Friday, July 22, 2011

Why is Jon Gosselin Talking Marriage? Kate Talks Fertility Treatments, Surprise During Yellowstone Park Trip?

Despite going through one of the nastiest divorces in reality-TV history, Jon Gosselin reveals to Life & Style that he's ready to take another walk down the aisle! The reality dad has been dating 24-year-old Ellen Ross for more than a year and see mairrage in their future. "I definitely would not be with her this long if I didn't have the intentions to marry her," Jon, 34, raves to Life & Style. "We're enjoying each other's company, and we're still going strong." But that doesn't mean he's spending less quality time with his brood of eight! "My plan is to enjoy my life by spending time with my kids as well as with Ellen," Jon tells Life & Style. (Note from me.. why is Jon even talking at all? lol BM)

'Kate Plus 8': Kate Gosselin tweets surprise during Yellowstone trip:

Kate Gosselin is in the process still of filming a "Kate Plus 8" special in Yellowstone National Park, but she seems particularly interested in making sure everyone knows that this trip is not necessarily be just like any of the others that the Gosselins are not necessarily going to visit the same exact places that they always do.
In a new post on Twitter, Kate specifically talks about what she is planning on doing in the way of travel:
"Movin movin movin... We r seeing & doing & having fun! U just never no where we will pop up!!!"
One of the most surprising things about this trip really is how the Gosselins have been largely able to avoid the paparazzi during this trip. Granted, they are not the stars that they once were -- but the paparazzi were still willing to follow them around in New Zealand earlier this year (and that is not exactly close). How do you think the family has been able to keep things under wraps?

Kate Gosselin Warns Future Parents About The Woes Of Fertility Treatments:

If you should listen to anyone about fertility treatments, it's Kate Gosselin. The mother of eight is speaking from experience, warning women to be very, very careful when it comes to the potentially woeful process.

"I will say fertility is not a perfected science and I’m going to tell you the same thing I tell any prospective parents that are going through fertility that come to me for advice," Kate explains to me. "I’ve said it for years. I’ve said be very careful ... I am the perfect example of 'the doctor had it under control' and we ended up with sextuplets. We were shocked to death and so I just tell everyone to be extra, super, super cautious.”

Just three years after giving birth to twin daughters, Kate became pregnant with sextuplets. Refusing selection reduction, ex-couple, Kate and Jon Gosselin wrote in their book, "Multiple Blessings": "Jon and I believe that every life, whether seconds old after conception or a full forty-week term, robustly healthy or horribly sick, fully developed or severely challenged — every life is designed and ordained from God. We would therefore never consider choosing to end that life in any way at any time. Period.”


  1. I thought Jon was going to remain private? Guess that went up in smoke!

    So Kate is new spokeswoman for AB Champ. Good for her.

    Not doing too much commenting & tweeting lately. But hope everything is fine. As usual good article.

    One more thing.......
    If the tweet doesn't come from MsGoody2shoes21 directly, pay no attention.

  2. Also, my tweets are private, for now.

  3. I'm so sorry, I don't know what's been going on with my following on twitter, I gotta figure it out! Also I haven't been on so I will say hi to everyone, it just always winds up being late at night. The trolls are the only ones still buzzing around there trying to cause some kind of impact but instead looking like idiots.

    Has anyone heard about anything going on over there. Are they back from their vacation? Is everyone going to stay cool this weekend?? ;) xo

  4. Great post, BabyMama. With recent rumors of Jon and Ellen breaking up, I wondered if that prompted his breaking silence.

    Right now our humidity is 97 and storms are expected today with tomorrow being the better day of the weekend. We'll be taking it easy inside, making smoothies and playing board games with the kids. What are you doing today?
    Is it still so hot there? Hugs!

  5. The fertility treatment article had a nasty crack at the end that you didn't include that accused Kate of being anti-fertility treatment but that TLC would have been interested if she hadn't had such treatment. In the first place, if the Gosselins had gotten the single child they aimed for, they wouldn't have needed the financial help that the show provided. Raising three children is a whole different ballgame than raising 8 with six being infants and then toddlers simultaneously.

