Thursday, July 30, 2009

TLC Makes A Statement, Sneak Peak Of This Weeks Episodes! Kate Not Moving To Maryland

TLC President Eileen O’Neill gave an update on their hit reality series Jon & Kate Plus 8 at the Television Critics Association press tour on Thursday (July 30).

“Over the last four years and through 100 episodes, we’ve captured this remarkable family’s entertaining chaos. Viewers fell in love and the show developed a passionate, loyal following. But this past spring - life intervened and the family’s status changed. It was certainly something we never expected nor planned to have happen. But this has resulted in unprecedented television.

“Our approach to the circumstance was simple: to cover the family with great care and thoughtfulness as they dealt with a subject that is all to familiar to many American families today. Jon and Kate [Gosselin] have never said they were perfect which has made them relatable and created an undeniable connection with the viewers.

“We will continue to capture this family’s journey in a respectful and sensitive way. The show comes back on Monday and most new episodes remain a work in progress. But I will tell you, the iconic couch is gone. Jon & Kate will now have separate chairs for their interviews. You’re still going to see two parents that love their kids, but you’ll be seeing them parenting separately.
“You’ll see what it’s like when Kate has to put a tent up for a backyard camping experience by herself. Or, see Jon trying to cook up a pizza for the kids. As far as new people and places that may be cycling into Jon and Kate’s lives, we are taking it on a case-by-case basis.
“This is real life. It’s important to remember that our cameras are only there for moments in time, and those moments have limits.”

Kate Gosselin Plans to Stay Close to Her Kids:

"She is not buying or renting in the area," says the source. "Kate was having lunch there, and after spending a total of one hour in a restaurant that has condos for sale above it, a rumor began that somehow, suddenly, she was buying a condo there. She didn't even know there were apartments for sale there. It's totally false."

There have been no records of a purchase in Gosselin's name recorded in the area, and a sales representative at the condos where Gosselin was rumored to have toured said she'd never seen the reality star.

While Gosselin and her estranged husband Jon have agreed to alternate in and out of the home they once shared so that their kids can stay put, Jon has already moved in to a New York City bachelor pad. Kate is still deciding where to settle when she's away from her family.

"One thing is certain," says a friend of Kate. "Kate absolutely will not live far from her family, ever. Period. She would never choose to be so far from home."


  1. in my heart of hearts, I believe that the END is nearing, and that this will be the LAST season of Jon and Kate Plus 8. And I think that it's ok, and that it's time. I love the show, am on TEAM KATE, but I think that this will show us that it's time for this family to be a family. Thanks for the GREAT work Baby Mama....I love this site and am looking forward to the way that TLC will be handling the divorce.

  2. See what happens when tabloids are the source of info. It's easy to get into a tizzy :) I am glad to hear this about Kate but I, too, believe that they would be better off on a more restricted schedule or off completely. I watched the interview of Kevin and Jodi and I don't believe there is malice involved, as much as I'd like to think so. Perhaps I will be proved wrong in the long run... but what kind of victory is that anyway? Even they thought that less time in front of the camera would be suitable.

    Anyway, I'm still unsure if I'll watch the new season. I may have to take it show by show and the minute it looks as if it's all about the parents, I'm turning it off. Unfortunately, the reasons for watching it have all evaporated.

  3. Isnt that crazy how a dinner with someone can turn into buying a condo. She had no idea, lol Its crazy how people talk and it turns into this crazy crazy thing. Just goes to show we should only believe the things that Jon or Kate say ONLY. I am very glad this was all a rumor and shows everyone that Kate would never do something like that.

    I am very very excited for Monday to see the new episodes.

  4. It is all so sad....Still cant understand how Jon can do this to his family, If his kids mean so much to him why didnt he think they were worth trying to save his marriage and get counseling. My heart breaks for Kate and the kids

  5. I think it will be the last season for Jon...don't know about Kate and the children.

  6. I am not so sure. I think if the ratings stay high TLC will push for another season. Frankly Jon and Kate could use the money (especially Jon if he wants to keep up his Manhattan lifestyle)and may not say no.

    Also, I heard on E!'s the Daily 10 that Jon will be starring in a reality show with Michael Lohan called Divorced Dads (so much for reality tv not being his "job" and hating the media attention).

