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First Deanna, Then Hailey, Now Kate 2.0? Reporter Resigns Over Conflict, Seeing Jons Apartment

UPDATE: Seriously people, I can't update this stuff fast enough...

RADAR.COM: (1:22 pm 7/23, Printed HERE 2:11pm same day)

Jon Gosselin says he never had a romantic relationship with Star magazine reporter Kate Major and was tricked by her, sources close to the situation told exclusively.

Major suddenly resigned from Star magazine Thursday. Major, 26, announced to the world Wednesday night that she was romantically involved with the 32-year-old Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad. She was at dinner with him last night with Michael Lohan and two couples and Major and Jon had been to dinner Saturday night in New York City.

Meanwhile sources close to the situation told that Jon is distraught over Major's claims that they were romantically involved. He told a close pal that despite her public proclamation, he never slept with her and never was romantically involved with her.

"Oh my God, I can't believe she did this to me," he told a source. "What do I do? She's totally (bleeping) me over?"

In a statement released Wednesday night, Major said they were romantically involved. "I didn't mean it to happen, it just did," she said. "I went to do a story on Jon and ended up falling for him." That statement caused the scandal to explode in national news coverage and, the source said, infuriated Jon.

Breaking News! Star Reporter Dating Jon Gosselin

July 22nd, 2009 It's a stunning turn of events that even Star couldn't see coming, father-of-eight Jon Gosselin and one of our reporters have fallen for each other.

Kate Major confirmed tonight that she and the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad are an item, five days after they were first photographed together.

"I didn't mean it to happen, it just did," Kate, 26, says. "I went to do a story on Jon and ended up falling for him." The surprise news means that Jon, 32, and his girlfriend Hailey Glassman, daughter of his wife's plastic surgeon, are over.

Tonight Jon and his new Kate went for dinner in East Hampton with Lindsay Lohan's father Michael -- a long-time friend of Kate's. (Jill Zarin From "The Real Housewives" was also there)
Read next week’s Star for the full story.

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  1. HONESTLY LADIES? He cannot be THAT charming! I Knew that he and hailey were not going to last very long.
    now Jon just looks dumb. seems like he just wants to bang anyone he can get his hands on. How he has been acting really makes me mad.
    I can't really stand him now. I hope TLC takes him off of the show as fast as they can. I would not want him representing my company or business.

  2. OH MY GOD are you SERIOUS! this is redicilious WHAT is he thinking. Im so disgusted by him. What I find really sad is that shes in a magizing talking about them being together isnt she? they are both just sad little people...

  3. Is he on crack seriously? What in the world is he doing with Lindsey Lohan's Dad..getting parenting tips?? Oh my gosh this has just gotten so disgusting...I'm sorry people say crap about Kate all the time but nothing adds up to this madness..What is his problem?? He is really showing he doesn't care for his children at all...b/c if he did then he would respect them at the very least and not act like a moron.

    Gosh Baby Mama pinch me when everything turns b/c to reality...I am just at a loss of words!! Thanks for this site it is awesome to have a place to come to discuss different opinions even if they are not all the same..

  4. Could someone get Jon another shovel. That hole he is digging just keeps geting deeper!
    I'm so sorry Kate....he is getting to be such a joke.

  5. I just... I can't...

    He is such a tool!

    He claims that he hates the lifestyle of being famous, yet he's chilling with Lohan's dad? Really? And that's all I can say right now, because I am just stunned.

  6. This is too outrageous to be true. What is with these women? Is he Brad Pitt or something?

  7. Don't know if I believe this story!! Anyway why do I torture myself by watching old episode of J&K I just watched Jon turn 30 and they seemed so happy hard to believe that was only 2 yrs. ago. I really gotta stop watching old episodes they just depress me!! why do I feel so sad watching these old episodes?? I guess Because they welcomed us into there home every week for the good the bad and the ugly and it seemed like I knew them as friends or family they seemed so real and honest. Now Jon did this complete 180 and is someone I don't even recognize at least Kate is who she is so what she got a makeover who cares she is still the same person Jon on the other hand is completely different acting like a child swinging with his girlfriend at a play ground come on go swing with your kids!!

    Ugh sorry had to vent but he is just driving me crazy wish I could shake him or ya know what show him where he's gonna be in 5 years and how his children are going to feel about how he's reacting to all this. Not quite sure why he's so angry at Kate, I'm sure there is a reason, I'm sure not everyone is innocent in this mess but she is handling it way better than he is...

