Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Explosive Nancy Grace & Jon on The Insider, Watch Time To Organize Here!

First off hello to all my new readers! Hits have exploded on this site with many fresh opinions. Just when I thought there would be a break in Gosselinland, theres been so much media and issues on both sides, its been hard to keep up. This post will be updated, but I wanted to get the episode on for those that watch it here.

Kate Cleans Up Clutter on Jon & Kate Plus 8 October 6, 2009 People.com

As Jon and Kate Gosselin’s he-said-she-said heated up on Monday, a new episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 focused on a more mundane task: cleaning out the basement of the family’s home in Wernersville, Pa.“In a cluttered world, my mind is cluttered,” Kate said, standing off the set in her basement where she tapes her confessionals on a couch for the show. “When there is clutter, my eyes go to it and it drives me crazy. I can’t stand clutter.” The other part of the basement was her family’s “dumping ground.”

Without any sign of Jon — save for items that ended up in a box with his name on it — Kate hired a pair of professional organizers to help her accomplish her goal. “I just wanted to get everything pulled out of boxes, organized into categories and then I wanted shelves up to display everything so that everything was up off the ground and there was floor space,” she said. They had two days to finish the task. Kate’s best friend Jamie came in from Michigan to help with the chore. “I needed moral support and help and company,” Kate said. “I wish she could live here. We make a good team.”
Meanwhile, the Gosselin children played upstairs with a babysitter and came down periodicaly to rediscover long-lost treasures like Hannah’s kitty stuffed animal, Alexis’s doll and a penguin costume. Kate also made exciting discoveries, both old and new. “I think I’ve waited my whole life for my true love, the label maker,” she said as she printed out labels for boxes and her new shelves.
At one point, Kate found a calendar from her twins’ first year. She used it to document milestones like their first teeth coming in and learning to stand. “We had two kids. Can you tell? I took all that time,” Kate said, amazed with former, more organized self. Compared the increasingly messy divorce the family is weathering, the episode’s drama was mild: Kate had a deadline in order to make time to take twins Mady and Cara to a Jonas Brothers concert later that night, which she did.
“The worst fear is that it got started and did not get finished,” Kate said. “I need a start and completion to everything.” –Aaron Parsley
Jon Gosselin & Nancy Grace On The Insider 10/5 FULL INTERVIEW
Watch Time To Organize


  1. Baby Mama, I missed nancy grace layin' into Jon, anyway of getting more clips from the show?? anyone out there help me out? looked awesome from the clip you have. I bet Kate laughed her butt off, man this has gotten crazier than I ever thought it would, not in a good way obviously, its kind of sad really. They had such a cute family unit..once upon a time..

  2. OMG, Radar just published Kate's attorney's filing from court with the arbitrator and it included the original arbitrator's ruling, notice of withdrawals from the bank etc.

  3. I LOVE Nancy Grace !!!!!! She didn't hold back w/ him.

  4. Baby Mama,
    Thanks again for always posting the episodes! N I really so appreciate it. I liked this one a lot, organization also really appeals to me.

    And I have to agree with what Jon said on the Insider, “Actions DO speak louder than words”. He should remember this on a day to day basis as he is out and about.

  5. More of Nancy telling it like it is - to Jon:


    Feel better BabyMama.

  6. I find the innerblog turmoil very amuzing. I guess I'm not alone in my feelings but I elect to stay out of this one.

    But what I find very disturbing is "The Insider" poll that reportedly was in favor of Kate forgiving J. On TV they reported that the majority wanted Kate to forgive J. When I took the poll last night at 7:30pm PST it was 76% against forgiveness yet the show reported 46% against. When I just checked (1:30pm) it shows 74% against J.

    It looks like the Insider was afraid to state the truth just because J was sitting there to me....

  7. Wow. Nancy Grace did not hold back! Jon derserved it! Lol! I agree with wildchild, Jon should remember that saying... it might teach him a thing or two.

    Last nights show was pretty good. I feel like we are getting to see more of the "old" Kate, before she became a celebrity. Will this be one of this last episodes for a while?

    Babymama, are you sick? Everyone is saying feel better and I don't know what's going on! I hope everything is okay! :o)

  8. Thanks for posting the show BM! I missed it on Monday =( This drama is really getting out of control! I'm so glad that Nancy laid into Jon he needed it! I'll come back later and comment on the show =)

  9. Jon still says Kate is lying about him taking $230K out in one day. She never, ever said that. She just said he took out that amount, but not necessarily in one day. In fact, court documents show that there were several unauthorized withdrawals since August 10 totalling the $230K which needs to be returned. Any major withdrawals need to be conferred in writing, which he apparently did not do.

  10. Jon is showing America how it works, He wants to be an example for other fathers. GOD FORBID. He said that he could not afford the kids. I am wondering how he and his attorney are going to spin the whole withdrawal issue.

  11. I just wanted to let everyone know I posted the complete Nancy Grace showdown on this post. (CraftyMom I didn't want to post the link to your site for fear of troll harassing). I know you were all asking for the whole thing. It's really good. I am feeling much better, so sorry I was not better able to moderate the blog today. This one is open and ready!

  12. I've never been a fan of Nancy Grace, and I can't say I really agree with the way she went about trying to get answers from Jon here, but isn't she really an entertainer now, anyway? Aren't all the interviews she's involved with all about HER, and how she can take them over? Don't get me wrong, I think Jon is totally wrong, but attacking him isn't the way to make him see the error of his ways. I mean, how would anyone here react if spoken to the way Jon was spoken to??? Clearly Nancy Grace wasn't trying to help the situation. She was only trying to make him look like a (pick your fave expletive).

    That said, I would like to know what career Jon was referring to when he made the comment about needing to be in NYC to further his career. In addition, how many nights has he spent in that $5000 a month apartment? It seems like he's always away from the East Coast when it's not his custody week, so I'm wondering why he even has it. Then, a BMW and a Mercedes??? How many cars can one person drive? Sure, wouldn't we all like to have several luxury cars? One for each day of the week? And if he's living in NYC, how much driving is he doing? When he isn't driving, how much is it costing him to store the cars? And since he can't drive two cars at once, he has to be paying for two places all the time, right?

    Again, I still stand beside my comment last night that he shows all the signs of having bipolar disorder. If he addressed that, his whole world would change.

  13. I liked the organizing episode. Organization takes me to my happy place.

    I didn't realize that Jon was on the Insider again tonight. Did anyone catch it?

    Did they ask him about the court documents detailing his withdrawals?