    In the second place, I don't see Kate's remark as being anti-fertility treatments, particularly IUI which is what she had. I remember one episode on the old show where they were answering viewer questions and she was stunned and horrified to read a question from someone who wanted sextuplets and wanted to know how to have them. She said that what happened to them, as much as they love their kids, is considered to be a catastrophe in fertility treatment circles. She wanted people to know the enormous risks to mother and babies if a HOM pregnancy occurs and there is no selective reduction (I'm pro-choice but let's not let a euphemism like selective reduction obscure what we're talking about; it's abortion). She AND Jon had decided against selective reduction, no matter what, in advance, but they went ahead with it knowing the risks. That some HOM like the Gosselins and Dilleys are happy and healthy doesn't negate the risks. Kate indicated in her most recent book that the 7th embryo, which stopped developing, was missed but the fact that it didn't develop may well have made the difference for its siblings. The family on Table for Twelve have a sextuplet with serious disabilities. Two of the McCaughey septuplets have serious neuro-muscular issues (not CP but similar to it) that may prevent them from ever walking normally.

  6. The opening paragraph should have read "TLC would NOT have been interested."

  7. Been a bit absent BabyMama...had to get my support Kate "mojo" back! LOL Haters can get so nasty & really hit a nerve sometimes and best thing to do is back away from computer and regain your principles of who and what you are!

    Hey to MsGoody! So nice to see you comment and sorry to see you go private...but I understand. Be assured that my prayers are with you to get your well being all back and in tack!

    You are a strong woman and you can beat this and be back to your normal self soon!

    Oh, dear me on the Jon & "government worker" thing. Didn't we see this one coming? Even though all does not look so lovey dovey between the two...he had to dispel the breakup rumors.

    And how best to do it...oh yeah...ANOTHER INTERVIEW! But this is the last-est one! LOL He promises! No more! Nada! This one is it! No matter how much more interviews!

    I thought Kate answered the fertility thing with a smart head and sheer honesty! She thought the doc had it under control...she even expected possibility of twins again...but never six/seven actually!

    But as is typical of Kate...once that reality set in...Kate set her face to the wind and put her mind, body and soul into making sure those six made it into the world with as healthy a start as possible!

  8. I think Kate is talking about some people who think that specifically try to have sextuplets or octuplets for that matter because they think they can have a nice tv show and get rich off of it without realizing the potential complications.
    Jon is known to speak for what makes his life better in the here and now and has no problems changing on the turn of a dime so it doesn' surprise me one bit that his last inverview was an untrue statement. It made him look good at the time. Just as one month he did that long interview in the car about how good it was for the kids to film, then when he got in a scuff with TLC he changed his mind. There are many other examples of his sudden twists and turns.

  9. tashapork-Jon also doesn't seem inclined to drop a current soulmate until a new one is waiting in the wings. I don't know if he loves Ellen or not, but I think, for whatever reasons, he needs her.

  10. If Jon loves Ellen, then I wish them well.

    (As well as hoping that if his desire is to be a non-celebrity just-regular-person, that he'll stop doing the interviews, etc. Was this to placate others? Was it for $$?? Was it because Kate was getting publicity and the green-eyed monster roared out of him once again to speak publicly?? Anybody wanna take a bet that this is probably NOT the last interview, lol??)

  11. My bet is on the green-eyed monster. He always does something like that when Kate's in the news, especially when it's something positive.

  12. Happy Summer everyone,

    It has rained all week at the lake so I am glad to be home for a few days to wash clothes and get my Gosselin/internet fix. LOL

    The pattern I noticed with Jon is that he attaches himself to strong women who basically tell him what to do. He then rebels and falls immediately into the arms of another strong women. I use the term strong differently for each of the women, Jon has been involved with.

    Kate’s strength has changes with her maturity. Jon, unwilling to mature, falls back to younger women because he is emotionally stuck as a young adult. The women he sticks to fulfill his immature side but fill him with direction that for a twenty something person appears mature.

    If Jon did in fact give an interview to In Touch (I am sceptical given their history of inaccurate reporting) that he plans to marry again, then I am led to believe that he remains a young adult who is being told what to do once again. “The government worker” (to use FiredUp’s expression) is probably hoping that Jon will marry her, because she will show the world that she is a better woman than Kate. Women in their twenties tend to want to prove something; that they are lovable, they are better than, they can do this or that. A mature woman would look at Jon and his baggage and run for the hills.

