Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kate Gosselin on CBS "The Talk" Hits it Out of The Ball Park..Take that Haterz!

Hello Gosselin fans! Things have been quiet in Gosselin Land for a while. It was sad to see that because of this there was crazy fighting within the hate sites themselves. They couldn't attack Kate so they wen't in on themselves. So when it was announced that Kate Gosselin would be appearing on the The Talk they decided the only way to stop the fighting within their own circle they "attempted" to start a twitter campaign contacting the hosts of the show. I was told several new accounts popped up and started trying to get them to comment about their upcoming guest. Epic fail.

When Kate appeared she was a breath of fresh air. She talked about how great her kids are, and how wonderful they were not only on the trip but on the long rides on the plane. She talked about how Jon is their father and always will be no matter what happens in the future...

"I needed to respond at some point because the rumors get out of control. 99% of what you read about me online is not true.  It’s far from true.  And so I feel like the answers that I put out there were because I have to remember that my kids are going to be able to look back on this and there’s certain things I needed to come out and say.  I need to clear the record and say ‘this is not what’s happening’ And so, the only things I came out and said were things I didn’t want my kids to see me on The Today Show, on any show, bashing their father.  I won’t do it.  You will never hear me do it.  He will always be their father no matter who’s in my life."

Watch Kate Gosselin on The Talk (entire Interview here!)
What did you think of Kate on The Talk?


  1. For those of you that would like to watch the entire show it's below. Keep in mind that Kate is toward the end and you will have to watch a few commercials lol. But all 38 minutes are here:


  2. thank you for activating the comments, LOL The Kate haters are actually Kate bashing enthusiasts, they get a high from disecting any movements or words out of her mouth. It gives them satisfaction and fulfilment.

  3. Does anybody know what site the source said Kate went to L.A. and left kids w/ sitter. I am looking for the site where the source said they are mature.

  4. Thank you MissGoody.. I'm a fan of your great Tweets. Keep up the good work! I saw that post too and it was from Gather.com and has since been removed.. odd right. I was going to yell at her but I don't think she even knew what she was Tweeting.. LIES! lol

  5. Tashapork, you are right. I'm sure some Khaters are sociopath/psychopath who are obsessed with bashing Kate.

  6. Those comments first appeared on Hollywoodlife then on HollyBaby, then on Gater.com

  7. If they truly hated Kate, they would be disturbed by the sight or sound of her and they would switch off the channel. If they are haters, then they must like suffering or martyring themselves by hanging on to every word she says.

  8. I think I really like this show, they are way more friendly than The View in the opening. Although I am a HUGE fan of Sharon Osborne, i think she is amazing. This was casual, laid back and looked like it was easy for Kate to talk to them. Once again Kate pointed out why I am in such awe of her, sitting there saying she will never bash Jon no matter what. I think it was a fun interview. She did a very good job!!! I could totally see Kate fitting right in with these ladies :) Can't wait to see the episode and hope they continue to have a peaceful private life, it must be so nice to catch a break.

  9. I like how Kate identified that her and the kids deal with the outside world as a learning experience and that when her kids are older, they will be better equipped to deal with what's out there. That is how I raise my kids and just applauded when she said that.

    Sadly, the people that live off bashing others will only treat their children that it is okay to personalize what others do and feel vindicated in spreading hateful rhetoric.

  10. I think it would be great if Kate joined the show. I really don't like the View and the Talk was funny. Leanne (I think that is her name) was the only one cutting people off. LOL

    I don't particularily like Sharon, but I can watch her without feeling compelled to go to some hate site and bash her. They seem like a good group.

  11. It was a good interview. I was really happy to see her let her guard done for once.

  12. I don't watch The View because they all talk at once and don't seem to respect each other or their guests. This show is way cool, first time I have seen it as I work during the day. THanks for sharing.

  13. Good morning everyone! Once again trying to type on this rubber keyboard which is NOT working. Also got that super hot Michael Kors case. OK not worth $100! Considering returning my own Valentine's Day gift. lol

    Linda you are 100% right. I'm glad you are here to give me accurate info! I actually want to go backtrack now and see these interviews today on my day off. I don't know why I thought gather & not Gater. I don't think the kids were left with a sitter as I remember Jon mentioning that he was tired after a weekend with the kids. I mean Hollybaby must literally try to spin anything negative they can find on Kate. What complete idiots. Werent they saying just a month ago that Jon was fighting for visitation even when Kate was away? I don't know if he was granted that but I was under the impression the kids were with their dad while Kate went to LA

    And are these people for real that they will attack her just because shes been away from her kids for the first time in who knows how long? Its a slow news month for Kate Gosselin, so I guess we should expect this..

  14. Kate said most of the rag stories were untrue, and her kids know this. Meanwhile, Jon and Ellen have faded away which is great for Kate. Wonder if some judge had something to do with this. I have a feeling Ellen is not going to like this one bit and I see something coming down the pipeline from a "source" again.

    Kate looked fab!! Not sure I liked the hair, but looks like she is still grwoing it out. As far as BKIA and the rest, Kate has moved on, while they are over there stomping their feet again. You just have to laugh!!

  15. Way to go Kate. I watched the interview yesterday and was so proud of her. Would't you love to see the video of some of those haters dealing with their own kids and see how well they would do. Can't wait to see her in April.
    And yes, the Talk is way better than the View!

  16. I thought Kate did great! And she looks great, too. Must really drive the haters crazy. To those of you who liked the show and had not seen it before - a word of warning. Kate's interview was one of the most calm things I have seen on that show. I don't watch often, but Leah and Sharon can get REALLY loud, obnoxious and annoying - worse than Joy on The View. Holly and Julie are the sensible, mature ladies.

    I was dismayed to hear we would need to wait until April for more Kate Plus Eight. I need a kid fix now.

  17. MsGoody2Shoes- thanks for the help I got to see the interview now.

  18. YooHoo gals! Kate rocked it again. Didn't she look so good! And she is so slimmed down now!

    When she walked in she had such a nice confident stride! A in-your-face-eat-your-heart-out haters walk!

    She handled herself very well and I applaud these ladies for showing Kate some much needed respect.

