Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Hershey Kisses! Alexis, Hannah, Aiden, Collin, Leah & Joel

Kate Gosselin Throws Sextuplets A Birthday!:

Spending her Mother's Day acting as party hostess, Kate Gosselin threw the sextuplets a birthday bash in Reading, Pennsylvania on Sunday (May 9).

Prior to the festivities, the TLC reality star mom was busy sweeping up her front yard barefoot while having the kids throw out a bit of trash on what was a windy day. Looking to be in full mommy mode, Miss Gosselin then headed off to toss up some last minute decorations before the pool party got underway. Not much later, the guests started pouring in by the droves - as bodyguard Steve Neild and his family turned up, along with plenty of the sextuplets little friends who seemed more than ready for the fun-filled afternoon party action.

Kate Pampers Herself The Before Mothers Day: Gossip
Looking to add a bit of color to her skin, Kate Gosselin was spotted at a tanning salon in Reading, Pennsylvania on Saturday (May 8).

The former “Dancing With the Stars” chick did her best to ignore the paparazzi as she sauntered out of the salon before hopping back in her vehicle. In other news, the mother of 8 recently told People magazine what Mother’s Day means to her. She said, "Mother's Day means that my sextuplets turn a year older every year, so that's what I think of when I think of Mother's Day." She also added that the best gift she could ever ask for is, "Without a doubt, my best Mother's Day gift: I have eight of them every year. I mean, in any shape or form, I'll take them. I love them."

Jon Gosselin Lied Exposed About Kate Not Letting Him See The Kids:

The Gosselin sextuplets turn 6 years old Monday and will get to celebrate with both their parents (separately), despite ongoing conflict and Jon getting caught in a big lie about his access to the kids. In a video posted on on May 6, Jon is seen shopping and loading packages into his car. Talking about the sextuplets he says: “I want to see them on their birthday, but I don’t know. I don’t have custody so I’m hoping that Kate let’s me see them on their birthday.” But before that video was shot, has now learned that Kate and Jon had already discussed the situation by phone and Kate told Jon he could see the kids on their birthday. “For some reason Jon went out and made it seem like Kate might not let him see the kids on their birthday,” a source told “But they had already discussed it and Kate told him of course he could see them, and they had reached an agreement. “Nobody knows why Jon does this, unless it’s for attention.”

Kate celebrated the sextuplets birthday on Sunday, Mothers’ Day, with her bodyguard Steve Neild and his family, Kate’s closest friends. And also learned she planned a special breakfast Monday for the kids and told Jon he could do whatever he wanted with them after school. “Jon asked Kate if he could see the sextuplets on their birthday and she said absolutely yes. That conversation happened well before he was videotaped acting as if he didn’t know if Kate would let him. “She wants Jon to see the kids. The kids want to see their father. They love him very much and Kate knows that. She offered Jon total access to the kids on their birthday and knows the kids will be thrilled to be with him.”

Jon, however, chose to publicly create the impression that Kate might not allow him to see the Gosselin sextuplets on their birthday. “Jon loves to create public drama in these situations. Maybe he just likes the attention,” the source told Kate and the Neilds combined Mothers’ Day and the sextuplets’ birthday celebrations on Sunday. And Kate has plans for another celebration as well. The sextuplets were born the day after Mother’s Day making this year’s birthday remind Kate of that. Alexis, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Hannah and Joel had a great time at Sunday’s celebration.

While the Jon and Kate divorce has left a lot of acrimony between them, the kids are happy that they are seeing their father more now than the past several months when he spend extensive time out of town. Jon has a new apartment in Pennsylvania, a new girlfriend and is still being paid by TLC even though he is not appearing on any of their shows. His relationship with Kate, however, is often a tool for him to get publicity. “There was never a question of whether or not Kate would let Jon see the kids on their birthday,” the source told “It’s a priority for her. She wants the kids to be with their dad and she will go out of her way to accommodate Jon.” But one scenario that was not discussed was Jon and Kate and the kids spending the day together. “No, that would be extremely awkward to say the least,” said the source. “But Kate wants their children to be happy and it’s a priority for her that they spend time with their father.”


  1. I know I know, there was 3 pages of fresh paper this weekend and ya'll seem a bit confused! To much Gosselin Gossip to go around! Too much fresh smelling Vanilla paper!

