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Jon Gosselin & Kate Major's Hamptons Getaway With Jill Zarin, Kate Removes Her Wedding Ring The first photos have emerged of Jon Gosselin and his new Kate, former Star magazine reporter Kate Major, from their romantic Hamptons getaway.

Click here for more photos of Gosselin and Major in Southampton

The duo posed for shots with their double date from Wednesday evening--Real Housewives of New York's Jill Zarin and her husband Bobby.

Click here for exclusive details about their dinner

Gosselin and the hard-partying blond are currently shacked up at the Long Island, NY home of Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael.Zarin spoke out to press about the dinner, claiming Jon and Major were most certainly an item. She was, however, skeptical about Gosselin involving himself with a younger woman who had designs on a marriage and family.

Kate Makes The Painful Decision To Remove Her Wedding Ring: Us

One month after filing for divorce from Jon, Kate Gosselin has finally removed her wedding ring. She was spotted without the bling today while on a coffee run with her oldest twin, Cara, 8, near her $1.1-million home in Reading, Penn. Cara drank a Frappuccino. The duo also stopped by the dentist and a Kinko's store.

See more photos of Kate and Cara's coffee date.

Yesterday, Kate, Cara and Mady took a stretch limo to Philadelphia to watch a Jonas Brothers concert. Meanwhile, Jon has been hanging out with Kate Major in the Hamptons. They went out for dinner with Michael Lohan and Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin Wednesday. While Jon has not confirmed a romantic relationship, Major resigned from her job as a tabloid reporter at Star Thursday, citing a conflict of interest after she "fell" for the dad of eight.

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  1. I am thoroughly confused. Is it Hailey now or Kate #2?

    Kate did not have her ring on at the concert either.

  2. First Off, I am a huge Real Housewives fan. I DVR all the shows and watch them at night before bed. My favorites were New York (obviously) and Atlanta. I happen to like all secure women who go for theirs you know? And I love, love Mama Bear Jill Zarin.

    That being said, I'm super confused as to why she was out with Jon Gosselin and this women. First off she is constantly on shows talking about them. Why? Isn't she on Showbiz Tonight discussing this family as well? Seriously, its one thing to have a Bravo Blog and discuss your sister shows. But seeing this odd double date was almost as uncomfortable as Jon sleeping for days with Kate 2.0 at Michael Lohans house.. Michael Lohan!

    How does this odd group even know each other? And why is Jon, who's supposed to be in love now with Haily, stay for days hiding in this guys house without even seeing his kids? UGH, this is such a hot mess I can't stand it anymore. Even the haters are getting whiplash because they don't know who to snark on....

  3. "Zarin did add, "He seems like a great dad."

    The group congregated after Lohan, Gosselin and Major ran into Jill Zarin on the street late in the day Wednesday. The mayor is an old pal of Lohan's and also happens to be executive director of Seafield, a rehab facility in Westhampton, where Lohan has been a patient, he tells PEOPLE. "

    curiouser and curiouser,,20293185,00.html

  4. "Even the haters are getting whiplash because they don't know who to snark on...."

    Don't jump on me, I've been behaving myself!!
    (insert smiley face)

  5. I can't believe all of this is happening out of nowhere. I still think season 4 was all for the camera, and they were already having serious relationship issues. I think that is why Jon said at the end of Season 4 and beginning of Season 5 that he wanted out. It wasn't because of the paparazzi, he did not want to put on a charade anymore for the camera.

  6. Jon....Jon.....Jon..... I am wondering does he remember that he fathered 8 babies.....he has children that he needs to spend time with instead of a double date with Zarin's.

    Come on Jon.....pull your head out of your a**!!

  7. it is being like sacrilegious !

  8. Normally I don't like being snarky, but where is Hailey? Girlfriend is probably sitting on her bed emptying her purse, and looking at the bottom checking to see what she got out of him. At least she got to go to San Tropez., get a diamond skull ring, something from Gucci and some smokes right? ;) uhh I cant do's too sad..

  9. I hope Kate's lawyer has Jon on Google alerts! This is going to be the easiest case s/he has ever tried!

  10. Land of motherhood: when it's one parents turn to have the kids, the other parent can't be around anyway; as far as I understand it.

    Off topic, I was just remembering the episode when Jon & Kate were talking about the day they first met, at the picnic. Jon said he had a girlfriend at the time, and Kate then said "she was gone the next day." It seems to be Jon's pattern to jump right from one woman to another; is what I'm saying. However; I still don't believe Kate Major's story because it's just so odd!...not yet anyway!

    As far as Hailey goes; she definitely could be a hindrance to custody proceedings. That said; I was beyond wild when I was her age, it was just a phase, and I'm glad I grew out of it. None of my friends can believe the stories of my past, and I'm not proud of a lot of it.
    ...let's just say I will NEVER run for public office?
    But people DO change, let those without sin cast the first stone. Jon and Kate have sure changed. I saw a repeat the other day, it was a few years old, and I was startled how smiley Jon was, when he looked at Kate. And she even complimented him. Ah the good old days.

