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Will Jon & Kate Plus 8 End In November?, Jon Speaks Out..AGAIN, Ordered To Pay Money

Hello Gosselin fans! What? You think I'm going anywhere? Not a chance my friends! I appreciate all the huge amount of love and support. I will be honest, I dont know what changes will happen to this site if the show does end. Lets just say I will be just like TLC and keep all my options open at this point. If Kates projects come into furition, then I may sway the site towards that. Whatever happens with this family regardless I will address it here. I did say that this site will stay as it was until the the show ended and I kept that promise. But I for one are hoping for the best, and excited for all the new projects that could be coming from all this drama.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Ending In November?:
UPDATE: TLC: Kate Plus Eight Not Canceled: TV

The newly christened Kate Plus Eight will not launch Nov. 2 as planned, but the show has not been canceled, a show rep told Jon & Kate Plus 8, the old incarnation, is over, as was announced a month ago. The show is not done. There is still every intention of the new incarnation to happen," Laurie Goldberg said. "It won't start Nov. 2, but we hope to do Kate Plus Eight — whether it becomes a full series or a series of specials."The show will be delayed because production was suspended last month after Jon Gosselin requested that the network stop filming his children. He said it was harmful to them and that they didn't want to be on camera. Kate Gosselin, however, claims the children are "angry" production has been halted. TLC is waiting for the couple to resolve their differences before resuming production."If this works out, we will film the kids again," Goldberg said. "No matter what, we're doing a show with Kate."

Kate Gosselin's lawyer: Jon must return $180K: Associated

NORRISTOWN, Pa. — A lawyer for reality star Kate Gosselin says her estranged husband Jon has been ordered to return $180,000 in marital funds. The divorcing stars of TLC's "Jon and Kate Plus 8" appeared briefly in family court Tuesday in the Philadelphia suburb of Norristown.

Kate Gosselin says her husband took $230,000 from a joint account. Her lawyer, Mark Momjian, says an arbitrator will review another $55,000 she spent. Kate Gosselin says she used the money for household and child-related expenses.

The couple has eight children, including twins and sextuplets. Momjian says Montgomery County Judge Arthur Tilson ordered Jon Gosselin to return the money by Oct. 26 or face contempt charges. He says Kate Gosselin must provide an accounting of past expenses by the same date.

Jon Gosselin Speaks Out Again.. Via Dr. Cool Sex lol


  1. OMG ROFL at that Jon video, ahh thats funny. thank you now I can continue my work this afternoon.

  2. i told my husband of the decision that they are stopping the show mid to end of November and he said to me "are you going to be ok?" I guess that I have projected to my family my love of the show and now I'm being teased by my husband for makes me sad to think that we won't be able to watch the kids grow, and watch Kate's journey as a single mom.....well, I don't know IF i'll watch the Jon spoof, but I hope that they find closure soon.....for the KIDS' sake!

  3. I had to laugh at People (and most people) saying, "Our long national nightmare is finally over." If anything, it's only going to get worse. Jon and Kate are still going to have bills to pay, kids to feed, girlfriends to wine and dine. That means books, TV appearances, everything they do will involve the media. Not that I blame them, it's not like Kate can go back to her nursing job and Jon can... do whatever it is that Jon does.

  4. I believe Kate did say that IF she had to, she would go back to nursing, she's even been filmed saying that she would work at McDonald's if need be.....

  5. mamaholly~ I think we are all know that Kate will be fine. Quote me when I tell you that Jon will make the show happen in one form or another. Give it a year, maybe two tops. He will be broke and still wearing his old Ed Hardy gear. He will need the bank, and will be jealous over Kate still making money...hopefully on a fresh new show. And I'm sure he will do the update specials...

  6. Baby Mama said...
    Give it a year, maybe two tops. He will be broke and still wearing his old Ed Hardy gear. He will need the bank, and will be jealous over Kate still making money...hopefully on a fresh new show. And I'm sure he will do the update specials...

    Pfft, More like I feel a 2009 Christmas special coming on.

  7. you know mama, I think that you're right. Kate will be ok.....but I think Jon's just a rolling trainwreck.......when will his madness end?

  8. I wish the show could have finished the full season. TLC even said that Jon would still be compensated. I hope the family doesnt go broke because of Jon's actions. I know Kate will do well shes a strong women. I also hope TLC will do yearly updates on the children (if Jon will allow it). On entertainment tonight last night Jon said he has to return $150,000 and Kate has to return her money to which will reduce his amount, LOL. I hope all will go well with the family I am saddened to hear the show is ending this early in the season.

  9. I like that clip, sometimes you need a laugh in a sad situation. As far as that Stephanie video, I don't know how much of it I buy for precisely the same reasons that I think Jon was such an idiot for having her in the house. But I don't completely not buy it either. Maybe he has hacked some, I honestly don't put it past him anymore, even though I don't think he would interrupt his social calandar enough to read all of them. Maybe he was telling Stephanie that to scare her or make her feel that he had the power. I don't know, its hard to know who to believe with all of the lies you hear. I just hope Kate is being careful. I also hope that if he is actually doing it that he gets caught, not so much because I want him to be punished, but because if he can hit rock bottom, maybe he can get some real help and change the outcome of his life before something really tragic happens.

  10. Forgive me for this comment because I don't know much about Twitter (frankly, I don't understand why people need to let other people what is going on every moment in their lives) but I'm reading your side bar and wondering, are Hailey and Jon twittering you? I've read some of them and I didn't think you would sink low and actually twitter them. I like to read your site because I've always thought that you were fair and took the high road.

    I hope that there is a new show... a show where Kate shares her organizational advice, cooking tips and parenting tips (like cooking for picky eaters and stuff like that). The kids could still see the TLC people, but not necessarily have to be filmed. Jon wouldn't be able to get any money out of it because it wouldn't be connected to the kids - only to her.

  11. Baby Mama - That spoof was so funny. I think we needed a laugh!

    I think Jon is the one (in an ET clip I think) who said something to the effect that the judge has yet to rule on the kids continuing their participation with TLC.

    But then who knows with Jon? On Monday he said he would "not be doing any more reality shows" and "that he had an income from continuing to design websites." Last night he said that "hopefully he'd have a job on TV but if not he'd go back to IT." He's said he wants to design a line of clothing (yeah right. duh. Like given how he dresses himself anybody would consider it.)

    Let's hope that the media lose interest in him and the paparazzi go away and stop chasing the kids.

    Baby Mama, do you have a problem with your iPhone when you type certain words? Yesterday I typed sex-tuplets and it kept changing it to septuplets. Maybe it just doesn't want me to blog about "sex." Ha ha. I love it because I can connect while I spend endless hours in line waiting to shuttle kids, but its spell-check or word-check is driving me nuts.

    I've enjoyed your blog immensely. (I followed it for months and months before I ever did a post and now I can't shut up.) Whatever direction the future goes, I'll follow you.

    I agree, Kate will be fine. I also agree that Jon...... well I hope Jon can find direction and purpose in his life. And who knows? I'm hoping that Jon can remain in the children's lives but I'm hoping for a major shift for Jon in his ethics, morals, work - - gosh, just about everything. I'm hoping he can find a new attorney (also with ethics) and perhaps a different counselor with better advice OR that Jon will listen to the one he has since it doesn't seem to be working.

  12. I'm really sad to see the show end. But I knew that the time would come eventually. I'm not worried at all about Kate, she will definitely make it through this and maybe she'll even be better off without it. I am happy for the kids, even though they might miss all of the TLC people, it will help them live a little more like normal children and I'm sure in the long run they will be thankful for it.

    I do think that we should have a annual update though! I'm sure that TLC would go for it, and who knows? Maybe they Kate and Jon would like the extra money by then. (Or at least Jon will!) I think that it is a great solution because as fans of the show we would all be glad to see how they all are doing and see all of the kids growing up. And since everyone cares so much about the well being of the children, it would be not nearly the same amount of filming as J&K+8 was.

    Oh Babymama, don't end the blog! It will officially make it the end! I enjoy it so much, and I so appreciate all of the work that you put into it. Although there may not be as much news, I'm sure we could find something Gosselin related to blog about in the months ahead!

    So much sad news today..... ):

  13. I just read on yahoo that TLC finally released a statement saying Kate +8 is still in full swing. The date has been pushed back from Nov 2, but they are hopeful that it will air in November sometime. Yeah.

  14. Baby Mama,
    Thank you for all the countless hours you have done for this site. I really hope that is some version or another the show continues. Also I hope that this site in some version can continue. I just can't imagine my life without the show or this site. They are both things I lookforward to seeing and reading each day.
    Thanks Again for all you time and information. This site is great!!!!!


    Yes your right, Kate will be just fine, she will move on to bigger and better things, and who knows after she takes time to sort out the divorce maybe we will see Kate plus 8 (I really really hope so)

    I was doing the questionaire that TLC has on the website where they want us fans to pick out our favorite moments and it made me cry. So many precious moments with those babies, they are so darn cute. I hope Kate gets to do Kate plus 8 and we get to see more of these children. Not because I am being selfish but because as a stay at home Mom I believe this was the best situation for Kate and the kids. Now if the show doesnt happen Kate will have to spend more time away from them and that ever sadder :(

  16. Did anybody go to the TLC website? I still can't get that section on the lower left to open up. I get the enter your name and password.

    I've found something new on the TLC-PR Twitter page. There's a link for a poll and they ask you to vote for your favorite moments from J&K+8. The top moments will be featured in an upcoming episode. Perhaps a way to finish the season or stretch out what they have.

    There's so much online, TV, etc. that it gets hard to keep up with it or find time to go back and watch what you've stored.
    E seems to be alternately pro-Jon or pro-Kate. There is a post there about Jon's antics over the last few months. It ends with "So how crazy can a parent act before a judge decides they're unsuitable to be around their own children. Maybe Jon should have a convo with Britney, because her outlandish behavior got her separated from her babies. Except, unlike Jon, we think Brit actually preferred her family over fame." Pretty harsh article but they do make a number of points.

    E article also uses a a photo from the 5th birthday party. That makes me almost want to throw up every time I see it because Jon's got on the t-shirt from Hailey's college. That had to be a real slap in the face to Kate. Again, just another example of poor judgment to do that during their birthday party.

  17. TLC: Kate Plus Eight Not Canceled

    The newly christened Kate Plus Eight will not launch Nov. 2 as planned, but the show has not been canceled, a show rep told

    TLC is waiting for the couple to resolve their differences before resuming production.

    "If this works out, we will film the kids again," Goldberg said. "No matter what, we're doing a show with Kate."

  18. Kate Plus 8 Not Cancelled:

  19. Either Jon lied to Santoro about hacking into Kate's e-mail, etc., or Santoro was lying and made it all up, or she's telling the truth and Jon is lying in denial all over gain. Seems to be a pattern here. Either way somebody is lying. His "mistake" in bringing Santoro into his life is coming back to haunt him again. (sigh)

  20. OK, I just finished taping The Insider and also e Tonight and at the end the comentator said That TLC has stated that they have plans to move ahead with Kate. That was all they said????? No time was annouced but I bet it will be in Dec.2009
    I would imagine they are waiting for her to have a final divorce. Who knows?????

