Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Kate Interview, It's A Normal Life! Watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 Valentine's Day HERE!

UPDATE: The Kate Gosselin E! True Hollywood Story was moved HERE. You can still comment about it on this thread.
Hello Gosselin fans! Today I wanted to talk about the #1 ammo used by those attacking Kate Gosselin. They want the kids to lead a "normal life". OK so that's basically code for.."I get on the Internet to snark on Kate because she gets things I only wish I could get and she never seems thankful for them therefore she doesn't deserve anything." What to you is considered normal then? Before that amazing vacation in January 2010, the last time the children were filmed was for Halloween. And they were in Alaska for the Summer! In fact, I know families that are away on longer trips during the year than Kate and the kids were even filmed. So consider this an open letter to the haters. Find a better excuse for your daily rants on blogs. The kids in fact live quite normal lives. There are many children across the US that are pulled out for homeschooling, millions of kids having to live through divorce. Millions that have working moms, that pick them up from school and run errands to Target when they are not home. in fact lay off poor Kate that should be entitled to live her life however she chooses. Who are you to complain that there are too many photos of her pumping gas or going to Target? Perhaps try not looking so hard then.

Kate Gosselin To Appear on The CBS show "The Talk" This Tuesday 2/15...Will you watch?
Tuesday, Feb. 15 Television personality Kate Gosselin; Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Cyndi Lauper..."THE TALK, which premiered on CBS in October of 2010 (Weekdays, 2:00-3:00 PM, ET; 1:00-2:00 PM, PT), is co-hosted by Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini. The co-hosts - moms with children ranging in age from infant to adult - swap stories, challenge each other on issues and engage the studio audience and viewers at home with events in the headlines and their own homes through the lens of motherhood"

My Favorite Jon & Kate Plus 8 Episode: Valentine's Day!
Every year for the past almost 3 years now I have played this episode on Valentine's Day. 2009 and 2010 Not just in honor of the Holiday but because it's my favorite. So I can't break tradition! Hug the one you love! FYI..After all these years STILL haven't gotten those Pottery Barn Chair Malboxes. Please bring them back! xoxox BM


  1. 2AM ACK! Sorry I had to get this post out and didn't realize that Linda had put the blog on moderation. So Ziggy your post was not lost..but on the other thread.

    Had a blast (not) dealing with this idiot Phil on Facebook. Apparently telling people his posts werent removed even tohugh I have the e-mails proving it. He's just trying to save face. His 5 haters can beleive what they want. Im thankful that this has brought more readers to the blog! Great hits this week!

    Also I will be going back at the end of the weekend and posting more of all the old videos. Another crazy on FB was saying TLC removed all my videos. I love a good liar. lol Keep reading guys! And enjoy THS for those that were never able to see it. Tell me what you think!

  2. Natasha sorry I didnt say this before but thank you for the link. Your post is on the other thread but feel free to share your thoughts here. Welcome to all my new readers and commenters!

  3. And one more thing I forgot then Im def. going to sleep! Anya & Ziggy thank you for the posts! I appreciate it. Anya its so great to see you here, I owe you ;)

    ok now bed!

  4. BabyMama - Just for the record, I had not put the blog on moderation. So you must have and forgotten. :)

    Ziggy - I had a problem yesterday with hitting "post comment" and then it would disappear. Apparently at least two others did also since I got emails from them. I'm not finding anything in the code that should be causing that but will keep checking. Thanks. :)

    CMo3 - Counting the days till spring and hoping you get warmer weather very soon!!! Hugs!

    BabyMama, Glad you enjoyed your trip.

    Have a great day all!! Off and running to split shuttles with Hubby. Kids have tutoring, set building for a play, tennis lesson, one golfing, two need new shoes, one needs a new dress for a dance, the dog has a vet appointment, later a client dinner, have to do a UPS and FedEx pick up since I missed delivery, and oldest daughter has flight rescheduled so airport run. Looks like a day spent in the vans. Thank goodness for WiFi and portable devices.

  5. No problem, I'm anxious for the interview. Of course we can all speculate on what she is going to talk about but I think she will promote the next K + 8 show. I bet they plan on airing it in early March. Maybe she has a new book coming out. I've always thought since she started running & really getting serious about exercise last year that she'd do a exercise/diet type book. But maybe that's just wishful thinking.

  6. Natasha - That's a great idea and I also hope Kate will do a diet/exercise book! I'm just looking forward to seeing Kate. I know some find her laugh annoying, but I like it and hope to hear it.
    Completely off topic: in case anybody missed it and is interested, Martha Stewart has a new give-away for an iPad and set of cookware.

  7. OK so I got a Bluetooth keyboard to help me with typing on the IPad and its definitely been an adjustment, so Linda please forgive me I may hgave put it on moderation who knows..typing on rubber is weird. Also I wont be doing new posts on it because its a mess and doesn't come out right.

    I would much rather have seen Kate on The View. People are saying that they didn't "want her" and I don't think thats true. I never even heard of this show, so I'm assuming that they wanted a big name for sweeps and it worked. And as everyone assumed, don't count Kate out for long. Hopefully there will be new news about the air date of the vacation episode as well as any new ventures on the horizon. "Twist of Kate" anyone? ;).

  8. ohh and this post will probably be re-worked and I think tonight I will put this THS on the other thread it belongs on. So if you don't see the video here later you can go watch it on the True Hollywood Story thread. I was so exhausted last night I'm reading this and even I'M getting

  9. Baby Mama - Hey, not a problem. BTW, I do posts for clients via my iPad. To keep things from shifting, I just do the layouts in Word then import into blog, which I will admit is easier in Wordpress than blogger. I prefer the keyboard on iPad to the bluetooth ones. I turn the iPad horizontally and it makes the keyboard much bigger. Guess I've adjusted to not having raised keys and having the flat keys that are heat sensitive.

