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Both Jon & Kate Hopeful For Kids School Return, Kate Gosselin Style Icon? Her Best Looks By Baby Mama Infamous reality parents Jon and Kate Gosselin are both hoping that their wayward kids Alexis and Collin can return to school later this year.Kate is thrilled with the progress the pair have been making since they have been home schooled and Jon thinks that Kate has done a good job getting the two back on track. Kate had denied the fact that Alexis and Collin were actually expelled from their private Pennsylvania school after she made an appearance on Entertainment Tonight in November.

But recently, both Alexis and Collin’s behavior has shown a vast improvement leading Jon and Kate to believe they are now ready to return to school. “Kate is very proud of the way the home schooling has gone – both Alexis and Collin are arguing less with their siblings and they really understand what they did was wrong in the past. “Jon is also pleased with what Kate has done to get the kids back on track academically – he would love for them to go back to school with the rest of the kids. “He’s really happy with the progress that both Alexis and Collin have made and feels that they are better behaved in public now and are more responsible with doing chores and tasks around the house too.

“They are no longer fighting with their nannies when they are told to do something or are asked to get ready for bed either.” It remains to be seen if their former school will take the Gosselin kids back after they were expelled but that the school may consider doing so around September if the childrens’ attitudes continue to improve. Both Alexis and Collin received three full weeks of intensive special treatment in an attempt to focus their behavior before they were expelled but the school could consider giving them a second chance. It caused a real rift between Jon and Kate but they have become united by the fact that they both believe that Alexis and Collin are now ready to re-enter the education system later this year.

The 1st Annual Kate Gosselin Awards 2010 For Her Hottest Looks! By Baby Mama

After losing my beloved Gosselin Garb, I have been wanting to do this for some time. I wanted to award the hottest looks that Kate has graced us with for the past year. While there were a few missteps, most made me want to go out and purchase a large percentage of her wardrobe. Some I figured out where to get them. Some I'm still stumped. Maybe by showcasing them, you the reader can help me find out where to buy them! Also is there a look you loved that made you search and buy? Tell me in the comments section what makes Kate Gosselin an unexpected style icon!

1. Hottest Swim Suit: My favorite (and there were many to choose from) was the yellow bikini she wore in the pages of the People Magazine Bikini Edition. This simple yet super hot number is by Melissa Odabash Bikinis

2.  Favorite Interview Dress: My favorite color is purple, so you know when I saw this amazing dress my heart skipped a beat. It's very flattering to all body types, has a beautiful shine and Kate Looked amazing in it. While most of her dresses are by Ann Taylor Loft, this was a pricier number by Catherine Malandrino. So worth the purchase. I even loved the silver shoes she wore with it at the Larry King Live Taping August 25, 2010

3. Most Infamous Fastest Selling Kate Gosselin Worn Dress: While it was a hard choice between the green or the pink, my vote for the dress most associated with Kate was this summer ruffle number from Ann Taylor Loft. There was much speculation that since Kate wore so much of this designer she got the close for free, but executives from the company quickly put that rumor to rest... "Kate purchases what she likes on her own" a rep. from Ann Taylor stated. Well Ann Taylor hopefully sent Kate a big Thank You of something. Because when these dresses came out in Spring 2009, it was also the season of the explosion of Jon & Kate Plus 8 and the recent inquiries of an unfaithful Jon. Here Kate was filming an episode in May when they went to the Ronald McDonald house without Jon, and fans of the show were clearly seeing the beginning of the end of their marriage. It was one of the hardest episodes I had to watch before the big announcement in June.
4. Best Kate Gosselin hairstyle: Go figure the hair I loved the most was something that Kate wore for only one night. In between Ted Gibson's infamous new longer hairstyle he let her hair breathe a bit by cutting it into this chic bob. It was only but one photo anyone got to see, but I really wished she would have kept this after the hoopla with dancing with the stars. I was probably one of a few that really liked her signature style (topped only be the 1992 "Rachel"). And while I understand someone really wanting long hair after having it short for so long, hopefully someday she will consider going back to this pretty, flattering look.

5. Best Kate Running Errands Look: Kate wore this denim look a few times, mixing it up with various tees, and a sleek pair of black pants. This was such a great staple of hers I made it a staple of mine. In this look, while taking the kids to a Jonas Brothers concert, I recreated it by purchasing EVERYTHING lol on the Just Jared "Get this look".  All you need is a pretty pair of pink matching heels, pink tee, white denim jacket and sleek black pants.

6. Favorite TV appearance look, The View: Everyone simply loved when Kate Gosselin hosted on The View in this color flattering yellow blouse. Maker is still unknown. Someone needs to tell me where I can find this, since I already have 5 people that want it! Her hairstyle created huge buzz since it was the first time people had seen her with a new look since that infamous "spikey do". Either way, they whole look screamed confident interviewer, as fans and haters alike spent an entire week picking apart every second of her appearance.

7. Favorite Kate Gosselin accessories, All Cole Haan: OK so when Kate when to a few public speaking events wearing the matching shoes to the purse Jon Gosselin gave to his "rumored" girlfriend Deanna Hummel, there was a HUGE uproar. Was that gift meant for Kate and he gave it to his girlfriend instead? Or was Jon so clueless about what to get for a gift he ripped off ideas from his wife's own closet? Either way I chose these 2 because after I saw them on Kate I immediately went out and bought them myself. Both from the Genevieve collection, these are the most comfortable, stylish wedges I have. And Kate's pink leather bag that feel like butter she uses everywhere? Well lets just say I was the same until my kids got a hold of it near a pen. Both I will definetly use again this Summer.


  1. Great new post!

    I agree with most of your choices. My personal favorite of the hairstyles is her current longer look. It can go up in an elegant French twist, be worn down and flirty, pulled into a ponytail for running errands, so I like the versatility.

    Okay...back to munching pre game Nachos! Go Packers!!!

  2. I really liked that bob on Kate too! And holy wow-za- that yellow bikini pic is awesome!! Makes me want to start running 5 miles a day....almost.

    Kate really does have a great style- one of my fav episodes was when her & Jon went shopping for themselves, and she swore she didn't care about fashion, and wasn't a shoe girl. And Jon was really encouraging her along. It was great.

  3. 1. I prefered the black bikini with the gold accents she wore in '09 & '10
    2. Interview dress I like the pink one she wore on the View. She wears pink a lot & it is good color on her.
    3.The dress she wore for the interviews after DWTS Jay Godfrey Churchill Racer Dress As seen worn by Kate Gosselin Black / Nude Lace trim in black
    4. Agree on the hairstyle. She looked so elegant there.
    5. An outfit she wore 5/31/10 a pair of dark colored jeans & a tan peasant blouse.

