Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kate Gosselin's E! True Hollywood Story. What did YOU think? Watch it HERE! On Wednesday night, the world finally got a chance to see the long-awaited E! True Hollywood Story featuring Kate Gosselin in the lead role. So how was the experience overall? Ultimately, it resulted in a special filled with just as much spin as an episode of "Kate Plus 8" on TLC.
Here's an example -- in talking about Jon's post-Kate relationships, the conveniently ignored Hailey Glassman, otherwise known as the woman who ignited many rumors to a whole new level. They also did not talk much about Kate's strained relationship with much of her family outside of a few brief clips -- something that supposedly played a key role in her attitude. The show really didn't work too hard to paint either Jon or Kate in too positive a light, and they also failed to really get too much interview footage from the show's stars that we hadn't heard already. Ultimately, it was a rather disjointed affair that ultimately just showed us one thing above anything else -- that Kate is controversial, but also that the train of fame may be slowing down soon. Did you watch this special -- and if so, what did you think?

E! True Hollywood Story: Kate Gosselin” Premiered February 2, 2011 @ 10:00 PM, ET/PT on E!

“Obviously, they [the Gosselin kids] are young. They don’t completely understand what separation or divorce means. But as time went on, the kids would come to me personally and ask questions. ‘Why is my mommy and daddy not living together? Why does mommy not have a ring on? Why does daddy have other girlfriends?’” – Stephanie Santoro, Former Gosselin Nanny, tells E!
(Los Angeles , CA , January 20, 2011) – The public image of Kate Gosselin runs the gamut from nationally adored mother to vilified tabloid target. But who is this mother of eight -really? The success of the show “Jon and Kate Plus 8″ thrust her into the media spotlight and the glare only intensified when she and her husband went through a very public – and messy – divorce. As E!’s Ken Baker says, Kate is “quite simply the most famous mom in reality TV history.” With exclusive insights from a former Gosselin nanny who claims to have had a romance with Jon, which Jon denied, and interviews with family, friends and neighbors, E!’s THS examines the life of Kate Gosselin – from her working class roots to her role as a one-woman TV ratings juggernaut.

The Gosselin’s smash reality show caused America to fall in love with the couple’s eight children, but viewers also began to notice cracks in Jon and Kate’s marriage. “Who is to blame for the fate of the Gosselins? Is it the Gosselins themselves? Or is it maybe this appetite of American viewers to watch a slow-motion train wreck?” asks Paul Petersen, president of A Minor Consideration, a child advocacy group. Eventually the couple reached a breaking point and separated. Jon was soon seen in public with other women. Former Gosselin nanny Stephanie Santoro sits down with E! and explains her connection with Jon and the toll it took, “I was looked at as the home-wrecker and what didn’t make any sense to me was [that] I wasn’t the first girl for him to have a relationship with.”

With their divorce finalized Kate moved on with her own life and experienced first-hand the challenges of raising a child as a single parent – multiplied by eight. “Kate has more than her hands full and is not a bad person. To have kids is the easiest job to get in the world. To raise kids properly is the hardest,” Eric Roberts, supporter of Natural Child Project tells E!.From her early days growing up through present day with all of the joy and sorrow in between, the unique life of Kate Gosselin and her rise to celebrity status is explored in this brand new E! True Hollywood Story premiering February 2nd at 10:00 PM on E!


  1. I'm hoping that those on the West Coast will be watching this and hopefully feeling the same way I did on all this mess. I wish to thank whoever cleaned up Stephanie and coached her on exactly what NOT to say to make her look like a complete tramp. FYI how she nicely "explained" why she was in Jon's apartment but in In Touch Weekly she talked about how many times they slept together after that first night! YUCK

  2. Ohh and for those who needed the other times it's aired. This is the schedule...

    Wednesday, Feb 2 10:00 pm Friday, Feb 4 2:00 pm
    Thursday, Feb 3 6:00 pm

    "The E! True Hollywood Story: Kate Gosselin
    Kate Gosselin may not have been Mother of the Year, she was definitely one of the more fascinating moms out there and THS will bring viewers up to date on her intriguing story."

  3. That picture you have on top is the cutest thing I ever saw. And they say Kate doesnt love her kids.

  4. I have never posted here before so here goes.

    This was all repeated old stories stories, a couple of people looking for desperate attention and they failed.

    WG is one scary looking person. If I saw that in the cornfield with a long lens, I would get out of there fast. Of course she included her snark on Kates looks, but maybe she should have had a makeover before she filmed.

    Paul Peterson was stomping like a child, Kate, Jon and TLC told him to go fly a kite.

    Eric Roberts--no words for a drug addict. He didn't make sense.

    The nanny, she sold herself out, she's the one who slept with Jon in Kates house. OMG, how dumb do you have to be.

    Al, repeated garbage, he was more focused on how much money the family made. Jealous much??

    Not Kates parents on the show, they need to retract that part.

    Rabbi Schmuck, repeated from old interview.

    WG announced to join her blog for a contest to win a free book. LMAO!!!!

    Night gals!!

  5. Gotta love bubbles. She says it like it is and I completely agree.

  6. There needs to be a show about the positives that have came out of the Kate Gosselin effect. She has had major financial impact on a lot of companies, and really sent a positive message to a lot of people especially women.
    I was wondering the same thing about Kate's parents Bubbles.
    Watching this just wets my appetite even more for a Kate Plus Eight.

  7. I haven't seen the show yet, but I agree with Tashapork regarding her statement about the financial impact of the Gosselin money train. CNBC should do a story!

  8. I'd like for Kate to have a Biography episode. Their biographies of people are usually accurate and I doubt if E! THS "cast of characters" would be interviewed. Polly, Al, Jodi, Kevin, Paul and Stephanie would have to sit this one out.

  9. Does anyone wonder what the self promoting puffed up Dr Lillian Glass would say about the body language of PTP, Al W. & Paul Petersen. They all sounded like cry baby children to me.

  10. I didn't like the E! show. Seems like it was slapped together quickly using footage we've already seen. I heard that Kate's family members, as well as Jon and Kate, were asked to participate and said no. How will we learn anything if people who actually know them won't talk? Werny Girl shocked the living hell out of me!

  11. Good morning everyone! Brenda, I had that photo for a long time in my "Gosselin Archives" and it evokes such a warm feeling from me. I thought now was an appropriate time to pull it up.

    LoriAnne~ I agree with you 100%. It appears they re-hashed all of the old footage from a special they did on Jon & Kate in 2009. Honestly the people they interviewed all seemed, well low-class to me. Im shocked to say this again but most legit of the crew was Stephanie Santoro. She made herself look presentable and told people things that were interesting to hear. Everyone else gave me the zzz.

  12. Puff~ I was thinking the same thing. They all have an agenda and they are all friends, so what does that say about her bragging she was the only one interviews? Pretty clear that this self-absorbed stalker knew exactly how the show was going to go so they tried to sound professional but hardly looked it. I'm not going to be like a ate site and pick them apart like they do Kate. But yes I know that if Dr. Glass wasn't friends with them she would pick them apart too. Funny how you don't hear from her now huh?

  13. Love the side by side pictures of Kate. It proves she has always been very pretty. It’s ridiculous they insist she has changed so much and use the pictures of her right after having the sextuplets and when they were still young and took up all of her time.

