Monday, April 2, 2012

Jon Gosselin's New Life In The Woods, Kate Has A Blast At Comedy Show In Vegas

Jon Gosselin’s New ‘Simple Life’: I Live In ‘A House In The Woods’ Jon Gosselin loves his life away from the eye of reality TV cameras, a life now filled with working a traditional job and spending time with his eight kids. “It just wasn’t for me in the end,” the former “Jon & Kate Plus 8” star told Access Hollywood at Svedka’s Second Annual Night of a Billion Reality Stars bash in Los Angeles when asked about appearing on his former popular TLC series.

“I’ve been working 9 to 5, I’m a network engineer at a local IT company right by [my] kids’ house,” the 34-year-old dad told Access. The former reality TV star has traded in lavish vacations, New York City bachelor pads and partying on Christian Audigier’s yatch in St. Tropez for life at a slower pace. “I have a house in the woods,” he added “I do no normal things.”

Kate Gosselin Invited to Comedy Show by Brad Garrett:

Kate Gosselin spent some time in Las Vegas recently and she had a wonderful time. The mom of eight attended a comedy show that she was personally invited to and she thought it was funny and so worth the watch.

"I was honored to be invited by Brad Garrett to [the] opening night of his comedy club at MGM Grand! He's SO talented as are all the comedians! It's a MUST SEE!" Kate tweeted on Friday. There is no better way to celebrate your birthday than with a trip to Vegas! The former reality star turned 37 on Wednesday and decided to take full advantage of an opportunity—and it sounds like she had a lot of laughs which is always a good thing.

Kate Gosselin is presumably back home now after her short trip. Her getaway may have been fun for her, but it's done wonders for the rumor mill. She was photographed with her bodyguard Steve Nield and the tabloids have been on fire. Oh well. You only live once.


  1. Well since I just did this post I would like to be the first to comment on it. If Jon is trying so hard to be out of the public eye and live a "normal" life, why is he at a liquor party pimpin himself again? Hmm maybe because he finally is doing a book now that his contact is up? thoughts?

    "@jongosselin1 FYI-I’m almost finished w/ my book! Its about my life experiences-thoughts, feelings re everything Will let every1 know release date soon"

  2. Especially one that trotted out "reality stars". Anyone remember the last time Jon had a public appearance that didn't involve booze with the exception of the milkshake place in LA?

  3. Also, private citizens generally do not sign on with talent agencies.

  4. LOL...that's exactly what I was going to say, Peggy.....two great minds running in the same direction???.....(*wink*)

    As for his book......the best thing I can say about that about just LOL!!

    I'm just happy for Kate......what an opportunity!!...and what a great way to celebrate your birthday!!

  5. Why can't we be happy for both of them? Jon is an adult who was able to go to a pretty cool party and Kate who is an adult was able to go to Las Vegas for her birthday where I believe they serve "booze" too. What is the different between the two? I hope Kate was able to get some good PR out of her Las Vegas trip and had the best B-day ever. What I don't understand is why it is okay for Kate to go to Vegas as an invited guess but when Jon does it, it's "pimpin". I want both of them to do great for their kids. If Jon is able to make more money the kids and Kate get more money. Kate should be free to live her life as she wants. If she wants to go on trips then she should, it's her money! But Jon should be able to live his life too as he wants. People change their minds all the time. At one time Kate loved Jon as Jon loved her. They both must see good in the other, right. I think that both Kate and Jon should be treated with respect if for nothing else it should be done for their children. One day they will read all that has been written about BOTH of their parents that the love. This is their family not ours, this is their lives not ours. This is a fan site for the Gosselins and that includes the Gosselin children so why bash their father. The 15 people want what's best for the Gosselin children so why bash their mother. Their is way too much hate already on the web, why add to it?

    1. Very well said, Hope. I'm really tired of people saying the bad things that they say about Jon. He loves his kids just like Kate. Leave them alone.

    2. Very well said, Hope. I'm really tired of people saying the bad things that they say about Jon. He loves his kids just like Kate. Leave them alone.