  11. MAN HO! That is how i am feeling as of late. So far hasn't he only spent time with the kids once since the separation? His kids need him to stop being the towns bike (everyone gets a ride) and to act like a father. until he does that maybe he should not be around them.
    I really respect how Kate has been handling everything! She is someone I have looked up to for over a year now.

  12. A few random comments:

    First of all, Congrats Baby Mamma on a wonderful review about your blog! On the same note, thanks for all you do to let everyone express their feelings as well while keeping things pleasant and fun to be here. It takes a lot of hard work and I do appreciate it.

    Second random comment, I was on Twitter and I noticed a comment from either Molly or Jeremy Roloff from Little People Big World (sorry can't remember which one now) to Kate (realgosselin) saying they supported her and that they were glad she and Jon were still friends. I'm pretty sure they are both real accounts b/c the Roloffs posted pictures of themselves and Kate's account has not been suspended yet and I've been following for a while. What does everyone make of that? I can't imagine that after everything that has happened lately that Kate could have any friendly feelings toward Jon.

    Third random comment, it really pissed me off that when Kate took the kids to the Jonas Brothers concert, the thing people on other blogs chose to snark about was the fact that they arrived in a limo. For Pete's sake has it not ever been done where a mom wanted to make something extra special for her kids? I am so sure Kate was not trying to appear all Hollywood & showoffy by coming in the limo. I'm positive it was her way of doing something really special for her girls especially since they have had a tough time of it lately. On a more pleasant note, the girls looked beautiful and so grown up.

    Final random comment, won't it be awkward for Jon having another Kate? He could barely say his wife's name of late. Kinda weird. Then again it's not like she'll be around that long anyway. I bet Hailey wasn't expecting that abrupt dumping if that's what really happened. Never have I seen a man so lost and screwed up!!!

  13. Just seen yeaterday's Oprah it was a repeat of when Jon & Kate were on there early this year and we all now know they were having problems but you would never guess from the footage. So it has me wondering how long has this really been an act???? I love Kate and the kids (Use to love Jon until recently) but I fell like I was duped into believing they were still this happy couple making it work.

  14. According to E! Jon is now trying to get his own reality show highlighting his single life?Thought he didn't like all the media attention. If he's trying to get on VH1 no surprise there since there's so many trashy people already on those shows.

  15. The parent may not be able to be around but what he is doing is just disgusting!! And now the kids money is being wasted on his stupid PR person!! He gets caught with his pants down and then expects his kids to bail him sad!

  16. Kate is the bomb! You go girl, I wish her all the luck in the world! By the way, she is looking hotter and hotter each time I see her!!!

  17. Could someone please explain WHY Mady and Cara (and Kate) deserve to be driven by LIMOSINE to a Jonas brothers concert. What exactly is their talent/claim to fame? In these hard economic times actions such as these are truely disgusting! And who gives a rat's behind whether Kate removes her (free?) wedding ring or not!

  18. Nick Name said...
    I can't believe all of this is happening out of nowhere. I still think season 4 was all for the camera, and they were already having serious relationship issues. I think that is why Jon said at the end of Season 4 and beginning of Season 5 that he wanted out. It wasn't because of the paparazzi, he did not want to put on a charade anymore for the camera.

    That's what I've been saying for months. Jon didn't wanted to be Jon FROM Jon and Kate Plus 8 the TV show. He was tired of being someone he's not.

    I think we've all been had. They've been "acting" for the show. I don't think Kate gave Jon a "contract to cheat"... I think Jon just had to stick to the TLC contract and act like the happy husband while taping and could live however he wanted off the show. I guess no one realized he wouldn't be discreet about it.

    Is it disgusting? Yes. Absolutely. I'm just glad it's out in the open now. Just sorry that the kids have to know.

    That's why TLC has to keep rewording their new season's show descriptions. First it was "while Jon was away" because that's how they were going to make it seem.

    I think that's why they had to go on hiatus. Not to give the family time to heal, but to re-edit all the shows and do new voiceovers. They probably had so many "reasons" and "explanations" as to why Jon and Kate weren't together in any of the footage. Now they can't show it like that or it will be known they were lying to cover up their separation.

    Of course I will be watching the shows to see how they put them all together... I just don't think I will believe anything said or done on camera. *sigh

  19. I just don't know how they could publicly renew their vows last August on that show, and make a huge deal of why they did it, to show their kids how committed they were and how they would be together forever, yada yada yada...

    And now Jon is acting like this.

    I just. Don't. Get it.

  20. This whole entire fiasco is beyond ridiculous! And the situation certainly looks like a Britney-type public melt down in the making.

    I do not profess to being a Kate fan. In my opinion she made her own contributions to the dissolution of this marriage. However Jon’s behavior over the past few weeks has been disgraceful. In spite of my lack of sympathy for Kate, I would still not wish this disaster of a soon to be ex husband upon anyone.

    Regardless of how she treated him in the past - and to say she was rude and disrespectful is an understatement - she does NOT deserve to be put in the position he has now forced upon her: having to protect her children from their own father’s antics.

