Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kate Major Admits "Mistake", Jon on Intouch has 4th Girlfriend! Watch New Episodes Here!

Hello Gosselin Fans! Who right now wants to kick Jon! (lol) After seeing yet the 4th girlfriend in months slipping out of the back door garage (so to speak) how many will he have to go through in these short months before its enough?

First lets get to the stats: (From Radar) "There hadn’t been a new
episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 since June 22 when the pair announced they were divorcing and based on the ratings for Monday night’s return on TLC, there was a lot of pent-up interest in tumultuous life of Jon and Kate Gosselin. Four million viewers tuned in for the new 9 PM episode and 4.2 million for the new 9:30 PM show. Although the numbers don’t compare to the big divorce-reveal show, that was an hour-long episode. These new numbers represent a considerable jump over 30-minute episodes from last season.

Not seen on Monday nights shows, however, was Jon’s new babysitter Stephanie Santoro. As RadarOnline.com exclusively reported, she’s a 22-year-old former cocktail waitress who has sleep-over duty. "

Jon Has Kid's "BabySitter" Sleep Over! (Radar.com)

"While Kate Gosselin has been taking the kids camping, Jon Gosselin has been having his own version of sleepovers. Jon’s new nighttime pal is a woman he hired to babysit his kids, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively! Providing more drama off screen than in front of it, Jon spent the night with Stephanie Santoro, 23, a cocktail waitress, single mom and aspiring model whose online resume reveals she’s willing to pose nude! And while Stephanie has told people Jon hired her to babysit the kids, RadarOnline.com has all the details of their recent sleepover, including photos of the most recent night Jon and his new pal spent at his house.

Jon and Stephanie, who works part-time at Legends, Jon’s favorite night spot in Reading, Pa., spent Saturday night there, with Stephanie sitting at his table most of the time. They left together at a little before 3 a.m., an eyewitness told RadarOnline.com. (The club closed at 2 a.m. but they stayed inside.) They drove together in Jon’s car back to the family home in Wernersville where Stephanie spent the night in Jon’s apartment over the garage. Hmm…not exactly where you would expect the babysitter to sleep! Stephanie stuck her head out at approximately 7:15 a.m. Sunday, wearing the same outfit as the night before. Jon called her back in and soon they left in separate cars.

Jon, meanwhile, has gone dating-crazy since leaving his marriage. He has dated Hailey Glassman, 22, and Kate Major, 26. He has told both women he is still dating them.
Stephanie, meanwhile, wouldn’t confirm her romantic liason with Jon, despite being told of photographic proof. And, in fact, RadarOnline.com has confirmed that she had been babysitting Jon’s kids before their recent night out together! She’s even brought her 2-year-old child to the Gosselin residence, before the sleepover of course!"

Kate Major Spills The Beans About Short Affair: MyFoxPhilly.com

"The fired tabloid reporter who claims she hooked up with Jon Gosselin spills the beans tonight. (11:30 ET Wed.) Kate Major, the 26-year-old Allentown, Pa., native, will “tell all” in a three-part interview on E! this week. Since Major knew Jon Gosselin for about 10 days, it may be a short interview. Major publicly claimed she was dating Gosselin, the reality TV dad, on Star Magazine’s Web site and quit her job on the same day as making that statement.

After her public announcement, Major was vilified by a host of gossip sites about her past as a gossip reporter – and willingness to get close to her subjects. But now, Major will tell E! that people misunderstand her. "I would be lying if I said there wasn't instant chemistry between us," Major said of Gosselin in parts of the interview released by E!

"Do I regret anything? Not really," Major told E! One bombshell from the interview: Major did interview Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin’s other rumored girlfriend, just before Major told the world she was dating Gosselin, and not Glassman. "Would I do it again? Probably not," she admits to E! Major did confirm to E! that she is not seeing Gosselin anymore.

Major took Jon Gosselin on a brief trip to Long Island to hang out with Michael Lohan, one of Major’s former interview subjects. Shortly after that, Gosselin returned to Pennsylvania to be with his family. Last week, Us Magazine joined fellow entertainment site Radar Online to paint a not-so-pleasant picture of Major. The connection between Major, who was described by sources in the Us Magazine article as a “stalker” and Gosselin goes back to March, when Major broke the story that Gosselin was seen partying with college volleyball players at a bar in Juniata University.

Months later, Major showed up at the gate of the Gosselin estate in Wernersville, Pa., seeking an interview with Jon Gosselin. That meeting led to a weekend dinner in Manhattan, and a getaway to Long Island at Michael Lohan’s house. Us reported that Jon Gosselin dumped Major before he headed back home to look after his children, while Kate Gosselin left the couple’s estate. He also reportedly dumped Hailey Glassman because of reports about Glassman’s hard-partying past. Ironically, Gosselin has signed a deal with agent Mike Heller at Talent Resources, who has business connections with Lindsay Lohan. Jon Gosselin is legally married to but separated from Kate Gosselin.


