Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kate Gosselin on Boston Radio Saves For Her Kids, Brings Out "Abs" When Jon's Around

Radar Online: If looking good is the best revenge, then Kate Gosselin is a big winner!
The famous mother of eight looked absolutely fabulous on Friday, flaunting her toned and taut figure in only a sports bra and athletic shorts. Kate even got the chance to show off her bodacious bod in front of her ex-husband, as he picked up their brood of children. After working up a sweat during her daily jog, the athletic 36-year-old took down her hair and met Jon, who pulled up in his supersized van outside of Kate's Pennsylvania home. As Jon started to pull away with the kids safely packed away, Kate ran up to the van to give him one last message - maybe she was sharing some workout tips!

Kate Gosselin was on Hill-Man Morning Show where she talked about working to save for her kids and their future education. "Every parent never feels there is enough saved for thier kids." Watch this at WAAF

Fan News: OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift Plus Kate Plus 8
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

"I've always been on Team Kate. More than just on it, really. More like a founding member of the club. Especially when her TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 turned into the Jon Gosselin Can't Stop Bitching and Moaning and Cheating show in late 2009. I felt like she got a bad rap for being a busy mother (one who is mothering eight little kids, mind you). So when I hear that she took all eight of her kids to a Taylor Swift concert, I couldn't be happier for her. After the show, she tweeted, "Thank u again 4 thrilling 8 little Gosselins & their mom:) w/ a great meeting & show! We love u -- always have/always will! Xoxo." She also said, "Just waking up here. Concert was amazing! My little girls danced along imitating the ballet dancers onstage & we all sang loud together! SO fun!" and "Taylor is amazing. Great role model 4 my girls, her mom is sweet & we love them! Sumthing I can do to bond w my kids!" and "A-mazing concert, @taylorswift13 omg amazing! I've seen Taylor three times now in concert & this 1 is the best yet!" The nine Gosselins also had the chance to meet and greet and hug Swift before the show started, so Kate also tweeted about that. "Hi! We r@ Taylor Swift's concert & we r loving r Taylor! Just came from giving hugs & wishing her luck tonight! Can't wait 2 c show-Speak Now!"
Jon Gosselin's New Tweets: Subtle dig at Kate? You decide:
"RT jongosselin1:Well all their traveling makes them sick, that's what they tell me. I think they are just worn out. Glad they can rest here!"
'Kate Plus 8': Kate Gosselin brings out the abs with Jon around:
While there are probably plenty of people out there saying that "Kate Gosselin is trying to show off in front of Jon" with this newest story, it really doesn't appear to be that way -- even if that is what some photos are suggesting.
A number of photographs caught the "Kate Plus 8" star out for one of her traditional runs Friday, where she was working on keeping up her physique. Following a recent (and stressful) trip to Yellowstone National Park, Kate does still appear to be in great shape -- but on this occasion, she had to find the time to greet her ex-husband. It has been a little while since Jon was able to spend some time with the children, but now he will have them for at least the weekend. While he may be hiding from the public eye as much as possible, the former reality star seems to have a relationship going with girlfriend Ellen Ross -- after all, he said recently that he plans on marrying her at some point (even though we don't know when that will be). Do you find it amazing how much Jon and Kate's own lives have changed since the divorce?


  1. So sorry guys, I can't figure out how to stop the radio interview from automatically starting. Maybe Linda can help me. If not I may pull it, I just wanted you all to hear it.

  2. Radaronline published an article on Saturday showing Jon and Ellen taking the kids out for pizza (at a time when he was tweeting the kids were exhausted & sick from traveling). The kids looked hail and hearty in the accompanying photos.

  3. these are great photos Peggy! Thank you for sharing these I hadn't even seen them. Your right they looked pretty OK to me ;)

  4. Thanks for the new post, BabyMama. So great!

    I like the interview and for now, when you're finished listening, you can hit the pause button.

    Kate looks awesome. So good that she takes such good care of herself so she can keep up with the kids>> which is a workout in itself. :)

  5. If the kids are "exhausted" (althought those ROL pictures don't seem to show that!) being tired after a long vacation is something most people can attest to! :-) however the sick part is more concerning to me, Kate for the most part seems to feed the children pretty healthy food/diets...if the kids are "sick", well, as a mom, I can tell you it's prolly from eating all that pizza and carbonated sugary soft drinks as evidenced in the ROL photographs this visit with their dad...does he still get free food and drinks from Taco Bell? That might come in handy for his budget, but not really that great for all the kids' tummies since the other 26 days or so of each month they are eating healthy with Kate. :-(

  6. It's obvious from the pictures the kids are fine. Jon's tweet was only for the haters. So sad that he is still using the kids to fuel the hate for the kids mother.

