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Kate Gosselin In Good Housekeeping, Jon & Kate Plus Court Date, Watch School Days Here!

Hello Gosselin fans! Happy Columbus Day! So sorry this post is late, but today was all about the kids and getting some new sneakers & clothes for the little one..She had a blast with the pumpkins, but the kids are literally antsy at the stores today.. Never bring the kids when you are going clothes shopping! ;) I also read and saw thew video of Jon Gosselin at the twin's soccer game. He was on the phone the whole time. Cara asked for her mother, and both girls asked to go home with a neighbor than to go home with their own father. It was truly a sad moment. I was upset that people were filming it.

Gosselins Vow Not To Attack Each Other For 24 Hours: E!
Gosselins Vow to Shut Their Mouths...for Now .....We'll believe it when we see it—or rather, when we don't see it, hear it or read about it—but after what we can only imagine was a contentious weekend for anyone bearing the surname Gosselin, something of a d├ętente has been called, at least temporarily, between Jon and Kate. "We have a truce," Jon's attorney, Mark Heller, told E! News.

"Neither side will be commenting until after the hearing." A noble if exceedingly tardy gesture, to be sure, but all won't be quiet on the Gosselin front for too long: The silence-breaking hearing of which Heller speaks is taking place tomorrow. The arbitrator's conference will be held in Pennsylvania at an as-yet undisclosed location (in other words, not the courthouse) most likely at an attorney's office.
Over the weekend, Kate's attorney, Mark Momjian, told E! News that the duo will attempt to hash out agreements on "economic issues"—all 235,000 of them, we're guessing—during the hearing. Last week, Kate filed for temporary spousal and child support from Jon.

But while the duo may be doing their best to keep a low profile today, the same can't be said for their hangers-on. Chief among them, Michael Lohan. While Jon spent the weekend on parental duty, getting tagged out by Kate last night, the reality dad isn't hurting for company thanks to the unexpected and no doubt unsolicited arrival of his fellow tabloid-baiting papa. "Jon didn't know he was coming into town and Michael already left to go home to Long Island," a source told E! News of Lohan's visit. "I think he came into town to discuss the single dads reality show they have been thinking about for some time."

While the outcome of tomorrow's hearing remains a mystery, either way, Jon is scheduled to be back on dad duty by Wednesday.

Jon & Kate Gosselin Head to Arbitration Over Money:
Attorneys for Jon and Kate Gosselin will meet Tuesday with a court-appointed arbitrator to hammer out the economic issues in their contentious divorce. Kate, who is seeking child and spousal support, has accused Jon of taking $230,000 from the family account. Jon denies the withdrawals were inappropriate and wants Kate to account for more than $100,000 she withdrew. “There are two sides to every story,” Jon’s attorney Mark Heller tells PEOPLE in a statement.

If the reality TV pair with eight kids resolves the financial dispute privately, they could avoid a hearing before a Montgomery County, Pa., judge. Kate’s attorney, Mark Momjian, had requested the emergency hearing, seeking to force Jon to return the money.

The arbitration comes as heated relations between the Gosselins seem to have cooled slightly. Jon spent a quiet weekend at their Wernersville, Pa., home, carving pumpkins with the kids and hanging with his pal, Michael Lohan, father of Lindsay Lohan.

“We rode four-wheelers, we had lunch, I rode his motorcycle,” Lohan tells PEOPLE. “I now see how close the children are to him. They are the most adorable kids and so friendly. Regardless of their situation, Jon and Kate raised eight wonderful children and they deserve a lot of credit.”

Kate Gosselin In This Month's Good Housekeeping: Good

Exactly one year ago, Jon and Kate Gosselin, stars of TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8, appeared with their eight children on the cover of Good Housekeeping. The couple shared the secrets of staying close as they struggled to meet the demands of raising twins Mady and Cara, now 9, and sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel, now 5. Allowing cameras to catch their unscripted bickering — along with the tender moments — endeared them to millions of viewers over the show's first four seasons. Kate said at the time, "People see us arguing, and they say, 'When will Kate and Jon split up?' Well, never. He's the only one who's been by my side through all of this."
But by their 10th wedding anniversary last June — after months of tabloid reports about marital trouble — the Gosselins had filed divorce papers. Kate's only public explanation for the split: "Our goals are different." Kate knows her priorities: She's laser-focused on making the best life for her kids, and making sure she stays strong for them as the curveballs keep coming her way. She's also turbocharging her career, which seems only to be on the rise since the split; beyond planning the show's episodes and her speaking engagements, she's even guest-hosted The View.
During this tremendous time of transition, Kate sat down with GH for a frank talk about her new life.

Kate, you seem to be doing amazingly well under all this pressure.KG: I'm just doing what I have to do. I've learned to deal with stress. In fact, things that would make the next person go over a cliff don't even make my radar anymore.

Would they make the old Kate go over a cliff? You seem to go with the flow more these days.KG [laughing]: Oh, the old Kate would be long over the cliff! So it's a good thing that I've put things in perspective. I realize that life isn't perfect — it can't be perfect. I can drive myself nuts trying to make it perfect, or I can just have a lot of fun with the kids.
Since I tend to dramatize things, I have taught myself to take a deep breath and ask if it's really as bad as it seems. I realized that if I handled the issues that come my way the way I used to handle them, I would probably have a heart attack. I don't really freak out about everything anymore — I can't afford to. I shock myself a lot with how I just handle things. I'm focusing on my kids: I cannot fail them.

How does that attitude translate in terms of your relationship with Jon?KG: Our relationship is getting there. I had a peaceful conversation with him yesterday. That doesn't happen all the time, but my goal is peace. Honestly, when I speak to him on the phone or see him in person, if I'm able to just picture the old Jon, I'm all right. I'm just leaving aside the hurt and the pain and the yuckiness of it. Because I don't want to argue; I don't want war. I don't want it for the kids, and I don't want the exhaustion of it. I just want solutions and resolution, and so I have to conduct myself in a certain manner. READ MORE AT THE SITE!

Watch School Days Here!


  1. what i found interesting....the "elusive" way that TLC promo'd the next episode, stating the with limited new episodes....does that mean the end of Jon and Kate, or even Kate plus 8? I really enjoyed the School Day episode, and I think that I felt the same way as Kate about letting the kids go, next thing you know, they'll be getting married. I was a bittersweet episode, oh and to see Kate in action, chucking blankets, toys, clothes down the stairs...she must have taken a page from the mamaholly playbook because I do that ALL the time with the kids' stuff.....Oh to see what the future holds. I have NOT been on the computer for several days and didn't hear anything new about the Jon and Kate drama other than Jon filed paperwork in court to hold Kate in contempt for withdrawing funds from the account. And the plot thickens!

  2. Mamaholly~ That was definetly smart on TLC's part..Everyone is basically blogging about the same thing.. What exactly does it mean?? I don't think even TLC knows. I think they are like us, and hoping that the courts will see through Jon & his BS, and somehow allow them to go forward with Kate plus 8.

    I'm sure they are biting their nails to hear what this first court venture will be saying, and who they will in essence seem to be siding with. Maybe the deicision will have more leverage in their claim to continue exclusive with Kate and the kids. If not, we all know Kate is trying ot get some things off the ground on her own..

    And as you all see, they did not put 2 new episodes on tonight.. We will be seeing "Butterflies" next week, which was the episode I was excited to see tonight. I put the DVR on "Dancing With The Stars" just to watch tonight..;(

  3. Glad to see that Kate is staying focused and IMO most likely the one to initiate some kind of truce with Jon. I truly think she is the one who values peace more than he.

    As far as tonight's episode, I would go absolutely nuts trying to fit shoes for all eight at the same time. She handled the shoe excursion pretty darn well, all things considered. I laughed at her story about the little ones embarrasing Cara during school as they filed past her class. Wait til they become teenagers!

  4. so far, TLC hasn't listed a description for the final episode of Jon and Kate PLUS 8 to air on Monday, October 26, only has it listed as Episode 17 (as of 10:35 p.m.) and supposedly Kate PLUS 8 is supposed to start on November 2nd. I think that it is interesting that in reading the latest gossip on the sites (since I hadn't been on since Friday) that Kate and Jon decided to halt talk about each other until after the hearing scheduled for Tuesday. I just hope that they all can find peace somewhere along the way.

  5. I love watching the show, but I thought tonight's episode was sad, I don't know if it was because I was watching it with knowledge of what has been happening lately, the fact that the show may be coming to an end at least for awhile, or Kate's motherly struggle with the kids getting older and dealing wtih the change in thier lives. Little People Big World even seemed sad with them having a lot of marital tension. I never felt like some of the others did about Jon in the more recent episodes, but when I saw him tonight it was different. I hope Kate can find a way to get the likes of Michael Lohan away from her children. I wouldn't want him around mine. I wonder how much him and/or Jon got paid for his presence and tabloid fodder. I pray for those kids as their parents head to court or arbitration or wherever they go tomorrow and hope the judge/arbitrator is wise and levelheaded.

  6. Out of curiosity, I did not see any video of Jon at the twins soccer game, was it on ET or The Insider?

  7. Wasn't sure if my last post "took" since my internet's been going crazy.

    Anyway, about tonight's show... I'd go completely nuts if I had to take all eight at the same time for shoes. And thank the good Lord for velcro!

    I laughed at Kate's story about Cara being so embarrassed during school by the younger ones passing by her class. Just wait til they're teenagers!

    And I am one who believes that kids' messy rooms get worse as they get older.

