Sunday, August 2, 2009

Baby Mama Looks Back At One Year, Discuss Renovations & Vacations & Camping Out Here!

Hello Gosselin fans! So it begins again. The new episodes are finally here! And most of us (lol) can't wait. It's a rare treat when my cousin and I take a trip out by ourselves. We went to the Outlets getting stuff for the kids as usual! While we were there the discussion of my blog came up. I guess people cant believe that I have been typing about this family for a year now.....I kinda scratched my head myself of where the year has gone.

A year ago I was celebrating being a mom again. I had struggled with Secondary Infertility and watching Jon & Kate plus 8 gave me the strength to approach a Fertility clinic. After several unsuccessful IUI's we went for our one and only In-Vitro and created our miracle. Scared that I would be late for work since I was at the clinic every morning for blood work and scans, one of the girls put a little code on my file "Baby Mama" for the nurses to see. This put my file on top so the doctor would see me first and I could get out on time.. They were my yummy life savors!

Since I loved going on the internet I looked up Jon & Kate fan sites to go to. When I came upon GWOP I was furious. I couldn't believe a site would be that hateful, that vindictive. It just seemed like the info was way to personal to be just disliking a show and was bent on hurting and ruining a families life for sport. On one of the comments someone mentioned that they nobody on Blogger had a fan site about them. A friend of mine on a fan site suggested I should start one. And the rest is history. Funny how things change. My hate for GWOP is soo last year! (I haven't been on the site in months). And my blog is read internationally now that the show has ventured out of the USA which is very very cool! When Blogger asked me to sign in and create a profile and a screen name...well that is the first thing that came to my mind. At first I was going to change it, but now it represents me and I plan on keeping it!

So please free to take a trip back to THE FIRST DAY I BLOGGED. Also take a peek at my first KATE GOSSELIN RECIPE PAGE. I had a cookbook ready for her a year ago! (lol) And maybe take a peek at a few older posts. Seeing how I evolved in one short year is kinda cool indeed. I am proud of this site and happy that you are all here taking the journey with me xoxoxo

Discuss Renovations & Vacations & Camping Out Here!
(During & After the Show... I will have a re-cap after I get a chance to watch it!)

Baby Mama's Bites ;)
Kate Gosselin Returns to Jon & Kate Plus 8 With New Attitude:
Kate Gosselin Halloween Wig Sells Out??


  1. I LOVE your fansite! I became a fan of J&K+8 just after I had my first child. So about a year and a half ago. I was having the hardest time adjusting to motherhood. My son had BAD Acid Reflux. He would scream and cry from 7 p.m. till 5 or 6 a.m. Plus it was hard during the daytime. I was always sooooo tired I started driving an hour to get to my moms house so that she could help me. We still had problems after the first 6 months. finally things started to ease and he is whole and happy. I watched the show during those hard times and felt comfort. I knew that if Kate could do it with all of her children and having 6 infants at once then I could do it. I love the show. Lately I don't really care for jon at all but I will still watch. thanks again for the blog baby mama. I feel it is a comforting and good place for moms to go =)

  2. Congratulations on one year blog, I have been with you from the beginning almost but I havent posted that long...I love this site. We had somewhere to go when KEVIN and Jodi,her sister,gwop, and the other sites were ripping them apart. When our hearts broke with Kates it was good to come here and see kind words.

    Your baby is so beautiful,God Bless Her and she has a lovely mama

  3. Leslie~ You have been one of my "regulars" for a long time. I just want to say thank you for all the support of my blog. There are a lot of moms on this site. That we enjoy each others company and discussing this family is the reason I have been here this long.

    Now with this new season, I hope the fans of the show remember why they watched in the first place. To see these adorable kids grow up before our eyes, and see a woman who admits she's not perfect, go forward with her life. I took the day off to take my kids to a pool play date, and prepare myself for tonight! Im very excited!

  4. Maybe some of the editorial comments on tonight's show are recent, but the taping was before the axe fell. Still can't wait to see the kids though.

    Radaronline is posting Jon brought home a "friend" this past Saturday night, claims photos taken.

  5. ...congratulations again on the one year anniversary of your Blog! Canada is reading it!!!

    I'm a new poster but enjoy very, very much having a place to go where I can express my pure enjoyment of the show and my respect for Kate.