  4. I like the yellow slicker coat she wore. Does that manke me a stalker?? LOL

    I would never run out and buy clothes that I see Kate wear, but Ann Taylor is sold all over the country. Most are of simply taste and not over the top, and their sales are great!!!

  5. The bob is very nice--and I like it long too. She has had so maney different hairdos and the woman can do almost anything and look great!

    Haven't decided on outfits yet but she really does look good in pink.

    Back to the pregame--Go Pack Go!!

  6. I so agree... Her look is amazing noe. Long hair suits her a lot... Love her..

    When is her show Kate plus 8 airing back, i miss her and the kids,..


  7. Ahh Superbowl tonight! My hubby has like $200 in various boxes in a few bars even thuogh the Jets arent playing!. I get to stay home and deal with crazy kids :) I wanted to get this post out so fast, as you saw I didn't have a chance to finish OR spell-check it. I have a few more things I want to add to this list and will do so tonight. But I love everyones opinions!

  8. Baby Mama--Hope your hubby wins big!!

    Great Post!

    Game time.

  9. ohh and I forgot to add. I know a few different blogs are continuing to post about older "Proof Werny Girl is a stalker" posts..But I already knew this and NOW its all coming out :) So if this is something you would like to continue talking about from the other post feel free to bring it to this one. I just didn't feel she was important enough to dedicate a post to.. And this IS a Kate Gosselin fan site ;)

  10. I have never been a big fan of Kate’s style. I think when someone else dresses her (other than DWTS- I think Polly dressed her for that show) she looks good, but left to her own devices, I am not that supportive.

    I really like her in yellow (swimsuit above, blouse she wore on The View), she seems to wear that well.

    My favourite hairstyle was when she was on the view. Right before the extensions, they put ringlets into her short hair. I thought it looked great.

    Last, I love the heels. I have high arches and find that heels feel better on my feet than flats. I can’t stand flats, I think my knees knock together so loud, Texas can hear them…. LOL

  11. WG is a washed up old dish rag. She can spin and twirl till she is blue in the face. She has a severe head problem, makes you wonder what happened in her childhood. If her kids are attending school in her town, can you imagine the treatment they will receive because of their Mother being a gossip. Maybe Polly will get her hate turned around on her, but sad that her kids will pay the price, just like Kates has.

  12. I have to say that Kate was beautiful in the very first episode. I liked her taste very much. That was actually what I even liked about the E special, that it gave footage from then. Remember when Alexis kept saying mommy when Kate greeted her after shortening and blonding her hair in the tummy tuck episode. I wonder what the kids' reaction was when she got the extensions. I do remember when they first got the current house Jon commented about Kate's decorating tastes have improved, that she is much less country than she used to be and I notice the same thing in myself.

  13. I doubt that it is happening, and maybe he isn't even a football fan, but I hope Jon is enjoying Superbowl with I was going to say his boys, but then I thought maybe some of the girls such as Cara might be into it too.

  14. Oh GREAT Post!!! Talking about Kate's style is one of my favorite thing to talk about since I do wear alot of Kate's style's, and yes I have had her old hairstyle for a long time now. I LOVED LOVED LOVED her short hair style. I was VERY sad that she went with long hair. ALthough I do like her long hair, I only like it when it is straight. Was not a fan when it was curly.

    I agree with Natasha, I really liked her black bikini she wore at Bald Head Island.

    And No Bubbles it doesnt make you a stalker, lol, I have an infamous yellow coat and love it. Although I don't have the exact one, its one I found that looks exactly like it and get so many compliments on it.

    My favorite interview dress she wore was on the Today's Show, the medium purple with loose short sleeves. They showed some of the interview on the E!THS.

    My favorite summer dress (and yes I have it and wear it ALL the time) is the brown paisley dress she wore at the Fish Market. I love alot of her summer dresses she wears.

    I could go on and on on her style as I love her style.

    I agree, Wormy Gal is so yesterdays new, she hasnt even sold 10 copies of that book full of lies. Certainly doesnt deserve a post, would much rather talk about Kate :) Moving on!!

  15. Kate looks good in color & wears it well. I think she should stay away from the gray that she is seen in a lot. Pink, Red, Coral, now those are her colors. I do not care for those wedges but then, my style is much more subdued. I do like the black pointy boots she's been seen wearing several times in NYC.

  16. I love Kate's hair now, but I like her a bit more beige-y blonde, tone on tone, than blonde blonde, one tone.

  17. Congratulations Green Bay Packers! You Rock!!

  18. My hubby lost some money tonight, so he's not a happy camper! I'm avoiding him & enjoying my computer & watching Glee. I was torn between the yellow and black bikini. I also loved KatherineDenise's outfits as well. I mean I could go on, but the post was getting kinda long.

    A few people asked me about Kate's yellow Banana Republic coat again, but its only available in white now. I gotta tell you, it looks like a totally different coat in white. And not as nice.

  19. I do love her vests. Maybe my adversion for her fashion is because she wears warmer clothes than I can imagine because it is sooo cold up here. LOL

  20. I love this post, I love the looks of Kate.

    1. Best bikini: I like the black with gold trim.
    2. Best interview dress: I like the black dress she wore on Jimmy Kimmel Live last year after the disposal at DWTS.
    3. Most Infamous Fastest Selling Worn Dress Kate Gosselin: I agree with Baby Mama, that pink dress is beautiful.
    4. Best hair: I liked the tone and the cut of her hair on The View in September 2009, and I also liked her hair in the episodes of Hawaii. Though I love her hair long now.
    5. Kate Best Running Errands Look: I also agree with Baby Mama, and I also like the outfit she wore in New York last year, was simple: black top with white, black shorts and black sandals.
    6. Favorite TV appearance look, The View: I like the outfit she wore when interviewed in September 2009 was a dark top with red accents, but I like the yellow blouse she wore too.
    7. Kate Gosselin Favorite accessories: I like the black sandals she wore in New York last year.

  21. fascinated--I love her vests too. I think she wore one with a hood in the episode when Mady and Cara had their pictures taken and I have one like that. Oh how I wish we could wear the summer clothes here--it seems like ages away yet.

  22. ya i like the longer hair for kate..didn't really care for that short cut with the hair sticking up in the back

  23. You can't dress a sow to look special no matter how hard you try.

    On the other hand, Kate looks good in just about everything because she has that great body now, that beautiful hair and her warm smile.

    Kate looks very classy when she wears her long hair "up" as in the Emmy photo you have here.

    My husband (and I agree) thinks that shot of her in the boat in the People bikini issue with the white sweater and pink sarong looks great.

    And just Kate wearing her jeans and a colorful top...she just rocks in them.

