Saturday, August 6, 2011

All New Kate Plus 8 Movie Making & Cupcakes! Kate Gosselin On The Today Show

Hello Gosselin fans! Yes it's been a while since Ive personalized a true hello in Gosselin-Land. But everyone has been very busy this Summer and I expect that! Kate Gosselin will also be on the Today Show Monday morning and The Joy Behar Show. And of course she's been Twittering up a storm recently which everyone loves. (You can follow her on Twitter @Kateplusmy8). She mentioned earlier this week that she was going to try and tweet during the show Monday night. You may have also heard some discussion this week about Kate Plus 8 being canceled because it is not on TLC’s fall schedule. RumorFix reached out to an executive at TLC and was told that Kate is still with the network. “New episodes begin August 8th,” she explains, adding that the new shows will air through the end of September. We can't wait. Hey didn't the haters say Kate was "done" about a million times already? Aren't they tired of hoping this?? xoxoBM

DC Cupcakes:
Kate takes Mady and Cara and their two best friends, who are also sisters, to visit and bake with the stars of TLC’s DC Cupcakes, Sophie and Katherine. Back home with the sextuplets, it’s a boys vs. girls summer games competition. Who will win?

8 Movie Makers: Although the eight Gosselin children are no strangers to being on camera, they have a lot to learn about being behind the camera when making their own movie! Once completed, they take to the red carpet, Hollywood-style, for the premiere of their film.

Movie-making with the Kate Plus 8 kids 
North Carolina-based actress Melissa Lozoff runs filmmaking classes and workshops for kids at Movie-Makers, a project she founded in 2001. Fans of reality TV can get a glimpse of her teaching process on Monday, Aug. 8, at 9:30 p.m. on the TLC channel. "I basically make films with kids," Lozoff says. In fact, she's in the middle of giving classes and summer camp with kids right now at her property in Orange County. She also just got finished with some acting work on One Tree Hill in Wilmington. "The kids help come up with the ideas for the script," Lozoff describes Movie-Makers. "They basically learn the aspects of filmmaking, and then they get to star in their own movie." Those classes and summer camps always take place on her Orange County property, with one recent exception—the movie project she did with the Gosselin kids at the family's Pennsylvania compound for this Monday's second episode of TLC's Kate Plus 8. (The first episode airs at 9.) Lozoff's brief involvement in the reality TV show came about because of a longstanding North Carolina connection to the show. The original incarnation of the series, Jon & Kate Plus 8, was created by Advanced Medical Production (later known as Figure 8 Films) in 2007, back when Jon and Kate were still a couple whose experiment with fertility treatments yielded twins, then sextuplets. (That version of the show ended when Jon's infidelities nixed the marriage.)
Lozoff taught filmmaking to the daughter of one of the producers at Figure 8, Kirk Streb, a few years ago, and he fondly remembered the experience when the Figure 8 staff were brainstorming ideas for upcoming episodes. He also knew that one of the 10-year-old Gosselin twins, Mady, really likes putting on little plays. So Figure 8 flew Lozoff to Pennsylvania in March to make a "cute little movie with the Gosselin kids." Lozoff isn't allowed to discuss the particulars of the movie she and the kids came up with. She did say that the two older girls, Cara and Mady, came up with the story, and the 6-year-olds stuck to acting. Even though they've all spent their lives in front of the cameras, acting still presented a bit of a challenge. "They're comfortable in front of the camera, but all of that acting and blocking—that was brand new," Lozoff says, adding that, otherwise: "They're basically like all the other kids that I've worked with." Lozoff went back to Pennsylvania in late May/ early June for the "premiere" of the film in the family's basement. That was the first time that the mom saw the mini-movie, according to Lozoff. "Kate wasn't really around while we were making the movie, because they wanted it to be a surprise for her," she says. "We rented a red carpet and sort of decorated their basement and did their little premiere." That's typical of Lozoff's process with her Movie-Makers camp kids. After the films are made, she'll spend a few weeks editing and then will rent out a venue to show her kids the finished products. Most recently, she rented out The Varsity on Franklin Street. She also has "an advanced group" that makes more professional-caliber films to submit to film festivals. Another particular she's not allowed to talk about much is Kate Gosselin, the fiery star of the show (which, interestingly, is not on the fall schedule recently announced by TLC). "She was always very gracious"

Kate also shot down the rumors on Twitter, telling a follower who asked her about the show’s future: “Zero Truth! Not going anywhere!!! Tons of fun to be had!” And there you have it!