    The caption on the pictures say "Kate Ross". ROFLMAO

  7. I don't post very much but do read to keep up with Kate. Kate should date she seems so afraid she deserves to have a male friend. She could do a new show about finding the right man???

  8. Did anyone else catch the error in the ROL article, they call Ellen Kate Ross. LOL

  9. Also now, haters are crying that Kate is going to be bashing Jon for feeding the kids pizza. Kate fed them pizza on two episodes, so she obviously isn't against it at least occasionally. Pizza, depending on how its made can be quite healthy, and the kids don't look to be carrying sodas, it looks like they have some kind of a juice drink. Unless they ate at the restaurant, the two small pizza boxes are not nearly enough for the amount of people served. I just think its funny for Jon lovers to preemptively bash Kate for something that Jon might not even be doing bad. Also, sick kids typically don't feel like pizza.

  10. Welcome and hello to all the new commenters! Hope you all stick around! Tashapork than you for catching that mistake with Ellen "Kate" Ross! Kate has been Tweeting about all the laundry she's been doing, so that's pretty much what I'm trying to finish now. Exhaustion with the kids by the pool today. Who is ready for Monday? Lol

  11. Ugh. Jon's tweet bothers me. So. Much.

  12. Ali agreed! Why does Jon feel the need to use his "private twitter" and come out and accuse Kate of sending sick kids to him & insinuating that it is from traveling!

    One of his tweets had a "smiley face" in it? Strange for a guy to do that! Im thinkin "government worker" aka Kate Ross LOL LOL LOL was workin his twitter to get things riled up again against the famous Kate the Great!

    Two ROL articles within the 3 day period Jon has the kids! How convenient! Kate has them 26 days a month and manages to avoid the paps takin pictures!

    Ziggy mentioned that if Jon was all about protectin their privacy why doesn't he step in between pap & kids ...or at least confront pap with hand up to interfere w/pics?

    "Government worker" even makes sure she turns around and gets her mug taken for the paps! It's all a set up to me. Those two still want the atention. Jon's last interview keeps goin and goin and goin! LOL

    Nice 2 see new commenters dt2kids & Maya,Sam and Sarah's mom! New perspectives in the mix always good!

    LindaO...hope things are good w/you!

  13. Firedup-YES! Exactly. And it just shows that he is still so mean-spirited toward Kate.

  14. Tashapork-That's BKIA tactic. Make up a totally fictional statement purportedly by Kate & then attacking her for making a statement she never made in the first place. I don't know where the idea got started that just because she's trying to instill healthy eating habits in her children that she's some kind of food nazi.

  15. Hi all.

    Once again I say ... if you're expecting logic from a group of haters, it isn't going to happen.

    I don't read at their sites so have no idea what they are saying and don't really care. I finally have most of the junk people blocked at Twitter so don't have to read it there either. I don't read Kate's Twitterfeed so don't see what people (like haters) are saying to her. I have Kate on a "list" so I can click there and read what she Tweets, and for me, that works out well.

    Nice to see new people posting. Welcome!!!

    FiredUp - Our kids go back to school in a couple of weeks also ... this sure was a short summer! Before school we have two more cramming in a week of camp (Horseback riding and Tennis.) Some haven't finished their school-assigned summer reading so they are having to buckle down and get it done!

    The Valerian (sp) made me really jumpy. I'm going for acupuncture and reflexology tomorrow. We'll see if it helps.

    Crazy busy at work. Guess that's a good thing. It's nice to have those checks come in the mail, lol.

    Have a great evening/morning all. xoxoxo

  16. Okay... Baby Mama, I don't know why that interview keeps playing, lol. It was great listening to it the first time, lol.

  17. Good Morning!

    Linda, I hope and pray the acupuncture and reflexology help! Hugs!

