Monday, July 13, 2009

Kate Goes It Alone, Digging Up On Hailey's Past, Jon's KMart Line?, Dating Coach Discuss Ramifications

Hello Gosselin fans! It has been a very rough and depressing week here at this site. So much has been happening so quickly, that it's hard to keep up. I have a lot going on in myself, so I'm trying my best to keep you updated as fast as I can. I have also, as you may have seen, allowed people to vent a little more than normal. I have tried to give many new fans of the show the benefit of the doubt and express their feelings here, since they want to be here. However, this is my fan site and I will not allow any negative conversation regarding the children or attacks on Kate. Period. You know the drill. A lot of sites have come and gone, and you have your pick to comment elsewhere if you so choose.

"While Kate Gosselin holds down the fort in Pennsylvania, Jon Gosselin continues to romance his new girlfriend leaving his estranged wife livid says a source. In new photos obtained by, Kate puts on a brave face and picnics with the children while Jon does a wardrobe change before continuing to stroll with Hailey."

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Plus One? From CNN.COM

Given the media spotlight, dating coach Patti Feinstein said, it's not a good idea for Gosselin to be out with another woman so soon after the marital rift.

"You need to take a little time off from dating, because there is this rebound period," Feinstein said. "He's probably feeling that he wasn't getting enough attention from his wife, so he's all lonely, and he needs to be stroked up.

"Once he gets the feeling that 'I'm loveable; I'm worthy; someone loves me for me and wants to put me first,' " Feinstein theorized, "then that person he is dating, either he will dump her, or she will dump him."

Relationship expert Nancy Slotnick said the unfortunate ones in the high-profile tabloid fodder are the Gosselin children: 8-year-old twins Cara and Mady and 5-year-old sextuplets Aaden, Collin, Joel, Alexis, Hannah and Leah.

"Their whole TV show is based on them being parents and caring for all of these kids they have, and both of them seem totally wrapped up in themselves," Slotnick said. "It's strange that [Jon] feels like he has to deny the whole thing, then at the same time he is flaunting it."

Jon Gosselin; New Girlfriend, New Design Gig

Just weeks after splitting from his wife of 10 years, Jon Gosselin is back in the spotlight with a new career and a new girlfriend. Gosselin, 32, turned up in St. Tropez hand-in-hand with Hailey Glassman, the daughter of the plastic surgeon who performed Kate’s tummy tuck in 2006. The lovebirds spent the weekend along the French Riviera so Gosselin could finalize a deal to design his own line of children’s clothing with Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier. Glassman will also have a hand in creating the kid-friendly fashions. “She’ll have a lot of input with Christian,” Gosselin told PEOPLE of Hailey’s involvement. “And I will, too.” “I feel very relaxed,” Gosselin told PEOPLE during his weekend escape. But, “every ten minutes I keep thinking about the kids and missing them.” A reunion will come soon enough: Gosselin is due back home on Tuesday where he will start filming new episodes of the family’s TLC series, which returns from hiatus on Aug. 3.

UPDATE: NO!? To Jon's ED HARDY Kids Collaboration! Per Us

"He and Christian are working together on a motorcycle inspired line because they both enjoy riding, building, and designing motorcycles and hot rods"~ Tara Gregory Marketing Director

"Christian is absolutely not starting a kids' clothing line with Jon," a rep for Audigier tells Us. "As of right now, there is no clothing line in the works between them at all."

Hailey Glassmans Criminal Past Goes On Radar:

Glassman was busted by cops on a drug charge. She was hanging out with friends in a parking lot outside her dorm at Indiana University at 3:18am in October 2, 2005 when a cop spotted them passing a pipe back and forth. Hailey was a student at the Bloomington, Indiana campus at the time. She was charged with possession of marijuana, hashish and hashish oil and appeared in Monroe Circuit Court in Bloomington the next day.

The case was eventually settled out of court. She paid fines and court costs, and was placed on probation. Hailey was back in court in April 2007 for illegal consumption of alcohol. The booze charge was dismissed and Hailey paid a small fine and entered a pretrial diversion program for the drug bust.



    Just as a I thought - no clothing line -- just rumors. Thank goodness!

  2. I am being inundated with all the sites sending me all their Gosselin Gossip. I am only assuming that Radar, Just Jared and all the rest send their articles to the hate sites too. I wish they would stop. I appreciate it when the fans send it to me instead!

    A few people asked me why Kate's photo wasn't included today when they unveiled the list of speakers for the California Women's Convention. After making a few calls, I was told that she is NOT one of the main speakers. This was because she was invited several months back, but did not agree to appear until now. Assume what you will, but nothing else was told to me other than she will be attending as a secondary speaker at the fair where she will also be doing a book signing for Eight Little Faces (instead of the cookbook). I wish she would have agreed sooner!