    Since it's the Sextuplets Birthday weekend as well as Mother's Day, I was so happy to see Kate take some time for herself on Sat. before an obviously very busy Sunday. Did I add that this WASN'T in the front lawn and there are NO back pics to be found? Well at least for now, these festivites were private.. And thats a good thing.. I do hope that they filmed at least a tad of it for the new shows!

    If you blow up my first pic you see Aiden through the door. It's too cute the way they are waiting for their balloons!

  2. Thanks for fresh paper. Since there wasn't much pap info (or maybe I'm wrong), I don't know if Jon was there or not.

  3. Thanks also, Baby Mama, for sweeping away the messes over the weekend. I guess they didn't have anything else to do.

  4. Happy Birthday Gosselin 6 on turning 6!

  5. Ohh How cute, I didnt even notice Aaden peeking out the front door, hehe thats precious!!!

    Happy birthday, Alexis!

    Happy birthday, Hannah!

    Happy Birthday, Aaden!

    Happy Birthday, Collin!

    Happy Birthday, Leah!

    Happy Birthday, Joel!

  6. Did you notice I put them in order based on birth? lol

    No Jon apparently wasn't there. My thought process is that hopfully they will had a quiet time together as a family. I think that Jon being there on Mother's Day wasn't going to keep Kate stress free if you know what I mean. This is for her and her kids. I don't think Jon should have been there.

  7. While I don't think Jon should have been there for a Mother's Day celebration, I do feel she should have been there for their birthday party for the kids' sake.

  8. Yes I did notice that and did you notice I copied yours, lol

    I agree with BM, Maybe Jon can have a special day tomorrow with them on thier actual birthday.

  9. Schmecky if you were divorced would you want your ex-husband at your house for Mother's Day with your friends & family with a party you are doing yourself for the kids? I dunno, there is no right answer for this one. I think it's all depending on who you ask. For me it would be a no way..

  10. Ok I want to hear what everyone got! You know's all ab out the stuff..I got the sunglasses I wanted and my burnt toast and card from my lovely kids..I do hope eveyone had a great day today!

  11. All the divorced parent's I know celebrate holiday's separately with their kid's...It's one of the few perk's for the kid's, two birthday's, two Christmas's, two Easter's etc. etc. Probably, explain's why my daughter has so much darn "stuff", for me to pick up.

  12. Well, my daughter is turning 16 in August and I promised her my car (car is 15 years old), so I got a new car for Mother's day. I was saving up to get one anyway, so we chose to give it to me today. We also had french toast for breakfast and my son made me an awesome picture.

  13. I agree with you Baby Mama and Momsby about having two birthdays, etc. We have to keep in mind that it has been just over 1 year since Jon and Kate separated and IMO Kate holds a lot of regret and anger about the divorce, I can't imagine she would want the headache of worrying about Jon being there as well. In that I mean having to deal with her feelings and trying to celebrate. I was watching it's complicated the other night and I thought it was great when Meryl Streep said that it took her 5 years to just feel normal again.

  14. I really don't know to he honest. I guess I hoped Jon and Kate would have put their personal feelings aside and do it for the kids. I can't really imagine being in that situation so I can't really imagine how I would handle it.

    I saw that one video clip of Jon waving to Kate when she pulled up in the driveway and I guess I thought it seemed like they were being pretty civil with each other.

    I can't picture Jon partying with Steve and Gina though...

  15. You know what I was thinking? Kate was celebrating Mother's Day with Steve Nield and his wife at this party. How would Gina feel if Jon was there? the man that pubically claimed that he didn't know if Steve had an affair with Kate..How would Gina feel to be around someone like that? I mean, I know that Jon is their father, but I would never allow my friend to want to feel upset like that.

  16. While I feel for Gina, I really do... Because I can't imagine how she feels... I think the children's feelings matter over her. It's their birthday party. Maybe they should have had a Mother's Day breakfast or brunch with Steve and Gina and a separate afternoon party for the kids. I personally feel Mother's Day isn't as big a deal in comparison to six 6-year-olds' birthdays.

    Again, I don't know what the answer is... I just feel the children's feelings should come first. JMO.

