Saturday, June 13, 2009

Behind The Scenes Jon & Kate Scramble, Kate's Hair "Most Googled", American Chopper Loves Kate

The editing experts at Serious Robots and the sound experts at Blazing Music + Sound toiled nonstop last month, not knowing what was going on with the Gosselin marriage or what those troubles might mean for the show. Before all the drama, the show's producers sought to give it a different sort of update. Serious Robots and Blazing Music + Sound have been reshaping the look and sound of the show since the Season 4 finale aired March 24.

Some last-minute scrambling is normal for Figure 8 and the show's post production crew in Raleigh. For the premiere, seven editors, five in-house and two freelancers worked four days, with visits from TLC and Figure 8 personnel and many coffee runs and pizza deliveries, to put the show together.

"What has become challenging on 'Jon & Kate' is, the network and the audience are so hungry for new episodes, every episode we make gets (broadcast) instantly," she says. "Getting behind is not an option."

The visual folks at Serious Robots were expecting Season 5 to be more complicated; the show's producers want the content to mature as the Gosselin children do. Welsh says the interviews should feel different, too: less rehashing, more analysis.

The show will also have more destination and theme episodes. Welsh says the update won't strip the show of the raw quality fans love. "There are no setups," she says. When Kate snaps at Jon and he rolls his eyes or the sextuplets erupt into giggles, it's real.

"We let those moments play out," Welsh says. "We don't really edit around (Kate). We haven't really found any need to." READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

721,000 Hits On Google For Kate's Hair

I mentioned that magazines now send me their Gosselin articles, and I was floored by this one from INSTYLE.COM. So many sites live to bash on Kate's hair, but now literally everyone has some sort of version of it....

A Google search of Kate Gosselin's hair returns 721,000 hits! Love it or hate it, everyone is talking about it. And quite a few people are requesting it. “At least 10 of my clients have requested a version of her hair in the last few months," says senior stylist Sanda Petrut of Chicago's Maxine salon, which counts celebrities Mandy Moore and Jenny McCarthy as clients. "They like how the asymmetrical look frames the face—it has an element that's very in right now.”

NBC TODAY SHOW: Paul Teutuls Likes Kate Gosselin

Final Sound Bites: From FORBES.COM
"there's probably some pent-up envy over Kate making tens of thousands of dollars per episode for what most women are doing for free: "Women are kind of resentful because Kate is getting paid a fortune to do what a lot of them are doing anyway: raising a family. She's become a scapegoat for every woman who is frustrated, at home raising kids."


  1. "Women are kind of resentful because Kate is getting paid a fortune to do what a lot of them are doing anyway: raising a family. She's become a scapegoat for every woman who is frustrated, at home raising kids."

    You know thats a very very good point, reading that was an ah ha moment for me. That makes so much sence.

  2. Oh so true! The nerve of this woman - to look so good (with 8 kids) - be rich - transform herself - be marketable - write books - go on tours and become a celebrity. She gets all despite unflattering moments on TV. Woe is me - How unfair! She should be banned from the wife/motherhood village.
    Now rather than spending hours posting on a goofy conspiracy filled website, scouring the internet for the latest dirt, writing letters to churches, creating lists of Kate's sins with time lines (I have to say these are my favs LOL), signing petitions or participating in boycotts, take a lesson from Kate instead..No matter how busy you are - take some time for yourself. Go get your hair done or get a pedicure. Oh, and before you go... make sure the family is hydrated!

  3. Ha! Loved your post DonnaVee! I think Forbes is right on with their article.

  4. For some reason I really liked the Forbes article and that's why I posted it. It really hits on how crazy these moms are on the hate sites and the reasons why. They are as they call it "jealus". They go to those sites and spew incredible amounts of hate for someone they don't know. The cursing and profanity they use, like seeing Kate in the bathing suit. You KNOW its because they could never look like that. Attacking her day after day, it could only be to make themselves feel better about their own miserable lives. I don't get it.

    Kate is making money doing something she loves. She taking care of her kids and supporting her family. Do you remember when they used to bash them because they didn't work and used the show as their income? Now they bash her because she's out working and not being home. The book tour for the 5 weeks was planned months in advance. Its not an ongoing thing. But she was attacked because she was away from her kids. She's not telling the media to take pictures of her on her lawn. Women that are jealous of her success are feeding off of the sites that make fun of her. I wonder if it helps them feel better about themselves.......

  5. This is changing the subject from what is discussed above, but I didn't see it talked about anywhere else. Did anyone watch the TLC crossover show "American Chopper"? I finally got a chance to see it today and was impressed.

    They showed the 3 big motorcycle guys playing with the kids - very cute. They had a picnic on a blanket on the ground and the dogs came a sniffing (they're getting big, but seemed very well behaved) - Jon and the kids sure love them but I'm not too sure about Kate. The youngest son, Mikey, brought a puppet to play with the sextuplets and then he and Kate went to the spa for pedicures! Talk about a riot with the 2 of them in their chairs making jokes and relaxing.