  8. Everyday He gets worse.What he is doing to his children is a disgrace .I hope TLC doesnt renew his contract because as much as I love Kate and the kids I dont know if I can stomach him.
    Kate will shine after this passes I just know that God will bless her and the kids double

  9. All I can say is PUKE ... What is John going to have his own Reality show soon, his tales of dating life??

  10. If this is true then somehow I dont feel bad for Hailey AT ALL, this is what happens when you are the rebound with a MARRIED man. Jon is now on the path of total self image destruction, I actually feel bad for him cause he has no idea what hes doing to himself :(

    I did read online that Kate Major does have a history of falling for her stories, so who knows if Star is just REALLY trying to stir things up which wouldnt surprise me, after all they are a trash magazine.

  11. I'm sorry, but this is soooooooooo smelling like complete PR stunts. I'm speaking of all of Jon's recent relationships, not just this "new Kate" one. If people can't see this, then I'm at a loss. I still say TLC is pushing this behavior so then maybe Jon will "wise up" and go to marriage counseling w/ Kate, and then they reconcile, and then the new theme will be "aww, look, we made it work, look at us...look at us!!" C'mon, even Britney Spears and Alex Rodriquez don't go through so many boyfriends and girlfriends in such a short period of time. And the excuse: "I ended up falling for Jon" while working on a story? Please. How lame. Not even plausible.

    If this is a TLC PR stunt...they are more desparate than ever. And the kids are the ones getting royally screwed in the end. This is disgusting for EVERY adult involved.

  12. Ok, ok. Hold on here. "Falling for him." Have these women lived under rocks for 5 years? They are giving us such a bad name. Triple ew.

    Once again, I have to say, Kate is better off. She has to realize this now, that's why we see her out smiling.

    She looks adorable in those hats she wears, anyone know the brand/style? Just a suggestion Kate, I'd buy one w/ a little pink 8 on it, designed by you. Forget Ed Hardy, those clothes are for 12 yr olds. Hats by K8! :)

  13. Reply to Stephanie:
    I feel the same way as you, but don't think they were ever as happy as the show led us to believe. Jon is doing things that are so resentful towards Kate, I just can't believe this has come out of nowhere. This had to be building up for a couple of years.

  14. OK my two cents...when J&K went out to eat in LA in March I called that one out as a PR moment to undo the bad headlines. Which I still think it was. But seriouly Jon and his latest antics...I don't think PR people could even think up this non-sense. Plus he has gotten so ridiculous I don't think a lot of people would hope for a reconciliation with this new version of Jon.
    I am also annoyed that he keeps saying "I miss my kids" to the Paps. Well, here's an idea...go home & see them instead of wondering thru the city all day! I'm sure Kate would share the days with him 50/50 and then he could go sleep in an apartment at night that's not 3 hrs from his family.
    Frankly he's being about as mature as Michael Lohan so maybe they can share in some "father of the year" bonding.

  15. Jon & Michael Lohan... talk about two of a kind! That's hysterical!
    I'm wondering, too, if this is a PR stunt. It seems that the numbers for the show go up when Jon is caught (well, not caught... he's totally out flaunting it!) doing not so wise things.

  16. this whole story is JUST beyond bizarre.....Jon's really just lost.....I hope that Kate G's working hard so she can make sure that the kids are exposed to NONE of this because it is DEVISTATING to us, can you IMAGINE what the kids think? Ugg!

  17. Does anyone think that perhaps Jon is suffering from a mental illness? Sometimes a stressful combination of events can trigger an episode. Check out

  18. Wow...Here he is again, coming out of left field with something even more ridiculous than before. Even if Kate was at the house, he would look so much better if he stayed locally in PA, and at least attempted to spend more time with his kids. Or do volunteering, like he claimed to be so interested in when he was in Utah. I don't get what his priorities are. He doesn't do anything, just walks around with 'famous' people and hangs out. Very sad for anyone, let alone a father of 8. At least Kate, if you don't see her with her kids at the house, is photographed running errands. She actually has things to do.

    I love that Aunt Jodi and Kevin magically are nowhere to be found to comment on all of this. You think with all that is going on they would have reached out (and I'm sure if the attempted to, they'd be on the cover of all the mags acting like they are such great people) to Kate and given her support considering all that Jon is doing & not doing.

    *Sigh*...I am not so sure if I want to see the new episodes in August. Although I'm sure most will be heavily filtered from any tension/drama being caused primarily by Jon.

  19. These girls that are "dating" Join remind me of the dimwits that get involved with convicted murderers in prison. Notoriety is all they are interested in. It is becoming a contest to see who is a big enough ass to be Jon's next girlfriend. Is he confusing himself with a guy in the 60's or 70's in the days of free love? It is not safe to be sleeping around these days. But I guess a clean, respectable life doesn't matter much to him these days because he is so "free" and excited about the future. He is a very pathetic and distasteful individual. Kate must be very afraid to think this is what was lurking inside her previously sweet husband.

