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Kate Plus 8 Does ALASKA? Gosselin Kids "NOT Exploited", Jons Twittering Again

KATE PLUS 8 in ALASKA exclusive! Hello Gosselin fans! Well for those that were wondering why Jon was Twittering his "sadness" over not seeing the kids this week we now know why. Kate Plus 8 has taken the ultimate adventure TO ALASKA! Thats right, I get so giddy when I can actually show you things no one else knows YET. But yes they are currently sightseeing in the exact same places I did on my Princess Cruise a few years ago. For me, this will be a Kate Plus 8 episode I will be super excited to watch. Normally a young couple would not think of a cruise to Alaska for our anniversary, but since my husband is not a beach person, off we went. It was the most incredible trip I ever took. If you ever want an "experience" and not a typical vacation, I highly recommend you go.

Recently we have had some great discussions on the issues of the kids being filmed. And whether or not you agree with that decision. And I also talked a bit about how even when Kate tries other ways to support her family, she STILL gets attacked. It's like the woman can't win. She will forever be attacked for every choice she makes not only by the media, but those that dislike her simply because she is who she is and her personality is not the one many approve of. But I'm still here, keep cheering her on, and will continue to be in awe of all the amazing things she does for her children....Any questions? lol xoxoxox

The Gosselin Kids Aren't Being "Unlawfully Exploited":

Rest assured, the authorities say that the Gosselin children aren't being exploited.

In spite of cries to the contrary, labor officials have determined that the 6-year-old sextuplets of Jon and Kate Gosselin aren't being exploited and the filming of TLC's Kate Plus 8 can continue. According to Us, Pennsylvania's Department of Labor and Industry released a statement on Tuesday (July 20) saying that the work permits of the Gosselin children are legal and valid. State Rep. Thomas Murt had argued that state law allows kids under the age of 7 to work in movies - but not on TV.

According to an official statement, Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel and Leah are not being "unlawfully exploited" as they film with mom Kate and older twin sisters Cara and Mady, 9, in and around their Wernersville, Penn. home. The statement goes on to say that the work permits ensure the kids are protected from working too many hours and receive earnings from the show.

Jon Gosselin receiving more positive support: (or now we know why Jon is "Twittering" again)

Jon Gosselin is getting something that he hasn't necessarily received a ton of over the course of the past year -- support. For evidence of this, all you have to do is check out some of the positive messages the reality TV dad is getting (and responding to) via his Twitter account. So has public opinion changed, and will it ever change completely, when it comes to Jon? Probably not. Just as Kate has his supporters, he had his supports. However, Jon has kept out of the public eye, embarked on a goal to lose weight, has a new girlfriend who is not out looking for fame, and is even spending some more time with his children. Do you think staying out of the public eye has helped Jon in terms of his reputation?


  1. I'm actually thrilled for Kate and the kids that they can take that wonderful trip. I'm downright jealous. Some of my family and some good friends have taken that cruise and they all raved and raved how fantastic it was. They said the scenery was just beautiful and the wildlife they saw on land and sea was truly something marvelous. If anyone can't be thrilled for this family for the opportunity to take this trip something is wrong with them. What a wonderful adventure to take and I can't wait to see the show they do from it. I will be looking forward to the smiles and looks of wonder on those adorable children's faces.
    As far as Jon being out of the public eye, excuse me but when did he leave? The tattoo, the latest girlfriend, the obviously set up pap pictures when he has the children doesn't look like he's been out of the media to me. I hate to say this but I think Jon has pretty much cemented the public's opinion of him and very few will change their minds. Jon took it all too far and I don't know what he could do or say to repair any of his image. Maybe get a job?

  2. I am so excited to see them doing all these amazing things with the kids. Im on a fan club high!

    I'm asking everyone to keep this a positive thread. No attacks please. I know people have gotten a little fustrated on the prvious post. Its not about changing anyones mind here. But many people are feeling fustrated that their thoughts are bing attacked. I don't want that to ever be the case. Lets respect everyone and remember at all times that this is a site to CELEBRATE this family.

    I love you all and I respect everyones points of view here. Now about ALASKA..How freakin cool is this! Who is excited about this possible show??

  3. Lexxi~ Yes, do you ever onder why you never see shots of Jon alone? Lately you only see him with Ellen & the kids. I truly think he secretly calls them, because they are only shot when they are ALL together. I think this is how he is making his side money.. lol

    PSST..."Yeah, the kids and I will be upstate in the middle of nowhere. Follow my car and tell Radar to wire me the money" ;)

  4. I know I am excited about seeing this show when it comes on. I think they are so darn lucky. There is nothing but positive for this trip for the children and Kate. What wonderful memories they are going to have. You will have to tell us what you thought of your trip Baby Mama. For now it's late and time to get some rest. Have a great night.

  5. Thank you Linda, we needed some fresh happy air! For the record I am not writing my comments from my phone anymore. Just read my first post and the phone didn't correct anything. You get where I was going with it though.

  6. Thanks Lexxi for all your great posts!

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  8. Lol, Baby Mama. Google sure stays on topmof things with the web bot. You changed the thread, and Google changed their ad links to include Alaskan cruise deals.

  9. SG,

    Yes we do have different opinions about what a celebrity is. I was going off of the actual definition, to be celebrated or to be famous. I first mentioned that you can become a celebrity through ways other than your career, which may include being a child of a celebrity or through other avenues or life experiences. My original point was that it is valid to say that Kate is a celebrity, and is able to use that celebrity, accept opportunities that she finds appropriate, and go forward to make money for her family.

    To expound upon one example, the Pioneer Woman. I didn't understand your comment about her not being famous for being a pioneer because that's a given, that's just what she calls herself since she was a city girl, headed to law school, then met and married and rancher and moved out to the middle of no where to live her life with him. She started a blog to keep up with family and friends, then things snowballed and she has now printed a cookbook, completed a book tour, was on talk shows, including The View, Good Morning America, and The Bonnie Hunt Show. She is also in the middle of writing another book about her life, which she recently sold the screenplay rights to, and will be made into a movie. So, there you go. She became a celebrity, whether you want to recognize her as one or not, simply by starting a little blog. Now she can take that celebrity and perhaps be approached with more opportunities.

  10. Oh Wow, How awesome for them to go to ALASKA?? How sweet would that be!! Oh how wonderful for them to experience that. So jealous, I hope to one day take my kids to see the world. I love how Kate just doesnt sit at home poolside with her kids. She takes them to amazing places so they can experience things. Just another reason why I love her, inspiring.

  11. Wildchild~ Could I be considered a "Pioneer" Woman? I want to give myself a new name, and that one sounds like a great one. I mean, I am pion-eering this fan movement for this strong woman Kate Gosselin right?

    Would anyone know who I was anymore if I wasn't Baby Mama? Ugh I'm so over it! :)

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  13. I would know you anywhere! Change your name to whatever you want. I'm sure unfortunately that the trolls will still find you. :(

    I am soooo not a cruise person but if I did go on one it would be the Alaska one. Soo cool that the kids got to experience Alaska. Not a lot of kids can say that.

    If this new Ellen chick is legit I am glad. At least the kids will have sorta stable then from Jon's side of the coin but yeah. He totally tips off the paps. He always makes sure he's seen and heard.

    And yes Lexxi I had a blast at GS camp. Worth every sore body part to see the smile on my daughters face. We made hobo pineapple upside down cake in the fire. So yummy!

  14. I envy them this trip. Something my hubby and I always wanted to do and never got to. My dad has been a couple of times and he loved it. Maybe some day I will find me a rich sugar daddy to take me. LOL..Cant wait to see this episode. Hope they are having a wonderful time.

  15. CraftyMom - Glad you are back and had a great time at Scout Camp. Sorry you were under the weather. Will you share the recipe? That's a new one on me.

  16. OK, now I am Jealous too! That was going to be a trip for me but something in the furnace broke and that ate up all my vacation monies, darn it.

    KD - TLC takes the family on trips and pays them their wages to be filmed. Kate gets to pick the appropriate places.

    Great fresh air! I might watch this one, to see the kids.

  17. I'd love to do an Alaskan cruise! I had a friend that went on one with his family when we were maybe 10, and even at 10, he found it absolutely amazing. But that it something so big, it's right up there with Hawaii to us, that'd I'd want to wait until my kids were old enough to enjoy it. (Or I came int a ton of money, and could just go back whenever I want. lol)

  18. sure Linda! Click on my screen name and go to my crafty Kitchens blog. I just posted it there because a friend asked me too and wanted to see my pics. Most of the stuff can be substituted with healthier versions but this version was pretty yummy!

    Caregiver....hope you can go on that vacation some day. Something always needs fixing though huh?

  19. Good morning everyone! Didn't take long for the word to be out on this huh? Just when I think Im trying to be sneaky...AND have the scoop on something...

