Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jon Gosselin Warning Sign, BREAKING NEWS: TLC Responds To Jon Gosselin, Suspends Filming

It looks like Jon Gosselin is fighting a bitter divorce war on two fronts now. TLC has now responded to Jon's bombshell that he wants to shut down the reality show because he doesn't think it's good for his kids.

The network released this statement Thursday morning:

"We are aware of Jon Gosselin's recent statements, and remain deeply disappointed at his continued erratic behavior. He and the family were shooting as recently as last Friday, without incident, and his latest comments are grossly inaccurate, without merit and are clearly opportunistic. Despite Jon Gosselin's repeated self destructive and unprofessional actions, he remains under an exclusive contract with TLC. Direct filming of the children has been currently suspended, pending further conversations between both parents.

It doesn't take any reading between the lines to figure out that TLC is going to use their contract with Jon as leverage in this battle. And Jon's lawyer has already staked out the position that the newly renamed Kate Plus 8 does not, in his opinion, have the right to film the children based on Jon's previous consent.

Still, TLC's statements is one of the strongest we can recall of a network bashing its own talent. Calling Jon "self destructive" and "erratic" and characterizing his movements as "unprofessional actions" are certainly fighting words!

Jon Gosselin Put Sign Up For TLC To Stay Away:

Some guy -- we don't know who -- posted a large sign on the entrance gate to the home of Jon and Kate Gosselin in Wernersville, PA. Thursday morning warning TLC to back off. The sign reads: "No film crew or production company from TLC is permitted on this property under penelty of trespass."
At the bottom of the sign, it reads: Johnathon Gosselin. (Note - they misspelled "penalty" and "Jonathon") Jon's attorney via his attorney Mark J. Heller, sent the cable network a pair of letters stating all filming and production crews are heretofore banned from his family's home. The letters from Jon's attorney to TLC were dated Tuesday, the same day the network announced it was minimizing his role on the show and changing the name to Kate Plus 8.
Lawyer: Jon Ready To Sue Network; Show Never Had Required Permits To Film Kids
Jon now says he believes it is not in the best interest of the children's welfare to continue with production of the show.
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Denied Show Was Harming Kids Just One Month Ago
The father-of-eight is currently in Los Angeles for a press tour which starts Thursday, when he will be a guest on Larry King Live.


  1. How convienient that John is " looking out for his kids" ??
    He was a part of this up till Friday & now that they are taking him out of the show he suddenly wants his kids to stop.
    I think he realizes that his checks are gonna stop & he is panicking.
    What next ?

  2. Per Perez Hilton:
    Following this morning's explosive revelation that father of the year Jon Gosselin sent TLC a "cease and decist" letter to halt production on their reality show because he no longer wants his children being exploited on television…. has just spoken exclusively with Jon's manager, Mike Heller. We explicitly asked if this was about money or a negotiation tactic.

    Heller tells us:

    "Jon Gosselin is the new David and TLC is the new Goliath. Jon is empowered by his new attorney, Mark Jay Heller, to take back control of his family. Even if it means the revenue stream will be cut off. Jon's priority is family not money. THIS IS NOT A NEGOTIATION TACTIC TO get more money from TLC.

    We are completely cutting ties with TLC. This is something that he has been trying to do for a while now.


  3. Wow. Just wow. I didn't know Jon had it in him. Obviously it's the new lawyer.

    Jon, or his lawyer, claims he's been trying to do this for a while and that it was not in retaliation for his name being dropped from the show. In fact, TLC did the name change because of Jon's legal actions. I wonder if it can be proved.

  4. OH MY! This is getting crazier by the second. I really hope everything gets worked out and they can move on without the kids being harmed, what a sad turn of events:(

  5. So basically, if Jon isn't getting any money from the show...he doesn't want Kate to get any, either...right?? Craziness. I hope he doesn't get anywhere with this latest stunt. Good luck, Kate!! We love you!!

  6. Of course it's a negotiation tactic. He wants TLC to let him out of his contract so he can go do "Divorced Dads Club" with Mike Lohan. And, he just wants attention since he's on LKL tonight and wants people to watch. I wasn't going to watch until all this nonsense happened. I bet dollars to donuts that his lawyer is sitting next to him the whole time.

    Anyone who believes Jon is David is grasping at straws. They have paid his way for the last 3 years and have made him the "celebrity" he is. Ed Hardy and all those other guys wouldn't give a flying fig about him had it not been for the show. I'm fairly certain Goliath wasn't looking out for the villagers and providing them an above average lifestyle when David decided to slay him.

    Go Kate go! I totally respect the fact that she has a local lawyer, but I think she needs to recruit a pitbull to work with the local lawyer to make sure ALL the bases are covered. Go team K8!!!

  7. "Its pretty clear what's going on: Now that Jon isn't going to be on the show, he wants the show to end. All these years he's maintained that the kids aren't harmed by the show, but the minute he's removed from the show, suddenly it's bad for his family," a production source tells PEOPLE.

    First let me say I'm sorry I was away, but the first day of Brownies and prepping the school was at the top of my priorities this morning. For any ignornant hater that thinks this is great, think again. Jon's selfish motives are strickly being run by his new lawyer. He's become a nasty horrific soon-to-be ex-husband. Kate will most definetly come out as the winner in this anyway.

    She already has other things lined up. He could truly care less if the kids are filmed or not, we already know that. I'm heartbroken that he would kill the remainer of his reputation like this.

    Hopefully on larry King, he will add the final nail to the coffin of his future career. So many of you have asked me what will happen with my site. Let me assure you, I will always continue to have a place where you could discuss Kate and her family! SORRY I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE! But thank you to all my supporters that had my back this morning! xoxoxox

  8. Here's what CNN/People is saying

    '( -- Remember the kid growing up who threatened to take his ball home when he didn't get picked for a team?

    Well, that's Jon Gosselin.

    Days after learning that TLC would continue with a new version of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" that didn't include him as a major factor, the estranged husband of Kate Gosselin has demanded through his lawyers that the show cease production immediately or face potential criminal charges.

    "Effective immediately, no production crews are to enter Jon's family home for any reason," a letter from his attorney said, according to "The Insider," which announced the news on CBS' "The Early Show." "In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authorities to effectuate police action against any trespassers."

    Jon Gosselin owns the property jointly with his wife. The letter is dated the same day as the TLC announcement that the reality show about the couple and their eight kids would be renamed "Kate Plus 8" starting next season.

    "Its pretty clear what's going on: Now that Jon isn't going to be on the show, he wants the show to end. All these years he's maintained that the kids aren't harmed by the show, but the minute he's removed from the show, suddenly it's bad for his family," a production source told PEOPLE.

    It's not immediately clear whether Jon Gosselin's cease-and-desist letter also applies to filming the couple's children, but after the news of the show's rebranding broke, Gosselin came forward with an apology for his post-split behavior, and filed paperwork to stall the divorce proceedings for 90 days -- a move he claimed was best for the family.

    But, as for claims that Jon has been trying for several weeks to end the show, the set-side source reveals that Jon was actually happily taping the show, with his kids, less than one week ago, and that his attitude seems only to have changed once the announcement came from TLC that he was out.

    "In the space of a few days, the show went from being something Jon was willingly participating in to something that is now detrimental," the insider said. "That sure was fast." '

  9. Of Jon Gosselin and attorney, to somewhat quote a new Shakespeare, they protesteth way too much.
    I've learned from attorneys, depositions, and those who document everything, that just because something is said or written does not automatically make it true.
    I appreciate all the wisdom on this site.

  10. Reenie said...
    How convienient that John is " looking out for his kids" ??
    He was a part of this up till Friday & now that they are taking him out of the show he suddenly wants his kids to stop.
    Very true. However, since he is under contract he may have been advised by his lawyers to keep filming until they were ready to legally follow through with the cease and desist order.

    There is just so much going on with this family! Who would have thought this would have happened just knowing their family when they were first filming? Over the years you saw small signs but this???? Unbelievable.

    Again, those poor kids.

  11. We are watching a man self-destruct.

    I am really afraid for Kate and the children now.

    This is harder to watch that Britney's breakdowns, and I always liked her.

    What kind of attorney would go to these lengths on behalf of someone who is so out of control?

    I hope someone who truly cares about Jon will get him the psychological help he so desperately needs. A 72 hour psychiatric hold (while he is in Los Angeles) would be a good start.

  12. Holly Coffel said...
    So basically, if Jon isn't getting any money from the show...he doesn't want Kate to get any, either...right??
    Jon is still under contract and getting paid by TLC for the rest of the season so it can't be about that.

  13. Well if that isn't called biting the hand that feeds you!!

    I think the new saying should be something like 'if it the hand is not feeding you anymore, then it sure as hell shouldn't feed your kids either'! B-A-S-T-A-R-D!