    ....that Halloween wig is pretty hilarious!!!!

    I'm very much looking forward to watching tonight, can't wait!!!! And yes, it's all about seeing those beautiful, adorable children.

  6. Baby Mama, thanks for all that you do on this blog! Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary.

  7. I really thought I was looking forward to tonight. But seeing the previews with Jon in them just makes me furious. I won't watch that jerk pretend to be a good father or a husband. Over the weekend they also replayed the first 5 episodes from the season and for the first time I couldn't bare to watch. I'm gonna watch tonight but if it's too much heartache, I think this might be my last night. If TLC does just Kate plus 8 next season, I'll return. But I absolutely can't watch Jon anymore.

    I'll continue to monitor the blog though. Thank you BabyMama for all your hard work.

  8. Yay! 1 year anniversary! :o) I have always loved your blog, Baby Mama. (I've feel like I'm a regular since I've been here from the beginning but have never posted.) And it's nice to be able to share opinions, stories, and ideas about this ever changing family!

    Like many others, I'm very excited for tonight. I'm all for Kate's new can-do attitude, and I'm anxious to see were it takes her! And, I really miss seeing all of those cute kiddies running around, playing, and talking to each other. I too, am hoping to see what I saw in them at the beginning: A loving family taking it day by day. Life isn't perfect for anyone, but it's nice to see them make the best of their imperfections!

  9. Hey Babymama!!!
    One year! Wow! Thank you so much for providing a place that fans can come and support the Gosselins!

    I admire Kate so much. Sure I don't agree with all of her choices, but she is a tough cookie that is determined to do the best by her children. I started watching the show because Kate was SO real to me! She shows her imperfections, her less then stellar moments and her deep love and devotion to her children. She makes plenty of mistakes, like we ALL do, picks herself up and moves forward trying to do better!

    Thanks again!! You rock girl!


  10. i love ur blog baby mama!!
    i only found it a couple of months ago a couple of weeks before you started the new page! although i dont always post, i always come on everyday to read and keep up todate, i love coming on sumwere were the people are postive and nice lol....2 many hate sites out there for my liking!!! coz i live in ireland it keeps keep me updated on all the news i might miss about my fav show!!
    im very excited about 2nite....although i wont be able2 see the episode for another few days til its up online because were a season behind over here:) so keep me posted ladies and keep up the good work baby mama, dont ever let any of them other hate sites bring you down
    lots of love and light


  11. Baby Mama,
    Congratulations on your anniversary! As the series proceeds I hope we can all try to keep a positive and supportive attitude for this family. Thank you for all of the hard work and effort you put in to make this a respectable and positive site. I love this blog!
    BTW, I don't know if you've seen this before as it is a couple of months old, but I just read this last night and found it interesting.

  12. Baby Mama - Congratulations on making it through one year! It was so refreshing to be able to come here to see and feel support for Kate and the kids. Best wishes for another year even if the show isn't "Jon & Kate Plus 8" any longer. I will be looking forward to following Kate and the 8 in whatever other show she and the kids are in with your continued support in years to come.

  13. Happy Anniversary Baby Mama!

    Your little girl is adorable!

  14. Congratulations on the site! I just recently found it and enjoy it very much. I am a big fan of the show. I am looking forward to tonight. As a matter of fact, I saw the 5th birthday episode again last night where they were serving chocolate cake with PB frosting. I thought that looked very good, so my daughter and I are baking one as we speak. Again, thanks for the blog. Its nice to come to a site where people can discuss the show in a rational and supportive manner, even when we all don't agree with each other.

  15. I read all of your old blog. Thanks.

  16. Hi Baby mama and everyone;

    Happy 1st Anniversary!! Enjoy the blog, Sorry I don't post much. Not that I don't have a lot to say, just no time to write it all. And sometimes others say what I feel, so why repeat??

    Hugs to all!!

  17. Aww congrats!! On everything!

  18. Congrats on your 1yr!!!!!! I love your blog!!!!

  19. Thanks guys for all the warm wishes. A few of you guys asked what will happen with the site this Fall. And since I never thought I would still be with this site a year later..who knows. It will progress to whatever I want it to, time will tell ;) Now who's watching tonight>????

  20. Congratulations on 2 awesome sites. I enjoy reading daily what you post and the comments of the other moms.

    It pleases me to see that you have not caved at all in your support for this family.