    I think that's one reason the "haters" are so obsessed with Kate...they criticize everything about her body and clothes...but deep down, they are all envious...and let me say this one slow for you "haters"....j e a l o u s m u c h !!!!!

    We should all wish to look as good and photogenic as Kate does most every day...knowing she has that Chris waiting, lurking to take her picture every single day she steps out of the house.

    And of course, the nosey Polley sitting there to critique Kate's every flaw as well.

    After seeing what Miss Polly looks like...I'm convinced that she is consumed with jealousy about Kate's attractiveness and would be thrilled for Kate to acknowledge her.

    Another "Kate wannabe" is that government worker. Geesh, the pictures she has on her blog trying to model some outfits to "sell".

    Honey, quit while you are'll never have the style and charisma Kate has!

    I also agree that I love the more colorful outfits that Kate matches her personality!

  24. Kate would look good if she wore a dish towel! She's a beautiful young woman, and wise beyond her young age....

  25. Aww everyone welcome! Hope that you continue to share your thoughts on our site! I have gotten emails from a few people asking to post certain pieces of Kate's wardrobe. This post would get too long, but please continue to share your favors here. And if you know who makes it and where to buy it please post that info also.

    Firedup4kate~ you know it's gotten to an all time "low" when the only thing that's posted about Kate is that she's crazy not to be wearing a coat or back in the summer when her toe was sticking out of her shoe! I think people seem to forget that this family is just living their lives! If she's in the news too much they complain about it, when she's not in the news they're claiming her 15 min. Is up.. It's laughable, but we must thank them for keeping her famous & in the public eye...

  26. I like Kate with long hair. I think she can wear any color, but I like the bright colors best. I am always drawn to her smile first.

  27. Hi all & big welcome to new posters!!

    Sad when you have to flip a coin with DH to decide which of you is coughing the least to pick up kids at school, lol. Ahh well, moms rule!

    I agree that almost any style looks fabulous on Kate. Healthy living and healthy food along with healthy exercise.

    As for her hair, it was blond before she married Jon. Only time it went back to brown was during her bedrest before tups were born. My favorite is still the current style which is a lot like when she and Jon were first married.

  28. Aww I am sorry you are still sick. i apologize for giving you the plague over the computer. :( Get better soon. That was me two weeks ago...NOT FUN.

    I like the cute bob she had, to interject my opinion.

  29. Heloo!
    Baby Mama,
    the subject of your post is actually pretty cool.
    Jacque and I always comment on the looks of Kate Gosselin.
    Well, I think Kate looks good in mini skirt.
    Because she has a body for that.
    she is not vulgar, she know the right way to be beautiful.
    I've never seen Kate with great cleavage
    or at least part of that rumors true.
    'm wrong? the last white bikini she wore
    I loved
    is white, strapless, beautiful.
    Who knows best
    I am a person who recently came to admire Kate
    but already love his clothes.
    and their babies lol i love Aaden of polo shirt.

  30. I agree that Kate looks best in bright colors, but I typically think most everybody does. Linda hope you feel better soon. I hope someday all these little bugs can be irradicated.

  31. Seeing as how Kate is and always was a beautiful woman she is among the lucky ladies who can wear just about anything and look great. The only thing I can think of that I didn't care for was the yellow dress she wore on The View. I've never understood the criticism that she gets for wearing low cut clothing and I say if you look great and feel great in it then go for it. Kate is still young enough to wear any darn thing she wants. As long as you're not exposing anything and don't need to wear "pasties" to cover up, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the clothing she wears. I think the ones who criticize either can't wear that kind of style any longer or possibly they never were "fit" enough to wear it. I know my husband has always loved it when I wear low cut clothing. It seems many people have forgotten that episode when Jon wanted Kate to dress more stylish so they took a day together and they picked out some more up to date clothing that Jon was pleased with. I've also heard criticism that she dresses too nice for a mom but I've had neighbors who didn't work and were stay at home moms but they looked like a fashion plate every day no matter if they were going out of not. They were always dressed to the "nines" as they say.

    So what if she wears heels allot? I wonder sometimes wear these women come from because most of the women I know are so used to them that they wear them every day and yes even at home.

    Kate's hair, well I've liked pretty much all her styles. Yes I even liked her spiked bob. I never got the criticism of that either as I thought it was a beautiful style and looks like it was easy to take care of and with eight kids you don't have much time to spend on your hair. I really like her new style that she wears now. Why was there so much criticisms about hair extensions? Are some of these people that much out of touch with the styles and flairs of today? I know quite a few women young and old who have them. They are a God send to women that have a medical condition that suffer from things like their hair is thinning or loss of hair. It's sure more comfortable than a wig. Kate is lucky in that she has hair that she can wash and wear because most of us can't. Most of us have to go through curling irons, curlers and such to make our hair look good while Kate has the type of hair that she can just wash, blow dry and go.

    The length of her skirt of dress? What the heck is wrong with that too? Again I have to wonder if these people have seen any fashion shows or even been to a store for awhile to see the styles. The only length I personally object to is if someone, anyone wears something so short that when they bend to pick up something from the floor you can see it "all" but the length that Kate wears her clothes isn't even close to that.

    I think there is just allot of out of datem out of fashion ladies out there or maybe out of shape that just can't stand to see a beautiful woman and not be jealous. Kate has worked hard getting into shape by exercising so looking good is the pay off so instead of complaining with jealousy about her looks maybe they need to start working on themselves and the reward will be that they will feel better and just maybe learn to appreciate a beautiful woman.

  32. They have those shows for people who dress too dumpily and I have yet to hear of one about people who dress too fashionably to make them dress dumpier. I wish I was more into dressing nicer, but I like being comfy and I am not into spending a lot on clothes, although I find I do buy nicer stuff than I used to.

  33. lINDA HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER! Its 2am here and the baby is up and we had a potty issue. Im trying now to go back to sleep. And rockin the hottest the hottest Old Navy Gear out there. lol

    Sadly the haters are going nuts of all these days of not being able to make fun of Kate in order to validate their sad lives. The calm before the storm it seems as always. I do find it nice for both her and her family to be able ot have a week of just being a family and people not hanging on ever word or photo. And happy to hear that the home schooling is going well.

    How long has BL been saying (for YEARS now) that every time Kate isnt in the public eye that this is Kate's "swan song?". Did you just say you wanted the kids out of the spotlight, but when they are out of the spotlight it's the hopeful end of Kate Plus 8? How bout the end of obsessing over her?

