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Kate Gosselin In Vanity Fair, TLC Sues Jon For Beach Of Contract, Jon Wants TV Gig, Watch Butterflies & Water Rockets

Hello Gosselin fans! Go figure now the ratings for Jon & Kate Plus 8 are going back to where they should be with over 2+ million last week... meanwhile no one one knows what the fate of the show will be. With all that is going on with me and the kids right now, my posts will also be stretched a bit. I know my loyal readers understand that life for all of us is just crazy right now. You guys are getting the big news even before me! But it's all good, we all feel everything happens for a reason, and I hope and pray I will have some positive news to post on this family soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the remaining shows of Jon & Kate plus 8. Because past all the media there have been recently some really good last episodes....

TLC Sues Jon Gosselin For Breach Of Contract: CNN.COM

In its lawsuit, TLC alleges Jon Gosselin has violated his contract with paid and unpaid TV appearances he recently has made. The network claims it has lost more than $30,000 as a result of Gosselin's alleged disregard of his contractual obligations. In a statement provided to CNN, Mark Heller, Jon Gosselin's attorney, said that neither he nor his client have been served any documents; Heller said he read the complaint on the Internet."Apparently, TLC has elected to initially litigate this case in the court of public opinion .... because neither Jon nor I have been served with legal pleadings or informed by TLC of the instant litigation," Heller wrote in the statement, calling TLC's claims "weak, feeble and baseless."

"Discovery and TLC has treated Jon Gosselin like a dog by attempting to keep him on a leash and muzzle him and deny the father of eight the opportunity to earn a livelihood to support his family," Heller wrote in the statement. TLC's complaint said both Gosselins agreed to a contract before the fourth season of "Jon & Kate" in April 2008 in which their per-episode compensation "substantially increased." In addition, Jon Gosselin agreed to provide "his and his family's services in taping and promoting the program in and around the family home and to provide those services exclusively" to TLC, behave in an "appropriate" manner and not "promote or endorse any products or services," according to the complaint.

Jon has also "entered a lucrative agreement with 'Entertainment Tonight' and its companion show, 'The Insider' to discuss his family and the problems he was having with Mrs. Gosselin," according to TLC's complaint. TLC also alleges that Jon has "sold photographic rights to numerous media outlets" and "has accepted payments to endorse products and services," such as a pool party hosting gig in August at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.
In his statement, attorney Heller said the contract will be "unenforceable" because the Gosselins entered into the agreement without legal representation. "In any event," the statement added, "when TLC and Discovery ended the program 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' they also effectively terminated the purported contract."Heller said that Jon will "vigorously defend against the baseless action."
It's unclear when either of the Gosselins will return to television after "Jon & Kate" becomes part of reality TV history. Jon, however, appears optimistic. The 32-year-old told "Entertainment Tonight" this week that "he's not worried about future employment" and plans to continue his television career.

The Unreal Rise Of Jon & Kate Gosselin: Vanity

‘Nobu, Nobu, I want Nobu!” Kate Gosselin wants to go to Nobu. She’s got a night away from her eight kids—also her co-stars on the hit reality series Jon & Kate Plus Eight—and a reporter is offering to take her out on the town. “I want sushi!” Kate says, leaning back in an armchair in her suite at the Essex House hotel overlooking Central Park, checking her BlackBerry, popping gum.
But Laurie Goldberg, vice president of communications at TLC, which airs Jon & Kate, doesn’t think Nobu’s such a great idea. Kate cried on the Today show this morning, answering questions about why she’s still wearing her wedding ring (“for them,” she said of her children, sniffling), and this afternoon she told People, “I am so emotionally spent” (from her husband’s behavior, which has included philandering with the daughter of the plastic surgeon who gave Kate her tummy tuck), and so it might not look good for her to be out enjoying herself at a hot spot.
“You’re like a prisoner,” Kate says of her newfound fame, annoyed.
Kate, who in the first season of Jon & Kate, two years ago, appeared on-screen as a dowdy, sweatpants-wearing mama hen, is now looking very much the celebrity—from her tanned, trained body to her curiously asymmetrical blond hairdo, now so iconic as to be the model for a popular Halloween wig.

TLC confirms 'Kate Plus 8' delay: Reality

TLC has confirmed Jon & Kate Plus 8 will no longer be re-launched as Kate Plus 8 beginning November 2 and the reality show's last original Jon & Kate Plus 8-titled episode will now air sometime in mid to late November. A new premiere date for the show's Kate Plus 8 rebranding has not been determined yet, a TLC spokeswoman told Reality TV World on Thursday. Monday night's Jon & Kate Plus 8 broadcast had featured a promo announcing there are "only a limited number of episodes left" failing to clarify whether Kate Plus 8 would still debut on November 2.

"TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8" will end in mid-to-late November, but "Kate Plus 8" is still a go. "The show is not done," a TLC rep told TV Guide. "There is still every intention of the new incarnation [happening]." "Kate Plus 8" will not begin Nov. 2, as previously announced. No new launch date was given. "

Jon Gosselin Plans to "Continue on Television": TV

Jon Gosselin may not want Kate Plus Eight to go on, but he definitely wants his television career to continue.Gosselin, whose cease-and-desist order caused TLC to suspend production on the show, told Entertainment Tonight that he plans to "continue on television" and is "not worried about future employment."TLC announced last month that it has a deal in place with Kate Gosselin for a new project next year, but did not announce one for the father of eight. The 32-year-old was last reported to be pitching a show with Michael Lohan called The Divorced Dad's Club. Gosselin also admits that he improperly withdrew money from his joint bank account with his estranged wife. On Tuesday, a judge ordered him to return $180,000 by Oct. 26 — their next court date."It was just after arbitration and we weren't supposed to take money out of the restrictive account and we both did," he said. "I was found in contempt for doing so. I didn't realize. I thought I was just taking my paycheck out."Gosselin, whom Kate has accused of draining $230,000 from the account, says his wife violated the arbitrator's order by taking out money as well. Her amount is "unaccounted for," he said, but he expects the final paperwork on her end to be complete by Friday."I'm going to be truthful and abide by the court and I'll put it back," he said. "And she has to do the same."

Watch Butterflies & Water Rockets Here!


  1. Jon should send a letter to balloon boys dad, thanking him for taking some of the spotlight off of him! (lol)

  2. I think the PA Department of Labor has not ruled yet because of the murky question of "scripted." It is easy to determine if permits were obtained and how long and often cameras are filming the kids. If there were any violations there, I believe we would know it by now. The key to violations is figuring out how "scripted" is defined.

    Does it mean that there is a script that all people on the show memorize and follow? If so, we know that is not case on this show. Does it mean mean telling a kid to comment on Daddy building a tent better than Mommy? If so, it is possible that happens. Does it mean if a kid says something cute but the camera shot was wrong, the kid is asked to repeat it? That is possibly happening. Does it mean putting kids in a situation that is likely to make then say certain things like going to a tea house or battleship? We know that happens.

    I don't think this issue will be taken up by the courts and that is why Jon's attorney Heller has been talking about the court of public opinion. This requires legislative change and that requires public pressure on politicians.

  3. I think that for the meaning of scripted, Kate described it as a set of ideas of what was to TRY to be captured with the family saying YEAY or NAY to the ideas....then what was captured was the resutl......of course with TLC having CARTE BLANCHE with the final editing of the episode.....
    I think that it'll be a while before Jon can dig himself out of this hole that he got himself in to, but I think that the kids are going to be long as Jon is learning from the err of his ways and changing (wasn't it JON who said something about the kids GOOGLING him someday.....hmmmmm, what happened to THAT thought when he was parading around France with Hailey, playing smoochy-face with her, and then trapsing all around Vegas with half-clothed women?)

  4. Crap. I didn't realize a new post was up. How cute the girls are in their butterfly dresses!!

    You're welcome. Would have been nice if I actually had an answer for you though! lol.

    As for TLC and Jon's actions affecting their reputation, etc. I totally understand TLC's side. They are protecting their interests, etc. I get that.

    I just also see Jon's side of it. And I don't necessarily mean "Jon's side", I see anyone's side that is on the other end of the contract. If it was Kate I would see her side of not wanting the show to limit her options on how she wants to support her family or what career path she wants to take. Also, Jon was willing to stay with TLC but he also wanted to do other work. They wouldn't approve anything he wanted to do, it seems. Probably because they all sucked, but I can understand Jon's frustration.

    I don't think it is fair that Jon can't go on and pursue his own ventures, no matter how stupid they may be, because of how it will affect a show that his ex-wife is on but he's not.

    When I mentioned the change from Jon and Kate Plus 8 to just Kate Plus 8, I wasn't referring to the name change. I understand they can change the name of the show to whatever they want. I was referring to the fact that Jon is essentially not a part of the show any longer.