    The picture of Collin and Kate is so touching. You can see the love they share!

  14. Lillian Glass removed her blog because she is not a clinical psychologist. I can't remember, but I think Ann at IW (Twitter name @Ann_IW) sent me a tweet with 2 links discussing Lillian Glass.

  15. omggg that was the dumbest thing they sayd kates parents and showed a pic OF NANNY FREAKIN JOAN AND HER HUSBAND THEY DONT EVEN HAVE THIER FACS RIGHT!! i was so mad ugh but they did have super rare footage so kudos but the interviewed the dumbest people and they have never even met kate they were just stating thier oppinion DUMBEST THS ive EVER seen i was very disapointed Teamkate<3

  16. Msgoody2shoes~ thanks so much for telling me that. Ann is great and I gotta look that up. I never thought that she projects herself as someone who had a million credentials and I basically could make up the same stuff by looking at a photo. In fact, hers was one of the sites I actually DID post on, and I was deleted. All because I questioned her...

    GeeWhiz~ I love that photo. Just because you don't see every photo of her loving and kissing her kids, does make her a loving mother. That photo is proof of that. Look at Collins eyes and you will see a boy that loves his mom...

  17. Ohh sorry Bubbkes welcome! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Were a great group og gals if I do say so myself ;) Make yourself at home..

    ugh still trying to find video! Will keep checking...

  18. Katefan01-I saw that too. E! is stupid.

  19. BabyMama - I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes looking at that precious pic of Kate and Collin!!

    I remember that scene from their fall episode! Don't dare believe anyone who says Kate does not love her children!!

    I saw that ridiculous show last nite!

    What a bunch of losers to interview about Kate! Not a one of them even knows her personally or even spoken to her!! (except doctors and nurses shown)

    The Polly lady I believe has some creatures nesting in that mess on top of her head and sadly it has affected the mind.

    No wonder Kate rallied the troops out of the corn maze...can you imagine having something like that sticking its head out stalking her and the kids?

    They were so inaccurate they can't even get proper photo ID of older couple...they were NOT Kate's parents!

    All in all, it showed the world what a bunch of wackos Kate has to put up with. The interview clips of Kate were the only sane, intelligible comments in general.

    I laughed when Polly-in-the-haystick woman lamented about Kate asking for her parking spot to be cleared at the grocery store!

    Dufuss! The spot was givin to her because she had such a huge load of groceries and provided convenience to load same! Boo hoo Polly...sorry that upset you!

    Been missing for a few days...bad weather outages!

    Hello to my Brazilian girls...see we have a new one as well! I could use some of your warm weather Jacque!

  20. Southern "darn it" here. ROL story up about the two sweeties being home schooled! Still spreading marlarky about them being "unruly" but contends that the kids are doing well and should be back in school this fall.

    Inside source supposedly quoting comments from Jon about it. Not the usual snarkiness toward Kate but still terrible to be bringing the kids up again!

  21. hello
    Baby Mama, nice post.
    I have not saw the program
    it has not happened here, still
    I hope the program will come soon
    I'm glad to be informed of how it was through the post and comments.
    Thank you all.

    um ... also want to see the envy program lol
    Good afternoon.

  22. Longtime lurker, first time poster....
    Goody2, THANKS so much for the update about Lillian Glass... What a fraud she was! I'm glad someone called her on her credentials!

  23. That's no surprise at all about Lillian Glass. She is a shame to her profession. Just a media and money seeking charlatan. I studied it myself at the university here and everytime I saw her give her analysis it would anger me because her "cues" were so off base and it was obvious she was catering to what whoever was paying her wanted her to say.

    Let's see the True Story turned out just as I thought. People that have never met Kate nor do they know Kate except through the tabloids and rumors just repeating the same junk. Then we have a nanny/barmaid that Jon slept with and she fails to mention why Kate went to the house that day because one of the kids called Kate because Stephanie and Jon were "playing" in the hot tub and she talks about the ring when Kate was wearing the ring still long after Jon had moved on to Hailey so a little "make up" story from Stephanie. Then you have Jon's bartender/best friend. Need I say more? LOL
    They got so much wrong it's a joke they could call it a True Hollywood story but over all I don't think it did any harm to Kate.

  24. Firedup-I could use a little of your cold weather! lol

    Debora- need not feel envy lol. Baby Mama is looking for videos of the program for us.

    The picture of Kate & Collin is beautiful even. I also like a picture of the same episode where Kate is holding Leah, a long time since I saw that picture, because she's lost in my folder Gosselin (1.500 pictures have already).

    I'm glad to hear that the E! ths was not sooo bad as you thought. But even then only participated in the program, people who barely know Kate.
    And I do not understand how they managed to make a program where the celebrity in question is not participating, I've watched other E! ths and I think if the person is not present,one can not said to be true .

  25. Only back for a moment - again many thanks for the prayers and good wishes for my grandchild when he was so very ill - still recovering but doing well. Couldn't watch, will they be repeating? What's wrong with being a bartender? My Dad managed and tended bar for a family owned bar/grille for years. That was his job. Bartender doesn't equal jerk.

  26. I know of another story that E did on someone and the relative that was very close to the celebrity all her live from the day they were born said that E's story made the family angry because so much of it was untrue and far too much was taken from tabloid stories. Since then my opinion isn't too high for these E stories on celebrities. It's funny isn't it that not a single one of those people that appeared on there had never met or talked to Kate. So much for a True Hollywood story but they didn't do any harm since the participants looked pretty unprofessional and downright jealous. In fact I think Eric Roberts made up for his false tweet (Kate doesn't twitter) by saying being a mother is the hardest job in the world. So he somewhat redeemed himself. His sister Julia & his ex wife were livid when they first heard about what he said about Kate (as he doesn't know her & isn't a parent who should criticize given his history) and I think they gave him a little education on what it's like being a mother and rehab might have helped.

  27. Sophia prayers will be sent for your grandchild and I hope he gets well fast. It's awful when a child is sick.
    Nothing wrong with being a bartender at all but this particular barender has been spouting off to the media for two years claiming to be Jon's best friend. All the guy did was serve Jon drinks at Legends while Jon was carousing. Just because he isn't a "true long time friend of Jon's) does not mean being a bartender is bad or a cocktail waitress. I'm sorry if you took it the wrong way. It was this particular bartender who has been spouting off to the rags every chance he gets claiming to be Jon's best friend for 15 years.

    Again I hope you grandhild gets well fast and there are no lingering ill effects.

  28. Sophia like I stated above I didn't mean all bartenders. Just this one. We've had many friends that were bartenders and good people too. Just this particular one who must have made good tip money off Jon when things were good.

  29. Btw must have stirred up the crazies again because some one is apparently using my name on Amazon again. I have never posted on there using that name so if you see it, its not me.

  30. Haven't seen it yet, looks like I still have time to dvr it tonight! My son got his tonsils & adenoids out today- AND has croup on top of it, and my hubs is at class tonight, so I've got sick/recovering child, and 1 yr old wild woman! ahhhh!!!! Spongebob is on, don't see that changing ANY time soon! lol

    To be honest, I think I have yet to see a THS that actually tells me something NEW. I watch them, yes, I love me some E!, but really now, THS is a collection of headlines. yay. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Oh- and hello ladies! ;)

  31. Craftymom, I saw that someone did that with Ziggy's name on the TLC site where Kate's Sound of Music blog is. Its' disgusting, If somebody has something tney feel is worth saying the least they can do is take responsibility for it.
    Jaque, I'd love to send you some of our cold via wifi it's been below zero.

