Sunday, August 14, 2011

TLC Does Not Renew Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin Loves Her Twitter Support And Answers Your Questions

Hello Gosslin fans! This afternoon the world was buzzing with the news that TLC had announced they were not renewing the Kate Plus 8 Show as a regular series but hoped to do specials to check in with the family in the future. Let me just say that all haters can stop talking about this site cause I"m not going nowhere! Let's all enjoy Kates Tweet:

“TLC canceled it. I’m sorry,” Kate told her nearly 30,000 followers. “We’ve had a great run! Six years of whirlwind fun-filled adventures. Thanks to TLC and our many, many supportive and diehard fans! While it is very sad for me and the kids (there were many tears at the breakfast table this morning!), we are we are looking forward with great anticipation to our bright future!”
“As is very typical for me, I am choosing to see the positive in this situation and I am excited to consider the many more invigorating opportunities that may come my way,” she added. “I poured my entire self into the last six years of Kate + 8 and I can’t wait to have the chance to challenge myself again with future endeavors!”
“In the meantime, I hope to have more time for motivational speaking, book writing and other fun work opportunities that come my way,” she wrote. “And maybe even some dating? We wish our fans well. And remember, this is not ‘goodbye.’ I prefer to say ‘See you around!’”

Kate Gosselin Loves Her Twitter Support:
Kate Gosselin really loves her fans and the support that they lend her on Twitter! The mom of eight shocked many (including herself) when she joined the social networking site, but now she says she can't live without it! "Thought I'd give Twitter a try... Now can't live without support from so many fans! Loving it! Can you tell?" Kate tweeted to a fan. As controversial as you might think she is, Kate has a ton of people who support and love her. She has tons of fans on Twitter who constantly praise her and send her love, and, really, who would even want to live without that? Gosselin is very chatty on Twitter and she will often respond to her fans. While she gets her fair share of "hate" messages, the good seems to outweigh the bad at this point. Surely if it got to be too much for her she would sign off, but as of now, well, you heard her! She's loving it!
Kate Answers Your Tough Questions This Week! Was Yours Picked?
Kate sits down to answer some of her viewers' toughest questions, from "Is Kate dating again?" to "How many plastic surgeries has she had?"


  1. It should be interesting. I loved when they did the shows where they answered fan questions e-mailed in on the old J & K + 8. They even answered tough questions including most embarrassing/ most regretted moment (Kate's was shouting at Jon over many aisle in the toy store Jon's was telling Kate to take the stick out of her a*s)

  2. BM - Really wanted that autographed book from Kate. I had all set in my mind what I wanted to do and then found I hadn't re-installed said program after my computer crash in the spring. Then I go to access my network storage, and no cord! My moden when out while the young adults were here getting ready to move on to their new life, things were hetic and I guess I unplugged the storage drive when I installed the new modem and forgot to hook it back up. Just found the cord a few minutes ago. Too tired now to work on it. So I'll miss out on the chance to get a autographed book from Kate. Maybe she'll do this again sometime!

  3. Sadly, I am back from holidays. Actually, I am quite excited to get back to going on the internet and catching up with everyone.

    Oh ZiggyFlo, your story sounds so familiar. It seems that something needs to be reinstalled or the cable needs to be replaced at very crucial moments in our house.

    I am sure I will spend the next couple of days cleaning out viruses that have crept in and reinstalling the printer (something I seem to have to do every couple of months).

    Have a great day everyone.

  4. fascinated - why is it that never fails? Even if something that you need was working just fine a few minutes before when you didn't need it, the minute you need it it has to act up!

    Keeping firedup in my prayers.

  5. Gosh - I missed a day due to no internet and I'm out of the loop!

    FiredUp - Oh no, dear friend. Never heard of that issue before. My most heartfelt prayers are with you as you undergo surgery and praying so much that my Southern sister will come out of this better and stronger! Also praying for your family. Take it easy, follow that doctor's orders! xoxo

    fascinated - Welcome back.

    Baby Mama - sorry I didn't get your text message yesterday. No internet and needed to get more packing done in anticipation of remodeling beginning Tuesday so I'd turned off my phone. Sorry.