    I too stated that Jon should have just stayed with his contract. He was making good money doing close to nothing. He should have waited it out. I don't know what his other options are though and what his thought process is.

    And I totally agree that Jon is who he is with at the moment. Jon seems to go with whoever is whispering in his ear. I think he's lost. That is why I think Jon did whatever Kate told him to do over the past few years. That's why he did whatever TLC told him to do the past few years. That's why there are so many inconsistencies in my opinion. He said and did whatever he was told. Now he's either saying and doing whatever he is told and it's in conflict with his past actions, or he's actually telling the truth about what really went on now. I do believe Jon was as much a part of the farce TLC had us believing for the past couple of seasons as TLC and Kate were.

    I too think Mark Heller is not his "friend". He is being paid by Jon to do a job. He is going to try to make as much money off of Jon as he can (unless he is actually giving him discounts or not actually charging him for every single statement, or maybe just agreed to take a percentage of a lawsuit against TLC, etc). He most likely does have his own agenda in getting Jon off TLC. I just hope Jon doesn't get screwed by him. Jon needs someone on his side that only has Jon's best interests in mind. Not someone out to get TLC or Kate, but someone that wants the best for Jon and for his children. I'm not sure he's going to find that in anyone.

  5. Oh kassie, I don't want you to think I ignored you in the other post. I just hate commenting off topic. But thanks. I think. lol.

  6. I just watched that short video clip and saw the picture of the family all together on the sextuplets birthday. It's such a sad picture because as beautiful as it is, we all know the reality of it before it was taken and after it was taken.

    They all look beautiful and happy, yet two seconds before it was taken Jon and Kate weren't even speaking to each other. The children were sad they don't see their father as much and want him to stay home with them.

    Two seconds after it was taken Mady stormed off angry.

    In the photo Jon is wearing a t-shirt that seems to signify his relationship with another woman. Something we would never have known from the photo alone.

    I think this picture represents the show more than reality. Just as looking at the picture doesn't show us the true story of this family, watching the show didn't tell us the true story either. I think they were "posing as a happily married couple" for quite some time and none of us knew it.

    I do understand that it's something they wanted to keep private. I understand their not wanting everyone to know they were having marital problems. I just disagree because the show was representing itself as a documentary and reality, when in actuality it wasn't.

  7. PAR: I agree with you. I pretty much said that in another comment about the show being "scripted" but I'm not sure if it posted yet or not. I don't think planned activities is what Jon was referring to when he said the show is scripted on LKL. At least that's not how I understood it. I think the children and even the parents were prompted in what to say and how to act (besides when they had to say Next on Jon and Kate Plus 8). I also think they may have had retakes of scenes, etc. Just my opinion. But that's what I understood Jon to mean when he laughed and said It IS scripted.

  8. I am just going to sit back and relax and enjoy what little time we have left with the show. I think it's really sad how all this turned out. Maybe this will force Jon to grow up. Mostly I am just hoping that all the people who are talking so hatefully about Kate AND Jon will finally go away. I am tired of reading comments from people who use this situation to channel what ever negative feelings they have about life. I am done reading them. I don't hate any one. I DON'T hate period. I am just very disappointed in the actions of some of the adults in this situation.

    I am just going to stick to this site and IW because I am more comfortable being in the presense of people who can agree to disagree and are respectful. If that makes me a sheeple, so be it. Baa.

  9. I offically threw up my lunch.. Jon invites the paps to see him take Hailey out in NYC on a carriage ride..Girlfriend wears a fur vest, spandex pants and an animal shirt...It really hurt just looking at it.. An Jon once again making a fool of himself...

  10. Craftymomof3 I believe as you do about the hate that they are channeling the negativity in their lives into situations like this. They hate when half the time they don't even know what they are talking about and they bring stuff in that has nothing to do with the people involved. This world would be so much better if people could learn to express themselves with out all of the hate and disrespect for each other. If it wasn't this, they would find something else to be hateful about and no matter which way something goes, they aren't satisfied. To me life is too precious. Too sad for them.

  11. The sad thing is that Jon hasn't taken his children anyplace (other than maybe starbucks or the dentist) all summer. He could surely take them in smaller groups like Kate has, but no. If he did, he would be bragging about it and getting paid for pictures. There are so many neat things in New York City for the kids to experience. Oh well, maybe the money he is getting paid might go towards paying Kate back or its a last fling before court next week.

  12. I think (and could be wrong) that the reason Jon and his attorney hasn't received anything yet is because in MD - you file with the court FIRST -then you have the defendant SERVED (by private processor or through the court). I know its this way on other matters of law - so when I read that Heller was mad they hadn't received something first my initial thought was "Clearly this guy isn't licensed to practice law in MD, either!"

    I, too, was disturbed at the photos of Jon and Hailey. She looked like she was trying to be 'stylish' but it came off more 'hooker' than anything else?! Also - I wonder why the paps were so kind to her parents? Didn't see them in any of the shots although the accompanying article said that Jon had taken them ALL out on the town.

    Also - to answer a question asked of me on the other thread - I *was* referring to the contract that Jodi and Kevin spoke of. I think my thoughts on that matter were correct - that Jon had told them what he WANTED them to hear - and not necessarily the truth! I so wish that the coverage from several months ago would re-surface to clarify that although Kate DID FILE FIRST - that it was only because Jon had told her he had retained an attorney and that 'she better get one'. This was just before he made his debut with Hailey as his 'stylist'.

  13. I have always watched Jon and Kate with my son. He loves the show, as I do. I think Kate has been so strong through this. I think the main reason TLC is suing Jon is because of the nasty things he has said about the show, yet has no problem bringing ET along with him to the twins birthday or letting them tape the kids with pumpkins. Kinda like a CEO for coke raking in money but going on shows telling people the product sucks. I do feel sorry for Jon. I think he is getting bad advice and his actions can hurt the kids. Kate has been very strong to try her best to protect the kids and I will keep her and the kids in my prayers.

  14. Hope - You are exactly right. You file in court, and then the court processes papers to the defendant (which can sometimes take several weeks. I just checked and it is also the case of NY courts. I think Heller knows this very well (or is really incompetent.) He just wants again to fire off a statement (while he is, of course, billing Jon each time he does so.

    On another note, I'm glad Jon "isn't worried about making money" 'cause I think he's going to need a boatload of it!

    BabyMama - Those are nauseating photos of Jon and Hailey. Wonder why the Glassmans weren't shown in the photos. Think Jon paid for this out of his "earnings"? Dinner at the Oak Room isn't exactly cheap either. Maybe he was putting the touch on the Glassmans for a loan? (I'm saying that facetiously.)

  15. ....those little girls are just growing up to be so beautiful, each in their own unique way, which is really fun to see.

    UGH, seeing those pictures of Jon makes me sick also. I feel alot of anger towards him with all that he has put his wife and kids through and he is frolicking around New York like a single guy. All I can say (or hope) is that what goes around, comes around.

  16. SchmeckyGirl - Jon's TLC contract (and most business contracts) has, in addition to a morals clause, clauses specifying BOTH exclusivity and non-compete as clauses also.

    Exclusivity means as long as they pay him, he cannot go to work for ANY other competitors or venues unless they approve them. That's pretty standard.

    Example: I have some ideas for a computer. I go to IBM and they hire me and include the standard clauses of exclusivity and non-compete, and a morals clause because they don't want to invest mega bucks and have me do something stupid. They have somebody else with similar ideas so they pair us together. And voila...we come out with the LindaSchmeckyGirl computer model 1. We are required to go on tours to promote it, etc. We become so successful that we also do model 2, model 3, and model 4.

    I'm pretty bored with just doing this, so at a conference I say "I don't really even like IBM anymore." Oops. I change it to "What I said got misconstrued." I'm getting pretty famous so Apple comes calling. They offer me a bunch more money and instead of computers I'm going to design for them a fantastic new cell phone which will just be "Linda" and I don't have to share the name. (Apple wants me because of the name I developed with IBM and they want to capitalize off the coverage.)

    IBM comes back and says no.. I get mad go to a bar and get drunk and spout off about how rotten IBM is. I meet an Apple exec in the bar, we leave and photographs get taken of the two of us together. I say, "I wasn't giving Apple secrets or anything, he was just driving the car. Did you want me to drive drunk?"

    IBM says, take some time off and think about this and we'll still pay you, and remember, you're under contract to us. I don't think it's fair because cell phones are nothing like computers.

    My feelings are hurt. Next thing I know, IBM does commercials for the newest model and doggone it, it's called the SchmeckyGirl model 4 without including the Linda part in the name. I'm furious now so I really get into talks with Apple. I'm so frustrated I even talk to Dell, and anybody else who'll listen. Who do they think they are? I'm not going to even return phone calls from IBM. I have friends that mouth off for me that IBM really stands for "International Bully Men". Of course, because they are honoring the contract, I still get paid by IBM, but they are getting pretty steamed.