  7. I agree with mamaholly

  8. ...I suppose this shows how quickly rumors can begin. I trust that Kate will do what is in the best interests of her kids.

    I am definitely a huge J&K fan and read the previous blog where somebody mentioned the hypocricy of being a fan and complaining or passing judgment. But fans can see both sides of situations and aren't blind to some wrong-doings from time to time.

    That being said... I still think Jon is acting very odd there were photos of him outside on his phone wearing one of Kate's big rimmed sunhats. What the heck???

    I am looking forward to Monday's new episode and watching Kate carry on with her parenting. I suppose this is "reality" at its finest....and will continue to enjoy watching these 8 adorable, gorgeous kids and Kate as their lives move forward.

  9. Really? You think it will be over soon? I don't. I think Kate enjoys it, I think she looks at is as though the cameras records parts of her children's up bringing that she would other wise miss and when they replay pieces, she loves it.

    Although, then again, who's to say how she feels... but I don't think she's done by a long shot.

    I love the show... I love Kate... I love her new out look and she can do what ever she sets her heart and mind to.

    She rocks!

  10. I hope it is ending. I feel so sorry for the kids. There parents are split up, they have a camera in their little face while they are told to play something and I wonder if they are earning any of their own money.

  11. I can't wait for the new episodes... Kate is strong and she will be fine... Go Kate.. As far as JOn....he has made me very very mad and I have no use for him..

  12. I don't know about it ending... but the new episodes remind of the old episodes (minus jon) ... everyone looks good and happy

  13. Awesome! I'm sooooo glad Kate isn't moving 3 hours away from the children. I don't care if she changed her mind due to the outrage or if she never intended to. I'm just glad for the children that she is not. Now if only Jon would stay closer. I really hope he rethinks that.

    It really made no sense that she would have moved so far. I wonder why radaronline confirmed the story if it wasn't true. And why is it always an anonymous "source"? Why couldn't Kate herself or her PR rep or even TLC make an official statement that it was not true. You'd think they'd want to make sure it was well known and documented that it is not true. And why isn't the real estate agent named? Once again, "a source" just doesn't quite cut it for me.

  14. allibrootob said...

    I am definitely a huge J&K fan and read the previous blog where somebody mentioned the hypocricy of being a fan and complaining or passing judgment. But fans can see both sides of situations and aren't blind to some wrong-doings from time to time.
    I totally agree. I don't see too many fans being ecstatic that Jon and Kate would have been 3 hours away from their children if that were true. Nothing wrong with stating our concern or opinions in my eyes.

    We are responding to all the news articles that have been on tv and online. Once the show is back on the air we will have that to discuss.

  15. Its would almost be comical of people sticking up for Kevin and Jodi if 8 little lives weren't involved!! Kevin and Jodi are only coming out for money they got paid the first time and they will get paid this time!! So that's just a bunch of crap saying "Oh Kevin and Jodi are just trying to help" Yea and Jon is trying to be a good Dad! Whatever neither statement makes sense does it?!? I'm beyond disgusted with Jon and would never watch "divorced dads" He is just going to make himself look even more stupid!! And to me it seemed like he was mocking Kate by wearing her she really wants him in any of her clothing!! I guess they should quit the show and go live on welfare and all of us can pay for it?? People are always like ooh yea let them go back to working real jobs?!? Ok well JOn is uneducated so he will be making about 8 dollars and hour and Kate is a nurse so she will have to work all the time hardwork at that and not get paid very much either!!! Taking care of 8 kids is not easy and I know it shouldn't be the reason to do the show but its already done!! And Kate has already stated that the kids have money set aside!! I think people just listen to what they want to hear!! Oh and guys I thought Hailey said Jon can cook lol yea...he can't hardly make pizza for his kids or it seems like a challenge?? Really are you that dumb?? Sigh I'm just aggravated today!

  16. I wish I could see into the future and see what effect this all has on everyone...Gosselins, Fans, Anti-Gosselins. It's like one big sociological experiment.

    Did anyone see Kevin and Jodi on CBS? One of the things they said was curious to me ... that there were 100 episodes in two years. Is that true? Is that a lot of filming to you? They also said that when they were involved in the show that they felt it was all innocent ... that it was a documentary. They love the kids and they're worried about their privacy. They said that there needs to be trust funds set up for the kids. Has there not been? How would they know?