  10. Linda, It could likely be one of Bloggers weird times. On my blog, there are times when one has to click post 3 or 4 time before their comment is posted, other times it posts on the first click. This happens to myself, as well. This started at a time when I had made no changes or fiddled with anything on my blog.

    Yes, BM, phil/pete did have those screen shots up there as you stated.

    The AKO's are saying there is rumors someone is leaving The Talk and could be Kate is taking their place.

    Marissa Winoker (I think that's her right last name) used to be on the show on Tues.
    doing a segment about their twitters. It was pretty boring and lame and for some reason, Marissa didn't fit in with the other women. No fault on either side, just something with that segment didn't mesh. I don't know if she quit or was let go. The segment was discontinued as it was formatted, and they have worked tweets in as just part of the show.

    The AKO's can hold their breathe till they turn blue if they think that Kate is going to get reamed on this show. That's not what this show does.

    One of the first of this shows I saw was they featured a Toddlers & Tiaras mom & daughter. They all highly disapproved of this, but they showed the mom respect during their interview with her. They give their guests ample time to speak without constantly interrupting their guests.

  11. Linda said,
    Looks like a day spent in the vans. Thank goodness for WiFi and portable devices.
    Wow, you know it, I was watching an old 1980s show where they were looking for a mssing child with no cell phone or anything, one person had to stay by several different phones and it was a logistical nightmare. Now, we can't function without being connected. I am even finding the camera on my phone so useful for strange things like shooting the outside of a box where demensions are written or color matching for an outfit.

  12. Whoa BabyMama...I think you need to do one of the "intervention" things!

    Your buddy, SG, is making a complete "lost some marbles" impact by insanely twittering every one of "The Talk" show hosts about how bad Kate is!

    This is too funny...she even mentions...."drum roll please"...that Kate did the unforgiveable.....she parked in the fire lane!!!

    Where's Barney Fife when you need him?

    "Citizen's arrest...citizen's arrest"!!

    I used to think SG did have some sense. Hangin' with the haters has pushed her over the edge. Maybe you can pull her out of the looney bin, BabyMama!

  13. tashapork - I think it's a lifesaver, like today. I spend a heck of a lot of time waiting in cars to pick up and shuttle kids. Lucky to have DH who helps a lot. I "pre shop" on line, do screenshots, and forward them to help cut decision making and meltdowns. Don't have the physical stamina or time to go to 20 shops to find the "perfect" outfit. By looking and doing pre shopping we can narrow down choices, cause I just despise in-store conflict. God bless Kate, cause if I had 6 the same age along with twin Tweeners, just shoot me... It's that kind of chaotic day.

  14. Linda, I like your term preshopping, while I am happy to order a book online, a lot of things such as clothes or shoes, I hate to buy unless I see them or try them on and I hate post offices so the thought of shipping something back spooks me. It took me three years and actually seeing someone who had them to order the Avon Curve Sandles, (Love them)But it helps soo much to get information beforehand with shopping or to price check other stores on the spot or to shoot a picture of something to hubby before you buy. This is really the first year, I've done a lot of these things, and I don't know how to go back to old ways. I was thinking about how hard it will be for kate when kids are older and she has to manage 8 on cellphones and internet, Yikes

  15. Haters want kids to have a "normal" life. Let's see in the "haystack" could we dictate to Kate what is normal.

    She has 8 kids 10yrs and under! Their normal would never coincide with what we would determine as normal with most of us having maybe 2-4 kids and having a spouse as well to support us financially and otherwise.

    Haters, you need to quit imposing your "idea of normallacy" on Kate! You have no freakin' idea of what it is like to walk in her shoes and deal with her day to day stresses.

    In her opinion...and she has a right to one...they are living a pretty normal life, enjoying a decent lifestyle, a good education and have close friends and family to support them.

    They have a family "job" or enterprise that permits joyful, fun-filled, educational trips all over the world with a "like family" crew who the kids feel at home with.

    Kate has said repeatedly that the kids enjoy the crew...when the cameras are not rolling they spend quality time with each other. While this may not be "normal" to is to Kate and the kids.

    Haters...quit with your "communistic" ideas of live it like me or we ain't going to let you live period.

    Calling, e-mailing and twittering the hosts of "The Talk" to trash Kate, shows how petty and obnoxious you haters are about insisting that Kate live the way YOU say she should.

    Walk on Kate! Walk proud and take care of your family as you see fit!

  16. I agree that many kids face the same problems these 8 children are facing right now but with do all these children face their problems in front of cameras and on the front page of the tabloids like Alexis, Leah,Aaden, Joel,Hannah,Collin,Mady and Cara do?(I hate it when they are treated like a pack,I prefer saying their names,even if there's 8 of them). I believe this is the main thing the "haters" are talking about when referring to normalcy. It's not so much about them being pulled out or whatever or about them having divorce anger,I think it's about the fact that the entire world knows about these problems.With all due respect,it is not my intention to offend or upset anyone.

  17. Where's Barney Fife when you need him?

  18. From what I've seen of the ladies on The Talk, I doubt they are going to be impressed by this bombarment of hate and snarky over petty things.

    Quite the opposite.

  19. This 'enlightment' campaign to The Talk about Kate the AKO's are on may very well likely backfire on them with this show.

  20. lexipedia - Perhaps it is a cultural difference between here and your country. There is absolutely no way, honey, that one could travel anywhere here outside their home with 8 kids under the age of 10 without getting attention. No way!

    You cannot go back to obscurity. Even without filming scheduled during six months of hiatus, Chris the pap, Al, Polly, INF, and khaters pursued them relentlessly, day in and day out. So options are limited.

