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Jons Bachelor Pad, Kate & Kids In The City, Who Ruined Their Marriage? Jon And The Star Reporter

Hello Gosselin fans! Summer is flying so quickly and the next thing you know its Fall. We splurged and took the kids to see Shrek: The Musical on Broadway. It was absolutely fantastic, and if you ever want to see a super and funny play this is the one to see. We happen to know John Tartaglia who plays Pinocchio and he was amazing. Those with kids know him from the show "Johnny & The Sprites" on The Disney Channel. The man who played "Lord Farquaad" did the whole show on his knees... Definitely something you don't want to miss if you ever make it to NYC....Speaking of Manhattan, looks like the entire Gosselin family is here this weekend.....

Jon Gosselin Gets A Bachelor Pad:

Well, that didn't take long!

Just before leaving for France with new girlfriend, 22-year-old party animal Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin settled into a new bachelor pad on Manhattan's Upper West Side. On July 2, some unidentified people moved him in, though a source tells PEOPLE that he has only stayed one night in his new digs. (And yes, the source believes he spent it alone!)

The non-penthouse apartment may not be big enough to fit his brood of eight, but the two-bedroom spread is plenty spacious for one man, and, say, his new gal pal – though the source hasn't seen anyone matching Hailey's description near the building.

Kate Plus 8 In NYC:

Kate Gosselin and her eight children, plus two baby sitters and security, arrived at a midtown Manhattan hotel Saturday morning and stayed for a few hours before departing again, apparently headed to a TLC marketing event. Also on hand at the hotel were the Duggar family, stars of their own TV reality show, and Jen Arnold and Bill Klein of Little People: Just Married.

As the family walked through the marble lobby – with Jon Gosselin notably missing – Kate impatiently told one of her sextuplets, evidently in response to a question, "Yes, this is where we are staying."

Every member of the family, featured on the TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, wore light summer attire: Kate, 34, was in jeans and high strappy sandals, her twin girls, 8, in pink and white stripped dresses. The five-year-old sextuplets: girls in yellow dresses, boys in blue shorts and shirts.

Meanwhile, Jon Gosselin, 32, was spotted at his new apartment on Broadway, dropping off belongings and a large flat screen TV.

Believe It Or Not, We Did Not Kill Jon & Kate's Marriage: San Francisco Times.Com

I love to read some of the articles that the fans send me. Do you agree with what this author says about the fragile early years of Jon & Kate's marriage? Thanks Allibrootob!

"It's interesting to point this particular finger at Jon, since much has been made of the way Kate bosses him around. But marriage researcher John Gottman would disagree. His methods of identifying which marriages will last and which will tank appear in Malcolm Gladwell's best-seller "Blink," and they center on contempt--not criticism or bossiness. Why? "You would think that criticism would be the worst," Gottman says, "but contempt is closely related to disgust, and what contempt and disgust are about is completely rejecting and excluding someone from the community." According to Gladwell, if Gottman observes one partner in a marriage showing contempt toward the other, he considers it the single most important sign that the marriage is in trouble."

"So the audience didn't kill Jon and Kate's golden goose. It was dead before we got there."

Jon Steps Out With "Star" Girl: Radar

Jon Gosselin had dinner with a mystery blonde in New York at the Upper East Side's Accademia di Vino on Saturday night and we can't blame you if you wondered, has Jon moved on to yet another woman?

So who is she? First of all, calm down, Hailey, Jon's not cheating on YOU! The mystery woman is Kate Major, senior reporter for Star magazine. Oooohh, Star magazine is gonna have the scoop in its next issue!


  1. How do we know about the early-early years of Jon and Kate? The home footage of their dating/wedding/honeymoon/birth of the twins show a happy, content-looking Jon. How can anyone say that their marriage was in trouble before the show ever started? I'd completely beg to differ.

    Now, would I say that Jon shows contempt towards Kate now, and Kate does the same to Jon? Yes and yes. Both checked out of the marriage, but we don't know for sure who did so first. I'm not defending either one...but unless someone here knows extremely personal, first hand info (heresay from a friend of a friend of a friend, etc is not valid) regarding the unravelling of the marriage, we don't know. Jon's life crisis is on display now...for all we know, Kate's is just around the corner...

  2. kate u and jon should get back together the show wont be the same, if yall made it through the first ten years , u can make it another 10 years

    Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. (Matthew 11: 28-31) have faith kate= Garrison Hoener Montgomey, Alabama

  3. Okay. The pictures that JustJared have posted about the Gosselins taking New York are the same ones that RadarOnline posted yesterday about taking the kids to the Dr. It's kinda funny that the paps are stepping all over each other to get the scoop and they can't even get their stories straight.

  4. There are new ones in New York. Check again.

    I felt Kate showed more contempt for Jon than vice versa. JMHO.

    So Kate said goodbye on Thursday and was with the kids on Friday and Saturday,

  5. There is no way you can watch one or all episodes of a TV show (even if its supposed to be reality, everyone knows there is no such thing). Unless you are there and know them personally, you can't know the cause, start, etc. What a crock. I'm divorced, and my very co-workers that I spent 45 hours a week with and friends, didn't have a clue what was happening at night in my home. Give me a break!

  6. ......well, we don't know anything about the inside of their marriage over the years, but Jon's actions of late are not indicative of a man who is broken up over the ending of his 10 year marriage!

    New photos of him in New York with "another" date last night have cropped up. I am wondering why, in the last week, he has only been with the kids for one day when (reportedly) required for shooting. Isn't it usually 50/50?....or has he already begun to turn his back to his family?

    All I can say is "Go Kate". I am 100% behind her.

  7. The latest New York pics of Jon are with a reporter from Star magazine

  8. Thanks Denise for the heads up. I'm sorry to shove so much into one post, but I really loved the marriage article and wanted to get that in as well. We are leaving for the Hamptons for 2 days (yes, smart people come when the tourists leave) and YES the blog will still be moderated. So it may take a while for your posts to appear. Please be patient. Thanks!

  9. Jon's SLUMMED LOWER to 'Star' magazine? He's so trashy just like his girlfriend

  10. She's a fool to be seen in public with him. People talk, rumors are started and are very difficult to correct.

  11. I don't agree about Jon in those first few specials. While Kate was having her tummy tuck he prayed with her and was very comforting and involved. I believe he loved her. I never saw contempt on his face in those shows and I have seen them several times. I think some fans could never see Kate at fault for anything. I think they were happy together at that time. Jon is behaving very foolishly right now and he should be very careful what he does in public view.

  12. The marriage article was very interesting, especially the part about contempt vs. criticism. It makes complete sense... criticism comes from one person to another. It can hurt or not, depending on how you take it. Contempt is how you feel about someone, and no matter what they say or how they say it, you'll take it badly.
    Jon seemed to have contempt for Kate in the later episodes... you saw how he just sat on the couch looking defeated, no matter what Kate said.... he had already checked out of the marriage. Earlier on when Kate said something he didn't like, he at least said something back or disagreed with her. That takes real emotion when you care enough to argue a point instead of checking out.

  13. I still just can't believe how Jon is living right now. Just because something is fun or exciting or makes you feel good does not make it right. You have to make the right choices whether they feel good or not or whether another decision would be more appealing. Doing the right thing isn't always fun or glamorous. He needs to exert some self control and deny himself some of the "fun" he is having. He's STILL married for pity sake!!!!! If you live life by what feels good, you will just end up miserable in the end. Right now he's having fun but if he doesn't turn around misery is around the corner.

  14. From People Magazine...

    Source: People Magazine,,20292198,00.html

    When Hailey Glassman arrived at her parents home in New City, N.Y., on May 4 for an early Mother's Day surprise, she had a surprise of her own: Jon Gosselin, star of Jon & Kate Plus 8, was staying there.

    Why? Gosselin, 32, a family friend since Hailey's father, plastic surgeon Lawrence Glassman, performed Kate Gosselin's tummy tuck operation following the birth of her sextuplets, was trying to escape the tensions at the home he shared with Kate in Wernersville, Pa.

    According to a source close to Jon Gosselin, "Jon was heartbroken, totally heartbroken. Kate told him to take a hike."

    'Kate Was Done'

    The source says Jon and Hailey, already acquaintances, began their romance only after Kate filed for divorce on June 20.

    According to the source. although the public did not know it, Jon and Kate actually split up late last year: "She said she wanted her life. She said she was done. It came out of the blue."

