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Mom Ambition, Kate Gosselin is FANTASTIC On The View, "Leave Me Alone!", First Rehersal Footage

Is Mom ambition a bad thing? by Theresa Walsh Giarrusso

Kate Gosselin is being harshly criticized for leaving her kids with nannies to be on the show “Dancing with the Stars.” Many are writing that she has too much ambition.“While Kate was away from Feb. 21 to March 6, leaving her twins and sextuplets with nannies (not ex-hubby Jon), the little ones “were asking, ‘When is mommy coming home?’” according to an Us Weekly magazine source.
Nine-year-old twins Cara and Mady “seem depressed when Kate isn’t around,” per another source, while her three 5-year-old boys evidently acted out and “got into trouble at school for talking back to teachers” during her absence….”“She says Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have lots of kids and their parents are away for long periods, working to support them,” the source said. With more than 70 percent of mothers working in America, Kate is obviously not the only mother having to leave her kids to do her job. Some mothers work because their families need the money and others work because they enjoy what they do and want to work outside the home.
So if Kate is being criticized for her ambition does that mean other moms should be criticized to for wanting to be successful at their jobs? Should moms be criticized for wanting to make more money, be recognized within their industry or overall being successful in their jobs? Is ambition in a mom a bad thing? An author on SFGate concludes there is a double standard for ambition:
“Yet, in the year 2010, our definitions of being a good mother and being a good father remain diametrically opposed. Today, when a father goes in for a job interview, his potential boss will usually think: “This guy has a family to support, he’ll be a good worker.” A mother interviewing for the same job is considered by different standards: she could be an unreliable worker, running off for school meetings or staying home if a kid is sick. Being a good mom is being a nurturer; being a good dad is being a breadwinner. But in reality, outside of the spotlight, plenty of moms work long hours to support their kids including lawyers, doctors, and CEOs. Sometimes I think we should take a break from these mom/ dad labels and just use “parent” to get across how differently we perceive these strikingly similar roles of raising and supporting our kids.”
On the flip side if a mom is choosing to stay at home with her kids, does that mean she doesn’t have ambition? Yes or no? Good or bad?

Kate Gosselin To Critics (and haters) "Leave Me Alone!" Foxnews.com

Kate Gosselin is ticked off at all the negative reports lately. Friends tell Fox 411 that she is working herself to exhaustion and trying to spend time with the children every spare second. The mom of eight, who debuts with dance partner, Tony Dovoloni on “Dancing with the Stars” on March 22nd, is busy providing a living for her family.
"Kate is working her butt off right now and she tries to ignore all the reports that she's a bad mom or the diva among the cast of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’” friends tell Fox411.
“The only reason she hasn't been able to hang out with everyone and bond with the cast is because she has eight children in Pennsylvania. She could not move them all with her to rehearse in LA, so Tony has relocated to PA to train her every day.” But don’t think there is any resentment from Tony’s family. In fact, we hear Tony's wife loves Kate and they have a great relationship. “Kate may not be able to bond with the other people due to her location, but she's doing her best to dive into the show and routines with Tony."

Still, above all else, the busy mom is worried about paying her bills more than she's worried about people thinking she's rude to the “Dancing with the Stars” cast. With ex-husband Jon around only to help parent the kids but not support them monetarily, the brunt of the financial responsibility rests on Kate's shoulders. "Kate is under a lot of pressure to make her mortgage payment and monthly bills,” sources tell Fox411. “She considers herself a true single mom and she knows other mothers understand what she is going through. Her hope is that moms all over the country will be her support system and vote for her on ‘DWTS.’ She loves traveling and meeting women everywhere and she feels like mothers get what she's doing - supporting her family."
But aside from working to provide for her kids, does Kate enjoy the fame and glamour of her new life? "Kate loves having her hair done and being able to wear expensive clothes that she borrows, but she would trade it all for a small quiet life with the kids. She is trying to find creative avenues for work so she can be with the children and working at the same time. Kate is doing her best at keeping her family together and happy."

First Rehersal W/Tony Dovolani on Dancing With The Stars!
Kate Prepping For The View Sept. 14th, 2009: Comment here & see a snippt of Kate today on The View


  1. This angers me to no end, how many other mothers have been on DWTS? Stop picking on her already.

    Sorry, but I really hate people that can't leave others alone.