  14. Couple of things: On last nights Insider did everyone HEAR JON ADMIT that he is 'using TV to FORCE HER' to do what HE WANTS? Wow. What an admission!

    Also - I somehow missed this article before - and haven't seen it mentioned and am wondering why the media is exposing this info?

    Former Babysitter Revealed Jon Gosselin’s Hacking Skills
    Stephanie Santoro, who was Jon’s former girlfriend and family baby sitter, revealed that Jon Gosselin hacked estranged wife Kate’s e-mail, online bank accounts and cell phone.

    Stephanie also dished the scoop that Jon plans to demand alimony from Kate, and claims that he caught on to his estranged wife’s affair with her married bodyguard Steve Neild.

    As for the hacking, Jon allegedly had access to her online banking, and he put a trace on every single one of her e-mails. He also bugged Kate’s cellphone, according to Stephanie."

    I guess this is the information he keeps referring to when he says "I have information and when it comes out...."????

    Problem is - I wonder if there's really anything of substance there? I mean he SWORE he could PROVE he hadn't taken any money out (with his 22k withdrawal slip) but the court documents are SPECIFIC with ALL his withdrawals which DO EQUAL the 230k reported by Kate and her lawyers!

  15. hmm, Hope I hadn't heard that about him hacking into her stuff. He is such a scumbag, don't doubt it.
    I just think there is NO reason for him to have a BMW & a mercedes & a $5,000 a month apartment !!!!!! My god, how ridculous!!!
    He is gong on shows like The Insider???? Thats like televised papparatzi. And your right he did say he is going to use tv to force her to do what he wants.
    If I was Kate I would end the tv show w/ TLC, and go on to her own project/ Get involved in something he has NO part of. . His 15 min of fame will end.
    And if I can predict the future, most likely he will collect Allimony from her & live off of that. How many of us believe Jon will actually get a real job ?? Umm, most likely NOT.

  16. Jon is really wasting alot of money that could be kept in the bank for the future. If he really wants them to quit the show "for the kids", he might want to think about how they will support themselves down the road. It bugs me that he mentions the two mortgages, and yet he is paying a hefty sum for the Manhattan apt. on top of it. Why can't they both just live in the old (unsold) home on their "off" custody days...to be near the kids and to save money on apartments, hotels, etc. Seems frivolous to me. Also...........two luxury vehicles???? Crazy making.

    And truthfully, the media interviews by both Jon and Kate at this point are starting to bug me. Jon is making his family problems into Hollywood. The Insider is so dramatic and fake it makes me sick. He is such a loose cannon. I would have preferred to see Kate remain in quiet seclusion through all this, opening up about anything just gives people more opportunity to use it against you.

    Terri, yes, the inter-blog stuff is interesting. I'm getting tired of some of it, I know what you mean!!!

  17. This just in (tune in on Thursday night to see it?):
    ...Jon admits he is 'going through a wild phase' (link: http://www.nbcmiami.com/entertainment/celebrity/NATL-Jon-Gosselin-My-Therapist-Told-Me-I-Went-From-32-to-23-63663217.html )

    Ex-reality TV dad Jon Gosselin, whose booze-fueled nights out on the town are well-documented, confessed his maturity level has plunged in recent months.
    "I went from 32 to 23," he said. "My therapist has told me that. My therapist told me I went from 32 to 23."
    In a segment taped for "The Insider" set to air Thursday, Gosselin admitted he's going through a wild phase and said he's trying to do what's best for his kids by halting production of the TLC reality show that would focus on them.

  18. The hearing for today has been CANCELLED. Apparently the Judge had a family emergency (TMZ is reporting his wife died of cancer last night? - If she was that sick - why was he scheduling himself to hear cases?) Anyway - looks like we'll have at least another week of madness from Jon. *sigh*

  19. Helen, Jon will be on the Insider again tonight. Looks like a week long stint! I believe he is also on ET again tonight. The Mary Hart interview will continue for part 3 I guess. I can barely keep up with his media tour. lol

    Wow, hacking emails and bank accounts? This is going to a whole new level of disgusting. I really hope it's not true but it probably is. Even if Jon did manage to get incriminating information on Kate via the hacking, the information won't be admissible, I'm pretty sure. He might be able to do some damage in the court of "public opinion" but not in a real court. Still, it would be disappointing to find out Kate was doing anything shady. Despite how bad public opinion was of her prior to the split, she has come a long way in redeeming herself lately and it would be a shame to know it was a lie just for public perception.

    Also, regarding the money thing again, I think Jon is mincing words when he says he did not w/draw $230,000. He keeps saying he only took $22K but that was only the last w/drawal and he showed those bank statements on tv last night. He did however admit he took about 175k over the last few months while claiming that it was the only time he had w/drawn anything in 4 and a half years and that it didn't even add up to 10% of what they made from TLC. If you add it all up it does amount to about the sum Kate claims he took but the only difference is that it wasn't just taken overnight in one shot. Still, if the court order was that each party had to consent to any money taken then he is going to be found in contempt because he did not tell Kate he was making those transactions. I do have to wonder though, with all his purchases lately (cars, expensive gifts for Haylie) did Kate not wonder where he got the money from? These withdrawals were supposedly made since August. It's weird that she didn't catch on before now. Apparently the ruling will be handed down today on the contempt case (they just announced it on the radio) so we won't have to wait much longer to find out what happens. I doubt very much he has that amount to pay back if so ordered so will it come down to selling his cars? Also, I read that Jon has filed a counter motion against Kate re the several hundred thousand she has supposedly taken. Yesterday on ET he was demanding to know what happened to all the money she made from the book and also her half of the TLC money. I also saw some letter from his lawyers listing a bunch of withdrawals with dates and times that total more than 400K. I wonder if there is any truth to that? So many questions, I hope we get answers.

  20. Whatever money that take took was last year, before the divorce filing and arbritration, so why is he asking now? Not only that, it was reported (and accounted for) weeks ago that most of the money went to the kids' fund(s).

  21. RadarOnline does say that the judge's wife died early this morning so the hearing is cancelled. Perhaps Kate's lawyers can refile in another court or judge to get this settled quickly?

  22. Another thing I am confused about...

    Does Jon not know the meaning of the word reconciliation??? When Mary Hart asked him whether he would ever reconcile with Kate and if the relationship could be fixed, he said yes as long as they got together in private and went to therapy. Of course he then qualified the sentence by saying they both know they are not going to be husband and wife but that they should work things out and be mom and dad.