  13. Firedup4kate~ the twitter "hate" is toxic. Many people have gotten sucked into it.. Trying to defend Kate against the crazies, but it's a lose/lose situation. It just feeds the idiots and makes then stay on there. I just block everyone & report them for spam. I have no desire to feed the fire.

    FYI the ones that attemp to attack what they think is my appearance need to take a good LONG look in the mirror, and pray it don't crack in the process. I hope that those the feel like they are attacked there will come back here and breathe with the sane. Cause crazy is contsgous! Lol ;)

  14. I always say time spend doing something positive is time not spent doing something negative and the reverse is true, time spent doing something negative is time not spent doing something positive. Why do people want to crowd the good out of their lives. I know people who have what to me is soo much to be thankful for and yet they spend much of their time in hate.
    I also still have no clue why people compare Jon (or Kate for that matter) to Casey Anthony. Jon may be a jerk and lax on his responsibilities, but I don't worry about him killing his kids or letting them drown/giving them Choroform or whatever.

  15. BabyMama...Have no fear Im still here! LOL Had to address a dumb matter yesterday...seems one of the bulls in the herd thought lil FiredUp was ridin the rodeo & tryin to lasso him! LOL!

    Made some way out in left field claims that I called some hotel where he was to harrass him. LOL Like I even care where he is or had anyway of knowin...I don't even have a clue as to who he is!

    My, they attach such importance to themselves! So had to wash myself clean of all that mess!

    Meanwhile looks like Kate is home or very close to bein there after a terrific night with all 8 at the Taylor Swift concert...complete with a backstage meet & greet personally with Taylor!

    What a glorious way to top off a terrific couple of weeks travel and adventure for the Gosselins!

    As usual, instead of being happy for Kate and her kids, the haters had to begrudge the event with all manner of snark, and vulgar attacks.

    Can these people never rejoice and feel happiness for at least even the 8 kids?

  16. Fired up~ happy to see you girl! I hate seeing anyone being attacked on Twitter for sharing their view.. ESP you. They are so vile there I really made a note to bock them all and just live my life ignoring them. It's disgusting what they do. I'm just glad that the trend is fading a bit and hopefully people can feel safe coming back here.

    These are Kates tweets have really just been about Taylor Swift and her 3rd trip to New Jersey. I'm not into her music really but my kids love her so I'm sure the twins had an amazing time...
    Hi!We r@ Taylor Swift’s concert&we r loving r Taylor!Just came from giving hugs&wishing her luck tonight!Can’t wait 2 c show-Speak Now!

    All 9 of us r here @Taylors concert… its a family event!@needtobreathe just finished!great up&coming band! Waiting now 4 taylor!

    When asked by a follower on Twitter if the concert would be on their TLC show, Kate Plus 8, Kate replied: No

    "If you follow Kate’s twitter feed at all you will see where one very handsome Mark Zito tweeted:

    @markzito So, as @MashUpRyan and I were on the @taylorswift13 backstage tour, Kate Gosselin and her all her kids joined us. That was unexpected

    Also, Kate looks hot…not like hot for having a bunch of kids hot, but actually hot."

  17. Hi all. Took one to camp yesterday.

    Glad Kate&8 had a great time at the Taylor Swift concert. That is an awesome concert. She is so great to her fans!

    Hugs to all!

  18. Good morning.(Good afternoon)
    As part of the post that talks about Jon, I just have to say I never had an opinion about it... I do not know what to think about character of Jon.... he may have been a bad husband, due to betrayal, more like father he seems to be very good, and seems to love their children.
    I wish him and his girlfriend all the happiness

  19. Still here and testing to see if my post will go through....

    Summer been busy. Trying to slow down but with school shopping coming I am not sure!

  20. Craftmom~ we missed you! Hope all is ok. Hugs & kisses on twitter. I know your Summer has been busy.. So has mine.. Waiting for 2 projects to pan out.. Don't you hait having 5 balls in the air waiting for one to drop? :) such is my life right now.. The kids are doing great this Summer so I guess I can say I'm blessed to find great creative outlets for them!

    Planning a few weekend trips.. Off to shop! It's what I love most ;)

  21. Shopping is always fun. :) And yes I know the feeling...I think I have about 8 balls up in the air right now. LOL Doing too much, downed with a headache today.

