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Hailey's Turn In People, US Editors "Gosselin Detox", Public Sympathy Shifts From Jon to Kate

Hello Gosselin Fans! I just wanted to say welcome to all the new people posting on my blog. I really appreciate the support as well as the time you take to share your feelings. And to my "regulars" the ones that have been here through both blogs, thank you for your patience and understanding as the focus has shifted over the year. I am both angry and sad at the way Jon has publicly been handling his personal life and I'm glad that your here to vent with me. For those of you that e-mailed me about Kate attending a funeral, does anyone know who passed away? Or is everyone just into black this week? ;)

Hailey Glassman Gushes Over Jon And Claims "I'm Not Controlling" File this under... I now really just want to just smack this girl...........

"She adds, "He's a great cook. He cooks roasted veggies with special seasoning and sauces, and he grills pineapple with a butter concoction."

Another perk to dating Gosselin? Her parents approve of the match. "They love him," says Glassman. "They think of him as part of the family. They think things happen for a reason." That acceptance is crucial to Glassman. "The most important thing is if someone fits in with my family ... This is perfect. It just fits." And what does she think Gosselin likes most about her? "I'm a huge believer in not controlling someone," says Glassman."

Public Sympathy Shifts From Jon To Kate:

Before Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin ended their marriage on their TV show, 'Jon & Kate Plus 8,' the series made Kate look like the bad guy, always yelling at Jon for minor things including breathing too loudly.
And in fact, PopEater readers agreed with that sentiment. At the time they announced their divorce on June 22, 62 percent of over 102K readers said they sided with Jon.
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US Weekly's Editor "And Gosselin Fan" Janice Min Steps Down:

"After six years as the editor of Us Weekly, I am leaving. In short, I
decided it was time to try something else in my life, do a little Gosselin
detox and occasionally go out on Monday nights. There are no immediate
plans, except to enjoy the month of August, take some tennis lessons, and
maybe finally edit my wedding album."

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  1. I must say I am so glad for this site. I too am so angry and sad at what has been happening these past few weeks. I can not believe how people have been attacking Kate and making her out to be the bad guy and yet people really arent attacking Jon. I dont get it. I always liked Jon and Kate equally but after seeing what he has turned into I am very saddened. Especially with the smoking and the 10yr younger girlfriend. I keep asking myself why I care so much. But you cant help it. When a family lets you in like they have you feel as though they are close friends when the truth is we really have no idea what happened between the two of them. At this point though I feel very very bad for Kate and the way the public has treated her. I think people owe her an apology!

  2. Hailey is stupid! she is just using jon for personal gain. Yeah they might be getting jiggy with it but i guess she thinks that is a bonus. She will get what she can out of him and then run.
    Her parents are dumb too! things happen for a reason, is that why she was using drugs in 2005. There was a reason for it. oh yeah then her being a trashy woman who dates womens husbands. I wonder what husband # jon is.
    Both Men and Women need to respect marriage and wait till it is "officially" over before doing anything.

    Sorry to vent everyone, It just makes me really mad. Both hailey and jon need to shut there mouth about kate. I hope Kate keeps hers shut about him to, she is better than that and i hope that she remembers it

  3. I have to say, Kate looks fabulous, and her wardrobe is so feminine and sophisticated. Her kids always look great, especially the girls, how cute is it that they wear little dresses in the summer. She has made an effort to take care of her appearance, especially since she is a self-proclaimed non-fashionista.

  4. Thank you again for this site. Its nice to come to a place to discuss with others how I feel about Kate. Does anyone know who the other woman in the photo is? I always wonder if Kate has any good girlfriends...ones who aren't her friend for any kind of fame. It would be nice to know that she had a good friend during this time. As for Jon....I have less of a problem with Hailey's age and more of a problem with her drug habit. If he found a nice 22 year old girl...I would still be upset that it is too soon and inappropriate...but this girl and all her drinking and drugs is just too much to handle. Thanks again for this site. I check it every day.

  5. The biggest difference between Jon and Kate is that Kate has class. Jon going out of the country with his new girlfriend before the divorce is final is appalling and very hurtful to his children and very disrespectful to Kate. It's almost like he had a total personality transplant-but not a good one. I feel very close to this family, like most of you, and remember the obvious affection they had for each other. No one can blame Kate for Jon's questionable character. He must have a heart of stone. When Alexis hugged him at her birthday party and said she missed him and didn't want him to leave again, he seemed unaffected. It killed me. Grow up, boy! Be a man and take care of your family.