    I don’t believe I am exaggerating when I imply that this resembles the paparazzi chronicled days leading up the final commitment of Britney Spears into a mental institution. That’s exactly what this is beginning to look like. And it was the public’s continued rubber necking of Britney’s bizarre behavior that fed into the paparazzi frenzy to capture every moment.

    I know that everyone here has ended up together because of their love of the show and their genuine affection for this family. But maybe the best thing the world could do for them now would be to back away and allow them their privacy. If there is no audience for the stories that the paparazzi are chasing I expect that they would soon give up the chase and search out different victims.

    It’s not fair that JON’s bad behavior and JON’s poor personal choices would have the ability to dictate what WE choose to watch or read or discuss in a public forum, but that’s kind of what’s happening. He’s screwing up his life - and in turn quite possibly screwing up his kids. But if my refusing to play along, by no longer watching, no longer reading the stories, no longer commenting on what he does on line - could somehow lessen the media appeal of reporting on him and his floozy of the hour - then I would be more than willing to NOT watch.

    How horrible is it that perfect strangers seem to care more about the best interest of the Gosselin kids than their own father does? I do give Kate credit for NOT commenting, and for continuing the normal routine of day to day life for her kids. I do not care for her personally, but I respect her handling of this unspeakable situation with grace and dignity. I’m not Team Kate, and most certainly not Team Jon. Guess I’m Team Gosselin kids, and as such, will try to respect their privacy.

  21. Just occured to me. I bet he was schtupping the chick at the gym when he was going. Remember her? They seemed very cozy to me even at the time but I couldn't get myself to say it out loud. Remember the episode where he brings the boys to the gym? She is so giggily and smiles and touches him ... ugh. I bet!

  22. I don’t imagine that anyone at TLC, when they initially met the Gosselins, taped the first 2 specials, initiated the idea for an on going show, would have thought of the need for a behavior clause in their contract - something that would outline the morals and ethics that are demanded of a “family” based reality show.

    This sweet, honest, Christian family, the one we all met and fell in love with at the beginning, would not have inspired any such idea. It was beyond the realm of possibility to imagine that one day this honest, hard working couple who were such an inspiration to young parents across America, would become front page tabloid fodder in every supermarket across the country.

    I doubt that any executive sitting behind those big desks at TLC expected they’d be fielding media questions about the fidelity of their Christian stars or madly trying to re-work their pre-taped episodes in order to keep up with the ever changing dynamics of what this reality show family is trying to portray versus the reality of what they are now living, being up dated minute by minute across the web.

    Now they are in a position in which they are bound by contract to continue the show: a show now that has the father playing musical beds in Manhatten, a mother being demonized on multiple hate sites, and children whose mental health and well being and very futures are being speculated about by every web-site diploma psychologist crawling out of the woodwork trying to get their own 15 minutes of fame by riding on the coat tails of 8 innocent kids who did not ask to be where they are today.
    It’s too bad they weren’t able to predict the future when they were writing those contracts. Maybe if Jon Gosselin had someone, somewhere telling him to cut it out or he’d be kicked off the gravy train for violating the morals clause of his contract, none of us would be worrying about his kids someday “googling” him.

    I don’t believe he was ever concerned about that possibility, regardless of what he said on the interview couch. If he did, he wouldn’t be doing all of the google worthy things he’s doing. I’m sure that some writer behind the scenes wrote that bit of dialogue for him.

  23. SchmeckyGirl said...
    Of course I will be watching the shows to see how they put them all together... I just don't think I will believe anything said or done on camera. *sigh
    I don't understand that. Then why will you be watching in the first place if you wont believe anything anyways then? Don't make no sense AT ALL.

    And to address the fact that some people think they were acting..... I don't think Kate was acting at all. She did everything she could to try to make Jon happy. And I think up untill season 5 they were still trying to work it out. Jon showed disrespect to Kate from the very beginning from snarky remarks he would make and she hung in there for dear life untill she couldnt take his immature behaviour anymore. She put on her happy face and thought he would come around and we all see which way he went. So I dont think it was acting at all, she was just hoping tomarrow would be a better day.

    And Daniel....REALLY??
    You sound a little bit jealous. Don't you think it was really cool how Kate took the time to make an awesome,fun special night for the girls? They will never forget that awesome experience. I thought the limo was a nice special touch, I think any mother out there would totally do that for her girls as well. I know I would.

  24. So Jon is still enjoying his stay at the Hamptons, pics show him playing football on the beach with some friends.

    And Kate is home with the children. Pics show them playing outside with play-doh.

  25. I do agree with Kellie in that the most distasteful recollection of the past is the vow renewal ceremony. I do feel as though they duped us all and most importantly, their own children.

    Regarding the paparazzi, one thing I really don't understand is why they would be playing in the front yard on full public display every single day, instead of the backyard? Why give them more opportunities to snap photos?

    Jon is another story altogether. He is simply feeding the paps ammunition left, right and centre.

    By the way, why is Jon never seen back at his home in PA with his kids?