    When we were planning our vacation my friends were laughing at us. I wanted to take my husband AWAY from sun. Hes not a big beach person. We were literally one of the youngest couples on our ship. But I had this obsession with seeing Sitka Totem National Park. And it was a sight to behold. I even re-admired my mini totem pole I took home last night. I really hope the kids got to go there. Overall if there is a far away place that would be the best experience for the kids, then this is it.

    Jon losing weight, trying to change his image? As always. And at this point with the photos of him only showing up when he's with his kids, I am convinced he calls them to let them know whats up. If you watch the interviews he does, he always seems to personally know them. But we can't knock Jon for wanting some extra cash for date

    Overall, I can't think of a better New York/Alaska combo special to perhaps get the ratings higher. I know I for one can't wait!

  20. SarahRDH~ I forgot to say hi and glad to see you. Yeah, it made me pull out the photo albums. The photos are not on my computer. This was when people just developed photos and put them in albums. For me was only 2 years ago! Its one of those things you always say your going to go back and do, but you never do ..

  21. wildchild,

    I was actually going to drop the whole celebrity thing because I think it's gone way past what my original comment was.

    I didn't mean to argue with you about Pioneer Woman... I actually know nothing about her. I do realize there are different kinds of "celebrities." I know a person can become a celebrity even in a small town. All I'm saying is I don't think that all famous people are celebrities.

    Besides all these opinions about celebrities, etc has gone way off course. I never said Kate wasn't a celebrity. I never said reality stars weren't celebrities. I agree that a lot of reality stars are celebrities now, some started as celebrities first like Brett Michaels, Ozzy Osborne, etc. Others became celebrities after like Jon and Kate.

    I don't think Kevin and Jodi are celebrities and they've had interviews on tv, been on Jon and Kate Plus 8, and even the news and talk shows.

    Regardless, my original comment was "Being a "celebrity" is not a career. You usually become a celebrity due to a career. I'm still lost on the career thing".

    I still don't think that being a celebrity is a career. That was my point by what I said. Most celebrities, besides reality tv celebrities, actually DO something aside from just being the person they are.

    I also said I see nothing wrong with using the "celebrity" to try to support a family.

  22. I'd also like to clarify what I said yesterday.

    I said they are filming the Gosselin kids "throughout their summer vacation." I did not say they were filming them their entire summer vacation. I did not say they were filming them every day. I said throughout. By that I meant a day or two here, a day or two there, during their summer vacation.

    So is TLC filming them in Alaska too?

  23. BabyMama, I just noticed your comment to me on the last thread. LOL, I’d love to see you & your husband spar on national TV. I think it would be a hoot! Anyway, I only brought that up to illustrate to Mary Ann (the newbie) how some women here can identify with Kate, because she asked. I’m well aware of the dynamic you have with your wonderful husband. At least you have an expectation of privacy, though. It’s not like you’re ripping him a new one in front of 10 million viewers. What might have been “comfortable” for Jon & Kate in private went out the window in public.

    Hi KatherineDenise. You said it! There won’t be interest forever. Kate might be taking every gig she can get to earn money right now, but that’s not what I was getting at. It’s her frivolous attitude toward said money. If she truly is trying to “secure the future for her children” as you say, then she’d be better off not blowing it on clothing, shoes, handbags, over-grooming, etc., as if there were no tomorrow. Public opinion comes from what the public sees, and I see her acting like money grows on trees. If she wants that opinion to change, she should *be seen* out in the same pair of shoes a couple of times in a row. It’s all about optics.

  24. So much conversation yesterday. A lot to respond to. So little time...


    Jon and Kate and rumors of cheating and divorce were in the mainstream media and tabloids in March 2009. Jodi and Kevin didn't come forward until May 2009.

    They did their first interview IN RESPONSE to all that was going on with people accusing Jon of cheating. Kate had even been interviewed before that a few times. She did a People interview before Kevin and Jodi went public on radaronline.

    Maybe that was the first time you noticed Jon and Kate in the media, but they were big news before then. They were being discussed on all sorts of media before that.

  25. Linda,

    I felt you were being snarky with me a few times over the past few days. When I said something yesterday this is what I was referring to:

    Linda said...
    Give it up folks, if Schmecky doesn't want to count it, she isn't no matter whom you list. Her privilege. I can think of many, but no point, I guess they wouldn't count either.

  26. KD - TLC takes the family on trips and pays them their wages to be filmed. Kate gets to pick the appropriate places.

    Thats why I said " I love how Kate just doesnt sit at home poolside with her kids. She takes them to amazing places so they can experience things. "

    Did I miss something??

  27. Lori Anne, Ahhh I understand now what you meant by "money grows on trees" Although I still disagree with you. I dont see anything wrong with getting your nails done and buying new clothe. Kate's income is triple mine aaanndd I do those things. You have to remember she shops Ann Taylor and such. As much money as she is bringing in spending $50. on a shirt or $20 to fill in your nails once a month is NOT living beyond your means at all.

  28. I think part of the reason that people comment on Kate spending any money on herself, whether it is clothes, shoes, bags, manis and pedis, etc is that she claims she has to have her children filmed to provide for them.

    People feel that if she didn't spend money on herself that maybe she wouldn't have to continue having her kids filmed.

    Sure, a lot of parents, including myself, spend money on themselves and of course there is nothing wrong with that. The difference is they earn all that money to spend as they choose.

    Kate's children are earning money no matter how you look at it. In essence they are supporting themselves.

    Only 15% of their earnings has to be put away for their future (education etc). The money they earn can also be used toward their current expenses, such as health coverage etc from what I have read.

    I can see how people feel that Kate shouldn't be spending money on herself, if she needs to have her children filmed in order to support them.

    If Kate was the only one being filmed and supporting her children with the money she alone earned people would have no right to question where she spends her money.

  29. Regarding the Alaska trip. I too can't wait to go to Alaska one day. I think going to Alaska would be a great trip for any family.

    I just don't think my daughters are old enough yet to truly appreciate it, but it is on my list for future vacations. I think Mady and Cara might appreciate it but I'm not so sure about the tups.

    My only problem with Alaska is it's cold. I always like to go somewhere warm when I go on vacation. I also can't see taking my kids to Alaska in the middle of summer. They only have two, maybe three months of warm weather all year. I'd probably go in the Fall or early Spring.

  30. Okay, ladies, I'm off for the day. Have a great day everyone!

  31. Good morning Schmecky~ I didn't mean to cut all of you off on your conversation. But I got this great dish that wound up speading in minutes. I deleted my Tweets to get my post up, but the cat was already out of the bag since the photos went public on Alaska TV. The Gosselins can't hide for long! lol

    LoriAnn~ If my crazy family was on TV I would get attacked on blogs probably worse than Kate Gosselin. I have a big loud mouth. Im like a Jill Zarin to her Bobby. I don't know if its more of an East Cost thing or what. My realtionship with my husband was very similar to Jon & Kate. In fact I would watch the show and think nothing of the snarky way Kate talked to her husband. It was only when the blogs were in uproar over things she would say that I would go back to my husband and say.. "the other day, do you remember? I told you to shut up or I was going to use you as a cat tree and scratch your eyes out. I'm sorry, I don't know what got over me!"

    We would laugh about it. He would say.."Dont use the credit card at Bloomingdales again or I'm tying you to tracks in Penn Station." ahh how I love that man.. So to answer your question, the best thing that show did for me was re-evaluate the way I speak to my husband. We went to Mall of America and were were yelling over the kids.. well, away from New York people didnt seem to get it and they looked at us like we were

    FYI..Stick around after this Summer. When Kate interwiews again on "Living The Dream, Moms Radio" to promote "Twist of Kate", I will be on as a guest as well. You will get to hear my big mouth in all its glory.

  32. Schmecky - Hopefully you will see this later today. Hon, that wasn't being snarky. You are a vet strong willed woman and there is nothing wrong with that. When you've made up your mind about something, be it definition of a word (fan or celebrity) you are not going to budge. That is your privilege. I remember directly quoting three different dictionary definitions once and still you stood firm. That is your privilege, again. Sometimes I feel you cone in here with goal of re-educating all of us in our positions which we are entitled to and hold equally firm. My point was that you had made up your mind, your position was firm, and for people new to you, it's better to just move on. I'd say, scroll on by, like I used to say, but I don't have scroll bars any more on this blog.

  33. Dang I wanted the computer this very morning. To correct the many typos/word changes to Schmecky:
    Vet=very, cone=come -- sorry that's all I can fix since I hit return and now I have script under script and I'm typing blind again. Sorry folks. Maybe oneday....

  34. Does anybody know if this scrolling, double text issue is just a problem on this style format, with blogger, or just the iPhone? I have scroll bars and can hit return on Crafty Mom's site, but I don't think that is blogger. Maybe it's just me, if so my apologies to all. It can be beyond annoying.