  6. I really think, hope, that you need to talk to the haters. I agree with pretty much all you said, as I'm sure most people here and at other sites that support Kate do. But the haters have one set of rules for Jon and another set for Kate. It's okay for Jon to go to those things, but if Kate does, she's a bad mother, or worse......and that's just one of the nicer things said about Kate by them. If we're a bit hesitant about rooting for Jon right now, it's because of his support of all the hateful things that have been said of Kate. He's apparently 'friends' with one especially nasty poster that we know of, has encouraged the others and has never defended Kate in any way from the hateful things bantered about.

    I have worried for sometime about what the children will think when they see what their own father has said of their mother, hope. Kate has apologized publicly for being so hard on Jon at times and has been very careful not to badmouth him publicly. Has there ever been a public apology by Jon for saying things like "I hate Kate"??

    Of the supporters of Kate that I know, there are none that hate Jon. We just want him to grow up, man up and treat Kate with the respect she deserves as the mother of his children and as a human being.

  7. Vicky, I think both parents need to shut-up about each other and move on. I agree that Jon should not say ANYTHING at all bad about Kate, nothing! Hellooo Jon she is the mother of your children and that will never change. I saw him say he hated Kate and I thought what a complete ass. Even if you feel that way why would you say it on national TV??? WTF? But I have also seen Kate throw Jon under the bus on more than one occasion. She was coyer about doing it but she did do it. I understand wanting to fight back when someone pushes you. What I don't understand is for anyone to go on national TV and show their ass/dirty laundry. Both are at fault for doing that. I don’t understand why people do that. I hate reality shows and those stupid talk shows about who is my baby daddy. Jon and Kate plus 8 was the only reality show I would watch because in the beginning it was a family who loved each other. You could see that and I enjoyed it. Then it went bad, really bad. They both changed. Jon went off the deep-end and was running his mouth. Kate wanted to be a star and went “Hollywood”. Look, we all would love to be able to do the things she has gotten to do. I know I would, so good for her. I have watched every one of the Jon and Kate plus 8 shows’ starting with the first documentary. I think the show starting going bad when they moved into their new home. The way they both talked to each other was just different. I think they both starting suffering from big ego’s. It really is sad that this family was destroyed right in front of us. I agree that he needs to grow up but Kate could use some growing too, as all of us could. I don't want to talk to the haters. I found their site last week and it's just too hateful. Nothing seems balance when it comes to the Gosselin family. It's like there is only two camps....the complete haters or the complete lovers.

  8. comes my "for what its worth" opinion! LOL First of all...Kate had a private, personal invitation from Brad Garrett to be there in Vegas! She was the featured "joke" of Brad's routine and apparently she was a great sport about it! Im sure her visit there was comped as usual...and for all we know, Kate usually combines these trips with other work related things?

    Kate did NOT announce ahead of time...look world, I'm goin to Vegas. She kept it private til the word got out thru media sites there in Vegas.

    Jon says he wants a private life. He announced his private "in the woods" house. Next day we have an article on ROL and pics of the house? Now how in the world would a pap have found that "in the woods, private" house? Hmmm?

    Both parents have faults...that's a given...but I have to admire Kate. She has restrained herself & overall handled the enormous embarrassment and hurtful things Jon has said and done to her. Nothin hurts worse than having your husband cavort around, sleep around with 20's yr olds and announce to the world how he despised Kate!

    When someone politely asked Jon if he missed Kate sometimes he shot back..."You are kidding me, right?"

    Kate has said repeatedly that she missed the "old Jon"! She has never said that she hates, despises or even dislikes Jon. Only thing she has referenced is his conduct. And as a parent who has to establish guidelines as to what is "right & wrong" in life...she cannot condone the things he has done.

  9. I agree with what you say about Jon. But my problem with BOTH of them is they brought this on to their children. Both should have made no comments about the other, nothing…good or bad. They both used the media to air private family matters. If someone asked me a question and I didn't want to answer it I wouldn't…. sorry no comment….next question please.

    I too admired Kate in the beginning. I was a BIG fan, got all my family to watch. I understood why they would do the show…hello they have 8 kids to take care of, I get that. What, TLC you want to send me and my entire family on wonderful free vacations, why yes please. Oh you want to pay me thousands of dollars and provide me with staff to help me cook and clean, why yes please. People want to give me free stuff/gifts to help my family, yes and thanks again. I understand why Kate would want to keep it going and try to branch out in other areas of the media. But somewhere and I am not sure where/when the Kate that I saw and admired was slowly fading away. This is just how I feel and I’m not a "hater"……but she lost her connection with everyday moms/people. It wasn’t about her being a mom to 8 kids anymore. She and the show just went to Hollywood and I no longer saw her soft side, her happy side, her true mommy side.