  6. Linda, good luck with the remodeling, it is highly stressful, hopefully its not in a much used area of the house. It usually takes twice as long and is more expensive than you think.
    I am dying of Laudryatosis. Our washer has been down going on six weeks because Whirlpool seems to have an issue with parts. I was hoping that since it was 1 month out of warrantee and I called someone other than Sears to fix, we might be in luck, but wrong. No more Whirlpool for me. Its that nice one that Kate has, I hope hers don't break or anyone else's for that matter. I have company later this month and need my washer desparately. Wish they weren't soo expensive and I'd buy a new one.
    I am excited about tonight's show. How do you put pictures on Twitter. I made a not very good sign for Kate, but couldn't post it because I am a computer dummy

  7. Canceled?,,20518349,00.html

  8. Ali, that news will have the haters doing a gleeful dance. While for me, just makes me sad. I'm happy to have seen them as long as we have.

  9. Linda,

    Yep. Just dared to look at what they are saying, they are all over it. I hope she has something else in the works, she has a huge burden on her shoulders.

  10. Can someone ask Kate of the show will be on DVD? I don't have a twitter.

  11. Kayla - TLC issues a DVD at the end of a season. There are episodes that are already made. Those would be shown first before any DVD is issued for the season.

  12. tashapork - sorry about your washer. We will be without "in house" washer and dryer for about six weeks (according to contractor.) Budget is for 10% more than bid & hope that'll cover overages. Is that enough? Trying to make sure there are sheets of plastic barrier to keep dust/dirt out of rest of house and kitchen. I don't deal well with dirt/dust. That's a shame about Whirlpool. I'm disappointed to hear that about them.

    Ziggy gave me excellent tips and I followed up on every one of them with architect and contractor.

  13. First off Fascinated so happy to see you back!
    All the haters are all talking about me today! How I'm supposedly hiding under my sheets crying? As you can see I'm doing better than their sad pathetic obsessed lives will ever be! Is this site going anywhere? heck no!

    I've been getting a flood of texts, but I was at a business meeting & couldn't get out to change my post. We all knew this day would come, and there will always be specials! fear not everyone, hey I'm all here for you! Xoxo

  14. I'm so sad about all this, I still think that the show was canceled is a joke, but at least I'm glad to know that Kate will move on. I only wish the best for them always ♥

  15. It is not surprising that Jon felt compelled to do just "one" more "last" interview.

    Kate will move on to something new. Jon will still be doing just "one" more "last" interview as long as he and govt worker can shake out any coins for it.

  16. Just found out about the show ending. Sure look forward to at least a couple of specials a year--kids grow up so fast. It's been a great run and I am surprised. Really never saw this coming.

    Jacque--Oh how I wish it was a joke.

    Linda--I hope all goes well with the remodel and that it's finished ahead of schedule. I don't like the construction dust either! It seems to get everywhere. The finished product will be so worth it.

  17. Corrina - While I hoped it wouldn't happen for a few more years, when TLC changed its head honcho, I suspected this might happen. New network folks like to usher in their own programs.

    I used to watch just about anything TLC had on; now it's mostly just K+8. Cake Boss was interesting at first but now they argue so much, it's not my thing.

    I will tune in again to watch any K+8 specials, but that's about it for TLC. That's assuming they let people know. They've certainly been negligent about that for quite some time.

    One thing I'm certain of - Kate will survive. She has the work ethic to survive unlike her former spouse. I wish Kate and the kids the best of everything!!!

  18. Linda--I agree about Cake Boss--the yelling and tricks they play on each other gets kinda old after a while. I forgot-I do like DC Cupcakes but that's about it for TLC anymore.

    Yes--Kate will survive. She has an excellent work ethic. Is there ever a possibility of another network picking up the show?

    I hope the kids weren't too upset.

  19. Kate did tweet that the kids took the news pretty hard which was upsetting to hear. The haters dance that the kids get their lives back but I completely disagree. The kids will miss the crew because they are family.

    I can't live tweet tonight. Laptop is being fixed, and the kids have the iPad tonight. All our schools found out their teachers today. The kids at in a frenzy! I got reduced to my iPhone. Lol

  20. Well the show being cancelled is disappointing. I am not surprised given the lack of advertising TLC has done and the horrible direction they have gone with programming.

    Kate plus 8 is the only show I watch. Now, I guess I will be moving on. I will stay posted here to hear what is happening as I assume Kate will be moving on with her career and doing something fantastic.

  21. I love that Kate is answering twitter questions and mentioning names. LOL.

    Maybe FiredUp with be mentioned.