    When on the Insider they asked if he was still in love with Kate he said a vehement "NO" several timesj!! Geuss that puts those rumours to rest.

  23. If I were Kate, I'd hide that other money away from him, too, where he can't squander it.

    Anyway... yes, another week of madness. Ugh.

  24. oops didn't realize the hearing was cancelled. I guess Jon has a few more days to get funds together for repayment.

    Also looks like he's become a fixture on ET and the Insider. Maybe that's where the above mentioned funds will come from. hmmm

  25. This is from the National Enquirer:

    Jon Gosselin used his computer skills to hack into his wife Kate's e-mail, online bank accounts and cell phone, and he smoked marijuana at the family home while watching their kids!

    Those blockbuster charges are being leveled against the former star of Jon & Kate Plus 8 by his ex-girlfriend and family baby sitter in an exclusive ENQUIRER interview.

    Stephanie Santoro also reveals that Jon plans to demand alimony from Kate, and says he caught on to his estranged wife's affair with her married bodyguard Steve Neild.

    Stephanie, a single mom and aspiring model, got to know Jon while she was working as a cocktail waitress at his regular hangout, Legends nightclub near the Gosselin family estate in Wernersville, Pa.

    "Jon told me that he hacked into pretty much everything of Kate's," Stephanie, 24, told The ENQUIRER. "He had access to her online banking, and he put a trace on every single one of her e-mails.

    "Anytime she'd get an e-mail or send one, he'd get a copy of it. Besides that, he knows every single thing she does online, and every text message she gets or receives."

    Computer savvy Jon - who once worked as an information technology specialist for the state of Pennsylvania - also claimed to have bugged Kate's cell phone, said Santoro.

    "Every time Kate used her phone, Jon would know who she was talking to, and what they were saying. He always bragged that he had access to everything in Kate's life, and that he was going to use it against her," said Stephanie.

    Things like THAT help when you're having a nasty divorce AND cleaning out a bank account!

    I am sorry this is why I just have no patience when I hear Jon support. Jon is so loose in telling people stuff what is wrong with him? He talks to the Paps like they are his friends, he is so reactive and out of control. In his TV interviews, he is literally jumping out of his seat, spewing out stuff, I almost feel like his head is going to explode. Is it just me?

  26. I do agree, the arbitration documents that Kate put out there do show that $230,000 was withdrawn from the bank account specified, and that the remaining balance is just over $1,000. I would be more convinced if the documentation were an actual statement, or in statement format (i.e. electronic printout), as opposed to an email. I'm not saying the email is inaccurate, just informal. It will be interesting to see/hear how Jon defends this. He will have to explain in court, even if he does not own up to anything in the "court of public opinion."

    I won't go so far as to say that he should have zero access to that account. The court documents also say that this account is where their TLC paychecks are deposited. That money is both of theirs, or at least it was until Jon halted the filming. He should be able to draw out his portion for his own personal living expenses, just as Kate should be able to do for herself.

    They both are required to deposit $7500 monthly into the MAIN household "bill paying" account (mortgages, utilities, groceries, etc.) Where would that come from for either of them if not from the account that TLC paychecks are deposited into.

    And sorry, but I do still feel that Kate exaggerated the situation. The money market account was for their larger, periodic expenses (tuition, taxes, etc.) while their primary "roof over their heads/food in the children's bellies" account was the one in which they both deposit that $7500 amount monthly. So yes, if she says she cannot feed the kids, then that is an exaggeration.

    But it does not look good for Jon, if Kate's more detailed records clearly show that Jon withdrew those specific amounts on those specific dates that were listed in the email from the bank rep. And who else could it be? If so, well, I think he'll quickly be found guilty in the "court of public opinion" as well as in a court of law.

    I'd rather not be reading all of these sordid details. Yes I'll read them because they are out there. Simple curiosity. But that doesn't make it right. I stand by my opinion that they BOTH should shut up, go home, be with their kids. Let the lawyers fight it out, and tell us all about it later. Much much later. I am glad that they are not filming.

  27. This is just a PS to my comment a little while ago regarding the documents Kate filed in court against Jon charging contempt of court (amongst other things). Just noticed that Jon filed his answer to those charges along with a counter claim against Kate, which cites her in contempt of court. The documents are not published as Kate's were (Radar on Line), just listed in the Montgomery Court Docket website. I did not seek out this information, but when the website address was posted elsewhere, I did go and look.

    I personally don't think either of them should be releasing such documents to the public. They filed in Montgomery County specifically because they seal divorce documents, as opposed to Berks County where the docs are a part of the public record. I won't speak too soon in praise of Jon's actions for NOT releasing his though; the day is still young, he could still push forward in this ridiculous court of public opinion forum. They should both be keeping all of these details private.

  28. Thanks Baby Mama for the Nancy Grace clip. I think I saw that additional footage will be on her Nancy Grace show tonight. I could be wrong, maybe they were just referring to her regular show, so don't quote me.

    I thought she brought up a lot of valid points. I think it's great to have Jon in the "hot seat". I understand that. I just don't like how she speaks to people. I understand it's her Nancy Grace "persona" but it's just rude. Who would ever let someone speak to them like that? It's very disrespectful. I understand cutting someone off and telling them Stop, answer the question I asked, but that's not what she did.

    I thought Jon WAS answering Nancy's question about why the kids need therapy. He just got caught up explaining too much and she cut him off before he got to his point. I hate that she doesn't doesn't let people finish what they are trying to say.

    He started by saying he thinks they need therapy because it may not show how it is affecting them now, but it may all come out when they are older... he said Look at me, I had issues and they came out now, blah blah blah, and if she let him finish it may have tied in to why he felt the kids will need it too. He doesn't want them to turn out like him. He wants them to get the help they need now so they don't have issues like he does. He was giving an example. The example just happened to be him.

    I totally agree he was going on about his issues and he may have even went on about that and got sidetracked and never even answered her question. However, all she had to say was So what does that have to do with your kids getting therapy? and then he could have tied it in. She didn't. She threw him off with her me, me, me comment. A good intervier would have gotten him back on topic, not cut him off. He got flustered. I think if he was more articulate he could have explained it. He's not. He is no match for Nancy Grace. But that's what she's known for so I'm not surprised it turned out the way it did.

    What I want to know is why the topic of the children being on the show wasn't the main topic.