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  36. Linda I think it might be your phone. I don't have those problems on my Droid. The only problem I have had lately is getting the comment box to load when there's high traffic on the blog. On my kitchens site I don't have a floating layout....maybe the iPhone doesn't like the floating! LOL

  37. CraftMom~ What is a floating layout..what I have now? Once I got rid of the videos on the site and made my pics smaller, it really seemed to help getting the site ot load faster. Is anyone having problems still with the site taking too long to load? Someone just asked m e the other day if I was going to go back to the old format any time soon. Does anyone else miss the old purple and green? I feel like we all can get used the serene of the blue! I find it more peaceful, but yeah it takes getting used to!

    As always, if anyone ever has suggestions for the site please e-mail me!

  38. I like the new layout! The floating happens when you put the pictures in the background. I have the same design in orange but solid color instead of a pattern. I have heard that the iPhone has trouble with layers on webpages.

    IMO with the new header and site design it makes your blog stand out in a unique way. It's eye catching and the loading problem is blogger. It's why I have my main blog self hosted. There's nothing you can do about it if you want to keep good content on here! ;)

  39. And, I came back. Thank you everyone who responded to my question. You gave me new perspectives. Not only am I filled up with Kate news, I have learned that I don't want an iPhone. You ladies deserve a great day.

  40. Mary Ann - I've had an iPhone since the very first one and loved it until recently. The self correction was a nuisance but manageable. This last upgrade is driving me nuts though. In it's efforts to correct it goes about 3 steps too far particularly with certain words, like substituting live for love. I like many of the features (better than other cell phones I've had) but auto spell is junk.

  41. I hope you don't mind BabyMama but I would like to address a couple of comments made here by a couple of people. When I see some of these people criticizing Kate for spending money on, clothes, shoes, hair, nails or whatever and they say Kate is using the kids money I have to take issue with that. First of all Kate is also participating on the show so just like the children she deserves a portion of what is made from TLC. Second is that Kate also has her own money she makes and is getting residuals on a continuous bases. Don't forget Kate earns her own money from appearances on interviews and like her appearance on DWTS. Kate also gets money from her book sales. How much that all adds up to I haven't a clue nor is it any of my business.

    My point is that Kate has in fact earned her own money from appearances, her own involvement on the Kate plus 8 show and from the sales on her books. So yes it does bother the living heck out of me when some of these people bring up a comment that Kate is using the kids money on herself for the little luxuries in life like her clothes, shoes, hair, etc. She may be taking in a tidy sum so she has every right to spend it on herself or anything she feels fit to spend it on. Kate has stated numerous times that she also contributes to the kids trusts more than what is set like the 15%. Kate has stated on numerous occasions that both Jon and her have put in a good amount of money on top of what is required.

  42. I feel it's horribly wrong to be an outsider and judge Kate for what she may or may not spend on herself. Just because she may be dressed in a different outfit or a different pair of shoes does not mean she is spending an outrageous amount on herself. We see some pictures from her life but not all of it (thank heavens) so to look at just photos and claim they haven't seen the shoes before or the outfit doesn't mean she went out and bought a new outfit every time her photograph is taken. Kate also doesn't appear to be shopping at the super luxurious stores so what she is spending should not be considered wasteful or any other term that is used.

    Who the heck are these people that feel they need to judge this mother as being wasteful & frivolous? The other comment that makes me see red is that in their opinion they don't feel Kate is working for it. This is also one of the most ridiculous statements any have made. If you think that Kate isn't working when she appears on various shows you don't have a clue, and when Kate plays a major part in all aspects of the shows and that's not considered work besides caring for the kids, household, financials etc, well sorry but these people are flat out crazy.

    We are outsiders in this family's lives and to judge every aspect of Kate's appearance, her words, her actions, and yes her personality traits is so wrong on every level. Basically it's nobody's business and Kate has every right to raise her own family and make her own decisions and those that criticize her, can say what they want because in the end it's Kate's life and her children's lives and nobody has the right to tell her what she can and can't do. As long as the children are healthy, happy and get a good education and from what I've seen extremely polite and delightful children and to claim to for see into the future that any of these children will suffer from the filming is nothing more than some people acting like doomsayers who say the end of the world is coming and just like those doomsayers the ones that judge Kate, Jon and the children are nothing more than doomsayers who claim the children will get into trouble or have problems in the future and I have no use for people who think nothing but negative. I would prefer to live my life on the upbeat and positive as I'm sure most people do.

    As far as Kevin & Jodi I don't understand those that defend them since so much of what they have put out there are downright lies or an extreme exaggeration of the truth and if you decide you want to support them, that's your right but my family has been in a very similar situation so I know how Kate feels when a family member you were once close to turns against other family members and the reason is pure and simply greed. My heart goes out to Kate because you've been in her shoes you haven't got a clue how it feels to have a once beloved family member turn against you strictly out of greed. The fact is that much of what Jodi and Kevin have stated have been untrue or grotesque exaggeration of the truth and I have a right to feel like it boomeranged the whole Gosselin sage into a whole different media frenzy which was on every level wrong.

    As for the trip to Alaska I'm thrilled for Kate and the kids. Who cares who paid for it? It's a wonderful experience and one they won't ever forget.

    This is how I feel deep in my heart and I know there will be a few strong comebacks but there is no point in addressing it further because they have their point of view and I have mine. I repsect their point of view and I have a right to my opinion so no further ridiculous discussing needs to be made.

  43. I love the blog layout Baby Mama; better than the green. I think it's great! I've been trying to think of a new screen name for you, but alas, I think you'll be Baby Mama no matter what! Lol, just a funny thought. Remember when the haters thought we were the same person.

  44. My daughter is 9 years old today!!! My oh my, how time flies!!
    I cannot wait for the Alaska episode! Saw the pics, they look like their having fun!! <3

  45. BabyMama you've done a wonderful job with your blog. I love how it looks. Be proud of it. I build my own retail web site some years back and I have fun changing it from time to time to give it a new look. There isn't much you can do to make it load faster. It's usually active scripts like the ads that use flash and the number of photos that are on the site that determines how fast it loads. Patience is the key here because to make it load any quicker would take away the "personality" of you site so don't worry you've done a great job and I wouldn't make any changes except if you get bored and want to play with different backgrounds once in awhile. The layout is great you are using. The longer you are at it. being a webmaster it's called,the more fun you have with your site. It's all a learning process. I need to get back to mine soon and give it a new look.

    Heck I would love an IPhone but it's still a relatively new technology and I wait a year or two before I will venture into a new product. There is usually too darn many bugs in a new form of technology so I will wait until it stabilize.

    A new screen name Baby Mama? Oh but you have the best one and I can't think of anything better. It's your choice of course but I do love your current nick.

  46. As long as I scooped it before Radar FYI I had the story and the photos first. Just want to clarify!

    PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin & Kids In Alaska Filming Kate Plus 8

    Watch-out Sarah Palin - there's a new star in town because Kate Gosselin has been spotted in Alaska, and has the photos. The famous reality TV mom had gone AWOL in recent days sparking Internet rumors that she has had some plastic surgery and gone into hiding.

    Now has obtained brand new pictures of the mom-of-eight walking around Palin’s home state. On Wednesday, Kate and her kids visited the Alaskan Ivory Exchange where you can buy unusual collectible pieces of art ranging from antlers and authentic jewelry to walrus and whale carvings. has learned Kate and her brood made the trip to America’s largest state to film some footage for her Kate Plus 8 reality show for TLC. While Kate and her kids where away, their stay-at-home dad Jon Gosselin Tweeted on his account: Just spoke with my kids. miss them a lot. Don’t have custody this week or weekend so just plan to relax with @ellen_ross1

    While Kate has not found any long-term boyfriend since she divorced Jon, he has enjoyed a series of affairs with younger women.

  47. Baby Mama said... I told you to shut up or I was going to use you as a cat tree and scratch your eyes out.

    Bwahahaha!!! Oh my gosh, my husband would have a kitten if I ever said anything like that to him! The "shut up" would be enough since when we were dating we agreed never to say that to each other. Sometimes I regret agreeing to that since I grew up saying "shut up" and when I get super furious with him saying "be quiet" just doesn't have the same effect and doesn't make me feel like I've gotten things out like a good ol' fashion "SHUT UP!" ;) Oh, to live on the east coast!

    Baby Mama said...When Kate interviews again on "Living The Dream, Moms Radio" to promote "Twist of Kate", I will be on as a guest as well. You will get to hear my big mouth in all its glory.

    Congrats! That is so fabulous! Is that what you were alluding to on a previous thread when you mentioned something about having a career dream and it happening to you right now? What are you overall hopes for your career if I am not being too personal. I am a SAHM and know that at some point I will most likely need to get back out there but I never had a career and I love to hear about other peoples dreams. It motivates and encourages me to dream as well.:)

  48. Alaska sounds like a fun trip! That will be a fun show to watch!

    No offense, but being the "editor" type person that I am, it drives me nuts to read comments by people using iPhones. Like LO recommends, I scroll past... and not because I'm bored with the comment.