  1. This is an interesting article from The Frisky that reminds me of Kate and Jon's relationship. Just substitute any time the writer says "he" or "my husband" to Jon. http://www.thefrisky.com/post/246-could-you-ever-get-past-hearing-i-dont-love-you-anymore/

  2. This makes me sick!!!
    starting out... why on earth would you need an "over night babysitter"? The kids are asleep and that means that there is nothing to watch. second off "if" she is babysitting then I think jon is stupid for going to a bar and getting either him or his sitter or both "DRUNK".
    Next is over night babysitter what they are calling prostitutes now? I wonder how much he is paying her to sleep with him.
    I saw a magazine cover saying that jon is a serial cheater and i agree with it. Cheaters make me sick and mad, and I have no respect for them. I now have lost the little bit that i had for jon.
    Last thing, he is STILL legally married to kate. therefor he should not be out with other women cause she can chalk all those up to cheating.
    K whew I had a lot to say.

  3. So Jon's gone lower by trashing Kate to 'InTouch' now has he??? He's such an ass****

    I DETEST him even more now

  4. I am wondering where Jon gets his money. I don't think he's entitled to any money from the show. He adds nothing to it. Maybe the tabloids are footing the bills for his hedonistic life style. If the babysitter story is true, you can bet Kate won't let that situation continue. I really wouldn't want such a careless self-centered man watching my kids even if he professes to be their "father". What kind of father exposes his family to such disgusting notoriety?

  5. I'm so sick and tired of Jon's immature behavior along with the smoking that I really don't want to see him on the show any more! I love watching the children because I have double sets of twins.

    I don't believe there were Paparazzi following this family until after Jon first brought it upon them with his carrying on with college students in bars when he was supposedly helping his mother after she injured her foot.

    Not that it will do any good, but I did go through page after page on TLC looking for a way to email comments. You have to do it via there customer service link. I did take the time to say that I really don't care to see any more of Jon on TV. Just make the show Kate+8 Living Our Lives!

  6. This is what he wants his Kids to see. He has no respect for kate or his kids ,this is thier home.Jon has Backslide in the worst way. I know we are not supposed to judge. I will pray for him but still I hate the sin he is making his family live with.

    Kate has not talked about Jon but he doesnt shut up.Plus when you watch the back episodes he is nasty and miserable.
    Kates is better off without him

  7. Wow, I love how after Jon & Kate decide to not talk to the media for a while, Jon just keeps it comin'. How classy. While I would LOVE to know Kate's take on all that he has talked about in this interview, I am proud that she is rising above all of this. I can't believe Jon has the nerve to bring another piece of trash over, and under the guise of a babysitter. EW!

    When will all this end?!

  8. Is it just me or is it really hard to read the site today? Pale green?

    The In Touch article says Jon tried therapy and Kate refused. Wonder if that could be proven?

  9. Some people were having problems reading the site! Denise, my daughter accidentally changed the font color. I had no idea! I changed it to white. Let me know if this is better! She was trying to be my helper... ;)

  10. Kate is going to be on Regis and Kelly next Thursday. Kelly says she is excited to talk to her and hear her side of things since the breakup.
    I can't wait to watch it.

    I just don't understand Jon. Wasn't it just recently that he was so worried about his kids Googling him?? How does he justify his actions now?? How will he explain his behavior to the kids?

    I applaud Kate for behaving like an adult and staying above reproach. It proves to me how mature she is. The kids will benefit greatly from her.

  11. Jon is just playing the field. It's his right to date 20 women if he wants. He was with the same chick for 10 years, he needs to enjoy his women now. Why should he care about his kids or Kate, they have all the help in the world. This is Jon's time to party and live like a king. He doesn't have to be responsible, he obviously has enough money to take care of any problems that come his way. He knows his time with fame is short, so he just trying to fit all of the ladies in that he can. Go Team Jon!!!!
    Hopefully you got this far to find out the above was all sarcasm. :) Anyone on team Jon at this point has issues.

  12. Horrible air brushing on the cover of the magazine. Jon looks like a wax figure.

  13. I agree that Jon is making very bad decisions, but I am sorry, I just don't see Kate as a saint. Enough said about that, I know I am in the minority here about that. I will say this, if Jon continues on the path he is on now -- going to bars and coming home at 3 a.m., he could get a DWI and then where would he be? Because if you are at a bar you are drinking and if you are there until closing, you have been drinking for a while. I know that alcoholics call it 'liquid courage' that allows you to feel as though you can drive after drinking and all will be well. It is indeed a sad situation and I personally think that these kids don't need to be on camera all the time.

  14. This is the article with Jon's interviews:


  15. I find it interesting that in jon's (in touch) interview he states that Kate did not want to work things out, that she did not want counseling and according to kate he didn't want to talk and he wanted to separate and she didn't want to do things alone, so who's lying??
    something to think about before we really bash jon.....

  16. First off, who is watching the kids why Jon goes out drinking all night? Who's in the house with the kids during the night while Jon's babysitter is with him over the garage??!!! These poor kids! I hope Kate takes him for all he's worth!

    I'm with Linda! TLC needs to kick him off the show -- Kate needs to permanently kick him off the property and move permanently back in. If Jon wants to see his kids, he can take them to the park. This guys is such scum!!

  17. Part of Jon's interview:
    In the In Touch Weekly interview, Gosselin says that "people think that everything moved too fast, that I was out partying too quickly. But Kate gave up on the marriage last October, and the divorce will be finalized by September 30."

    He goes on to recall just how the demise of their relationship played out in October 2008.

    "Kate basically came to me out of the blue and said, 'I am done. You are going to live your life, and I am going to live my life.' I was like, 'What?' I didn't really know what was going on. When she said that, I was really upset and nervous," Gosselin said.