  21. KatherineDenise~ Thanks girl! I know you always have my back.. Loved the article from TV Guide and did change my blog post to reflect that. One minute you hear one thing, then you hear another! I was waiting for TLC to make some sort of statement. What took them so long?? I am very happy to reads this. (I have gone crazy today thinking what I should do about this blog.. so I smell a poll coming!

    Jenny~ Hailey saw one of my Twitter posts and responded to me.. thats pretty much all I could say about it. There are now a few haters all up in her ear since they read this site hourly. It was important for me to address it. I wish I could comment more. lol

  22. Ohh and in the middle of finishing dinner and baths I went and turned on the TV to Extra and then flipped to The Insider.. It was hysterical! On Extra they played the whole Stephanie video and how Jon was hacking into Kate's personal accounts & e-mails...Then after it was over I changed to Chan.2 and here is Jon waiting for a reporter to interview him about OF COURSE Stephanie.. go figure he said it was all lies! I wonder if they planned to have them both on one right after the other?

  23. lucysmom said...
    Either Jon lied to Santoro about hacking into Kate's e-mail, etc., or Santoro was lying and made it all up, or she's telling the truth and Jon is lying in denial all over gain. Seems to be a pattern here. Either way somebody is lying. His "mistake" in bringing Santoro into his life is coming back to haunt him again. (sigh)

    Although I kinda feel that Stephanies story is impossiable to believe, I cant ignore the pattern. So Kate Major and Stephanie are totally lying? He just happened to meet 2 girls that totally make up stories? I dont think so, I think theres some truth in this somewhere. Maybe we dont want to believe that Jon would do something so insane. I think the truth will evenutally come out, but I do feel really bad for Kate. How scary would that be finding out that hes been listening, invading your privacy. eek

  24. Heres the thing, He said he never took out the money, And low & behold he did. I dont know if Stephanie is totally truthful. But since he is totally unpredictable at this point , I dont doubt it.
    He was an IT tech & it wouldn't be hard to believe he is capable of figuring out how to get into her accounts.
    Kate will be better when she is legally divorced from Jon.
    She should go on to her own project to support her kids & go on with life. And hopefully regain some of her privacy.

  25. We all shouldn't spend much time with wondering who is lying on the new hacking story. Since that is a federal crime, once allegations are made the Feds get involved and they will find out if it is true. nothing and I mean absolutely nothing said or done on a computer is confidential.

  26. I still think Kate should have her computer and phone looked at right away by professionals to see if a keylogger or unauthorized e-mail program was installed. Some spyware softwares aren't always going to find them.

  27. Can't wait for Kate to move on with TLC and beyond.

  28. This was from funny and true!

    TLC is waiting for the couple to resolve their differences before resuming production. TLC’s Laurie Goldberg spoke to TV Guide about the situation:

    If this works out, we will film the kids again. No matter what, we’re doing a show with Kate.
    While TLC works with Kate Gosselin, her soon-to-be ex, Jon Gosselin can’t even get a gig for FREE!

    According to, the reality-show dad and so-called chick magnet has approached awards shows, offering to appear as a presenter, and has been turned down by at least two productions! In September, Gosselin was asking for appearance fees in the $30,000 range. Now he’s now offering to present for free, asking only to have travel and accommodations covered–and he’s getting shut down.

    It’s called KARMA, Mr. Gosselin. Jon, I think your 15 minutes of fame are almost over!

  29. Baby Mama said...
    the reality-show dad and so-called chick magnet has approached awards shows, offering to appear as a presenter...

    I am SO glad I was sitting down for this one. LOL

  30. I have been out of the loop, since yesterday was my daughter's birthday and we had part one of her party last night with the family. In Gosselin land one day is like the equivalent of being away for a whole week. lol

    On the subject of the show ending, I'm with a lot of people; while it is probably good for the kids to have some time away from the public eye until they adjust to life in their new family dynamic, I'm still going to miss seeing them like crazy! You don't realize how much a part of your life something has become until it is gone. Isn't that always the way though? I think like a lot of people, I was selfishly happy to see the update that Kate Plus 8 was not dead in the water just yet. I am assuming that the only way Kate Plus 8 will be over is if the judge rules that the kids should not be filmed anymore. I wonder what criteria the judge would use to rule though; would he go by child labour laws etc. alone or would he ask for some kind of input from the kids. Since one parent says they want to film and the other says they don't, even though they're minors, you'd almost have to ask them to find out the truth. TLC sounds pretty confident that they will be filming again. I guess we'll see.

    Hope: Can you clarify something from the last thread? You referred to the "contract" Kate supposedly gave Jon and why he hasn't used it against her yet if it existed; I just wanted to know if Jon was actually the one that said there was a contract in public anywhere or was it Jodi and Kevin. To my recollection, Jodi and Kevin, in their mini media tour last year said that Jon came to them and told them that Kate had given him this contract saying he could lead his life as long as he continued filming the show. I don't recall hearing this from Jon himself at any point but then, I didn't read or follow things as closely last year so I might have missed it. I'm wondering because if it was Kevin and Jodi that said it, then there is a possibility it wasn't true and that is why Jon hasn't used it in court. Kevin and Jodi also said in the same interview that their marriage had been over for a while and that although Jon was being seen with other women, Kate was also cheating (referring to Steve Nield).Since Jon later did confirm that he suspected that she cheated, we know that that part of Jodi and Kevin's statement must have been true and Jon did say something to them about the bodyguard. I wonder if the rest of it could be true too?

    Shelly: Thanks for clearing up the confusion about Steve and his wife. I was surprised too that they would be divorced since they never mentioned it all this time and also they were all together at Kate's at the end of the summer.\

    On that note, I also want to add that I am glad Baby Mama plans to stick around somehow despite what may happen with the show. I know I am a relatively new member here but I really love this site and being able to discuss all things Gosselin here. Again, thank you for everything you do to keep this blog running Baby Mama!!

  31. What do you guys think about this one?

    I had DVR'd Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday night and only got around to watching it last night so pardon me if my comment is kind of late in coming.

    Diane Dimond was interviewing Jon after the court stuff and at one point she asked him whether he had had a chance to spend any time with Kate after the hearing in the arbitration room. He said no and that she was in a separate arbitration room and so was he. He said he wished they had a chance to talk and try to work some things out but that it didn't happen.

    Diane Dimond then asked him if he ever just looked at Kate and wanted to reach out and say(I'm paraphrasing here) "Honey, can't we just put all this aside and try to work things out and save our family?" To this Jon said the most confusing thing. He said that he definitely does and that he was almost tempted to do it after the court hearing but then he thought about it and he didn't feel that doing it in public would have been a good idea especially with all the lawyers and stuff. He said that in a private setting he would like to try that.

    He then said something even weirder. He said that he could tell you exactly what she was wearing and then proceded to describe Kate's outfit down to the open toe shoes. WTH????

    Now, I know I have been fooled before into thinking his reconciliation talk has meant reconciliation of the marriage but what is a person supposed to think about him sitting there looking pensive and practically saying he drank her all in when he saw her at court, down to the shoes on her feet.

    Is this a fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me moment or do you all think there is something to this? Could he be regretting the whole divorce thing? If so, then what about Haylie the love of his life and soulmate or is he bored of her already and wants what he had back? I don't know but I'm beginning to think the whole bi-polar argument is not so far off. One minute he is this huge jerk and the next he seems like old Jon, even if it it's only for a minute.

    Any opinions???? Did anyone else see ET that night and know the interview I'm talking about?

  32. Personally I think Jon may have read Kate's emails but probably not "hacked" into them. Thus the denial.

    I think I remember "a source" saying he had emails proving Kate and Steve were having an affair. But Jon said he didn't have proof, just a feeling so not sure if there was any truth to that. I do wonder if Jon has anything on Kate that he plans to use for leverage or for his tell-all book, if he ever writes one.

    There is a difference between illegally hacking into accounts and gaining access to them on a shared computer. He possibly went into the home computer and was able to just get into the accounts. He could possibly go in after she did and view everything she was in prior to that.

    Stephanie saying he tracked her cell phone, etc... he probably went into their cell phone records. How else would he "track cell phone" info? I'm not even sure what she meant by that. Anyone?

    As for the bank accounts, if they are joint accounts I can't see that being illegal. But he said she won't give him the passwords so it seems he couldn't get in anyway. I can't imagine Jon being able to get in anything on the computer without passwords. But isn't he legally entitled to go into their bank accounts anyway?

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if he did try accessing her email, especially if he thought she was having an affair. I wouldn't be surprised if he DID HACK into her email accounts if he has the know-how. I will be surprised if he admits it though.

    I'm just not sure it's that easy to be a hacker. Creating a website is a lot easier than hacking into accounts and computers with security features. I wonder if Jon removed some of the security features on their home computer. I also wonder if he can remotely access her computer from far away. I know it's possible because my BIL goes into mine when I have a tech problem and he's 70 miles away when he does it. But I have to give him an access code to do it while he's accessing it. I'm not sure you can set that up ahead of time.

    I don't know what Jon is capable of as far as his tech skills are concerned. I am curious. I wonder if they can really find out or know for sure.

    Just like the court case with the money, it's up to the courts to decide this one if Kate takes it that route. We may never know the truth.

    I do wonder though if there was anything to find. Yes, it's a violation of privacy and I totally get that aspect of it, but if my husband went into my email account and computer activity he'd be bored out of his mind. The only "interesting" activity he'd find is this blog. He does have access to it all though. I have nothing to hide. He'd find no surprises. Of course if we were getting a divorce I'm sure I'd be pissed he did, but I wouldn't be worried unless there was something I didn't want him to know. I wonder if Kate is just upset over the fact that he invaded her privacy, which I do agree she has every right to be, or if she is upset he may know more than she wants him to.

    Funny thing is, if Jon accessed anything illegally that he could use against her he probably won't have the balls to use it because it would expose his illegal actions. I wonder if it would also work conversely. Would Kate not go after him for hacking if she knows what info might come out?

    Watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 four seasons ago I would have never thought we'd be having this discussion. Totally bizarre.

  33. anothermom~ I was thinking today that I can't believe I have had my blog for almost a year and a half..that is crazy! When I think about all that has happened in that time..the birth of my daughter, my move, my computer crash & my struggles with going back to all happened while I was on the computer with this (and my other site).

    When I read the post about the show ending, my heart sank a little. I was wondering if I would stop or where I would go with it..then I realized that everything can become something long as I loved chatting with you all it can always continue. It has become a labor of love for me..and I'm glad you all appreciate it like I do!

  34. What great news from TV Guide.......I must admit I was so relieved to read this update.

    Baby Mama, is soooo true.

    Does anybody think Jon can honestly not see his life unravelling, or is he in total denial?????

  35. I don't see Jon with a future in television. Unless it's some sort of sad reality show. When he was on The Insider panel and they were having discussions he didn't chime in on anything unless it directly involved his story. Maybe they didn't want him to, but it seemed like everyone else was commenting on the other stories they were covering.

    Personally I think Jon is not interesting without Kate and vice versa. It was their "chemistry" that made the show interesting, to me anyway. Aside from the cute kids that is, and they are getting older now and once the sextuplets are a few years older the show will be less interesting. I know a lot of people on this blog don't agree, but there would have to be at least 2 million people who feel that way to make it work.