  14. really, I never saw this coming...I mean sure, Jon was going to raise a ruckus about being pulled from the NAME of the show, and TLC stated that he would still be involved, but in all reality, Jon isn't WHO anyone is tuning in to's about Kate and the for the suspension of filming of the kids...I really hope that THEY will be able to find some sort of normal. Jon really is grasping at straws IN MY OPINION, hastily allowing his NEW representation to dictate his life. Mike Lohan stated that Jon had been talking to himself and the attorney (this Heller character) about trying to GET OUT of the TLC contract...only to pursue this Divorced Dads Club. What happened to the "lets put the brakes on this divorce?" crap.....that's exactly what it was.....BULL

  15. Wow. He's a moron! If the show, whether J&K+8 or K+8, stops filming how does he plan on supporting those kids? Paying the rent on his NYC condo, the mortgage on the big house, as well as the mortgage on the old house, which I don't beleive has sold yet.

    He is seriously emotionally unstable. Only the completely deluded group from another blog I won't name, would be brainless enough to watch him on any show.

    I feel bad for Kate and the kids. He's really doing everything he can to destroy their lives. It's very sad....

  16. My heart is heavy for Kate and especially the children. Jon's actions are so eractic and harmful. He is taking his family on an emotional rollercoaster and if they do divorce I pray that Kate will seek full custody of the kids. long as you are here supporting Kate and the kids...I will be too!

  17. What I find the most interesting of all of this is Jon saying that the children weren't getting their fair share of the earnings. Also, that TLC didn't have the proper permits, etc. I really hope this becomes first and foremost during the legal proceedings.

    So why didn't Jon speak up about it earlier?

    One, he tried but didn't have the legal power to see it through. Now he does.

    Two, he didn't care as long as he was getting paid. Now his lawyer pointed out it is the perfect ammunition during their custody/divorce battle.

    Three, he thought they were and during all the divorce proceedings found out otherwise. He left all that up to Kate or TLC to handle and thought it was done.

    Four, all this time he thought that the children would be taken care of financially with no problems and just wasn't worried about it, but now that they are battling for custody and money he realizes the children may lose out if he doesn't have a say in their financial future.

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  19. I am sure Kate is absolutly devasated. I mean how could he. I am so heartbroken for her.

  20. Aw Baby Mama, we know you are busy and have a life besides this blog. We understand you can't manage your blog 24/7, it's just frustrating for us sometimes when we feel the need to vent. lol.

  21. I have here and now came to the camp that Kate needs full custody. That man is crazy. If they go to court on this they can find peice after peice of written and video evidence of Jon supporting his kids filming, one even has him in his car specifically addressing Jodie and Kevin's claims of exploitation and talking about how they put money in the children's accounts. Even when he was talking about despising Kate, his whole demeanor changed when they talked of the filming and he was very confident about how the children don't see it as work. Why doesn't he just be honest and say, the children cannot be on the show if it isn't benifitting him personally. What is he going to do next, decide to take the kids fromt their mother or start getting violent in front of them. Those signs are damaging for the children and their home environment. It is plain as day that this isn't about whether the children should film. He could have halted that at the split and probably won points for himself in the process or not agreed to a season 6, not now when they are getting it to work. This totally changes the way I see him, I want to watch Larry King tonight, but I don't know if I can without getting too nauseated. Kate and the kids are in my prayers and I hope Pennslyvania has good family court judges.

  22. Maybe the answer to all of this is Micheal Lohan's comments. Check out Radaronline. Jon can't do Divorced Dad's Club while under contract with TLC.

  23. SchmeckyGirl we disagree again. I used to adore Jon (the Jon I thought I knew from the first 4 seasons that is.) He's got to get his statements to agree to be valid. He was quoted 2 months ago in the tabloids as saying at the fence to the effect of "I don't want to do the show anymore and I want a 9-5 job." The next day he did an interview and said to the effect "I never said that. I'm happy with doing the show."

    In July he states the show was not detrimental to his children and they enjoyed doing it. He made the same TV statement in his infamous interview when he also stated "I despise Kate."

    Georgia Peach I agree with you. We ARE watching a man self-destruct and it is painful. And I also agree that he needs a 72 hour psychiatric hold for an evaluation.

    He is so erratic and contradictory. I'm worried for him and I hope he can get help.

    I'm not sure exactly how stable his attorney is either. Heller made the statement about the 90 day divorce hold to the effect that "Jon woke up and didn't like what he saw in the mirror and wants to come to a better parenting agreement with Kate." Then he makes the statement that "Jon's action on the halting of TLC production crews is......blah blah blah...he didn't want his family to continue on the trainwreck."

    The trainwreck is Jon and it is sooooooo painful to watch.

    Kate, please bring in a pitbull to assist your local attorney! And keep those bodyguards close. Please don't risk being alone with Jon without somebody to keep you safe.

    If this is the "real" Jon, OMG Kate! How did you put up with his behavior for all that time. Love can be blind, and IMO, I'm sure glad the blinders are off.

    Kate, please remain the class act you are! You have the talent and brains to succeed in a career in many different directions. My prayers are with you.

  24. Ok Michael Lohan is really undoing the whole Jon is doing this for the famly thing b/c he's saying Jon has been trying to get out of the contract w/ TLC so he could do the divorced dad's club and he said he knows this b/c he had a conversation w/ jon 2 days ago. Well IMO that kind of unravels Jon's story of wanting to do this for the kids and not his own benefit of making TLC so sick of him they drop him so he can move on. I think Jon is biting off more than he can chew, I mean trying to take on a network... I think his lawyer is trying to make him think he's invincible. Jon should realize this lawyer is probably looking to become the next big thing and he's using Jon. I really don't understand why Jon can't see that. But then again when you hear about celebrities they say their circle is so small that they really do lose touch with reality. It's to bad. I hope he learns to be wiser through all this. He needs some serious mentorship from someone honorable.

  25. Sorry to be back on so soon, just saw that Michael Lohan says that Jon is trying to get off of his TLC contract to do divorced dads club. TLC should just let him and then he can go off and do his show on a channel that the kids never have to watch and make a fool of himself. He will have income for a few episodes at least until the people get sick of watching him or he changes his mind and doesn't like it and he can pay some child support. Kate can have full custody and he can visit a couple of days a week, maybe even supervised. Right now, I think a babysitter would be more stable than him and I wish Dr Tom Gosselin was still alive to try to bring his son back down to reality and maybe institute that 72 hour psychiatric hold Georgia Peach mentioned. I am sorry for venting like this I am really angry at what he is doing to his kids.

  26. Georgia Peach 311 said...
    We are watching a man self-destruct.

    I am really afraid for Kate and the children now.

    This is harder to watch that Britney's breakdowns, and I always liked her.

    What kind of attorney would go to these lengths on behalf of someone who is so out of control?

    I hope someone who truly cares about Jon will get him the psychological help he so desperately needs. A 72 hour psychiatric hold (while he is in Los Angeles) would be a good start.
    Really? You really think he needs to be held in a psychiatric facility for 3 days? That seems a bit extreme. Granted he should be in therapy to help him deal with what he feels was an abusive marriage, but he's not insane. He most definitely was going through some sort of crisis but hopefully his "looking in the mirror" made him realize he has to change. I thought we all wanted that.

    He's not a danger to his children either as some claim. Why would anything he has done warrant full custody of the children by Kate?

    I totally agree that Jon's behavior hasn't been the greatest these past six months but I don't think he's crazy. He has some issues to deal with for sure though. But so does Kate and most likely now so do the children. In my opinion anyway. But I don't think any of them need to be committed to a mental institution for any length of time.

  27. Oh, and I don't know about the rest of you, but I have renamed my bookmark for this blog "Kate Plus 8" after this. I'd be happy if I never heard from "Johnathon" ever again.

  28. Lohan went online and just contradicted what Jon and his attorney Heller said earlier. Lohan said "as of 2 days ago he still wanted to do Divorced Dads Club but needs to get out of TLC contract to do it." Lohan also said he and Heller were advising Jon in business. OMG, Jon you need to surround yourself with sane people. Is Heller a divorce attorney or a celebrity advising attorney?

    Sounds like Lohan is trying to ride Jon's coat tails for some instant media publicity for himself. And, it doesn't sound like Heller has much control over Jon or Lohan.

    If he doesn't slow down, the only option for Jon will be a show on "Watch Me Have My Complete Breakdown."

  29. I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't trust a lawyer, PR person, spokesperson, etc. to do their jobs well and represent me if they could not spell words on a sign correctly! Did they not proofread it before posting it? Sheesh! It just makes them and Jon look more like the complete idiots everyone's saying they are!