Kate Gosselin On The Today Show, Monday August 8th


  1. Regarding the kids acting & blocking: "They're comfortable in front of the camera, but all of that acting and blocking—that was brand new,"

    Well, another AKO's 'fact' shot to hell, huh? LOL

  2. Good "after the sun has risin" day to you all! Lazy Sat. more day of this & kids are in school around here! Wow...this summer just flew by!

    Loved your post here BabyMama...keepin us informed as always! Looks like some really fun episodes Mon. and of course, we still have the "travelin West Gooselin funnies" to look forward to! I gotta feelin we're gonna see Kate in some pretty crazy situations there!

    LOL That will be more fodder for the haters to tweet and blog about for months to come!

    Ziggy...glad you caught that comment from the lady helpin Gosselin kids with home made movie! Naysayers have always accused TLC and Kate of making the kids work in front of the cameras...making them rehearse and do scenes over and over!

    Well, there you go...this lady says that kind of stuff was all "brand new" to them!

    Tryin to stay outta at home and on twitter as well! LOL!

  3. And, as anyone who has ever watched the show knows, Cara and Mady have always loved putting on plays for the family.

  4. Hello Ziggy & Peggy, hope you saw my hi post!

    I'm sorry but the situation with Kate and Twitter has become so negative and toxic, my hands are hurting from all the blocking I have been doing. For the fans that don't know better or do not block all that trash, I honestly feel bad for them. One stupid hate writes one article about all the negative hate Tweets and the haters lick it up. You would think after all this time they would be embarrassed to look like losers and move on. But they still come on. Its really so bad now, even when Kate doesn't tweet!

    I'm really looking forward to the new episodes and hope that hopefully the poor woman can live Tweet in peace. And if not everyone can come here ;)

  5. Good Morning! Interesting post, BabyMama, positive and good news.

    Tweet in peace--Love it! It just takes too much thought and effort for some people to be positive--thus the negativity.

  6. BM - Sure did see your post! Responded to it at my blog.

    BM - I think that the attacks the AKO's keeping putting up on Kate's twitter have gone on for so long and are so vile and as they attack everyone who shows support of Kate, any impact they hope their attacks have on lessening Kate's popularity is only having the reverse effect. I think it's making support of Kate stronger.

    Their views are so twisted that they don't have the ability to see what fools they make of themselves to the rest of the sane world.

  7. That Kate is one sassy gal! Been jerkin our chains here the last couple of nites about "out lastin" us on bedtime issue!

    I give her credit...she sure has more get-up-and-go than I do...and trust me...I have alot!

    So been missin my sparin sessions w/her! She's just been too busy. It takes real bravery to post a tweet when the haters jump all over you. It's impossible to block them all...had several new ID's popped up again yesterday & many have picked up trick of including fans ID in their tweets to get them seen!

    Oh well, I've been behavin pretty good & just keep ignorin them! One more day here & we get to see Kate & kids in action again!

  8. They just continue to make up more names. I had another new one last night. Calling me old and saying I rip off the other blogs. Are they kidding me? Are they not aware that I have been here YEARS before the others? That one in particular actually started out with my EXACT same Blogger layout to attract commenters? I sware it's the same 5 trolls, I just see them & immediately block.

    They know I go off quick and so they target me. Thankfully they all disappear and I'm here 3 years + and still fighting off with a stick. P.S they ALL read here!

    And there is nothing wrong with old... Lol however I'm not ;)

  9. BM, copying is the highest form of flattery & clearly show the inability to be unique. When those who copy refuse to acknowledge they've copied, that is an even higher compliment! Consider yourself supremely complimented!

    I often see very specific comments I make on my own blog and specific observations I make on my blog cited elsewhere as if it is other's own.
    Time stamps work well to show the origination, LOL! I think it's hysterical that those who use my comments and observations work very hard at trying to pretend I don't exist, but love to use my stuff. It used to tick me off, but I came to realize that when my stuff is used without giving credit that it came from me, that means what I said had a great impact & value to the one copying me & had so much value to them that they want to be seen as the originator. In the past, I was accused 'behind the scenes' by someone of using something from your blog. When
    I informed the said 'finger pointer' that you and I had an agreement that we were free to use each others content,'finger pointer' had no reply for that! LOL

    From time to time, Peggy or I will use something from another blog and we try very hard to make sure we cite where we get it from.