    Soon afterwards, Jon moved out of the couple's bedroom and slept elsewhere in the house – and started going out to clubs and bars.


    an article frm people you think jons trying 2 get the public on his side now? maybe he's relised that he went 2 far going on a "business" trip with hailey and is now trying to get the sympathy vote?

  16. Grainne~ I agree with you 100%. I think that after the backlash hes trying to peddle backwards to gain more sympathy. I truly feel this is the reason that he went out with this "Star" reporter. Because hes going to say all this stuff about Kate now that the 45 days of not attacking each other is almost up. There would be no reason for him to even talk to a trash magazine like that. And the fact that he made it so public, only leads me to be more upset and disgusted with his behavior.
    How much do you want to bet that she made SURE there was someone there to photograph them. They even posed for pictures!

    Going through such a public divorce, there is NO need for you to be photographed with yet another blond discussing your private life. Mid life crisis indeed.

  17. That's from People? Who's the source, Jodi and Kevin? Or Hailey? I don't believe it.

  18. Oh man...this whole thing just gets more and more strange...I don't know what to believe anymore...I think Jon has gone off his rocker! I wonder what his Mother and Brother's think...what would his Father say? It is just unreal! This time last year they were in NC, appearing to be soo happy...I am just soo sad and shocked by all of this...You know what they say...the truth is definitely stranger than fiction, however, what really IS the truth, will be ever know?

  19. Wow, this makes my stomach cringe. I am not watching this train wreck anymore, it is beyond disgusting.

    My husband watched the show with me even though he thought Kate was too rude and Jon too whimpy. When I told him tonight all about this site and what has been going on he was laughing! He wants to know what in hell makes Jon think he can sell a motorcycle with his name on it? He's not tough or cool, on the show you never see Jon do anything. Only time he ever saw Jon do anything was a half assed job of mowing the grass.

    He also pointed out (to my surprise) that anytime you saw them on the show it was Kate that was 'doing it all'. Which I wonder about. Everybody thinks it is horrible she travels, yet on many of the episodes she says she prepares all the meals and freezes them. I just know what time and effort it takes to do all of that. So what exactly did Jon do while she travelled to promote the book that helped to support the family, except WHINE???????

    I shake my head, it is all too surreal. I am a fan of the show, but definitely not a fan of this mess. I think Jon should go find out what it is like to go back to work for a measly salaried paycheck while Kate forges ahead on the show. Kate plus 8 has a nice ring to it! I think single women all over the US would love to see how she handles being a single Mom of 8....she handled it all before, she'll handle it all now. Not that she'll stay single for long.

  20. It is obvious that he is trying to gain public sympathy because he is being portrayed as an irresponsible person. Does he think that we are stupid and that we do not remember that he was not only caught going out to bars and drinking month's ago, but he was also caught in Colorado with Deanna on Kate's birthday. Maybe they were going through a rough patch and maybe they had made some agreements, to see where this would lead them, but it is obvious that he broke any agreement that was made, by his behavior and maybe that is when Kate said that she was done. There are times in relationships, when you hit a rough patch, that you put on your happy face, just not to air your dirty laundry out for everyone to see. Jon is definitely trying to get back at Kate and he is so hateful that he does not care about embarrassing her. But in the interim he is just embarrassing himself and his family. Hailey brings him home in May, the separation/divorce is announced at the end of June, and two weeks later he is in France. Does he not think that the public feels that he is moving like a speeding train. He can try and spin it in whatever way he wants, the dates don't lie. He needs to FINALLY BE A MAN and OWN UP to his actions and behavior instead of trying to push off the blame to his wife.

  21. If this source is correct and their marriage ended late last year, why is Jon suddenly heartbroken May 4th? Doesn't make sense to me. I do wish someone would address the timeline of the breakup though.

  22. I think the "sources" are Jodi and Kevin. This meshes with their Radar On Line interview. Except no mention of Kate's speculated affair.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Kate did confront Jon late last year. I expect he has been whining about his unhappiness for a long time. It just seems like a lot of things were done to "make Jon happy." I am thinking of things like the trip to Hawaii (he had family there), the house (not Kate's type of place as she is not an outdoors girl - that much acreage was for Jon to have a place to do outdoor manly stuff), the dogs (Jon had always wanted dogs), and the ski trip to Utah.

    Kate said in a People magazine interview a while back that when Jon said he was unhappy staying home, she suggested that he go back to school, get a job, or do volunteer work. He never did anything about his situation but whine. I expect by the end of last year, Kate got frustrated with it.

    AS for not having an affair with Deanna, the pictures tell the story of a married man behaving inappropriately. And sorry Jon but just because the divorce papers have been filed, it doesn't mean you are single. You are still a married man having an affair.

  23. I was just watching the Independence Day special...

    "I don't feel guilty about anything." says Jon. I tried not to read too much into it, but how prophetic, no?

  24. I am confused. What became of this site? I thought hate of the Gosselins was frowned upon here, and this was once called the antigosselinswithoutpity website. Now this site is filled with hate towards Jon and we know nothing, other than pictures of him out and about. Kate may have kicked him out like the article states, that is why he is photographed frequently in public and not hiding out at home.

  25. "And while Gosselin may be getting skewered for moving on so quickly, the first source claims that Gosselin actually seems like a good guy, telling PEOPLE, "He was very friendly."
    I agree, Jon seems like an easy going guy, and most likely just got tired of Kate. She even complained about his easy going personality in one episode, but at that time they claimed their clashing personalities worked. Makes me wonder how much of that was an act for the show.

  26. Seems Jon likes commiting adultery...does he realize what all he can lose just to "be free" ...
    Oh well in about six months and he doesn't have his kids anymore and the light is off of him and the young girls finally wake up and realize he is just a limp dick then maybe he will realize what all he has lost..I don't have any sympathy for him he's just being a jerk plain and simple. Yea Kate is a bitch at times but you know what have we see ANY pictures of her out at bars, out late at night at all???, Going to France with hott young Men, Posing with hott men?? I think not. Seriously this is ridiculous 8 little lives are being messed up and it goes way beyond them being on a t.v. show... at least they have money now if Jon and Kate had not done the show they would probably still be divorced and the kids would get to live on Welfare Oh boy that's just what every kid wants... I don't know what the answer is but they need to get their acts together ( Jon mostly) and act like adults.

  27. The article quotes: "It's interesting to point this particular finger at Jon, since much has been made of the way Kate bosses him around. But marriage researcher John Gottman would disagree. His methods of identifying which marriages will last and which will tank appear in Malcolm Gladwell's best-seller "Blink," and they center on contempt--not criticism or bossiness. Why? "You would think that criticism would be the worst," Gottman says, "but contempt is closely related to disgust, and what contempt and disgust are about is completely rejecting and excluding someone from the community." According to Gladwell, if Gottman observes one partner in a marriage showing contempt toward the other, he considers it the single most important sign that the marriage is in trouble."
    So is he blaming it on Jon's contempt for Kate? Or Kate's contempt for Jon?

  28. NJMOM said...
    It is obvious that he is trying to gain public sympathy because he is being portrayed as an irresponsible person.
    I think the "source" just wants to tell Jon's side of the story. I don't think public sympathy has anything to do with it.

  29. To the person who wrote "You don't demand, respect you earn it"... that is not true.

    Just how would that work? You treat someone like crap until they earn your respect?

    Everyone should be treated with respect. At what point is it okay to treat a spouse with no respect? You don't like the way someone acts or does something, you can address the situation without treating them with disrespect.

  30. That 'People' article totally contradicts what Kate said in her last interview w/them. She said and I quote since the magazine is right in front of me "Jon has been asking for this for a long time, he does not want to be married to me anymore. No questions aksed, he went and hired a lawyer and said 'You'd better get one.' So I did. I never would have done it. But I did, because he told me to do it"

    I don't believe this latest news that came from whoever their 'source' is that ""Jon was heartbroken, totally heartbroken. Kate told him to take a hike." because he was the one who stated on their show that was sad but also EXCITED about the new chapter in his life. He moved right along like those 10 years were more like 10 minutes.

  31. ...the latest photos of Jon and Hailey playing in a park on swings and kissing really bothers me. The reason it is most upsetting (besides the fact he is airing his dirty laundry for millions to see) that his CHILDREN, all 8 of them, could be so psychologically damaged by seeing photos of their dad kissing another woman this early on.

    I question his motives regarding Kate, but to publicly display all of this for his children to witness is another story altogether.