  30. This really upsets me and all I have to say is that I hate Jon. The show pays his mortgage(s) and Kate puts money aside for all of the children--she has said that more than once. Jon annoys me, he is like a child who doesn't get his way.

  31. Jon is still getting a paycheck from TLC. He was not fired, he is still contractually tied to TLC.

    However, his attorney's legal actions will jeopardize his salary from TLC. So those who say he's doing it for the money are simply wrong.

    It's been rumored that Kate wants full custody. Maybe Jon pictured his kids working for TLC 24/7 and said "enough".

    I don't care WHAT they've said in the past about "how little the kids are filmed" a few hours a day, whatever.
    I've seen the shows.
    You don't shop at the farmer's market, shuck corn, cook dinner, eat dinner, have family game night, and go to the doctor in a few hours.

    As for someone needing to "provide" for these kids; they've provided THEMSELVES with millions of dollars. Basically since birth. If their parents haven't managed to save any of it?!? They deserve to say "you want fries with that?" for the rest of their lives.


    If they've managed to blow all that money this fast, then let them rue the day they bought yet another house, or another car, or had their nails done for the billionth time, or bought their new 22-yr old girlfriend a fancy bauble. Sickening.

  32. LOL I just read my own post up there and it looks like I may have to ban myself from posting :-)
    Sorry to sound like such a hate-filled brat. I am SUCH a fan of those adorable kids. Alexis is my fav. I've never missed a show. But I admit it. I am just tired of Jon and Kate, and wondering why on earth this show didn't END when all the crap started hitting the fan.
    It's only damaged the family, there is no way to happily spin the story. Hard feelings, terrible magazine covers, and damage to 8 little kids.
    "We can only go forward" Kate says. But somehow going forward never involves giving her family some privacy?

    Boggles my tired little brain.

  33. I totally agree that Jon has a lot of inconsistencies in his statements. I hope he addresses that on LKL.

    Jon did make statements several months ago regarding the children and the show. It is possible he's had a change of heart. Maybe he spoke to a therapist? Or maybe he does have ulterior motives. Again, something I hope he addresses on LKL.

    Michael Lohan is an ass. Does he think such a statement is helping Jon out? Of course he could have made that statement yesterday when news broke about Jon not being on the show, before today's news came out. But still. Jon needs to cut ties with that man. A divorced dad's show??? Who will watch that? None of the J&K+8 fans will. No men that I know will. He needs to leave that show alone. It sounds so trashy.

    As to the sign having misspellings. Yes, it's totally an embarrassment, but it could have been ordered from a printing company and Jon and/or his lawyer never saw it. Remember the signs at the yard sale... they had to put a sticker over the extra letter.

    And what the heck is "penelty of trespass" anyway? Sounds like something Kate would say.

    Maybe it was a joke? Put there by a fan? It doesn't sound like a legal warning. Very odd.

  34. I would like to add that I don't think it's fair that TLC would allow Kate to do other shows besides Kate Plus 8, but not allow Jon to. Isn't that infringing upon his rights to support himself and his children? Granted, he may do a stupid show that none of us will watch but how will that affect TLC negatively? I don't see how it will. It's not like everything Jon has done in the past isn't already out there anyway...

  35. "They" have not blown all their money. Kate has said repeatedly that SHE has made sure that they have college funds. If we remember back to the will episode, Jon was the one who didn't think they would go to college at all. I suspect the college fund is more of a "trust fund" but sounds less snooty.

    If anyone has been wasting money, it's JON! Apartment in Manhattan, sports car, trips overseas with his "stylist", expensive presents for Hailey, Gucci shoes the list goes on! The only new thing I see Kate having is an SUV that can fit the kids since they can't exactly drive themselves yet.

    Jon is doing this for the money, but not in the immediate sense of the term. He either wants to stop the show to live off Kate's earnings from her books etc through alimony, or he thinks he will be the one making money on "Divorced Dad's Club."

  36. Lohan went online and just contradicted what Jon and his attorney Heller said earlier. Lohan said "as of 2 days ago he still wanted to do Divorced Dads Club but needs to get out of TLC contract to do it."

    Yes, it does sound like it could be the real reason as to why he filed the cease and desist. But maybe it's just "another" reason. Not "the" reason. It is possible Jon could have multiple reasons for doing what he's doing. I don't blame him. He wants out of his contract and they won't let him. Why not? They don't even want him on the show! Why do they want to control every aspect of his life? Makes no sense to me. Again... LKL!!!

    Question: Does anyone know what the Dilley parents do for a living? Don't they have 7 children? I know they have at least 6. Seems to me they are living a nice normal life on a nice normal income. I don't think the Gosselins will be hurting if the show ends. I'm sure Kate has a LOT of money put away. She had to know the show wouldn't last forever. (Of course she probably didn't expect the bodyguard and lawyer expenses.)

    Alright enough SchmeckyGirl for today... I'm on my way out the door soon. Please everyone, give me some good stuff to come back to read later tonight!

  37. Actually I do think this is about money. He may stand to lose money from TLC but my guess is that Jon thinks he will be able to make money doing his Divorced Dad’s Club, or any one of his other possible ventures. And that new money would be his and his alone, not part of the Jon and Kate brand, which is probably extremely appealing to him. I highly doubt, just going off of recent performance that his motivation is anything but self-interest.

  38. I haven't taken the time to read all the posts above, so I apologize if this has already been said. However, at the end of Season 4, Jon exhibited his dismay, concern of going forward with a Season 5, I think we all picked up on that but Kate felt otherwise. I don't think he is backtracking, I think he is now openly expressing his desire to end it for the sake of the kids. To be quite honest, whatever his motive, I think it would be best to stop the show, Kate to take on a talk show-where she is the focus, not the kids, and let the kids try to salvage the rest of their childhood and cope through this crazy divorce. I have been a fan of this show since the 2 one hour specials but since all of the drama, I am no longer interested in watching a divorced family go on with their day to day lives. I identified with the husband, wife and kids family, not this one. I hope and pray in the end that the kids get through this as best as possible and that Jon and Kate make that happen.

  39. Honestly, how stupid can this man be?

    He is just digging himself deeper and deeper. The show is helping him pay for their house, his NYC apartment, his stupid studs, his sports cars, and everything else that he buys while burning a whole in his pocket! Is Jon really that stupid, to try to pull the plug on the show, when that's the only thing that supports himself and his family? Seriously, there might be something wrong with him.

    I do have a question though.... Wouldn't Kate have to agree to put that sign up on their gate? It is her house too, she legally owns part of it, so if she wanted to she could get it removed right? (If I were her, I get on that right away!)

    This is definitely a shocker. What I'm writing here can't even describe how shocked I am! Really, everything just boils down to the kids. At the end of the day, Jon doesn't matter and neither does TLC, or the show, or any of this. The kids ARE going to see everything that has happened between Jon, his laywer, and TLC; and I can gaurentee that they won' t like it. It really is the saddest part of all of this drama. Nothing really matters besides the kids, and I think that Jon and even Kate (though not nearly as much) need to know that, to put all of this nonsense to rest.

  40. Look! A quote from Kate is on Radar!

    "I'm saddened and confused by Jon's public media statements. Jon has never expressed any concerns to me about our children being involved in the show and, in fact, is on the record as saying he believes the show benefits our children and was taping on Friday with the kids. I check in regularly with each of the kids to be sure they want to participate in and continue with the show and will continue to do so. I do the show for my family because I believe it provides us opportunities we wouldn't otherwise have. Jon used to share that belief until as recently as the day the network announced the name change of the show and indicated that Jon would have a lesser role in the show. It appears that Jon's priority is Jon and his interests. My priority remains our children and their well being."

    What do you think about that!?!

  41. Oh and another thing about saying the both of them have wasted money- of anyone tries to argue that Kate was bad with the money, I'll refer you to coupon-gate, where she yelled at Jon for buying a shower head for the new house without the coupon. It's ridiculous to say that Kate has wasted money- there is video evidence that says otherwise!

    As for it being fair or not fair that Kate can do a show and Jon can't, I imagine TLC's argument would be that "Divorced Dad's Club" and the people involved with it would violate his morals clause. Michael Lohan is devoid of morals. Anything like that goes against TLCs mission statement.

  42. Wow, just wow! I have been busy working all morning and just caught wind of all the drama.

    I dont think we should judge so quickly and wait and see what this really is about. I dont know what Jons motivation is but I do think that maybe its not the best for the kids to be filmed all the time. I have no problem with Kate and Jon doing their own gigs but as much as I love the kids it cant be normal to have cameras in your home constantly. Their previous statements about only filming 2 - 3 hours a couple of days a week are bullshit, I am sorry but you could not get all those episodes out of that little footage.