    I would like to see E blur out the name of the kids' school for future showings, does anyone know how to bring that to someone's attention that matters.
    I have been cleaning out and reorganizing the spice cabinet and it's been giving me a headache, I don't know if it's from breathing the spices since I can't smell, or just the big task.
    I hope everyone's school that should be closed due to weather is, only one of the districts in our area didn't close yesterday, a schoool's heat was out and the building was only 40-50 degrees inside and parents were furious because they weren't notified.

  32. The ROL article also still insists the kids were expelled and claims that one of the kids "harmed" an adult.

    Whoever is the source of these stories (and I firmly believe that if it weren't Jon either directly or through an intermediary, he would have disowned the stories by now) owes an apology to both children for sticking them with labels that could follow them for years. It is not unusual for children of divorce to have anger issues. Most get to work them out privately. "The Source" was interested only in trying to use the kids as pawns in an attempt to make Kate look bad. IMHO, thhe source lost. Thank goodness, Kate stuck to what was best for the kids.

  33. Nah tashapork, they like to hide. Can't stand that I own my opinions and am not ashamed of them. It's fine any way. This is not the first time and amazon knows that anyone posting under that name on any of the gosselin related books is not me and I am told it's flagged.

  34. Oh Sophia--so good to see you back! Such good news about you little grandson--my prayers are still with you. Wishing you and your family the very best.

    Precious picture of Kate and Colin.

    Jacque--I can send you some cooler weather too. :)

    Haven't seen the show yet but hope to tonight.

  35. Peggy I agree with you and I think that's what angers me the most in that sticking the children with this tag especially when someone from the school confirmed the children were not expelled is harming them more than anything they could accuse Kate of. Using that word will set those children up for bullying and will follow them for a long time. It's extremely harmful to use that term especially when it's not true. Also I do not believe and nobody could convince me that those children physically attacked any adults, not at their age. I don't know where this information came from but I wish Jon had stuck up for his kids and stopped all this junk from continually being printed and I so wish he had backed up Kate and most of all his children instead of calling her a liar. Trying to make Kate look bad is bad enough but to say something like this that will have long term extremely harmful effects is unconscionable.

  36. The E ths on Kate is on right now.

  37. Good grief. It was WG that told E that picture was Kates parents and that she grew up in a trailer park. When a fan corrected her Werny said to provide proof because that was what she was told. WG is nothing but a gossip. Can't imagine what other lies she tells in her book.

  38. Just watched E!--and I have to admit I was expecting much worse. Seeing the old photos and footage really makes me sad for how things turned out for the family.

  39. Tashapork & Corrina- can send me the cold now ... but I think it will melt.

  40. Baby Mama - Finally got to watch the E! THS.
    I have not read Polly's book and will not put pennies in her pocket by buying it. Perhaps if the library purchases a copy.

    As for her journalism, in the broadcast, I'd have to say that passing on gossip and slanderous innuendo doesn't make you a journalist any more than watching a rocket launch makes you a rocket scientist!!

    I did laugh at the resurrection of the gossip about Kate turning down "gifts" of second hand cribs. Part of the doctor advice I got was to refuse any second hand cribs, because so many have been recalled for safety reasons.

    I would enjoy seeing a "real" journalism biography on Kate.

  41. Linda, you are right, you shouldn't accept used cribs or carseats unless you know exactly where they came from and when they were purchased like for the baby you had last year, The whole isssue was taken way out of context as most are.
    The handbook for the children's school says specifically that when there are issues with kids, they work with parents to find an alternate school placement, exactly what Kate did, end of story. I applaud Kate for handling problems early on and nipping them in the bud. Saying that one of them hurt another adult is probably taken out of context, they are kindergarteners. It reminds me of hearing on the news about the five year old that was acting out in class to the point where school officials felt the need to call the cops and have her taken away in handcuffs. Excuse me, you get two adults, take the child out of the room, place her in a safe place and call parents and maybe you set up a conference to discuss a more appropriate school environment or try a short term suspension with behavioral health services. When adults can't handle kids that age, there is a problem and it is often with the adult.

  42. Linda I heard that you can download a chapter of the book for free if you have Kindle. I wouldn't put a penney in her pocket either but out of curiosity I can't download the free chapter either because I don't have a Kindle. I guess I'm a little behind on the tech gadgets. The hubby demanded an all stop on keeping up on the "latest". No IPad either. Darn!

  43. Good evening everyone! Had an issue tonight fighting with the kids over a lack of privacy in my room. I have a small jewelry box on my dresser and the baby got ahold of it deciding to play dress up. Yes I was about to throw her out a window. Yes khaters you got that right. Copy & paste. Needless to say one 14k hoop & one ring are still MIA.

    It's funny thstbyou guys mentioned the part about the cribs. There was no proof that this is what Kste wad requesting. It was just hearsay. In fact while the voice-over was playing, you see Kate happily talk about how wonderful the gifts were in the car. NOT "ohh take these back please, they don't match the others.

    In fact, they once again brought up that newspaper article, where I think Dana Hoffman CLAIMED Kate said society wad obligated to pay for the babies. We never saw any footage of her denying it so everyone thought that's how she felt. I was sooo happy to see the interview they did of Kate during that time when she clearly states she never said that. Did you all see that? I guess it just clearly shows you should never believe what is written till it comes out of Kates mouth.

  44. someone on Twitter is telling me that Polly was in a black wig stalking the Gosselin's in the Halloween episode when they were in Party CIty & Steve is asking her to leave. I went to check my post when I posted the episode and oddly the first part of the episode was missing and removed by Discovery, but not the second or third part. If anyone knows where to see it online please let me know. I want to see if this is true. maybe Steve was hired to protect Kate from Polly! Lol

  45. GeeWhiz said...

    Good grief. It was WG that told E that picture was Kates parents and that she grew up in a trailer park. When a fan corrected her Werny said to provide proof because that was what she was told. WG is nothing but a gossip. Can't imagine what other lies she tells in her book.

    If E! had watched the show they would have realized that was nanny Joan. It's in the mother's day episode (I think) and it's definitely in the 4th of July episode. Kate says that's nana joan and terry. Get a clue people.

  46. Hi ladies,

    I downloaded the first free chapter and the 1st few pages was nothing about Kate, it's about her town. She needs to realize the bad press she has brought to that small town, and I do feel for own children who could be laughed at and bullied in school because of HER actions. I hope she enjoys her insane fame.

    If I have time tomorrow I might put a paragaph of her bizarre ranting on here, or later if I have time.

  47. PeggyP- agree with you. And I think nobody can say that the children were expelled because no one knows for certain. But even so RadarOnline (and others) are still insisting on that.
    But I'm glad that A & C are improving. (if the article is true of course) ...

    2 children aged 6 years hurting an adult? spare me!.