    If he had any brains or class he would do ALL of this behind closed doors.

    Also, why is Kate watching the kids 99% of the time (already)??? There may be a valid reason for it, but I do find that odd as well.

  32. ANNA said...
    She's a fool to be seen in public with him. People talk, rumors are started and are very difficult to correct.
    Fool? It's all about selling Star Magazine. Because of this photo more people will read the Star interview because she was seen with Jon and they will be more inclined to believe it.

  33. Just playing devil's advocate here. Lord knows I have not hidden my disgust at Jon but I'm just wondering out loud. A lot of the things Kevin and Jodi said long before the split announcement did come true. When no one believed it was realy true that they could be having problems, Kevin and Jodi said it was Kate that called it quits and told Jon it was over. I wouldn't go so far as to think the whole contract part was true but some things did make sense with events that unfolded later.

    The biggest thing was Jon being so unapolegetic regarding the "cheating" issues. I do believe there was something non platonic going on with Deanna Hummel and the fact that he said he did not cheat on Kate and that they both knew what they knew leads me to believe that there was some sort of discussion between them about the marriage being over. I don't think there was an actual contract but I can see Kate telling him it's over and that he could do whatever he wanted from now on as long as the show went on. Although Jon seemed unhappy doing the show of late, I think he was smart enough to realize that it was paying their bills and affording them all kinds of opportunities so he went along with it. I guess the part he didn't anticipate was how hard it would be being with other people since the paparazzi was suddenly so interested in every move they made. I can see Jon wanting to quit the show as long as he thought his marriage might have been better for it but when it became clear that the marriage was over, I guess he figured the show would be like a job and he wouldn't be accountable anymore for the things he did like being places with other women. When they announced their split, it would have been the perfect time for him to say that he was bowing out of the show and finally be out of the spotlight but he seemed to have an about face and all too eagerly say that he would still be on the show.

    On the other hand, the thing that doesn't mesh with this theory is that Kate seemed way too devastated by the break up. We don't know her real feelings off camera (whether she really cried to the point of hyperventilating) but she was the one that seemed so broken up over things while Jon was so cold and matter of fact about it all. She was the one that kept falling apart on the episode and you can really see the wear on her face and body in the last couple of weeks. She appears so gaunt and exhausted.

    As for Jon being hearbroken, I don't know if I believe that. Yes he was very dejected looking on the show at the end of season four and early season 5 and Kate was very upbeat and happy with the way her life and career were going. It's hard to tell if her depressed attitude was only for the show but then I don't think Jon would have sat there and not said anything when she was going on about how she would never have taken the step of getting separating if it were up to her.

    Bottom line is that I don't think we will ever know what the 100% true story is about Jon and Kate unless it comes from both of them. I will say this though, as much as I have not approved of Jons actions of late, I think they are both to blame. I don't think Kate is the picture of innocence either. She has shown on the show how biting her comments can be and who knows, maybe she did just get fed up of Jon whining around and tell him to take a hike. Maybe she never thought he would. I don't know but as always, those kids are left to suffer now.

  34. One more thing I wanted to say, People doesn't seem like the kind of magazine to make up shady stories. Their articles always come as a result of interviews with Jon or Kate or someone reliable. I'm sure if it is really untrue, we will soon see a follow up article from Kate saying otherwise.

  35. Cindy said:
    I think Jon should go find out what it is like to go back to work for a measly salaried paycheck while Kate forges ahead on the show.

    Kate plus 8 has a nice ring to it! I think single women all over the US would love to see how she handles being a single Mom of 8....she handled it all before, she'll handle it all now. Not that she'll stay single for long.
    Why should Jon go back to work for a measly paycheck and not Kate? Why the double standard?

    I don't see how single women with children will relate to Kate handling 8 kids as a single mother. She doesn't do it alone like most single women do. She brought TWO nannies with her to NYC and her kids are all over the age of 5. She has a cook too. Probably somone to clean. And she sends their clothes out the the dry cleaners, so she doesn't have to wash and fold them either.

    She also travels a lot and goes to the spa and has all the free shows and parks and vacations for herself and the children. Need I go on? I don't see any single mother looking at Kate to see "how she does it alone".

  36. So is Jon not allowed to see the children during the week at all??? Why an apartment in NYC!?!? Sure, there's not a lot to do in Reading PA for a "single" man, but why can't he stay close to the children? NYC is about 3 hours away.

    This whole thing disgusts me. As for the children staying in the house and the parents rotating that makes the most sense in a twisted sort of way. For Jon and Kate to each have a house that could hold 8 children and still make them feel at home during their visits would cost a bundle, not to mention all the stuff they would have to pack each time.

    I can't believe how much money this divorce is costing them. The divorce lawyers... Big money.

    Now Kate has to have a place to stay every weekend? That will cost money. Jon has a new apartment. That will cost money. And if TLC is paying for it that's still money that could have been going towards the children's futures. And he's probably going to eat out every day and/or spend money on more groceries just for him.

    Not to mention all the money they have been spending on themselves shopping etc, especially Jon at Gucci, etc. No wonder they feel they have to continue the show. I'm not one of those people that believe Jon and Kate shouldn't be spending money on themselves. I don't think there is anything wrong with that if they can afford it... as long as the children have their fair share put aside for them.

  37. It seriously confuses me as to why no one wants to believe Jon's side of things. I am not being snarky here, I just really don't get it. He has not criticized Kate or gone on TV shows or magazines to badmouth her, and now he is finally going to talk. If what he has to say actually shows that he is telling the truth, why is it so hard to cut him some slack.

    This doesn't excuse what his behavior might be doing to his children. That is a different issue altogether. I am merely speculating about why no one could believe that Kate did tell him she was done and basically kicked him out and that he was hurt by that. It puts a new spin on why he has been dating, considering he was very hurt.

    Thank you Baby Mama for allowing some of us who are not uber fans to comment on your blog. I do not hate Kate at all, I wish her happiness. But I also wish Jon happiness and I do believe he has got a bum rap for some things.

  38. OMG! The pic of Jon shoving a hotdog in his mouth. NOT flattering! Yikes.

  39. Barbara: I don't cut Jon ANY slack because even though divorce papers are filed, he is STILL MARRIED and is dating and even photographed kissing his little chippy.

  40. Barbara:
    I agree with you. With your above comment about no one wanting to believe Jon. I think too many people are Team Kate or Team Jon no matter what.

    I also think that many people feel that Jon being wrong about some things he does makes Kate right. That's not the case. They can both be wrong.

    No offense to anyone here and I'm not directing this to any one poster in particular, but I think the issue may be that many women on this site relate to Kate because they see a lot of themselves in her.

  41. jl said...
    Barbara: I don't cut Jon ANY slack because even though divorce papers are filed, he is STILL MARRIED and is dating and even photographed kissing his little chippy.

    I agree. At the same time that's just a technicality. Their marriage is OVER and has been for a long time. What really is the difference? They aren't together. Yes, it's "wrong" but by whose morals? Yours? Mine? I'm not sure either of them care what we feel is appropriate.

    In fact, we don't even know if Kate cares. Even if she does it doesn't necessarily have to be because she still loves him. She may just be upset he replaced her with someone else so soon. Or about his choice of a new girlfriend.

    As sad as it is to see Jon with someone else we can't expect them to not date anyone else.

  42. The real issue I have with Kate stating that 'Jon told her to get an attorney, so she did' is whenever did Kate do anything anyone told her to do? That just doesn't compute with what we have seen of her behavior on the show since the beginning.

  43. Schmecky girl, with all due respect, I just don't think that the little children understand whether the marriage is a "technicality" or not. The fact that Jon is kissing and holding hands with another woman and it has been caught in photos could be very disturbing for his kids to see, particularly so soon.

    Whether Jon is "right" or Kate is "right" or whether the truth lies somewhere in the middle is likely something we'll never truly know. But I must laugh as well at the point made that we may see ourselves in Kate! LOL. Well, I know I certainly do.........I am a mom and I have children to protect. When there are photos of Kate kissing another man plastered all over the internet I will likely be critical of her actions as well.

  44. I'm sorry for those of the regulars that have seen some of their posts not printed. The amount of comments that came today was insane, and a lot were from trolls, so I had to delete more than I could post.

