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Videos Galore! Kate & Kathy Griffin On The View, "Farm To Table" Is Kate Too Shy For TV?

Hello Gosselin Fans! I am going to try harder now to get more posts up now that things are slightly getting back to normal. Again thank you for all the warm thoughts and blessings. I am the new hot topic in Gosselin blog land and I never want to disappoint. I want to say hi to all of our new readers, and hugs to all our older loyal ones. I appreciate you coming to the site and sharing all of your feelings, questions & comments. I have not been able to read all of my e-mails. So please post on the site unless its something you wish to discuss privately. Thanks!

Farm To Table Review & Video:

Kate Gosselin spent a “long single-parent day” with her kids that began at an Amish produce farm and ended at a radiologist on Monday’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

“It feels very normal to be here by myself, to take care of the kids not with Jon but with a babysitter,” Kate, who is adjusting to life as a single mom, said during the episode, which she filmed without her soon-to-be ex-husband. “It’s starting to feel like the pity party is gone.”
The day started with a trip to “Henry’s garden,” a produce farm that Kate visited daily before moving to the family’s home in Wernersville, Pa. “He and his family are Amish. They are truly the first Amish family that I have known on a personal level,” Kate said of the owners. Because of “issues with pictures, filming, being on camera,” Kate explained, “his only request was that his face not be shown.” But the cameras caught Kate and her kids scooping up watermelon, peppers, corn and other fresh veggies to make chicken cacciatore.

“I always have much appreciated the relationship I’ve had with Henry and Linda because they don’t have a TV,” Kate said as she loaded up her kids to take them home. “They have no idea who we are. They just know me as Kate that cooks from scratch.” And that’s exactly what she did later that night. “It is pure joy when I can go to a produce stand and buy produce that has been picked that morning and it will land on my table that evening for dinner,” she said. The kids explained it this way: “Jesus made it, Henry growed it, Mommy cooked it, and we ate it.”

After dinner, family game night was nearly interrupted when Kate’s daughter Cara had to have her foot checked out by a doctor. But a babysitter took her to the visit while Kate stayed home with seven children and played Gator Golf and Pictureka in the basement. When the doctor called, Kate decided to take her daughter to a late-night visit to the radiologist. “Since it was still swollen, since it was still bruised, we should have it looked at via x-rays,” she said of her daughter’s foot. Despite feeling “fatigued” after a long day with her kids, Kate decided to head to the radiologist that night. “My custody was coming to an end and I didn’t want to leave anything undone,” she explained. “As it turned out, we were fine and dandy but I was glad I got it taken care of.” –Aaron Parsley

Is Kate Gosselin Too Shy For New Talk Show?: E!

Believe it or not, Kate Gosselin may not be as outspoken as you might think. The famous mother of eight was surprisingly reserved when she shot the pilot this weekend for an in-the-works syndicated talk show with cooking queen Paula Deen.
"She was very shy," a source reports. "She was a lot shier than I thought she would be." How did she jibe with Deen and the other potential cohosts, comedian Judy Gold, former Early Show coanchor Rene Syler and newsman Bob Woodruff's wife, Lee Woodruff? "She's a quiet lady," the source said. "She was very low-key. But all of the women got along great." The show, being developed by media powerhouse Telepictures, is said to be focusing on issues particular to motherhood. Reports claiming Christie Brinkley and Mel B would be guests on the pilot turned out to be false, according to the source.
"There were no guests," the source said. "It was just the ladies getting to know each other. They talked about everything from what's in the news and anything else you could imagine moms would chat about." The pilot was shot over two 12-hour days in a New York City studio. "They're all smart and witty," the source said. "Everyone brings a different dynamic." As for the next step, the source said everyone is waiting to hear back from executives at Telepictures.


  1. Opps! I forgot to add something on my post. If you have problems reading my blog please let me know! Would you rather me post in black instead of white? Would you like me to change the site all together? Anything that you feel that needs to be addressed please let me know. Cause if you saw my old site, thought I made a big improvement! (lol) Now onto Jon & Kate!

  2. I have no problem and find the color scheme very attractive.

  3. I like the black text better but the white is fine also. Only time I have a problem is occasionally when a paragraph gets changed to all blue. For some reason I have a hard time reading it then.
    But I like purple and green!

  4. .......the blog looks perfect to me, the purple is a nice, peaceful color~~~~~~

  5. Thanks, I was so glad I finally got to see The View and have the video for you guys. I am working tonight and have to DVR my other two fav shows..Real Housewives & Project Runway. I have so many things to watch I may never be able to catch up. I am embarassed to say I missed the beginning of this Farm episode, and watched it on my own site. I didn't want to overload you all with a million videos, but people who miss it do watch it on my site so I'm glad to have it here.

    And yeah, Jon making a big deal and basically advertising Hailey's Twitter is rediculous. No wonder is lawyer supposedly dumped him. And Kathy was cool but would not let those women talk!