    Baby Mama- also noticed that the first part of the episode was removed,'ve searched and have not found it, if I think I notice.
    And I agree with you that Steve was hired to protect Kate from Polly lol.

  48. Baby Mama--Yes!--I saw where Kate said she was misquoted. And that was a long time ago-so why did it take so long to air that? It would have been good for them to write a retraction if she
    pointed our their mistake.

  49. ROL is disgusting calling 6 year old kids "wayward". They also say one of the kids "allegedly physically harmed an adult and both kids were allegedly abusive to other children". By using "allegedly" that means they do not have proof and must cover their buts. Why can't they leave the keds alone?

    They also say they revealed how Kate had denied the kids were expelled. Hello, Kate revealed that herself on the Today Show.

    I do hope the part about Kate and Jon agreeing about the kids is right. That is definitely best for the kids.

  50. Folks, getting freezing rain and ice here again! So if you don't hear from me, you know my rear-end has been frozen to the front porch and I can't get to my computer!

    I saw that picture of Kate planting that tender kiss on Collin's forehead so I got inspired and kissed my 15 yr. old son on the forehead! Didn't get the effect I wanted...he looked at me like I was crazy and says...what was that for?

    Wished sometimes they stayed little. Was great to see Kate with those infants in some of the old footage last nite.

    Jacque, my dear, your English is getting very good! I completely understand just about every word and you are spot on with your comments!

    I agree the thought that a 6 yr. old injured an adult really has to be "alleged"...meaning somebody just said it, but doesn't make it true!

    Remember the In Sytle reporter who supposedly talked to Jon and said in her mind the incidents were typical of kids and she thought the whole thing was blown up way more than it needed to be.

    ROL and the inside source, aka government worker, just keep stirring the pot at the expense of these two little tups that Kate has tried so hard to protect.

  51. Hi,

    I finished the first free chapter, nothing new at all so nothing to report. Polly must really have stretch her so called facts from her so called sources to put a book out. I think it's sad that Polly went to all this trouble for 5 minutes of miserable fame for herself and her family.

  52. Polly I know you read my site..And obviously your not posting my comments so how about I ask it here! If your soooo "For the Gosselin children" like you claim answer me this...

    Are you donating the proceeds from book sale to a children's charity or putting it in a trust fund for the Gosselin kids????

    Just wondering since you claim this is why you started your blog and all.............

  53. BabyMama you brought tears to my eyes again. Thank you for the lovely photo of Kate and Collin. That is such an adorable and tender moment of mother and son. It could be any mother and son and it would still be a very touching moment in time. What a wonderful moment in time one day for that boy to treasure.

    It is very curious that part of the show is now missing. Ziggy also can confirm it is Polly with a wig. It was caught right after viewing the episode the first time. As to why Polly wouldn't admit it, is obvious because after the hoopla of stalking in the cornfield to admit she was following them in the store and the fact that Steve literally had to stop her by putting his hand on her arm is not something Polly would want to admit to her "fans". Steve was aware of her being there obviously and all I have to say is it's a good thing Kate has security.

  54. FiredUp-Be safe in that ice storm. Hope your power stays on.

  55. Good morning everyone! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Just make sure you stop by here to let me know your all safe ok? By me its fridgid but no high snow and I already saw two people today fall flat on their asses from walking fast over ice.

    So everyone was waiting to get a glimps of Kate and the trollies are all reporting Kate has "come up for air". Uhh Kate is living her life and not giving a scratch what any of then think. But in case you wanted to view, here the link. I think its so snarky when they always start of their posts "Kate tending to her motherly duties".. people its her life and its called taking care of her kids!

    "Braving the bitter cold conditions while tending to her motherly duties, Kate Gosselin ventured out on a bus stop run in Reading, Pennsylvania on Thursday afternoon (February 6). The TLC reality star mom - who's been keeping a lower profile than usual these days - gently held daughter Leah's hand while scooping up her brood and loading them into the family van."


    "Infamous reality parents Jon and Kate Gosselin are both hoping that their wayward kids Alexis and Collin can return to school later this year, has learned. Kate is thrilled with the progress the pair have been making since they have been home schooled and Jon thinks that Kate has done a good job getting the two back on track. Kate had denied the fact that Alexis and Collin were actually expelled from their private Pennsylvania school after she made an appearance on Entertainment Tonight in November. But recently, both Alexis and Collin’s behavior has shown a vast improvement leading Jon and Kate to believe they are now ready to return to school.

    A source told (WHO THE HECK ARE THESE SOURCES? Total BS from Radar?>)“Kate is very proud of the way the home schooling has gone – both Alexis and Collin are arguing less with their siblings and they really understand what they did was wrong in the past.

    “Jon is also pleased with what Kate has done to get the kids back on track academically – he would love for them to go back to school with the rest of the kids. “He’s really happy with the progress that both Alexis and Collin have made and feels that they are better behaved in public now and are more responsible with doing chores and tasks around the house too. “They are no longer fighting with their nannies when they are told to do something or are asked to get ready for bed either.” It remains to be seen if their former school will take the Gosselin kids back but understands that the school may consider doing so around September if the childrens’ attitudes continue to improve.

    When they were originally expelled, it caused a real rift between Jon and Kate but they have become united by the fact that they both believe that Alexis and Collin are now ready to re-enter the education system later this year.

  57. Oh, that's OK about the bartender comment - I was just asking, as I said I haven't seen the E! show. I have a bona-fide celebrity in the extended family - actually 2 (film and music industry). That's all I'll say because one NEVER talks publicly - it's so gauche to do so. They are the celebs to the public, family to us.

    Thanks for the good wishes for GS - our family was granted an honest to goodness miracle.

    We are encased in ice - OH MY GOODNESS!!!! We had a somewhat short power outage, not nearly as bad as some who are only getting it back TODAY!

    Who is WG and what is this about a book?

    I thought Kate said they were not expelled? Boy have I been out of touch.

  58. Hey Sophia! the term "expelled" is definetly something that will never be known for school. By law no one should or would be talking at the school. Kate said they were not ecpelled but needed to be pulled to deal with issues. Its really on what side of the Kate Gosselin fence your on.

    On a positive note as I said above, lets pray the kids are invited back even earlier that the beginning of next school year in September.

  59. Lexxi~ Do you think theres any connection to Werny stalking Kate in that episode and the fact that only that part of the episode was pulled? lol one could only wish.

    WeryGal aka Polly Pocket was the one with the long blond hair and the glasses on The E! True Hollywood Story that has publically accused me of being a Kate Gosselin stalker who was actually one herself. Literally. She lives in the area and follows her around when they are filming.

  60. What bitter cold??? It's been in the 20s and 30s during the day lately in SouthCentral PA. Provided one is dressed for the weather, it's not uncomfortable.

    We are supposed to get icy conditions tomorrow. Actually, if really were bitter cold, we'd be more likely to get snow than ice.

    It's actually kind of ironic. The claim is that Kate is fame-obsessed and has "gone Hollywood" but the tabloid sites are reduced to trying to concoct stories out of a suburban mother picking up her kids at the bus stop. INFDaily tries to make a big deal of her being in the drivers seat while the kids are getting in the van. It doesn't seem to occur to them that a child who is nearly 7 (6 3/4 on February 10) might not want to be seen having Mommy lifting him or her into the family vehicle?