  20. The picture of Jon and the blonde reporter were taken when he they had dinner the other night. The day after he took Hailey to the park and went "swinging" and had their PDA. So, I tend to believe the reporter is just a friend (because he hates the P-people), unless in three days things have changed.
    I agree with Stepanie, I enjoy Kate and the kids much more, Jon was a drag.
    I wonder what the American Chopper guys think about Jon now. They seemed to really like Kate better.
    We have to come up with the new name for the TLC show (without Jon):
    "KATE CAN"

  21. I haven't written in such a while and that's because I am in such disgust and shock over this whole situation. My heart truly goes out to those kids. So many have accused Kate as being the one with the media attention attitude and actions, but look at Jon. He is hanging out with celebs or wannabee celebs and getting an apartment in NYC where it is 2nd to LA as media/celeb frenzy and 2 hours from home. But all the while he says he is misses his kids, he does everything for his kids. His action are definitely not for his kids. They are speaking much louder than words. And if he feels they are he definitely does not get the parent of the year award this year. Why continue to put yourself out there? When you know that the attention is not going to be good? But I guess as the old saying goes "any attention is good attention." The whole thing is just so strange.. and things are really not adding up. So many questions. Not many answers. I have so many thoughts and words for all of this but it would be like writing a book.

  22. Wait, wait, wait! Holy moses, one thing at a time!

    Now, I'm not a big celebrity follower, but I have a distinct memory of hearing that Lindsay Lohan hates her father, that he was absent most of her life and that he is a criminal. I don't think this is the kind of person Jon should be hanging out with! I hope he's not getting parenting tips!

    As for Kate 2.0... I dunno. Maybe they're an item, maybe not. It would be odd for it to happen so soon after Hailey talked about him to the magazines, but you never know. If it is another new relationship, it shows a distinct lack of maturity. I don't even think high school kids bounce from one partner to the next this quickly!

  23. Nick Name I am starting to see that not everything we've watched over these last few years has been completely honest, but I do still think that some moments between J&K are genuine. The early episodes are more real I think, not really sure when it changed I definitely seen a difference in season 4.

    I just hope Jon wakes up soon and realizes what an a** he's being and focuses more on his kids then these trashy girls he's running around with. Seriously would he really want any of these woman around his kids??? Even that teacher she was trash and so was her brother.

    Another thought isn't little Miss Hailey in people this week saying she loves him, now we have this new girl saying she loves him and apparently he only started dating on June 22 and already he has 2 girls in love with him, yea right!!!

    Kate rocks she's handling herself like a real woman should she hasn't said anything about all his childishness in the last month (even though I would love to know what she thinks) she's just focused on herself and her kids and I love that we've seen her out with some girl friends I think that's what she needs...

    By the way someone was asking where the h*ll are Saint Jodie and her ever loving husband. I think hiding under a rock like they should be, with family like that who needs enemies!!!

  24. Prediction -- Jon will bang anything that moves for as long as it lasts. But seriously after woman #3, who cares? All this attention will taper off and then Jon will just be alone. Ride that gravy train Jon, your 15 minutes is just about up!

  25. I'm speechless. I fear that one morning soon, I am going to wake up and see a mug shot of Jon Gosselin on all the news shows. He really needs to be careful about keeping company with all these drug users. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall of Jon's lawyer? He/She probably has a large bottle of Tums on his desk and his/her head in their hands. Is he not thinking about the divorce proceedings? Maybe he doesn't want custody of the kids. This thing gets worse and worse literally each day.

  26. Can we say idiot......

    What kind of man/dad does this to his children. I do believe he has forgotten that he is a father of 8 and someday they are going to see all these stories. Gosh...take a break Jon and figure out what you want and what is best for you and those beautiful children that you have. Beleive you and me it is not about how many women/girls you can date.......

  27. Hailey speaks out about this news to 'People',,20293245,00.html

  28. all I can say..WOW LOL

  29. I think it makes more sense that Kate Major made up the whole thing(rather than Jon being in TWO relationships AND being married ha)--but who knows, Jon hasn't been making much sense for a while.

    However, I had a good laugh when I read the article on Radar about how Jon was upset that Kate Major totally "blanked him over" haha -- he so deserves it after all he's put his FAMILY through.

  30. Just got a tweet from @realgosselin, link to TLC, sneak peek of new season!

  31. KatherineDenise~ Thanks so much for giving me the heads up! You guys are quicker than even me! I swear if you guys didn't update me with this stuff I would have no blog. Seriously, last night my husband was already in bed and I said. "Honey, please don't ever pull a Jon Gosselin". "Because I would have to shoot you and go to prison and our children would have no parents." He just shrugs me off.. (lol) I got so mad last night I was spitting nails. I was told that a few hate sites say I'm sharpening my knives...nobody knows that I'm actually taking over Steves position.... ;) Its so stupid, but Kate, were here for ya girl!