    Every time Jon brought up that the children should not be on the show Nancy kept talking about their marriage and their relationship, and their fighting, etc. I understand that is a huge problem with their family, but I was under the impression that Nancy was there to discuss the "child exploitation" part of it. Isn't that her specialty? Not the issues about the family. If that was the point of the interview then he could have just went on freakin Dr. Phil.

  29. The haters are scaring me a bit. I guess that's what they want. Somehow I'm getting email from them now. (I don't ever post at Radar, haters sites or anywhere but here and honorable sites such as TLC, The View.) BabyMama, how do you put up with those crazy people.

  30. You can bug a cell phone?

    I agree. There is no reason for Jon to have two cars. He should have a car (I don't care if it's a luxury car or not) that seats at least 5, although at least 7 would make more sense) for when he just takes some of the kids like they do when they go on errands. He can use the large van when he has all of them.

    As for the expensive apartment, I still feel that Jon should be closer to his children. I have always said it. As for the cost it is a lot. He will have his own income eventually that should cover it, but not if he has to pay child support. They both need to figure out what they will do for money if media careers don't work out. When your media career is based on just who you are and not what you do they don't have much longevity.

    How much does Kate spend on lodging when she's not in the house? I think they both should have the same budget for that if possible. If she has to pay for hotels every time she doesn't have custody that all adds up too. She says she stays local. Where would that be that doesn't cost anything? And not for anything, why hasn't anyone figured out where that is if they follow her all the time. That one I don't understand.

    Of course the most ridiculous part of all of this is how much they are both spending on legal fees. Disgusting that they can't work this out between themselves to cut down on that expense.

    I also read that Jon said in an interview (The Insider?) TLC pays for all their living expenses. All of them. So they can't have that many bills besides the mortgage and personal expenditures from what I gather.

  31. Linda...how do they get your email address? I'm sorry to hear that you have to hear that crap? What is wrong with these sicko's? You'd think Jon and Kate were heinous criminals for that much hatred to be floating around? wth?????

  32. Am I the only one that found the childrens' behavior troubling on the organizational show?

    They are obviously showing the effects of all the turmoil. Some time off camera will probably benefit them.

    Hope the parents can get it togehter for a calm birthday for the twins tomorrow.

  33. SchmeckyGirl, when Jon said TLC pays for the living expenses, he wasn't clear (it did sound like TLC pays them all the time.) TLC pays for their expenses when they travel, not 24/7. Just like Jon pays for his attorney's expenses when they travel (not 24/7 but whenever he's representing him and I'd agree Jon needed him to hold his hand on this media tour.)

    Also, we've seen many pictures of Kate staying in local hotels (a variety of them on different dates) and none of them are the "primo" type.

    SchmeckyGirl, I too wish Jon would stay closer to his family in PA. Given the commuting time to NY, is that doable with the "business contacts" he supposedly has in NYC? I know when I worked in Manhattan and got tired of living there I moved to CT and commuted but that was really hard. (But now with 'puters, digital connections, etc., you can almost live anywhere.)

    Expense wise it would make sense to have one car. I don't care though if he has many cars, long as he can legitimately pay for them, they are his toys. Friends have multiple cars, sometimes with a "weekend" type sports car but earning situation is different. I'd hate to pay garage expenses in NYC for multiple cars, though. Ouch!

    Malach, you may be correct. I hope for Jon's sake that you are wrong but it could be an explanation.

    It's a beautiful day here so off to spend the afternoon outside. Have a great time blogging.

  34. Schmecky, I noticed they are still keeping electricity and water at the E-town house. That's logical, it is surely being shown. But WHY are they keeping phone and cable there? Maybe that is where Kate stays? very curious

  35. I wonder if Jon's lifestyle is catching up to him and that is why he is acting as he has. He took a big withdrawl in June before Kate filed, He got awarded some by the arbitrator in July, He made $100,000 withdrawl in August, and several smaller withdrawls totalling 130,000 in September. He realizes TLC doesn't pay enough to support his lifestyle and proceeds to pull his kids off, so his exclusivity is a non issue and he can pursue these other opportunities that he feels will make him more money. This is just a possibility and could be part of something that is affecting his thought process. They were both naive in setting up this agreeement with the arbitrator. There should have been more controls and more structure to the agreement such as allotting each of them a certain amount each month and they have to have any further amounts approved by an arbitrator. They also should have been restricted from making large purchases without court approval pending the divorce. Running three households involved in this birds' nest custody agreement is very expensive.
    People are appalled that Kate opened up about the bank account on the air, but she has a history of revealing what most of us consider very personal. Remember the very first episode when she showed her belly on national tv. She got a tummy tuck for it. I don't hate Jon, I am saddened by this whole mess and I think Jon needs to alter his actions if he wants to do right by his kids. If his actions don't change I think he needs to face consequences through the courts. He and Kate both share equal responsibility for the divorce and I don't think they can resolve their differences without an impartial 3rd party such as a judge, therapist, or arbitrator at this point and it is about their relationship and communication problems. I also don't think I could cope with this any better than Kate has. I don't have a drop in the bucket of money compared to her, but I can relate to her particular insecurities and her Mama hen instincts. Devulging details of the bank account was a mistake that opened her up to a lot of attack. She should have just said something like I am pursuing emergency legal action against Jon because he violated our financial agreement with the arbitrator and left it at that. I too have thought about why somebody doesn't live in the Elizabethtown house or at least rent it out until the market improves. I know that if I lived in the area and was looking for a house, I would seriously consider that one because its layout would be perfect for my family.

  36. I can't help it, but I have to shamefully admit that as much as I would totally detest Nancy Grace's interview style on any other occasion, I didn't feel sorry for Jon at all. And if I were really honest, some part of me was really glad that someone finally came down hard on him. And I soooooo do not like his lawyer. The man gave me such nasty vibes, I would never want him to represent me. And these vibes were BEFORE I heard anything uttered from his mouth. After he started spouting all that mambo jambo, it just made things worse. And I think Jon's lawyer is making Jon look even WORSE to the public eye. No favours at all there.

    I'm totally not surprised that he could have withdrawn $230k. The two cars are ridiculous, since a DAD should be driving a family car, especially when he as soooo many kids. Ok, I buy that he may have some "potential" business in NY, but paying a hefty sum for an appartment when you have so many mouths to feed, that's just nuts.

    I don't remember hearing Kate mention that he drew it all out in one day or even one week, as Jon seems to be claiming. Please correct me if I missed out something.

