custody of the kids and is able to make decisions about their welfare. He deemed it was not in the best interest of the children's welfare to continue with production of the show."

    The letter, according to "The Insider," is dated the same day TLC sent out a news release about Jon's participation in the show being minimized and the show being re-named.

    "Jon found out about the name change the same way we all did -- through The Associated Press," Spencer says. "He and his attorney assert to 'The Insider' they've been in discussions to pull plug on the program and take the kids off the show for weeks prior to (Tuesday's) announcement."

  72. Good timing once again from Jon... from Radar Online...

    Jon Gosselin has struck back. After TLC removed his name from the title of the reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Tuesday, the 32-year-old reality TV dad, via his attorney Mark J. Heller, sent the cable network a pair of letters stating all filming and production crews are heretofore banned from his family's Wernersville, Pennsylvania home.

    "Effective immediately, no production crews are to enter Jon's family home for any reason. In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authorities to effectuate police action against any trespassers," his lawyer Mark J. Heller wrote to TLC.

    Jon states that both he and Kate both own the property where the show is being shot, that he has joint custody of the kids and that he is able to make decisions about their welfare. The story was first reported by The Insider.

    The letters from Jon's attorney to TLC were dated Tuesday, the same day the network announced it was minimizing his role on the show and changing the name to Kate Plus 8.

    Jon now says he believes it is not in the best interest of the children's welfare to continue with production of the show.

    He also says he found out about the show's name change by reading about it in the press and that he has been in discussion for weeks with the network about pulling the plug on the show.The father-of-eight is currently in Los Angeles for a press tour which starts Thursday, when he will be a guest on Larry King Live.

    Didn't he just say a month ago that claims that the cameras/show were hurting the kids were ridiculous? This guy is unbelievable! If the show halts production, it should be the whole family's decision, not just his. Seems like a money/control move to me.

  73. I would watch anything Kate does if only because I admire her so much. She went from a little pixie-cut PA girl to a well-spoken TV celebrity. I wouldn't call it making lemons into lemonaide because those kids are not lemons. Peaches, maybe, but not lemons. She is smart, capable and fun to watch.

    J has serious mental health issues. They should be addressed by a professional. (And I don't endorse therapy unless it is necessary).

  74. BABY MAMA,


  75. Baby Mama... where are you??? I'm sure you're busy. You're my only outlet to discuss all this Gosselin stuff with. There is so much going on. I imagine there will be a new post up today. I hope.

    I just saw a video clip on Radar Online. Jon had a sign put up on the gate that no TLC cameras and crew can trespass. I think they spelled his name wrong? Isn't it Jonathan?

  76. OMG! So much for good intentions!!! I was watching the view and they interrupted their conversation with breaking news about Jon Gosselin. Apparentely his lawyer has said that he (Jon) wants the show to "cease and desist" because - get this - it is EXPLOITING his children.

    I am FUMING right now. Wasn't he the one that was so pissed at the allegations that his kids were being exploited on the show just a few months ago? He called the whole thing ridiculous but now I guess that his name is off the show then he suddenly thinks he grew a conscience and is concerned that his kids are being exploited??? WTF! Also, he apparently says that the police will be called and arrests made if they shoot anywhere on his property in PA.

    This was supposedly released on Perez Hilton's site and I apologize if this will be one of many posts about this but I couldn't contain myself. Kate must be having a conniption.

    Halting the divorce to try and better things between him and Kate my arse!

    Sorry for that everyone, I am just livid.

    Once again I say, those poor kids! They are rapidly becoming pawns in this ugly, nasty divorce and all for the sake of business and the almighty dollar. UGH :(

  77. Here is the link to Perez's story. Sorry I hit post before adding the link to my last message.


  78. And here is yet another link to an article from Perez who apparently was told this information exclusively by Jon's own manager.


  79. OMG, did you all see....Jon is NOW blocking the TLC film crews from filming on the Wernersville property. www.radaronline.com
    Jon Gosselin has struck back. After TLC removed his name from the title of the reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Tuesday, the 32-year-old reality TV dad, via his attorney Mark J. Heller, sent the cable network a pair of letters stating all filming and production crews are heretofore banned from his family's Wernersville, Pennsylvania home.

    VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Dines In Beverly Hills; Appears On Larry King Live Thursday

    "Effective immediately, no production crews are to enter Jon's family home for any reason. In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authorities to effectuate police action against any trespassers," his lawyer Mark J. Heller wrote to TLC.

    EXCLUSIVE: Jon Wants To Slow Down Divorce? That's News To Kate!