    Their teen years may be really interesting though, but I think they need their privacy during those important years too, as much as I'd be interested.

    I really do think they should continue to do annual update shows. They'd be stupid not to. I see Jon giving permission for that because it's not filming the children on a daily or weekly basis and watching their every move. I'd watch an annual update on all of them, Jon and Kate included. Remember too, Jon said the children shouldn't be filmed during the divorce. He may have left an opening there for future filming. I personally disagree with future continuous filming of the children, but that's just my opinion.

  36. another mom:
    I didn't see the ET interview but I may have it recorded. I'll have to check. LMAO! at how Jon "drank her all in"!

  37. I just watched the interview with Stephanie about the emails. I think it does sound believable that Jon did it (but I'm not saying it's 100% true because I don't know for sure), especially since she said she sent Kate an email and Jon called her a few minutes later. I wonder if Kate did get the email and yelled at Jon and that's why he called her or if he got his copy of the email first. Stephanie didn't know which one it was though.

    What I want to know is that really possible? Can you get a copy of every email? It SOUNDS possible. Can you get a copy of every text? She claimed that too. That doesn't sound so possible. Anyone know?

  38. First, I will say that I'm not surprised, I was not 100% believing what Radar was reporting, as they were once again citing unnamed sources "close to TLC" and there was no actual TLC statement at the time. TLC is playing this quite well, IMO. Regardless of what happens, and I don't think they know where this will end up - there may or may not be a future show with K+8, but it is in TLC's best interest to hype this for all it's worth. If it increases ratings, it increases their bank account. They have said that they will not be challenging Jon if he continues to deny permission; but they can hold onto the hope that a settlement of the divorce might provide clear guidance on who has authority to decide upon the filming of the children. Regardless of whether Jon's motives are in question - if TLC were to take it to court to challenge Jon's decision, they come out of it looking like the vile big corporate giant who is putting their profits above a parent's right to do what is in the kids' best interests.

    Off topic (re: future of the show): OK - Stephanie Santoro goes on Radar, giving a paid interview, and states that Jon hacked Kate's email, cell phone, etc. to obtain her electronic correspondence. Everyone is jumping right on that bandwagon with her, believing her statements as the gospel truth.

    6 months ago: Kevin and Jodie go on Radar, giving a paid interview, stating that Jon came to them and said Kate was kicking him to the curb, he could do as he pleased, just show up for taping of the show. Kevin & Jodie were villified, they had zero credibility, nothing they said could be trusted because they took money for the interviews they gave.

    People spent time researching whether or not Kevin & Jodie paid off their home mortgages due to profits rec'd from giving interviews.

    Which is it going to be? How can it be arbitrarily decided that Stephanie Santoro & her mother are saints, and Jodie/Kevin are in league with the devil, when both parties were paid by the same sources for providing interviews on the topic of Jon & Kate, their marriage, etc. ???

  39. I had to laugh when I read an article quoting either Lohan or Heller saying that Jon was in talks with Nutrisystem to be their spokesperson. However, when called to verify if true, they flatly denied anything of the sort.

    Maybe one day he'll be on "Biggest Loser"(?).

  40. New release by CBS that TLC suing Jon
    The TLC network says it's suing Jon Gosselin for breaching his contract as star of the reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

    The lawsuit, filed Friday in Maryland, alleges that Gosselin hasn't met the obligations of his contract as an exclusive employee, has appeared on other programs for pay and made unauthorized disclosures about the show.

    Gosselin has starred for two years in "Jon & Kate Plus 8," which has been consumed in recent months by marital turmoil as Gosselin and his wife, Kate, feuded, then filed for divorce. The couple are the parents of young twins and sextuplets.

    Recently, TLC announced the show would be renamed "Kate Plus Eight," with a reduced presence by Jon Gosselin. A TLC spokeswoman, Laurie Goldberg, has said the show's longtime future remains in question.

    This doesn't surprise me at all. You can't be under contract to someone and then just do things to directly go against it. I'm glad TLC is stepping up to the plate.

  41. ....all of this "stuff" that has gone on with Jon for many months now really makes me question who the REAL Jon is????????

    This alien was obviously not born overnight. Was he this same person when Kate married him, and he was suppressing it? Is it really possible for anybody to change that much in such a short time?

    I was just listening to the interview with Stephanie Santoro. I have no idea how much is truth and how much is fiction, but if there is a shred of truth to it, it is absolutely sickening.

    Unfortunately, being the father of her children, there is no possible way Kate can just walk away from him at this point, but ohhh, how I wish she could.

    Glad to know this blog will be able to continue!! Yeah!!! I am not a blogger elsewhere and have enjoyed this site alot.

  42. Jon said he's not worried about money, or making money. I'm not so sure. I wonder if he plans to sue TLC. Or write a tell-all book. Why else isn't he worried about money? It seems like he doesn't have many options. I know he said he has stuff in the works but he also said Ed Hardy used him. He didn't get anything in writing with them I guess. He gave them free advertising but didn't get anything for it but free clothes? I guess they did use him. At least he has the satisfaction of knowing he ruined Ed Hardy for all the cool people. I bet sales went down since then. But all that makes me wonder if he has something in stone or it's all just talk again.

    And he has all these legal fees now! And Kate too! I guess that's why he's doing interviews left and right. He is getting paid for them. He really needs to get his act together.

    I wonder about their financial situation. I really hope they do have money in 11 accounts because they will need it. I know Jon spent money (I also hope he was making money on interviews to help pay some of it) I just wonder how much he really spent with all the rumors out there. And then there's the supposed $100k he used for the children's foundation he supposedly started. I wonder how much is left for them to live on if the show is cancelled.

    Will they have to sell the house? It isn't fair if Kate has to be the sole financial supporter of the family. I know Jon can do IT work but how much will he really make? And will he stick with it? I don't see Kate going back to nursing. I know it's an option, but I don't see her doing that again for various reasons.

    I can understand why Kate is worried about her financial future (although I'm still annoyed by the way she did it on the Today show.) It must be very stressful especially in a bad economy.

    I still feel the children shouldn't be filmed like they were so I don't think the money is reason enough to continue to do the show with them.

    I think someone should look into the fact that TLC didn't pay the children for being on the show. I think they should legally be entitled to separate payment for being filmed. What if they have to tap into the children's trust/college funds to support them? That will be so sad.

    I think Kate may have to face the fact that she may be living a simpler life. A smaller house with less land may be in their future. The kids may not be able to go to private school (although I think the public schools are really good out there).

    I just read an article about J&K show compared to Little People Big World and 18 Kids and Counting. The difference really is that the other two families don't count on the show for their financial income. Both families have good income not based on their shows. I think that is a is huge factor (not addressing child exploitation, etc). If their shows stop filming their lifestyles probably won't change much. Very smart of them. I really hate to see Jon and Kate (more so for their children of course) go back to financial problems after such a successful show. I'm afraid it might be their future though. I hope not.

  43. Baby Mama - I defintiely understand how doing this blog ties in emotionally to your personal life because with all the things you went through there were people here to support you and be your friend.

    Blogs like this often become so much more than just a bunch of strangers commenting on a subject. It starts out with Jon and Kate and somewhere along the way, everyone eventually shares some tidbits from their own lives and you just get to "know" people in the process. Even though some of us have been known to disagree on things here and there, I know I would miss this blog and everyone's inputs if it all ended so with that said, I really do love that you plan on staying around somehow! Plus, it would drive the haters nuts knowing that you didn't close up shop if the show ends. Yes!!! xoxoxo

  44. anothermom,

    Since I'm not in the US, I don't get to watch these interviews and entertainment shows. Am really glad when people share the latest news here.

    As much as I try not to read too much into the interview details you wrote, Jon's weird and inconsistent reactions are just too hard to ignore. On one hand, he goes all out and says all the nastiest things. There was so much anger and resentment in his words during interviews. And yet on occasions his attitude is just the complete opposite. It's like watching two different Jon's. I don't know what to think anymore.

    I'm torn between two varying oppinions for Jon's actions. When he is with his lawyer and all prepped up for an interview, he speaks fluently and w/o any hint of true emotions whatsoever. It's like he is hell bent on revenge and has his lawyer plan out the steps with precision. But when it is an impromptu interview and he is asked "unconventional" questions that he isn't prepped for, the old Jon comes back. And the way he acts is as if he and Kate are merely temporarily separated and still working on salvaging their marriage.

    I see alot of my "ex" in Jon's behaviour (not a marriage thing, but merely in terms of character). The relationship turns sour due to resentment for being tied down. The other party wants to get out of it and find the old "freedom". Commitment issues surface and the other party "blinded" by old resentments act out in the nastiest ways. Though, deep inside they still really care deeply for the spouse. This conflicting emotions causes so much confusion, the easiest way is choose not to care (though sometimes they can't help it).

    Anyone gets my ramblings? LOL...

  45. from RadarOnline...

    TLC Files Lawsuit Against Jon Gosselin

    In a bombshell development, TLC announced Friday that it has filed a lawsuit against Jon Gosselin.

    The network is suing Jon for breach of contract, stemming from his actions of stopping production of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

    It's the most shocking twist yet in a bitter public brawl of a divorce between Jon and Kate, which resulted in Jon saying he no longer wanted his children filmed, effectively shutting down the show.

    TLC says it has been trying privately and patiently for months to get Jon to honor his contract with them and to comply with his obligations relating to public appearances and statements. Those efforts have been unsuccessful, the network contends.

    And look out Jon -- while you have Mark Heller on your side, TLC has hired Williams & Connolly, one of the best law firms in the country.

    Williams & Connolly is out of Washington, D.C. and has a reputation for not only excellence but what some might called a "scorched earth policy" which basically means every fact about their opponents is uncovered in discovery.

    We have a feeling this is going to get very interesting.

  46. OMG! This is going to get uglier. TLC is going to sue Jon for breach of contract per RadarOnline.

    But didn't they change the show from Jon and Kate Plus 8 to Kate Plus 8? They want to keep him under contract but not film him? That makes no sense to me. I think again it's about control. They don't want him doing anything else. They don't want him talking. I'm not saying I blame them because it's against their best interests but how is that fair? They just want to control him. If Jon is not under contract with them what he does will not reflect badly on TLC. I don't understand the connection there. I do understand their wanting him being held under the confidentiality agreement though. I wonder if that's what this is about.

    I wonder what they will sue him for. Money? Does he have any? I'm not sure that's the thing to do unless they are going to put that money in a trust for the children. The only ones going to lose in this lawsuit are the children. Any money they take will take money away from the children. How will he pay his share of the $15k monthly expenses? How will he pay "child support"?

    Are they going to sue him to make him continue "filming"?

    I bet if Jon lets them continue to film the children they will drop the lawsuit. Maybe? If so, then that's just wrong. Again, I understand it from TLC's viewpoint but that's like blackmail.

    I really wonder what TLC wants from the lawsuit. What will the repercussions be for breach of contract?

    I wonder if Jon will countersue. I think he should. I think someone needs to sue TLC for exploiting the family. They exploited their divorce. I think the major issue though is they didn't pay the children. I don't care if Jon and Kate don't get a penny because they were stupid to not have lawyers when they signed, but the children had no representation at all.