    INF also makes this totally absurd statement, making it sound like Kate is picking up the kids instead of them walking in order to have a photo op? When did they EVER walk home from the school bus stop? I'm sure they'd have been photographed doing so and the Khaterz would have been enraged that Kate was endangering the children. Nothing I've heard indicates that the bus stop is within walking distance of their house. There are also the security considerations.

  61. BabyMama one can only guess as to why TLC pulled that portion of the show. What is my guess? Well please this is only what I think could be happening but if a certain person is under investigation or maybe a future court situation might occur the network might pulled the part of the episode which involves legal issues so that whoever deals with it in the legal system is no biased by viewing the portion of the episode that is under question. Another thought may be for some other issue the portion was pulled to be re edited for some reason. Both of these are only conjecture.

  62. PA people - I sincerely hope you don't get the ice storm we had - nor the snow storm that shut down Chicago schools for the first time in 12 years, not to mention dumped 24" in about 24 hours...Mother Nature is sure grumpy at the moment!

  63. I just saw the new pics over at INF Daily of Kate picking the kids up at the bus stop. What is infuriating is the commentary. INF is actually critizing her for picking the kids up with the van instead of making them walk from the bus stop, saying she picks them for the "photo op". Isnt't the bus stop miles from their home? Does the author know they live on a rural road without sidewalks? I can just imagine the headlines if Kate made them walk from the bus stop! Then, she's criticized for staying in the "warm van" and letting the kids "fend for themselves", when there are a half dozen pictures of her outside the van helping the kids! Maybe she just got back in momentarily to turn on the heat for the kids. To me, this was just one of the most absurd articles I've ever read, even from INF. If I recall correctly, I think at the end of the E! special, didn't someone say something like Kate is criticized when she's strict with the kids, and then is criticized when she's not strict with the kids, and that she can't win no matter what she does (I may not be remembering that exactly, but I'm pretty sure there was something to that effect). In my opinion this INF story is a prime example.

  64. Hi all! Dealing with power outages and ice here. Hope everyone is staying warm.

    So, doesn't INF ever get tired of writing fiction? It gets old!!!

    I'm hoping the G kids stay well during this winter season.

  65. Say, weren't there some still photos of the weird woman in the store at Halloween?

  66. Linda I sent you an I hope everyone stays warm & safe tonight. In honor of the Kate's grandmas recipe

    Grandma Vegetable Soup- Makes 10 Servings
    1 Soup bone w/meat
    1 Onion; chopped
    3 Carrots; sliced
    3 Potatoes
    5 Stalks of celery
    Green beans
    1 can (large) Tomatoes
    1 Handful Barley or alphabet macaroni
    3 Bay leaves

    Boil soup bone in water enough to cover for 1 1/2 to 2 hours - until meat comes off bone easily. Remove bone - when cool enough - remove meat and cut fine. Return meat to stock - add onion, carrots potatoes celery, greenbeans, corn (not creamed) and tomatoesand bayleaves - add more water if needed - cook on a low fire after first coming to a boil. After 1 hour stir in barley or macaroni - cook another 1/2 to 1 hour - stir often as the barley will stick to pan and burn. NOTE: Used to look forward to this on wintery nights!

    For more of Kate's recipes check out my old Jon & Kate Plus 8 Fan Blog from 2008!

  67. This coming from a woman that has never cooked but loves to read all of her yummy recipes. If anyone has made any of them please let me know. My mom made me the money much for the kids and it was yummy! lol

    I'm telling you, if Kate doesnt take these all and make an updated recipe book this year Im going to take my kids markers and create one myself!

  68. One hallmark of rural roads in Pennsylvania is their narrowness and the almost total absence of shoulders on the sides of the road. There are ongoing fights between parents and school districts on bus stop locations and how far kids should have to walk and under what conditions. Having central locations for buses to pick up students at which parents or other caregivers can park is probably the safest alternative and less congested than having kids individuall driven to school.

    Long bus rides are a fact of life in rural PA school districts.

  69. PeggyP~ That is so incredibly sad to hear, but interesting because I have no idea what situations with busses are. I take my kids myself to their school each day. I can only imagine how exhausted kids must be after a long day at school followed by a long bus ride.

    Apparently no one else does either because all sites like HollyBaby and the troll blogs comment about how "miserable" the kids are getting off the bus and getting picked up by thier mother. Maybe we should remind everyone. And if they are smiling because its their father picking them up? Well they dont get to see their father as much anymore so why shouldn't they be happy?

  70. I'm finally getting my youtube channel up and running again after being removed for copyright infringement. Instead of nohate4kate, hate4kate, noh84kate, h84kate etc... I decided to go with gosselinarchives. Much simpler that way. Should get the E special up soon.

  71. Ofcourse they blame it on Kate that the kids look miserable, ugh. Not the fact that they been at school all day and are ready to go home and relax. I know I am exhausted after working all day.

    We live on a lake here in Indiana and my kids have a 40 minute bus ride. Like Peggy said, if you live in a rural area long bus rides are just a fact of life. They actually enjoy the ride, they say its spending time with friends, playing Nintendo DS games, having a snack or doing homework together.

    Making that comment just proves they pick pick pick...

  72. Oh I am so making that soup, that sounds YUM. Nothing better than a warm bowl of soup being stuck home in the snow, getting a little tired of the same ole chili or cheddar potato.

    Thanks Baby Mama :)

  73. My kids had long bus rides, not because of the distance but because of the frequency of the bus stopping. If I took them I could get them to school in 15 or 20 minutes, IF we didn't get behind a bus. If we got behind a bus, it took as long as the bus ride. In order to not get behind a bus, we'd have to leave early, which got them to school too early. The continual stopping every few minutes was a killer on gas.

    The bus ride for the Gosselin kids is nothing out of the ordinary. The AKO's seem to think the Gosselin children should be treated with silk gloves. They claim the kids need to have a normal life, then when the kids do normal, they have problems with it.

    Riding on the bus also gives kids a chance to socialize with their friends. It helps develop and strengthen friendships. And yes, there will be a fight or a problem on the bus on occasion.
    For pity sake, it goes wit the territory.

  74. Oh, I forgot to mention their bus ride was about an hour long.

  75. The schools in our area discourage parents transporting their kids to and from school.
    For several reasons. It leads to traffic congestion at the school, which can be dangerous for kids, it interefers with the buses, and because in riding the bus there is a benefit to the socialization aspect for kids. My son rode a handicapped accessible (wheelchair lift) bus who had a aide on board. All I did in the mornings was open the door for him and out he zoomed. They got him on the bus, and secured down. When he got home, all I did as the same thing, just open the door to let him in.

  76. Good morning all. Nice to wake to having the power on, kids feeling better and coughing less even if mom and dad are coughing away. Ice is melting and rain is flushing it away. Ahhh... Thank you for a brief period of warmer weather.

    I don't get this big bus deal. The twins rode a bus to school (stopped at their driveway, remember?) Then they moved so J and/or K take them to or from a pickup point. It's no big deal.

    We transport ours to and from school because we live fairly close and to put them on the bus would mean getting up at 5 instead of 6. Our school uses different entrances for buses and for cars. And the school charges an extra $500 per year per student for bus transportation. Our kids are envious of those who get to ride the bus (but glad they don't have to get up earlier!)