    Now I'm even angrier. I hire an attorney who pumps up my ego and says all kinds of things. He tells me my contract is now null and void because IBM changed the name of the computer. Hey I need a new manager also and he just happens to have a son who is great. The son gets me more meetings with Apple, and Dell, and Sony, and even little nobody computer companies.IBM keeps saying "Don't do it" but heck I don't have to listen to them. If I act up enough, they'll let me go (but please keep paying me until you do let me go IBM...and pay me forever for residuals for the computer that used to be called LindaSchmeckyGirl.)

    I'm so angry I tell anyone who'll listen how unfair IBM is being to me. They don't even want me but they won't let me go do my thing with Apple. Not fair. Big ole International Bully Men.

    So IBM hauls me into court. My contract with them is brought up. Do you see where this is going? IBM has invested mega bucks in me and promoting my ideas even though I had to share the credit with SchmeckyGirl. Why won't they just let me do my own thing?

    It doesn't work that way in business. They get to be in control as long as they pay me because I signed the contract. And my contract specifies exclusivity and non-compete. I can't go to work for Apple. And IBM has enough money to pay me to "sit on the bench" for years if that's what my contract specifies.

    Is it fair? Depends on whether you work for IBM or Apple. But it is the way business works.

    The saddest thing is that in the Gosselins case, we're talking about people, precious children, and not computers.

  17. The show WAS a documentary/reality show of the Gosselin family when they were being filmed. There were several times that we saw the tension between Jon and Kate. Isn't that the reason why so many people dislike Kate. And now many people may now understand the reason why Kate may have acted the way she did towards Jon. Many marriages that are struggling do try and keep their problems private and I do not think that it was our business to know every private aspect of their marriage.

  18. #1 Caregiver - in response to the cooking question.

    All production companies provide a chef to prepare food on the day of shoots; that is standard. They have to feed to crew. That's a standard perk. It isn't something special. The "talent" gets the privilege of specifying the type of food served and Kate wants organic because that's what she prepares when she does the meals.

    Having meals prepared on the day of a shoot doesn't mean that it isn't reality. All of the reality shows have chefs that prepare food on the day of the shoot. It's been this way for decades with food being provided for production crews and anyone involved for the taping.

    It got started in the days of location shoots because often there weren't restaurants close by. Then along the way it got written into contracts of the crew and it's just become a standard.

    Often in past seasons on shoot days there was leftover food. She said I like to do my own cooking when they (the crew) isn't here but I don't want the leftover food wasted. Jodi commented that Kate often brought them the extra food that the chef had prepared. That's what got that whole thing started with the the idea that Kate doesn't really cook because she has a chef.

    Again, Kate cooks for her family. Until the separation, Jon didn't cook for his family, but he did reheat the organic meals that Kate had frozen.

    I will admit that Kate did do a jibe at Jon during the filming with Emeril that was included in the editing. Emeril asked Jon to do something at the stove and Kate said, "Jon do you know where that is." Jon answered back, "Yeah, I know where it is. I'm a master at re-heating." Do you also remember Jon talking in the interview that "it was really hard for Kate to let somebody into her kitchen because she pretty much cooks all the meals and feels like it's her territory and she's set on it being organic."

  19. Linda,

    Love, Love, Love the IBM/Apple story. Sometimes you gotta break it down. Jon needs to understand it's business and I guess he can try and call the shots when it comes to pulling the kids off of the show, by using them in his little chess game, but he is a grown man that signed a contract and he needs to get smart and deal with it. Oh but we forget, Jon doesn't honor his commitments.

  20. The IBM analogy is so...bizarre. Do you really think anyone is confused by the terms "exclusivity" and "non-compete?" You're being sarcastic right?

    ...thanks for the example though, it was the highlight of my day! Hilarious! I'm still LOL.

  21. I always wondered if the crew got in her way when she tried to cook, but now I know she didn't have to cook when they were there anyway...interesting. Thanks for the info, Linda.

    All I know about the production side of the show is that Jon & Kate's neighbors got very annoyed they couldn't mow their lawns or use leafblowers when they wanted to. It interferred with the sound guy's job. This was mentioned on a blog of someone from their old neighborhood. Also this same neighbor saw the twins get pulled off the schoolbus to "re-shoot" the scene. They wanted the girls to swing their lunchboxes as they walked to the bus. Apparantly this annoyed Mady to NO end, lol, that little cutie doesn't hide her feelings now does she?

  22. Schmeckygirl your comments are great:) I love reading them! I don't agree all the time but that's okay:) That's what makes this blog so great:)

  23. Linda, great analogy with IBM.

    I hate to say it but in some of those carriage pictures with Hailey, Jon looks high.

    Part of the reason I think Jodi was very vindictive is the story about the chef cooking. Without the context included in the story, it appears very different from reality. When Jodi didn't get what she wanted; she started working hard to take Kate down.

  24. Linda, I love your comparison about the whole legal issue using IBM as a comparison. Great Job!
    Also clearing up the cooking issue. I was just thinking about episodes in the past and trying to figure out if they would be considered scriped or not?? Since, there is an on going investigation pertaining to the child labor laws.
    TLC says it's a documentry. In PA there are no laws to protect the kids. I think there should be. The Gosselin Act, like Schmecky Girl stated.
    If everyone that is a fan of the show called their state rep. to petition for something like that, it would get the ball rolling. Future showw families will need it.

  25. Just back from a great vacation where I managed to see some on-line headlines and photos of the Gosselin family. Not many. But the photo of Jon in a suit and tie really make me angry. Playing dress-up for court...

    Linda, your IBM/Apple analogy is funny and perfect. Right on!

    I have so much to read and watch! BabyMama, thanks so much for this site where I don't have to go searching all over the internet and get pounded by the trolls.

    : )

  26. Yes, I was being sarcastic and trying to be funny too with the analogy. I really don't think Jon understands the contract he signed. But, the point is, he signed it and he was an idiot not to honor it.

  27. Jon isn’t worried about earning an income. Kate paid the bills for the last 10 years so I don’t think Jon’s ever had to deal with paying bills. I’m showing my age here but Jon’s photo in the carriage reminded me of the old Alfred E. Neuman photo in Mad Magazine with the caption of “What Me Worry?

  28. I’m curious about the money that J&K contribute monthly and its use toward expenses. I keep hearing Jon say “well I hope she’s paying the bills because I give her $7500 a month!” Kate also is to put in $7500 for a total of $15K.

    Sounds like a lot to the average person. With the 8 children, however, and their expenses, it really isn’t a lot. Let’s hope that Kate can continue to come up with the money for school (I think Jon soon will not have an income.)

    All of my children have been enrolled in private school and it isn’t cheap. The advantage, in addition to quality of education, is that private schools have zero tolerance for any teasing or taunting. If the Gosselin children had to experience teasing and taunting in public school it would be horrendous.

    It would be one more trauma/loss/change in their lives. Moves and changes raise stress levels. In the last year they’ve experienced the move to the new house as well as the sudden influx of paparazzi chasing them and shoving cameras at them along with separation and divorce. Kate said that Cara asked if the security system was on.

    We have a similar house with security cameras on all exteriors. It makes us feel safer (we did have an attempted break-in.) Kate now allows no cameras in the children’s rooms. We do have security cameras in our children’s bedrooms. Not to photograph them sleeping or changing clothes but covering the windows so we can see any attempted egress there.

    There is a website that lists private independent school tuition.

    Since the 8’s school doesn’t list tuition, I took the tuition of the other schools and then got the average. (If tuition isn’t listed, it’s generally higher than the norm, but for here I took the average.) The annual averaged tuition for sextuplets would be $11,931 each and for the twins $17,494 each with an annual total of $106,576. Given the Gosselins’ previous annual income, that isn’t out of line. With no income, you’d have to start drawing on investments to keep them there.

    Many people pay the tuition monthly; I’m guessing that Kate is doing that. HES is a plan with a fee of $50 per child and allows eight equal payments with no interest. If you take the averaged tuition total & HES fees the monthly payments would be $13,372.

    From the $15k contributed monthly by J&K that would leave a balance of about $1,528 per month for food, braces, health care, and clothing. Divide that by 8 and it gives you about $203 per child per month. If you factor in heating, security monitoring, electricity, etc. that makes it even less. It allows nothing for payments for nannies, bodyguards, etc. which I’m assuming each parent must pay during their time of “residence.”

  29. I wonder how this whole Gosselin mess is affecting the return of Table for 12? I saw one or two new episodes a few weeks ago but haven't seen anything scheduled since. I'd like to see them back on, but I understand if the network is "holding off" until some of this dies down. Could be a while, though... every time things get quiet, Jon does something bone-headed and gets it rolling again. I need my dose of "big family" TV since it looks like we might be losing Kate Plus 8. I will miss seeing those kids!