    A few people have asked me why the original "anti-gosselinswithoutpity" became such an anti-Jon site. Well his behavior in the past few weeks in my opinion has been disgusting and depressing. Its not that they cant divorce and see other people. I have stated many times that the time frame and Jons claims in the past of being "just friends" doesn't ring true anymore. The lunch dates, the t-shirt at the tups party, and even people coming out of the woodwork: all say that he was cheating. IMO

    We don't know whether Kate actually said it was "over" either. Jodi & Kevin said Jon said this and we have no idea whats true. Kate even said herself that she didn't want to divorce Jon. So I believe Kate. When all the hate blogs attacked her, this blog has always stated that this site has always sided with Kate right or wrong. Anyone that wasn't happy with my views has other places to attack Kate. It will never be here.

    The STAGED playground pics. with Jon kissing Hailey was the last straw for me. The pictures looked ridiculous. It was such a blatant disrespect of his family it actually sickened me. I don't care if he is separated or not. Did he invite them for the playground stroll that he SHOULD be doing with his kids? Every day that Kate isn't working to put food in her kids mouths she is with them. He is doing ridiculous crap like this. Its embarrassing.

    This will always be the Gosselin Family Fan Site, as this is a Fan Site not only Kate but for the kids. If Jon makes it though his Mid Life Crisis, someday he could once again be portrayed fairly in my eyes and on this site. Everyone seems to be happy with the way I have "loosened" the posts here (so to speak) and I will continue to let people comment here even if they don't like or agree with Kate, as long as they do not come here to attack her. She is a good mother and it's wonderful to see the amount of new support and understanding of her that everyone has. So for those of you who have e-mailed me as to which side am I on, well I hope that I answered your question.

  45. 1-Jon's apartment in NY is leased by TLC. They wanted a location that would be camera friendly, and they wanted to be able to film him doing things with the kids in NY.

    2-People magazine is a PR rag. It doesn't mean the truth is being told, it's simply a way to disseminate what information the subject wants released to the public in a widescale manner. That means both Jon & Kate use it to spread whatever story they want the public to hear.

    3-The visitation plan is not set in stone just as their schedules are not set in stone. They rotate in and out of the house depending upon who needs to go where and when. They are keeping it loose on purpose.

    4-I believe that Jon did try to stick around for the show as Kate asked because he wanted the income. But she got so horribly mean to him that I just don't think he could take it any more. Remember the Going Green episode? She was beyond horribly horrible!

    What will it take for those two to stop the madness? Why are they putting their children through this? How much money will be enough for them? Will there ever be enough money the way they are both spending it? Random questions and random thoughts.

  46. I think both Jon's and Kate's stories can be reconciled to some degree. My theoru is Kate spent much of last year trying to make Jon happy. When he didn't want to travel for their talks anymore, she suggested he stay homewith the kids. When he whined about being with the kids, she suggested that he go back to school, get a job, or do volunteer work. He did none of that.

    They went to Hawaii where he had family. They bought a house with enough land to allow him to ride tractors and traipse through the woods. They got big dogs because Jon wanted them. I think Kate gave up last year and probably did say something about it being over.

    But I expect that plan was that they would stay together for the kids and the show. Jon was fine with the situation until he got caught out with Deanna. That was probably when he approached Jodi and Kevin to leak that the marriage was already over. However, they were still together in the same house (avoiding each other as much as possible).

    What Kate didn't figure was that Jon would push up the timetable for actually divorcing. I think he told Kate to get an attorney when he started going for Hailey. That is when he cared enough to want a legal end to the marriage. And I expect when Jon told Kate, "get an attorney" it was backed up with "or I will make your life hell."

  47. I can't help but say that jon has been gaining weight. He obviously needs some of Kates healthy cooking!!!!

    On the other hand Kate is looking amazing!

  48. Paige I don't doubt that is probably how it went.

  49. I was the one that said "you don't demand respect, you earn respect" and that was in response to the following, comment regarding them both being at fault: " Kate with her bossiness and being so controlling and with Jon not being able to stand up for himself and demand respect from his wife." and I stand by my statement. In my book, you do not automatically get respect, because of who you are. That would be saying that if your husband hit you, that you would still respect him, because he was your spouse. You gain and maintain respect by doing the right things in life. And in response to some of Barbara's comments: Kate got an Attorney because Jon was obviously moving ahead with his own Attorney, I really do not think that you have a choice when your spouse plans on divorcing you. I do not cut Jon any slack because not only is he embarrassing himself and his wife, but he is embarrassing eight kids, by behaving like a fool, for the world to see, and he has been doing it for months. He does have a right to eventually move on, but an honorable man, who is in the public eye, waits to move on out of respect for his family. I have said before, I could care less about clothes, hair, hats, cars, houses, white plastic lawn furniture, smoking, diamond earrings, etc...but how can you excuse all the other stuff that he has been doing, with the time line that we know of. He has not come out and bashed Kate with words, but he has done it with his actions. He has made very poor choices as a father of eight children. He chose to get an apartment in NY for a reason, not to stay close to his kids, but to be free to do what he wants. Is that not selfish on his part? And yeah everyone says that he is pleasant and a nice guy, well why wouldn't he be. He has life by the tail. He spends his days cavorting all over, he has not held a paying job in years. Who would not be happy, if you were in his shoes?

  50. I tried being supportive of Jon's side from the time that he was first spotted partying with college age girls and even through the Deanna stories. However, ever since the first episode of the current season, when he said he was "excited" about the split up, we have seen and heard much about his irresponsible behavior and choice of friends. Because of this, he has lost so much respect from the public already so I really don't see how anyone can feel that he could be worthy of being called a man of character or integrity. Therefore, I would be less inclined to believe Jon's "victimization" stories. I really doubt we will ever get the whole ugly truth from him.

    If Kate felt so strongly that her hand was forced to file for divorce because of his activies, and if true that he moved out of the bedroom sometime last year, I'm sure it was because she was angry with him for good reason.

  51. I would also like to add that I AM AWARE a few of the hate sites were shut down either by the owners themselves or forced to close down over attacks within their own blogs. I would like to add that that WILL NEVER happen here. So rest assured I will no longer be going on vacation and keeping moderation OFF (lol)..

    Also I'm looking forward at the end of this week to celebrate my 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of The Jon & Kate Gosselin Fan Site! MORE TO COME!

  52. just wondering said...
    1-Jon's apartment in NY is leased by TLC. They wanted a location that would be camera friendly, and they wanted to be able to film him doing things with the kids in NY

    Where exactly did you get this info? Cause I havent seen any proof that said TLC leased it for him.

    I dont believe any "source" I only believe what pictures I see and what Jon and or Kate say. So this source from People is a load of BS, which surprises me from People cause they are usually good with getting statements from people instead of using "sources", disappointing.

  53. Thanks Baby Mama for all you do with your blog, it helps to hear your thoughts, and I totally agree with you. I just hope Kate has someone to talk to in order to relieve her stress. I also think the photos in the park of the two lovebirds was STAGED, they look as though they are poising for the p-people, but WHY?

  54. What is it with "a source says"?
    Where is it verified that TLC is paying for the NYC apartment or did that come from a source too?

  55. Mary~ I have pretty much allowed others to share their thoughts and havent intentionally posted my thoughts in a long time. There were some sites that were at one time actually DECICATED to me and this blog. They would copy my posts just to analyize and scrutinize what I said. It was insane and I just had to put a stop to it.

    On the other hand, many of you e-mail me asking for my thoughts on things and its hard to get to you all. If you read my previous site, I talked a lot about my thoughts and my personal life. I let the blog pretty much speak for itself now, because its easier to post this way, and I don't see my posts up on other sites.

  56. Barbara said...
    The real issue I have with Kate stating that 'Jon told her to get an attorney, so she did' is whenever did Kate do anything anyone told her to do? That just doesn't compute with what we have seen of her behavior on the show since the beginning.
    OMG! I've been saying the exact same thing since she said that! I too found that hard to believe.

  57. Just wondering - I don't know why you continue to comment here. I presume most fans see your name and just keep scrolling.... Stop wasting your time.

    And I have to respectfully disagree with SchmeckyGF. I am a single mom that is more than ready to watch Kate as a single mom. And you come to very unsubstantiated (SP) claims about single moms. Those of us who have fallen into the single mom situation have to be very inventive about using support and helpful friends, (paid or nonpaid). And don't come to conclusions that single moms don't get pedicures either..... We are just like you married moms. and why shouldn't we be allowed to have the same perks you married moms have? In fact I believe we deserve the little escapes even more than 2 parent families.....