    That little clip of Kate doing the scuba thing in a shark cage...is this girl nuts or what? She is getting ever more bold and brave to try new things!

    What an example she is for her kids! Can you imagine the little ones telling their school mates about that!

    Those kids have to be so proud of Kate and love her for all she does for them. Amazing to hear how busy she has to stay during these trips...making sure the kids are occupied and handle the travel well.

    It's what mommy's do and Kate is one of the best!
    I'm sad too that we have to wait so long for the next episode!

  19. Good afternoon everyone! Missed you all. Man do we really have to wait until April? I wonder why. I'm truly hoping that it's because they will be giving us more than one episode back to back. It's always so bittersweet to watch the old episodes when the Tups were babies. But my girls still love to watch them, so every once in a while I just pop the DVD in. I wonder if the kids do the same. I know they used to love watching themselves ;)

    It's a shame TLC won't show the old shows anymore though I do get why. Gotta check personal e-mails, seems to be overflowing. So to those that may have personally written, you will get a response back tonight. Thanks for your understanding! xox

  20. Ok, I just updated the entire interview. So what is up now is the entire interview. Enjoy!

  21. Wooo-hoooo! Kate, you did amazing on The Talk! You looked healthy and beautiful as always! I was so happy to hear that everything is going well. I love the "mommy stories" most of all.

    This was such a positive interview and being that I haven't seen a peep of real, live Kate Gosselin in such a long time, it made me very happy! :)

    Keep doing what you do best Kate, there are many of us supporting you and your wonderful kids. Can't wait to see the show in April!

  22. Baby Mama, you identified that you understand why TLC is no longer showing the old episodes. I do not know why, can I ask, or will this start a big bee hive. Sorry for my lack of knowledge regarding this and I will understand if this is a huge taboo topic.

  23. Baby Mama- Do you think the reason they don't show old episodes is because of Jon? Not trying to be negative, but if they did show them wouldn't they have to pay royalties?

    I read your site often, love the atmosphere!!!

  24. I like that the TLC website has an option to flag a comment and report it as abusive. Even if TLC doesn't remove a post, if they receive enough complaints about a certain comment, they may have to. For example comments about the kids or comments that are just hateful and do not contribute to the discussion.

  25. Thanks for the video BabyMama...now we can replay it and disect it like the haters do! LOL!

    Just one thought about Kate saying she will continue to take the "high road" and not "bash Jon because he will always be their father"...

    I understand that from Kate. She continues to show amazing restraint and respect given the crap this man continues to give back at her.

    So don't worry Kate. Jon is not my husband and he ain't the father of my kids...so I have no reservations about calling him out if he misbehaves or causes you further distress.

    He won't get a pass from me and I will scold and nail him every time he does something to hurt you or your children.

    We all keep hoping one day he will appreciate how kind and respectful you have been Kate and maybe he will start to act that way in return.

    However, odds of that are slim when he continues to be in cohoots with the "inside source, government worker". Jon needs to find a woman who has integrity and morals and who knows how to mind her own business. We can only hope.

  26. Kate did awesome and looks fabulous. I think this is the best interview she has done.

    The haters have shown CBS that Kate has some physco haters trying to bring her down. What a bunch of sickos.

    Wish we didn't have to wait till April for the show. Can't wait to watch Kate with the sharks!

  27. Good evening everyone.. ugh had such a horrible night doing our taxes and my husband always comes home pissed off and aggravated. Why do I have to go? Cant he do it himself? lol

    Welcome to my new commenters here! I'm trying to be much more postive and not getting my blood to boil while I tell haters to go scratch. Hope you come here more often I promise to leave you hints of wonderfully smelling fresh paper!

    MaryEmDee~ Jon & Kate Plus 8 was pulled when Jon went to Court to halt filming of the show. You know, when he got all "well if they film without me theyre not filming at all" crazy. At that point the divorce was getting nasty and they stopped repeating the shows. Once ethey started filmimg Kate Plus 8, they were already divorced, so I'm assuming that even though the show was so great, they werent going to re-air a show that showed them married. No one really knows though.

    For me when I say I get the reason why they pulled the old shows? Well its because showing them is just a constant reminder that the episodes are old & dated. They are divorced and it was a nasty one that even those beautiful babies could not take it out of the publics heads. We can only hope that they change their minds..Well at least the DVD's are now cheap to purchase. lol

  28. OK I got yet another e-mail about the fresh scent paper thing. I figured I would post it again here...

    Why do always end your last comment on a thread with fresh paper and the scent of the paper?

    Susan. We all know when a thread gets stale and the comments get slow. It's then I try to set up a new post. The "fresh scent" is from the movie "Leagally Blond" when Elle Woods sprays her resume with perfume to give it a little "extra something". Its all for you to imagine sweetie. The fresh scent of the day..lol

  29. Kate did such a great job on The Talk. That is the first time I watched the show. I really appreciate how well she was treated there compared to when she was on the View. It was so good to see/hear her.

    April does seem a long way off to wait for the next shows. I wonder if/when they will be selling Season 5 dvd's--or maybe they are and I have missed it? Maybe they will rerun Season 5 episodes when her new shows are on.

  30. Good morning everyone! Sadly no Brenda I was not awake. Did you email me? I was forced by my husband to figure out my insomnia users and try to fet to sleep earlier. As you know, sometimes I was up at 2am my time putting comments up. People were like "what the heck?" So because I'm such a hit mess in the morning, things needed a changin...

    That's the great thing about a new day. No matter how bad your day was yesterday (and mine sucked badly) there is always a new day arriving to start fresh. Things that seemed like the end of the world yesterday seems down right ridiculous today. I'm sure Kate goes through this a lot. I was reading that stupid HollyBaby article where they were saying how DARE Kate leave her kids on Valentines Day to go do "The Talk". Bonnie Fuller must be inhaling something because she forgets her articles that discussed how much moms need time for themselves. I made my husband take the kids to school today for the first time in years, just so that I can relax a sec and enjoy the blog...