  47. You guys were posting this the same time I was HAHA.. I removed my post. This is...going to get ugly. I was honestly wondering why nothing was heard out of TLC's camp for a few days. We see why now. For the record. People are still a day behind saying the show is being canceled. Now everyone is changing their stories..

  48. You can read a copy of the lawsuit here...

  49. So much to comment on!

    Ok, to start with, the email thing. It is remarkably easy for a family member or a spouse to hack into your email. It's not even "hacking" at a high level. Remember all those forgotten password questions? Most of them are "Where were you born?" "What was the name of your first pet?" and other such personal information. Someone you are/were close to can likely guess those questions and gain access to your account. Heck, for some people, anyone on their FACEBOOK page can figure out all that information. So, to me, it's entirely plausible that Jon has been clandestinely reading Kate's emails. Hacking the cell would be entirely more difficult, but not too much if you know what you're doing.

    Next, TLC suing Jon. It's an interesting step. They're probably doing it to make him stop all his ridiculous interviews. I have no doubt he is violating his morality clause. I don't think they're suing to force the family to keep filming.

    As for payment and all that, I suspect Jon is being sneaky with his words. I believe that the children never received personal cheques for their work. I also believe that KATE has made trust funds for them which they can access when they're grown up/going school which is the same as them being paid. Jon's accusation that they never paid the children is bull. Kate has said on multiple occasions that they have substantial funds in their names. I am 100% confident that the money is safe.

  50. Schmeckygirl said...
    I wonder if Jon will countersue. I think he should. I think someone needs to sue TLC for exploiting the family. They exploited their divorce. I think the major issue though is they didn't pay the children. I don't care if Jon and Kate don't get a penny because they were stupid to not have lawyers when they signed, but the children had no representation at all.

    I just read the court documents and they did redo the contract in April of 2008 and they did have their manager and lawyer with them, maybe they didnt at the first one and maybe thats what Jon was refering to but when they signed for 3 more seasons in 4/08 they did.

    And I dont think you can sue for exploiting a family that signed a contract agreeing to the terms. I dont think TLC did anything more then Jon or Kate agreed to.

    And the representation is the parents and you know there is an account set up for them, Kate has said on many occasions she made sure that has been done, so I dont think you can continue to use that.

  51. (TLC suing Jon...and Stephanie's admissions...)

    Oy vey.

    I hope he is kept far, far away from Kate and the kids for the foreseeable future.

    Because I would think this is his rock-bottom.

  52. Wow! Reading TLC's lawsuit papers was a real eye-opener. TLC had planned to continue filming Jon but the focus would be on Kate with Jon drawing a full salary.

    Jon's attorney lies as well as Jon does. According to TLC atty Heller sent papers after their announcement about Kate Plus 8 and demanded Jon's release OR they would refuse to let kids be filmed. I think TLC has the proof or they wouldn't have filed that. TLC also asked for a jury trial. No more lies, Jon, it's all going to come out.

  53. SchmeckyGirl,

    I think whether Jon has a contract when the name change was to take effect on November 2 is irrelevant. Both were still under the old contract through this month. So Jon was under contract when he went on Entertainment Tonight and Insider and got paid. Right now, while the show is still airing as Jon and Kate + 8, what Jon does indeed reflects badly on TLC.

    I doubt TLC wants or expects money from Jon and whatever they will get from him would be negligible at best. I expect TLC is suing Jon more to make a point - especially to the other people they contract with for so many of theirother shows. If a broadcasting corporation allows one of their on-air personalities to violate his contract, what is to keep the others from thinking they can do so as well? Honestly, I think this is meant to send a message to the Duggars and Roloffs and other families being filmed as much as to Jon Gosselin. That message is: Our contracts mean something and if you violate them, there will be consequences.

    I do not think TLC will film the Gosselin children again - except perhaps for an occassional special. There is no PR acceptable way to do that without their father's okay. In fact, I think they waited this long to pursue the lawsuit because prior to now they still had hopes of the keeping the kids on the air. Now, with that off the table, it is more important that TLC send a strong message to everyone else they have contracts with.

    Heller already made it clear that he wanted to sue TLC because the kids were not given seperate contracts from the parents. Frankly, I think it is just another way for Jon to shift blame and Heller to hold out hope for a big payday. The parents contracted a price per episode that the FAMILY would receive. According to Jon that was $22,500 anepisode. It was up to the parents to put some portion of that in accounts for the kids. If Kate and Jon did not do so, they should be held accountable not TLC. Essentially, if you divide that equally by 10, Kate and Jon should have put $2250 in the bank per kid per episode. If they did this, each kid would have an account worth about a quarter of a million now. (We don't know how much Kate put away for each kid.)

    Having to contract with each kid seperately would pretty much put and end to any of TLC's shows involving families. Do you honestly think it is feasible for TLC to contract with each and every one of the 20 Duggar kids?

  54. While I beleive that TLC is completely justified in the lawsuit, and I think Jon deserves it, I am not entirely fond of it because I believe that while the money is a drop in the bucket for TLC, the lawsuit probably will not cause Jon to make any changes in his life and the outcome seems potentially more hurtful for Kate and the kids than Jon.
    I read the lawsuit and it said that Jon through his sleazebag attorney had demanded to be released from exclusivity with continued compensation from Kate Plus Eight when he found out about the name change. His attorney said that if this wasn't given within one hour, Jon would go on the record as saying that filming was detrimental to his kids. I am sure that TLC would never make this claim if they didn't have some pretty good proof to back this up. Kate can hopefully use this in any proceedings that address her chidren's best interests. Most of us assumed that this was pretty much the case .
    My concern however is that in pursuing the lawsuit before the divorce is finalized and assets are separated that Kate and the kids will be the true losers through this. The KJIG that they were talking about sounds familiar, it sounds like the bank account that Jon removed funds from against arbitration rules so it sounds to me that despite the fact that Kate and her kids have done everything they can to honor the contract that they could be penalized if TLC wins. I may be totally wrong and I hope I am.
    My other concern is that the haters will be able to turn this around into a poor Jon against big cruel mammoth TLC who is exploiting poor little him. They will rally for him and give credence to what he is doing, even though it is for their own agendas and not his, he will still be a winner, and thus not motivated to change for the benefit of his kids. I also am not sure that this will help to promote a positive environment for the family in its future dealings with TLC. I just hope TLC and its legal team are careful in protecting the best interests of Kate and the children throughout this. I thank all of you for widening my world. It is so nice to have people to talk with that care like I do about this family.

  55. I am glad TLC is sueing Jon. Maybe this will wake Jon up.
    I hope for Kates sake she can move on and divorce him soon.
    The fact that he went on the Insider & gave a "message " to Maddy & Cara?? Are they supposed to watch that show? I didnt get that. He has lost it.

  56. Schmecky,

    Jon has absolutely no legal grounds to countersue on the basis that they didn't directly pay the children. There would be if it was a scripted show. Their state child labor laws already have addressed that.

    Also, if the contract stipulated that they would, there would be grounds, however, it was reported that it stated it was the responsibility of the parents to do so.

    In regards to exploitation, he (or anyone else for that matter) would have a difficult time proving that J&K were not fairly compensated.

  57. Schmecky, I do think that even if TLC released Jon that his behavior would still reflect badly for them because no matter what he is still connected to Kate plus eight and any negative things he does will bring negative publicity to the show. So I disagree with you there. The court docs say that they DID have a lawyer when the re-did the contracts the last few times. I do agree that if Jon ends up flat broke he won't be able to contribute to the kids as he should but hopefully Kate will get her deal and it in the end won't hurt the kids although I would argue they are well off financially now anyway and they don't need millions of dollars to be happy, they just need mom and dad. They are much better off than all the other kids living in poverty around the world. As far as TLC exploiting the divorce and family, I don't think they exploited the family I think they gave them opportunities for success and the ability to live above the poverty line for the rest of their lives. Now about exploiting the divorce, I can see that arguement.

  58. Let's see. Kate filed for a no fault divorce (lucky for Jon) so she can't supoena Deanna, her brother, Kate 2.0, Stephanie, Hailey etc.

    But for violations of a morals clause, in the jury trial TLC can supoena them. That's a disaster for Jon. It would appear that attorney Heller's advice to Jon is also disasterous.

    If Jon also has to return money from Vegas, Radar, ET, the Insider, etc and loses in court, he's got all those attorney fees to pay also. Not looking too good there. He's "innocent" until proven guilty, but Heller, who wanted things tried in the court of public opinion, has lost that round.

    Jon's best hope would appear to blame the attorney for improper counsel. I don't think he can blame Kate, and I think he's running out of people to blame. Wait, maybe he'll blame Jodi & Kevin for starting the mess. Or, maybe Hailey's dad for doing the tummy tuck. Or maybe his first grade teacher. Or maybe his mother. Guess he can still find a few to blame. Maybe the bartenders who let him drink until he was drunk.

    His claim that he had no legal representation in TLC contracts seems to be another lie. TLC states that both their managers and attorney participated in the negotiations.

    O what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

    Wait, one more. He can blame the counselor, too, forgot that one.

  59. I guess one other out for Jon would be to say that he didn't say the kids should never film. He said they shouldn't film while they are in the middle if a divorce. But since the divorce will be final in November, they could film then.

    One other thought. Jon didn't produce the infamous contract he said Kate gave him. I think if he had one, he'd have already sold it to ET or the Insider. I think he told Kevin and Jodi there was one and they believed him. Perhaps Jon sold them a bill of phony goods too.

  60. Oh my goodness! The show is not over! That is good news! I'm glad to hear that the blog will still go on too. I would really miss it! I love chatting with everyone here!

    Unfortunately, this is just going to get even nastier. I feel so bad for the kids, that this whole divorce and lawsuit is in the public. I agree with SchmeckyGirl that two years ago, I would have never in a million years had guessed that this would be happening. She's right.... it's completely bizarre.

  61. In regards to the whole computer hacking situation: That is really horrible if Jon actually did something like that. He doesn't have to be best friends with Kate now that they are getting divorced, but that is just downright invasive. What could he be thinking? I'm hesitant to trust what Stephanie is saying, because she could just be in it for the money like so many others. Just because I'm anti-Jon at the moment, doesn't mean that I should believe all of the "truths" that come out about him! Still, I wouldn't even be surprised if it WAS true. How horrible for Kate to know that he has been reading her personal stuff. I'm pretty confident that she has nothing to hide from him, but still.... poor thing.

  62. For any of you Jon fans on this site that truly thought Jon pulled his kids off TV for "their sake".. well then you will hate to read TMZ.. I may make this part of my new post...

    TLC to Jon -- Pants on Fire!
    Posted Oct 16th 2009 11:00AM by TMZ Staff

    TMZ has obtained a copy of the lawsuit TLC just filed against Jon Gosselin, and the network is essentially saying Jon is a liar by now claiming he stopped production because he's concerned about the welfare of his kids -- TLC says Jon is concerned about the welfare of Jon.