  6. The site looks really nice.
    I am so glad the baby is doing better.
    You do such a nice job here I look forward to reading the post

  7. So you're the talk of Gosselin blog land? Well you know what they say... any publicity is good.

    As for Kate and Kathy. I wasn't even going to address it but since you brought it up... I have to say I was surprised Kate said she thought it was hysterical (or hilarious - I don't remember what word she used exactly).

    I think she was just being gracious. I never expected her to be hateful or give Kathy an attitude but I didn't expect her to think it was hilarious. If she did find it hysterical then that's fine. However, if she didn't I think she should have admitted so.

    I would understand if she said she knows it wasn't done maliciously or that it was done in good humor and she wasn't offended, etc but right now since it is something that is supposedly so painful for her right now I have to say I was quite shocked that she found it hilarious.

    I really think she should have said Well I know you did it in good humor but right now I'm going through a painful divorce and I don't find it quite "funny" just yet. But give me time to heal and I'm sure I will. (Of course that's just if she didn't find it funny, not if she actually did.)

    Again, I understand she probably felt she had to take it lightly but I don't understand how she could. Not when she says she's crying her eyes out and having meltdowns about it, etc. I don't think I would find it a bit funny in her situation. Not so much the physical aspect (the hair and scars) but mostly the part about Jon making out with a young girl right in front of her. Again, it's funny to be able to laugh at yourself but not really in this instance. Again, just my opinion. I'm sure not everyone agrees with me here. lol.

  8. I read an article earlier that stated that Kate broke down in tears during the taping of the talk show with Paula Deen when they showed a picture of her children. Supposedly she said the divorce is hard on her and she hates being away from her children.

    I think she needs to stay home with her children right now. They need her. And she needs them. She probably has not had time to heal. She can only play strong and focused for so long. One weekend crying in bed isn't enough to heal. And her children are probably worse off than she is. She needs a therapist and so do her children.

    I don't think her children need a therapist to deal with the normal tantrums of children, but they do need one to deal with the divorce and all the feelings they have about it. They probably need one just for being in the public eye so much. How many other young children out there have the life these children have? Not many. None that I can think of. Not even child actors are in the public eye so much. They go home and have a private life. We really don't know the affect this can have on them, short term or long term. They need therapy.

  9. Baby Mama,
    The site looks fine to me. I like the colors. And I can read it no problem.

    Do you know how to widen your margins and wrappers in HTML? It will help the items on your sidebar to not get cut off. It will also give more width for comments and your blog posts.

    You have to go to Customize, then Layout then Edit HTML. If you don't know what you're doing then don't try it. lol. If you try it make sure you save what you have first.

  10. Babymama- I have no issues with the blog at all! I think that the white makes it easier to read, actually.

    I just watched the View video that is posted, and I have to agree that although Kathy is funny, she was not into sharing the spotlight. I also noticed that Kate was not shown in too many of the shots. BTW, this is kind of off topic but I loved Kate's new wavy hair. There probably isn't too much that she can do with her hairstyle, but I thought that it was a nice change. And it definitely softens her face!

  11. I was glad that Kate took Kathy Griffin's parody of her and the situation so well, and even found it funny. She really does have a lighter side, and it's nice that people get to see that now. AS a side note, George Takei was hysterical in that skit!

  12. First of all, your blog looks great Baby Mama, I personally haven't had a problem reading it.

    Also I am very happy that your daughter is feeling better. It's tough when our kids are sick. My oldest daughter had pneumonia at 2 years old and was hospitalized for two weeks because of it. For some reason they couldn't tell she had it after the 100 times I took her to the doctor/ER. Thank goodness my mother's intuition kicked in and I didn't take their word that it was just a virus because when she was finally admitted she had blood poisoning and everything. Worst of all, she was a couple of weeks away from getting the prevnar shot which was just out new back then so she didn't get it as a baby. Anyway, just wanted to say I too have been keeping your little one in my prayers. I pray all of us can get through this winter with no major problems!!!

    One thing I wanted to address regarding the Beth thing(Sorry I couldn't get it in on the other thread) was that I too got from the way she answered the question that she and Beth are no longer friends. I don't know if it had anything to do with the fact that the show wanted to pay them and Kate refused, but here's another theory. Someone mentioned that Jon said in his Utah interview that they still see them regularly. Either he was just saying that or maybe Beth and her husband ended up siding with Jon on the whole divorce thing and so Kate doesn't talk with her anymore. Who knows. It could also have a lot to do with the book and Beth's involvement. It's hard to say but Kate definitely sounded like that friendship was over.

    The comment about Hailey on the six gosselins site was very tasteless but it probably explains it that Jon was running the site. Still it bothers me to still see the thing about how they met and fell in love at first sight at the top of the page and then have him defend his girlfriend on the same page. They should definitely change the site considering everything that has happened. I also hate the beginning of the show. Even though they have taken the other stuff out when they say it's a crazy life but it's our life just feels wrong to me. There is no "our" anymore!!