    So there you go. To recap: BabyMama+no sleep=hot mess. Bonnie Fuller + need for readers=nasty snarky articles about Kate Gosselin. I hope everyone has a great Thursday today! Xoxo

  31. And sorry guys, that was supposed to say insomnia "issues". Forgot the stupid IPad had autofill on. Lol

    I forgot to thank you Fascinated.. for letting me know about the changes in the Tlc website. It has literally taken them 2 years to finally remove all the hateful discussion boards on Facebook. I would like to think that this coincides with that. TLC is very aware about the attacks. I would hope that since the show will not return until April they Berger be on the lookout. The haters will explode by then with nothing to snark about. They will attack their own, and by then in a simple world there will be none of them left. ;)

  32. Dammit that's supposed to say "would be" on the lookout. Ohh shoot I give up. Let the trolls just go back to my spelling sucks...

    On a funnier note... "who would ever get into a shark tank like Kate did?" would you have the guts to do it if that was your show????

  33. Baby Mama - Goodness gracious (as my grandmother would say), forget about worrying about changes made by iPhones, blackberrys, iPads etc. We care about what you have to say. Surely we, as intelligent women, can figure out the context of the sentence, and realize a word got garbled. Who cares?

    I laughed at one well known person Tweeting who said they deliberately garble some words so folks will think they are on an iPhone even when on computerI laughed till I cried.

    As for those who are the spelling and grammar police, we are busy women, unlike you who spend your days consumed with hate in any form.Get a life!!!

    Or, to put it in another Southern saying, just say "Kiss my grits!!"

  34. As for the shark tank...... Um...gulp... not in this lifetime!

    I love the ocean and spend a lot of time there...but the theme song from JAWS still echoes in my mind each time I get into the water, lol. I love to go boating or sailing but prefer my swimming be in a clear pool where I can see what's coming. Why?? There are sharks in the ocean, but in the south, there may also be an alligator in the pool. Look before you leap!
    Okay, off to dr for more tests to find out while I'm still sick after almost a month. Catch you later, alligator.

  35. On a local radio show they had people call in with their funniest iPhone changes and one man said he was telling his wife he was taking their daughter to Kindergarten and it changed Kindergarten to Herzogovina.

    Linda-Hoping things go well for you at the dr.
    Later gater. :)

  36. Corrina - the "changes" smart phones etc make in text messages and emails has become a popular "forwarding" thing here. We laugh over it all the time! When somebody "catches" one they forward to whole group, not as making fun, but because none of us take it seriously and we ALL laugh. Frequently it changes the name of meeting places ... and the typical response is "Send me a map of directions!"
    Thank you all for kind words and prayers. Lab results are that I have a funky flu (not H1N1) along with a bronchial bacterial infection. I've got another round of antibiotics for infection which they give a week to work. If not, I'll do outpatient IV antibiotics which are stronger. Because I'm diabetic and have no thyroid (take synthroid) sometimes I need a "boost" to get over things.

  37. *changes have, not changes has. Oh well. Call the grammar police. Lol.d

  38. Hey! Long time reader, first time poster. I think this site is great for updates on all things Kate! Especially now since I cut back and don't have cable anymore.

    But on another note, can we refrain from using the words 'idiots' 'psychopaths' 'sociopaths' and 'sickos' and accusing people of being pedophiles with no proof? I know that people who don't agree with Kate's choices (known as 'haters') can get people who are fans riled up but can we take the high road and ignore it?

  39. Hi Alex and welcome!!!

    I don't think you will find people here accusing others of being pedophiles.

    As for accusing others of being sickos, what would you call someone who hates you simply because you are pro Kate. Hates you to the point of tracking down your clients and sending them emails, posts your name and address on "tracking pedophiles" websites, threatens your kids, creates fake websites pretending to be this one, ... Gosh I could continue, but that hits the highlights...

    I tried calling them non fans for a long time. If you've got another suggestion, I for one, would really appreciate suggestions!

  40. LindaO...my dear what in the world is ailing you? So sorry to hear you going through all of this.

    Be sure and get some pro-biotics back in your gut after taking all those antibiotics!!! You know those darn things kill all the good, friendly bacteria that you need in your system to stay healthy!

    Now that's another lesson from Dr. Firedup4Kate!

    Alex, welcome to the friendly petting zoo here! We are mild, sensible fans...and if we call someone by the term "sicko" it is usually in jest, but we have to defend Kate and her precious babies from all the ridiculous "haters" out there.

    Sometimes you gotta draw the line in the sand so to speak! You would be horrified to see some of the terms and descriptions these "haters" use to describe our gal Kate!

    The twitter twits sure failed in their campaign to have Kate "called out" by The Talk ladies. They really came off looking like jealous busybodies.

    I'm betting Leah and the gals got a good laugh off of some of them. After lamenting about Kate and the fire lane, another one went on and on about Kate spending the family fortune getting her nails done. Really? $20 for a manicure constitutes the family fortune?

  41. BabyMama...That Bonnie Fuller is another woman wanting Kate's celebrity status.

    I saw her on an interview with that "Showbiz Tonight". She ain't a beauty and could take some speaking lessons from Kate.

    She's boring and is just a "plain jane"...looked a little on the plump side as well. I could easily overlook all of that if she ever said something pleasant or nice...she's so judgemental with no fact or basis for her thinking.

  42. This whole hate thing is very disturbing. It has become a seemingly accepted practise to say the most horrible things about people. What do these people thing they are doing to society as a whole, not just their victims? Once you open the door to any expression of undeserved hatred, you open the door to future violence. They are literally putting their own families at risk. I think that is one of the reasons that we supporters of Kate and her kids are so vocal, is our concern and desire to be able to protect them.

    My mom used to say, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." I have always tried to practise that (I did say tried) and would hope others are teaching that to their children. Otherwise we are all in trouble.

  43. What do these people think, not thing. Sorry, I thought I had proof read it.

  44. FiredUp - tyvm. Picked up some pro biotic yoghurt to take with the antibiotics.
    Okay, for the "non fans" on the "non fans blogs"...Can you hear those footsteps behind you? That's not me running after you...that's karma catching up to you!
    Have a great day all!