    Ahh Hailey and the tree.....I will send you the link since it was requested...(WARNING: this site is NSFW)

  3. This is so hard to keep up Jon gave People magazine false information or People posted information THEY made up??

    I still think it is reprehensible that Jon would be out in public flaunting a new girlfriend. How could you do that to your kids whom you just told a couple weeks ago that the marriage was over...and now they get to see this chick and her wayward past.

    I would never have dreamed that either Jon or Kate would "move on", so to speak, before the divorce was finalized. I certainly do not agree that just because they filed, it's ok to do what they want - that might be fine if it was only the two of them and they didn't have 8 kids to think about.

  4. And yet Jon is featured on the Christian Audigier website?

  5. aw its just so sad because the twins are old enough to no whats there kids i no but their not stupid....its only a matter of time before they start to understand everything :( poor kate, i feel for her so much, i hope she stays strong...

    personally i think jons going thru a midlife crisis because he had to grow up so fast,, but so have many other people!! i think he will soon relise that the grass isnt always greener on the other side and what he has lost...sadly only time will tell.

  6. Hailey Glassman is classless and disgusting

    Great choice Jon, you picked a chick who is a chain smoking whore who passes out on indoor plants.

  7. I think he is determined not to go back to the show. He said he didn't want to and now he is pushing TLC to tell him he can't.

  8. Jon needs to grow up you have kids to think of stop thinking of yourself those days are gone. What a loser.

  9. Tiredmama~ My take on it is this. Jon was foaming at the mouth to get these shots out and for him to tell the world what he was doing now and with who now that he is divorcing Kate. I would assume that either:

    1. This was the truth as People Reported, but the heat may have been turned so high and the backlash may have been bad. They recovered by saying the statements were false.

    2. Kate to the rescue (via her lawyers) put the kabosh on anything regarding her kids representing this line. (he would HAVE to go through Kate)

    3. Nothing is signed yet and everything is being kept under wraps until then.

    4. The ED Hardy Rep. was correct in saying it was motorcycle gear and not a kids line. And although its not a kids line, Jon will produce other merchandise with the Ed Hardy label.

    5. Jon made up the lie to get Hailey to go with him to San Tropez (promising her a "meeting" that will never come to anything)..who is SHE anyway?

    6. This was all a big bad dream that both Kate and myself wish to wake up from..


  10. Jon is smoking now? What? With that, the earrings, and younger woman it is obvious he's having a midlife crisis at the ripe old age of 32.

  11. BabyMama,
    Thanks for the Women's Conference clarification. I am happy Kate is officially attending. I wish I were able to go just to give her a thumbs up. (It's freakishly expensive and on the other side of the country).

    I hope she has an opportunity to meet Elizabeth Edwards and holds herself to Mrs. Edwards' standards. Truly a role model...

    Agree that Jon knows what he is doing with the pix and public "outing". I think he wants to look "cool" and he actually believes that being with another woman makes him appear to be a "man". What he doesn't realize is that he is not Brad Pitt and that chick (whose name I will not glorify)is no Angelina.

    What happened to his religious tee shirts? I wonder if he burned them or left them behind for Kate to toss out.

    I never thought he was such a great father image either. He always seemed to either be forced or he would do the absolute minimum and then gaze off. He is NOT THAT YOUNG. When I was his age I had 3 kids and my oldest was 10. And for the info of the hate sites, Kate is only two years older - they make nasty remarks about her being too old to wear bikinis. I wonder how much those haters weigh? Jealous?!

    So many opinions. So little space.

    GO KATE!

  12. OMG ROFL at Hailey passed out in the indoor plant, yeah thats a girl you want to bring home to meet your kids. Kate protect those kids from the poor choices thier father is making :(

  13. You have to wonder about what Kate has told the kids about where Jon is right now and why. I'm sure she's covering for him, saying he's working, which I suppose is technically true. I hope they never find out the whole truth about it. I don't even want to think about how devastated they would be if they ever find out/figure it out.

  14. Clearly if Jon truly cared about keeping things private, he would not have been outside holding hands in public. He is so incredibly immature, I hope that he comes to regret his actions one day when he finally grows up. What is wrong with this man?

    This to me is single-handed proof that he does not consider his children 'first' as he has said in the show. Any man who respects his children's feelings would not be out holding hands with a 22 yr old weeks after announcing their divorce.

    I have always respected Kate much more than Jon, and now my feelings and beliefs have been fully confirmed by his actions. Has he no shame?

    I hope he loses his participation in Jon & Kate Plus 8 and any financial rewards associated with it. He is riding on Kate's coattails and always has been.

  15. What the heck is going on here? This is getting to be more like a soap opera everyday.
    Where's Steve? How come we don't see him being Kate's bodyguard anymore?
    I feel so very sorry for all eight children. I can't imagine what must be going through their minds.

