Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kate & Tony Dovolani Grace People's Cover, Revealing Short New Bob, DWTS Interview & Video! Kate Gosselin is a mom on a mission: Win the mirror-ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars.But whether she’ll pull it off is another story. The mother of eight says there’s just a slight obstacle — dancing, it turns out, isn’t her forte.
“I do want to win. It’s just that the dancing part is getting in the way of winning,” she tells PEOPLE in the new issue. “In my mind, I’m winning. In my actions, not so much.”
Gosselin, 34, says that no matter how long she manages to hold out on DWTS, the important thing is that she does her best.

“If I last two weeks on the show, I’ve shown my kids that hard work and perseverance pays off,” says Gosselin, whose
pro partner is Tony Dovolani. “And if I don’t win, I’ve shown them you don’t always have to come in first. You just have to keep on trying.” The new season of DWTS, with Brooke Burke replacing Samantha Harris as co-host, begins March 22. Gosselin will be waltzing her way to the top, competing against actresses Pamela Anderson and Shannen Doherty, astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Bachelor star Jake Pavelka, among others.

Kate Debutes New "Do" Right Before The View:

Kate is getting ready for her Dancing With The Stars debut starting from her hair down, changing her extensions and preparing to rock a whole new look. Gosselin stopped by the Ted Gibson salon in Manhattan on Wednesday and debuted a new, sleek, sharp bob with bangs, colored to a gorgeous golden honey blond.

Kate's hair looked sophisticated and stunning. It came at a slight cost though: she was at the hairdresser's for a marathon 7 hours! But don't get too used to Kate's new look. She will be getting new extensions put back in on Thursday. And what's the perfect end to a day at the hairdressers? Kate went to grab a bite to eat with her hunky Dancing With The Stars partner Tony Dovolani.

New Dancing With The Stars Rehersal Interview


  1. Radar JUST posted photos of Kate's NEW do for DWTS, a sleek BOB....she went back to SHORT. AND I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT

  2. Ahhhh I can't wait to buy this issue! I hope we see a little of the sexy side of Kate on DWTS!! Ohh lala! lol

  3. Aww see I kinda feel bad now, because I was saying on the other thread that I really hated it. I was under the assumption that it was only for a day anyway, while she got her new weave! lol. But now that everyone loves it and it's such a hit, I feel embarassed be the only one that loves the big hair better!

    This is odd coming from the #1 Kate fan no?? ;)

  4. BabyMama, I totally agree with you! After I got used to the longer hair, it's a shock to see her with short hair again! And this new bob does not look good at all. I think she should have kept the shoulder length 'do, especially since she'd be able to do more with it for DWTS. Oh well, she still looks great regardless of how she has her hair :)

  5. she is looking lovely. I love DWTS and i will watch even more intently this season.

  6. I have seen several pictures and videos of her with Tony and she looks like she is having a BLAST!! Good for her! K8 ROCKS!!!

  7. I agree, I think the bob is great. But really she looks amazing no matter how her hair is. Go Kate. You are awesome!!!

  8. I just saw her new do on radar (thanks, mamaholly!) I really like it. I liked the extensions too, but I also really like full, short hair (similar to my own, or at least mine before I had kids. Now, not so full. lol) But I think it's a really classy cut.

  9. I am not found of the bob...I think she looks younger with the longer hair, I thought the shoulder length looked better than the super long, so will she be sporting the bob tomorrow or extensions on the view, can't wait to see what she has to say.

  10. The bob looks FABULOUS! Very chichi! :) It's a little shocking now that I've just started to get used to the longer hair, but I still love it!
    I'll bet Kate's actually a pretty good dancer. I hope that she kicks butt on DWTS!

  11. I love the FABULOUS Hot pink handbag she's carrying in the radar photos......wonder who makes it.....

  12. I'm confused. I thought she WAS getting the extensions back today or tomorrow. I like the extensions. Oh well, she looks great however.

  13. I don't care for the bob. It's too old a look for her. She's too young and vital to have an old lady look like that. I'm excited to see how the new extensions look!

    I love her cover with Tony! They look so young and vibrant and happy! I think they will do very well if Kate can let go and feel the music and go with it.

    I can't wait until March 22!! I hope that TLC/Jon/ABC have been able to come to some agreement that allows the kids to be seen a couple of times. I mean, I think if Mady really likes dancing that much, she could get such a kick out of dancing with Tony and I would so love to see that!

