Friday, April 13, 2012

Gosselin's Have A Great Easter, While Jon Owes $3600 In Back Child Support

Kate Gosselin Planned Easter Egg Hunt for Kids:

Photo: INF Kate Gosselin prepped for a fun Easter holiday for her children. Each year, Kate tries to make things exciting and enjoyable for her eight kids, but that usually requires and awful lot of work. Easter for the Gosselins is a day to spend together, to eat treats, and to get a lot of exercise running through the yard and finding egg treasures.

"Good morning everyone! Busy day here! 800+ eggs and 8 baskets to fill, cooking, baking and Easter outfits to lay out! I better get going...!! Yikes!" Kate tweeted on Saturday. If you have watched any episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8, you probably know that the Gosselin children love Easter, mainly because their parents have made it such a fun day for them all.

Kate Gosselin will be quite busy getting everything just right for tomorrow. Hopefully they have nice weather so the kids can get outside and explore. Which Gosselin do you think will find the most Easter eggs for their basket?\

Jon Gosselin Owes $3600 In Back Child Support:

Jon Gosselin seems to be behind on his child support payments to his ex-wife Kate Gosselin again.
The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality star dad has eight children that he is required to support by law in Pennsylavnia, but has exclusively learned that he owes $3557.06 in child support payments. The Pennsylvania Department of Child Welfare has the outstanding amount listed on their PA Child Support Program website, calling out the thousands of dollars he owes.

As previously reported  Kate seemed blindsided by the fact that Jon was going to go back to court for non-payment of child support after a Twitter follower alerted her. “I don't know if he's going to court but wouldn't surprise me.... How do you know this stuff?!?” the former Kate Plus 8 star wrote but quickly stopped engaging the follower, writing: “Woah....I'm not allowed to talk about orders from the court.…" Since ending her reality show Kate has been working as a blogger for while Jon has been working in construction to support their children. They have a contentious relationship, but if Jon owes back child support to Kate a new court battle could be their most explosive meeting in a while.

I feel HAPPY for the Gosselin family for the following reasons: By TashaPork

1. The children have two parents who while they may make different choices than the mainstream, both care about their children.
2. They have all of their needs met, food, shelter, educational, etc which is not an easy feat.
3. They have had opportunities to travel, to learn to experience things.
4. None has a severe handicap or illness
5. They are being taught to be independent and to work as a team.
6. They are being taught to help others
7. They have had a lot of opportunity to learn about the television industry as well as others that might open up career possibilities for them later on.
8. They have college funds
9. Kate is teaching them to be strong and independent and that you have to go after what you want
10. They aren't deprived of the presence of either parent
11. They have good child care arrangements when neither parent is available.
12. They eat a healthy diet and get opportunities to play outside

No their life isn't perfect, but I think it gives kids a disservice to try and create a perfect world for them because then they are grossly unprepared to deal with the real one when they grow up. I've seen that happen and it isn't pretty. Yes, they face adversities, but I believe everyone has one kind or another and they are in a good position to thrive despite them..........


  1. If its true that Jon owes $3600 in child support, that refutes the claim that he's being made to pay an unreasonable amount. These are the kinds of things that divorced parents deal with. I am glad they aren't waiting until he owes tens of thousands of dollars to nip it in the bud.

  2. Tasha, I liked your "I Feel Happy for Gosselin Children". It is straight and to the point.

  3. Tashpork - Once again ... I like what you said.

    Very nice post Baby Mama.

  4. Great post, BabyMama!!

    Love the positive list, Tashapork and so true!!

  5. You all are sweet, my list came because I was getting annoyed with the negativity on that particular day stemming from the haters. Many kids aren't so fortunate as I am sure Kate would agree. Being a mom is a tough job, especially for 8 and in my books the Gosselins rock, faults and all. All of the wondeful ladies I've met on this blog rock also.

  6. Wow, the family and I just returned from Disney World. It was soooo warm. We left Orlando in 23C weather and arrived to 6C. It felt great to soak up the warmth for a few days. LOL.

    I can't imagine why the Khaters continue to support Jon's behaviour. He is behind in child support, how would he even be able to have to kids more than two weekends per month. If the Khaters think that Kate is failing as a parent and Jon is the one the kids should live with, I would hate to see how low their standards are.

    Sadly, the constant parent is typically the one that fields all the anger and resentment, because they are the constant. They are appreciated less and judged on everything they do.

    I think Kate is doing the best job she can and of course she has flaws as all of us do, but her standards are never lowered or comprimised.

    Best wishes to everyone!

  7. Nicely put! Great list to remind us all how fortunate these particular 8 kids are...and the blessing of having such a energetic, smart hardworkin Mom like Kate!

    Im sure the financial stresses of raising such a family and trying to give them the best she can...does keep Kate awake at nite. Jon really needs to step up...get a 2nd job if necessary to take some of the money worries off Kate's shoulders.

    She already has the day to day responsibility of raisin them...feedin and clothin them! The health care...on and on, I imagine all she has to care for in their behalf!

    I still stand in awe as to how she does it all...and somehow maintains that positive...I will not quit attitude!

  8. What crazy weather we have. Tornado watch yesterday and thunderstorms, power just came back on, thank goodness. Now it's cold, windy and snowing!! Never a dull moment in the great Midwest. :) Is everyone here okay?

  9. And I say again, tashapork..........EXCELLENT!!!

    (Sadly, the haters will still continue to tell their lies and continue to hurt the kids in doing so) However, they can count on one thing........both Kate and her supporters will continue to fight the good fight........FOR the kids.