  58. Baby Mama said:

    When all the hate blogs attacked her, this blog has always stated that this site has always sided with Kate right or wrong.
    Huh? No disrespect to you Baby Mama because I really enjoy your blog and appreciate your posting our views (as long as we don't bash or are disrespectful and I agree with that) and allowing us to have interesting conversations, but right or WRONG? If you feel Kate is doing something wrong you will still support her? To what extent? What if it is something that affects her children? I'm sorry but I was a huge fan of Kate (and Jon) for quite some time, but if I feel someone is doing something wrong I could never back them up no questions asked.

    Thank you again for all your work keeping this site going. I do appreciate being able to comment here.

  59. I don't understand why everyone is surprised that Jon is not putting the children's feelings about him dating another woman first? If they were both putting their children's needs first since day one I don't think they would be where they are right now. Regardless of what they say, not everything they have done was for their children.

    Those kids would be happier living with both parents in a small four bedroom house drawing with crayons and playing games in the backyard. If that was their goal as a family I'm sure it could have been done.

    Their plan was to raise their children and Kate be a stay-at-home mom. All the opportunities came up to do more and get more and they couldn't resist. I'm not saying I wouldn't have done the same thing but I can say that if I saw it was affecting our family negatively my husband and I would have put our "family" first.

  60. Hi Terri!

    Yes, I agree with you. There are probably some single mothers that would enjoy watching Kate or some that can relate to her. I was feeling that the MAJORITY wouldn't relate to her. My sister was a widow at 24-years-old with 4 young children ages 4 to six months. Her life was nothing like Kate's and I know for a fact she couldn't relate to her.

  61. Baby Mama, Paige and NJMOM, oh how I agree 100% with what each of you said!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jon wanted that easy life and got it and is still not happy........he (seems to want) to be a rich, nomadic womanizer with no attachments. I repeat again it's just sad what he is doing to his kids. I truly believe the ultimate downward spiral began back in the spring when he got caught. And I've been posting alot because I have been almost unable to comprehend what has been going on with him. I always valued Kate's strength and thought Jon was gut feeling was never deep respect for him but it has now been translated into deep sickness. Moving on is one thing, but I just say DO IT PRIVATELY, do not intentionally try to hurt Kate because it ends up hurting the kids more than anyone else.

  62. SchmeckyGirl~ What I meant about right or wrong, is basically just a matter of someone elses opinion when it comes to Kate. What she does with her life and how she raises her children is her business. Regardless if someone feels she is right or wrong in anything she does, I choose to support her actions 100% until I feel otherwise. To what extent I cannot say, only because I have absolutely agreed in how shes done things thus far. For example:

    1. Joelgate: My children have actually slept in a sleeping bag in the bathroom on the floor after vomiting.
    2. GUM GATE (Sorry, but that was just lame) My kids are in no way allowed to chew gum.
    3. Cupcakegate: HUGE for me.. In no way would I have let my kids get the cupcakes if they didn't eat. I have HUGE picky eaters and I found that making them at least attempt to eat and even bribed in the past is a method that works for my family.

    hmmm Im trying to think of the others......

    4. Kate not giving Mady water.....
    I don't know how that scene was edited. But giving Mady water while she was whining and then having to deal with all the other kids complaining about it, I may have not given her water either in that instance. Not sure on that one.

    Someone remind me of the other stupid "gates" and I will discuss those as well.

  63. I found a comment Jon made on the "seperation show" interesting, Jon said regarding the kids staying in the house, that Kate and himself will rotate in when it's their turn. Okay, thats fine, but then he said "we bought this house for the kids, not for US"? I found this comment very confusing, I thought they bought it for their sanity as well, I guess not!

  64. watched the jon and kate today were they were in the old house and kate and beth went 2 ikea to get more storage space...also this is the episode that jon starts to come home early from work because he's workin for bob....kate was soooooo excited when he came home, giggling like a little girl and all smiles and he just grunted when he came in the door...something tells me it started to go sour on his part around this time. i wouldnt blame kate if she told him it was over, over a year ago because if someone had that attitude all the time were he just didnt seem 2 give two hoots about being there or not, id tell them 2 take a hike 2!!!!


    if kate told him it was over, over a year ago....and this is only july.....and they renewed their vows in august....(correct me if im wrong)....i dont think either of them are the type to "pretend" to renew for ratings??? hmmm... just a thought :)

  65. and personally i never took sides , i loved them both and thought they were both human and made mistakes like any normal person, no1s perfect..but the way jons going on of late i wud just love2 slap him, shake him and tell him 2 growwwww up!!!

  66. I cannot stomach Jon's behaviour as of late truly makes me sick to see those pics and that video of him at the airport, packing up the Gucci bags in the car was just the last straw.
    For someone who stated on TLC how disgusted he was witht he paps, that the paparaazzi is outside his house 24/7, and that people are being paid $20,000 to say whatever about just doesn't add up with the current behaviour. It was just straight-out lying, and ruined any chances of credibility with JK+8 fans. I don't care how his handlers spin it, I have absolutely no repsect for him. And if they film episodes with him & the kids, I will not watch. I support Kate 100%, and would rather see the show dedicated her moving on with the kids as the single-parent to 8 kids. I'm not a single Mom, but I am a working-Mom, and I do identify with her. She had to be strong to make up for Jon's slacker attitude.

  67. BTW: Who does he think he is? Is anyone really going buy a product: clothes, motorcycles, petfood, or whatever because Jon is selling it?? I think not. He is nobody after his 15 minutes of fame is up. Which should be soon...if we're lucky...I only hope that the kids are protected from his emotional (and I'm sure financial as well) train wreck.

  68. Thanks, BabyMama for maintaining an excellent blog. It is the first place I go to see what is new with the Gosselin family. (Although lately, disgusted & disappointed by the actions of one Gosselin who has fallen off the track).
    I appreciate having a venue to show support for Kate. Kate, if you're out there, know that there are people out there that do support what you are doing to protect your kids. Stay strong, this too shall pass.

  69. I 100 percent agree with Grainne that all the actions are being played for gaining more and more sympathy.

  70. TLC had a promo for the new season tonight showing Kate setting up a tent and saying she can do it all.

    There was also a series of photos on another site showing tons of Coleman camping gear being delivered.

  71. Denise~ So I guess I'm still right will my list of episodes to the right. Looks like they may start with "Another Campout" and go in order from there....

  72. Its funny how all of a sudden Jon has to support himself and so he does what he said he dispises, he sells his story to the highest bidder stooping as low as Star. We should have known hes not going to go get a job to pay for his million dallor apartment. Hes going to continue taking from what Kate has made great (the show)

    Baby Mama I also want to thank you for having such an awesome blog. Its where I can come to show I support Kate 100% in all she does and be around people who feels the same, thank you

  73. Did anyone see the video of Kate and the kids being mobbed by media in NYC as they went to the van? It was insane! So for those who say "why does Kate think she needs a bodyguard?"... THAT'S WHY!
    And for Jon... I know he doesn't care about Kate being mobbed, but the kids are being mobbed as a direct result of his "news-worthy" behavior. The more crazy Jon acts, the more attention Kate and the kids are getting. I'm sure the kids were so scared when that happened, and I really felt for them and Kate.

  74. Just a few comments. I am not going to use quotes because it makes the post longer.

    just wondering- please reference by name your sources - I don't believe anything stated as "fact" without sources..

    SchmekyGirl I am a single Mom. If someone only looks at the surface, it may be hard to related to Kate. She is wealthier than most of us now, she has more help, etc. What I do relate to and why I do like Kate is her strength. I like strong women who don't have to rely on a man to carry then through life. I like people who know what they want and work to make it happen. I like that she is ambitious for her family and wants more for them. I will watch to see how well she handles the new challenges in her life.

    BabyMama I agree that so much of what Kate does is made to seem evil and bitchy when it makes sense to me. After reading at GWOP. I will watch a rerun and think "gripes they got up in arms about that?" Right now I am so sick of the comments on how she dresses - I think it is fine for her to wear hats and dresses at the supermarket is not a crime worthy of the volume of hate she gets for it.

  75. I think all of you who blast Kate for doing the show should just stop it.
    Now be honest with your self you are just upset it is not you making the money she does.
    I think it is a great idea, she is doing an honest job with her children who i may add seem to enjoy it.hank God she is not doing anything illegale.
    How would you support 8 children?