    Jon says he's convinced that Kate wanted to split "because she wanted a career. Maybe I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, and she was going to move on regardless." He adds that he "was beating myself up about it," and asked Kate 'What do I have to do to mend the relationship? What did I do wrong?'

    He also claims that he wanted to attend therapy to try to mend their relationship, but that Kate refused to go. "She said, 'If you have a problem, go fix it.'"

    I would love for Kate to give her side of the story.

    So Kate was the one that ended their marriage back in October 2008 and Jon wanted to go to counseling and Kate didn't.

    Apparently Kate thought Jon was the entire problem. I wonder if things would have been differnt if they both went to counseling, like they should have.

    I can't blame Jon for doing the interview. Everyone is blaming him for ending the marriage. He wants to set the record straight. Of course I'm sure he will get slack for doing that too.

    So yes, Jon was seen with women but that was in the Spring of 2009, six months later.

    So basically what Kevin and Jodi claimed happened really did, according to Jon. Whether or not they should have gone public about it is a different story. But they weren't lying.

    Do I feel that Jon should have waited to see other women until his divorce was final? Yes, I do. But I don't think they would have taken the steps to divorce because of the show. They were still filming as a happily married couple, etc. I think that's where the supposed "contract to cheat" came into play even if it wasn't a real contract.

    Since Jon wasn't discreet enough about it it all came out in the open. I wonder what the show would have been like had we all not found out? I think they would have continued explaining away why Jon and Kate were always in different places.

    Maybe that's why they did the kitchen renovation originally? So that they could explain why Jon wasn't there for the beach vacation episode? Then they had to change it to keep it current with what we already know now?

    I still think Jon should wait until after the divorce to date because it makes him look bad but I don't think it changes anything.

    As for him bringing a girl "to the house" they weren't in the main house where the kids were. They were in the apartment over the garage. Big difference. Not the best scenario, but still better than being in the house with the kids.

    But where was Kate? I thought I read somewhere that she took the kids camping? Were the kids even home? Or was Kate somewhere else and the kids were home sleeping in the house? Who was watching them at the time? I hope they weren't in the house alone. I can't keep up with their schedules.

    Either way I hope Kate makes a statement. If she doesn't I think it may be because she really has nothing to say other than agree that it's true and why would she bother to do that?

  18. http://www.lifeandstylemag.com/2009/08/933-cover-inset---kate-gosseli.html

    Wow so now her best friend is doing interviews about Kate.

    It's so sad that Kate is lonely without Jon. I wonder if she appreciates him more now that he is gone. I wonder if she'd take him back. Although after Hailey I doubt it. (I'm still not sure he was "with" Kate Major even if they went to dinner and hung out together.)

    It's sad because now Kate says she has to do things with the kids that Jon used to do with the kids and they are things she never would have done.

    Why couldn't she have done that before? Maybe if she made the effort before things would have been different. I know she was attending to the home, etc and I understand that. But they had helpers then too. She and Jon could have had fun putting up tents together. Even going real camping together. She always just said I'm not an outdoorsy kind of girl. But now she says she would do that if the kids asked her to. Why not before? I guess priorities change. Just sad that she couldn't have realized it before.

    As a couple they seemed to give their children what they needed. Together they were well rounded even with their faults.

    Kate gave them structure and organization and discipline while Jon gave them the playful attention they needed (and he did discipline and bathe and feed them, etc so he did take on real responsibilities too).

    Even Kate said that Jon really listened and took the time to talk to them and be there for their emotional needs, more so than she did. I just saw that episode the other day. It's so sad they won't have that now. Each parent will be busier now and have to do more when they are the only parent home with them.

    Yes, they have nannies and helpers but when only one parent is there the children may just want the parent and not the helpers. At least before they could each give the kids different attention. Kate met their needs at the moment, like when they wanted something and Jon didn't know what they were asking for. She took the time to figure out what it was. She'll be even more stressed to do that now.

    The whole situation is very sad.

  19. http://www.starmagazine.com/kate_gosselin_bodyguard_steve_apartment/news/15914

    I know it's Star Magazine, a tabloid, just wanted to let you know this rumor is out there again... in google news.

    Rumor is Kate is indeed moving to Maryland but the new place is not under her name. I guess only time will tell. Maybe the paps will get pics of her there if it is true. Wonder is Kate or her people will make an official statement now.

  20. OK so this must mean that those certain number of days Jon and Kate agreed not to talk about one another MUST BE UP cuz he is obviously aiming to take sympathy off of Kate and back onto himself with this claim that SHE wanted the divorce, SHE didn't want to do marriage therapy, he's putting the blame all on her and trying to make himself this innocent "victim" who wanted to work things out.

    Hmmm...who's the one going out with different people in public??? Kate??? NO, Jon is. Yeah, he wanted to work things out. That's believable.

  21. I don't think the kids were home when the babysitter thing happened, but I'm not sure. There seemed to be confusion on that issue in some of the posts.

    Also, I read on another site that Jon is playing victim saying that in October 2008 Kate came to him and said the relationship is over and she wanted out. He said he was confused and asked Kate to go to counciling, but she refused. Oh Puh-lease!! He is a fool if he thinks people are gointg to believe that. HE has been the one who showed resentment and distance on theshow. His recent actions show he is a jerk and if he was acting like this before I would say I want to leave him too. He should be blamed and so should Kate, but the public is placing the blame on him now because of his sh**ty actions lately. I don't believe he is an innocent vixtim in all this. If what he is saying is true then why didn't he speak up from the beginning.