  77. Baby Mama - That's one of my favorite soup recipes. Or should I say "Stew-oup" since we like it thicker. We add a box of the small alphabet pasta. Thanks for posting it!

  78. Linda, glad to hear things are melting, good to hear kids are feeling better, now mom & dad get well.

    I don't get the bus deal, either. I don't see where it's damaging/beneficial for the kids to ride the bus and I don't see it as damaging/benefical if Kate takes them.

    Everyone's needs and circumstnces are different. Every school is set up different.

    It boils down to what works for each individual family and that is a decision which is a parents right to make as to what works best for their family. It's an 'issue' which isn't an issue but is made into an issue by the AKO's just to have something to rag on Kate about.

  79. Good morning everyone! It's sooo cold outside today! My hubby went to the deli for my family to get us brunch and he darn near froze his butt off. I wanted to go out shopping today & I'm just TOO cold.

    Jessie, thank you so much for coming over here and telling us your new name. I was like a detective contacting people trying to figure out where all your stuff was gonna be. Happy I found you. And thanbk you for all that you do. I know my readers have been asking for the episode and I cant wait to put it up. Will watch for you now ;)

  80. I was quite angry with the E! special on Kate. I have a lot of respect for her and feel like she gets trashed in the public eye. She is a MOTHER of eight beautiful, healthy, and seemingly happy children. Many people go through divorce due to all kinds of problems, including money problems, infidelity and work issues. They don't seem to be any different. These kids get to do so many wonderful things that anyone as a parent should wish for them. I take my kids on trips and buy them nice things and HOW I WISH someone would throw that in as a job perk! I do not believe she is some primadonna diva. She probably has high expectations, but good for her! If she didnt, they would print that she didn't think highly enough of her kids, etc... I hope to see Kate go very far in her career!!! I wish her love,not only happiness but true joy, and all the perks they can handle! You go girl!

  81. I just watched Kate's E show again and they have taken out the pictures of Nana Joan and now say Kate was raised at a campground and trailer park. I guess WG called and corrected the gossip she told. Just wish it made her realize all she has is gossip and specualtion and would stop sprading it!

  82. Hi said it speak my language regarding Kate exactly! ain't that a hoot! E! got themselves embarassed with that incorrect photo ID! That's what happens when you rely on a no-name local gossip named Polly for info!

    LindaO...I'm thawing out here with you. Lots of limbs down again...we are sitting out here in the woods...but no major damage.

    INF always really has to stretch things to find some snark on Kate. So she is sitting in the van...then they show several shots of her outside helping Hannah and Leah out of the bus!

    What the fool is wrong with that? Kate does this routine twice a day...usually 5 days a week. Think maybe this smart gal has it down pat as to how to pick up her kids? Geesh!

    Ok, things are slow in Gosselin land...I'm getting antsy to see another episodes of Kate and her babies.

    BabyMama...thanks again for that adorable picture of Kate and Collin. I showed my son the pic and explained my inspiration for planting a smack on his forehead. He smiled!

  83. I have yet to watch the E! special... after getting a pretty good recap from you ladies, I figure why waste my time with rumors.
    The INF pictures are absurd. Peggy P, you are absolutely right- I don't think 7 year olds would want their mom helping them into the car anyway! They make it seem like Kate is some sort of abusive monster. Get a life people! It amazes me...
    Where did Kate Plus 8 go? It has been such a long time! I'm so curious to see their Australia vacation... I know those kids had a ball! :)

  84. Ziggy I agree with you about the bus rides. I don't get why some of these people think it's so awful they have a long bus ride but if you were to ask the children themselves I'm betting they would say they love it. It's not uncommon at all to have long bus rides in many areas. I grew up going to private schools and they were quite a distance from our home but I couldn't wait to get on the bus in the morning and afternoon because it have me a chance to spend some quality time with my friends and more time then you actually get during the lunch break. Since many private school kids tend to live a distance from their friends the bus ride is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your friends twice a day. I can't believe how much people can assume and put a negative assumption to so many things, when if they bothered to find out the facts they would discover most of it is positive. This negativity we see from these people must bleed out into their daily lives and I'm sure glad I don't have people like that in my life.

  85. Well E also gave out false information about where Kate grew up and since they have taken out the older couple they should have edited about the part of where and how Kate grew up. Her parents owned a campground but the family grew up in a house not a trailer. That just proves what I said before that most of these E specials of True Hollywood Lives of these celebrities are full of gossip and fiction with a few real facts thrown in. The stories are still filled with junk they got from the tabloids and assume they are facts instead of verifying the information. They did the same thing to the John Belushi True Hollywood story they did after he died. It was very inaccurate in much of the show.

  86. Lexxi
    I love your information
    you always keep us informed
    with lots of news, concordances, besides saying what you think.
    I like what you writes.

    Ziggy also agree with you.
    there is nothing wrong.
    and I believe that not harmful.
    imagine what people think when the Gosselins do get on planes
    is too much for them withstand many critics lol
    besides it's good they get hours in a bus
    already get used to the idea
    they will probably walk a lot of buses.
    they will travel, sightseeing


    Wow 86 S. COMMENTARY......

  87. Good afternoon everyone! I was very happy to accomplish so much today! I took a sign that it was just to frigid to be running around. The kids went to The Children's Museum with my husband and I got to cleaning! Got 2 more bags for Lupus this month and finally got to cleaning...

    GeeWhiz~ So happy to hear that the repeats of Kate's were updated and the inconsistencies fixed. Apparently from what I'm told Werny Gal got schooled on her own blog. I don't think anyone could understand for someone so obsessed that she didn't know Kate's back ground as a child nor anything about her parents? I don't think anyone knew that she knew such little background. E! Took the info she gave them that was WRONG. So they got to change things for the repeated episodes, but her book is already out.

    So what does this say about her new book? Will anyone want to read rehashed rumors that made poor Al Walentis's book tank, or from someone that doesn't know the actual back story of the person they are writing about? I hope people will think about this before throwing away their money on Amazon...

  88. Well there is always a sucker for anything and WG found a few but Werney Girl's book isn't exactly selling like hot cakes so I hope she isn't planning on buying a large screen TV anytime too soon as it's of this date only sold 9 copies. I hope she didn't buy it already in anticipation of great sales for the Super Bowl like many stores see this time of year. It is just beyond me how her followers take her word as the gospel truth. What a shame that anyone is allowed to do this. Of course I don't know if she wants a large screen TV but it was just an example.

  89. Stop the lies! Bl lawyer Actually allowed this complete lie to be posted on her site. I'm sorry, I know this is supposed to be a positive fan site, but every once in a while I have to address outright lies posted on other sites. I have no idea what the heck this person is talking about. It goes to show you not to believe anything that is written on those things.. What the heck?