  16. BabyMama, I wish I could vote for #6 of your post but I think it is probably 1 & 2. Can you imagine Kate agreeing to let Glassman colaborate on a line of clothes with Jon that involves the kids! I think not!

  17. I think that you are totally correct in thinking that there was a huge backlash and perhaps Kate's Attorney got involved and then the whole story changed.

    I also feel that he purposely did all of this to get back at Kate for filing for the divorce first (she stole his thunder) based on whatever had happened over that weekend, maybe with his son getting hurt, because he specifically said that he was alone with no nanny, but then who was with the rest of the kids, when he had to take his son to the hospital for the stitches? Was someone else there? He is a liar, he lied in interviews, he lied to millions of viewers about cheating on his wife.

    And to be honest with you, I do not think that he is even smart enough to have planned this whole France thing. I think that this whole circus was set up and supported by his new "Squeeze" of the week and the PR people of Ed Hardy, who claim to be personal friends of Jon's. They are all on Team Jon and they are just going to feed his Ego. I think that Jon's Attorney's have to be freaking, because Jon is just making himself look worse and worse every day. He looks like a middle aged Punk with his gut hanging out and his chain smoking. And do not tell me that this whole trip was comped by that old shriveled up leather faced so called low life designer. Jon had to go to Europe with some of his "children's money". I would love to be a fly on the wall when he gets back to PA and he meets with his Attorney.

    I wonder how the beloved sell outs, Jodi and Kevin feel now. At least Kate, like her or hate her, was real, not like phony Jon. You have to love the damage control that he tried to do, when he made sure that he mentioned missing the kids while he is cavorting all over France. He isn't smiling in any of the pictures because I think that the light bulb has finally gone off in that dim wit head of his and he realizes how much he is screwing himself with this latest escapade.

    I was originally hoping that they might reconcile on behalf of the kids. But he has shown that he has zero character, zero morals,and zero intelligence.

    Kate, as much as you feel that you have invested 10 years with this cretin, it is time to move on to bigger and better things, because the father of your kids, the man that you married, is a total Dope.

  18. And furthermore the man is a leach. I wish that Kate could just kick him to the curb, but she can't because of the children. I would not even be able to look at him, if I was her. There is nothing worse than being betrayed by someone that you once loved and shared your life with. She is right about him changing right in front of the kids eyes. What a shame. Pretty soon he will be a stranger to them. He has morphed into a two headed monster. Ugh...

  19. And this sums it up...

    One source says it's no coincidence that Jon brought Hailey along on his trip.

    "Jon coming on his own or Christian meeting him at an office in L.A. is not going to get them that much coverage," an insider says. "Jon walking around St.-Tropez in an Ed Hardy T-shirt with a new girlfriend on his arm is going to get them extra press inches, which is what they want."

    Mission accomplished, apparently.

  20. I've been following this story, but have refrained from commenting since I kept thinking there is more to all this than we are seeing. I just couldn't believe that two people who seemed committed to their marriage and their children, could separate so quickly. Where is the counseling? Why didn't they even try any? Wouldn't you want to see if you could work things out for yourselves and your children. Even if you still separated, at least the terms would be more amicable.

    I really wish they'd stopped the show or at least taken a long hiatus to work things out a year or so ago. Being in the public eye has to have made every comment and disagreement ten times worse. Jon made it clear early on that he didn't want to stay home with the kids. Why didn't they find someone else (a nanny) to be with the kids during the day when Kate was working? They must have had enough money to hire someone (or two people). They could have put the kids in daytime camps and such instead. Some people just really aren't meant to be home with their kids all day. It doesn't mean they love them less. Being with kids all day (especially that large a number of them) is a vocation. I would agree that having a parent with them all day is best, but only if that parent wants to be there and can handle it.

    I think Kate is pretty controlling, but she always was. Jon was laid back and Kate was organized. Man, you'd have to have at least one person organized to get anything done with that many kids. Recently I rewatched those specials when the kids were little and episodes from their first couple seasons. To hear them talk about working together and overcoming their differences, is now bittersweet with how horribly they've broken apart.

    I am worried about the kids. It is difficult enough to have your parents go through all this, but to have it all done in the public eye must be even worse. It would be embarrassing and scary. I hope they wise up and get some family counseling. Even if they don't do it to save their marriage, they should do it for their kids like they both are always saying is their first priority.

  21. I am deeply saddened by all of this crap from Jon and feel very sorry for these kids. Poor Kate, in those pictures she looks so depressed. But, I know she can do this and she'll be just fine.

  22. Since when does he smoke? Gross.

  23. I just wanna say, i love the picture of Haily lighting Jon's ciggarette. I just really really really wish Jon was dumped that loser and at least find someone his age!I feel so bad for Kate but I see now people are saying that Jon is the moron here, not Kate.