    According to the suit, filed by Paul Gaffney of the law firm of Williams & Connolly in DC, the day TLC recast the show as "Kate Plus 8," Jon's lawyer contacted TLC and demanded that they release him from the "exclusivity" provision of the contract, even though Jon was still drawing a full salary. The suit claims Jon's laywer gave an ultimatum -- either release him from the exclusivity clause within one hour, or Jon would block the filming of the TLC show on grounds it was "detrimental to his children."

    TLC notes Jon never uttered a peep about how bad the show was for his kids, until it affected his pocketbook. And, TLC claims Jon is pulling in some serious bucks from "Entertainment Tonight" -- aka "Entertainment Something".

    COPY & PASTE LINK to see the court documents:

  63. omg, The quiet giant has finally spoken, WOW!!!
    I read the breach of contract and at the very end as I read Trial by Fire in my mind, lol OPPS!
    Trial by Jury, that is supposed to scare him,
    I do believe this is a power play to get Jon to give up the filming rights of the kids. TLC wants those kids on TV. Look at the big bucks it brings in.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Ch-Ching.
    I don't care what J&K want, Kate CAN-DO her thing. Jon can have every penny he makes in the future witheld. The children should not be on TV anymore. They need time to adjust with their parents.

  64. Just finished watching et and they said that Jon has the kids today and Kate stopped in for a visit. They were pictured in front of the garage as the kids got out of the car. I bet she needed to know if he was OK emotionally. Since all this crap hit the fan this morning.
    Maybe they will try to be civilized and can talk.
    Law and Order has their show on now called Reality Bites, so I am taping that too.

    Words of encouragement to Jon: AAAAAAAAAAAh?
    What can I say? Sounds like things are not in your favor, Breach of Contract, sounds pretty bad. But don't worry because they can take your money, they can take your cars and Hardy wear, but they can't kill you. So you will just have to get a job.
    A single parent who is still in favor of Fathers Rights.

  65. #1 caregiver:

    On the TLC footage, do you not see well-adjusted, very happy children?

    On the pap shots, for that matter, do you not see well-adjusted, very happy children? (the typical tween meltdowns of Mady and Cara aside)

    The stuff we read in the rags and see of Jon and Kate do not include the children. They haven't seen it. Yet. I think it is a huge testament to Kate that they seem so happy to see Jon and still seem so happy and well-adjusted all the other times too.

    When they google, it will be different and that will not change if TLC filming stops. That is all on Jon. Nothing Kate has said will hurt them. She has been a saint in her comments about current events and Jon, all things considered.

    It will drastically change their lives NOW if the income and travel opportunities from TLC end though. They should not have to suffer and so far, they are obviously not suffering at all.

    Kate is trying very hard for those kids not to have to suffer hurtful changes, in spite of Jon's reckless behavior, and I don't think the public should try to impede her efforts by calling for an end to something that has not harmed them.

    The children RUN TO JON grinning and embrace him, so they obviously don't know all the stuff that WE KNOW.

    I get so tired of people attempting to project things onto the kids that the kids have no clue about.

    TLC filming and the pap coverage are two different things. Either people don't realize that or their protests are about something else.


  66. maybe a silly question...does anyone think Kate will also be sued? I just wonder because if Jon is sued for making money for appearances, will Kate be sued for making money for her public speaking dates and being on The View etc.? Or is that not the same thing.

  67. I really really believe that Jon has said everything that Kate Major and Stephanie Santoro has said that he said, because Jon is a blow hard and he talks and he talks and he talks to anyone and everyone. He thinks that bragging about "stealing and hacking and smoking pot" makes him a big man. Like now he is a "worldly man" instead of a "country bumpkin".

    Kudos to TLC for sticking it to him as Jon is a runaway train and feels that he is not accountable to anyone. He is listening to people (his sleazy attorney) that are telling him that he is above the law and everyone else. This TLC lawsuit I think will help Kate in Court and will just go to emphasize Jon's crazy behavior. I hope that it does not end up hurting the kids financially. Jon's Attorney is trying to portray this whole "David and Goliath" scenario and saying that TLC is trying to try this in the "Court of Public Opinion". Funny, isn't that what Heller said on Larry King, that they wanted to try their case in the "Court of Public Opinion". I guess what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Funny how things turn around isn't it.

  68. Wow Wow Wow. Good going TLC. They have every right to sue him for breach of contract. It does not matter if TLC changed the name of the show or not. It is TLC's show. That name is trademarked and owned by TLC. They can call that show what ever they want. Jon was still receiving full compensation for less filming. His problem was he lost the perks, and his goofy mug would not be on TV as much. Who is the one that sells his sole to the paps, who is the one that stands by the fence when he is supposed to be with his kids he misses so much, who is the one one that has told forty different stories on national TV? IT WAS JON! He is bipolar.

    As for the email hacking. I think that is just a word Stephanie is using. If you bring up your email from windows that is set up with your ISP. Go to tools, then account, open the properties on your default email account, on the last tab at the bottom of the page is a box that reads "leave a copy on server". With that box marked, you can pick up your mail from any computer in the world, by logging on to your ISP internet page such as Cox, Comcast, etc. And the beauty of it all is you still get the exact same messages on you home or office computer and no one would know that they were read, because they still appear as new messages in your inbox.

    As for her cell phone, she is using a PDA style phone. So therefore it is like having a mini computer in your hand. So, yes it can be done. Every message she recieves can automatically be forwarded to another phone or an email address. Especially if she has a windows program downloaded to that phone. Alot of time those types of phones are synced with a computer so it is easier to have calenders and such updated.

  69. This just keeps getting better and better.
    Jon's hole keeps getting deeper and deeper.

  70. I finally figured it out!!! I can now post a comment from
    my iPhone:). Thanks for the email back babymama! I am so excited to
    post on this blog so I can tell Schmecky that she is killing me with her comments! (lol):)
    I am such a huge Kate fan and really in my eyes she does no wrong:) but schmecky it's ok to stick up for them both:) I love how you get some of the fabulous ladies on here to go a little nuts!

  71. I have a longer post to make but it will have to wait as we have family plans today and I was sick as a dog yesterday.

    I did have a question though - I read the court documents and it lists the 'defendants' as Jon Gosselin AND JKIG, Inc. If memory serves me correctly - isn't JKIG, Inc. the 'corporation' that equals Jon AND Kate?

    If so - then I'm guessing that it's the legally correct thing to do - however - I wonder if they win in their claim - how this will affect Kate and the children?!? Since its listed as a defendant - any assets owned by JKIG will be up for grabs in the suit.......leaving only monies in Kate's personal name secure? Then again, since they are not legally divorced - I wonder what the law is in PA? In many states its 'joint property until divorced' so in affect - any action take against Jon would affect Kate by the mere fact they are still technically married.

    This seems tragic to me if Jon's actions will cause Kate and/or the kids to suffer because of his childish and irrational and mentally unstable actions!

  72. Georgia Peach 311, pertaining to your statement of seeing well adjusted kids on the show. First let me say I am not a K-hater and do not have blind faith in either J or K. The show is not real. When I found out she doesn't even cook her own dinners, (more the 1-1/2 years ago). That is when I started to feel disappointed in the show. Now, for the children: My Early Childhood Background and Degree has me thinking that Kate could have done a better job with them. Especially since she had soooo much help.
    She never let them get dirty, by making pud pies or having a sand box. They are always so neat and clean. Jon even mentioned it on the show numerous times.
    What about all those t-shirts donated from that lady, couldn't they have a set just for markers and painting etc., so they get stained, big deal wash them and you have a tie dyed shirt for the next time who cares?
    Mady throwing fits - Kate just waves her arm and says oh well there's that attitude to the cameras. She let her get away with yelling at adults, stomping around and kicking stuff, never corrected her on camera that I saw. I feel that type of behavior should have been handled differently. A child has to be told that that type of behavior is not acceptable. Yelling at adults that she hates them and such does not promote respect! JMO. I think Kate was just embarrassed to do it on TV, so Mady has gotten away with it.
    Just this week, the P-People filmed Jon picking the kids at the bus. First thing out of Madys' mouth was "I don't like your outfit". Jon just ignored it. Can't blame him but I think a quiet comment like Gee Mady that hurts my feeling when you say things like that! Then drop it. Jon says he is in counsiling to learn more on how to handle the kids, I hope that is true. I should write a book. LOL??
    The younger a child is while their parents are Divorcing the easier the transition. Although its never easy! The sextuplets will adjust better and faster then Mady and Cara. Since, they are in 3 rd. grade it is very important that they have s stable parent (KATE)in the home. OMG, ALL THE SCHOOL WORK AND ONE ON ONE ATTENTION THEY NEED TO GET THROUGH THIS. Filming will be too much for them. JMO! I know Kate has improve herself in these areas. Her TV career is a good start for her. She could do her own thing and still have time for the kids. With both parents having joint custody, you think they could make this a smoother divorce! Not on TV, we'll see.
    TO BE CONTINUED...............CU

  73. Jenny, I don't think that Kate will be sued by TLC. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe I read that she got prior permission from the network to do the interviews. The other part of the suit/complaint against Jon was that he bad-mouthed the show and the network and that he violated his morals clause.
    Jon deserves to be sued, even if it's just for TLC to make a point. I was po'd to learn that he pulled the kids off because TLC didn't give him what he wanted, and it wasn't really about the kids' welfare. But I kind of agree with what Rabbi Shmuley Boteach said in his online article (link posted in a prior post on this blog)... who cares why the kids were pulled off? They needed to be off of TV, especially while their parents are divorcing. I enjoyed seeing the kids as much as the next person, and I'll miss them if the show completely stops. But they need a break from all of this, especially the paparazzi... those people have no shame! Maybe if the family is off of TV for a while, interest from the tabloid press will quiet down. But EVERYONE has to stay off of TV for that to happen. I know that this is their income and changes will have to be made if they are to survive financially should the TV show end. But I believe that Kate can do this... she is so determined! Jon is another story completely!
    On a side funny note, I saw one of Hailey Glassman's tweets, and she said something like "don't you wish you could just filter out the people you don't want to hear from? or run away?" Or it was something like that. I SO wanted to respond... "... like the process server from Jon's lawsuit because you helped him violate his morals clause?" But I didn't!

  74. Con't from previous post,
    Georgia Peach said: She has been a saint in her comments about current events and Jon, all things considered.
    Kate is not a saint and neither is Jon. She lied on TV about not having money to buy food. OMG, if anyone believes that then I have a bridge to sell you! Jon lies too, probably alot more then Kate. That is why she probably tried to even the score. We are back to the he said she said, but we can agree to disagree about all of it.
    As far as traveling and free stuff, I think enough is enough. TLC has enticed this family with all the freebies and J&K went all the way with them.

  75. I am so looking forward to the Butterflies Show on Monday. There are some very cute photos of the girls and Kate with the butterflies and the birds at the TLC site. The place they filmed in Florida is awesome. If you ever get a chance to visit, please do. It is a phenomenal experience for children, families, and even just adults. I've also been to the butterfly farm in NC and while it is a wonderful experience also, it is no where near as large as the one in Florida. (Can you tell I like butterflies?)

    Baby Mama you might want to use some of those photos on your next post.