    Although we don't really know how this went down. Jon was definetly not the innocent bystander who was wronged by Kate so she could have a career. He is just a playboy. Even if Kate wanted to leave him. She is atleast holding her head high, taking care of her kids, and keeping her mouth shut. Maybe Jon should take some notes if he wants people to stop balming him.

    Finally (sorry for long post), someone commented on him complaining about the paps on Mon episode. They are there becaus eof HIS actions. That really irked my nerves when he said that. Words cannot express how much I loathe him right now.

  22. Interesting article I wonder if the truth will really ever come out...


  23. Thats creepy having the girl sleep where the kids are, Kate will be mad. Theres a pattern with all these girls Jon is with they're all like 22 or 23. Jon find someone your on age. Poor Kate, she's all by herself. I'm interested in what Kate Major says to E!.

  24. Melissa~ thanks so much for giving me the heads up on this! Lately I feel so out of the loop. I guess you mean next week and not tomorrow since I see no mention of it. But if she's finally speaking out, I definetly want to watch! I will look into it. Make sure everyone watches Kate Major tonight on E! Shes on 11:30 est & 7:30!

  25. Wow. He thinks he can fool us again? Some of us weren't born yesterday. Jon sure hasn't acted heartbroken, nor has he even fought to save the marriage. Instead, he was "excited". His antics have certainly ruined his credibility.

    Kate mentioned before that he hadn't been happy for a long time. She gave up trying to make him happy. Judging from all the female company he's been keeping lately, guess she wasn't trashy enough for him.

  26. Yea I think Jon is lying!! And even if he isn't that does NOT give him the right to go a be a pig before the divorce is finalized!! If I was Kate I wouldn't have wanted to work it out with him either to be honest!! For being a man he is such a wimp and a sad excuse for a husband or a father!! Let him play the innocent card and when all eight of his kids are ripped away from him and Kate has it all maybe he'll think back about his actions a bit more!

  27. Obviously someone is lying. I am not quick to say its Kate or Jon. Personally I don't feel we'll ever know for sure. When reading the article I can picture Kate saying those things he said she said but then I also have Kate saying this isn't what she wanted. So I honestly don't know who to believe. But Kate saying, this isn't what I wanted isnt really saying anything specific, it's kind of a word game. I don't want it but I asked for it anyway? I don't know. If it's true I still don't condone seeing other women while your still married or bringing them for sleepovers, in fact I find that appalling and irresponsible. I don't think either one is or ever has been a saint. I think it takes two to tango and they should work it out. I admire Kate for a lot of reasons but the way she talked to Jon was never one of them and if she really did ask for a divorce last october then she is even more different than I thought. Once again though, I don't feel I'll ever know.

  28. ....I don't even know what to believe any longer, even if it does come directly from them in the interview chair. Kate has said he/they changed and became two different people and that she tried for 6 months to rectify the problem. Perhaps both of their stories are partially true?

    The only thing I do know is that Jon's words and actions do not match.

    I will also be very keen to see Regis and Kelly next week Thurs. If Kate will be on and talking, it will be very interesting.

  29. I honestly tried very hard to look at this from a non pro-Kate standpoint. But timing is everything, and for Jon to come out now, with another scandal out, I dont't beleive him. I just think he said all this because everyone has sided with Kate. I wish Kate would call him out on it and soon. He wants to make Kate look bad again, and I truly beleive he IS starting those Steve ruomors again just for people to back off him a little. He never mentions Deanna, he CLAIMS her never slept with Kate 2.0. LIES. We all know it. So if he lies about that I truly dont beleive a word he says.

    Maybe 3KMOM you are correct in saying we will never know the truth. But I wouldn't be quick to have second thoughts about Kate. I know many people never liked the way she spoke to Jon, but I never thought she was a bad person because of it. All relationships are different. I do know a lot of couples where the woman is more dominant and more take-charge than the husband. If Jon truly wasn't happy, he could have changed it.

  30. First of all, Baby Mama, I have been meaning to tell you for a long time that you have a beautiful layout for your site. I love the soft colors. I just don't know how you do it all. With an 8 year old and a 1 year old and this blog and a job. Do you ever get to sleep? lol

    I know I am not Kate's biggest fan, but I think it is unfair to blame Jon for everything that has come down and to say that Jon should have changed things if he didn't like it is not as easy as it sounds. People, all people, are just wired differently. Some are strong and take-charge, both men and women. And some are more laid back and don't like confrontation. Once again, both men and women. I think it would be hard for Kate to change who she is because that is how she is wired. But by the same standard i think it would be hard for Jon to change because that is who he is. I don't think that Kate is necessarily a bad person for the way she spoke to Jon, but it happened so frequently and we all saw it week after week, but I think she should have realized how she was speaking to him and toned it down a little.

    As far as if Kate is having a relationship with Steve, I say -- why not? It is obvious she and Jon are over and done. He is moving on, why can't she? She has a right to be happy as much as anyone.

    But I do believe that Jon has a right to come out and defend himself. Kate had her turn on the show and she critiqued him harshly. For everyone to say that because he didn't stand up to her while they were married means he is the bad guy in all this now and that they now understand why Kate would want out of the relationship because he was so immaturemakes no sense to me. Well, which is it, Kate wanted out of the relationship for whatever reason, or this is all Jon's fault. I agree, I don't think we will ever know. They have each contributed to the downfall of the show.