  26. Okay, now I'm being a bit snarky, but what the heck. A pretend exchange from Kates p.r.:
    "Kate, don't wear your rings today...Jon's being a butt."
    "Kate, put your rings back on...he want's to be friends."

    Alright, I'll stop. I was thinking that maybe she had lost weight from stress and her rings didn't fit, but I saw she had them on again...resize?

  27. DAniel, re: the limo to the Jonas Bros. concert... maybe Kate wanted to do something special for the girls, nothing wrong with that! It's no different than renting a limo for the prom. Or maybe it was a security issue. The paparazzi has been nuts around them lately, especially with Jon's shenanigans. I couldn't imagine, if I were in her shoes, driving to the concert, finding a parking space, and walking a long ways from the parking lot to the stadium with all those crazy paparazzi following me. They about ran them over in New York earlier in the week!
    So that's just my take on it.

  28. Yeah sure, I really believe that Jon is sleeping with his personal trainer...whatever. Just like Kate is sleeping with her bodyguard, right?
    That's how rumors get started.

  29. Daniel: First of all, considering what Jon's antics have put Kate and girls through these last few months, they very well deserve a treat of riding to a concert in a limo.

    Secondly, Kate invested 10 years of her life into what that ring symbolized, which now, except for their beautiful children, was a waste of those years. So, it was not "free". She paid dearly for it. She sold her heart for 10 years to a heartless man.

  30. so where's hailey??? did jon ditch her? jon jon jon...i dont think he is making very good decisions.

  31. lucysmom:
    I agree 100 precent

  32. Hey to all the Kate fans in Texas! I'm putting on the site some more personal appearances, this one is in Austin and coming up soon for anyone whose interested...

    Balance Expo 2009, August 8th at the Palmer Events Center. Austin, Texas

    "Scheduled celebrity appearances include Kate Gosselin, who will talk about how she balances her career, her life as a TV reality show star, her children, and how she’s handling her much-publicized divorce.

    Special guest speakers also include popular radio talk show host Dr. Laura, life coach Ann Daly, career coach Sue Cullen, author/speaker Marny L. Lifshen, radio personality Kim Iverson and singer Michael Johns."

  33. wow... that man needs to stop and relax a little and spend some time with his kids...

  34. is reporting kate has her wedding ring back on. I must say that Jon getting advice from Michael Lohan is just more ammo for Kate's lawyers that Jon doesn't know how to make a good decision anymore. My guess his advice is centered around how to take Kate for everything he can and not lose custody so he can continue to make money even though he is hardly w/ them anymore.

  35. Happy One Year Anniversary Baby Mama!!
    It's great to have one venue for those of us that support Kate.

    I am disappointed because I had tickets purchased to see Kate in Toronto in October and that one was cancelled. Hopefully she will make it up here again at some point.

  36. allibrootob~ thanks so much girl! I keep saying I'm going to create a post about it, but something happens with Jon and I wind up doing another post about him. I don't want to feel I'm behind on the news, but there's just so much of it I honestly don't have the time to keep up.

    Yes, thanks for reminding me about the Toronto thing. I honestly can't remember what happened with that. Was there a reason why she rescheduled? I remember so many people being upset about it. I guess she has a lot of fans there! I hope that she makes another date as well

  37. I know I am preaching to the choir, but we always take a limo to the airport when we travel or to other places where parking is a nightmare. It is usually only $50-$100 and it isn't much more than gas and parking if you had to drive. Mainly we do it because it is worth not having the hassle. We aren't rich by any means. I get really upset when others (not on this site but others) blast Kate for taking care of herself and spending money on keeping herself looking good. If you can afford it, why not? If she didn't look nice people would be calling her a slob or something, so you just can't win. Anyway, thanks again for this site. Its nice to have one resource to keep up with all the "goings on".

  38. ...not 100% sure but I believe the Healthy Eating Expo was taken over by a different organization that decided to change the focus and the speakers.

    The other place I would love to see her is at the Twinsburg, Ohio Twins Days Festival. We are attending this year with our twin daughters.

    And onto Jon, UGH, the photos of him at the polo challenge yesterday are an embarrasment to him. What is he thinking? Michael Lohan? Does Jon not realize he is digging his grave deeper by the day?

  39. from radaronline...

    Jon Doesn't Want Wife to Know Who He's Dating

    While Jon Gosselin may have played mitigator countless times among his eight children, its now the newly single dad's task to be diplomatic--or as vague as possible--with his love life.

    Sources tell that Gosselin is terrified of claiming a new girlfriend publicly, be it the scandalous Hailey Glassman or celeb reporter Kate Major, as he is worried wife Kate "will kill him in a divorce battle."

    Issues like Glassman's blatant and excessive past drug use, as evidenced in countless photos to hit the Internet, could more than arm Kate Gosselin to flatten Jon in court.

    And as for his attempts at subterranean dating--how long until these rebound gals strike back?

    Major retired from her post at Star Magazine over the romance with Jon, which she insists is on.

    Yet Gosselin's new buddy Michael Lohan insists that Gosselin is single.