  2. Hi everybody ! I'm a french (yes sorry for my english)fan of Kate, her 8 amazing kids, and I loved the old dad too, but not what he became ...
    I have a french fan site about them mostly to show some videos of the show, pictures, news, because they are not really known in France, lot of people discovered them on my blog and love them, my site is http://GosselinFrenchFan.skyblog.com
    of course is in french ;)
    Thanks you Baby mama for your help, answers and your great job !

    And good luck for Kate on DWTS !! When will be the first show ?

  3. Thank you Marine for your sweet note, It's always great to see the International Gosselin sites! March 22nd is the big show night!

    I was snickering to myself when I read that not may people wanted to see Kate Gosselin in at South Bend and the Women's Expo was a bust. There were some trolls recently posting that not many people came to see Kate or ask for autographs. Funny on this article, it showed that it was Standing Room Only, & people got on line as early as 6:30 am to come see her. My favorite quote from the article is below"

    "A young mom who came to the expo specifically to see Gosselin, thinks otherwise.

    "I think she's a great role model. ... She has eight mouths to feed," she said. "I say 'pooh pooh' to the naysayers."


  4. I am so tired of those stupid stories saying she's acting like the diva of the cast! She's not even THERE! My sister read one to me about how Johnny Weir turned down the show because he didn't like her and thought she was a diva or some such hooey. It's shocking to me that people will believe these stories! "Unnamed sources" is such garbage! I could be an unnamed source for all they know! Every person who actually talked to the media about her and actually used their real names has said that she is nice and kind and that they were pleasantly surprised by that. No one is perfect but good lord, it's amazing how people will buy the negative trash so quickly.

  5. Yay! Thanks for posting that video I missed that! Now I am even more excited for Monday.

    I just got the People today and I am going to read it in a bit.

    All I have to say is it looks like Kate is going to out last the trolls. I have noticed public opinion of her has swayed back to positive a little more lately and I take back any comments I made the this was a bad idea for her to do. Go Kate!

  6. Ha- my husband actually called me form work to tell me he heard on the radio that Kate was separating herself from the cast & being rude. My response: SHE'S NOT EVEN THERE. SHE'S AT HOME!!!

    Yes, people do need to back off, there's plenty of other moms that have or are doing the show. Ummm Pam Anderson & Neicy Nash are moms too (I'm sure other women on this season are to, but I can't think of the others right now!)

    And how ANYONE could ever criticize a mother trying to make money to support her children is BEYOND me. There is NOTHING I would not do to put a roof over my kids head, clothes on their back, and food in their bellies!! Nothing. And who doesn't want some of their "wants" fulfilled as well?? I must be terrible mother bc I just asked to increase my work schedule from 3 days a week, to 4 days. Why? Bc I want to give my kids, and myself as well, more of those "wants". I'd like a new outfit sometimes, some new shoes, I want to buy all my kids clothes at Babygap, instead of just a few select items. I want to say to my husband "Hey, let's go OUT for dinner tonight" on a whim, without planning a week in advance. And currently, we are working to buy a bigger house, so our kids have their own rooms & space to run & play, and a place to go when they need privacy too. That's just TERRIBLE of me!!

    Keep going Kate!! You have supporters!

  7. Sarah~ Good to see you! US Weekly heard from a "source" that Jon is actually living in MY basement..Thats right "a source" saw me sneak him in last night. I mean really..who are these sources?

    If you Google Kate, all the stupid articles are about ONE particular article that said Kate was difficult on the DWTS set. Everyone pounced on it, even though of all people US Weekly said that everyone loved her. And since she practices at home and NOT in CA, why spread the completely false story? Well because she's in NY & can't even defend herself. Another example of people trying to get everyone to hate her. Hopefully she will put all this to rest on The View. Can't wait!

  8. I am also getting very tired of all the negative comments about Kate, give her a chance! Being a single mom myself (Well I was my daughter is now 20) I know what it is to be the Financial source of the family's income. I raised a beautiful daughter, along with the love and support of friends and family and I never needed the help of her father..NEVER! I never used the Goverment help, I just worked hard and did what I had to do and I believe Kate is just looking for the same support. People need to stop "Talking her down" and just leave her alone, believe me if you gave her a chance I bet she will surprise you..

    Go Kate, good luck on Monday with DWTS..