    Okay, the section that I can't get to unlock at TLC has shifted on their site from the left corner to the right corner. It says "How we got here" "Here are the top 10 moments you must see." Wahhh... I wanna see those moments and I can't figure out how to do that. Obviously I have to register somewhere. Can anybody enlighten me on the 'how to'?

  76. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!I'm so glad we still have hope for Kate Plus 8!!It was such a downer to hear my favorite show was canceled but to hear it may be back is so great!

  77. unlike a soap opera that you can miss an ENTIRE year of shows and STILL know what is going on, life in Gosselin land is TOTALLY the opposite. I took an extra shift at work yesterday, and when I got home, my DH told me that TLC is now suing Jon for Breach of Contract....HOLY MACARONI!!!! I didn't see that coming....but then I was JUST on the TLC site, and they've updated the episode listing for the show on the 26th-ASK KATE.....this is the tie-in from the website about ASK Kate and she'll answer viewer questions.....I asked about how they are going to spend the upcoming holidays..... and now it becomes even more strange since JON announced that he is 1/2 Jewish and that he'll be exploring those holiday traditions with Hailey. I'm soooo excited to hear that TLC will continue on with Kate, but hope that kids can find some sort of peace too....

    On to the Stephanie thing.....she claims that Jon hacked into Kate's stuff (electronically) and that also Jon had smoked POT at THE HOUSE, during his custody time with the kids. Now, I thought that once she had become an employee of his (AKA the babysitter) that she had to sign some sort of CONFIDENTIALITY thing that prevented her from speaking out about what happened in the home DURING her time with the family....couldn't that put her in some sort of jeopordy for breaking that CONFIDENTIALITY clause? I just thought about that. So, the pot thing is JUST OUT there, but anything is possible.

  78. Jenny said...
    maybe a silly question...does anyone think Kate will also be sued? I just wonder because if Jon is sued for making money for appearances, will Kate be sued for making money for her public speaking dates and being on The View etc.? Or is that not the same thing.

    I believe that Kate had gotten permission from the network in order to make those appearances....which I THINK Jon failed to do for his interview with Chris Cuomo on ABC and all subsequent TV appearances......

  79. 3KMOM said...
    Schmecky, I do think that even if TLC released Jon that his behavior would still reflect badly for them because no matter what he is still connected to Kate plus eight and any negative things he does will bring negative publicity to the show. So I disagree with you there. The court docs say that they DID have a lawyer when the re-did the contracts the last few times.

    I do understand TLCs view on that, however, will that mean that for the rest of his life Jon has to portray a good image for the sake of TLC and their show? That's ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I would hope he would get his act together but not for the sake of TLC and their reputation... for himself and for the sake of his children.

    Besides, Toddlers and Tiaras and Monkey Babies says enough about TLC and their "reputation". They are becoming trashy all by themselves.

    Richard Hatch was in jail for 4 months for tax evastion. Does that reflect badly on Survivor? I don't think so. Once they aren't on the show their actions don't reflect good or bad on the show. At least they shouldn't. Once you're off the show you're off the show. You aren't tied to them and you should be free to live your life as you see fit.

    As for the lawyer, I'm confused by that. Jon claims they didn't have a lawyer. TLC claims they did. I do wonder if TLC provided the lawyer for Jon and Kate. If that is the case then that would be seen a conflict of interest. I wonder if a lawyer will come forward or if all that would at least be addressed. So many things unanswered.

  80. lucysmom said...
    Jon has absolutely no legal grounds to countersue on the basis that they didn't directly pay the children. There would be if it was a scripted show. Their state child labor laws already have addressed that.

    Jon said on Larry King Live that it IS scripted. I think that is one reason TLC wants him to shut up. They don't want the "reality" of the show being disputed. It's one of the arguments that Jon and his lawyer are making, thus the reason they feel the contract is invalid. (Whether it's the truth or we agree or not, that is their legal argument.)

    The state child labor dept hasn't ruled yet as far as I know. It is all still under investigation. I wonder how that is going. I wonder if they have access to the unseen, unedited footage of the show.

  81. I just can't keep up! The news comes so fast!

    I'm glad TLC is suing Jon. He needs to come back down to earth. I agree with NJMOM, Heller is making him think that he is a the top, but in reality Jon may as well be at the bottom!

  82. Shelly said:
    As for the email hacking. I think that is just a word Stephanie is using. If you bring up your email from windows that is set up with your ISP. Go to tools, then account, open the properties on your default email account, on the last tab at the bottom of the page is a box that reads "leave a copy on server". With that box marked, you can pick up your mail from any computer in the world, by logging on to your ISP internet page such as Cox, Comcast, etc. And the beauty of it all is you still get the exact same messages on you home or office computer and no one would know that they were read, because they still appear as new messages in your inbox.

    As for her cell phone, she is using a PDA style phone. So therefore it is like having a mini computer in your hand. So, yes it can be done. Every message she recieves can automatically be forwarded to another phone or an email address. Especially if she has a windows program downloaded to that phone. Alot of time those types of phones are synced with a computer so it is easier to have calenders and such updated.

    Wow! Interesting! Thanks for that info.

    So if it's his computer in his home is it "illegal"? Yes, it's morally wrong, but is it illegal, something he can go to jail for?

    As for her cell phone, I think Stephanie mentioned the text messages and phone calls too, not just the email in her phone. That's what I wonder if he's able to access.

    Again, I do believe he would access her email if he could. I just wonder if it's jut morally wrong, or if it's actually legally wrong.

  83. NJMOM said:
    Jon's Attorney is trying to portray this whole "David and Goliath" scenario and saying that TLC is trying to try this in the "Court of Public Opinion". Funny, isn't that what Heller said on Larry King, that they wanted to try their case in the "Court of Public Opinion". I guess what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Funny how things turn around isn't it.

    Yes, I agree it sounds hypocritical of Heller to say that, but I think he's referring to the fact that TLC went to the media FIRST. Jon wasn't even served anything. He had no idea he was being sued by TLC until they released the info to the media.

    Personally, I think TLC suing Jon will backfire on them. I understand they want to make an example out of Jon because if he doesn't stick to his contract then others will start speaking out and TLC doesn't want that. I just think it's a mistake for them to go after Jon's money. It's one thing to try to make him stick to his contract and not appear on television but going after his money just makes them look bad regardless of whether or not they make a good argument.

    As for Jon, I'm not sure I understand his reasoning on wanting out of the contract. He would be getting paid all that money to not even appear on the show. Does he really have better options for other tv work? I can't imagine that. AND he could still NOT give permission for his children to be filmed if that's what he wants (for whatever reason). I guess he just doesn't want TLC telling him what he can and can't say or do. I don't blame him if he feels TLC is running his life, but he's not exactly making the best decisions for his life right now anyway. What a mess.

  84. TLC claims that Jon brought up no more filming of the kids after they wanted to name the show Kate Plus 8. On LKL Jon's lawyer claims they wrote a letter stating such before the TLC announcement was made. TLC stating their version in their lawsuit is not "proof". Heller stating it on LKL is not "proof". I wonder if either one can actually provide real proof of their version.

    I also wonder if it matters what the reasoning was behind Jon's decision. And I don't mean to us or Kate or TLC, I mean legally.

    If Jon doesn't want his children being filmed by TLC because he had an "epiphany" and thinks it's damaging, or he just doesn't want TLC controlling what happens to his children, and TLC always gave them the option to refuse filming of the children, does it matter either way? Can a court give permission to TLC to film the children if TLC already agreed not to based on one parent's choice? If so, I wonder what that decision will be based on. Kate's testimony? Jon's? The children's? Will anyone be called in the evaluate the children? Will unseen or unedited footage from the show be viewed?

    If this continues the way it is there very well may be a Gosselin Law in the future for children appearing in reality television shows.

  85. SchmeckyGirl said...
    Jon said on Larry King Live that it IS scripted. I think that is one reason TLC wants him to shut up. They don't want the "reality" of the show being disputed.
    Kate and Jon in a together sofa interview were asked about that. Kate was asked in a People magazine interview, and Jon and Kate were asked on an Oprah interview.

    What they said was "It isn't scripted in the sense of having a written out script. TLC makes suggestions, or we make suggestions such as a trip to a particular place like Disney or skiing or about a particular activity like making cookies. We say we like or don't like the idea and TLC goes along with what we say. But once we are on the trip or doing the activity, whatever happens, is what happens."

    Jon went on to say in one of these interviews "But we have control. If we don't think the destination would be a good choice, we just don't do it."

    Additionally, Kate added "Sometimes their (TLC) suggestions are to places or events that we'd never dreamed about or considered and they sound neat. And some of the suggestions are about things we aren't interested in doing and we just don't do them."

    IMO that is a tremendous difference from being really scripted. You have to know ahead of time, for the production crew to plan, exactly the destination in mind. They can't just show up and suddenly head off to Crayola World etc. The production crew has to get filming permits, permissions, etc. as well as making arrangements for food and accommodations, etc. TLC provides a chef to make the food for crew and the family during filming and Kate insists it be organic. That is just one consideration.

    Heck, even without a film crew, you can't just jump in the van with 8 kids and head off to do something spontaneous like you can with just a couple of children. It takes a lot of planning to do many of the simple things that ordinary families take for granted.

    IMO what TLC has done is very different from what I'd consider "scripting."

  86. I would imagine the "proof" of what TLC, Heller, or whomever said what is going to come out in the TLC lawsuit. They have requested a jury trial and that has big implications.

    If Heller did send TLC a written demand that Jon be released from TLC or he'd demand that filming be stopped, would be a pretty big indication of what Jon's thought or intentions were at the time. The proof would be that Jon didn't consider it so much being detrimental as he did leverage to break his contract.

    Despite it all, I'm doubtful that future ventures with TLC will continue regular filming of the Gosselin children even if court rulings go as TLC wishes. As much as I personally enjoy seeing their smiling faces (and even occasional meltdowns because it reminds me of my own normal children) I think that we will probably see a show focused on Kate and only an occasional update filming the children.

    This is not directed at you SchmeckyGirl but sometimes I wonder also if Jon knows the meaning of the word "epiphany" means. It sounds like verbiage that was handed to him. I think it was an interesting choice of words. What Jon meant was the third dictionary meaning of the word. The dictionary says
    –noun, plural -nies.
    1. A Christian festival, observed on January 6, commemorating the manifestation of Christ to the gentiles in the persons of the Magi; Twelfth-day.
    2. an appearance or manifestation, esp. of a deity.
    3. a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.
    4. a literary work or section of a work presenting, usually symbolically, such a moment of revelation and insight.

    I don't at all state that to put that to put Jon down but just that Heller used it in a written statement and then the first time Jon said the word on air, he stumbled over it and it made me wonder at the time if he was trying to remember lines he'd been given.

  87. SchmeckyGirl said...
    Yes, I agree it sounds hypocritical of Heller to say that, but I think he's referring to the fact that TLC went to the media FIRST. Jon wasn't even served anything. He had no idea he was being sued by TLC until they released the info to the media.
    Perhaps TLC made a statement under the assumption that he had been already served after their filing. Or... Perhaps TLC thinks they might as well play the same game that Jon & Heller want to play.