  8. NJMom~ Go figure, it was such a pro-Kate spin it was no where near the pro-Jon ET or Insider. I actually saw the clip on Access Hollywood. Go figure, because ET was everywhere claiming they would have tons of up-to-the-minute Gosselin news..It was pretty much nothing.

  9. I took the 'few remaining episodes' to mean only that there are only a few JON & KATE PLUS 8 episodes left -- because KATE PLUS 8 is the show that will have all the NEW episodes?

    Maybe I'm wrong - but that's how I took it. Time will tell I guess. (I hope I'm right though and we'll be seeing the K+8 shows soon enough!)

  10. From the interview:

    KG [laughing]: Oh, the old Kate would be long over the cliff! So it's a good thing that I've put things in perspective. I realize that life isn't perfect — it can't be perfect. I can drive myself nuts trying to make it perfect, or I can just have a lot of fun with the kids.
    Since I tend to dramatize things, I have taught myself to take a deep breath and ask if it's really as bad as it seems. I realized that if I handled the issues that come my way the way I used to handle them, I would probably have a heart attack. I don't really freak out about everything anymore — I can't afford to. I shock myself a lot with how I just handle things. I'm focusing on my kids: I cannot fail them.
    Good for her! And her kids!

    KG: I'm still breathing because I have faith. My faith and my kids are the two things that matter. I'm going through this with my kids right now. They kind of feel shaken, and "Jesus loves you, no matter what" comes up a lot. Cara started asking me every night, "Did you turn the alarm on?" I'd tell her, "Yes, I did." She's feeling a bit vulnerable, so we've had discussions about how it doesn't matter if it's on or not, Jesus is watching you, he's with you, and that comforts me.
    Huh? If she meant that literally I don't get that. That just hit me as weird.

    KG: Keep your eye on the goal. For me, the goal is to produce eight individuals who will actively contribute to society in a positive way. I want them to be as happy in their careers as I am in mine. It might come with a struggle, but if I could have eight out of eight who are doing something wonderful in their own eyes, contributing to society in a positive manner, that would be success. Mady says, "I'm going to be the first woman President," and I say, "Go for it!" Then she says, "I'm going to make paparazzi illegal. Can I do that?" I say, "I'm sure you can." And then she asks, "Will you vote for me?" I say, "Absolutely!" Anyone I gave birth to, I'm voting for!
    Really cute! I love that she wants to make paparazzi illegal (LOL!) and be the first female President. Go Mady! Lol at the anyone I gave birth to, I'm voting for.

    I have a question. And I'm not asking this to be "snarky". Kate says she's happy with her career. What exactly is Kate's "career"? She is a mother of multiples. Her show is about her being a mother of multiples. She does interviews about being a mother of multiples and running a household with multiples, etc. I understand there is "work" involved in being on the show, but that's still about being Kate the mother.

    I get all that... but what is the "career" she's referring to? To me a "career" is something you do, not who you are. Maybe I'm missing something but I really don't think I am.

  11. OK, NOW THE ARBITRATOR HAS ALL THE NECESSARY PAPER TURNED IN TODAY, I HOPE??????? He has 13 days to do his job and render a award to the judge.
    Baby Mama,
    Here's a comment I read on TMZ: Steve the bodygaurd and his wife filed for divorce in 08 and it was final in April 09. Steve never denied rumors, but Kate and his wife did deniy the rumors. Posted By Arch on 10-13. It's not an exact quote but close enough.
    Baby Mama,
    Did you hear or know anything like this? I don't read alot of the tabloids or comments but today I did.

  12. I went to Huffington Post and read the Rabbi’s article. (Thanks SchmeckyGirl for listing it.)

    These are my comments to Rabbi Shmuley. (Baby Mama if you choose not to post this, I completely understand.)
    How strange that you would counsel Jon and then state that to the whole world. I would hope that things told a counselor remained in confidence. Did Jon come to you, or did you go to him?
    You've worked with TLC and you should know they are not the villains here. TLC has been sensitive to stopping filming, first when they took a long hiatus after tensions at the end of season 4, second right after the separation, and completely as soon as one parent voiced that they should stop (regardless of that parent’s reasons or motivation.)
    I would hope that your own unresolved feelings about your parents’ divorce isn't overly coloring your feelings. The TLC crew has been known to the Gosselin children since birth. Quite a bit different from the paparazzi.
    The Gosselins were relatively unknown until Jon Gosselin became unhappy and started looking for friends in all the wrong places. He blames Kate for not letting him go out for a drink with his friends. At the time, I too thought this was harsh. But as we (and the whole world) have learned, Jon's father and grandfather were both alcoholics. From Jon's own actions we've seen that he seems incapable of having just one drink, but staying in bars until the 3 am closing and in his own words being too drunk to drive. The man is separated but still married at this point. He had an adulterous affair before the separation. (No I was not there but you don’t spend an overnight in a woman’s bedroom because you are just friends.) If I were his wife, I wouldn't want him to risk going out drinking either.
    I'm not so sure it's fame alone that is the problem as much as it is lack of maturity and problems within himself. He didn't say TLC was wrong, but says I didn't get enough money because I didn't have an attorney. The problems within himself - he was fired from 4 jobs in 12 years and TLC makes the 5th - that would damage your ego. I feel that he has major self esteem problems.
    Perhaps looking for friends at church or synagogue, with parents of your children’s friends or other places instead of bars might be a start. Jon's adulterous affairs and being caught in bars at 3 am are what brought the paparazzi into the picture. You can stop TLC filming, but damage will be continue done by the paparazzi, particularly with a father who lets them shoot pictures into his car with children there, takes his children down to the fence to be photographed by paparazzi and putting them in close proximity with unknown people.
    He says he must be in NY for work and contacts. When asked later what work he’s doing, he states he’s still doing web designs. Good for him! But, it doesn’t matter where you live to do web design (I’ve had a designer in CA and I live in NC) so why not live closer to his children?
    We’ve also heard Jon’s comments about not getting more money from TLC because he didn’t have an attorney. Baloney. He’s become greedy, and more so since he’s out of work. For example, I hire you and ask what you want. Let’s say that you’ve never made more than $1 and we agree on $20; then that is the deal. It seems like a lot of money to you at the time. It doesn’t matter at all if you later find out I made $200 or $20,000 from your work. It was an agreed upon amount.
    The children are off TLC. The program seems to be ending. You have your wish, but do you? Perhaps you can counsel Jon to avoid putting himself in situations that bring out the paparazzi. Avoid making statements that entice them to follow him and the children. Perhaps even counsel him to look for companions that aren’t past drug users or convicted felons. I don’t think you can counsel him out of stupidity, but perhaps you can urge him to just smile and keep his mouth shut.
    My fear is not TLC but the ongoing paparazzi.

  13. Interesting that another TLC reality person (Buddy of the Cake Boss) and Jon Gosselin are both 32. Both learned on the job (Buddy making cakes and Jon doing computer IT.) Neither went to college. Buddy has worked and held the same job since high school. Jon can’t seem to hold on to any job. Buddy works at putting his family first and staying happy and productive. Jon works at.....hmmmm....we don’t know, but he surely isn’t happy!

  14. I enjoyed the episode. The shoe shopping was cute. The whole lunchbox thing was cute too. Aaden was so cute when he hugged his lunchbox. (Or was that Joel?) The girls singing about school was adorable. And they are all so cute in the interviews.

    As she was buying the lunchboxes and making them lunch I was wondering to myself why they need lunchboxes for a half day of school. I wondered if maybe because they have a long bus ride home they eat lunch right before they leave? It was funny when they came home with their lunch. At least it's one less thing she has to do for them now before they go to school. I can't believe they have to get up at 5:30am!! Poor things.

    I think watching this episode really made me realize that I'm going to miss watching the children grow up and hit all their milestones. I also think watching it makes it more obvious they should stop filming.

    TLC got footage of the children at the bus stop from the paparazzi?!?!?! How bizarre is that?!?! They wouldn't film it themselves but then they take the footage from the paps. What kind of message does that send the paps? I was floored when I read that on the screen.

    I remember commenting that TLC was probably pissed that they decided to give the children privacy when going to school for the first day due to public pressure and then all the paps showed up and the footage was out there and other people were making money off it. The paps got the exclusive. The paps get everything before it is shown on the show anyway. I don't think the show will do that well under those circumstances alone. It's like watching old news.

    Also, they had to shut down the shoe store for Kate and the kids to shop there. There were fans and paparazzi out there waiting for them. I'm sure shopping with sextuplets would cause some stares anyway, but that is just ridiculous. I'm so sad for them that they can't go anywhere unrecognized. I hope when it all dies down they can have normal lives. I'm sure they will feel something is missing for a while, but I don't think they will actually miss the attention.

    Once they realize how nice it is that they can go out in public like normal people I think they will appreciate they were given back their privacy. Since Kate is always talking negatively about the paparazzi to, and in front of, the children they should be happy to see them gone. Eventually. I hope!

  15. So the judge ordered all the money put back immediately, according to one of the articles, so I'm just guessing he was referring to Jon's $230K? Then another hearing on the 26th to sort out the rest of the money issue or only if the money wasn't returned? Confused by it all.

  16. So glad to see Kate still holding on to her faith and trying to instill that faith into the kids. I'm hoping to hear some more from her about that. Faith is so crucial during times of upheaval like this, so I'm glad to hear her talk about it. Hope she starts taking the kids to church again soon.

  17. Buddy INHERITED a business.
    I admit I would never buy one of his cakes, their sanitation is horrendous.

  18. Thank you, Linda, for being the voice of reason once again. You and BabyMama, the poster who nailed it about Jon being so passive-aggressive, and just a couple of others keep me coming back.