    Happy 1 year anniversary.

    PS- Your daughter is beautiful!!

  21. My kids still love this show and my baby loves seeing the kids play in the water. They are still just as cute! Happy so far....

  22. BabyMama, thanks so much for your site and happy anniversary. It's a good thing your site was here during all the recent events. I would have gone nuts thinking I was alone in supporting Kate and being so terribly upset with Jon. Watched the show tonite. It was better than I anticipated and I didn't throw up during Jon's part - quite amazing. Kate is one admirable woman and the kids are adorable.

    Your daughter is adorable too. It is nice to see a personal side to BabyMama! (I could be your mother!)

  23. OK, I swore I wouldn't watch the show anymore, but I did watch, and see Kate is true to her word. She is a very good, focused mother. It was good to see her interacting with her kids. I think TLC left out quite a bit of Kate's personality in the past for ratings. Everybody wanted to beat her up for the way she spoke to Jon. In retrospect I am sure he needed a prodding on occasion, he's just not a mover and a shaker like she is.

    She'll be able to do this and possibly better without him.

  24. Three cheers For Kate....She was awesome tonight and isnt it nice that Carla and Ashley arent afraid to show thier faces, They are good friends

  25. Loved the show...I really didn't miss Jon in some of the segments. He did have a snarky remark for Kate about the kitchen floors. I wonder how many of those TLC edited out in the past.
    With Coleman sponsoring the episode I’m sure there will be the complaints about the freebees. But how many shows can be “the kids playing outside”. It’s only interesting with them doing something or going someplace.

  26. Great fun watching tonight. The kids looked happy and having fun. Contrary to what the people who had Kate say:

    1) the kids do use the pool and don't spend a;; their outside time on the driveway;
    2) not all of Kate's friends have been driven away;
    3) Kate does not claim to do it all by herself, she admitted that Ashley is paid help and that the PA;s (production assistants) put up the second tent for her.

  27. With more and more people using DVRs, Tivo, etc., less people are watching commercials. We will see more and more product placement and sponsorships. That's just how it's going to be.

    I thought the show was well put together. They clearly showed the timeline. The kids were happy and now I want to go

  28. And I have to add. Even though I loved the show, I HATED seeing the new chairs and no longer having the interview couch. It just seemed so final. It was also heartbreaking to hear the kids miss their Dad on the beach trip. It seemed like Kate was sad he wasn't there as well. Its nice to see Karla there and her daughter as well. I'm glad Kate has her for the Summer.

    I'm excited to see how the kitchen turned out. But I am pissed that this was the SAME week that Jon was seen with Haley and her Mom at the bar!! I was so mad at him back then!

  29. I noticed that the chairs didn't even match.

  30. Kate stay strong! Don't blame yourself its now obvious that Jon will use this against you. He feels like he has the world on his side and is using the attitude you had with him on the show against you because its his way out!! Its also his problem and you shouldn't feel like you have to ever leave your children when its his turn, Please don't by into that by looking for an apartment that is your home you are their mother they need you to stay. He needs to deal with the choices he made and thats not your problem or your kids. They dont need to feel insecure by you leaving when he visits. I do realize his choices does effect them but the security that a full time parent can give certainly helps.

  31. But who do you think will be praising the fact that the bibs were finally tossed away! I mean really, people have been discussing and ranting about that for years! (lol). But it did make me go and buy them myself..I mean, thats good quality to last that long ;)

  32. ...That picture of the puppies in your sidebar is WAY too precious! They are such little buddies.

    I liked the show tonight, I guess. That honestly surprised me, because I'm going through some very tough medical problems right now that I don't even want to TALK about because the doctors don't know WHAT is wrong, and they keep doing tests like I have ANY money LEFT to spend... It's been over a month since my dishwasher broke, now my washing machine is on the fritz, and my shower is dripping AGAIN.

    So, hearing Kate complain about storage in her kitchen really annoyed me. I think her OLD kitchen cost more than my entire house. When she was so proud of remaining calm "knowing her kitchen was torn apart" that is just too much. She is on a beach, staying in a fabulous house on an island, her kitchen is being replaced for free, and she is just determined not to get stressed about it? Umm what?!? LOL oh if I could ONLY have the problem of vacationing while my kitchen was transformed! I heard the beachhouse cost nearly 10,000 per week? The cost of staying on that island for one week would help out my life so much right now, I am crying just thinking about it.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not usually such a jealous hater. I'd GLADLY take every freebie that came my way, and I don't blame Kate for being fortunate in that department. But it boggles my mind that she doesn't realize how ridiculous it sounds to worry about things the way she does.