    She did state this her job, Well she needs it now to pay for 8 children.( who knows if she did not have this, if Jon would pay child support)
    Jon also steated on one of the last episodes this is his job.IT does not have to be if he did not want do be doing the show, as he said many time.
    I do not agree with all Kate says , but then again no one agress with all i say or do.
    SO all please stop whinning about Kate doing the show and the best she can for her children.
    God Bless You Kate and kids.
    Well ok even Jon You mmay need it more.

  76. I liked Jon, Kate and the kids, and the show made you kinda feel like part of the family. Now, I cannot relate at all with their giant home, mile of land, the new toys/cars for Jon and Kate, the endless supply of gifts for the children, the nanny's, the cooks, the cleaners, the celebrity guests, etc. This is more like a new reality show called The Real Housewife of Berks County plus 8. This will be the last season.

  77. Well, all I can say is I support Kate, I think she's strong, she works for what she gets, doesn't sit around and expect it to be handed to her. The amount of travelling it takes to promote the book is exhausting work, I travel on occasion, it is nice to be in different areas, but it is also exhausting! It is also difficult to be away from family while I am gone.

    I think this would be the same way for other families, Kate especially. It has got to be painful to be away from the children. I always thought time away would be nice, a luxury, but when I had it I found I didn't enjoy it at all.

  78. ...the new TLC commercial for the August 3rd Campout episode re-inforces her strength and determination to survive this.

    As I was re-watching some old episodes broadcast this morning, I cannot now help but to assess Jon's contemptuous, passive-agressive ways towards Kate. This was the babies 3rd birthday and he was calling her mean.

  79. Are you "listening", TLC?... Kick Jon out if you want the ratings!

  80. Ok seriously, I have read this blog for quite some time now and although I have disagreed with many comments made I haven’t ever felt like throwing in my thoughts, until now. First of all, for a little enlightenment, John Gottman is one of the foremost experts on marriage and child development. When he speaks listen, his thoughts and theories are solid and based on research and years of experience. A cursory glance through a few journals on family science will back this up.
    Also, to those who claim that by saying she got an attorney because Jon told her to is contrary to her personality, please, please think through that a little more. How would you expect her to respond to that, “No I won’t, you can’t boss me around” or “Don’t tell me what to do”. Those types of responses would not make sense, it isn’t as if she is claiming that he would constantly boss her around about everything, “Jon won’t let me purchase organic produce anymore” or “Jon won’t let me drive”, those would raise red flags to anyone who had ever watched this show, this is more of “Hey, a big warning to you, I have employed an attorney and it would probably be in your best interest if you got one too, but make up your own mind.” Some of the views here are so simplistic and almost adolescent in nature. People and life situations, especially when immersed in the family stress cycle are not so one-dimensional.

  81. Baby Mama said...
    SchmeckyGirl~ What I meant about right or wrong, is basically just a matter of someone elses opinion when it comes to Kate. What she does with her life and how she raises her children is her business. Regardless if someone feels she is right or wrong in anything she does, I choose to support her actions 100% until I feel otherwise.
    Got it. I understand what you meant now. Thanks for taking the time to clarify.

    As for the "gate" issues... I think a lot of us disagree about them. I agree that gum can be an issue and my daughters don't chew gum because they just swallow it anyway... but it was Kate's reaction to Jodi and to her son's bear lovey that got people upset.

    Personally I wouldn't make my child sleep on a hard floor because of vomit. I put large waterproof pads on the bed that protect the mattress. My daughters also have their little pink hospital buckets that they have used since they were two-years-old, they haven't missed yet. When a child is sick with the flu they should be in a nice comfortable bed. I don't think it's fair to compromise that just for my convenience. But that is just my personal opinion.

  82. I'm not sure why people feel you have to be a MULTI-millionaire to support 8 children. You don't.

  83. MARY said...
    I found a comment Jon made on the "seperation show" interesting, Jon said regarding the kids staying in the house, that Kate and himself will rotate in when it's their turn. Okay, thats fine, but then he said "we bought this house for the kids, not for US"? I found this comment very confusing, I thought they bought it for their sanity as well, I guess not!
    -------------------------------------------------True. I guess he meant that they needed that large a house for the kids to have room because he and Kate could have lived in a smaller house comfortably if it was just the two of them.

    But if you really want to question their comments about buying the house for the kids, what about Kate's "Mine! All mine!" comment?

  84. There are two things I would like to comment on that are off-topic but always seem to come up.

    Kate's wardrobe is one.

    Are you kidding me??? Why do so many people complain about her clothing? It is totally age appropriate for her. Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor LOFT is not a clothing store tailored to 20-year-olds. It is for women in Kate's age range and up. I shop there all the time myself.

    As for her "mini" skirts, they aren't even very short. I could see if she was wearing lycra micro-minis and stilletos. But she's not. Okay, I think the dress and high heels was a bit much for grocery shopping but aside from that I think her clothing is very appropriate for her age.

    As for her bikinis. They aren't skimpy string bikinis or thongs. They are two-piece bathing suits. Again, totally age appropriate for mid-thirties. I wear a two-piece and I'm older than she is. So do most women her age. If you have the body for it I don't see anything wrong with it.

    Maybe the issue is that Kate does look older than mid-thirties? But she's not.

  85. The second issue I'd like to comment on is people always complaining that Jon and/or Kate never play with their kids when they are outside.

    Are you kidding me? How many parents really "play" with their kids all day long? I know I don't.

    I have a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old. If I take my girls to the park am I supposed to swing with them? Am I supposed to go down the slide with them? No parents do that. If they are younger yes, you are more "hands on". You swing them and catch them when they slide down the slide. When they get older you don't. You sit and watch them play and make sure they don't get hurt, or abducted, etc.

    When we are in our yard my daughters play together. Yes, I blow bubbles for them, or draw pictures with them with chalk, etc. but generally they play together. Yes, I help my younger daughter on their jungle gym but a lot less now that she's older.

    They play in their play house and play castle together. Am I supposed to be in there with them? I kill the spiders... that's good enough, no? Yes, I drink "tea" if they serve me some.

    My daughters have a huge playroom downstairs and they are there for many hours during the day (they don't watch tv for more than an hour in the morning when they first wake up). I clean the house, do laundry, etc while they play.

    I make phone calls while they play outside. I pay bills. Shop online. Weed the garden. I also have other "business" I do online. And I go on this blog. I even have my laptop outside sometimes.

    I don't know any parents that play with their kids all day long. I think it's ridiculous that people complain about that.

    Don't get me wrong, I interact with my daughters all day long. However, my daughters are content to play together whenever they are home. Isn't that really how it is?

    Am I wrong?

  86. I was not surprised by Jon being seen w/ the Star magazine lady, now in the next week or two we will see "Jons Story" on the cover of their rag magazine. Pathetic.
    I saw the new previews & I will watch, because it will be interesting to see Kate go forward & handle things.
    But honestly, if they do episodes of the kids visiting him, in NY or whatever, I am all set. I dont want to see that.
    I just think the Gucci & Girlfriend vacations, etc are ridiculous.
    When Kate travels she is on business/ He is the only one out w/ girls & INTENTIONALLY being photographed. Hes a loser.

  87. Another thing I thought of today was that Jon's renting an apartment 3 hours away for thousands of dollars a month...for the same price he could rent a NICE house with plenty of land and space for the kids...but no I guess the bachelor pad in New York is better... And as far as Kates Condo I hope she has plenty of space and things for the children!! It makes me sick knowing how much of the children's money is being blown on ridiculous crap! At least Kate did do speaking engagements and books.. making her own money trying to better all of there futures.. yes they were about the kids but that was the whole point of their show was about the its just realationship drama since Jon can't even keep it in his pants till the divorce is final.. Guess what Google is going to be around in ten years if not something worse and more detailing than what is already available.

  88. Baby Mama, about the 'gates'. I said from the first day it was shown, that when Joel was in the laundry room on the floor that I agreed with Kate on that one. First off, she had 8 kids in various stages of throwing up. Second, the laundry room is warm, smells good and she didn't lay him on a cold, hard floor, but comfy blankets. Second thing and I don't know if this was considered a 'gate' or not, but the sippy cups and bibs. I can tell you that if I had 6 kids the same age, I would use sippy cups and bibs just to keep from having to mop the floor constantly. I have read where she has warped them for life by not teaching them to eat without a bib and drink from a regular cup. That is just bull. They are kids, who wants their clothes stained with food and have to change them after every meal?