  13. I realize I am the minority here, but the white on the purple fatigues my eyes. Maybe it's just my age showing. Since it is your space you can of course do what you like. I still read...............I am happy to see a site that doesn't rip Kate apart at every turn, it's refreshing. The other sites, esp. the 'one' is beyond ridiculous with the trash talk.

    It's nice to see that there is an alternative site. I think the difference between this on and GWOP is education and perhaps income.

  14. I'm a newbie at Twitter. Hailey makes a big point that she is 22 and not 23. Also, I've figured out that her parents definitely did not get their money's worth on her education. Her grammar and her spelling are terrible. She really us a very young 22 as well as being very immature. Perhaps this is why she appeals to Jon.

  15. Baby Mama,

    Your colors are terrific! I love them. The type is a bit easier in black, but I am not fond of change and I like the white against the lavendar background. It's unique - like this site! I mean, really, a blog without hate! Maybe the white is keeps the calm.

    Isn't it interesting that J had such a quiet weekend? Maybe he is actually listening to his new "handler(s)". Only time will tell.

  16. It's hard to think of Kate being shy. I'm wondering how reliable the source was, LOL.

  17. whattttttttt holy moly,,,,,this made me v angry, went onto the official website for j&k plus 8.... and it said that on it ___________________________________________________________________

    Please Note: Hailey Glassman doesn't have a facebook account at all.
    Her official twitter account is HaileyGlassman1 and Jon's is JonGosselin1


    what the hell.....anyone else apart from me outraged? the website it about j&k and the kids....not her......she shouldnt even be mentioned on the family website.....guess we no jon updates it anyway ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. SchmeckyGirl~ I don't think it would have been a good idea to tell Kathy that she was offended. It would have added a whole different tone to the show. Kathy is quite the loud mouth, and probably would have told her to "toughen up" or something. As she says, "no one is off limits".

    It was better for her to just blow it off and have fun with it and move on. Esp. since she is trying to be respectful for her own show.

    Linda~ I was thinking that Kate may have been nervous and that may have been mistaken for being shy.

  19. OMG DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THIS? I bet Jon used his last bit of divorce dollars on Hailey's breasts...

    Gosselin "soul mate" Hailey Glassman went under the knife for breast surgery on Sept. 16, Star magazine is reporting exclusively. "Hailey's been very self-conscious about her breasts," a friend told Star. "She didn't like the way they looked."

    Hailey, 22, was caught on camera by the mag while walking out of Natural Images in Plastic Surgery in Nyack, N.Y. She was with her mother Lauren, and father, Dr. Lawrence Glassman (who was, of course, not involved in the surgery).

    Dr. Glassman performed a tummy tuck on Kate Gosselin waaaaay back in the old days, when Jon and Kate were still together, before he realized that young, attractive women would actually date him!

    A Star reporter saw Hailey postsurgery, looking disoriented and walking very slowly. Jon called Hailey his soul mate during a recent TV interview and now his soul mate has fixed her boobs and he's thrilled!

  20. FOX411 EXCLUSIVE: Hailey Glassman still with Jon Gosselin, trying to scam freebies...

    Jon Gosselin isn't the only person trying to benefit from the freebies bestowed by his tabloid cover life. His girlfriend Hailey Glassman is trying to collect as many extras as she can, too.

    FOX411 has learned that Hailey's people (meaning her friends) are putting out calls and requests for clothing, jewelry and even specially delivered diets for the 23 year-old to take advantage of her role in the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" drama.

    As stories of Jon's multiple infidelities with nanny Stephanie Santoro multiply following her interview with In Touch magazine last week in which Santoro detailed their affair, Hailey Glassman is still dating the father of eight and milking the relationship as much as she can. "Hailey and Jon are still together [at least] momentarily," says an insder. "His profession of love for her on television seems to be carrying him through the Stephanie Santoro magazine covers. They are seeing each other in New York."

    And while they continue to canoodle, Hailey has friends calling as fast as they can for freebies on her behalf. "Hailey thinks her fame should get her the same kind of things that Jon's fame does," says a source. "She has given people the task of making calls to companies for things like clothes. Even though she is never photographed, she seems to think that she is famous and deserving of the free stuff, just like Jon. She recently had a pal call a health food delivery service that she wanted to get for free, too."

    Sadly, Hailey was denied the detox diet.

    One of the businesses contacted by Glassman's friends explains: "We don't want to be a part of the drama and most companies have no desire to align themselves with Jon and Hailey. They are such a mess and people are turning her down immediately. It is ridiculous to think that she deserves swag, when she isn't photographed publicly and if she is, it is amid major scandal. Companies that gift to celebrities want positive people attached to their products and their story is not positive."

    Understatement of the year?