  45. Nikki - My grandmother said the same thing. While Baby Mama was on vacation, I even did a whole post on "Let's Say Just Nice Things!" (Anybody remember that one?) think it lasted two days before I closed it. It was, IMO, the perfect time for all to express only positive things and then I would add the positive things to the section under Kate, and the section under Jon.

    Since I'm accused of being hard on Jon, I even said, you list your points and I'll add them (And I did, indeed add them.)

    First comment was a rant that I had left Jon's section blank and I was mean. As those nice things about Jon were listed, I added them.

    It quickly became a free for all, my mailbox filled with hate. I closed that post and started another one. Their reaction is almost funny in hindsight, but it sure wasn't funny at the time.

    That was my experiment into "Grandmother says play nice!" it sure was a failure!

  46. Hey LindaO,

    Thanks for the welcome!

    As for the pedophile thing, someone did say on the E! THS post that the one author of the Gosselin book "looked" like a pedophile.

    I think if we all try to be nice about it, it proves where WE are coming from, which is a source of love!

  47. Thanks for clarification, Alex. Will try to be more vigilant. We don't usually leave those comments up. But, I was out of town, and sick then, so will confessi, that I for one, didn't read every post.

  48. I agree 100% with what Linda said as far as a certain group of people but I also agree with you Alex in that it's not right IMO to call someone a pedo>>>> because we don't care for them. I even have a tough time typing out the word as I agree it's offensive. My concern if more for if their are real victims of such an awful act and the pain they must have just seeing the word would bring back unpleasant memories. No I don't know anyone that has been a victim but I've read and seen shows about victims and it has to be awful healing from such a thing.

    Linda is right, if either BabyMama or she had seen it and not missed it, without a doubt they would have deleted the comment. You're right Alex we don't need to stoop to their level.

    Kate looked beautiful and seemed to be so at ease on The Talk. It was definitely a positive experience for her and I'm glad she tried to clear up some silly little rumors. Never heard of the show before but now I'm hooked. I really liked Leah as she seems to be a "tell it like it is" kind of girl. I really like the other hosts too and have always liked Sharon Osborne.

  49. Welcome Alex! I'll be the first to admit I do stoop to THEIR level sometimes. It's hard not to. Especially me who is such a target in the hate sites. How do I sit here and tolerate all the lies said or all the horrible attacks? I have the patience of a saint, but even saints have their limits. Those that are regulars here understand where I'm coming from. This is my site and every once in a while I will need to vent. I hope you understand.

    I try to use the idiot word sparingly. Love the word vile, as well as nasty. Will never take those away. But the word "psychopaths" are saved for just a select few such as JJ, JW Barney & Hop Hop Harry. lol other than that, I'm pretty sparing with the attacks unless it gets bad here.

  50. And Linda, I hope you feel better, as always. Your my better half here! xoxox

  51. BM, you're a riot!!! Keep up the good work! Linda O, what would BM do without you =)

  52. BabyMama IMO the other words that are used are the only way you can explain some of their words and actions and of course we all have to vent. I can't speak for Alex but the only word I have a problem with is the pedo**** word and that's only out of respect for victims out there.
    None of us are perfect and I'll be the first to admit I have called them idiots and other choice words. Of all people you and Linda both have the right to vent because of the attacks on you. They don't have any class at all.

  53. Corrina -- You asked about Season 5 on DVD -- it is available. Supposedly the version sold on the TLC website is the only one that is complete. I bought mine elsewhere and it's missing a few episodes.

  54. Lexxi I agree 100%. I hope everyone realizes that if anyone makes a comment thats even romotely inpropriate, it will be removed as soon as we are aware of it. No one will ever have to deal with anything like that here. Rest Assured.

  55. I think that Kate was well prepared for the show and the women certainly treated her with kid gloves. I was a little dismayed that she said she never bashed Jon when she clearly has in the past. I am happy that she is being positive now regarding Jon as that is better for her kids.

  56. Hi Swimgirl, I am interested in your comments "treated her with kid gloves" and "she never bashed Jon when she clearly has in the past"

    What did Kate have to answer to??? What was she under fire for??? I think the women on the Talk treated her like another mom and supported her in discussing the fun and not so fun aspects.

    I also have NEVER heard Kate BASH Jon. I have heard her make frustrating comments about him and the situation. But she has never bashed him. Unless you are using different criteria than I am.

  57. Fascinating, I agree with you about different criteria for bashing Jon. To me at least, bashing is not stating honest facts, its embellishing them with a person's opinions and judgements. Its' not I am angry becausse Jon took money out of our account without permission, it is Jon is a theif and liar and bad father who never deserves to see his kids again. It isn't Jon smokes and should quit because it's bad for his health, but it is Jon is a worthless douchbag.
    I have only seen her state facts. Its questionable about whether she needed to go on the Todaay Show about the bank account, but with all the Kate bashing he was doing that week and the loss of her income, she probably felt backed into a corner. Just as when she made a comment about kids calling her to come home, she did it by just stating facts and probably felt she had to set the record straight because Jon was encouraging paparazzi videos of transfer time.

  58. tashapork - re Kate on Today Show about the money - in going by Kate's history, she seldom speaks out something specific about Jon unless it seems she's in a position where she has to. That's how I felt about her going on and talking about the stolen money - we may not have a clue as to why she felt she had to, but I don't think she'd revert that much from type. For all we know Jon may have threatened her with saying more lies and garbage than he already was at the time and she went on to beat him to the punch, so to speak, to discredit him before he could start more garbage. Who knows, but I don't think Kate did it on a whim or took it lightly, I think she had legimate reasons even though we don't know what they are. She did say then that wasn't the first time Jon had taken money which wasn't his to take. It was either Lexxi or HB who said Jon told Larry King that he would take money out of the kids accounts if he wanted to. I haven't seen that interview and keep forgetting to look it up on youtube.

  59. swimgirl - The Talk isn't a hard hitting show, why expect them to hit Kate hard when they do no one else.

  60. If the truth be told, if one is familiar with the show, they actually asked Kate far more serious questions than they have any of their other guests. They might ask one realtively tough question and them move on to the light stuff. But all the questions he asked Kate were serious questions, therefore they were tougher on Kate than they have been on any of the other guests I've seen on their show.