  30. I just hope that if Stephanie is spilling her guts so much on Radar, that she is also working with Kate's attorneys, investigators, etc so they can substantiate and put a stop to what Jon may be doing. Otherwise, I am sick of hearing from her. I am soo excited about the butterfly show tonight, I have been looking forward to it for a long time. I am even going to have a positivie attitude about the Jon parts. I don't hate him, I just want him to straighten up for the kids. If it wasn't for them, I could frankly care less about what he does.

  31. Linda you are too funny. That was a great way to explain it! :) Haven't seen the pics yet...going to look against my better judgement LOL

  32. Hello everyone! I was at work today, but very excited for tonight's episode..One of those things that seems to be on a few buckets lists is the dream of going into a hot air balloon. I know it has always been a dream of mine.. So I am very jealous that this was made possible for them. Its one of those once in a lifetime expierences that they were incredibly lucky to do.

    I put a portion of the Vanity Fair article..I was told if you want ot read the entire thing you need to go to the site. I think it will be fun for those of you to give your opinion of what you thought about it. I for one thought the article was great.

  33. Not sure if I believe all of what Stephanie is saying. But all of her interviews were done at the same time or she only has one outfit; she's dressed the same in all if them. ROL just chose to break them up into little tiny segments to get more comments. ROL's stock must be up a bazillion percent since the first bar pictures of Jon in January.

  34. The Vanity Fair article slams them both pretty badly in my opinion.

  35. Denise~ Kate is who she is. I don't think it slammed her contrary to what the haters say. It's an unapologetic look at the whirlwind time she spent away from her kids. I think it was worse for Jon actually.

  36. I feel sorry for the kids. I watch the show and most of the time (i think) the tabloids... are wrong. XP

  37. That was a very good show. I like how interested the girls were in the bugs even though Kate couldn't stand them. The old Kate would have probably forbade them from touching them. Even the part with Kara hitting Jon in the head with the ball was cute and just one of those precious family moments. Some people may cry that the filming is so awful and there are some definite consequences to it, but can you imagine the pride in creating such a masterpiece. I think it's kind of sad that Jon wants to throw it all away. I missed the little interviews that the kids have been doing and I wondered if that was due to the stoppage of them filming. Did anyone else notice the complete difference in Kate from this episode to the following one that took place right after the move?

  38. I think the Vanity Fair article is a PR nightmare for Kate and TLC. She didn't not come off well at all IMO. She is clearly very handled by her people. Jon is very clearly NOT handled by anyone at all....well, you know what I mean!

    VF is a very highly regarded mag and will reach a whole new audience re: the J&K drama. It will be interesting to read the Comments section there.

    I am neither Team Jon nor Team Kate; I only care about the adorable children. I wish the article had focused on their welfare more. They are the ones who will pay a huge and lasting price for this unbelievable mess.

  39. I actually thought that the Vanity Fair article was pretty good. It gave sources and cited when they were unclear or questionable. Kate doesn't claim to be perfect. There are a lot of haters out there that hate Jon and kate Plus Eight because they see it as Jon and Kate sitting around taking things or going on fancy vacations and being filmed and draining the dollars from TLC's coffers withoud doing anything and that is not the case. I just wish they would have let her have her sushi, she deserves it.

  40. The episode was great tonight. Can you imagine how the water rocket buisiness is going to boom after tonight episode it is definatly something I want to get! Does anyone know where Kate got the little girl's dresses (the ones they wore to the butterfly house). I know its a summer dress but Im sure they are still on sale somewhere those dresses are tooo cute!
    With knowing J&K+8 isnt going to be on much longer (but Im still hoping for K+8) I started to reflect how much the children have grown. The children are really blooming into wonderful kids, Kate is a wonderful mother and I pray that Kate remains strong so the kids wont get hurt too bad by all the crap going on with their parents.

  41. Just as a general FYI on the Gosselin's "expense" arrangement. The account into which each parent deposits $7500 per month, for a total of $15000: this is the account from which "routine" bills were to be paid from, and this was labeled, in the arbitration documents released by Kate's attorneys as the "working account." It was to be used to pay:

    1-the mortgage for both homes
    2-the electric for both homes
    3-security alarm for both homes
    4-phone service for both homes
    5-weekly pool maintenance
    6-water/sewer for each home
    7-Comcast cable for each home
    8-propane for the new home
    9-homeowners insurance for each home
    10-auto insurance for the Dodge Sprinter
    11-'mutually agreed upon' security for both parties and/or the children
    12-food bills for the children in the home

    Not to be overly picky about the details, BUT this again goes back to Kate on the Today show and calling in to the View, b/c she can't feed her kids or pay for the roof over her head: the account Jon raided was not the money set aside for those purposes. JMO.

    The account from which Jon w/d unauthorized money, labeled as the "JKIG Money Mkt Acct" was to pay any "additional/extraordinary" expenses, specifically:

    1-real estate taxes
    2-individual taxes
    3-estimated quarterly taxes for 2009
    4-school bills for the children
    5-clothing for the children
    6-any necessary home repairs to each home

    So anyways, that is how the arbitrator had originally set up their post separation finances, and I think it also answers some of the speculation regarding miscellaneous day-to-day expenses discussed up thread.

    I do recall reading, I believe on Radar (but not 100% sure) that the annual tuition costs for all of the children combined, was $72,000.

    Off topic - I wonder at some of the utilities maintained at "both homes" - why would it be necessary to maintain cable and phone service for the old house? Were it me, I would not maintain cable or phone in an unoccupied home.

  42. I agree that VF article will reach a whole new audience but it is one that would never be interested in the show itself and will not get emotionally invested in Kate or Jon. The regular readers of VF will not become fans of either nor will they join the ranks of the GWOP haters (the site was very accurately dubbed insane by the author).

    I think the author captured the essense of Kate pretty well with the word "unapologetic." There are many things Kate does that I cringe a bit at but what I do like about her is that she is unapologetic about who she is and what she wants. With Kate, what you see is what you get. She does not bow or hide in the face of critics. She is who she is - the good, the bad, and the ugly is out there. Most people try to hide parts of themselves from the world - not Kate.

    I tink the author caught the essense of Jon with dulsatory - aimless and withoutout a plan or goal. That is not someting I admire at all so it has always been hard for me to like Jon.

    I agree with this analysis:

    "And this was another aspect of the show that seemed to whip up Zeitgeist-ian winds: in an era of confusion about gender roles in marriage—not to mention an era obsessed with mommy culture—Kate was unapologetically wearing the pants."

    I doubt it is a PR nightmere for Kate or TLC - there is nothing particularly new or revealing in that article. This is analysis of news we already know.

  43. PAR said...
    I think the author captured the essense of Kate pretty well with the word "unapologetic." There are many things Kate does that I cringe a bit at but what I do like about her is that she is unapologetic about who she is and what she wants. With Kate, what you see is what you get. She does not bow or hide in the face of critics. She is who she is - the good, the bad, and the ugly is out there. Most people try to hide parts of themselves from the world - not Kate.

    This is exactly what I got out of it as well, although there was no new news in it, it showed that no matter what situation, whether at home with the kids or out doing business Kate is always in control and this is why I admire her so much. She will NEVER hide who she is for no one. Her strength shines everywhere she goes. I think those very reasons makes the haters so uncomfortable with her because they can not relate with her which shows how weak they really are, and I think it funny.

  44. I loved the butterfly episode. Was it just me or does anybody else notice that John takesthe kids out to play out front right near the papparatzi at the fence? I didnt realize how close that fence was. They have a back yard, why not play back there so they are not gauked at??

  45. The dresses were from Gymboree I think last year. I have them for my girls. I have not seen them in the store for about a year.
    I am so excited about next weeks episode. I love Kate and will do anything to support her.

  46. Re: Tuition
    Radar did a guesstimate on tuition. I got tired of wondering so I finally called the school. Tuition would be over $123K per year but multiple enrollments do allow a discount - so think $100K (still a hefty savings from original.)

    Re: Jon's appearance Sunday night at Central Synagogue. (Let me state first, in the interest of disclosure, that while I am Christian, I am a huge fan of Ellie Wiesel. I was a moderate fan of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach for the counseling he did with families until the book on the Michael Jackson tapes; now I'm not really much of a fan at all; I think he needs to listen to his own advice about fame.) Will Jon listen to the advice? I hope so. Was Heller's taking him there a publicity stunt? I hope not. Rabbi Shmuley's advice to avoid fame might have been a little more believable if the paparazzi flashes of photos of Jon had not been going off during the statement. I would have added the value of basics: perhaps going back to living by The Ten Commandments.