    It's like she doesn't even realize the problems that normal people have.

    Ok I'm sorry to have written on and on about this...just a very stressful, expensive week. I have enough in my checking account for one pair of Jon's fancy shoes; and I'm depressed about it I guess. I don't mean to bring anyone down.

    However, as I said, I did enjoy the show. Mostly because they showed the kids and I loved listening to how they play. It was such a beautiful thing to see them being silly. That Alexis is such a cutie! When she was helping the boys set up that game on the coffee table: SO cute!
    I also loved when Aaden said he'd been "wishin' for a beach" what a little doll he is.

    In summary: the kids are definitely funnier than ever, Kate doesn't know what it's like to be me, and I think if she DID know what my life was like; her head would explode from the sheer appliance related problems alone.

    Have a great week Gosselin fans, I'll be back next week if I still have cable & internet! (Don't count on it, the way I'm going! LOL!)

  33. Staystrong I totally agree. Kate should not have to leave her home because Jon choose to leave

  34. Congrats baby mama!!! I too have an IVF miracle born 7-25-08! At 36 I thought my clock had ticked it's last tock.

    Monday nights feel normal again!

  35. I do a horrible job at recaps, so if anyone is interested in doing one for me, let me know. The only sad issue was re-playing the Crooked Houses episode all weekend to lead up to last night. It was just too sad. I'm glad that the business blew up because of the show. But watching that over and over made me change the channel. And you know I normally live for these shows! (lol)

    As usual I look forward to feeding the baby and watching the old episodes at 10 am (est lol)

  36. I liked the show, and you can tell the kids are getting smarter, and speaking more clearly. They almost seem smart enough to take care of themselves. :) Like MIN said, it does kind of irk me that she complains about stuff that most of us wish we had the money to complain about, but anyones perspective would change with a windfall of money. Kate is in great shape, and I praise her for always trying to stay organic and keeping her kids healthy. I do miss Jon and Kate together on the couch, but like I said before, I still wonder how much of that was real after what has gone down. All in all I did not miss Jon that much, even though I think he has a fun personality on the show. Off the show he doesn't seem to have morals, so he may be someone to hang out with at a bar, but not someone to make your best friend.

  37. Min sorry to hear about your medical problems! But do you even have eight kids? I seriously doubt it!! I would freak out to!! And you are being very jealous of the trip at least you admit it. Money doesn't take stress away!! Makes things easier but does not take the stress away!

  38. i loved the new show. seems as though kate isn't as frustrated and high energy as she has been in the past. she seems at peace and like she is enjoying life again.

    i think sometimes, it is better and easier to do it on your own. my husband works retail and it seems like when he is gone at night, things work easier and i am able to get more accomplished while he is at work. when he is home, the kids don't get baths and don't go to bed early. more things tend to get done when they are gone.

    i actually enjoyed the show!

  39. Hi baby mama and everyone else i just was watching regis and kelly and kelly said that kate was going to be on the show on thursday. (i believe thursday this week, possibly next)

  40. Min, sorry for your problems. Heaven knows I've had my share. Remember that things have a way of working out. Be strong, brave and don't stop til you get the answers you need. There are agencies and assistance available for those who need it. Look into it...

    Ashely is right. We all have problems and this blog is about the Gosselins and their lives. Kate even said on the show that things that look like problems become small when the big things go bad. So true.

  41. BTW, pix on RadarOnline of Jon smoking with the kids right there. And one site (don't remember which) reported that he had a young woman stay over at the house while the kids were there. Not Hailey or Kate2 - a new chick. I may have to reconsider the vomiting....How can he act so irresponsibly?


    I don't even care if she really is 'just' the babysitter, this is totally inappropriate.

  43. I fast forwarded my DVR on the Jon spots although you could still see him and he made me angry each time. Even my husband who was usually more defensive for him remarked he really didn't want to see him. We both loved just Kate and the kids esp. the camping episode. Kudos for TLC for letting the little ones do the interviews. Just watching them flop around on the chair and ottoman and making faces was entertaining.