    Jon states that both he and Kate both own the property where the show is being shot, that he has joint custody of the kids and that he is able to make decisions about their welfare. The story was first reported by The Insider.

    EXCLUSIVE: Kate Gosselin Not Slowing Divorce

    The letters from Jon's attorney to TLC were dated Tuesday, the same day the network announced it was minimizing his role on the show and changing the name to Kate Plus 8.

    Jon now says he believes it is not in the best interest of the children's welfare to continue with production of the show.

    He also says he found out about the show's name change by reading about it in the press and that he has been in discussion for weeks with the network about pulling the plug on the show.The father-of-eight is currently in Los Angeles for a press tour which starts Thursday, when he will be a guest on Larry King Live.

    Kate Plus 8 airs Mondays at 9/8c on TLC.

    EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Girlfriend Removed From Official Gosselin Site

  80. Lawyer: Jon Ready To Sue Network; Show Never Had Required Permits To Film Kids
    TLC never obtained the proper permits required by state child labor laws in order to film Jon & Kate Plus 8, claims Jon Gosselin's lawyer.

    The lawyer also drops the bombshell that he's ready to go to court and sue to keep his kids off TV.

    BREAKING NEWS: Jon Gosselin Demands TLC Shut Down Reality Show

    Seeking to have the reality show shut down just days after the network announced it was reducing Jon's role and changing the show's name to Kate Plus 8, Jon is attacking on all fronts. Through his attorney Mark J. Heller he's claiming the show is now "detrimental" to his children and Heller also says the show never complied with Pennsylvania child labor law by obtaining permits for the kids.

    Jon & Kate Take Another Ratings Dip

    Heller's claims were first reported by The Insider. The lawyer is also exploring the claim that TLC has not properly compensated the Gosselin children during the past four years and points out that location permits for filming at the Gosselin home were not obtained.

    EXCLUSIVE: Kate Gosselin Not Slowing Divorce

    As for TLC's planned new direction for the newly named show, Jon's lawyer is saying that the network will need Jon's consent and cannot rely on his previous consent that was given for Jon & Kate Plus 8.

    And Jon's lawyer says the reality dad is prepared to go to court and sue to keep his kids off the air!

    Jon & Kate Show Renamed; Jon On The Way Out

    Jon's divorce from TLC has now turned as acrimonious and public as his split from Kate. RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that the network was blindsided by Jon's actions. Heller says he sent two letters to TLC outlining Jon's demands on Sept. 29. That's the same day the network announced it was changing the show - a huge change that Jon was given no advance warning of and read about in the press, says his lawyer.

    EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Girlfriend Removed From Official Gosselin Site

    Earlier in the week, Jon announced he wanted to slow down his divorce from Kate and claimed he had sent her a letter. RadarOnline.com reported exclusively that Kate learned about his request through the press and never received a letter.

    RadarOnline.com also reported exclusively that Kate has no intention of slowing the divorce.

    PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Packs Up—Moving Out?

  81. I was reading today that Jon has sent letters to TLC demanding that they halt production of the show on his PA property, or the police will be called to intervene. He is now saying he doesn't want his kids filmed any longer.

    This is just going from bad to worse. And no doubt after tonight's LKL there will be more fireworks flying over his stupidity. He was just recently interviewed by one of the magazines saying that his children are definitely not being exploited. Another total opposite explanation now. I think he does have some serious mental health issues that need to be dealt with.

    Kate needs this divorce to be finalized and to get full custody of the kids. I just don't see any stability in his words or his actions.

    Hmmmmm.... interesting about the travelling organic show. It just isn't personally up my alley but I would probably tune in to see Kate and what it's all about.

  82. OMG! Now according to Radar, Jon has had signs posted on the property saying no more crews from TLC allowed on property. And they spelled both Jon's name and penalty wrong! I thought maybe this attorney had sense but I think he's just looking for more ways for Jon to attack Kate.

    Jon's reputation is in shambles and he contradicts himself on a daily basis. In July he said filming was neither harming nor detrimental to his children. Now he's saying it's harmful.

    We won't go into all the other contradictions and blatant lies he's told.

    Kate I hope you go to court for single custody!!! Until Jon can get some counseling and get his head back on straight, this guy is liable to go postal at any second.

    I've defended him, and many of us have "loved" him in the past, but this is just nuts!

  83. Now TLC has responded:
    TLC has now responded to Jon's bombshell that he wants to shut down the reality show because he doesn't think it's good for his kids.