    Denise, about the kids' behaviour, I don't really think it'd be fair judgement just what we see on TV. I know for a fact that many kids who come from a big family tend to act out a little to attract some attention, and 4-5 is the stage where they are now able to process and analyse things. I'm from a family of four girls and I can tell you that our early years was pure chaos. We've got the family tapes to prove it! LOL.. With siblings, you always have to share, and sometimes you don't want to share. Hence, the screaming and the squabbling.

    Other than the loud noises, at least we don't see them treating others in a nasty manner. They are respectful in most cases and seem very endearing. Also, they are able to play with each other and get along most of the time (at least what we see). All in all, not a very bad situation for a family of 8 kids. Still I think we'll never be able to tell for sure if they are acting out in a normal way that 5 year olds do, or that it's the turmoil of things happening at home.

    Maybe a bit of therapy doesn't hurt. Who's to say, since we aren't with the kids 24/7.

  37. Schmecky,
    I agree, I also wish Jon would live closer, even to send the message to his children that they are that important to him. Making a move to be that accessible will go a long way in helping them feel more secure and more loved, which they must desperately need right now.

  38. dhwh1993~"I personally don't think either of them should be releasing such documents to the public."
    Nobody released anything publically. Radar got ahold of documents and published them. Big problem is, they didn't blank out Kate's private information such as account numbers and e-mail addresses.

    The psychos at Loony & other sites are already using that information "Ya think Kate's email account has gone apeshit yet? Wanna email her?" and "I emailed her and got a confirmation that it was sent BWAHAHAHA"! They are sick sick, and this is the reason why it saddens me that things as private as this gets out. Nobody would ever want to have to deal with the vile things they are calling Kate on these hate sites. Its disgusting, and they should be ashamed of themselves! Why do they get such pleasure looking up things that are nobodys business?? Mind boggling, esp. if this was happening to them...again, just sick.

  39. I think that both Jon and Kate get baited into reacting to each other and this is why there is no privacy. And I know that many of us are interested in knowing details, as I am also curious, but I do not know why we need to know where Kate goes, when she does not have custody and is staying locally, Do we?

  40. Baby Mama,
    How did they get Kates' e-mail add.? In the court papers on radar all the telphone numbers were blocked and so were the bank acc. #s. seezzz, what are they tring to do to her? omg

  41. dhwh1993,

    What may seem as exagerations on Kate's part about not being able to pay bills is actually her voicing her worries that now with Jon pulling the TLC plug on the show, therefore not getting regular income any longer, the reserve money to pay other necessary expenses from the Money Market (which Jon withdrew from) is not there. The "working (checking-regular bill paying) account" will end up being depleted. All quarterly expenses are now due and payable this month.

  42. #1caregiver~ I have not gone onto Radar's site today, but I knew nothing about them now being blocked out. I guess they realized that everone saw absoltuely everything. Because all everyone is talking about is how full account numbers and he visible e-mail address was shown. There are come really disturbed people on those sites.. apparently it looks like they were trying to contact her.

  43. I'd still like to know what's going on with the TLC contract. Just because Jon halts filming of the kids, I wouldn't think that should nullify the contract.

    Also, for him to say he's going to use against Kate whatever info he got from hacking Kate's e-mails, cell phone, whatever, I don't think they're admissable anyway in court. She and her lawyers would just rip him to shreds if he even tried. And he really would prove himself to be scumbag if he tried to put them out there in public. Besides, I really don't think it would be substantial anyway, as he thinks waving around the $22K withdrawal slip (Oooh... big deal!) as if it was "proof" that he didn't steal the rest of the $230K (over 2 months since arbitration - which he never mentioned).

  44. Forgot one thing, everyone is posting that Jon has 2 fancy vehicles. The Interim Arbitration Award states that:
    Kate received $69,000.00 towards her vec.
    Jon received $37,000.00 towards his vec., (which has since been traded in).
    These monies will be subtracted from the equitable distribution of the marital assets. Unless either party wants to argue about.

    Ref: Pages 17 & 18 of the court documents that radar put on line.

    I agree with bm. Who leaked this?

  45. NJMOM: I never said we should know where Kate is staying.
    I merely stated that I'm really surprised it hasn't come out.

    Anothermom: They can reconcile their differences, not necessarily their marriage.

  46. Linda, I read that Jon said TLC pays for their electricity and dry cleaning, etc.
    It is probably expensed. I think he said it in his most recent Insider interview.

  47. I saw linda post about it around 10pm last night. After the final ball game, my team lost BOOOHOOO. Everything was blocked. and I just search i for it again at radar. Its still up., but so is alot of other shit about them. Just thought i could help u a little. I have to get out for a walk and away from this machine. cu

  48. Kate could not have released that info - she's too anal (like me) to have let that leak out. My downloads of the radar info was not blacked out at all. My guess is that a courthouse clerk sold it to Radar or someother stupid person without ever realizing how dangerous it is. It is just plain sick.

    I'm essentially a nobody. When first husband and I divorced, we lived in a small town and it was quite the topic of conversation. I couldn't imagine why anybody would care about something so personal. But there are a lot of sick idiots in this world. My last straw came when a newspaper friend called me to tell me they'd just been faxed a copy of my financial settlement. Person was stupid and my attorney was able to havefax info traced easily.

    Regardless, J&K are adults. I pray more vultures haven't been lured to track those kids.

    Inteesting though that laws are changing about websites and blogs and what people can be prosecuted for saying and doing. Just like 10 years ago stalking wasn't prosecutable by law and thank goodness it is now. Go to the FBI site and look at their cybercrimes section. They have worked hard to push harder for the ability to prosecute haters regardless of why ( religion, skin color, sexual orientation, jealousy, etc. ) Even Google (which a few years ago refused to give out info) now never deletes any of your searches permanently. If you aren't out to do bad things don't worry.

    Kate has primary custody. She's a strong woman and it's going to take strength and prayers to get through this.

    Stay strong Kate!!
    Jon, may you find the direction you so desperately need.

  49. #1caregiver said...
    Forgot one thing, everyone is posting that Jon has 2 fancy vehicles. The Interim Arbitration Award states that:
    Kate received $69,000.00 towards her vec.
    Jon received $37,000.00 towards his vec., (which has since been traded in).
    These monies will be subtracted from the equitable distribution of the marital assets. Unless either party wants to argue about.

    Ref: Pages 17 & 18 of the court documents that radar put on line.

    That portion was from the original arbitration documents dated July 10. Since then, Jon purchased another vehicle.

  50. ...how does Radar get all this documentation? Holy.