    Feel free to call me a prude. Jon isn't divorced yet. I think it's wrong to have relationships while you are still legally married. Get the divorce first.

    I think Jon's other interview on relationships and children shows just how wishy-washy/indecisive he is. I think Jon needs to be surrounded with a whole different set of people because he is so easily swayed by whomever he is near. The reporter asked Jon if he and Hailey were getting married. Jon's answer was "We haven't talked about that yet." The reporter asked if Jon wanted more children. Jon's response was "No, I have eight children and that is all I want." The reporter asked several other questions. Then Jon said, "Well, but, if Hailey and I did get married and she wanted children, then I would have more children." Duh? Either you do or you don't? Either you will or you won't? Does that mean, well I'll wait until she tells me what we are doing?

  47. Reenie-You are so right. Jon even commented that the paps were like "what are you doing"? Refering to him pumping up the rocket. He is a pap wh*re.

    Brooke- I am sure those dresses came from Gymboree. Most of the kiddo's cloths come from there.

    The VF article was good. It seemed to start from Ausust and end in the present. I liked Kate in the article. She is a strong women and not affraid to show it.

    As for the pictures of J & H, I have one word. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. BabyMama - Would you please, in the poll section, put the whole results bar in dark green, or list them here. I'm unable to read the results. Thanks a bunch!

  49. Just watch the episode and loved it. I love how Kate thought it was funny that that Alexis (?? I think) was torturing her with the bug.

  50. Thanks, BabyMama for improving the poll background color! Sooo much better!

  51. I can read the poll results! Thanks BabyMama!

  52. I loved watching Kate with the little girls and her reaction to Alexis torturing her with the millipede. That was so funny. What's interesting is that sometimes parents can imprint their fears into their kids. But Kate was pleased that they don't hold back from fully enjoying those experiences.

    I just love Kate's sense of humor. Her mimicking the flame bursts on the balloon ride cracked me up.

    I loved her outfit at the butterfly exhibit but I do wish she'd dress more sensibly for more casual outings like the balloon ride. She realized it wasn't too smart to dress like that but has a habit of not packing appropriate clothes for the occasion. Just like when she wore heels to a horse ranch, I thought she'd learn from that.

    It also makes me a little uncomfortable seeing her necklines going lower and lower. I think it's wonderful that she has a great figure after 8 kids, but I personally feel she doesn't need to be so revealing that it distracts from her other beautiful qualities (JMO). She shines from just being herself.

    I tolerated the Jon parts. I caught Jon's admonition to one of the kids... "My name isn't 'But Dad'..." (So maybe his name really is Butt Dad). And when he got socked in the head by Cara. Watch out, Jon, sooner or later they may do more than that to you!

  53. In part 3 of the episode, those that missed it will see the commercial for next week. Kate will be answering a lot of your questions. It will be interesting to hear what she has to say about what people have been talking about!

  54. i really enjoyed the episode....the But Dad part made me literally laugh out loud because when I was growing up, we hear "yeah but doesn't live here anymore"......and it reminded me of that. I thought that Jon was GENUINELY enjoying his time with the kids, but HOLY MACARONI-does he have to parade them around in the front yard NEAR the road where the STALKARATZI camp out? I mean really, they have something like 25 acres of land......find a different play spot. Kate was REALLY freaked out about the bugs, and I would have reacted JUST the same way (but my kids would have been ALL over it).
    I enjoyed watching her interact with the kids with the bird feeding, and it reminded me of when I took my kids to a petting zoo that had Lorekeets that we could feed. My youngest reacted JUST like Hannah (and didn't appreciate the birds flitting around her hair) and I too was bitten by these Lories that we were feeding, but it was BEYOND cool to do it. It seemed that they had some "peace" from the STALKARATZI while in Florida, because we weren't aware of the "trip" so I imagine not too many of the press were aware either.
    I enjoyed the show, and hope that Kate will answer the question that I posed about how she will handle the upcoming holidays, with Jon's revelation that he'll be exploring his new found Jewish affiliation, and since the recent fighting has gotten really heated......Can't wait, and HOPE they'll address the show stopping/delay issue.
    Keep up the GREAT work MAMA!!!!!!

  55. lucysmom - I loved your comments. I laughed and laughed at the last paragraph.

  56. Linda, I agree as well about Jon having a relationship while he's still married. It really goes against his faith but for whatever reason he obviously justifies it. It just seems so tacky. Anyway, I noticed that no one has brought up the part of the article that stated that Kate wanted to end the marriage first, not Jon. I really don't understand that part because that isn't the image she puts out there. If it's true then I feel like she's just not who she says she is. But unless she owns up to it, we'll never know.

  57. 3KMom,

    It was Jon who first put out his perception that it was Kate who wanted out first to take the blame and responsibility off himself. Given his credibility and his pattern of getting so many things wrong, half-truths and twisting things towards his vantage point that I really doubt that he's told the whole truth and nothing but the truth on that.

  58. Just loved the butterfly episode. It reminded me of why I watched the show from the start. The rocket part was a bit contrived. J has to work so hard at entertaining his kids. The silent dinner was so revealing, I thought. But Kate was a riot with the bugs. She has really changed since the beginning when she would have been shouting for him to rescue her. (And he would not have heard her anyway). Good job Kate!

    As to J and his effort to find comfort as a member of the Jewish religion. PUHLEEZE! If he is looking for G-d, he should first pull up his zipper and keep it closed. Look inward Jon. All religions ask for the same things - respect for your family includes not cheating on your wife, privately or publically. To say he respects his Jewish friends because they have such high regard for family is an insult to anyone with moral standards.

  59. Well let me start off by saying just the FACT that Kate was being followed and interviewed for Vanity Fair make the trolls go insane. So they basically nit pick and disect the entire article hoping to score something to make Kate look bad. And she is who she is, says what she says, and makes no apologies for it.

    Why I liked the article so much was how it talked about being in these hard recession hitting times, people wanting to hate Kate because shes given things that everyone wishes they could have. Touching a bit on a average mom dealing with this new celebrity status.

    What I didnt like, was that because Kate took the high road and odes not discuss personal matters regarding Jon, they give the account given by a "source".. never stating who, saying Jon was assuming Kate was having an affair with the bodyguard, then heading out to bars where he eventually got caught.

    "Will this ever end?" is how the article wrapped up it's story. I for one are getting excited to see how this chapter unfolds.. Its been a little quiet the last few days in Gosselinland (lol)

  60. Lucymom, your last paragraph of Butt Dad made me laugh. I had been thinking kind of sarcastically to myself after I watched that part, that they could change his lines to say something like, "Just because I act like a butt doesn't mean my name is But(t) Dad. "
    I also wonder if that little synagogue gig was a Heller production to a)bring more attention and or money to parties involved, b)make Jon and Heller look better for court and C)try to put a different spin on Jon's contract violations.
    Next week's show is going to be great and Monday will be the court date, by which Jon had better pay up.

  61. 3KMOM - IMO that part of the article was just quoting the he said/she said part of their back and forth accusations. I know that Jon has stated several times that "back in October she (Kate) said I don't even know why I married you."

    The first time I heard that, I got a big lump in my throat. Once, in an argument, when I thought my husband was making some left field decisions, I said, "When you say that, it makes me wonder. I don't even know why I married you." (We sat down and talked things out - obviously Jon and Kate didn't.)

    I don't know since I wasn't there. I know that it came in that period when they'd just moved to the new house (major stress) when Kate had to travel to engagements they'd committed to do 6-8 months previously (major stress); when despite both of them committing to go to speaking engagements Jon didn't want to go any more; when despite suggestions to Jon (go back to school, do IT things, volunteer, do anything??) he didn't wan't to do anything. Being alone with the kids was too much for him so this when they hired nannies/babysitters. Maybe in the heat of an argument Kate said something like that. Did she mean right at that moment or forever? I have no idea.

    Did she refuse counseling? I don't know that either. Maybe she was frustrated to the point of saying, "Jon first you need to figure out what it is you want to do." Or, maybe she felt like it was time to stop being an enabler for Jon's immaturity. Again, none of us know. I just feel very sad for both of them.

  62. The part of the Vanity Fair article I like was when the reporter talked about the fact that magazines and newspapers have been really struggling in the last year; many newspapers have shut down for good.

    Why will newspapers and mags pay almost anything for a shot of Jon or Kate? Because every time they run a story, they sell more issues and it keeps the wolves away from the door.

    Why does Radar break down interviews into tiny portions and run photos of Kate every time she goes to Starbucks? Because ROL gets 1,000 or more comments every time something is run about J or K. (They can then sell ads, etc.) Look at the # of hits for other stories; many of the others get 0 comments or less than 10.