    BM - thank you for encouraging people to be "nice" to one another here. Seriously, just like no one here knows Kate, nor do we know one another. And from personal experience, I realize how easily people can be mis-read by the words they write.

    LO, it seems that you and SG used to have a pretty decent online relationship but it's coming across as though you have zero tolerance for her comments these days. I know SG is not a fan and still am confused why she hangs out here and I will debate her points, but to personally attack people is not good practice.

    As for Kate's choice to glam up, I have my personal opinions about it but I know plenty of women who get manis, pedis and name brand clothing and then complain that they don't have enough money for other things so...

    These days I don't feel that Kate can "relate" to the average woman, regardless of how many children they do or don't have, but I do admire her gumption to achieve what she wants to.

  49. Baby Mama said...
    As long as I scooped it before Radar FYI I had the story and the photos first. Just want to clarify!
    You were without a doubt the first one to report the story. Poor ROL just loves to think they were on top of things except they weren't this time. They've been concentrating on the Mel G story which has crashed their site a number of times and it's still not fixed. I personally think there is another side of the truth on this Mel G story but it's not something I even care to discuss as I think much of it is a bunch of bull. Some truth, some lies. I had no idea until the other day that ROL is also owned by the Star and the Inquirer magazines. Just another gossip site that spins it's tales for drama.

    I thought that Jon has visitation rights not custody. Am I wrong? I seriously doubt that Kate is even ready for a boyfriend right now as it takes time to get over the media frenzy their divorce became and besides I think that Kate has more than enough on her plate to handle right now so a boyfriend would just complicate it further. It takes time to heal from any life changing event. I know I'm going through a major one of my own. It's going to take years for me personaly to deal with my own unexpected life changes. And as they say it comes in spades so it's been one major event on top of another. Blogging is a way to take my mind off my own problems so thank you for being here Baby Mama.

  50. Set in the Cleft said...
    I'm pretty new to this particular blog but just from what I have seen here in the short time and seeing SG on another site I think sometimes there is a time to let go of something and when a person won't state their opinion and then keeps arguing the same things over and over and won't let it go, a person just starts to get frustrated when someone comes in and keeps almost and I said "almost" baiting for more discussion from an old thread. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and I seriously doubt anyone is going to change their opinion based on another's firm belief so it gets to a point where someone has to let it go. For instance if something has been brought up on a previous story I will try and just forget about it and concentrate on the new one. That way the same unending discussion can just be over with. I'm sure although I don't know Baby Mama that well, but she would appreciate everyone just sticking to the story at hand and let the old stuff from the previous thread go.

  51. Set in the Cleft -- one line from you that made total sense to me. What I would have said, if I had thought of it. I don't think that Kate relates to regular people anymore. She did -- in the beginning. But, the life experiences that she has had for the last few years have put her in a totally different place from the rest of us. Maybe "fortunate" for her, maybe not if she has lost touch with normal.

  52. wildchild said----
    Thank you for the compliment and now I do understand why some discussion needs to be brought over. I just for myself will try and let it go and start afresh.

    I can still relate to Kate though as in the end she is still a mother and there are a few of her other situations that I can totally identify with. In the end I still just think of her as a divorced mother which is a new experience for her and while I'm not divorced I can relate to her more than ever now when you suddenly find you are responsible for all the details of running a home where before you had a partner that handled many of those tasks you now have to learn. As a mother I can totally relate to her as no matter what Kate is a mother and will always be one so that part of her hasn't changed. I also can relate with some of her family problems and I for one won't judge her because I too have had some of the similar things happen and dealing with those issues alone can be really tough. I just know that nobody should judge a person unless they know all the ins and outs of the situation. Each person is different.

  53. **Who the heck are these people that feel they need to judge this mother as being wasteful & frivolous?**

    Lexxi, wow, I’d love to have you on my side of the debating team! I was not the one who said Kate is spending “the kids’ money” but I did say it appears she is wasting money. I’m giving you the “Haterz” point of view now because I still read one of those blogs. Here goes:

    (Part one) Even when she earns it herself she would not be in a position to earn said money without the kids. i.e., had she not had 6 babies all at the same time she would be an obscure Pennsylvania housewife whom no one would have heard of. So in essence, all of her income can be attributed to the kids, therefore belongs to the kids.

    (Part two) She often says things like she’s not financially set / the kids’ college funds are not set / her legal bills are not paid off, etc., etc. If that stuff is none of our business then she should keep it to herself. The minute she offered up her personal financial info was the same minute the public started offering their opinions on how she should or should not spend her money. So Lexxi, please stop seeing red. Kate invited the public into her life and yes, some will judge her, it comes with the territory. End of Haterz rant :)

  54. Set in the Cleft, I agree with Mary Ann. Excellent post!!

  55. Let's just say that I totally disagree Lori Anne with both A and B but honestly both points are so ridiculous to me that anyone could think that way that it's just not worth debating to me. Everyone starts out somewhere in their career or life so does that mean that the money they earn from those whether it's children, family, fellow workers, friends, etc owes for the rest of their lives to those that in the beginning of their career that person or persons their financial future is just such completely crazy thinking to me.
    Second, just because a person for whatever reason says something publicly that gives everyone else the right to invade their live from that point on is another totally crazy idea. It's just too darn crazy to debate either idea but let's just agree to disagree.

  56. I think LoriAnne made a lot of sense. Commenting is not necessarily judging. There was a time when Kate asked people for donations to help her support her children. She used tax dollars to help care for her children. I think she opened the door for people's opinions. And this site is a place where they can be shared.

  57. I don't usually get involved in these debates because they seem to go nowhere and make people upset but based on that kind of thinking I apparently owe my kids 15% because I have my job because its at their school. Or because I make commission off of their friends moms who buy Tupperware from me...

    I think its starting to cross a line when we are judging how a mom spends money on herself.

  58. I would bet 95% of the heartache about her spending money on herself is that she goes to the press and talks about being poor and unable to pay her bills and that the kids don't have enough in their college fund. If she wants to spend $$ on herself that is fine, but she'll be criticized for the perceived frivolous spending when she complains she "has bills in her purse she cannot pay." (Today show)

  59. Some of the haterz comments are so inane I really wonder how they find their way home at the end of the day. Geez - uh, how about thinking! Kate had a job before the kids were even a thought in heaven. Jon, sometimes had a job.

    Kate supported herself before the twins and is certainly entitled to an earned income. The fact that she is paid to stay home, is greatly to her benefit. But, I'd have to say it is greatly to the kids benefit also. She could be a nurse doing 12 hour shifts on a lot less money with the kids seeing little of her.

    The kids are helping to produce some of the income at present, but that doesn't mean 100% of the income should go to the kids.

    While Kate had an income and career before the kids, the children had no life without their parents. The Gs chose to avoid selective reduction and to trust that all would survive.

    Jon sometimes had a job. He excelled at getting fired for a variety of reasons. That's his problem.

    To say that any money Jon has is his alone to spend however he wants, but any money Kate has should go 100% to the children is just crazy.

  60. Half truths - if they must be discussed here again let's do it one point at a time. If you are doing the posts just to stir controversy, please go somewhere else. If you really don't know, then let's discuss it once more.

    Yes, the Gosselins asked for contributions. BUT, they were asked to speak at churches and conventions. The Gosselins chose to accept whatever donations were made instead of giving a set fee for being there. Would you be willing to go to work today, put in your hours and trust your boss to pay you a fair salary and then accept whatever amount that chose to be? I doubt it.

    They could have said, our fee is $2500 per appearance or $5000 per appearance or even $10K per appearance. All of those amounts I have seen quoted by people appearing in churches, etc. Instead, they chose to accept whatever amount was given. That is TRUST!. They could have received $200, $2000, or $20,000. So for goodness sake, please don't say, "They asked for contributions and begged." Please tell the WHOLE story. "They made public appearances at the request of churches, etc. and chose to accept as payment whatever offerings were given. They did not solicit churches to give testimony. In every case, they were contacted by churches, (and a few community groups) and asked to appear."

    If I hear that half truth once more, I think I'll just scream.

    They were also repeatedly asked if they had pictures of themselves. So, yes, they had some printed and these were sold and sometimes autographed. NO ONE forced anyone to buy them, NO ONE put any pressure on people in attendance to pay for them. If you've ever been to a church where groups came in like this, they usually have cassettes, DVDs, books, etc. that are available for purchase. NO ONE puts pressure to people to buy them. NO ONE puts pressure on any one in attendance to contribute X amount of dollars.

  61. Next let's discuss that statement, one more time, that Kate brought this on herself because she said she was broke.

    Please go back and look at the dates. Kate's statement was to the effect of: "Jon has taken our money from the account and left just a small amount there."

    Remember?? Jon lied and denied it, producing withdrawal statements, etc. Remember also how the judge ruled? That Jon had to make substantial repayments to the account for withdrawals that he had no legal right to make.

    Kate said, "Jon has withdrawn the money on which I was to pay our expenses."

