Monday, April 30, 2012

Jon Gosselin Has Yet Another New Girlfriend, Kate Starts More Guest Speaking & More Coupon Clipping Info

This signature event honors Remarkable Mothers of the Ozarks. Women who have contributed significantly to the fabric of family through their role as a mother or through empowering other mothers to become successful investors in their families and community. We are excited to have Kate Gosselin as our featured speaker this year. Kate is the mother of eight children - sextuplets and twins.

Jon Gosselin Has A New Girlfriend: Kate Gosselin may be too busy for love these days, but that is not the case for her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin. The former star of Jon & Kate Plus 8 has a new lady love in his life, but who is she? Read on to find out!
Since Jon and Kate Gosselin split back in 2009 after 10 years of marriage, Jon Gosselin has been romantically linked to several other gals, including Hailey Glassman, reporter Kate Major, and his most recent girlfriend, Erin Ross. Jon and Erin ended their relationship earlier this year after almost 2 years together, and apparently, Jon Gosselin has already moved on – big shocker, huh?
So, who is Jon Gosselin’s new lady love? According to Life & Style Magazine, she is Liz Jannetta, a single mother who happens to work at the company as Jon. An insider told the gossip magazine: “She has three kids and yes, all the kids have met Jon’s kids. He’s taking things very slow with her, but she’s closer to his age than his previous girlfriends.” All of Jon’s previous girlfriends were in their 20′s, so this is a change for him.

And Liz Jannetta is not holding back about her new relationship, as the friend also revealed that she has been taking to social media to post pictures of the couples, including a kiss – on the cheek! Can’t say that I am the least bit surprised that Jon has a new gal pal – are you?What do you think about Jon Gosselin dating again? Could this new gal be “the one” for him? Comment and share your thoughts with us!

This signature event honors Remarkable Mothers of the Ozarks. Women who have contributed significantly to the fabric of family through their role as a mother or through empowering other mothers to become successful investors in their families and community.We are excited to have Kate Gosselin as our featured speaker this year. Kate is the mother of eight children - sextuplets and twins. She has appeared on many media outlets and is the bestselling author of Multiple Blessings, I Just Want You to Know and Eight Little Faces. Tickets are $75 per person for open seating. You may purchase a table of 12 for $1,000 with includes 5 tickets per guest for a chance to win a diamond pendant in the special game - Minute to Win a Deal or No Deal of Fortune. For more information on the event, including how to be a sponsor, contact our Development Officer, Keri McKee by emailing or by calling her at 417.737.7080.

LearnVest sat down with the reality mom to get her take on allowances, budgets and how she affords groceries for herself and eight mouths (plus a dog!). Not to mention the three questions she always asks before making any purchase.

What would you say are the most financially challenging aspects of parenthood?

With eight kids, I can’t think of any aspects that aren’t challenging! It’s very unnerving to know that I am the major breadwinner for a family of nine and one dog. If I had to list some of the most challenging aspects, it would be saving for college, which is still a few years away. But it’s tough that even clothing, shoes, food, shelter and recreation are always multiplied by eight. For example, a few weeks ago I had to buy clown wigs for each of my 7-year-olds for a school program, and it cost me $65. Nothing is a small purchase in our home.

What are some ways you stick to your grocery budget, especially when you’re tempted by impulse purchases?

An impulse purchase is okay once in a while for everyone. I just ask myself three questions. First, is this a good buy? Second, if I leave the store without this purchase, will I be sorry? Third, is this a need or a want? It should be a “need.” If I pass the test on all three, chances are, it fits my budget and I’ll buy it.

As a mom, you probably understand that it can be tough to make ends meet. What are some strategies you rely on to make shopping and financial decisions?

I try to buy for the long run. In other words, I can buy cheap backpacks and lunch boxes for school each year, or I can buy a better brand for $10 more each and use them for two consecutive school years. In the end, if I do that I’ve saved. I use that strategy with winter coats and boots, too. I buy a bigger size and use them for two years each. I also have coats and snow boot purchases scheduled on alternating years so that I don’t go into debt when winter comes.


  1. I can see the Hateful Hags Club members saying Kate threw Jon under the bus because she stated she is the major bread winner.

  2. MsGoody2Shoes-Apparently they expect her to lie for him. What we've never seen is an accounting of the money he blew through at the beginning, including the money he wrongfully took from the joint account (he avoided being held in contempt by depositing funds he borrowed from Hailey)

  3. Kate has acknowledged being the major bread winner since the beginning, nothing new, and as long as Jon is contributing based on his income, nothing wrong with that. I have never seen any gripes from people about Jon not making enough money, maybe some about him needing to get a job when he had none, and definitely lots about Kate making, spending, needing too high of an income. While I share the antipathy of the masses of the CEOs who make 30 billion dollars while their employees can't get health insurance, lay off workers, give pay cuts, and take bail outs from taxpayers, I admire those who go after what they want in life. Its not like if Kate didn't earn it from the speaking engagement or whatever, that it would be doled out to poor people or something.
    This girlfriend, being a parent herself has a better frame of refrerence when dealing with the kids, although I can't see how anyone would want the complications in his life. I do wish him happiness, his happiness is good for his kids.

  4. I don't think the kids should be meeting all the women that Jon has been jumping in to bed with. He needs to keep his sex life out of his family life until he finds the women he wants to be with long term.

  5. Jeanette: If their divorce agreement is like many, Kate really doesn't have any control over whom the kids see during their visits with Jon.

    Baby Mama: Thanks a bunch for your text. xoxoxo

    No, I'm not surprised at all that Jon has a new love.

    Jon talked on the first special about Kate earning more money than he did and that he hoped she could be back at work soon. Why is it such a surprise to people now?