  24. IMO Jon stayed home originally with the kids because he really doesn't have an job skills or career and he was needed at home more. He has gone from job to job and Kate has really been the brains of their operation and the bread winner. I think that when they finally started to make the real money, it was probably too late, because I think that he resented Kate for being the strong one and for making him look bad (like he was not smart). And now I think that he may not want to verbally come out at Kate but his actions are saying volumes, because he wants to get back at her big time, and his new "Gal Pal" is helping him along with his plan. He has shown a pattern and that pattern is that he is a Loser.

  25. I hope that when Kate leaves to work, everyone can stop criticizing her and realize that even though it might not be her first choice at the time, she now has to work more than ever in order to provide for her kids since "someone" is taking money [that should be used for the kids, or at least to the whole families benefit] and spending it however he pleases.

  26. Regarding "Scrapping in Circle" post about Jon not having help, Kate said on the show that when she was away that Jon DID have "help, with their nanny". Kate took care of the children by herself, mostly, when they were newbornes, so why is it so difficult to take care of 5 year olds, with help, for a few days?If there wasn't a nanny helping Jon, he wouldn't have been able to go out and party when Kate was away.
    I also found it interesting that Jon wore a University of Indiana t-shirt at the kids birthday party, the college wild girl went to.

  27. I am so sad for this family. What happened to the vow renewal and such. I know things can change and no one is perfect. But i just can't believe Jon's behavior! He always says it's about his kids, but it's obviously not. What a great example he is setting through his new found lifestyle. He is totally showing his kids that they were/are holding him back and that's sad. They will resent that one day. There are ALOT of people who have "lost" their youth and many go on to perservere. It's ridiculous that he's chosen this path and is reveling in part time parenthood. so sad. I know that Kate is not without fault, but i truly hope she takes it slow and doesn't rush into another relationship. What makes me mad is that Jon has just been lying the whole time. he obviously has cheated on kate. i don't care how long their relationship has had problems, they were married. I really hope the show ends. The kids and Kate need that peace and I will not watch a 'family show' that endorses infidelity and especially one that may include the "other woman". Poor kids. how sad to have that documented.

  28. I still wonder why Kate got a decent looking svelt bodyguard and not some stereotypical large menacing bodyguard. Jon probably wondered the same thing, and maybe saw the two of them acting too friendly towards each other. As for spending his kids money for this trip, what I read in articles is that it was paid for by the designer. This trip was for the kids, so he could make money off the clothes. This is no different than Kate going on vacation for her book. I saw pictures of her bodyguard holding her arm closely with no crowds around, while she was on vacation promoting her book. Where was the rage then?? We even read Kate took off for the weekend while Jon stayed at the house last week. What was she doing the entire weekend? I don't smoke, but Jon has been smoking since high school, and now all of a sudden since you see pictures of it you are outraged. Most likely he was smoking the entire series, it was just never filmed, and the paparazzi were not around to capture it.

  29. NJMOM: Just because Jon got into a career that work was going overseas is his fault? When Jon got into IT it was a booming field. You say no skill? I would like to see you try to do any type of IT Analyst job. I know many engineers and IT people that lost their job because it went overseas to cheaper labor. So you say they can't keep a job because a company sends their career overseas and let's them go, even though they are educated from a university and even put in overtime, like the people I know? Maybe with Kate calling him everyday while he was at work, may have annoyed Jon's manager or co-workers? This site is so full of man hate, and have been blaming Jon for everything since the beginning of this marriage. It is sad. No wonder he does whatever he wants now, nothing was ever good enough for Kate or the rest of the haters out there, so he gave up and just lives his life how he wants, not worrying about the bashers out there. I once felt sorry for Kate and thought Jon was a jerk recently, but after reading this site more fully, I realize the truth.

  30. Does anyone wonder what else TLC didn't film (such as Jon smoking) to suit their purposes? I really think there was a lot of manipulation to the "reality" that we have been shown. It makes me look at reruns of the show differently, sadly enough.

  31. ........oh yes, this trip was definitely "for the kids"......smoking, drinking and hand-holding with a 22 yr old is not similar to what I've witnessed on Kate's book-signing tours.

    Did he need to take a girlfriend to meet with potential business associates? A business associate, who, by the way, was captured posing next to a huge penis.

    To make his trip anagagous to Kate's trips seems ridiculous to me.

  32. Kate's activities vs Jon's activities: Come on...There is absolutely no comparison.

  33. Yes, Nick Name.. Thank you very much!! It's exactly the same thing. It's all a publicity stunt to get the viewership back up & great pr for Ed Hardy. Jon even has Kate's new bodyguard with him. It was all a set-up to get people talking again.