  31. I've been away camping with my kids so I'm just catching up on the latest news...Congratulations on your first year, BabyMama! Your website is fabulous!
    I enjoyed the camping episode: Kate looked so much more relaxed and engaged with the kids, it was wonderful to watch. I do believe her when she says that she'd do anything for her kids...as Moms don't we all strive for that in our own way?

    I'm going to take a moment to point out that Jon now has this new independent lifestyle to support, therefore he MUST sell his stories (or rather LIES) to the highest bidder. The more trashy tabloids sold, the more $$ he makes for the tabloids. So, do not buy those trashy mags if you want to support Kate and the kids!
    Stay strong Kate!

  32. Jon states for In Touch that the kids have not met Hailey and they will start out with a dinner. Didn't we just read that Maddy acted up when she met Hailey and Kate put her up to it?

    I'm sorry Jon I just don't get that Kate started all this and yet she was the one crying while you were "excited".

  33. I don't even want to go there about Jon....just....wow.

    I saw a commercial for Fruit of the Loom this evening with a little (3 yrs?) boy mowing the grass with his dad and the boy was just wearing underpants and a tshirt. Now, is this kid going to grow up humiliated because all of his friends will be able to find this commercial and make fun of him? How about all of the other children in such commercials? Just wanted to throw this out there.

  34. My questions:

    1. Who was with the kids when Jon and "babysitter" were out until 3? Another babysitter?
    2. Did they drive back to the Gosselin house drunk?
    3. Why does he need an overnight babysitter? Especially one who has a kid of her own!?

    It doesn't matter if nothing happened- it looks terrible on him. He is making reckless and foolish choices. Wait, I can hear Kate's lawyer adding this latest escapade to their file now!

  35. UGH~ Just watched the E! interview with Kate Major. Her Minnie Mouse voice hurts my ears..Hearing her gush about Jon was a bit disturbing. Even more upsetting was the question as to whats Jon's relationship with Hailey was, where she says "you have to ask him". One minute hes with her, then Jon says hes single. Its rediculous. Shes not giving up any details...Hopefully tomorrow we will get more of the "juice". She does admit that it was a "huge" mistake.

  36. Barbara:
    I totally agreed with everything you said... EXCEPT Kate being allowed to date Steve.
    He has a wife! HIS marriage wasn't over when the rumors started.

  37. I think you can fit the pieces together and easily see how both Kate and Jon are telling the truth. In Kate's People magazine interview in May or June, she mentioned that Jon was not happy staying home with the kids while she was traveling and doing the book tours. She said she made alot of suggestions to try to help ...she suggested he go back to school, or volunteer or get a part time job. He did none of those things. I think last fall she finally gave up trying to make Jon happy when he would take no intiative to follow through and do anything to help himself. I do imagine Kate thought that if Jon went to counseling on his own, it would help him get a handle on what he wanted out of life and resolve his unhappiness. I don't see how that makes Kate bad or wrong. No one can make someone else happy and Jon did need to carve out what he wanted in the context of his marriage and family. He never did that.

    In thinking of the Jodi and Kevin interview, there is one huge, glaring discrepancy. In Jon's interview, there is no mention of an affair with the bodyguard as the reason Kate wanted to break up the marriage. I expect that was a lie - either one he told Jodi and Kevin or one they made up on their own. Either way, Jodi and Kevin sure took delight in spreading that piece if unconfirmed garbage to the tabloids. And I do believe that if the affair story was true, Jon would have made the accustion in the In Touch interview as that would get him a lot more sympthay for his revoling door women behavior than "Kate was focused on her career."

  38. I also watched E! last night and Kate Major looks like a HUGE fool, lol OMG she looked better not saying anything at all. She said at one point she cant find anything bad to say about Jon, um HELLO hes married AND has another girlfriend and now on a date with you, and now your falling for him??I mean she might as well have said "I am a whore". Jon is going around seeing all these women, doesnt he think that they will talk for money after he dumps them? I mean come on, ugh.

    It makes me so mad cause no matter if he is with the kids or not all of his actions affect the show, affect the chidren and affect Kate and its just all way way wrong and he has no idea what hes doing to them.

  39. Kate's gonna be on the Today Show Monday, August 10. Meredith Vera announced it this morning on Today. I think Kate and her PR people are up to something. Maybe the cookbook? i am not sure if it will be about the divorce. I think there will more to it than that, but of course they will ask her about it. I hope she is careful about what she says because laying low seemed to be helping her public image. However, maybe her reps thought it was time to put her back in the spotlight. She also needs to make sure she doesn't go overboard with booking apperances because people see her as the supermom and the one who seems to truly care about the kids right now. All in all I'm excited to hear what she has to say.

  40. Now it looks like Kate will take her turn at speaking out, Monday on NBC and Tuesday on Regis & Kelly.

    As much as I want to know the truth (and believe me, I really REALLY want to know), I think the back and forth in the media has to be so hurtful and embarassing to their kids.

    My opinion hinges almost completely on the reasoning for the agreement to continue the show as if nothing was wrong but live separately. Who comes up w/ something like that?? Who wants to pretend to be married w/o loving and caring about the other person, and even date other people while doing so? But, if none of that is true, then how twisted is it to MAKE UP a story about a marriage agreement??