    I for one am going to wait and see how all this plays out, I really hope Jon and Kate can come to an agreement on what is best for the kids and then they can go both go off and do whatever they want for themselves.

  43. I'm so pi$$ed I will have to come back later and comment! I just want to say Jon is a pathetic little boy who needs to lose everything!

  44. I love Kate's statement. She does not put Jon down, but she states the facts and she addresses that she regularly checks in with each of the children to make sure they are still comfortable with filming and that Jon has always had positive views about filming. The more garbage this lady has to deal with, the classier she becomes.

  45. SchmeckyGirl said…
    I don't blame him. He wants out of his contract and they won't let him. Why not? They don't even want him on the show! Why do they want to control every aspect of his life? Makes no sense to me.
    He is a liability to TLC and that contract gives them protection. I don’t think they necessarily WANT to control every or any aspect of his life but he certainly seems to have a propensity for disaster and disappointment. Kate on the other hand, hasn’t been dating while married, she hasn’t been out to bars until 3 AM, and she hasn’t done anything to discredit or disgrace herself or TLC. They can probably trust that when she goes on another show or entertains plans for new jobs, that she will not in anyway comprise the premise of the show and the network.

  46. TLC has to keep Jon under contract or he gets to talk about it all. The confidentiality agreement probably ends with his contract.

  47. The only people that will have any money when this is finished will be the attorneys. I don't care how much Jon and Kate's cut of the show was it will not be enough. Jon thought that 20 grand was a lot for counseling wait until he gets the attorneys bill.

  48. I'm sorry but Jon lost all credibility (not that he had any left anyway) when he tried to claim that this cease and desist of the show was solely because he felt the kids were being exploited.

    How stupid does he think people are when all this time he has been shooting down all those that were saying the show was bad for the kids?How many times has he gotten heated about this subject insisting that the kids are not doing anything they wouldn't normally be doing anyway?

    I hope Larry rips him to shreds tonight. I want to see him try and squirm his way out of this mess he's created!

  49. This is so sad. It is just more loss for those children. They are use to having the TLC crew around and I'm sure think of them as friends. Now because of their selfish father they are losing them too. I agree Kate needs a pit bull attorney to get full custody of the kids. The idea that Jon is trying to save his kids is pure bunk!

  50. This whole mess boils down to one thing. You either have morals and integrity or you don't. We all know Kate is a very giving and selfless mother and has always put her kids first. Whatever she decides is fine with me. She is so classy that I can't imagine her ever getting involved with Jon in the first place, if indeed this is the true Jon. I hope for the best for her and the kids and like the old adage states: "There is a thin line between love and hate". Jon did love her at one time but that has turned into hatred- how else could he be pulling such outrageous stunts. I wish there was some way to show Kate we support her.

  51. Wow. I just don't know where to begin. If anyone can believe even half of all that you-know-what from Jon and his lawyer, I've got a bridge to sell ya.

    I also hope Kate has a pit bull attorney that can bulldoze through all that crap his attorney, Heller, piles on. And yes, get full custody of the kids for Kate.

    As for the sign and everything else, I agree, it's Kate's house and her kids, and her TLC contract also, so she should have at least equal say regarding all of those, not just him and his lawyer. Heller may be shrewd, but not that smart to think they're pulling the wool over anyone's eyes. We weren't all born yesterday.

    Oh, yeah, btw: Didn't TLC already get clearance to film the kids from the State of PA regarding the so-called-exploitation claim fiasco not too long ago? The show, contract and kid's roles in it did not fit the definition that would require child labor laws to mandate specifics regarding conditions and compensation in their case. In fact, the official statement from their governance was that there was no finding to substantiate any violation of any child labor laws. So eat that, Jon & Heller!

  52. Schmeckygirl...
    He's not a danger to his children either as some claim. Why would anything he has done warrant full custody of the children by Kate?
    So smoking pot and having a young girl in the hot tub while the kids are in the house is ok?? thats what your saying??

  53. Also... who in their right minds would even want to watch a show about a couple of loser divorced dads.

  54. I so agree with Ashley. Many thought are going through my head and I can't even make sense of them right now. I will say that I completely saw this coming. Something in me just knew it. I was talking with a friend earlier before the story broke and we were debating whether or not he would try this. I just hope someone somewhere can read through him and his attorney.

    I will have more completed thoughts later...

  55. Thank goodness Kate's lawyer will be on the second half of the show tonight to basically call him a liar...

    "A source tells that CNN has worked out an agreement that will allow Jon to appear on Larry King Live Thursday night while an attorney for Kate Gosselin will be on the second half of the program to respond."

  56. He sure likes to contradict himself, he says Kate has no say on babysitters when he has custody, why then does he have say on filming when she has custody. I love the fact that Kates attorney will be there and Larry will rip him to shreds. I wonder if with Jon's erratic behavior, Kate can get the court to order drug testing and a psychological evaluation for Jon. Sad to say, the attorneys will make a killing.

  57. JOn is just so full of crap...I dont know If I can stomach watching the rest of him on Larry King!

  58. ...just in the first few minutes of LKL....I wonder if Kate could have foreseen the future if she ever would have started a life with Jon. This guy is a much bigger disaster than I ever could have imagined.

    Thank God Kate's lawyer will be on!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Jon did an interview that will be shown tomorrow on both Inside Edition & Entertainment Tonight. I pray for his sake that he doesn't bury himself tonight.. Tomorrow will be brutal...

    "Inside Edition just showed Jon getting in a limo with…of all people…Joe Francis and two blond girls."

  60. This absolutly unbelievable, I am speachless as I am sitting here watching LKL...

    Darn it..there is a storm and my satalite keeps going out, LOL grr of all times.

  61. Baby Mama, I'll be watching Grey's Anatomy...
    Will you post the Larry King episode? :)

  62. Ladies, if anyone would like for me ot post the interview after it aris, then yes tomorrow (or whenever it is available) I will do so.....this is just from Radar:

    "The war between Jon Gosselin and the network that made him a fortune is growing more intense by the minute.

    TLC is furious that Jon is going on Larry King Live tonight and sources tell exclusively that Jon's contract prohibits giving such interviews.

    Jon Gosselin Posts Sign Warning TLC To Stay Away From Home -- Or Else!

    In the hours leading up to the Larry King Live interview, the animosity and threats between TLC and Jon Gosselin reached an all time high has learned exclusively. The cable network asserted that it had the right to prevent Jon from doing other cable interviews and an insider says TLC execs had no intention of letting Jon bash them unanswered."

  63. I would sure like to hear more from TLC's lawyers...

  64. I think the show is over. No way this family can tape after that interview. Kate's lawyer sucked. Made Kate seem like a money and media hungry women.

  65. Jon sounds so stupid and confused when he speaks. He is tripping over his words and cannot complete sentences in an intelligent manner.

    His lawyer looks like the biggest sleaze. The court of the people (or whatever it was)....give me a BREAK!!!!!!!

    Kate's lawyer (in my opinion) sounded very intelligent and knowledgeable and a great judge of Jon's character.

    I actually cannot believe the mess this has become. How and when will it end? I hope Kate and the kids can remain strong.

  66. If he and Kate got a half mill after taxes that's $250k each. Add up his cars, the skull ring, and $5k amonth in rent, jeez he needs a financial counselor. Hope Heller got a big deposit up front.

    Hmmm... "I made mistakes... that's irrelevant..." Dang Larry let him off light. Jon was well coached and much smoother, I'll give him that. Attorney touched his arm when Jon wanted to jump in in anger and Jon immediately backed off. So is Heller an entertainment lawyer who wants the 20% from Jon's next show or a divorce attorney concerned about the divorce. Hope he has somebody in PA who can spell.

  67. Jon really trashed himself. His lawyer doesn't even seem to know the difference between the court of law and the court of public opinion. He kept saying stuff like we are in court right now, this is the court of public opinion. Larry thought he was a crock of BS. I only wish with the clips that he showed, that he would have showed the entire clip. In the one about filming he goes on to say that the whole point of the show was for them to put money in the children's accounts and the View clip Kate goes on to talk about the babysitter and how he reacted to her. I think this whole thing is about his lawyer wanting to make money off of TLC and get a name for himself. He claimed that he didn't have a voice with Kate, now that she isn't his voice, this lawyer and Michael Lohan are. He just spouts out what they tell him to. He also doesn't address how they are to support themselves if not for the income of the show. I love how they kept saying that Jon would get another epiphany tomorrow. Dig it deeper Jon, dig it deeper. If he is so interested in talking to Kate, why doesn't he do it, He could have been spending the time that he was on Larry King meeting with Kate, I am sure she would have agreed.