  9. Babymama- In YOUR basement huh?? LMAO!!!!!! Maybe I'LL get in on the drama next time!! Whatever, that is so stupid. I fully believe that anyone can have any opinion in the world about Kate (about anything, but in this situation, Kate) but people really need to get their facts! I googled Kate to see if I could find that article, and I didn't see it come up as one of the top things, so I assumed it was something random & small. And obviously false. It makes me laugh, but I roll my eyes too, bc I know that I know what I know (lol) and I get tired of telling people not to believe every last thing they hear!!

  10. Watched the view this morning and was so glad that Whoopi was not as rude to Kate as she had been. Was laughing when Kate dismissed Joy's comment about monetary support from Jon. Was also glad that she says she laughs about all the negative crap said about her, and really how is she a diva, when she doesn't even practice w/ the other cast of DWTS. Can't wait to see how she does on Monday.

  11. Jessica! Good to see you
    Happy St. Patricks Day everyone! I feel like such a bad parent today. I was so busy gettig the baby dressed for Gymboree, I forgot to put her in GREEN! Thats right, call the cops, call Child Protective Servces! UGH

    I was just able to come back now, put the baby down for a nap, at watch The View. KATE WAS FANTASTIC! Take that haters! Got nothing to say over there? Snark with whatever pittle drivel you want, but she took on the naysayers head on & told everyone in the best possible way to go scratch. The was articulate, and very well suited for a Co-host spot on a show like The View. I can see why they wanted her back.

    Most important moment thus far? When Dr. Drew came on and dicussed how someone cannot be exploited if they are on a reality TV show. Take that! snap lol

    Haven't finished watching, but LOVE what I have seen so far!

  12. Sorry Baby Mama, but your houseguest is an imposter. Jon is in my basement. Shhhhhhhhhh, don't tell!!!

  13. Tiggerfan1965~ HOLY SMOKE YOU ARE RIGHT! I pulled the sheets back and it was in fact Levi Johnston. Silly me. Apparently he's hiding as well from his own Baby Mama. Child support is due and he confused us....

    Thank you for letting me know where Jon actually is, Hailey Glassman is looking to serve him. He apparently owes her money... ;)

  14. BabyMama: I messed up with setting timer for the view. I hope you'll post it.

    Got home with daughter from class trip to Disney at midnight last night. Guess I read the clock wrong. Riding the bus with excited 5th graders singing the whole way has also left me deaf, lol. I also forgot to remind them to wear green. Hope they didn't get pinched too much.

    Whew. Just home and then back to FL next week to take the twins to Mayo for a checkup. Lol, it was easier when we lived in FL rather than NC.

    Kate inspires me with her attitude towards all the snarkers. Wish I could have been that cavalier about it. That's awesome.

  15. A friend texted me while watching The View today & said Kate looks like she's had work done.


    I said ummm just her hair, and she looks like she's toned up a lot, so her face looks thinner. (Not that she was ever chunky or anything.)But just an example of people who don't like Kate starting things. (Yes, she's my friend, but no, she doesn't like Kate!)

  16. Food for thought!

    Interesting from the National Enquirer.....

    Insiders report Kate’s “Dancing with the Stars” pro partner TONY DOVOLANI is frustrated, furious and flat-out exhausted trying to teach dance moves to the lead-footed reality TV mom.

    “Kate is a klutz! She doesn’t listen and can’t take direction,” Tony told pals. Kate wants to lead, not follow, constantly questions Tony’s choreography, drives him crazy with her bossiness – and worse, she’s totally clumsy and ungraceful.

    Set insiders snipe that she’s especially rude and condescending to hair, makeup and wardrobe staffers, who secretly hope her first move on stage will be a pratfall.

  17. Just Wondering is such a thoughtful & generous person to share this great "full-of-complete BS" aritcle from the magazine of all things BS. I had to share it with you all!

    Because Tony would NEVER EVER say this crap to anyone, and risk losing his job, for ANYTHING..He is sweet and loves Kate and all of his past parners. Nice try though!

    Linda~ So excited to hear about your Disney trip since we are going soon. E-mail me and let me know how it went or if you blogged about it somewhere. jonkatefanpage@gmail.com

  18. Interesting. About the National Inquirer, Tony said he has only very positive things to say about Kate, so neither he nor his friends could have told them negative things. Amazing on the NI, how they come up with garbage. Oh well, maybe they'll come back with another if their infamous alien stories. Or given their stuff, they'll probably say Kate was abducted by aliens, or that she is an alien, lol. And the only aliens I know are those poor, sad, jealous ones who live over at GWOP.