    GWOP need to hang up their coats so this mama can retire! haha

  34. OMG HUGE KATE PLUS 8 news on Facebook. There are over 900,000 that "friended" that page. The huge part of the site were the discussion boards that were on there. There were hundreds at that point because it used to be the old Jon & Kate Plus 8 Boards but get this.. they removed EVERYTHING! How crazy is that. Everyone that was attacking the show..gone. Are they trying to get rid of the haters? Start fresh for the new show? Either way I'm about to pass out. from exhaustion... but this is crazy. If anyone knows the deal let me know! xoxox

  35. Baby Mama--That's really interesting about FB-
    It's great news actually. Someone must know what's up with that. Sure would be nice to know the details leading up to that action.

  36. Good morning Southern Sunshine to all! And I do mean that...I have beautiful rays of light coming in my room here and beautiful blue sky to back it up!

    BabyMama...Interesting about the Facebook site cleaned up. I also find it interesting that Kate's blog has fallen silent.

    That's certainly not because of any writer's cramp or lack of news from Kate. TLC has everything on hold..silent mode...for a reason I believe.

    After the slop-pin arena they put Kate in with the Sarah Palin hook-up, they certainly needed to do some PR work.

    Kate has definitely been under the radar pretty much. Only TV appearance of late was to defend her two tups. Nothing to promote herself.

    When Kate is out of sight the "haters" go into withdrawal symptoms...they need a fix to satisfy their craving to insult and decimate her.

    And likewise, we who support her yearn to see her and the kids living the real dream, enjoying life and making us all smile.

    When TLC finally decides to get back to programming Kate Plus 8 and the oh so awaited Twist of Kate, no doubt they will probably have Kate making some public appearances on various shows.

    Meanwhile, Kate is getting a much deserved break to just live her life and raise her kids...and pleasantly now...there have been no "inside sources" story with ridiculous tabloid fodder appearing every other day.

    If we could just stick a sweaty sock in Nina's mouth, things would be even better!

  37. Oh FiredUp--I am laughing so hard at the sweaty sock--but she would first have to remove her foot.

  38. I am not sure if its true but I heard NF was interviewing the Duggars, I wonder if they realize what kind of two faced person they are dealing with. I doubt it. Why is someone who believes that children are exploited by being on tv, having a friendly interview with a family who is "exploiting" so many of them. I love the Duggars so it's hard for me not to listen if it happens, but I won't feed into ratings like that.

  39. BabyMama – Glad to hear they have cleaned up the facebook page. I wish they would have done that a long time ago on her blog. I finally stopped reading the comments because they disgusted me so.

    Linda – Hope you feel better soon.

    Firedup4kate & Corrina – Your sweaty sock/removing foot comment made me LOL!

    Tashaportk - I read that Nina does not believe the Duggar children are exploited because she thinks their show has a purpose. I do not know what that purpose is.

    The fact they try and justify a reality show with kids proves it is not about exploitation at all it is about their hate for Kate.

  40. Babymama you can ask Sage about this also but Nina Frye took to that Facebook and was promoting herself on there and her so called "changing of her mind" and it got real nasty on there and Nina herself wasn't even recognizable. You saw the real nasty side of Nina on there. It was shocking to say the least. At first I thought it might be a fake Nina but Sage assured me it was her and she too was disgusted by Nina's complete about face not only in stance but "attitude". Nina sounded just like one of the worst of the haters. That was the first discussion to be deleted the next day and it just kept going till they had to do a complete clean up of the page as it was taken over by Nina and her hater followers mostly. I don't know if anyone took a screen shot of it but if I knew how I would of but hopefully someone did because you had to see it to believe it.

  41. Nina Frye went so far as to comment on Kate's sister's Facebook and links to her comments and to her radio show which was promptly deleted. Yet somehow Nina feels it's ok for the Duggar's to film because she says they have a "purpose". What that is I'll never understand. You are either for or against filming children but this some can and some can't gives the whole agenda makes them hypocrites as far as I'm concerned. Kate plus the 8 had a purpose too but for some reason that is ignored but it's ok for other families to film. Just doesn't make sense to me.

  42. TY ALL VM for get well wishes. Yuck, this bug is nasty!

    FiredUp4Kate & Corrina - Your comments made me laugh. I'm willing to mail a sweaty sock if needed, lol.

    I do not have a personal Facebook account. The attacks there are so vicious that I just gave up and closed it. I'm glad that people are moderating there and Kate's blog and eliminating a bunch of the stinky poop!!! There's just no call for that junk. In the word/initial coding of Bill Cosby (Fat Albert days) that is just plain NCAA (No Class at All!)

  43. GeeWhiz said
    The fact they try and justify a reality show with kids proves it is not about exploitation at all it is about their hate for Kate.
    That is exactly my problem with the whole child exploitation argument. If it is about child exploitation, it is about exploitation of all children. The Duggars are sending a religious message, Kate while she has lived a more modern life, isn't by any means nonreligious. Both families have shows doing very similar things. The Duggars helped with a fish fry, the Gosselins helped at Ronald Mc Donald House. They go to shows and sporting events, doctor's visits, the dentist, and vacations. There have been episodes of going to church. Kate's purpose is to show what life is like with sextuplets and twins. Another thing both families have in common is their love for their kids and how they put them first. This is why I don't see the shows as exploitative. The parents involved make decisions based on what is best for them. Neither is a perfect parent. I love the Duggars dearly, but at times, they are pretty lax on safety and supervision, it doesn't make them a bad parent, just as Kate sometimes loses her temper. They are human and both have parenting techniques that I really admire. I love how Kate fosters independence and challenges the kids with activities such as taking care of chickens. I also love how affectionate she is with them and how she believes in traditions and family unity. I love how the Duggars work as a team and how patient Michelle is when she talks to the kids. She's loving but firm. Someone might relate to one family's message more than another, but I really can't see much difference.

  44. Linda, Exactly right! NCAA
    Please get feeling better Linda.
    Tashapork you brought up some excellent points and that is exactly why I don't understand. Now I'm not here to bash the Duggars but I started to watch their show and their was something going on within that family that I strongly object to and that's drawn from my own childhood experience of being in the same position as their older children. Since I so strongly disagree rather than bash them and join some kind of group against them the most common sense thing to do is to not watch the show or participate in discussions on them. It's that simple. Why can't those that don't care for Kate or the children follow the same path. Let's be honest there is a very, very small minority that are truly against filming children and those are the ones that are against all filming. No excuses. As for my opinion Kate and the children film far less than any other show and I see so many positives so I don't object to the handful of specials a year they do. Kate has found the best of both worlds.