  34. It can't be said enough. Jon is a loser. Loser, loser, loser.

    This is the man who a mere few weeks ago was so concerned his kids will google him one day. Where is all this concern now? He is unbelievably selfish. He is just nauseating. I don't know how Kate put up with him for as long as she did. She is so much better off, and as hard as divorce is, I hope she realizes that, if she hasn't already. I also pray she has some close friends to confide in during this very tough time. I have friends who've been through divorce, no matter what either partner has done, it's not easy on anyone. It's gut wrenching. This is hard to watch unfold, I can't imagine how hard this is on her, let alone the kids. Ugh. I have to say again, she is better off, and will find someone someday who will appreciate her as a wife, mother and woman.

  35. Nick Name - in all fairness, there has been plenty of Kate bashing all this time. In fact, things only turned more sympathetic for Kate recently, in light of Jon stepping out so soon after announcing the split. All this time Kate has been the bad guy for being out in a bikini, walking with her bodygaurd (and kids) etc. etc. Still there has never been any proof that she was romantically linked with anyone where Jon has definitely had pictures taken all over the place that are really hard to explain away. The fact that he stepped out so soon with Hailey too is just more proof that something was definitely going on before the marriage officially went to a legal separation. He had to have been involved with her already to be out holding hands this soon. Same thing with Deanna. What was she doing on his property sunbathing in a bikini? Having said that, I will say this. I definitely don't think Kate was clueless to it all. If he was totally doing it behind her back unbeknownst to her, then I don't think he would have been so brazen as to have Deanna at his house while she was away knowing that the p-people would be all over it and knowing that he was being questioned about his involvement with her already. In addition, I don't think he would be so stupid to say on National television that he didn't cheat on Kate.

    So, I do believe he was involved with women before the break up but I also believe Kate was not so naive to it. It just doesn't add up otherwise. Still, I think she thought he would get it out of his system and come to his senses beecause she does seem genuinely distraught over the end of the marriage. She also looks very gaunt and frail now where she looked healthier and fit before. It is definitely taking a toll. No matter what was really between them in the time before the announcement, I am sure she is devastated at the way Jon is flaunting Hailey in public. It's definitely a slap in the face, like their marriage was not even worth grieving over to him and that she meant nothing to him. Aside from all that, what about the kids, how could he really disregard his kids by stepping out and chain smoking and holding hands with someone other than mommy so soon? I don't think those kids have had a chance to digest the huge changes in their lives yet, let alone be ready to see their dad with another woman. That is just cruel.

    Oh, and incidentally, it is not a crime for Jon to smoke. He said he did it all along but wouldn't do it in front of the kids. I think what has people outraged is the fact that he no longer seems to care whether his kids see him smoking or not since he is practically lighting up in every shot lately.

    I just think he looks sad and pathetic. He is desperately trying to regain the life of a teenager and I wonder if he realizes how foolish he really looks. I also wonder if he knows how quickly Hailey will dump him if nothing comes out of all this for her.

    When all is said and done, it would serve him right to go grovelling back to Kate and for her to slam the door in his face! By then the kids will probably know they are better off without him in their lives.

  36. Nick Name, I agree with most of what you said in your post re: Kate working vs. Jon working. I even wonder if there was something more than professional going on between Kate and the bodyguard, even if they never crossed the infidelity line. But Kate, if there was something, at least had the decency to be discreet. Jon is out there flaunting his trophy girlfriend for the world to see. If he was working on a business deal, fine. But did he really have to get Hailey involved so publicly? We have no proof that Kate did anything to break the vows of her marriage. We have proof now, as Jon & Hailey have said they've been dating for several months, that Jon did. The "rage" comes from the fact that Jon did not have the decency to be discreet about his infidelities.

  37. OMG....Jon was wearing a U of Indiana tshirt on the sextuplets 5th birthday...nice real nice....He totally slammed Kate wearing that thing that day & the bad thing is she was prob oblivious to any meaning about it & all along he knew what he was doin by wearing it....What a flippin A*%....It was prob a lil sign to his precious Hailey..."I will wear this shirt to show my love for u" meanwhile miss thing is laughing her butt off sitting at home on her Dr. Daddy's furniture!!! I know I prob looked way into that....LOL...but that is what I would soo be thinking if I was Kate!!!

  38. "NJMOM": You are right. A new girlfriend on his arm is going to get Jon extra press coverage. MUCH like when one parades around the driveway in a bikini. Or wears their finest dresses with heels and sunglasses to push a grocery cart.

    "hugegosselinfan" says someone is taking money from the kids and spending it however he pleases. Were you just as outraged when Kate went shopping, tanning, and to the spa? She was doing it well before the books were written. All the money would not have come around without those kids.

    The double standards are what is annoying me. This site should be renamed JWOP. Jon without Pity. You all are believing everything you read about him, and screaming like crazy. Yet Kate is some kind of untouchable family member to you. I don't understand it, sorry.

    My last comment didn't even get published, and I'm not some kind of uber-hater, I've been a fan of this website and the show forever. I just don't think one parent is innocent while the other is guilty as sin; we don't know the inside of their relationship and I leave it to them to figure out.