  14. OK, I'm receiving e-mails that Kate is scheduled for the View March 17th now. WTH? Have they rescheduled this a million times, or do I keep getting misinformeed? Anyway will check on this tomorrow. But it appears Kates on next week.

  15. she looks pretty but honestly; if she truly wanted to win she'd spend the 7 hours practicing. To win DWTS you practically have to be a machine! I'm not joking! I guarantee the winner will spend more time sweating than primping!
    Oh well the magazine cover was the goal for the week maybe.

  16. Good morning everyone! As Schmecky said, Kate finally got to eat at the famous Nobu restaurant with her temp. short do, and that incredibly hot dance partner Tony. They seemed to have a great time, and even though you see one of the photos, I wanted you to see more of the pics below. I will be waiting today to see if Kate finally shows for The View, but from what I am reading, it was pushed to next week March 17th. This was to promotoe her dancing and give more time to practice.

  17. I'm not sure I like the bob. I like her hair when it was shoulder length best I think. I liked it in the People pics.

    Anyone read the People interview yet? She's in a lot of mags this week! It seems she gave interviews to other tabloids too and they still weren't favorable in their articles.

    I don't think Kate is going to be able to handle the schedule and handle her kids. It's too vigorous. She has a 3-hour time difference and red-eye flights. And she's running on 4 hours sleep.

  18. well, i'm still behind times i guess. Kate was not on the view this week at all, but Elton John was. The ladies didn't give him a chance to talk much and that is one reason I don't like their show. Whoopie still is the most intelligent one of the group. JMO

    Baby Mama, as to your poll, i can't read the count results. The numbers do not show up??? Is it just me or is anyone else having a problem reading those and also the black lettering on this darker green blog? The white print is fine. Tx for all your hard work on this blog. I don't know how you do it? Great Job!

  19. SchmeckyGirl, the time schedule you quoted for Kate sounds like it would be tough. Thats why I posted previously about having Jon fill in with the children, since he isn't working. I wasn't trashing Kate for being gone and I hope no one took that to mean anything different.

  20. Schmecky - I too liked her hair better shoulder length.

    I think Kate is perfectly capable of handling the schedule. And while I wish het great luck with DWTS who knows how long or short this will be. It isn't ideal to be away from the kids but I'm also assimg that Jon will be there part of the time at least. As a single parent I spent 4 days a week on the East Coast and 3 days a week on the West Coast. I had a nanny and that helped. Again, not ideal but it worked for 18 months until I fulfilled my contract and could change jobs. You do what you have to do. So, let's wish the Gosselins well and wait to see what happens. Just my opinion.

    With my present husband, we alternate who has to be out of town if possible but sometimes we both have to be gone for a while. My husband reminds me that he (and siblings) were in boarding school from the time they were 6 and that this is still fairly common in the U.K.

    My best friend works for Verizon and she's out of town 3 days a week and sometimes 4. Not ideal, but she does what's needed to support her children. And other friends leave home at 6:30 each day and get home at 8:30 or 9 each evening. I think Kate is rehearsing while kids are in school and after they are asleep, so on days she's home she's with them all waking hours that they aren't in school. Tough schedule for Kate, but I feel the kids will be fine. Again, just my opinion.

  21. I'm sure you've probably already seen this, but just in case, the dogs are coming back!

  22. I am supr excited to read about this! How cool is that! People had a field day when they heard the dogs were being "ripped" away from the kids. I do stand by what I said before, if they were not able to be taken care of, then they shouldn't have been there. If they are able to be properly taken care of now, more power to them! I'm sure the kis miss them. It really hasn't been that long come to think of it!

    "A lot has changed for the Gosselin family in the past year: divorce, dating, drastic haircuts and, of course, Dancing with the Stars. But one constant is returning to the family's life — German shepherds Shoka and Nala are coming home soon.

    "My kids' lives have been changed and compromised and altered enough over the past year," Kate Gosselin tells PEOPLE. "I realized if I had two difficult kids I wouldn't send them away and ask for new kids."

    Dad Jon Gosselin returned the young pups to their trainer in September, at the height of his divorce drama with now-ex-wife Kate. At the time, Jon blamed the move on Kate, telling E! Online, "It's not fair to the dogs to not be wanted in their own home."