  6. "After six years as the editor of Us Weekly, I am leaving. In short, I
    decided it was time to try something else in my life,"
    Must be nice to just quit your job whenever you feel like it and not have to worry about having " immediate plans". Millions of people are scraping by and are losing jobs left and right, and this woman just leaves and decides to relax. Doesn't sound like she has any children to take care of either.

  7. At this point, I think the show was just a show and not a real look into their lives. We were led to believe they were a couple in love. I just can't see Jon acting the way he is, without some deep rooted anger towards Kate. I don't think that is something that happens out of nowhere. This was something that has been going on for a few years, and we were led to believe by TV editing that everything was good.

  8. I must say I am still sooooo impressed with Kate for keeping quiet thru Jon's tabloid fodder. Jon is being ridiculous and his actions don't deserve a response.
    Another baffles me that people gripped about Kate being away from the kids by traveling for her book tour(which BTW book tours are a contractual obligaiton when publishers sign on to print a book) Yet, those same complainers don't seem to care that Jon is living (not working) in New York with nothing to do but walk thru Central Park eating hotdogs and swinging with his "girlfriend" Such a double standard. It's just sad.
    Kuddos to Kate for continuing to be the adult in their family.

  9. After reading what Hailey said, I got so angry. That little b****

    Also, her parents APPROVE???? Is their whole family seriously that stupid???? Who approves of their daughter dating a former friend's estranged-soon-to-be-ex husband??????

  10. Next US magazine portrays the kids as miserable.

    New episodes of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" start airing on August 3, but Us Magazine also says show producers may be meeting with advertisers unhappy with the show's change in direction.

  11. Nick Name - It seems your comments are negative towards, Jon , Kate , the show, the US Magazine editor (who cares about), if you are so bothered why don't you go to another blog to complain.

  12. Denise, I read that article, too many 'may be's' in it for me. Well, I may be winning the lottery if I keep buying tickets. I 'may be' buying a new car next year. If mine holds out long enough for me to rapidly pay my mortgage.

    I don't believe everything I read. And to FORCE the kids to do photo shoots, come on.

    It is sickening how this is always so twisted to make her look bad. It's not like Kate can't get a hotel room for them to rest, then take them the long trip home the next day.


  13. MISSING in ACTION BULLETIN: Kevin and Jodi ??? where are you now, hiding out after Jon used you two to plant the seed about Kate kicking HIM out, and both of you took the gossip and plastered that all over, back stabbing Kate your own sister/sister in-law. What do you think about your "heart broken buddy" Jon now ?

  14. I was a fan of the show very much until recently, and disappointed that their personalities, lifestyle changed, etc. I am just waiting for the new episodes to see if anything changes my mind. There are pictures of a young man on the property with Kate out today. Could just be a helper employee. Someone for the boys to bond with instead of all women helpers.

  15. So now Jon cooks for Hailey? How many times did he say he doesn't cook? How many meals has Kate made in advance so he doesn't have to do anything while she's gone? I think Kate was trying to keep the peace and respond to his demands in their marriage a lot longer than any of us realized.

    Both Hailey and Jon are completely immature. "I don't believe in controlling people." I think that's a complaint that 14 year olds make and believe. They deserve one another and Kate is better off without Jon.

  16. yeah where is kevin and jodie? I think they owe someone a HUGE apology. They should apologize to the kids also for helping rip this family apart SO PUBLICLY.
    Yes i know it would have been public no matter what but it seems like they are the reason that KATE was treated like she was and talked about like she was.
    Kevin and Jodie need to get there priority's straight.

  17. Doesn't the lady in the picture with Kate and the girls look like Jen the old producer? Glad to see Kate smiling and hanging out with a friend. I applaud Kate for the way she is handling this very difficult time!

    As far as Jon, his actions continue to be immature and irresponsible. He is obviously in a very self centered stage of his life. I too find it interesting that after months of complaining about the "P" people he is suddenly embracing them and doing dinner date interviews with them. Personally, I think that he is scrambling to find ways to keep some money coming into his pocket since Kate has and will remain to be the money maker in the house. Sure he might still get a cut from the show, but the way he is use to living has just now been cut in half, at least!

    Hailey, is seriously just a kid and has no idea what she has gotten herself into. I find it hard to believe that her parents are "thrilled" with this new relationship. Sure, they may be supportive because she is their daughter but how can anyone in their right mind want their daughter involved in this kind of drama, dating a man that is NOT divorced and who is still married to a women who at least use to be a dear friend, who is a very public figure, a man with no real goals, and who is CLEARLY on the rebound? Sounds like the kind of guy I would want my 22 year old daughter dating!!