  19. Michael Lohan is insane! Jon NEEDS to stay away from him.

    Lohan wants that Divorced Dads show so badly! And he wanted Jon to do Celebrity Boxing. He thinks he can give Jon better advice than his attorney. He seems very self-serving. He seems to seek Jon out. He even said he was going to go to court with Jon today uninvited! Then he gives all these interviews. Yikes.

    These two articles are just scary:

  20. Linda,
    It is AMAZING how driven Kate is and how NOT driven Jon is. It seems everything about these two getting together was based on "opposites attract".

    And excellent point about the bars and Jon's father and grandfather being alcholics. I do think Jon should have been able to go out and hang out with friends once in a while (not all the time) but definitely not in bars. He could have gone skiing with friends. There is plenty of skiing in PA.

    I wonder if Jon's father being an alcoholic and Jon losing him had a tragic effect on Jon and he's just coming to terms with it. Hopefully counseling will help him.

  21. Linda said:
    You've worked with TLC and you should know they are not the villains here. TLC has been sensitive to stopping filming, first when they took a long hiatus after tensions at the end of season 4, second right after the separation, and completely as soon as one parent voiced that they should stop (regardless of that parent’s reasons or motivation.)

    I disagree. (Of course you probably scrolled right past this. LOL) I think TLC is a huge part of the problem. For one thing, the rabbi did work with TLC so maybe he really does know more about how they do things behind the scenes and what they're really about.

    I also think TLC stopped the filming for two reasons and neither one is out of concern for the family.

    I feel they did it for their image. They knew people were irate that they will exploiting the divorce for ratings. I think they did it to appease the fans and/or because they needed time to re-edit the footage they had to coincide with what everyone found out was really going on with Jon and Kate.

    They only stopped filming now because legally they had to. If they can get around Jon having to give permission even though he is still against it they would. They just don't have a choice. I think they are still looking for a way to continue the show based on Kate's permission.

    I also think Jon and Kate definitely got gypped by TLC. Yes, it's true Jon and Kate agreed on their contract rates but I don't think that excuses it. Jon and Kate were worth so much more and TLC knew it. They probably sat there holding their breath as Jon and Kate were signing. TLC is also using the laws of filming children as "actors" to get away with not paying the children for appearing on the show.

    If TLC was honest and had the interests of Jon and Kate and their children in mind they would have insisted Jon and Kate get lawyers before signing their contract. TLC is motivated only by ratings and money. Sure, as a corporation can you blame them? But this corporation is run by humans. People that took advantage of a family in dire straights and in need of financial help. Rumor is (and I know it's just rumor) that the crew objected to a lot of stuff going on and some even left because of it).

    In my opinion they exploited Jon and Kate and their children during their separation and divorce especially. I think they will continue to do so given the chance. Their reasoning is it's up to the parents to protect their children, so as long as the parents want it they will do it.

    I have issues with TLC and what they choose to do for television, especially when children are involved. The Toddlers and Tiaras show is DISGUSTING. I can't even go there, it's too upsetting.

  22. It's a shame, that so many people dwell on the media stories and not the actual show anymore. Because if everything of recent was taken away, we all would have really loved the show last night.

    Any mother that has been there on their child's first day of school in recent years should have had their harts tugged last night. It was a really sweet episode. The kids were adorable and extremely excited for their first day as they should be. Kate was sad and surprisingly happy that Jon showed up for the kids first day of school. Seeing this really made me incredibly sad for what has been happening, and how so many negative people have turned this into something ugly, that it shouldn't be. I actually dabbed my eye seeing the row of lunchboxes on the table. But I will let someone else review the episode better.

    This is from this morning. Notice how Jon's number changed. After Kate accused him of the same missing 250,000, Jon had given out seveal numbers to the press, including Kate taking more that 100,000. Now the tune changed, and its only 60,000. So look out for more of this from Jon apparently.

    "According to a court source, Judge Arthur Tilson -- who met with them privately in the judge's quarters -- told the couple he wants the money that's been taken out of the joint account to be returned immediately.

    Kate is accusing Jon of withdrawing $230,000 from their joint savings account without her permission. She claims he left only $1,000 in the account, leaving her unable to pay their bills. For his part, Jon denied the withdrawals were inappropriate and wants Kate to account for more than $60,000 in withdrawals of her own.

    As reported earlier, Jon and Kate arrived separately at the Montgomery County courthouse in Norristown, PA. Each had their own attorneys with them.During Tuesday's hearing, Judge Tilson urged the couple to work something out amicably. An arbitrator has been appointed by the court to help the bickering couple iron out their differences.

    The judge also told the Gosselins that he realizes they want their privacy, but when they next appear in court -- on October 26th -- that hearing will be made public. Tuesday's hearing lasted one hour, and Jon was the first to leave the courthouse."

  23. Does anyone else think that TLC films Kate saying one thing and doing another to make her look bad?

    I didn't comment on it earlier because I wanted to be sure (I didn't record the show, I watched it in real time but I noticed it kind of after the fact) but I just checked the footage and they have Kate saying how much she appreciates the support of her fans (which was really nice to hear) but then they show her walking out of the shoe store walking past all the fans without even acknowledging them. There were mothers and children there. Those weren't paparazzi (maybe some were) but the majority of them were fans. she didn't even look at them. No wave, nothing, not even a glance. Maybe she did once the kids were in the car or something but you'd think TLC would show it.

    TLC does that a lot. They have Kate saying something and then show footage of something to kind of contradict her or show her in a bad light. Maybe I'm reading into it too much but I've noticed it quite a few times in the past. Can't remember anything else off the top of my head now though.

    Oh and I did notice another mother in the background with a little girl paying for shoes so they didn't "shut down" the store for Kate like I thought they did the first time I watched it. I guess they just didn't let the fans in unless they were buying shoes.

  24. I really loved last night's episode. This is an incredible littlest one is almost five and in Kindergarten this year, so I know that feeling (and my oldest two are twins also). But it was very emotional, watching Kate reaching this hurdle and surpassing it on her own. You could feel the raw emotion behind it all, and it is very sad. You can clearly see that this is not the outcome she dreamed of.

    And I felt sad when they spoke of next week being one of the last episodes. I wasn't sure in what context they were saying it.

    I once again marvel at how she can efficiently run that household. I have three kids and organizing the school stuff is very stressful....but times eight!!!!!!!!!!!! She perhaps makes it look relatively easy, but the actual physical labor involved cannot be ignored. And with eight kids of varying ages, the older ones would help with the younger ones, but she has six little ones all requiring help at the same time. That is no easy feat!!! I give her kudos for getting through it. And eight school lunches.....UGH. But I am so impressed with her strength and her ability to remain positive.

    Schmecky, I (personally) believe Kate's career is doing all of the public speaking engagements all over the country (in additon to a reality show and raising 8 kids!?!!) well as promoting her books. Some people are "authors", some are "speakers", some are "stay at home moms", but she has been stickhandling all three, which I definitely think is a career and a

    I do agree with you, though, about the paps video being shown on last night's show. That was a mixed message, most definitely. I was so surprised to see that also.

  25. The pictures and video on tell the whole story about this mornings court date.
    Kate and her Attorney's smiling and Jon and his attorney NOT ! so bad so sad !

  26. Baby Mama, I am glad you always put the videos up, I missed it last night. Just watch the school days and enjoyed it very much. I do agree with you about all your posters writing about the situation instead of the show, me included, but that's what happens when the dirty laundry is aired in public. Everyone wants the juicy details. J&K arn't realllly big Celeb. Making reallllly big bucks, like some of them out there. But look at the attention they have got because of the kids.
    Who asked about Kates' career and wants to know what it is?? Good question? A MOM of multiples thats all. Its a hard job when done all by yourself.

    Schmecky, I like your answer to Linda about the Rabbi's statement. I was going to address that but now I don't have, you took the words out of my mouth.
    Last but not least: This morning the sources reported that the Judge said that IF THE MONIES WHERE TAKEN OUT OF THE ACCOUNT IMPROPERLY, IT WILL HAVE TO BE PUT BACK. Then he referred it to the Arbitrator. Saw it on TMZ, RADAR, and i even looked on enews but they didn't say anything yet. So now is radar changing their comments or what. Everyone wants to be first with the news to get followers????
    I will believe the arbitrators award statement, he has the power. Sorry I was rambling. cu

  27. Schmecky (and #1caregiver too I guess) I did indeed read your position. We disagree but I respect your right to your opinion.

    I do hope that Jon can find something in life to do, stick with it and be happy. I continue to think he could, if he wanted, do his web designs in PA and be closer to his children.

    I loved the show last night. I sobbed thinking back of when my last twins started preK. Somehow it didn't really hit me until my youngest started school. (Maybe I was too busy just trying to survive until then, lol.)

    I look forward to the show about butterflies. I loved the promo where the kids were giggling and laughing when Kate had the butterfly in her hair. I remember the show in season 4 (I think) when they'd collected the worms, watched them spin the cocoons, and Kate used the chrysalis to explain to them about being reborn via Jesus. Then when they hatched, they got to release them. I remember Jon commenting at the time what a neat way it was to explain things to kids and how much fun they'd had waiting for the butterflies.