    I just hate lying.

  41. http://www.usmagazine.com/news/kate-gosselin-to-break-her-silence-2009296

    Looks like she will be on NBC on monday morning, don't have to wait until Thursday to maybe hear the truth??

  42. I've rationalized some of Jon's behavior all along (definitely NOT agreeing w/ it - he obviously is not thinking of his kids as he does what he's been doing) but trying to think of how one would react to your spouse coming to you saying the marriage is over, but we have to pretend it's all ok for the sake of the show. But he has contradicted himself so often in interviews, it's ridiculous. And then we hear that he's worried that Kate will see all this and use it against him in the divorce. DUH!!!! Millions of people know - IT'S NOT A SECRET ANYMORE. It's so ridiculous, it's almost unbelievable.

    Kind of like a headline I saw the other day in an online tabloid, "Where is Kate going?". Yes, where IS Kate going? Why do we see every minute of Jon's life but none of what Kate does on her off time or weekends? They found her in North Carolina but can't find her in PA?

    Something seems off here.

  43. tiredmama...
    I think Kate's on Regis and Kelly THURSDAY not Tuesday. They already have Tuesday's guest up on their website and Kate isn't mentioned. I think Kelly stated yesterday that Kate will appear Thursday. I wouldn't want you or anyone else to miss it.

  44. Paige, in response to what you said about Jon being unhappy (not that it wasn't obvious on the show) but I wonder what the extent of his unhappiness was? I've always thought it was not a surprise, nor should it have been to anyone, if it was over being a stay at home dad, whether he had help or not. He said many times in the early episodes that he would not want to be at home doing what Kate was doing.

    I can't really fault him for that - my own husband who is a wonderful, wonderful dad, would not last 2 seconds at staying home and taking care of kids as his full time job. He just isn't cut out for it. So, I could kind of see where he felt like it was something he HAD to do for the sake of the show and Kate's book tours, but became resentul of it.

    Even so, it's hard to see that there was something so wrong that two willing people couldn't work it out through counseling.

  45. Kayla - sorry everyone! You're right, I just saw that! Thank you!

  46. I am VERY VERY excited about Kate doing the talk show circut again! I think Jon went to whatever outlet would take him to get his "side" out there before Kate did. I hope she calls him out on all this. How Kate 2.0 was a "friend", Hailey & him together/not together, woman sneaking out of the house etc. And as far as the divorce being final Sept. 30th, I guess we will have to wait and see.

  47. Not sure if she'll address the girlfriends. I think she shouldn't respond to his antics. Instead tell her side and make it about the kids and being the best mom she can. That's why america loves her. She is mom like all other moms, but with extra kids so she's like supermom. That is the image that she needs to keep up. Stating her opinion on Jon girlfriends doesn't seem to fit. I think she should make it about her and what she's doing not about Jon. When she accused Jon and said she tried to make him happy or whatever people weny against her and said well you're a b***h and made him leave. His actions now maybe give people a glimspe of what she was dealing with and so she had simpathy. Therefore I wouldn't play into the blame game. Although, I would like to know what she thinks, but I don't think she'll respond to her opinion on any of his girlfriends specifically. She probably continue to use things like "his actions" becaus ethat's what she says on the show. Wonder if her people will give Today free reign or make some topics off limits? Can't wait till Monday!!!:)

  48. I just read the InTouch article and this is what really grips me...
    Jon says that everyone thinks he abandonded his kids 'because kate is the only one filming with them but he's there just as much as her' WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!

    Newsflash to Jon...none of the new episodes had even aired yet (he was intereviewed on Aug 2nd) people's opinions are based Paparazzi photos of Jon in france, new york, nightclubs, bars, etc, without his kids while Kate is at home.
    Plus I don't buy his poor me interview...between being "excited" about divorce, looking towards another marriage (he implied that in more than one answer in the new interiview) and focusing on 'finding himself' after "losing his twenties to marriage and kids" boo-freakin'-hoo. He needs to grow up.
    I am still proud of Kate for keeping her mouth shut, it's a better choice for the sake of the kids.

  49. This is just unbelievable. I was away from all of the media junk surrounding Jon and Kate and their family for 2 days, and all of a sudden there is SO much new information?! We're talking 2 days people! I don't really know what to say about the babysitter, because there just isn't any way to justify all of that. Jon has definitely made more than his fair share of mistakes recently and this is just another one. To be honest, it doesn't even surprise me.
    Now we have Kate saying Jon ended the relationship, and we have Jon saying Kate ended the relationship, so one of them has to be lying. I can't really tell if they are just saying this to make themselves look a little bit better (cough..JON) or are they actually trying to give us a little glimmer of the truth? I wouldn't doubt that I am wrong (who even knows these days anyway?!) but my *guess* is that Kate is telling the truth. Of course it is possible that it's not the complete truth, but my feeling is that Jon wanted out, and somehow twisted it to make it look like Kate's fault. And after all of his actions I think that maybe, just maybe he is sleezy enough to do that.
    There is just so much out there right now, and I try not to comment on everything, only the things that are important! Bottom line: SO SAD.

  50. Paige, your comments about Kate giving Jon advice on what to do with himself -- maybe he was tired of living under Kate's telling him what to do. That was just par for the course for him. I don't blame him for not listening to her suggestions. I just still don't see Jon as the villain here. I also believe what he said in the article. It just sounds like what Kate would say and the way she would say it.