    What are your views? Do you think we should just leave them all alone so the children can have some privacy... if we all care about them, should we just leave them alone? Would less paparazzi follow them if we didn't support it?

    I'm conflicted. I like the show, but these are real people, not characters. I also think that Kate has a great attitude and that women that are going through divorce could learn from her.

  17. I know the whole Jodi and Kevin subject is a touchy one for Gosselin fans. I just wanted to address the post Baby Mama made showing Jodi and Kevin's mortgage of over $90,000 paid off. I wondered how much it was and that really is a lot.

    However, I just hate to assume anything. I'm not saying it's not possible that they paid it off with money they made doing interviews. I'm just thinking it's not the only way they could have paid it off.

    Mortgage rates are at an all time low due to the recession. They could have just refinanced for a lower rate and rolled over the loan into their new mortgage payment. That would pay off the old mortgage in full. They would have a totally new and different mortgage at the lower rate.

    Not sure if it can be looked into whether or not they have absolutely no mortgage on their house now or not. If they don't then that would mean it is indeed all paid off. I just want it to be noted so that judgment would be fair.

    As for the fact that they got paid for their interviews, I'm not sure it's a bad thing. As long as they have genuinely good intentions and money is not the only reason they spoke up.

    They too have a house and children to support and they would be foolish to turn down that much money for an interview that they were going to do anyway. I know I wouldn't pass up the money if I wasn't rich and it meant security for my family especially in this economy.

    If someone decided to give Baby Mama or anyone else $100,000 to do run this blog that they intended to have anyway would it be wrong? I don't think so. Would it be making money off Jon and Kate or their children? I don't think so.

    Now if Jodi and Kevin are lying or have truly bad intentions then of course that would make them slime.. I just don't think any of us can KNOW that to be the case.

  18. I just wanted to clarify to everyone on Kate possibly out there, but even I questioned its validity. I will be honest and say that everyone was running to read Radar because they felt since they have a track record of stating things first that it's fact. After reading the article I'm ashamed and upset I even posted it.

    I usually only go by what says. They are the most accurate and fair. And if People says Kate was only there for a hour and the paps assumed she was moving there I beleive them. It made me realize that I too, have become a victim to jumping to conclusions based on what tabloids say. Its hard because I dont want to be behind the news. But from now on I will wait until I feel the news is accurate before I post it. Or at least say that I do not know this is FACT.

  19. There was alot of comments regarding the timeline of the shows. I was trying to figure out the actual "real time" dates?

    Monday's episode of the camping out show is a new episode but taped before Memorial Day (I believe).

    The trip to NC beach with the kids and Kate photograped in her bikinis was taped around Memorial Day week.
    The "big news show" was aired June 22.

    I am curious as to when Jon actually told Kate he had an Attorney and she should get one, in "real" time. It obviously had to between June 1 and June 22, (photos appeared with Jon and Hailey at the bar on Memorial Day).

    I guess the date doesn't matter, but I am watching the what the differences are in Kate on the "real time" shows. All of us Kate fans probably will be able to tell the "previously taped shows" vs the "real time taped shows".

    Kate's optimistic attitude will help the kids know that everything is going to be okay. Actually in an odd way, her attitude make me feel better about the whole situation!

    Kate had made a comment around Fathers Day about her having no option but to file for divorce after an incident over the weekend, still wondering what that was about.

  20. Hate or love Jon, I found this interesting.

  21. Ashley,
    Why would quitting the show put them on welfare? Kate is a nurese and can make a decent income. You don't know what you are speaking of. And Jon could learn a trade, he isn't that slow. She couldn't live in her estate, but she could do it. I have never heard Kate say she has set money aside for her children, she should, but do you have a link for that?

    I saw Jon cook a really yummy looking Korean meal. I have no reason to feel that he can't cook, just as I have no reason to not think Kate only uses Kraft services.

    I am betting, Jodi and Kevin got paid a nice chunk of money. SO they make money off the kids too!?! Nice! I think they could have gone to a better source as well.

    Baby mama, I think in a fansite you have to be careful in what you post. I tis all just gossip.

  22. Hey Baby Mama,

    Don't beat yourself up about posting the article. You posted something that was in the news and we discussed it. Period. Whether or not we know ANYTHING posted in the news, even People, is true or not is still up for debate. We take the info as we get it.

    Everyone knows you would not post anything you feel is a lie.

  23. Jon made a statement today that he wished people would just leave them alone, that they knew what was best for their kids. Well...I agree. People should just butt out and leave them the **** alone! Get the ppeople away and just let them do their filming. It's their family and their life. All of this other, uh, stuff is creating way more drama than necessary.

    I don't believe these children are being harmed by the filming. If people would just let them be, they could look back on this as a great time in their life.

    You read about children being locked in a motel bathroom for months, beaten, and given very little that's abuse. There are horrific things going on in this world. Let's focus on getting rid of that instead of focusing on a family documenting their lives.

    I know that most of the people on this site support the family, but I know this post wouldn't make it on another site and that "those" people read this blog.

  24. wildchild~ thank you so much for letting me know about Jon finally speaking, and telling Jodi & Kevin to butt out of their lives. As expected, he hasn't spoken to them since January, and Jodi is as fame hungry as anyone else. They havent seen these kds in a long long time, and If they truly cared about the kids, wouldnt want to do anything to not piss the parents off to spend time with them?

  25. A few comments.

    Jon confirmed today that there are trust accounts for the kids and they put money into them. The kids are getting some percentage of their earnings set aside.

    Jon was very annoyed with Kevin and Jodi. Either he never said the things they claim he told them (a contract saying the marriage was over and suspisicions about Kate having an affair) or he is angry at them for going public with the information. Either way, Kevin and Jodi betrayed Jon in their effort to hurt Kate.

    As for getting paid to do that, Radar OnLine pays for on camera interviews. Also, here is a link about the issue.

  26. Heck, ABC news carried the story about Kate buying in Rockville!

  27. BabyMama, I totally agree. I mean didn’t Kevin mention that they had tried to ‘reach out’ to J&K in the not so distant past? Why then would they slander them and rally troupes AGAINST them? Wouldn’t they want to handle it privately, not draw more attention to what they deem inappropriate? Or even if they thought that media was their only means of communication why would they continually attack them? I know that by the very nature of their show, Jon and Kate are in the public but something just feels so hypocritical about this entire Kevin and Jodi side of things.
    I really liked that this new information came straight from Jon’s mouth. I also liked that he said that both he and Kate were looking after the best interest of their children. It was refreshing and the most I have enjoyed hearing him talk in a few months.

  28. I think Jon needs to stop asking for more attention by not parading around in Kates hats! He looked silly and mocks his soon to be ex wife.

    If the kids have 8 accts, set up, great, is that their income? Does that mean they are working and would it be taxed?

  29. In response to "Jenny"...I agree with you, I am conflicted about the show. I love it and have taken so many things away from it. Little things like the "Flag Cake" on Fourth of July and having a "special day" for each kid are things I do with my own kids now. I am also getting a Master's Degree in Nutrition working towards becoming a Registered Dietitian, so I appreciate Kate's dedication to nutrition and fitness. Different parenting ideas that Kate has demonstrated on the show and that I have thought were good ideas, I use. (Not that she is a perfect parent, but I am always on the lookout for good family ideas) Plus, I think the kids are so sweet. However, I feel badly for the kids having to deal with the "P-people." But I also believe that the film crew at TLC has become like family to the kids and that they are not being harmed during the filming of the TLC show. I think the show is a great way for them to have money and opportunities. I just feel badly about the Paparrazi, yet...I subscribe to People Magazine and USweekly...and look forward to seeing the pictures. What does that say about me? Its conflicting and makes me feel guilty. But bottom line, I support the show and Kate and I look forward to Monday.

  30. I was stating about welfare b/c I know how much it costs to raise kids its not cheap at all!! And they also stated on the show that they had set aside money for the kids b/c I remember Kate talking about them not getting it until they are out of college or until they turn a certain age!! It was a really early episode!! I think I'm just aggravated with the whole situation I'm not trying to offend.

  31. I know I've been very upset with Jon's actions about his love life, but I am so glad he made that statement to Radar!! I saw a blink of the old Jon I didn't know what to think lol

  32. HMM, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO FAMILY LOYALTY. For whatever reason Kevin and Jodi have done these interveiws,the bottom line is, he is kates brother. You dont throw your family under the bus for any reason.
    Kates dealing with a broken heart and eight children to support.
    Kevin and Jodi didnt think this before they tried to get more money out of the situation.
    Kate needs her family for support not trashing her.
    Kate has handled it all with a lot of class I have to say.She hasnt spoken out about this or Jons awful behavior. She just stays with her kids like a good MOM.

  33. wildchild said...
    I really liked that this new information came straight from Jon’s mouth. I also liked that he said that both he and Kate were looking after the best interest of their children. It was refreshing and the most I have enjoyed hearing him talk in a few months.

    I agree 100%, as much as Jon has upset the fans lately it was awesome that he spoke out against Kevin and Jodi and showed everyone that they dont know what they are talking about. You could tell he had enough of them talking and I dont blame him.

  34. I just watched the video clip where Jon Gosselin speaks out about Jodi and Kevin.

    First... I'm soooo glad he commented about trust funds for the kids! I think that's great. I just wonder who decides how much the kids get from the show. They really need to have their own representative, especially considering how much money Jon seems to be spending.

    If Jon is just spending his fair share of the money then I don't care what he spends it on. It's his money and none of our business. Same for Kate.

    As for the children, I still hope that it's more than just a college fund. The children are entitled to their fair share of the show and DVD sales, etc because they are an integral part of the show. As for the books and other stuff I think that is different. Just because it's about them they aren't involved in producing them.

    It should really be a percentage per child. I personally don't think it should be 10% per child because Jon and Kate, as parents, provide for their children for the next 10-13 years, if not more.

    I know that people feel Kevin and Jodi have no business talking about the Gosselin finances. Being that they only said they want to make sure legitimate trust funds are in place for the kids I don't think they care how much money Jon and Kate have or spend. It doesn't seem to be about that.

  35. Also regarding Jon's video response...

    He says that he and Kate know what's best for their kids, etc. It's true that most parents do know what is best for their children. I'm a firm believer in that, in most cases. But not always. Not every parent, even though they love their children, always really does what is best for their children.

    In this case Jon and Kate have a lot to lose, financially speaking, if they stopped filming. Something like that could cloud their vision.

    I'm not saying that IS the case, but it could be.

    I do think that the concern of the public/fans or "haters" may have contributed to their filming less often. To get 40 episodes of footage you need a lot of filming. I can't even imagine how much hits the cutting room floor. They seem very aware now that people are watching and that could be a good thing.

    Jon did say they film "an average" of 3 days a week and 1 1/2 hours a day. But does that mean they sometimes film 10 hours a day and since they don't film for a week or two it "averages" out to less? They could film for 8 hours one day and just 1 1/2 the next. We don't know. Wording can be tricky.

    We've seen them film an entire day with the kids from when they wake up and go out and then come home. That is more than 1 1/2 hours.

    I think since all this has come out in the media TLC and Jon and Kate have filmed less of their children's "private" moments. They don't film them in their rooms anymore, or in the bathrooms, etc. That is a good thing. Who knows what they would have continued filming had no one complained. Maybe it's just something they never thought about before. Public awareness is a good thing.

    As for how the filming affects their children... we may not know that for quite some time. It may have a huge negative effect on them. It may not. Only time will tell.

    I do think that the "show" is having a negative impact on them even if the filming itself isn't.

    Blame the public or the paparazzi or the media, etc but those kids can't go out in public without cameras following them. They are all over the internet in pictures, video clips, news articles, so are their parent's very public lives. Their parent's divorce has to be so much worse because it is being played out for all the world to see.

    Their children do not lead normal lives in that aspect. All this is because their parents choose to continue doing the show despite all the negative impact.

    I truly hope that the children do grow up happy and healthy and well adjusted. They deserve it. All children do.

  36. Baby Mama thanks again for all you do in keeping the info current. I really appreciated your efforts!!!

    You know, having been a long-time supporter of both Jon and Kate and now being thoroughly disgusted by Jon's antics, I've been considering lately how much Jon's appearance has changed.

    I went to the tmz website and the photos there really show how much weight Jon has added with his glamor travels and beer drinking. One of the ones of him scratching his belly (and there were several) really showed how much of a beer belly he has now. No wonder he wears all of his shirts out instead of tucked in. I can't imagine why any 22-25 year-old girl would be attracted to his body unless it's the money he can provide, and the goodies like a tasteless skull ring. How can not taking care of yourself be considered responsible parenting behavior.
    (I'd attache the photos but I don't know how.)

    Then I look at how Kate looks today. She has taken care of her body and looks fantastic. Kudos to Kate!

    When bad things happen, I think good things happen later on. I'm hopeful that phenomenal things happen to Kate in the future. Like finding a strong man who cares about her and her kids, and takes care of himself.

  37. Linda said:
    I went to the tmz website and the photos there really show how much weight Jon has added with his glamor travels and beer drinking.
    One of the ones of him scratching his belly (and there were several) really showed how much of a beer belly he has now. No wonder he wears all of his shirts out instead of tucked in. I can't imagine why any 22-25 year-old girl would be attracted to his body unless it's the money he can provide, and the goodies like a tasteless skull ring. How can not taking care of yourself be considered responsible parenting behavior.


    A few comments:

    One. We don't know that it is a "beer belly". He could just not be eating right. We know he was exercising and eating right a few months back. Maybe he stopped. Maybe it's the partying or maybe it's stress. Many men gain weight mostly in the stomach area drinking or not.

    Two. Not every person is only attracted to a person's body. Some people go by personality.

    Three. Shirts tucked in? Does anyone wear their shirts tucked in anymore? I really don't think so. That, and pleated pants, has been "out" for quite some time now. Tucking your shirt in your pants is very dated.

    Four. Yes, he's out of shape and really should get back in shape but I don't think he's obese enough that he's no longer taking care of himself in a "responsible parenting" manner. I'd say the smoking would definitely fall into that category way before any weight gain.

    No offense to you Linda, I just felt I had to address those comments. It's one thing if it seemed like Jon stopped bathing or looked like he was on drugs, but some weight gain on his part, or even Kate's part, isn't something to be judged on as far as being a good parent is concerned.

  38. An interesting viewpoint:

  39. guess they should change the name of the show to 'Jon OR Kate plus 8. '

  40. BTW,
    I really like this blog. It helps me through some tuff times and the ladies on here seem nice, unlike some other place.

  41. butterbean7258:

    Well it could one day be Jon and Kates Plus 8! Yikes.

    Hi bellabutton whoever you are!

    Wow, just two more days until the new episodes. It went fast! Probably because Jon gave us so much to talk about... ;)

  42. SchmeckyGirl, I guess I didn't express what I said very well.

    I don't care how much weight Jon gains. It's his lack of healthy lifestyle (going from mostly organic to "whatever" plus those terrible cigarettes) that concerns me now because it just isn't healthy for him. (I think you owe children to act responsibly and set good examples.) I referred to it as a "beer belly" more from descriptive purposes and not to refer specifically to an increase in size from specifically drinking beer. I think it's grown in size from not exercising, not eating healthy, and taking care of himself.

    I'm hopeful that Jon can find happiness and life a great life no matter with whom he chooses as his soul mate(s). I just don't want to watch it play out on TV because I think his current ethics stink, in MHO. He no longer wears the Bible-based tee shirts, which given his actions is a good thing. It's just confusing to have seen this man switch to the "biker" dude look. Before I get jumped on here, I have terrific biker friends. I'm referring to the stereotypical "biker" look as a means of describing how he looks; not to accuse him of something negative.

    We didn't know about the smoking previously. I'm more concerned about the "8" possibly breathing second-hand smoke than from working too many hours, but again that is just MHO.

    As for the "shirt tail comment," in the photos of Jon in France, the Hamptons, shopping in NY at Gucci's, etc., the other men in the photos have their shirt tails tucked. I guess I should of just said "he looks so doggone sloppy now compared to how he looked a year ago and maybe he's leaving the shirt tail out from the perspective of not drawing attention to his tummy." Sometimes he starts with the shirt tail tucked but when leaving the restaurant it is frequently untucked. Kinda strange to me.

    I also am seeing a major increase in the number of paparazzi photos of him scratching his belly. (Yes I know they look for negative photos.) Maybe it's just nerves or a nervous habit. My sets of twins would say "oh he's scratching 'cause he's got cooties" and then would probably ask "so where'd you get the cooties?" ( I do try to train them not to make those comments in public.)