  61. Tashapork- I really agree with you and also feel Kate has never bashed Jon in public at least. I feel she has only stated the facts and the truth in regards to Jon.
    This was my first time to see The Talk, and yes only because of Kate BUT I really enjoyed the show and will continue to watch...can you believe I have never heard of it.
    Kate did a great job with the sugar-free coated questions! LOL
    What a pleasant blog this is, to come to vs the TLC one...that one has turned into craziness with the haters! IMO

  62. ShirleyNoName--Thank you so much for answering my question about the availability of the Season 5 dvd. I will definitely check out TLC and other places to buy it. :)

    Martha's Law--Love your avatar! And that was my first time to see The Talk too and I liked it and will make more effort to watch it again.
    Everyone seemed perfectly respectful and Kate was great!

  63. Sometimes it's difficult to know whom is more disgusting: Bonnie Fuller, or Hope Carson of Gather.com. Bonnie does the ridiculous stories, then guess whom from Gather re-issues them, pretty much word for word without giving a credit line anywhere.

    Neither of them seem to have any concept of the words: ethics, plagiarism, or reality.

    Bonnie needs to trade in her razor-edged tongue. She could probably make a decent living writing fiction or screenplays for D list Hollywood movies. Wonder if Ms Fuller knows how much she's getting ripped off without even getting a source credit?

  64. I'm sure by now you've found Jon's most wonderful JOB photos on TMZ...HuffPo etc. Looks like an inside job w. the date & time stamps. ;0) Anyway...good for Jon!

  65. Clarification for some: I rarely talk about the Gosselins on Twitter. When I want to do Gossrlin talk, I mostly do it right here on this blog.

    For me, Twitter is chatting with friends, laughing uproariously at some of my favorite Twitterers (and retweeting them), following world news, crafts, and a host of other interests.

    I don't do Facebook (I've stated the reasons before.)

    I don't comment on rag mag sites. If you see a post there, rest assured it's one of the non fans trying to do another knockoff.

    I have respect for other pro Gosselin sites, Ziggy, KatherineDenise, and IW.

    I don't condone bullying, or mean girls, or blind hate, in any way shape, or form.

    For some reason, I got a bunch of emails asking "why" about a lot of things. It was easier to state it here.

    I will do my best to continue to have Baby Mama's back as her wing woman. She is my friend.

    This blog is Baby Mama's. Occasionally I babysit it. My blog function is in dealing with site issues, the techie end. No, I am not a guru, but I am tenacious and I know where to go to get answers.

    I am not fooled by people who change their screen names. Do it often enough, or come here via hate sites and you are likely to get blocked.

    I think that answers today's question. Have a great day. :)

  66. HB, I agree construction is an honorable job. I too hope he's happy.Also, I hope one day he gives up those blankety blank cigarettes!!!

  67. I think it has been a very postitive news week in Gosselin land. I am happy Kate appeared on the Talk & the news of Jon's job. Although I hope the press doesn't start following him around while he's working. That's not condusive to productivity.
    Linda, we all choose which social media sites we use & you shouldn't have to defend why you use some & not others. I love FB & have a personal & business page. I avoid Twitter. It confuses me. lol I also visit & post on one other message board but is has nothing to do with J&K.

  68. Natasha...I don't think Jon will have a flurry of photographers following him around. I personally think this TMZ-bought pictorial was a set-up deal w. someone who KNEW where to be & at what time to show up. Clever use of giving out what counts w/o the 'source close to Jon says'... He looks happy, hefty & at least smoking outside.

  69. Whoo Hoo! How I love Linda, let me count the ways?

    I also want to quickly comment that while Linda handles the technical issues on this site, I handle the personal ones. I want people to come to ME with any personal issues regarding this site. Linda keeps telling me that people email her instead of me. I don't know why. I'm at jonkatefanpage@gmail.com. Please do not come to her unless it's a technical problem. I'm here to discuss anything your not happy with or problems with bloggers. Super busy today but will be on this afternoon! Xoxo

  70. I wish TLC would send the Gosselins back to Disney World, maybe even on a cruise. They wanted to take them at age 6 and nine and it's a whole different experience for older kids, they could do the space center and such also. Now, in my dreamland of idealism, Jon would come along also, stay in a separate hotel room maybe with the boys and they could both take turns taking groups of kids to various things and meeting up for lunch for instance. I know dreamland, but Kate could take them. I do wonder if it being her honeymoon destination might be part of what's holding her back, or TLC won't do a return trip.

  71. Time for the Hallelujah choir again! Let the angels sing! Jon actually got a job! The man is really working!

    Ain't this sad. This makes front page news? It's a slap in the face to all the millions of hard working men and fathers in America!!

    Men like my hard working husband who has never stopped providing for us since the day he said "I do"!

    Men who would dig ditches and flip hamburgers or whatever to make sure their wives and children are cared for!

    So what, lazy Jon was finally forced to get out and provide for himself. The TLC and Kate Plus 8 gravey train isn't stopping at his door any more!

    It's about time and he get's no accolades from me because he is finally working. It's what he should have been doing all along.

    It's what decent, honorable men in this country do every day...day after day...getting up early before the sun even opens its eyes and often working til the moon is set high.

    Wouldn't you know he gets a pap there to take his freakin' photo smokin' no less and chatting on his cell phone! Okay, world...here I am Jon Gosselin working!

  72. BabyMama...Can you confirm that Kate will be on George Lopez Tonight show on Feb. 21st...Monday nite?

    That will be a hoot if it is true. George had a thing for Kate while she was DWTS. He even had a special web site put up to "Vote For Kate".

  73. firedup...it's listed on his show line-up for the 21st. ANOTHER show I've never watched. ;0(

  74. Are we absolutely sure that Jon is the ones in the pictures, if so his appearance has changed just as radically as Kate's and in a different direction. I am happy for him to be working, if that's him, but unless he's paid a pretty penny, I can't see him advertising hinmself in that shape. Whoah, I hope he isn't having an issue with his health, his posture has changed, he's swollen, shaggy etc. His dad died of heart disease at a young age, and it's one of the things that I think may have contributed to his unraveling. I wouldn't want to see his kids go through that in their teens. No matter what anyone thinks, I do not hate Jon. I just wish I could shake him sometimes and get him to make different choices. I really hope those pictures aren't really him.