    "He's not with either [girl] right now," Lohan told People magazine on Saturday.

    "He's not concentrating on a relationship with any woman. He just wants to take a step back and deal with his family and his kids."

    Ouch, Major!

    And then there's Glassman, who just yesterday Jon claimed still had his affections.

    "My heart is always with Hailey," Gosselin told Us Weekly at the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge in Bridgehampton, NY.

    Click here for more photos of Gosselin and Lohan at Polo.

    Clear Jon's relationship status is changing by the day.

    "The only thing that¹s for sure if he¹s scared to death of wife Kate and the custody battle," the source adds.

    We'd probably hide away in the Hamptons, too.

  40. You know what people saying Kate did the for publicity are just stupid..THEY GET PUBLICITY ALWAYS! Hell she could have drove them in an old beat up car and still been bombbarded with people noticing them!! I think its really sweet what she did for them!!! Also I never even got to go to a concert as a little girl and I always wanted to ride in a Limo..what little girl doesn't want to go to a tween concert and do that?? Please just keep your jealous comments to yourself it makes you look very trashy as people like to call Kate! I'm really glad Kate is doing better she looked awful for a couple of weeks and now I can tell she is starting to feel better and she is radiant :D! It was so good to see the kids playing with friends to I'm glad they still have some normal people in there lives!! And about playing in the front maybe its b/c its paved? Anyone with kids know playing in the grass isn't always feesable with activites kids like to do! And so what its there home they can be whereever they want!! I think the Paps should get in trouble for even being there taking pics they need to go to jail!!!

  41. To those who responded to my comments about the limosine. I am not jealous! I am just disgusted that here I am barely scraping by and the Gosselins seem to get everything handed to them free! Also, about Kate's ring, I do not know if it really was "free" or not BUT that's what another website said. Unfortunately, I have to agree about the comments concerning Jon. He is making a total fool of himself!!! Hanging out with Michael Lohan can only lead to trouble for Jon!

  42. If you look at the photos of Kate and the kids playing with PlayDoh, you will see there is definitely a boy there who is not a Gosselin. I too am glad to see the kids playing with kids from the outside world.

  43. Jon is just a flat out liar!! Sigh it seems he is doing something every day now..

  44. A few things that I would like to state:

    I only began to have an interest in this family and their situation, because my daughter's friends said they saw Jon hanging around my daughter's college campus, which I thought was pretty odd. I have posted several times supporting Kate and being critical of Jon and his recent behavior. I am not a Kate lover or a Jon hater, I am a human being, and I have tried to be objective and stick to the topics that I thought were critical.

    Now...I just find it ridiculous at the amount of people that post about hair, hats, clothes, lawn furniture, earrings, phones, coffee, breasts, bathing suits, cars, limos, houses,etc... Was not one of the blogs started originally out of the concern over the treatment of the kids. I am amazed when I go to some of the various blogs, that 90 percent of the posts are just so hateful over things that are just inconsequential.

    I am also amazed as to the lengths that people will go to to hurt someone that they do not even know. We all know that when the tups were born that the Gosselins were in a bad way financially and because of the show that has changed and they are hopefully blessed with enough money to now be financially secure. And I have heard both Jon and Kate say many times on the show that they are grateful for what they have been given. IMO the are entitled to utilize their money as they see fit. I would never begrudge another person having things that I do not have. And the Gosselins are not the only financially secure people in the world. I have not heard the outpouring of hatred that I have heard for this family, for any other wealthy family, sports figure, singer, actor, or celebrity. Is it jealousy and envy that brings out the meanness in people, to the point of calling and writing letters, to boycott their show and events, in order to hurt them. If the haters do not like the show and the events, then they should not watch the show and they should not attend the events. No one is twisting their arms to turn on the TV and tune in to watch the show or go to events.

    And people continue to talk about the kids always playing in the front yard. Do people not realize that the pictures that the paps take could be 5 minutes out of a total day. How do we know how much time is utilized playing in the back yard, front yard, or in the house. The same with what we see in the show, we only see a small part of their lives.

    There is enough heartbreak in the world. I think that people should use their time to do something good in the world, instead of complaining about the dumbest things.

    With that being said, Kate seems more at peace with herself based on the pictures that we have seen lately. I am sure that she is finally coming to grips with her current situation and she seems to be smiling a lot more. Stay strong Kate, your children need you.


    jons pooping his pants trying 2 backtrack the mistakes he's made this last few weeks, silly boy......

  46. btw congrats on the one year anniversary baby mama, ur doing a great job!!keep up the good work!xxx

  47. I'm so glad I found this site...I tried the Facebook discussion for J&K+8 and was appalled by the negativity there. Had I not found this site, I might have been inclined to start my own, supportive, fan blog. I glanced at the latest US Weekly yesterday in the grocery store, J&K are on the cover, AGAIN! with the headline "Kate's Sad Kids: Shame on the Gosselin's!" I wanted to rip those rags right off their displays! If that is not the clearest example of hypocrisy I've ever seen!! I say SHAME ON US WEEKLY...they are the gossip rag that keeps dragging the Gosselin family and those innocent kids through the dirt...reporting every new detail they can get their vulture-like claws on as quick as they possibly can, exposing the children to far more trauma than a television crew could ever do. I'd boycott US Weekly WAY before I'd consider demanding the Gosselin's stop filming and boycott TLC. I already don't buy those rags, but from now on I'm not clicking any links to the stories coming out either. This witch hunt against the Gosselin's is just SO unfair and I thank Baby Mama for having a positive and supportive place for fans to be fans without having to explain ourselves!