  45. Still catching up so this is OT but Linda, if I can be of help...on your ipad go into settings, general, keyboard and turn auto correct to off and then your ipad won't change words on you anymore! However this turns off spell check too. The ipad does an "autocorrect as you type" so if yoy misstype it guesses - and if you don't look up and see the "guess" it picks for you if you keep tying. Again if you already knew this I apologize...I was a software instructor for many years and know way too much about such stuff LOL

  46. Hello and good afternoon everyone! I wanted to wait until I got a few e-mails back before I commented today. I wanted to get down to the bottom of the post written by the moderators of the facebook page.. This is what they stated:

    "We are exploring better ways to host this community and its conversations with content that is of interest to you and better parameters for respectful dialogue. Therefore, we have removed the discussion tabs and we encourage you to start conversation threads on the wall. More to come! Will work on getting you some updates/news as well"

    First off, I filed a complaint with Facebook after someone who I now beleive may be the infamous "Pete Jr." Started a post about me. Thankfully they were quick to reprimand and remove the topic. Then a few of us complained AGAIN when fake pornographic profiles were coming up to spam the page. The final complaint, and thankfully there was a lot of people backing this, was the nasty haters on the site attacking fans of the show. Enough was enough. There was no way to have a converstation about the show on that site. Anytime you tried to have a discussion with someone you got 10 people butting in calling you names. Thank goodness I can be proud of myself by sticking to my guns and continuing to complain. This has actually been going on for over 2 years! Another problem was people were attacking people using their real names, and those vile people on Preesi & RWA taking that info and spreading all over the web. It was all a big joke and I'm so happy that Facebook is finally protecting people and taking steps to assure those still on there that they are protected to some extent.

  47. Sophia quick IPAD question. Have you ever tried to use those bluetooth keyboards with your IPad? I was thinking of getting one since I can't stand tapping on that thing. The auto correct thing was a nightmare as you saw, and I was getting all these words that had nothing to do with what I was trying! lol.

  48. OH--that whole thing on what the Duggars have to offer vs Kate--such a pile of poo! Hypocrites-for sure! Just another direct attack on Kate +8 and pumping up the nonfans. Lame--really lame. I'm not against the Duggars-and Lexxi--I think I know what you mean about the older kids--I was in a situation like that too.

    Baby Mama--That is great news FB is doing something to protect people. That was a really hot mess over there. Served no useful purpose at all.

    Linda--I hope this virus doesn't last much longer and that you can get lots of rest.

  49. BM - Yes and it works great. I tried using the one bluetooth keyboard I had used with an old laptop that had really tiny keys. But now I have a new laptop too (don't be impressed, my DH works from home and I do the books and network/misc IT stuff for his business, the old laptop died a death that included losing two of its shocked when I pressed the exposed part LOL). I just use the iPad when travelling (or getting power outage updates - our power goes out even when there ISN'T a storm!)so I turned off autocorrect and make an more diligent effort to proofread before I send (I'm not always successful - LOL). I hate on the iPad having to switch keyboard screens for some of the punctuation and NOT having up/down/right/left arrow keys, especially in programs like spreadsheets :(

    That Autocorrect as you type is a PIB. It exists in Word as a default, only in Word there is an Autocorrect AND the Autocorrect as you type, the second kind of hidden in the Autoformat options.

    But it can lead to funny text - kind of like the ever amusing machine translation programs :)

    Too bad, while I'm all for grammar and spelling in all languages, the nit pickers go over the top - and NEVER seem to give any leeway to our non-native English posters...nor consideration for those who don't know about the dangers of the evil "Autocorrect As You Type" demon!



    And just so I post "something" about Kate - I liked her hair best colorwise in that pic of her at the CA Women's Convention. I think the short style is most flattering on her - just growing the spikes out longer on the top/back.

  50. BabyMama that's great news they are trying to control that page. I've never commented there because as we know that's exactly what a "certain" group would do is take your information and spread it everywhere. I did read there and it was out of control. That's a smart move to get rid of the discussions although it's sad they were forced to because some people can't play nice but for the benefit of the page it was the only choice they had because otherwise it would have to be monitored 24/7.

    Don't get the impression I'm against the Duggar's filming because I'm not. Just as it's Kate's life and her decision the same goes for the Duggars or any other family. After all isn't that why we live in the goold old USA because we have Freedom of Choice?

    Oh Sophia I wish I had your help. I've got a computer that is all messed up and I'm typically good with software troubleshooting but this one is beyond anything I've encountered before. I'll figure it out eventually. You girls sure sound like you have fun with your IPad's. Maybe one day I'll get one.....dreaming......

  51. Oh that is great great news on FB, so thankful they are finally listening and protecting people. It's pages like that I wouldn't even go to anymore for that reason. I just have no need to read such vile garbage.

    ITA with you tashpork, you are spot on. It has nothing to do with the kids, its about hate for Kate. Hate is a powerful and very very scary thing. It's time blogger/blogging world follows FB in protecting poeple, people like Kate who is being bullied, things like slander,reputation etc. needs to play a part here. It's not right what these people are getting away.

  52. Sophia - tyvm. My biggest problem is I type more than what will fit in the box, have no scroll bars, so I can't see what I typed before I send, lol. Trying to do shorter posts.

    Also I sync the iPod,iPhone and iPad with computer and it turns on autocorrect again.
    Small keyboard on iPad is easier than the iPhone. I think for newbies it's the getting used to heat sensitive keys. Having discovered the website (via CMo3) for DYAC, I've decided it's just funny now.
    JMO but I think the shoulder length hairstyle makes Kate look younger. :)

  53. Forgot one thing. Turn the iPad to horizontal and it gives you a regular sized keyboard!

  54. Tashapork & GeeWhiz ironically IW put up a new post on that subject about why some feel it's fine for the Duggars to film and yet not the Gosselins.

    Since I've been blond all my life it's hard to tell from photos exactly what Kate's true color is last month, last week or even today. With photos for some reason if you have blond hair you can have six different people taking your photo at the same time and yet in each photo your hair color will look varying shades of blond. It probably depends on the cameras used and the program used to put them into a file.
    Whatever Kate's real shade is, she is a lovely woman no matter what length or style she wears. JMO

  55. I wonder if TLC has stopped showing repeats or advertising for the shows as part of a lawsuit to demonstrate that harm to the children is caused by negative backlash, not TLC’s filming.

    I don’t recall much advertising for the last Kate Plus 8, yet they had pretty high ratings. The most noise and injury is coming from the haters. I hope TLC is documenting this and compiling statistics in their favour.

  56. RE: Facebook. I appreciate the hard work you put into forcing Facebook to be accountable and respectful. Thank you Baby mama, and everyone else, like Ziggyflo and Lexxi for sticking your neck out and speaking up against violent rhetoric.

    Thanks, especially to the women on this site that continue to post even though there are hate sites making fun of what we write and who we are.