  75. Good evening everyone! See I'm back..or manybe my mind never left you who knows. So today's hater thread is all about how Jon has a job. Yeah so? Why is this something that we all have to bow for. Why is this considered something that BL and the rest of the nutters have to bow over? This is a man thaty sucked TLC dry for a full year before finally getting a job, probably because child support doesn't grow from trees.

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that Jon shut his Twitter yapper, and stoped using the internet to publically bash his wife. But why does this need to be made into such a big deal? Am I THAT old fashioned that I always expect the man to be the main or equal breadwinner in the family? Facts all his behind may have made a dent in thr couch and he finally thought it was time to go out there and go get a job. I get that he's doing it out of the public eye, and they feel the need to glorify that. And I'm happy for him, but I always suspect in the back of my mind that it was all about gaining postive PR while finally realizing to do right by his family. And for the record, I mean his kids, not his wife.

    Because these are the facts TROLLS. Kate has ween WORKING FOR YEARS NOW. Just because it's IN the public eye, she's still been SUPPORTING her kids while her dad for a year WAS NOT. So lets all
    "smack it up, flip it rub it down".....
    ~Bell Biv Devoe Poison 1990

  76. Whoops, I was so excited about sharing what I'm listening to (old school) I forgot to show the link of Jon happily smiling as the "please take my picture to show I'm a working man" look is all over his face.. lol You go Jon!


  77. Those pictures didn't show him actually working. Well one may argue that the picture of him holding up the rope may have been work, but the rest were him sitting down, sitting down and smoking, standing around, and standing around smoking. LOL

  78. fascinated~ so funny and true..sadly

    And well heck, while I'm here let me keep chatting..lol I wanted to welcome all my new commenters! Thank you so much for coming here. I hope you do so in the future.

    When Linda first started commenting on this site we became fast friends. After 2 years it was incredibly hard and frightning to let someone new babysit my baby so to speak. After making the painful decision to go back to work part time she has become 2nd in command here. I wish she would become 1st in command but the gun to her head isnt working..lol

    My Twitter account is also not always GOSSELIN realted. In fact, I started Twitter as an outlet for what interests me and only me. It's my other fav. shows, my love of scrapbooking and Disney. It's not meant to be anything other that my own life and is not realted to this site at all other than I own both.

    It's important I think to clarify that. But if your interested in reading about other aspects of myself than feel free to follow me.

    Whew, sick of me yet????

  79. BabyMama...Well, said in regard to Jon finally working. In the south a man who doesn't work to support his family ain't worth a wooden nickle.

    Work is something men take pride in around here...it's part of their masculinity. A hard workin' man is a sexy man and I've always been so proud of my husband for taking very good care of us in that department.

    So why all the worship at the "Jon altar" because he really seems to actually have a job this time?

    Women are drooling over his "maning up" and taking care of his kids?

    Again, I say so-what? It's what he ought to have been doing since day one. If he is still employed in a year, I'll be impressed.

  80. I don't hate Jon and (for the zillionth time) let me say I'd like to see him succeed and be happy. Yes, like Tashapork, there are many times I'd like to just give him a strong talking to, as in the smoking issue.

    I am delighted that Jon has a job!

    But, how is it OUT of the public eye when he has photos appearing in all his favorite rag mags????

  81. One of the photos he's clearly looking at the photographer. Did he call up Chris again who is just about DONE sleeping in his old Buick across from the Gosselin home?

    And not to be bringing up that stupid Hollybaby article again.. but just read this quoite and tell me if something in the milk ain't clean?

    “Kate’s in LA right now,” our source says. “Jon saw the kids over the weekend but you would think she’d want the kids to stay with him since he’s their parent and in town. Jon works during the day with his new job but you would think she’d want them with him. So instead Jon and his girlfriend Ellen Ross had a quiet romantic dinner together.”

    Ok, so how EXACTLY did you know they had a romantic dinner together? Were you there with Ellen & Jon, or did Jon's ahem "assistant" give you this info? Ellen! This has your "ask away & give me freebies to review" blog written all over it!

  82. Baby Mama..I think you may have missed most of the pics on TMZ - as I did the 1st time around. Jon POSES for close-ups...plus there is a time/date stamp. NOT something Chris Watts would have on his camera. I'm 99.9% sure this is a private shoot, not a pap.

  83. HB For all we know Ellen took them. lol I mean, I just find it odd that neither of them Tweeted anything for Valentines Day other than I love you. So either Ellen is freelancing info out to her friends or she too is figuring out how to make some free money on the side by becoming a "source". Cause I can tell you Tweets don't pay much unless your Kim Kardashian ;)

  84. firedup4kate said...
    It's about time and he get's no accolades from me because he is finally working. It's what he should have been doing all along.

    ITA, to not only take money from his children but then not provide and leave the mother with no help to raise these kids is beyond. I have no use for Jon and this is the part where I take my mothers advice and not say anything at all about him :)

    I am going through a divorce right now and I know how I would feel if he left me with these kids that are his as well with no help raising them. I mean it's just not fair and no mother deserve that stress. I am tired of men walking around thinking they can do what they want and then get a pat on the back when they finally do what they should have all along. Nope not from me.

  85. KatherineDenise~ I am sorry for what you are going through right now. But seeing that you are going through something similar right now, it's important for my readers to hear things from your perspective. Thank for for coming here and sharing with us xoxox

    I also just love the fact that the khaters are making comments about how I'm attacking Jon. I would like to know how it's ok to create a website just to make vile (see I used my fav. word again) comments about Kate Gosselin. But yet it's NOT ok for me to comment about my thoughts on Jon Gosselin. Just because this is the Gosselin Family Fan Site, doesn't mean I can't be fustrated with the father in this family. This also doesn't mean their can't be supports of Jon's here that can share their thoughts as well.