  48. So...according to Eonline Jon admits to being in a relationship with Kate M? So he lied when he said he was not, while she was saying they were? How is it so easy for him to lie about everything? By saying he misses his kids, he does everything for his kids...does that make everything OK while he is out playing? How long can he keep saying this? Actions speak louder than words.

  49. is it me?? or does the mugshot on HLN that they keep showing of Haley Glassman. look similar to Kate in Jon and Kate's old home movies. back before they were married and he gives her the engagement ring in the christmas gift....idk about you guys, but they look pretty familiar....

  50. good point NJMom, people need to focus on what is important in the world, damn there are a lot of superficial idiots! Kate is doing great pulling it together for her children, women are very strong creatures, its our job to hold the world on our shoulders. God bless her and those children. And by the way, people mind your own damn business about how much this family gets for free, stop being so freaking judgemental, you all should be ashamed of yourselves, just be thankful you have food on the table and a roof over your head and stop worrying about what they have and you don't. Sometimes people act like little jealous children. Everyone, learn to love one another because you think you have it bad now, things could be way worse I promise you that. ps. Baby Mama, keep up the good fight.

  51. Man, Jon just cannot make up his mind. What a stud to have so many normal, well-adjusted, attractive women interested in him (sorry, I'm a little sarcastic!) First Kate is lying and (blanked) him over, now he "cares about her." Here's the latest from E! Online..

    That proposed Jon Gosselin reality show could actually turn out to be interesting.

    Whether he's hanging out with a Lohan (albeit, not the hot one) or playing the man about town, the guy keeps surprising people. (His wife, however, has been keeping with the same adorable crowd.)

    In an exclusive statement to E! News, Gosselin reveals he's in a relationship with Kate Major, aka Kate 2.0. And it's "private."

    "I care about Kate Major, she resigned from her job for me. Right now, my focus is on my relationship with my kids. My personal relationship is private," he says in an exclusive statement to E! News.

    Major declined to comment on her relationship with Gosselin.

    But on Friday she told E! News that while she understands the public scrutiny that comes along with a reality TV dad, "I just want people to know that I am a nice and genuine person and anyone who knows me knows that."

    And who knows? If that reality show comes through, everyone probably will know her.

  52. Daniel, what does it matter that Kate has stuff you don't have? If you had the money she does wouldn't you live within your means and not someone else's? She's living her life as she sees fit and spending money how she sees fit. That last comment you made is why I think some of the Gosselin detractors are jealous. How can that comment be taken any other way?

  53. ....well said NJMOM!!!!!

    I agree, everyone who has made any amount of money has the right to use it as they see fit. I contend that those that are hell bent on criticizing this family will find any little thing and twist it accordingly. Envy is a very dangerous emotion.

  54. NJMom, I agree. The Hate Kate blogs blow me away. They claim they are concerned about the exploitation of children .. I find them totally hypocritical. When I read those blogs, I think of the old song "Harper Valley PTA" Here are the lyrics.

    I want to tell you all a story 'bout a Harper Valley widowed wife
    Who had a teenage daughter who attended Harper Valley Junior High
    Well her daughter came home one afternoon and didn't even stop to play
    She said, "Mom, I got a note here from the Harper Valley P.T.A."

    The note said, "Mrs. Johnson, you're wearing your dresses way too high
    It's reported you've been drinking and a-runnin' 'round with men and going wild
    And we don't believe you ought to be bringing up your little girl this way"
    It was signed by the secretary, Harper Valley P.T.A.

    Well, it happened that the P.T.A. was gonna meet that very afternoon
    They were sure surprised when Mrs. Johnson wore her mini-skirt into the room
    And as she walked up to the blackboard, I still recall the words she had to say
    She said, "I'd like to address this meeting of the Harper Valley P.T.A."

    Well, there's Bobby Taylor sittin' there and seven times he's asked me for a date
    Mrs. Taylor sure seems to use a lot of ice whenever he's away
    And Mr. Baker, can you tell us why your secretary had to leave this town?
    And shouldn't widow Jones be told to keep her window shades all pulled completely down?

    Well, Mr. Harper couldn't be here 'cause he stayed too long at Kelly's Bar again
    And if you smell Shirley Thompson's breath, you'll find she's had a little nip of gin
    Then you have the nerve to tell me you think that as a mother I'm not fit
    Well, this is just a little Peyton Place and you're all Harper Valley hypocrites

    No I wouldn't put you on because it really did, it happened just this way
    The day my Mama socked it to the Harper Valley P.T.A.
    The day my Mama socked it to the Harper Valley P.T.A.