  18. Corrina Good Morning! Miss talking to you sweetie, we have to catch up!

    Hello everyone! Big hugs to the REAL Divas! Linda if something on this site like a continuous radio interview ever drives you crazy, I give you full permission to take it down ;). I really was hoping I could leave it there and figure out how to make it not go off every time we logged in but sadly it didn't happen. lol

    I'm no longer on Jon's Twitter account so if you see him saying anything snarky check out how it's always at the end of a month...When the rent is due...Kinda like when the new "Life & Style" articles come out..hmmmm

  19. Linda-Getting the right meds, unfortunately, involves a lot of trial and error.

    As for safety issues, that't true of a lot of substances around the house that need to be kept out of children's reach. It's now easy to get mouthwash without alcohol in it but it wasn't alwayss.

  20. LOL BabyMama...did Jon delete you! Would not be surprised...he has ditched a number of followers when he found out they supported Kate!

    The man just continues to show his jealousy and immaturity with that sort of stuff. Kate only blocks those that are disrespectful, vulgar and spreaking lies. She doesn't mind a respectful dissenter. would be the odd exception gal! Valerin sometimes has that effect first time in the body. Usually you have to take another smaller dose and let body get used to it.

    My hubby had that reaction first time...said it made him feel a lil antsy. Next dose we just did one tab...was he can take the 2 tabs whenever he needs a lil help to relax and go to sleep. Also have used to for muscle spasms..nite cramps in legs too!

    Oh...good luck on acupuncture. Tried it once... after they got all the needles in & told me I had to sit there for 30min...Started really feelin uncomfortable...then freaked out and hollered 4 them to take 'em out! LOL

    Different strokes for different folks I guess. Hubby always says Im a weird one...the unique mold God threw away after He saw me! LOL!

  21. Good morning everyone! Happy "hump" day. How is everyones week going so far? I've been very busy with the kids and a few other good things going on.. Checking out all good things Gosselin... What have I missed? Things are really quiet these past few days which for sone reason makes me nervous. Cause you know something big always comes up.. Hey new show this Monday! Why is the Summer going by so quickly? xo

  22. Hi all! Like everybody else it is busy, busy, busy.

    Okay ... for the record, I am not an acupuncture person, lol. I tried it but doubt I'll go back. Tiny room and I'm claustrophobic so all I could think of was mentally multiplying the minutes x the seconds and trying to count backwards until it was over. The reflexology was nice and relaxing but I really didn't find that it helped the neck area.

    It is soooooo incredibly hot here we're not doing much outside except for kids at the pool. Our dog doesn't even want to go for walks now, just hurries and then rushes back inside.
    I agree, firedup and Baby Mama ... Jon's peculiar comments are, well, peculiar! So you can be a "regular" guy or a "media" person. Is he ever going to make up his mind which he is??? I doubt it.

  23. whoever is writing for ROL is completely out of touch these days when it comes to Gosselinland. After calling Ellen Kate Ross last week, now they are saying that we are going to see the Australia episodes in the upcoming season, those have already shown months ago. It is probably a really good sign showing that they've been left alone more lately, but that they are showing the grocery store trips and pizza runs at all makes me wonder if something big is going to happpen.

  24. LOL Tashpork...where do these lame writers get their Info...aka Kate Ross feedin them this stuff?

    BTW..isn't that pic of Jon fillin up at gas station an old one? I can't believe his "lil budda belly" just magically disappeared?

    Haters are all aglow over how fit & trim & handsome Jon looks here. Im bettin that's an old picture!

    LindaO...LOL, on acupuncture! Same experience here...they put me in small room...closed a curtain around me & had me stuck w/about 100 needles! It was torture 4 me! I lasted about 15min. of supposed 30min. session & started yellin...hubby says I was so embarrassin! LOL That was #1005 embarrassin moments my hubby has had w/me!

    Lookin forward to new shows...& sure wish Kate could address what the future holds regardin Kate Plus 8. Haters are all frothin over possibility that this is last season. Sure hope not...Kate has 8 to feed & take care of! Roofin man can barely take care of himself...Kate has to get high paying work to continue to provide for this large family!

  25. Good morning everyone! Boy I hope Radar Online isn't getting their info from Pollys Blog aka Werny Gal. For someone that apparently sleeps in Kate's bushes (hey wait, I thought only I did that? ;) She always seems to not really know anything.

    For the hating trolls, I just don't understand how they are still the constant on every blog and Tweeting every hour. Its insane. They attack fans but THEY are constantly on like talking about Kate and her bad parenting. Don't these people have lives? Do they even know what parenting is? I get so angry hearing these people when you know in their actual lives they look and live no better.