  68. Islandmom~ I TOTALLY DISAGREE! I thought Kate's lawyer was wonderful. He brought up come great points. Mostly that Jon only did this because he was kicked off the show.. nothing more. He was denied the request to delay the divorce based on this. I thought he spoke very clearly, and made Jon look like the scammer he has become. Bringing up literally 3 times the support from the Glassman family and once again his love of Hailey made me ill. He made a point of saying he made mistakes but was not clear on any of them. Except Deanna was a "friend". I MADE MISTAKES he said..over and over again..

  69. This whole thing is as bizarre as it gets!! I totally agree with wildchild & many other posts tonight!...j is a liability to TLC. The bottom line is that I have absolutely no interest in watching a show with him involved.
    Kate obviously put up with a lot during their marriage (no wonder she was cranky half the time) and it's awful that he just doesn't let go and move on (as he has repeatedly said he wants). Stay strong Kate+8!

  70. I watched Larry King & I think Jon is full of shit when he says after taxes they made $500,000 Last year? I think its more than that. If he can afford that swanky apartment & cars ??
    Ughh, He makes me sick. I think Kate will take the high road .
    Jon goes & does these interviews & its all over the minute he opens his mouth ! He trips over his words & contridicts himself. And the Lawyer he has ???

  71. I agree with you Baby Mama, Kate's attorney stayed on topic and spoke very well. Both Jon and his idiot attorney looked like two greasy, sleeze buckets and I was happy that Larry had all the "sound bites". Jon brought this all upon himself, he started this whole mess, with Deanna and he looked like a total liar once again. He can't even remember all of the lies that he has told, over the past 10 months, he was tripping all over his words. LOSER.

  72. I could have sworn I saw Jon responding to paps about Jody and Kevin's accusations just meer months ago when it came to the show being harmful. Saying it was ridiculous and that the show wasn't harmful at all, the kids were okay, and loved ect.. Anyone remember? They showed the clip tonight while Jon was on Larry King.

    Jon's response.. his so called Epiphany. Interesting timing.. ? I say Jon either got tired of being the black sheep of TLC and wanted to split ties, or he knew TLC might do this so he suddenly decided to start the "bad for my kids" mantra. Thus the new lawyer and accusations.

    And I just want to say for the record. The only thing that has been harmful to these kids, in my eyes, is Jon's antics. Before the tabloids got ahold of his downright sleazy behavior. The show was all about Jon and Kate, their kids and the occassional back and forth bickering they did.

    The kids were only subjected to harmful behavior when Dad decided to enter into his second childhood publicly and send those poor kids into a scandal nightmare. If TLC is a monster who made money off of them.. Jon did his best to feed that monster with his awful behavior.

    I don't know why I expected to watch Larry King tonight and see a truely remorseful Jon. But I did. My one last hope. But once again, I saw a sleek move by a guy who realized he couldn't clean up his image and if he's going down, he's taking his entire family out of the running with him.

  73. I also thought Kate's lawyer was great. They are the calm and reason in this mess.

    Jon has made such a mess - a demolition - and just continues to do so. That E! interview tomorrow is going to reflect so poorly on him. He needs psychological help and someone to help him with his foot in mouth disease. His statements are contradictory almost every day. He does not learn. From his interviews or his "mistakes" with women. First there was Deanna. Then he did it again with Hailey. Then with Kate II. Then with the babysitter, while at the house with the kids! You can't continue to call it "mistakes" when you keep repeating them, and ramping it up as you go along. He was just being defiant and angry that he kept getting caught. Not at all acting his age or like a father of impressionable children that were just feet away. He takes such risks with those children - it's almost like they are irrelevant if he's feeling justified for being PO'd at the moment.

    I did a little research and I am happy to see that PA and Berks County have the Sandcastles program in place for the kids. Or at least it has been in years past. That is the program M. Gary Neuman created. He's been featured on Oprah a few times, with kids of divorce.

    Those kids. They are going to be so hurt when they find out all that he's said and done. They will be changed. And it all will have been so unnecessary.

    Someone out there who truly cares for Jon: Please help him face the reality of what he has done, and more importantly, what he continues to do. He demonstrates no self-control and seems incapable of stopping himself. It would be different if there were no children involved. But there are!

  74. WOW, I am pretty sure that this one will have to go before a judge, because these two so called ADULTS will not be able to settle anything now. Its really too bad that they let it go this far.
    I think TLC maybe, might have led Kate to believe something different. Not sure yet!
    Did anybody catch these words out of Kate att. mouth: physical custody??? Main decisions.
    J&K have a joint custody agreement but someone has to have physical custody, and that is the parent that has the children more then 50% of the time. So it looks like Kates in control again. I should have said still!
    Butttt............Jons' attorney made some good legal points against TLC. Name change, voids the contract, no trust set up for the kids, Kate did it at the last minute to cover tracks, permit to film is in question, how do they prove its a documentry program????? Who knows!!

    After all this they should stop the show, can you fans that have children honestly think that it is ok for them (kids). Divorce is hard enough but kids even that young can tell when their parent s are mad, upset, sad, or arguing.

  75. Also, I thought Kates lawyer ROCKED tonight! He was well spoken & intelligent. And clearly was more prepared than Jons lawyer. He stressed that this needs to take place in court not on TV & Jons lawyer wants the Court of Public Opinion" ?
    Go Kate !

  76. Believe whatever you want, if ONE parent doesn't believe filming is in the best interest of the children, filming is OVER.

    Courts don't care WHEN you decided it is harming your children. The point is; the father of 8 kids is against filming.

  77. The only thing about who says they can film or not is if Jon loses all custody he doesn't have a say! You know I wouldn't be so mad if he was doing this for the right reasons but its pretty obvious his reasons are for himself and to hurt Kate. He never makes any decisions for his children!

  78. I agree with you, rkc. Filming is definitely over unless TLC has something up their sleeves. I don't think Jon will change his mind unless it's for money.

    I think Kate's attorney sounded great. And Jon's attorney looked too "Hollywood".

  79. Everyone here has brought up some great points. Bottom line it's just so sad that Jon decided to go this route. After so many people would attack Kate because she went on shows to talk about her divorce. Jon went out and did the exact same thing. He could have really tried to handle this privately, and in the end, wound up stabbing himself. And then really hurting his family..People want the show off the air because they hate Kate for getting free things. The jealousy is horrible. They could care less about these kids being on TV.

    You all are the hit of the blogging world. As we speak haters everywhere are hanging on our every word spoken on this site. We should all be so flattered! (lol)

  80. This is nothing but a ploy again. Schmucky J and his Sleazy lawyer (he just made me cringe in disgust) put this out in the media to make a public scene but shortly will quietly try to negotiate with TLC a swap. He will approve the continued taping of the show if he is released from his contract so he can do his own thing.

    How comical that he isn't smart enough to realize he will never successfully be on tv again. No one will watch any project he is on and it will soon be cancelled. Good riddance to him.

  81. I forgot to mention that at this point, Jon better not be trying to break away from his show to do the "Divorced Dad's Club" with Michael Lohan. Because THAT would truly be the final nail in his career coffin. He keeps claiming he has the best people around him now. Is he really including Michael Lohan?

    Many people are e-mailing me asking where is Kate tonight during this whole mess. I received two e-mails saying Kate is at a Taylor Swift concert with the twins tonight at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, PA. She was personally invited by Taylor.

  82. What I can't get over is how hostile Jon is when he answers questions! He's just so aggressive and so in denial about his behaviour. The divorce wouldn't have been on all the magazine had he not been out and about with 4 different women! There is just no understanding that he caused this!

    His lawyer reminds me of the guy who sells you knock off bags that have "fallen off the truck." He's just oozing sleaze. I feel like I need to take a shower after listening to him.

    I mean, really, TLC has how many reality shows? Three involving kids, I think? Do they really expect us to believe TLC didn't dot the I's and cross the T's? Why would a big network risk that with their biggest show?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, Kate has been very clear that she has set up trust funds for the kids. Just because Jon says TLC never asked them to doesn't mean it never happened. It seems to me that Kate was always in charge of the money being the responsible one in that way, I don't think Jon should be spouting his mouth about things he's no good with.

    I think Larry should have gone after him more about the ABC interview and the hateful things he said about Kate and how that would have impacted his kids. I don't think saying, "I make mistakes, I learn from them" and trying to deflect the question back at Larry is a thoughtful or mature way of responding to questions.

    Kate's co-counsel was great. He raised fantastic legal points. Actions, or lack there of, speak louder than words. If Jon really didn't want to do the filming, than he would have gone to the courts when he said he had his epiphany. No court action, no truth to the claim.

    So, I guess overall, I don't think this went well for Jon. He didn't come across as sincere, or sympathetic at all. I think Kate has a good legal team who will sort this out.

  83. J (I am not able to type his entire name. My fingers can't handle it.) is literally taking income from his children with his latest antics. If he doesn't care about money, maybe he can return his diamond earrings and Gucci shoes. That shirt he had on during the Larry King program didn't come from Target.