  32. Reply to Jenny:
    Yes Jon has to be crazy. The news from today makes him certifiable crazy. Another chick in the same week? He will probably be seen with another chick by nightfall.

  33. NEW PEOPLE ARTICLE....Follow this with.. yeah you really can't make this stuff up! Jill Zarin, Jon's dinner date said "in conversation they said they were dating..",,20293185,00.html

  34. Ohh one more thing... A few of you asked when do I get a chance to write this stuff being as busy as I am...Well I finally figured out how to change the time on my computer to Eastern time, so you can see that most of my posts are done at midnight and 1am!

    Why? Because my baby still does get up when shes wet around that time and it takes me a bit to get back to sleep. So there you have it. Also, I will write a little post about my one year anniversary here for my blog, hopefully this weekend! Continue to keep me posted ladies! xoxox

  35. I think there are only two possible explanations for this Jon/Kate Major story...

    1) Someone from TLC is scripting this garbage behavior for ratings and that someone is on crack.

    2) Kate #1 paid off Kate #2 to set Jon up and is having a great day in Pennsylvania right now :) LOL

    Really, would any of those things be any more bizarre than what has already happened????? Something is beyond ridiculous with this mess and I feel like there are probably people somewhere laughing their you-know-whats off that new information comes out and the fans are all in a tizzy over it.

    At the risk of being a broken record, those poor, poor 8 kids...they never asked for any of this.

  36. Hhhhmmmmmmmmmm.

    I don't believe anything anymore. I don't think I will believe either Jon or Kate or any of the "sources" unless MAYBE they name names, or even anything I see on the TLC show.

    Now people are reporting that Jon and Kate only speak to each other when they are being taped for the show. Once the cameras stop they don't even look at each other. We won't even know if that's true or not because we will never see it.

    Same thing was said about the photo shoot they did in NYC. "Sources" claim they were both moody and didn't intereact with the kids. Not that I'm saying it's a fact, but still...

    I'm going to have a hard time believing anything I see on the show. I feel that so many things are going to be done just for the camera/show.

    I also saw pics of the kids being taped playing in their driveway and I can't believe how close the cameras and mics are to them. They are right in the middle of the kids. How can they even play like normal children like that?

    All of this just saddens me so.

  37. This is what you get for hanging out with such classy people, Jon.

    One by one they're all going to turn on him and one day, he'll realize he's lost the only women who would have stuck by him no matter what.


    Now at this point I am wondering if Jon is mad that he got caught AGAIN?

    Maybe after Jon gets back home he will think twice about talking to the tabs for money again, lol

    I'm sorry to say but Jon dug his own hole and sad to say but its kinda funny, lol

  39. I do agree the more Jon acts like this, the more it makes me question how genuine it has all been from the beginning. Don't get me wrong I definetly think Jon has changed but I think along w/ the others that maybe they were never as happy as we all thought they were and then DEFINETLY the last 2 to 3 seasons TLC continued to string us along into believing they were one big happy family. It's sad because I believed them. :(

  40. Something I once heard:

    "If he'll cheat with you, he'll cheat on you."

  41. I am getting more crazed and more biased every day..... I can't get out of my mind the "I can't be just Jon. I have to be Jon & Kate plus 8" comment of last season. Last time I checked when one is married with children they are become a family unit.... Can you imagine how you would feel if you were sitting on a couch next to your husband who comes out with this statement? Today I interpret that comment literally as he was pretelling everyone he was checking out of both the marriage and fatherhood.

    Anyhoo....Today's Poor Me I've been **** excuse just doesn't fly. The self proclaimed media shy Jon can't play it both ways. If he hates the attention, then why is he parading around town with so called reporters over dinner/drinks and weeks in the Hamptons? If he wants to get his side of a story out, then sit down with them across a desk in an office like most people handle business dealings.

    His recent actions have totally removed any victim sympathy I might have once had. He may try to play that card but HE IS NOT A VICTIM.

  42. reply to NickName and Susan:

    I don't think he's crazy ... I'm really truly wondering if he has some sort of mental illness! His behaviour seems to fit some of the symptoms -- impulsive behaviour, risk taking, ambitious grandiose plans.

    I have to agree with Susan. I don't know if I'll watch anymore. I'm starting to feel that the best way to give Kate and the kids support is to just not feed into any news about them - good or otherwise. What do you guys think?

  43. I think MTV should look into a reality dating show for Jon. It would be like a car wreck, you would have to watch. At least it would be a paying job for alimony and child support.

    Keep smiling we know why you would tell him what to do all the time....the man is unable to think on his own!

  44. What in the world?!!?!
    This is just plain old beyond crazy. I am almost speechless. 3 different girls in a few months. What is going on in Jon's brain? This is soooo ridiculous. I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT. He's so immature and I'm actually starting to think that there is something wrong with him.