  57. Funny stuff for the autocorrect fans, or not so fans....

  58. Linda - Oh, I feel your iPad pain! Yes, horizontal helps, but the keyboard switching between ABC and Numeric is a pain. When it's smaller fat fingering is a prob - tho not as bad as on a smartphone. LOL

    Lexxi - Good on you for working at resolving your PC issues - Windows 7 or XP? Baby Mama or LindaO can give you my e-mail addy if you think I might be able to help. Don't sweat the iPAD - there are lots more issues with it, I've found, because of it's first generation status...printer issues (we have six different printers as well as a plotter and not one of them works with the iPAD nor can they be upgraded to do so. Bummer. Plus other stuff so if you wait, they'll be cheaper, have a camera, possibly phone capability,longer battery life and more. This time I think it's worth the wait...although if you like new tech stuff, that's hard to do, I know.
    My comment on Kate - in the picture I referenced, the darker streaks in her hair, closer to her natural brunette self, together with the golden blonde are very flattering. In that pic, IMO, I think she looks very, polished and put together. The organized professional mom. I'm not a fan of the spray tan on anyone, besides the orangish tinge that can result, I worry about covering the body with a chemical and what the effects are going to be 10 years or more down the line. It's our culture, I understand - in some Asian countries they prize the very, very porcelain look. Both my duaghter and I have had skin cancer issues resulting from tanning as teens (she didn't listen to her momma - but what teen does???) Again in the pic I referred to Kate has no tan at all, or a very, very light tan and her skin color is a beautiful smooth porcelain. But then, I like the looks of Annette Benning - she embraces her age and the lines and wrinkles that come with it. No snark on Kate or anyone else intended, please understand this is just how "I" feel. Having said such, my daughter was at a charity event and someone asked her if she was enjoying her freshman year in H.S. - she's 32 and a practicing bar licensed atty. in two states, married and a mom (of the grandchild who was so very sick)! Looking young at that point in life can be a curse - LOL (but she'll be happy about it later on....)

    Peace out!

  59. yup tiggerfan...that's the one I sent Linda. I knew she would appreciate it...

  60. I love that website Tiggerfan. I can read it for hours.

  61. Good evening everyone! let me give a shoutout to all my Facebook readers here tonight esp. a Mr. "Phil Ray". Thank you for the massive amount of hits to my site tonight! Another crazy psycho thinking he can get away with copying my posts. Reported to facebook thankfully.

    Tiggerfan~ So great! That must have been dedicated to me as usual. Going to take Sophia's advice and turn the auto correct button off. The trolls were having a field day seeing me say a word that had nothing to do with what I was trying to say. Now I will live with the incorrect spellings!

  62. FYI, per conversation with BabyMama, a number of people have been blocked today. If you feel you should not have been blocked, please send Baby Mama an email.

  63. I see you had to kick some @ss here this morning!

    You haters don't belong here! What part of Gosselin Family FAN Site don't you understand?

    Get it? Fan Site?

    BabyMama, what sweetness did you utter to draw all the flies again?

    The "government worker" is twittering about some 10 month anniversary with Jon. All the faithful are cooing about cute. Wait til she hangs with him for 10 years like Kate did...then she can crow!

    BabyMama you need to petition TLC to clean up Kate's blog like you did the Facebook page. Poor Kate can't share anything with us without all the fruitcakes coming and spewing their utter hateful nonsense.

    That blog needs LindaO's fly swattin' patrol to keep it clean and friendly!

    More bad weather headed our way! Jimminni Crickets...enough is enough!

  64. Firedup4kate said
    That blog needs LindaO's fly swattin' patrol to keep it clean and friendly!
    I absolutely love that. I think the world in general needs LindaO's fly swattin' patrol to make it a better place. I admire parents who teach kids that they can express opinions respectfully and without hate.

  65. Dear fans Gosselins
    'm saying that I will not comment both much as before.
    classes again
    and will be more difficult I use the computer in the middle of the week
    (house rules)
    Today is a day not so happy
    Jacque and I not we study in the same room.
    is not the end of the world ... I think lol
    but is kind of hard
    I love this girl too
    love you my friend
    I know that we are not together in a room many hours
    for five days a week
    most try to keep our friendship
    thanks for making me know the Gosselins
    is a very important friend and always will be
    We can speak in the range
    that does not last
    going to be bad
    without someone to talk to me on Gosselins
    in lessons boring.
    thanks for all.

  66. Firedup4kate lol
    people who do not support the standard of living Gosselin
    media, children, money, fame ...
    I agree with you Firedup4kate
    Heloo ... this is a fan site
    Good night.

  67. Debora- stop it! not want to cry now! (drama! lol)

  68. Debora and Jacqueline, you too are soo cute. Love your posts.

    Sounds like I missed some excitement, or should I say jealousy and hate. Thank goodness. It really drains my energy.

  69. It appears that since all is quiet on the Gosselin front (great!) the trolls have nothing better to do then to barge into the pro sites to leave their little messages. I guess they did at Ziggy's too. Linda that must be a darn good fly swatter you've got.

    I agree fascinated I prefer to miss those events and I agree it's strictly about hate and jealousy.

  70. TY all. Still sick so don't know how fast the flyswatter is, lol.
    Tyvm to the dear folks texting us to let us know when trolls appear. It takes a village to rear a child and it takes a network of friends to keep a blog troll free.
    Hugs to all and now back to my favorite colleges playing basketball against each other tonight. Our house has split loyalties when it comes to ACC basketball. Tensions run high so gotta go play referee, lol.
    Woo Hoo more snow tomorrow...I can hardly wait. NOT! Go away snow!

  71. Good evening everyone! UGH I missed it didn't I? Ohh well, good morning everyone!

    I had a crazy day, parents over for dinner, kids activities.. dinner, sleep. Wait it's almost 1 am and I haven't done the sleep thing yet. One more last thing on my list.

    little hating RWA trolls living off the Proxy..dont you realize I am well aware of dribble vs. drivel? I interchange them. Why do they constantly think I have spelling issues just so you can blog about it? I took the auto spell off so you can all calm down now.

    Why is everyone in blogland talking about the fact that theres nothing to talk about. Why are they blaming Kate that the only photos that have surfaced of late, is Kate taking her kids to school? She's not telling them to photograph her! Yes she can spend weeks at a time living her life that we are not privy to. I hope that she enjoys this time and comes out with something big before the end of sweeps!

    xoxox will blog more in the am!

  72. And I forgot to mention to Linda...thank you for always taking care of the site when I'm off trying to fight the "real life" trolls! xoxox

  73. I agree with everyone about ignoring people you don't like. If you don't like someone OK, leave them alone. Even if someone that doesn't like the show watches it because they want to see how bad she screws up or whatever nonsense reason they come up with to watch it, that is still counted in the ratings. If you don't want the show to be aired anymore DON'T WATCH IT...the ratings will fall and the show will be cut. I personally enjoy watching it so I hope the haters keep watching so the ratings will be good and the show will stick around.