    A month ago (maybe 2 months ago - not sure of the time frame now) when Kate went to get shoes, there was a TLC mini clip of the shoe trip and Kate waved to the people outside the shoe store in a promo about coming episodes. I went to TLC to see if I could find that clip but I couldn't. I'm sure not going to castigate Kate for not talking to people outside the store. Hopefully they are fans, but those are unknown people. And, (I'm sitting here laughing) the woman had just been through a shoe shopping expedition with 8 kids. Mine are a little older now and it's much easier but I remember the days when I could barely say my name after a trip like that.

    Even now I have to hope mines aren't going to fight over who gets to choose which shoes.

    I think the show is ending. I'll miss seeing the adorable children because it makes me think so often of the struggles with multiples and reminds me too of wondering how we survived those days.

    I think we'll continue to see glimpses via the paparazzi (and I'd gladly never see another photo of them if it meant the paps didn't photograph them) because IMO Jon will continue to do dumb things to draw attention to them for a long time to come. I'd love to eat my words and apologize to all because Jon has another epiphany filled with a little wisdom for his own future.

    It should be interesting on the 26th if what Radar is reporting is true (about the judge saying the next hearing will be an open hearing.)

  28. Being a mom is more than a just a career, it's more than a vocation or a job, it's a God-given permanent role that lasts a lifetime.

    I'm pretty positive that the term "career" within the context of which Kate was referring to, is what most people normally define as a monetarily paying job.

  29. From what I read Jon has to return the money or come back to court and be faced with contempt...?!? Surprise Surprise he has to pay the money back!!
    The show was really cute! The kids were so excited! It was amazing seeing those lunch boxes lined up! She didn't say it but I thought about how sometimes not all the multiples make it in the first few years and now here they are growing up and going to Kindergarten! It was sad that her and Jon couldn't have slap fives or even acknowledge each other sending the kids off to school..are they always going to be this way? I think Jon acts like a butt a lot b/c of his surroundings! Can you imagine how Hailey would have reacted if he would have done that with Kate? She would have flipped!! Its sad to see the show ending which is really what I feel is going on..but that's life everything has end sometime.

  30. I really liked the show last night! I agree with you BabyMama, it is so easy/sad for us all to get wrapped up in all the media hype and forget why we love this family!

    This was a huge milestone for the sextuplets and the entire family! I could really relate to what Kate was saying about sending your kiddos off to school and the anxiety you feel as a parent.

    I loved hearing sweet Mady talk about her little brothers and sisters and how much they have grown. She is so cute!

    Both Cara and Mady seem to have grown up a lot in the last few months. They are such good girls and I am proud of them for helping their mom out and being good examples to their siblings. My heart also breaks for them because I know how devastating divorce is.

    TLC put out their catchy phrase of only a few more episodes left. Who knows what they mean by it, we will just have to wait and see.

    Honestly, I can see how the kids would benefit from filming less at this point in their lives, with everything going on. I certainly would miss seeing them grow up though. However, I do not think that ending the show completely is the answer at all. Perhaps TLC can put a spin on it and do more filming of just Kate, showing the kids minimally? I don't know. All I do know is that I am excited to see what other deal Kate has going with TLC!

    There is a lot I could say about the hearing today and the ruling. But all I will say is that the truth will/is coming out.

  31. I don't know about anyone else, but I feel exhausted for both Jon and Kate. Him for doing what he has been doing, especially over the past 10 months and for Kate for having to put up with what he has been doing. It will be interesting to see how this will all play out. I guess Jon was not in the mood to stop and talk with the Paps today. Did he think that he was going to get away with pulling out all that money?

  32. Jon never learns. He's going on insider again tomorrow. Ugh.

  33. Wow Denise, why would you say that about Cake Boss? What dd you see that you think is unsanitary?
    And the fact that he inherited the bakery business?? Who cares, The point is that he has STUCK TO IT. Which Jon has never stuck to anything.

  34. Lucysmom, I agree. A mom is not a "career".
    I agree with your definition of career. That's why I
    wonder what Kate is referring to when she mentions her
    I'm on my Blackberry so this comment may come out a mess.

    Linda, how many sets of multiples do you have?
    And just to clarify I don't expect Kate to stop and speak
    to anyone. But a wave or acknowledgment... Wonder why
    they didn't show it if she did.

  35. I thought the episode was really cute last night -- they kids were so excited to go to school, and were adorable in showing their excitement! I am interested to see if either Kate or Jon will go on an interview telling about their court experience (and the money) in the following days.

    SchmeckyGirl -- I'm not sure if anyone else said this or not (I quickly glanced through the posts), but I think that the little kids go to school for full days, just not every single day of the week. It just so happened that their "first day" was a half day, so they didn't really need lunches. I could be wrong, but I think that's what I heard from the show last night.

    As much as I love the show and watching the kids, I can't help but wonder if they would benefit from the ending of the show. I just want what is best for them -- they are so innocent and vulnerable in all of this -- I really hope that they are doing well.

  36. Schmecky,

    Kate's career for now as I see it is her book and paid events and media appearances.

  37. Schmecky,

    If I were in Kate's position, I'd feel rather awkward acknowledging an impromptu crowd when I'm just shopping. Otherwise I'd feel like I'm purposely trying to draw attentiobn to myself. I don't think any other public figure acknowledges crowds while they're just running errands, neither.

    If Kate did wave, smile or whatever to the people, I don't think they felt the need to edit it in. Sometimes I think it best not to read too much either into or out of everything.

  38. Thanks BabyMama for posting the video- I was out of town for Canadian Thanksgiving, so I missed it. I thought it was an adorable episode. I think moms everywhere who have sent kids off to school were tearing up right along with Kate.

    As I see it, this episode illustrated the biggest problem with the paparazzi- how they cannot be controlled. Jon and Kate have control over the TLC cameras and can and do tell them where they can and cannot film. I mean, they were going to the bus, what did the paps think they were going to see? It's shameful.

    The promos, I think were just capitalizing on the whole situation, which they did before if you remember, when "Jon and Kate faced each other for the first time" and such nonsense. There are few "Jon and Kate" episodes left... plenty of "Kate plus 8" in the can!

    Kate's work, in addition to being a mom, is the management of the show and her books and public appearances. I thought that would be self evident, really. I mean, she has to control those and be aware of them. It's not like some PR bus comes in the middle of the night, throws a bag over her head and drives her to Atlanta to speak.

    I would imagine the kids are doing all day, every other day JK, perhaps with half day Fridays- that's what my brother did when he was their age.

  39. SchmeckyGirl - In answer to your question, I have three sets of twins. No fertility drugs, just happened.

  40. Linda said...
    SchmeckyGirl - In answer to your question, I have three sets of twins. No fertility drugs, just happened.
    Wow. Kudos to you!

  41. Linda.....all I can say is "WOW"....I have one set of twins and know what is involved. are Superwoman!!!!!...and you survived!!!!

    Kate's career is speaking engagements and promoting her books.

  42. Judge Arthur R. Tilson has ordered Jon Gosselin to return $180,000 of the $235,000 he withdrew from the bank without the missus' permission—a big violation of a previous arbitration ruling.

    "Mr. Gosselin must repay this sum on or before Oct. 26," Kate's attorney, Mark Momjian, said in a statement to E! News. "If he fails to do so, he must appear before the court for contempt proceedings.

    "The remaining sum of $55,000, which Ms. Gosselin used for household bills and expenses relating to the children, will be subject to further determination by the arbitrator at a later date."

    First it says Jon has to return $180k of the $235k he took. (About $180k is the figure he claimed he took). Then it says the other $55k Kate was actually money Kate spent on household bills and expenses.

    I figured Jon would have to return the money he took just like Kate had to. It makes sense if the arbitrator said no one can take out funds without the other's approval.

    But why is it saying Kate spent the remaining $55k and has to account for that if it just said Jon took out $235k? Did he take out $235k or $180k? It's not very clear on who was correct about the amount Jon took from the account.

  43. I am looking into people telling me that Kevin Kreider will be on Inside Editon today. I don't know what time its on by me. Jon is supposedly on ET again tonight.. Will he NOT keep his big mouth shut? How much are they paying him at this point? This is from Inside Edition:

    "After court, the estranged couple headed to an office building down the block to try to work things out. Jon stepped out repeatedly for cigarette breaks, and INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd spoke to him privately for nearly half an hour.

    Jon told him that the judge ordered them to get their act together before coming back in his courtroom again, so Jon, Kate, their attorneys, and a court-appointed arbitrator locked themselves inside a room to work through the big financial issues. Jon says he wants a resolution so that his eight kids aren't dragged through the mud anymore.

    After the session, Jon's attorney Mark J. Heller told Paul Boyd, "We're very hopeful that there will soon be a resolution."

    Jon doesn't want their eight children to appear in the TLC reality show Kate Plus 8 but he told Boyd a judge could allow Kate and the kids to continue shooting the show."


  44. I don't think TLC is the problem, nor do I think Kate Plus 8 would be a problem for Kate and the kids. It is Jon who started the feeding frenzy of the paps by airing his dirty laundry in Jan./Feb. It is Jon who told Kate, "I have an attorney so you better get one, too." It is Jon who was with Deanna in Utah on Kate's birthday. It was Jon who was wearing Hailey's Indiana University t-shirt when they taped the tups birthday party this year.

    TLC and the paps are not the same thing and do not have the same agendas. TLC has been the blessing and the paps the curse. The other families on TLC do not have this problem. This is all Jon. And Jon is the only one who can stop THEM.

    Rabbi Shmuley said: "...fame without foundation, celebrity without balance, that is so deeply corrosive. And once you see that the fame has become an addiction and that you can no longer eat breakfast without simultaneously blogging about it, it's time to go cold turkey, at the very least until you can once again find your bearings."