  17. SG said - I can't really imagine being in that situation so I can't really imagine how I would handle it.

    I agree with you Schmecky and I hope we never have to know... : )

  18. I am hoping that maybe Jon will get to come over and spend time w/ the kids tomorrow, on their actually birthday. Divorce is a very tricky thing, my parents have been divorced for almost 25 years and at times it can still be awkward when they both come to parties for my kids.

    About mothers day gifts I got a ring that has all my kids names carved in it, (which I picked out and ordered for myself because my husband is a little slow when it comes to hint dropping), but the kids thought it was a surprise for me so they were happy. Here is the website if anyone is interested,

  19. Happy birthday Gosselin kids, can't wait for the new shows!!

    Don't like Whoppie either, especially the way she talks about Kate. I love celebrity apprentice too BM and hope the Poison singer wins, smiles.

  20. As long as Jon gets to see the kids on their birthday, I don't think it is a big deal or unusual he was not at the party. If the party was for the kids with the kids friends, better that there is no tension between adults. The kids get two days of celebration this way.

  21. Happy Birthday Gosselin 6!!
    6 turning cute !!

  22. Baby Mama, you asked about the goodies we got for Mothers Day. Hubby is generous, usually with some jewelry that includes one of my favorite green rocks. My most treasured gifts are the coupon books made by my children to be redeemed for chores, etc. I love their heartfelt sentiments that that often contain misspelled words and carefully detailed exemptions. This year’s treasures included:
    “Good anytime for one cleaning of your choice accept for my own room.” (I think she meant ‘except’ and not ‘except.’)
    “Good for one car washed squeaking clean. Must be redeemed on a worm day.” (I’m pretty sure she meant WARM and not that worms had to be present.)
    “Good for one assistantship in preparing dinner. Please select something not messy or yucky to eat.”
    “Good for one dog wash. Does not include cleaning bathroom afterwards.”
    “Good for one gigantimo hug. Not valid in front of my class or any team.” (This from my son who’s just become a tween.)

  23. Our family has a group, CMA, that meets every Mothers Day Weekend. C=Cousins, M=Moms, A=Aunts and includes all the Honoraries in each category. With 11 children in my father’s family, it’s a big group. We also contribute in widely ranging amounts to a foundation started 20+ yrs ago. This scholarship foundation is to “pay it forward” to other women. If everybody’s in good health, we attend one on Broadway; if not, we catch a touring play. The oldest member gets to select the play. An 87 year old aunt selected “Wicked” for this year. She never had children of her own and is an honorary Mom to many of us cousins. Being around her is always as entertaining as the play. When asked if she enjoyed it, her response with a wink was “Honey, with a name like ‘Wicked’ I thought it’d be a lil’bit spicier than that!”

    Of course, she knew what it was about. One year she asked if seeing the “Chip n’Dales” would qualify as a theatrical performance. I think she wanted to hear us choke. She’d die in mortification if anybody actually took her to see them; just her way of letting us know that she keeps up with what’s going on in the world, good and not so good. Since she’s been the oldest member for some years, I’m not sure how we ever decided the oldest could select the play. I have a feeling that she, herself, made that decision years back so she could remain in charge.

    Tigger, I wish you lived near me. We’d make you an Honorary Mom for life.

  24. Schmecky - I too wish that divorced parents could celebrate the birthdays of their children together. I think that it is a good wish, but I doubt that the reality will happen.

    I don't know of a single divorced couple able to celebrate their children's birthdays together. Not a single one. I still wish, but I haven't seen it happen yet.

    There are separate celebrations. It IS about the kids. Better, IMO, to have two or more celebrations they can enjoy without tension, than one joint celebration filled with stress for everybody, particularly the children.

  25. Shoot Baby Mama. You took down that Betty White post. Couldn't watch it on my iPhone. Off to Hulu to see if it's there.

  26. ROL and TMZ have sources citing that Kate had offered Jon an opportunity to see the kids, not on one of his custody days.

    I find it interesteding that both sites reported it differently. TMZ identifies that Kate "decided" to allow Jon to see the kids; whereas, ROL identifies that this was the plan a long time ago and that Jon is just using this to get attention.

  27. Good Morning everyone! thanks Facinated for the link.. I feel bad for Kate that she has to publically state she's giving Jon a chance to see the kids on their birthdays.I mean, could you imagine if she said no, or if he just saw them a day later? The troll uproar it would cause..

    in case you missed Kate's Take on the TLC blog, the link is
    Forgived me if I'm cranky and exhausted today, I hate when I go to bed late!