    Despite all their jealously, I'll bet if TLC or another network ran a contest to find Kate's best fan, say with a modest prize of something like $500, I have a feeling they'd be lining up to be on Kate's side. Or say, win a day with Kate plus 8. I don't think they could resist.

    Oh well, I continue to pray for those people bur I'll admit, they scare me a lot with their venom. How could somebody dislike (hate) somebody that they really don't even really know? It's like they just get in a feeding frenzy like sharks.

  19. Well, while surfing the net, I saw a post from US Weekly that Jon has moved in with the parents of his girlfriend. I guess rent in Utah is cheaper then a basement in NY! LOL! Now Hailey knows where to serve him his papers.
    I thought Kate did a nice job on the view, but do wish they would let her ask more questions. Oh well, it takes time.

  20. I saw Kate on the View yesterday and I thought she did GREAT! and yes your right, I think Whooppi was alot nicer to her. They asked the questions that needed to be addressed and then left her alone...I think it was a job well done!

    Can't wait until Monday. I hope Kate puts all this "Crap" behind her and shows everyone a good show!

  21. Just saw online on OK mag, that Taylor Hicks said he would "totally" date Kate...

    I'm guessing there were other questions before and after this one that the mag chose to omit just to get people talking...and look here I am talking about it :)

    Just thought it was something better to think about rather than all the hate that Kate tends to get.

  22. Hey Baby Mama. Thanks for adding the clip from The View and for the additional photos on the side. I can't wait for Monday night!

  23. As for Jon, and it being "all quiet on the 'Jon' front," I don't know about the rest of you but I think it's kinda nice. Particularly in not watching him self destruct. I'm hopeful that he's getting his life together. I do think it is downright strange though, that he is living with the parents of his latest girlfriend. LOL, do you think he's able to "do" something to the parents of his girlfriends, such as hypnotize them or something? I must admit that if one of my daughters wanted to bring home a guy all that much older and who already had 8 kids, I'd be sad. Not that I don't think that Jon has redeeming qualities, but why on earth doesn't he consider somebody closer to his own age, life experiences, etc. Or, is it that he can only draw rather young, naive chicks?

    I know at the time of separation he said he couldn't live in PA near his kids and that he had to be in NYC for his career. I somehow think it was because Hailey lived in NY and now the attraction is new girl and Utah. Maybe we'll find out he's doing something constructive like resort development in Utah (well we can hope!)

    If nothing else, at least the TLC suit/countersuit/resolution helped to keep him out of the limelight enough that he can work on getting himself together. Or, at least the rest of us don't have to watch him doing really stupid things. But he's got to figure out something to do when the money runs out. Doesn't he?

  24. I say, "Good Job, Kate" for providing for your children all on your own!!

  25. Good evening everyone! Was I the only one that was thinking it was Friday with this beautiful weather. We ordered pizza and the kids are exhausted from a visit to the park. I thought this was pretty funny, since alot of us are American Idol fans, that an AI winner himself wants a date with Kate Gosselin! Too funny...From Popeater.com

    "Which 'Idol' Winner Wants to Date Kate Gosselin?

    ... None other than the Soul Patrol himself, Mr. Taylor Hicks, would told me straight-up he'd love to get his chance to woo the original octomom.

    Taylor and I were having drinks the other night in New York City (you've got to love a dude who still drinks Bud in a champagne-sipping crowd) when the topic of Kate Gosselin came up.

    "I would totally date her," Taylor told me. "I have always said I wanted nine kids, so it would be perfect!"

    Taylor is currently breaking theater box office records around the country starring in 'Grease' and doing the one thing that all the other Idols seem to have forgotten about -- performing live."


  26. Seriously, $1,000 for finding Jon? Perhaps I should clear my schedule, I only live 15 minutes away from Park City!

  27. Wildchild~ For $1,000 from Hailey? I'm already camped out on the corner in my car! lol

    And on that note..Why are people still talking about Kate Gosselin being a diva? The woman was in LA for 5 stinkin days. Nobody else is talking about anyone other than her. And she's not even there..Why? Because she's newsworthy. Eveeryone already thinks Pam will be the first ot go anyway because of the problems dancing with bigger breasts...lol