    To me, this is Jon. Jon needs to go cold turkey and find his bearings. Not Kate. Not the kids. Jon.

    Rabbi Shmuley also said: " seems to me that TLC, as a responsible broadcast network, has to understand that now that the Gosselins experiment in fame has ended in disaster it is time to give this family some alone time whether they want it or not. And that especially applies to vulnerable young children."

    I disagree. Jon's experiement has ended in disaster for HIM. And, to be fair, that was aided by Kate's own family's participation in a hate site aimed at hurting HER, the mother of his children. He should not have gone there. Everytime I hear "I'll Stand By You" by the Pretenders, one of their favorite songs of all time, I think just how much he has not stood by Kate. The TLC show has ended, hopefully only temporarily, and Jon has Not Stopped. It is not Kate and the kids who need to change or need to do something different, it is Jon. They should not be ripped of their income and something they love because of Jon, who has left.

    Kate has held things together for her and the kids and taking away their main source of income is NOT going to HELP. TLC was not the problem in the first place and it is not the problem now.

    Additionally, it really irks me when I read Heller's comments taken out of context, whether he does it or the rags do it. He was pleased with the arbitration following the court hearing but the rags made it sound like he was pleased with the court proceedings which demanded Jon return the money, which did not make sense that he would have been pleased with that.

    He was also quoted as saying Kate may have to return money as well, once her accounts of the money she spent were brought to the table. That was a nasty comment to make and one that I am sure was meant to bring out a response from Kate. OK. Maybe she didn't spend the money wisely but I DOUBT IT. And I also know that she has receipts of everything she purchases. Don't we all know that? I don't think Kate is foolish with money. I don't appreciate legal counsel casting aspersions on her when his client just got busted AGAIN for lying and taking money from his family, something he publically denied for weeks.

    BabyMama, thank you for posting Monday night's episode. TLC did not air it again Tuesday night. I missed the middle on Monday night and was able to watch your clips last night. It was a very very good episode but my stomach cringed everytime they showed Jon. He has truly made such a mess of something was so nice. And I hope it can get back to what it was. I was happy to read a Baltimore news site that posts their ratings. Last week they were 1.7 million. That is still higher than they were before Jon started airing his dirty laundry. I believe ratings then were a steady 1.4-1.5 million.

    I stand by my belief that Jon needs intensive mental/psychologic/psychiatric intervention. He does not seem to be able to control himself/stop himself.

  45. Baby Mama said:
    Jon doesn't want their eight children to appear in the TLC reality show Kate Plus 8 but he told Boyd a judge could allow Kate and the kids to continue shooting the show."


    I guess Kate is taking it to the court because TLC can't... not if their contract said if one parent doesn't want the children filmed they won't be filmed.

    IS JON SPEAKING OUT OF SCHOOL OR WHAT???? That is a totally different can of worms, then what they are supposed to settle on the 26th.

    Do you know that if they come to an agreement in arbitration by the 26th, and Kate turns in all her receipts to show where her monies are????, then they could very well get a final divorce decree at the same time!! Wouldn't that be a shocker! For that to happen, Jon has to given and so does Kate?????
    Baby Mama, you are so good at the polls, should we take another???

    Please, let us know if Kevin is going to be on and what time is it. I have thought about them alot. I feel J or K should make amends with him. Jon always liked him and he and Jodi love the kids alot. That's family!!!!

    I think Jon will Make up eventually because he has shown that he misses all his family. He will wake up soon!!!!

  47. I think I remember Jon and/or Kate saying that the tups go to junior kindergarten Mon., Wed., and Fri. for the first half of the day.

  48. What I was able to find today was this:

    Jon was found in contempt. (I believe you'll here him say this on his interview airing tonight). He was reordered to pay back $180,00 and I believe the remaining 50k was reduced from the total because that was what he paid for his new car with the trade in? Something like that). The money in question for Kate is money she says was used for approved expenses - and any actual receipts/checks/etc that she did not have with her today will have to be produced for the judge before the 26th.

  49. ...I hope the judge deciding on the continuation of the show will "see the light" in terms of the timing of Jon's decision as well as his contradictory actions.

    Actions (as Jon said) do in fact speak louder than words.

    His words were to stop filming, but his actions still reflect the fact that he continued to thrust both he and his kids into the media spotlight after the fact. Stupid!!!!!

  50. Baby Mama,
    Yes, Kevin is on the Inside Edition tonight. It didn't say what time. Now, on my cable The Insider, starts at 7pm, are they both the same program or different. I am confused????

  51. Inside Edition is on at 6:00pm EST on Ch. 11 here.
    I am going to DVR it because honestly I never watch that show. Go directly to their website and you can figure out what station it is on and what time in your area.

    As far as Jon on ET..Seriously, what else is this guy going to say thats sooo exclusive? How much money was he paid and how long does he have to blab to ET? So sad.

  52. As I understand it, Jon wants Kate to account for $55-60K and she is to do it before next court date. Jon has to pay back $180K and the balance of the $230-235K that Kate says he took out, Jon says he spent on the kids. The judge said then produce receipts for the balance before next court date. If Kate can't, then she has to pay back that amount. If Jon can't produce his receipts, then he has additional money to pay back.

    I hope to heck somebody point blank asks Kevin Kreider exactly how much money he and Jodi got paid for their interviews. Seems mighty strange that they had hefty second mortgages that suddenly got paid back following their a.m. interviews saying the kids shouldn't be filming. And GWOPers, before you bombard BabyMama's blog, that is a matter of public record in PA. It's easy to google it and have it come right up on screen. (As is the statement easy to find from TLC about never negotiating to pay Kevin & Jodi for filming - despite the claims on sister Julie's blog.) Shame on you for spreading the hate!

  53. Maybe that's what Jon meant on his twitter when he said the court divided his family. At first I thought he was crazy because the judge sent them to private arbitration. Maybe he meant that the court could rule on Kate Plus Eight and he has a misguided notion that TLC is what has divided his family. No, he is (and Kate did her fair share and admits to it). He is dividing it further with his lifestyle choices and chronic mouth opening to the likes of the Insider. He thinks TLC is exploiting him, but he doesn't see how horribly ET, Insider, Michael Lohan, Mr Heller,and the likes are. He lost a friend yesterday, I don't know who or what time and maybe that is why him and Heller were so somber walking out of the court room. I really enjoyed Kate's good housekeeping article, but oh what a difference a few weeks makes. Maybe Kate or a teacher could help Mady write tomembers of her state legislature so they can enact tougher laws in Pennsylvania dealing with paparrazzi and children. They need to be enacted and it might help Mady to feel some empowerment in her world.

  54. Thank you allibrootob. Sometimes it's up for debate as to whether or not we've survived our multiple sets of twins. My sister and brother-in-law were in an automobile accident and we had their 2-yr-old triplets for 18 months while they recovered. That was really a zoo. Triplets are so much harder than twins. That's why I salute Kate for managing (even with help) handling six the same age. I learned to drink coffee then to get the caffeine rush to keep going until bedtime.

  55. Georgia Peach 311 said...
    It is not Kate and the kids who need to change or need to do something different, it is Jon. They should not be ripped of their income and something they love because of Jon, who has left.

    I agree 100% with everything you said, very well said!!!

  56. But if the remaining $50K was used to purchase the additional car, then why wasn't he ordered to sell it?

  57. Georgia Peach, I'm with you all the way. If it hadn't been for any of Jon's inappropriate conduct since January none of this media frenzy would have ever happened. And it will still continues as long as he continues to feed the wildlife and keep baiting Kate along with it.

  58. Was reading the posts here (sorry came in a little late this time round. Busy days.) and recall someone mentioning that he/she wished Jon was not restricted from going out, though he should avoid bars with his dad and granddad's history.

    I was wondering if this might have been an exaggeration on Jon's part (I think there was an interview where he mentioned he wasn't allowed to go out with his friends). J&KP8 is really behind time over here and it's only season 4 I think. So I remember watching one of the episodes where Jon brought the boys to the golf course. In this episode, Jon and Kate were both talking about how long it's been since Jon has hit the golf course. And Kate mentioned how she's been trying to encourage Jon to head out more to the golf course and do something he enjoys from time to time; just like how she enjoys going to the spa from time to time, to relax.

    There there was this old skiing episode, where Kate mentioned that it had been a long time since Jon looked so excited and happy, as he was when he was hitting the slopes.

    Perhaps when things get really busy, it's hard for Kate to just let Jon go out of the house without helping out at home. And perhaps she did stop him from going out whenever he wanted to go out for drinks (Great point by the way, whoever it was who picked up on this!!). Still, I don't think Kate totally restricted Jon from going anywhere at all. Perhaps it was more of a "going out in moderation" and of course timing had to be right. In that situation, I don't think it's right if any of them had just gone out as and when it pleased them to do so, especially during busy times.

  59. Linda said...
    As I understand it, Jon wants Kate to account for $55-60K and she is to do it before next court date. Jon has to pay back $180K and the balance of the $230-235K that Kate says he took out, Jon says he spent on the kids. The judge said then produce receipts for the balance before next court date. If Kate can't, then she has to pay back that amount. If Jon can't produce his receipts, then he has additional money to pay back.

    Although I haven't seen nor heard anything regarding the balance of the $230K, that does make sense now. Do you remember where that came from?

  60. First of all,

    Linda: 3 sets of natural twins? WOWWWW! Congrats to you for raising them all and remaining sane. Do you have any singletons in between the twins? You must really be a busy mama!! I have 2 single kids and a set of spontaneous twins and I think I have a lot on my plate. lol

    On to Jon and Kate.