  22. Congrats to FiredUp! Kate answred her question of course! She must be thrilled! Contests to all her fans that she gave a shout out to! I'm mad I couldnt think of a good question! LOL

  23. Hey all, I am sorry I have been MIA, I honestly can't believe how busy I have been. Trying to catch up but doesn't seem to be working. I am bummed they cancelled the show but happy that there will still be specials. Haters can't say much about that now can they?

    So Linda...decided to go through with the remodel??? Miss you.

  24. CMo3 - Wow! I miss you too girl! Gotta remodel, can't keep doing all those flights of stairs, so trying to get it done now in case I have to go back to wheelchair. Hated giving up the library but it's best decision. Just glad there's a room to convert. Just don't have enough hours for Twitter now.
    B Mama, lol, I couldn't think of a question that was good either. Glad so many got on.


  25. Okay, I haven't read the last post yet and I know that this was already discussed, but I am getting very frustrated with the promos for the next show showing Kate's friend and the babysitter being frustrated with what appears to be Kate.

    To me, it feels like TLC is trying to create more hatred against Kate. The haters are not going to watch the show to see what is happening, they are only going to increase the negative rumours.

  26. fascinated - 100% agree with you!

  27. I will get a post up on my blog later. Need to orgaize my thoughts.

  28. I knew it wouldn't be long before Mr Private Citizen took it apon himself to use his voice for his own agenda.

  29. Linda health first!!! :) I know it's a bummer about your library though. It will make your family's minds be more at ease knowing you are in a safe spot. Shoot me an email and we can catch up.

    so what's this about Jon's ANOTHER "last" interview? catch me up.

  30. Jon gave another interview claiming it was AGAIN his last interview a few weeks back I think. Life & Style must pay well because every celebrity I know (including Sherri Shepard who had her new wedding photos there) get paid for the most mundane of interviews.

    The trolls stooped lower than I ever thought humanly possible today with their level of hate today. I can't stand even looking at it.

  31. ROL, this evening had a statement from Jon

    Jon Gosselin has responded to the cancellation of his ex-wife Kate's reality show, Kate Plus 8.

    He is "very relieved" that his kids will be away from the cameras, he tells in an exclusive interview.

    "I hope they can have more private family moments," he added. "I hope that this will bring more privacy to my children and that they can get the proper attention they need for any personal issues they might have in the future."

    PHOTOS: Kate Lights Up The Big Apple

    Gosselin confessed that he learned of the cancellation via a "press release," but that he wasn't surprised by it.

    "Contracts have to end at some point. I think everything had run its course and it was time to come to an end anyways."

    PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Goes For a Run

    Jon and Kate Gosselin burst into the national spotlight with their original reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8 which premiered in April, 2007. It featured the Gosselin family -- mom, dad, a set of twins, and a set of sextuplets.

    It became a ratings blockbuster for TLC, soaring as Jon and Kate's marriage imploded in front of the cameras. They announced their separation in June, 2009. A tortured divorce proceeding followed.

    PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Out And About

    The couple share custody of their eight kids. Jon has a steady girlfriend and lives in an apartment not far from his ex-wife's large house.

    "I have no clue what her next move is," Jon said. "I hope she dedicates more time to the kids now and I wish her the best as she goes forward with whatever career she wants to pursue."

    I was hoping he could have been graceful and kept his hatch closed, notice, I said hoping and not expecting.

  32. Kate,
    I hope that the show is not being cancelled. I love the show. I am a big fan. And I love the kids. I have been watching since day one.

  33. Lovely. He can never just give a normal statement and be done with it. Why can't he just be confident in his kids? Future problems they might have? Must he always make his kids sound like whackjobs? Their life was fine until adult issues invaded their life. The show was stability for the kids, the norm. If he would had fostered that & supported a decision he'd already made in letting them be on tv in the first place, "problems" wouldn't have existed. Then again, this is the guy who accused his family of taking his youth. Grr.

    There I just gave the non-member fans copy & paste material......

    And TLC never said they're pulling the plug on the Gosselin's all together....just the weekly series. From what I read, they are just going back to the original specials format. I think that's a semi-ok idea since they are getting older it will free up Kate for other endeavours.


  34. Exactly, and lately they haven't been doing much more than periodic specials anyway. Contractually, it should be easier for Kate to take part in other endeavors.

  35. I would call Jon Gosselin what I think of him but I refuse to insult honest, hard-working female dogs by claiming he is one of their male offspring. The comment that infuriated me the most was the crack "I hope she dedicates more time to the kids now."This from Mr. Two weekends/four days a month who's never really rebutted Kate's statement that she's offered him more time & he rejected the offer. Even that's an improvement from him moving to another state when the kids needed him the most after the split & returning only after he ran out of money & rich girls to sponge off.