    SchmeckyGirl said...
    TLC claims that Jon brought up no more filming of the kids after they wanted to name the show Kate Plus 8. On LKL Jon's lawyer claims they wrote a letter stating such before the TLC announcement was made. TLC stating their version in their lawsuit is not "proof". Heller stating it on LKL is not "proof". I wonder if either one can actually provide real proof of their version.
    Only if either or both had an authorized phone recording or e-mail. TLC would have to pull their phone call records of some sort and would need an affidavit from whoever took that call to back up that claim. If they document all phone call conversations, that should be good enough. E-mail records are even better.

  88. Linda,
    On the TLC website you are referring to:

    The server at WARNING: To protect the system from unauthorized use and to ensure that the system is functioning properly, all activities are monitored and recorded. Use of this system is expressed consent to such monitoring and recording. Any unauthorized access or use is prohibited and may be subject to criminal and civil penalties. requires a username and password.

    Warning: This server is requesting that your username and password be sent in an insecure manner (basic authentication without a secure connection).

    I really don't know. It seems to me they want your personal username and password on YOUR personal computer so they can track users. I didn't want to attempt to do that because it says it's not secure and I don't want them having my personal info. Anyone else know what that means? Shelly, the smart little computer expert?

  89. Schmecky- I am sure they both have seperate email accounts. Especially now because of the divorce. I would guess that anything done after he established residency in another home would be considered illegal, not mention immoral. I have a couple of different email accounts as my hubby and I travel so much for work. But on my hotmail account, I have linked it to my ISP account and I can get email from my ISP on hotmail as an automatic forward. I can also send mail from hotmail with my ISP email addresss.
    As for the cell phone, there are so many apps these days for these phones, that there is no doubt they can be linked.

  90. To All My Fellow Bloggers out there:

    Happy Sweetest Day!

  91. #1 caregiver:

    How much do groceries for a family of 9 (Kate Plus 8) cost per month?

    I know families of two that spend $350 per month on groceries, and they do not purchase expensive organic products. Using that amount, an appx. amount for 9 could be around $1575 per month.


    From the Baltimore Sun:

    UPDATE/4:35 p.m. WEDNESDAY: Mark Momjian, Kate Gosselin's attorney, said today in a telephone interview that this was the money that Kate was talking about on TV. But while his client did take $55,000 out of the account, that does not mean Jon Gosselin only took the $180,000 that the judge told him to return in the Tuesday ruling. Momjian says there was as much as $290,000 in the account, and that Jon Gosselin did take as much as $230,000 as Kate Gosselin alleged on national TV. He did not, however, explain why the judge only ordered $180,000 returned. Furthermore, Momjian declined to discuss whether Kate had only $1,000 in funds as she said on TV -- or whether there were other accounts with money in them that she had access to. "I am not getting into that," he said. In fairness, declining to discuss the possibility of other accounts does not necessarily imply they exist. Momjian says Kate Gosselin will prove the $55,000 she took was all spent on "household expenses and the children."


    I read somewhere else that the amount left in the acct. was a figure actually between $1000 and $1500, but regardless, obviously, after Kate paid the above mentioned expenses and Jon took what he took and checks started bouncing Kate WAS left with appx. $1000-$1500 in the account she used specifically to pay for expenses and food. That is not enough money for a month's worth of groceries for 9.

    No one has said the $1000-1500 was ALL that she had left in all of the accounts. They have said that was all that was left in the acct. used for expenses and groceries. No doubt Kate was forced to transfer funds from one account to another to buy groceries for her family. I haven't read anywhere that Jon has returned the household's $18,000 that he was ordered to on or before Oct. 26.

    I think I have as good a grasp on the facts as anyone. Your comments about a bridge are so unnecessary. Aren't we are all adults here?

    I think the parents of children have the ultimate say in what is best for the children. We know that Jon changed his story because he was trying to use his children as pawns against TLC. We also know what we see when we see those children in pics and on TV. They do seem to be unscathed.

    I don't know who was commenting about the name change and the filming being scripted but on LKL a statement was read from TLC stating that their contracts state that they can change the name of a show at any time. They also stated that J&K+8 is a documentary. They are documenting the family and their activities. Think about that for a second: Even when Michael Moore films documentaries, he has plans for what he is going to film each day, who he is going to interview each day. As the announcer/interviewer, I am sure some of what he asks initially is planned - just like specific questions are asked on J&K+8. But then what is asked after the initial questions depends on the first answers that are given. There has to be some organization in filming a documentary for TV and/or film, but it doesn't mean those being documented have scripts.

  92. #1 Caregiver - Where did you hear that Kate doesn't cook her own meals? She prepares the meals except on the days they do filming. On those days TLC has a chef prepare organic meals (per Kate's request) for the Gosselin family as well as for the entire crew. Even Jon said that when Kate was doing the book tours that she would be gone, come home, do laundry, cook meals for the freezer that he could re-heat, and then be gone again.

    So I'm curious. Where did you hear that?

  93. SchmeckyGirl – You felt it wasn’t fair that TLC didn’t release Jon to go do the things he wanted to do. I would like to attempt to explain why I think TLC didn’t just dump him. I’m not trying to challenge you, just want to point out some things IMO.
    Every contract I’ve signed in the last 20 years has had some sort of exclusivity or confidentiality clause; many have also had a renewal clause; many have included a “morals” clause.

    TLC is worried about Jon’s inconsistent behavior. That does reflect even if there were a Kate+8 in the near future; I’m doubtful about it coming to fruition at all. The paparazzi will follow as long as they’re able to get thousands of hits every time Radar, etc. Can you a caption of something like “Kate and the 8 Continue On But Dad Seen With Another Bimbo!” ? So I think TLC is concerned for the next year or so. After that period, hopefully public opinion will have moved on.

    TLC was willing to continue paying Jon the salary he’d been receiving even with reduced filming. Jon should have accepted this offer. Yes, it would have meant that he couldn’t do “Divorced Dads Club” right away but he could have taken the money, and moved on when the contract expired. The mere fact that he trashed his TLC contract is going to make employers very leery of hiring him.

    Why wouldn’t Jon accept this? Because he’s getting advice from the father and son Hellers. Jon’s last signed TLC contract was with the same media managers that Kate continues to use. That company is going to continue to get their 15-20% through the life of the contract, until it ends. Only from “NEW” Jon ventures would son Heller get his cut of the cash. IMO that is why son Heller has pushed Jon so hard to do ET, TMZ, etc. He simply doesn’t get a cut unless it is a new venture. In addition, when son Heller accompanies Jon he gets paid additional fees.

    Then there are the legal issues. Father Heller gets paid for everything he does for Jon – whether it’s a court appearance, an answer to a legal document, or holding his hand so to speak on TV appearances. He wouldn’t get nearly the bucks if he couldn’t keep Jon in the media spotlight, good or bad, necessitating counter measures, answers, statements, etc. Why did he accompany Jon to L.A. or the LKL show? Because unfortunately for Jon, Jon doesn’t think fast enough on his feet to counter some probing questions and because if father Heller goes with him Jon gets charged more.

    And, should a court rule that Jon’s income from appearances, photo shoots, etc. were contrary to his signed TLC contract and that all income produced have to be returned to TLC, Jon is really out of luck. That money would have to be paid in the initial amount and would not be reduced by fees paid to the father and son Hellers for that appearance.

    Why does Jon do this? He is apparently swayed by whomever he’s with at the time. Jon doesn’t realize the paparazzi aren’t his friends. Maybe the Glassmans are truly his friends, but I have doubts there also. The Hellers are with Jon because they get paid, and it isn’t out of mere friendship.

    What could save Jon? The world loves to forgive when they feel the person is non-criminal and seems to truly regret and repent. (Criminals, such as child molesters don’t ever get forgiven and rightfully so – so I’m referring to non-criminals) If Jon were to have a real, “Come to Jesus” experience, shut up about seeking paparazzi attention and mouthing off, and then make his actions match his words, I think the court of public opinion would forgive him and in a year or two, Jon might have a chance. He’s burning so many bridges now it’s going to take that long. Excuse me, in light of Jon’s statement that he is 50% Jewish now, perhaps to be politically correct, I should have used “Yahweh” rather than Jesus, but I’m not sure the expression would have worked.

  94. Question. Does anybody know if the bodyguard that Jon sometimes uses that's also a paparazzi photographer works for INF? Radar has photos of Jon and the kids carving Halloween pumpkins. The dateline on the photos is Oct. 13 and the photo credit goes to INF. Those photos were done in the Gosselin's backyard and they are done as closeups for the most part (not photos shot with extreme zoom lenses from down at the road.) Just curious - I couldn't remember the name of Jon's bodyguard (and as he calls him, another friend.)

  95. SchmeckyGirl - I agree here: I think it might be a good thing to have a Gosselin Law, as you mentioned. That way you could be sure that any children appearing in reality television shows receive fair and equitable treatment. Problem is, I doubt if it would be national. Each state would have to enact their own.

  96. LOL I haven't check twitter or here in a day and a half and WOW I missed a lot!

    1.Yay TLC kick his ass.

    2.I will follow Baby Mama and Kate where ever they go.

    3.That was a wicked cool video and I think he totally captured Jon Gosselin and should persue acting. LOL

  97. I'm on my BB so forgive my choppy comment.
    I know Jon claimed the show wasn't scripted before but now I think he is admitting it is.
    I think planned events and activities is different than scripted.
    I took it to mean that they are told how to act and what to say.
    Maybe they do retakes of scenes and sometimes the kids have lines to say...
    Besides Next on Jon and Kate plus 8.
    That's what I took scripted to mean.

  98. In my opinion Jon's actions are those of a spiteful child. He wanted to go out, Kate so said no, he went out anyway and was seen at colleges and bars, embarrassing his wife and his family. Even though Kate was upset she tried to support him, saying she did not believe that he cheated on her. Jon told Kate to get an attorney because he was getting one, so she got one and filed for divorce. Two weeks later he was is in France with his stylist. Then his relationships with Kate Major, Michael Lohan, Stephanie Santoro. He says that they are his friends and then he says that they are not. He talks badly about Kate and TLC, because he does not want to be tied down to anyone and does not want to honor his commitments. That is why he is getting divorced, that is why TLC made the change to "Kate plus 8". He pulls his kids off the show because he is getting back at"TLC",yet he has no plans on how he is going to support his family. He is immature and he is spiteful.

    Jon and Mark Heller went on Larry King and they are the ones that tried to try their case in the "Court of Public Opinion" and IMO it backfired. Heller is the one who said on Larry King that he knew nothing about the papers. Now they are saying that they don't know about the TLC papers. Maybe those papers are where the other papers are, somewhere on this desk. Jon says that he doesn't owe any money, he is just taking his paycheck? Paycheck for what? Now, he acknowledges that he took the money. Jon and his Attorney are two IDIOTS and they deserve each other.

    In regards to the Email on the Computer. IMO just because Kate's Email is on the home computer, it does not mean that you allowed to access it, if you are not given authorizations. That means, If I am at work, I do not have the authority to access other people's emails, if I am able to figure out the password, without authorization. IMO it is illegal and immoral.

    Isn't funny to, that The Insider and ET, both were giving minute to minute interviews with Jon for almost two weeks. Then the TLC Lawsuit is filed and guess what?? Barely no mention of Jon on Friday and no mention of the lawsuit. You know what they say when you lay down with the dogs.