    I guess the supposed break from talking to media was qualified as 24 hours or until after the court day was done and now that it is, it's no surprise to me that Jon will be a yappin' away again. My dvr is running out of room to tape everything he's on. Sheesh! Still, as deep as we are into everything, I guess it is human nature to want to know the details of how it all turned out.

    It will be interesting to find out what Kevin has to say. I am surprised it has been this long since they have spoken out. I think Jon is in touch with him since if I'm not mistaken, he mentioned it on LKL. I think when it was brought up that Jodi and Kevin spoke about the kids being exploited in the past, Jon said something to the effect of having spoken to Kevin that day. I could be wrong though. I think Kevin was more sympathetic to Jon though because they were the ones that were saying that Jon was devastated that Kate came to him and broke it off and that whole weirdness with the sex contract and her cheating on Jon with Steve.

    Speaking of Steve, did anyone find out anything more on him and his wife being divorced? All this time we never heard anything about them being divorced and just recently they all came out to Kate's place for a barbeque. What's up with that?

    Another thing I am confused about is the whole money thing. SchmeckyGirl pointed it out a few posts above. Which is the correct amount? I get that they may have deducted $55,000 as his trade-in on his car but why are they lumping that in with the amount that Kate needs to account for? I guess $180,000 is the amount Jon has to repay after the car expense was deducted and the $55,000 is probably a separate amount that Kate did not have proper receipts for that were withdrawals she made. Either that or the media doesn't have their facts straight.

  61. Georgia Peach, I also agree with you!
    Jon is the one who started all of this. If he hadn't been out at all of those bars last January we wouldn't have an issue with the paparazzi, and maybe Jon and Kate wouldn't have gotten a divorce. He has made a huge amount of mistakes, and really, he just has to get his act together. That is the only solution. Stopping the show will do nothing if he feeds all of this divorce drama and and paparazzi madness. If he cares so much about his kids getting out of the media, he has to pull out of it as well.

  62. From Z on TV:
    October 14, 2009
    Jon & Kate: Lying liars who lie on national TV
    I promised myself I was going stick to the TV shows and appearances and not get into the court stuff connected with the nasty divorce of Jon and Kate Gosselin. I'm not claiming the moral high road here, believe me, but there is a limit to how much human selfishness and foolishness you can write about every day and not have your head explode. (Kate sending the dogs back to the so-called breeder pushed my head to its limit.)

    But along comes the court ruling Monday that Jon Gosselin must return $180,000 in marital funds to a joint account, while Kate Gosselin must provide an accounting of how she spent $55,000 she took from the same account. OK, who cares, right? Except is this not the money that Kate was crying about on NBC's "Today" show and ABC's "The View" 10 days ago?

    Remember how Kate said Jon took all the money in the account except $1,000 (some $230,000) and now she had a purse full of bills that she couldn't put in the mail, because the money was gone? And remember how she said she wakes up in the middle of the night worried about the money and how she vowed to go and work at McDonald's to support her children? Ayeyiyiyiyiyi. Can this woman lie or what? She had $55,000 of the money -- and heaven only knows how much in other accounts. But what a performance.

    And I wonder if the journalists on "Today" and "The View" are going to go back and do the math for their viewers. You know, show the clip of Kate, and then put up the numbers that the judge gave, and say, "Well, folks, it looks like she lied her butt off on our show. And while the ratings were nice, we thought we might have this tiny obligation to give you some smidgeon of the truth."

    And what about Jon saying he didn't take the money? How low can he go? He surprises us each time he opens his mouth.

    Do you think they lie to their children this way? What a sorry pair.

    By the way, the audience for "Jon & Kate Plus 8" was up to 2.5 million for Monday's episode. That's not enough by a long shot to guarantee any kind of TV future for Kate. But it is better than going down, down, down as the show had been doing. Last week, the audience was 1.7 million.

  63. Georgia Peach,

    In terms of Heller saying Kate might also need to return funds once all her receipts were brought in, why would that be offensive? I assume the reason he said this was because, of the amount Jon counter claimed she took without approval (I think it was about $100,000), she probably only provided proof for about $45,000 that day and the judge gave her till the 26th to bring accounting of the rest of the $55,000 that is currently in question. I didn't find anything insulting in this statement toward Kate. It is what it is - a statement that she also may have to return funds. I guess he figured that if she had proof of the accounting, she would have brought said proof in its entirety on this date.

    Having said this, he still doesn't use insulting words (to my knowledge) like saying Kate "stole" the money. In that case, I can see where it would be offensive. On the other hand, her team did use the word "stealing" and worse to describe money taken by Jon. Incidentally, Jon never denied taking the money as someone said. He did say that over the course of several months he took about $177,000 but that it was not $235,000 and not all at once. Seems he was at least telling the truth about that because the judge asked him to pay back $180,000 so obviously the extra money Kate was saying he "stole" was within his rights to have. Also, in terms of Kate, I don't think she spends frivolously and no one is accusing her of buying jewellery or furs with that money. She has however, admittedly removed a large sum of money in the past (and been told to put it back) for safe keeping (in her opinion) so why would it be unreasonable or offensive for Heller to say that she might have to return money again now? I have read in several places that Jon suspects she is hiding and stashing money left and right. Is it only ok to believe Jon would remove money when there is prior proof that Kate has taken money as well and been ordered to put it back? Just like in Kate's mind she was trying to safe guard the money lest Jon decide to steal it, in Jon's mind he was also taking what he believed to be the equivalent of his paycheck and in addition, he took it gradually over months and not in one lump sum bleeding the account dry like Kate stated on the Today show.

    Now, I know people will get in an uproar again wondering how anyone could possibly find a defense for Jon but it really isn't a defense at all. All it is is a statement of fact; at least in a neutral party's eyes. I don't consider it blindly defending Jon to ask why there is always a double standard. Why is it ok for Kate and her team to make it seem like Jon took $235,000 out in one day leaving only $1000.00 for her to fend with but not ok for Jon's lawyer to even address the possibiliy that she might have some money to pay back of her own when it has been proven that she has taken money improperly in the past as well? Also, the one question that keeps nagging at me is how in God's name did Kate not realize all these months that Jon was withdrawing large amounts of money? Why is it that she only noticed it the day Jon went on LKL to talk about stopping the show? I don't like to say it, but I do think there is a bit of a calculatedness where the timing is concerned on Kate's part too.

    One thing I am glad for is that the Judge told BOTH of them to get their acts together before coming into his court room again. This means that he did recognize that both parties are out of line and need to grow up and settle their problems like adults. Unless they do, the only people that lose are the kids. JMO!!

  64. Okay..... I can't help but wonder if anyone watched Kevin on the Inside Edition? What "new information" did he have for us this time? What a jerk.

  65. Ok, I also said I was confused about the money thing in one of my posts but by the time I submitted it, I saw quite a few people had answered already so I am sorry if my question seems redundant. I guess this is the problem with having to have the posts verified first but I totally get why it is necessary!

    Secondly, I just wanted to say that really the only issue I had with what Georgia Peach said was the fact that it was offensive of Heller to say Kate might have to pay some money back as well. I was not speaking on behalf of Jon on any other front at all. Just wanted to make that clear because I know sometimes my posts can get longwinded when I am trying to explain so that it won't be perceived wrong while also getting up a million times to do things too. lol

    OK, got that off my chest now so I better get some stuff done before everyone gets home!

  66. ...I just read on Radar that J & K will be finished at the end of November, and that TLC has decided to not film Kate Plus 8 unless Jon's issues about filming are resolved. I guess there's our answer!!!

  67. Wow everyone, thanks for all the notes regarding the show..And while we all hope and pray that things will change, I will be devastated if the show truly ends in November...Who knows, don't count anything out yet! I'm sure TLC has a lot up their sleeves with Kate.. you will not be seeing the last of her.. nor of me! SO DON'T WORRY!

  68. on the new cover of Star (as seen on perezhilton) it shows the allegation that Jon is now hooking up with Kate's BFF... some blonde woman I dont recognize. Can anyone ID her? here's the url:

  69. First, well said Georgia Peach.
    I'm almost laughing over the money at this point (although I admit it isn't a laughing matter.) All we really know is that Jon admitted in one interview that he removed some $$ (don't know for sure how much - kinda doubt if Jon knows for sure quite frankly.) He now says that was his "pay" despite what they were both told by the arbitrator in July. He either has a short memory OR sounds more like a line from attorney Heller.

    So Jon may or may not be paying back money.

    Then Kate has to account for other money. It's so confusing with what the each side's attorney states, much less what Jon and Kate state. I don't think we'll know until the final ruling.

    We'll see if Jon can come up with receipts (I personally doubt it given his habits but that's my bias) and we'll see if Kate can come up with receipts (I personally bet she will given her habits but that's my bias also.)

    I'm truly glad that Kate refused to give Jon access to the children's trust accounts. Sorry, but I just don't trust him not to accidently consider that his "pay" also.

    One more thing (again my personal bias here.) I really wish that Kate would bring up the issue of Jon's smoking in the car with the children. Many states now have laws against smoking in a car with minors. I'm glad that apparently Kate won't let him smoke in the house and I'm glad about that. I also wish he wouldn't smoke any where around them. If he wants to trash his life he's an adult, but don't damage the health of those precious children.

    I'm spending entirely too much time sitting in lines waiting to pick up children because I've blogged here too much today.