    Look at the number of hits The View got when Kate appeared. And ET, TMZ, Insider, E, InTouch, Star, etc.

    And the trolls can't seem to figure out that if they all suddenly stopped spewing their hatred, the interest would dwindle. Well, maybe not with the trolls. I suspect they previously hated Angelina and Brad and I'm sure they will find somebody else to hate in the future.

    It's interesting that TLC is airing Kate Answering Questions next week. That will come on Monday night after the Gosselins have returned to court so their will be a frenzy in all of the Tabloids.

  63. I have car duty today so spending too much time in lines and reading MobiNet from boredom.

    Just read the Huffington Post article on J&Hailey's Oak Room Meal Saturday night. I guess Jon was ordering for his 50% Korean self rather than his new 50% Jewish self since their meal included "a few cocktails, a cheese plate, Kobe sliders, shrimp cocktails, corn dogs, and oysters." (A bizarre combination IMO.) Guess somebody forgot to tell him that shellfish and corn dogs aren't Kosher, much less ordering the cheese and Kobe. Oops. Plop, plop, fizz, fizz.

  64. SchmeckyGirl and others. Great news. TLC has gotten that section fixed on the website. You can click on the heading in the lower right section now and it leads you to 10 videos (kind of from the "beginning" to the "announcement". It no longer requires passwords.

  65. angelsmom~ I read your post and I agree with you 100%. I'm sorry I didn't post it ;)

  66. I viewed most of the appearance of Jon at the Synagoge (I'm sorry if I hacked the spelling for my Jewish friends).....but the RadarOnline accounting of what happened said something to the effect of Hailey not being there, instead Jon was there with his "new Jewish" family-the Hellers....HOWEVER there was a younger woman who crosses infront of the 'audience' as Jon makes his way to the podium to address the panel (which I have to say I LOVED Dr. Oz's answer) striking quite a resemblance to Hailey.....I think that he GENUINELY wants to find the answers to make himself a better FATHER, which may parlay into a better MAN. He asked the question with the best of intentions.

  67. I'm not really sure about the Vanity Fair article. I think it was good in a sense that it wasn't trying to making everything sound fine and dandy. Because it certainly isn't. But I think it was bad because I it portrayed Kate as a diva. She was in NYC that day, and had free time so she can go out for dinner or do whatever. But to me, it made her look really rude, and I was a little surprised! Although I don't think that it was the real Kate- when she is at home with the kids I think that she is probably completely different. But it was also really good, because it kinda gave you a time line of all of the latest events. I'll admit it gets confusing with so many stories! One thing that really hit me was the last line about the kids being on E! True Hollywood Story. That really was upsetting. I feel like I say it all the time, but everything comes down to the kids and their well-being. I don't want to watch them in 10 years as just another celebrity disaster. They don't need that. Jon and Kate brought them into this, and it is completely unfair for them to live with it for the rest of their lives, which I'm pretty sure no one wants. It's really sad to see as a fan.

    On a lighter note, I LOVED LOVED LOVED last nights show! The little girls are too cute for words and their personalities are really blossoming! Kate was making me laugh with the hot air balloon sound effects! I managed to sit through the Jon-parts, like so many others here. At least the boys and Mady and Cara had fun though!

    The Walk in the Woods episode afterwords was a total wake up call. I came back to reality, and like I wrote earlier it really hit me that this is how they were a little less then a year ago. Jon and Kate were completely unhappy. It was so obvious. A lot has happen really quickly, and I sometimes forget that. The two of them were sitting as far apart as possible. And they were making jabs at each other too. I wish that things hadn't turned out like this!

  68. lucysmom.....LOL....that Butt Dad joke is so spot on! And I too died laughing when Cara corked that ball right at Jon's head. Perfect!!!!

    That episode was wonderful. The little girls are just so adorable and Kate is very witty, fully able to carry the "adult" part of the show totally alone, IMO. Jon talks about the paps just like they're his good buddies...

    I wonder where Mady was when Jon and Cara and the boys were outside playing?

  69. Baby Mama,
    So glad no offense was taken, as absolutely none was meant:) Love your site and am ADDICTED. (No need to post this either.) Have a great day!

  70. Is it just me or did the VF article seem to paint Kate, particularly, in a negtive light? I was kind of surprised, they made her look a bit bitchy and full of herself. The part that sticks out in my mind was when she supposedly stepped on some little boy's foot (in the toy store) with her three inch heels and said sorry and then just sailed by. Of course they said things about Jon too but not as much it seemed.

    They also seemed to mention how tightly TLC controls her goings and comings. For example, she wanted to go to Nobu and the TLC lady said that it wasn't a good idea because she was just crying on TV about not being able to pay her bills and it wouldn't look good for her to be out on the town the next night.

    Maybe Jon should take a lesson and think about how going out and partying affects his public image but I have to say, I was a little disappointed that much of Kate's actions are taken with public image in mind. It makes you ask, does she really mean everything she says about being all about her kids and when she is not with them she is only minutes away all lonely in a hotel room, or is she really "annoyed" as the article said that she can't enjoy her time away from the kids because it wouldn't look good for her public image?

    I'm not saying what Jon is doing is right or even smart (being out and about all the time)but I would hate to know Kate was just trying to uphold an image but that she was secretly resentful. Just a thought.

    As for the show, I enjoyed the butterflies episode. Jon's part was ok but I have to admit, it makes me cringe when he sits on the chair and uses this "cool guy" kind of talk with the hand motions. I don't know if you all remember the part I'm talking about where he is sitting in the interview chair talking about how the rocket only went up a few feet at first but then when they got it to work it was "hilarious" with the hand motions. It's just so different than the Jon we are used to all these years and it just makes him look like a fool. Ugh!

    Anyway, I am looking forward to next week's Kate answering questions episode. Hopefully we will come away more enlightened! lol

  71. Just finished watching Mon. tape for the sec. time. It's neat and I really like the fact that Jon is enjoying his kids. They need someone to teach them sports and be active with them. He mentioned his Dad too. Good memories for him and his children. Butt Dad, that's funny, My kids yelled from another room, Hey You, and I remember saying the same thing, thats not my name. I think there are a few of us that can relate to things like that.
    Out zoo has a Butterfly House and we did a field trip there one year. Perfect place for adults and children. How neat, and they will land right on you. Cool!! I was treated to a Hot Air Balloon Ride by my Son a few years back. Beautiful trip. It was in October And we had our winter coats on. SCenary was spectacle but i think its more for grown ups and teens. The girls were not tall enough to see anything and Kate never picked them up. Instead of all that fuss for the cameras, she could have tried too.
    But it was funny.

  72. If Kate doesn't care about what people think (hence the "unapologetic" talk) then she should just go get sushi instead of caring about how a toystore visit would play in the media. Am I wrong? Why is she afraid to do what she wants to; if she is truly unapologetic.

  73. Haily Glassman said on twitter "You can only be Jewish if u r actually "One Of The Chosen People",Being Jewish isn't like pogs its not a fad its a religion,"Epiphany" haver." I wonder if she is trying to enlighten her married boyfriend or is it meant to some haters that are giving her a hard time. She's absolutely right and maybe she's having an epiphany of her own about her life.

  74. Anothermom~ Not to pick apart your comment..but why does the haters seem to be foaming at the mouth over the Kate and the kid?? You know they intentionally put that in to make her seem like a monster.. but have any of you guys actually been at FAO Swartz during the day?? I have, and it's a zoo. Your rubbed up against and bumping into people like crazy. If she accidentally stepped on a little boys toe while she was leaving the store with secuity..did she need to sit down and do a whole big thing, just to please the media?? anyone would have said sorry and left...there is no room in that store and I'm sure she had no time to make a big deal out of it.. Sorry, it just pisses me off that the pain in the a@@ trolls are making such a huge issue from petty parts of the article like that one.

    Again, Kate has always been the person that she is...She was not bitchy or full of herself IMO..She was just herself..TLC very much needs to control her comings and goings...or she will wind up like Jon..I agree that even though Nobu does sound exciting..and it is.. it at the time wouldnt have been a good idea. And for the record, this was way before Jon wiped their account of over $100,000. I think that should be clarified..

    Your post was great though, and important to discuss.

  75. anothermom- yup saw the hand motions and felt the same way. It was over the top. But I guess that's the "real" Jon now.

  76. OMG... Michael Lohan will be doing an interview with E! tomorrow night called "The Fate of 8".. Like he knows something? A few nights ago Jon said on The Insider that Michael comes to his house unannounced and that they weren't that good of friends.. So what is Michael feel that hew needs to talk about with E News??