    As far as having money and "freebees"; life is life no matter what is thrown your way. It's not how you deal with what you don't have or what others have that you don't, it's how you deal with what you do and Kate is to be commended for doing the best she can with what she has. Count your blessings even in the midst of storms. Read Job.

  44. Let's face it...we all struggle to some extent with materialism. J&K are no different. But so long as they're not spending money excessively selfishly I have not problem with it. But we're not privy to all of their financials so we can't really judge.

    The bottom line is we shouldn't judge anyway because we don't always have a handle on our own finances neither. We all (myself included) complain about something that we have that many others don't. I sometimes complain when someone tracks dirt or gunk on my floors when many in the world don't even have a home. That's just one of many examples.

  45. You just have to wonder what Jon is thinking...

    EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin's new Sleepover Pal -His Kids' Babysitter!

    While Kate Gosselin has been taking the kids camping, Jon Gosselin has been having his own version of sleepovers.

    Jon’s new nighttime pal is a woman he hired to babysit his kids, has learned exclusively!

    Providing more drama off screen than in front of it, Jon spent the night with Stephanie Santoro, 23, a cocktail waitress, single mom and aspiring model whose online resume reveals she’s willing to pose nude!

    And while Stephanie has told people Jon hired her to babysit the kids, has all the details of their recent sleepover, including photos of the most recent night Jon and his new pal spent at his house.

    Jon and Stephanie, who works part-time at Legends, Jon’s favorite night spot in Reading, Pa., spent Saturday night there, with Stephanie sitting at his table most of the time.

    They left together at a little before 3 a.m., an eyewitness told (The club closed at 2 a.m. but they stayed inside.) They drove together in Jon’s car back to the family home in Wernersville where Stephanie spent the night in Jon’s apartment over the garage.

    Hmm…not exactly where you would expect the babysitter to sleep!

    Stephanie stuck her head out at approximately 7:15 a.m. Sunday, wearing the same red dress as the night before. Jon called her back in and soon they left in separate cars.

    Jon, meanwhile, has gone dating-crazy since leaving his marriage. He has dated Hailey Glassman, 22, and Kate Major, 26. He has told both women he is still dating them.

    Stephanie, meanwhile, wouldn’t confirm her romantic liason with Jon, despite being told of photographic proof.

    And, in fact, has confirmed that she had been babysitting Jon’s kids before their recent night out together!

    She’s even brought her 2-year-old child to the Gosselin residence, before the sleepover of course!

  46. Wow, just read about Jon & the babysitter on Radar Online. They do have pictures... Can he do that? Don't think I would be allowing my hubby, separated or divorced, to be doing that with the kids so close. He sure can pick them. More likely they are seeking him out.

  47. .....Kate did acknowledge in last night's episode that she can now appreciate the fact that the small problems such as the kitchen reno are not as important as they once were, since being thrown a major curve ball with really big life problems to deal with.

    I really enjoyed seeing the kids in action and the tups, especially the boys, are becoming noticeably more articulate, it is so adorable to watch.

  48. I enjoyed the episode and was glad to see TLC took out the somber tone of some of the other episodes this season. I liked that they interviewed the kids. You can how grown up the tups are and their answers are hilarious. I also thought it was funny when Hannah kept saying Daddy can do that and Kate said well Daddy is not here. I bet Kate wanted ring her neck. Here she is bustin her butt to set up the tent and they are saying Daddy does it better. It was funny when Mady said if we had to survive in the wilderness with mommy we would probably die. Mady is becoming quite the comedian. She is so much like Kate is astounds me. Mady is headstrong, funny, beautiful (they all are), and driven just like Kate. I think the kids seem okay so far, but this stuff was probably filmed in like May so we'll have to see.

    p.s. Congrats on 1yr!!!!