  28. On TLC they just mentioned the Summer lineup that starts Memorial Day and Kate Plus 8 is one of the new shows--I didn't realize this was coming so soon. Happy Happy Joy JOY!

  29. Happy 6th Birthday to Alexis, Hannah, Aiden, Collin, Leah, and Joel!!!! I hope you had a wonderful party!
    My husband got a babysitter and we had a nice dinner then went to a Daughtry concert.
    As far as the seperate birthdays... If parents cant get along it best for the kids to have 2 birthdays but if parents can get along it would be great to have both parents present. My niece had 4 out of 5 birthdays with both parents present up until recently they didnt get along so her last birthday she had 2 parties.

  30. FROM RADAR: They're growing up before our very eyes! The Gosselin sextuplets turned six-years-old on Monday, and mom Kate was snapped dropping the adorable kids off at the bus stop near the family's home in Wernersville, PA.

    The kids will celebrate their birthday with both Kate and Jon -- although separately -- in spite of claims made by Jon that Kate wouldn't let him see the kids on their special day. Jon is expected to spend time with the kids after school.

  31. In case anybody missed this...
    Answers given by 2nd grade school children to the following questions:
    Why did God make mothers?
    1. She’s the only one who knows where the scotch tape is.
    2. Mostly to clean the house.
    3. To help us out of there when we were getting born.

    How did God make mothers?
    1. He used dirt, just like for the rest of us.
    2. Magic plus super powers and a lot of stirring.
    3. God made my mom just the same like he made me. He just used bigger parts.

    What ingredients are mothers made of?
    1. God makes mothers out of clouds and angel hair and everything nice in the world and one dab of mean.
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    1. We’re related.
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    3. I would like for her to get rid of those invisible eyes on the back of her head.

  32. Aw Linda the coupons are adorable!! How precious.

    LOL at your 87-year-old Aunt. Good for her! Chip n Dale are chipmunks. I'm guessing you meant The Chippendales... ;)

  33. SG - Yes she meant the Chippendales, but she called them Chip n' Dale. (It loses something in the loss of southern draw, lol.) She loves doing double entendres.

  34. My son's been begging for an iPad. His birthday was a few weeks ago and he did not get one. Then he sent me this link to tell me what he wanted for Christmas. I thought it was really cool until I found out the price tag. (NOT in this lifetime!)

  35. Aww aaden is so cute! im glad it was private and a pool party is perfect for them happy birthday

  36. Jessica - that carved jewelry is so cute. Thanks for sharing the web addy.

  37. Why would anyone bring a gift in a Victoria's Secret bag?
    It was cold in PA this weekend, surely they didn't swim?

  38. Denise, I didn't see a victoria's secret bag, but maybe the gift was for Kate for mothers day?

  39. Denise it was Mothers Day and she probably brought Kate a gift. VS has some really awesome lotions. I have alot of them.

  40. Happy 6th Birthday to Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel! I'm sure Kate made them a nice cake! :)

  41. I forgot to add that I got Victorias Secret lotions as well with a gift card from my mom! She knows I love their bras and undies! Ugh cold & windy day today, it's crazy how your one day off can go so quickly. Fess up, who is watching Dancing with the Stars tonight?

  42. Vicki's Secret has great lotion and body sprays!! They also have wonderful lip gloss :)

  43. Ohh look Jon is spending time with the kids on thier birthday. Too bad he has lie and make a big deal out of nothing to make Kate look bad. He needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut. I know Kate would never not let the kids see thier Dad for a birthday celebration. Watch him have his little party in the front yard for all to see, wouldnt put it past him.

  44. Woohoo TLC Summer schedule is here..

    Kate plus 8 premieres June 6th

  45. KatherineDenise~thank you so much for the links. Due to obvious reasons I will no longer be leaving up links to other blogs unless the person that owns the site e-mails me and gives me permission to do so.

    So after all his public complaints Jon comes to house. I updated this post to show that he always intended on seeing the kids. It was another media ploy for people to FEEL SORRY FOR HIM. It actually angers me that he would make this very public video outcry and it should have never been made an issue in the first place.