    There are some things which are simply general news and the only thing which makes it unique on reporting and/or commenting on those things are the individual takes on those items.

    As for the AKO's, they're just pissed that we debunk their lies with facts. When their lies have been debunked with facts, they go into personal attacks, trying to use what they think will get at us the most. Of course there's nothing wrong with being old, who can choose when they were born & attacking someone because they are 'old' is so immature! One day those very same people will look in the mirror and see their old face looking back and them. From their comments dissing Kate for her choice of shoe wear and dress, they may not be old in years, but they certainly are in spirit. Kate's a young woman, she rocks it, as she should being young. There is something just pitiful in seeing a frumpy younger person with today's fun & varied choices in fashion. There is fun in being female and some just aren't capable in grasping that aspect of being female. Sheesh, not every aspect of life has to be gravely serious at all times as the AKO's are & expect everyone else to be!

  10. Good morning everyone! Up early as usual (apparently there are "rumors" that I sleep in? lol) I'm excited to get the Today Show interview up (because I'm accused of copying others?? more lol)So enjoy and after you watch it, tell me what you think!

  11. BM - Thanks for posting the video. I'd forgotten Kate was going to be on the Today show this morning! (to myself -Bad obsessed fan, bad obsessed fan!)
    Kate's hair style is my favorite cut yet!

  12. BM - here's a good pic of an old lady! LOL

  13. Baby Mama - Love the post!! My favorites are always the ones you do yourself! Thanks also for posting the Today Show interview. I forgot to set the DVR before I left this morning and was thrilled to see it posted!

    Sorry I've been MIA. Busy work weekend and under the weather. I struggled and got the shoots and work done but had nothing left over. I read all the posts but after 14 hr days, I just went to bed. Saw the doctor (endocrinologist) at 8 this morning and they've upped (doubled) my insulin since it's been whacked. See the pain doctor on Wednesday; that neck thing just isn't getting better despite doing a lot of things. Enough about that.

    I can't wait to see tonight's episode(s). Sounds like a lot of fun. I'm planning to watch in bed and hope to laugh a lot.

    As for those AKO's ... ignore, ignore, ignore. I don't intend to waste another minute on people who are so twisted and warped that everything gets hateful.

    Thanks for all the emails, folks. I promise to catch up this week. The wonderful advice is much appreciated and I'm checking it all out!! So sorry for not returning answers to emails or Tweets. Mostly I'm in survival mode, lol.

  14. Every time I see those cupcakes, I want one!!!!!!!! I need some that are made with applesauce, etc. as a sweetener. Oh well... I'll just look at the photos and drool.

  15. OMG were you watching? How sad was it when Kate ask Jon's family if they had seen Jon. They said they saw him 3 weeks ago in FLORIDA! Did you see Kate's face like WTH? How is this man able to go to Florida? Hanging out with Ellen no less!

  16. Another AKO myth blown away! They still think they see now, and in previous years, every waking minute of the G's lives. Apparently they've been to Annapolis many times in the past ... and not a minute of it was filmed previously.

  17. Wonder if Kate offered the kids to Jon during that time and he refused and said he was working?

  18. I just have to say I don't understand why Kate dresses the way she does now. She dresses like a slut in my humble opinion.

  19. Now, you have me curious and in need of a rewatch. I thought they said Jon was in Anapolis a few weeks before, I must not have paid close attention. I did hear Mady saying something about Ellen. Great shows, glad to see the older girls with some of their friends. The previews for next week worry my heart a little because of the hater feeding frenzy, even though I think TLC is editing it to be worse than it actually was. Does anyone else wish in a way that they would just show half an hour so the shows could be spread over more weeks and savored. Some episodes need to be an hour because of continuity of content, but not all.

  20. Deb Deb, your comment was so funny I decided to keep it up. I respectfully disagree.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I think Kate looks amazing. In fact, on the Today show I thought it was the best she's ever looked.

    Now if you wear socks with your sandals, I'm not going to judge you.. just sayin...

  21. Baby Mama-I agree re: Kate's clothing. Even ROL praised her appearance on the Today show.

  22. I was just wondering why her 8 children are never present when she is being interviewed on tv shows? The Duggars have all their children on interviews from the oldest to the youngest. It is summertime now so why cant they appear at least the two older girls could appear. She can take her children out of school to film episodes but she does not let them appear for interviews. The show is called Kate Plus 8. Is she afraid that the children will say something, or does Kate need all the limelight for herself? It cant be because she wants to shield them from publicity or cameras because they have been doing this their entire life.