    Denise, in truth, I did find their behavior a bit troubling as well....the girls in particular. There is no doubt they look out for one another but in my heart of hearts when I first saw it I was surprised. As somebody mentioned, hopefully only seeing one snippet in time isn't indicative of what it's always like.

    I cannot stand the 8 minute video on Radar of Jon directly reading Kate's text msg. to the cameras? Is he really that stupid? Obviously, yes...

  51. I saw the documents on RoL right after they were released. NOTHING was blocked out. I actually printed them out, as I was busy at the time & planned to look at them later. As I said, nothing at all was blocked out then, including email addresses, phone numbers, and similar type personal information. There weren't any COMPLETE account numbers, just the last 4-5 digits, which is normal when receiving bank communications. That would be very scary, in this day and age of internet crime & identity theft. Although, I doubt anyone wants to steal either of their identities right now (LOL - just with the media frenzy, I mean. I wouldn't wish that kind of attention on anyone!)

    BabyMama - how are you sure that no one "released" the court documents? I thought they were supposed to be sealed. My understanding was that those records being sealed to the public was why they chose to file where they did. Yes, the release of these arbitration documents opens Kate up to criticism; but it reflects much worse on Jon. And I don't think Jon would have put that bank email out there. I still say someone in Kate's "camp" leaked the info.

    Also, regarding the email hacking/cell phone tracing & whatever. This was reported by the National Enquirer - not the most reputable source. And I don't see this Santoro as reputable or honest either, and that includes both mother & daughter. It does serve to keep her name in the conversation, though. Sorry, but I don't believe it. I'm not sure I would believe it if Jon said it himself, either. That sounds above his skill level.

  52. According to ROL "Jon plans to buy the girls watches, get them a birthday cake, and spend as much time as he wants with them, saying he may even spend the night at the house, which he says he has every right to do as he still owns half of it."

    Remember when Jon locked Kate out during that "Nannygate" fiasco? Now he says he has a right to come in even if it's her turn for custody?

    He sure knows how to make himself look really, really bad.

  53. I think Jon is definitely capable of TELLING Stephanie Santoro that he has hacked into Kate's stuff, not necessarily doing it, so that he could sound like he was in control and sound like he was a big man. On the other hand, he could have done it, because when I mean hacking, I mean getting into her stuff, without her authorization, by figuring out her passwords, and whatnot. Alot of the time, that is not very difficult, if you know the person, and you know some of their personal information. I am not saying that he was pulling off some type of major hacking scheme, although, all of my kids, are into the latest electronics and they will tell you that some of the hacking stuff is done very, very easily, if you are into the whole tech thing.

    Another thing is Jon talks...and he talks....and he talks..... The whole Jodi and Kevin thing started because Jon went over to them and talked, he talks to college kids, he talks to people in bars, he talks to the paps, he talks to the press, he just talks....Just look at him engaging with the paps today reading Kate's email to them. He is just relentless.

    I really feel that Kate, at least in the beginning, was trying to keep their problems private and even when Jon was caught partying, she still tried to defend his actions, and then well the whole thing just exploded, now it is tit for tat.

  54. I'm all confused about the B-day situation. Does Kate have custody of them all this week or on the b-day day? B/c she told Jon he could only be there two hours so I was just wondering if it was her custody days. Which after all of this I wouldn't blame her from keeping him from being there more then that when remember jon said it on their custody days whoever is in charge is the only one who can be there remember him making her leave...I'm really curious about this. I feel bad for the girls b/c I know they probably want their dad there but he will probably just make a butt of himself anyways or fight..I don't know sticky situation. :/

  55. Gosh..I need to catch up! I haven't watched the clips yet and I have NO CLUE what's going on...
    in the dark as usual :)

  56. Lucysmom - I check the date and yes you r right about it being in the first set of arb. papers. I remember something about Jon & Hailey shopping for a car but I didn't hear that he bought. So she drives what a Mercedes. Little blank, blank.
    dhw1993 - Like I said, at 10PM all the numbers were blocked, even the bank acc. #s. For the Heck of it last night 11:30, I had an epiphany lol, that they would be pulled off radar, so I too printed them out. I really didn't think u could do that. But what do I know, I am computor illiterit when it comes to this shit and i do not know how to do spell check either.lol

    Later Gators

    I had a good at the crack about stealing their identity. Good one!!!

  57. Allibrootob, what I did was stupidity on my part. At the time I had way too much info in my profile, and worse I had overridden normal security in the browser to download a huge client file. I made it worse by opening a 2nd browser system to surf because I was bored waiting on the file. My fault I opened the door and I won't do that again. Security is there for a reason

  58. Baby Mama,
    I just had another epiphany!!! What if for one day, in honor of Mady and Cara's Birthday, we all agree to just stop posting about all this stuff.
    Since, we are all for the children, just put up a B-Day cake at the beginning of your blog. The only comments to get through would be well wishes for the girls! What do you think??? It's your fan-site!! I for one am going to not comment tomorrow.
    I wonder if J&K read your site??? I bet they would be surprized to only see happy Birthday Wishes!
    Am I nuts or what??? Just getting sick of the stuff.

  59. OMG!! They just did a skit with Kate on Jay Leno. Its SOO funny, she did awesome. Shes got such a great sence of humor. She pretends the papparatzi's her children and puts them in time out and wiped there face with her spit and puts one in the car seat with a stuffed animal. It was really good!!! I love her!!

  60. Interesting about the documents from Radar Online. I saw them yesterday and all the personal information (addresses, account numbers etc.) were blocked out in red. I can't believe they would even post them unblocked at all. Isn't that opening themselves up to a lawsuit, aside from the fact that it is a totally scummy thing to do? I feel really horrible knowing some sick people got that info into their hands and are possibly harassing the hell out of those people. As if they didn't have enough grief to deal with!

    SchmeckyGirl - I do understand that Jon wants to reconcile their differences but when Mary Hart was asking him the question, I know she was trying to say reconcile as in get back together because she told him that Kate often talked about wanting the old Jon back and she asked if he thought they could work out their relationship. The way Jon answered her about going to therapy and working on their marriage as he put it, it's pretty deceiving until the end when he qualifies about not being married any longer but being a good parenting team. I just didn't get why he would say work on their marriage if they were not going to be married anymore. I guess the sucker in me was hoping to hear him say he would be willing to work on the marriage for real by going to therapy etc.

    dhwh1993 - That's the first thing I thought too when I read about the babysitter saying Jon hacked and bugged Kate's stuff. Even though anything is possible because there is a lot of animosity between these two, I did think that the source (National Enquirer) has about a 10% credibility as far as sources of fact are concerned and Santoro has even less than that so considering where it came from, I am taking it with a grain of salt. Those are some pretty serious allegations to make against somebody and I find the timing quite interesting. If Stephanie Santoro really did have this information on Jon, why didn't she use it back when all the other stuff was said by her mother. How convenient that she has the perfect piece of damaging information at the exact time Jon is under the gun for related issues. In any event, I really hope it isn't true. I know Jon has done some really crazy things lately but I would hate to think he is downright, purposefully malicious.