    February 2, 2011 11:51 AM
    westbrooke neighbor said...
    I wish everyone would not worry about fans and fan sites. BM tried to skew one of our neighbors that contacted governmental agency's on what she saw and BM contacted her, made a threat and then wrote an article on her blog accusing the neighbor of stalking the Gosselins. She showed a picture of a car with someone taking a picture from inside the car to make it look like the neighbor did it. The funny part is all the tabloids contacted this neighbor including offering money for an interview and told her that if she would actually have pictures she could have made a mint. BM accused the neighbor of being jealous because Kate didn't talk to her - she talked to Kate. she just didn't agree with what she saw being done to the children. This particular neighbor was the one who gave the family the $50 gift card that Kate talks about in her book so that Kate could give to charity. BM even commented on sidewalks that this neighborhood doesn't even have. This neighborhood had to put protections in place because of the crazies, the uber fans, I believe every person who gets noticed at this level invites fans of all types and Kate Gosselin is no exception. With everything finally coming out, these types of fans are irrelevant. Please keep your focus on stopping the exploitation of children, in all capacities. Thank you

  90. Well if E! is going to go back and fix some incorrections then they really need to go back and redo the 30 min. interviews they did with Wormy Gal and creepy Al(does anyone else think he looks like a pedifile you see on Nancy Grace?). We all know they have never met Kate and so thier whole interview was nothing but gossip and speculation, no facts at all. So E! if your going to start getting facts straight, fix ALL of them.

  91. Baby Mama that is an interesting post there. Do they even know who you are? I am speechless. You don't live in PA. How are you supposed to find time to do all these things they accuse you of? Did you find a transporter I don't know about?? I think that chick has her blogs confused. I have encountered that before in defense of this blog. They mix you up with other people. Fact find before you type please! That's what happens when you blindly follow people. And they say we do!?!? Ok whatever.

  92. That paragragh doesn't make any sence. I had to read it twice and I still don't understand what she is trying to say. I mean what exactly is a "governmental agency"? I know we are talking "mental" here, thats obvious.

    Baby Mama you really have to stay out of the bushes, it is too cold for us to come rescue you with the ice pick sheesh, LOL

  93. Ok I just re-read that. She was talking about your post and not that you were actually standing on a sidewalk. Not that it makes more sense the second time around. I vaguely remember that post....wasn't it a repost of another sites? I still stand true about the transporter thing. If you did all that they accuse you of you'd need one.

  94. Haha KatherineDenise! I'm freezing and now I have pricks in my a@@!

    No seriously, this was sent to me titled "you have to read this". Normally I do get quite a few of these that I just delete. But this was complete irresponsibility on BL's part. Her motto of "do not attack other blogs" is a farce. Hate comes in all forms, and I'm aware when readers get upset when I discuss or post about other sites. But this is a prime example of complete nonsense that gets put in peoples ears, not that it matters in the bigger picture.

    I have been a target for over 3 years now since I started blogging on Cafe Mom. Over half the top crazies that are writing these things have known me that long. They joke make fun of fans like were ignornsnt and they are right. Well these types of blatant lies only show the type of mentally unstable people that post there. I want to thank those that keep me in the loop & have my back. Anyone that believed that I have some swamp land I can sell them!

    Moving on! Lol

  95. Isn't is a shame when they can make up the junk they do and they see nothing wrong with making up gossip. I was curious and went to read the reviews of WG's book and someone obviously one of her followers tried to defend WG by saying that she stated somewhere in her book it was about gossip and she see's nothing wrong with gossip being written in a book. What is wrong with these people? Seriously are their brains fried? Do we really need to explain to them how dangerous gossip is? First thing that comes to mind is all the teen suicides. Where does that start many times? Gossip. Then it gets worse and worse, then the bullying starts and we have millions of teens and adults that have committed suicide or attempted it all because of gossip. It's easy to say to ignore them BabyMama but it's tough when it's you they are gossiping about. My heart goes out to you and I think we know who you are so no worry.

  96. Hi all - We're still coughing here, at least the adults are.
    Welcome to so many new & returning people!!!
    Baby Mama - Amazing how mixed up people can get. They still forget that your meeting of Kate was in bookstore in NY, not in PA.

    You joked around that time and we jokingly commented about hiding in Kate's bushes (making fun of Polly and Al who did it for real) I've seen that repeated so many times as fact. Makes you wonder how doggone dumb these gossip as fact repeaters are? ??


  97. Get feeling better Linda and all your family who are ill. Are you sure you haven't been hanging around with Craftymom in person? LOL She was sick for awhile there too. Seriously I've heard it's one nasty bug that lasts and lasts so take care of yourself and don't try to do too much when you think you are better because surely you'll end up back down again. Everyone that has had this nasty bug has said that time and again. So far I've been safe this winter. Knock on wood!

  98. I just watched the E! story and it reminded me that Kate was supposed to have a new show in Fall of 2010. Whatever happened to that show??
    Also, why does TLC never air the Kate plus 8 reruns? I missed the halloween and New Zealand episodes.

  99. I have been reflecting on everyone's comments and think that:

    Haters do not see it as gossip but validation of their assumptions. They read something that we think is ridiculous and say - yes, I can see that. To affirm their beliefs they share it with likeminded people, all agreeing that it must be true. They do not see it as spreading gossip at all, but educating the masses on about the true intentions of their target/victim.

    For example, ROL reports that Kate takes an opportunity to be in the media by picking up the kids. The flaws in the situation that we all see are that:

    they are assuming Kate’s motives and assume she wants to be in the media

    it is ROL that is stalking her, not her stalking the cameras

    if she sent someone else to pick up the kids, she would be accused of being neglectful

    lastly, she is happily living her life, with no regard for the haters.

    When we read the article, we are outraged that ROL would create a story out of nothing. The haters see it as fuel for their fire. They see it as confirmation that Kate is a fame whore. The real sadness of this whole situation is that ROL, Polly, Al, etc. are making money off mentally unstable, self-loathing, and/or ignorant people. How can ROL/E/Polly, etc., pride themselves as journalists when their basic philosophy is to NOT support credibility?

    I understand that they would argue that it is just entertainment; however, hateful rhetoric, gossip, and lies cause damage, not laughter. Once again, they are the ones hurting the children, not the other way around.

    I think what is really happening is that people love to watch others fail. Jon failed and now they support him. His failure puts him on an even or lower plain then the haters. He is no better than they are therefore; Jon’s failings help them feel good about themselves. Kate refuses to fail. This angers them. They want to tear her down. They do not want her to succeed. Her success makes them feel inadequate. If they can make her out to be the bad person, then they can rise above their hatred for themselves and feel self-worth once again.

    It would be more beneficial to take the rag mags, gossip blogs, stalkers, and haters to court to demonstrate that they are causing child abuse, as opposed to Kate and the television show. That is where the real maltreatment is taking place.

  100. fascinated Excellent post. Well since INF admitted that Kate doesn't get paid from Chris the pap pictures and Jessica made an oops and stated that Jon was paid but then a short time later that day she deleted that as is seems that maybe a source might have yelled about that info being released, it was still seen by some including me. Now with this new computer I can't even go to INF for some security reason. It's honestly silly to think that Kate needs or wants the attention of these gossip tabloids. I think they would prefer to save press for the ethical or at least the more ethical places like People.

    Marie TLC and Kate both confirmed that a Twist of Kate would still be airing. Kate said not too long ago that it was being retooled. I know they shot some episodes last year and they sounded like they were going to be allot of fun so I hope they will still air those episodes. I have a suspicion as to why TLC doesn't air reruns but if I say it, then the AKO's will go off on a tangent yelling again so that shall remain unanswered.