  39. Wow a lot of conflicting reports on the Gosselin/Hardy clothing line. And Kmart?!?!?

  40. I don't smoke, but Jon has been smoking since high school, and now all of a sudden since you see pictures of it you are outraged.

    Well something can't bother you if you don't know the person is doing. If I had known about it when the show started, I wouldn't have liked it then either. Smoking around the kids is bad for them and smoking in general sets a bad example for them. And yes, I feel the same about any parent who smokes.

    This is no different than Kate going on vacation for her book. I saw pictures of her bodyguard holding her arm closely with no crowds around, while she was on vacation promoting her book. Where was the rage then??

    On vacation for her book, she was traveling from city to city do book signings. Having known an author who did book signings, it is hard work. As for Kate and the bodyguard, show me the pictures of them walking hand in hand and drinking together and I will get equally outraged. There is no proof of a romance with the bodyguard - no matter how many people claim they know she had this so called affair. I save my "outrage" for things I know to be true not things people like to speculate on.

    As for spending his kids money for this trip, what I read in articles is that it was paid for by the designer. This trip was for the kids, so he could make money off the clothes.

    Maybe it was paid for by the designer. The Ed Hardy reps are now suggesting that there is no deal in the works so maybe the designer paying for the trip is a lie too. Regardless I don't care about Jon spending the money to take his honey to France. He worked on the TV show and earned it too. It does not appear he thought at all about his kids seeing those pictures someday.

  41. I am sorry but Jon looks ridiculous in that tiger tee. I'm reallly not trying to pass judgement but where is his head these days? He doesn't even see what he really looks like, it's sad. He comes off arrogant and totally blind.

  42. Nick Name said...
    I still wonder why Kate got a decent looking svelt bodyguard and not some stereotypical large menacing bodyguard. Jon probably wondered the same thing, and maybe saw the two of them acting too friendly towards each other. As for spending his kids money for this trip, what I read in articles is that it was paid for by the designer. This trip was for the kids, so he could make money off the clothes. This is no different than Kate going on vacation for her book. I saw pictures of her bodyguard holding her arm closely with no crowds around, while she was on vacation promoting her book. Where was the rage then?? We even read Kate took off for the weekend while Jon stayed at the house last week. What was she doing the entire weekend? I don't smoke, but Jon has been smoking since high school, and now all of a sudden since you see pictures of it you are outraged. Most likely he was smoking the entire series, it was just never filmed, and the paparazzi were not around to capture it.

    Nick Name...thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for saying pretty much what I've been thinking since this France story broke. Bravo.

  43. just wondering~ yeah we all wish that this was a publicity stunt. Its a sad mess that ever I wish would go away and I'm not married to him.

    min~ you have always been welcomed here at this site regardless of your views. I was allowing almost all your posts. The last one I didn't feel was suitable for the site. I don't want this to a all about bashing Jon, but this is my site, and if I share those views that's what will get posted. I have always stood by and for Kate. We all know this. Call it unfair or wrong, but every site has its slant from time to time. I do not think in any way that one parent is better or more innocent than the other. I have stated time and time again what angers me is Jon flaunting his mistress in public. I agree with you 100% that we only speculate and hopefully they will find out what works best for them in private.

    Schmecky Girl~ I'm sorry about all my conflicting reports. I stated on my last post that I'm just reporting what I read, and I'm assuming it's one of my 5 or I would have woken up like I dreamed it #6. As soon as I figure the mess out you guys will be the first to know!

  44. File this under #4 & #5 OF MINE WAS CORRECT (see my above post)

    "Christian Audigier’s rep says Jon Gosselin told her he was bringing his stylist to visit the Ed Hardy designer in St. Tropez, but instead showed up with Hailey Glassman, the 23-year-old daughter of Kate Gosselin’s tummy-tuck surgeon.

    “[Jon] had told me was he was going out there with his stylist,” Audigier’s rep, who declined to be named, told “We said we could accommodate her going out there as long as she’s bringing his biker wardrobe or something relevant — motorcycles being the key the factor in all of this.”

    Gosselin went to the French Riviera to meet with Audigier about his new vintage-inspired motorcycle line and to discuss a potential reality show about bikes, the rep said. She said reports that Audigier was considering a kids’ line with Gosselin were false.
    “It might just be as far as Christian has him out there trying to pick his brain about doing a show on motorcycles since Jon is supposed to be an expert on it and is clearly an expert on being in the eye of the media.”

    The rep also said it wouldn’t make sense for Ed Hardy to pursue a new childrens line because the company already has four.
    Gosselin’s rep did not immediately return a call for comment Tuesday."

  45. ......I'm still quite confused as to how anyone can call what Kate has been doing for book signings and speaking engagements as "being on vacation."