    They could quit any filming, move to a deserted island, and Chris would probably flyover in a helicopter with a telephoto lens. Yep, how "normal" would that be?

    My preference? Pass tough laws in PA against stalking, following, harassing etc. Or better yet, let the G's move to a state where privacy is respected and neighbors stand up for their fellow citizens and tell interlopers like paparazzi to get the HELLo out!

    For reference, IF you actually watch K+8, you might have noticed that the G kids have the option of filming or NOT filming... Bald Head island when Maddy wasn't on the boat, the Chickens arrival when not all kids are present...I could list many more. They haven't filmed inside the house in a LONG time.

    Lastly, the Gosselin kids are ONLY in the tabloids as a result of paparazzi. They make blood money off the photos which are bought because of the frenzy from haters posting on their rag mag websites.

  21. The AKO's are counting on Sharon Osbourne to come down on Kate because Sharon had a bad experience with her reality show.

    NO one in the public knew who Sharon Osbourne was until they did their reality show, even though she's managed Ozzie's career for years and has been the manager for others.

    Without the reality show, Sharon wouldn't have the career in the media she does now. She parlayed her career by having the reality show.

  22. In those 6 months in which they didn't film both parents appeared on several programs on national television.Neither Jon nor Kate tried to lay low...It is indeed very absurd to think that all the problems come from being filmed.Even if they stop filming,they will remain in the spotlight as long as their parents stay in the spotlight. I noticed that there there isn't so much controversy when a new episode airs,the controversy appears after one of the parents does something.

    DO I know that with 8 kids possibilities are limited? Absolutely,I don't live in fantasy land lol 8 kids must be EXPENSIVE to say the least.I also know that the McCaugheys and many other families with multiples have managed to survive without a reality show.

    Those trips are awesome, indeed.Who would say no to going to Australia or Alaska? But I'm just thinking the kids will have to "overpay" for these trips later in life.

    For the record, I believe the people who criticize how Kate dresses or where she shops or whatever are true haters who really need to get a life.Not that those who spend their time criticizing 8 defenseless children are less pathetic! Speaking of which, is there ANYTHING we can do about those awful facebook pages which insult Maddy Gosselin? Can't somebody complain and have those pages taken down? This is a child we're talking about for God's sake!

  23. lexipedia - We have a difference of opinion about the children being on TV. At this point, I will say you are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to mine.

    As for the FB pages, many of us have written emails in protest. We have to keep trying.

  24. Welcome lexipedia. I try to encourage all new commenters. Please understand that this is fan site. No bashing of Kate period. I respect your opinion, even though I completely do not agree. But I always hope to encourage a healthy debate.

  25. Ziggy I gotta laugh. I have no idea who Barney Fife was so I googled him. And I still dont get it. Is it because I'm in my 30's? Whats the deal with Barney? Is he the purple dinosaur? lol

  26. BM, Barney Fife was a character on the old Andy Griffith show, which was way before your time... He played a bumbling, but lovable, deputy to Andy, who was the sheriff of their little town in North Carolina. He loved to put on the official act of arresting people, but was totally ineffective because he was really a wimp (in a lovable kind of way!)

  27. That reminds me of a clip I saw of kids with some 1980s stuff like a record player and rotary phone and they had no clue what it was for. Boy time flies. They also lacked the coordination to dial when someone showed them.

  28. Kate was in the media, several times trying to do things which was totally unconnected to the children. Only trying to do what Sharon Osbourned did - parlay from the show to a media career without the kids.

    There were times Kate appeared in the medai addressing the issues. There is only once I can recall Kate brought any issue to light herself and that was when Jon took the money out of the joint household account.

    Jon was the one plastering his face anywhere and everywhere and making accusations against Kate. Regardless of how much one tries to keep quiet, when they have someone smearing them all over the media as Jon was doing, there are times one has to speak up.

    The AKO's claim they just want the children not filmed that it's not about Kate. Yet everytime Kate tries to do something without the kids they go on a campain to destroy it.

    Such as Kate's upcoming appearance on The Talk. Most guest they have on that show have something current they are promoting. Kate is appearing WITHOUT the children! Instead of waiting to see what and/or if Kate could be promoting, they start a campaign against her the second they hear she's scheduled to appear.

  29. Yes, Jon was trying to parlay into a media career, as well, but he was trying to do so still including the kids, aka Divorced Dads club.

  30. Hello Quiltart! I remember you from a long time ago. Welcome! I read about this Barney guy to try to get in on the joke. Didn't work lol

    Tashapork~ I felt soo old when my daughter found a whole box of negatives I put with my scrapbooking stuff last week. She was like "what are these?" I tried to explain they came back when you developed your photos before digital cameras were here. That made me feel very very old. :)

    Ziggy, you got 4 or 5 people going after all of them thanks to JW conviently posting all their Twitter accounts on BL's site. So far not one of them has responded, probably intentionally as to not cause a riot or something. Funny it's the same amount of people on Facebook now on the main pages all upset that the seedy discussion boards are gone. Will it make a difference? I hope so. People have their real names on there and its scary.

  31. Hi, Baby Mama! I've been lurking for a long time. You remember me from Cafemom, probably.

  32. Baby Mama - There's a tv channel on our cable that only shows old, old tv shows, mostly black and white, with shows like Andy Griffith (Mayberry), I Love Lucy, and a host of others. My kids think it's a riot, and they adore those old shows. The big director Ron Howard (actor in Happy Days & movies) played Andy Griffith's son Opie on the Andy Griffith show. Barney Fife was the deputy who carried a gun but wasn't allowed to have it loaded. He was allowed to have two bullets but he had to carry them in his shirt pocket. The good guys always won, and there was always a moral.