  21. He bought her boobs with his children's money?! I just don't know what to say! There are no words! Kate needs to get herself a pitbull lawyer to protect their funds! I mean, what WON'T he buy? Good God!

    Anyway, I like the way the site looks as is.

  22. SchmeckyGirl said...
    …She probably has not had time to heal. She can only play strong and focused for so long. One weekend crying in bed isn't enough to heal…
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Schmecky, I see your point. Do you think it’s possible though, that that is her true coping mechanism? I ask because I think I’m that way. I can only let myself cry and outwardly mourn for a small time, and then I have to throw myself into work or a hobby and allow the pieces to fall back into place that way. It’s not that I don’t recognize the need to mourn or slow down, but sometimes the extension of such things makes the healing process longer and more arduous for me. What do you think?

  23. I don't even understand why the piece about Hailey not having a Facebook account is even on the Gosselins website? What does it have to do with anything? It just strikes me again that Jon is off his rocker and totally inappropriate in all of his actions. ugh.

    Do you think it was just co-incidence that Kate and Kathy were on the View on the same day? That was a tough one to stomach but Kate, as always, handled herself with lots of class and dignity.

  24. It's frustrating to me when people say "Kate should just stay home and rear her children." Kate has said it often, "You can't go back." With the separation and pending divorce, she CAN'T just stay home. Even when it's Jon's turn and he's going out, he won't let her come back and stay instead of a babysitter.

    As I understand it, Jon gets custody at the house 50% of the time. She's essentially a single mom now and she needs an income. (Much as I'd like the TLC show to continue, I have a feeling this will be the last season. If TLC doesn't let Jon participate, I have a feeling Jon will not all continued filming of the kids with just Kate.) She's got to do something, folks. When she can make 10 times the income being a TV host as opposed to being a nurse, she'd be foolish to go back to nursing.

    If the new show (Paula Deene's) gets picked up, they aren't going to be doing it live. It will be taped and I'm sure they won't be taping every day. The group chosen lives all over the place so I'd bet with the production studio in NY they would get together a day a week or 3-4 times a month. Paula does three other shows now and she lives in GA. Paula's sons said she'd just go to NY when they were taping. To me this makes perfect sense for Kate. She can tape the days when she doesn't have custody. It would seem to be a heck of a lot better than sitting around in a hotel room or apt. being miserable.

    Yes, Kate still has some contracted appearances and book promotion appearances. These were scheduled before the separation and she has to honor them. (Scheduled back in the days when they did them as a team, before Jon decided he didn't want to do talks anymore.) The new cookbook is at least a year off from publication. She is a high energy person used to being like the energizer bunny, going and going and going. To go from that to forced absences from the home would be so difficult.

    Shifting subjects. The story about Hailey's breast surgery was originally published by Star and ROL's story was a pickup from Star. IMO Star is the least reputable of all the tabloids. I'm not sure if it was breast surgery or if Star got the date correct. Hailey sure hasn't had a Tweet about it (not that she necessarily would) but she sure had a bunch of Tweets on Sept. 16th when this supposedly took place. Not sure anybody would feel up to that on same day as surgery but maybe so. Interesting that she Tweets about it being the "worse (sic) summer of my life" and advising college students "don't let anybody photograph you doing anything but studying." It would seem that her frustration is over getting caught and not that she was doing drugs, etc. Also advises them to be careful what they put on FaceBook.

    Jon talked in his TV interview that they just stay home and watch movies. Hailey Tweets about movies she's watching. It's sad because most of the movies she really likes are kids movies (Nemo, Happy Feet, Goonies) and watching Saved by the Bell (Zack Morris is a 10 out of 10 to her) and playing Nintendo games. This is what my 10 year old twins do! Maybe that's her appeal to Jon, her childish behavior along with sleeping with her. This just seems really juvenile to me. Most 22 year olds are interested in getting their careers launched or am I wrong?

  25. Regarding the comment about Kate being shy, I'm not sure if shy is the word to use. Kate doesn't seem "shy" at all but that's when she is in her own element. All the interviews she does for the show and in the media are always about herself and her family. It's familiar territory for her and she could probably go on and on for hours talking about herself and her children.

    Being able to keep up a conversation about current events or various subjects you don't have direct experience with can be a lot harder. Especially when you have to compete to speak. I don't think Kate was shy, I think she was just out of her element. I'm sure it takes getting used to.

  26. Thanks so much Baby Mama for posting Kathy Griffin joining Kate and The View ladies. I didn't get a chance to watch because of work and NO TIVO.

    Couldn't believe about Haley and her breast implants. Being walked out by her mother and doctor father (who, OBVIOUSLY (as the article said) did not perform the surgery). At 22 she didn't like the way they looked? I'm sorry - but could she be any more shallow??? What I can't believe, is that she has so little self-esteem that she chooses to ignore all of the in- your-face proof that Jon has repeatedly cheated on her. And you're right, Linda. What DOES she do for a living anyway?