    Baby Mama, do you have the app Mobi iNet for your iPhone? I'm loving that one because it's got all the newspapers, magazines, TV stations, etc. Just thought I'd pass on the info. I'm also enjoying your Tweets.

    For some reason I can't read the results of your poll. I guess I can't get it to scroll over far enough or can't read the color. Tell me what I'm doing wrong.

  70. Another Mom,

    I think part of the confusion of whether Jon was lying or telling the truth about taking the $230K was that Jon was trying to deny taking the $230K all in one day, as he thought Kate said, even trying to "prove" it with only one withdrawal receipt. I said it before, Kate NEVER said he actually took it out all at once or even on the same day. She only discovered one day that he had been draining the account dry. That was the amount she believed it to be, and she could have been mistaken about the amount he took out without her approval.

    As far as not noticing the withdrawals over that period of time, she most likely assumed that he would abide by the terms and she wouldn't have to keep looking at it since monies from that account are only for intermittant expenses.


    You're pretty quick to automatically believe and say that Kate lies and has $55K when the court still needs to make a determination of that amount.

    Most of us here (as Kate's loyal fans) on this site have more reasons to believe Kate rather Jon. She has a lot more integrity and strength of character than he.

  71. It just seemed snarky and unprofessional and totally not in keeping with peace that Heller would say that. Sort of like, "yeah my client lied and took money from his kids so guess what we are going to make you prove what you did with the much smaller amount of money you withdrew." There is a huge difference in the way Kate's lawyers present themselves and the way Heller presents himself. Same goes for Jon and Kate.

    As for the money amounts, that too changed from day to day (from Jon). I heard that Kate took out $100,000 then put it back, but not before giving Jon $50,000 of it. Jon said his salary from TLC was appx. $170,000 and so he took that out over several months. Then he said he only took out $22,000 and had the withdrawal paperwork to prove it. We find out that he took out $170,000 over 2 months. The judge apparently thought it was not kosher or he would not have demanded he return it by Oct. 26. Husbands/dads don't take their entire salaries - and spend the money elsewhere. It is supposed to be and always was contributed to the household. Couple that with the timing of TLC announcing the show would be Kate Plus 8 and his participation would be severely limited...

    We know from published media/rag stories that Jon spent over $20,000 on a ring for Hailey in Saint Tropez and then another $10,000+ ring in Las Vegas. He has two compact luxury vehicles and an expensive apartment in NY. Contrast all that with Kate's spending. It was just nasty for Heller to insinuate in any way that Kate's spending deserved the same amount of scrutiny as Jon's. Contrary to what he says, Heller is NOT about them working things out and neither is Kevin. Jon has the power to stop both of them but he doesn't. When Jon said on LKL that he wanted to work things out with Kate and then said he talked to Jodi that same day, that erased everything he said and would say. He is a willing participate in the turmoil and is also being played by the people who are profiting from him and/or hate Kate.

    I want to address the bodyguard situation. I don't believe Kate and Steve had an affair. He and his wife or ex-wife still socialize together with Kate. I remember reading about that ice skating event and it seemed to be as though Steve is in the employ of TLC, making sure that no other networks film Kate. At least that was apparent in his actions at the skating event. He blocked those two celebs from talking to Kate - in other words, stopped a conversation that could have been filmed by the shows that were there covering those two celebs. Regardless of who pays Steve, given the things I have read on the Kevin and Jodi supported hate site, Kate most definitely needs security. I have thought for a long time (because of those people, too) that the kids need it too.

    One other thing and I promise to go away for a little while. I read a while back that Jon was going to counter-sue for alimony, spousal support, whatever. Since it has been published that he has said Hailey lives with him, well that is a HUGE strike against him, according to PA law.

    He has not conducted himself appropriately by any stretch of the imagination and neither has his attorney.

    Everything I post and base my opinions on is based on published reports and/or words from Jon's mouth and Kate's mouth, and what I saw on Jon & Kate Plus 8 for the past several years.

    I hope I answered all the questions posed to me. If I missed something, please let me know. Thanks.

  72. Has anybody been to the TLC site lately? On the video section there's a cute clip of the septuplets' first trip to the movie theatre (& Mady and Cara were along). This excursion happened the same day as the shoe shopping trip.

    Then there's a section in the lower left, but every time I click on it it asks for name and password. Don't know how to do that and couldn't find anything about signing in - my TLC info didn't work. Does anybody know about that?

    Baby Mama, it just thrills me every time I come to your blog and scroll through those precious faces of the children.

  73. I so agree with everything Georgia Peach said and she said it so well as this is the way I have felt all along. And Heller was just putting in his dig, since Jon was found in the wrong. I always knew that the show would not make it through the season. Jon has been dead set in his spite and I think that it is the best thing for the kids, because who knows how much farther he would push his selfishness. It is time to move on.

  74. Interesting article:

  75. I'm curious also, regarding the sources of the specifics on the money distribution/allocation following all the legal dealings on Tuesday.

    The only two quotes I read were from Momjian, Kate's attorney, and Heller. Momjian stated that Jon had to return $180K, and Kate had to provide receipts/accounting of where she spent the remaining $55K. Nowhere did I see/read/hear anything about Jon's car being part of the equation.

    Unless I misunderstood (and the previous sentence was not a quote, just my recollection), I thought that the $235K in question was made up, in the end, of $180K that Jon w/d without Kate's knowledge & he subsequently couldn't provide proof that it paid bills for the house or kids; and the remainder was $55K spent by Kate.

    That's what I understood the "Z on TV" article/blog to have taken issue with as well. He implies that Kate was not truthful when she stated that Jon took $230K or $235K, leaving her with only $1000; and Jon also lied when he stated (repeatedly) that he "ONLY" took $22000. I do remember him backtracking to say he took $177K over several months, which is closer to the truth. But I think they both exxagerated the situation in an attempt to gain public sympathy.

    I don't know about Radar. Again they cite a "source close to TLC" (or Kate or whatever) as saying the show is done, and that once they utilize all current footage of the kids, they will not challenge Jon on continued filming. I thought they were already shooting on the new Kate alone project; regardless of how this family got to the point they're at now (Jon was a big contributer, but Kate is not w/o blame), in my opinion, it's in the kids best interest for their part in the whole thing to end.

    I think that once JK8 is off the air, no matter how much Jon continues to talk to the tabloid media, interest in the kids will diminish. It probably won't ever go away completely, but when the divorce is over, Kate is pursuing her own projects without the kids and without Jon's interference, while she may still be a target of the paps, the kids won't be. Without the conflict b/w mom & dad, w/o the controversy of whether or not filming is detrimental to the kids, all of that crap that the tabloids pursue, the kids should be safely able to live their normal kid lives (I truly HOPE).

    LINDA: Wow!!! You are to be commended, simply for being able to maintain your sanity! LOL! 3 sets of twins (regardless of natural/fertility) is an amazing accomplishment, and you should be a very proud mama. Not to pry, and you certainly don't need to reply if you don't want - I am curious as to their ages. I guess multiples must run in your family (you=3x2 natural, SIL=triplets).

  76. Baby Mama,
    You must be going crazy at your computer. Good Job!!!
    AS you already know Kevin and Jodi were on for about a big minute. It was no big deal, we missed it. They were on the early show this morning.
    I don't know whether to believe Radar or not???

    I have felt the quiet giant-TLC- lurking this whole month. I feel there will be news soon.

    Hey Ladies, why care about the money issues, you r just going round and round. Geezzz!
    J&K are on their way to the end. They are one step closer, and isn't that what you all wanted.
    Things to be over and done with so they can get on with their lives. Whatever that may be.

    By done, I am referring to their divorce!

  77. cherier1 and everyone:

    here is the update to that Baltimore sun article which accuses Kate of lying about only having $1000 for expenses

    (And I am so glad the ratings were UP this week!)

    "...UPDATE/4:35 p.m. WEDNESDAY: Mark Momjian, Kate Gosselin's attorney, said today in a telephone interview that this was the money that Kate was talking about on TV. But while his client did take $55,000 out of the account, that does not mean Jon Gosselin only took the $180,000 that the judge told him to return in the Tuesday ruling. Momjian says there was as much as $290,000 in the account, and that Jon Gosselin did take as much as $230,000 as Kate Gosselin alleged on national TV. He did not, however, explain why the judge only ordered $180,000 returned. Furthermore, Momjian declined to discuss whether Kate had only $1,000 in funds as she said on TV -- or whether there were other accounts with money in them that she had access to. "I am not getting into that," he said. In fairness, declining to discuss the possibility of other accounts does not necessarily imply they exist. Momjian says Kate Gosselin will prove the $55,000 she took was all spent on "household expenses and the children."

    And what about Jon saying he didn't take the money? How low can he go? He surprises us each time he opens his mouth."


    In case anyone thought so - I didn't mean to imply in my previous post that Jon and Kate should not be held up to the same standards. They definitely should. It's just that Jon's recent documented behavior and flambouyant purchases necessitate scrutiny.

  78. I may be wrong, but I think TLC is playing its cards very smartly. If Kate does go to court for custody or such, it makes her look bad to have TLC's powerhorse and interests behind her. she needs to show that she is looking soley out for the kids. Also, TLC needs to satisfy its boardmembers, advertisers, etc and if it pushes into much controversy over this, it runs into potential problems with it's other moneymakers such as the Roloffs or Duggars and future potential shows that it will have. I do think (and hope) that at some point the show will go on, but it is probably best to let it rest awhile. I would love to see Kate doing something about families of divorce. Like Suze Orman said on Nancy Grace. Jon can be anybody that you know believe it or not. I found that clip on youtube from Nancy Grace's show yesterday. Boy She ripped Jon a new one. I also really believe that some of the kids really enjoy the filming and are good at it. Maybe there are some other possibilities and I am NOT talking about Divorced Dad's Club or anything like that.