    I feel bad for her because I do think she is lonely. I think she has an empty heart and doesn't know how to fill it. She needs to get rid of Steve so she could meet someone and move on but I think she's afraid to let him go.

    I feel bad for the children because their family broke in half and everyone knows all the details,friends, family, teachers, even the dam mailman. The Gosselin children must be so embarrassed by their parents actions over the last few years. I wish all of them the very best and hope all of the hate for their parents stop!

  10. I feel HAPPY for the Gosselin family for the following reasons

    1. The children have two parents who while they may make different choices than the mainstream, both care about their children.

    2. They have all of their needs met, food, shelter, educational, etc which is not an easy feat.

    3. They have had opportunities to travel, to learn to experience things.

    4. None has a severe handicap or illness

    5. They are being taught to be independent and to work as a team.

    6. They are being taught to help others

    7. They have had a lot of opportunity to learn about the television industry as well as others that might open up career possibilities for them later on.

    8. They have college funds

    9. Kate is teaching them to be strong and independent and that you have to go after what you want

    10. They aren't deprived of the presence of either parent

    11. They have good child care arrangements when neither parent is available.

    12. They eat a healthy diet and get opportunities to play outside

    No their life isn't perfect, but I think it gives kids a disservice to try and create a perfect world for them because then they are grossly unprepared to deal with the real one when they grow up. I've seen that happen and it isn't pretty. Yes, they face adversities, but I believe everyone has one kind or another and they are in a good position to thrive despite them.

  11. Hope - my wish is for both parents to be happy.

    As for getting rid of Steve ... After reading the relentless hate directed at her on Twitter and on the hate blogs, how can she afford to take the risk. I believe that if they ever saw her alone traveling, they would do her physical harm. The children need their parents alive.

  12. Tashapork - Excellent comments. So very well said. You rock!,,

  13. Keeping up the prayers, Tigger. Hope things turn out well.

    Our old kids & grandkids fly in tomorrow. With our younger ones at home it will be a houseful! But so much fun!!! We're celebrating Easter and three children's birthdays. Weather is great.

    Doubt if I'll post again until after Easter, but will be reading the comments.

    HAPPY EASTER to all who celebrate it!!!!

    Miss you Baby Mama xoxoxoxo Hope you are well now!

  14. Well said, tashapork! I like your positivity. A lot of people seem to forget most of the points you stated, sad to say.

    Let's face it, hope, the last I heard one in two marriages ends in divorce in the US and it's rarely a pretty sight. But from what I've seen Kate has done her best to help the kids through it and has shielded them as best she could from the worst of it. She does what she can to avoid the paps and tries her best to just ignore the paps when she can't avoid them. Sadly, having security in place is a necessary evil due to things like the paps, and the haters and crazies. I'm sorry, hope, that you can't see Kate the Mom that we see.....she is there and if you look beyond the surface you, too can see her. Yes, she looks lovely and takes care of herself. I personally see nothing wrong with that....every mother, every woman, deserves that. Just because she's not wearing sweats and tshirts every day does not mean that she's not a good Mom. Give her the benefit of the doubt that you yourself would like if you were in the same circumstances. Let go of the negativity and stop making judgements based on what you 'think' is true. None of us walk in Kate's shoes so we have no right to judge her and the way she lives her life. Look at those kids....they are beautiful, happy children with two parents that love them. They are moving on and living their lives.

  15. Linda, not to mention, if she did fire Steve, can you imagine the backlash articles.

    Kate's Bodyguard dumped her-he can't even stand her

    Kate is too broke to pay Steve

    Kate has no friends, her bodyguard dumped her

    Next in the firing spree of Kate Gosselin, Steve Neild faithful employee for many years. Is anyone good enough for her.
    I hope everyone enjoys their Easter and doesn't get too stressed out over the work involved. Just think, pretty soon Kate's 6 will be 8.