  46. I also forgot to add I have received a few e-mails asking me to change my main blog page ot reflect Kate Plus 8. I am contemplating that and seeing which logo looks best. So if you see me switching a few times tonight you will know why.

    I'm super excited about the new show whih starts right around my birthdeay which is really nice!

  47. Hmmm. I don't get the big deal, Denise, over the party.
    Did anybody see an invitation that said POOL party? Or, was that a guess by media because it wasn't in the front yard? Perhaps it just happened to be outdoors in the back near the pool. Or, perhaps food was outdoors and the rest of the party was indoors. Or, perhaps it really wasn't our business no matter how curious we might be. Is there any way that this woman could please some if you no matter where she had the party? Last year at a park and paps hung in the trees. If she'd taken them out of town, somebody would have sworn it was for the cameras.

    And because there was a VS bag it is assumed it was a gift for kids that was inappropriate? Oh puleese! Forget that it just happened to also be Mother's Day.

    Lol. I'm convinced now. Some people will never find a doggone thing to be happy about. Never mind that people were smiling.

    Happy Birthday kids. One good thing is that there were multiple parties. Ypu did get to see both parents on your special day. There were people who love you with you. I'd say it was a good weekend+birthday.

  48. Oh BM I totally understand. Its my little blog but I didnt want it up I just didnt know how else to post a picture, lol

  49. Your right on everything Linda, its not a big deal. Normal people knew it was a gift for Kate for mothers day. Its just people trying to make it a big deal. And no where did anyone ever say it was a pool party other then the media, you never saw any kids in that pool even though it is heated. It was only Kate who was probably in the hot tub. Which we go in the hot in the winter. It looked like they had a very good birthday.

  50. Baby Mama- I did notice that you put them in birth order, but you misspelled Collin's name! lol

  51. I did, didn't I! My spelling is never good. I feel bad! Poor Collin, gotta fix that, thanks! lol


    Above is Jon taking his kids to see his new place.. I wanted to put this up in the post but figured you guys can see it here. He decided on the kids actual birthday, to pick them up off the bus and take them to his new apt.

  53. KD, I read on MSNBC that it was a pool party and that Kate was seen wet.

  54. Can't wait till June 6th, I really missed the show. Don't know why they don't show the reruns anymore.

  55. Hey everyone! Wow. Lots to catch up on! Was traveling last week - then the busy Mother's day weekend, then dental surgery yesterday......whew! Glad all of that is over for now. :)

    My MD's weekend was amazing. Got to see the daughter of a dear friend sing for her senior recital from college on Friday. She was AMAZING. 100 lbs soaking wet and 90% of that must be her diaphragm because she opened her mouth and - well, wow! Saturday was a great day at home - board games and lots of great family time. Then on MD's itself we had a great lunch with all the extended family. I received flowers, handmade card, a gorgeous necklace from hubby, chocolate covered strawberries. I also received a phone call from a special someone that made the day absolutely and completely perfect! Then in the afternoon, a very good friend whom I haven't seen in quite a while came up and spent the rest of the day with me. It was just the bestest day I've had in a long time!

    Yesterday was a different story. Had to have some pretty intensive dental surgery. :( 25+ stitches and 4 bone graphs later - I'm doing ok. A little swollen and sore - but haven't needed any pain meds - just motrin every 6 hours or so. I was afraid I was going to be miserable for a few days - but so far - so good! YEAH!

    On Kate plus 8 - when we were watching TV last night - we caught part of the LPBW show and I could swear the commercials for Kate plus 8 stated that it would premiere on Memorial Day Weekend?? I saw someone post here that it's in June - but the commercial said the Mem. Day weekend (I remember thinking that I'd need to DVR it because we have plans!) I'm kind of confused now! LOL

  56. Well, well, well. .. Turns out an apology had to be made, albeit brief. Did you catch it, Denise? It must have been considerably warmer on Saturday. Kate was seen wet then but unknown whether from pool or hot tub. A photo of the kids emerged on Sunday when they were seen outdoors near the pool but none of them were wet.

    Nothing was said about the VS bag, but then they didn't report on it originally.

    I'm glad that the kids did get to see Jon on their birthday. A lot of advance drama there over nothing.

    Did you folks know that the paps were offered $300k for a photo of Kate in flagrante delicto during the divorce proceedings? Didn't happen. Amazing? Guess the ex-reporter writing the book had hoped to cash in.