  79. Babymama and everyone else,

    I'm abit confused. I read Jon's twitter (unless it's a fake twitter account), and yesterday he posted the following:
    "Today was a long day. Today the court divided my family, today I watched a mother and father lose their son. Today I watched my best friend's daughter lose her father. Today I lost a great friend!!! RIP JF. Let's remember to live everyday like it was our last."

    I guess the rest at the back was about a very close friend of his, but what about "Today the court divided my family"? I thought the current court proceedings were just about the money issues. Is custody in question already? It looked like they already had arrangements on shared custody and were working it out. I sure hope so, at least for the children's sake.

    On one hand, I really want to know how the court proceedings are going. On the other hand, I sure hope both Jon and Kate do keep mum on everything until all is settled. It's better for the children and them that there isn't a "he said, she said" saga going for the world to see, without this all being finalised.

    I do hope to see more of Kate on TV, if not the children. As much as I'd love to see them grow up and reach different milestones, perhaps being out of the media is a good thing for the kids. Kate has so much more to offer. Parenting tips, simple healthy cooking, so on so forth. And I'm sure she'll mention the children from time to time as well. And Jon can be happy that the kids are not on film. So it's all good, if you ask me. That's provided Jon doesn't do that stupid, lame "Divorced Dad's Club" show. Oh all the people, Michael Lohan?! Jon needs to start picking the right friends who will give him good advice. Not freeloaders who are trying to hitch onto his current "celebrity-status".

  80. VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Admits To Taking $155k From joint Account

    After many, many denials to the contrary Jon Gosselin is finally admitting to ripping off funds from his and Kate's joint bank account.

    Kate had accused Jon of removing more than $230,000, and Tuesday in a Pennsylvania court a judge ordered Jon to pay back $180,000 by their next court date of October 26th.

    Now, in an interview with ET's Diane Dimond Gosselin fesses up to pilfering $155,000, but still insists that he did nothing wrong, and also claims he only did what Kate herself did.

    "Well, it was just after arbitration, we weren't supposed to take money out of the restrictive account and we both did," he tells Diane. "I was found in contempt for doing so, I didn't realize, I was just like taking my paycheck out."

    And when it comes to how much he claims Kate has taken?

    "It's unaccounted for," he says. "So by Friday, we'll know her complete accounting, which might reduce my accounting, so I don't know what's going on."

    According to the judgment from Wednesday's hearing Kate has to provide accounting records for $55,000 that she claims she withdrew for "household expenses".

    When asked by Dimond if Jon wanted to approach Kate in court Wednesday and tell her they could work it all out together, Jon replied, "I thought about doing that, but you know, in a public setting as a public figure you have to watch what you say and do."

    Well, with their lives continuing to be ever more played out in public it looks like there wont be any end to the drama anytime soon in the near future.

  81. Georgia Peach 311 you said everything exactly the way I feel. Jon is the problem, nobody but Jon.

    Linda, I know what you are going thru, my mom had 2 sets of twins and 6 other kids, I was the next to the oldest, they were all born before I was 15, one set when I was 15.

    I KNOW what it is like to have a bunch of kids to take care of. We owned a restaurant at that time, which meant Mom was in it at 0430 and I was at home getting all these kids around to the sitter prior to school each morning. Dad drove a school bus for a second job and then his full time job at night and worked 4 hours at another part time job after the school bus gig in the morning until noon. After his death we discussed that he got 2 patches of sleep, one from noon til 3pm, then 2am when he was off from his real job until 6am when he had to drive the route to get the kids from school.

    In summer I was at home until i got them to the sitter, then I was at the restaurant all day.

  82. TomorrowIwill~ The woman on the cover of Star magazine is none other than Kate's BFF Jamie. Her husband works for the company that did the kitchen remodel. I'm telling you, them must have done what every other hater did once they found about about her public Facebook account.. and that is jack the Gosselin photos and publish them without permission. I hope she can sue for that regardless. One of her photos was her riding on Jon's back but they were all really good friends before the separation. Her pictures were fun and mean no malice. She is in no way having any sort of affair with Jon. And she is still Kate's BFF but doesnt live near her.

  83. And yes! lol The trolls come out in droves when any new Jon & Kate news come out. And this is the first site they seem to want to flock to. They seem to feel they can claim some sort of victory when they see this family suffer in any way. It's pathetic and sad..But not in the fact that I just laugh it off.......

  84. Trolls live under a bridge for a reason.

    I can't imagine sitting in wait for another fellow human being to stumble and is sad, isn't it?

  85. I was thinking this morning -- Whatever happened to that 'contract' Jon says Kate gave him last fall where she wanted them to agree to live separate lives? I mean with all the interviews he has done and all the court stuff -- if that were TRUE - any good attorney would have presented that on Jon's behalf by now. Just another lie from Jon?

    That's why I don't believe a word out of his mouth? Too many of statements he has made that pan out to have nothing but air behind them. Then, in his interview last night he states that he doesn't 'understand' what happened in court? WHO goes to court on something like a contempt charge (for a decent size of money) and walks away not understanding what is going on? That's so irresponsible! Is he just letting his attorney (what a mistake that would be) do everything and he's just showing up and not caring enough to want to 'understand'?

    As for him being made to sell the car - if his purchase (be it the car or whatever) fell under the guidelines of 'approved expenses' then it would be/could be excluded from something he had to pay back to that account.

    I also thought a lot about the RO stuff about the show stopping soon. I remember in one of the last interviews I saw Kate do - she stated "We have always agreed that if one of us were absolute on no longer doing the show - then we would no longer do it". I wonder if Kate has decided that she needs to honor that agreement now? I think its a possibility that TLC has agreed to end the 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' contract - however I'm not convinced that as soon as that happens there will be a new contract with Kate - and with the judges comments regarding the show - that maybe there will be something worked out for Kate and the Kids to do their own show? Just thinking (and hoping) for different possibilities!


    I actually feel bad that he thinks he can continue to get away with his actions. Nancy Grace really presses on this issue and I think he is going to have some serious problems with this, I mean he could face jail time!!

  87. JG: "Well, it was just after arbitration, we weren't supposed to take money. "I was found in contempt for doing so, I didn't realize, I was just like taking my paycheck out."

    I think this statment in its self shows just exactly how Jon thinks. "I didnt realize" but yet he just said he knew they werent suppose to take money out?? I think he just proved he lies as fast as he talks.

  88. Hope,

    Are you referring to the comment Jon made in an interview right after the court meeting? I haven't heard or seen anything regarding the judge making the decision about filming of the kids except from that. Although I'm also hoping about any other possibilitites with Kate and any new contract.

  89. Pertaining to Hope's statement about the Judges comments about the show. When did anyone hear the Judge make comments about the show. Where are you getting this info. from???? I must have missed somthing here, can someone fill me in????

  90. Regarding Steve and his wife, they ARE NOT divorced. Someone had came accross this before here on this site, and it was proved to not be that Steve. It was one of the regular posters and I am now going back through old posts to try and find it. But, in the divorce papers Steve's middle initial was wrong, their residence was wrong and if I am not mistaking the ie or ei in the last name was reversed. Therefore, not that Steve. It was just a couple of months ago that Steve, his wife and children were at Kate's house for a barbecue. Paps took pictures of Kate hugging the wife.

    As for Jcreep, he is remaining true to his form, an idiot. I truely believe he is suffering from Bipolar Disorder. My neice has this condition and left untreated can be a serious mess. One thing I notice is that J lets everyone around him shape his mood and decisions. He is irratical, jibberish, angry, blames everything on someone else for his problems, spuratic, and unpredictable. Classic signs of Bipolar. I have had a front row seat to this disease and I see alot of comparisons. Do we all remember the very public meltdown of Britney Spears last year? She acted in very similar ways, just on a grander scale. She switched religions several times, fed her every move to the paps, spent tons of money, and jumped from one relationship to another. Sounds very familiar to J. Just my opinion. But, if were the Judge, I would order an evaluation.

  91. Hope, I agree, if there was such a contract, we would have seen it by now, we've seen just about everything else.
    Shelly, I wholeheartedly agree with you and feel for you and your family with the bipolar issue. My teen age sister has it and is exactly the same way that Jon is and it can get dangerous. I love how you are able to put it into words. I too pray that the judge orders an evaluation so he can get some real help and Kate can know what she is dealing with.

  92. I read an article Tuesday or Wednesday in which Jon stated the judge could make a ruling about the kids and Kate participating in a show, in spite of his demands that the kids stop. The "divided family" comment was also in it, but I can't find it at the moment.

    Here is a good article:

  93. Tashapork- Thank you and I pray for your sister.

    I have not posted here in a long time (I used to be a avid poster and I just love BabyMama and this site), because I am so angry with J. I get aggravated at people on the other site who say they are in it for the children, but say nasty hateful things about there mother. So, I have tried not to say bad stuff about their father, but I just can't keep my mouth shut about this.

  94. tashapork - I fully agree with you and Shelly. I don't want to label Jon but it sounds like bipolar. Regardless of any label, I too am hoping that he can get some real professional help.

  95. OPPS!!, Baby Mama, you can ignore my last post, I just finished reading the article in tvguide and the show. Sorry to waste your time. I am a day late and a dollar short. cu