    15 years ago I told my non-yet-ex that I needed to sell our house in order to support our 3 kids on my salary and our personally negotiated child support. His response was to have his attorney send me a summons to court in order to decrease child support. He won. I didn't lose. Our kids lost. That is precisely what J is doing. He thinks he is so smart but he is punishing his children with his anger.

    Maybe the kids actually enjoy the filming. The seps don't even know life without a crew. They might just be disappointed to have it all come to a halt.

    He is an angry man trying to prove his manhood.

    I've said it here before. One day his children will know and understand all of this. They will make their own decisions but I guarantee he will not win in the court of his own children. Can you imagine the day when the kids ask why he had to be so cruel to their mother in public? Why he forced the show to stop and take their earnings from them?

    Seriously. He will cry one day.

  84. Baby Mama said:
    For any ignornant hater that thinks this is great, think again. Jon's selfish motives are strickly being run by his new lawyer. He's become a nasty horrific soon-to-be ex-husband. Kate will most definetly come out as the winner in this anyway.

    Personally, I am glad that Jon has done this. I think the whole should be stopped, at least for awhile. Until Jon & Kate can be civil towards one another. Like it or not they are going to in eachothers lives for along time. Time to suck it up!
    What in the hell went so wrong in there marriage, to make them act like this? Maybe they can take some lessons form the Duggars or the Hayes family. They have it just as bad, in the kids aspect, worse even.
    Does everybody realize that this show has dropped 80% in the ratings? Why is TLC keeping them on.
    I was a huge fan of this show, I recorded every new episode and always watched the marathons, but Monday I decided, no more. Mind you this was before I heard the sickening news that it will be "Kate plus 8". So I didn't watch the new episode. I won't support all this crazy none sense. If Jon & Kate would just take some time off and deal with this in complete privacy, then hell yes I would love to start watching again. But I doubt that will happen.
    Right now I'm not a huge fan of either Jon or Kate, but I'm glad Jon is stepping up his game. All those sweet kids will need serious therapy when they get older and find out how their parents acted in this difficult time for them.
    If Jon or Kate gets another TV gig, I won't support either one.
    I'm sure your wondering why I'm posted on this site if I'm negative towards the family. Well like I said before, I've been a fan for along time and this is the nicest site that I've been on, even though many of you rag on Jon. I've looked at the other sites and they are very bad. So hopefully Baby Mama will post my last comment.

  85. I was trying to figure out why Jon's doing this latest media stint and I think I have it figured out. Was anyone interested watching him in the divorced dads show? Of course not. He, his lawyer and his mgr. think this spin will make him look like father of the year, thus securing more viewers to his new show.

    I wish Kate had her own her show. I know she's got the Paula Deen thing on the burner right now, but I want to see her do one of her very own: Rachel Ray meets Tipical MaryEllen style!

  86. From People:

    A new bombshell in the War of the Gosselins was dropped Thursday night as the battle stage shifted to the West Coast studio of CNN interviewer Larry King.

    Five minutes into the appearance of Jon and his attorney Mark Heller, the lawyer told King that TLC terminated Jon's Jon & Kate Plus 8 contract on Tuesday because Jon was planning to go on the show and announce he was ending the program by no longer appearing on it and by refusing to allow his children to participate.

    Though Gosselin told King that his intention was to "pull the plug" on the show weeks before TLC fired him, King later read a statement from the network claiming that it had received no such word from Jon.

    "I've been talking about pulling the plug on this program ever since I became involved," said attorney Heller, who was recently hired by Jon. Heller said he considered the termination of the Gosselin reality show "a done deal."

    Jon said it was time he took control of his marriage and make life normal for his children. King challenged Heller's claim about Jon's plan to announce he was shutting down Jon & Kate Plus 8 on the air, because only moments before Jon said he had "no idea" he was being fired, and that he "found out just like everybody else … saw it on a laptop as an [Associated Press] newswire."

    Here to Apologize
    Saying he last spoke to Kate 3½ weeks ago," and that she wants to keep the show going "for financial reasons," Jon said, "I need to be a father. I need to take my kids off the show." He also said he was putting the brakes on his divorce.

    "I'm here to apologize to Kate," Jon told King. "I've made mistakes." He would not comment on reported flings, other than to repeat, "I've made mistakes." Asked if called Kate, Jon said, "I've tried. She doesn't want to talk to me."

    Kate's attorney, Mark Momjian, said that the divorce case would not be delayed. "It's going to go forward."

    Bitter Week
    Jon and Heller's appearance with King followed a day of numerous accusations between Jon, Kate and TLC – which, in turn, followed days of upheavals surrounding their personal and professional lives.

    On Tuesday TLC announced it was dropping Jon from the show (which was to be renamed, simply Kate Plus 8), prompting him to say he wanted a permanent halt to the show because it was damaging his children.

    Earlier Thursday, Heller issued a statement to say, "I am totally confident that he will be completely successful in his quest to take back control of his family and preserve, protect and ensure their future well-being by putting the brakes on his divorce and pulling the plug on TLC."

    Concerns for Kids
    Rebutting Jon's claim about their kids, Kate in her statement said: "Jon has never expressed any concerns to me about our children being involved in the show and, in fact, is on the record as saying he believes the show benefits our children and was taping on Friday with the kids."

    For its part, TLC said, "We are aware of Jon Gosselin's recent statements, and remain deeply disappointed at his continued erratic behavior. He and the family were shooting as recently as last Friday, without incident, and his latest comments are grossly inaccurate, without merit and are clearly opportunistic.""

    A peaceful resolution does not appear to be in sight, at least not this week. Only minutes before Jon's Larry King interview, reported that TLC would be taking legal action against Jon for being in violation of his contract by appearing on another network.

    Asked by King how much he made from the series last year, Jon replied $1 million before taxes, $500,000 after.

    As phony as it was, reading that he wants to apologise to Kate made me tear up a little :(

  87. Jon can't do his 'divorced dads' club as long as the TLC Contract was in place. This was the ONLY way he could totally get himself out of the contract so HE CAN go and pursue his own reality TV SHOW with MICHAEL LOHAN.

    He doesn't care about how this will affect Kate or the Kids financially. HE THINKS that HE will make enough on his new show - that HE will be the STAR and he can't see past that. For God's sake it's Michael Lohan's lawyer who's advising him now - and you can bet that man has a lot of money to make if Jon gets on the show with ML. Jon is surrounding himself with people HE THINKS care about him - when all they care about is making as much money off of him as possible.

    Being divorced and having an ex spend his time doing everything he can to totally rock any 'normalcy' his kids and ex have - spending time trying to ruin his ex's career -- using HIS KIDS to make his points (sorry he spoke out to RO and other media sources any other time he wanted to bitch moan or complain about something) - but yet NOT ONE WORD about not wanting the kids filmed? I call BS. I think Jon is a spiteful, mean, selfish, immature, money hungry jerk - who at the end of the day --- blames his kids for him 'losing his twenties'.

    Actions speak louder than words. WATCH what Jon DOES. He's at least got someone helping him 'play' it better now -- but trust me -- JON IS NOT SINCERE.

  88. Amy LOL !!!! I love that you said Jons lawyer reminded you of a guy who sells knock of bags that "fall off the back of the truck"
    HaHaHa Love it!
    OK, so I remembered who his lawyer reminds me of, Have you ever seen that movie "My Cousin Vinny", That reminds me of him!
    ROFL !!!!!!!!!

  89. Jon's lawyer is sleezy going on about the court of public opinion. Cases are "tried" in the court of public opinion when they can't be won in a court of lae. And it is clear that he deals with half truths and misrepresentations. I caught a few but I wonder how many I missed.

    "Jon's wanted to do this for weeks." juxtaposed with "When I hired my new lawyer, I decided I wanted to do this." Reality is the new lawyer has been there 2 weeks. Jon has wanted to do this for 2 weeks - 14 days.

    "TLC has made $186 million off the Gosselins." Later the lawyer admitted that he read in newspaper that is what the network made last quarter. Which means that is what they made on their full line up of shows - not just Jon and Kate plus 8.

    Jon's claim about making $22,500 per episode and only $1 million doesn't add up either. I know they have had other income through the books and Kate's appearances so we can't judge by the amount of money they have spent. But they filmed their 100th episode with Emeril and right there that would be $2.3 million.

  90. I fear for Kate and the kids too, Jon is just so out of control that nothing he does would surprise me. He still insist that he was hurting and thats why he reacted as such.
    I will never forget that announcement episode when he looked almost gleeful when he said that he was excited and the look of totall devastation on Kates face, that for me says it all.
    I just hope to God that he realizes that all of this media frenzy is JONS fault and that he will stop blaming everybody else
    He is ruining all of thier lives with jealousy.