  23. Mady is growing into such a mature young lady! She really impressed me during her couch interviews and how she directed the other kids during the movie!

  24. tashapork--I have been thinking the same thing about TLC showing just one new half hour show each week unless it's a one hour special.

    And the previews to next week's episode are so sad. I can only hope it's not what it appears to be. Ashley and her family have always been like family to the Gosselins.

  25. I'm sure the whole Ashley thing is just for drama.(I hope!) I'm sure if that would have happened there would have been some hint of it in Kate's twitters that something was amiss. Those kids love Ashley!

  26. First off Good Morning everyone! I loved getting up this morning and seeing new commenters! Welcome, and I hope you stick around and share with us!

    Lets face it everyone... those promos for the new Kate Plus 8 episodes were made specifically to cater to the haters so they will blog a whole week about it and keep the ratings going up. And I agree, the only way your gonna get people to watch and keep the show on the air is get those blogs chatting about you and keep those trolls watching too. So they gave them enough ammo to foam in their mouths for a whole week. Lisa Knight & that Blogging Lawyer practically wet their Depends with all the material they can analyze this week for a 15 sec. clip. I can honestly say I feel that everything is good with both Ashley & and Kates BFF get ready and excited for next week!

  27. And I forgot to add that Kate has been seen with both Jamie & Ashley since that episode was taped. Kate has also mentioned Jamie on the press tour yesterday. I wanted to look at Ashley's moms blog too but I forgot where it was. If someone could send me the link I would appreciate it.

  28. ger1man27 - You are obviously relatively new to the Gosselins. The kids have expressed in the past that while they like having the camera crew there and doing the show filming, they don't particularly enjoy the interviews in the "public." Thus, they are not with Kate. It's just that simple. Let's not try to make it anything other than what the facts were as stated. Glad to see a new commenter, and for the record, this is a Gosselin FAN site.

  29. Hey everyone! Well, if you twitter guys didn't catch it...I was absent from twitter party last nite! Reason being...we had one of those dang summer blow-up thunderstorms that knocked everything out a couple a min.into the show!

    So I saw nothing! And then to add insult to phone battery went dead so I couldn't even tweet but once or twice into the twitter party!

    I'm totally lost as to all this stuff you folks are commenting on about Jamie, Ashley...Jon and Ellen were mentioned? You are kidding me!

    So obviously I'll have to see it as a it perhaps coming on again tonite?

    To the Deb commenter about Kate's clothing! LOL Sorry Ms.Deb...but Kate is a young woman with a beautiful, toned body...she's single and showin off a bit! So what...lot's of women would die for a body like that after 8 kids!

    And I totally agree...I saw your clip from the TODAY show and I thought she looked great...nice dress, hair looked super...all in good taste to me!

    LindaO...whatta we gonna do with ya girl!So sorry you are having all these problems! Sure hope you get some relief soon.

    Anyway, hope from comments that keep coming I can sort of catch up on what happened!

  30. Baby Mama - Congrats on setting another record. You reached another million in site views! I figured it wouldn't happen until next week so hadn't said anything.

    The AKO's must have been going nuts because we exceeded the site bandwidth between midnight and 1 am and it didn't reset until about 2-3 am. I knew something was up when my emails started going "ding, ding, ding, ding" in the middle of the night. I got up to check but knew with excessive bandwidth we'd have to ride it out until it reset. More than 5k hits in three hours is just wild!
    The whole issue over will K+8 be back or not is like "second year - take two." Geez, could they please have something new to whack over?!! TLC did not list K+8 in their fall line-up a year ago. The AKO's fell all over themselves declaring it had been cancelled. Wrong! K+8 is not on every week, and thus gets classified as a "special" as opposed to a "weekly." Duh! Do these people never look at tv listings and see the difference?

    As for Kate's clothes ... she is in her mid 30s folks, not ready for social security retirement! Look at the ads for Macys, Kohls, etc. and you WILL see shorts and heels in every single ad. Would I combine the two? Probably not since I wear flats and I'm old.

  31. BabyMama--It's so good to hear that Kate has been seen with Ashley since that episode was taped. Thank you for that update.

    It's also possible that Kate did the interview while the kids were sleeping-it could have been a late night.