    Imagine if you will - Kate is very organized. She is the one who paid the monthly bills and accounts. She has an account, discussed with the court, from which tuition, food, doctor bills, clothing, etc. - i.e. all of the household bills are to be paid. Then she finds out the account has been emptied. Can ;you imagine the panic and fear?

    I'm sure she had money in savings, bonds, stocks, or other investments. That money is for the future. She, along with Jon, the attorneys, etc. have agreed that THIS account is for paying the children's expenses and household bills. And now it is pretty much EMPTIED!

    Since that time, the divorce and financial settlements have been made. The former house has been sold. Kate has had an additional book issued. She has made a dozen or so public appearances where she receives a set fee. She has done appearances on the View for which she was paid. She has hosted evening entertainment style programs. She has hosted interviews on DWTS. She has appeared on DWTS. She has done promos for TLC. She has done additional K+8 for TLC. The last one, the kids get a portion of, and rightfully so. All of the others, if we judge by the same rules applied to Jon, --all of the others produced income that is Kate's!!!

    The children are adorable and I love seeing them. It was, however, the interaction of Kate with the children that continued to keep my interest. It is Kate's personality, like it or hate it, that has drawn the attention.

    Nobody makes networks pay Kate to be on things such as DWTS, the View, E!, etc. It is her DRAW that gets them to ask her to appear. If you don't like her, for goodness sake, don't watch! Please don't complain that you don't like her, etc. etc. and then spend part of your life watching the program, the internet, the magazines, so you can go online and complain!

    I get very frustrated with that attitude. There are many places where you can go and complain. This is a FAN site. Why would you be here if you are NOT a fan? Would you go to Disney sites and write in to say, "I just hate all Disney movies, Disney characters, Disney parks, etc!" A normal response would be, "Then don't watch, don't go there, stay home and be happy!"

    Okay, off my soap box again. I've been around here for several years. I've been brave enough to actually post for a year. Periodically we have people who drop in to "educate" us as to how stupid we are for liking Kate or to tell us how much they "hate" her. Please, we feel the way we do from our own free will.

  62. The appearances I see on K+8 show kids that seems happy, loved, and having a good time. I really do not think there is a way on this earth that you could get 8 kids to interact pleasantly if they did not want to do it.

    Occasionally we see one that doesn't want to do something, you see Kate's hand go up and the crew backs off, and the focus shifts. Sometimes one of the tups or twins doesn't want to do something, and you see them off to the side doing something else.

    Next time you hear anybody say that Kate Gosselin is forcing the kids to do something they do not want to do, I ask you to please invite them to tune in to Toddlers and Tiaras. There you can watch first hand young children giving active voice to "I don't want to do it!!!!!!" And usually it is voiced quite loudly. The cameras follow the kids for weeks while they get ready and then the dates of the competition (usually a Saturday and Sunday, or a Fridayevening + Saturday, etc.) Over and over you hear the kids screaming, "I want to go home! I don't want to do this!" I don't see any protests launched about this.

    I have one who would gladly appear in front of any camera on any stage at any opportunity. That's her personality. Weekly, at least, we all are "invited" along with neighbors, to sit and watch her latest drama or production. I have another child who would throw up over everyone in attendance if asked to be on stage. Getting him onstage to receive a certificate, etc. is quite a chore. These are two extremes.

    In the Gosselins' case, they have "scripting" to decide where they are going, arrange permits to shoot in public or private places, make travel arrangements, etc. I do not for one moment believe the kids are told what to say once they arrive at a destination. I just don't think you could get them to all do it! They are getting paid to take trips, play at home, or do other activities where they are just themselves. If the cameras "poke" in areas such as the little houses, garage, etc. where the kids don't want to be seen, you even see the kids raise their hands and you see the filming stopped.

    Our kids (minus one!) would have a ball doing this. I think most would. Large families are going to be pointed at regardless. They get paid for playing.

    Kate shops at Target, Ann Taylor Loft, etc. She isn't shopping on 5th Avenue in NY. She gets her nails and a pedi done. Where I live that is $22 and needs to be repeated about every 3 weeks. That's pretty cheap entertainment. I swear I think there are some people that would not be happy unless Kate looked like a ragamuffin, was 50 lbs. overweight, wore clothes from second hand stores, and packed all 9 of them in two rooms in a ghetto. They'd also want Kate working at McDonald's or other minimum wage establishment or living in a homeless shelter. Here's a woman who worked to see herself through part of her schooling. She loves children. She wants to succeed and get ahead. She makes few remarks about her ex (I think most would rant a bunch more given some of his stunts). Let's cheer her success. Let's cheer that her children are doing well. If you want her children to avoid filming then cheer Kate in other ways such as A Twist of Kate or through other venues. Let's stop beating up the woman and hope that she succeeds in many ventures in many ways, perhaps tv. And if you don't like her, then don't watch!

  63. I have only been here a few days. Most of what I read was very reasonable. I haven't seen any suggestion that we should hate Kate or that the regular contibuters are stupid. One of the reason I was glad to find this site is that there is warmth and kindness and sharing of thoughts. Who upset you so much?

  64. Dawn said...
    I would bet 95% of the heartache about her spending money on herself is that she goes to the press and talks about being poor and unable to pay her bills and that the kids don't have enough in their college fund. If she wants to spend $$ on herself that is fine, but she'll be criticized for the perceived frivolous spending when she complains she "has bills in her purse she cannot pay." (Today show)

    OMG!! It is totally unfair to take one specific instance and damn her in this way. You know just as well as I do WHY she was talking about her finances. Someone took $230,000. and I repeat $230,000. of money that was there for household expences. This was during their divorce. To say she constantly gripes about how 'poor' she is, yeah right!!

    If you dont like her then why are you commenting about her??

    I would just like to add that I too didnt watch for the kids, I watched and LOVED Kate, her humor, personality and energy, still to this day. I would watch her anywhere no matter if the kids were there or not.

  65. Lori Anne,
    Even when she earns it herself she would not be in a position to earn said money without the kids. i.e., had she not had 6 babies all at the same time she would be an obscure Pennsylvania housewife whom no one would have heard of. So in essence, all of her income can be attributed to the kids, therefore belongs to the kids

    NO, I disagree. This is a women who was BLESSED with 6 children at one time. They were asked to film specials of thier unique situation. Are the kids cute, absolutly. This show would not be where it is today if it werent for KATE. Ha, just look around the web and see what people talk about "KATE" All everyone would be saying is, "Did you remember those people with sextuplets" As so many in the past had unique situations. NO, this show is where it is because of Kate's personality. Even if people dont like her they still talk about her. Thats why it is so successful IMO

  66. LoriAnn~ I'm sorry but 100% disagree also. There are many instances nowadays where everyone & their mother are getting some reality TV gig. Yes Kate got on TV because of her kids, but there was never any show without Kate. And now there is a reality show now for practically everything. And what if someone had contacted her not for the kids, but lets say the struggle being a mom and having a nursing job, or a marriage-realted show, would that have made a difference? Her income is only partly attributed to the kids. And in NO WAY would or should all her money belong to the kids.

    I constantly wonder what I would do if I was Kate and someone was telling me how my money should be applied to me. Id probably be going all Wolverine on them again. Why is it so important that everyone knows what is given to her kids? How would you feel if you were being told by blogs what to do with your money. I think if it like that.

  67. Angelsmama~ I am so happy to see you again! Thanks for coming to post. My comments to my husband were to be used as an example of other types of relationships. It works for us. We love each other very much, but I don't play when it comes to my words. But when you see yourself on TV, ANYONE would step back and perhaps think about how words that normally don't affect us, would affect or even offend others who watched us.

    And my career, well I am offically going back to school in Spetember, but not for Radio. Although that would be a dream come true, its not where my career is headed. Nina already had too many women that day to have me on the show. But I will be on when Kate does interviews to promote Twist of Kate whenever that comes on. I was already promised a spot which I hope to hog up with my big Diva mouth lol

  68. Baby Mama, OMG!
    I just had to scroll past all of Linda's post. The debate goes on,and on, & on some more! Lexxi doesn't want any more responses, so I guess she is done debating.


    Guess what I did today? Those darn kids are so addicting that I couldn't resist watching your You Tube Pics. Who cares if they get ratings or not, I like seeing the kids in action. TX, and how did you get the scope first about Alaska? Do you have an in with TLC too? LOL!

  69. CraftyMom, Linda, Katherine and BabyMama it amazes me how much we think alike and have the same opinions. I agree with everything you have said 100%. I have to also agree with another comment in that I love watching Kate's children on the show as they are so adorable but I too watch the show BECAUSE of Kate. I love her dry sense of humor, her organizational skills, her determinations and yes I even love her Type A personality.