    If that was the case, the reality mom has since changed her tune, telling PEOPLE, "I'd never quit on my kids, so why would I think I was going to quit on my dogs?" She adds that the pups will return to the family's Wernersville, Pa., home "once the weather warms up."

    Jon came under fire last year for comments he made about the dogs, telling PEOPLE that the couple's eight kids would "climb on them, pull their tails, bite at them [and] drag them." He later clarified his statement, saying, "Shoka and Nala are loyal companions who we consider members of our family. We would never do anything to hurt them, and treat them with the respect and love that they deserve."

  23. I am glad that the dogs are coming home. I wonder if part of the reasoning behind that is that Jon and Kate's parenting relationship is improving and she feels more comfortable with their care and less stressed out. The dogs are also older and probably much better trained. Gosselin drama seems like it has been going on forever when really the dogs are barely only a year and a half old and last year at this time we were just starting to hear rumblings of trouble. This really brought home to me how short of a time this all has transpired. I never would have thought a year ago that Kate would be on Dancing with the Stars.

  24. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. It's refreshing to read comments about the Gosselins that aren't full of hate.

    I'm not crazy about the bob cut so glad to hear it's just temporary. I love the longer hair on her. It makes her look younger and softer.

    I hope while the dogs were at the breeders they received some training. The problem with the dogs is no one took the time to train them properly. Glad to hear they are coming home. I'm sure the kids will be thrilled to have them home.

  25. Welcome Julie! I appreciate all the support for this site. I know many of you have asked for me to turn off my moderation, but I just can't. I know it's easier for a flowing conversation but the trolls are just waiting for that. People don't know how not to attack the fans that are on this site. But always feel free to post your thoughts and I will get them up as soon as I can!

    And I completely agree with you regarding the dogs

  26. I agree that I think it's great that more fan sites are coming up and there is more intrest in Kate Gosselin & I think it's great. I also really hope that she stays around longer than the first week. I really don't want to think about the field day GWOP would have with that. I'm so confused with her date on The View, I really hope its definetly next week.

    As far as fan sites copying you, don't let them see you sweat. You have the first, biggest and best fan site out there. That's why they want to copy you. It should only thrill you and not anger you. I'm still here, even with your moderated-takes-10-hours-to-get-my-post-on blog. YES YOU ROCK!

  27. I'm glad that the dogs are back too, now that they're trained by a professional. Goodness knows Kate didn't know how and Jon wasn't there near enough to do it himself. Dogs need proper training, especially when they're around kids. Also, now that things are more settled into a routine, the dogs won't seem like an extra burden on top of chaos.

  28. So far Kate has been a hit at the Women's Expo at South Bend. If any of the readers here got to attend please e-mail me. Below is a bit of what has been going on, will ass more later. It also has a small photo of her new (again) hair, more longer this time. And for the idiot that keep e-mailing me telling me there were a few pickers outside the Expo, they were NOT for Kate Gosselin. Apparently a few students were against the Expo itsself for targeting the affulent. Maybe it was because the entry was fo so much?? Who knows.

    "Gosselin spoke briefly about her tours this morning of Memorial Hospital and HealthWorks! Kids Museum and how impressed she was with both. The mom of eight said her own kids are happy, healthy and in school. "I strive to bring health and happiness into their every day lives," she said. "That's what this show (the expo) is about."Gosselin said she just completed her third book, which will be available next month.

    And, she's training every day for "Dancing With the Stars," she said. She then introduced Memorial's three Spirit of Women award winners. After speaking, Gosselin stayed on for a meet and greet and autograph session with expo attendees."


  29. I've never commented on this site, I didn't even know it existed!! But I'm sure glad I found out about it! I too am a fan of Kate, it really worries me about the state of this country for people to constantly tear someone down...

    I found this site while reading one of the other hate sites and just googled...anyway I think i'll be commenting here more!

  30. Wow, the new hair looks like such a change now that we finally got used to the longer version. It's hard to remember she had such short hair before. lol I think it looks ok, but kind of costumey. In fact, in the picture, I thought it was a wig meant for one of the dances they will perform before I read the article. I think I am with the majority too and think this shoulder length wavy hair suited her the best since she got her extensions. It says she is having more extensions put in in a few days anyway. It's getting hard to keep up with her these days. :)

    One thing I also liked, was her comment about winning. It was good that she views either winning or losing as good lessons for her kids. Of course she would like to win, but it's nice that either way, there's a positive message there.