    Wonder how many children with a birthday yesterday got no party, no presents, no safe bed in which to sleep, no dinner to eat, no nice clothes to wear? In honor of the tups, I challenge all of you to take a child's outfit to the Salvation Army or a homeless shelter and to take one book to an inner-city school. If your family has at least one parent, be thankful. If your family is headed by both parents, rejoice.

  57. Good morning everyone! I'm running around getting the kids to school, but had the same confusion. Yes the press is saying June 2nd but they just showed a commercial that it's Memorial Day Weekend. I hate to give incorrect info., so when someone gets the teal deal please let me know!

    I have a feeling they will show the kids b-day party on it, so we will have to wait till then to see if they did a pool party or not. It wad windy here this weekend though!

  58. Linda,
    You didn't give a link. Where'd you read about Kate being seen wet on Saturday? All reports I read said pool party in a very cold and windy Sunday. I didn't see any pics to back that up though. It was very chilly here on Sunday. I can't imagine the kids being in a pool... Not even a heated one.

  59. Hope,
    Nice to see you. Wish you a quick recovery.

  60. Thanks SG. :)

    I look like someone other than myself today for sure - pretty swollen - but all in all doing ok. Thank goodness!!

  61. I looked like a windy day there to i think its the press guessing! i really hope they did a least show a little bit of the part im so excited 4 the new show and just hope some 1 well upload it on youtube as it not over here in england.

  62. I dont think tht right jon shows his kids hes aportment how they ganna understand that hes living her with this girl friend i think they a bit young and on there birthday ??

  63. SchmeckyGirl - The "correction" was on MSNBC at 5:35a.m. today. However, the photos they showed in the background did NOT look like they were made this past weekend. They look like from weekend before last. It was cooler on MD weekend than the weekend before. It was very sunny and it just looked warm.
    What caught my attention was the word "correction."

    I have no proof, but I'm wondering if TLC did a shoot the weekend before. For all we know, the kids could have had 2 or 3 weekends of parties.

  64. OMG Hope! - I sure pray that you heal fast! Get well girl.

  65. Hope~ I wish you a very speedy recovery. I know what it's like to have intense dental work. What did they tell you you can eat today? I remember how I almost cried when I tried to have some bread with my soup.

    Lexii~ I do no think Jon is living with his girlfriend. However I was a bit sad to see Jon sohwing off his place. When he first went to NY he went and got this plush pad.. and in less than a year moved to living with his brother and selling his cars. If you watch the Real Housewives of NY you can see how expensive apartments are. I am sick to my stomach that my aunt is getting a place that is $8,500 a month..And sadly it's not even that nice!

  66. SG - Ok, now I'm correcting myself. I hit record a few beats after the report started. I just listened to all of what I had again. It does NOT say "correction," it says "clarification on a previous report..."

  67. Wow! Jon & Kate next to each other and talking! A first lol

    TMZ.COM: For the first time in months, Jon and Kate Gosselin were spotted within inches of each other -- and no police had to be called to the scene.

    Jon had rolled by the family compound in Reading, PA to drop the kids off after a private birthday celebration for his sextuplets at his apartment. It appears the interaction went pretty well -- but we're told Jon was only at Kate's place for a short time.



    TLC says she'll star in "limited" Kate Plus 8 specials premiering June 6 at 9 p.m. The first one will focus on the sextuplet's 6th birthday, which was yesterday. reported that Kate threw the kids a pool party.

  69. And wow Jon and kate talking glad they are on the tups special day :)

  70. "Limited" Episodes does tht mean they well only be a few episodes ??

  71. I don't know. Something is up with this whole "pool party" thing. I think maybe TLC filmed a Birthday Pool Party episode in advance because we saw pics of them filming and there were balloons and presents in the photos. I think maybe word got out about it and somehow it got confused with the party they had on Mother's Day this past Sunday.

    Maybe they had a fake birthday party for filming like they did the fake Christmas.

    I couldn't find anything on msnbc online about it. All the reports I read still say she had a pool party in chilly, windy weather.