  49. Congrats on 1 year Baby Mama, this is my favorite blog thanks so much on what you do!You always keep me updated!

  50. Wow... these two shows were probably the best I've seen in a while! I loved watching the kids and Kate interact, and I feel like I haven't seen them in forever, so it was great to see! I absolutely love watching them all in the pool, roasting marsh-mellows, setting up the tent, jumping around in their pj's, playing on the beach, and just saying all of those darn cute 5 year old things. And Cara and Mady are getting so grown up! There is such a huge difference now that they're nine.... and I think that they are looking more alike!! It was completely refreshing to see them being themselves, not talking about all of the divorce or celebrity lifestyle drama. Like others said, it did bother me just a little that Kate was stressing over her kitchen. She does have 8 kids, but HELLO she's sitting at the beach with them in a lovely rental house, not washing her dishes in the bathtub. I love Kate and I'm not saying she's a "diva" but I mean really, there are many other things that are MUCH more worrisome than this lady's kitchen being remodeled. (Just saying!)
    On a brighter side, it was GREAT GREAT GREAT to see these new shows, it shows just that no matter how hard the media and haters try, Kate and the kids are still going strong, and having fun together!

  51. Ok I just watched the beach episode. I don't get where people are saying Kate was complaining?? They asked her and Jon what they'd like in the Kitchen so?? I don't see the big deal about them being specific!! I thought it was really cute when she said "What planet are you from" and then she ended up agreeing with him and made him smile! And the kids are to cute for words its good to see them laughing and having fun I know they've been going through a lot!

  52. Man if Jon is really sleeping with there babysitter I think I'm going to puke and not just b/c I'm pergnant :( Does anyone know if Radar is just blowing this out of proportion?? I really don't think Kate would accept her staying at the house and sleeping with him!!

  53. I loved the show just like I knew I would. Kate is so great! I really admire the way she has pulled herself together for her children. She isn't vindictive in the least. I would be wanting to slaughter Jon for his behavior but she has taken the high road and focused herself on making a decent life for her kids. They are so funny! The way Maddy and Cara talked about Kate's outdoor ability was hilarious. I don't miss Jon at all. I think he will come to his senses eventually but by then it will probably be too late. I have all the seasons on DVD and watch them when I go to bed. To me, it's a relaxing and uplifting way to end the day. I will never get tired of the Gosselin clan.

  54. those kids were in rare form, so funny all of them. Love the episodes, but still kind of make me sad. can't wait for next week. Thanks for the great blog once again baby mama. Blessings to all those whose post positive comments.

  55. Oh dear! Call me an old lady but who is watching the kids (G-8 and the babysitter's 2 year old) while they are in the apartment garage? Someone needs to rethink the custody situation and give full custody to Kate. He is not taking care . . .

  56. The latest news about Jon and the babysitter is ALL set to be sensationalized by the enquirer!
    Here's a link:

    Then scroll down to the last comment, #6.

  57. I agree, it's amazing how Kate has pulled herself together. I don't think I'd be able to do the same. I felt exhausted just watching her do the campout on her own. Maybe it helps having the camera focusing on choice but to pull yourself together? I think back to what she said in the last show before hiatus which was that there is positive in every situation if you look hard enough. Good for her. I knew the strength in that marriage originated with Kate.

    I would also want to wring Jon's neck....he really is a serial womanizer. ugh. His behavior is just disgusting. It really is a mystery as to what he is thinking? Is he that stupid, or is there a method to his madness???

  58. I so enjoyed the shows, the kids are adorable and I love the way that Kate is able to makes fun of herself. I feel that she is totally being herself and trying to show us how she is adjusting to her current situation. I think that Jon will regret this one day and it is so unfortunate that they were not able to work through this.

  59. allibrootob, here is MY latest theory on Jon.
    I think he wants to be a silent partner. As in; I hate being on this show but I really still need a paycheck.

    He's probably trying to create buzz and keep them on the magazine covers.

    He's damaging his rep so badly, that TLC is most likely uncomfortable giving him much airtime. Much of the public has taken Kate's side, even though several months ago; a lot of people pitied Jon because Kate treated him like an unwanted disease. Seriously no one deserves to be talked to that way. I don't care about editing; if Jon said on-air the things Kate said, the public would be outraged.

    I don't think Jon would act this dumb unless he already had an agreement worked out with TLC and Kate. He likes living the good life WAY too much to jeopardize it. And Kate loves the beach and spa days WAY too much to not go along with whatever Jon wants. He has major blackmail info, you can be sure of it. I know I'd buy his tell-all book. So if he wants to stay on the payroll, but limit his camera time, and drum up extra viewers with his antics? Kate is probably reluctantly going along with it. Jon probably thinks it's hilarious that he can act like a jerk, and still get paid in some form, despite Kate's blood obviously boiling. (I mean what ex-wife wouldn't want to strangle him right now?)