    Linda--Hope you're feeling much better soon! You sure are a trooper hanging in there all this time. Hugs!

  32. Baby Mama,

    Are the previews for next week posted online somewhere? I didn't see them on the TLC site, maybe I'm missing them? If you know, will you please post or share the link? I’m curious (and nervous) to see what you guys are talking about. Thanks!

  33. Isn't next weeks episode when Kate answers the twitter questions?

  34. kris--I saw that preview too. I wonder why they're running two different previews unless they plan to do two half hour episodes. It seems like the trip out west would be more than half an hour though.

  35. Linda OMG can't believe I got ANOTHER 1 million hits! Back in the day (3yearscago) GWOP was getting that & more but their balloon deflated. So happy to hear my little site is still rocking hard!

    Ali~ so happy to see you! Please don't be a stranger! We miss you too much! I'm on my phone right now, but when I get home I will definetly get the schedule for you.

    Kris~ from what I see there is indeed two separate episode they are talking about. Next week is the questions from Twitter, then the upcoming shows will be on the road with one being that dramatic camping episode.

  36. Corrina & kris - It is weird that TLC is running two different preview promos. I wonder if TLC's not "milking" that one promo because it seems to have a lotta drama in it. If they feel it's getting a lot of controversy on blogs, perhaps they will delay that episode just to keep the hype going, lol.

    Maybe we should "thank" the AKO's about their obsession, lol, and keeping Kate in the news. (After all, they just don't seem bright enough to ever realize that if they quit their yammering and obsessive tweeting, there wouldn't be as much for the rag mags to come up with their headlines.)

    Whatever happened to the good 'ole days when people just changed the channel when it was something they didn't like. Wait ... could it be ... nobody ever gave them an instruction manual with their tv remotes and it seems too complicated for them to figure out on their own?

    My 12 yr old twins watched with me Monday night. My daughter made a comment about the AKO's that I'd never heard. "Mom, those people are just CODs!" When I asked why she thought they were like fish (thinking cod), she said, "Cods=cockroaches of darkness!"

    When I stopped laughing I thought about it. They do scurry around a lot in the dark side of things ... kinda like I've heard cockroaches do. Maybe instead of AKOs, in our house, we'll just refer to them now as CODs. I'd rather live in the light than the darkness!

  37. Whoa!
    1. Wassup with the Joy Behar show? Did anybody watch Kate on there. I missed it and am looking for it. Does anybody know if it is on Hulu?
    2. Also did anybody else see the bit about Kate now producing and directing? Is that just another rumor?

  38. LindaO...Your child has them pegged perfectly! LOL And like cockroaches...they feed on filth!

    As you all know...I had power outage so have seen much of nothin! But I did see a clip of Joy Behar's interview up at HLN...was hilarious! Suggesting that Kate should try bein a lesbian...LOL...Kate was clearly uncomfortable with that...tried to be a good sport and laugh about it...but ended the conversation that she was not into that!

    Also, anyone know when Kate's appearance on Dr. Oz will be shown? That outta be a interestin one to see what line of discussion will be goin on there!

    These promos...again...I have not seen them...sure sound scary! But Im just thinkin it's another TLC ploy to bring in the curious. Just like that teaser about the guy & cupcakes. From comments I gather there was nothin to it & Kate quickly dismissed any idea of further pursuit once she found out he had "strict" dietary needs! LOL

    Hope the shows numbers come up a bit more as people get settled in with it bein on again!

  39. Ger1man27~ what the heck are you talking about? Are you a troll is disguise? Why would you care or even want Kates kids in press interviews? Why would that even matter? Geeze I smell someone starting to stir it up again...

    Good morning! As you can seevi just put up the promos for the big seasons "camping trip everyone keeps asking about. What do you thnk? Is there a chance Ashley isn't even referring to Kate? Lol And isvTLC milking this for all it's worth? Heck yeah!

  40. Thanks for posting that, Baby Mama!

    I mean we won't know to whom Ashley is referring for sure until it airs, it does appear as though she is talking about Kate, but I can't imagine this to be a true end all fight. does look a little intense there.

  41. On the TLC schedule, they list for August 15 at
    9PM "Kate's Toughest Questions". For August 22 at 9PM they list "Episode 14" with no description. After we all hoped they would promote the show more, they are! And that's a good thing - we just don't know exactly what's showing on 8/22. A little suspense--that's good!