  27. Hmmm...interesting point, Jane!

  28. OMG Jane! Where did that come from? Talk about false rumors.
    First Jon had a vasectomy supposedly. Second plastic surgeons don't perform abortions.

  29. Jon said at Penn State last fall that he was no longer capable of fathering children. I also heard that Hailey had a cyst removed on her leg. The truth is hard to discern.

  30. Grainne Campbell: I was upset enough over the Hailey info on the sixgosselins website that I did go to the Contact Us at the bottom of the page to say how tasteless and inappropriate it was. Doubt if it will make a difference but I had to try.

  31. I was watching Oprah today- she was talking to Barbara Streisand and they were talking about how when you become famous/wealthy, you become more of the person you really are. So for instance, if you were a jerk and got money, you'd be more of a jerk who now has money. I think this is true of Jon and Kate. Before they had money, Jon was lazy and immature- this has just exploded. Kate, on the other hand, was very active and now she is even more. Something to think about.

  32. How do we know that Jon paid for Hayley's supposed boob job? After all, her father is a plastic surgeon. I'm sure he would have some connections in that department. I ask because I desperately want to believe that Jon couldn't be that stupid and blind that he would be wasting all this money on this person. Sorry if it says somewhere that he did pay for it. I just haven't seen it. If in fact he did pay for it, my guess is that he will do just about anything these days that he knows is going to piss Kate off which leads one to wonder why one would go to so much trouble to make sure Kate is crying all the time unless you care how you make her feel. Hmmm.

    As for Hayley, it is just a matter of time before she gets bored of pretending to like Jon. Since she seems to be getting all these doors slammed in her face as she asks for freebies here there and everywhere, she is going to realize that all the drama surrounding Jon is counterproductive to her original goals. Being with a Tabloid He-Whore is not going to get her the kind of recognition and opportunities she craves. Poor Jon, he is going to be heart broken and after professing his love for her that surpasses even that he had for his wife, the mother of his 8 kids!

  33. I deleted Janes comment. Every once in a while some trolls sneak through the door to start trouble.

    Amy~ you read my mind and I agree 100%. Money does change you. Taking that financial stress away makes you act differently and do things you normally would never do!

  34. wildchild said...
    SchmeckyGirl said...
    …She probably has not had time to heal. She can only play strong and focused for so long. One weekend crying in bed isn't enough to heal…
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Schmecky, I see your point. Do you think it’s possible though, that that is her true coping mechanism?
    I do think that is her true coping mechanism. I just don't think it's working. lol. Seriously, I think she needs a therapist. They all do.

  35. Baby Mama,

    See, now I interpreted that differently. I think it is saying money doesn't change you. It magnifies who you already are. Something that I happen to agree with.

  36. I'm not sure I believe the stuff about Hailey trying to get freebies through her friends. Even if her friends were making calls how does anyone know she asked them to do that? I don't think we should believe everything we read in tabloids.

  37. I so agree with Linda about Kate needing to work and being a talk show host sure beats being a nurse and working all night. Seriously. Who wouldn't make that choice?

    There is an article in MORE magazine about Mika Brzezinski (MSNBC). She talks about being fired from CBS. She says her husband and children couldn't wait for her to go back to work because she is so much happier when she works. Her description of how much help she needs to keep her household going is incredible though. Not just a nanny either. Look at Katie Couric. You think she raised her girls alone? I don't think so...

    Also, a comment about counseling. There are good counselors and not-so-good counselors. There is a whole can of worms with credibility and confidentially. I took my kids when I got divorced. It's no walk in the park and I'm not so sure it really helps. As long as there is a parent (not necessarily two of them) communicating and letting the kids know they are loved and it's not their fault, they will not only survive, they will thrive. J's comments about having been so 'young' when his kids were born puts a great deal of pressure on the kids. Kids always want to know what role they play in parents divorcing and having their father state so publicly and repeatedly about missing out on his 20's while he was having children is cruel. If they haven't heard, they will and they will resent the hell out of him. And trust me, when the kids are older, they will tell him what they think.

  38. OMG a troll, lol how many times have I posted here. In fact at the top of this page.

    I have never been accussed of being a trouble maker before.I have been a member of cruise critics for years and I know a troll when I see one. I apologize if you thought that but it was just a thought and I wrote it. So much for freedom of speech.
    You probably wont post this but I am sorry if you thought that

  39. Linda & HOLLIDAY, I agree with both of you also. Why not make the most of her present situation and work and make great money? People obviously love seeing her and she loves her work. There are millions of working moms out there who are divorced.

    I'm also of the belief that unless there is really identifiable maladjustment, the kids might not need any form of therapy. I have worked in the counselling arena for many years and if there is a specific problem, yes, definitely worth trying. I do agree that their lives are extraordinary compared to most, but for the most part they seem like happy, well adjusted children.

    ps Linda....I have 10 yr. old twins also. Did you attend the Twinsburg Ohio festival in Aug?