    I hate to admit, but my personal opinion is that one parent IS a better parent than the other. No family is better off than when both parents are together and each brings their own strengths to the child rearing process. Yes, Jon has been loving and kind to the children much of the time. But, I believe Kate has also been loving. She may not be as demonstrative but she loves those children fiercely (I believe). The difference to me lies in the area of financial support and responsibility. Jon is proving to me to be the uneducated, unmotivated, immature person I always thought him to be.

  46. Min- In my post I did not mean that I was upset with Jon for spending money, because I am aware that Kate spends the money too. What I am angry about is the fact that he was using it on Hailey, and things that were to her benefit.

  47. I am terrified of the woman he has taken company girl.....that is not step mom material. I wouldn't want her near my kids. The gun pix are so disturbing. TEAM KATE

  48. Jon went from lying about be a Christian worshiper(as in God) to worshiping Christian (as in bad fashion). And, it appears he lied to both...That tramp ain't no "stylist".

    Again, BabyMama, good clarification! It all makes sense except that I doubt anyone outside the US knows who Jon is, so he must have felt really out of his element on the Riviera. In most of the photos both he and the stylist looked miserable.

  49. I think someone out there is trying to keep Jon & Kate's name in the media, to keep up the ratings. The last episode only had 2 million viewers, so they lost more than half. Jon & Kate like money and having nice things, so if there are no viewers, then no show, and no show, no money. I mean if you think about, when Farrah and Michael died, that is all the media talked about. Jon & Kate weren't on anybody's radar, until now.

    I recently bought season 1 & 2 on DVD, and Kate was awful to Jon, I almost forgot how bad she was. In my eyes, Kate verbally abused him, and that can affect someone for a very long time. No wonder he going all out in his newfound freedom. But I do believe that Jon truly loves his kids and would do anything for them. But I don't like seeing him with a new "woman" before the ink is dry on the seperation.

  50. Kristina~ I do not believe for one minute that Kate "verbally abused" Jon. Jon was a big boy and could handle himself if he needed to. Kate has a very strong personality like a lot of us do, and sometimes CAN come across as snippy or mean. But we all at times could if we all analyzed each other. She was the strong personality and several relationships I know are like that. The husbands or wives are not "verbally abused". It is as the relationship is and it works for them. In my family, it works for me too. That does not mean the my husband is a pushover or lets me walk all over him.

    I just think that since the family has been on TV people think they could analyze this couple to death. If Jon was unhappy about it he needed to express it. Maybe he never did. And just like Cara it "all comes out in this big blog of a mess of events from the past month". Remember when Kate said that? (Or something like that).

    "He may think he's the head (of the house), but the woman is the neck that turns the head".~My Big Fat Greek Wedding

  51. .....I agree....he didn't need to wait this long to find his voice. I have always contended that Kate is strong, ambitious and outspoken, and those qualities are seen as a negative because she is a woman.

  52. If they could edit out EVERY scene of Jon smoking for 4 years, they can just as easily edit in every scene of Kate being snippy with Jon and neglect to put in anything of them making up. Just food for thought.

    Also, because I like numbers, Hailey would have been 15 when the twins were born. That's definitely someone who would be qualified to be in the lives of 8 children.

  53. In the beginning of Jon & Kate, Jon sniped back at her when she said things, and he also said some not so nice things himself.

    Remember "jowls of a dog", "you can take a papercutter to it", "i only like blondes"?

    I think he is just better at holding his tongue in front of the camera than Kate is. I don't really think he's a pushover.

    Also remember when they were yelling at eachother about the post office and the cameras caught it? Jon was yelling right back.

    And I certainly don't buy that he's behaving this way because he lost out on his partying years. No one forced him to get married and have children. If he wanted to go out and drink, he should have waited.

    He's not fooling me with the "poor abused husband that never experienced young adulthood" card.

  54. Nick Name I am not a man hater, I just respect, admire, and appreciate strong women and I have no patience for weak men. Kate got Jon that IT job, he does not have any formal training or education, as far as I know. Jon rode the Kate gravy train as she secured her family's future and when he figured that they finally had made enough money, the light bulb went off in his head and he woke up and realized, WA! WA!"I'm only 32" and he jumped ship. He is so proud that he is finally putting his foot down as he sought his independence from his so called "Over Bearing" wife that ruled the roost and well we can all see, based on all the great decisions that he has made over the past few months, where that has gotten him. Even the most die hard Jon fans can not support him on his latest escapade.

    And I have not been critical, like many others have been, over the clothes, the smoking, the organic vs. non-organic, cars, white plastic lawn chairs, hairstyles, diamond earrings, etc... I have been critical over things that matter: Values, Morals, Commitments, Parenting, Honesty, Character...