    The network released this statement Thursday morning:

    "We are aware of Jon Gosselin's recent statements, and remain deeply disappointed at his continued erratic behavior. He and the family were shooting as recently as last Friday, without incident, and his latest comments are grossly inaccurate, without merit and are clearly opportunistic. Despite Jon Gosselin's repeated self destructive and unprofessional actions, he remains under an exclusive contract with TLC. Direct filming of the children has been currently suspended, pending further conversations between both parents."

  84. You need to update this blog girl, there is a lot going on all the sudden.

  85. Jon Gosselin has struck back. After TLC removed his name from the title of the reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Tuesday, the 32-year-old reality TV dad, via his attorney Mark J. Heller, sent the cable network a pair of letters stating all filming and production crews are heretofore banned from his family's Wernersville, Pennsylvania home.

  86. Wow, Jon's lawyer is really trying to spin things, painting Jon as the victim to TLC's evil corporate machine! This is just over the top! Read the following from People.com...

    Jon Gosselin is not going down without a fight. The embattled reality star of what was once called Jon and Kate Plus 8 is hitting back at the network that made him a household name.

    On Thursday, Gosselin's outspoken attorney Mark Heller – who previously represented Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael – entered the increasingly ugly struggle between the reality dad and TLC, releasing the following statement:

    As legal counsel for Jon Gosselin, I am totally confident that he will be completely successful in his quest to take back control of his family and preserve, protect and ensure their future well-being by putting the brakes on his divorce and pulling the plug on TLC, the media giant that he perceives as a monster that has exploited and manipulated his family and has been partially responsible for the breakdown of his marriage.

    Jon is resolved not to allow the TLC Corporate machine to devour his family and promote the monster's best interests over those of his family. TLC and Discovery have been reputed to have generated approximately $186 million dollars for the quarter – compliments of the Gosselin Family, and Jon firmly believes that their greed to continue that cash flow will be trumped by his courage and determination to protect his family.

    TLC declined to comment. Earlier in the day, the network issued a statement expressing disappointment at Gosselin's "erratic behavior".

  87. So let me get this straight. JON called the cops on KATE when she was upset someone she didn't approve of was at the house - and Jon's reaction was something along the lines of "It's my custody time - I can have whomever I want here" ---

    NOW -- he is doing the SAME THING he accused KATE OF BEING SO WRONG FOR DOING! Blocking the TLC people from being there because HE doesn't want them there but KATE does?!?!?! NOW it's the "FAMILY HOME"????

    Somebody throw a straightjacket his way because he has LOST HIS FREAKING MIND!

  88. Oh, I would watch. I think she is a very strong forward thinking woman. She was weighed down by Jon......

    It will be interesting to see how he will provide for himself now that he is not riding on her hard working shirt tails. He couldn't even 'support' her by helping out while she did her book signings, etc.

    I admire women that are strong and do what is needed. For women it is called being a bitch, for men it is called being 'successful'....blek

  89. Kate I've been watching your show since it came out I'm not so much a fan I feel like a friend. I did'nt have family growing up so I got into watching yours. I can't beleive what Jon has done you are gorgious, and you have 8 beautiful children, you are a great mom. I thought you did more than enough for Jon you cooked, cleaned, cared for him and the kids, he wont ever find better. And for the people that turned there backs on you forget em, I had that all my life there not real people there fake and there jealous. You keep living your life doing like you are the best you can and those kids will see that you are and always have been trying. The pop. needs to leave you guys alone I cant beleive that is legal they need to get off your back and let you raise your kids. I think it's discusting what their doing to you guys. Just keep God in your life and keep your faith everything will be ok. I promise with God in your life you cant go wrong. From Ashley Bowersox

  90. Kate it's ash again I just want you to know I am proud of you. I don't see how anyone can talk the way they do, do you see them doing what your doing. I wish the world would put themselves in your shoes. Run a family of 8 and be a mother to them. Care for them, and you keep yourself up to date. Your doing a great job. Keep up the good work. I don't know how you keep your cool with all them nagging poper. around 24/7. I could'nt do it, thats for sure. I know alot of the people running their mouths could'nt do it nither. So be proud of yourselves, and kids hang in there the world misses them smiling faces, you'll be back on tv soon hopefully. If not remember your all always in our hearts. God bless you guys and good luck. Kate I was trying to get your email and it's hard to which is a good thing. But if you would, if you have time that would be awesome. I just wanted to know if there was anyway you could post your next book selling. I would really like to get your signature. Thats a dream of mine. Thank you Ashley Bowersox P.S. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers