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Jon "Tries" To Stay Single, Mady & Cara in Therapy? Is Kate Moving To Maryland?

Hello Gosselin fans! Its so nice to have the constant support from you guys! Hopefully this is just a temporary shift of the focus of this site. When I started a year ago, I spoke alot about the struggles of this family, and applauded their strength as a couple. Many families deal with the subject of divorce, and it's nice to see that there are so many new people out there seeing a bit of what Kate is going through and starting to feel a bit of sympathy for her. I am proud of all I have done on this and my other blog in the past year, and I hope that you take the time to go through the 200 posts from this past year and share your thoughts. Also if you would like to discuss a previous post, I would be more that happy to re-visit it!

Jon Gosselin "I'm Single" (For today, anyway....)

After a romantic trip to Saint-Tropez with Hailey Glassman and a double date in the Hamptons with Kate Major, Jon Gosselin now says he's happily flying solo.

"At this point ... I'm single – per se," he told PEOPLE at the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge at Blue Star Jets Field on Saturday. "I'm just a regular guy who just wants to have friendship and good times. And I like meeting people." Of 22-year-old Glassman, Gosselin says, "She's always a good friend of mine. Her family is so good. They took me in and I lived there for a while. I love them to death."

But for now, they're on a bit of a break. "She doesn't like this [craziness]. She loves me for who I am and not for what I do," he says. "We are going to chill out for a while and see where it takes us. I'm not looking for anyone." As for Major, the former Star magazine reporter he's been spotted with, Gosselin says, "We are just friends."

He'll also be shooting scenes for Jon & Kate Plus 8, which returns to TLC on Aug. 3. "Kate and I are just showing how we are going to live," he says of the show, which will follow the family in the wake of Jon and Kate's decision to divorce. "If she's got to work, I go home. If I've got to work, she stays home. And that's the way it's always been."

Jon & Kate Kids Hurting. Esp. The Eldest:
The Chicago Sun

It probably will come as no surprise, but the ongoing contentious wrangling between estranged couple Jon and Kate Gosselin is having a very negative impact on their eight children. ''The twins [the two oldest children, Cara and Madelyn, age 8] are taking it the worst,'' said a key member of the ''Jon & Kate Plus 8'' show on TLC.

Apparently, even the younger children -- the couple's sextuplets -- also are very upset and, as often is the case in broken homes, ''are acting out their emotions by fighting, misbehaving and generally acting very moody and bratty,'' said the show staffer.

• It seems the kids don't care much for Jon Gosselin's 22-year-old girlfriend Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate's onetime plastic surgeon. During one of Glassman's rare visits with the kids, the Gosselin tykes made clear their dislike for their dad's love interest.

''They really acted up that day,'' said the TLC insider. ''It was pretty clear that Kate put them up to that. But then, could you blame her?'' Speaking of Glassman, it's kind of funny the ''other woman'' is jealous of the other ''other woman'' in Jon Gosselin's life. Glassman tearfully told People, ''I still love Jon and Jon loves me,'' after hearing Star reporter Kate Major's claim she ended up ''falling for'' Gosselin upon meeting him for an interview. Major, who has since been forced to resign from the Star, long has been known to use her flirtatious charms to get close to male interview subjects.

Kate Gosselin Moving To Maryland Per Notice the jab about Steve, they are really trying to start rumors!

Kate Gosselin is moving to Maryland, has learned exclusively. She's buying a condo in Rockville, a wealthy part of Montgomery County.

Oh, by the way, bodyguard Steve Neild also lives in Maryland. (Just thought we'd mention that.) Kate and Jon are splitting parenting duties while splitting up. When one stays at the Pennsylvania house, the other takes off. Jon has a condo in New York.

Baby Mama's Bites ;)

Gwyneth vs. Kate: Who wore the hairdo best?


  1. Oh no! These poor kids. I hope everything works out:(

  2. HAHAHA there Hailey was gushing about how she LOVES Jon, how he cooks for her and blahblahblah and now they're on a 'break'!!!!!

  3. I really think the TLC insider who said...''They really acted up that day,'' said the TLC insider. ''It was pretty clear that Kate put them up to that. But then, could you blame her?''...should be fired. Even if you're working for TLC and know the Gosselins, how do you know for sure that Kate put them up to it.

    I find it all just rubbish how supposed insiders always put their 2 cents worth in on the Gosselins.

  4. I hope Kate and the kids have a strong network of Christian families whom she can trust as real friends to surround and support them during this time. For a Christian, regular Christian fellowship and support is so essential for healing in conjunction with therapy. My prayers are with her and the kids that they grow in faith despite their struggles. (Yes, Jon especially needs prayer, too...[sigh]).

  5. This is just so unbelievably sad! I would never wish this on anyone! In light of the bickering that goes on over really trivial things like whether Kate and the kids took a limo to the JB concert or what Kate wears or what Jon wears etc, the fact remains that these kids are paying dearly for what has happened in their family. None of this is their fault or their choice but it seems to be overlooked in favour of all the nonsensical things. I sensed in the pictures from them coming to the Jonas Brothers concert, how sad they both looked, especially Cara. My feeling is she is the most sensitive and is probably bottling it inside. Even the usually boisterous Mady looked very subdued. Again, in the pictures with Kate going with the Starbucks, Cara again looked very down. If it is true that the kids really are in counselling, then while sad, it is a very good thing. They need a proper outlet for their emotions and possibly a third party is the only one that can objectively help them.

    As for the fact that they have been around the Glassmans and know that Hailey is, was, is(???) their father's girlfriend, that is just disgusting! I won't beat a dead horse again by saying that Jon is the biggest jerk for even putting that out there like that but to have the family or Hailey even anywhere around the kids is wrong on so many levels. Yes, they did Kate's tummytuck and were friends but when that line was crossed, they became Jon's friends and should out of respect stay away from Kate and the kids.

    Anyways, just knowing how those kids are suffering is so hurtful to me as a total stranger to them. I can just imagine how Kate's heart must be breaking at the thought that she can't do anything to make them feel better. I really pray that those kids will be able to heal without the glare of cameras on them. I really hope the new shows will continue to focus on activities they do instead of showing Jon starting his new life in the city and I hope they don't make the kids adress how life is with their mom and dad apart. That would be too cruel.

  6. I think that counselling will only help these children. I wish that their parents had tried it themselves!

    Jon seriously needs to grow up already. This mid life crisis he is on seems to be taking him on a downard spiral and fast! The only ladies he should be concerning himself with right now are his daughters! These games he is playing right now will certainly have a negative effect on those poor kids!

    Babymama, thank you for continuing to give us "fans" a place to come and support this family! I completely support Kate in her efforts and admire her for being with her children during this difficult time. I hope that someday Jon will see his selfish ways and really start putting his family first. I would love to support him even if he and Kate are not married, but right now he isn't giving many of us any reason to support him!

  7. Sounds like Jon's PR person, advised Jon to scale it back. I personally think the damage is done though. Kate's lawyer's I'm sure kept copious notes through all this regarding Jon's fitness as a parent.

  8. I feel so bad for Mady and Cara. I know that when my parents got divorced and suggested going to counseling I absolutely HATED the idea. I don't know if they feel the same way but, it's still horrible to know that at nine years old they are going to a psychologist. And to think that even the younger ones are not adjusting well. Obviously a parent's divorce is hard for any kid, but everyone is watching. (I feel a little guilty even commenting right now.)
    And by the way.... good for the kids about not warming up to Hailey! I hope that Kate didn't put them to it. If she didn't I'd be able to say that even a bunch of 5 and 9 year olds can tell who is a rotten egg!! LOL!

  9. Wow. Where to start-

    It is so very, very common for kids to see therapists/counselors when their parents decide to divorce. I applaude Kate for getting them help so soon. I imagine she will do the same for the 'tups. I can also only imagine the sheer glee those who dub us "sheeple" are having with this new info.

    Jon, again and again and again, chooses to speak. Why? When was the last time we heard from Kate? It's been weeks right??? Yes, we saw she took the twins to see the Jonas Brothers, but did she speak to anyone, comment? I don't know for sure, I didn't read further than the headline, but I'd guess she didn't.

    ''They really acted up that day,'' said the TLC insider. ''It was pretty clear that Kate put them up to that. But then, could you blame her?'' WHO IS THIS?? A camerman?? yikes... a trader among them... scary.

  10. Why does Kate still get blamed for everything, including making her children act up around Glassman. What child going thru a divorce doesn't feel resentment towards the outsider. It just bothers people so much that she is a strong woman. If a man is strong and determined that is fine but if a woman is strongwilled she's considered a b****. I hope Glassman cries her black heart out. This is my first post ever, but I am sick of how evil people can be towards Kate. No one ever deserves to be treated this way.

  11. I thought Jon and Kate said they weren't going to speak with the press anymore. But, Jon is chatting with People magazine?
    Could all of this girlfriend nonsense with Jon just to drum up ratings on the Aug 3rd return? Or he just trying for his own reality show?
    This whole thing gets more nuts by the day.

  12. That TLC staffer should be fired. Yes, children in the middle of turmoil can benefit from counseling but it should not be ANNOUNCED. And the things said about the sextuplets were terrible.

  13. The latest story says that Jon is secretly still dating both Hailey & Kate 2.0...

    EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Secretly Still Dating BOTH Hailey Glassman And Kate Major

    In the Jon Gosselin dating spectacle, the players can't seem to get their stories straight, issuing contradictory statements, and now we know why.

    A source very, very, very, very close to Jon revealed exclusively to that Jon is secretly still dating both Hailey Glassman AND Kate Major.

    Hailey, 22, and Kate, 26, both thought they were in an exclusive relationship with the Reality Show Romeo.

    Hailey went to France with Jon and then suddenly last week Jon took off to The Hamptons with Major, who soon announced they were romantically involved. They stayed at Michael Lohan's house and she even quit her job as a reporter at Star magazine to pursue the relationship.

    But this weekend, with Major nowhere in sight, Jon broke his public silence and said he and Kate are "just friends."

    That, however, is just a smokescreen. "He is a man going through a divorce and he's trying to keep his personal life private," the source told

    Click here to read about Major falling down stairs drunk, according to incident report.

    Asked if he was dating Hailey, Kate, both or neither, the source said: "He is choosing not to end anything with either woman. He's dating and he doesn't want to tie himself down."

    The source then admitted that Jon is deliberately sending out mixed signal publicly because he's afraid that Original Kate (a.k.a. Mrs. Gosselin) is going to pursue a custody battle.

    Click here to see wild drug photos of Hailey Glassman.

    Defending Jon, one person who is friendly with him, said to "Look , is there something wrong with a man going through a divorce dating any woman he wants?"

    We could answer that with some comment about taking care of the eight kids he left behind, but we won't. We have a feeling Kate's lawyers are going to provide their own answer.

  14. Geez who knew a year ago when they aired them renewing their vows in Hawaii that they would be divorced. WoW1

  15. re: Mady & Cara in Therapy?
    Gosh, I'm hoping that they are in therapy, and in fact that all of the Gosselin children are in therapy. It's been my experience with children of divorce that no matter what the reason for the parental split, children somehow are egocentric enough to think they are responsible (e.g. "if I'd been a better child or a different child, this wouldn't have happened.") I think therapy can help them through this. And, I think most of them act out when their feelings are in a state of flux.

    I had another thought on both Glassman and Kate Major. If you look at the difference in ages between Glassman and the Gosselin twins, it's about the same difference as between the ages of Glassman and Jon Gosselin. Wonder how daddy Jon is going to feel in about 10 years if the twins start dating guys in their 30's. Or, to put it another way... when Jon was the age Glassman is NOW, she was about 10 years old...roughly the age of the twins currently. Yuck.

    When there is a 10+ year age gap between people who are dating, there is a big gap in what they can relate to, experiences they might have in common, etc. etc. I would imagine that Glassman is going to want children (other than steps) and I can't imagine Jon being responsible for additional children.

    On another note, do you think therapy for Jon could also be arranged? I don't think he'd find a counselor any where who'd tell him it is a "good" idea to get involved so quickly with another person. Rebound relationships are almost certainly doomed from the outset. I think too that a counselor might advise him to hold off on the dating until he is legally a "single" guy. Right now the Gosselins have filed for divorce, BUT they are still married at this point.

  16. Sorry but Jon is a dousche! I think Kate should take back her maiden name... why sport around that jerks name. Really ... a 22 year old girlfriend? "I just want to have fun." Grow up JON! ... Why did he even bother to renew his vows if he was going to divorce Kate. I feel so badly for her. He is out partying ignoring the wonderful life he had, just because things got a little tough. Whatever happened to "For better or worse." It's a thing called vows. Jon needs to realize what he had... a beautiful and loving and devoted wife. What an immature person.

  17. This is really sad. I bet the kids are struggling with it. I think Jon is dumb for bringing "her" around so soon. It will impact the kids for the rest of their lives. I don't think that Kate would say ok kids when daddy gets here with that "woman" act up, be rude, and don't ever like her. I doubt that she did that.
    as for Jon I think he is acting strange like brittany spears was.
    I am praying for those kids and for kate!

  18. I dont believe the kids have met least I hope Jon was being honest when he said that he haddnt introduced them.

  19. If it is true that the twins are seeing a psychologist I think that is very good news. It is important for them to work through these issues instead of dealing w/ them alone or w/ out an objective 3rd party at least. I hope they do it for the sextuplets as well. About whether they have met hailey or not (Jon saying he hasn't introduced them, this source saying he has) I don't know what to believe anymore. It is so screwed up. It's a swirl of lies w/ the truth floating somewhere in the middle and unless I knew them personally I don't think I'll ever know the truth. It's sad!

  20. But really how do we know what Jon really does? His stories change minute to minute. He lies to get himself out of jams, because he does not think through his actions. We have seen photos of Deanna at the house. I really think that something happened, the weekend before Kate filed for divorce and it had to be BIG, because I really feel that she did not want to divorce Jon, because when the show aired, they talked about a separation, not a divorce. Jon just continues to throw gasoline onto the fire and then he tries to backpedal his way out of it.

  21. OK..So the haters are out in full force saying it was wrong to publish that the kids are in counseling. I published that info because I actually do want people to know that Kate is making sure that the kids are speaking to a professional. I feel its extremely import for them to feel that they can speak to someone else if they choose regarding their parents separation. Though I do agree that TLC should keep their mouths shut. We will never really know whether it's actually them saying this stuff since they claim "inside sources" told them. I am very pro-counseling. Anything I feel is relevant to my site I will post.

    Why you haters are so obsessed with me and this site still baffles me. Thank you for upping this sites popularity. Feel free to go back over the bridge to discuss it.

  22. When my kid's dad died I made a vow that they wouldn't lose me, too. If I had started dating while they were little I would've been gone from the house and from them and they would've effectively lost me, too. Jon and Kate need to work on raising these beautiful, creative, funny, and talented children and stop focusing on what "they" want. You only have them for a short while.

    My kids were a little younger than the Gosselin children when they lost their dad. My older one needed counseling, and the younger one had anger issues. Happens in all kinds of losses...they are grieving.

  23. Thank you Baby mama for this post. I am a strong advocate for kids seeing a counseler. My parents got divorced and I wish I had been taken to one. However I wish that the girls had a little more privacy. Seeing a psychologist ofter times comes with a negative stigma (although it shouldn't). They don't need to deal with teasing or anything like that.

    Kate, contunie to take care of yourself and those beautiful kids.

  24. The hair transplant episode freaked me out that someone would allow the doctor to cut a 6 inch by 1 inch piece of skin down to the muscle out of their head, with no guarantee of results. It's not the same as a tummy tuck. Based on the picture of above, the surgery did absolutely nothing for his hair loss.

  25. ''It was pretty clear that Kate put them up to that. But then, could you blame her?''

    How does a mother put her kids up to that??? Especially when there's 8 kids????

    Whoever said that stepped over the line, sounds like they just wanted in on the Gosselin Gossip Train

  26. I haven't seen recently that either parent has been taking these kids to church. Maybe they have but the paps don't publish those but I seriously hope that they would start bringing them again. All the kids would benefit from the stability and assurance that leaning on God brings. After all, that is how they were being raised previously and I would hope that they don't lose focus that at least the kids deserve God in their lives again.

  27. Counseling helped me a lot. It isn't like lying on couch and stuff. They probably see a family counselor not a pyschiatrist (I am speculating here). Counselors listen to you and help you make wise, emotionally healthy choices. I think it is great that the twins are in counseling because in the b-day and crooked house episode (most rescent in during heat of first cheating scandal) Mady and Cara seemed completely different. Remember how help and nice Mady and Cara were. I don't think that was them growing up. I think it was them sensing tension in the household.

    As for the tups.....they're too young. Five year olds in counseling probably wouldn't be that productive. Talking to mom/dad/teacher/ family friend/realtive might work out better. They will react differently then Mady and Cara because they are younger. Usually there is regression and acting out. While cara and mady are probably voalizing their feelings, the tups actions show their feelings. Overall the kids do look happy in many of paps' pics. Kids are resillant and i think they'll be fine.

    Also, the TLC insider is probably some intern who had never seen nor spoken to the Gosselins and may not even work for TLC. We can't trust that, but if the info they provided is true then it shouldn't have been said.

    Sorry for the long post, but on more thing.....

    Nice to see Jon's media training has come in handy (LOL). He's managed to make himself look like a complete jack a** in less than a month. And Kudos to Kate for not commenting on it because it is not worth it he makes himself look bad enough on his own.

  28. Kayla, your comments upset me and somewhat offend me. First psychiatrists can be just as helpful and wonderful as family counsellors. Second, five is not too young or counselling. I've worked with 3 year olds who's parents went through a divorce. No one can ever be too young. Divorce can even effect babies. So even though the 'tups are younger, they still can benefit and most likely need counselling.

  29. I don't post often but check here often (I'm addicted!) just to get the updates and input from other people. It is so funny how on the "hater" sites, people go on and on and exclaim the need for the Gosselin's and their drama to "go away" but if they weren't interested, they certainly wouldn't be reading or posting on those sites!

    I give so much credit to Kate for not talking -- to anyone. Though I do not think it's fair that we have all these pap pictures to gawk at their everyday life, it is a comfort to see her and the children maintaining some type of normalcy. As for any of the children "looking unhappy", I think that is simply because a camera is being shoved in their face! What child wants that?? I imagine that by now they are quite tired of seeing the paps and their cameras everywhere -- whereas Jon seems to be lapping it up. I think that they must indeed be sad and confused at times but I also think that they have their happy times, too. We can't judge anything on a picture that ANY "news" source gives us. They are probably tired of ANY limelight, photo shoots and cameras of any type.

    My children endured a divorce between their father and I and "jl", I commend you for the commitment that you made. I did not make such a commitment but I think an unasked for divorce makes you bitter and vindictive. You were obviously less selfish that the average person. My children did indeed survive but I never believed the "resilient" psycho-babble that people tried to give me. Yes, they are okay now but at 9 & 5, (same as the Gosselin's, right?) they were not!

    Remember one of the boys, I think it was Joel or Aiden maybe, that always cried when Daddy left to go anywhere? How attached he was? I feel so bad for him now! I imagine that all the kids are so sad but I do remember one of the boys just being distraught whenever Daddy left the house without him!

    As for the Glassman chick, perhaps the kids met her when the families were friends? With friends like that... And the statement that "Kate put the kids up to that"... please! Who can really say that? No child needs to be prompted to dislike someone that's by their father's side where their mom should be. Come on!

    I don't know about the current Jon thing. It really just seems more and more weird, doesn't it? Some time ago I thought that this was just some ratings producing thing and that by the beginning of the new season, they would reunite and all would be fine. I had even the conspiracy theory that TLC might have been behind putting him in those situations early on, just to get some excitement going on. But now, I think there are just some behind-the-scene things that we just didn't know about the couple. Their marriage must've endured far more stress than was being portrayed (as if that wasn't enough!).

  30. did you read about jon gosselin and his new reality show pitch....divorced dads club..........omg..he makes me sick

  31. I think its safe to agree to disagree regarding the matter of counceling. It's the same thing as parenting your child, and it's a matter of choice. Not everyone will agree with it. Not everyone will feel it's right. It's the parents choice to do what they feel is best for their own child. Period.

    Its been difficult to keep up with all the Jon rumors and drama. And I will add more to this post perhaps tonight. But I just feel that I will stick to the important topics....and not just gossip and rumors.

  32. So, all you fans of the Gosselins, will you be watching the show when it starts up again? It seems odd to me that people would take offence to an "insider" commenting on how the children act on any given day, but fans will happily tune in to see for themselves when the show airs. The sad thing is we never really know what is "real", because the "insider" could be on one side or the other, and the show is edited to look how the TLC producers want it to look. We never really get to see anything "real" on this reality show.

    Sorry for using so many "".

  33. Baby Mama said...
    I think its safe to agree to disagree regarding the matter of counceling. It's the same thing as parenting your child, and it's a matter of choice. Not everyone will agree with it. Not everyone will feel it's right. It's the parents choice to do what they feel is best for their own child. Period.
    Personally, I feel the children need counseling. There is nothing wrong with it. Even schools have counselors for children having issues.

    However, the courts may suggest counseling for the children and the parents may not have a choice.

    I do think that it should not have been made public that Mady and Cara are in counseling. Not that there is anything wrong with it but it is a private matter, Although I can also see them wanting everyone to know that the children are indeed getting help during this difficult time.

    I also hope the counselors do what is best for the children... and that the parents follow the advice of the counselors, even if it is to put a stop to the show.

  34. Jon said "she loves me for who I am and not what I do"....What in the world DOES he do????? So far, I have only seen him vactioning and socializing and going home to only "film", not to spend quality time with his kids? Really, he has some major issues. In the past season he talked of how he did "Everything for my kids"...haven't seen much of that lately.

    Poor Kate, I just want to give the woman a hug. :(

  35. Interesting development in reality television involving children:

  36. radaronline is reporting that kate is moving to maryland. obviously don't know if its true or not.

  37. Kate must be heartbroken when she has to "leave" the kids when Jon has his turn. The kids are probably so happy to see their father, because they do love him and don't see him very much, but Kate knows exactly what he has been up to ! Then when she returns the kids probably hate to see him leave, which I'm sure makes Kate heartbroken as well. I hope this doesn't bring her down. It's so complicated, I would be thinking the kids don't like it when I come home because their father goes away when I do.

  38. Baby Mama:
    People were commenting that YOU shouldn't have put it on your blog that they were in counseling? Or did you mean they were complaining about it being published in a tabloid? The info was already out there so there is nothing wrong with you posting it on your blog.

    And hopefully the parents of all these young children, as well as their playmates, do not let their children google or go on the computer without supervision. They also shouldn't have access to tv shows that have entertainment news or access to tabloid magazines. None of this is for children.

  39. Mary:
    I totally agree with you. It must be very difficult for everyone. However, Kate travelled for work before the divorce a lot so the kids have been dealing with this for a long time.

    Jon himself stated that that's what they've been doing for quite some time anyway.

    And since the rumors started earlier in the year that Jon wasn't living at home it seems it may have been something that they were dealing with before any of us were even aware of it. Very sad indeed.

    I still can't believe Jon and Kate weren't able to work this out where they both went to counseling and did whatever they needed to do to keep their marriage going, for themselves, as well as for their children. It's so sad that the children can't have both their parents with them at the same time.

  40. SchmeckyGirl~ The comments were directed at the fact that I should not have commented that they are receiving therapy. I made the decision to post the info and stick by it regardless of how others have felt.

    I report what I feel people would like to know about. I do NOT go to other sites and comment unless I tell you all first. So if you think its me its not. I also do not know if all stories posted on this site are in any way 100% accurate or truthful. I take them from the same places you read. So even though this is pretty much obvious, it's still important to clarify...

  41. Sneak peak at the next episode!

  42. .....I don't live in the area, but am wondering if Maryland is near Pennsylvania? Not being a divorced person, I can't judge, but it seems very odd that both parents don't get "second" homes near their children.

    Also, the photos of Jon at his home today make him look like he is on a crazy teenage rampage!!!!.....ugh....those poor children!!! Counselling is definitely in order for ALL of them.

  43. I do not understand at all either Jon or Kate wanting to live so far away from their kids. They both chose this location to live in and it is very weird to me that now it will be the kids' home but not really the parents. It's not like they both just went and got a cheap apartment in their own town. Would you want to be 2 or 3 hours away if something happened to your kids??? I don't understand what they're thinking on this one.

  44. Ok, disregard my last post! Im a goober and typed in Massachusetts versus Maryland! I didnt look at the map first :)

  45. Again, I am so confused! And as one poster put it that there are a bunch of lies and somewhere in the mix of it all is the truth. I live in Maryland and my husband works in Rockville. If reports are true, that is a very nice upscale neighborhood. Lots of great shopping =) Anyway, Discovery Head Quarters is only about 10 min. away (ok maybe like 10 miles so with the crazy traffic here its about 30 min.) so is that why she could be getting an apartment in MD? Just a thought. Also, why are they so far from there "home"?

    I am just thinking future here. In about 5 years or so when the divorce is final, the kids are getting older, used the fact that mom and dad are not together and Jon and Kate are dating again or even possibly going to re-marry (not each other) then what? On the weeks that it's Mommy's turn does she bring her significant other? Or when Daddy is there does he bring his? How confusing and weird would that be? Most divorce family's have two separate homes. Mom and Dads. I know that there family is not the "typical" but it isn't something they couldn't work with and each find their own home and the children, like most children of divorced families, go to each house. I just think that it gives a false impression to the kids by staying at the house and Mommy and daddy taking turns to "visit" with the kids. Just weird I guess.

  46. If I decide to watch next week's episode, and since it looks as if Jon will be in it, too, I will record the show first then wherever Jon appears, I plan on fast forwarding through him.

  47. Wait a minute... is Kate really moving to Maryland?!?!?! What is with these parents moving 3 hours away from their children?

  48. tiredmama:
    I'm with you. 3 hours away? Both of them? I dont' get it.

    Does anyone know if TLC is paying for both their homes? I sure hope so (although I don't know why they would) because I think it's disgusting that because they couldn't work on their marriage they are spending so much money on THREE homes.

    All that talk about how they need to continue the show for their livelyhood and to support 8 children and now so much money is going towards extra homes, lawyers, PR agents, etc. Disgusting.

  49. Okay so I just read "She's buying a condo in Rockville, a wealthy part of Montgomery County.
    Oh, by the way, bodyguard Steve Neild's office is in Rockville--just a block away from Kate's new place. All the easier to protect her!"

    So she bought a place a block away from her bodyguard? I never believed she was having an affair with him, but that was just because there was no proof. I still don't see any proof of it, however, that is just weird. Why would she move all the way to Maryland? And why so close to him? I can't see it just being a coincidence. He has to factor into it somehow. No?

  50. What if one of the kids has a school play or sports activity to watch? Does the "off" parent fly home to see them? Second homes at such a distance just seems ridiculous to me. That gives its' own message to the kids. It's almost as though the time away from them is like a personal holiday. I really find the whole situation very odd.

    And yet they have an unsold home on the market still in PA. Go figure.

    Sometimes I really do think that money can be the root of all evil.

  51. Completely agree SchmeckyGirl. A little too much for coincidence. I still don't understand why everyone hates Jon so much. Sure, he is making some serious mistakes, IMO, but they have both made mistakes. I think they have both skyrocketed to fame and fortune so fast that neither of them quite know how to handle things. And who's to say we might not do the same. The old saying about money corrupts absolutely, seems to fit in here somewhere. I hope that both of them start making smarter choices and realize that the money may not always flow in as freely as it is right now and even millions of dollars can evaporate quickly when spending as they currently are.

  52. This is a little off topic, but...
    I was just watching an older episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8. (Leah and Joel's Special Day) And I know that a lot of people have said this before, but Jon and Kate really looked happy together! I just can't believe that everything happened so fast, and that the whole situation spiraled out control without either of them making an effort to stay together. (At least as far as we know.) I couldn't help but think how happy, funny, kind, and loving they were on this particular show. Now everything is the complete opposite when we see them together. I've heard people say that Jon acted like a child, or that he was verbally controlling. And that Kate was a controlling freak, she has OCD, and that she gave Jon way to many "love taps". I've also heard that they got married to young, had kids to young, and should have never agreed to a TV show. I'm not saying that any of these things are right or wrong, but I am saying that any of them could have contributed to what has unraveled before our eyes. Also, I think that there was definitely something going on off-camera that we don't know about, something that probably only Jon and Kate know about. The main reason that I'm saying this is because while I was watching I was thinking to myself that only a year ago they were renewing their vows and planning a trip to Hawaii. I was just thinking how since then it seems like everything is going wrong with them and that we will never really know for sure what happened. And maybe it's best like that. Just a thought!

  53. Ok, this whole things is really troubling. I'm not a hater or a fan but these children are essentially living in a fancy compound while their parents live over 3 hours away.This is not stability or conducive to their future. Someone needs to sit their mother and father down and remind them of their responsibilities.

  54. allibrootob:
    I agree with you big time. Except for: Sometimes I really do think that money can be the root of all evil.
    Not to nitpick but it's "the LOVE of money is the root of all evil".

  55. Just Jared is reporting that Jon is taking a group of friends to Vegas at the end of August. I guess he still doesn't get that he has eight kids at home, and that he shouldn't be out partying. They also say that Jon has found out that Kate had $100,000 in the house. How could he possibly think that it is a good idea to announce to the world (including stalkers) that they have a huge amount of money in there home?

  56. Set in the cleft said "It is so funny how on the "hater" sites, people go on and on and exclaim the need for the Gosselin's and their drama to "go away" but if they weren't interested, they certainly wouldn't be reading or posting on those sites!"

    I know right! This family is far from going away as long as there are eyes and ears turned towards the family, and hungry tongues waiting to spew gossip and judgement, show or no show.

  57. This is funny. What if Kate had to get a real job and went to work and tried to sell fundraising stuff for all 8 of her kids. Her coworkers would kill her. I read this funny story about it:

  58. I live in MD could this really be turn hmm i wonder.

  59. hugegosselinfan said...
    Just Jared is reporting that Jon is taking a group of friends to Vegas at the end of August. I guess he still doesn't get that he has eight kids at home, and that he shouldn't be out partying. They also say that Jon has found out that Kate had $100,000 in the house. How could he possibly think that it is a good idea to announce to the world (including stalkers) that they have a huge amount of money in there home?
    Supposedly he has a public appearance booked in Vegas so it would be a "business trip" and a "business expense" just like they've always done. Hopefully Kate will be home with the kids when he is away. I really hope at least one parent is always with them.

    As for the $100,000.00 it was an "insider" that claimed that Jon said that. Jon didn't make any statements about it himself. Supposedly he confided in someone that he thinks Kate is hiding a lot of money including that 100k so that he doesn't get any of it.

  60. Radar on Line failed to mention that Kate's condo is a short distance from TLC Headquarters (hence why Steve's firm may have been hired as bodyguards). Maybe Kate is working for TLC in some capacity when it is not her time with the kids.

    Did Kate take the boys with her? I have seen pictures of Jon with the girls since he has been home but not the boys?

  61. Is it just speculation or did Kate really buy a house??

    I hope that these are just rumors.

  62. UGH Ohh no..If Jon is doing a personal appearance in Vegas, am I going to have to give him his own appearance schedule sidebar too?? :) Could someone e-mail me if they know about this?

    Paige, thanks so much for giving me the heads up. I myself totally forgot about the TLC headquarters. People as so busy trying to force the whole bodyguard thing, the conveniently miss out on the real deal!

    If anyone is going to next weeks Kate appearance in Texas please let me know! I need a re-capper for that event. Thanks!

  63. Okay so if TLC's headquarters are near Kate's new condo, I really don't see how that justifies her (or Jon) moving 3 hours away from their children.

    I personally think Jon and Kate are both wrong for that. Three hours is a long way away from your children.

    Besides an emergency situation... what about all the other stuff? School plays or shows or games? What if one girl needs her mother for a "private" "girl" matter or something? If Kate lived close by she could actually be there for them. 3 hours away??? As a mother I find this very disturbing.

    And if it's wrong for Jon to do it, which I personally feel it is, it's just as wrong for Kate to do it.

  64. .......I'd love to know more about Jon's public appearance and what it is people will pay money to hear him say at this point in time? lol.

    I find the majority of tabloid information is from "an insider" and truthfully believe all of it with a grain of salt to say the least.

    Regarding the distances from home, I still personally feel both parents always need to be close to their children for a variety of reasons that ultimately contribute to their children's overall sense of ease and comfort.

  65. I find Kate and Jon's new living situation to be very odd. I get that they want to keep their children's lives as "normal" as possible, same house, same school systme, near friends and family. I get it.

    Are the kids ever going to see their parent's new "homes"? Or are Jon and Kate just going to tell the kids that they are on a work trip?

    I guess their arrangement is so odd to me because in all the divorced families that I have come in contact with, including my parents divorce when we were small, I have never seen this arrangement.

    I know that so much will change in the next few months/years for this family. And the arranagements that they make now might not always serve them. But in the mean time, it is all very odd to me!

    Hoping to go see Kate in September in Ohio. Babymama, do you have any idea when she would be talking? I really don't want to go to the whole 8 hour show!!! Thanks!

  66. I am not sure of why Jon chose a condo in NY, other then he thought that he could enjoy the "perks" of the City and maybe he thought that he would be able to disappear more easily in the millions of people. Again, I think that his choices are more selfish and are based on fulfilling his own needs.

    I have to think that there is a reason for Kate's decision to go to Maryland. Maybe TLC has offered her a job position with them, that she will work on, when Jon has the kids. Lets face it, who even knows if they will end up finishing the show, so maybe she is working on some future opportunities.

    And I guess the long and short of is, that both these choices may not be permanent decisions, but something just for now.

  67. When are they going to stop spending money? I am one who loved the show when they were living in their normal sized home. You could just tell their personalities changed when they moved into the million dollar home. I just can't see liking the show this season, with knowing so much. They are no longer the average family surviving with 8 kids that we enjoyed watching. Now it is almost a scripted show with Kate demonstrating how she can make it without a man. I also noticed in the preview Jon is taking shots at Kate about her possibly complaining about the new floor. Lame. I don't want to watch a show with a divorced couple taking shots at each other.

  68. Kate is ALSO moving away from her children? OMG. This is terrible. How is that going to make those poor kids feel?
    I bet they call Kate by the nanny's name even more these days, I'll never forget when she said that on the season premiere. I mean I know it's an innocent mispoken word, but it has to make you stop and I spending enough quality time with my children.
    The twins are almost 9. Time flies. Soon they'll be 13. I forsee a LOT of problems with these two (well probably even more with the tups, but the twins will be teenagers before you can blink!)
    Imagine feeling like your parents FLY into town to spend a week with you, then go back to their "other life". Mady and Cara will be growing up way too fast, they'll feel like they HAVE to because that living situation is questionable.
    I know it seems like they're doing it "for the kids" so they have stability. But then why buy condos like 3 hours away from then? Total insanity. What if there is a soccer game, or a play, for BOTH parents to attend...these two are just gonna fly in for everything? Do I see a private plane in Kate's future? It'll be pink, I'm sure. With a matching blue one for Jon.
    The way these two are spending money, they're going to be OUT of it in no time. I read online Jon bought a pair of shoes that cost like $900.
    WHAT?!? Is he just doing it to get back at Kate, with her closet full of fancy shoes? These two are really making me sick these days. Between Jon's Ed Hardy clothes, and Kate's mani/pedi/tanning/hair striping, I can't even imagine spending like that. Talk about high maintenance. I wonder if Kate ever misses the days she'd wake up, throw on whatever to wear, and play with her kids.

  69. Nick Name~asking when they will stop spending money is unfair. Jon & Kate can do with their funds whatever they see fit. Although I am the first to agree that Kates place does seem a bit far, if this is where she wants to stay in order ot be happy away from her kids I say good for her. She is entitled just as Jon is. NY for me does feel as far to PA since I do it (although infrequently) back and forth.

    I know many feel that they are not the same struggling couple as before, thats a given. Many people liked to watch that because that was the only thing they could relate to. But if I had that kind of money I would do the same, so I dont judge. I just hope that this living arrangement does work for them. Because it does seem odd to me that they would both share the house and be divorced. If Kate is happy in her new place and has firends that could help her during this hard time, then I hope it works for her.

    BEE! I miss ya girl.. how are you?? Haven't seen you in a bit ;) I hope to have a better idea next week what Kates appearance time is. I am soo psyched that your going! E-mail me privately because I want pics and a recap if you can. It seems like a great event.

  70. Baby Mama:

    A portion of the article:

    Next week, "Jon & Kate" returns. The show, which follows the life of Jon and Kate Gosselin and their eight kids, went from timid to tabloid. The couple's very public marital woes have played out on the small screen and in every gossip rag, and earlier this summer TLC put the show on hiatus after the spouses split.

    Although all of this has been great for business -- the audience for the show has skyrocketed with the last episode, which ran in June and drew a record 10.6 million viewers -- it also has led to criticism that the network is exploiting the couple's problems for commercial gain.

    The guarded O'Neill, who was instrumental in the development of "Jon & Kate" when it initially premiered on Discovery Health Channel, acknowledges that documenting the rocky road that the Gosselins are traveling has been "tough to navigate."

    "Their status as a couple has obviously been disappointing; we can't change anything about people's lives," she said, adding that the show had "delivered for the family things that were important to them ... opportunities for them and the kids."

  71. I understand that people feel that both Jon and Kate need to be happy in their new situation. I agree... to a degree.

    I don't think their happiness should override their children's happiness and/or their children's needs. Living 3 hours away from your children does not fit their needs. It seems selfish to me.

    I thought maybe there were more "business opportunities" for Jon in NYC, but even that is not a good excuse. 3 hours! I just can't fathom it. Seriously. They have 8 kids. The chances of one parent being there for all their school or extracurricular activites at the same time is very questionable.

    As for Jon spending close to $1000.00 on a pair of shoes. Ridiculous. If it was a one time thing then fine but he shops at Gucci and all the other very high end stores. And I'm sorry, but he doesn't look it.

    I will say that Kate does not seem to spend a lot of money on her clothes. I shop at Ann Taylor all the time myself and they are not expensive. They are very reasonably priced, almost inexpensive if you ask me. LOFT is even less expensive. And her shoes? Some of the ones she was wearing that she has in different colors weren't even real leather and they were about $50 at LOFT.

    She does seem to "spa" a lot and that costs money too but if they have money aside for the children (and I don't just mean college funds) then I don't really care all that much about that stuff. (Personally I feel all those children are entitled to a percentage of the show, although I know many don't agree with that.)

    What is important to me is that they spend quality time with their children and not just for the "show". I can't help but feel that everything they do now is "scripted". I always knew they did things for the show, but now it all just seems "fake" to me. I'm very disappointed that I feel that way. I guess I have to wait and see for myself.

    So does this mean they won't have the special days for the kids anymore? A quick trip to Starbucks or UPS doesn't count. Those poor kids need quality family time. I don't see them getting it.

  72. SchmeckyGirl~ I don't understand how you could possibly see that Kate doesn't live and breathe her kids, even based on the small fractions of time that you see them. I live for my kids, but I also take great pains in taking large amounts of time out for myself. I go to spas, get my nails done, I have girls weekends and outings. Does that mean I love my kids any less? Its not a good statement IMO.

    They have the money now. To spend on things they obviously would never have a year or two ago. A lot of us including myself if I came into that kind of fast money would do the same. Not that anyone agrees with it, mainly because they do not have that type of disposable income. Jon is doing in because he never held the purse strings. We all know hes wasting money. I don't think Kate in all her frugality (which I love by the way) would ever do that. I think its a slap in the face to her and for some reason many men would probably do something like that. Not realizing what the repercussions may be in the long run. The show has always been scripted in a way, to have an event for the day. I never felt that was an issue. But every parent in their own way spends time with their kids. There are 8 remember? Its not always going to be equal or perfect.

    In fact, other than this place, I haven't seen Kate spend a dime. We don't know whats gifted and what isn't, but you go Kate. Keep on getting anything free. I would. We all know with the recession the freebie days will eventually end. We all know the reason why they take each individual kid with them is because its their little moment to spend alone with them. I think they discussed that on a show once. I am sure Kate spends plenty of loving alone time with her kids. I quick trip to Starbucks or UPS DOES COUNT thank you very much! I do it every day.

  73. Oh Baby Mama all I can say is that I hope, through this all, (and since we cannot turn back time), that the children's financial futures are secure. It is the least that they deserve and are owed. I really feel that based on what we are reading, that the money end of this, is going to get really, really ugly, as I can see both sides, digging in their heels. What a shame, two people who were given such opportunities, they could have done so much and gone so far for themselves and their family. It really is sad.

  74. And I agree Baby Mama... Kate is entitled to live like so many other wives and mothers, that run their errands, get their hair and nails done, and buy clothes at stores in the mall. There are other wives and mothers that cannot do this or chose to not do this and than there are the other wives and mothers that are the other extreme and live ten times more extravagantly. And you cannot tell me that if the shoe was on the other foot, that we would not be doing the same thing, if we had financial security. I know that I would and that's why I play the lottery, as I am too old to try and have five more kids. My point is the money did change them, it had to change them. They have eight kids, they deserved a bigger house. And in Jon's case, I really feel that a lot of what he is doing is to be mean and spiteful. He says one thing, but then he does something else to totally contradict what he says. His words and actions do not mesh. And with Kate, I think that she has always been tighter with the money, because she had to be and I think that she tries to get the most value out of her money. And she is not jetting off to France with her "Stylist" drinking champagne on a yacht or trying to "hide" in the Hamptons. She is not pushing her new "boytoy" on swings or hanging out in the City trying to be a "jetsetter". She is doing normal things that most middle class mothers do.

  75. Baby Mama:
    I think you misunderstood me. I have no problem with Kate or any other parent going to the spa or getting their hair and/or nails done. I do that myself. I mentioned it because someone else mentioned all the money she spends on herself doing that stuff.

    I wrote "She does seem to "spa" a lot and that costs money too but if they have money aside for the children then I don't really care all that much about that stuff." So I wasn't ragging on her or anyone else for spending money or time doing that. In fact I was defending it.

    As for trips to Starbucks and UPS, I'm sorry but I don't think that counts as quality family time. I take my girls everywhere, shopping and errands, etc and we spend time together and it's nice but that time is not exclusively devoted to them.

    It can't take the place of one-on-one time doing something for them or take the place of family vacations and family game nights, etc. I feel there is a difference. Especially for people that have the time to do it like Jon and Kate do. And the money. Not everyone has the luxury to spend quality time with their children. That is what I was referring to.

    And let's not forget that Jon and Kate both said that they wanted to continue doing those special days for the children (not just errands) because they felt they were so important and much needed. I just saw the episodes today. I'm just hoping they do continue doing it. But I'm not holding my breath.

  76. Oh, and I would just like to add that I vacation at least once, if not twice, a year as well as small trips for a few days during the summer to Dutch Wonderland with my husband and daughters but I would definitely still take any and all freebies that anyone offers me (as long as I don't have to sell my soul to the devil). I don't dispute that.

  77. Oh, and I do not agree that Kate lives and breathes her children. I do believe she loves them but I don't get the feeling that she "lives and breathes them". It's just not something I feel when watching her interact with them. I could be dead wrong. I just don't see it.

  78. Jodi and Kevin are scheduled for the CBS morning show tomorrow.

  79. Heads up...Just read that Jodi and Kevin are going to be on the "Early Show" later on today.

  80. Denise~ Thanks so much for the heads up! After seeing all the stories with Jodi and Kevin paying off their second home equity loan with the money they made speaking it made me sick. Not that they helped themselves to get out of debt, but they did so at the expense of hurting their family on National TV. Why are they on now?? Do they need an extension on the house? I am soo mad right now!!

  81. I definitely think that she lives and breathes for those kids and she has taken advantage of these opportunities for them and to secure their future, they just do not show her being a real lovey dovey mother. I think that she has always had to have the tougher persona out of the two, because Jon was the weaker one. It happens in my house too, I come off as the tougher parent, because my husband likes to be a kid, with my kids. And it will be tougher physically, because now she will not have Jon there with her to at least be another pair of hands, And as the kids get older, they will become more self sufficient, and it will get easier physically, but mentally harder.

  82. NJMOM~ What they are doing is so wrong on so many levels. They already paid off their debt (I saw on a blog that they took out what 2 home equity loans and paid in FULL in 2 months??) If anyone finds me the link again I would appreciate it! For tomorrow, if anyone is interested. I will tape it. I can't sit though that for hours ;)

    Along with the top news of the day, here’s a look at what we’re working on for tomorrow’s broadcast:

    Jon and Kate relocate–now, what about the eight? Now, that the reality stars have gone their separate ways–with Jon moving to the Upper West Side, Manhattan and Kate reportedly relocating to Rockville, Maryland–they are working on keeping their hit TLC series alive, but is it healthy for their kids? Kate’s brother Kevin Kreider and his wife Jodi have been outspoken critics of the show and the effects it is having on their nieces and nephews. They’ll join us in the studio tomorrow to talk about why they believe it’s time for Jon and Kate to put an end to the series once and for all.