    I am leaving on vacation today ,I wont be back for three weeks, maybe by then things will calm down

  91. What a sad day - watched LKL last night. Jon came across as a bumbling idiot without a thought in his head except how to get back at Kate. Unfortunately for Kate, the children and the rest of us who love them, I don't see how TLC can possibly continue programming now that he's come out so blatantly about wanting the show stopped.

    There's so much more I want to say, but I'll wait for now. I'm just too sad.

  92. #1caregiver said...
    So it looks like Kates in control again. I should have said still!
    Butttt............Jons' attorney made some good legal points against TLC. Name change, voids the contract, no trust set up for the kids, Kate did it at the last minute to cover tracks, permit to film is in question, how do they prove its a documentry program????? Who knows!!

    After all this they should stop the show, can you fans that have children honestly think that it is ok for them (kids). Divorce is hard enough but kids even that young can tell when their parent s are mad, upset, sad, or arguing.
    DO you know she did it at last minute?? DO you have ANY prove of that?? No you dont, you have nothing but words. SO dont go making comments that you have no idea about.

    ANd I will answers that as a fan with children, I think them doing fun things for the show with each parent gives the kids and the parents something else to focus on besides sitting at home thinking about this divorce. As Kate has said, do you want them to sit at home and stare at each other?? I think its VERY healthy for them to do projects, and as everyone knows, those kids are used to the cameras being there. Do you think these parents are NOT going to fight because there are no more cameras?? Do you think everythings going to be all better because there are no more cameras there?? NO thats stupid to think that. Jon wants the cameras off so he can continue to cheat. Hes nothing but selfish, I still want to know how hes going to provide for these children now??

  93. Reenie said...
    Also, I thought Kates lawyer ROCKED tonight! He was well spoken & intelligent. And clearly was more prepared than Jons lawyer. He stressed that this needs to take place in court not on TV & Jons lawyer wants the Court of Public Opinion" ?
    Go Kate !
    I 100% agree with you, He pointed out over and over why Jon is not in court making all these statment? Cause he doesnt want to answer real questions? And his "Hollywood" sleazebag lawyer kept saying we are in the "public court" WHAT?? thats the dumbest thing I have ever heard. These children he supposly is doing all this for dont give a damn what the public have to say. ugh he really has no idea how dumb he looks now.

  94. I think TLC will win in the end. Jon is fighting a losing battle. You can't fight big corporations, especially if you have no legitimate reasons. It's like trying to fight Walmart-it just aint gonna' happen.

  95. Wow there is so much to say about the LKL interview.

    I think both attorneys did well. I'm not sure why TLC didn't have an attorney there though. I don't think anyone should judge Jon's lawyer based on his manner of speaking. He has a NY accent. Okay, so he sounded like he should be on My Cousin Vinny, but that's what a lot of NYers sound like. (He sounded like he was originally from Brooklyn but I could be wrong.)

    I thought both lawyers brought up valid points. I do agree that Jon and Kate should try to have a meeting and work it out before it goes to court. Apparently both lawyers feel that way and supposedly so do Jon and Kate... so why hasn't it happened?

    I understand that TLC has a vested interest in Jon and his antics. However, if they cut him loose he won't be a reflection of TLC or their show anymore. I agree that the real reason is they want to keep him under the confidentiality agreement as long as they can. Do I blame them? No. I'm sure Jon can tell a lot of what's really been going on and they are worried. They should be.

    I also don't think it matters why Jon decided he wants to stop filming. Maybe he is bitter. Maybe he doesn't want TLC to run his life any longer. Maybe he feels that TLC is also running what happens to his family and he's sick of it.

    I understand the whole motorcycle thing seemed petty, but it's not about the motorcycle. Once again it's about control. He gets the motorcycle if he behaves? He's under house arrest so that he behaves? Regardless of whether or not Jon was right or wrong in his actions, what happened to the reality? To the documentary? They wanted him to "act" a certain way.

    (to be continued)

  96. Kate and her lawyers keep saying Kate signed a contract and she's going to honor that. That's not a valid reason to continue the show. Not if there's a chance you can get out of the contract, especially for the better of your family. She doesn't want out of the contract. Fine, that's her choice. But what about the children?

    I'm sorry but I totally disagree that Jon shouldn't have put this out in the media. It was the smartest move (legally) because, like it or not, public opinion can be crucial in a case like this. TLC is very worried about their reputation, their image. The last thing they want is public outrage. Kate too. If she really wants what is best for her children then this could be the answer. Public outrage can be a big motivator to find out. The more people that know the factors, the more people TLC will have to answer to.

    Of course they will most likely have to go to court. Jon's lawyer knows that. So does Jon. But how will it look for TLC and even Kate if they disregard Jon's wishes about "the welfare of his children"?

    Hopefully now these children can get the attention that they need. They can have a child specialist evaluate them. They can have a third party whose only interest is the children decide. If every parent was the only person within right to decide what is best for their children, we wouldn't have children's services. Sometimes, sadly, it's needed.

    For Kate to ask the children if the want to continue filming is not good enough. Some children will just say what they think their parent wants. It's good that they know Jon doesn't think they should film because now they know there is another option. However, I think that only pertains to Mady and Cara. The tups have no idea what is right for them. They are five. They don't know anything else. Although, I'm not sure Mady and Cara really understand the loss of privacy and the effect of living under a microscope. They really may not be able to make that decision for themselves. How many children at that age know what is best for them? Especially in the long run.

    And the financial aspect of it! Wow. It seems those children were not getting their fair share of the earnings. A "college or trust fund" is not enough if it's not based on a fair percentage of the show's income. Again, it's not always best that a parent determine what "fair" is in a case like that. Those children should have a third party in charge of their trust funds. If Kate is being fair with the money then it won't matter anyway.

    Most importantly I'm glad that the best interest of the children is now first and foremost. It always should have been anyway. I would think that anyone that loves and adores those children would be happy that it's being looked into, regardless of the reason.

  97. It is impossible for J & Kate to "sit down and discuss" without lawyers. First there is the "he said/she said" aftermath. Then there is the fact that he despises her. No joke. He said it on network television. Can you imagine what he said to her in private? The anamosity is way too high for any private agreements.

    Psycopath? Sociopath? A man without any understanding of human emotion. He can't help himself. He proves his mental illness every time he opens his mouth. It's not a disgrace. He needs professional help. Not "counseling". Serious, professional, psychiatrist help. Medication. He is causing irreparable harm to his children. If he cares so flipping much, go to court. Talk to the arbitrator through your attorney or in person. Let a judge decide. This court of public opinion has made it's ruling. YOU ARE SICK. GET HELP and for the sake of your eight children, SHUT THE F--- up.

  98. Jon = male Britney

    The more I learn about this, the more I'm convinced that Jon must be either bipolar or on drugs. His erratic self-destructive behavior, contradictory statements, bizarre and abrupt changes in appearance...

    Perhaps he was always like this but personally, I can't see any woman falling in love with, much less marrying, a man like this...what do you all think?

    I really hope, especially for the children's sake, that he surrounds himself with better people and gets some help. Initially, I just thought he was going through a midlife crisis/being a pig and hoped he'd get his comeuppance, but now it's just sad.

  99. I am just so saddened by the mess that is the Gosselin family and I think they are both to blame. Their individual dysfunctions fed into each other to make a very bad combination. Add 8 children and ...

    Time to let the show stop. I will miss the adorable children (I love Mady) but it is best for them to have some privacy. God help those beautiful children.

  100. $22,000.00 an episode??? $1 million a year??? Does anyone else think that sounds low? If that's the case I think Jon and Kate and their children have been gypped.

    If TLC made over $180 million in one quarter (and it was stated that TLC attributed most of that to the Gosselin show) the amount they were paid is ridiculous. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that was just the quarterly earnings, right?

    I understand the Gosselins are making more this season (the reported $75k per episode) but still, compared to how much TLC generates from the show I think they are entitled to more. Seriously, what other show on TLC is a major money maker? I personally don't even watch any of the other shows on there.

    Jon and Kate signed the contracts without lawyers??? That's insane. TLC is not going to have the Gosselin's best interests in mind, financially or emotionally. If anyone believes that they are mistaken. I think their salary the past couple of seasons proves it. I think a lawyer could have negotiated for a lot more. Heck, I think I could have negotiated for a lot more for them.

    Am I alone in thinking $22k per episode for the entire family is low?

  101. HOLLI DAY said...
    It is impossible for J & Kate to "sit down and discuss" without lawyers. First there is the "he said/she said" aftermath. Then there is the fact that he despises her. No joke. He said it on network television. Can you imagine what he said to her in private? The anamosity is way too high for any private agreements.