    Oh my my daughter in law is a Type A and so is my son and if you think Kate is fussy and demanding you haven't seen a solid Type A personality because both my family members make Kate look so much more normal because if you think Kate is obsessive you haven't met my family. It's to such an extreme it makes me laugh that people are that fussy. I used to be that way so it proves you can change but a good friend made a valid point to me one time that my whole life was spent cleaning, organizing to the point of being obsessive and as she saw it I was wasting my life because I wasn't having any fun out of life because I never had time to go out and have fun. Somehow that hit home and I learned to back off of the things that don't really matter but now I want some of that back because I need to learn a middle ground because I became not fussy enough. So I'm still learning that there is a middle ground. I don't see where at this point in her life Kate should change too much because she desperately needs some of those obsessive traits because she does have eight children to manage. It would turn into a crazy house if she changed as much as I did. Now I'm fighting to get back to the middle ground of it. So basically I not only watch the children on the show but I love watching Kate because while some may criticize her for her fussiness I know what it's like on the other side if you let it go completely. I also love it when Kate makes me laugh with her dry wit and sense of humor.

    I'm just glad that I'm not under a microscope for everything I say, even if I said it only one time, and do because that would drive me crazy if everyone judged me by any of that, what I buy, where I go and the way I lead my life. Kudos to Kate because she is where she needs to be and the kids are proof that she and Jon have done a wonderful job.

    BabyMama I do think allot like you. I put myself in Kate's shoes and think of how I would feel if everyone else told me how to live my life. I had a recent life crisis and I had others making decisions for me and telling me what to do and what not to do and my only defense is that I was in shock and unable to make my own decisions. Even though I couldn't help it, some of the decisions made by others on my behalf and some of the things that were done were so wrong for me and I wish that I had been in a better frame of mind to just say no and stick to my guns. This isn't to blame anyone because they thought they had my best interest at heart but when one is in shock you just can't handle the simplest things at that time. It is just what fate has handed out so now I have to deal with it and still deal with being in shock and still trying to make the right decisions for me and not what others want for me.

  70. caregiver that only reason is because I feel the debate will go on and on without ending and it has to end somewhere. Nobody is going to change their mind and one has to believe in their own convictions. I just feel that sometimes you can beat something to death and in the end it won't change anything. When it comes to another person's life we all have a right to our opinion but it does get to the point of being flat out ridiculous. Now I will probably be done for the day as we have three storms coming in from different directions so I always shut the computer down. I already lost one brand new piece of computer component from a lightning storm the other night. No rain but lots of lightning that blew out my new printer, scanner, fax machine because I left it on. Darn surge protector didn't work! The manufacturer said I should just shut off the electronics when one of those come in but luckily they are sending me a new one. Yea! I just hope we get some rain this time. We need it desperately.

  71. Wow I'm so happy for them! It sounds like it will be a great trip. A family member went on a cruise in Alaska last summer and the pictures alone were amazing. Should be a fun episode to watch too!

    I completely agree with Baby Mama and Katherine Denise on the subject of who the money should belong to. Yes the kids are adorable and they are sextuplets to boot, but Kate is the one with the personality. Like everyone says "you either love her or hate her" but either way you watch. That's where the viewers come from, and that's how they make money. Of course the kids deserve their fair share, but Kate does too.

  72. Whoa everybody...I was only posting "haterz" views to play devil's advocate to Lexxi. Those were arguments I'd heard at other sites. Yes, I agree Kate shopped the networks for their show, hence she is somewhat of an entrepreneur. There would be no show without Kate, I get that. But guess what? There would be no show without the kids either.

    Thanks to all for your points of view, this has been an awesome debate, but I'm done now. I'm amazed that so many intelligent women can have completely different opinions!

    BabyMama, this is the best blog going!

  73. Good luck with your future radio interview, Baby Mama. Do you have a projected air date yet for Twist of Kate?

  74. BabyMama. I've gone from a Kate fan to a BabyMama fan.

    What is this radio thing you're referring to? How can I hear it? When is the next interview?

    Geez, Lady. You've become so POPULAR I can't keep up anymore.

    ps. Please say there is nothing political in the Alaska trip.

  75. My reading other blogs and sites is limited. Has anybody seen an airfare for the next Kate+8 special? I just asked Baby Mama about Twist of Kate. Strange that TLC isn't promoting any of the summer shows much even the Gosselin ones. Weird since they ran that whole series of summer ones in June. Or, am I just missing them?

  76. Shoot. I meant air date not air fare. Guess I was dreaming about Alaska. Baby Mama, I wish you'd do a whole sidebar about more of your Alaska trip. Sounds like so much fun.

  77. Linda~Hello! I actually went and scanned a few pics tonight. I didnt have a digital camera 2 years ago, I have one now. I will show a few to you if you want!

    Tashapork~ Where have you been? lol ;) Are you my new Farmville friend yet? lol below is the link to the radio interview. When you go on the site it's on the right. Did you see when I posted it on my blog? Can't wait till she has Kate on again!

  78. Lori Anne, It's not nice to bait. I know maybe you thought it was all in fun but the baiting gets so old. I'm surprised you would even admit that's what you did.

    Linda I haven't seen a word of when any of the future shows will air. Many of the networks are not posting their air times too much ahead of time any longer because it seems they like to change things around too often. Especially during the summer season as there are so much experimental shows on the air to get a feel as to whether there will be an audience of not for a series. At least there are new shows during the summer months now. I remember a time when it was nothing but reruns and TV was so boring during the summer.

    Oh no not Farmville! It drove me crazy as so many people get obsessed with it so I deleted the app because of the constant requests and gifts. I just don't play games that often. My idea of playing a game is the casinos. My husband always swore that I would be like the woman in that one movie something like Lost in America where the wife lost everything they owned on a motor home trip to Vegas. Shhhhhh! It came close a couple of times because I do get caught up in the moment. I never dared tell him I got a little carried away. It's a good thing I won it all back plus more. LOL

    Congratulations Baby Mama on getting on radio.

  79. It is interesting that Sarah Palin is spending time with Kate and the kids. Good for them.

    I do not understand the logic of some of the arguments against Kate here. I completely understand the debate on her personality - while I see strengths and weaknesses in it, I do understand how some only see the negative side of her personality. However, it seems to me that some people take their dislike of Kate and condemn her for things that are viewed as routine and unremarkable in others.

    1) Career determined by kids she has means she doesn't deserve the money she earns.

    I have a friend who's career path came about because she has a son who is austistic. She was an accountant and now is a special education teacher. Does that mean she deserves none of the money she earns because she would not have that career if she did not have her child?

    2) Kids are exploited if they contribute anything to the lifestyle they enjoy.

    My parents wanted us to go to a private high school which they could not afford. We had to use our after school job money to pay the tuition - it was for our benefit and I never felt exploited. Kids have contributed to family businesses and economic welfare for centuries. If Kate was living the high life while the kids were living in a shack, going to the cheapeast school possible and wearing rags, I might by the exploitation argument. The kids are benefiting from the family "job."

  80. Lexxi I did not "bait". I stand by my belief that Kate wastes a lot of money. I only used extreme views to help you understand what is being perceived by the non-Kate fans since you were so adamant in the opposite view. Hopefully you gained some insight and can now be a little more tolerant. I've gained a ton of positive perspective by reading this blog. I see plenty of negative Jon comments here (and I love Jon) but I bite my tongue. Think of this as a community where different views are embraced and celebrated. Have a great day Lexxi.

  81. Baby Mama - I am just getting to "know" you by reading new and older posts. My first impression was that you were a spinning-on-the mountain-top joyful person with strong maternal instincts. Then you upended me with another side of yourself when you discussed your relationship with your husband. I had to incorporate the "cat scratching post and shut up" into my impression. A bit of thought -- and this is where I arrived. I recalled the personality of Rosanne on her sitcom. That family flung wretched remarks all over each other. But, I laughed. Just like I laughed at you cat scratch comment. So, I "hear" you like I heard her -- with a warm love underneath the harsh words. I bet you know (and your husband knows) that you have each other's back at all times. I am very much enjoying the blog you created. In a few short days, I am hooked. Thank you.

  82. Baby Mama - I'd love to see photos from your Alaska trip. Thanks!

  83. PAR said...
    I have a friend who's career path came about because she has a son who is austistic. She was an accountant and now is a special education teacher. Does that mean she deserves none of the money she earns because she would not have that career if she did not have her child?
    That's not exactly the same. It would be different if she used her son IN her career... Maybe dragging him everywhere as an example in her case studies. Using private moments of her son on video. Following him with cameras everywhere at home and his vacations. That would make it different to me. If she used her own personal experiences as a mother of an autistic child only then I could see your point. I don't think the example is comparable.

  84. Par - Where did you hear that Sarah Palin was spending time with Kate and the kids? I don't see it on this thread!

  85. Linda,
    I apologize if it seems I'm not willing to accept your dictionary definitions for certain terms. I actually have great respect for dictionaries and I would never dismiss their definitions. However, sometimes a word or term is more than just it's "definition."