  55. What's amazing to me is the exposure these children are STILL getting from the media.
    Kate is right; the children did not ask for this. And by this, I mean not only an ugly divorce, but also putting their lives on television for the world to see.
    Of course it the Gosselin's prerogative to have the children play in the driveway. But Kate is also acting like a celebrity, wearing hats, sunglasses to go grocery shopping, and paying for body guards. The reason people find her annoying is, she didn't do anything but have scads of children, and it was fun to watch because she's mean to her husband and has a heart attack if her kids make a mess. Kate should go above and beyond to protect her children's privacy, like any good celebrity. I don't know of any famous children who get photographed so much, with total disregard for their privacy.
    Of course, it honestly doesn't matter much, the more I think about it...I mean their lives are on tv. The photo ops in the driveway are pretty much free advertising for the show. I suspect this is why a more private area hasn't been created for the kids. It's not like money is the issue. I mean if I knew my photo would be taken when I was in my driveway, I probably wouldn't be out there...unless I actually wanted my photo taken.
    As for the snark about Kate on other sites, who cares? It's not required reading. There's quite a bit of snark about Jon right here, btw.
    Kate is smart, she knows every viewer is money in her pocket, whether they are a fan, a hater, inspired by her, or just watching for the trainwreck. No matter.

  56. First Off, welcome Daniel. I'm glad you took the time to write on my blog. I wanted to address a few things that you said. Obviously, Kate got her ring from Jon, and everyone has seen the proposal on TV. You said you "heard" she got it for free on another site. Most of us laughed at that, but not for the reasons you think.

    You hearing stories that are untrue are typical for hate sites. The make up basically anything they want, you read it on a blog and you believe it. Nothing is more frustrating that so many people believing so many different stories. Sites are being shut down left and right for that. I wish they all would, but I can't control that lies and the hate that are spewed from. I laugh at the extent that some will go. Its best to ignore, or at least think about what people are saying before believing what you hear.

    Try to not be like so many of the haters out there that are consumed with what they are given. Try to think about what you would do truthfully in the same situation. And then just enjoy the show for the kids and not obsess on what other people have that you don't.

  57. KatherineDenise said...
    SchmeckyGirl said...
    Of course I will be watching the shows to see how they put them all together... I just don't think I will believe anything said or done on camera. *sigh
    I don't understand that. Then why will you be watching in the first place if you wont believe anything anyways then? Don't make no sense AT ALL.
    Well I won't know how I feel about it until I actually view it, will I? And I did say I don't "think" I will believe it. I just don't know anymore. And I do love the show and the kids so I'm not sure yet.

  58. I was thinking about the whole idea of the Gosselins not deserving what they get/have. I don't understand why this makes people so angry when few people get what they "deserve." If people got what they deserved, teachers and nurses would make more money than athletes and actors. Few people get paid according to their "true" value to society.

    Do wealthy trust fund kids deserve to be born rich? Do people who are beautiful deserve more advantages than people who are less attractive? People don't get this angry at other folks who have lots of advantages they didn't work for or earn.

  59. But Min, why can't Kate wear hats and glasses if she wants. Why can't her kids play where ever they want. How do we know if they are playing for 5 minutes in the driveway and 5 hours in the back in the pool. We only see the pictures of the driveway, because they cannot get pictures in the back of the house. So are we to assume that they never play anywhere else but the driveway. That is just so silly and it is so ridiculous to criticize her because she lets her kids play in the driveway. And I would have body guards too, if I was treated the way they are treated, and I could afford it. Read the hate blogs, there are a ton of crazy, crazy people out there, people that have no self control and stalkers. I would be afraid if I was her. And your right the only thing that she did was have scads of children, but there are not that many people that have scads of children. People became enamoured with them and they became popular, hence the show... OK so are you going to shoot them for that?

    And I do not think that the kids would be exposed as much, to the media, if it were not for Jon, who started this free for all, with playing beer pong with college kids and bar hopping, to his latest global escapades. Yes the children are on a reality television show, but you can blame Jon for this mess. And yes there has been a lot of snark about Jon on this site, but has he not earned it? No matter what you want to say bad about Kate, Jon has hit the mother load.

    People need to stop snarking about the limos, the hair, the earrings, the clothes, the breasts, the lawn furniture, organic vs. non-organic, etc...It is just juvenile and it reeks of jealousy and envy. I say people should stick to what is important and that is the well being of the kids.

  60. NJMOM, I just think the sunglasses & hat look is goofy, because it actually attracts MORE attention, while pretending to not WANT attention.

    The kids can play in the driveway all day if they want, my point was, most celebrities protect their children from being photographed. Even if it's inconvenient, even if it's unfair; the children's privacy should be MOST important, more important than the right to sit in your driveway.

    My biggest problem with Jon & Kate, is that somewhere along the way, they stopped being anywhere NEAR normal.