    Things run in cycles. One of mine had a Christmas request for DVDs of the Andy Griffith Show.

    After reading the current state of Facebook, I'm beginning to be happier that I closed my personal account there last spring, lol.

  33. Lexipedia--it is refreshing to hear from someone like you who can express their disagreement regarding the filming, without the vitriolic, over-the-top attacks on Kate. I respect your opinion in that there are probably some negatives to the kids being on tv; however, I believe that the pros far outweigh the cons. It's given them adventures and life experiences they never would have otherwise had, they've been able to travel to places many people will never see, it's enabled them to live in a large house with a swimming pool and plenty of room to run and play, not to mention that they'll probably have plenty of money for whatever educational track they want to take. None of us know what the long-term effects of all of this will be but my opinion is that it will give them far more advantages than disadvantages.

  34. BabyMama...Oh my don't know Barney Fife! It is a bit of a "southern comedy" show but very well known even for my kids (15 and 11) who have watched reruns on TVLand channel!

    And Gomer...a sidekick on the show...often hollered "Citizen's arrest" when Barney wasn't available with his 2 bullets and empty gun!

    Barney was the wimpy deputy that would get you for the most idiotic tresspasses he could find on the books! Thus my call for Barney to arrest Kate!

    Seriouly, the Gosselin children's privacy has never been blown by Kate. She has no twitter account or Facebook page.

    It was the father who tweeted to the world that his children were having some emotional issues and it was the father and his gal pal "government worker" who sold stories to the tabloids about the 2 tups who had some issues at school.

    Kate only went public to defend her children and dispel the misconception that they were "unruly and expelled" from school.

    Kate clearly explained that they were having some post divorce issues as is typical of many children in divorced homes. And she set the record straight that they were not expelled!

    Kate protects her children. There is nothing regarding the filming that has exposed any of these so-called problems.

    This campaign to smear Kate before her "The Talk" guest appearance is a joke. They had better be careful with their words...some are making some very serious accusations of child abuse against Kate. You might be steppin' in some deep cow patties with those twitters accounts, folks. Just ask Jon.

    LindaO...Good post at 3:54pm! ITA Ziggy 8:07 comment! ShirleyNoName...excellent!

  35. Firedup4kate - I agree about the tweets. I could not believe she said "They are suffering from mental/emotional abuse". How can you say such a thing about kids you do not even know?

    On Kate+8 I see beautiful, articulate, happy kids enjoying their vacations of a lifetime with a mother they love and who loves them in return.

    A judge says they can film. Why can't the haters leave this family alone?

  36. Ahh Quiltart..The infamous CafeMom! That was the first site I ever went to after being made fun of for being the only person known without a computer! I loved that site to death until I found my way into that Jon & Kate Plus 8 "Where's Aunt Jodi" group. I was never the same after that.

    Before I joined that group, I never knew what blogging was. I was recommended to go there to talk to other ladies dealing with Secondary infertility. I met some wonderful people & had so much fun getting on line everyday. I used my real name, never thinking twice about it. I even set up playgroups through there and met women to have lunch with after playing at Gymboree.

    When Jon & Kate Plus 8 first came on, all the moms were talking about it. There were rumors that there was this secret club on Cafe Mom where they discussed the show. I begged twice to get in. And thats when all hell broke loose. How did I know I was only one of a few outspoken Kate Gosselin fans when the moms on there just came on to rip apart the show?

    Hindsight. lol

  37. It is hard to comprehend of anyone not knowing who Barney Fife was! Oh my age is showing! He also played the landlord, Mr. Furley, on Three's Company. Trivia - He was quite the ladies man, women loved him, go figure.

  38. FiredupforKate~ I miss your soothing voice. I need to get you on the radio with me someday or have you call me one night to help soothe me to sleep when I have those issues winding down. I mean it. I miss hearing it :) I think I may need to just record you one day...

    ShirleyNoName~ Welcome back girl! I would love to have more people come on that can express their thoughts without getting nasty. You know Iv'e been burned here before so thats why I get so hesitant with newbies. But I always appreciate articulate thoughts coming thru even if I don't agree with them..

    GeeWhiz~ I would go nuts on those hate Tweets but as you see my Twitter account is more about expressing my thoughts on varied things that are important to me, and I usually don't go off there unless I have to since I have people who follow me for other shows. But if I see more of that BS I WILL go nuts on my Twitter at them. lol

  39. BabyMama...Oh that is funny. I have to pass that one on to my husband...soothing voice Honey...remember that!

    I'm a southern wise-cracker most of the time and I do keep this household alive with plenty of banter!

    I appreciate the kindness...somehow the haters did not find me too soothing!

  40. They can all go scratch. JW thinking she's all slick I wanted to jump out of the phone and choke her. I have a friends voice that used to calm me down at night as well. I honestly think I need to record all of them. Even though strangely I also crave fried chicken now as well, and I am not near a KFC. ;) xoxoxox

  41. Ok I am 33 and I know who Barney Fife is so you have no excuse. LOL

    All I have to say is that the lull in Gosselin land is showing the "non-fan kid supporters" true colors. I am a supposed "sheeple" and they know more about what is going on than me. Do I have to take off my sheeple badge now because I don't know what Kate was wearing at 9:39 am on February 8th? Geesh. They don't care about the kids...some do...but most not so much. All they want is an outlet for snark. And not the good kind like I use. :P

  42. Thanks babymama for posting the dribble of Polly again. I rewatched it just so I had a vision of that wondeful face. (snicker)

    Kate will never care what the Khaters think, she has moved on and they are all still setting at the bar with Jon. I look for court papers to appear again, as I'm sure Jon is still behind in cs.