    Oh, and before I forget - they got some of those Crooked House playhouses. I saw 3 of them (but there could be more). It looked like a small white one and then a pink and a blue one. The kids were running in and out of them but the camera didn't stay long enough to get a chance to see what models or sizes they got.

    Jon went to NY to the OCC headquarters and worked on his bike. It looked like he really enjoyed his time there. He had all of the kids names painted on the back 'fender'? on a ribbon looking design and plus 8balls (I guess for the 8 kids) and had them put the dates of their birth next to dice. A #2 dice for the twins with their bday and a #6 dice for the tups w/bday. He seemed very proud that he'd basically dedicated the bike to the kids with their names on it.

    And, then Kate was given a pink Vespa moped that they had decorated and altered a little. It was funny when they delivered the bikes and let Kate ride hers. She was so funny not knowing what to do and screaming, I guess in fun and delight, but she never put her feet up on it -- they were always close to the ground in case she needed to support herself I guess. She managed to ride it in a skirt, too! Awfully impressive to be able to ride it on her first trial - something I would never be able to do.

    Sorry that was much longer than I intended! If this was reported somewhere else and this is a repeat of old news I apologize big time!

  6. Baby Mama I think they colored pages like that in an episode in season 4 where they painted the basement. I saw paprazzi pics of the pieces arriving shortly after the little kids turned 5 so it was like May 19th or 20th so they are fairly new. I also remember Mady asking were they each (twins, boys, and little girls) each going to get their own playhouse. So I guess this was planned for a while.

    Co--I too thought the stuff btwn Mikey and Kate was hysterical. Also, see Paul Sr. with the kids and riding with Kate was cute too. I was really a fun, happy, and cute episode. I want to say after seeing it I have hope for their marriage, but since they spent time apart while Kate was in NC and it seems like they spent their anniversary apart I have little hope. Paps on the ground in Reading say you see Kate and Jon together. When she is home he's not and voce versa. It seems to me that they are separated.
    :( Very Sad :(

  7. Co~ your actually the second person that mentioned it. I didn't see them and have to go back and review the footage once I get it. I remember the Valentine's episode when the kids were playing with the coloring pages to those houses and that's when I investigated them. I'm jealous that my friend's sister bought one right after that episode for her daughter! So putting these types of things on the show DOES work for advertising. The base is about $1,200. They are absolutely ADORABLE in person, but small, and doesn't old a lot of kid-sized furniture. The address is

  8. I really used to love this show but it has goten SO off track. Cara is turning into a beautiful girl...the pics of her on TLC she is so cute. Most of the kids are losing their Korean look. I see alot of Kate in them. I do wish Jon and Kate would just be honest with everyone. I know it's not our business about their marriage but it was less than a year ago that they were re dong their vows. It's obvious they are not together and ya know what in this day of age it's ok. Just tell us what is up. If Kate wants to do the show herself with the kids and Jon agress ok .....well then okay.....

    I just wish the show was in order. we all know what is going on thanks to the tabloids so try to keep your show honest to that.

    Ok....that is all . this is my first post and I must admit I am nervous. I don't want to get kicked off :)

  9. The American Chopper episode was fun- it was hilarious to see those big "biker dudes" with the kids. Mikey cracked me up- he and Kate seemed to hit it off- the spa thing was funny.

    I kinda felt sorry for Jon- I know it's just the way they edited the footage, but the whole end of the show when they delivered the bike and Kate's scooter pretty much focused on her and the scooter (which was hilarious, you go girl!!). It was really nice to see Jon doing something he enjoyed- he seems so quiet and sad.

    Really praying for these two to reconcile and remember the love that brought them together! It's almost too sad for me to watch "old" episodes where they're joking and laughing together.

    Thanks for a great new site, Baby Mama!

  10. I love Kate's hair on Kate. Not everyone could or can pull it off. But Posh had it first a couple years ago. I remember it was a HUGE deal just like Kate's is now. My friend tried to get the Posh cut and ended up looking like the mom from the Carol Brady from the Brady Bunch lol. Well I guess that's what you get when you go to someone that doesn't have a lot of experience.

    Can't wait for tonights episode. I DVRd the American Chopper episode from last week but haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

  11. I watched American Chopper and it was a good episode, just there was something that Jon said that was like "whaa" idk if I misheard him but it was something like him and Mikey should switch places b/c Mikey does nothing and neither does Jon or something along those lines. Whoever can remember the exact thing Jon said, please correct me.