    They have given up so much of their private lives, and they have really changed from the normal family with normal dreams for their family. I wish they'd filmed less. The filming lights should never have been a permanent fixture. Filming shouldn't be "normal" for these kids, but now J & K say "it doesn't bother them, it's all they know".
    I just think that is sad for them, and I hope the kids don't become unhappy.
    I agree with you, Jon is behaving badly. Where we differ is; I think Kate's been behaving badly for years. Now keep in mind, my ex reminds me of Kate, in every way. Controlling, insulting, just mean. I always wondered why Jon liked her at all.

    I agree with you, people should stick to what is important, and that is the well being of the kids. But I think what would benefit the kids MOST would be turning off the cameras in favor of a normal life. And if that would benefit them, then I trust if their parents love them, they'll do it. Hopefully the kids are more important than money.

  61. Paige, I so agree. Why are singers, actors, and athletes paid what they are paid? Some are paid more money than they can ever use in 5 lifetimes. It is a shame especially when so many of us, struggle to get by. And again god bless them for being able to cut these deals, many times at our expense. It doesn't make it right, but it is the world that we live in.

    Min the sunhats and the glasses may be goofy, but you know to each their own. I see a lot of stuff out there that I would never wear or look at twice, but then again I am just a NJ Mom of three kids, who has gained twenty pounds in the past few years and oh well...Anyway, getting back on topic.

    How often do we see pictures of the kids even playing in the driveway, every other day or so? And the shame of it all, is that IMO, the paps are not there to take pictures of the kids, they are there to take pictures of Jon and Kate. Those are the pictures that the magazines want. And really IMO Kate is just trying to live her NOW normal life, going food shopping, getting a coffee, picking up her mail, pumping her gas, all the things that a lot of mothers and wives do. I know I do, although I do not have anyone photographing my every move and we do not pump our own gas in NJ...Thank God.

    And you are right their life did change, when they became more financially secure, it became THEIR more normal life. I know parents that take their families to Europe, when the dad has a good year and he gets a good bonus. Is it my normal? No, but it's theirs. And if people do not enjoy the show and if they can no longer relate, than they do not need to watch it. Is that a valid reason and excuse, for all of the haters, to continue to try and submarine a family?

    IMO This all began with an unbelievable financial opportunity and the public embraced this family. They Gosselins felt that the pros outweighed the cons. The children were little and hopefully there would be no detriment. But they were wrong, because they did not envision the backlash and the haters that would come out, due to IMO envy and jealousy. IMO the show was manipulated so that Kate was portrayed as the strong partner, or as you put it controlling and insulting and Jon was portrayed as the weak partner. There are some blogs that dissect every word that she says. Can you imagine that?

    And you see, my husband is a lot like Jon and that is why I can relate to Kate. I am not as bad as Kate, but I also do not have eight kids. My husband is a very good man; however, if I let him handle things, we would be homeless and out in the street. The more you do, the less they do, and the more that is expected from you. And then you get resentful and you feel frustrated and then you lose your patience. And I know plenty of men that feel the same way, when their wives do not share in the responsibilities.

    IMO comparing Jon's behavior to Kate's behavior is comparing apples and oranges. Jon has not owned up to his actions. It's always someone else's fault. First it's Kate is mean to me, and then people are misunderstanding my college beer pong drinking and bar hopping, and then there is Deanna, Hailey, France, Kate #2, and the Hamptons. This media paparazzi circus is all his fault, which began at beginning of this year. He is responsible for whatever pain his children may be going through right now, because it is because of his behavior that they are on so many magazine covers every week.

    Lastly I agree that the best thing would be to turn off the cameras, but IMO the damage is done. Kate was right when she said they cannot go back and he is the reason why. Between his actions and the hoards of haters, who will do anything that they can, to hurt a family that they do not even know, what chance do those kids have. My heart goes out to Kate and those kids.

  62. As the children are tucked in at night with one parent always gone & far away, I wonder if some of the younger ones think why can't mommy and daddy just apologize, then hug one another, and kiss each other on the cheek.
    I visit here now and then and appreciate your site
    which has diverse opinions and respectful language.

  63. NJMOM, you have such an insightful way about you. Great comment!

  64. April thanks so much for the comment. As I have gotten older I have become more objective in my thinking. All I can think of is that having this all play out is hard enough, but it has to be 100 times more painful, having it played out for the whole world to see. And it doesn't help, when one partner is behaving so irresponsibly. The "haters" pick at so many inconsequential things and they become like a bunch of sharks in a feeding frenzy. And as a woman, a wife, a mother, and more importantly a human being, I am amazed at the lengths that people will go to hurt others. Do the "haters" not fully understand the impact of their actions. Or worse yet, do they understand, but they just don't care. And if it is that they just don't care, how do they sleep at night. Where is their conscience? The Gosselins are not fictional characters in a show, they are real people in a show that is edited and manipulated. You don't have to like them and if you don't like them, then don't watch them; but for goodness sakes, just leave them alone and stop this witch hunt. The "haters" should use their energy to do something good, instead of snarking at hair, clothes, cars, houses, earrings, etc...and trying to harm a family that THEY DON'T KNOW and will never know.