    Unlike the haters, I don't hope the kids have problems just in order to spite a parent. However, Jon certainly has his preemptive strike attempting to lay the blame for any problems solely at Kate's feet.

    I hope TLC means it about more specials but I also hope that they don't manufacture controversy.

  36. Peggy - Jon's zinger about "I hope she can now spend more time with the children" wasn't a surprise in that we all know what emotional and functional level he's frozen at -- junior high at its best. He has the children 4/31 of the month; Kate has them 27/31 of the month. He took almost 2 years to get a job of any kind!

    I'm sure that Kate will have another job in no time, whether it's tv-related, nursing or whatever. She has far too strong a work ethic to sit around playing video games.

    Despite his continual lies, "I just want to be a regular guy"... "I will give no more interviews"...etc., I think all know that if ANY tv producers came to him tomorrow with any kind of offer, no matter how sleezy, he's be on it like flies on rot, and his gov't worker girl friend and everybody else would be left in the dust. Remember? ... "He had to move to NY to pursue his 'career'" ... "He had to move to Utah, etc. to pursue his 'career'" Unless his 'career' is better defined as "chasing skirts" and "leaving kids behind" then what career?

  37. Craftymom, Tashapork, Peggy, and Linda,

    I totally agree! When I heard what he said I felt ill.

  38. UGH. The AKOs stating that despite the show cancellation, they plan to continue to harass Kate on Twitter as long as she's there is pretty much proof again that it had nothing to do with getting the 8 off tv and everything to do with their own inherent nastiness.

    Reminds me a lot of the old joke about the donkey, the jackass, and the one trick pony. Since I can't post photos here in the comments, Ziggy, I sent you a photo. Hope it makes you smile!

  39. Linda, The AKO's truly think people buy their crap even though I've never seen anyone anywhere claim their claims against Kate changed their minds from pro Kate to anti Kate. I've seen the opposite. (Now watch, there will new people popping up on Kate's twitter who claim the AKO's changed their minds from pro Kate to anit Kate! I'll bet the farm on it!!!

    If I had the money, I would fund Kate in such an endevor. Not just for Kate, but for the total good such a case would result in.

    There are lawyers out there who have been known to take on such cases pro bono. Maybe someday some such lawyer would donate his services to Kate.

    Yes, the pic gave me a good laugh and was spot on!

    Am glad my suggesting where helpful to you. So little I'm in a position to do for others, am very glad when I can.

    Kate has proven she can be a very patient woman, taking the time to get her 'ducks in order' as shown by Jon being pretty successfully shut the hell up & in making a complete fool of LaFair.

    Kate is not a woman to be messed with.

    Most of the AKO's tweets on Kate's twitter would hold up in a court of law at the very least under libel and harassment. Carol Burnett won such a suit for far less claims made against her. Although bringing suit agains them now is money Kate could ill afford to spend, wouldn't it be a total hoot if one day we heard she was suing those breaking the law on her twitter?

    Even the 'expertise' of such an 'outstanding' lawyer such as BKIA would be able to save them, nor would all of their acclaimed wealth.

  40. I will miss seeing the kids :( Nothing but best wishes for the family. It sure has been a wild ride for the Gosselin bunch!

  41. Have any of you seen this little poll on people?,,20518716,00.html

    So many people are selecting stay-at-home-mom. Uh, yeah, that would be nice if she didn't have to support her children and herself! She has to have some work and tv work would give her the most time at home.

  42. Ali, they might be saying that because the choices given really aren't great. I'd like to see Kate, if she's interested, develop a line of organizational products, or parenting items. Write a book of tips for parents of multiples, maybe make a movie with the kids, do a parenting show, or follow whatever dreams she has.

  43. Just checking back here and see my post is somewhat out of order. I wonder if blogger is having new issues again? The post I posted on I my blog I had to keep correcting as when it would post, it did it that that, out of order and left things out. I had to keep correcting and reposting it until I posted without leaving anything out and in the right order.

    Anyway, I think my meaning still comes through.

  44. It did it again, I corrected my mistake but it posted the post without my correction. AHHH!!!

  45. Good evening everyone! Michelle & a few others keep complaining that they can't post. I tried to tell her that I can only post by being on my iPad or using firefox because I can't use IE to post either.