    Fingers crossed for you that those projects pan out. I know how much you want them!!! :)

  22. Shopping, what my wallet hates most especially in the grocery store, things are soo high. Tomorrow our long awaited Ikea opens, we are going with relatives so we only have one van to park because it is going to be crazy. The news has a long line of people camping out for the last two days. The first 2500 get an envelope with various prizes. I hope to get one. I hope everyone enjoys the last of the summer. The heat has been horrendous all over the country.

  23. Several deletions. I see the loony folks are back again.
    I'm glad I do not have as many kids to buy back to school clothes for as Kate has. My struggle is in getting them all to be still long enough to clear out clothes that are too little, etc. Thank goodness we've finished that and are on to getting ready.
    Amazing how a quiet it gets when your "noisiest" kid is at camp! While having it quieter can be nice, I miss the noise, lol. Today she is white water rafting and tomorrow she's rappelling down a mountain. I know this little daredevil is having a blast! I will relax when I know she's safely finished. I'm glad she isn't old enough for parasailing or hang gliding ... yet!
    I'm having a few health issues but I won't bore folks here. Between family, work and health there isn't a lot of time left over to post comments but I am reading.

  24. LOL Linda on gettin kids to be still for new clothes. But as they get older their interest starts to liven up a good bit...I assure you..then the real battles begin!

    "No.., you are not wearing that to school!" LOL Im very big on making sure their clothes are in moderation...not going for the "more skin showin" is better look!

    Boys are easier...he just wants to look neat and cool. Nice jeans, new sneaks, and polos and he is good. Daughter is the problem...and is only 11 soon to be 12! Kate has lots of misery to look forward to keepin all those girls of hers in line! LOL!

    And LindaO...please do bore us w/your health issues! Hope you are ok...back not healing as it should?

    Shout out & souther kisses & hello to Debora & Jacque!

    BabyMama...Shop til ya drop girl! (or the card says more! LOL)

  25. firedup - Lol, I've had that battle on clothes for 3 years, since one of my 12-yr-old twins was 9. (Before that, in Florida, they wore uniforms.) Fortunately, even without uniforms, the school has a very strict dress code on how much "skin" can be shown, etc.

    Sundress straps have to be 1 1/2 in" wide (no spaghetti straps), skirts and shorts can be no shorter than 3" above the knee (which is a 3x5 index card turned side ways, lol.) No screen printed shirts/tees with "words" on them. Only tees allowed are the school's "spirit" tee and can only be worn on Fridays.

    In high school boys have to wear coats and ties (so I'm glad we aren't there yet, lol.)


    When I hurt, my blood sugar goes up. Even with two kinds of insulin it's been running 245-390 which is very high.

    My back from last summer's surgery is doing great. Ten years ago I had a disectomy at C3 and they put a titanium cage around it. Scary because you can become a quadriplegic from C3 damage but it was fine. Pain now in same area and there's a question about perhaps additional problems there or C4. BUT, they want to try pain meds for a month to see if it isn't a muscle issue instead of spine before doing another MRI.

    I don't do pain meds. I have kids and I refuse to have narcotics in the house and I can't keep them down any way. So they want to use drugs normally used for epilepsy in huge doses (Neurontin and Gabapentin) 800 mg ibuprofen, muscle relaxers etc. I'd rather hurt than take that junk so we're at a stalemate.

    Okay, enough talk about that. See... I didn't think anybody would want to hear that, lol.
    Well, a few more weeks and Kate will be back on. I'm looking forward to that! xoxo

  26. FiredUp & LindaO - So glad to hear there are mothers with rules about the way their young girls dress. Will never understand why a mother would want her child to look sexy!

    LindaO - Sorry you are having health issues. Hope your pain is gone soon.

  27. Oh my LindaO! Not good to hear...may I offer just a suggestion. I've dealt with some similar issues.

    Pain is stressful to the body...especially chronic pain. And you surely know what stress does to other parts of the body.

    Just grinin & bearin it isn't always best. You may need to take something ...Neurontin is designed to ease nerve ease that pain or else other body parts start to get irritated with you! LOL

    Also unknowingly you may become more irritable with family members and that creates another round of stress!

    The fact that your blood sugar is high should tell you something too!

    Here's just a few natural things you can try if you want to. Valarium is a great muscle good for cramps too! You can take a few extra to get quicker results without any fear of side effects.