  12. The American Chopper episode is coming on right before the new Jon and Kate tonight!

  13. Their church issues a statement
    Media Statement

    Media Statement from Glad Tidings Church:

    Our church has been in the eye of the media recently due to the fame and notoriety of some members of our church family. In response to that media attention, we want to clearly state that our vision as a church is to help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Therefore we welcome everyone and would never refuse anyone the opportunity to worship with us. In addition we respect and protect the privacy of our church family. Therefore, we do not comment or respond to any questions about members of our church family.

  14. I am praying that J&K are allowing their church and church family to come alongside them to support and counsel them; bringing spiritual healing and renewal to their faith both individually and together as a couple. They cannot heal their marriage until they desire for God to heal themselves individually.

    Although sometimes character building requires a little pain in the process, I continue to have hope that they will find their way and they both will become stronger both in their faith and their marriage.

  15. Good for their church!

    Although it does bring up an interesting question... do Jon and Kate go to the same church as Kevin and Jodi? Did they ever go to the same church? Can you imagine how awful it would be to see those wretched people every week in a place you consider safe?

  16. I believe Jodi stayed wt her father's church.

    There are pictures of Jon at the house today with Shooka and Nala. Kate is in Reading.

  17. Doesn't this family seem extremely normal to all of you? Haven't we all sort of felt lost at some moment in our marriages and sort of felt like we needed to out who we are individually and who we are as a couple?

    I'm not jealous. In fact, I think I just may book myself a pedicure next to show that I'm following Kate's example. If I can take the time to recharge my batteries and make myself happy - I can only pass that feelin on to my family. In fact - why don't we all to something nice for ourselves and report back.

  18. Jenny~ That's really interesting you say that. I always run home from work, and never even stop to get my nails done. I always feel guilty for not getting home quicker to be with the kids. We all need to take more time out for ourselves instead of slamming on women that make the effort to take care of themselves.

  19. And I would also like to add that the family is ENTITLED to play in their own front lawn regardless if there are paparazzi in front of her house. The trolls trying to post here are up in arms about this. Those nasty "p-people" wont leave them alone, and she has the right to wear whatever she wants without sickos trying to get crotch shots.

    If the haters didn't salivate over photos like that, then there would be a need to try to get them.

  20. I got a pedicure on Saturday! It was so relaxing and refreshing...then I rushed home to see my wonderful and amazing 7 month old son....and husband :) I'm just like you Baby Mama. I rush home from work every day to squeeze in as much time as possible with my son before bedtime. It's difficult only getting 3 hours a night with him. Although I do recommend that every woman give herself at least an hour a week for herself. It's great for your sanity. We all need a little alone time and it's no fun spending that time in traffic trying to get home. I live in San Diego and it's 30 minutes both ways!

  21. Kate is a good mother...She's not afraid to discipline her children in public. Her children are very well behaved. I remember when I used to give my kids the "Kate" look. They knew immediately to knock it out and straighten up. A note to the perfect moms, don't judge Kate's parenting skills, put yourself in her shoes, she has eight kids to look after and she's doing a great job at raising decent kids. As far as her marriage goes...that's none of our business. They are not the first or sadly the last couple that'll get divorce. My only advice to Kate is: Please be patient with the kids. Enjoy them now that they are still young and easy to control...they will grow into teenagers and might rebel against you...

  22. It's not OK to use any kind of corporal punishment on a child. Hitting is not discipline its abuse and loss of control on the aggressor's part. It's not OK for anyone to strike a child. I still believe that Kate is a good mom, but I will never excuse that kind of behavior. Kate there is a fine line between discipline and punishment...I'm very disappointed to read that you spanked the child, please never use corporal punishment on your child especially when you are angry...make sure the child is safe, walk away and re-group. MrsRef...thanks for the update...

  23. I am really getting tired of this whole Jon and Kate thing. I have watched the show from the beginning and love it and always will. I like Jon and Kate both but the constant media surrounding it is annoying me so I can't imagine how they deal with it. Every news shows, entertainment show, websites and magazines are talking about it. She is NOT the first to do her hair like that and it isn't a bad style. The latest "Jon messing up but the media is spinning it all against Kate because she is a beautiful confident strong woman and more interesting which means more sales and money for them"? That she beats the kids and is a drunk. YES! It's on the new cover of one of the trash rags and has picture of her spanking Leah on the butt and now she "beats" them. Also that she drinks a whole bottle of wine a night which we all pretty much know it's crazy. That is ridicoulous I don't know anyone my age and older who didn't get "spanked" and I'm 19 years old. Maybe it's wrong now to spank your children according to these idiot child adovcates who say you shouldn't but it's nonsense. And as you can see this new generataion is by far the worst. A good spank on the butt won't kill a child and isn't bad. Not as bad as what some people used to get.

  24. funinthesungrl~ I agree with you 100%. I think that at this point, it won't be until Jon & arrested for smoking pot and Kate has her kids taken away from her that the haters will be happy. Kate has all this money after all and gets all the freebies! And that eats away at them, and they LOVE seeing anything bad happen to a family that got free things and is wealthy now.