    Linda--Out of the mouths of babes = COD! :) Right on!

  42. What??? Did you see the latest news on Jon?

    In a poll Casey Anthony was found to be the most hated person in America; not a big surprise. But in fifth, with 79% of America hating him, was Jon Gosselin! That was a shock. Do I dislike his antics and ethics? yes. Do I hate him? No.

  43. Linda--I hadn't heard that about Jon. 79% is really high! We were always taught to not hate the person but if they were doing bad things, to hate that behavior. I don't hate him either, just can't tolerate when he hurts others by words or actions.

  44. The sad thing is that there are thousands of Jon's and worse than Jons out there. Its a whole different ballgame when its in front of the camera. Jon can be an irresponsible jerk with an agenda, but he hasn't abused his kids, he didn't hit Kate, he's not a murderer. People act like he's the only one, but there's lots of "Kates'" out there dealing with their "Jons". I notice the same thing with some of the teen moms, its like because of the camera, whatever issue they have his magnified tenfold, even though not to deminish the life effects of their situation, many many others are experiencing boyfriend dramas,anger management issues, substance abuse issues, and coparenting delimmas.

  45. BabyMama – Congratulations on the million hits. I remember reading that Carla (Ashley’s mom) made her blog private after the haters attacked her about the Alaska trip.

    LindaO - "Cods=cockroaches of darkness!" You have one creative daughter. I love it.

  46. GeeWhiz~ so great to see you how are you? Hate to sound like I'm bragging but it's a million addition hits on top of the million this site already has or 2 million. That's also not including the over a million hits my old site has for a total of 3 million! (bragging for the trolls ;)

    Linda miss you we haven't gotten to talk privately much I know. Let's make time next week so we can talk about our "codes" ;)

    Twitter has gotten so sad with those same 6 losers constantly Tweeting Kate. They should be embarassed. They have no idea how horrible it makes them look attacking any fan that Tweets Kate. I'm glad that most of the fans are smart enough to ignore them & not fall into the trap of them baiting you. What have I missed and what's been going on?

  47. I was watching the preview again and the dispute might have been between Ashley and another helper, not Kate. TLC edits that way.

  48. Tashapork-- You're right--there was a blond lady in the motorhome with Kate in part of that
    preview--maybe someone is having fun with the editing?

  49. I'm loving the editing with this episode. They were smart & obviously the purpose was the get the haters talking to increase the ratings. I hope it worked. I also hope the Twitter episode is also successful. Did anyone here submit questions?

    Intermission almost over, I love this amazing Marquee Hotel I'm in tonight. Speak to you all later! xo

  50. Ashley could even be arguing with her mom.

  51. Baby Mama - I've been great, enjoying the busy summer. I'm usually here reading. Wow 3 million is awesome. Poor trolls proven wrong again!

    Corrina - The blond is Jamie, Kate's best friend. Kate is in several different outfits so I think the clip is from different days. Guess we will find out when the episode airs.

  52. GeeWillikers! All the drama! Three strong headed women & 8 kids makin a road trip in lil RVs & 100degree temps is a ready made formula for female meldown!

    Hormones a cookin'...patience used up...tempers start a flarin! LOL! Whatevah...sure hope Kate comes out not lookin too bad! Haters make up enough "cow patties" as it is.

    That survey thing was a bit shocking! Ziggy has a very interestin take on all of that and why Jon probably made it so high up on the list! And no...Kate was not on this list although haters kept puttin that false info out there on twitter all day yesterday! Someone actually went thru all the trouble of hacking the original list and alterin it to put Kate on it at #6...was a total lie!

  53. BM "GeeWillikers! All the drama! Three strong headed women & 8 kids makin a road trip in lil RVs & 100degree temps is a ready made formula for female meldown!"

    Boy, amen to that statement, BM!

  54. firedup - How are your kids doing with back to school? Our twins leave on their first class trip of the year to the Outer Banks on Aug 29th for four days. They're already excited, lol.
    So what's up with that Allentown PA paper reporting that Kate's on the most hated people in America list. Those people actually reported that Kate was on the list along with Jon. What kind of journalists just make up stuff???
    Baby Mama - Hope you had a great time last night! We have such happy memories of that hotel. I love that even on the upper floors you can hear the street musicians playing at night (love going to sleep listening to jazz on a saxophone) and that all the restaurants around there will deliver takeout to the hotel rooms. From upscale to McDonalds, they all deliver. So was it fun?