    Cinnamon supplements are really good to help get that sugar count where it needs to be. Now Im talkin "supplements"...not cinnamon rolls! LOL

    Ok, that's my advice...don't mean to pry into your personal matters...just want to see you gettin better!

    Anybody notice how Kate has been jumpin on male tweeters with immediate responses! LOL I think she is a bit lonely for some male companionship & loves to at least carry on a little convo with them. However, she does need to be careful...a couple of these latest guys if you check them out are players on twitter...tweeting every celeb female out there with flirty tweets! One who posts w/shirtless pic is a real nut from his UTube videos! LOL

    Well, lets hope Kate really got that laundry issue under control by now! Summer is winding down starts back here in August! Kids are going ...ugh! Everyone have a great day!

  28. LOL...please note I said Valarium....not Valium! Some people get that confused! Valium is prescription med...Valarium is natural herbal supplement!

  29. Good morning everyone! Wow do I need some natural herbal supplements at this moment if you know what I mean! Its been one of those crazy days again. My kids are all over the place today.. who has camp, who has a playdate ect...I'm just running and want to pass out somewhere! I promise tonight I will be back...I miss you all, what has everyone been up to? xoxo

  30. @firedup4kate, Great ideas for Linda. I have used the valarium in a tea blend for migraines. It works wonders for pain! I like the no side effects as well. I add cinnamon in my coffee & a lot of other dishes. I always prefer to use natural remedies!

  31. freespirit - I suffer from migraines. Does it matter what tea blend you use with the valarium?

  32. Firedup do you mean Valarian (aka Valerian)?

  33. @GeeWhiz I use a blend of valerian root, peppermint, chamomile, catnip, and hops. Valerian root is a strong tasting herb so the peppermint helps with the taste. I usually do equal parts but someone else may want to add a little more peppermint. I would suggest that you check this website for side effects -
    @Sophia, you are right it is spelled valerian.

  34. Thanks freespirit.

    Happy Friday to everyone. Hope you have a great weekend.

  35. LindaO, I can not imagine the pain...but have seen a dear friend go thru' multiple back surgeries...what finally worked for her, after traveling the nation w. Duke being her last stop -was what I remember described as a 'morphine belt'. Like you, she did not want to live in a drugged world, but the morphine apprently goes to the location of the pain & does NOT cloud the mind. She is lifting grandchildren...driving, & as sharp as ever! Since this has been her answer for at least 10 yrs., I'd think it must be a good thing? (Plus she was fortunate to have room for a heated pool. Swimming is her ultimate panacea.) I'd not be surprised if you've already heard about this, but to further punctuate this friend's dilemma...her husband gave up his law practice & had learned so much about up & coming medical devices...he created a co. around medical patents. He was that driven to find his wife some relief & a LIFE.

  36. GeeWhiz,

    I too get horrid migraines and have found that fever few works well, take every day for a few weeks. The trick though, my doc has found that many people who have migraines are low in trace minerals. Try and find a good trace mineral supplement (standard process has an inexpensive, one-a-day trace mineral pill). When you have the minerals you need, your body can use the fever few and other things that are naturally in your body makeup to create the natural chemicals, etc, needed to prevent migraines.

  37. HB, that is a really sweet story about your friend and her husband, thanks for sharing that.

  38. LOL are so right! I just spelled it according to a name brand of Valerin on the bottle of supplement!

    Sorry gals! It's Valerin!

    Ok, so you got me there! LOL Summer winding down fast here. Can you believe that school starts in this crazy district on Aug. 8th!

    It's too early...takes a chunk out of summertime for the kids! When I went to school we always went the day after labor day in Sept. and fall was in the air!

    So you ladies keep me straight...never know what other mess Im gettin myself into..."foot in mouth" disease seems to be a permanent issue for me! LOL!

  39. FiredUp - You're a hoot - I just wasn't sure what you meant :)

    I agree with you Linda re: the Neurontin - especially if they are thinking muscle. It's more for nerve related pain and you must titrate dose up to effective level then titrate down when you go off the drug. If they only want to try for a month, doesn't sound like the drug to try. Muscle relaxants are OK maybe once and a while at night. Valerian though has relaxant properties and might be beneficial, though @freespirit is so on the money. One should check out herbal supplement side-effects. Herbals can be as powerful as scripted drugs. People, always tell your docs all meds AND supplements including herbs you take. Grammy Sophia is preachin' here!