    As a business owner myself, Kate is great with money, the haters say she lives high on the hog, while I have never seen that on the show. You take opportunities when they come along and build from there. The best way for Kate to win is to keep doing her thing, invest wisely and let the Khaters make her richer. I love it!!

    Those children will be fine, arm chair counselors are just that. I am surprised old Jodi was not on the show, but she would have to admit she would get paid. For her being behind most of the garbage, she is a coward, hiding behind her door and letting others do her dirty work also.

    Keep up the good work here.

  43. Crafttmom, no you can keep your sheeple badge because you have enough respect for Kate and your own life for that matter to not really care what she was wearing. You enjoy Kate and the kids when they are on and don't want her harrassed or hated on. You like Kate and the rest of us have a life and just as filming is a part (not the whole thing) of hers and the kids' lives, watching and discussing her and having an interest is a part of all of ours. so keep on sheepling and being proud of it.

  44. ShirleyNoName said...
    Lexipedia--it is refreshing to hear from someone like you who can express their disagreement regarding the filming, without the vitriolic, over-the-top attacks on Kate.
    Yeah, about those people, they should get a life too lol what the heck are they doing going on fan sites if they're "haters"? the only explanation is that they have nothing to do with their time=they have no life.And I do believe that those who are really insulting Kate feel better about themselves after doing so.I don't know, they're weird,lifeless people.

    Is there anything Kate could do about the FB accounts? I mean couldn't she sue for slander or something like that?

    Btw, how can you hate somebody you don't know? It will always remain a mystery to me.

  45. Good morning everyone! What is everyone doing on this nice day? I plan on getting out today with the family. I have a new division of my job to start tomorrow and I'm very anxious. Starting anything new is incredibly stressful. But I'm happy to say that I have changed my sleeping patters and went to bed at 11:30 last night which was a nice change...

    Hope everyone has a great Sunday! xoxox

  46. Baby Mama, I was Jewel_diva on Cafemom... and thoroughly hated by the haters, although the only thing I ever did to them was not agree with their hate. That was enough for them to blackball you into oblivion.

  47. Good morning all. My heartfelt feelings for all living in the frozen tundras!

    It's a gloriously sunny day here with the temps now in the 60s. So, before it drops back to the 30s and 20s, we're enjoying the breezy but sunny weather. Kids are running around like crazy playing in the yard. Please, oh please let this be a sign that spring is on the way! (I know it is only temporary but I can dream.)

    Amazingly the khater sharks seem to be turning on each other. Philosophically, I'd have to say, "you reap what you plant."

    Have a great day. Enjoying another white chocolate mocha latte and smiling while I enjoy my family.

    Baby Mama, here's hoping your change in job responsibilities will be more pleasant and less stressful. ((hugs))

  48. Hello girls.
    Finally got time to breathe and comment here.
    I watched the E! THS on Friday (and even though I understood little lol) i guess it was not so bad.

    Polly Kahl really impressed me. Will the salon was closed?? lol (sorry Werny Gal, this is not bullying, ok?). The others were more presentable, and I think everyone who participated, Stephanie Santoro seemed to be more honest.
    I loved when they showed some pictures and videos of the sextuplets when they were still babies, they are so cute.
    And I also liked that the program showed Jon and Kate in the beginning before they have children and then when they passed through difficulties to telos.
    If they spoke only lies or not does not really matter, what matters is that E! ths, just shows how important it is.

    About this new interview, I'm very happy because it's been a long time she did not go to interviews.

    Kisses for you fans Gosselin!

  49. Swat. Saw the post from the vampire who shall be nameless. Get out your garlic, ladies.

  50. Hey Linda and Baby Mama, my first official post is up! I actually had something to write. LOL

  51. Thank you Tigger. Posted again. (I posted before when you first sent me the link.) hope you get your purple mood.:)

  52. I was just thinking about how tomorrow is Valentines day and how Kate would probably be making the kids heart shaped sandwhiches for lunch. I am actually kind of suprised that stores don't sell heart shaped bread during Valentines Day. It is actually one school party that hasn't been ruined because of it's lack of religious offiliation. If the kids trade Valentines, I feel bad for Kate having to help with all that. I remember how hard it was to have to make soo many.

  53. hello everyone,
    I was away for the weekend and am just catching up. The khaters will turn on each other because their intention is hate. If hate for Kate has been exhausted or is unattainable, then they must turn to the closest source, each other. Very sad.

    I try really hard to venture in to the other blogs some of you have created. I am so impressed with the level of insight and discussion that takes place. Nice work everyone.

    But I always try to find time to stay updated on this site. I usually don't know what is going on other sites or with Kate unless I read it hear. Keep up the great info. Keep up the awesome work Baby Mama

  54. What a day ladies! That young boy of mine is getting so big...he's 6'2" and I'm worried he's still growing.

    Anyway, weather was so nice we had a family outing and decided to play flag football...I did a move on him and he picked me up and slung me over his shoulders and snatched the flag out of my pocket!

    This is serious insubordination Mamas! Good lesson to be learned...better teach em' respect while they are little, because you ain't going to be kickin' their behinds when they get this big!

    Was great fun though!

    Jacque...too cute your comment about Polly not finding a salon! Woo hoo! You said what I was a thinkin' there girl!!

    Must be getting old...watched some of the Grammy's ...who the heck are most of these folks? Yeah, I know the Bieb! Lady Gaga just doesn't do anything for me.

    So where do they have "The Talk" that Kate will be on? Studios in New York or West Coast?

    The haters are just wearin' out their twitter accounts...tweetin' away all manner of "tupid twits" in Kate's behalf!

    SG, goodness, give it a rest, honey. They don't care about Kate parking in the fire lane and they aren't going to "wet noodle" her about her tanning secrets!