  72. Hello JW - But you did indeed make threats. Right here on this blog. I have both the screen shots and the email update links.
    You both made threats and you carried them out. You told BM if she deleted you again, you would post across the web that I made pornographic x-rated videos. That was only one of the threats you both made and carried out.
    For us: Step one was filing a criminal complaint. Step two is filing a civil suit for defamation. Step three is working with media there to make them aware that it isn't just cyber harassment and cyber bullying against teens in your city in Indiana. There are also adults who do it.
    Have a nice day. Justice may be slow when you do things legally. But justice will one day come.

  73. SG - My MSNBC isn't saying it now here, either. I'm glad I did save the vids. Wish I could figure out a way to send you the video, but I don't know how to do it.

  74. SG-I don't know either. It's weird; I agree.
    We did have, for example, three birthday parties for our youngest twins' first birthday and they were spread over three weekends. Different grandparents couldn't come on same weekend so we just duplicated the cakes and did 2 parties that way. It rained on one weekend, and godparents couldn't come. We'd gotten so good at it that we just had a 3rd party so godparents, etc. could come for an outdoor cookout. Those videos seem to go on forever, lol.

  75. schmeckygirl not to shore i dont believe they had a fake christmas thou we'll just have to wait and see Lol I wish i could ask kate her self lol

  76. Baby Mama, just wanted to point out that it was not me that pointed out the mis-spelling of Collin's name. I guess we have two Jessica's now. I do have the pic next to my name though. Just trying to avoid any future confusion. :)

    Hope, wishing you a speedy recovery!

  77. Happy (belated) Birthday to each of the tups! I would have posted yesterday except that we spent all day yesterday traveling back from out of state where we visited my mom and then celebrated my youngest who attends college elsewhere and had a "milestone" birthday yesterday.

    Glad the parents worked out an agreement early on (despite Jon's pathetic phony ploy to garner a public pity party) to celebrate the kids' birthday. I hate it when he does things like that and puts Kate into the position to publicly defend herself.

    No matter what any of the adults do, and no matter how many celebrations, the kids are going to feel special several times over.

  78. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SEXTUPLETS!!!!OMG, I can't believe they are six. It's funny to think that the twins turned six during the first season of J&K + 8, but a lot has changed now! I am so excited to see my favorite kids back on TV, because truly, I have missed their smiles. And I am glad that they taped their birthday party, because I defiantly want to see that!

  79. jk8fan & Lucysmom so happy to see you both again!

    Every single news outlet is making the biggest deal that Jon & Kate were spotted inches from each other when he brought the kids home from their party at Jons house. I'm dying to know how much that photo fetched. Whats the big deal, he was in the house with Kate many times..People make the hugest deal out of the smallest things.

  80. SG- I do not think it is fair to call it *fake* just because it was a week before. All our family lives out of state and we always have 2 birthday parties or even 3 Christmas's. One with his family and one with just us and then we go out of state the next weekend and they have more presents with my family. So yes every year we have 3 weekends of Christmas and that often goes for birthdays. Those are not *fake* just because its not on the actual date. I dont think its fair to call it that.

  81. ohhh looks like the kids got awesome new cars for thier birthday. How Fun!!!

  82. Looks like they went out to thier favorite place to eat Austin's for a birthday dinner tonight. I see they are wearing thier new Peace Love World shirts Kate picked up at the post office earlier. I love that line.

  83. I for one am thankful that Jon had a place to take his kids so they could spend some special time, I don't think it bothered them one bit to see his apartment on their birthday because they are so young. The girls might have felt differently as they are older and I don't think most guys get the significance of stuff like that. The neat thing about filming a birthday celebration is that they will have it to keep forever.
    I am looking forward to seeing Kate Plus Eight, but we are going to be out of town that week and I don't know if I will have access to tv when it is on. I am taking my laptop so Babymama, if you can put it up I would be soo thankful.

  84. KatherineDenise~ you love that line too huh?

    How would you wonderful readers like to win a free shirt? Psst to my commenters! New post coming tonight on this site with a special post to perhaps enter to win one of 5 kids shirts from that's the kind of amazing woman BabyMama is! xoxo

  85. KD,
    The circumstances you described are different. I was referring to them having an earlier birthday party just for filming purposes. Reminds me of their wedding vow renewal...

  86. Baby Mama - I love that line. My favorites are the hearts. My youngest are begging me to order the peace signs: in goodies, tees and hats, lol.