  77. Finally i got my computer fixed and i can come and see what is going on =) Jon is so full of himself. I liked last nights show. It was mostly Kate and the girls and that was fun to see! I am glad that TLC is sueing him. If he has overstepped contract lines then he deserves it. He was the one who signed the contract. I am not worried about kate spending the money she did and showing the judge what on. She has always been very careful with money. Jon on the other hand should put the money back. He probably spent it all on hailey. anyways I am excited for another post, thank you baby mama for the hard work you do =)

  78. Leslie! I am so happy you are back! I missed you..kiddies drove me a bit crazy tonight.. My daughter has her class picture tomorrow..Glad to see you on!

  79. Baby Mama,

    I just wanted to clarify that my comment about the article was not that I personally felt that Kate was bitchy and full of herself. I was just observing that the article made her look that way. I guess what I was trying to say (maybe not too well) was that I didn't really like the way the article portrayed her. It seemed to pick on her excessively, like over dramatizing something as simple as her stepping on the little boy's foot by accident. That's why I used that example, because I knew that it was an innocent accident and that she probably apologized for it and moved on like any person would but the way they made it sound was like she stomped on the kid and sailed off with barely an apology thrown over her shoulder. That is probably what you mean about the haters dwelling on that comment? I just want to make sure I'm not lumped in that category because I was actually speaking in defense of Kate there. Of course it is not reasonable that she would sit down and comfort the kid for half an hour but I guess the trolls figure she should.

    I was surprised that the article didn't pick on Jon more since he has done a lot of picking on worthy things lately. I realize this was all before the money incident but I think Jon has done his fair share of stupid things since before they annoucned their separation. lol

    The only issue I did have regarding Kate was that the article seemed to focus a lot on public image issues, like pointing out how she wanted to go to Nobu and seemed irritated that she was told she couldn't because of what people would think of her. This type of thing was mentioned in a couple of different places and it just made me think how much control TLC seemed to have over her. I guess when she is on media appearances and always says that she chooses not to go out and about and be seen with all kinds of people because her first priority is her kids and then reading stuff like this, I kind of asked myself if some of her words were for looks. By this I don't mean to imply that she is all out acting and would be out doing what Jon does if she could. Of course not! I know how much she loves her kids and would do anything for them but the way the article made it seem, I was just expressing that I would be disappointed knowing it was an act, even partly.

    Having said that, I can understand that it must be terrible to be under that kind of scrutiny all the time and as much as she loves her kids, I know that she needs her downtime too and it probably gets old being in a hotel room, trapped until her custody time comes again. I guess you have a point in saying that TLC needs to control her but I would like to think that she has enough sense on her own to make the right choices and not end up like Jon!

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. I just wanted to make sure my thoughts were not misunderstood and I didn't feel my comments were picked apart. Unfortunately, it is too easy for things to come out wrong when it is written word as opposed to face to face dialogue where you can tell a lot more from hearing the tone of someone's voice and seeing the expression on their face.

    Hope this clarifies things some. lol

  80. another mom~ I always enjoy your posts, and thats why I wanted to make sure it was printed. But there are so many haters that read this site, and take the information back elsewhere to skew what someones says.. so it was important for me to address the topics that are being picked apart. And then give my view on it!

  81. Rita,

    I felt the same way when I watched the Walk in the Woods episode. It really made my heart sink seeing Kate slumped in the corner of the couch that way, like she couldn't get far enough from Jon.

    You're right, it was so apparent how unhappy she was. They were both rude to each other but Jon was not as sullen as he would later become. Although it is better off to be apart than to be that unhappy, it still makes me sad to see how much has changed since that episode. I wish so badly that things turned out different for them.


    Wow, that comment from Haylie almost sounds like it should be a dig at Jon. I don't know what else she would mean by that unless that wasn't the real Haylie's account and some smart ass is trying to get in a dig at Jon. However, I think it must be a real account since it was on the Gosselin's website briefly. Who knows what that girl ever means? I think it was so disgusting the way they practically posed for the kissing shots during their carriage ride. Yeah, right Haylie can't stand being in the paprazzi's glare and all their shots together seem so staged. They never look like they are just caught off guard.

    I still don't get how Jon professes his love for Haylie and then goes on ET and says he could tell you exactly what Kate was wearing down to her open toed heels when they were in court. What is up with this guy???

  82. Personally, I felt the VF article was written by someone who didn't want to do it in the first place. They picked the most superficial details of their time together and wrote the piece, which is why Kate doesn't come across so great.

    Now, that said, the fact that Kate won't talk about anything "meaty" (like finances, or who she thinks Jon has been sleeping with etc) probably had something to do with it, but really, the interviewer could have explored the point about how blathering to the media about private things is bad, instead of giving so much space to the "source" who is speaking for Jon.

  83. The only issue I did have regarding Kate was that the article seemed to focus a lot on public image issues, like pointing out how she wanted to go to Nobu and seemed irritated that she was told she couldn't because of what people would think of her. This type of thing was mentioned in a couple of different places and it just made me think how much control TLC seemed to have over her."

    Didn't choose this quote for any particular reason - just because it summed up what many seem to be saying about the article - and my thoughts on this particular topic are this:

    Kate is doing what most of us are screaming for Jon to do -- surround himself with people who can HELP GUIDE HIM in the midst of a media circus, a myriad of painful life experiences and divorce (all things that are new to them) - in a way that keeps him on a right and good path - because ULTIMATELY its the kids that need to be worried about!

    So - Kate doesn't get sushi - truth is if she was traveling with TLC - or there for an event - her meals were probably being paid for in her trip expenses - so whether or not Kate had money left is a mute point. However - knowing how the media would twist her going out there to dinner - with headlines like "I can't feed my kids but BRING ON THE SUSHI" lurking to hit the second she would've stepped foot in the place - she has surrounded her with people to point out how something so simple could turn into another nightmare of lies and trashy headlines. We say here all the time that Jon needs to worry about how he is portraying himself publicly - but it really bothers me to see people holding a double standard for Kate doing this.

    I don't think it's so much 'control' rather that Kate has realized that these folks know what they are doing and that this is a whole new world for her and she chooses to trust their advice. So far, it seems to be working. This, IMO, is just one more way that Kate shows her intelligence and maturity.

    Jon, on the other hand, has himself surrounded with people who seemingly don't have a clue - and I go back and forth each day trying to figure out who the biggest doofus is - Jon? or his 'people'? If Jon had been in the same situation - his people would've probably said "You need to go! Live Life! Screw it" and loving every minute of the next set of headlines that 'keep him in the media' where he apparently wants to be (Yes, "Actions speak louder than words")

  84. I am wondering where Hailey is coming from with that twitter?! I've read it a few times and cannot for the life of me tell if its a message to Jon or to the haters?

    Or, is it just 'one more media grabber' like the one she posted that made the news with "Did Hailey just break up with Jon on Twitter" a few weeks ago?

  85. So many issues being discussed here. VF articles, yes I think it shows Kate in her media immige? that TLC wants her to portray. Clearly, they have her under control and Jon is not. She does a good act for the cameras and I don't think that is the real Kate. After the divorce is said and done, then she can have some fun. No pun intended.
    People here are still debating weather the marriage was on the rocks since Oct. or later. Here's MO, a long term marriage does not fall apart in 1 year or less. The tensions were there for a long time. Viewers saw in on TV, over and over again. You could tell Jon did not want to continue taping this last season. Being his old self, he just agreed to it, he should have spoke up alot sooner. Then he wouldn't have freaked out so bad. JMO!

    I am just going to wait for the 26th and hear it on the news. The Arbitrator will probably have his award ready and waiting for them. Lets hope so and then they can get on with their lives.

  86. I completely understand now Baby Mama! I was afraid you thought my comments were meant to be "haterish" when it was just the opposite.

    Just to set the record straight, I have never gone on, nor posted on those hater sites and never will. I have no patience for shallow minded people that have nothing better to do in life than sit high up on a pedestal and pass judgement on other people's misfortunes. In a way that is why I feel the need to give Jon the benefit of the doubt at times even though it gets harder and harder as each day goes by. I guess I see the person he was or that we thought he was and I feel bad that Hollywood got a hold of him just like it has a lot of good people. Every once in a while, something happens where it looks like the old Jon is trying to shine through and it makes the sucker in me feel sorry for him. I really think he needs help. He needs counselling for himself to be able to stand on his own two feet and find his own voice, not depend on whomever happens to be around him at any given moment. He trusts too easily and cannot recognize that everyone does not have his best interest at heart even though they claim to. He falls time and time again into the same trap by trusting people he has known for 5 seconds and then cries foul when they let him down (let's see, Christian Audigier, Michael Lohan, Kate Major, Stephanie Santoro, Heller and even probably Hailey). One would think he would learn after the third person that let him down and that is being generous. lol

    Anyway, back to the haters; I think I'm just starting to realize now that because of the ignorance of those people, we here need to be more careful of the way we express our opinions since they can be taken and misconstrued by them which sucks because in a way it's censorship. I can't believe people would take what we say here and have a heyday with it. Seriously, get a life haters!