  55. LOL FiredUp, my son is 1/2 inch shorter than me and he constantly tries to pick me up. You will have to share your secrets about keeping them in line. Pretty soon, he will be towering over me.

    On the side, I LOVE Lady Gaga. I watch the grammy's so I can learn about all the new artists. Gotta stay hip.

  56. I'm so glad all have had a wonderful weekend, many with special family times. This blog is such a special place for sharing. Glad you shared what you were doing. Hugs!

  57. Baby Mama - Thanks for adding the Valetine at the top. It's adorable!
    Happy Valentine's Day to all!

  58. Actually, the Jon & Kate Valentines Day clips are sad. They seemed to be so happy back then. It's sad to hear Kate talk about love and family, and, yet, they are no longer a family. It's just really sad that things have turned out the way they have for all of them.

  59. Jacqueline~" Was the salon closed?" hahaha I'm still laughing

    I had to change my post because it's Valentines Day and it's a tradition! :) I know I'm going to start a fight here, but I'm dead serious with this question. Jon has been on Twitter all week talking about his exhausting day and now an exhaustive weekend. Is he working? Or was he only exhausted because he had the kids for the weekend? I dunno, if he's working then fine, but if he's not then that's a whole lot of exhaustion for nothing. And again if was working, do you think his "source" Ellen would have leaked it by now? Cause he's been quick to point out this week that they have been together a "whole" 10 months now.

  60. Welcome Carol! I forgot to add before that it's also heartbreaking to me to watch the clips. Regardless of the light snarking we do on Jon here, for me is always me feeling frustrated that they aren't together anymore. A part of me is mad that he was so quick to go out there and sneak around & date literally weeks after they supposedly separated. And regardless if we never know the time frame a part of me feels like Kate inside. She mentioned in an interview how she always hoped that one day the old Jon would come back. I feel the same way.

    And for the record, the slight snarling we do on Jon is no where near the attacks on the hate sites on Kate. No comparison.

  61. firedup4kate thank you. What a great way to end the weekend with a good laugh. Your comment,
    "SG, goodness, give it a rest, honey. They don't care about Kate parking in the fire lane and they aren't going to "wet noodle" her about her tanning secrets!" just hit the funny bone especially the "wet noodle" part. It does seem silly to bring up such silly things and to worry about someone's tan. I would much rather see a little bit of "orange" color than risking the alternative of skin cancer by getting the tan the old fashioned way. After having several family members suffer through repeated bouts of skin cancer and the effects from it, I'll take orange any day of the week.

    I too remember Kate on several occasions saying she wished the old Jon would come back and the look of such sadness was heartbreaking. Right now Jon may not feel this way but one day in the future he too will feel nostalgic and miss the early days and the memories of his "first love". I've known couples long since divorced and even through one or more marriages later they speak sadly when recalling memories of their first love and how they missed that feeling. It's just a special moment in time that many never seem to experience again.

  62. Of course what would have made it even more enjoyable firedup4Kate would have been actually hearing you say it in your beautiful southern drawl. I had a neighbor from South Carolina and loved their family's southern accent. Sadly she missed her South Carolina so bad after a couple of years they moved back there and the mom and dad couldn't have been happier as they felt they were back home where they belonged. The mother made it sound so beautiful and she spoke about the lush greenery and trees that I almost wished I could have moved with her myself.

  63. BabyMama you are so right. The little snarking here is far, far less than the absolutely disgusting and vile comments said about Kate on those hate sites. I can't even handle even visiting them for a second and there are sites I pray that no member of my family ever accidentally visits. There are words used that no member of my family would ever dare utter in my presence not even in a moment of anger. I've even seen some language on Twitter that makes me cringe. I remember vividly the soap rubbed on the teeth if I dare use a word that wasn't allowed in our home. The soap on the teeth method can cure you real quick of any offense.

  64. Lexxi--The soap really does work. I remember my little sister saying a bad word and then she said to Mom--"Baby bite soaps?" when she realized she said a forbidden word. That was so funny but effective.

    FiredUp--I remember picking up my Mom and spinning her. She was quite surprised and I was old enough to know better. :)

    It actually got up to 45 degrees here yesterday-a real heat wave. Snow and ice have been sliding off the roof. We have a friend who works in the "weather" business and she predicts a 70+" snowstorm for us in March. I can only hope she is wrong.

    Thank you for the sweet Valentine, Baby Mama.
    Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

  65. H A P P Y. V A L E N T I N E ' S. D A Y !!!!!

  66. Happy Valentines Day To my wonderful Linda and to all my gals here on the site. Ok what's everyone doing and more importantly what's everyone getting? So busy this morning getting the kids ready with all their valentines and cupcakes for the parties. I get stuck going to work. But I got my iPad case and some Pandora charms for my bracelet. So I'm a happy camper!

    No big romantic dinner this weekend, but we did have fun going to the Lego Store in Rockerfeller Center. Cause that's how we roll now lol. Kisses and everyone have a bite of chocolate for me today. Xoxoxox Happy Valentines Day!

  67. Babymama – Your valentine is too cute. I’m glad you posted the valentine clips. I agree it is sad watching, however, it’s really good the kids have the episode to look at to remind them they were a loving family at one time.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

  68. Baby Mama - Thank you so much! Celebrating both anniversary and V-Day. Started with a delicious breakfast in bed and chocolate mocha latte. Yum.

    Got lovely baubles and hand-made cards and a love poem.

    Hope everyone has a great day and great evening. We celebrated over the weekend so having dinner at home tonight. Hugs!

  69. Apparently Jon did have the kids...pre-Valentine party with "government worker" included.

    He has them a day and he is "so tired"! that's why he keeps the "government worker" in tow. Imagine having to do it alone like Kate no doubt does many a day.