    Schmecky Girl, you are right about Kate and Steve. I should have said if she wants to date someone else she should do that. Of course, she shouldn't be seeing Steve, he is married.

  51. Did I say something wrong? Or have you not read my comment yet? Sorry I know you are busy I'm not trying to offend anyone was just saying mho

  52. Well I do know what to beleive...Jon was cold and distant for months he ,didnt look heartbroken.When he announce the seperation he looked almost happy he even said he was sad and excited....Kate on the other hand was so devastated it broke my heart.You could see it that wasnt acting.Maybe back in October she tried to give him a ultimatum,shape up or ship out to to get a reaction from him and this is what he is using now.
    No way, no how ,is he a victim

  53. It will be interesting to see Kate's two scheduled interviews next week (please recap them anybody that can, I'll be on holidays with my family and may not find a good excuse to sit in front of the TV...haha)

    But Kate's intereviews often co-incide with some type of P.R. and her speaking engagements are revving up so it may be some well planned P.R. I would suspect she will not go into alot of detail about anything juicy. Her answers to those types of questions are usually pretty well scripted and non-commital. I highly doubt she will trash Jon publicly as such, causing distress for her kids. She will ride above that, I am sure of it.

    Radar Online has a new video posted today of Jon and Hailey holding hands. Yesterday there were pics of Jon posted sitting at home on the picnic table with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. I would be so upset if I were Kate. The nanny was with the kids and he was on the phone nonstop.

  54. Jane that is exactly what me and my mom were talking about this morning. Maybe she told him "I'm done" so he would see the light and shape up. Only problem was he already had one toe out the door and Kate just made it easier for him to leave. Maybe she did tell him to go to counsling and fix his problem because HE was the unhappy one not her. Although maybe she should have gone with him, but Kate gets tunnel vision and thinks about all the things she has to get done (book tour, kids, ect.) Kate is Kate and Jon is Jon. They both are to blame and I believe they are both telling the truth to some degree. I'm sure it all adds up and works out in real time, but we were'nt privy to the goings on so we'll never know.

  55. You can try to give a guy the benefit of a doubt, but when he keeps doing stupid antics over and over it gets hard.

    Jon is NOT single, he is married at this point. Three different women before he's even divorced is really hard to buy. He can stud around all he wants AFTER the divorce happens, but hopefully the creep type he chooses will be kept away from the 8.

    Jon is lying again. His dates on events don't match from one story to the next (he needs a calendar to keep the dates straight.) He's said Kate ended it in October, January, May and June. He's said the Utah skiing trip was not many girls and mostly guys (how many girls I don't even want to know.) He's said he didn't get involved with anybody until after Kate filed for divorce in June, but then said he talked to Hailey in April and then met up with her at the Glassman's in May. He was overnighting with Deanna in Feb-April. He stayed in the same room with Kate Major but they are just friends (yeah right!) Now he's got the babysitter sleeping over in the garage apartment. Hmmm? I wonder if anybody's given Jon a refresher course on sexually transmitted diseases.

    TLC hired Steve (and other) bodyguards. We've seen photos of the other bodyguards but Steve is the most attractive so he's the one being accused. TLC stated that the bodyguards were hired after the paparazzi got so aggressive. (The paparazzi got active after Jon's catting around in January.)

    The only one who's accused Kate of being with Steve is Jon. BUT Jon said the media follows him and Kate 24/7. We see photos of Jon behaving inappropriately. But despite being followed 24/7, have we seen a single photo of Kate behaving inappropriately? If I’ve missed one of Kate, somebody clue me in please.

    When locals were interviewed in NC regarding the beach trip, they said Steve was very professional and never very close to Kate. I believe that the paparazzi would LOVE to have Kate pictures doing something trashy. We don't see that because they haven't found any.

    Jon was a stay-at-home dad because he got fired from 3 different jobs. His highest pay was in the $20-25 per hr range. He has no formal education. Before the three IT jobs he worked as a clerk in a clothing store and as a valet at a hotel among other odd jobs. There's absolutely nothing wrong with those jobs but they aren't high paying. I think he's easily bored and very jealous of Kate. If he doesn't want to do the show, all he has to do is say "Don't film during my time with the kids." But the show and selling his stories to the media are his source of income now.

    So have you seen photos of Kate doing anything wrong with other men???

  56. I hope that Kate stays mumm about Jon and focuses on her new life as a single mom of 8 in next weeks interview. She has been handling this with a lot of class and I suspect that will continue.

    There is little to say about Jon. With the limited intelligence and integrity he has shown he is just hanging himself every day. His PR people should lock him away for a while, but I suspect J would slither out and do damage anywhere he goes.... It is sad to see one make such a spectacle of themselves. I don't even think he is smart enough to think about the future consequences He might suffer (limited time with kids) due to his public display and statements. He is risking his own chance at remaining an active part of the kids lives.....

    shhhhhh. don't tell him now. let him just bury himself.....

  57. Radaronline shows video of Jon and Hailey coming out of a Starbucks, holding hands, and stating they are still a couple and happy.
    Somehow I believed they were still together.
    Kate should have alot of evidence for her side of the divorce. I agree with some of the other posters saying I don't think Kate should have to leave the house when Jon visits, afterall he was the one who wanted this.