    And finally, I was surprised but glad to hear the dogs are coming back! I guess somehow they will be able to manage them better now. I just hope they don't keep sending them away everytime they get too busy.

  31. Apparently people are thinking I'm BabyMama on a trolling blog so alas, I am here to sadly show I am not. I agree its been a slow Gosselin day. Fans like myself are waiting for the big show day. I loved seeing the photos from the Womans Expo, but her hair looks exactly the same as before! Is it me? Why would she take all that hair out, spending hours then putting it back in the same? I agree I liked the bob so much better!

    I hope they are practicing and having a blast. Me gets the feeling after yesterdays big Expo Kate will not be interested in hard core stretches! HaHa

  32. It would have been nice if the kids could have toured the HealthWorks! Kids Museum with her.

    It doesn't seem that they were picketing Kate at the expo but one of them did comment on her being a poor choice for a speaker. It was probably just her personal opinion and had nothing to do with the strike.

    The hair... yeah it looks the same now that the extensions are back in. Maybe they are just a different color? Amazes me that hair extensions worth $7k only lasted two months. I wonder how all of this is affected Ted Gibson's career.

  33. I LOVED the bob, her hair really DOES grow fast, but I think the tousled waves are HOT......I read a snippet that she brought the dogs home and that Tony was at the Gosselin estate today training for dancing......Just over a week to the first episode (will it be live?) but I can't say that I'll watch. Keep up the great work BabyMama!!! I always love the blog!

  34. Nice to see you again Amy, Mamaholly & Another Mom! Long time no see ;) And as always welcome to my new readers!

    Watched my fav. movie Dreamgirls tonight while giving the kids baths in between seeing who got kicked off Celebrity Apprentice. Phew! Which actually is a good cast this time so I recommend it. Multi tasking on a Sunday night is the norm here lol.

    So cute seeing the pics of an exhausted Tony realizing Kate don't play in the "I-get-up-freakin-early" deaprtment. And I'm really happy that Kate gave in with the dogs. I'm sure she really didn't want them back, but I'm sure the kids miss them. After reading this on I have yet ANOTHER reason to love Tony....THE MAN BRINGS STARBUCKS. I know my husband won't mind me gushing over him ;)

    "Sunday is no day of rest for Kate Gosselin. She spent Sunday with Tony Dovolani rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars in the dance studio Kate's built into her home. As has reported, with eight kids to raise, Kate is spending as little time as possible in Hollywood for the show. That means her very accommodating pro partner-- the father of three -- travels to Pennsylvania for several days of practice sessions each week. Kate spent Saturday in South Bend, Indiana where she addressed a women's expo about health and her kids.

    She didn't get back to her Wernersville, PA home until late Saturday night. Sweet Tony arrived for their Sunday rehearsal with Starbucks in hand. What a guy!"

  35. Baby Mama said...

    "Sunday is no day of rest for Kate Gosselin. She spent Sunday with Tony Dovolani rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars in the dance studio Kate's built into her home..."

    I thought Kate said they were going to practice at home when the kids were asleep or at school. Seems to me she's been practicing during the day when they are home a lot.

  36. Any news on Jon? I wonder what he's up to. We haven't seen any pics of him other than in his yard with the kids since he and TLC settled.

    I wonder if he will get any offers from anyone and if TLC will approve them.

  37. I'm so sorry to everyone that posted today. I had a bit of a "troll flux" and I deleted everything that came in by mistake. Please re-submit, including Jorge who linked the new My Space Ton & Kate DWTS Fan Site...Looks great!

  38. Hi I am back and finally somewhat healthy!!!!

    I love the tousled wave bob. Gorgeous!

    I agree with tashpork about the dogs. Now that Kate doesn't feel so overwhelmed and Jon's helping I think she feels more comfortable with the dogs.

    One more week! yay! I can't wait.

    Tony & Kate & DWTS...couldn't be more perfect!