  40. HOLLI DAY said...
    I so agree with Linda about Kate needing to work and being a talk show host sure beats being a nurse and working all night. Seriously. Who wouldn't make that choice?

    I agree. There's nothing wrong with her working. Doing speaking engagements and/or a talk show fine. However, my opinion is she should work when the children are in school or in Jon's custody. The same with Jon. One of them should be there with their children every day/night. It just doesn't seem to be the case right now and I think that is a major concern to many.

    I also think we shouldn't forget that they are still being paid for season 5, as well as book and DVD sales. If they use their money wisely and save it they may not need to work as much. You don't have to be a multi-millionaire to raise 8 children.

    If they stop filming the show they can also do annual updates/specials and that would give them a nice chunk of change each year. In fact, I hope they do because I care about the children and would like to know how they are doing in the future.

  41. Baby Mama (twitter comment):
    Jon & Kate Plus 8 is exactly the same show it's always been! But now that theres no tension with the divorce, the haters say it's tanking?

    I wouldn't say the show is the same it always was. I do agree that something is missing. I don't know what exactly. The kids are pretty much the same as usual, except they are getting older and older children don't hold as much interest for some people.

    Also, Kate (and Jon when he's on it) seems to be talking directly to the cameras all the time now. They used to talk to each other. Before you felt you were watching a documentary, now it feels like a show. I understand why they do it though, because there is no more adult interaction. It just makes you more aware of the cameras and crew and that everything is done for the show.

    I'd say the dynamic of the show has changed. I think the show has changed. I still enjoy watching it because I get a kick out of the kids, but I do notice a difference.

    Also, aren't the ratings lower each week than the previous? I read an article somewhere that they are at their lowest but they could be leveling out now. So is it really only the haters that are saying it? I'm sure some are loving it, but some may just be making an observation.

  42. HOLLI DAY said...
    Also, a comment about counseling. There are good counselors and not-so-good counselors. There is a whole can of worms with credibility and confidentially. I took my kids when I got divorced. It's no walk in the park and I'm not so sure it really helps. As long as there is a parent (not necessarily two of them) communicating and letting the kids know they are loved and it's not their fault, they will not only survive, they will thrive.
    I agree, counseling is not always the answer, if ever. Kate doesnt need yet another person giving thier "opinion" on how she should run her life. I think she is doing great. All she needs is good friends who support her and she will be just fine. And all the kids need is a great parent to let them know they are loved and that life goes on and to make it as normal as possiable. As Kate would say, these are life lessons. You learn from your mistakes, take them as life lessons and move foward and do the best you can.

  43. HOLLI DAY:
    There is an article in MORE magazine about Mika Brzezinski (MSNBC). She talks about being fired from CBS. She says her husband and children couldn't wait for her to go back to work because she is so much happier when she works. Her description of how much help she needs to keep her household going is incredible though. Not just a nanny either. Look at Katie Couric. You think she raised her girls alone? I don't think so...

    I don't really know how much Katie Couric is away from her home and children. If she's gone for days at a time and the father is not home with the children either, I don't see how that justifies anything. I think it is wrong if she does that too. Also, is she in the middle of a divorce? Did her children's lives just turn upside down? Do her children now only get to see her half as much as it is? Do her children have to stay home when they aren't with her because the nanny can't take them all out at the same time or because the paparazzi are there or there is a danger of kidnapping?

    As for the other woman, her children and husband couldn't wait for her to go back to work because she wasn't happy??? And that's a good thing?

    I'm sure there are hundreds of examples of mothers that aren't home raising their children because they put their career first. (And I'm not talking about working mothers that have to work to put food on the table and clothes on their backs and pay the mortgage or rent. That's a totally different situation.) I understand a working mother, especially one that has to work to provide for her children. But I'm not here to discuss the "career mother" debate. I'm here to discuss Kate, and Jon, and how they affect their children.

    Kate wanted to be a SAHM. She wanted to stay home and raise her 8 children before she had them. That was her dream. After they were born she decided she wanted a career. She said she realized that's what she wants to do. Well too late. She already started with the 8 children. Finish it. Get a "job" to support them if you have to, then when they are older start your new "career" if it means being away from your children.

    She was doing all the new "career" stuff before she became a "single mother", before she realized she may have to support her children alone. Personally, I think she did it because she realized how much she loved it. I think it was about more than just supporting her family.

    I'm not against a woman having a career. I'm not against a mother having a career. I'm not against Kate having a career. I'm against her putting it before raising her children. I'm against a mother being away from her children for days at a time. Especially when they need her most. Especially when the children only have access to her half the time they used to.