  18. Nick Name makes a valid point and as usual adds more to the coversation than just kissing up to the "characters" created by TLC. Thank you.

    Do any of the posters here really live in NYC? If you live here you know that mob scene at the photo shoot was over dramatized. World leaders, A-list celebrities, sports stars and giants in the music world can walk the streets safely without being bothered (unless they tip off the paps for publicity)but a mom with her kids from PA are chased?

    I feel sorry for Kate. I think this has spun out of her control and she is being used by TLC just as Jon is used. They seem to alternate roles as villian and victim whenever TLC needs to ramp up interest. This will eventually end and unfortunately, no one will be there to pick up the pieces. Jon, Kate and eight children are being destroyed for ratings. I feel sorry for us, the viewers, for allowing this to happen.

  19. I'd also like to thank you for such a reliable, fun site! I have been reading this blog maybe as long as the regulars have been here, but only started to comment recently, and I love how you get to see so many other opinions about what going on with the G's. I try to check on the Gosselin Family Fan Site at least every other day! :o)

    I feel like there is so much to comment on! Here it goes:
    Jon and Hailey with all of their PDA is going too far. I wouldn't be as upset if he could at least date an age-appropriate, normal, considerate, role model worthy, woman. NOT one who goes around making up a bunch of lies. Is this familiar to anyone: "He's not used to having options." (That seems a little bit like Kate-bashing, to me!!) "Things happen for a reason." (So you were "supposed" to be ruining the lives of 8 young children in the public eye?) "He's a great cook." (I don't think that this needs any explanation besides- since when?!?!) And those are just a few. I'm am just so infuriated with this!!! I could go on all day. This crazy women will only be around for a little while.... she is bunch of bologna!!

    And Jon trying to make himself sound innocent is such a gimmick. I think that majority of people have known this family long enough to know that what is true/untrue.

    Finally, I'm am so sick of others bashing Kate!! She isn't the one with a crazy new love bird who is "a wild one". She isn't the one traveling all over the world. She isn't the one talking to all of the junk magazines. She isn't the one getting all "kissy, kissy" in public! I am 100% behind Kate on this one. I haven't always been, but she is definitely handling this situation way better than Jon is! She is the one who is staying home with the kids, and is acting like a mature adult.

    And by the way.... in the picture at the top of Kate with Mady and Cara, the other woman looks a little like Beth to me. I could be wrong though. But I do hope that they're still friends! (Kate really needs one right now.)

    If you actually read all the way down to here, thanks! Sorry it's a little long. I just have so many different opinions about this. And thank you for your great blog Baby Mama.... I appreciate it! ;o)

  20. I love Kate. Have always thought she was great and was really disappointed in the way every one turned on her. She has never hidden who she was. Jon was like her 9th child and I had sympathy for both of them until the last show. All he did was talk about him self and then add in the end that it's all about his kids. Fathers don't destroy their families because they feel they missed their 20's or because they have decided their wife's are too bossy. I'm glad for her that he decided to finally show his true colors so she could be done with him. I hope he gets what's coming to him. Does he realize that in 10 years his little escapades will be all there for his kids to read? Yeah, he's father of the year.

  21. Sendtomom~ Pardon me, but I HAPPEN TO be writing this blog in NYC, and have seen many a reporter attack a celebrity on the street. So to say it was exaggerated is very untrue. This family was not destroyed for ratings. Their marriage ended the way many do, only we had to see it fall apart on TV.

    Every comment here adds value to the blog. And while yes, on TV everyone becomes a character of sorts, to make it sound like its a horrible thing is wrong and inaccurate. You can be a "character" and still be a pretty awesome person IMO.

    Again, for those that think this blog will be ANYTHING like the others, you need to post somewhere else. On the 31st its BEEN ONE YEAR HERE. While most of the hate sites have come and gone, I'm still here. Quality over Quantity sweetie! xoxoxo


    When I get permission to put it on my site I will embed it on the blog

  23. Baby Mama, just wanted to give a shout out - love this blog! I would never be able to keep up with the Gosselin madness if not for you. Thank you, thank you!!

    My 2 cents, for what it's worth -- Jon is a twit! He doesn't deserve to be those wonderful kid's father. I am so proud of Kate and her new attitude that she can do anything for her kids. I believe this is what every Mom feels deep down. Whatever it takes, my kids are worth it. Hang tough, Kate! Jon's recent behavior will affect the divorce settlement to her benefit. Continue to love those little Gosselin sweeties and just keep on keeping on! Much love!