    Ziggy I have no idea what's going on either, is it just this site? Lol

    Today Kate wad all over Extra & Access Hollywood. Billy Bush totally mace fun of Jon Gosselin's spokesperson aka Ellen Ross on her work computer. He bashed Kate in the first part of the sentence but yet wishes her the best in the future. Im gonna try to find it.

    I'm so mad at Bonnie Fuller. She has been in Kate hate overload to gain more readers & her Twiiter has been Kate vicious. Have you see. Any of it?

  46. No, BM, the blogger issues just aren't your blog.

  47. If you are one of many who can't post - the issue is blogger! You can't use IE. You can use: Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

    If you try to post later in evening you are also more likely to have problems. When there are more hits (site views) than bandwidth allowed by Google blogger, it slows things to a crawl, or shuts people out completely. We can't do anything to fix that either, short of moving the blog from blogger to a .com website and there are no plans to do that. It just isn't economically feasible.

    If there are other computer related issues, I'll be glad to try to help. I have nothing to do with site content, just computer issues.

    If you try to post and get the 405 error, hit the back arrow and then refresh. That usually works and you don't lose your comment. :)

  48. Ali - I didn't think much of the choices offered in that poll either. With 8 to support, very little money contributed by the ex, and mouths to feed clothe and educate, there will gave to be an income. Kate could return to nursing since she wisely maintained her license, she would have to pull a lot of long hours and the childcare expenses involved would take much of the income.

    I'm certain Kate has invested wisely but new income will have to come from somewhere. You can bet your sweet bippee that Kate won't sit around like Jon boy for a couple of years playing computer games instead of getting a job.

  49. Has anyone heard how firedup is doing?

  50. Ziggy~ I hope someone has gotten in touch with her, hopefully Linda. My heart goes out to her.

    I'm a little over flooded with emails today, for some reason people STILL are mis-informed that this website is Kates and keeps asking all these questions. I don't have the time to answer them all. Please note that I'm trying to figure out why the commenting problem is still going on but please again try using a tablet like an iPad or try using firefox. I really love it!

    I also got all these messages as to why I haven't responded to all the negative attacks on Kate. I would never give trolls that type of satisfaction or power. But feel free to keep discussing it here. I'm starting up a new post for tonight!

  51. BM, I sent you an important e-mail but forgot to put info in subject line.

  52. Hi Kate! I love your show....... espically your daughters that are my age... Mady and Cara. Tell them to post on this blog for me :).
    Are you upset that they didnt renew your show?

  53. I have not heard from FiredUp. Can only pray she's doing well after surgery.

  54. Baby Mama - I hear you about those emails. Flooded here with "Why can't I post my comment?"
    Clear your cache folks. Then:
    Use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.
    Do NOT use IE. It's not compatible with Blogger's latest update.
    I have nothing to do with website content, getting Kate to send responses, or what she's doing. I can only occasionally help with computer-related issues. Sorry.

  55. Linda, Some can use IE, but they HAVE to unchecked the 'stay signed in box'!!!

  56. I'd like to know how many of the AKO's would like to give up half of their salary and work twice as many hours. They think it would be good for Kate, so why isn't it good for everyone. Its amazing how its soo much easier when its about someone whom you don't even really know.

  57. I have created a non-twitter petition to Save Kate + 8.

    This petition is NOT intended to be in competition with the twitter petition.

    It is intended for those who don't want to sign the twitter petition for whatever reason but still want to support Kate.

  58. Hello Ziggy! I got your email and as soon as I figure out on the iPad how to get it up on the site I will. I've had such problems doing new posts because my laptop is being fixed. Maybe I can forward the banner to Linda to handle it!

    New post up! I wanted to do a personal post this time which I know I haven't done in a while. Again I just want to say to everyone on this site how much I appreciate your support. I want to continue on and hope you all will too. Ziggy and I both have been through so much with these ridiculous blogging attacks and I'm happy to be holding my head high and moving onward & upward!

    Fresh paper! Scent of the day is the new one I just bought called "Pink Sugar"..think of the warm yummy smell of cotton candy....xo

  59. Ohh and linda see if maybe we can replace the banner on the bottom with the banner that Ziggy made for the Save Kate Plus 8 Petition? That would be the best place on here I think...

    I will email it to you! Please everyone sign that petition. ( it won't let me sign it twice ;) and thank you! Everything helps!