    I feel absolutely horrible for Kate and 8. They shouldn't have to deal with all of this. Although I love the Gosselins like they are my own family (besides Jon!) I would have given up "knowing" them even from the beginning if I ever knew that ANY of this would happen. I don't know about anyone else, but this makes my heart break. I just wish that everything could go back to the way it was at the beginning, and the cameras could go away. It's really sad. :o(

  45. I don't buy into the latest "Kate 2.0" stories; as a matter of fact, I'm starting to feel like NOTHING coming out of this entire family is trustworthy. NOTHING. "The show is their life and their life is the show". It's all for ratings. The TLC ratings ploys are ridiculous; nothing surprises me anymore because it's all about $$$ to these people, INCLUDING Jon, INCLUDING Kate.

    And who is left in the dust? Eight little faces, coincidentally the title of their mother's latest money making venture.

    The ONE thing I know for sure: if I was a Gosselin child; the minute I turned 18 I'd ask for my cut of the paycheck, change my name, and move away from home, or should I say, "away from the set". Mady & Kara are halfway to 18, and leading a "normal life" has GOT to be on their minds about now.

  46. He's like a person that has just been let out of prison after 50 years. He doesn't know what to and with whom. He's trying to make up for lost time by screwing this that and the other and maybe all at once! He has become such a laughing stock it's not even funny anymore.

    Oh, and by the way, it may be a little late to worry about being with Hailey causing problems for him in the divorce. What judge in their right mind would give him 5 minutes with those kids these days?

    Hey kids, if you google me, you'll know it's all crap right? Jackass!!!

    Kudos to Kate for not even peeping about it. I figure the less she says the more ahead she gets. He is just hanging himself hour by hour!

  47. Oh my goodness, they just won't stop.’s-romance-reporter

    This is also from the radar online article:“Hailey also feels like she made Jon chic. He dressed a lot more "dorky" before her. She feels she helped him gain some style, and the attention he got from it went to his head.”

    Yeah right Hailey!! If this is what I think it is, she REALLY needs to find another way to advertise her new "clothing line". LOL!!! She is such a joke. Even this new girl who's with Jon might be better than her! (kidding!) ;o) Wow. She's a little pathetic.

    In response to Jenny: It depends on how things go. If the show has just turned into a bunch of lies, why watch?! Now there's enough information out there to find out what the Gosselins are up to without the show. Also, the show actually IS supporting them. ($$$) But I'm sure that if Kate felt that the show was hurting them more than helping she would stop it. Although sometimes I too, feel a little guilty watching... (But I guess that comes along with being a JK+8 fan!)

  48. .......I actually don't believe any of this is PR or conspiracy. I think it's just Jon being himself: Stupid.

    This man is clearly not very bright. In my opinion if he really missed his kids, he would be living in the (reportedly as yet unsold) old house which could accomodate all of his kids and where they are comfortable. An expensive 2 bdrm. condo in Manhattan he didn't need. He just wants to get away from the life he lived totally and completely. I really hope one day when his two mins. of fame are up, he finds himself destitute and alone, exactly where he would have been if he had not found Kate. Her tenacity, perserverance and smarts are what helped them succeed up till now. I guarantee on his own he will continue to spiral downwards.

  49. wow..........i hadnt been on the net all day...
    took me a while2 catch up!!!! im in shock lol!!!!

    sounds 2 me that jons lookin for sympathy again with the whole

    "Oh my God, I can't believe she did this to me," "What do I do? She's totally (bleeping) me over?"

    he needs 2 grow up asap and start thinking with his head and not his pants!!! grrr that man wud drive ya mad!!!

  50. Seriously? SERIOUSLY??
    OK, so right now I'm thinking mental illness and/or drug could anyone show such poor judgement without consideration of their eight young kids??
    I'm sure that if Kate wasn't busy enough protecting her kids emotional stability...she would be laughing at his reaction: I've been ****! Just proves to me just who has the brains in this family show!

  51. Ok so once again I am changing and re-wording the titles for the new show on this site. TLC is obviously working hard to re-vamp what footage they already have to make it appear current, even though most of it was in May before everything hit the fan!

    What was once called "Another Campout: While Jon is away, Kate and the eight children have another backyard campout." Is now called "Camping Out: Kate decides to take on a "can do" attitude as a single parent, which includes a backyard campout with her kids." 30 min(lol)

    And for 9:30 what was once called "The Gardening Gosselins: The Gosselins create a new garden in their backyard and catch a bunny." Is now..."Renovations & Vacations: While Jon puts in new kitchen cupboards, Kate and the kids head to the beach for a vacation to avoid the stress of renovations."