    My issues with the term "single mom" (whether never married, divorced or widowed) is with the connotation of the term single mom.

    Yes, I realize that someone that is "divorced" is also a "single mom," however, I PERSONALLY feel that using the term single mom comes with a certain connotation... Someone that is raising their children with no help, physically, emotionally or financially from the children's father.

    Some single moms that raise their children completely without the help of their father are offended by that. Some aren't. I'm actually not a single mom in any way, shape or form but I could understand those that are offended by Kate referring to herself as a single mom.

  86. caregiver,

    A "source" told InTouch Weekly:

    Forget ex-husband Jon — Kate Gosselin could rename her TLC hit Sarah & Kate Plus 8! In Touch can exclusively reveal that Kate and her brood have traveled to Alaska with cameras in tow to meet up with the northern state’s most famous resident, Sarah Palin. “Sarah, Kate and the kids will go camping,” a source says, adding that Sarah’s father, a retired science teacher, and brother, a third-grade educator, will conduct a hands-on natural history lesson for 9-year-old twins Mady and Cara, and 6-year-old sextuplets Aaden, Joel, Collin, Leah, Hannah and Alexis. A mother of a big family herself, former vice presidential candidate Sarah is thrilled about the upcoming visit. “She’s excited because it will be fun and educational for the children. Sarah will even teach Kate how to avoid bears!” the insider adds.

  87. So how did the pap(s) from INF Daily get all the way to Alaska?

  88. Tx SG, sounds like it will fun. Also, a good way for Palin to keep her name in the news, and her face on TV for free. Isn't she going to run for something in the future?

    Kathy Griffin went to Sarahs' house, and the handy man said she wasn't home. I also wonder if Levi will be in the picture. LOL. just kidding. Gee, I wonder if TLC got the idea from Kathy Griffin, to go to Alaska.?

  89. Schmecky, do you know if Chris the Pap works for INF?

  90. Lori Anne,

    Hi. Yes, I think so. His videos (or at least I think they are his because of the voice) are on

  91. Things that make you go "hmmmmmm."

  92. Schmecky - that is your privilege with the definition. I find your opinion derogatory to Kate. I'll just stick with the dictionary as well as the legal definition. I won't comment further, at the risk of offending caregiver again. Have a good day.

  93. Hi Linda O: At the risk of getting under Lexxi’s skin again for baiting, I would like to point out that my best friend is a single mother. She got pregnant at age 18 and the guy left the country. She never married and has raised her daughter alone. She does take offense to Kate using the term “single mother.” I have never been a single mother so I refrain from commenting on my own behalf.

    Lexxi: My friend’s daughter I’m speaking of will be on a TV talk show soon. She’s a costume designer and has won first place in some competition. She’s already griping b/c she has to be at the studio at 5:30 AM, ha ha. I thought you might be interested in this as you (I think) were asserting that Kate is working whenever she makes those talk show appearances. It will be interesting to hear my friends take on the whole experience once it’s over. I will post and let you know.

  94. Does anyone know what they went to Alaska to see or do?

    Are there any animals in the Alaska zoos that you can't see in the Philly zoo? Seems like a long way to go to go to a zoo. Hopefully they did some whale watching or iceberg viewing or something you can only see in Alaska.

  95. My family lives in Eagle River, Wasilla and Palmer, Alaska. I will have them keep an eye out for the group.
    Military widows find Kate's use of "single mother" offensive, believe me.

    This guy apparently flew with them to Alaska.

    I know some people loved traveling there but my kids and I hated it. It was dark, cold and I can look at pictures of mountains from home. To each his own.

  96. From the conservative over here in CA - Camping with Sarah Palin = cool!

    Lori Anne - I just skim comments (especially those LOOONNNGGG ones) and even I knew that you were quoting "hater" comments. The only thing that I don't advise is cutting and pasting their comments here. They kinda love that.

    I'll clarify one of my statements: I don't think Kate can relate to the average woman - not that one may not find things about Kate's life that they can relate to.

    And preferring Kate to be a ragamuffin? Hardly. But I choose to live within my means in order to live the lifestyle I want - home with my children. I've worked, worked with children, put them in daycare, all of that. And I choose to lose the income because I didn't like letting someone else raise them (and before that debate happens - I did daycare for my niece for 5 years. I DID basically raise her.) So, my actual point is :) I'm not thinking that she should look like a ragamuffin but admit it or not and debate the definition if you want, she doesn't exactly look like a mom.

    I can't bear to rehash those old arguments. Those are so.... last year. I don't think you can define "single mom" 'til you've been one. Seriously. Though I will admit, some are more single-handedly doing it than others.

  97. Hello everyone!
    There are so many great interesting places that are exclusive to alaska. We did quite a few excusions & shows. I remember the fun ones were the dog mushing, seeing my beloved totem poles, and pining for "gold". The kids would love all of that. I also saw this cool show where log climbers would get to the top of these massive poles and then chop them down. There are many amazing things for the kids to do.

    I think that with Sarah Palin getting her own TLC show, that many be why she is making an appearance. Last night I started scannig some of my pics into the computer. Most of the shots have me in them, and since the trolls would love nothing more than to get an amazing view of my I will look and post a few I loved sans my family. (Linda I will send you some ;)

    Does anyone remember when cameras were just film? lol.. Now I cant live without my digital and its been less than 3 years!

    Some ideas for the Gosselin kids:

  98. Oh, let me clarify the "look like a mom" comment :) I mean to say, she doesn't look like the sacrificial mom that she makes herself out to be. Instead, I think she gives herself lots of time. HOWEVER, dare I spoil my loyalty... there are sooo many times when I stop in the middle of my average day and think, "Wow, I don't suppose she gets to take the kids to the library much if at all" and "I guess the kids don't get to do a lot of the things average kids do because of the attention they receive". Like Jon in his recently absent wisdom once observed - "we can never be a normal family again"

  99. I don't wish for her to look like a ragamuffin. I don't hate her. I don't think she is telling the truth about not having boob surgery. I don't think she dresses appropriately for a mom on TV.

  100. MaryAnn~ glad to see you again!

    At this point the woman could dress like the First Lady and people would still attack her. High heels to Target? lol probably not, but I don't think she dresses inappropriately. Is everyone entitled to a few fashion mis-steps? I wonder how many of us would dress if we knew we were going to be photogrpahed EVERY time we left the house.

    I gotta say, minus the heels, I think Kate can rock 90% of it. A few tops I actually own. And her breasts? I never thought they were or looked fake, but thats just my opinon..what do I know? lol ;) I still think that if she hired a stylist, she would look amazing.

  101. Thanks Baby Mama. I wrote to you early this morning. Hope you received the compliment.

  102. BabyMama I just have to say I agree with you once again 100%. I wonder sometimes how old these people are that criticize how she dresses. Geez they even blast her for what she wears at home. Who cares? I just know that the mothers today that I know dress very fashionably (some don't even work outside the home) and their husbands or boyfriends love it. As for Kate's body I don't think she had anything other than a tummy tuck done but again that's just my opinion because to be honest a number of the young women I know have had their breasts enhanced and Kate's certainly doesn't look like she has had anything done. Besides honestly it's her body and her darn business. It seems that many forget that it was Jon who complained how Kate dressed and it was he who wanted her to dress more fashionably and once she got a taste of it she liked it. More power to her. Today's younger generation of men are more fashion conscious and they want their women to look more stylish too. Now that Kate is single again why should she dress down? Most women that are single or have become single again to want to even more take care of how they look. When did that become a crime? Heck I think that some would even complain if Kate went to the June Cleavor from Leave It To Beaver or the Florence Henderson television mom look. Just maybe they would be thrilled to death if Kate dressed like Roseanne Barr who played a mom in a television series. Now that's one show I couldn't stand to watch, the one with Roseanne.

    As for the rumor of Kate and the kids going on a camping trip with Sarah Palin, I think it might just be a rumor or maybe made into something more than was originally reported. When it started at the very first it went from Sarah Palin was going to make a cameo appearance on the show while in Alaska to within a few hours it suddenly became a full blown camping trip. As for that we will find out when the show airs unless the paps following get photos of the actual trip.

  103. Mary Ann - exactly... and let's just say, since the BS (boob surgery), she dresses more inappropriately...

    BM - unless, of course, the First Lady was married to someone likened to a savior; then she's a fashion GENIUS! And yes, everyone is entitled to some mis-steps; I am scared of my own past mistakes :D Admittedly, Kate will get critiqued no matter what she wears - up, down, normal, out of ordinary. But as for the surgery, come on, really? Just compare pics from past to present. Yep, surgery done for sure. Didn't you notice that in that last posted interview, the interviewer did NOT pose that question? I'm sure that one wasn't allowed. But it is obvious. I think SG made a good point several posts back that nobody's boobs get bigger when they LOSE weight.