    The show was definitely edited and manipulated by TLC to portray these parents in a certain way. I don't care if Jon smokes, but they never showed Jon smoking. TLC decided on what we would see and not see. Even though Kate constantly said on air that she was grateful for all that they had been given, they did not portray her as being gracious. And of course having her brother and sister-in-law sell her out, did not help. I wonder how they feel now and do they hold themselves responsible for some of the fall out as I feel Jon played them like a deck of cards trying to deflect the cheating blame off of himself and trying to justify his low-life behavior.

    And in the end, I do not believe everything I read, I believe what I see. And believe me the world has seen more than enough of this sad excuse of a husband and father.

  55. LOL oh that was great Mama.....
    the neck!

  56. I hope the kids don't GOOGLE.

  57. I haven't checked this blog for about 2 weeks and I can't believe Jon is doing all this crap! What a wonderful father he is being (roll my eyes) to his 8 kids. All this can be used against Jon during devorse court and I hope Kate gets full custody of her kids. Jon is a pathetic dad!

  58. Jon doesn't seem to have a problem with the media attention now that he thinks he's hot sh*t...

  59. Jon Gosselin: I Am a Regular Guy Who Wants to Move Forward

  60. Lets hope this article is not true-

    I have to admit though, nothing would really surprise me right now.

  61. Dear BabyMama,
    First let me say that I've been following your blog for a while and it is absolutely the best, and the fairest. I have not commented before, but I can't sit back any longer.
    Jon's behaviour as of late is questionable at the very least, and downright disturbing at worst. Makes me wonder how he can call this "putting the children first?"
    It's obvious that he's done with TLC and the show, and I'll bet that what it comes down to is control...he wanted control over some of the money that was coming in. When Kate said "No" (and rightly so, as her goal is providing for and protecting her family first...BTW does anyone out there realize how much it costs to just buy groceries, clothes, a decent home in a good neighbourhood, and provide one or two extra-curricular activities i.e. sports, arts, etc for children these days, for ONE child let alone EIGHT??!!)
    Back to my point, it's obvious that she was against Jon using the "family" income to do his own thing (call it business or vacation, your choice). He had a hissy fit, felt that he had to "stand up for himself" and then started this rapid decent into adolescent rebellious behaviour. Seriously, if you knew that the paps are outside your front yard, why would you let your "friends" sunbathe there in the first place? It's clear that he wants out...and will stop at nothing to destroy what Kate has worked so hard to build. He is a selfish, immature, boy...he should be ashamed of himself. What will his 8 beautiful kids think? How can he justify, abandoning his family? Be strong Kate! You will always come out "on top" because you took the high road, and did not abandon your responsibilities to the priority in your life...your kids.

  62. I am wondering if Christian Audigier just planned to use Jon for great cheap advertising for his clothes (cost of trip for Jon and Hailey) - never intended a business relationship with Jon. And Jon fell for it.

  63. Oh boy, where do I start?

    I'm a firm believer in the old adage "there are two sides to every story". Since we as viewers are only given edited glimpses into their lives, we can only speculate on what really happens behind closed doors.

    Having said that, what I have seen leads me to believe that Kate goes way beyond being simply a "strong woman". While you may not think she has been verbally abusive, I would beg to differ. Being a strong women doesn't mean you need to belittle your loved ones. Jon is no saint by any means, but he seemed to take the high road more often than not and simply bit his tongue when she went on a rant. Some of the episodes were actually difficult for me to watch because I felt so embarrassed for him.

    Jon has made it pretty clear that he was not happy with their situation and wanted to work again outside the home. However, since Kate was perfectly happy with HER situation, traveling, promoting the book, filming, etc., I don't think she was really able to appreciate the extent of his unhappiness. I'm not making excuses for his decisions, but I think everyone reaches their limit and he reached his. Do I think he went overboard trying to recapture his "lost youth"? Absolutely.

    We really don't know when their marriage ended. Sure they had the vow renewal show but there's always the possibility TLC did it for ratings and nothing more. If they've been living apart for so long as some sources are saying, then maybe he felt he waited long enough before finding companionship with someone else. It's just horribly unfortunate that of all the women in the world, he had to choose the Glassman's daughter! That had to be a knife in Kate's heart so maybe it was intentional.

    I've always loved the show and I adore the kids, but honestly it's too uncomfortable to watch now. With all this new drama I think they need to work everything out in private before resuming the show. IMHO.

  64. Colleen...I agree that that their are three sides to every story, his, hers and the truth. It is really hard to judge at times how things really were because I really feel that TLC showed us what they wanted to show us and I think that over time, a lot of relationships change, especially if there is stress. I know that mine has. I think that it very easy for people to criticize her behavior, but I think that no one can really say anything about Kate until you walk in her shoes. Did she change after they got comfortable? Probably, but so did he and IMO his transformation has become radical and drastic. There is so much more to the story than what we read and see in pictures.

  65. I hope Jon wakes up from his deep slumber. He's got 8 beautiful children, and I wonder if he realizes what he's putting his children through. GROW UP JON!!!!