    NJMOM - I agree when you say Jon and Kate get baited into making their public rebuttals. I know we all say they should get off the tv and settle their differences but it can't be easy watching someone say terrible things about you and not responding to it. You really feel the need to defend yourself lest people believe the stuff being said and in their case, it is literally millions of people.

  61. Suze Orman told me on twitter that she would like to do an intervention with the Gosselins on finances. After one of her comments, I tweeted that Jon Gosselin probably needed a Suze smackdown since he's having bad issues with the bank account and she replied back that they are trying to get them to let her do an intervention. Now that would be something to watch. I don't think it would ever happen, but she would be good and she wouldn't let Kate off the hook where that need be either. Not everybody will agree with her but she has really helped a lot of people wake up about money. I hope Kate's Jay Leno skit is somewhere, that would be entertaining.

  62. I dvr'd The Insider again and am just watching it now. Holy Crap, Nancy Grace is a freaking pitbull and I am actually impressed that Jon held his own against her. I guess he's been getting a lot of practice lately with all the media he's been doing.

    Also, I have to say that I saw the video of Jon in NY talking to the paps. Why does he constantly stop and talk to to whomever will listen to him? Does he not know that they are only being nice to him to get him to talk so they can twist his words and print all kinds of sensational stuff? 99% of celebs just walk by and ignore the paps but Jon comes right over and starts a convo with them. I also thought it was pretty tacky that he would read the text from Kate to them. Why does he share all this private information with these gossip mongers?

    I just finished watching the Insider and it says Jon and Kate will come face to face on tomorrow's Insider. I'm sure they are going to report how the twins' birthday went since both of them will be there together for some time. I wonder if they will be able to have a civil conversation? Jon says he plans on apologizing to Kate for stepping out with other women so soon and just for a lot of the stuff he has done. I pray he is sincere and that she accepts his apology and that they can start working on their issues in private.

  63. Happy Birthday to the "G" Girls...Cara and Mady!!!!!!

  64. Another question I have about Jon's expenses is:

    Did he PURCHASE parking for his cars in NYC - or is he RENTING a space - or is it INCLUDED in his monthly rent?

    Parking ONE car in NYC is grossly expensive - parking two or more would be astronomical! I know have a friend who paid over 200k to purchase a parking space in the city!!


    As for the girls birthday - Unless their custody agreement states something specific regarding the birthdays - JON needs to honor Kate's wishes - as he REFUSED to let her come in and 'watch' her own kids because it was "HIS CUSTODY DAY" -- so he needs to respect KATE'S CUSTODY DAYS as well. He's the one who drew the line on this weeks ago - and, well, yeah it sucks to be him on the other side! In addition - HE is clearly PISSED with Kate - and Kate is clearly PISSED at him right now - so agreeing to be civil for 2 hours for the kids is the RIGHT THING to do. For him to say "I'll stay overnight if I want to" - is just plain SELFISH and once again Jon trying to PROVE HIS POINT in the wrong manner. I have to say Jon has done a lot of sleazy things through all of this but using the girls birthday to be a selfish ASS has to be the worst so far. Couldn't have been any worse unless he showed up with Hailey! I guess I'd have to ask the same question Nancy Grace asked "Why does this ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ABOUT YOU, JON?" It seems that the thing to do in the 'best interest of the kids' is something like Kate outlined -- to spend a couple of hours celebrating the girls birthday - and Jon having some extra time with them this weekend. THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET DIVORCED! THAT IS HOW 'REALITY' WORKS!

    I personally think that maybe Jon has plans in NYC this weekend and so Kate's suggestion doesn't fit into his plans - and he's not going to change his plans so he can spend time celebrating with the girls.

  65. 10-8-09
    Happy Birthday to Mady and Cara.
    I hope you have a great day and fun weekend.
    Eat lots of cake and ice cream. YUMMO!!!!
    A Fan of Yours

  66. My understanding, regarding the twin's birthday and who has custody, was that they agreed to spend the day together (Jon & Kate) with the kids, to celebrate their birthday as a family, like they did for the 4th of July. This was released when they agreed on the custody arrangements for October. What they said was that each month they decide who has custody when, according to their individual schedules, and they formalize it by writing up the agreement and signing it.

    So when Jon says he has the right to spend as much time as he wants with the twins, that agreement is what he is referring to. Kate's email/text to him basically confirmed that as well. She said that it would be too stressful for everyone if they still spent the day as a family as originally planned, and she asked/preferred that he agree to the two hours, from after school until 4 pm. I hope it doesn't blow up into a huge out-of-control issue on their birthday. They need to consider what is best for the girls, not what is best for the two of them.

  67. Does anyone other than me find it disturbing that Jon is allowing MADY to call him to 'report' on what is going on???

    It's a proven psychological reaction for kids, when their parents are divorcing, to have very conflicted thoughts and reactions regarding the LOYALTY they are supposed to show a parent. Many kids feel like they have to 'report' and other things to ensure the other parent will continue to love them. It's usually because the child feels like that particular parent DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THEM ANYMORE and that by 'reporting' it will somehow cause the parent to LOVE THEM AGAIN because they are showing that parent that they are LOYAL to them! (I know this because of my own divorce and working with a pyschologist!) -- The advice "I" was given was to avoid those situations at all costs! By allowing a child to do such a thing puts the child in a very bad place because at some point they will realize they are actually being disloyal to the other parent (whom they clearly feel more safe and loved by! - which I think speaks VOLUMES for Kate).

    Jon talked about Mady calling him and dishing out info like she is his best friend and not his adolescent daughter!

  68. Happy Birthday Mady and Cara, I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  69. Oh yeah, forgot to say this:

    I believe that Jon talking about Mady's calls could really come back to bite him in the ass - especially with the Judge - and/or if the judge orders a psychologist to get involved! The judge will be looking at what is in the 'best interest of the kids' -- and although the show is not the norm (and who knows who the judge will look at that) - this kind of crap is more common and usually NOT TOLERATED very well!