    I loved my hubby despite a weight gain; but he's mostly muscle now. Why did he change? Because our doctor confronted him and asked him if he was going to demonstrate responsible and healthy behavior to our kids. I really don't think Jon's going to get encouragement from either of his current women to live a healthy lifestyle. And that's sad for him.

    Jon's going to do whatever Jon's going to do. I personally think he's on a trainwreck headed for destruction, but again my humble opinion.

    Maybe the intense feelings are just frustration at how sad I am about what has happened to this family. I don't even know them, but somehow they feel like "cousins" and it's just sad to see it happen. Maybe somehow I just want it to all resolve positively.

  43. Linda,
    I got what you were saying. It is like Kate said, he has changed before their very eyes. makes me really wonder how a Christian man wearing faith based tshirts can go to death based tshirts in a matter of months. Which was bogus? I am thinking the Christian tees. You don't just abandon your faith in times of turmoil, you embrace it. I think Jon and Kate may have fooled us all, but of course I can't know that for sure. Only Jon and Kate know that. As far as the smoking goes, I don't think for a minute Kate would have put up with it, even if it was outside. It smells so bad. I think it is a new habit, or and old one he thought he would pick back up again. Like overweight parents, smoking sends the wrong message to your children. It says I don't care enough about you to care about me. that is my honest opinion. He is in self destruction mode. We don;t know about Kate but signs point to one that she is still working out, still trying to look good and living a low profile life. She is doing a great job in mu opinion. I wish the show would not continue, but I am selffish, I admit it, I am looking forward to tomorrow and seeing those kids.

  44. Linda...
    LOL! Sorry to make you write a book!
    I understand now... And agree.
    And yeah, what is up with him lifting his shirt in public?!?!
    He needs to wear an undershirt tucked in if that's a habit.
    If he's not careful with his choice in women he may very well get cooties.

  45. Well, I agree about Jon. Not as much the weight gain as the poor behaviour. Smoking constantly, hanging out at the gates of his estate with onlookers and signing autographs(I thought he hated being Jon of Jon & Kate Plus 8, and all the media attention), wearing Kate's sunhats, taking exotic vacations and kissing other women mere days after his divorce was announced.

    He should realize the smartest thing he could have done was to lay low and avoid media attention.

    He is fortunate his kids still look up to him, because I don't think many other people do. I tend to wonder if he really even wants custody of his children?.....

  46. Yes, people still tuck shirts in, it is not outdated. My son (25) who is very well dressed, tucks in his shirt when he goes to work everyday. In fact, he has tucked his shirt in since he was 17 and worked at Staples. He tucked it in when he worked for a minor league baseball team and still does now that he works for a bank. My son in law (29) also tucks his shirt in as does my husband. None of them look as sloppy and lazy as Jon Gosselin. They also don't wear their hats backwards nor do they wear Ed Hardy t-shirts. Sorry for the rant, but Jon appears to not take pride in how he looks lately.

  47. Did you guys see on Radar that he "may have" been with another woman again :/ I really hope its just a rumor since they didn't have pics or anything!

  48. MrsRef:
    I didn't mean to offend anyone with the shirt tucked in comment. Not to get into a fashion debate but I wasn't talking about a work uniform or a business suit, but for everything else, in 2009 it is VERY unfashionable for a man to tuck a shirt in especially a t-shirt. Even button-down shirts are worn untucked.

    Of course it goes without saying the shirt should fit well and not look sloppy.

  49. Baby Mama... I have a suggestion for a thread.

    I just read part of Jon's interview with In Touch, and I have the hardest time knowing who to believe, Jon or Kate. I can't help but still love them both because I loved them as a couple so much, but when the separation rumors began I initially believed it was Kate's controlling ways that sent Jon packing... Then I started to think Jon was behaving poorly and that perhaps he did cheat on Kate... The new episodes definitely paint a nicer portrait of Kate and although we haven't seen an episode of Jon's turn with the kids, I'm assuming he won't do much Kate-bashing. So at this point I hate the fact that I have no clue who to believe, and I will probably never know the truth...

    So my idea for a thread is for people to discuss their opinions on what they think actually happened...who's story do you all believe?