  24. I loved the sneak peek at the August 3 episode of camping out ! It is so nice to see Kate strong and happy with the kids. In her words "she wouldn't have chosen this path but she had no choice", and in the words of Hagely (oops), Hailey, "things happen for a reason", maybe the reason is that Kate may find the love of her life, to love her un-conditionally and give her the security her family desires.
    It's funny how Jon spent the other day at the park with Hailey, playing on the swings and enjoying the sunshine, but when "forced, by Kate" to stay home to take care of his kids he didn't seem to want to play on the swings, and enjoy the sunshine, HE WASN'T FULFILLED!

  25. I saw the preview of the new season during the Duggar show and it looks really interesting. I am all for the program continuing minus Jon. At first, when the divorce was announced I figured that was the end but now I am not so sure. Kate and the kids have always been the life of the show. It's obvious Jon was a better man when he was under Kate's influence. The minute he leaves he starts smoking. That's a great choice and a wonderful example for the kids-not! Even though a lot of people have bashed Kate for her treatment of Jon, I never objected to it. I think it was honest and not mean spirited. You could tell Kate loved him. People argue and each child you add to the mix adds that much more opportunity for arguments. Also, I imagine Kate treated him the same way when they were dating. He obviously liked it then or he wouldn't have married her. He used to be as devoted to the kids as she is, but that seems to be missing these days. I for one, will continue to watch the show and hope for the best for all of them. By the way, I am not a man. My user name is in honor of my cat that passed away.

  26. is Cara w/ Kate & Mady w/ the "mystery woman"....what does it matter who she is...& I dont think Kate would wear that hat to a funeral...

  27. I really hope that Kate has good friends still around her, too, like Beth and Carla. She needs them, especially since part of her family has abandoned her (Kevin & Jodi).
    I wonder if Hailey was fibbing a little when she said that her parents "loved" Jon and were supportive of the relationship. Wouldn't want to bring anything else negative to the relationship! This will be over before we know it, hopefully before Jon brings her any further into the kids' lives.

  28. She adds, "He's a great cook. He cooks roasted veggies with special seasoning and sauces, and he grills pineapple with a butter concoction."

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry..... Hailey's interview in People was extremely revealing. A butter concoction? and special seasoning on veges baked in the oven? Since when is using herbs and spices on basic ingrediants cooking?
    #1 observation: If Jon is indeed "cooking" the above, I surely hope he is grateful to the woman he was married to for 10 years for teaching him that. How many times did he brag about his capacity to warm up roasted veges Kate prepared for them?

    #2 observation: If Hailey classifies herbed butter as a "concoction" it says a lot about her own domestic abilities. Way to pick 'em Jon! Between the 2 of you those 8 kids will be well nurtured while in your care!!!!

    Oh excuse me..... neither one of them are talking about the kids.... I guess they prefer to be holed up 3.5 hours away from them by their personal choice.

    Every time I hear Jon drop the "free" line I get sick to my stomach. Whether it is using ear plugs while driving the kids or looking forward to his future life outside of marriage his desire for freedom sounds like he is resentful of not only his wife but also his children.

    I only hope that one day he will understand how his comments impact his children and more importantly I hope he will take responsibility and make amends for the hurt he is causing.....

  29. 'Amy' is right; Jon has said that he doesn't cook, he REHEATS, the only thing he is known for cooking is the Korean dinner. Kate often precooked meals and froze them when she would be away from the kids so that Jon and them wouldn't have to order take out, they'd have their organic meals all ready to pop in the oven (even though in one of her 'People' interviews she did say that Jon would order take out instead of serving the meals she made).

    Also, I can't believe Laura Glassman approves of this union. I thought she was friends w/Kate?? I'm guessing it must have ended in May or before that since Jon was nursing "broken heart" at the Glassmans.

    So gross, she can tell people this "Oh my lovely daughter Hailey is dating my ex friend's ex husband!!! They began dating before he was even legally divorced!!" Yeah that's a promising relationship Jon and Hailey have.

  30. I don't know where anyone is getting the funeral story. It doesn't come up when Googled. The photo above is in a group of 30 shots reported that were taken while Kate, friend and the girls were running errands.....

    I really hope that the show continues with Kate and kids. This single mom of 2 knows how difficult it is and will really enjoy seeing how K gets it done. It makes me feel not so isolated in the hopeless/thankless/lonely/overwhelming feelings that often come when one goes it alone.

    But I really am not very interested in watching Jon in any more episodes. His comments and actions are just not entertaining nor inspirational. It is quite transparent that he is just hanging on so he can get his portion of a paycheck. What bothers me is that he has shown very little respect for TLC with regards to self sabotage actions towards the show AKA the hand that feeds him (and which bought his new home on the UPPER WEST SIDE).