  6. And Then There Were 11: Jon Gosselin Finds New Love And More Kids! ROL
    The PRIVATE citizan that wants to lead a normal life is at it again with his mouth advertising his girlfriend. I personally have no problem with him having one, but I just think its funny that he wants to lead a nrmal life. Normal lives do not include doing interviews with Star Magazine. However, now that I think about it, he had some child support he was behind on so he did need a check.sad.

  7. Hey guys! So happy to see everyone again! Miss you all. What have I missed in Gosselinland? I finally got to go on Twitter again and it's truly the same crap. Now one of the haters is threatening Kate on Twittet? Did anyone see that article on Radar? I have to copy it. Was it because things were getting to quiet for them?

    As always in always supporting and will always be here. But I'm talking life by the balls and spending quality time with my family. Xo

  8. Glad to hear you are doing well Baby Mama. The article in ROL confirms the reason why Kate needs a body guard. That twitter poster needs help.

  9. Fascinated! How are you? How are things? It seems like ages since we chatted. Did you hear that it's one of the crazies from Preesi's site? Can anyone confirm Thais? I sware I thought that site was shut down due to stupidity taking over the site. After all these years are they still harping on Kate? Are they really that insane? I have no idea!

  10. I'm doing well, busy, but well. LOL

    Sadly, I think they are unstable.

  11. Hello everyone!!

    As for Jon -- actions speak louder than words and I am not surprised at his antics. I know he loves his kids, I just hope and pray that they have only good times with him because someday they may be writing books.

    I did see those actual tweets of the nutcase threatening Kate and he/she has a link to a clock for the countdown to when he/she will reveal some dirt on Kate. How absolutely insane!!

  12. Blogger has had me frustrated here...type a long post...hit publish...and then into cyber space my comment went! LOL

    This is 3rd time Im tryin to get this said! LindaO where are you to fix things...the on site computer wiz that you are! Hope you are well...I know your health issues are an ongoing challenge to deal with!!

    So, needless to say...a new, geez, what a surprise? NOT We all said when he broke up with his "tattoo on the back forever love" Ellen ...Jon please take some time to be by yourself and focus on your kids! Well, that lasted all of a week maybe? In fact, when he broke up with Ellen, didn't he say he wanted to focus on his kids?

    And here we go rushing into another relationship and already has exposed his kids to this gal and her three as well. Looks like two immature adults takin care of eleven kids....hmmmm, no wonder Kate is stressed!

    Well, good thing is Kate just marches on. She does what she has to do, takin care of financial business and lovin her kids on the home front...all the while remaining true to self and so accessible to her followers on twitter!

    BabyMama...sure wish ya had more time to interact here and on create such a stir every time you tweet! LOL Your mere presence sends the critics into a tizzy! But and pursuin your own dreams needs to come first! It's like a world-wide community service that you keep this blog updated and is a friendly positive Gosselin support site! Thank ya very much!

    Wavin to all the nice folks here! Plenty of hot, hot Southern sunshine sent your way!

  13. I agree, FiredUp-- it sure is fun to hear from Baby Mama and Linda in addition to all of the other awesome posters here.
    And please send some sunshine up north!! ;)
    Everyone have an awesome weekend and let us know what you're doing.

  14. I loved Kates blog about teaching her kids about finances. I didn't care for the hate comments attached to it. Kate wasn't telling others what they should teach thier kids, she wrote about how she chooses to teach hers.

  15. Hi to all of you!!! xoxoxo

    FiredUp - I'm having trouble also but unfortunately I don't know how to fix it. :( So Sorry.
    Periodically Blogger decides to "redo" everything and shift layouts, etc. They did one of their infamous "upgrades" last week or the week before (can't remember which now) and I finally was able to post but it took me many tries before it stopped just being lost in cyberspace. It's frustrating as all get out isn't it!!!

    We have the warmth back here and that's great.

    Is everybody's live just crazy busy right now with kids??? It's the end of our school year and with tests, exam reviews, final play performances, etc. we are all running ragged. It sure will be nice to have the year end though in about 3 more weeks. (Then we can start the crazy summer schedules, ha ha.)

    Hugs to all. xoxoxo

  16. Shoot. I'm not retyping it ... yes I know it should be everybody's "life" not "live"... I'm using a new program where I talk and it types... but I'm still on the learning curve.

  17. My apologies to ALL who keep losing their comments when they click the PUBLISH button.

    I've gotten several more emails today. Sorry Ziggy and others.

    I am not getting error messages so I can't figure out how to fix it.

    Best I can do is say, try another browser. If IE isn't working, try FireFox, or Chrome, etc.

    It is apparently because of the change in layouts and formatting with Google/Blogger.

    Baby Mama, are you also getting emails???

  18. FYI, Internet Explorer is not working for me but Safar is working and FireFox is working.

    Again, I'm very sorry. Thanks for trying Ziggy and others.

  19. Happy Birthday to the Gosselin 6!!
    Can't believe it's been 8 years!!

  20. Hello everyone, Wishing everyone good health and best wishes. I am very happy to see that we all continue to have a wonderful life (not without its ups and downs) and are too busy to spend hours hating someone they don't even know. As always, I am so appreciative that Baby Mama and others have their supportive sites. Take care everyone.

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Alexis Hannah Aaden Collin Leah and Joel!!
    I really love you all! :)

  22. Hello everyone! I know so many of you have e-mailed me and Linda wondering why you cannot post. My browser IE no longer supports Blogger for some reason. I now have to go into Firefox myself to put up new posts. Im sorry about this. Keep e-mailing me if you still keep having problems. I have put up a new post to see if that helps. Please go somment on some "fresh" birthday cake-smelling paper for me! THANKS! XOXO