    Sorry, I'm rambling again..lol

  86. Babymama said,
    Just because this is the Gosselin Family Fan Site, doesn't mean I can't be fustrated with the father in this family.
    That's the whole crux of the issue, some people don't get that being frustrated and upset with someone doesn't mean hating them. I wish Jon would get a job and support his kids and stop making excuses is a whole lot different than hating him and bashing him saying things like Jon is a good for nothing dweeb that can't keep off other women or something like thatI, for example, have never heard anyone here say that the kids would be better without him or that his job needs to pay as much as Kate's and if it didn't he was less good of a father. In fact because we care about Jon and his place in the kids lives is what causes us the frustration.

  87. THank you Babymama, I so appricate that!! Friends are more important than ever and I am grateful for the friends I have met here.

    Exactly tashapork, Love your point here. Because we care about Jon's place in the kids lives we get frustrated. Jon made some very bad choices and they were not what was best for these kids. I just don't understand how he thought he was going to provide for these 8 kids, or if he really thought 'Ah well, Kate will come up with the money.' I will never take away that Jon is thier father. I love how he was hands on and truly loves those babies, I would never want that to change for them. I don't think they should see him any less because of his actions, that is not the kids fault. I just don't know how he could sleep at night knowing if it wasn't for thier mother they wouldn't have much. I am angry with Jon more for how he ran around with these women in puplic, for what it did to Kate.

    As you can tell I am frustrated with men. They don't want to anymore and they know the mothers will care for the children so they can just step out for a few to see what makes them happy. That is what Jon did and dragged Kate through terrible stress with it being so puplic. I can't imagine my divorce puplic, with him out running around doing whatever. I thank God that at least mine does take care of his children.

    I need sleep, I too am rambling now, lol

  88. Jon is a good father to his children. Lets clear that up. That has and well never change until we hear otherwsie. But that does not take away from the fact that he may not have been a good husband, or provider. And people may have thought he wasn't a good person by not working ofr a whole year and slacking off of TLC's dime.

    Tonight my heart was so heavy after haring about the Brown's 5. They are a musical group that used to be managed by their father. Once they became older and found out that he was trying to manage a new musical group of children they went to the police. The story is heartbreaking and I won't go any farther with it but share the link below.


    Sometimes it takes horrible stories like this to re-evaluate the type of people who are parents. And makes me even more angry that people attack mothers like Kate Gosselin when there are so many real horrible parents in the world. Really sad.

  89. Tashapork - you hit the nail with your head! (inside family joke - kids say the darndest things lol). The crux of the issue is exactly what you stated...being frustrated, upset or even just in disagreement with someone does NOT = hate. Period. Likewise liking and/or agreeing with someone does NOT = blind idolatry. IM very HO, regardless of who is behind the pic of Jon at work, so much has been made out of him NOT working that some people find it refreshing to see him in a positive setting, rather than in some gift shop in Aspen or on the ski slopes. I do believe these last few months he really has been trying. I found it touching and quite mature of him to publicly say he thought Kate had done a wwonderful job with the kids and school. I choose to believe that was a sincere comment, though others disagree. I feel both Jon and Kate are sometimes "damned if they do, damned if they don't". The Jon I remember from all those early episodes was the Dad who played with and occupied the kids when Kate needed to do a marathon cooking, getting the twins up, dressed and fed on school mornings so Kate could sleep a bit longer, Korean dinner night, getting the kids dressed and ready for church along wirh Kate on Sundays, gassing up and moving the car and van around, cleaning out the van, repairing a door (which involved taking it off its hinges), being totally involved in the building of the twin's room in the old house, building, moving and rebuilding the heavy wooden playset, cleaning, organizing and putting up shelves in the garage...I certainly have no knowledge first hand of his performance for his various employers, but he never seemed a lazy dad to me. He and Kate seemed to be a team, she oftened referred to the stuff Jon did as the man's jobs. Lord knows there are jobs at my house that are specifically hubby's and others that are mine. "My"
    secret to getting the ironing done (besides just buying new clothes and skipping it all together)? Bailey's on the rocks!

    Sorry this was so long. An OT for baby mama - if you can return that bluetooth rubberized keys keyboard - check out zagg.com's iPad hard anodized case plus bluetooth keyboard...plastic keys! And more. It's $89 @amazon.com. I used amex points to get mine. It's really cool and you can even type on your lap! The case is the thinnest out there - although it doesn't cover the back. No, I don't get a kickback from zagg or amazon....LOL

  90. I agree with your comment Baby mama, about there being really horrible parents.

    It really irritates me that the haters liken Kate with abusive parents. Are the haters really that naive or full of hate that they see the two different behaviours as the same.

    It completely boggles my mind that some would think that going to work on valentines day is just as horrible as abusing one's children. Or parking in a handicapped zone negates ones ability to appear on a talk show to dispell hateful rumours being circulated about one's family.

    It really makes me question their thought process.

  91. KatherineDenise - sweetie, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. It must be such a difficult and trying time. I'm so glad your ex or ex-to be is working through this with you. There are still good, honorable men out there. I found one and this year we celebrate 37 years. Not all blissful, some serious stressful times that led us to seek counseling a couple of times to help us deal. Marriage is hard, hard work and sometimes even people very much in love just cannot stay married, for any number of reasons. Just keep in mind, especially when things get very dark or lonely, that you DO have people that love you, that you are a beautiful, worthy woman with a purpose in this world. Others don't define you - you define youself, and it's perfectly alright to change that definition as you continue to grow and blossom every minute of every day until that final day. Look for and embrace the joy and learn from the crap. Sometimes people, even men will pleasantly surprise and astound.. :)

    And, no, you guys I haven't had any Bailey's - but the old ironing basket is a gettin' full

  92. Good morning? So what's everyone doing this weekend?

  93. Awe Sophia your post made me cry, thank you so much for the prayers. It means alot!! Wow 37 years, that's amazing. Marriage is hard work, I think there comes a point where the one person is just done trying and that sucks. I can relate to Kate alot or understand what she went through. It hurts when the other person moves on so fast with no respect for the last 10 years of marriage, and then add the 'doesn't help support'or in Kate's case trys to take away...WOW

    LOVE the Bailey's helps with the ironing, haha

  94. Good Morning LindaO, I am off to run one child to swim practice, another to a birthday party in between trying to catch up with laundry and then turn around a pick everyone up. Yes the life of a mother/chauffeur, lol

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

  95. Good morning everyone! I'm actually at work..I'm in the city that never sleeps and apparently the city that doesn't know what a weekend means either. Im praying that my parents can get to my kids in time. Because my husband is letting them run around, make a mess and have ratty hair. They get away with murder when I'm not around. They have a class at the library soon, so who knows how they are going to look when he takes them there. Sending out the Bat signal to my mom ad I type this!