    I absolutely love the teaser for Aug 3. Again it shows that K has done some hard and heavy reflection. Her "I can do this" attitude for things that previously she shied away of shows a sign of great personal growth.....

    I know that some don't agree, but Kate is a true inspiration to me to keep on going on while facing adversity. With the current struggles many face today (unemployment/financial insecurity) we really need more examples of stong role models today.....

  31. aw i just watched the sneak peek clip. go kate for bein so strong!! so proud of her!!!

  32. I so agree with everyone on these past few weeks. Jon and his bimbo are both a match made from heaven. They both are selfish and ignorant. That bimbo keeps claiming she isn't controlling. well news flash to you lady you weren't the one giving birth to 8 beautiful kids for that A****. i have no respect for a person that can just come in and shatter a broken family. if she was such a great friend to him the right thing to do was to consult him to be a better father and husband. Kate has been nothing but a great mother and wife. people need to stop trying to bring her down. shes' just doing her job to survive. it's obvious her stupid husband can't provide. For him to keep claiming he's not feeling the camera life. well hes doing a great job by hiding his fat belly. Im am glad Kate is getting rid of him. it's probably the smartest decision she has ever made. hes' going to go nowhere with his life. his children will grow up to see what kinda role model he is. kharma will bite him in the butt. he should know how bad he's hurt kate. he better hope it doesn't come around to his children. then he will really be burned......

  33. I tell ya what watching the sneak peek, I am SO excited to see more of Kate, I have been a HUGE Kate fan from day one. Her strength through this is amazing, I am sure not all days are positive but this can do attitude is going to help so many mothers know that they can make it through anything. I know she inspires me, so proud of her!!

  34. I'm almost to the point IF Jon is on the show I may not watch.. oh, he is making me very very mad... go Kate..I'm behind ya...

  35. Looks like Hailey is already yesterday's girl!

    Kate Major confirmed tonight that she and the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad are an item, five days after they were first photographed together.

    "I didn't mean it to happen, it just did," Kate, 26, says. "I went to do a story on Jon and ended up falling for him."

  36. Men have difficulty assuming responsibility for their actions. Without a doubt, Jon is responsible for Kate's degenerating behavior towards him. As a result, she initially came across as the 'bad guy', when in reality she was desperately hiding behind much pain and humiliation caused by Jon. According to the press, this is not the first time Jon has been unfaithful! and I still have yet to meet a woman (or man) who will just "adore and cater" to a cheating husband (or wife)! I totally agree with what a previous blogger's opionion, "WATCH OUT FOR KHARMA BUDDY, cause its coming around to get you, and it will get you HARD!

    As for the Glassman's, what a joke of a family! There's a good example of 'FAILED PARENTHOOD' at its best. If in fact Dr&Mrs Glassman approve of this relationship, it is both sad and clear to see that those who are supposed to be respected members of society are really glorified TRASHY, TRASHY PEOPLE. As parents, is it our duty and goal to teach our children good morals, principles, and respect for everything around us, including and specially, other people. One has to wonder, what were Mrs Glassmans REAL intentions when she appeared out of nowhere, playing "Mother Teresa of Calcutta" when she forced herself and her family into Jon and Kate's lives!! It really is sickening to say the least! So guess who else needs to watch out for KHARMA.. "That's right GLASSMANS, watch out cause its coming after you also, and with greater force"!

    So in conclusion, it is OK to want to get out of a bad marriage, it happens everyday. What is not OK is the bail out in the most disrespectful and vulgar way that Jon has chosen to do so. These 8 beautiful children will unfortunately be scarred for life by the poor choices their dad has made these days. And Kate, no worries there! Kate is a strong, beautiful lady, with tons of class. If this marriage does not come together again, I think it is safe to say that even with the 8 kids, Kate will have Bo's lining up for her for a long time!

  37. UGH! Thanks Denise for the heads up. I actually had to do ANOTHER Jon messing around post. THIS IS TOO MUCH! Even for him. I can't even keep up anymore. Just when Jon will give me a break for a day hes off in the Hamptons while Hailey is staying at his place? What the heck???

  38. LOVE LOVE LOVE the clip of the new episode. I may just watch it if Jon isn't on there. I'm not watching a train wreck, and I don't want to see their private 'stuff' that goes on when a marriage splits. To me that is trashy of TLC and I won't support it. TLC has lost a lot of my respect over this mess.

    GO KATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT, women are doing it all over the country every day, without money, endorsements, help, etc. YOU CAN TOO!!!! Just be thankful you have what you have, it could always be worse!!!