    Today I burned some SERIOUS plastic today.. Like hide the receipts and pray for the end of the world kinda plastic burning. But I has the most amazing time with my girlfriends I hadn't seen in a while. Every once in a while I need it. The city is amazing today. I'm off now to go back to being the awesome mommy I am. I love you guys, you gotta tell me what you all have been up to this Summer! Xo

  26. Ohh I forgot to mention, is it correct that Kate will be on the Today Show 8/8 and Joy Behar 8/11? I just wanted to make sure I got the dates correct.

    I also read for the 10th time that Kate's 15 minutes ate over and her show is canceled. How many times are they gonna say it in the hopes that's it's true? ;)

    Tashapork how was your Ikea opening? Forgot to ask you xo

  27. Ikea Grand opening was a blast. I need to post some pictures on FB. I won a $50 gift card, but it was too crowded and we were too tired to shop the way we need to, my mom's 78 and was tired after the 3 hour line wait so we'll probably go back next week. Its a really big thing out here because the closes Ikea is states away. They had a lot of people from Sweeden out here. I also ate the most delicious salmon. They are supposed to be having some kind of a crayfish party, a $9.99 all you can eat buffet of Swedish food on the 19th. You have to prepay for the tickets and I am trying to figure out how to get them because we would LOVE to go. Ikea will give some of the stores a run for their money because they have some bargains.

  28. People are comparing Ikea grand opening to the Democratic Convention in terms of crowds and excitement out her. I was lucky enough to be at both and it they are right.
    Babymama, I know what you mean about burning the serious plastic, seems to happen to me everytime we set foot in the grocery store. I wonder how Kate does it.

  29. I have to say this ... I can't wait for school to start!!! I'll miss them bunches by the end of the first week, but after today's "end of the summer squabbles" I'm ready for a change. I've been trying to work through the noise.

    Hurrah! It's Girls Lunch Out Tomorrow and I can't wait!! I seriously need it!!! I just need to laugh and have fun. We video a bridal fair this weekend on Sunday and golf tournament on Sunday. sometimes it's fun to see those dresses on a runway and sometimes it just seems to go on forever. Okay, that's my weekend. Hot dresses and hot golf. Hopefully time for a cool pool.

    What's everybody else doing?

  30. Been a busy, busy day here! School approaches us so fast here...just a few more days!

    And just a few more days til Kate Plus 8 reappears for us all. So looking forward to it.

    Sure hope Kate can comment soon on what the future holds for her & TLC as it seems that she has to negotiate a new contract for next year...that's what she indicated to me from a tweet a couple of months ago! have an e-mail from me about a question I had. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

  31. Good evening everyone! Ohh how I hate the iPad. I had this long post today & I thought I sent it guess not. I have had the longest day of my life today but promise to put up a new post tomorrow as my kids have my laptop somewhere!

    FiredUp~ just sent you a long email. To those I haven't written back yet please forgive me. For some reason I got a handful of emails thinking I'm Kate. People this is just a fan site and my contact info is NOT to speak to Kate! Lol but nice to see that she continues to be an insertion to so many.

    Linda~ we have literally been ships that pass in the night. Maybe o can call you next week and we can rally talk. I hate email you know that! Lol I hear you about the kids. The playmates and the pools were really driving me nuts. I don't have the time for it anymore. The kids are now doing a two week camp to keep them busy for a bit since we don't start school until September. I have so much on my plate right now mommy need to focus on becoming a STAR!! I kid that was for the trolls that read my posts everyday....,

    Tashapork~ the IKEA thing was like when Target opened in Manhattan. Freaking Target! Till we found out the terrible location it was being put into. Im a bit confused about Ikea having good food? I'm looking to redo my kids playroom into something more functional so we may take a drive there this weekend and shove my little one into the ball good mothering I say!! Xoxo

  32. Our Ikea has a 550 seat reatauraunt with Swedish food, and breakfasts and stuff, and its inexpensive. There's also a snackbar with 50cent hotdogs, frozen yogurt and such. I wish Wal Mart would have some kind of ball pit situation. Any time we shop there, there are always kids screaming their heads off.

  33. Good morning everyone! Yes, yes I know I'm the last of all the "Gosselin Blogs" to get the fresh paper out. But wanted to say I'm here and ready with some freshly scented page of yummy cupcakes!

    Please come over and post! xoxox