    I still think the best answer would be: stop filming. These kids are going to be affected negatively by this show, of that I feel certain, JMO, but I feel strongly about it. I also think they'll NEVER stop filming, the money is too good to walk away. Sad.

    One more thing; I saw Jon's latest tummy pic on radar. Looks like TLC has another tummy tuck candidate on their hands! Think he'd do it?

  60. Forgive me if my next post is all over the place. I did it on a new laptop and I am useless without a mouse!

    Although I am a bit sad that more people didnt watch, 4+ million for each show isnt bad. I read how Carla was excited about getting new cabinets for her own house, so glad to hear they are being recycled! Seeing how Jon has been acting, has been just devastating. If I was Kate Id be sicking the lawyer on him today. Dating is one thing, being home women to his over the garage "pad" is another. They are still legally married. And Jon hasnt done anything yet to change that..yet..wonder why?

  61. I don't think TLC is allowing Jon to do this or they have some kind of agreement. Their contract probably doesn't cover girlfriends and bar hopping. TLC can't control his actions in that regard. They can prevent him from talking about certain show realted things or prevent him from being in another show. TLC is probably cringing along with Kate. Although, they probably hope it will drum up ratings, but it didn't really do as well as previous episodes.

    I disagree that they should stop filming. TLC seems to have done a good job so far. Did they ask the kids about the divorce/separation? Did they show the kids asking Kate or Jon abou the divorce/separation? They seem to be airing on the side of caution and descretion. according to Jon and TLC they only film 2-3 hrs. a day 2-3 days a week. This si not bad and they are merely filming the kids lives. These events would play out with/without cameras, so difference does it make? None in my opinion. The cameras may help them see how much their parents (Kate more than Jon) cared for them and tried to make their lives happy during a divorce. These kids have had so many experiences that would have NEVER occured without the show. I feel the show has been a positive experience forthe children.

  62. I personally enjoyed watching the shows. I really enjoy watching the kids. They are so cute! I love how they all get along even though they obviously fight and argue.

    It's nice to be able to understand the tups when they speak. However, I was having a hard time understanding Mady. She talks too fast. They need to use captioning for her. I think I missed half of what she said.

    As for the kitchen remodel. I would have ripped out that kitchen myself. I just remodeled my kitchen. I hate wood cabinets. Just not my style. And hopefully they really did go to Carla or someone else that can use them.

    I do think it was a bit "insensitive" for Kate to complain about having to do without a kitchen... but if you have it that you can go to the beach for a couple of weeks instead, you do it. Why not? I would. And obviously she and Jon weren't getting along anyway. He was honest about that. And it was nice for the kids. Just sad they missed their daddy.

    Also her comment "what planet are you from" and the way she looked at the other people there when she said it was horribly rude. She did admit that he knew what he was talking about afterward but she didn't apologize. Stuff like that is so uncalled for.

    And they also said they got new appliances? They just got all new appliances. Stuff like that doesn't bother me but I can see why other people would be upset. It seems unappreciative of what you've been given. Hopefully they went to somewhere that can do a lot of good with them.

    As for the camping... Kate should get over herself. So she had to set up a tent? It's not that hard. The whole "da da da da" thing was a bit much. But now we know where Mady got that from. lol. How many other single mothers have the option to let the PAs step in and do the rest? Not many. But the kids were adorable with their comments.

    But I enjoyed watching the kids swim and play in the pool in both episodes. And on the beach. It annoyed me that Kate wanted Mady to get upset and scream when she pretending to run away from her while she was buried in the sand. Only because it's Mady... why chance upsetting her. She was in such a great mood. Other than that I thought it was nice to see them all play together, etc. even if it was for the cameras. The kids obviously had a blast.

    Two things I noticed regarding the kids being on the show and it being "work" debate:

    They definitely filmed for a long time on the camping out episode. Much more than 3 hours so I really do feel that they can film for a whole day sometimes but they "average" it out so they say it is less.

    Also, the kids do sit for interviews so they aren't just filming them doing what is "normal" for children. I enjoy the interviews so I'm not complaining about it... it just doesn't really fit with how they describe their children's part in the show.

    I do miss Jon on the show. I think he is funny and I like his sense of humor.