    I don't know how they are gonna do it. But if they make it seamless, people that are "not in the internet Gosselin know" might actually believe this stuff is current! (lol)

  52. He needs to be the star of a new soap opera, "As the Stomach Churns".

  53. I just saw on that Kate took Mady and Cara(and a friend) to see the Jonas Brothers in concert tonight. How awesome to have a girls night out!!

    I also noticed in one of the pictures that Kate has finally taken her wedding ring off. I say good for her and I hope she can finally move on and be the best mother she can be.

  54. Kate took Cara, Mady & one of their friends to a Jonas Brothers concert. I think that's great and it will be something that they will always remember their mom doing with them.

  55. There are pictures of Kate taking the twins to the Jonas Brothers concert on Just Jared-- and you can see that she has taken her ring off of her ring finger. (I think she may have put it on her middle finger next to it though, because I see one on there).

  56. And for 9:30 what was once called "The Gardening Gosselins: The Gosselins create a new garden in their backyard and catch a bunny." Is now..."Renovations & Vacations: While Jon puts in new kitchen cupboards, Kate and the kids head to the beach for a vacation to avoid the stress of renovations."

    I don't know how they are gonna do it. But if they make it seamless, people that are "not in the internet Gosselin know" might actually believe this stuff is current! (lol)

    Wait, WHY are they doing new kitchen cupboards? is it in the UPSTAIRS kitchen, or the downstairs kitchen OR the OVER THE GARAGE kitchen? WOW....and I thought that I was keeping up with the latest....thanks for the GREAT work BabyMAMA!!! I look to your site EVERYTIME I'm on the computer....

  57. My daughter saw where the twins were going and was sooo jealous! The one thing she said that really stuck with me was "Mommy, they both look very pretty!"

    I saw how these 2 beautiful girls are looking so mature and so different lately. Even in how they dress. Its definitely looking like Kate is allowing their individual personalities come out. I wonder if their Dad even notices. Its very sad.

    I really didn't like Jon & Hailey together.. It was such a smack in the face for Kate. Hailey was enjoying making snide comments in the press about her and that really pissed me off. If Jon is with this other woman, it wouldn't be the worst thing IMO. I'm proud of Kate for taking the step and removing her ring. I know it must have been an incredibly painful thing to do. I feel for her and will continue to root for her in this next phase of her life.

  58. From Radaronline...

    Jon's New Reporter Girlfriend - Booze, Partying & Falling down the Stairs!

    Jon really know how to pick 'em, doesn't he? I thought the most interesting part of the story was that Jon has now hired a Publicist. With the mess he's made of his life he's gonna need one.

  59. I so agree with you allibrootob he is an utter dope and I honestly feel that he is just a screw up. For 10 years Kate has propped this man up. He really is utterly clueless and that is why Kate had no patience with him. He is an utter train wreck. He says that he misses the kids and then we hear that he totally ignores them when he finally sees them. One article said that the kids were following him trying to get his attention, while he spoke on his cell phone and when they got no attention, they just wandered away. He is their father for goodness sakes. He is utterly pathetic.

  60. I just think he is having a mental breakdown... to be honest. The thing that makes me the maddest is the smoking actually. As far as I know, he never smoked before - and as we all know, smoking is bad. Don't you want to be there for your kids? And Maybe he doesn't because forget the smoking, he's hanging out with druggies!

  61. skirts 7, he has been smoking since high school. High school classmates were interviewed saying he smoked a lot. He may have not been smoking the past few years on the show, or they may have just chosen not to show him smoking outside of the house.

  62. Where are the links for "Team Jon" T-shirts?

    Jon is my idol!!!

  63. I promised that when I would comment on a site I would let you all know. There are been so many sites impersonating me (and most of the time you can tell its not me). But I was flattered for Jessica Carlson to write a piece about me I just had to comment. So if my post goes up as "The Real Baby Mama" you will know its me.Please check out the site, as I am proud of it and will hopefully have it up as a post soon.

  64. Baby Mama, I saw the Jessica Carlson piece before you posted. Very nice and well deserved.

  65. Long time lurker and first time poster. This entire K8 and Jon debacle has really blown my mind. I was definately always rooting for Jon but after the last few weeks of reading and SEEING him cavort with women, take vacation (sans children), and overall act like a douche has changed my mind. I can't say that I am totally on K8 side now, but I definately feel like I know her a LOT better now and if how he is acting is any indication of how Jon is OFF camera, I see why she responds to him like she does!! I feel for anyone who has to go through a divorce and maintain some sense of normalcy for the kids that did not choose to experience that in their lives. Such a sad situtation.. but I will be watching on August 3 because why stop now??/

  66. spepper, seriously? That makes me sad and makes me wonder about your integrity.