  104. Lexxi - I'm 40. That answers your question. And? And I do dress fashionably to a certain extent. But I don't dress for all the world to see my goods. And yes, I do dress for my husband. Get it? For my hubby :)

    I am not saying that women shouldn't dress nicely. Of course not. But for a person that claimed to be conservative and someone who supposedly wanted to honor the Lord in her home, she is not exactly being an example of that in the way that she dresses. No, I'm not saying she should wear denim jumpers and clod-hoppers. She is beautiful - she could just dress more classy. Again, this is my PERSONAL 40-year-old opinion. :)

    And I agree about Roseanne - ugh!

  105. Sorry but anyone that is so obsessed with a person that they will go to the extreme lengths to compare their boob photos from past to present has got some issues. Of course Kate won't answer that stupid question again. She answered it and with Kate that's the end of the story as it should be. By the way a good fitting bra does do wonders. There are even expert fitters that can make sure you have the right fitting one. Sorry but I'm just not that obsessed I feel it's necessary to compare a person's body. I still feel that's each individuals personal space and personal information. If anyone is that determined to find out about another person's body I don't know I just have allot of questions then as to why such persons are determined to invade into such personal territory. It's flat out strange.

  106. I think discussing a celebrity's boobs has become pretty common. I mean she was asked about it in an interview...

    She has worn shirts without bras and her boobs are just as big so I don't think it's the "good bra." JMO.

    I also don't see the big deal about discussing someone's boobs. We all have them.

  107. Baby Mama,

    I have been meaning to say Congratulations on the radio interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us posted. :)

  108. I lost 42 lbs after pregnancy. A friend took me to a specialty lingerie shop. I went from a C to a D. This is my last post on the subject. It's been debated repeatedly.
    Lexxi I leave you to fight the fight on this Fan site.WTH did Ann Taylor Loft become too sexy!! She's almost 10 years younger than you Cleft. Let's see if we can slap her for something else. Go Kate!! You Rock!! You look fabulous. If wearing heels makes you feel better, then you do it!!! I'd break my neck but if it makes you feel better, then what the heck difference does it make!!!! You are not dating, tramping around with 8+men. You aren't out partying night after night. You swim in a bikini on a private island, in your own back yard, etc and a federal case gets made of it. You earned money on DWTS and if you want to get your nails done, and wear nice clothes, it is your business. IMO you are not looking sleazy, you're wearing pretty inexpensive clothes. Please don't ever dress like the Duggars!!! You eat organic, you don't smoke those horrible cigarettes, you don't carouse in bars, you love and care for your children. Again Lexxi, I leave it up to you. Please know that it's a lonely campaign. Ann Taylor is a conservative brand compared with many. I'm just amazed!!!

  109. Ok Baby Mama. I did send you a heads up text letting you know I was posting.

  110. Linda no more needs to be said. You said it very well.

  111. I love the Ann Taylor and LOFT dresses.

    Actually the two shirts that Kate was wearing that some people commented on in the past were both by Victoria's Secret. One was the black halter top. It comes with a little shelf bra inside it so you don't have to wear a regular bra because you really can't because the back and sides are cut so low.

    I personally don't have a problem with Kate's clothes. I think she's young and fit and looks good. However, I do think the high strappy stilettos with a halter top and shorts is better suited to a night out with the girls than a run to Target or the Statue of Liberty.

    The barefoot in NYC look is just gross too. I don't even think the homeless people walk barefoot in NY. ;)

  112. Oh and that being said... If Kate wants to wear the high heels and halter top to Target that's her right too. I just think it's odd after she dressed so frumpy and modest on DWTS.

  113. Ok, Baby Mama! Flash of brilliance for a new post! (since this one's overdone and everybody's getting kinda grumpy) Let's post our favorite places to shop for our clothes!! At the top of your post, you can put the logo of your favorite store and all the whys, favorite piece you bought, prices, deals and so on. Then we can all tack on in the comments section!!! (this came to me as I folded laundry :D)

  114. Wait Set in the Cleft...I have one last thing to say on the Boobie topic. I never notice other women's boobs but the Kate issue has taken on a life of its own.

    I've had 3 kids in 11 years and I'm now 20 lbs heavier. I was tiny to begin with - 110 lbs then, 130 now. I can tell you I went from a 34B to a 38C. Breasts are made up largely of fat. They do not get bigger if you work out or lose weight.

    On the flip side (and to piggyback on Linda's comment) a girl at my work went to a specialty shop (for the first time) to get some good quality bras. She'd been wearing a B cup but decided to let the professional measure her. Lo and behold she was actually a C cup. She'd been wearing the wrong size for years. Did her breasts get bigger? No. Did she go up one cup size? Yes.

    End of topic.

  115. LOL Lori Anne, at one last thing...

    Actually I think it's more than just "losing weight." I think it looks as if Kate has lost pretty much all of her body fat. She's VERY toned all over. Boobs are body fat. You can't lose all your body fat all over your body except for your boobs. (Unless you have it surgically removed from one area and put somewhere else... and I'm not saying Kate did that.)

  116. I agree with Lori Anne and Schmecky on virtually everything, but especially the boob job comments.

    When someone wrote upthread she needed to go up a size after losing weight, I thought to myself, it's because you wore the wrong SIZE, not because they got bigger! LOL virtually everyone wears a cup size too small, until they get a fitting. (That was told to me by my fitter!)

    p.s. after my fitting, I went from a C to a double D! I was used to crappy excuses for bras, now I'm correctly sized and looking skinner somehow too? Amazing!
    And I PROMISE you my boobs didn't change size during that fitting ;-)

  117. Linda - sorry about my comments to your long posts, sometimes I think the subjects get debated too much, but that's your right and I should just keep my mouth shut as usual. I always read your post because your Education shows in your writing, Sg too. Maybe that is why you 2 have such great debates? Take care!

    Baby Mama - Congrats on your Radio Interview. Can't to hear your voice.

  118. Favortie store = TJMaxx. Never know what I will find. Price always surprises me by being lower than I thought. Take my teen nieces there to splurge on them. Great Home Store stuff, too.

  119. In one of those pics of Kate with the blue tank top she wore in NY, its a side view and you can see the roundness of the top of her boobie. She got a boob job. You can't wear a fitted Bra under those tanks. Boobie Gate solved in my book.

  120. Mary Anne, that's my fav store too!! I always come home with more than I set out for. I'll go in for a blouse and come out with sheets and towels, lol.

    #1caregiver: Booby Gate! That's great! I'll smile all night.

  121. #1caregiver said...
    In one of those pics of Kate with the blue tank top she wore in NY, its a side view and you can see the roundness of the top of her boobie.
    So silly. Ever heard of a strapless bra? They do make fitted ones you know.

  122. Lexxi - that tank shows allot of cleavage, is cut low in front. JMO, but I don't think a strapless would fit. You have your OP, so do I.

  123. Lexxi, get out your handkerchief and wave. The boobie ship is sailing.

  124. Just for the record, i don't care if she got a boob job or not! She probably wants to keep that private so the kids don't know.

    Someone could tweet Jon and ask him, he would know. OPPS!, I forgot, he is still under a gag order from TLC and can't talk. Oh well, subject closed.
    Good Night Ladies

    Oh, one last Q. Who was it that first used the word RAGAMUFFINS? I laughed like crazy when I read that. My mother, rip, called us that when we were little. She would yell get over here you bunch of ragamuffins.!
    Memories, every family has them!

  125. Oh man, I am crackin' up at your comments!! Booby Gate! Hahahaha! Boobie ship! I've never talked about/read about/wrote about a boob situation in all my life and here I am!

    My daughter works across the street from a classy independent lingerie store and recommended going in to get fit. I don't think Victoria Secret girls do a very good job - at my mall, at least.

    Good night all! Gotta get my hula on!

  126. For the record I have gained and lost weight in different degrees (anywhere from 5 -30 lbs) in the last 10 years and my bra size has not changed. And YES I have been measured by professionals and have had 2 children in that time. I am a DD if anyone cares. If you watched DWTS you would have noticed that her size changed in every outfit she wore. In my experience that is not possible if you have had an augmentation.

    I have seriously had it with this topic and I can't believe we are talking about it again. Like I said the last time we had this conversation it's NONE of my business if she has had a "boob job". I could care less and I don't think she is obligated to talk about it. I don't care what she spends her money on, I would only care if her kids looked homeless and malnourished.

    But hey it's only my opinion, just thought I'd share since every one else is throwing theirs around.

    I'm done here until we move on to a new topic or thread.

    Have a good weekend Baby Mama. Email me if you put up a new thread.

  127. Wow! Good evening everyone! I can't beleive "Boobie Gate" is back! lol. I just wanted to let everyone know I just put up a new thread. Sorry I missed the great debate! Hope you will bring it over!

    Tonight in honor of my amazing new Yankee Candle, the FRESH paper is the amazing scent of Cookies & Cream! Yes please, the next time you pass a Yankee Candle, please go there and sniff it. It's truly the best scent there.. Now thats a good debate I would like to have here! lol