  87. Those cars are cute, but they eat batteries! It takes 8 hours for a full charge and they don't seem to last more than about 30-45 minutes. They always seemed to run out of juice in the back yard and they're a pain in the wazoo to push back. Manufacturer replaced one set but I didn't think the new ones were any better. IMO they were way over priced for the value we got. Maybe it was just ours.

  88. OHH Baby Mama that would be AWESOME. Yes I think they are all so cool. I follow them on FB and they come out with cool new stuff everyday. I like the personalization about it. Like my son would totally be I am chaos, lol My oldest is SO into anything with a peace sign on it. Yes love it BM

  89. Linda we have a pink one that went kaput on us this spring but it did make it through 1 summer. I have noticed it take WAY more batteries in grass than on a flat pavement. But, yes they do eat battery like crazy.

  90. Baby Mama if you would rather me email you links instead of posting them just let me know that is no problem.

    SG I quess I just dont get it then. JMO

  91. Vow renewals didn't work for me and hubby 1 either.

    When my present hubby wanted to do vow renewals I said let's not. However. He planned it all including ordering the flowers etc. I think it just depends on the couple. Parents of multiples don't have good statistics. Don't know why. That part is scary.

  92. Well before we get new paper, I better say Hi. There has been so much in this thread, that it's hard to comment on all, so I won't. I am glad to hear everyone had a nice Mothers Day. I did too. Had my whole family over for dinner and it took me a whole day or two to clean up and recoup LOL.
    Linda, I loved the questions for the 2nd graders, things like that are so cute to do.

  93. I hope the Gosselin Kids had a Happy Birthday. Also, I just feel its sad that they don't get to spend time with their real Grandparents on MD or birthdays. At least Nana Janet was like a substitute Grandma as Kate put it, not like a bodygaurd. Oh well, I don't think that situation is going to change anytime soon.

  94. The new K+8 picture is really cute Baby Mama. I see you had to get the fly swatter out again today...biting my tongue! I'm tired & cranky tonight so I might say something rude, to that "lady".

  95. Great to see you again Momsby! Yes, sometimes you just gotta deal with the ones where you literally need to kick them out the door in order for them to go away!

    Ok guys, my contest post is up. Please continue to comment here until I put a new post up (not contest related. The current post is for the contest ONLY.) Any questions you can ask me here. I may not have time tonight for a new post, but will have one up soon. Again the new post is for the CONTEST ONLY. 5 cute kids tees up for grabs!

  96. Ugh forgive me for the hot mess with the logo today. I can't fix it here at work. I need to figure out at home how to center it. During this week I will be expieriencing technical difficulties, please stand by!

  97. Linda,
    Just loved your 2nd grader Mothers Day list. I'm going to save it. I wonder what Kate's kids would have said in response to those same questions. I'm sure they would have been just as cute and funny.

  98. Baby Mama - I must say that I am disappointed in the fact that you did go ahead and change the heading for your Blog. Now, having said that, I am probably a lone wolf in this OP. Or just a lone sheep. I am going to write my essay for your contest but have to give it more thought, because if I did it today, it might sound like a farewell speech.

  99. #1caregiver~ So many people have asked me to change the logo! I feel bad that your one of the few sad about it. I'm sorry...

    People were saying it was confusing since the show wasn't on anymore, and it seem like my blog was outdated. I freaked out! So I feel that it is time for a change. I don't want people just seeing my site for the first time to think its an old site from last year, so on with starting fresh...Please enter my contest! Fell free to gush and pull at my heartstrings for a chance at A SUPER COOL SHIRT! ;)

  100. Hey all, just wanted to pop in and wish every one a belated Mother's Day and also Happy Birthday to the Sextuplets! I am still here, but I am drowning in boxes and bubble wrap! Can't wait for this move to be over. I was very excited to see that the new show will be airing after I move so I will be able to sit and enjoy it. How fitting is it that it's on your birthday baby Mama?? :)

  101. CraftyMomof3~ I love it. It's a fitting gift for my 21st birthday ;)

    It's not like I was going to be doing anything majoy anyway, just probably dinner. All these trips we want to take this Summer is making us realize we wont be doing anything for a while to save up for all of this. How is the move going? We miss you! Don't forget to enter my contest if you haven't already!

  102. Time for fresh paper ladies..Its been a bit slow here and I know you guys are busy! Time to flip the page!