  67. Susan - When you said Jon just walks around doing nothing but being seen with famous people, the first thing I thought was that he was finally doing what he wanted to do all along - NOTHING! I always got the impression from him on the show that he wasn't too motivated or driven of an individual. While Kate was always the go getter running around doing things, it seemed like Jon was grudgingly along for the ride. Even when they took them all places, he was never all gung ho and excited looking forward to a new adventure but rather dreading all the work involved in going somewhere. I remember on the episode where Kate surprises him with the trip to Florida, she said that not a day went by that he didn't complain about wanting to just sit on the beach and stick his feet in the sand. I think that if he had never met Kate and had all the kids that he would have been some kind of bum right about now, flitting in and out of jobs and relationships with much younger women!

    Mom of Three - I have to agree with your comment about Kate probably laughing at him if she weren't so busy trying to take care of the kids and sheltering them from all this. I thought the same thing as I read all these stories. I am sure she was livid with the whole Hailey thing and how he was parading her around but after the minute by minute updates with who he's seen with and how he is being screwed over and lied about in the media, she probably is laughing despite herself! Perhaps that is why she finally decided to take the ring off. I am sure she finally realized how LUCKY she was to be rid of him. You know, I have a feeling that deep down she was holding out some hope that he would have his mid life crisis and realize how much he had given up and strong as Kate is, she may have even taken him back thinking that he was over his craziness and for the sake of the kids with stipulations of course of working on the marriage; but when she saw how far gone he really is, I think she decided enough was enough and she totally closed the door on that part of her life. Despite the tragic comedy he has become, it is sad to be so disillusioned by the person who was supposed to be your life partner and I guess although it is easy for all of us to say good riddens to bad rubbish, this is probably tearing her apart. Sigh...

    Wonder who will profess their love for him today?

  68. Is that Talia headed into the Janas Brothers with Cara & Mady?

  69. Spotted: Kate Gosselin - along with eldest daughters, twins Cara and Mady, 8 - at the Jonas Brothers concert in Philadelphia on Thursday night.

  70. spepper, you most likely won't find 'Team Jon' links here!!

    TEAM K8 ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!

  71. Just saw a posting that Jon was still shacked up with Kate M at Lohan's house in the Hamptons. It will be interesting to see how Jon's newly hired PR firm puts a spin on this whole mess he has gotten himself into. Imagine the $$$ that he is wasting with PR and lawyers and $5000 monthly rent!!! Can't even imagine that. Meanwhile......Kate looked fantastic in the pics of her and the girls going to the concert.

  72. A few people had asked me where they could read this weeks scans without touching that nasty hate site. Live Journal seems to be within reaching distance so no one get any cooties.....

  73. Hi Baby Mama. I have been trying for days to post here and have been unable to view this post page until I copied your blogger ID # and the post comment number from that and pasted it over those same numbers that pertain to my blog when I try to post there. Do you have any idea why I cannot access this page by simply going through the regular posting process? I would really like to participate with all you fine folks. Thank you.

    This is the URL I had to use to access this post page:

  74. I am speechless!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stay strong Kate.

  75. Quoting Radar regarding Kate's wedding ring..."Kudos to Kate for taking off the last remnant of her now earring-wearing, midlife-crisis ridden estranged husband Jon." I say ditto...

  76. I am saddened by the paps hanging around a dentist office, of all things, to get a picture of Kate and Cara. Then the haters have to go and say that Cara didn't look happy. Well, duh, just got out of the dentist...and then see ppeople...sheesh. I'm glad she got the sbucks treat. Looked like a vanilla/ caffeine.

    I remember, from quite awhile back, that Kate couldn't understand all of the attention...that they were just regular people. I understand her angst. She was out with a child doing regular stuff and the paps had to get a picture of it. What's up with that?!?

    And remember...the paps didn't start until Jon was caught with the first chippy.

  77. Mady and Cara are in counseling:,CST-FTR-zp24.article

    "It seems the kids don't care much for Jon Gosselin's 22-year-old girlfriend Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate's onetime plastic surgeon. During one of Glassman's rare visits with the kids, the Gosselin tykes made clear their dislike for their dad's love interest.

    ''They really acted up that day,'' said the TLC insider."

    Jon has lost his mind.

  78. You can also read the magazine scans on facebook if you join the Jon and Kate plus 8 group. Someone posts all the scans every week.

  79. From

    Kate Major has broken her silence over her controversial relationship with Jon Gosselin, defending her transition from celebrity reporter to celebrity lover.

    Click here to read about Jon and Kate's stay in the Hamptons

    Major, who resigned from Star magazine Thursday after admitting to dating the Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality star, gave a slightly disjointed and eyebrow-raising interview to former employer

    “I got into the industry by working for you before full time in LA,” she explained. “I worked hard and of course I got to know celebs, it’s my job! No one sees that – I know it’s different now though."

    That's the disjointed part, folks!

    And in a case of denial denial, she denied that her new Ed Hardy-loving BF had denied their romance, claiming he simply could not talk about it for "obvious reasons."