  99. I would like to see a Gosselin Law and I would like to see it deal with Paparrazzi and how they can behave with chldren. They must stay a certain distance away not where the children are tripping over them and the paparazzi cannot do things that the children will find upsetting like taunting their mother about working at Mc Donalds. Media outlets who use these pictures or video must be held liable. As for the reality programming, they could have a third party required to oversee the children's interests. Somebody who does not have a financial interest in the programming, but also somebody who is not biased against children's filming. They can observe some filming, have periodic discussions with all family members and oversee that the children are being properly compensated. They can also make sure that all activities related to filming are safe. I don't think the Gosselins engage in unsafe activities, but I could see another family that was in the news this week having that issue if they were on a program. I do not in any way believe that the Gosselin children are being exploited through filming, but added protection is good and it could be helpful to have a third voice at the table in cases like this.
    I also have always been under the impression that Kate is not nearly as tech savvy as Jon and during the marriage he was pretty much on top of that. He could have been the one to set up the computers and cell phones and she never changed things when he left so he knows all of the passwords and such. Either she didn't know how, or she was naive and thought it unneccessary. Remember how well they thought they'd work together.
    I also have that same problem with the passwords on the TLC site and I tried typing my personal password and such and it didn't work.

  100. In terms of the show being scripted, of course they have to have an idea of what they are going to be filming on a given day. It does not mean that there are scripts and lines are memorized. And they are not filmed 24/7. I am sure that Kate cooks on days that they are not filming, I never heard that they she had a chef there everyday cooking their meals.

    Some people like to analyze everything that Kate says or does, yet they excuse Jon because they say that they have not seen definitive proof. Well if walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it usually is a duck.

  101. SchmeckyGirl - thanks so much for trying to log on to the TLC account. I did send TLC an email so perhaps I'll hear back from them. I should have thought of that sooner but thought I was just doing something dumb. But thanks so much for trying!

  102. Linda,
    You're welcome. Would have been nice if I actually had an answer for you though! lol.

    As for TLC and Jon's actions affecting their reputation, etc. I totally understand TLC's side. They are protecting their interests, etc. I get that.

    I just also see Jon's side of it. And I don't necessarily mean "Jon's side", I see anyone's side that is on the other end of the contract. If it was Kate I would see her side of not wanting the show to limit her options on how she wants to support her family or what career path she wants to take. Also, Jon was willing to stay with TLC but he also wanted to do other work. They wouldn't approve anything he wanted to do, it seems. Probably because they all sucked, but I can understand Jon's frustration.

    I don't think it is fair that Jon can't go on and pursue his own ventures, no matter how stupid they may be, because of how it will affect a show that his ex-wife is on but he's not.

    When I mentioned the change from Jon and Kate Plus 8 to just Kate Plus 8, I wasn't referring to the name change. I understand they can change the name of the show to whatever they want. I was referring to the fact that Jon is essentially not a part of the show any longer.

    I too stated that Jon should have just stayed with his contract. He was making good money doing close to nothing. He should have waited it out. I don't know what his other options are though and what his thought process is.

    And I totally agree that Jon is who he is with at the moment. Jon seems to go with whoever is whispering in his ear. I think he's lost. That is why I think Jon did whatever Kate told him to do over the past few years. That's why he did whatever TLC told him to do the past few years. That's why there are so many inconsistencies in my opinion. He said and did whatever he was told. Now he's either saying and doing whatever he is told and it's in conflict with his past actions, or he's actually telling the truth about what really went on now. I do believe Jon was as much a part of the farce TLC had us believing for the past couple of seasons as TLC and Kate were.

    I too think Mark Heller is not his "friend". He is being paid by Jon to do a job. He is going to try to make as much money off of Jon as he can (unless he is actually giving him discounts or not actually charging him for every single statement, or maybe just agreed to take a percentage of a lawsuit against TLC, etc). He most likely does have his own agenda in getting Jon off TLC. I just hope Jon doesn't get screwed by him. Jon needs someone on his side that only has Jon's best interests in mind. Not someone out to get TLC or Kate, but someone that wants the best for Jon and for his children. I'm not sure he's going to find that in anyone.

  103. NJMOM said:
    In regards to the Email on the Computer. IMO just because Kate's Email is on the home computer, it does not mean that you allowed to access it, if you are not given authorizations. That means, If I am at work, I do not have the authority to access other people's emails, if I am able to figure out the password, without authorization. IMO it is illegal and immoral.

    I understand that is just your opinion, however, I really would like to know what the law is. Does anyone know?

    I think someone accessing other people's emails in the workplace, even if you have access to the computers, is totally different than in their own home. It's not your company, it's not your computer. I'm pretty sure that companies can access anything done on their workplace computers. They can see your personal emails and internet activities if you access them while at work. Anything you do on their computer system is there for them to see.

    I personally think anything you access on your home computer without illegally "hacking" may not be illegal. I agree that it is morally wrong for Jon to have copies of Kate's emails but I just wonder if it's done on his home computer or a computer in his home if it's actually illegal. I get the impression it's not because Jon didn't seem at all worried about it. But then again, it's Jon, he probably has no idea what he should or should not be worried about.

    Does anyone know if it is illegal to read someone else's email if you can access it without "hacking"? I know there are federal laws protecting US Mail but what about email? If I know my husband's password is it illegal for me to look at his email?

  104. Georgia P.311 about your Question of how much do groceries cost for a family of 9. Alot!!!
    The point I was trying to make is that Kate said on National TV, and also called into the view crying that Jon took all but $1,000.00 and she can't pay her bills or buy food for the children.
    When you have a emergency back up acct., you should not be crying tears on TV. Now that she has done that, (I wish she hadn't), I feel it has brought her down a few steps on the crediability ladder. Don't get me wrong on this, in no way am I comparing het actions to what Jon did. No comparison there. I just wish she would have stayed on the High road instead.

    Linda, - about my cooking statements. I have thought that one through for some time and i have to admit that i missed something back then. I thought they were sending food in on a daily basis. But I did see Kate cook and freeze stuff too. I thought that was when she had her surgery??? Oh well! So much new stuff, and I wasn't into taping any of the old. Now we probably wouldn't agree on this one ,but you got me thinking so here goes.

    If TLC is sending a chef in to cook for all we mentioned, because J&K are too busy filming other stuff or somplace else. Then...., that shows me again that the show is not real. The family is not doing a normal routine like normal families do. Does that make it scripted or what?? One more example and my last one I promise:

    On one program Kate was talking to the camares, a school friend of the twins invited them to do something, I forget what itwas, but Kate said they couldn't go because they were filming that day. Now, is that a normal life for the girls or what? Someone on this fan site should remember the epsisode that I am referring too???
    Baby Mama you have been here the longest lol, how did that one go?? tx

    OH< Georgia P.311 - Sorry about the bridge comment. I think that sometimes I just get carried away.

  105. IMO opinion it is illegal to access someone's private information, without authorization. That's why they re are HIPA laws, in the medical field. If I try to talk to the Credit Card Customer Service, on behalf of my husband, and I am not an authorized user, the Credit Card company needs to get my husband's authorization to have me speak on his behalf. I am 99% sure that it is illegal to access someone's personal information, without their consent. Kate will have to determine whether it is worth it to go after him on it. And as far as Jon's reaction to it. He does his usual "shrug" his shoulders or his usual "denial." Same, Same, Same.

  106. I found this article talking about keylogger programs and monitoring software:

    Shawn Macleod wanted to know where his estranged wife was going on the Internet and what she was writing in e-mails, investigators said, so he secretly installed a program called SpyRecon on her computer that sent him electronic logs with the sites she had visited and messages she had sent.

    His spying resulted in a four-year prison sentence.

    Software programs created to monitor computer activity have grown in popularity in recent years as parents have sought ways to prevent children from accessing adult Web sites or e-mailing possible predators and as businesses have tried to curtail the time employees spend on the Internet when they are at work.

    Others, too, have found a use for the software: Scorned lovers can track where their spouses or partners go online, whom they are e-mailing and what they are saying — all possibly in violation of the law.

    Austin police considered Macleod's actions tantamount to illegal wiretapping and charged him with unlawful interception of electronic communication, a second-degree felony that can carry a 20-year sentence. Macleod pleaded guilty in May.

    "It's pretty alarming," said Macleod's attorney, Johnny Urrutia.

    Urrutia said he would be surprised if his client knew that what he was doing was against the law.

    Doug Fowler, president of SpectorSoft Corp., which manufactures an Internet monitoring program called eBlaster, said law enforcement agencies nationwide have in recent months sought company records during criminal investigations, hoping the documents would show who installed the software on victims' computers.

    In New York this year, a sheriff's deputy was found guilty of eavesdropping after investigators said he spied on the computer activity of a neighbor he thought posed a threat to young girls in their neighborhood.

    The deputy was sentenced to five years of probation.

  107. (Continued.....)

    "The problem itself isn't the software," Webster said. "The problem is how the software is being used. ... And in the cases I've seen, there are warnings on there that it may be against the law. In Texas, it is."

    State law says it is illegal to intentionally intercept spoken or electronic communication.

    The law doesn't address certain questions about computer spyware, such as whether it is legal to install the equipment on a jointly owned computer without the consent of the second owner.

    'Emotional Abuse and Your Faith's author note: This is quite common to do as well, and is a form of domestic violence and SHOULD be!'

    Employers typically have workers sign waivers acknowledging that they know the company computers are monitored.

    Parents, as guardians of their minor children, are allowed to monitor their children's activities.

    According to court records, Macleod's estranged wife, Kristy, reported to police in August 2005 that she suspected he was monitoring her computer use.

    A detective using a fake name sent Kristy Macleod an e-mail offering to buy the couple's pool table.

    A few days later, Shawn Macleod confronted Kristy Macleod about the e-mail, according to a probable cause affidavit.

    Detectives searched the computer and found SpyRecon software on it, according to the affidavit.

    Kristy Macleod could not be reached for comment. Company officials for SpyRecon did not respond to an interview request.

    In an online advertisement, the company asks, "Have you ever needed to secretly read the e-mail of your child or spouse?"

    Emotional abuse and Your Faith's author comment - SHAME on them! This opens the door for abuse of many types!

    In the second case Austin police filed, investigators said Alexis Lugo, 29, installed eBlaster software on his ex-girlfriend's computer.

    An affidavit in that case said Kara Winebright called Austin police and reported that she thought Lugo had hacked into her computer and changed the password on some of her accounts.

    Winebright said she had broken up with Lugo and later had discovered some unusual activity on her account with eHarmony, a dating Web site. She checked her other online accounts and found similar problems.

    Police searched her computer and found the eBlaster software.

    Ordinary anti-spy software might not detect such programs, but checking to see which programs and files have been downloaded to hard drives should reveal them, said Fowler, the manufacturer of eBlaster.

    Fowler said his company intended for the software to be used only by parents or businesses, not by spying spouses or partners. The company marketed the product that way several years ago but stopped, he said.

    "We ultimately decided that it wasn't a market we wanted to participate in," Fowler said. "There are certainly those who buy the software for this kind of thing. But we don't encourage it."