    Kisses to everyone, and I'll be back in a bit! Where is everyone ? ;)

  96. Hey LindaO--We're enjoying the sunny cold day in
    advance of the snow to come tomorrow. DH made a sewing machine cabinet for my 1950's Singer that he got for free. It actually works! Any barbecuing taking place in your area? :)

    KatherineDenise--I am so sorry to hear that things are so very difficult for you and you are in my prayers too.

  97. KatherineDenise - Sweetie, I've been praying and thinking strong thoughts for you my friend, ever since you mentioned months ago that you were going through some difficult times. As one who's been there, my heart's with you. ((hugs))

    It's warm and sunny here. I'm doing the prudent thing, resting and basking in the sunshine. DH is running like crazy shuttling kids to sports lessons, tutoring, etc. Okay, doing a little work on the laptop but all while reclining in the deck chair in the sun.

    Camellias are blooming (they bloom in Jan & Feb despite cold.) Spring bulbs are shooting up like crazy (daffodils and tulips.) After a very cold winter, it is now warmer than usual and most likely will lose this mid70 weather of today and return next week to low 30s. This time of year it's like a roller coaster of highs and lows, so have to enjoy any sunshine & warmth while you have it.

  98. Corrina - Lol, no way can I prevent the barbecuing tonight, gotta take advantage while you can. Family said if I'd make lists of what had to be done, they'd do it. We shall see, lol. Carolina burgers on the menu (burger, cheese, mustard, slaw, and chili. Sounds disgusting but tastes great, I promise.)

    Baby Mama - I'm hoping your mother hears your bat call! !! SOS, mom you're needed!!

  99. LindaO--I am so envious of your warm weather--too bad it's not sticking around longer-but how nice that you can soak up some sun! That'll help chase away the virus!! And Camellias in bloom! We won't see anything bloom until mid-late April. And Carolina burgers sound very good--with all my favorite things. Enjoy!!

  100. Just thought about this.......

    Jon said having children at the time he did in his life caused him regretting that he missed his youthful twenties.

    So, when he separated from Kate he relived his twenties with a bang. Money also helped him to relive his twenties with gusto. Jon moved to NYC and lived in a luxury highrise, ate at 4/5 star restaurants, traveled a lot, bought expensive clothing and basically lived the good life.

    Due to Jon's lack of financial acumen and breaching contract with TLC, less than one year after separating from Kate, Jon was broke and homeless. That is the ONLY reasoned Jon went back to PA. Don't get it twisted. It ain't because of his kids that Jon went back to PA.

    This is my question.....
    Why do Khaters think Jon should have primary custody? What's up with that sh-t?

  101. MsGoody2shoes...Jon can't handle primary custody of his own self...much less ever thinking about caring as a responsible parent for those 8 kids!

    When Jon was kicked to the curb by Morgan he came back here and basically camped on his brother's couch!

    Then when his brother gave him the ultimatum to get out...Jon knew it was time to find another woman to take care of him.

    Alas...enter the stage..."the government worker"! A young, naive gal with a steady paycheck, health insurance and dreams of stardom!

    All the qualities needed for Jon to offer his usual "con job" for the women folk...the "oh, I feel sorry for this poor, abused man...let me take him under my wing" song and dance.

    I thank God that Kate has kept her senses and remained the constant, mature and caring parent for these beautiful children!

  102. Katherine Denise...Honey, you hold your head high and take things a day at a time. So sorry about the difficulties you are going through.

    No doubt you can feel for Kate and the hurtful things she was subjected to...in the public eye no less.

    Overcoming this difficult time in your life will make you stronger, like Kate. Keep your morals in tact, rely on God every day. After a while the bad days will seem fewer and you will come out of this much better.

  103. BabyMama...Love that Keep Kate mantra from George's support during DWTS.

    I can relate to your worries about hubby having the kids and what they will look like! LOL

    When mine were small and he had them by himself for any length of time...he was so happy to see me come through the front door. Relief at last!

    LindaO...We had beautiful weather as well...outside in shorts playing hoops with my kids! That tall boy of mine pushed me around something awful on the court!

  104. Jon stop smoking! please be a good example for your children!.

    New job? what is so special about it?, I love Jon after all he is a good father and I'm not criticizing it, but it's just a job, and is neither more nor less special than the work of Kate, and admit that the employment of Jon is not out of the media, because posing for paparazzi on working hours is definitely not having a job 'normal'.

    Have a nice Sunday fans Gosselin :)

  105. Thank you Corrina and firedup4Kate, you guys are the best!!!

    MsGoody2Shoes and firedup4Kate I think you guys are right on about Jon. I do wonder if 'the goverment worker' ever paid back Hailey the $200,000 she loaned him to pay back the account.

    Jon proved he couldn't take care of those kids even with his bank account full back when he would have to take care of them when Kate did book tours. Kate said in her own words he would complain about everything. Soon after that caught with a joint, out drinking and then smoking cigerettes. Those are all not a healthy enviroment for children and nothing but selfish actions.

  106. Good evening everyone! The wind is blowing so hard I feel the walls are going to cave in. And what do I smell? Well heck yes I'm smelling me some fresh crisp paper! The scent of the day is the yummy banana bread my mom brought for us tonight.

    I seriously want to go to Yankee Candle tomorrow just to find a candle I can burn all day and get that same yummy scent. Come visit me on the new thread! xoxox