  44. Hi to All,
    Just thought I would chime in again. Boy, there sure is lots of stuff happening. Baby Mama, about your site colors: purple and green look good and I can read the white type best, the black stands out boldly and seems too harsh to read. Nice Job!
    What next???? I agree with Schmecky Girl, Kate took the stand with Kathy on the View. It would be like opening a con of worms, best not give Kathy anymore ammo to use. I still think she's funny and fair, no one is off limits to her. I am still wondering what OPRAH had to say about her. In Kathy series on the D-List she comments that she hopes Oprah doesn't kill her. Funny??? Also, it's no coinsidence that they were on the show at the same time. Remember ladies, it's TV and all about the ratings.
    Another Mom mentioned about Beth. Well I thought everyone knew that it was over the book deal. Kate wanted all the proceeds, she didn't even want J name on it. Beth was the one that did more then 75% of it and J put it on his computer and helped edit it. He does have that kind of knowledge. So, the royalties are now being split 3 ways. Again, no to sound redundant, but that is why the cook book is on hold. Kate does not want Jon to get a portion of it. Anything pertaining to J&K+8 has to be split, even after the divorce is final. Like Robin Williams said: Their his dam kids too. (Mrs. Doubtfire) in case anyone cares.
    Kate has to further her career as a divorced mom, just so she can gain her financial independence from him. Boy is he pissed about it, I guess that why he would not watch his kids while she was in NY.
    Haileys Boob-Job????? I don't think he paid for it, hope not. Her parents are rich and tha t Dad will do anything for her. 22 years old and a little immature don't u think??
    SSSh! I heard the A word mentioned omg, Whats up with that? abortion, can someone fill me in???
    Thats all Folks! Gotta Go!

  45. When does Jon and Kate's divorce finalize?

  46. Not getting the blog to update with new posts. I'm not sure if it is a problem with the blogspot or if BabyMama's daughter is ill again. I'm hoping it's blogspot and not the sick baby.

  47. Jane I wasn't talking about you being a troll, but after the comments about your posts I can see how it looked as such and for that I'm sorry.

    I just need to let everyone know I'm sorry about your comments taking so long to post. Between work and a family funeral I have been unable to blog. But I will get to most of them tonight. Hoever due to a few nasty trolls on Moon & others hate sites that STILL TRY to post here, I have to still moderate everything. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  48. First off let me say that I am sorry for your loss.

    I should never have said what I did, I would never want to be a gossip starter. I really do want all the best for Kate and the kids and that would mean that we have to wish Jon well too. I do pray for him because that is the only way that Kate will get peace and Lord knows she must need it. So again please except my apology, I typed too fast

  49. I saw and taped Paula Dean on the View. That was the first time I saw her on a talk show and per her personality, that is how she is on her show. She tries to be funny and loud but doesn't always succeed. There was not any mention about Kate being a co-host and for that matter they didn't mention it was her show. It's her sons show and he is having her co-host somtimes, I think. They didn't talk about it much.
    Since The View is now having guests that have some contact with the Gosselins, are their ratings going up???? I see J&K+8 are down for the 4th week in a row! 1.7 MILLION THIS PAST MONDAY. THEY ONLY SHOW 30 MINUTES OF NEW FOOTAGE EACH WEEK AND THE REST ARE RE-RUNS.

    It's getting closer to the end. Enjoy it while u can, and i hope Jon is serious about looking for work. Hopefully in all the right places.
    Their Big D will now be final On Oct. 20, 2009.
    One of those pap stations got the info from court. It's public knowledge, so they say. cu

  50. Katie Couric is a widow and her husband died when her children were 2 and 7. She remained on the Today show because it let her be at home every afternoon and evening with her children. She did have a nanny who got them up in the morning and off to school. Her oldest child went away to college this fall.
    She avoids overseas assignments because she is a single parent.

  51. It is hard for us that don't have a lot of money sometimes to understand the actions and thoughts of people who do. We think, just move to a smaller house, stay home and shop frugally, but it isn't that simple. The expenses of basically supporting 3 households, the children's , Jon's and Kates (hotel room most likely) are very high even without Jon's spending sprees. Kate has never felt comfortable and safe with all of her children on her own. When they were babies she had the medicaid nurse, in Elizabethtown, when Jon worked, she had people rotating on different mornings, Nana Janet, Joan, Beth, Aunt Jodie, or Carla and Brittany when Jon was't home. Now, especially with Jon or her alone, those babysitters get expensive as does the private school. Those kids would not be safe in a public school in the same way that Amy Carter wasn't. My concern is, isn't Jon responsible for using his income in support of his kids. When figuring child support, are they figuring in what he is getting paid by tabloids, if that is happening? It should not just be Kate carrying the financial load, and if he gets a share of something a certain part of it should go to providing for the kids.
    It is also interesting about people being so upset about the ratings going down, when they are mostly going back to normal, to the people who want to watch a little cute family show (like me) The ones that boosted the ratings ro those extremely high numbers, were the ones that wanted more adult fare and to get in on the gossip. Kate has said on numerous occasions that she wants a family show that her kids can watch. I don't know if she can let them watch some of those early season 5 videos. The crew is trying to figure out how to reconfigure the show to meet an entirely new situation that has never been filmed before. You also have the, "I won't watch because Jon is in it or the I won't watch because the kids are being exploited" and most of them will be back as soon as the fury dies down. I would like to see them working together in decision making as parents, and the fact that that isn't being filmed tells me it isn't happening. I love the show, even though sometimes it has left me very sad.
    Babymama, I hope you are taking care of yourself, you are going through a lot of stress of your own, and you are in my prayers.