    These old clips of Jon and Kate are sad for me too. But Kate has moved on...reluctantly no doubt. She knows she has to keep her chin up and not dwell on the past. Those kids don't need a depressed, dreary eyed mommy.

    Reference to Lady Gaga and several other entertainers last nite...she has talent...but it is a shame that she and so many others have resorted to wearing bits of tissue as their evening wear.

    My 11 yr. old is a Bieb fan and is wanting to grow up too fast. No lipstick or minis for her yet! Her daddy says she is staying my "little girl" till she is at least 25! Oh, is he in for a rude awakening!

    Shame is with the way girls run around now...there will be no opening the present or excitement of the surprise on their wedding nite because they have opened the package and revealed it all way too many times even in their early teens now.

    Geesh...I was still climbing trees with my brother at 13! Boys were great pals to play "cops and robbers" with. Never even gave thought to what 13 yr. olds have on their mind now.

    Imagine the challenges Kate will have when all her girls get in those teen years! I hate the "government worker's" influence. I hate the poor example Jon sets for his boys as to respect for women and proper lifestyles.

  70. Geewhiz~ I wish I had such great fun memories to look back on. The kids get to watch how wonderful their parents were when they were little and how they made all their Holidays special for them. Their patents are still wonderful though, but I love those memories!

  71. One of the things that I admire about Kate is that she seems to want to preserve those happy memories with Jon for her family. I see it in things she's said and the way she wrote her last book. Some divorced people don't want their kids to remember when it was good. I hope that someday, Jon and Kate can have a better relationship and do things together with the kids.

  72. One of the reasons Jon & Kate gave for agreeing to do the original special was that, prior to the 6 being born, they avidly videotaped a lot of their lives (some of which was shown on the show, which is how we have evidence that pre-sextuplet pregnancy Kate was slim, pretty, blonde, bubbly, and adored Jon) and, then, the twins. However, given the physical demands of looking after 6 infants and two just emerging from the toddler years, they had neither the time nor the energy to videorecord things or even photograph and that time was just passing by in a blur. I'm sure the money was a significant incentive but so was an opportunity to have a record of this precious but all too brief time in their babies' lives.

  73. Good points PeggyP and tashapork!

    ITA. In many families photos are made of the first child each time the child breathes. Then by the time subsequent children come along, the photos and videos become fewer and fewer.

    It doesn't mean the subsequent children are loved less, but more that the parents are exhaustedly trying to cope, IMO. We remember Kate with her little camera (that didn't work half the time) trying to get photos.

  74. Baby Mama- I'm still laughing too. Please call me just to Jacque, my friends call me that way. ;D

    Firedup- you are very kind, always says nice things to me. About I make new friends, you can be sure I'll do, but my old friends and I still find ourselves at certain times.
    Oh before I forget, I promise that this was the last time I make a joke about the appearance of Polly Kahl, after all she has the ugliest things in which we can discuss, for example the crazy things she does and says.

    Well here Valentine's Day is only celebrated in June, but anyway hope you all had a good Valentine's Day ♥

  75. Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

  76. I too admired Kate after reading the book. When the kids are older they will understand just how much Kate loves them.

  77. Corrina - tyvm, that was very sweet of you.

  78. Interesting watching RHONYork on Rachael Ray talking about how their reality tv appearances have allowed them to achieve other dreams such as their books, etc. Additionally talked about how very quickly their children adjusted to being on tv - and that they are real kds, living real lives, who just happen to also be on tv. Don't see anybody attacking them for having their kds on tv OR for using the show to expand their horizons. BTW, they're doing shows in Morocco this year.

  79. Good morning everyone! Kate will be on The Talk on CBS at 2pm EST. What do you think she will be announcing? Do you think they are holding out to let us know something big? New Kate Plus 8? Twist of Kate? New announcing gig? I'm hoping it's all 3!

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day. This week is super crazy for me, but hopefully I can get a new post up tonight once I get back from work and watch The Talk on the DVR

  80. Well, I see the "source" is at it again! Accusing Kate of deserting her kids on Valentine's Day while she jetted off to LA for The Talk and not even leaving the kids with their wonderful father who is just around the corner is Reading.

    WTH???? The woman works for heaven's sake unlike her ex. The ex had them pre Valentine's and Tweeted about how exhausted he was.

    Give me a break! I'd like to wash out the source's mouth with some strong soap!

    Listen "source": Kate's ex loves his kids and they love him. YOU on the other hand, are a foul-habited (smoking) horrible influence! They need to see their Dad but they sure dont need to be around you! Every time you &Jon have the kids for a visit, you expose them to known carcinogens! That is abuse!

    If you think Jon will ever support you, take a look at his habits from the last 15 years! Kate always earned more than he, even when he was working. He can't manage money honey, look at what he blew through in the last year! At this point, you are NOT his wife either, just his live-in paramour who supports and enables his habits.

  81. Kate+8 returns in April according to announcement.
    Kate looked fabulous on the show!

  82. I have come apon a sudden realization about a big percentage of those whom we think of as Kate haters. They don't hate Kate as much as they enjoy the act of bashing her. Criticizing her every move and tearing apart the underlying meaning of every blink she makes fulfills something in their lives. They feel a sense of power in making her look bad and it has nothing to do with Kate the person at all, after all they don't even know her, but they love to watch anything she's in so they can enjoy tearing it apart.
    Then there are those who have something to gain by spewing the party line about child exploitation, they really aren't educated in the subject and they are usually hypocrites because it is only wrong for KATE to televise her kids. This bothers me more because they are dishonest and decieving often about their motives. Such hypocrisy tainted my watching of one of my favorite shows last night where a hypocrite's voice rang clear, a voice that I once supported and feel bad about it now. Instead of Kate haters, maybe they are Kate hypocrites and Kate bashing enthusiasts. The Talk is fixng to come on so I'll be back later.