  74. Good day fellow Gosselin fans! Freezing our butts off again...dang, I'm not used to this much cold stuff!

    Hope you held the trolls at bay BabyMama! I guess Meana Nina was doing her ugly deed again this morning. I didn't listen in...but heard that she was going to compare the Duggars to the Gosselins and explain why it was virtuous for the Duggars to film, but a crime against humanity for Kate to do it!

    She wouldn't want me calling in today. I'd flat nail her for this hypocrisy. My mouth would be in "flame-thrower mode".

    The Duggars are doing it for money..they get a pay-check just like Kate does. One big difference is ole Jim Bob already has a pretty good financial empire and continues to the TLC money and perks...a big one being the house and all its furnishings....something that Kate NEVER all extra income to pad his family's future.

    Kate DOES NOT have a working husband or even a child support paying husband.

    And that Nina has the gall to question Kate's right to film and earn that paycheck...and totally give the Duggars a free pass.

    Meana're a phony and your logic and reasoning tells me you have some screws loose in the headgear area.

  75. One more thing. That Ziggy lady that also has a blog supporting Kate... I have to give her credit for something mighty nice.

    Just reading around this morning, I saw where she is reviewing some parts of Kate's last book.

    She wrote a very nice piece about some quotes from the book. It's well worth the read ladies.

    Kate has a nice style of writing. I love reading her blog. She has a natural, down home sort of way of putting things. I miss her blog updates.

  76. I refuse to listen to Nina's show as I see her as very hypocritical. It's crazy logic of her's to state it's fine for the Duggars to film but not Kate. She has some real messed up ethics. Also it appears that it's ok for the Duggars especially Michele to be able to be Living the Dream and it's great that Nina can Live the Dream but the strange thing is that Nina doesn't feel certain people by her hypocritical standing have a right to Live the Dream like Kate. No I refuse to help her ratings.

  77. FiredUp - Wonderful comments! ITA. I miss Kate's Blog also but am glad I'm not having to look at the troll comments. I wish you had called in today and set that hypocrisy on fire!
    Since it's a Valentine Weekend I'm predicting things will be quieter in blogland. (Well I can wish anyway, lol.)
    Feeling better and no fever so kicking the Crud I hope. Ty all for nice thoughts.
    Saw today on Dr Oz that Reading PA area is one of the highest in the country for problems with Radon Gas problems, which are known carcinogens. Hope Kate +kids have checked for Radon. Maybe for Jon, giving up the cigarettes could be a Valentine's gift for his kids. :)

  78. Linda how ironic you mention radon gas as they just announced on MSN that there was a terrible gas explosion in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Three dead and two missing. They said it was a massive explosion. One of the victims was a 4 month old baby. What a horrible tragedy.
    Glad you are finally feeling better Linda. Just don't do too much or you may find yourself down again.

  79. Hi everyone! I sure hope that we get to see Kate and the kids soon-I sure do miss them!

  80. Lexxi - I hadn't heard about the explosion in Allentown at the time I posted. How very sad.

  81. Firedup - our snow melted and hope yours did also. Originally forecast was from 30 this morning to 70 tomorrow. Revised forecast is upper 50s but hey, I'd be delighted with that. IMO, the whole country is ready for spring! It's been a hard winter.
    fascinated, Corrina, CMo3 and others in the frozen tundra...I'm in awe of your hearty ability to endure the cold.I truly am. I can take the southern summer heat and humidity, but I'm just a total wimp when it comes to cold.
    After the usual Tweener drama here today I found myself wondering how Kate copes with Tweener drama and tups drama at the same time. God bless the G's!!

  82. Hello everyone! I'mm back! Well if only for a bit. Had a well needed day today w/my hubby. But its never without the drama from back home and hearing that the kids are not behaving with grandma, trashing their rooms and ripping each others cloths off. You know, the usual...

    You know I was reading Linda's comment about Twitter. Drama there is almost as bad as facebook. I have spent years getting heated and fired up about what the haters do to hurt the image of Kate Gosselin. But being in this sextuplets bubble, I never realized that there are bullies everywhere and for everything. I never knew living in my Gosselin bubble that in the scheme of things, it's really not half as bad as it is for some other shows. Even blogs for The Real Housewives are rediculous.

    I guess being on Twitter and seeing people go at it over other shows, really puts the whole "THEY are just getting on line to vent" thing in perspective.

  83. Linda you are right about the drama Kate deals with, but we have to add in the ex hubby drama, paparazzi drama, brother and sister in law drama,etc. Makes me really like my peaceful life.

  84. Found it kinda weird...yesterday I had several postings on my FB Newsfeed from Kate G....but today they are gone? They were about "liking" the cutest kids.

  85. I agree with LindaO about you ladies in the frozen tundra. I’m in Texas and although no snow it has been in the 20’s and 30’s and I do not like it. Using the heater all these weeks is drying my nose and skin out. How can you take it? I will never complain about our summer heat again!

    It’s been a good couple of weeks for Kate and the kids since there have not been any tabloid stories from “sources close to Jon”. They need to pass laws to not allow stories from sources when talking about someone’s personal life. If you can’t own your words they’re probably not the truth so they should not be printed.

  86. Ugh, comments I posted getting lost. If others are having similar problems, please email me and I'll try to track down the problem.

  87. BJ - That is weird! Perhaps other FB users here can offer insight?
    Gee Whiz - ITA. Despite constant moisturizng I feel like I have alligator skin. Feeling such empathy for my friends in the frozen tundra. You are hearty women!
    Also agree that when things get slower in Gosselin world, the Khaters ramp up the attacks on anybody and everybody who is pro Kate. What empty lives these folks must live!

  88. tashapork - ITA. The drama makes me admire Kate more. IMO it takes a heck of a strong woman to keep dealing with it on every front and to keep smiling. :)

  89. LindaO...We didn't get much of the white stuff...but bone chillin' cold and windy. We are looking at a warming trend for the weekend!!

    Anyone see the Joan Rivers comedy routine where she says Kate is moving to New York? Is that an old clip being recycled from George Lopez show?

    That will sure start some rumors flying again!

    Interesting that Chris from INF has no pics of Kate at all this week! Didn't get her at the bus stop or running her errands? Strange. Maybe our girl is out of town again on some unknown venture.

    Regardless, I think it is very telling that all the hot tabloid stories seem to have stopped. The "inside source" aka government worker seems to have finally put a sock in it.

    How nice this must be for Kate not to have to turn on the computer and be greeted by ridiculous nosey neighbor fairy tales for a change.

    By the way...anyone looked at the government worker's "let me give you some advice" site lately? Better take a swig of Pepto Bismol...the layout is a bit nauseating.