  52. No problem about time on the posts, BabyMama,my primary concern was that your baby not be sick again. Sorry about the funeral.

  53. Allibrootob, the 10 year olds are my youngest twins. Didn't make it to Ohio, we were moving from FL to NC. (Kept the FL house and will wait until market improves to sell it.) I have 2 sets of identicals and 1 set of fraternals.

  54. SchmeckyGirl said:

    I don't really know how much Katie Couric is away from her home and children. If she's gone for days at a time and the father is not home with the children either, I don't see how that justifies anything. I think it is wrong if she does that too. Also, is she in the middle of a divorce? Did her children's lives just turn upside down? Do her children now only get to see her half as much as it is? Do her children have to stay home when they aren't with her because the nanny can't take them all out at the same time or because the paparazzi are there or there is a danger of kidnapping?
    Katie Couric's husband died of colon cancer when their children were very young turning their worlds completely upside down, I am sure.

    Ms. Couric travels not only a great deal but to war-torn areas and puts herself in real danger. I would never consider her work necessary, from a financial point of view, now or even several years ago. She continues because her work and her position define her. I was merely using a couple of reference points as Amy referenced Barbra Streisand talking about fame.

    It is very hard for a high-profile business woman to take more than maternity leave and return to an equal position. Things change. Technology changes so quickly you can lose your edge in 3 months. Show business is even worse. There is no forgiveness for time away from power or fame. One must strike while the iron is hot knowing that the heat can go away at any time. And I am referring to business in general but show business in particular.

    I started to type info regarding my specific situation but thought better of it.

    It's nothing personal. It's just business. Kate's opportunities could go away in a flash. The kids are well taken care of - she clearly spends great, quality time with them. She also probably spends more actual time with them than she would working as a nurse earning a fraction of what she is pulling in. Four 12-hour shifts a week? She may be in NYC or wherever, but a lot of that time is J's and part of it is paid help. I bet that the kids are with her some of that time too.

    Anyway, just as clarification of what I was trying to say. Apparently not very well.


  55. I really don't think Kate is away from the kids that much. There's the time when she can't be with them due to the terms of their divorce which is when she does her speaking engagements, but, I think 99% of the time when it is her time, she's there with the kids 24/7. That extra day with The View was unexpected and a one-off thing. I honestly believe she is at home with the kids as much as she is legally allowed to be as per their divorce. I personally think she should be there more in the sense that she should have more custody than she is alloted at this time, but that's not up to me.

    As for the Barbara Streisand thingy, Barbara and Oprah's point was that fame/success/money magnifies who you really are on the inside. I think it's true, which is why I shared. :)

  56. Rirst of all hope your babe is better and I can empathize how taxing a death can be. My condolences go to you/family. Hang on- Keep on.

    Wow BabyMama all this talk about the colors on YOUR blog is interesting. My two cents would be to continue to make your copy/paste from other sources be black while your original work can be white. It would be easy to distinguish the two that way.

    Anyhoo! Like usual J is the only one that is seeking out exposure in the rags. He just hops on his 4wheeler and takes a couple of whips around the property to gain attention. Then heads to the fence to get his "P thing on".
    He might get more sympathy if he would do his "P thing" while actually doing something like making some $$$ for his family. Or does he just want to leave this to Kate?

    Even entertainment tv is getting on the wagon refering to him as a "douche" lately. But my new guess is that they will soon be calling him a "deadbeat dad".

    After months of observation of this blog, I have come to the conclusion that the "J entourage" (aka Hailey and her friends) are frequent readers and contributors to this site. So my message to them is:

    Go tell J to get a real job and stop relying on others to provide a living for him. Whether he likes it or not he is a father of 8 and a boyfriend of ????? He needs his own money to support them. Not his "cut" from the proceeds of Kates hard work!

    Go to work on that J entourage!!!

  57. I watched the Kathy Griffin View segment and also YouTubed the Jimmy Kimmel segment, here's my take on it...Kate said she found it hilarious, Kathy commented that she loved her show and has watched it since season one. Did anybody notice that she took all the horrible things every rag has said about Kate and made a parody out of it? I think she was just making a statement as to how ridiculous the whole Kate bashing has been. That's just my view on it. I thought it was funny because it was showing how ridiculous of a person Kate would actually be if everything all the tabloids said about her was true.

    Baby Mama I love the colors and everything about the site. Your blog and Michelle's Semblance are ones I read daily!

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