  28. LOL about being camped out Baby Mama!

  29. awwwww So glad people are supporting Kate, I mean what the heck is wrong with people. I can almost bet that any person outhere trashing her are not mothers. I am a mom of twins and a toddler and I understand and support her every move. Oh and kuddos for her if she spends money to look good and lots of time at the spa and salon cause she deserves it big time. I wish I could get paid to look good and I will do anything to get paid money. How can people say horrible things.
    Oh and by the way if she wants to act like a Diva than so be it!!! Kate has gone throgh so much in life that she deserves to be whatever she wants. I hope she gets a great TV show and maybe also be part of the View.
    PLEASE everyone vote for her. I will vote as much as I can for her to win DWTS!!!
    All you Kate haters...you are jealous :)

  30. I hate DWTS but I am going on just to vote for her.

    I agree, most of the people that are dissing her are either not mothers or are so jealous they are just green over it.

    she looks great. I read an article in People or something at the hairdresser's the other day, they said she had all this work done.

    Face work, thighs sucked out, blah blah blah. It was interesting, there were 2 mags in there, one talked about how much she and Tony were working, how he couldn't believe her dedication and determination to get the dance moves right. It was nothing but positive.

    The other mag. totally trashed her every move. Quite a contrast, the trolls bought the negative one and Kate supporters bought the one I enjoyed.

    It was interesting that my hairdresser didn't like Kate and dismissed her as being all about herself.

    Thought that was a strange statement since she build a dance studio in her basement so she could be at home isntead of LA to be near the kids.

    If Jon would have done this (equivalent to moving to NYC) he would have had tons of support. I really don't get that at all. shrug.

  31. Hello everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Well Tony was Tweeting that everyone had fun this weekend at the Taylor Swift concert. The kids are huge fans and I think it was great before all the chaos that they got to relax and go! Big big practice weekend for them before the big show! The excitement!

    Anyway, thought I would share this link its the kids getting excited before the show..


  32. Wow! I cant not keep up in all things Kate Gosselin! I finally sat down to watch her on the View today. I thought she did great. Very poised and certainly not afraid to state the fact about her life. I was a bit surprised to hear Jon was home while she was away, because "everyone" made it sound like the two nannies were watching the kiddos. Either way. The kids were cared for, just like normal mommies and daddies that work full time.

    Good for her for being able to "delicately" balance mom and career women!

    Baby Mama- Thanks for posting the links and videos I enjoyed seeing the photos of her preparing to take the kiddos to see Taylor Swift. What a fun night that must have been for all the kids! Proof, yet again, that she is an amazing mother!!

  33. Thanks for posting the videos of Kate on the View and Dancing with the Stars, Baby Mama! I think that she did a great job on the View and I'm so excited to watch Monday night's show! Good luck Kate!!

    Wow... the kids must have had a lot of fun at the Taylor Swift concert! I did think it was a little odd that Tony went. I wonder why?

    I think I may have said this a million times but I'm really happy for Kate.. she has become so successful and she is an fantastic mom to top it off! I wish nothing but the best for her and the kids! :)

  34. Hello Baby Mama and Co.
    Long time lurker but this is my first time posting here. I love this site, I was so happy when I found it. I've wanted to post forever, but did not know how.Sadly I had my 11yo help me so I think I've got it figured out. My biggest concern was how to remain anonomous. I must say I find some of the Kate hater's VERY scary. I have been a J&K+8 fan, from almost the very beginning. I really loved the show and felt just sick when all that crap started and made everything so ugly. Kate is far from perfect but she's real and that is what I admire about her. I think she has handled this past year with courage and grace. I just can't wrap my head around all these women who want to destroy another women. Especially a mother of 8 such beautiful children. With nothing to do on Monday nights once the kiddies are in bed I've been reading some of your older work. It's been fun watching how you've evolved. I watched DWTS tonight and voted for the first time ever.(also with the help of my daughter) I let her stay up to watch Kate. I'll pay for that in the a.m. I'm sure! I really enjoyed all the posts here and at IW during the show. So a big thanks for all your hard work on this site, thanks for keeping a place that fan's can catch up on this family we've so enjoyed. MOM POWER GO KATE!

  35. Hi Kate,

    This tip has helped me many times with stage nervousness. I thought it may help you.

    When you are on stage it is very important to remember that when you see the audience looking at you. You are looking at them at the same time and the only different is that there are more of them then you; it’s all in your prospective. Or no different then going out for a coffee with someone. I hope this will help.

    You’re the best part of the Dancing with the Stars cast.

    Best wishes,

    Michele A