  101. Welcome Marie! I always reposT episodes after they air on my site. I have the Halloween episode here but sadly for some reason the first half is missing. The middle and end is here..
    The New Zealand has not aired yet. As soon as it dies check back a day or so after and I will post it here for you...

    Westbrook Neighbor~ the only way to apologize for for that ridiculous BS story is to send me a $50 Kmart gift card. Since you like talking about them so much. But is it possible to make it Target instead??

  102. fascinated - Excellent points!
    Lexxi - tyvm.

  103. craftymomof3~ the only quick post I mace with the sign was the one I posted below. Are people really referring to me commenting about a photo someone else took in September 2008 when the Gosselin's posted a sign in front of their house saying no trespassing? I couldn't be something so stupid..

  104. Yup that was the one I remember. made no comment about sidewalks....

  105. These haters continue to prove they have something missing in their lives as well as their minds to resort to spreading lies on the internet.

    Thanks for the link. It's nice to read a positive article about The Gosselins with quotes from real neighbors.

  106. On E! THS (Kate Gosselin), I thought Paul Peterson had arrogant nerve to suggest he should be a consultant to the Discovery Networks (TLC) regarding Kate Gosselin's children! He stated the same day the Gosselin children were expelled from school he was telephoned by a first person account of what happened, and he predicted the event.

    The ONLY first person account would be the school (NOT!), Kate (Hell to the NO!), passive aggressive, broke ass Jon (probably) or the very envious, spiteful and backstabbing JoKe (Jodi & Kevin Kreider)!

    If Jon did call Paul Peterson then he was in cahoots with JoKe to try and humiliate Kate and stir the Khater's pot of poison soup. This is why, in my opinion, Jon will always visit with his kids (visitation) and will NEVER gain primary or joint custody of his children. I see why Kate kicked Jodi and Kevin to the curb.Kate and her children have had NOTHING to do with her brother and his wife for almost three years.

    This is why Paul Peterson should have done due diligence regarding Jon Gosselin, Jodi Kreider and Kevin Kreider because as far as Kate is concerned ALL of them were toxic relationships. And since Paul Peterson is closely associated with them, he is toxic too.

    Divorce is hard on the majority of children of all ages, even adult children in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and up get upset when their parents divorce.. People fall in love and marry. Some married people have children. Some married people with children fall out of love and divorce. The Gosselin children will survive.

    The Gosselin children's anguish was exasperated with Jodi/Kevin Kreider, with the Khaters' support, selling to the tabloids the Gosselin family's personal information AND constantly trying to ruin Kate by halting the filming of their show, talking publicly about some shit that happened 3/4 years ago when the tups were toddlers! JoKe acts like they have a viable relationship with Kate and her kids when they do not. I see why Kate has nothing to do with them.

    Then you have Gosselin kids' dad. What can I say except Jon did some serious damage to his children's mental/emotional health by tweeting/selling to the tabloids his children's personal information. Jon thought he was hurting Kate. Instead he has damaged his children.

    This is not about Kate's children, this is about Kate! People don't watch Kate+8 to see the kids, they watch Kate+8 to see Kate! Kate's children don't work, Kate takes her children to work! This is why Kate Gosselin is the most famous mom in the history of reality TV and she is the 4th highest paid reality TV star. Jon Gosselin, Jodi/Kevin Kreider and Paul Peterson want public recognition, some of the millions Kate is earning.

  107. Baby Mama, keep your head up!. We love you!
    Yes they love to talk about us, I've been reading some of these comments and I laugh when I see something like:
    ''Baby mama's is with envy!"
    ''These are people who are obsessed with Kate and wants to be like her.''
    ''... it just shows how ridiculous and bizarre and disgusting they are fans of Kate.''

    Hey, are you real?. Baby Mama with envy of Werny Gal?. a woman followed the Gosselins in corn maze?,
    the woman who wrote a book about people she never actually met in her life, just to try an alleged fame? or maybe she wanted that book one day become a bestseller, as the books of Kate??
    (only 9 copies sold so far? I feel bad for you Polly!)

    Really? we're obsessed? we want to be like her? haha, well I can answer for myself, yes I want to be like her in future, be a woman who overcomes obstacles, a woman who cares for and supports his family of eight children, a woman who wow! received a E! ths (I know I just have been lies, but she became a celebrity is not?).
    Ok we're fans: ridiculous, bizarre and disgusting. Ridiculous, bizarre and disgusting in my opinion is to hate a person you do not know.

    The war of opinion exists and we know it, and it is not pleasant. I've also offended a few times in Kate's own blog, and today it does not bother me anymore because I can not do anything if they do not like anything related to Kate Gosselin. And I do not want them to simply say''I love Kate!''I just wish they would stop with all this.

    Oh and you Werny Gal why not start trying to do something productive for society? and please stop hurting these kids!!

    Good afternoon all!.

  108. There is one problem with part of your theory MrsGoody in that the school would ONLY notify the mother and father. Nobody else but them. Well we know as you said Hel_ No Kate wouldn't do that, and that's one thing I'm 100% positive about but sadly and I mean real sadly and IMO the ONLY person that it could have been to talk to Paul Peterson was Jon to get a first person report. Also there was an article on ROL and the majority of posters or readers missed it, there were only two regulars that saw this particular article because it was mainly about other celebrities and Kate & the children were just a little blurb line but ROL said they had proof beyond a shadow of doubt as they too talked to a direct source that the kids were exp____. If you'll notice I can't even use that particular word because I don't believe for a second the kids were exp____ or hit any adults. What I do believe is they were having issues and between the school and the parents it was better to home school them for now which is NOT that uncommon among children when the parents divorce. Heck there are doing fantastic if it was only two out of eight children. So I'm pretty positive although I have tried and tried to not believe it but the info came straight from Jon to both ROL and to Paul Peterson. First of all it should NEVER have been made public for ANY reason but sadly Jon's need to try and destroy Kate is stronger than his thoughts about his children. I also believe that Jon was removed from school for the reasons Kate stated exactly the way she stated it but in order to hurt Kate and make her look like a bad mom Jon embellished the story to both Paul Peterson and to ROL and instead of using temporarily removed the word exp___ was used and then the adults attack was added on for more dramatics. Oh how I wish Jon would get his act together. Those kids love him and I would love to see a full turn around by Jon where he puts his kids first and foremost and he never does anything ever again to hurt them like that did. Make no mistake that was a horrendous thing to do. To stick a tag on a child like that and set them up for bullying by classmates teasing them is just beyond what I can understand. Let's pray that Jon wakes up before it's too late. We all know that if Jon's request to make some appearances on the new show had been granted Jon would not now be saying he wants the filming to stop. Yes if things were turned around you know darn well that Jon would have a reality show with the kids in a split second but he is only against filming now because it fits his agenda. How sad it all is and the kids are the ones that suffer the most in divorce. Doesn't matter whether they are celebrities or not divorce is hard either way.

  109. Hey guys! My hubby has a big superbowl party tonight so I wanted to get this out tonight before he left and I had all the kids here with my family. I didn't really have the post done and it will be updated later on tinght. Hope you like it. The fresh scent of the day is the yummy smell of chips and cheetos. I don't know anything about sports, but pray my man wins some money tonight!