  83. Just got in...I have "The Talk" recorded and will soon watch it!

    LindaO...What a post you put up at 1:30pm regarding the "source"!

    You go made me get up from my computer chair and do a "happy feet" southern shuffle!

    Well said! It was so nice and quiet and the "source" just can't stand it that Kate is on TV again with the big shot ladies of LA!

    Where's that stinkin', sweaty sock you were going to volunteer for her mouth?

    Like you said, he already tweeted how wore out he was...undoubtedly he was more than ready to hand them off to Kate again.

    Plus the kids are in school..two homeschooled...they don't all need to be cramped in that dang one bedroom efficiency apartment trying to get ready for school or imagine doing all their homework afterwards in there?

    And I betcha anything there is something else Kate is doing on the West Coast. She always multi-tasks and plans her trips carefully.

    The woman has to work...she's been home with the kids in PA for a month now. First move she makes, and "inside source, government worker" gets her little news from Jon and runs to a tabloid again!

    I bet Jon's rent was due!

  84. Linda O...I've lurked long enough! Your 1:30 comments are too great to resist! Thank you for putting into words what I could not. BRAVO!

  85. Still have to finish up homework and get kids in bed before I can watch Kate.

    I had another nice suprise lovely husband brought home the Special 2011 Edition of People Magazine home...and guess who is on the cover?

    Our girl Kate! Plus an inside article featuring her health routines and body transformation by means of exercise!

    Now how special is that! You gotta see it ladies.

    I sent him to pick up a few items for dinner and he saw it at the check-out and knew I would be pleased! Such a southern gentleman he is!

  86. Good night
    valentine's day-
    I hope it was good to all
    here in Brazil is only in june
    Baby Mama... love what is written on the picture of post
    is the photo or you wrote?

  87. HB - Welcome! Yeah, needless to say I was pretty irked with the "source's" latest story. I'm gonna buy FiredUp a ticket to go up and have a nice chat with her, lol.
    FiredUp - I've gotta get a copy.

  88. FiredupforKate,you have a sweet hubby. It's those little things that are so special.
    No show till April:( I did enjoy seeing Kate on the Talk even though she didn't say anything we haven't already heard.

  89. I watched the Talk today and Kate looked relaxed and had fun. She talked about the new season of Kate+8 starting in April. Looks the the evil tweets backfired on BKIA'S gals. LOL

  90. I watched it on youtube but it must not have been the entire interview as she didn't say anything about the new show. Hopefully the entire thing will be up soon.

  91. WHOO HOO! Good evening everyone! Just saw Kate Gosselin on The Talk and she was amazing! It's almost funny how I heard some of the trolls giving the ol BS "Ohh I'll stomach it and watch it for you and give you a recap. LIAR! Everyone watched it and saw she was fantastic. Haterz can suck it!

    But why does Kate Plus 8 not able to come back till April. Did I miss something??

  92. I missed it! DVR didn't tape it. :(

  93. The full interview is on the The Talk's website now. She looked very trim!

  94. The interview was great and the women were so supportive of Kate.

  95. As soon as I do a new post I'm going to put it here on my site. Once again we got the trash at Pressi's site literally creating a transcipt and dissecting ever WORD FOR WORD. It's very sad. Who is really obsessed? I mean, she was great. They all made her feel like she was a great parent. Kate talked about the plane ride with the kids and how great they did.

    They literally have nothing on her and NOTHING they could possibly say.. So why not write down WORD FOR WORD exactly what Kate says in the hopes that they could catch her in a lie or something. NOT! Get over yourselves! If you hate her so much why would you "take one for the team and get this deep into a 3 minute interview. CRAZY! Complete psychotic obsession. I'm blessed to get the e-mails because I couldn't handle going over there and getting myself THAT sick if I'm already this sick over this little bit I hear about them.

  96. Linda O, great post at 1:30. Ellen will never learn, she has to support a lug for the rest of her life. Who would want that for your daughter. I loved the soap comment.

    They rotate all the shows on TLC. Sister Wifes has not been on, so you know they are filming now. You know they Khaters will be setting on the edge of their chairs, just waiting for Kate to get her nails done now. Crazy!!! :)

  97. Urgh!!! I can not see the video of the interview, always appears:''The video you have requested is not available for you geographic region (...)''.


  98. Ms. LindaOriginal!
    Your 1:30 comment reminded me of a friend of mine I've known since high school. She is affable, engaging, quiet and observing of everything. She had had enough with her children's school bus driver, and what came out of her mouth surprised me.

    I love your comment. It was very well stated!

  99. Jacqueline ''Jacque"
    Can you go to YouTube and search for "Kate Gosselin interview on The Talk"?

    If not, there are utilities that hide your IP address. Check out a trial version that has USA IP addresses. Then you'll be able to view the show.

  100. I made the mistake of going over & checking out Preesi's site. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!I am not a prude. I went to university in DC in the late 1960s-early 1970s. There are very few words that I have not seen spray-painted in letters several feet high on the sides of buildings. However, I found the amount of crude language and blatant obscenities on Preesi's site disgusting. I wonder if these faux child advocates use language like that around children. I cannot fathom people who are capable of so much rage towards someone they never met.

  101. NEW POST & and fresh paper! I don't have the whole interview but it should be on tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the scent of the day.. yummy left over truffles from Valentine's Day! xoxox

    I ALWAYS get the episodes and videos up first! Or at least I try. Don't go anywhere else till you check me first! ;)