  16. Hi all. Still here and still waiting a decision from the judge. Not looking good for PFA to be reversed even though my brother's lawyer poked some really good holes in their story. Sadly, family courts are full of lies and they are believed. Many tales have been heard from those who went through. While I can understand that many aren't lying and are really hurt by spouses/parents and need the protection, some really are lying and the system isn't good at detecting it. (sigh) But I continue to hope that it will clear and that the judge (new to his position) will actually see through the lies and recognize the holes.

    Prayers are still appreciated!!

  17. Happy Passover everyone! Tigger we missed you. We hope you and your family get through this. hugs :) Hi to Vicky & Hope, it's great to see you! FiredUp, your wonderful as usual, keep doing what your doing because your a positive strong woman and you know thats what I love!

    I'm feeling much better now. I know all of this sickness has pretty much hit everyone. I know I neep to stop taking on so much. I'm trying to spend today getting ready for the party tomorrow and trying to figure out how to put together and hide Easter baskets having me kids home! lol

    TashaPork, I love your list so much, I want to add it to add it to my next post. Let me know if thats ok. It's really great! Linda I miss you too, we have to chat again soon! xo

  18. Thanks for posting the birthday wishes to Jon! It was nice to see that. I am sure many of us do wish him well.

  19. Oh well. I followed that with another post five times but it isn't publishing. Sorry for emails from others. I don't know why. Isn't working well for me either. Sorry.

  20. BabyMama, go right ahead, maybe others can comment by adding to it, I know I missed a lot. I think it brings people down to constantly obsess over the negative when there is so much positive to be thankful for. Kate seems to take that attitude too. Sadly, others miss the point. They see the fun things she has planned for her kids' easter as a bad thing, picking it apart. The point isn't how many eggs she hides, its that she takes the time to hide them and enjoys the day with her kids. Others enjoy a different routine and thats awesome. The kids will have the memories to look back on and so will she. There aren't a whole lot of years left that they will enjoy such things, so I say take advantage of the time you have.

  21. Happy Easter to all my close internet friends. I'm so blessed to have made it though so many things in the past few years thanks to the suppost and positivity from this site!

    I hope Kate has a wonderful Easter with her kids, and they enjoy the day with losts of sweet treats and love! New post tonight I promise! xoxo

  22. Ahhhh.... Finally I'm on the computer rather than tablet or phone and posting is a lot easier.

    Miss my internet friends. Hope you had a wonderful Easter with family and friends. It was so great having my grown children and my grand kids come for a visit. However, departures putting them back on the plane today to head home was definitely sad. Oh well, it was a great weekend!

    I'm going to try to post this... It's still doing weird things like I type a line and then it starts using weird characters (looks like I'm typing in Norweigan?)

    Sounds like the G's had a great Easter. Kids+Easter is so much fun!!

  23. Happy Easter (belated). Hope everyone had fun!! We had company and a beautiful but very windy day!! Someone hid an egg in the tailpipe of my Mom's car and one of the little kids bumped it so far into the pipe that we had to start the car so the egg would fly out. Lots of fun. lol

    Tiggerfan--Hoping all is well with the family.

  24. Many people don't realize that Kate most likely had nothing to do with Jon having to go back to court for non payment of child support. Somebody familiar with PA laws will have to comment. In NC if child support was ordered to be paid directly to court and it is not paid, the court issues a summons for non payment, not the fomer spouse or her attorney.

    I'm sorry he is continuing to have problems. Buying a new house and at the same time not paying child support perhaps raised a red flag. Who knows.

  25. Also, I do not know why there are some missing comments. I did not delete them. They show up n the blogger comment list but not here.

  26. Hello everyone! I know that I went MIA again for a bit. But hubby and I had the opportunity to get away for a few days by ourselves. It was very important for us as we both have been crazy busy lately with the kids off for Spring Break! Alot is being said about Jon and the whole Child Support issue and I wanted ot address that in my new post along with the Easter pictures that everyone is going on about. Were they taken by Chris or someone at the house? Who knows..

    the fact much as the haters hate to say it. Shes still a celbirt that people care about. Sorry that is still such a sore issure that almost a year after the show is over they are still talking about her...

  27. FRESH PAPER EVERYONE! I just updated my new post with TashaPork's happy comment. I hope you like it and come over and comment ot support our site.

    Scent of the day are fresh blueberry's simmering to make blueberry pie ;)