    Jacque and Debora...were you two girls rooming together and now have been separated? Well, don't be lonely...make some new friends and bring them here! We will keep you girls up to date! Love you both! Southern kisses!

  90. Good morning everyone! Its always great to see what those negative Nellies are going to say when there is no new news to snark about on their beloved Kate Gosselin! Well when your a Nellie and you have nothing to snark, then complain about the kids having a "normal life"!

    Yawn..are they for real? That Halloween episode was taped back in OCTOBER! The Alaska episode was filmed over the SUMMER! They went on vacation 2 months later in January. And they have been back and living quite the normal life ever since. It's not her fault that Chris Watts only followers her around at the beginning of the month when the rent is due.

    Sweeties I thought you all stated that when the kids led a normal life you were going to retire attacking this family and retreat with your army of crazies? This is not fair to all of us. Well me anyway. I mean, here your blogs state you don't allow attacks on other sites and you don't want to be "that blog". But you seem to talk about me and this site every chance you get.

    Congrats to Kate by showing that she could easily film her show on occasion, make great money and give the finger to all the Nellies all at the same time by eluding everyone and living a normal life. We love you Kate! lol xoxox

  91. BJ~ Sorry I just saw your post. Tell me about the facebook feed. The main Kate Plus 8 Page Discussion boards were removed thank goodness. Just the haters seemed to be on there attacking people. So then a few of them including phile started seeing what trouble he could cause by posting screen shots of both mine and Ziggy's comments from our pages. He wanted to see what he could get away with. But the joke was on him because I personally made sure Facebook took all the screen shots off (from both places) and gave him a warning. I really hope that they all continue to violate theft from my site because they will be removed permanently from Facebook.

    I was wondering what you were referring to, but since they all read this site daily I wanted to make sure this was up to see what they will do with it, or "take the bait" so to speak.... ;)

  92. LindaO and FiredUp--So good that you will soon have warmer temps--I sure hope it lasts now until spring. It's up to 14 degrees here today with snow flurries but also a warming trend expected.

    I haven't given up hopes that Kate is writing another book. A girl can dream right? :)

  93. Baby Mama: I have "liked" Kate Gosselin- Public Figure page and on that page she posted this morning a post asking you to "like" I Love being a Mommy page...that page is having a cutest kids contest. This same message was posted several times late yesterday afternoon, but then today all of those posts are gone except for the new one that was posted today. With the repeated posts I thought maybe someone had spammed her account (which I have seen happen from time to time) so maybe that is why some were deleted. I tried to do a screen print of it but can't get it to copy here. There was also only 1 comment about the post from someone saying that the G's are the cutest kids and should win the contest. No haters on there at the moment...but maybe that is why the others were deleted too. I remember them all coming in yesterday because I was excited when her name poped up in my news feed...haven't heard much from their page lately so I hoped it would contain info on the next show...etc. Hope that cleared up my earlier post for you.

  94. YooHoo Ladies....Kate is going to be on that new CBS show "The Talk" on Feb. 15th...this coming Tuesday I believe!

    BabyMama...Can you get the low down on it and post a notice here so all the fans can support Kate on the show! Let's give them their best ratings to show the haters....her 15 min. ain't up yet!

  95. BM informed me that they had done screen shots of mine and hers. I told BM that for myself, I didn't care, but whatever she choose to do for herself, I supported her. And I do.

    If mine was taken off when BM's was, then that was facebook's choice. I didn't ask anyone anywhere to remove the screen shot of mine. Although BM and I support each other, there are things we have different views of, as we are individuals.

    For myself, for the most part it doesn't bother me if what I posted is posted elsewhere. There may come a time when I would object depending on how it would be used. BM doesn't like anything of her's to be copied and used elsewhere. I have no problem with BM's preferences. Her's are her's, mine our mine.

    I just wanted to add a clarification to this as I don't want people to think I'm saying one thing publicly and doing something enirely different behind the scenes.

    BM can confirm my response to her, even posting it if she wants.

  96. Baby Mama said...Good morning everyone! Its always great to see what those negative Nellies are going to say when there is no new news to snark about on their beloved Kate Gosselin! Well when your a Nellie and you have nothing to snark, then complain about the kids having a "normal life"!

    I think the Negative Nellies are turning on each other. Pass the popcorn!

    I haven't seen "The Talk" before. I will DVR it for Kate though. I hope they don't talk over each other as much as on "The View."

    Baby Mama, your site is looking fantastic, as always.

  97. firedup4kate - I haven't seen that info about the CBS show. Hopefully, BabyMama will be able to get more info for us. That would be great.

    Glad you didn't get snow. We're dropping back to low 30s tonight but tomorrow's high will be 60s. So turn on the fire tonight and break out the shorts (ha ha) for tomorrow. Let the sunshine roll!!!

  98. It's 12 degrees and snowing here again. Ugh. At least it's above 0 at this point! It would be interesting to see Kate on that show. Do you think she'll get a word in edgewise?

  99. Yoohoo FU4K, good scoop. I will be recording for sure.

    I am very glad for Kate and the kids for the privacy the last few weeks, must be such a nice break. Hope Kate can take a breather for once.

  100. Here is the link announcing Kate on The Talk next Tues.

  101. @Linda O! Thank-you for the welcome =) Enjoy reading here, but I have a hard time keeping up with more than one blog, but I feel we need to support our sister sites, so I'll drop in whenever possible-God bless!

  102. Good evening guys! Just got back from Foxwoods casino so it's been an exhausting night and my parents want to crawl under a rock at this point. Good bless them, but they had no idea how exhausting it is with kids for more than a few hours. Or maybe they forgot..who knows. I HATE when my hubby looses money cause he's in the worst mood.. but today by all graces a sweet trio of tens helped us win back the loses and come hope happy campers, well rested and ready to be back with our family!

    Thank you firedup4kate! I just got to check my messages now. Sorry for the delay, but yes Kate will be on this show this tueday.. finally out from her disappearance of sorts. I will start up a new post about it. This show sucks though. Sarah Gilbert, Julie Chen & Sharon Osborne? What a mis-matched random group of people looking for a paycheck. Its lite a bootleg version of the View! I really hope Kate did this because she didn't want to dela with the rudeness that is Barbara Walters

  103. Linda, my comments are getting lost.

  104. OMG finally got ahold of the E! True Hollywood Special for the site. I was going to add it to the new post but was afriad no one would know.. so I will just add it to the new post. I know many people were waiting to see it. Now please post your comments then! lol

  105. OK OK It's 1am so I'm off to sleep. Just wanted to leave you with the scent of the day (which yes I do at the end of every post) which is sweet hot milk made on the stove with a hint of sugar and cinnamon. My mom would make it on a cold day for me when I wasn't feeling well and boy did it help! Tell me what you think about my new post! xoxox