    Sorry, Kate. spoke to a source who heard Jon deny the romance this week! And from what we hear while he's having fun with 26-year-old Kate, he's terrified that Wife Kate is going to use his romances against him in the divorce and possible custody battle.

    “Jon can’t comment at all right now for the obvious reasons," said Kate the reporter/girlfriend.

    Meanwhile, Jon has hired an expensive and top-notch public relations firm, Rubenstein Communications, to issue the "no comments" for him.

    So when exactly did Major and Reality Romeo start dating? Was it when they went to dinner last Saturday. Nope. Of course just two days later they were together in the Hamptons staying in Michael Lohan's house. So did it start Sunday? reported, "Major also said that when she told us that her and Jon were “not dating” on Sunday night that it was the truth.

    “'We weren’t dating then,'” she clarified.

    Hmmm...maybe dating is a euphemism? No, probably not.

    No mention was made in the interview of Hailey Glassman, the 22-year-old girlfriend Jon took to France just days before he started "not dating" Reporter Kate.

    I especially like the "denial of the denial." I hope Jon doesn't have any bunnies for pets (Fatal Attraction) as this Kate Major woman seems like a complete whack job who might do anything at any time. Scary!

  80. I have a hard time believing that Kate would allow the kids to even be near Hailey or anyone else without her approval. Isn't there a way she could have more control over who has access to them?

  81. Another Mom-
    I absolutely agree with your assessment of the situation! I'm sure that in the early days after the divorce was announced, we all hoped that Jon would get over his mid-lie crisis/adolescent regression, and come to his senses about what he was giving up...but after the past 2 weeks...I'd take off my ring too!
    I hope that TLC ditches Jon. I really only want to see Kate+8. Stay strong Kate!

  82. I admire Kate Gosselin for her courage and determination to be the mature adult in this mess. Jon should be ashamed of himself; one day, his children are going to read about this, and assuredly think less of their father for his immature, hurtful, neglectful behavior during a miserable time for the whole family. Instead of rallying his children and making the separation easier for the kids, he has, for the most part, evaporated from their lives, and instead of plus 8 kids, has surrounded himself apparently with 8-plus women that are NOT the mother of his children...

  83. JL~ So sorry I couldn't post what you sent to me. I am aware of the situation and Blogger has been notified. Luckily I am also aware that blogs are being shut down for this left and right, and I'm happy to say that this is being investigated. Thanks for the heads up!

    See this is the reason why I do not allow unmoderated posts. The psychos just smell opportunity. This is the kind of trash I deal with.. oh well (lol)

  84. That's okay. I didn't know how to notify you that there was a hacker. I am sooooo glad that this is moderated!

  85. OMG... have you all seen this? This would be CRAZY if it actually happened... I predict major clips on The Soup if it actually does...
    From E! ONline -

    Of course Jon Gosselin is trying to land his own reality show. Why else would he be hanging out with Michael Lohan and getting his picture taken with various younger women all over the place?

    But intuition and logic don't mean a thing unless you've got a source willing to confirm it. Good thing we have one of those:

    "Jon has a lot of things going on now with his career," a Gosselin insider tells E! News. "Of course his main concern is his children, but he is focusing on his private and his professional life. He is looking into some major international endorsement deals and it looks like he is going to have his own show."

    He still has 30 Jon & Kate Plus 8 episodes left on the 40-episode order TLC placed, and the network has no comment on Jon's new reality-show scheming.

    We'll just have to wait and see if VH1 will hook him up with his own Rock of Love-type gig. Or maybe he'll pitch it as a Sex and the City meets Entourage type of thing. Just Jon and his three best bros hitting up the clubs in their finest Ed Hardy, sipping their Ed Hardy vodka and smelling like Ed Hardy cologne. Or maybe someone will have enough foresight to just kill the whole thing.

  86. Hi Baby Mama and everyone else,

    I just stopped by to say congrats on the article. I also saw that it was your one year anniversary. Congrats on that too and keep up the good work


  87. Merry! I miss you! I know that it's been a while and I just want to say thanks for your well wishes! Every time I start writing my one year blog, Jon Gosselin and his antics side track me!

    JL~ Thanks so much for having my back! I wish everyone would be able to have back and forth conversation here, and maybe someday they will. But there are a few crazies obsessed with the site. I'm trying to make sure you don't touch them or you will get cooties ;) If you ever need to reach me, contact my email:

  88. "And remember...the paps didn't start until Jon was caught with the first chippy."
    JL- You are so right on the money!!!
    If all had been happy and well on the home-front, would the paps have been hounding them 24/7??
    It will be interesting to see how TLC re-edits the footage they have of the family, as they try to smooth-over the harsh "reality" that they are trying to document and sell to the masses.