  83. REALLY...All I can say is UGH!!!

  84. "They already paid off their debt (I saw on a blog that they took out what 2 home equity loans and paid in FULL in 2 months??) "

    If you can source this I have a friend in the media I will send it to.

  85. They pretty much slammed TLC and talked about the kids privacy.

  86. I put it on the dvr. I scanned it this morning and didnt see it. I thought I taped the correct thing. What time was it on?

    RE: Jodi & Kevin, Im trying to remember where I saw the info. I will look for it but if anyone knows let me know.

  87. its on Radar somewhere, but read this for more info:

  88. There was a post #51 on Just Jared 7/23 Kate Major Resigns and I also saw the Matt Heckman's Blog...Very interesting.

  89. I watched Kevin and Jodi on the early show.

    Basically they said they wanted to make sure that the children are protected. They mentioned a trust fund set aside for each child, less hours being filmed, and more privacy when it comes to personal moments. They didn't say they should stop the show, they just said the children need to be protected.

    They also mentioned that they are speaking out so that someone in the PA government will listen and be a voice for the children because PA does not have laws for children on tv like NY and CA does.

    They also said that they still speak to Jon and Kate and that their relationship was a bit better but that Jon and Kate won't listen to their advice and that TLC kind of gets in their way. They said each time Jodi and Kevin speak out it does put a strain on their relationship but they do it out of love for their nieces and nephews.

    They did not speak about Jon or Kate or dating, etc.

  90. Kevin and Jodi are NO BETTER!!!If they were so holier then thou they would take 0 for speaking about the kids. Its really making me sick how many ppl can money off 8 children and nothing is done about it!! I really don't know how Kate doesn't freak out more!! I know I would!!


    Have you seen this one yet?

  92. I was just viewing the pics of Jon and the girls outside their house being filmed for the show. Is no one else here bothered by how close the cameras and crew are to them during filming? And this is outside where there is plenty of room. I can't imagine how crowded and close it is inside the house. No wonder Kate doesn't want them on top of her in the kitchen. But what about the kids?

    I always thought they were further away but they really don't give them much space. Seeing it in pictures just makes a huge difference for me. I never really thought about it before.


    So Kate changed her mind. I wonder why.

  95. I read the Matthew Heckman Blog. He doesn't seem very credible himself. And he seems a bit unstable, not to mention illiterate.

    He claims they only go to tabloids. CBS is not a tabloid.

    And extortion? A bizarre accusation if you ask me.

  96. BabyMama, why do you suddenly believe everything you read on "some blog" when you have said over and over that you don't trust anything unless you hear it from the source?

  97. Another rumor squashed. Kate is not buying a condo in Maryland. According to the realtor for the condos where Kate supposedly bought, she has never even met Kate.,,20294800,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

    Of course, Radar On Line, since they got the story wrong is claiming that she changed her mind at the last minute. And GWOP folks are claiming that Kate read their blog and backed out.

  98. Yowza I thought this was supposed to be a fan site? With all the criticism & judgement about where they choose to live and where they spend their money I just don't see the fan in the site anymore. I can see having discussions about the facts but now the comments are filled with little more than speculation aka gossip.

    I could only imagine what Kate (or Jon) would think if they read the comments.....

    Like we all agree with family like Kevin and Jodi who needs enemies; Well if I dare say so it could be also be said about some "fans"

  99. Terri~ I wanted to address your post but don't really know what to say. I agree with you that many of the fans of the show are very upset with the way Jon has been portraying himself in these short few weeks. I have been a bit more lax in allowing a lot more posts to go through that normally I wouldn't. But this is how I am feelng right now. There are hate sites dedicated to bashing Kate, and in no way to I want to be accused of having a Jon bashing site.

    Most importantly, this is still a fan site. And it may have turned into the place to criticize Jon, but I do still feel you can be a fan of the show and not be happy with things. I do not allow bashing of Kate, but that doesnt mean I do not allow thoughts of anger or fustration to have a voice. I have obviously been behind Kate from day one of my blog, and as stated many times will continue to do so.

    I hope that once the show starts, this can become more about the cute adorable kids again and less about the antics of Jon. But again, this is whgat happens in most every blog..the feelings of the owner dicate what posts will be shown.

  100. KathiD~ Sorry, I didn't see your comment and wanted to respond to you as well. I never said that I beleived everything I read regarding Matt's blog. I am still looking for the exact link that shows the money they owed was paid in 3 weeks. I only showed that link to say that the info is out there it will just take time to find it. For all the trolls that obsess over my site and locating my personal information, could I ask that you use your time more productivly and remind me what site the mortage link was on and on what site?(lol)

    Anyway, I dont know what you comment was referring to. But I did say many times recently that I am reporting what is out there, and I am not 100% sure if its the truth. In order to have all the stories out there and be current in all things Gosselin, I may have to report things from gossip sites like Radar. So tell me where you would prefer for me to have only a few posts that are from my perspective 100% truth, or have all the relevant stories out there and make up your own mind..Let me know and perhaps I will do a poll where the majority vote would perhaps dictate how my site is run in the future.

  101. I am not sure this will be read, but I felt the need to air my feelings a little bit.

    One, I never took sides, and still don't when marriages break up there is never just one person to blame, both play a part in a disintigration of the marriage. That said some very bad choices have been made, and have been magnified and twisted by all the coverage. While I am interested in the family and how they make out through this situation, I feel badly that it is so public and that people are just grasping at any little thing go get their 5 secs.

    Second, it troubles me that the twins in therapy is being portrayed as a bad thing. I think it is responsible for these girls to have someone responsible and impartial to what is going on to talk to. Many children go to therapy to help them deal with a divorce. Kudos to the Gossleins for againg doing what it takes to help them through this. There should be no stigma attached to them going to therapy.

    Lastly, give these kids a bit of space! I think it is atrocious that people are commenting on the kids misbehaving and being "bratty." Serioulsy folks, they are kids and they deserve a bit of respect without people observing them under a microscope and reporting on bad behavior.

    Like it or not the kids don't really have a say in their situation, their parents have made tough decisions in the last few months and are doing what they can to provide a good future for these kids - keeping food on the table, a roof over their heads, and 8 college tuitions I am sure weighed in heavily on their decisions.

    I know we all want to keep updated, but I really wish people would give all of the family a bit of space and respect, as you would like as you go through a life changing time in your life...

  102. I don't know if I should add this to the new post or put it here. A few people were e-mailing me as to where I got my information from re: Jodi & Kevin paying off $92,000 the last week of May.

    So as to whether I know what I'm posting about...make up your own minds