  58. UGH~ Lets wonder something out loud shall we? Radar says Kate was supposedly in FL at a Cheesecake Factory where she didn't show love to some fans. Now why was she in FL? And secondly, if Radar is supposed to catch everything, then why do they never have proof of this gossip? Ohh and they HAVE TO add that she tipped bad. Because the trolls will say that this is the TRUTH! And they will created blogs about it for weeks.

    So either its a lie someone made up, or the poor girl can't even eat in peace without being attacked. So show me the video or stop claiming it happened.. Speaking of videos, Jons praying Hailey is still dumber than a bag of rocks and telling her she's the only one. Hopefully part 2 of Kate 2.0 will give some real info tonight.

    And for the record.. I LOVE how blogs are posting my Kate Gosselin appearance schedule and claiming they got it from GWOP. I wont go over there, but we know they are full of it. I am the only one on line that has this info. and if anyone else does they stole it from me. So I will tonight update the Regis & Kelly Show & The Today Show.

  59. Linda, I couldnt agree with you more. He needs the money from his interveiws.I dont think tlc will renew his portion of the contract next season and he knows it. I also beleives he is jealous of Kate,You can see it and hear it in his sarcastic remarks.If he didnt want the money he wouldnt be out there trying to make himself look good.

  60. Okay so I am even more confused than ever!! On Radaronline, Jon and Hailey were seen together. Then when asked, they said they haven't broke up, and are were still together since May. Unless I misunderstood the camera man, I could have sworn he said May.

    As for the episodes, I loved them. The kids all seem so happy and getting used to being with mommy by themselves all the time. I just hope they are just as happy away from the camera also.

  61. If all this started last summer/fall wasn't that the same time as the Hawaii trip? Was it a farce?

  62. Someone mentioned earlier that the paps always seem to find Jon,but not Kate when it's not their "time" with their kids. it's probably becuase when they were tailing AKte she never did anything. Jon is the one making headlines and doing crazy things. Kate getting her nails done and going to FedEx is really not all that interesting.

    I hate Radar Online too because they never have proof.

  63. Amen to Linda!

    Also, whatever to Jon on the last radaronline video walking with Hailey, he said "they had never broken up", but there were several other times when he said, "We are taking a break, I'm single, etc".

  64. This writer has Jon down to a "T". I don't buy his story for a New York minute. Kate was hard on him, but who wouldn't be considering the real Jon we've recently seen. I can't even imagine how hard Kate tried to keep it together. Jon can't even keep his lies straight any more. Pathetic!!


  65. Ashley, I understand your anger at Jon but I don't think either one are solely to blame for the divorce.

    Barbara, maybe Jon didn't want to take any of Kate's suggestionns but living with a miserable person who won't take any steps to make themselves happier is very, very difficult. Of course, now he is taking steps to be happy but they aren't very adrmirable.

    Jon is being very inconsitent in his comments but I think he just has very poor judgment. He is getting involved with lots of people who I think are using him ... from the Ed Hardy clothing line guy (seems like that deal fell through given what Jon is wearing now), to Michael Lohan who seemed to what to get some kind of reality show deal through him, to that Kate Major.

  66. Paige said...
    I think you can fit the pieces together and easily see how both Kate and Jon are telling the truth. In Kate's People magazine interview in May or June, she mentioned that Jon was not happy staying home with the kids while she was traveling and doing the book tours. She said she made alot of suggestions to try to help ...she suggested he go back to school, or volunteer or get a part time job. He did none of those things. I think last fall she finally gave up trying to make Jon happy when he would take no intiative to follow through and do anything to help himself. I do imagine Kate thought that if Jon went to counseling on his own, it would help him get a handle on what he wanted out of life and resolve his unhappiness. I don't see how that makes Kate bad or wrong. No one can make someone else happy and Jon did need to carve out what he wanted in the context of his marriage and family. He never did that.

    Barbara, maybe Jon didn't want to take any of Kate's suggestionns but living with a miserable person who won't take any steps to make themselves happier is very, very difficult. Of course, now he is taking steps to be happy but they aren't very adrmirable.

    Maybe Jon wasn't happy staying home with the children, etc. As someone else pointed out about their spouse, my husband is also an awesome father and does just as much as I do when he's home even though I don't want him to, but I seriously doubt that he would really want to be home and raise them 24/7. I'm sure he thinks he does but when reality sets in it's just not something most men are made to handle.

    Yes, maybe Kate suggested he do something else, etc but maybe he felt one parent should be home with the children while they are still young and not be raised by nannies. Kate always said she wanted to be a stay-at-home mother and this afforded her that. Being that she can afford to be home with them, that is. She reneged on that plan, not Jon.

    I'm not excusing Jon's behavior since the separation, etc but I do think he had a right to be upset about staying home with the kids since that wasn't the original plan they had. And at least he tried.

  67. I am sorry you didn't post my comment about having questions about Jon's total responsibility for the breakup. After reading "In Touch" I could see some truth in his story. I said negative things about Kate- but they were true and those things got me to wondering how much of what we see is true. She is a prima dona. I won't be reading your blog again to see if you posted this (I am sure you won't). I am disappointed because I thought this blog allowed discussion but I guess not. Kind of tyrannical if you ask me.

  68. Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all are having a good weekend. I am goingto try to put up a new post either tonight or early tomorrow. Just wanted to remind you that this week is a repeat. Probably because they need more time to edit the new stuff...