  10. Hello everyone! Miss you all. So great to see you. No tornadoes here but I hope everyone is good. The hottest day of the year so far..almost record breaking. What a beautiful day here. Well, it didn't take long for Jon to respond on Twitter: Article from EONLINE.COM

    Jon Gosselin $3,500 Behind in Child Support? Former Reality Dad Fires Back on Twitter

    Raising eight kids doesn't come cheap, and Kate Gosselin is legally entitled to some financial help from Jon Gosselin. Unfortunately, Jon has apparently fallen behind on his child support payments. According to records listed on the Pennsylvania Department of Child Welfare's website obtained by E! News, he has an "arrears balance" of $3,557.06.

    Jon took to Twitter to defend himself, explaining that the site shows his "recurring balance" and he pays his child support "every month..."

    "There is no story, I pay CS," he wrote in response to Radar Online's report on his late payments. "The state site is my recurring balance, so guess what, it will always be there. Every month. Paid in full."

    "Great digging up a story about nothing," he added. "Find something else to write a story about. I pay my water bill too, why don't you make that a story. Morons." Attorney Troy Slaten explained to E! News that the "arrears balance" listed for Jon is in fact "an order by the court to pay your support and a noncompliance [with it] is a contempt of court."

    Because the amount Jon owes isn't huge, Slaten says the former reality star "could just be shortly behind and he is just about to pay it in the next day or so."

    If he doesn't pay up, though, there will be consequences. The state could collect the unpaid balance from Gosselin through a property lien or his tax refund. He could even be jailed or placed on probation for up to six months. Because he will most likely pay the amount soon, none of these sanctions are likely to go into effect.

  11. Now why is Jon paying child support again?! Doesn't Kate make or made way much money than Jon? Hmmm..

  12. Duh yayay... It's called CHILD support and the proceeds go to take care of children. It is NOT Kate support. He pays according to his income.or, that's what he is supposed to do, just as Kate is.

  13. I don't know why that misconception lingers that the other parent is going to spend the child support on themselves. Kids are expensive. I hear people say that about foster parents, divorced parents and parents of kids who recieve badly needed disability payments. Having had a child temporarily in our care I can tell you what went out for the child's care was quite a bit more than the payment and every bit of the money went toward the child's needs. Yes, there are some whackjobs out there who let their kids subsist on Ramon and hand me downs while they buy Coach purses and ipads, but its not fair to put that assumption on most parents.

  14. Hi all. I've been trying for ages to publish a post but it keeps sending me an error message. So I'm trying again today. Is anybody else having trouble? (FYI, I cannot figure out what the problem is.)

    I'd love to see Kate G get a syndicated radio show or a cooking series. I'd like to see her give us tips on buying organic (what's worth the money and what doesn't matter) and then in food preparation.

    I still want to see her do a cookbook also.

    Hope everyone is having great days. Last week we had highs of 85 and then Monday it dropped to 36. Finally, after a chilly week, temps are supposed to go back up to normal.


  15. I would have loved to see her take over Neicy Nash's role on Clean House, she'd have rocked it. I think its interesting that they gave Niecy a reality show on TLC. Would rather watch Kates' any day and twice tomorrow. I also would rather watch it than the upcoming Sister Whiners, I am not against their lifestyle, but think their show is a poor choice to advance their cause since everyone is always so unhappy

  16. Are you no longer Kates biggest fan? You never update your site any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Wow, I am a single parent, my daughters father has not seen her in nearly 8 years and he owes me nearly $70,000.00 in back child support and medical arrears, so you know what I don't really know what this woman, who ranted and raved all over television for how many millions, has to worry about......She should shut her mouth and thank everyone that she has the home and college fund etc etc etc that she has. Get a real job and stop bloody complaining.

  18. Kate never complained about the back child support, it was brought up by a hater that saw it in court records who was originally trying to say that Jon was taking Kate to court for custody. The only time Kate has publicly brought up an issue regarding money was when Jon emptied the family bank account despite a court order for him not to do so.
    Single Aussie, I pray that your daughter gets the child support she is owed and if appropriate is able to rebuild a relationship with her father as I do for the many other kids in the same boat. I tend to agree that there are other children far worse off than the Gosselins, its why I get so irritated when people nitpick Kate over something trivial when millions of kids are actually being abused, neglected, exploited, etc.
    I do disagree with the notion that TV isn't a real job. Kate and her family made far more for TLC and other companies than it made for them. They earned what they have and just as any other job, there's no guarantee for the future. Nobody has a secure career path these days.
    I have seen a couple of refrences in the last several days to a ridiculous rumor that Kate doesn't buy milk for her kids and when they went to the Dairy farm, she didn't give them dinner because they had milk. I rewatched the episode and what she said was that it was a treat for the kids to have cup after cup of milk, that because organic milk is expensive, they don't have an UNLIMITED supply. She also said that some of them were so full from the milkfest that they didn't eat their dinner, not that they weren't served dinner. As usual, the rumor factory is at it again.
    I hope everybody is well and enjoying the warmer weather.

  19. Wow Single Aussie, thank you so much for visiting my site and sharing your opinion. Though I may not agree with your thought I appreciate the time for speaking your mind.

    I know I have been very MIA. I missed you all terribly! I had the opportunity to go over away with my family, take another well needed break and oversee an amazing opportunity at work. Linda I got your e-mail. We have to talk soon.

    I hope everyone will take the opportunity to come and post again on some well needed fresh paper. I actually had to install Google Chrome after I came home to find that my programs did nor support my Blogger! I hate when they change things on me!

    Scent of the day is some serious Downy freshness. Cause I've been gone for a while but I'm back!