    Linda - bee careful if they mention "Ultram" or it's generic "tramadol" it is a synthetic opiate that the docs like to throw around as a "safe" pain med. It can be, but, in susceptible folks, it can have addictive properties. Around here, it's one of the less talked about drugs that show up at teen parties...just an FYI as you mentioned not wanting narcotics around your kids. The FDA keeps toying with bumping it up to schedule III status.

    Been on that Chronic Pain merry-go-round for 37 years :( gpretty much got it down pat by now. Enough to know that everybody is unique!

  40. I am trying Valerin (however it is spelled on the brand I got.) Two nights ago I reluctantly tried 1/4 of a Tramdol and I was out for over 12 hours and groggy the whole next day. I just can't do that junk even if I were so inclined. I flushed the rest of the bottle.

    Again, thank you all for your suggestions!!! Much appreciated! Thank you for caring enough to make those suggestions xoxoxo

  41. You'd think in this day and age, there'd be a way to deal with pain without narcotics and drugs. Just as I really think the police ought to not need to use guns to protect a situation. I think they ought to have something like what they use on animals to sedate them so they can give medical care,etc. They could temporarily parylize the suspect until they can get control of a situation. JMO

  42. LindaO...I DO CARE! U have been such a sweetheart & a protector of this site! I know you work very hard & still find time to take care of the crazies that try to infiltrate this fun, positive site 4 Kate!

    Side point, did you all see pic of IwanaDatekate he accidently left up on on twitpic site? LOL He is a nice lookin man! Looks younger than 40! He has since deleted it...I guess he was afriad crazies would attack him.

    Pain can sure take the fun out of life when it is I feel for you. Something I well know about myself.

    Meanwhile, Kate has been her sweet self tweetin away w/her fans! I just love goin a few rounds w/her! She has a good sense of humor!

    So darn hot here...hard to keep kids occupied...always wantin to do somthing! Hopin we can go to neighbor's pool again this afternoon. Have a good weekend!

  43. Sharing is a part of the positive aspect of life & always happy to do so. I agree with @firedup4kate, Linda Original helps protect this blog so we have a safe place to visit & share & we appreciate that so very much. Thanks, Linda Original!!!

  44. Hello everyone! I'mmmmm back! Sorry I was MIA, I go to go at the last minute with my husband on his business trip. Mommy & Daddy needed a little time alone. Seriously I'm blessed to have a hubby that works hard. But we finally got to have a bit on fun. So back to life and the kids.. Going out to dinner tonight. But I WILL have a new post up. I forgot to take my laptop and I can't figure out how to do posts on my IPad yet....

    What the heck is this crap about Jon Gosselin saying his kids come home sick when they go away? What crap is he pretending not to spew? Can someone find his post from Twitter and post it here. Will be back later tonight. Miss you all! xoxox

  45. I frequently get sick after a trip with the change in routine, meals, not enough rest, etc, just a cold or something, but no big deal and kids frequently get sick with something period, their immune systems pick up things several times a year, all moms know this. In fact its not uncommon for the kid to get sick on the trip. They also bounce back pretty fast. They'd be sicker and more frequently sick if TLC wasn't in their lives and they had to spend hours and hours in daycare. It is also quite common for divorced parents to criticize decisions of the other parent even when they would be doing the exact same thing. "Oh, his Dad keeps him up too late," "When she's with her Mom, she doesn't get enough discipline", "Dad doesn't wash the clothes very well," you name it, its been complained and is not original to the Gosselins.

  46. Hi all. This is from Sage's.

    RT jongosselin1:Well all their traveling makes them sick, that's what they tell me. I think they are just worn out. Glad they can rest here!

  47. Hello Adele great to see you again! Thanks so much for bringing this over. I love how he tries to inadvertently make his wife look bad with his cryptic ways of answering his Tweets. Apparently I'm bad when I attack Jon, but why say anything at all. Isn't this the same thing that haters attack Kate for??

  48. FRESH PAPER! Scent of the evening for me is a little different tonight. It's the yummy smell of the Mussels Marinara that I had for dinner tonight with the amazing garlic bread. I'm telling you I get hungry just thinking about it. ENJOY!