    I am not Kate's biggest fan, but there are definitely some things she has done that I agree with her on. I never understood the uproar about the potty training episodes either. They were never nude. I've seen worse on the Autism X6 show and also the other new show, can't think of the name just now. I always thought that Kate's approach to potty training and her willingness to allow it to be filmed was very likely helpful to young mothers struggling with that issue.

  89. where can i get a Team K8 tshirt? i love it!


  91. hey guys have any of you viewed :
    It just reinforces how screwed up she is(Hailey)! Read the newest article and post your opinions. I am interested to hear what you think

  92. Just Jared has a short interview with Hailey. She made it a point to say she doesn't believe in controlling people. Looks like she is trying to look like the good guy. Also, has anyone seen the pictures of Kate at her house and out with a lady? Does anyone know who she is?

  93. Hailey is on sayng she doesn't control Jon and doesn't believe in it. Well Hailey when you get a morgage, kids, and a joint checking account w/ the man then maybe you can talk but until then I just wish she would shutup!

  94. I think that a lot of strong women can relate to Kate, because she is a take charge person and when there is a job that needs to be done, she makes sure that it gets done. She is multi dimensional and a multi tasker. And strong women have no patience for weak men and having to be a baby sitter. I can relate to her in a lot of ways, but the one thing that most of us cannot relate to, is that she has 8 children, and even if she has some help, it has to be mentally and physically exhausting. So many people criticize her, but in reality, we only got to see a very small portion of their lives. The "haters" should walk one day in her shoes, to see how they would fair. She has done a great job in providing for her family and securing the future for her children. Because of her hard work they will hopefully be able to live a comfortable life and have their college educations paid for. She has endured so much scrutiny because of her choice to continue on with the show and she has remained strong. A more weaker person would have hid under the bed covers. I give her tons of credit as she seems determined to not let the "haters" drag her down. Unfortunately, now her husband has become one of them, as he continues to slam her with his actions. In the end, I believe, that she will prevail and I hope that she finds true happiness in someone that will be her equal.

  95. The more sleazy Jon gets, the more I am convinced he is selfishly trying to rub Kate's nose in things. He must have some real pent up anger at Kate for whatever and it looks like he really wants her to see pictures of him and Hailey all over the place.

    I agree with Baby Mamma, those playground pics really look staged especially the last one where they are sitting on the slide looking at each other. In fact I was thinking the exact same thing when I first saw them.

    Unfortunately, Jon is not stopping to consider that while he may succeed in making Kate furious, he is being really selfish when it comes to his kids. I think like with a lot of things he has said and done lately, he is putting himself first before the kids. It's his selfish need to pi$$ Kate off that is overriding the thought of his kids seeing or being teased about these pictures.

    I know a few people are saying that many are being too hard on Jon and that if they are split then he is free to move on but I have to say that there is a difference between moving on and flaunting it. Of course he has a right to live a life after divorcing. No one expects him to beome a monk but I would think that any decent human being would at least keep his or her new relationship private especially when they are still legally married and most especially when there are children involved that have just been heartbroken by their parents, whom they were told were staying together forever by the way, just a few short weeks ago. In fact, many divorced couples date several different people without ever involving their kids because they want to be sure anyone introduced into their children's lives will be with the intention of staying around a long time. I know Jon has not technically brought haylie physically around the kids but when you are someone in the public eye, you need to practice more discretion than the average person and it seems like he is defintiely doing everything he can NOT to keep things on the dl. So much for everything they do being for the kids.

    BTW, today they had on the episode where they each got their teeth whitened and then had their own special day by going out to dinner. The whole episode Kate had her arm entwined through his and he just sat there like a bump on a log. Several times she said cute things and tried to lean on him or whatever and he always either rolled his eyes or pulled away or something of that nature. He never really wholeheartedly said anything nice to her. I don't know if I am just reading too much into it knowing what I know now or if it was really a sign of how he just wasn't that into it even then. Does anyone else see things differently now that we know they are no longer together when rewatching old episodes?

  96. Just one thing I would like to address in all the comments here. Many a time it has come up about Jon and Kate spending all the kids' money frivolously. This is just my opinion but Jon and Kate - especially Kate, work pretty dammn hard as well. They have also put their lives on tv for everyone to view all these years and there is a lot of behind the scenes things that go on that we don't necessarily know about like interviews and appearances. Yes, they would not have been in this situation if it weren't for having so many kids but I'm just saying that they deserve to have a right to some of that money as compensation for them too.

    It is just a little unrealistic of people to expect that every penny made from the show should belong to the kids and only the kids. I know Jon and Kate have received a lot of perks from doing the show but they have also sacrificed a lot too. It is a full time job what they are doing so they deserve a paycheck out of it. Also, I don't think the kids are lacking for anything. They are always well dressed (not everything they wear is free either I am sure), look well fed and have great toys (ie the crooked houses that are said to cost about 7 grand a piece) not to mention all the places they get to to go and all the things they get to do and all the people hired to help in their care. It's not like they are shoved aside like little sad sacks while the parents live it up. Aside from all that, I am certain Kate is definitely setting aside for each of their future educations etc.

    Having said all that, let me qualify one thing. I DON'T agree with Jon and his crazy spending lately on romancing his girlfriend with designer bags and crazy expensive jewellery. Let's hope that is not coming from the children's share of things!

  97. I think some of the Kate criticisms are legitimate but many are just variations in parenting styles. I was shocked people were critizing her because the kids were playing with bubble wrap - my son loved it at 5 and would always choose to play with it over all his regular toys if it was available. It is not about "making" her kids play with bubble wrap.

    I don't understand the expectations about playing with the kids either. My mother never really played with us past the young toddler stage. We didn't expect or want her to. We would play with each other and kids in the neighborhood. When we wanted time with Mom., we would do what she was doing like help her cook, watch her favorite show, or sit in the sun with her etc. I can't say I spent hours playing with my son after he was about 2. He wouldn't want me to anyway.

    I think legitimate criticism gets lost in the reidiculous stuff people complain about.

  98. Well I am new here and had only heard of the Gosselins less than a year ago. After visiting some hate sites I found this one.

    It is amazing how "they" pick apart Kate's hair and attire. My Mom graduated in 1969 and she had that hairdo except it was not as short in the back. Her hair was really dark and the long part on the side was bleached blonde. Also about her clothes--well in the haters eyes, there is nothing Kate can to right.

    I surely don't condone Jon's behavior, especially lately. If he were so upset about Kate kicking him out, why wouldn't he go to his Mother's house instead of the Glassman's? This seems suspicious to me. I/we would have a lot more respect for him if he were laying low right now and not feeding the rumormill. I doubt if this behavior will be a good thing when it comes to the divorce proceedings. How low does he have to go before he can think straight?

    I can certainly appreciate Kate's strength and tenacity.

    Thanks, Baby Mama, for your hard work in keeping things balanced here.

  99. Regarding marriage researcher John Gottman's article that someone else said we should really pay attention to because he is world renowned...

    I'm not saying I disagree with him. I just feel that what he's saying is not what we saw portrayed on the show. Jon and Kate were portrayed as a loving couple that got along despite their different personalities.

    If Jon and Kate had all this contempt in their marriage before any viewers got involved then that would mean that the entire show was a farce and Jon and Kate were acting. So which one is it?

    Also, since it is an expert opinion and we should all listen to it, what about the many child experts that all agree that the show is doing irreparable damage to the Gosselin children? Should we all not listen to those expert opinions too?

  100. another mom:

    I totally agree that Jon and Kate should be able to spend the money on themselves too. What some of us feel is that we don't know if ANY money is put aside for the children for their part in the show. They've definitely earned it too.

    Also, many people argue that they need to do this show even if it has an adverse affect on their children because they need the money to provide for them because there are so many, etc. If Jon and Kate weren't spending so much money on themselves, etc then they could cut back on filming or speaking engagements and spend more time with their children like they originally wanted to.

    At least that is my opinion regarding all the money they spend.

  101. Honestly Another Mom where would Jon be getting the money from?? He hasn't been working in a long time...other then the show! So yes his money that he is blowing is the kids...I'm sorry its just disgusting! Its not like he is just shopping for clothes..he is spending MILLIONS of dollars that are not his!!

  102. NJMOM:

    I totally agree with you with all the positive things about Kate. I too feel that way about her positive attitude and being a strong woman, but I just feel that all that does not excuse how she treated her husband, regardless of his mellow, laid back personality. Her lack of respect for him, in my eyes, negates her positives.