  39. Hello CraftyMom, so sorry about not Tweeting you back! Glad you are feeling better, things are crazy here as usual. Looking forward to Wed. on The View! Look like that's finally happening. Wish I could go, but my husband has a fishing thing going on at 3am. Why they go out that early is beyond me.. I'm sad but I will def. have the video as soon as I'm able to put it up. You have to tell me where you get your mojo to be so the end of the night I have no desire anymore lol

    Schmecky~ Seeing poor Tony in those photos, he doesn't seem to be enjoying Kate's weird schedule lol And Jon appears to be MIA, probably hiding in his girlfriends parents basement until Kate leaves. I would love to see his behind in the front row of DWTS..but that wont happen ;)

  40. Baby Mama-no problem! It took me 2 days to notice you tweeted me back!

    As for my's definitely been waning! I haven't been very crafty in the past few months. But my secret to some of it is I do it when I am watching tv! We have a small fold-able craft table that I got at Walmart that me and the girls set up. My crochet stuff is easy and I throw it in my bag and do it when I have down time(if that ever happens).

    Going to set my DVR now for the View. When Kate's on is the only time I watch that show.

  41. I would LOVE to see Jon and the kids or at least the older girls in the audience to support Kate, I think that could be a a little bit healing for this family. I wonder if Jon is around but hiding from paparazzi. I really think that is best for him. I do think it's hard for Kate because of all the extra things going on like hair appointments, speaking, etc and that cuts down on her practice time more than caring for the kids. I am sure they involve the kids in the practice when they are around in some way. Kate also has help.

  42. Baby Mama & Schmecky Girl,
    I too wonder where Jon is. Hiding in the basement!, now that's a funny one, lol. Now that his lips are sealed, alot of us fans are starting to miss him. Ahhh, absence makes the heart grow founder sp?. Maybe he is learning some lessons as he observes how well Kate is coming through all this and might be a success on TV!

    DWTS will be a great stepping stone for Kate whether she wins or places last in the heap. Great PR and TLC was smart to let her do this. It pre-empts her new show and gets all the fans and others to pay attention again. I have a question, Is there any prize money given out for winning? I never followed this show much, but am going to atleast watch the first couple and more if its good.

  43. This is an interview with the costume designer from DWTS:

    When StyleList heard the names of the 11 celebrities competing on this season of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" -- hello, Pamela Anderson! -- we could already see the wardrobe department stocking up on double-stick tape.

    As luck would have it, we talked to the show's Emmy-winning costumer, Randall Christensen, just moments after a fitting with the former "Baywatch" babe, whose ample assets were high on our list of potential wardrobe malfunctions.

    Besides dishing about Anderson, longtime ballroom costumer Christensen told StyleList his plans for crafting a glamorous look for reality-mom-of-the-moment Kate Gosselin. Here, we present his behind-the-seams insights.

    StyleList: You've got quite the cast this season. How much double-stick tape do you have on hand?
    Randall Christensen: [Laughs] Ah, if only the tape worked! It doesn't stay on with all the bronzer the dancers wear, so the costumes have to be perfect. There isn't a lot of room for mistakes.

    SL: When you're dressing Kate Gosselin, do you think, "This is a mother of eight, I can't show too much skin?"
    RC: Exactly! Kate is very aware that everything she wears on the dance floor is going to be seen and remembered by her children.

    The look we will be going for is very glamorous and sophisticated, but more discreet. We are also talking about someone who isn't exactly your typical mother of eight. She's in good shape. It's going to be easy to make her look good.

    SL: Is the white costume in her publicity stills something we'll see on the show?
    RC: Nothing from the publicity shots will be on the show. They are from my collection. When we do cast photos, we are short on time and try pieces we already have.

    Some are from prior seasons; some from ballroom competitions. We tried about six dresses on Kate. This one, we knew immediately was right. It was flattering and glamorous, but didn't show too much skin. The sheer overlay at the waist does give it a bit of sexiness.

    SL: I thought it read a little bridal, like maybe you were sending a message about new beginnings for her?
    RC: If I was, it was subliminal. But I kind of like that idea -- the dress does look very fresh and romantic on her.

  44. Great Article Schmecky! I really think that Kate's costumes will be one of the duller ones, sad to say. I'm laughing to think about what Pam will be wearing, and honestly Shannon seems to give me the yawns. Theres alot of articles right now on Kate. People really want to sabotage this woman by planting false articles by the "source", who makes up a whole bunch of crap. You know, the ones they make up. But nothing on Jon who appears to be "Hither, Thither & MIA Yon".

    I'm going to try to post several of the aritcles tonight when I do my new post. Dont forget about The View tomorrow. Tape it if your not home.. Should be interesting.

    FYI: We finally got our plans together for our vacation & I'm super excited! Have to re-read your blog again for ideas. The end of the summer seems so far away....