    I don't think anyone is saying they should sit down without lawyers. They should sit down and discuss it (with or without lawyers) before they go to court.

    The way I understood it is that Kate and/or Jon each claim the other does not want to meet and discuss this before appearing before the arbitrator. But they should. Maybe some things can be worked out and decided between themselves and not left up to someone else. They should iron out as much as they can beforehand.

    As for how Jon would speak to Kate, from what I've seen on the show Kate can handle herself just fine.

  102. Helen said...
    Jon = male Britney

    The more I learn about this, the more I'm convinced that Jon must be either bipolar or on drugs. His erratic self-destructive behavior, contradictory statements, bizarre and abrupt changes in appearance...

    Perhaps he was always like this but personally, I can't see any woman falling in love with, much less marrying, a man like this...what do you all think?

    I really hope, especially for the children's sake, that he surrounds himself with better people and gets some help. Initially, I just thought he was going through a midlife crisis/being a pig and hoped he'd get his comeuppance, but now it's just sad.
    I do not think Jon was always like this to this extreme. Earlier pics of him show him as a "bad boy" and he seems to live a very unstructured life before he met Kate.

    I think maybe he did smoke some pot but probably nothing more than that. While I myself am against doing drugs and none of my friends do drugs, there are a lot of people that smoke pot socially. People you would never dream of. Reputable, normal, well-adjusted, good people. I'm not sure why but they do. And I'm speaking of people that do it "socially" not addicts or potheads.

    I just don't see Jon as having psychological problems. I do think he has issues but I think they were brought on by his life on the show. I think Jon lost control of his life. He married a controlling woman (who admits such). He got himself into a situation that put his life, everything he says or does, under the control of a huge corporate entity.

    I think Jon was acting out. He got fed up of being told what to do and, like a big kid, acted out.

    Hopefully he really does look back at the past 6 months and sees what we all saw. He says he does. Hopefully that's true.

    As for his bizarre and abrupt change in his appearance, I don't think his appearance has changed that much. I think they were just poor choices in fashion.

  103. Jon's mistake was not saying at the time the divorce was made public that he wanted his kids off the show. Now, it only seems like he wants money. True or not, the damage is done. I think the kids shouldn't be filmed any more. This is a freak show & the only people enjoying the performance are the public. Some may say that this is what the kids know. The cameras have been in their lives since birth so it's normal for them. No, it's not normal for any child to have cameras shoved in their faces all the time for the public's pleasure. Yes, it's for our pleasure. We want to see those kids all the time. We want to see them grow like we have made some kind of investments in their lives. But when does it all end? When they are 10, 18, 32 or 59? If we truly want these kids to live normal, productive lives, we will let them be. It is time. We really do not know how all of this is affecting them. It's bad enough that their parents are divorcing and even worse to have it all played out for the world to see.
    Others may also say that it's a way for their parents to provide for them. I think we can all agree that they have made a tidy sum that could sustain them for some years & maybe till the kids all turn 18. Besides, both Jon & Kate are trained professionals & could easily provide for their family should they both decide to go back to their former jobs.( I know both professions pay well.) But I suppose they could think going back would be beneath them. If they want to continue doing realty shows, then so be it. They don't need to drag their kids into it. Are things this way because of the explosion of technology and realty tv? God help us all.
    Whatever Jon may be, it's not alright to label him psychopath, sociopath, manic depressive or some other kind of mental illness. I don't think he has done anything that would warrant that neither has he been diagnosed as such. This is the father of the kids we profess to love. I don't like some of the things he has done to date, but calling him names or labeling him helps no one, certainly not the kids.
    Jon & Kate need to take a step back, call a truce & reevaluate their lives. They both have made mistakes. It's time to come together & resolve whatever issues they have pending so the kids can maybe have a semblance of a normal life.

  104. Jon is JEALOUS!! This whole fiasco has NOTHING to do with the welfare of the kids. Jon has turned into the green eyed monster and all this hatred is aimed at Kate! She is the one who is the more martketable of the two and with the TLC name change, a new tv show in the works, appreances on talk shows, plus whatever else she may be cooking up - he can't see straight!

    I hope Kate has an iron clad divorce settlement allowing her to keep what ever money she is making after the seperation/divorce. I also think she should be granted full physical custody of the kids. He by all means is no "role model." How dare he do this to his children - taking away their livlihood. He has whinned about leaving the show for some time and now his wish has been granted. It just amazes me how he didn't complain when he was cashing those paychecks. I guess that 9-5 job he so desperately wanted, may be a reality sooner than later - you good for nothing LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Mr Lohan, Mr Heller, Ms Glassman are the ones who are benefitting from all of this that Jon is pulling. If Jon sees Michael Lohan as a role model, Kate better get control of the situation really quickly. He was a terrible father, one time he went to jail for violating a protective order keeping him from his kids. Dess Jon want his kids to grow up with the same problems that Lindsay has? Michael wants Jon on this divorced dad's show because his name brings audience, and a lot of people still want to see Jon as a good father. Mr Heller wants publicity from Jon and to try to get his hands on money from TLC. Hailey benefits from Jon buying her stuff and from anything that makes Kate look bad.
    When Jon was talking about the incident with the kids filming last summer, an incident that he has several times had other explanations for depending on his daily epiphany. He mentioned the kids not wanting to do the planned activity because it was 96 degrees outside, not them having an issue with being filmed. The parents choose the activities that are being filmed and as shown from the past several shows that Jon has been in Jon does a lousy job of finding activities. You can tell the kids are bored and Jon is around playing and acting silly. He could have done something appropriate to the situation He also didn't give any indication that TLC gave the kids any kind of hard time about wanting to go swimming. He also never came up with any other instances of this occurring. It probably wouldn't hurt for a therapist or other neutral person (as long as they don't already have a bias against the show) to talk to the children and observe some filming just to be sure everything is hunky doory and satisfy the court if need be, but I'm sure they would side with Kate.

  106. Ok I've been wanting to say this for a while but some of the outrageous comments that are appearing on this site seem like they belong on the "other" site. I came to this site because I saw that most comments were rational. Things like Jon should be locked up in a psych ward, he's bipolar, he's on drugs, custody should be taken belong on the "other" site. I felt this way when they were saying nasty things about Kate and whether or not any of us agree on issues relating to Jon, it's just going to the extreme and coming off as the loonies you see elsewhere.

  107. SchmeckyGirl Yes that does sound very very low. I don't know what the ratings were prior to last season, but dividing that 10 ways its far too low. Since reality tv isn't union like most tv shows they aren't protected by a minimum pay. Considering the ratings share for this show (even after the downfall) is around the ratings of that 90210 show (where the actors are making anywhere upwards of 5-10 thousand each, more if they are a "name" and not including residuals when it reruns) and the cost of producing a reality show is much much lower, they did need a better negotiation. However, to be fair, actors will work 12 hours a day on set whereas the hours shooting this show are said to be much shorter. I know the kids aren't actors but I'm just trying to make a tv wage comparison.

  108. I wasn't trying to be demeaning towards Jon in my comment. I was merely speculating on the similarities between his strange behavior and the recent meltdown of Britney Spears. It's true that none of us can really know.

    Regardless, I do think his choice of company is a detriment to him and consequently, his children. I feel sad for him and Kate and the kids.

  109. 3KMOM, I totally agree with everything you posted above.

    Speaking for myself; the over the top hatred toward Jon here makes me uncomfortable. I guess now when people here talk about "haters", I'll have to read closely to determine with group of haters we're referring to.

    Back on topic, you can expect radaronline and other sites to begin publishing complete nonsense. Jon now wants some privacy for his children, and it's long overdue. I expect Kate's PR people to flood the airwaves with things using "inside sources" and "sources familiar with the situation". They have to start spinning the story, because a father SHOULD be able to protect his kids. Kate's only option: distraction.

    Don't believe things from unnamed sources.

    Remember when radar said Kate bought a condo?

    I really wish people thought logically before they start spreading rumors.

  110. I saw Kate's phone call on the View this morning. I'm glad they had her on, but Lisa Ling was incredibly rude to her. There's ways to express your opinion without being mean ("... there's better ways to provide your kids, c'mon!") She was also rude about the David Letterman issue, saying "...he's funny, but David Letterman, c'mon!" Basically, she said that he was not attractive. And I really like Lisa Ling and the work she's done, but she really disappointed me this morning.
    Interesting that Kate admitted on Today that she had taken money out on the advice of her lawyer and then returned half of it per the arbitrator. Sounds like she was right to do it to me, but I wonder if it will be used against her by Jon or his lawyer as the reason he took all that money out. Not that it's a good reason, or that there IS any good reason, but I suspect he will use it.
    Hang in there, Kate +8!