    I'm not saying Kate, or anyone else, has to be "perfect" but how you treat a person, especially your spouse, is very important.

    Jon said several times he didn't like it and confronted her on it. And let's not forget that Kate herself admits she was very hard on Jon for ten years. I think all that is huge when measuring up a person. I think that if the roles were reversed there would be a lot of outrage from a lot more people.

  103. ...the thing with haters is that they will pick apart absolutely anything. That is simply the light they choose to see Kate in, so regardless of what it is (attire, attitude, money, parenting), it will be slammed. Some of the miniscule things they pick apart is simply pathetic and laughable.

    I do agree there were a couple of instances where Kate's actions/reactions were a bit over the top, but someone filming me in my own home would say the exact same thing. But I step back from looking at every single tiny detail and feel that she is doing an amazingly amazing (lol) job raising EIGHT small kids (I can barely do it with 3!!).

  104. Regarding the money spending issue:

    SchmeckyGirl - Those are my sentiments exactly! I never meant to imply that none of the money should be going to the kids. In fact, I did state that I expected that Kate was putting aside for their educations and as for present day expenses the kids require, I mentioned that they looked very well cared for so I did not think the parents were using up all the money for themselves while neglecting the needs of the kids. My comment was geared mostly at a few people who made it look like Jon and Kate were scumbags for spending anything on themselves. It just seemed like anytime one of the Gosselins bought somethig new, some people would be in an uproar saying how dare they. I was just pointing out that they were entitled to a share also but defintiely not all of it and I definitely specified that Jon's crazy spending did not qualify as part of that entitlement.

    Also, regarding the cutting back to spend more time with the kids issue, again, I am not trying to defend certain actions the Gosselins have taken but I can imagine that things like this can quickly grow to have a life of ther own. Just look at how their one time documentary turned into a whole series with practically a cult following. I really don't see how Jon or Kate could have anticipated that. Along with that I think come certain obligations and I could be wrong but maybe it got to a point where it was just easier said than done for them to choose to spend less time on the show. There are probably sponsors and such involved and they are required to do a certain amount of stuff for those people to keep them happy, along with keeping up with all the fan mail and all the expectations placed on them. Don't get me wrong, I was also one of those that said they should walk away from the show and try to save their marriage but in all reality, I don't think it is as easy as that. At the end of the day, we are all on the outside looking in and while the solutions to certain problems might seem so obvious to us, the reality is probably very different. This of course is all my very humble opinion.

  105. Also regarding the money spending issue:

    Ashely - With all due respect, where on earth did you get the idea that I was defending Jon for spending the kind of money he is spending?

    First of all, I never said that I thought the money he was spending came from anywhere else but the show. And that exactly was the point I was trying to make in the first place. To paraphrase, you said that the fact that he was spending money that came from the show meant that he was spending the kids' money. That is where I beg to differ. In my opinion, not every single penny from that show belongs to the kids. Look at it this way, if Jon and Kate never made the conscious decision to do this show, those kids would not have much financial security at all right now so part of the credit for their financial security should go to their parents for the decisions they made as well as the sacrifices that went along with it. All I was saying was that in doing the show, Jon and Kate have probably had to do a lot of appearances and interviews and meet obligsations that they didn't necessarily enjoy or want to do. This involved a lot of travelling that made their lives more complicated than it already was. All in all, with all the work that goes into keeping this show going, I would definitely think it is equivalent to a full time job. Yes, they get perks as a result of the show but so do people who work at regular jobs. In their case, the job is much bigger, so the salary is bigger and therefore the perks seem a lot bigger too. It's all relative.

    Having said that, I NEVER said anywhere that the MILLIONS Jon was spending stupidly was ok. In fact I stated the opposite. I think Jon should be entitled to his share according to the amount of work he puts in,and nothing more. Whatever that amount is I don't know but it is certainly not anything near to the designer purchases and fancy cars etc. that he has been making and I most definitely made that clear in my original post.

    I know we all have a lot of differing opinions on this blog and it is certainly ok to disagree with one another as long as it is done respectfully.

  106. I get so tired of the supposition that the crooked houses are $7,000each. Look them up on their website, they were $2500/each.

    As for all the bitching about how they spend the money?? None of our business. Jon and Kate are making it, also.

    Don't tell me it isn't work to coordinate all the shows, the trips, etc. It has got to be exhausting work. AND Kate is working her ass off going to promote HER BOOK!! Not the book written by whiner JON, but the book she wrote, so that money is hers to spend as she sees fit.

    Sorry, but y'all are being silly. It doesn't matter how they spend the money. I am so sure Kate is resposible enough and financially minded enough that she has made sure it is put away for education. I mean, really, do you hear yourselves? The woman that had a fit over a coupon, you think she seriously is going to WANT to blow all the money and not plan for the kid's education? Get real, think for yourselves!!!

  107. Don't get me wrong, I am by no means giving Kate a free pass, she definitely could and should have edited herself at times. And again, IMO the show was edited and manipulated to portray her a certain way and to portray Jon a certain way. Kate admitted, on air, that she has been hard on Jon at times, but again she is raising eight kids. Maybe she had a hard time showing him a lot of respect because he began acting like another child and not a partner and an equal. And again, she could have bit her tongue and not said what she said a lot of the time, but I just think that she was fried a lot of the time. Again think about it 8 kids day in and day out, not trying to make excuses for her, but I can see where she would lose her patience, especially in a lot of the stressful situations that she may have put herself in, in an attempt to try and give her children a normal life.

    I was responsible for raising three children, pretty much on my own, and believe me it was not pretty at times. My husband is a wonderful man, but there were many, many, many times that he was just clueless and I felt an enormous burden on my shoulders and I had many sleepless nights trying to juggle it all. And lets face it the more you do, the more they don't do, and the more that is expected of you. And even with all the terrible things that Jon is doing, the haters will continue to pick her apart, because they are envious. They are jealous of the what she has and what she has accomplished.

  108. Cindy - that was pretty much what I was trying to say all along because some people were freaking out about every time Jon or Kate spent money on things not for the kids. I still don't agree with Jon's crazy spending but as you said it's their business. Still, if you think about it every single thing discussed here is really their business but we talk about it anyway. This was just another topic like most others that crop up. Whether I agree with other people's opinions or not, I still have to say that it is not "silly" for people to have an opinion about something and want to talk about it since this is why this blog is here. I am sure the only reason it gets people talking is because they care about the kids and don't want to see their rights being eaten up by greedy adults (namely Jon right now).

    As for the crooked houses, sorry if it upset you that I said they were $7000.00 each. That was just what I had read in several places about them so I stand corrected. As you can imagine, there is a lot of misinformation out there and sometimes it is hard to get every fact straight. $2500.00 is still a good chunk of change to spend on kids play houses. The only point I was making was that money was being spent generously on the kids as well (and sorry once again if my information is wrong and the houses were freebies).

  109. Kate I hope your not blaming yourself over this. Men like Jon do this kind of thing NOT because how you look or how you treated him. The most beautiful , rich , charming loving women in the wolrd have this happen. Men running off with 21 year old nanny's who look like any average nothing special girl. Jon did it because it is about HIM he wanted to go play and there is nothing you could have done to prevent it. He wants to be the center of attention remember how he hates being famous and says he hates not having privacy ? Now he is on the cover of how many magazines and doing interview after intoerview posing with all of his friends and falunting his trips and the women he is with saying " I am single now". Got news for you Jon YOU ARE NOT SINGLE YET and faluting in public an affair with the same woman you swore you were just friends with ? Not only is it a lack of respect for your wife and kids but it is insensitive and NOT something the judge is going to like to see when you go to court. Beucase your out in public with the woman you lied about having the affair with and flauting it you will pay the price in court !! Judges HATE this kind of thing and when there are kids involved well let's say he could order loads of provisions for visitations with the kids as well as giving Kate the upper hand in the fincancial arena. Kate stick to your guns in court and get it ALL . REMEMBER it is him not you he is the one who wants play time. Yes your stuck raising 8 kids alone but you have money for help and he is one who will be loosing out on not seeing them grow up everyday .. YOU WILL BE THE WINNER ! HANG IN THERE AND MOVE ON AS SOON AS YOU CAN THERE IS A WHOLE NEW WORLD FOR YOU AND THE KIDS TO ENJOY WITHOUT ALL OF THIS STRESS !