    I think Kate is smart for taking this out of arbitration and going to court. I pray she sticks to her guns to seek a change in their current custody agreement. Jon's behaviour merits the change!

  70. I watched the Nancy Grace show last night on HLN. she tore them up. It was an interesting watch though. Nothing new. My one problem with some peoples opinion is in regard to the nanny. Why are they not allowed to have a nanny. MANY people in America have nannies. Many high power people have nannies. People don't complain about this person or that person. Why are Jon and Kate the exception to the rule? I personally do not have one but with 6 kids there are times that i really could use one. Would I be a horrible parent if I got help? I just don't think so. At least they have people in their lives that really care about them.

  71. I watched the Insider & Jon looks like he is there for the whole week, then saw him on Entertainment tonight, He is reading Kates emails to them & letting them video tape him shopping for Maddy & Caras gifts?? WTF? If this his new "job"???
    I cannot stand this guy.
    I hope Kate takes the high road & doesn't feed into his needy PR tactics. She has much more class than he will ever have.


    I really hope and pray these girls end up having a wonderful day without any drama between their parents. I hope despite how much they must detest each other right now, that Jon and Kate can manage to have a nice day with their girls and that there is no issue about the custody (Kate wanting Jon to leave early and Jon refusing).

    Baby Mama, What a cute picture you have of the girls to the right of the blog. Love the cartoon depiction of them. So sweet! :)


    I hope you have a wonderful, happy birthday!!

  74. anothermom~ The picture is adorable but I didn't draw it. The artist that did also did an adorable pic of the three tup girls, but not the boys! I e-mailed her and asked her if she would do them as well, so I can showcase all of them, but she hasnt as of yet.

    I promise to all of you I will have a new post up hopefully tonight. I have not watched Jon on his media tour all this week, it was making me sick. I am trying to get the video of Kate on Jay Leno. I heard it was hysterical!

  75. *****************************
    "Melissa said...
    My one problem with some peoples opinion is in regard to the nanny. Why are they not allowed to have a nanny. MANY people in America have nannies. Many high power people have nannies. People don't complain about this person or that person. Why are Jon and Kate the exception to the rule?"
    I don't think it's the fact that they actually HAVE a nanny that draws the complaints. I think it's that Kate had previously said multiple times on camera that there would NEVER be a nanny. And that she still, even now, makes statements such as "I prefer not the call them nannies, I would rather say they are babysitters."

    I personally don't think it's a big deal, just another one of those small things that people blow up into a big issue, something they can again claim she is being dishonest about.

    If I were in her position, I would most definitely have a nanny. They can afford it, and especially now that they no longer have each other as back up, they truly need it.

    Again, just my opinion, but I see Kate as feeling that if she were to admit to the nanny issue, then she is somehow an admitting to a failure or a personal shortcoming, that somehow she is less of a mother to admit that she needs help. Don't jump all over me, like I said, it's just my opinion of what I think her viewpoint is.

    The perfectionist in her wants to show the world that she's "can do Kate" and that she can handle it all, do it all, hands on 100% of the time. She certainly isn't one to admit to what she sees as a weakness. Which, by the way, is ridiculous. It is not a sign of weakness to admit to needing help. She DOES need the help. They both do, when each of them is with all 8 kids. And I think she would garner more respect from those who criticize her to own up to it. She would earn additional respect points from me, and I'm definitely NOT her #1 fan.

  76. Happy Birthday Mady and Cara! Wow, you've reached a decade. What a milestone.

  77. I read that their custody agreement stated they would both be with the children on holidays and birthdays. I also remember Kate saying that nothing was going to keep her from spending holidays with her children. I guess Jon feels the same way.

    I think they should both be mature enough to put their differences aside for the sake of their children today. If Mady and Cara want to spend their birthday with both their parents then that is what they should be able to do. Fortunately for them even with all 8 kids that they have, they only have 2 birthdays a year. Suck it up. It's all for the kids remember?

  78. I watched a few minutes of the Nancy Grace show last night. I was really looking forward to it. I watch her just about every night. I was very disappointed. I thought it was laughable. What reputable host uses the National Enquirer as a source? I have to say that she really lost me as a viewer. Now that I know where she gets her information I don't trust her show anymore as a good source of information.

  79. another mom:
    Yes, you are right! I stand corrected.

    I do remember hearing Jon say that he wants to work on their marriage. I think he meant their "relationship" because after that he did say he would never go back with her as a couple, just as parents. He's definitely not the best with his wording.

  80. Hope, I definitely agree that Mady shouldn't be calling him to report to him. Even if he doesn't ask her to do it, he should stop it. It's not healthy for her. I imagine it's hard for him because he's probably getting a lot of interesting info, but still, it puts Mady in the middle.

    I don't agree though that it's because she feels more comfortable with Kate, etc. Although I will say it is possible. But I say this only because I've heard her rat her mother out to just about anyone that will listen. She's done it in interviews and she's done it on the show to the camera. I think it's her way of getting attention maybe.

    As for Jon talking to the cameras so much, I really don't know what's up with that. He really needs to be careful what he says and who he says it to. I think Jon really needs to talk to someone maybe? I think he needs good friends that will listen. I also think he feels he has nothing to hide so why not talk. Not a good move during a divorce where anything you say or do will be analyzed.

  81. Schmeckygirl~ Speaking of talking to the cameras..
    From TMZ:
    We’re told Jon has struck a deal with a TV show to allow it to film his kids’ birthday party today — this is the same Jon who doesn’t want his kids filmed on “Kate Plus 8.” To that, Kate’s lawyer, Mark Momjian, tells TMZ “I’ve never seen a greater hallmark for hypocrisy personified.”

  82. OMG! He's going to have the children filmed for a show?!?!?!?! That would have to be the stupidest move on the planet for him. Please let that not be true.

    I did read that his arrival to the home is going to be filmed because Kate doesn't want him there. I'm not sure if it's to get her pissed and get her reaction or because she doesn't want him there and she might be nice if it's being recorded. That's bad enough, but to film the birthday party???

    I think Jon is taking all this too far at this point. I feel Kate started it because she called him a thief on national television (Jon went to the media to take on TLC not Kate herself, there's a difference in my opinion) but Jon needs to stop now. Fine, he rebutted her story. Leave it at that. Who the heck is giving this guy PR advice????

    (Did I post this twice? If so, you only need to post one. lol. Sorry!)