    Wow, you have a difficult job Baby Mama. I know I've said it before but I really appreciate all the time you take to make sure this site is run with integrity. I think if not for all you do, this would soon turn into a site like all the others. Well, I would like to think the quality of people we have here has a part in it too though. It is obvious that the ladies here are intelligent, decent people with a real opinion and not the variety that graces GWOP and the like.

    Ok, enough out of me about this topic! Thanks for saying you enjoy my posts and for printing it despite the controversy it could have stirred up or did stir up. I think it is important for us all to be able to express our opinions as long as it is done in a respectful way. That is what makes the discussions here so interesting and well rounded.

  87. OMG! Has anyone seen this?

    Apparently, now Octomom has a crush on Jon too! Talk about a three ring circus in the making. She says that she thinks he's hot but that despite her feelings for him, she is still Team Kate. She knows how hard it is to do what Kate does and feels for her. This is a stretch considering she bashed Kate just a few months ago.

    One thing she also said that I found weird was that she didn't think it was worth doing a reality show no matter what the dollar amount. She said it wasn't healthy for the kids. Am I dreaming or was she not recently given her own reality show which she said was supposed to focus on the day to day care involved with the kids etc. What happened to that?

    Anyway, when Jon was asked if he would ever date Ocotmom, he said "No Way!" I guess even Jon has standards. lol There was also a funny comment about the show having a crazy number after the Jon and Nadya plus part. All I have to say is Heaven Forbid!!!

    Jon said he just wants to get through the divorce as quickly as possible so he can focus on his kids. Ummm, wasn't he recently trying to stall the divorce?

  88. It's the earrings! There is nothing more sexy to a woman than two ugly, overpowering CZ square studs on a man that just makes my day...I think I need my Frapp now. lol

  89. I have to agree with most here on the VF article. The author does seem to portray Kate as a diva only because she more than likely had preconcieved notions about Kate as such. It may have been the author was not truly neutral on Kate and therefore tended to impart her own prejudice by misconstrueing Kate's reactions to certain situations. Even if the author did try to balance out a more neutral portrayal of either Jon or Kate, it could have been edited out by the editor's own prejudices.

  90. Another Mom, -- Yep, there he goes again... endlessly contradicting himself. "...Wants to get through the divorce as quickly as possible" after trying to stall the divorce just a short while ago? Confused and doesn't know what he wants. Either that or his brain's been scrambled by too much booze (and/or pot(?))

  91. Oh boy, I am beginning to wish I never made that comment about the VF article! LOL

    Hope - That is my quote you chose there and I know you weren't picking it specifically but I feel the need to explain a little. I don't think I expressed myself very clearly in that comment which is too bad because I usually take a lot of care to make sure what comes out is what I really meant to say. I think this time I typed the post and then didn't proof read because one of the kids was crying and I had to run so I just hit Post Comment. Normally I would have redone the parts that didn't come across as I had intended it to sound.

    Anyhow, in my post, I think what I failed to express properly was that I was not belittling Kate for being "under TLC's control" like it may have seemed. I think I was just really surprised that Kate did have someone instructing her on how to speak and where to go or not go. I just assumed all this time that everything Kate was saying and doing was all her. She is such a strong, level headed and intelligent woman that I never imagined she would need or accept someone telling her how to act. lol

    Having thought about it though now, I do realize that no matter how smart and in control someone is, at times like this, it is all too easy to say or do things in the spur of the moment that may not be good for you in the long run and I guess Kate is not immune to it either. I am sure there have been many times she has wanted to rip Jon a new one in the media and I suppose thinking about it now, as much as Kate is smart, she is also quick tempered so having someone remind her what she has to lose by freaking out in public is worthwhile.

    Just so it is clear though, my comment was not a double standard. Yes, I absolutely agree that Jon needs a person or a team to coach him on how to act at this time and I suspect that after being under Kate's control all those years, Jon just balked at someone else trying to tell him what to do which is why lately he has been spewing that Kate needs to come out from under TLC's control and be her own person. I think he doesn't realize how bad he is making things for himself. He is not stopping to think that when it comes time to settle the divorce and decide on custody, the things he has said and done all these months might make a difference in whether he retains joint custody of his children.

    I think the reason what I said looked like a double standard was that in my head, I EXPECTED Jon to need the "control" over his actions because he has shown weakness when it comes to proper decision making whereas Kate was acting respectable from day one so I didn't think she needed that kind of guidance and it came across as controlling in the article.

    I think in the end it comes down to what several people (myself included) have noticed, and that is that the article was not written favourably where Kate was concerned. I think the author of this article deliberately tried to make Kate look petulant and rude in several places and I take offense to that. There were several places where this was evident, even down to simple things like saying that she was sitting there checking her blackberry and popping gum. Is that really necessary? It just automatically paints a demeaning picture of her and yes, it's one that the haters love to take off and run with. Talk about biased reporting.

  92. Hope,

    I also wanted to address your comment about who the bigger doofus is, Jon or his people. I think it is definitely Jon because his people are obviously not invested in him or protecting his image and his interests. It is pretty clear that the people around him are all, without exception, fair weather friends. They are only around until he is no longer the most fascinating story in the tabloids. They all just want fame by association and if Jon is the one getting media attention right now, then he is their newest BFF. It doesn't hurt that he is more than welcoming of their "friendship" and divulges all kinds of secrets that they can use against him to sell stories and make money while buying face time. Even his lawyer is using him to get out into the spotlight again. He is a sheister not a lawyer and it couldn't be more evident that he could care less about Jon's image or whether he really wins anything in his divorce. I think Heller is more interested in the court of public opinion and public television than he is in representing Jon in any court of Justice. I wonder if Jon will still be half Jewish when he loses everything in court and Heller just shrugs his shoulders and calls it another day at the office, and when Haylie dumps him since he is probably going to be out of the spotlight and a lot poorer than she originally thought. Yeah, I would safely say Jon is the doofus. The rest are all smart and watching out for number one and it aint Jon! It's so sad, really. I wish he would wake up and realize that if he doesn't smarten up, the vultures will have picked him to the bone by the time all is said and done.

  93. BabyMama those earring are gorgeous, what are you talking about? LOL There a great combo with his aging skater boy/biker look. No wonder the ladies can can't their hands off of him. :)

  94. LOL, Jon wouldn't be interested in OctoMom since she's 32 instead of 23.

  95. Linda & Hope, neither of you are correct. The only time a process server is used is for service of the original complaint. After that point, it is the responsibility of the parties to provide the other side with copies of what they filing with the court. For example, if I file a Motion to Continue then it is my responsibility to provide the other side a copy of my motion. Not providing a copy in a timely fashion is a violation of the rules of civil procedure and is a ethical violation. Attorneys get very upset when they are not provided a copy of a filed pleading and rightly so. It is not the responsibility of the court to provide notice of filings.

  96. Another mom -

    Just wanted to make sure you knew my comments weren't directed at you - or your post in particular - but more a general sense I got reading here and other places. :)


    I still can't get over the jewish community allowing Jon to use them in his media blitz. I think that some on that panel must have not been so 'gung-ho' about Jon's appearance based on their specific answers to his questions being directed towards his media whoring.

    Jon's upcoming 'my kids aren't trouble over the divorce - they are just starting to act like their mother' interview tonight on The Insider seems to show that he didn't walk away with very much from the jewish advice panel.

  97. ET just makes me sick somtimes. I wish Jon would listen to the judge and stop talking, digging himself deeper and deeper. Latest venom is about the kids being home for 7 days with nannies. Come on, many people (adults) take week long trips without children. Why the heck did Jon go talk to Rabbi Shmuley if he doesn't plan to listen to any of the advice? Are mags and TV so desperate that they will do anything to capitalize off the Gosselins? I truly hope that the arbitrator/ and or judge bring closure to this soon

  98. LKG - I think you are incorrect. This was the original complaint for TLC to Jon. TLC filed in MD where they are based. Heller also stated in the divorce proceedings that he hadn't received papers. That is a totally separate litigation; and in a state where Heller isn't licensed to practice.

    Nonetheless, apparently he has received copies of the papers at this time.

    It will be interesting in the coming months to see if Heller continues to represent Jon. I will concede that Heller is probably better suited to handling the litigation with TLC than he is to handle divorce proceedings in a state where he is not licensed to practice; muchless to handle litigation in an area where he us not a specialist.

    Personally, and just my opinion, but I'd rather have Momjian, whose specialty is PA family law representing me in a divorce filed in PA.

    I got my info from calling the Clerk of Courts in Maryland regarding the TLC action, but I will say that I may have gotten incorrect info. I will call back again on Monday and ask the same question.