  55. Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a great Friday night! Ziggy I can't take credit for FiredUpForKates awesome comment I can just agree 100%!

    Linda~ Yesterday was amazing. But I'm so exhausted shopping for back to school clothes today I sat out of the Glee Moovie and taking a break at home. Gonna try tomorrow morning for that new post. Just too tired and as you know trying to do a new post on the IPad are very unsuccessful. May try though.

    What's everyone doing this weekend? ;)

  56. Yes, there's a lot of quick cutting in the promo on the western trip. Kate's wearing at least FOUR different outfits. We have no idea to whom Ashley is referring. She's not the one arguing in a scene with Kate, Jamie is, but, in another scene,Jamie seems to be peacefully following Kate. I don't know what happened and I'm not altogether sure if I'll understand what happened even after watching the show.

  57. Hi all!

    Peggy - I agree. The cutting/editing in that promo is frenetic. The more I see it, the less it makes sense. We all know that TLC edits to include it anytime there are tears, upset, or disagreements ... they thrive on it I think for drama's sake. Hard to tell what's happening and I agree that not sure it'll make sense even after watching show.

  58. It's Saturday and we were all up an going strong well before 7 am. One child in a tennis tourney that started at 7:30 and another in a horse show that starts at 8 am. Family divided today as we gather half to head in one direction and half to head in another to try to support all.

    Looks like rain very soon so all outdoor plans may be cancelled.

    We have remodeling that starts Tuesday converting my favorite room (library) into another bedroom/bathroom. Paying kids today to pack up books.

    Our oldest flew up Thursday from Florida for a friend's wedding, borrowed a car to drive there and is returning tonight so we can visit until she flies out late tomorrow.

    And lasagna for dinner. Ya'll come!

  59. BabyMama -- I totally agree with you re Ger1man27's coments. She's complaining because Kate didn't bring the kids on the Today Show with her? I thought the haters always say they don't care what Kate does, as long as she doesn't involve the kids. Then when she goes on a show without the kids, she's accused of wanting the limelight all to herself! It's just more proof of how frivolous the criticisms are, and that it doesn't matter what Kate does, she will be attacked for no reason other than that it is Kate.

  60. LindaO...Kids really seem glad to be back in school! They both enjoy learning (thank God for that!) and enjoy school sports especially!

    Kate was her usual chatty self again on twitter yesteday. Seems she had been away for some work again? Wonder what she's up to now?

    Im gonna be gone from here for a bit. I have some major surgery tomorrow and some additional ones to follow that!

    This all kind of blind-sided me. I had some pains in side when I would run after about 4-5mi. point...happened every time. So I thought I was just hittin what they call "runner's wall"! I ignored it...kept on runnin...then leg started back get the picture?

    After MRIs, CT Scans, Blood work...I have a rare disorder called Avascular Neucrosis? Usually appears in men age what's up with me gettin it?

    Basically blood vessels die supplyin blood & nutrition to bone...thus bone dies, especially in joint areas. So my whole skeletal structure is suddenly crumblin as this disease sort of works quietly in you and you don't know its effects til damage is done!

    Well, that's my pity party post for now! LOL If I don't make it don't give up this fight here! LOL Hopefully, I'll be back!

  61. Firedup--We hope to see you back here soon! Hope the surgery goes well and that you have a speedy and complete recovery. You've got such a positive attitude and always are upbeat--hang in there we'll all expect the best for you! Hugs and Prayers.

  62. Hugs and prayers fired up, hope your hubby takes good care of you.

  63. Hugs and prayers to FiredUp ~ Girl. This blog could never be the same if we didn't get to enjoy your incredible comments! ;)

    I'm sorry this page got stale and I haven't gotten to that new post. My hubby took us on one of his quick business trips and when he got back for the 3rd time my laptop is not working! I swear I wont even let my kids on anymore because that site is viruses galore! It's gonna take a day or so to get a tech out, so working on the iPad is gonna suck. So bear with me as I try to get a new post up! Xo

  64. Firedup, you will be in my prayers! Praying for a successful surgery & a very speedy recovery!

  65. New post up! Sorry this new page took so long.. There's nothing like a stale page O' bread.. But I'm excited to say that the iPad with a few tweaks wasn't so bad! Fresh scent of the day is my yummy Focaccia bread...


    Best thing ever! Enjoy the new thread!